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lilith-sp · 2 years ago
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Lucien appreciation post #3
The more Lucien pics I get, the more interesting he becomes...
Here's part 3 for our favorite scientist ❤️ 😊😊
I can't help but be super intrigued by his intentions and how he'll handle the situation, I'm sure his character development will be something very important
Kiro's post will come tomorrow 🙌
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Late night assistance
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: SMUT, light fluff and swearing.
Summary: It's late, you're horny as hell and need Peter to help.
A/N: Requests are open!
Tumblr media
"Peter." You mutter softly, gently shaking his arm. It was almost three am and you couldn't sleep. One thing was bothering you. And You felt so fucking dumb about it, but it bothered you. You grit your teeth shaking his shoulder some more. You were horny as all hell and it wouldn't go away. You just couldn't get yourself off in the right way, so finally fed up with it, you decided to wake your boyfriend of two years, hoping he would help.
"Peter." You whisper again, hoping he'd wake before you changed your mind and just went back to the bathroom. "Mmm, Y/N, you okay?" He asks groggily. Surprised he actually woke up and now You needed to explain yourself, you swallowed a worried lump and looked at him sheepishly. The room is dim but just bright enough that you can just barely see him and the soft expression blessing his precious features.
"Um, I don't know." You answer carefully, still thinking of how to ask. At the sound of that comment he sits up in bed, now almost fully awake. You loved how dedicated he was to you. How much he cared. The thought turned you on a little more. "Why, what is it?"  He persists carefully, running a hand through his hair and taking yours to rub small circles on the back with his thumb. He always did that when you were nervous. It worked really well to calm you, but not to ease the throbbing wetness in between your thighs. You try to steady your breathing. "Um. I uh, I have a problem."
He furrows his brows, now confused. "And that would be?" He tried to coax the answer out of You. You laugh in an attempt to cover your nervous. "I'm." You sigh and finally decide to be straight about it since he was awake now.
"I've been in the bathroom for the last god I don't know how long. And it won't go away." He frowns deeply, now even more confused than he wad before. Was it a spider on the ceiling? A leaky pipe, a pimple you couldn't reach? It could be any number of things. He was more than willing to help out with any of them.
"What won't go away?" He was intrigued. If something was wrong, he wanted to help. "Ugh. I'm so fucking horny and I can't, you know," you mutter sheepishly, glancing around the room to avoid eye contact. "Get it, per say." Peter nearly smiled.
"And you want my help?" He asks, somewhat huskily with his brows cocked and a smirk growing on his lips. You nod slowly, biting your lip and gently chewing on it. "Please, if you're okay with it." He smiled properly this time. "Yeah sure, what do you want me to do." You were relieved that he had said yes but now you were stuck, you weren't the most comfortable person when it came to sex. You enjoyed it, hell you loved it, especially with him. He knew all the little tips and tricks to get you going, but asking for it was a different ball game. Usually Peter would initiate it, or you would kiss him in such a way and he would just know so you didn't need to say much.
You wracked your brain for the right words but all that you got out was. "Um. I don't know, anything you think will help." You shrug, trying to keep yourself in check with that God damn throbbing in between your thighs. Peter sits up more and cups your cheek with his hand. "Alright." He whispers, his breath so warm and close to your neck only made the sensation worse.
"Gentle or rough?" He asks as he softly kisses at your neck. You resisted the urge to moan, even though you weren't sure how to respond. "Maybe start gentle and I'll let you know if I want more." You utter carefully. He pulled back and smiled. "Perfect." With that he gently brought your face to his and started kissing you. You melted into the kiss, Peter's hands on your cheek and neck, his lips on yours felt so right. That annoying throbbing was still there but it was slowly lessening to a more manageable feeling, thank god.
Peter deepened the kiss, running his tongue along your bottom lip to ask for entrance, you let him in. You French kissed like you were in Paris until he moved his kisses down your neck and towards your collarbones. "Can I remove this?" He asks as he takes the hem of your shirt. "Please." You nearly moan, needing him. He complies and helps you out of your shirt, leaving you completely topless, with just some panties on. He held your back and one of your breasts as he kissed and sucked at your neck. You let out a light moan. Peter guided you down onto the bed and started playing with your breasts, gently pinching your nipples here and there, going to suck on them. You let out a very light moan at the sensation, your anticipation and desire growing until you groaned loudly.
