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In Front of Your Face (Hong Sang-soo, 2021)
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Introduction & In Front of Your Face - Hong Sang-soo (2021)
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I’m here because of Hye Yeong. You made me install the shield, but Hye Yeong makes me want to remove it.
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“I realized something really big today. I thought it was all over once the petals bloomed. But once those petals open, there is another fruit that blooms.” —Sung Dong-il, Reply 1988 (2015-2016)
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when subway is so good it’s illegal
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Enhypen Little Angels Series: First thing in the morning.
Welcome to the enhypen little angels series. :)
Tumblr media
Lee Heeseung
As Heeseung cuddled his wife, he couldn't help but hear a knock on the door, he knew who it was, so he lazily got out of bed and opened the door to find his tiny little human in front of him.
“Did something happen Joonie? Why are you awake buddy?” He lowered to Seojoon's height, a tired smile on his lips.
“I can't sleep papa, can we play?” the boy jumped on his feet excited and full of energy.
“Seojoonie, it's too early buddy, but we can play with your toys later, meanwhile we can cuddle up with mommy, doesn't that sound nice?” Seojoon's excitement lowered down and now he wasn't jumping on his feet as before.
“I guess it sounds nice.” He said looking over his toes. And then Heeseung lifted him off the ground and walked him over to his bed, placing Seojoonie close to his mother.
“I promise I'll play with you when we are little more awake, okay?”
Tumblr media
Park Jongseong
Jay approached the bed noticing the small figure with messy hair on the bed full of covers.
He putted a hand on her back and started ticking her, “Mila... It's time to wake up.” The little girl giggled and lifted her arms to let her dad know that she wanted to be carried, and so he did. Guiding her to the kitchen bar while she scrubbed her eyes because of tiredness.
“Papa, can we make pancakes please?” She said with a sweet voice, while Jay sat her down at her seat.
“Yeah, sure angel.” He grabbed a flour bag and the rest of the ingredients on the kitchen bar.
Mila opened the flour bag and grabbed some of it just to put it over her cheeks.
“I'll show mommy that I'm a good cook.”
Tumblr media
Shim Jaeyun
Maybe he was a little bit late to the studio so he was in a huge rush, getting ready quickly like flash.
The worse thing is that he had to wake Jacob up and had to take care of the breakfast that morning.
“Fucking hell!” he said rushing to his son's room, opening the door just to see that Jacob wasn't there.
And his room was neat and clean.
He rushed downstairs to find Teagan (Jake's wife) and Jacob making breakfast. Teagan tried to hurry before placing everything in a container and letting Jacob place it inside the lunchbag.
“What's all this?” Jake was kinda dumbfounded.
Jacob approached him while running and then handed him his lunchbag with a cute smile.
“We made breakfast and lunch for you!” Jake lowered to his son's height and gave him a small hug.
“We noticed that you were in a hurry, so we decided to make you something quick to eat.” Teagan cleaned her hands before giving Jake a quick kiss on the cheek leaving him with a huge blush on his face.
Tumblr media
Park Sunghoon
Let's say that having a daughter like Jin Ae was kinda difficult, one day Sunghoon and Hyeyoung would rip their hair out of their scalp.
“But I want my hair bow!” She shouted while she throwed herself to the floor, sadly it was one of those mornings that she woke up in a bad humor and was intolerable.
“Your hair bow will get full of water if you wash your hair with it on, you can put it on when your hair dry.” Hyeyoung said while she prepared the bathtub and collected all of Jin Ae's bath toys.
The little girl started tearing up at her mother's words while she putted her head over her small hands.
“Appa!” It was so convenient that Sunghoon was passing near the bathroom.
“Mommy is being mean again!” She sobbed loudly. By that time Sunghoon just wanted to go back to sleep.
“Princess, mommy is not being mean, she's never going to be mean to you, and if she tells you something it's for your own good.” Sunghoon said softly and then proceed to take her hair out of their space buns.
“But I want my hair bow now!” She kicked on the floor, frustrated”. Hyeyoung looked over her husband, dumbfounded. “What if...” He reached over and grabbed the pastel purple hair bow from the bathroom counter. “I put this over here and you'll be able to have it near you. Does that sound good?”
The little girl pouted, but I can tell you all that she agreed.
Tumblr media
Kim Sunoo
Having fraternal twins wasn't that big of a deal for Sunoo and Aera, the thing was that they always compited to see who woke their parents first.
For the couple it was a quiet morning until they heard a small cry coming from the hallway.
