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I love how funky sad anti capitalist the mother series is dude its like my favourite fucking thing everything is cool in it. Like wow. The music? Amazing? The games plot? Really fucking funny but also really sad. The characters? Top tier

Like wasnt tony the first gay character in a video game like,, ever? And they did him good. Also the representation? Its nice i like it. Every character has daddy issues.

Idk dude its a good time i think about it a lot

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DeForest Kelley stands in a doorway with a very sour puss. equally sour sheriff stands by in profile.
DeForest Kelley stands in a doorway with a very sour puss. equally sour sheriff stands by in profile.
DeForest Kelley stands in a doorway with a very sour puss. equally sour sheriff stands by in profile.

DeForest Kelley, Bat Masterson, “No Amnesty for Death” screenshots (suck it, Prime app)

I’m not sure exactly what kind of mood these are, but I feel like they are definitely a Mood.

Oh yeah, De plays an unrepentant killer about to be hanged. Extra weirdness factor - the bro of his victims, who is standing in the audience, is Robert effing Blake.

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If you want to know how lockdowns going for me, I’ve just watched a highly hilarious video on how the 32 London boroughs got their names (it doesn’t sound funny, but it is) and it’s a perfect demonstration of why the Brits never do what they’re bloody told to.

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Before we begin this story, you must first understand that Power comes in many forms. It is in ambition, motivation, integrity, compassion, will–it is the sister to strength and wrath. It is more than the ornate crown on a king’s head, it can very well be the cunning of a child in need or a farmer keeping his family fed through the winter. For you must remember, a king is more likely to be a coward than the farmer.

THRUD ON HER THRONE   with Magn & Modigr is probably right up there with the one I had done with her in Jotunheimr, I am so incredibly proud of it, I broke a lot of my own boundaries with it, & it makes me even more proud to say she’s the first one getting sold because somebody wanted this piece in advance.

Anybody is welcome to reblog if you’d like, just please don’t repost! 

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Me siento completamente fascinada con tú existencia, mi alma no te puede negar que está aterrada, pero el amor que está sintiendo es más grande, cualquier miedo y que herida del pasado la disipas con un verso, con tú voz. Me llenas el alma, le das vida a partes de mí que sólo existen contigo, mis latidos desde el poco tiempo que comparto contigo, se sienten más vivos, mi sonrisa es inevitable pero honesta porque es el reflejo de mi alma. De una forma colosal llegaste a demostrarme que puedo compartir mi caos, que puedo mejorar y sobre todo que sí existe el amor, todo eso te lo puede confirmar con mi corazón que latió como loco mientras escribía estas frases y versos que no tendrían sentido, pero sé que tú estarás para leerlo y eso es lo perfecto de este lío. Mis emociones saltan unas tras otras, me pones la mente de cabeza, que ni mis ideas tienen coherencia, a veces riman a veces no, pero esto es algo que ocasiona el amor y me gusta, me podría acostumbrar a ti fácilmente, tú mente y tú voz son una en un millón, te escojo a ti hoy, mañana y siempre, con tú desastre y perfección, que hacen que simplemente aumente este amor.


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One of my favorite cliche’s is the “good” guys who are actually evil wearing white and the “bad” guys who are actually good/decent wearing black

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Will: *dyes his hair rainbow* 
Mike: Oh wow! Your hair looks so cool! 
Will: What can I say? I like things that remind me of my boyfriend. 
Mike: You have another boyfriend? Who? I’ll fight him. Is it Lucas? I’ll kill Lucas. 
Will: No, it’s you stupid. You’re the one who said you liked the idea of rainbow hair. 
Mike: Oh. 
Mike: Right. 
Will: *rolls eyes and kisses him* 

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