"What do you want love." He asks as he kisses up and down your torso, occasionally sucking on one nipple and blowing cold air on in afterward to get them hard. You loved and hated when he did that. You curled your toes in enjoyment. "Just. Mm. Keep doing what you're doing and move downward." You felt him smile against your boobs. You gently played with his hair as he trailed the kisses down to the top of your panties.
Before Peter could even ask, you stripped the panties off and tossed them aside. Peter met your eyes for a second before leaning down and spreading your thighs with his hands, gently rubbing them before his mouth met your clit. You almost cried at the feeling. Fuck you needed this. You needed this so badly. You let out a moan to let Peter know he was doing the right thing and he started sucking harder. You nearly whimpered and grabbed his hair.
"Oh fuck. Oh please keep going." Peter obeyed, sucking and licking at your clit, circling with with his tongue before he moved down and lightly tongued at your entrance. You gasped at thr feeling. The throbbing and now at it's worst and you knew what you wanted. "Finger me." Peter licked. Long and slow across your entrance, lapping at the wetness that wouldn't go away. "I didn't hear that. What must I do princess?" You needed it. You needed his fingers curling inside of you and caressing your g-spot bringing you closer and closer to the ecstasy you couldn't attain yourself.
"Peter finger me, first nice and slow and then harder." You practically growled. He came up and kissed you. "Consider it done." At that he locked lips with you and slid one finger inside your entrance. He pulled it out and then pushed back in again, going torturously slow. "Don't tease Parker." You nearly snarl. He chuckles. "You're no fun." He jokes before he lowers himself and starts tonguing your clit and adding a second finger, going slightly faster. You hummed in contentment, the feeling was so erotic and so hot you felt yourself getting wetter, if that were even possible.
Peter kept fingering you, going slightly faster and faster. Your breathing was ragged now and you were close, feeling a knot building in your lower stomach. "Ummh Peter." You whine. He knew then that you were close and he sped up. You nearly cried out as he did that. "Please Fuck me." Peter didnt need to be told twice. He removed his fingers and sucked them clean before grabbing a condom from the nightstand and slipping it on. "Fuck me. Please. Ugh, I need you." You almost beg.
He didn't waste any time. Peter slid into you and didn't even leave time to adjust, he just started ramming. Being a superhero, he had some serious strength, endurance and agility, which meant when he pounded into you, you felt it, and you would feel it tomorrow too. You moaned louder than you had in a long time and wrapped your arms around his torso, scratching at his back. You whined. "Ah, uh. Peter. You're making me feel so good. Oh god please keep going." He took that as a sign to go faster and you felt your orgasm building at an impossible speed. Peter kept pounding and every thrust hit your G-spot making you cry out in ecstasy. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." Peter kissed at your neck. "Ah you feel so good." He mumbled I'm your ear. You scratched at his back harder as he kept pounding into you.
As You reached your high you screamed, clawing into Peter's back as your legs shook. Peter didn't stop though, instead be kept going. You were so sensitive but it felt so good. You whined and moaned. Peter started rolling his hips snd dropped one hand to circle your clit. This oversimulation caused you to have a second orgasm. You cried out his name, euphoria finally yours. With panted and ragged breathing, your hearing started becoming slightly lessened, white light covered your vision as your whole body shook with the aftershocks of your orgasm. The light tingling sensation made you feel even more euphoric. Peter filled the condom before slowing his thrusts and finally stopping, but not moving from out of you. He just left his warm cock inside.
"I'm so glad I woke you up." You say breathlessly. Peter laughs. "Me too, though I'm sure the neighbors aren't happy about it" you chuckle. "Give me a minute and then we can go for round two." Peter smiled. "I like the sound of that." He says before engulfing your lips in a passionate kiss.
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Ok so Andy can speak every language does that mean she:
A. Sits back and just watches us mortals struggle when we find old things and can't/take forever to decipher them?
B. Secretly infiltrates these places and helps "crack the code"?
C. Would love to help but knows it would be too difficult keeping her Immortality secret and most likely raise too many questions so she does nothing?
