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eggyukhei · a year ago
tfw you finish reading an angsty 10k fic at 1:30am and you’re left hanging but you get a notification that the author actually just posted a second chapter and it’s another 10 fucking thousand words 😳😳🥴🥴🥺🥺🥺🥵🥵🥵🙌🙌🙌🙌
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likeshipsonthesea · 10 months ago
mianmian gets to the lan sect lectures, discovers very quickly that every one of her peers has decided to use this time to figure out how quickly they can get into bed with someone of the opposite sex, and decides almost immediately that she has to pick a suitably unattainable guy to have a crush on.
the thing is, mianmian is lanling jin’s head disciple. she is capable, intelligent, and very very gay. the last of these things she isn’t exactly keen on telling people yet for a variety of reasons up to and including jin zixuan will be so awkward and stubbornly supportive about it and she doesn’t know how to deal with that yet
so when her friends giggle over the other young masters and finally turn to mianmian-- who’s trying to memorize at least some of the fifty-thousand rules before their quiz tomorrow--and they ask her, “who do you like, mianmian?” she says the name that she carefully picked out of a handful of options.
“lan-er-gongzi,” she says, without looking up from her textbook, and she assumes that will be the end of it. 
lan wangji is both incredibly attractive and unrelentingly resistant to all attempts to flirt with him. she, like half the other female cultivators, can moon over him (or pretend to moon over him) all they want and nothing will come of it. it’s perfect. she’s a genius. the worst she’ll have to do now is pretend to be infatuated with him when her friends start gossiping. it’s fool proof.
spoiler: it’s not
it’s not, no, because her friends are horrible and immediately start gossiping about it to everyone, and usually mianmian wouldn’t care but then jin zixuan finds out. jin zixuan, whose marriage complex is being brought to center stage with the forced proximity to his bride-to-be. jin zixuan, who for some reason decided he has to live his stolen crush-addled youth vicariously through his only real friend that isn’t related to him. jin zixuan, who for some godforsaken reason takes it upon himself to contrive situations for mianmian and lan wangji to be alone together incessantly.
it unfortunately takes mianmian longer than she would like to figure out what’s happening. she’d give herself a break for it-- she was being responsible and studying, thank you very much-- but she doesn’t have much sympathy for her own stupidity seeing as she’s currently locked in a section of the lan library with the second jade of lan
and suddenly, suddenly she’s just so fucking tired. of studying, yeah, the tests here are brutal and there’s no one to bribe to make sure she doesn’t lose points on stupid things, but also tired of lying to the people she loves and tired of training this hard and being an amazing cultivator only for people to care more about her eventual marriage-- to a man of all things!-- and also, let’s be real here, she’s been in lectures with beautiful capable intelligent women for like months and she’s losing her gay ass mind
and so maybe, possibly, as she’s locked in a library with a clearly confused and annoyed second jade of lan she kind of, momentarily, loses it and rants all of this at his steadily widening eyes
at the end of it, she realizes with no small amount of panic that she’s just confessed not only her attraction to women but the fact that she’s been letting wen qing’s ears of all things distract her from her studies. if anything, she’s sure lan wangji will fault her for inattention
but the second jade of lan, after a drawn-out moment filled only with mianmian’s labored breathing and rising panic, simply says, “i understand.”
mianmian stops. she squints. she tilts her head. she squints some more. lan wangji’s ears go pink and just like that she realizes -- “you’re a cut-sleeve.”
lan wangji’s ears go even pinker. he doesn’t nod, or agree, or outwardly react in any way, but mianmian is a capable, intelligent cultivator, and she’s sure of it.
mianmian sighs with a relief she didn’t know she could feel. “thank the gods.”
lan wangji doesn’t seem to know what to make of this response, or mianmian’s increasingly frequent trips to the library following their conversation, or mianmian’s staunch determination to befriend the guy, but that’s alright. mianmian is old hat at befriending awkward sect heirs by this point.
it’s not like lan wangji expressed any desire for her friendship, but the prospect of not being the only one with absolutely no interest in the straight shenanigans happening at gusu lan summer camp is enough to let mianmian ignore his obvious confusion. lan wangji is a great listener and only sometimes blushes when mianmian waxes poetic about the beautiful women she’s forced to surround herself with every day
“no but you don’t understand,” mianmian insists, alone in the library with lan wangji, “jiang-guniang asked me to help her with a sword form. i put my hands on her waist. i said something idiotic bc she was so pretty and right there and then she laughed. lan wangji. i’m in love.”
“yesterday you were in love with wen-guniang,” lan wangji says as he impassively turns a page in his book. “has this changed?”
“no, i’m in love with both of them. all of them. lan wangji. they’re all so pretty all the time. it’s horrible.”
lan wangji presses his lips into a firmer line, which mianmian’s come to understand means he’s repressing a smile. “i’m sorry to hear it brings luo-guniang such trouble.”
mianmian groans, fairly undignified, but that’s a lost cause with lan wangji at this point anyway. “i swear, if jin zixuan says one more bad thing about her i’m going to punch him and marry her myself.”
lan wangji says, “mn,” which mianmian takes to mean that he supports her in this line of thinking, which she finds both quite sweet and ridiculously funny.
grinning, she teases, “lan-er-gongzi, if i do end up marrying jiang-guniang, will you bear witness to our elopement?”
lan wangji’s lips press again, this time in the way that means he’s repressing a frown. “jiang-guniang’s brothers wouldn’t allow for an elopement,” he says.
mianmian huffs. “as if yunmeng or lanling will deign to host our wedding.”
lan wangji appears to ponder this for a moment before he says, “gusu will host it,” and it’s at that moment that mianmian realizes she’s actually gone and fucking befriended the second jade of lan.
what is her life.
of course, it’s not long after that that she goes to find jin zixuan and explain that she can’t make their weekly sparring match today because she has plans with lan wangji (jiang yanli tenderly brushed some of mianmian’s hair away from her forehead while they were working on sword forms and if mianmian doesn’t tell someone about it she’s literally going to explode) and she’s trying to be as polite as possible only for jin zixuan to scoff and pout (”i don’t pout”) and say, “i never took you for one of those women who throw themselves so wantonly at a man”
it’s only for having been friends with this absolutely horrible communicator for most of her life that she doesn’t immediately punch him in the face. “what did you just say to me,” she demands, but jin zixuan just sets his jaw and looks away, flushing down his neck in the way his mother describes as unbecoming and--
and mianmian suddenly realizes that her ridiculous best friend is jealous of lan wangji. 
