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violetvettel · 6 months ago
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may-b-a-u-shewritestoo · 2 months ago
The feeling is mutual | | Spencer Reid x Fem!Reader | |
Tumblr media
A little fluffy 2 part series that I wanted to drop real quick to get back into the swing of things, I hope you like it! It feels good to be back but I’m terrified. I feel like a little deer in headlights! Feedback is most welcomed ALWAYS. ✨
Summary; You’re both profilers, analysing behaviour and making connections. So why is it so hard to read each other?
Includes; mentions of sex, mentions of being on period, mention of serial killer unsub (if you know what movie i’m referencing then I love you), fluff! ✨
Word count; 1.2k ✨ (second part will be longer! this is just a little part 1 to see what y’all think)
“I literally want nothing more right now Spencer but I can’t.”
Stood in the break room at work, you mixed the sugar into your coffee and sighed at the very eager colleague beside you.
For a few months now, you’d been having a physical relationship with Spencer. No deeper or hidden feelings had been discussed, you guys were friends who had needs, and those needs could be met by each other. Nothing but trust, friendship and safety with a side order of good sex.
However, Spencer was usually good at keeping things subtle; he’d at least wait until you were both off and out of work to pursue things further. But not today. He’d clearly woken up with a motive. Which was apparently to be inside you by the end of your shift.
Unfortunately for him it was that oh-so-wonderful time of the month and as much as you debated it in your head the second you saw the dark desperation in his eyes, you were not in the mood for all the effort of cleaning up after. Especially not at work.
“You called ME last night, Y/N. It took all of my self control to NOT to get in my car and take you until sunrise.” Spencer grew closer to you, his attitude not remotely intimidating because of the whiny tone in his voice. He was right, you’d been particularly needy the night before; calling him up and breathily whispering down the phone in an attempt to get him to come over. But you both had an early start so you eventually changed your mind.
You just giggled and sipped your drink, misjudging how hot it would be.
“Ah you - stupid fu-‘ Immediately grabbing a bottle of water from a mini fridge below the counter, you took a gulp to soothe your throat.
“I’m just saying, what’s suddenly changed in 16 hours and 42 minutes that’s so drastic?” Spencer looked down at you, ignoring the entire hot drink charade, but having a genuine concern on his face for something else.
Rolling your eyes and standing up to speak to him properly, you took a hold of your coffee cup once again and attempted your most serious face.
“First off, I’m allowed to change my mind. Secondly, I got my period this morning and - no, before you even attempt to convince me ‘oh it’s fine’ I’m not in the mood. Now get your blood rushing back to the right head because I do believe we’ve got a case.”
The unsub was suspected to be a woman in her mid to late 30’s, using a technique similar to that of Ted Bundy and Aileen Wuornos. So far the team had deduced she would lure the victims with seduction at local bars in the area, pretend to be extremely drunk in order to attract creeps and when they took her home she would kill them.
The plan would be for Derek to go undercover at a bar that all the victims had attended and hopefully find the unsub. But first they all needed rest. They’d been working from 8am, after landing at 7am, and now it was 11pm.
Hotch had agreed everybody needed to recuperate and get together around midday the next day, as he knew the unsub would only be out and preying from late evening.
The hotel you guys were staying at was actually pretty luxurious considering the urgency and location. Hoping to share a room with Tara or Emily so you knew you would get some sleep, you grabbed your bags and headed up to see your roommate.
Keying the card and gaining entry with a jolly beep, you noticed it was still dark. Had you been lucky and scored your own room? Flicking the lights on, you let out a frustrated groan when you saw him sitting against the headboard.
A smug grin stretched across his face before it dropped back into that familiar pursed concern look.
“I didn’t do this to annoy you Y/N, I just wanted to spend more time with you. I can switch with JJ.” Spencer began to shuffle off the bed and you just tutted and put your bag down.
“No, stay. I’m not mad. At least not annoyed mad. I’m frustrated. But not with you. I’m just-“
Tiredly dragging your palms down your face, you opened your eyes to finally make eye contact with the poor man who was victim to your hormones.
“I’m sorry. I’m just miserable.” you walked around to the side of the bed where Spencer sat on the edge. His eyes followed you, watching your face in an attempt to profile whatever you were thinking. His hands came up to rest at your sides, thumbs stroking lightly across your hips.