D. Doesn't actually care either way because she is too old and can only care about so many things?
E. All of the above depending on what mood she's in and what she's doing at the time?
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mc-pumpkin · 3 days ago
I'm very intrigued by c!Philza not necessarily regretting what he did to L'manberg, but regretting that people can't visit or look back on L'manberg without it bringing back the horrible memories of Doomsday. I'm intrigued that he wants people to look back on L'manberg fondly but at the same time doesn't regret destroying it, he just wants them not to make a government ever again. It's interesting because the memories he wants them to remember are intrinsically tied to a time in which they had government. I suppose he wants people to visit and remember not only Doomsday, but all the rest of their good and bad memories so they can learn from past mistakes and carry on to make better memories somewhere else
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sawamuranoace · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
I’m… very, very intrigued by this page. He’s remembering his battery with Eijun in the middle of class. Just goes to show how much of a deep impression Sawamura’s pitching leaves on him…
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gandalftheweeb · 2 years ago
Bakugo: selfishness from selflessnes; Deku: selflessness from selfishness. I busted my brain to fully grasp the idea of this parallel but I can't, man. I'm beyond intrigued but I only have the very basic concept. I need further enlightenment sensei! Help me, I beg you!
ok i have a meta coming on it but i’ll try to break it down briefly:
in the case of deku, he is motivated to save people, no matter the cost, so that he will never lose people. he wants to save everyone bc he fears losing them. of course, there’s more to it on an expansive scale (saving ppl he doesn’t know, for example), but i’ll save that for the meta.
the (most straightforward) proof of this is his reaction to losing bakugo. the prospect of losing someone dear to him sent him spiraling into a visceral state of emotion. that was deku stripped of all his intricacies in his rawest, barest form. his core was out on full display and in full control, and it wanted to save someone for his own sake (primarily, he also wanted to save them for their sake, too, but the former took precedence).
bakugo’s case is harder to explain, as there’s more to understand before you get to the concept itself.
first and foremost, like deku admired all might’s selflessness, bakugo admired all might’s drive to succeed (win) and that he always did succeed (win)–which is the hero version of selfishness. and since bakugo admired it, he adopted it. the thing that no one realizes is how critical this is for heroes–winning (selfishness) is just as important as saving people (selflessness), because a hero has to win to give people hope. which is why bakugo’s ideology (of selfishness/victory) is so very important.
but anyway–bakugo wants to win because he wants to be like all might. which means that he wants to be depended on to always succeed, to “always break out of a pinch”. he wants to inspire people the same way he was inspired, and give them hope the way he was given hope. in other words, bakugo wants to win for the sake of other people.
so, basally, deku wants to save for his own sake, whereas bakugo wants to win for the sake of others.
this is all extremely watered down and black and white (and ineloquent lol sorry), there’s a ton more complexities and gray areas that i want to address, but like i said i have a meta coming on it so i’ll leave it at this for now. hope this helped a bit!
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starkerfilth · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tony wakes up to blue eyes and an equally blue sky. He blinks once.
Blinks again.
Then it dawns upon him—
They caught him.
His heart jumps in his chest and before he can yell, a cold hand covers his mouth. Something is stopping his body from moving, but every single one of his limbs is trembling.
Slowly, Tony makes out a face around those big blue eyes. Pale skin, thin lips. Can't be older than twenty. But those wide, wide eyes—
"Ouch, you're hot." Tony's heart jolts again, and he can't help the chuckle that bubbles up from his chest. The hand disappears from his mouth for a moment.
"I appreciate the compliment," He starts. "Now if you just let me go—"
His opponent laughs, crystal clear like the deep sea. "Your skin is hot. And there's no way I'm letting a fire bender go."
Oh, Tony thinks. Right.
or, Fire bender Tony, who is an officer in the fire nation's army, gets washed up on a shore deep in the water tribe's territory—where he is found by the water bender Peter. Tony is too intrigued for his own good and soon enough, he doesn't know whose side he is on anymore.
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everyhowlmarksthedead · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
with Che ‘Taza’ Romero.
Tumblr media
summary: Taza has a new girl.
word count: about 400.
gif credits: to my wonderful @sonsofeorl.
general masterlist.
random scenes masterlist.
Tumblr media
“Who is it?”
Answering the call and placing the phone between his ear and his shoulder, as he continues focused on poker, he tries to use a lighthearted tone because he knows it makes you not keep your calm. The mexican can feel you frowning at the other side of the speaker. Bishop, Tranq and Riz look interested in the conversation.
“Who is it?” He asks again, about to laugh.
“Who is not; your girlfriend”.
He finally chuckles, closing his eyes for a second.
“Sorry, I forgot about you. It's your time to be fed?”
“Yeah, I'm gonna commit cannibalism, if you continue teasing me”.
“That doesn't sound too bad, sweetheart”.
His brothers are looking at each other, starting to feel confused.
“Are you gonna come tonight?”
“If you want, of course”.
“I need it”.
These words make him leave his cards over the table, arching a brow with worrying.
“You okay?”