(in a friend way, of course, he’s like her brother, the one time his mother implied that he ought not get too close to women in case it jeopardizes his betrothal to jiang yanli, he insisted he didn’t have any female friends repeatedly as his mother delicately danced around outright saying mianmian’s name until finally she broke and jin zixuan was basically like huh?? mianmian doesn’t count?? she made me eat dirt like six times when we were kids)
the sheer ridiculousness of jin zixuan, to set her up with a guy and then get jealous when she spends all her time with him
and fuck her, but she loves her stupid awkward ridiculous sect heir best friend and she doesn’t want him to think she’s gone and left him for someone else (gods know jin zixuan’s loyalty complex rivals his marriage one (on second thought the two might be connected)) and so, after making a few quick decisions, mianmian grabs her stupid best friend by the wrist and pulls him to the library
he protests all the way there, but he’s been letting her drag him wherever she wants since they were five and it isn’t as if he’s going to break the pattern now. she drags him to the library and sits him down across a startled lan wangji and then finally breaks and gushes about jiang-guniang’s fingertips brushing her forehead and doesn’t look at jin zixuan once the whole time
lan wangji, on the other hand, sends jin zixuan frequent glances, as if worried on mianmian’s behalf, which is super sweet and also how the fuck did mianmian get two awkward sect heirs to care about her platonically wtf. she spares a thought for her poor auntie, who would’ve loved to have a sect heir care about her niece in much less platonic ways.
at the end of mianmian’s rant, jin zixuan is blinking quite a lot. “you like women?” he asks. he’s always been a bit slow on the uptake. mianmian nods. “you like jiang-guniang?”
mianmian shrugs. “more or less. she’s just really pretty and i’m dying about it. it’s fine.”
lan wangji says, “mn,” sympathetically and jin zixuan continues to gape.
mianmian winces. “you’re not going to be weird about this, are you?”
jin zixuan shakes his head quickly. “no, no-- of course not, i--you know that i--you’re my best friend, i don’t care--what does it matter to me, who you want to--to touch your hair.”
it’s probably the most awkward sentence he’s said to her in years, but possibly more articulate than she’d been expecting. it makes her tear up regardless and she punches him in the shoulder to hide it, and that’s basically how the three of them start hanging out in the library nearly every day after lecture.
sometimes they go to the sparring ground, bc who’s better sparring practice than the second jade of lan? and sometimes (once or twice) mianmian manages to convince lan wangji to join her and jin zixuan for lunch in caiyi town when they don’t have lecture, but mostly they meet in a secluded part of the library where mianmian can rant about how pretty all the women at lectures are, jin zixuan can turn pink whenever she mentions jiang-guniang, and lan wangji can “mn” and nod sympathetically at all the right parts
and mianmian thinks that’s going to be the end of it, they’re just going to be friends now and everything else will move on as usual, bc by some ridiculous trick of fate lan wangji and jin zixuan seem to like each other. which makes sense in hindsight bc they’re both awkward sect heirs who care about cultivation and people a lot even if they’re not great at showing it 
(and he’d never say it but mianmian thinks jin zixuan’s easy acceptance of her liking women is probably the first time lan wangji’s ever seen someone accept that kind of thing before (maybe, possibly, other than his brother, lan xichen seems really cool, even if he does smile kind of intensely at mianmian whenever he happens upon her hanging out with his little brother.))
so they’re friends, they’re unexpected friends, and sometimes lan wangji even makes jokes in that dry deadpan way of his and sometimes jin zixuan doesn’t completely trip over his own words and manages to act like a normal human being and mianmian gets two idiots to care about and a perfect place to vent her womanly frustrations, and she thinks that’s the end of it and then wei wuxian accosts her after lectures one day
“do you like lan zhan?” he asks accusingly, eyes narrowed to slits. “what am i even asking, of course you like lan zhan, but do you like-like him?”
mianmian thinks sadly to herself that she’s much too into women to be dealing with all these men’s emotional problems. “lan wangji is my friend,” she says, carefully sidestepping wei wuxian, who continues to squint at her suspiciously. really, he’d been amusing when he flirted with her, but this? this is just ridiculous.
“does he know that?” wei wuxian asks. “because if he doesn’t, that’s just leading him on, and it’s really not nice to--”
“lan wangji knows we’re friends,” she says, trying to enunciate to get her point across clearly. “you can ask him, if you don’t believe me.”
wei wuxian squints a moment longer before he turns and flounces off. mianmian thinks this is the end of it until she’s accosted again after dinner with, “he said you were friends!”
for some reason, wei wuxian seems even more troubled by this than earlier. mianmian tries to suppress her eyeroll. “i told you he would?”
“but how,” wei wuxian says, suddenly whining. “i’ve been trying to be his friend for months and he refuses to acknowledge me.”
oh, mianmian realizes with a quickly dawning horror. she and lan wangji are not the only cut-sleeves at cloud recesses this summer. (she has suspicions, of course, but no confirmations on any of the others, but this. wow.)
she also realizes, decides really, that she has enough repressed sect heirs in her life and she cannot deal with wei wuxian’s cut-sleeve crisis or his evidently large attachment to lan wangji right now. she turns decisively and walks the fuck away. not her problem.
the lectures end eventually, of course, and mianmian and jin zixuan return to lanling with a horde of golden robed disciples, freshly deflowered and not all together more learned. it’s what, she thinks grimly, their sect leader would want.
the first few weeks go by and she realizes that she’s missed unloading about her frequent and fast falling-in-loves. jin zixuan just doesn’t sympathize right, bless him, and so mianmian takes to writing letters. she sends two without receiving a reply and just starts to write the third when a letter with the gusu symbol is delivered to her room.
she’s almost expecting to find a single mn written on the page-- she would’ve been delighted with just that, actually, the sheer hilarity of such a thing-- but instead she finds several pages filled with lan wangji’s perfect calligraphy.
it’s more than he’s ever spoken out loud, but it seems that propriety dictated that he return mianmian’s extensive letter with one of his own and he’s done so admirably. he responds to the events mianmian detailed in her letters-- most succinctly summarized as, woman are gorgeous and i’m dying-- and then writes about his own life in cloud recesses. apparently, he went on a little night hunt with wei wuxian and also nie huaisang and jiang cheng were involved? seriously, mianmian misses out on all the fun.
he’s also apparently taken in some rabbits, which mianmian immediately decides she needs to see. lan wangji, sitting prim and proper, with a bunch of rabbits in his lap? amazing. wei wuxian would die on sight, she’s sure of it.
he also ends his letter with a warning about qishan wen that has mianmian frowning. she takes it to jin zixuan who reads the paragraph and frowns. “i’ll talk to my father about it,” he says, which she can tell by his hunched shoulders he doesn’t expect to do much.
“talk to your father’s general too,” she suggests, because that man at least thinks with his head and not his dick.
jin zixuan nods but doesn’t hand back the letter. he skims it instead with a barely concealed surprise at lan wangji’s previously hidden expansive vocabulary. mianmian snorts and grabs the letter back. “you can write to him yourself, you know.”
jin zixuan flushes down his neck. “i know!” he insists and then turns and runs away because he’s a coward. mianmian shakes her head, smiling. what an idiot.
still, another week goes by and a letter arrives from gusu and, when mianmian takes it, assuming it’s for her, she finds it addressed to jin zixuan in lan wangji’s impeccable calligraphy and she grins to herself like an idiot. look at jin zixuan, making friends
(she suddenly understands why lan xichen gave her all those intense smiles during the lan lectures)
they go on in this way, writing letters to lan wangji from lanling. sometimes mianmian steals jin zixuan’s letters before he sends them so she can squeeze in some ranting in the post script without wasting a whole second thing of paper, and lan wangji replies dutifully, more verbose than he ever was in person, and it’s nice okay, like. she and jin zixuan have been best friends since they were kids but neither of them has ever been any good at listening and lan wangji is just so honest and earnest in everything, like they didn’t realize that people outside of lanling were actually not always plotting your downfall??? who woulda thunk
and then of course the wens go and ruin everything. they go to the wen lectures bc jin guangshan doesn’t want to “anger our trading partner” like the guy isn’t obviously going to burn carp tower to the ground the first chance he gets, and mostly mianmian and jin zixuan are just vaguely annoyed and put out about it
then lan wangji shows up with a broken leg and a burned sect and they are ready to murder some dudes
after years of breaking in and out of carp tower she and jin zixuan are old hats at this breaking and entering stuff and they manage to sneak into lan wangji’s guest quarters and tend to his wounds, ignoring all his silent glares and ranting furiously about how they’re going to murder wen chao by making him choke on his own dick (mianmian) and how they’re going to war with the wen sect even if he has to threaten his father with acknowledging all of his bastards as proper siblings in public to do it (jin zixuan)
lan wangji just says “mn” and makes various muted, distressed expressions, but mianmian thinks he’s touched.
