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omg hii sruthi!! i’m having a pretty good day, i hope you’re having a great day too!!

They go on like this for a while, asking mundane questions they half-know the answers to and giving straightforward answers. Yue likes her math teacher; she’s reading a really interesting memoir of a Southern Water Tribe woman from a few decades ago, she thinks Katara would like it. Sokka puts the title in his notes app. Yue asks what math class he’s in now that he’s maxed out of classes the school offers, and when he says he’s taking linear algebra at BSSU, she rolls her eyes. “Show-off.”

“You asked!”

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[ID: a drawing of tommy and darnold from the thighs up on an orange background. tommy’s wearing a button up shirt and plaid skirt, along with his propeller hat, and darnold is wearing a polka dot shirt, gray pants, suspenders, and an orange bow tie and gloves. tommy is happily kissing darnold on the cheek, and they’re holding pinkies because i just i am feeling things okay. there are also little hearts around them. end ID]

@aitober day 17 - soda

*slaps “shipping” onto the end of today’s prompt*

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44. I’m right here.”

Ghost wasn’t sure what was happening. They’ve experience pain before. They’ve experienced discomfort before. Yet somehow this was different.

The wings they had taken from the Ancient Basin was all but a gift, temporary for what they needed. As if by instinct the flying creatures that blessed them with this power had left. All that they could feel was a prickling in their back, a prickling that burned of frozen ice.

Huddled in on themself on the floor, Ghost’s body shook uncontrollably. Curled into a ball, void leaked down their eyes like tears - the burning never growing stronger or growing weaker. A persistent feeling that held Ghost on the floor.

Ghost didn’t like it. They didn’t like it.

It was new, a pain that Ghost couldn’t pinpoint. Other pain they could, the source was always seen - Ghost knew what was causing the pain. A fight, a heartache, a painful memory - all they could pinpoint why it all hurt. But this? They couldn’t. They absolutely couldn’t tell what was causing this. And that… that scared them. All Ghost could concentrate on was the pain. And how much they wanted it to stop.

There was a rather loud clicking along the floor, but Ghost couldn’t bring their head up to look at who entered the room. They only curled into themselves more.

Gently a large hand rested on top of Ghost’s head, fingers carefully petting the small vessel. Looking up past the fingers, Ghost saw Hollow. Carefully the older sibling moved their single arm to cradle Ghost, pulling them close to their body. Cloak over the shaking sibling - hiding them in a warm cocoon as Ghost was sat in Hollow’s lap. The soft rumble of void singing and Hollow softly petting Ghost’s head lulled the sibling to peace. No words, nor signs were exchanged between the two - because none were needed. Ghost didn’t need Hollow to speak to know.

I’m right here.

The pain eventually started to rest, as Ghost kept their head buried against Hollow’s torso. Exhausted, the little sibling was more than happy when the pain was replaced with an uncomfortable numbness. That, Ghost could adapt to fine. They glanced up at Hollow, stains of tears on their mask. The older sibling nuzzled them, continuing to hold Ghost as they made to stand. Ghost didn’t complain, nor move, instead only nuzzling back into the hold as they were carried out of the room.

The cold didn’t hit Ghost, as when they looked out of the barriers of Hollow’s cloak they found themselves at the Crossroad Hot Spring - being gently placed into the soothing water. Once sat, they stared up at their sibling - reaching their hands up towards them.

Hollow nuzzled their sibling again, head held at both sides by Ghost as the younger sibling rested. Thankful for Hollow being there.

Always there now.

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The Venus and Mars comparison for avatars and regular people keeps haunting me. Because Martin needing moments of rest and being able to remember it versus Jon needing the awful world and being refreshed by it. It hurts so much. It’s funny how even now Martin and Jon are still foils but foils desperately trying to care for one another and each other’s needs.

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🥺🥺🥺 This is unoriginal, but hc that Sokka is always playing with Zuko’s hair. Zuko loves it because no one has ever given him that sort of sweet, nonchalant affection before.

Also, they have all these ridiculous games they make up and get ridiculously competitive over. Like Sokka will throw something in the trash and make it, and brag about he could totally play pro basketball. Zuko will then make a point to make a shot from even farther away, immediately going back to whatever he was doing, all with a deadpan serious expression. Sokka will make another shot, then Zuko will. After a couple more shots, Zuko will call out Sokka for cheating, and Sokka will say there were never any set rules, so technically it wasn’t cheating. Zuko will insist they need set rules so it’s a fair game, and they’ll brainstorm rules, and eventually Sokka will get out paper and pens and they’ll write the rules down and hang them up over the trashcan. But all that rule writing took away their enthusiasm for the original game, so they just end up watching a movie instead of actually playing the game. They have multiple papers of rules for games they never ended up playing all around the house, which they don’t take down because what if they want to play them? So, one day they decide to have a tournament and actually play all the games they’ve made up, so they can finally take the papers down.

send me a character/ship, and i’ll write a hc

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CRinktober Day 10 - Villains(?)

I care about these two so much it hurts. They deserve better, and they deserve the chance to make things better. They have a very long way to go in terms of redemption, but I think they deserve it.

I think they can do it.


Reblogs appreciated! Thank you! <3

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18: do they see themself as a leader or a follower?
I think I’ve gone more in-depth on this one before but yea absolutely a follower

It really depends on the situation – he knows there are some cases where he’s the most experienced or most capable, and he knows there are plenty where he is not. I think just given his job he’d say follower, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to take charge.

He wants to be a leader. He just also doesn’t know how to do that.

21: do they follow their head, their heart, or their body?
gl okay every single one of my main kids (maybe maybe excluding Joseph) follows their heart. They may like to think otherwise (vic) but hoo boy

29: who would they save? who would they be saved by?
He would absolutely like to save everyone tysm. But the instinct would be Nol. (and logically logically she’s the squishiest even now, even with that amulet, and the others have healing and and and)
I’m very curious whether it’ll be Anthe or Nev to break down the boy’s very stubborn defenses because one of them will. At some point. And y’know we’ll see how it goes from there but in the long run he’s just definitively be saved by this entire group.

he’s also kinda the copout of “everyone” and he doesn’t entirely know everyone’s fighting capabilities or weaknesses yet so like ?? tbh Mango might be the instinctive move.
does he need to be saved?? like listen E is so. weirdly stable and put together for being a character I created, he’s doing pretty well.
(His original setting has the much simpler answer of Alex. For both.)

Ax. This boy keeps getting nearly eaten and Yen is getting real concerned about it.
and hhh no idea for the second part yet tbh??

51: what is the most beautiful thing in the world, for them?
Seeing his friends when they have downtime – when everyone is safe and healthy and (relatively) happy, just doing stupid things together.
In a more physical sense, that strange border of Rosohna’s night spell, going from midnight to midday in a single step. He never got tired of that.

An interesting question for a guy who follows the god(dess) of beauty, part of his faith is seeing beauty everywhere, in nearly everything.
He might say it’s seeing other people learn to do that, though – watching others figure out how to see the beauty in themselves and in the world around them.

Any new horizon. He spent every day up until like a month ago in the same town and the same swamp, and he still loves home but,,,
getting out and seeing the rest of the world and exploring places he’d never even heard of before is probably one of the best things to come out of this whole complicated mess.

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I just think that Jim, Aja and, Douxie should be friends

Jim and Aja would be great friends as we see in that one ep of 3below

I just feel like Douxie would be a great big brother to figure to the whole group

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