“It's been a long day in the city hall and I would like to sleep tonight with you…”
“Okay, hm…” Checking the hour in his right wrist, Taza does a quick calculation. “I could be there in twenty minutes. Maybe thirty. Why don't you wait for me in bed?”
“I'm in”.
“Are you naked?”
He can hear you laughing, grabbing his cards to toss one on the table.
“More or less”.
“What does it mean more or less? You're naked or you're dressed, amor”.
“Got nothing under your shirt”.
“Who is it, brother?” Bishop can't help but ask in a whisper, really intrigued. Taza raises a forefinger to urge him to wait a moment.
“Let me finish a poker game and I'm on my way”.
“Okay, old-ass”.
“See you now, baby”.
Hanging up the call and putting his eyes on the whole crew in front of him expecting an answer, he just takes a sip from his beer.
“So?” Tranq says.
“My girl”.
“Your what?” Riz draws a perplexed gesture, lying against his chair.
“Since when 'you have a girlfriend, brother?”
“Yo, man…” Coco breaks in laughs, having a smoke from his cig. “From which museum you kidnapped her?”
“She's younger than you, shithead. And even so, who cares 'bout the age?”
They are run out of words. Finding out that the older has a girlfriend is actually shocking. But they're happy in reality.
“You know what? Fuck poker. Got a beautiful woman waiting for me almost naked”. Leaving his cards again over the table, he gets up from his chair taking a last drink of his beer. “See you tomorrow”.
Tumblr media
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wangxianficrecs · 12 months ago
ahhhh i'm trying to find a fic that has this one line that goes "lan wangji is hanging up clouds when [the world ends/he hears the news]" and it's a canon divergence/arranged marriage? au. i think it's also a 20k+ oneshot but i can't!! remember!! any help would be appreciated!
I’m intrigued!  I don’t know this one:  does anyone else?
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bsd-bibliophile · 3 years ago
Hi! I'm fairly new to the BSD fandom, and have really enjoyed following your blog, especially when it comes to character analysis. Since I'm new to reading the manga as well as watching the BSD anime, I can't help but be intrigued, yet slightly confused about the obvious past history between Fukigawa and Mori. I was just wondering if you could analyze them for the leaders they are and the possible backstory/opinions they have of one another. Thanks!
Also towards the question I just asked, I’m pretty sure I typed Fukigawa instead of Fukuzawa… Please look past that really really embarrassing error. Good ole copy and paste with a little autocorrect really messed that up! 
●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・● ・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●
Welcome to the fandom! And it’s okay to be intrigued and slightly confused about most things in BSD, so you’re not alone. And there have been many issues with autocorrect with all the Japanese names, so don’t sweat it. There are so many layers and references in this show, but you don’t necessarily need to know or understand them to love the characters, themes, and story.
Tumblr media
The best place to look for Fukuzawa and Mori’s past is chapter 50, translated by dazaiscans. I won’t go into too much detail here, just in case you or someone else doesn’t want spoilers for the manga. The anime stops at chapter 37, so there is quite the gap between the Fukuzawa and Mori chapter and the where the anime ends. 
In the manga/anime the two are polar opposites, like other powerful fighting dues like Dazai and Chuuya or Atsushi and Akutagawa. They most definitely don’t get along, but at the same time they are both very strong leaders and while they are scary to fight against on their own it is even more terrifying if they team up. But while they are very powerful as partners they also absolutely hate each other! There isn’t really an explanation given as to why, but I assume it is the same as with Dazai and Chuuya or Atsushi and Akutagawa: they are just such polar opposites that there is no way they will be able to get along. But in the case of Mori and Fukuzawa, their methods and ideals are also very different and there is no way they can ever see eye to eye.
Tumblr media
The biggest difference between the two men is their leading style. Fukuzawa is far more traditional, basically leading the way a samurai would. The real Fukuzawa-sensei was from a samurai family so it makes sense that the BSD character based on him would live by the Bushido Code. When others in the Agency are conflicted about whether or not to go to Atsushi’s aide it is Fukuzawa because he prioritizes Agency members over everything else. He also has a very Japanese style office, plays go with Kunikida, and his weapon of choice is a katana. 
