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himbohargreeves · 2 years ago
Me: Do you wanna sit for 30 minutes while I tell you about my new son
Mum: Not right now I have to unpack
Me: Fine. Then I will sit here vibrating for the rest of the evening.
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gearstrider · 4 months ago
when you fuck your partner so hard you give yourself bruises 🥴
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gominshi · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“There were two lines.” Kwak Dong Yeon & Won Ji An in Positively Yours 아기가생겼어요
To Hee Won’s dismay, both her friends are now dating. Seriously bummed, Hee Won decides to go wild just one time in her life and find solace with a handsome stranger. A very satisfying one-night stand has now turned into more — she’s pregnant. Fate brings them together again, and now the regimented Doo Joon is determined to do the right thing and marry her. But they’re basically strangers. What will she do?
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milagrosen · 6 months ago
Prince Bee is looking for a wife and King Optimus has sent out letters to all the single noble ladies & respected princesses to come for a hunting competition. No one catches his interest & so he focuses on just has fun at the competition, that is until he is saved from a wild group of orcs that were passing through the forest by another kingdom's knight. He thanks the man and is surprised when they take off their helmet and he witnesses the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. KO just smiles and says she was only doing her duty and bows to leave. Bee stands there like; That's the one, my future wife!! ●//o//● Strong, beautiful and free
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sawhxre · 2 days ago
You are all however invited to my funeral just so my family can be like who the fuck are these people 🤷‍♀️
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fanficmemes · 3 months ago
Lol I'm the opposite of that last ask 🤣 I actually had all my bookmarks private untill I learned from this blog that readers like seeing authors' bookmarks. Now mine are all public.
Why do readers like seeing author bookmark? It has never crossed my mind to look through someone's bookmarks.
I can’t speak for all readers but personally I like looking through an authors bookmarks bc if their fics are that good then maybe they’ve booked some similarly good stuff. It’s like your friend handing you a rec list
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cottaboo · 2 months ago
Better idea: you don’t police designs and let people do what they want. You should stop acting like some god of character design when you’re one person. Let people have fun and stop acting so stuck up
oh yeah because drawing every person ever as being a skinny white human is okay. Dude artists can and should expand their abilities. for the things that aren’t related to forcing everyone to be skinny or making someone inaccurate in a way that’s actually bad it’s actually just based on the actual content and how real things work!!! a scar from a pickaxe won’t look like a paper cut. a pig will not be a skinny anime man with a brain. a furry is not a human with fox ears. alexis quackity is not dark skinned. also i can think a design is just boring lmao that ones not hate that ones just a personal dislike. oh and also pointing out that people draw tubbo to be an uwu baby tommy side-kick who is short makes me soo evil, not like infantilizing is literally against tubbo the real human being’s boundaries or anything.
maybe me realizing that using a “comfort zone” as an excuse to not draw actual real types of people or how the characters actually are does make me better. maybe recognizing that fat people aren’t hard to draw and that mfs just need to learn how to do it does make me better. if i weren’t an artist you wouldn’t be saying this to me. ive seen plenty of non-artists rightfully say the exact shit i say, are you gonna tell them they’re stuck up? for thinking that drawing exclusively skinny people is bad?
if u think i’m an asshole just block me it ain’t that hard.
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that-one-bi-wizard · 5 months ago
Jack actually realized he was ace when he was a teenager. He doesn’t really have a word for it at that point. He just knows he doesn’t feel attracted to people the way others are. He feels no sexual attraction
A few people told him he’s just gotta wait til he gets older then he’ll start feeling sexual attraction. Then he becomes an adult and still feels nothing. And someone tells him “so like... you’re asexual?” “Is that the word? Huh... guess I am”
He’s the kind of ace who’ll make sexual jokes and just finds the whole thing as funny, but when he sees a sex scene on tv or people actually talk about him having sex he’s like “wait no I don’t like this—” And then he’s uncomfortable
He loves making ace jokes. Like a few examples are:
“If sex is human nature, then I must be a god”
“Asexuals don’t exist? Guess I’mma go rob a bank then. Can’t get caught if you don’t exist”
“I don’t give any f*cks... literally. I’m ace”
And that’s how he comes out to people. Through jokes. Because it’s funny to him
The only exception is when he’s really into someone because he’s scared that they won’t like him if he’s ace. So when he got into a relationship with Davey he took coming out as more seriously than usual
Jack was a bit nervous and was scared of Davey just kinda leaving him right then and there, but he sat him down and explained that he’s bi ace and Davey was like “oh that’s cool”
And Jack’s just really happy. So instead they just cuddle a lot and watch movies together and just kinda live their lives
There are a few rare occasions when they will screw. They’re far and few in between times tho. Only because it’s enjoyable for Davey and if Davey’s happy, then Jack’s happy
Anyway, let’s sprinkle in a bit of angst—
Since Jack is a really attractive dude and has a flirty personality, people are always telling him “what??? You can’t be ace?? You’re too hot to not want sex! You should want to screw people!” Or “but your always flirting! What do you mean you don’t wanna get in people’s pants???” Sometimes people will even try to invalidate him because him and Davey have screwed before. And Jack’s just done hearing that shit from people. He’s learned to ignore it as he got older
Doesn’t mean that those kinds of comments don’t make him feel insecure about himself. Sometimes he feels like he doesn’t fit how society sees ace people and it makes him feel like he shouldn’t identify as ace. Davey will notice he’s down and tell him that it really doesn’t matter what he looks like or how he acts and that it’s not a choice to be ace, that’s just how Jack is
And that’s all I got for now. I just needed to get this hc out cuz I love it
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that-was-anticlimactic · a month ago
thinking about the “don’t worry, bae, I’ll protect you” scene from the beach episode of sk8 but zukka…
sokka as reki… zuko as langa… azula as shadow… toph as miya… jet or ty lee as joe… haru or mai as cherry…
sokka acting overly dramatic with zuko and then zuko playing along and clutching sokka (maybe with one arm wrapped protectively around the back of his head too…) and saying “don’t worry, bae, i’ll protect you”
and sokka internally dying because zuko called him bae and zuko internally dying because oh crap he just called sokka bae and azula and toph internally dying because they’re surrounded by lovesick fools and… yeah…
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conversationaltreestump · 6 months ago
I know Nick is a sweetheart and a good guy, but I find it unbelievably hilarious to imagine that all the Dirty Candy girls just- can't stand him.
For one thing, he and Carrie are constantly on-again-off-again and that's exhausting for them to deal with. Of course they always gotta side with Carrie everytime they break up, she might be a pain but she's still their girl. And the guy can't dance, which they just take as a personal offence.
Idk, I'd just love for Caleb to already be having a hard time impersonating Nick, and he did not at all count on a gang of petty teenage girls in sparkly matching outfits all ready and waiting to make his life difficult.
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