“Sunoo, get up. One of the twins is crying.” Aera said while patting Sunoo's back.
They both groaned at the mental sight of what kind of trouble the twins had gotten into.
They walked out the door and saw the kids in the hallway, Younghee patting Young-Jae's back while he cried his eyes out.
Young-hee walked over to Sunoo with her head low and a small pout.
“We where running to wake you up, put I wanted to be first so I pushed Jae away.”
“Young-hee is meanie, Mommy!” Jae said while sobbing. Aera picked him up from the floor while she soothing him.
And Sunoo then played with his daughter's hair before telling her “Why don't you apologize to your brother Yougnie?” He said while caressing his daughter's cheek.
She nodded and then made her way to her younger brother.
“I'm sorry JaeJae, I was really meanie.” She said in front of him.
Young Jae sniffed and then nodded, reassuring his sister that it was okay.
Aera putted Jae on the floor and then Hee did a sweet gesture by grabbing her brother's hand.
“Let's go play JaeJae!”
Ah! What a normal morning in the Kim's household.
Tumblr media
Yang Jungwon
Well... Let me tell you that Jungwon's mornings starts kinda chaotic.
Seung-hye had entered their shared bedroom without her parents noticing, obviously they were asleep. She tiptoed near their bed and then climbed up.
She grabbed a pillow and then she did the unimaginable.
She started hitting Jungwon with the pillow on his face.
“Ah! What the- Seung-hye!” His wife heard his shout and then woke up from her sleep just to see her husband being smashed with a pillow.
“Wake up Silly! It's time to wake up!” She shaked her father's shoulders even though he was obviously wide awake.
“Seung-hye, it's really bad that you woke us up like that.”
The child looked down. “I'm sorry mommy, sorry daddy.”
Jungwon smiled and caressed her hair before talking. “I will accept your apology, if you give me a hug.” He then proceeded to attack her by giving her a huge hug, which made her whine instantly.
“No! I hate hugs!”
Deep down she was loving it.
Tumblr media
Nishimura Riki
Do you remember when I told you guys that Hinata loved pulling pranks on Niki?
That morning
Hinata has a mischievous plan, a little bit cruel to say the least. Imagine having this kid as your daughter every day would be filled with chaos.
Well, chaotic vibes at least.
This kid entered her parents room, climbed up the bed and prepared the glass of water that she had on her hand, and guess what she did?
She actually threw the water at Niki's face.
Poor Niki, what he has to go through.
Niki got up startled surprised by the actions of Hinata.
“It's good to see you awake, daddy.” The kid patted his head and went to her mother's side of the bed. “It's time to wake up mommy.” Hinata whispered at her mother's ear.
Her mother woke up peacefully in comparison to Niki who was soaking in water.
“I hope you slept well.” Hinata got off the bed with a pretty smile.
And that three year old left Niki with a 'wtf' face the whole day.
He wondered why he had such a chaotic daughter. He still loves her though.
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VOGUEKOREA art + design Art Director @/voguekorea via instagram publicó fotos y entrevista,diseño (de la revista) de Jimin
yeyevoguedesign uekorea January 2022 No 306
Editorial / Jimin Photographer SONGYI YOON Fashion Editor HYEYOUNG HWANG Writer SUKMYONG LEE 3D DESIGN 장명식 HAIR 박내주, 한솜(빗앤붓) MAKEUP 김다름 SET 다락(Da;rak), 황인아 옷과 액세서리는 루이 비통(Louis Vuitton). STYLIST 이하정
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Have you seen Law School Commentary? When there was a question about Joon Hwi's loveline, Kim Bum said that Joon Hwi's feelings towards Sol A and Sol B was quite different, so he didn't know who Joon Hwi was going to end up with. Wdyt? Tbh as a Solhwi shipper, I'm a bit scared. Haha.
