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hyucksbf · 3 years ago
remember when the dream unit was announced and we were all so anticipating bc it was such a concept change from u and 127 and bc they were soso young and jisung was only fourteen and we were worried they were going to hurt themselves on their hoverboards on their debut stage REMEMBER THEIR HOVERBOARDS remember when we didn’t even call them “the dreamies” yet because we didn’t know we’d love them this much remember when chenle couldn’t speak korean yet so renjun was always by his side translating and jeno’s voice was still really high and he was the tallest member and remember when jisung was super camera shy and almost never spoke during vlives unless his hyungs encouraged him and renjun still hadn’t fixed his snaggletooth and mark’s cheekbones were still full and round with baby fat and the ’“yo dream” chant didn’t exist yet
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wootaekyung · a day ago
It’s hard being on team daon when shinwoo looks at taekyung LIKE THAT 
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apostlc · a month ago
hello, coming in to say I love you for no other reason than the fact that 1) I do love you and 2) you deserve to be reminded that you're loved 🖤✨
aaaaaa i love you so much Zick you're my absolute baby thank you for this ;3;
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