However, Fukuzawa isn’t completely old fashioned. The real Fukuzawa was a very progressive figure in Japanese history and played a major role in modernizing Japan by bringing over Western ideas about education, government, and industry. The BSD Fukuzawa has a very traditional Japanese appearance and moral code, but that doesn’t mean that he is a samurai. His organizing the Agency was monumental because it is an organization that works in the shadows. They aren’t evil like the mafia, but they also aren’t on the good side the way the government and police are. Fukuzawa leads a group of individuals who are hand picked and put through tests to become a part of the Agency. These characters don’t have to undergo a specific background check to see if they have been involved in anything shady before. The main criteria for joining the Agency is if they are willing to risk their own lives to save others. That in and of itself separates it from both the Mafia and the Special Ability Department section of the government.  
Tumblr media
Mori is the kind of leader who is secretive, deliberate, and systematic. He never lets on how much he knows, and he is usually aware of far more than we can even comprehend. He is the one who taught Dazai after all, so as brilliant and dark as Dazai’s mind is Mori’s is as much or more so. The first time we see him in episode 12 he presents himself as a clumsy, anxious man. But by the end of the episode we see that his true character is far more adept, knowledgeable, and composed than he let on at first. He is well versed in various war strategies and theories, and he is very good at collecting information and using it to hide his intentions and strike his opponents where it counts.
The Dark Era episodes (13-16) are a great example of what Mori is capable of and how he leads. Initially the reader/viewer is shown Mori as the head of the Mafia assigning Oda Sakunosuke the mission of locating the missing Sakaguchi Ango. As the arc progresses he is in the background and the audience, if you are like me, tends to forget that he is even involved. It looks like he just assigned the mission and is waiting for the report. However, at the end of the arc Dazai confronts Mori and it is revealed that Mori had everything planned from the beginning. Mori intentionally got Ango involved with the foreign enemy organization Mimic, also while knowing that Ango was a spy from the Special Ability Department, and assigned Oda to the case alone knowing that he was friends with Ango, so he would be committed to the job, and that his ability Flawless was the exact ability needed to defeat the leader of Mimic. 
He also knew that Oda would have to die, and he was willing to sacrifice Oda for his goal: obtaining a Special Abilities Licence. The Mafia would be recognized as an official entity by the government and it would open a lot of doors for the Mafia, which was a completely illegal organization to begin with. Mori didn’t even blink when he explained to Dazai that Oda was just a necessary sacrifice in his plan and that going to save Oda would not have any benefits for himself or Dazai. This incident is also what made Dazai leave the Mafia, which, as I discussed in a previous post, was intentionally done to prevent Dazai from killing him and taking his place. 
For me one of the most powerful statements in BSD about the kind of person Mori is was said by Dazai in chapter 24:
Tumblr media
(Just a side note: chapter 24 is by far my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE chapter in the manga, for the funny and serious aspects, and the anime COMPLETELY ignored all of it! If you haven’t read it I highly recommend it! I have never looked at dog treats the same way since.)
Because Mori isn’t phased in the least by emotions or morals he is a strong opponent, especially for an organization like the Agency that has high standards and morals. While the Agency has handicaps because they have to strategize and plan while considering the safety and well being of themselves and others, Mori and the Mafia will destroy and sacrifice what they need to in order to obtain their goals. 
●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・● ・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●
If you are interested in the real life authors and how they influenced the BSD characters in this area, there is a really interesting post from higashino-gai that says: 
Port Mafia and ADA characters are based on authors who worked on creating modern Japanese literature in the face of the post-Meiji Restoration influx of Western culture, which almost destroyed the Japanese one. They struggled to find a balance between Japanese tradition and Western innovations, learning from the West but not succumbing to it. This was no easy task, especially since the West acted aggressively superior. But guess what? Our literary badasses did not let Japanese culture die. They successfully married the two completely opposite worldviews, each in their own way, and what emerged from it is the distinct, strong, and uniquely beautiful Japanese literature admired all over the world.
Mori is a very traditional Japanese literary figure who wrote very Japanese literature. He is also a very popular and influential author in Japan. Many of the other BSD authors quote or mention Mori and his works in their own writing if that gives you a better idea of how important he was and is. Fukuzawa was the opposite because he idolized Western culture and ideals and dedicated his life to integrating the beneficial concepts and ideologies into Japanese society as a way of competing both intellectually and economically with modern countries. (You can tell I’m a big fan of Fukuzawa, right.) The difference in style and their influence on Japanese literature is why these two authors were chosen to be the heads of the two opposing organizations of ability users in BSD.
●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・● ・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●
Thank you for the ask! For the history between Mori and Fukuzawa be sure to read chapter 50! I hope that my answer was able to clear up some of the confusion you have about these two! They are such wonderful, interesting characters who add a great deal to the series, and I hope we get to learn more about them in future chapters and anime!
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