“are your brother and uncle alright?” she asks, when she’s set his broken leg and forced pain medication down his throat.
“brother escaped with our sacred texts,” lan wangji says. “uncle is... unwell.”
mianmian knows lan wangji hates touch but the way he says it, with this horrible little frown, emoting more than she’s ever seen him, his barely suppressed anger and grief literally making his hands shake into fists, mianmian can’t help it, she hugs him. “we’ll make them pay,” she swears into his shoulder, ruining the lines of his robes with how she clutches at them. “i promise you.”
jin zixuan awkwardly pats lan wangji’s shoulder, which is a lot for him and mianmian spares a moment to be proud of his growth.
unfortunately, wen chao seems to delight in torturing lan wangji on his injured leg and lan wangji refuses to show weakness, which both impresses mianmian and pisses her the fuck off. she approaches wen qing (and her still gorgeous ears, sigh) and asks her to tend to lan wangji, since she’s like actually a doctor. wen qing does bc she’s beautiful, intelligent, and kind and mianmian spends most of that night sighing deeply as she relates this to a significantly drugged lan wangji
the cave of the xuanwu goes about the same as you’d expect. wei wuxian saving her from getting her face branded off is pretty rad of him, though he could’ve just like knocked the brand away instead of throwing himself in front of it but whatever, you do you boo. when lan wangji gets left behind the two of them don’t even have to wait for jiang cheng to grumble and ask for their help, they’re already on their way to carp tower for an army, thank you very much
when they rescue wei wuxian and lan wangji and lan wangji immediately turns to walk back to cloud recesses on a broken leg mianmian says, “fuck no, that’s not happening, you’re getting medical attention and then someone will fly you back home, okay, wtf wangji, sit down.”
and lan wangji is a stubborn bitch so obvs he’s like no but he’s also severely starved, dehydrated, and injured, so it’s not like he can just shake off mianmian holding him down and this goes on long enough for wei wuxian to wake up and see mianmian touching lan wangji, and something in his poor little brain just like breaks and he demands says, “lan zhan, come back to lotus pier with us.”
his argument, as he explains it, is that lotus pier is closer (it’s not; they’re just as close to carp tower as lotus pier) and that it’s closer to gusu for when lan wangji has to return home (it’s not; same deal) but then jiang cheng starts yelling, possibly in support possibly not mianmian’s not sure, and jin zixuan starts getting awkward, probably about the whole golden army behind him bc he’s a nerd and hates being overdressed at functions (this is basically the same thing), and mianmian looks at lan wangji and she sees--
something. she isn’t sure what exactly, but lan wangji looks at wei wuxian as he argues with his brother and he presses his lips into a thin line in the way that means he wants to smile and mianmian thinks, oh. maybe wei wuxian isn’t completely unrequited in his lan wangji obsession.
growing up in lanling, she knows how to use information to her advantage, so she immediately says, “young masters wei and jiang, what a great idea. lanling’s disciples would be pleased to accompany you and second young master lan to lotus pier to ensure everyone’s safe arrival.”
everyone splutters, indignant, confused, awkward (jiang cheng, wei wuxian, and jin zixuan, respectively) but lan wangji narrows his eyes at mianmian and doesn’t try to convince her to let him walk to gusu again, so she counts it as a win.
sect leader jiang and his wife seem surprised and annoyed, respectively, to be taking in so many guests, but sect leader jiang merely smiles pleasantly and directs them to some guest quarters and mianmian and wei wuxian ask, simultaneously, for doctors to tend to lan wangji and wei wuxian makes a face at her and mianmian sighs to herself that she really is too gay to be in the middle of his thing with lan wangji.
turns out, walking a lot and fighting a cannibalistic turtle on a broken leg doesn’t do wonders for healing. lan wangji is also the worst patient ever, he keeps trying to sneak out and get up even though word came from his brother that he’s safe and alright and that cloud recesses is starting to rebuild after qinghe nie and lanling jin came to its aid and pushed out the wen
but with the combined efforts of mianmian, jin zixuan, and wei wuxian (and even jiang yanli at one point, bc who could say no to her soup??) they manage to get lan wangji to just rest for a fucking second, really which results in the jin disciples and lan wangji staying in lotus pier for longer than anyone could’ve expected
mianmian spends most of her time (when she isn’t forcing lan wangji to just fucking stay in bed) working with the jiang disciples, practicing archery, sword forms, and mooning after all the beautiful women here.
(”lan wangji, i know she’s scary, but have you seen madam yu? she could whip me with zidian and i’d thank her” “luo-guniang, please don’t ask madam yu to whip you” OR “lan wangji, i’m almost positive madam yu’s maids are a thing, do you think they’d let me join them just like once” “luo-guniang, could you please pass me my sword?” “why” “i’d like to put myself out of this misery” OR “she made me soup. lan wangji. lan wangji, i know you’re not sleeping, wake up, you have to listen to me, this soup”)
they end up staying so long that when wang lingjiao shows up threatening a child about a kite while sect leader jiang is away, she has a lot more to deal with than madam yu. since none of this had been a “sanctioned visit” no one actually knew that there was nearly an entire troop of jin disciples staying at lotus pier, so when the wens attack they are sorely unprepared for what they’re going to face.
(and ofc lan wangji breaks out of bed heroically and keeps madam yu from whipping wei wuxian, which means they aren’t down one of their most powerful fighters and mianmian has to suffer through the moon eyes they’re making at one another in the middle of a battle no less, she knew wei wuxian had no shame but she’d been hoping lan wangji would have some)
after the wen attack (and defeat) on lotus pier and the jin’s inarguable part in it, the war starts in earnest. lan wangji, after his long rest, heals fine and goes back to gusu to help rebuild his sect and plan for war, and mianmian and jin zixuan return to carp tower to plan as well, ignoring jin guangshan and focusing instead on his general to ensure lanling supplies necessary aid in the war effort
and war is always shitty, of course, and mianmian hates watching her sect family die on the battlefield, hates waiting for updates after every battle to see who’s still alive, hates the politics and jin guangshan trying to wheedle his way out of fighting when there’s fucking lives on the line
(and she could never know, how much easier it is, with yunmeng jiang at its full strength, with one of the brightest minds of their generation there to plot and help, with two of the best fighters not out searching for someone and instead focused on the front)
they reach nightless city after months of fighting and mianmian is ready to just fucking stab wen ruohan herself when they’re suddenly trapped. blocked in on all sides by puppets, their fallen soldiers rising again to turn on them, and it--it looks like they’re gonna die.
