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zhuhongs · 20 days ago
guys, what are some fun childhood camp/arts and craft things u enjoyed as a kid. i have a lot of ideas im sending to my supervisor but id LOVE to hear about other stuff that i maybe never heard of
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heichoe · a month ago
okok i’ve been thinking about this for tOO LONG AND I NEED TO HEAR YALLS THOUGHTS
in modern! aot who (of the guys) would have/wear
tattoos: connie
pierced ears: ??
wear rings: armin, porco, bertolt
wear jewelry other than rings (necklaces, chains, bracelets, etc): jean, eren, armin, marco
nothing: reiner, levi, erwin
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that-was-anticlimactic · 2 months ago
1:45am thoughts with Corey:
sometimes I forget how cool my friendship with some of my internet friends is. Like... we can name each other’s friends, I follow their friends on Instagram and they follow me back, we follow each other’s siblings... we tell each other’s parents we love them and call them mom and dad... and we’ve never even met irl.
internet friendship are just so powerful if people give them the chance / are careful
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heavensmostadorableangel · 3 months ago
I've been trying to write funny Alfieandriel ficlets, but I usually only write them in the context of trauma and recovery, so I keep getting sidetracked 😔
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drunkmiraak · 3 months ago
I wanna do cute bestie shit like make friendship bracelets but I don't have any people irl I could do that with do any of u guys wanna make long distance friendship bracelets with me
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champiionic · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
( Honestly though - S.onic and C.hip’s friendship makes me feel so sentimental at times like - Throughout the course of S.onic’s adventure and dealing with this ailment of turning into some kinda werebeast at nightfall, he befriends and helps out this amnesiac flying chihuahua and even nicknames him/names him. And they have their little shenanigans here and there but S.onic is there to support C.hip and vice versa.
Like speaking of S.onic’s ailment of turning into the Were.hog and feeling self-cautious about his appearance (especially about how others’ see him/think of him of seeing him in that form) and although C.hip was scared of him at first, he tries cheering him up about it and even telling him something like ‘you didn’t fall victim under Dark G.aia’s control because of me, it was because of you.’ And when he was about to face Dark G.aia by himself, S.onic is just gonna stick around with him til the very end cuz ‘do I need a reason to help out a friend?’
And after defeating the big bad and saving the planet, although C.hip has returned to the Earth’s core to slumber, he is reminding S.onic that although he isn’t there with him physically, he is part of the Earth and is always there with him. Which makes me have this little of just - it being an annual thing for S.onic to visit the same exact spot he met C.hip as to remember their friendship and such. I also have this that he probably missed having his little buddy around to chat with for a while. 
But uh yeah their friendship is really important asdfgh. )
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arcticguk · 3 months ago
Facts abt u that I think are prob true: youre an actual angel, u make lots of people smile, u are prob a good hugger, and I feel like u are the type of person to make cute lil friendship bracelets!!!!
facts about you: u are the light of my life and my bestie🥺🥺
pls hug me so u can see if i give good hugs
anon me facts you think are true!
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merrymusings · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hi!! if you still need any last minute valentines day gifts or want something for yourself, friends, lovers, etc., pls consider checking out my etsy shop!! making keychains, earrings, bracelets and other jewelry items has kept me somewhat sane over the last few months. these are examples of some recent creations by yours truly.
im super proud of the couples/bffs set up in the top left corner. it’s a set of two keychains that together make a geometric heart, which is especially perfect for long distance couples. i have a ton more items for sale in my shop, too, including a bunch of cute earrings sets. also, all my items ship within 48 hours and have free tracked shipping. <3
couples heart keychain set   /   chevron pattern bracelets     /    sunset chevron bracelet   /    ily keychain   /   etsy store main page   /   shop instagram
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naivetm · 5 months ago
@fairests​​ .            [ homemade gift ] for evie to make allie a gift (bracelet)
Tumblr media
                        allie    closed    her    eyes,    mouth    stretched    into    a    wide,    pure    smile,    filled    with    only    genuine    happiness,    barely    stifling    the    giggles    that    were    pouring    out    of    her.        she    outstretched    her    hands,    as    evie    had    said,    a    small    feeling    of    confusion    was    present,    but    it    wasn’t    enough    to    taint    her    features,    nor    fall    to    the    front    of    her    mind.        normally,    allie    didn’t    like    not    knowing    what    was    going    on,    though    she    felt    that    often.        now,    however,    she    didn’t    mind    as    much,    evie    was    good    at    making    her    like    that,    always    helping    to    lift    her    mood.        something    small    was    placed    into    her    hand,    it    felt    thin    and    light    in    her    hand,    made    of    something    that    had    to    be    thread.        at    the    other’s    word,    she    opens    her    eyes,    smile    beaming    as    she    finds    the    small    and    detailed    friendship    bracelet    sitting    innocently    in    her    palm.            “        oh,    evie,    i    love    it.        this    must’ve    taken    you    forever.        ”
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itsinjustbeing · 5 months ago
like yes obviously we are all just beautiful clowns Thinking Thoughts at the internet void but sometimes it's like, oh my god. wow. THEE resident expert on jacting re: dean's subconcious struggle to view himself as a family unit with dadstiel liked my baby jack au discourse. this is incredible i am doing it i AM getting a good grade in destiel tumblr,
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