ive-got-you-clovered · 2 days ago
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Hunter is such a nerd and his friends are very patient. :,)
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se-coregt · 2 days ago
Those 2 , are powerful
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mysticfiire · 2 days ago
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They havent slept in days
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smallpapers · 22 hours ago
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can’t sleep (willow breaks down)
You are so much stronger than you think.
(you.are.here comic series: tag/masterlist)
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owl-house-lover · a day ago
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Willow catching Hunter & Luz catching Amity in the episode "King's Tide".
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risariba · 18 hours ago
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some time in the Human realm
alsooo can u guys recommend some good huntlow fics?
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gotmilk5101520 · a day ago
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I don't know guys. If Belos finds out-
Belos goo falling on the table: I found out!
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smoothiecrispy-u3u · 2 days ago
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lethiepie · a day ago
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Someone had to
More characters soon!
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honorbestowsacrown · 2 days ago
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another screencap redraw of the moment ever
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saturnbela · 3 days ago
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“You get to color your own future now”
little concept where they’re all painting over the golden guard’s color to show hunter he’s much more than his past and that he has people who love him and can rely on :)
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puuureshka-blog · 13 hours ago
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In my opinion Gus feels a little bit lonely then other friends and i think he miss Mattholomule so much
P.S Yeah, I redesigned the photo from "Labyrinth Runners"
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Ah yes the toh fandoms urge to ship hunter with someone green
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mysticfiire · 2 days ago
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Tulip Park!
She inherited Hunter's inability to use magic so she relies on potions + glyphs. She's the opposite of Winter, being more of a troublemaker and grudgy/flyer derby pro!
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gayredshoe · a day ago
I was thinking about huntlow (what's new) and realized that while I do love portrayals of Hunter being a fucking MESS around Willow, I almost never write him like that and it got me thinking "why not?" Before I realized.
The reason I like huntlow so much is because of the mutual respect that is the baseline of their relationship. One of my favorite scenes of them is when they're praising each other to no one but themselves. Do you think Hunter would've believed any pamphlet about attracting the best and the brightest if it hadn't have been given to him by someone who just displayed such intense strength right off the bat? Who also invited him to play on the team therefore implying she thinks of him as one of the best and the brightest? No, Hunter’s not an idiot. But in one interaction he learned that A, she could kick his ass. B, yes she could kick his ass but she wasn't going to. And C, she thought he was talented and saw something in him the covens heads didn't. then after that he immediately starts referring to her as Captain, when he insults the others by calling them pathetic he doesn't group her in with them, and when they're captured he STILL calls her Captain. He's respected her since she yanked him out of the sky, which brings me to my next point.
Hunter wouldn't be a flustered all over the place mess simply because he respects her.
Yes he's been shown to blush and get nervous around her, but he barely broke eye contact when he saw her again in Labyrinth Runners, he doesn't stutter and flub his words around her but instead goes quiet. Why? Because not making eye contact and not speaking clearly are signs of disrespect. So Instead he stares at her and shuts the fuck up.
Anyway I eat up both portrayals of him though because it's good fucking food, I just love them to pieces.
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adggggggg · a day ago
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bookiedoodles · 2 days ago
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A wip of a huntlow comic I will never finish bc I decided I didn’t really like it, but I still think they look cute here ❤️
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Willow: Me and my bf don’t argue. I just tell him shut up and he says “yes your majesty”
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analiceharu23 · 2 days ago
Hunter ❤
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blackyote · a day ago
"On three?"
Hunter flexed his hand on the mic and gave Luz a nod over his shoulder. It was just a practice session, but still, the venue was technically open, which meant a couple employees bouncing between tasks and some people who had seemingly wandered in off the street, perhaps having heard the bass thumping and gotten curious.
The next song on their setlist was one they hadn't performed together yet. It was a cover of an older pop song, basically their bread and butter, and Hunter had made sure to listen to both versions, starting with the original then moving to the punk rock cover. He had practiced at home (singing in the shower, singing into his computer's microphone so he could play it back) and rehearsed the lyrics in his head as he walked downtown. Honestly, he preferred the original, but the cover undeniably had more punch, suited the Bad Girl Coven's style better.
Luz tapped her drumsticks, one two three, and the band came alive around him: Amity jumping into the main riff, Willow strumming the bass line at his side, Luz setting the rhythm, and Gus working his synthesizer.
"Kiss me, out of the bearded barley Nightly, beside the green, green grass Swing, swing, swing the spinning step I'll wear those shoes and you will wear that dress"
His voice started out a little warbling and uncertain, maybe just to his own ears, but that's what practice was for. No one down on the floor stopped what they were doing, but continued to mill around, consigning him to background music. As the first verse bled into the chorus, he intentionally loosened up, let himself sing as confidently as he had to the showerhead.
"Oh, kiss me, beneath the milky twilight Lead me out on the moonlit floor Lift your open hand Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance Silver moon's sparkling So kiss me"
For a split second he caught Willow's eye and almost froze like a deer in the headlights. No no no. He wasn't ready to sing this to anyone. Least of all her. On reflex he glanced the other way, at Amity, who smiled encouragingly. The band was sounding flawless. He didn't want to mess this up.
"Kiss me, down by the broken treehouse Swing me, upon its hanging tire Bring, bring, bring your flowered hat We'll take the trail marked on your father's map"
He let himself pretend the lights were dimmed, that the floor was packed with people singing and bouncing. While Amity had been coaching him on his singing, Luz was the one to remind him to go out and have a good time. How could the audience have fun if he wasn't? Maybe it was an oxymoron to focus on having fun, but he tried to let the self-consciousness slip away, replaced by the music filling his bones. He moved around the stage, let all of him be part of the performance.
"Oh, kiss me, beneath the milky twilight Lead me out on the moonlit floor Lift your open hand Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance Silver moon's sparkling So kiss me"
He was feeling it now, gesticulating striking up the band, pointing to the imagined moon, rocking forward with the end of the chorus, pumping the mic along with Luz's drums as the instrumental bridge took over.
Then he made the mistake of looking over at their bassist. It was like her whole body moved with every strum of the strings, her skirt swishing around her legs. This came so easily to her, and with the lights making her hair a beautiful indigo, the brightness in her eyes, Hunter was transfixed.
"Kiss him already, jeez!" someone down near the bar shouted, just for a laugh.
It worked on Willow, her teeth flashing prettily, and Hunter felt his whole face heat up.
Distantly, he realized the band had stopped playing, with only Luz still working the drums. Willow gave him a quizzical look.
"Hunter!" Amity called, trying to get his attention.
"Dude, you were zoning out again. You forgot your cue." Gus seemed equal parts concerned and amused, perhaps noticing who had snared their singer's attention.
Hunter started, shaking himself out of it. "Sorry! I got... distracted."
"Maybe Willow and I should trade places," Gus teased, which did nothing to help the embarrassed flush on Hunter's face.
"Leave him alone, Gus," Willow said. "He's still adjusting, that's all."
Hunter attempted a laugh, but it was more a squeak. "Uh. Sorry, guys." He rubbed his neck, chagrined. "From the top?"
Luz counted them down. This time, Hunter nailed it.
Inspired by Sol's awesome Band AU art! It's so cute, I'm obsessed!
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