“this sucks,” she says to lan wangji, stifling her fear and choking it down. “i never even got to kiss a girl.”
lan wangji just says “mn.”
jin zixuan, beside them, says, “i was an idiot about jiang-guniang.”
lan wangji just says, “mn.”
then wei wuxian pulls out a fucking flute and a-- floating piece of metal?  the army of puppets and corpses stops advancing, held in place by-- music, apparently? and wen ruohan emerges from his lair, black energy falling off him in waves, wei wuxian the idiot flies forward to meet him, gets wen ruohan’s hand around his throat for his trouble.
lan wangji yells, “wei ying!” and mianmian thinks, really not fair that lan wangji is gonna get a boyfriend before i get a girlfriend
and then wen ruohan gets stabbed by jin zixuan’s half brother of all people. wen ruohan, along with his puppets and wei wuxian, fall to the ground. lan wangji rushes forward to catch wei wuxian, mianmian runs after him, finds herself in company with jin zixuan and jiang cheng. when they get there, wei wuxian is barely conscious but he’s-- he’s fucking grinning up at lan wangji from the cradle of lan wangji’s arms
“lan zhan,” he says, “you caught me.”
lan wangji nods, says, “mn,” which is basically his equivalent of i’ll always catch you, wei ying.
“really,” mianmian says aloud, “it’s so unfair.”
the aftermath of the war is more annoying than the war itself, what with all the politics and in-fighting and jin guangshan trying to be the biggest dick there ever was. jin guangshan tries to name himself chief cultivator in wen ruohan’s stead but nie mingjue suggests jiang fengmian instead and the lan sect backs him. jin guangshan tries to demonize the wens but at wei wuxian’s loud rebuttal and sect leader jiang’s backing (which is then backed by both gusu lan and qinghe nie) he’s once again shouted down. and then jin guangshan tries to propose to jiang-guniang for his son and the poor woman just seems so awkward and her father doesn’t seem to know what to say and--
mianmian elbows jin zixuan whose eyes widen ridiculously but, after another, harder hit, he suddenly stands. all eyes go to him, which mianmian knows he hates, but he bows to his father, then jiang yanli, and says, “jiang-guniang, forgive my father’s impertinence. this is not the time or place to be making such an offer, but he--” jin zixuan winces visibly. “--he knows of my feelings and wishes to make his foolish son happy. please, do not feel the need to respond.”
then he promptly sits down, flushing down to his neck, and mianmian shares a disbelieving glance with lan wangji from across the horrible nightless city palace room.
she’d really only meant for him to suggest jiang yanli answer privately, at a later time, but wow, jin zixuan really went for it. also no way jin guangshan knows his son has fallen in love with jiang yanli, so nice save face there. maybe he has been paying attention in all of their etiquette and political espionage classes.
jiang yanli flushes way prettier than jin zixuan and nods politely, stands and bows and thanks the jin clan for being considerate in this time of turmoil, perhaps they can discuss this matter at a later date (jin zixuan looks like he nearly faints at this, and mianmian feels vindicated in all her forlorn ranting. overreacting her ass)
when everything has been settled, wen qing has been appointed the new sect leader of qishan wen with promises to return land to those who lost it and pay reparations to the hurt civilians, as well as have the yin iron destroyed for good. during the final ceremony where all the sects have tea and pledge to be loyal to one another (until the next great war, of course) mianmian leans close to lan wangji and sighs, “her ears look even lovelier with her hair tied back by her new sect leader hairpiece.”
lan wangji says “mn” because he’s a cut sleeve in love with wei wuxian and has nothing even closely resembling taste.
mianmian, on her own, decides to make them both happy. before the jin clan departs from nightless city, she goes up to wei wuxian and asks for a moment of his time. wei wuxian seems confused but follows and, once they’re alone, he says, “mianmian, are you about to get me into bed, because i must tell you that i am a respectable young cultivator and you’ll need to marry me before--”
mianmian gives him her best unimpressed look (she’s had much practice with it, thank you jin zixuan) and cuts him off with, “i like women.” 
wei wuxian’s eyes go wide. “but you and lan zhan--”
she cuts him off again before he can say something so stupid she has to stop talking to him to refrain from breaking all laws of propriety. “look,” she says, “you’re friends with wen qing. now that she’s sect leader, your brother can’t go after her. i, on the other hand, very much can. if you promise to figure out a way for me and her to get close, i’ll tell you a secret you’ll like very much.”
wei wuxian seems hesitant for all of half a second before he breaks. “tell me.”
“do you promise?”
wei wuxian raises three fingers. “promise.”
“on your sister’s life?”
begrudgingly, wei wuxian nods.
“on her soup?”
“just get on with it!”
mianmian smirks, pushes onto her tiptoes, and whispers the secret into wei wuxian’s ear. with that, she returns to the pavilion where all the sects mingle as they wait to depart, wei wuxian trailing behind her in a daze, his mouth hanging open.
lan wangji, who had been watching since mianmian asked wei wuxian for a moment to talk, frowns nearly imperceptibly. mianmian grins at him and his frown grows.
ah, whatever. she walks over to him, unbothered by the quickly growing alarm in his eyes. once next to him, she turns around to see wei wuxian staring unabashedly. her smile only widens.
“you’re going to thank me for this,” she says.
wei wuxian shakes himself, his eyes focusing, and immediately starts walking towards them.
lan wangji, voice flat but wavering, asks, “luo-guniang, what did you do?”
mianmian laughs, says, “i get to give a speech at your wedding,” and walks away just as wei wuxian reaches them.
(she does, actually, give a speech at their wedding. she may or may not be drunk during it, jin zixuan gets embarrassed for her, and she starts tearing up and has to hide it in the shoulder of her wife’s lovely well-tailored robes. it’s alright, though, wen qing doesn’t mind)
EDIT: now on AO3 with a real fic version from lwj’s pov!
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official-simp · 8 months ago
Helllo since ur request are opened, and ik u r flooded with requests, but if u can, can u pls make another xiao x fem reader nsfw, like a hardcore one to celebrate everyone who gets xiao pls 👉👈 idk like the way u write nsfw so good, i want to see some rough nsfw like how xiao goes all out on reader instead of holding back and being gentle like usual-. Thank u 👉👈
[no thoughts, we’re horny-- though i had a little panic because i forgot how to write nsfw :DD]
[congratulations to the people who have gotten xiao after saving for him for so long!! and for the people who still haven’t gotten him, i pray for you all that you will!!]
note: xiao x female reader
warning: nsfw
word count: 1829
Tumblr media
Oh, how he wishes to ruin you. To have you trembling underneath him as you cry out for his name, whimpering and moaning. How he wishes to have you crying due to the pleasure he’s letting you feel. However, he always has to hold himself back. As much as he wants to ruin you, he doesn’t want to hurt you nor break you, so he always tries to be gentle as much as possible. That usually leaves him unsatisfied, craving and wanting for more but he endures all of it, to the point that it’s starting to build up in him like a glass of water being filled until it was full and couldn’t hold any more water.
 Not when you venerated him with an ardent statement, provoking him and triggering some sort of intense feeling inside him. Xiao was at his breaking point and just one statement of yours had the glass breaking and shattering to smaller pieces, the water that was keeping it in is now all out.
