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The hunters slipped into the hot springs with a chorus of moans. Even Thorin couldn’t bite back the groan that escaped as his sore muscles slowly dipped beneath the soothing hot water.

“I’m so sorry,” Bilbo chuckled sympathetically. “I really was trying to go easy on you.”

“It’s not your fault, Uncle Bilbo,” Kili assured through gritted teeth.

“Yeah, we’re just a lot wimpier than we thought,” Kili agreed.

Thorin groaned again. Something was out of place in his back, and it was sending streaks of pain down his legs.

“Oh, you’re not,” Bilbo tutted. “You’re actually very impressive for hunters, especially for your age. Come here, love.” He gently tugged Thorin around so his hunter’s back was to him. Running his fingers along Thorin’s spine, he found what he was looking for. With a gentle press, Thorin’s back popped loudly, resulting in instant relief. Finally, the hunter was able to relax without the constant pain and leaned back into his vampire’s arms.

Wrapping around him, Bilbo easily supported his hunter. “You don’t have to push yourself so hard, you know,” he sighed, resting his chin on his mate’s shoulder.

Thorin only had the energy to grunt on response. Shortly after getting back from Bree, they had started a new, and rather intense, training routine. Bilbo was training them personally, and that included sparring with them.

Really, it wasn’t any more intense than they wanted it to be. Bilbo only ever played a defensive role so it was entirely up to them how hard they pushed themselves. The boys would take turns or work together until they were too sore or too tired to get thrown back or knocked around again. Thorin wasn’t that smart, apparently.

~~Excerpt from chapter 72 of Of Cold Hearts by Domestic Goddess on Ao3 to be updated on Oct 19th. Subscribe now! ❤

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“You would tell me … if I was … something other than human, wouldn’t you?” There was no doubt in Thorin’s mind that Bilbo would know.

Bilbo stared, his face carefully blank. “If you asked it of me … I would tell you anything that you want to know,” he finally answered.

Stepping closer, Thorin studied his One. “Am I human?”

“Yes, of course, you are, Thorin. That’s a silly question,” Bilbo huffed patiently, breaking his expressionless mask to give his hunter a reassuring look.

Thorin felt no less confused. He knew Bilbo spoke in riddles sometimes, but his answered seemed pretty straightforward. “I felt … different,” he admitted softly, squeezing his fists and stretching his hands.

Bilbo closed the distance between them and reached up to cup his hunter’s jaw in his hands with a small sigh. “That man is an idiot. Don’t let his words bother you. You are human.”

Thorin nodded and grabbed one of the vampire’s hands to redirect it to his lips. “I felt … more though. For a moment,” he sighed. Maybe he was just perceiving things that weren’t there because of what Slayer had said, like the suggestion of enchantment.

“Well, I never said you weren’t,” Bilbo huffed.

“Weren’t what?” Thorin narrowed his eyes.

More than human. You asked if you were human, not if you were only human.” Bilbo pointed out.

Thorin’s brow furrowed as he considered that. “What?”

Sighing, Bilbo slid his hands down Thorin’s front, settling them on his waist as he pushed against him.

Thorin was almost distracted. “Are you saying I’m more than just human?”

“All I’m saying is that you didn’t ask.” Bilbo deflected, pushing against him harder. Thorin stumbled back from the vampire’s force until he hit a tree. Bilbo rubbed against him, and heat shot to his groin.

~~Excerpt from chapter 71 of Of Cold Hearts by Domestic Goddess on Ao3 to be updated on Oct 5th. Subscribe now! ❤

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“You look great.” Thorin cut him off. “Good enough to eat.” He added with a small growl. “I’m surprised there wasn’t a brawl in every bar we stepped in.” Though there were a few times It had come close.

Bilbo scoffed but had a small pleased smile. “I’m hardly that attractive. I just know how to play my cards. It’s all part of the hunt, remember.”

“You grossly underestimate yourself. If you didn’t do anything more than walk into a bar and smile, you’d have half the occupants blessing the ground you walk on. It’d have to be a real smile though, not one of those fake ones.”

Bilbo stared at him with a strange look on his face, his head tilted in disbelief.

“You don’t believe me? Ask the boys. They’ll tell you.”

Bilbo shook his head. “First of all, I don’t have any fake smiles. All my smiles are genuine in their intended meaning.”

“Yeah, I’m not talking about your ‘look at how charming I am’ smile. I mean the ‘this actually makes me happy’ smile. That’s the real one.”

Bilbo squawked indignantly. “I do not- that is . . I think your making things up.” He narrowed his eyes at the hunter.

“And there’s the ‘I’m going to rip your arm off and beat you with it’ smile but we just try to avoid that one altogether.” Thorin continued to prod, doing his best to suppress his grin.

Bilbo scoffed and threw something that hit him smack in the face. It was a soft, silky fabric so it didn’t hurt in the least, but it made him loose control over his mirth and he burst out laughing. It was a daisy yellow cravat that Thorin assumed Bilbo had picked out to wear.

~~ Excerpt from chapter 61 of Of Cold Hearts by Domestic Goddess on Ao3 to be updated on May 18th. Subscribe now! 💖

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