“Do you want me to leave so you can get some rest? You’re tired, I can tell.”
“Don’t profile me Spencer.” you chucked lightly, your own hands coming to rest over his. He smiled softly up at you, waiting for your answer.
“Stay please.” Matching his gentle smile, you looked over at your bag before looking back at him. “I need to shower and then I’ll be right in okay?”
Spencer nodded and leant to reach just beside you, where his bag sat on a chair. You knew he was getting a book out, so that he would distract himself while waiting up for you; the one thing you admired and got excited about was falling asleep next to him.
“Do you always do that? I’ve never noticed it before?” Spencer asked quietly into your ear.
You were cozily tucked into his neck, one hand resting against his chest and the other squished between your bodies. Legs entwined with one another, you were absentmindedly rubbing your foot up and down along his. It was a comfort for you, you mostly did it to yourself when you were sleepy.
“It’s cute. Are you anxious? Or stressed? It’s actually a very common limbic response to anxiety, it releases endorphins so you know, you’re essentially giving yourself a massage.” Spencer rambled onto the top of your head, the vibrations sending shivers down your spine.
“ ‘M not stressed. Not anymore.” you hummed into his neck, snuggling in closer than you thought possible. You could feel his pulse quickening slightly against your cheek, hear him swallowing with nervousness as you readjusted yourself; throwing a leg over his hip and latching onto him like a little koala. “Calm down Spence, I’m just getting comfy.”
“Sleep well Y/N.” He spoke so softly it almost lulled you into sleep. His breathing settled as yours did, the arm he had wrapped around your shoulder holding you tight. His other hand drawing lazy lines up and down your spine as he too adapted a comforting stimulation that was going to send him off too.
Spencer couldn’t help but think about how perfectly you slotted against his body, how much you felt like home. The sharp but sweet scent of your shampoo overloaded his senses and bypassed the oestrogen-filled attitude, the drop in energy and the rise in other types of tension. He would do anything you asked him to. But he was sure you didn’t know that. He was even surer that he wouldn’t tell you. Instead, he would appreciate the seconds, minutes and hours you spent together and let his mind drift off onto what the next day would bring him.
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artcake · 2 months ago
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silent princess
Let's come back to my roots! BoTW my beloved, the second game I played to completion and the only game I will go back to play just because of how much I enjoy it
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harryshoneys · 22 days ago
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Tumblr media
look whose back
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georgelore · 10 months ago
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bankbee · 4 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Karl joining the Muck hive lets goooo
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the-goodwitch-azura · 3 months ago
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Is this the first time we’re seeing Owlbert off his staff this season?
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masonxmount99 · 11 days ago
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i put the hearts there i had to express my emotions
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starrybong · 3 months ago
as much as i'm gonna miss dorothy, it's nice to be smoking from juude again 😋
sooo many of my favs have tagged me so i'm tagging u all back 🤗❤️
@kdrakk @helianthus-spiritus @og-lucifers-lettuce @southside-slyther1n @mee-o0ww @crystallizedkiki @trippyjester @wanderingnelipot @jackscannabinoidreceptors @notmysecret @sailor-emerald @sailor-tatooine @galaxygirlemi420 @gabbigabriella @hazzyhead @smokendorf @anitabonghit420 @apicturedump-universe @hazykitty @static-cosmos @thetimidtiefling @tartarusofthemind @weedtortoise @prettyylittlefemme @jezzyj @greeneyedaries11 @intheirhonor @the-dankbender @livinghighstayinghigh @stoneysenpai @probably-zach @theicequeenii @2-grams
have a toke for me or don't 💚✨ and don't forget to stay safe and stay high, my friends 😙💨
song: all time low by jon bellion
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Part 1 The Tangerine Twins meet again — Chp 26 — Measure of a Man by @inadaze22
Albus Severus Potter & Scorpius Malfoy are BFF goals.
Also This Tooth Fairy approves of the lost teeth. Right on schedule, boys.
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ancientmariner13 · a month ago
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October 8th, 2021.
I've been gone for way too long and coming back here feels so much like home, it makes me emotional.
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