 “It’s okay, you don’t have to hold back. You can ruin me.” When those words have reached his ears, thoughts came rushing inside his mind and he was doubting, hesitating, and questioning himself yet his body and actions say otherwise. In just a split second, he already has you pinned down and he didn’t even give you the time to embrace the impact your back and the bed have.
 In that instant, as he loomed and towered over your figure while both of his hands were placed on each side of your head, you were like a moth who was caught in a fire. You did this to yourself and now you have to deal with the consequences.
 “What are you trying to imply, [Name]?” You could sense the desire in his tone as a cloud of lust has started to form in his eyes. He was unsure, baffled on what to do and he doesn’t want to take your message into another way unless he is able to confirm it even though the answer is already quite clear.
 You reached your hands out to his cheeks to cup and caress them. You tucked the few strands of hair that fall off his face behind his ear as you spoke, “How long have you been holding back, enduring all of it just for my sake? Let it all out. You can ruin me, destroy me, break me.” You don’t even know what you’re saying at this point, you’re just letting your desires take control of you and say what you’ve been wanting to say.
 You then proceeded to place your hands behind his back and pulled him close, your faces inches away from each other as your noses are already touching. “Xiao, you don’t have to be scared.” You say, whispering against his lips, your breath fanning his skin. You heard a sigh escape from him before he spoke in a firm tone which made you swallow hard.
 “Don’t blame me for what I’m about to do.” He captured your lips in a deep and intense kiss, biting down your bottom lip to force you to open your mouth. His tongue entered and explored your oral cavity, you didn’t even dare battle for dominance as you know you wouldn’t win. You felt his bare hands that felt cold against your skin, roam around your body. So, the sudden movement and feeling of something being thrown away from earlier were him tossing his gloves away just to touch you.
 He was slowly starting to get rid of every article of clothing that you were wearing, having to break off the kiss with a thin string of saliva connected between each other’s lips when he was taking your shirt off.
 And in just a few moments or so, you two are completely unclothed, bare bodies and not even a single piece of clothing being worn as everything is just scattered on the floor of your room. The smell of arousal was in the air accompanied by heavy breathing and a rather hot atmosphere. You have wanted for each other, to indulge yourselves in the erotic sensation that would soon take over your bodies and control your mind, invading and just filling your thoughts with one another.
 Oh, the desire of having him harshly fuck your bottom half, making you lose your mind and stirring your insides until you have lost your sense of self as you have succumbed yourself to the pleasure. Everything is becoming loose and it feels like your thoughts, including his, are being exposed and see through clear glass. You could already tell how much he had yearned for this also.
 “Are you still hesitating? Don’t worry, I won’t break easily.” You say, in an attempt to break the silence between the two of you and to lighten the atmosphere, easing up the heavy and anxious feeling that might be residing in him as he tries to hold himself back once again even after you told him that he doesn’t have to. He has already positioned himself in between your legs, ready to insert himself in you.
 He leaned down, brushing his lips against yours as he spoke, “Just say the safe word.” Then engulfing you in a passionate kiss as you felt him slightly move around and you felt him penetrate you, sheathing himself to the hilt inside you and you whined pathetically in response and he hummed. He didn’t move for a while, fully enjoying the kiss you two are having as you’re adjusting to his size.
 He parted from the kiss after a few moments, gazing at your eyes rather intensely before his hips began to move. His pace was slow at first but the speed gradually increases, penetrating you deeply and earning moans from you. It looks like he really isn’t going to hold back, being harsh and rough towards you as he slammed his hips against yours while holding onto your waist. You were sure that his hands would leave bruises and marks on your skin from the way he firmly held it.
 “Mhm, that’s good, Xiao. D-Don’t hold ba—Ah…!” You say in between your moans, however, you weren’t able to finish what you were trying to say when you felt the tip of his member hit a certain spot of yours which sent waves of pleasure all over your body that seems like electric shocks. By this time, the volume of your moans has increased and he was already rigorously fucking you, making you see stars as your hands clutched the sheets beneath you. You swear you could see how his eyes glinted dangerously as he witnessed the expression on your face combined with the cute sounds you were making.
 Half-lidded eyes, eyebrows furrowed, slightly open mouth, a light blush on your cheeks. He admired it and he wants to see more of it. More, more, more, he craves for more. He stopped from any of his movements, earning a groan from you as you fully opened your eyes. Your mouth fell open in protest, only to be cut off when he lifted your leg and adjusted your positions before he slid himself in you once again, this time reaching far more deeply. A shaky sigh escaped his lips once he fully sheathed himself inside you before he began thrusting and pounding in you.
 As your back slightly arched, your eyes rolled back. He took this chance to kiss your neck when he leaned forward, his lips fondly brushed against your skin before he latched and sucked on it, making sure to leave a mark. This added more to the pleasure you’ve been feeling, stimulating you as his other hand made its way to your breast also and massaged it. You couldn’t help but shiver in bliss, continuous waves of pleasure were being sent throughout your body and your mind has been combusted to even think straight at this point.
 Your pelvis kissed every time he thrusts deep in you. Xiao was showing no mercy, completely enjoying and satisfying himself from the feelings and pleasure that has started to arise in him. You mewled, tears welling up in your eyes from the euphoric sensation. The smell of sex was in the air, accompanied by your moans was his light groans, filling the room. God, all of your thoughts are just filled with him and him only and he was only thinking about you and how good it feels to not have to control himself back.
 He pulled himself back from your skin to admire that drunken look of pleasure on your face. His hand reached out to your cheek and brushed the strands of hair that was blocking your face out of it just so he could completely see it. “You’re so beautiful…” He muttered, adoring you but you are unable to respond properly as only moans and whispers escaped from your mouth.
 When that familiar sensation in your stomach appeared, the same sensation that you get when you’re close, you felt yourself tighten around him and he abruptly and enthusiastically twitched in a positive reaction as your hands that were clenching the sheets has made their way to his back, your nails digging deeper as you scratched his skin in the process. For sure, you’re going to leave markings on his back.
 “Xiao!” You cried, feeling yourself coming to a close. You felt him increase the speed of his pace, thrusting at an almost inhuman or godly speed which sent you all over the edge quickly. There was this euphoric haziness that has started to form in your mind and you are having a hard time register anything with that sex-fucked brain of yours. Your helpless cries were smothered as Xiao suddenly pressed his lips against yours, muffling all of the sounds you’re making. Even his kisses were rough and you were seeing stars once again, shooting and spinning as he mercilessly hit your G-spot, bringing you to your mindless climax as your grip on his shoulders tightened.
 “Cum for me, [Name].” And that was the only thing your mind was able to register. In just one order or command of his, you eventually reached the climax you’ve been reaching for.
 “Xiao…!” You cried out for his name once again and you let out one last moan as your back made an arch, your body spasmed against his as your eyes rolled back. The knot on your stomach which has formed started to come undone as the intense feeling in you has calm down. Your hands that were tightly holding onto his back has fallen back to the mattress, on each of your side. Xiao made a few sloppy thrusts before fully withdrawing himself out of you but rather than laying down beside you or cleaning up, Xiao spoke, adjusting and changing your positions as he whispered into your ear. “I’m not done yet.”