P.s. I recommend you to watch the Commentary to know the whole conversation.
hi! yes, i did watch the commentary episode tonight! i was just about to ask this same question to everyone because i'm conflicted as well — and yet, deep in my heart, something tells me that the actor was just making a joke? or being considerate of the other actors who were present, particularly sol B? or at least that's how i perceived it, since the main point of showing the sol A vs. sol B scenes was to tease the viewers about the "love triangle". truthfully, i could make an entire analysis about why this falls apart because of the way kang sol B is written — let me know if this is something you guys are interested in. but long story short, i believe that the love triangle does not exist because sol B's crush on joonhwi is more of a way to humanize her and not necessarily a plot worth materializing.. or at least that's how it is to me since there was no particular development between the pair whatsoever.
but anyway, i'm guessing he doesn't choose a particular bias for either sol A or B, because it would take the fun out of the banter and the jokes in the mood that they've set. maybe they want to keep the audiences at the edge of their seats! you wouldn't expect the actor to come right out and spoil the plot – it would ruin the fun.
i say this because watching other interviews (primarily the one with just ryu hyeyoung and kim bum, but i guess the commentary videos with kim myungmin and lee jungeun as well), kim bum has a tendency to tease the viewers or entice them to watch the show by not actually answering the question properly. it's always a "will they-won't they" tease, and i can respect that. how else would you keep the viewers wanting more? kb is a master at that.
from rhy and kb's interview alone, the way he described solhwi as 'soulmates' already made me feel confident. and rhy confirming that they were directed to have romantic undertones when filming their scenes just crystallizes that fact to me even more.
and besides, we got so many crumbs from the actors tonight! apparently, the hallway scene from episode 8, where sol A carries joonhwi's bag, had many different versions! (there was one where she piggybacks him – poor rhy's legs – and another where he puts books on her head.) that and a whole lot more banter from rhy and kb that i wish a lot of people got to witness tonight.
so in short, i still believe in solhwi. i have the evidence to back it up. jtbc would be delusional if they built all of that character development only to have it fall flat in the end. but what about you guys? what do you think? i know i'm confident, but i'd love to know if you guys feel the same about this or not. i don't wanna be alone on this boat hahaha.
as a sidenote, i love sol B. but before she gets a boyfriend (or girlfriend, who knows, you'd be surprised), i'd love to see her actually gain a real friend first.
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 law school: love and goodbye letters
notes: i would like to give out love letters to the amazing cast, our 8 students from hankuk law school. like what the director said, i’ll support them in their journeys as they take a step into their new chapter, wherever they go. their stories continue and live on. it’s been an amazing journey, although I was initially hesitant on starting it. while i will definitely be suffering withdrawals and probably think about it too much, i’m thankful i started watching.
the finale has left me with so many thoughts, I want to send them off right. also, writing these letters have helped my process my feelings towards the show and stop me from getting so withdrawn. so, shall we begin this court hearing?
over the next couple of days, my inbox will be open to requests! i may not write the fastest, but I’m willing to fulfil any of your desires about law school now that it has ended.
(skip please, if you don’t want to see my personal reflections.)
you have been a pleasure to watch, a seasoned actor indeed. you brought life to joon hwi, depicting the student that is smart, aloof, but is actually caring for their friends alike.
joon hwi, when you entered law school, you wanted to be a prosecutor. now, you finally got your dream. you were broken, sad, betrayed by your uncle. you remind yourself that you cannot be your uncle. but at the end, you’re happy, aren’t you? you’ve been through hell, yet somehow you told yourself to hang on. believe it, samchoon is proud he raised a noble nephew to fight and correct the flaws in the law. 
you have taught us the black and whites, yet seeing the greys of law. and with that, as you continue your journey as a prosecutor, remember to judge fairly and make sure no one suffers unjustly. 
you’ve done well, kim beom. thank you.
hyeyoung, you’ve brought so many emotions across the screen. as kang dan and sol, you had the challenge to play polar opposites, the moon and sun. you were feisty, you were soft. yet, you brought the humane qualities out of sol, conveying it to us.
kang sol a, you represent that majority of students, or even adults alike. you’re single parented. you come from a broken family. you have an estranged sibling, one you try so hard to find. you are barely making enough to live by. on top of that, you are on a scholarship, yet scoring grades that skim the pass. you represent so many students in the world. yet, you didn’t let these weights hold you from feeling your passion into law. you fought tirelessly for your friends and family, and stayed grounded in your morals and values.
this is why you are my personal favourite. that you love and strive for something so much, you work on it endlessly and still rigorously put in hard work. your passion for law inspires me to be equally passionate for my future degree as well. the fact that you went to law school seeking an apology, I hope you have gotten your apology. your zeal for justice will live on.
as a lawyer now, i hope you will remember your endless nights. i hope you know your worth. i hope that everyday, you trust yourself and be bold and courageous, like how you are when defending for your professor. you will excel, and you will be a good lawyer. 
so thank you, for speaking up for the students who find it tough to get through school. for telling us and giving us faith that we can survive. 
