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lmao i dont want to be that person but if she’s pissing you off this much, not respecting your boundaries, only comes to you with her own issues why are you still even talking to her hfjvdnkc

absolutely do not feel horrible if you do cut her off, does she feel horrible about saying those things to you?? does she feel horrible about bothering you all the time? doesn’t seem so to me. if you want to try and save the friendship i think maybe having one serious talk with her could help, but only if you make it clear that you’ve had enough of her behavior and either she realises she’s been acting like a bitch or she’s not worth your time, imo. if you’ee really her only friend and has a few functioning braincells, she’ll realise that she’s about to lose you and if she cares one bit, she’ll try to make a change. 

i actually helped 2 of my friends with a very similar situation, friend A was acting super shitty and moody towards friend B, she’s really been treating the other like shit and friend B always complained to me about it and asked for advice. i basically told her the same thing i just told you and eventually they talked it out because they’ve been friends for a long ass time and still cared for each other, so once friend B told friend A that her actions have been hurtful and annoying and made her not want to talk to her anymore, friend A got kinda… scared? of losing friend B, sincerely apologised for everything, said that she knows she’s a bit too much at times but that she genuinely cares about friend B and that she’ll try to be a better friend from then on. im not exactly sure what happened afterwards or how they’re doing now, but i know talking it out helped them both a lot. 

i also dont want to generalise at all and i dont know your friend, but maybe she’s having some kinda issues herself? thats the only way i can explain her being defensive, maybe she does feel bad about it but doesn’t know how to deal with it and gets defensive as a response? i dont know. my suggestion really is to talk it out with her and see where that goes 💕 and if you do please let me know! <3

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man i just miss my friendships from the past… if you were friends with past me i miss u i hope you’re doing well now ill probably always have at least some vague positive recollection of u. depending on who you are i may look at your social medias from time to time just cuz im too flakey to message u but i wanna know whats up w u

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Trauma tw ptsd tw

I’m going to explain to my therapist that I didn’t do my ptsd homework because I have been putting it off because I’m not in the right head space and I feel legitimately sick when I think about it. I feel very cliché especially because this homework wasn’t even touching on any traumatic memories and just about what views I hold about myself, but even knowing that this will eventually get into trauma territory immediately makes me feel anxious

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it’s no problem angel 😌✨

and thank you!! i think it was a misunderstanding and everything’s kinda been getting on my nerves this week mostly b/c my teachers Do Not Know How To Slow Down,,,,the girl is in that discord server we made for our class a while back and she’s been a bit more active on there so i think it’s all good!!! i just have a tendency to overreact BUT IM FINE NOW i promise 😚 thank you for all the lovely words, i feel a lot better 💞💞💖

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#i'm so confused. i'm so at lost., #i know i want a lot for myself. i know my worth and what i deserve., #but i guess... one of the main things holding me back is actually me., #i hide all this. no one really knows who i actually am., #i care a lot for myself but... i care even more about the world around me...?, #i don't really care much for myself., #how many times have i even done things for myself? prioritized myself?, #i don't take care of myself well... i do at times but i do it for the future..., #i don't think i've really thought about what i really want...? there's so much things that are fucking holding me back., #and bcs i bottle all of these, #when i actually let it out, #maybe i intimidate others? scare them?, #does no one actually just like me or... are they just afraid to reach out?, #i don't know., #i don't know anymore., #i wish these feelings resurfaced after my birthday..., #so i'll have more time to dwell on them., #but bcs my birthday's in 3 days and i want to be happy..., #i can't let my emotions get in the way !! i need to be the one controlling them. i can't let such petty emotions direct how i feel., #it really is the same cycle all over again..., #i'm tired of all of this, #but i'll just... bury these again., #what's the point in these little outbursts?, #they don't help whatsoever in me becoming better at bottling my feelings., #i guess it's just... i want someone. i just want... i know that deep down... i know what i want., #but i can't accept it. i can't... i can't? i'm... ah stfu jodi just fucking stop doing these
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