 This will be a long night.
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artronenergy · 8 months ago
it’s really funny actually that The Doctor, who is often characterized by their desire to be accepted by humans and tries very hard to not be too alien (multiple times basing their entire presentation upon seeming happier and younger so as to not come off as an unpalpable time god) literally does not care whatsoever about their companions seeing them act sweet and vaguely romantic towards the TARDIS. 
They go out of their way to avoid mentioning regeneration, anything about their species, the number of hearts they have, other companions, etc. unless directly asked (and even then tend to dodge the question) but they’re always shamelessly one step away from making out with that box and everyone just has to play it off as if it’s not the most ??? thing about the Doctor.
Graham/Ryan/Yaz are introduced to the TARDIS when the Doctor runs up and starts stroking the door and whispering to it. The third Doctor compliments the TARDIS’s intelligence and Mike goes “you make it sound like it’s alive” and he’s like “yep” and then promptly leaves forever without clarifying anything. Romana sees him kiss the console within 5 minutes of meeting him. Amy witnesses him calling it “dear” right off the bat. Mel’s like “yeah, not sure what’s going on but they’re basically an old married couple” in one. 
I mean, Bill has to ponder this conversation all the way to the wardrobe:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the way companions have to put up with how defensive he gets over the TARDIS’s feelings
 "Well, that's the best I can do." He patted the console. "The rest is up to you, old girl!"  Ace could never quite get used to the way the Doctor treated the TARDIS like an intelligent living being. "You're letting the TARDIS decide where we go?"  "Not entirely. I'm using the time-path indicator to lead us into the right spatio-temporal segment, and leaving the TARDIS to do the fine tuning."  "How will it - "  "She!" whispered the Doctor. "If you hurt her feelings she'll sulk."  Ace gave him a look. "How will she know?" 
(Timewyrm: Exodus)
The Doctor spread his arms out across the restored console, pressing his cheek against the warm metal. ‘I was worried about you for a while,’ he whispered.  ‘It worries me when you talk to the ship,’ Jamie said. ‘Sssh, you’ll hurt her feelings.’
(The Nameless City)
Evelyn (and certainly many others) even has to listen to him go on about how much he loves his TARDIS and is at the eye rolling stage over it
EVELYN: Doctor, what are you doing? DOCTOR: Tinkering. EVELYN: Tinkering? DOCTOR: That is what I am doing. You just can't beat the satisfying sound of metal on metal. EVELYN: You're quite the busy preoccupied bee. DOCTOR: Really focuses the mind. Besides, she likes it, don't you, old girl. There, you see? I swear she understands every word I say. EVELYN: Good heaven, you talk of her as though she's your favourite pet dog or something. DOCTOR: More like a constant hand to hold. She's always been the woman to me. EVELYN: Oh, thank you very much. DOCTOR: Oh, come now, Evelyn. I didn't know you cared. EVELYN: Doctor, behave yourself. (Both laugh.) EVELYN: Well, I just mean to say, how's a girl supposed to feel when a rickety old blue box holds more attraction? DOCTOR: This rickety old blue box, as you call her, has been the only fixed point in my ever-changing world. Even my own people have let me down. You, my dear Evelyn, will let me down one day. Oh, not in a drastic way, perhaps, but you will find your own path to walk, and you will walk it without me. EVELYN: Oh, here we go. DOCTOR: Companions come and go. Some leave deeper imprints on my hearts than others. But you all go eventually. But not my old girl. She's the only one that shares all my memories.
(Medicinal Purposes)
The important part is that the Doctor never explains shit about this. There’s never a “oh by the way the TARDIS is alive and sentient and that’s why I keep talking to her like that” (possibly because everyone is too bewildered to even try to figure out how to ask why they keep whispering to their ship so it never occurs to the dr to say anything). All of this is just a one hit KO for anyone who knows them, every time it happens, which is pretty much all the time, until they either realize she’s alive or just settle into some form of acceptance that this guy sometimes calls the spaceship “sexy”. 
The five stages of realizing your alien friend is actually for real in love with their time machine (... which the viewers go through as well)
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hearts1ck · 10 months ago
uhm could you continue the oddly specific nsfw headcannons for sapnap? i love the way you write!
oddly specific nsfw headcanons: sapnap (pt. ii)
thank you sm! ask and ye shall receive <3 i will never stop thinking about this mf ok. i love writing abt him so so much 
requests: open / warnings: 18+ content
- i just want to expand on the under-the-desk-blowjobs, because i think we can all agree that sapnap (and… honestly the whole fanon!dreamteam probably) are into it, especially when gaming. but remember – sapnap isn’t that cocky. he’s a lot of bark about confidence w/o dream’s bite, so i think he’d steer pretty clear from doing it during streams. grinding for materials in the smp off-stream, though? you’re under there, and you’re determined to ruin him. maybe this time, you stop every time he stops mining, and he gets all pouty because he just wants to hold your hair ... eventually he works up to in-game voice channels with strangers, which goes well for the most part until you suck particularly hard, tongue rolling right underneath his head, and he goes stiff with his teeth embedded in his fist because he cannot moan, and everyone in his ear is like ‘WHY THE FUCK DID YOU STOP??’ and the poor guy can’t even say anything
- i have a particular project in my head for when he’s in a private call with his friends,, so prepare for that heehee
- you can always kind of tell when he’s horny – you know, when he’s not literally grinding up against your ass asking to fuck you – because it kind of works the same with touch hunger. it just slips into what he talks about and what he asks you for. at first he’ll be passing you bananas to put in the shopping cart at a store and ask, ‘kiss? for a trade?’ and then hold your chin close for longer than a peck should be so he can bite your lip, then when you get home and have a joke argument he’ll throw out, ‘careful or i’ll fuck you on the counter,’ and he’ll grab your thigh or belt-loops to get your attention/pull you close, rather then your hands or wrists. yes he has in fact sent you a video of him standing next to his sink holding a glass of orange juice while ‘i wanna fuck you hard on a sink, then get you something to drink’ played in the background, then acted sooo surprised when you, wearing just his hoodie – and i mean just his hoodie – sat your ass on the sink
- SPEAKING OF CLOTHES. regardless of your gender presentation, nick goes so stupid for skirts. honestly i think eventually he would also consider trying it out for himself but that’s a whole character study for a later time – back to you wearing a skirt. he is, for once, not like every other 19-year-old and never thinks skirts are for him, he just genuinely believes you look lovely in them, short and long, loves how at ease you are and how it adds a little extra fashion statement because they’re not worn so much anymore. but one day he hugs you from behind, and you guide his hand up your thigh and under the skirt and his breathing gets ragged immediately, like a fucking switch, ‘cause you have nothing else under there, nothing stopping him from flipping it up and getting his hands and his mouth on or in you. the concept of easy access makes him lose it a little
- okay i know this might disappoint some of you but the man is not that great at dirty talk. he’s particularly good with a one-liner (‘you’re so gorgeous when you’re taking it, fuck,’) and then he gets embarrassed and CANNOT SPEAK for the life of him, he just chokes out noises… he is better when it comes to ‘i want’ statements, can get a healthy range between ‘i want you so bad,’ and ‘i want you so gone you can barely speak while my come drips out of you,’ before his brain shuts down. he’s even better over calls because he feels less vulnerable, but he cannot text dirty he’s just incapable