sookyung, you are far from your character of solb. yet, you were a perfect representation. you were elegant, classy and held that prestige whenever you acted.
solb, you represent that group of us that are pressured. when the society pressures us, it is nothing compared to our family’s pressures. you held your mom’s pressure to heart, studying endlessly, trapped in a cage that you couldn’t get out of. you isolated yourself to break free, acting cold.
you finally broke free, with your consultations with your therapist. and i hope you know just how proud i am of you for standing up for yourself. your unnies and oppas will always be supporting you, and wherever you are now, whether you are training to be a judge or not, i hope you never forget that you are supported. you are a free bird, and you should do things for yourself. 
thank you, for being the solb we have learnt to love, the student we aspire to be. solb, you are forever an A+ in our eyes. 
david, you are the man backstage always goofing off. your character hates goofing. yet, your simple eyes and acting brought so many emotions. you didn’t have many emotional scenes, but your expressions were so well done.
jiho, you started law to fight for your dad, for justice to be served. but over your journey, aren’t you glad you have made so many friends? your 3 years there have proved that you have earned justice, but you earned friendships that you will never experience anywhere else. 
wherever you are, if you are at a law firm working and earning lots of money, cherish the friendships. justice is served. learn and let go, and maybe you will enjoy your life a bit more.
youn jung, where can i start? your acting was phenomenal. you played the cheery girl so well, yet at the same time you empathised with the victim of a domestic abuse. your scenes blew me away.
yeseul, I hope you carry this on your heart. you are loved, you are right. you are not wrong. you speak up for those abused, because you were once them. with the power of the law, I know you will go on to defend for them and fight for them. you will bring justice, and you will be the woman of power in the courtroom.
leave your immature self behind. you have matured to be a woman of confidence, boldness and most importantly, knowing you are not wrong.
you will be the woman of the courtroom. your kindness is your strength. wherever you are, defending abuse victims, thank you for speaking out for the millions of women who victimise themselves, still. you have inspired the generation of women to provide support for them.
kangji, your goofiness on set and in the show plays out especially well. you were lively, yet at the same time the right support we needed.
bokgi, you will forever be remembered as the boy who comes to classes with a head band. you were casual, easy going and the extroverted one in the study group. you brought life to them, taught them to live and take things easy. you supported yeseul regardless, and always stop by her side. you are unafraid to be defensive over your friends.
for that, we thank you for being the character that is loyal. that regardless of what happened, you stayed with your group even though you could easily walk away.
minseok, you were fun to watch on set, yet a more fun character to watch grow with your actor friends. yebeom had many iconic lines, yet you did well in them.
yebeom, I will not understand why you were a spy. i however, will empathise your situation. what could you do? regardless, all that is useless now. you were sidekicks with your bestie bokgi, and together, you were both the life of the group that reminded them to breathe.
you made a good choice to be honest when sol a confronted you. and you should be thankful that the group still kept you even after all that. I hope that in your law career, you will remember the codes of law, and remember what is right. you stand for truth, you stand for justice.
hyunwoo, you had lesser scenes, yet each scene you had was a turmoil of emotions each time. you conveyed your emotions so well, and I’m so impressed.
seungjae, you are the oldest of the study group. you’ve been through a lot, haven’t you? you’re permanently suspended from law school, and with a kid now. I hope things are going well for you, whether you are a doctor or a computer guy now.
thank you for being the bigger man, to admit to his mistakes and asking for a bigger punishment. you have deep regrets, but I know you will grow and learn from them. you deserve your happiness.
to my law school fam,
thank you for this beautiful journey. you have taught me to be righteous, to be bold and to be confident. you taught me the results of tenacity. you taught me how to upload my values. you taught me the reasons to be lawful and that I should stand by my morals. you taught me confidence and courage.
truth and justice, only by the law.
it’s been a journey, my graduates. I close the hearing as make my final decision. i will close my case.
thank you, directors, pds, writers, staff, editors, musicians, make up and stylists. I hope you will meet again on another shoot.
goodbye, thank you. we’ll see each other again.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the silenced (2015) dir. lee hyeyoung / chiharu shiota' living inside, 2021
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In Front of Your Face (Hong Sang-soo, 2021)
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⟶ http://naver.me/GOCDG3q0
“A clandestine sexual preference, will a movie based on BDSM work?”
Netflix will release its original Korean movie ‘Love and Leashes’ (Korean title: Moral Sense) on February 11th. It has been nearly a year since it was announced as part of the strengthening of Korean content and film production last February. At the moment, viewers around the world look forward to Korean content due to the synergy between its completeness and the framework of Netflix’s platform.
