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#Hybrid HR

wow I love not eating because it takes too much effort and planning to make a whole new meal and the person who was making dinner tonight (my brother) made nothing vegetarian

#anyways whatever, #I’m fucking pissed because a lot of stuff, #my dad trying to move hella furniture and break my routine and move my work/workout/dance space, #and change hella stuff in the house when he only lives here part time, #and him getting mad at me when I pretended I was him responding to me for a question bc he ignored me, #anyways love that, #and I’m still on my fucking period so that probably doesnt help, #and the fact that I got maybe 6 hrs of sleep and haven’t eaten substantial food since this morning, #rant, #tw food, #food mention, #food, #tw food mention, #tw rant, #ahaha I haven’t felt like this in a while, #meaning yesterday, #but before then it’s been a while, #Idk how I’m gonna make it through the fucking winter with this rainy ass cold ass dark ass shit happening all the time, #and covid cases going up again, #there were rumors of going hybrid for school next semester and I got my fucking hopes up, #cause I’m fckkng stupid and didn’t realize that of course my senior year of high school will go perfectly, #fucking hell, #and hella of my cousins have covid and one of my uncles has pneumonia with it and is getting worse, #I’m fucking angry, #and tired, #and sad, #and guilty bc I feel like I shouldn’t be feeling this, #bc my life is great compared to hella ppl I know, #but I actually can’t confirm that bc I don’t ducking talk to ppl anymore, #and I’m so stressed omfg tumblr is really restricting my tagswell guess I’ll hold in my emotions for another 6 months
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