- he is the mf who drops anime quotes while y’all are fucking. he just is. i can’t come up with something rn but you bet your ass he’ll quote hisoka and then go ‘o-O wait. is that – is that like okay –,’ and you’re like ‘i swear to GOD just let me nut,’
- he giggles… he giggles during sex and i love him for it…
- please his voice when he’s turned on,,, i know i’ve mentioned his voice cracking but when his voice gets low like that… i don’t think his voice changes all that much in the morning / when he’s sleepy but imagine what he sounded like saying ‘shut the hell up’ (linked) but with an extra bit of gravelly-ness MY GOD
- there’s something particularly attractive to him about you walking around naked. this sounds weird as hell, but after you wake up from a post-fuck hibernation and just carelessly walk between his room and his bathroom, body on full display – he just loves any careless comfort you have, loves being witness to it
- i think he’s pretty nervous about impact play. he likes the idea of smacking your ass until it’s red but it’s also one of those things his brain just stops. he is awfully protective so the wires probably do cross in his head; he just doesn’t want to hurt you
- he hugs you when you’re on top, so you’ve never actually really ridden him. either he’ll specifically fuck you on a chair so your chests press together and he can keep his hands in your hair while he fucks into your mouth with his tongue, or he’ll do a whole sit-up just to wrap his arms around you as you grind on his cock
- … beard burn is not the right word but that scruff CAN fuck up your thighs and chest and honestly, good for you. he’ll ask ‘should i shave? i don’t do facecam much anymore so it should be fine’ anytime you wince when you walk … he doesn’t shave
- he’s just extra pretty whenever he’s peppering your body with kisses or sucking on your skin and then looks up at you. god this guy
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peakyblindersxx · 6 months ago
sweet like candy - tommy shelby x reader
a/n: hey guys! first of all i wanna say ty for all the notes on my previous fic, i hope you liked it! ik i said the next fic i was doing was john and trust me, i haven't forgotten, it's just a lot longer than this short one that i'm posting rn! hope you guys like it :)
love, abi xxx
prompt: domestic tommy, no plot just smut cause i'm a sick fuck
warnings: nsfw!! daddy kink (i know u bitches wanted this and i did too), choking, spanking
Tumblr media
Tommy Shelby was fucking beautiful when he slept. Sometimes, on the rare occasion that you’d wake up before him, you’d admire him, the way his impossibly long eyelashes framed his face. Today was one of those mornings. You appreciated the rare moments you had him to yourself, since he was almost constantly traveling and working. However, he always made sure to make it up to you with a beautiful dinner that always ended with his head between your legs. You had never had a man make you come so many times with his mouth, but you were by no means complaining.
You had no idea why he had chosen you to dote such affection on, but you had simply fallen head over heels. It had started as just fucking, the way most things did. Usually, you were able to, for lack of better words, fuck and leave, but Tommy was different. From the moment you met, a moment of chance as he had crashed his car into yours, you hadn’t been able to keep your hands off of eachother. You had had sex with Tommy Shelby in more places and ways than you had ever imagined, but the best part was Tommy himself. His sharp wit, confidence, and pure arrogance all drew you to him in a way that you didn’t know existed. You couldn’t stop thinking about him, and when he drunkenly confessed the same, you wasted no time in making him yours. Now, here you were in his king size bed, naked with the king of Birmingham.
Your eyes lingered over Tommy’s chest and shoulders, appreciating the way his tattoos stood out against his skin. His perfectly toned biceps were a welcome contrast to the sea of white sheets, and you felt a tingling sensation start to grow between your legs. You pressed yourself against him, skin to skin, feeling him subconsciously pull you closer. You untangled yourself from his arms, kissing your way down his taut muscles, eventually reaching his cock. It was already half hard, and you appreciated this by licking a stripe from its base to tip. As you took Tommy into your mouth, hollowing your cheeks, you felt a hand in your hair, holding it back from your face.
“Fuck,” Tommy groaned, blue eyes blinking away the grogginess of sleep as he looked down at you. “You look so fucking pretty with my cock in your mouth, you know that?” You swirled your tongue around the tip in response, earning a grunt as you felt Tommy hit the back of your throat. Your eyes began to water, but you didn’t dare stop your actions, sneaking a hand between your legs.
Suddenly, Tommy pulled out of your mouth with a pop, flipping you over and pinning your hands to the bed. You looked up at him, pupils dilated and breathing heavily. “Did I tell you that you could touch yourself?” Tommy demanded, piercing eyes locked with yours.
“ N-no daddy,” you mumbled, attempting to play at his weaknesses. However, the look in Tommy’s eyes made you realize that you weren’t going to get away with much today.
“How do you think I should punish you, hm?” Tommy breathed into your ear in between rough kisses to your neck, the scent of his cologne filling your nose and making you dizzy with want. “Maybe I should tie you up and make you come over and over until you’re begging me to stop. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” All you could do was moan in response, your head swimming with lust. The fact that Tommy was pinning you to the bed wasn’t helping much with that.
Tommy chuckled, releasing his grip on your wrists and sitting back against the headboard. “I think I’ll have you over my lap, sweetheart.”
Your eyes widened and you scrambled to bend yourself over Tommy’s lap, a wetness forming between your legs at the thought of what was to come. Tommy’s hand came to rest at the curve of your ass as goosebumps prickled across your skin.
“I think ten should be enough, hm?” Tommy smirked as he abruptly landed a hard smack to your backside. You let out a small yelp of surprise as he swiftly followed it up with three more, squirming in his lap as your ass began to flush pink. Tommy rubbed his hand on the affected area, squeezing slightly. This was followed with the fifth, and this time, you couldn’t help but let a small moan slip out of your mouth.
“Look at you, getting turned on from your punishment,” Tommy chuckled. “You’re such a needy little slut for my cock, aren’t you?” You couldn’t even begin to respond before Tommy smacked your ass two more times sharply, making your skin redder and your pussy wetter. You weren’t even comprehending the moans leaving your mouth as Tommy spanked you a final three times. As soon as he was finished, he picked you up off of him and turned you over onto your hands and knees.
“Fuck, I have to taste you,” Tommy growled before licking a fat stripe across your cunt. You cried out as he flicked his tongue over your clit, pushing your hips back into his face.
“You’re so sweet, like fucking candy,” Tommy groaned into your pussy, sending vibrations throughout your body as he fucked his tongue in and out of you. As soon as you were getting close to the edge, Tommy stopped, flipping you over and pulling you into a rough kiss.
“What do you want, pretty girl? I wanna hear you say it, hm?” Tommy murmured, licking a line up your neck.
“I want your cock in me, daddy,” you moaned, pushing yourself up against him. Tommy’s eyes darkened as he abruptly shoved himself inside of you, causing you to cry out and grip the sheets. He reached up and wrapped his hand around your neck, restricting your breathing enough to make you see stars.
“Oh fuck, daddy,” you cried out, hands scratching against Tommy’s upper arms.
“That’s right,” Tommy crooned, fucking himself into you at an unbelivable pace. “Fucking come all over my cock. Daddy wants to see you make a mess, hm?”
It felt like your brain had frozen, as you opened your mouth but couldn’t find any words to respond. You felt yourself release, letting out a loud moan as Tommy fucked you through your orgasm.