In the domestic film industry, it has become difficult to find romance movies due to a situation where genre films and blockbusters are the main box office hits. In addition, even if a romance film is released, it is difficult to cross the break-even point. Although romance is still strong in dramas, it is said a run time of just under two hours is not enough to convey a romance, in which the story is focused on emotions and relationships, so romance and melodramas have long been pushed out of the film industry’s mainstream.
In this situation, Netflix is drawing attention with the release of ‘Love and Leashes’, a romance genre film with sexual preferences in the shadow as the subject matter. ‘Love and Leashes’ portrays a headspinning romance between Jihoo, a man who is perfect in everything but has unconventional sexual tastes, and Jiwoo, a competent marketing team employee who accidentally learns his secret. It is based on a popular webtoon of the same name (‘Moral Sense’).
Actress Seohyun plays the role of Jiwoo, a marketing team member who can speak her mind and live by it, while actor Lee Jun Young plays Jihoo, a middle manager from the same team who attracts attention from all the female employees. The acting transformation of Seohyun and Lee Jun Young, who both started as idols and gained popularity as actors, is also something to look forward to.
In particular, the key is whether the webtoon ‘Moral Sense’, which explores a man and woman becoming partners dealing with diversity of taste, desires, and responsibilities in a BDSM relationship, can translate into a movie. Although there are some concerned with shining light on the provocative subject matter of secret sexual tastes, there is many with the higher opinion that this will be an opportunity that can correct misconceptions of this topic and create healthy consumption.
Above everything, the megaphone for ‘Love and Leashes’ to be a realistic and sympathetic romance that creates more weight toward anticipation than concern is director Park Hyun Jin, who directed ‘Lovers of 6 Years’ and ‘Likes for Likes’. Director Park Hyun Jin, together with Kim Seon-ah, the head of the Women’s Film Association, and film critic Kim Hyeyoung, serves as the chair for the Korean Film Gender Equality Committee. She participated in the Korean Film Gender Equality Forum hosted by the Korean Film Gender Equality Trust and advocated for policy motions to improve awareness, prevent sexual harassment and sexual violence, and realize gender equality in the Korean film industry.
‘Love and Leashes’ was rated as not allowed for youth to watch (*R-18/19). Although the rating was somewhat expected to be high, expectations are higher that director Park Hyun Jin, who reacts swiftly to sex issues and approaches romance from a warm perspective, will have handled a dark (adult) story in a balanced manner. It is even rumored the movie was adapted aiming toward healthy play and relationships. The webtoon itself is more focused on relationships than the provocative subject matter that comes to mind with BDSM, so it is not a situation causing much worry.
Indeed, will Netflix’s first secret taste movie ‘Love and Leashes’ be able to snipe the taste of audiences? It appears it has been successful in drawing attention for its fresh approach in many ways.
NOTE: Errors are possible.
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I deleted Love Alarm a long time ago. It scared me. I thought it would complicate things if I kept ringing your Love Alarm. I should have just let it ring though.
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would the pain always win you gain?
world is gonna change.
❏. actor: kim myungmin, kim beom, ryoo hyeyoung, lee jungeun, lee sookyung, david lee, go yoonjung, hyun woo
❏. drama: law school
❏. song: change by rm (BTS) & wale
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Editor Hyeyoung Hwang @hyeyounghwangg
AD Soyeon Lee @yxxnny
DOP Namhyun Kwon @_leadea
Sound Adultsleep @adultsleep
Stylist Boram Lee
Hair Ji Young
Makeup Seo Ok
#MiuMiu #MiuMiu22SS #Yoona #윤아
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Enhypen's little angels: First Day of Preeschool
Lee Heeseung
“You sure you have everything, buddy?”
“Every single material?”
“You sure you aren't forgetting anything?” Heeseung heard a huff from his wife, and turn on his heels to look at her.
“Seojoonie will be fine, trust me, I'm pretty sure he's ready.”
“But he's too small to go to school, can't he just stay with us another year?”
“Love, he's old enough to go to school, he's ready to go out there and learn. He needs this, we can't neglect his education.” He sighed at Mina's words, looking down at the child with bread cheeks.
“Come on buddy, let's go to school.” Seojoon nodded and grabbed his father's hand, with the other he grabbed his mother's pinky.
