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Things I notice in…

“Last Christmas” movie

So there is this scene were Kate is in the bus and sees twoyugoslavs talking. Before young teen boy rudely shout at them there’s this caption:


AND who we see here? That’s right. It’s Harry Holland. I noticed him after I rewatch it couple of times, because, damn it, I loved this movie!

Anyway. Second of all, there is Kate’s necklace. We see it when she give it to her sister on the bottle wine. BUT before this is the scene in the apartment (which YOU have to watch AGAIN.)


And once you’re done theres this flashback scene where we see Kate heading for her transplantation. And the necklece

is there. When I saw this scene with the wine I wonder how her sister will know that was her - Kate. And I guessed it was something hers.


“Last Christmas” is really beautiful movie. Yes, the boy doesn’t get the girl like most of the romantic movies… OR we think so!

So here’s the part I spill all the spoilers.

First - Kate is the only one who can see Tom. (obviously! Tnx flashback scene!)

And second - When Kate realized she’s bean spending her whole time with the ghost of Tom, because his heart is in her chest, she head to the bench where was their first “date” and he appears before her and tell her that even if he was still alive his heart would’ve belonged to her.

THAT’S TRUE LOVE! They truly belong together! And the proof is that their hearts ARE…THE…SAME! They fit!

Her heart is with him (in grave) And his heart is with her. ❤❤

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“Dada la inmensidad del tiempo y la inmensidad del universo, es un placer inmenso compartir un planeta y un tiempo contigo…”

Carl Sagan

(Una pausa de Sartre y “El Ser y la Nada”).

Entre todas las eventualidades y la facticidad del universo, todo nuestro ser, cada molécula de nuestro cuerpo, pudo coincidir en el tiempo-espacio con esa persona que amamos, y todos aquellos que representan una parte importante para nuestras vidas. Pensarlo así, convierte esa realidad, incontenible e incomensurable del universo, en el algo mágico.

(para mi hermano y su novia, hoy es su matrimonio)


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Nieważne jak bardzo bym cię pragnęła. Jak wiele zrobiłabym dla ciebie. Ty zawsze wybierzesz ją. A pewnego dnia wrócisz i staniesz przede mną, by spróbować czegoś innego, nowego. Lecz wtedy mnie już nie będzie. Nie będzie mnie dla ciebie.

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(93) Now, don’t start offering me yourself for a serious ball crushing because I won’t accept. I always get crazed men who think they want an experience with me but they really don’t or they would already be neutered. Even if they didn’t want to go that far they are asking me for an experience that has taken me a decade to be able to deliver with some semblance of safety but still offers true intensity. Even with a lot of care, things could go wrong and I could be legally liable. I wouldn’t even begin to do this unless I had a deep deep relationship with a man and I knew how he would react to serious injury………………………… Also, I can’t accept because I can’t think of a space that would make my darkest dreams moral. Maybe, if I were certain that a man was about to have his testicles removed in a sex change operation I might see my way clear to living out my fantasies. However, even that takes the fun out of it because it would feel more like I was torturing a woman. That’s not my cup of tea. Maybe the state prisons could send me their child molesters and rapists. No, that wouldn’t be any fun either because they don’t deserve my attention. ********** The whole severe busting thing comes with serious problems. I can think of only two situations where I would allow myself complete liberty. If I were sexually attacked and I managed to gain control of my attacker. Or, if I discovered a chid molester, then all moral qualms quickly disappear! I try not to think about this too frequently or I’ll start wanting it too much. It’s not a beautiful thing to admit about myself but I feel certain i could kick a man to death with no qualms other than a marked increase in appetite.

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I(91) don’t usually get turned on by things I read but Ms Viola’s weekly missives about my movie are smoking hot! She runs a female dominated household with multiple servants. She is reaching out to other women who run similar households. She is attempting to create an organization to bind them together. Awesome! Women get things done! She tells me that one third of you don’t even bother to open the emails that she sends. What the fuck is wrong with you? They are fantastic! Maybe you are too scared. Is it starting to get too real for you?

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