Tumblr media
Park Jongseong
“Mommy, do I have to go in?” Mila saw the amount of kids running around in the classroom, while her petite form hide behind her mother's legs.
“Does she have to go in, Love? I don't think this is a good idea, she's way to scared.”
“Jay, I know she's scared, and I don't want to let her go too, but we can't skip this just because she's scared, that way she'll never go to school.” Bella scolded him a little, before looking at the scared child behind her.
“My love, I know you are scared, but look at the bright side, you'll make new friends, have lots of fun.”
“But I don't need friends, I have you and daddy and always have lots of fun.” She said with her eyes turning watery while looking at her Jay.
Jay and Bella looked at each other, while he rubbed the little one's shoulders trying to comfort her.
“You know what, baby? When I pick you up from school, we'll go for your favourite ice cream and when we get home we'll cuddle all you want.” Jay said brushing his nose on her cheeks making her giggle.
“Pinky promise?” She said extending her pinky.
“Pinky promise.”
Tumblr media
Shim Jaeyun
“Papa, Papa!” Jacob ran to his father's arms, making Jake let out a little yelp.
“There's my handsome boy! Did you have fun? Did you behave?” The kid nodded when his homeroom teacher walked over to them.
“You have a very well-behaved boy, Mr. Shim. He participated a lot at class and made a few friends, he's a really sweet child.” Jake smiled at the teacher's words, feeling so happy and overwhelmed.
“Do you want to show your dad the drawing you made for him?”
“Yes, Miss Choi!” the kid ran to his seat grabbing the paper before running back to his dad and giving his dad the drawing he made for him.
He draw three human sticks in the paper which represented, Jake, Teagan and little Jacob.
“You did a great job baby, you are so cute, Let's go home.”
Tumblr media
Park Sunghoon
The small family reached the school salon as Jin Ae saw the pretty decorated classroom, and a lot of students running around happily, others where being comforted by their teacher because of how much they missed their parents.
Jin Ae entered the class, she knew where she was going to seat, left her pink backpack on top of her seat and ran again to her parents side.
“Shoo! Shoo! Leave!” She said pushing her parents out of the classroom.
“Are you kicking us out, darling?!” Sunghoon asked as he smiled sadly.
“Yes, I am!” “You can go home now.”
“But what about our kiss, darling?” Hyeyoung said as she expected a kiss on the cheek.
Jin Ae kissed her parents cheeks, before going back inside her classroom.
Hyeyoung heard a snif before seeing that her husband was tearing up.
“Sunghoon are you ok?” He shook his head while more tears rolled down his cheeks.
“I guess I'm just emotional today.”
Tumblr media
Kim Sunoo
“My babies!”
The twins ran into Sunoo's embrace, and then he placed various kisses on his children's head.
“Tell me everything about your day, was it amazing? did you have loads of fun?” Young-Jae nodded.
“It was fun until JaeJae starting stealing all of my new friends?”
“Well you were being really boring, so I helped them.” Jae gave a flashing smile to his sister showing his milk teeth.
“That was so rude!” She slapped her brother's arm, making Jae hiss.
“No! What did I tell you about slapping, Young-hee?” Sunoo grabbed his daughter's tiny arms.
“But I'm the oldest!”
Sunoo's gaze turned serious for a moment and Young-Hee had no problem, but looked down at her feet.
“I shouldn't slap my brother, because it's bad and rude.” She lowered her voice.
“Now cheer up my babies, let's go eat pizza!”
Tumblr media
Yang Jungwon
As he reached the studio he couldn't help, but remember the cute kiss on his cheeks that Seung-hye left there.
“This your happiness kiss so you won't be sad.”
It felt like it was yesterday that he could finally pick her up in his arms after being several weeks in NICU, it felt like yesterday he could finally see her at least a little bit healthy, it felt like yesterday that she was so tiny.
“Have a good day at school, please take care. Appa loves you!” The feeling of finally seeing that she'll soon grow up was consuming his heart.
“Jungwon-ah, are you okay?” Heeseung and Sunoo approached him as the rest of the members put their eyes on him.
“Seung-hye is growing up and I didn't even notice.” He said with tears rolling down his cheeks.
“Aw! Jungwon, it's normal to feel this way, she's your daughter and want to spend how much time you can with her.”
“Yeah, Sunno-Hyung, but I didn't know I would miss her this much.”
His members heart softened seeing how his leader was so emotional.
Tumblr media
Nishimura Riki
“Hinata-San, please stop rambling and let me do your hair.”
“No!” Hinata ran upstairs to go to her room.
“Niki! Come help me with your daughter!” Niki ran to look for his daughter, finding the little girl seating at the edge of the bed with wet and blushed cheeks.
“Tiny... What's going on? I thought you were excited about school” He said patting his daughter's head.
“I was, but I know that you will leave me forever.” He frowned at his daughter's words, confused on what she was talking about.
“Who told you that, tiny?”
“Nobody, it's just that I noticed because you are taking me away.” Hinata pouted and with that Niki giggle a little bit before calming down.
“Hinata, you are just going there for a few hours and then will go back to pick you up.”
“Huh?” The girl was poorly confused, well absolutely confused at what was happening.
But then she pouted again and touched her lips, thinking.
“But who am I supposed play with if you are not there? Who am I gonna cuddle?” She said getting closer to Niki and hugging his waist making him smile.
“I'm pretty sure you are going to make loads of friends... As for the cuddles...”
“They're just for me and mommy exclusively.” He tickled her making her laugh, and then a cute smile formed throughout the rest of the day for the little one.
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supersonix-jyp · 9 months ago
no. 2 | SEOLHEE (설휘)
Tumblr media
stage name | seolhee (설휘)
birth name | jung seolhee (정설휘)
birthday | october 27th, 1994
birthplace | yangsan (양산), south korea
ethnicity | korean
nationality | korean
height | 5’6” 1/2 (168 cm)
weight | 114 lbs (51 kg)
blood type | AB
traits — positive |
people pleaser
hard worker
traits — negative |
short tempered
tendency to overwork
easily stressed out
people pleaser (it’s both a positive and a negative for her. although it promotes teamwork and makes her work harder, sometimes this trait makes her even more insecure and causes her to overwork herself)
distant (especially after fighting with someone she’s close to)
too generous/too considerate
mbti | ESFJ-T — the consul
zodiac sign | scorpio
group | SUPERSONIX (2016–)
company | JYP Entertainment (Korea), Black Diamond Entertainment (Japan)
trainee years | 3 years (2013-2016)
position | lead vocalist, visual, face of the group, oldest
survival shows | sixteen (2015, as a contestant), idol school (2017, as a vocal mentor), king of masked singer (2018, as a contestant), queendom (2020, as a contestant)
reality/variety shows |
weekly idol (2016 and 2017)
after school club (2016, 2017, and 2018)
knowing bros (2017–)
idol room (2018 and 2019)
we got married (2017)
after mom falls asleep (2020)
idol star athletics championships (2016–)
supersonix tv (2016–)
the comeback diaries (2016–)
hosted for | m countdown (2017), inkigayo (2018), show! music core (2019-2020), show champion (2019), music bank (2020–), k-pop festival in changwon (2017), kbs song festival (2018), mnet asian music awards (2019)
father | jung kyung-chul (정켱출) — born february 9th, 1964 — 57 years old
mother | jung (née lee) eunhee (정은회/이은회) — born june 24th, 1965 — 55 years old
older sister | choi (née jung) sieun (최시은/정시은) — born march 22nd, 1991 — 30 years old
older brother-in-law | choi dongwoo (최동우) — born november 10th, 1990 — 30 years old
niece | choi dahee (최다회) — born july 17th, 2021 — 19 days old
paternal aunt | kim (née jung) hyeyoung (김혜영/정혜영) — born january 29th, 1962 — 59 years old
paternal uncle | kim sang-jun (김상준) — born may 21st, 1961 — 59 years old
paternal older cousin | kim seungwon (김승원) — born august 30th, 1993 — 27 years old
face claim | eunseo of WJSN
voice claims |
yiyeon of BVNDIT (singing, speaking — korean, english)
junna — solo singer (singing, speaking — japanese)
seolhee was actually scouted by JYP when she was 18. she was singing outside a café in seoul when a staff member approached her and handed her the company’s business card
she’s always wanted to become an idol and has been singing since she was 6, but never had the courage to audition
seolhee and hyewon are best friends. seolhee was the first person to approach hyewon when she first became a trainee, and they competed on “sixteen” together
on the show, she and hyewon were known as “the twins” or “the convenience club” (as they both love convenience store food)
she attended hanlim before she became a trainee, and graduated from global cyber university with a degree in finance
seolhee speaks a bit of english, and she is still studying the language
is going to be an aunt in 3 months, as her older sister - choi sieun - is expecting her first child - a girl - in july of 2021
has two cats named tina and minako. tina is a white persian cat while minako is a black, white, and orange calico cat. minako was named after seolhee’s favorite character in sailor moon, minako aino/sailor venus. both of her cats live in SUPERSONIX’s dorm
seolhee reads a lot of manga. her favorites are sailor moon (she likes the anime, as well), death note, shugo chara, ouran high school host club, kakegurui (she likes the anime, as well), haikyu!!, and sugar sugar rune
she tends to play minecraft, overwatch, rhythm hive, and among us with hyewon
her favorite artists are chanmina, reol, girls’ generation, t-ara, baby v.o.x, lee hyori, red velvet, and clc
her first manga was “sailor moon” volume 1, and she got for her birthday in 2004. after 4 years, she started learning japanese at the age of 15 in 2008
seolhee’s mother is a shareholder and financial manager for etude house, which led to her choosing finance as her major in college
she can play the piano, as she was put into lessons at 9 years old
prior to debut, seolhee was a model for etude house and yves saint laurent, and she also appeared in a got7 music video
seolhee is said to have a “mature” and “elegant” sense of style, and she owns a lot of dresses that she’s seen with almost constantly
she’s the least flexible member of SUPERSONIX, but knows how to do a front split due to her training (couldn’t do one prior to signing with JYP)
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scripturiends · 8 months ago
How big of a role do you think dan will have in the future eps? I feel like she will certainly play a big role as she is crucial to solving the case and proving professor Yangs innocence but not as big as the 4 main leads. If she were to play a bigger role I feel like it would take away too much spotlight from SolA as the story revolves around her, that and it must be tiring for hyeyoung to constantly play doubles if it were to happen
she’ll definitely be important in patching up past conflicts and will be the bridge of the past and present storylines of professor yang, kang sol a, lee manho, prosecutor jin, and assemblyman ko. to the extent that seo byungju is actually involved in all of those, i think he could just be a drop in the bucket - someone who was asked to do favors, probably, but not the main perpetrator.
she’d also be there to reconcile with sol a and her family, of course, contributing to sol a’s character development. after all, she is the main character in this.
but that’s where the line is drawn, actually. she won’t be involved in finding the true culprit, or the many issues the students are facing in the university (jiho’s case, sol b’s plagiarism, seungjae’s cheating, yeseul’s trial). 
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nctnews · 11 months ago
210216 | YangYang will start promoting K-fashion through 'Concept Korea' F/W 2021 Digital Runway, an official program of New York Fashion Week.
Yangyang, a member of the Chinese group WayV of SM Entertainment, will start promoting K-fashion. This is through 'Concept Korea' F/W 2021 Digital Runway, an official program of New York Fashion Week, on the 17th.
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency announced on the 16th that they digital runways will introduce and showrooms for domestic fashion designers who had difficulties entering the global market due to Corona 19.
First of all, "Concept Korea," which has been held every season since 2010, will showcase the F/W 2021 digital runway online on the 17th.
Global showroom "The Selects" has already been holding F/W season sales since the 15th in time for New York and Paris Fashion Week. This year, it will enter the digital platform and invite major buyers online to exclusively disclose its season collection and hold consultations.
A total of three brands, Designer Shin Hyeyoung's WNDERKAMMER, Designer Lee Sungdong's UL:KIN and Designer Lee Jiyeon's JARRET will participate in this Concept Korea show.
JARRET will promote the charm of the participating combination of K-pop and K-fashion, such as collaborating with Yangyang, a member brands through the of the Chinese group WayV of SM Entertainment.
All three brand designers who participated in Concept Korea said, Unlike existing offline shows, digital runways have another charm because designers can become imagination concepts without space constraints." They said "We are looking forward to it as an opportunity to promote our brand to fashion officials in the public around the world despite the difficult times due creators and show their in producing seasonal Corona 19.
The Concept Korea video, which can be watched by anyone in the world through online viewing, will be released on the official website of New York Fashion Week at 10:30AM on the 17th and will be available on Korea Creative Content Agency's official YouTube from the 18th.
KCCA will also expand its global showroom The Selections to two locations in New York and Paris to strengthen the global competitiveness outstanding designers in Korea by expanding the market.
The paradigm shift is also taking place as Corona 19 accelerates digitalization in the fashion industry., said Lee Hyun-joo, head of the KCCA Pop Culture Headquarters. KCCA will continue to help Korean designer brands enter overseas through new attempts such as digital runways and digital showrooms.
Tumblr media
Translated by nctnews
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