“I want to see you come again,” Tommy demanded, increasing his pace while tightening his grip around your throat. Your pussy clenched around Tommy’s cock, and he groaned.
“You’re fucking mine,” he growled. “All mine. If I have to fuck you in front of everyone to prove it, I will. Show them how your pretty little pussy is made for my cock, hm?”
“Oh fuck daddy, I’m going to come again,” You let out a moan. Tommy began to fuck you relentlessly, meeting your mouth with his. You felt yourself get close as you scratched at Tommy’s back, moaning into his mouth as you came once again, squeezing his cock with your cunt. You felt Tommy release inside you with a grunt, slumping beside you as the two of you caught your breath. He met your eyes with his and chuckled, reaching to the nightstand and lighting a cigarette, passing it to you for a puff.
“You’re gorgeous when you come, you know that, right?” Tommy grinned. You blushed, ducking your head.
“Now don’t get all shy on me now, love,” Tommy said as he pressed a kiss to your lips.
You smiled, kissing him back and passing him the cigarette. “I swear to god, Tommy Shelby, you’re going to ruin me.”
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silversatoru · 7 months ago
Hi, I just finished burdens and OML 🥺🥺🥺
May I request some sort of megumi x reader continuous where the reader ends up becoming a powerful sorcerer (or a cursed spirit👀 whichever you’d like tbh) megumi and the reader somehow cross paths again a little while after the break up and he witnesses her fighting for the first time? I just know that boy would fall in love all over again but she’s moved on and he feels guilty and just angst? And maybe fluff idk. I’m new to requests so I hope I did this right, thank you so much❤️❤️
burdens pt. 2
a/n: hello, part two of this not-so-lovely story is finally here. every single one of you is allowed one free punch to my face for taking so long to write it,,, i’m so sorry. this is its fourth rewrite and it got a little darker than expected but it’s finally done,, i hope you enjoy <3
fushiguro megumi x f!reader
synopsis: you finally see megumi again at the kyoto sister school goodwill event
tags/warnings: angst, some graphic depictions of violence, character death
word count: 3k
Tumblr media
“Do you know how tired I am of watching the people I love die? Things would be so much easier for me if you just stayed the fuck away”.
Megumi’s bitter words were on repeat in your head — the harshness of his voice leaving a hollow feeling carved into your chest. Tear-stained cheeks and shaky breathes had become your new normal these past few days. Tight, sharp pains filled your empty stomach, waves of nausea coursing through your body.
You’ve had no motivation to get out of bed lately, nevermind to shower or cook yourself a proper meal — honestly, for all you cared you could rot away in your blanket filled bed. You checked your phone like a fiend too, thinking that eventually, a miraculous text from Megumi would appear and make everything better. It never did.
He’d completely ghosted you since that dreadful day, and that hurt more than anything. You’d held onto a sliver of hope that maybe, just maybe, he hadn't meant what he said. But as the days continued to pass, your hope quickly dwindled.
To say your current state was shameful was putting it lightly, and you were embarrassed at how poorly this was effecting you. You liked to think that you were strong, motivated, independent — that you didn't need some douchebag just to feel happy. But truth be told, breakups are fucking hard, and it's okay to not be okay for a while — or at least that's what you kept telling yourself.
So when you were trudging miserably down the street to your local convenience store and you saw a familiar pair of jujutsu sorcerers, you wanted desperately to sink into the ground. You made a quick turn to head to a different shop, but it was too late, you were spotted.
“y/n! hey!” Two lighthearted voices sang through the air, filling your ears and making your heart clench in your chest.
You turned around and anxiously approached them, your unkempt hair and baggy eyes sending looks of concern across their faces.
“Hey girl, you good?” Nobara shot you a sideways glance, Maki raising a suspicious eyebrow.
“Yeah, uh, ice cream,” You croaked, speaking for the first time in a couple days, “I’m here for ice cream, that’s all”.
“Yeah, but why do you look like a fucking zombie?” Maki pushed her eyeglasses further up her nose, her sharp eyes looking you up and down.
“Ah, he didn’t say anything to you guys, did he?” You shook your head, heavy eyes falling to ground as you refused to meet theirs.
“Don’t tell me…” Nobara’s face contorted, “Did he break up with you?”
You nodded, a pitiful chuckle falling from your lips, because if you didn’t laugh, you’d start sobbing right now.
Maki threw her arm around your shoulder, pulling you to her side and ushering you into the store, “It’s okay, men suck. Hang out with us today”.
Meanwhile, Nobara trailed quickly behind the two of you, anger seething from her teeth and steam practically billowing out of her ears.
“That fuckhead! I swear I’ll fuck his shit up big time, he won’t even know what fucking hit him. I knew that boy was stupid but shit, this is a whole new low for him! I-,” She continued to ramble and rant as Maki led you through the store, picking out drinks and snacks to help ease your pain.
The three of you ended up in a nearby park, sitting around a small picnic table and gorging on the massive array of snacks. Lighthearted conversation and lots of food make your chest ache a little less, and you even found yourself laughing and chatting as if things were normal. You’d told the two of them all about that day, about Megumi’s irrational words and his tragic breakdown that led to some kind of fucked-up break up sex.
“So, how are we gonna get back at him? Egg his car? Put bleach in his shampoo? Bugs in his food? God - it’s a shame his dad is dead because from the pictures I’ve seen that man was FINE and revenge sex—,”
“Nobara,” Maki shot her idiot girlfriend a dirty look, and the orange-haired girl quickly shut her mouth, “As much as I support any idea that revolves around ruining a man’s day, I don’t think revenge is the healthiest coping strategy here”.
You were tracing your eyes around Maki’s face as she spoke, and you found yourself carefully inspecting her purple glasses that rested softly on the bridge of her nose. And that’s when it clicked, the light bulb ignited in your head and you knew exactly what you wanted to do.
“Maki,” your voice was urgent, “You don’t have cursed energy, you can’t even see them without your glasses!”
Her face twisted and her nose scrunched, a look of distaste in her eyes, “I know?”
“So, you could teach me, right? You could help me learn how to use some cursed weapons?”
“Yeah! You have to Maki, then she can beat his ass with me,” Nobara chimed in.
“That’s not a bad idea actually,” Maki’s mouth formed an evil grin, “Could you imagine his face after watching you exorcise a curse?”
The three of your conversed for a bit longer, speculating and potting about training, weapons, and your very own pair of curse-seeing glasses. By the end of the night you had a plan, and a pretty good one if you say so yourself.
From that day on, teary eyes and achy hearts were a thing of the past, not because it was that easy to get over Megumi, but because Maki didn’t even allow you the time to feel dismal anymore. You met her everyday after classes without fail, and everyday she would train you until you thought your arms would fall off. After months and months of sore muscles, sweat, and the occasional injury, you were convinced that Maki was incapable of feeling pity or remorse for other living things. Every time you speculated about quitting, she’d set a fire under you, unafraid to remind you how weak you still were.
The green-haired sorcerer had ultimately decided that you worked best dual-armed -- a long, lightweight blade in each hand. On your final day of training, she officially gifted the two swords to you, as a “graduation” gift.
Skill-wise, you were by no means as incredible Maki, but you definitely held your own, and the progress you’d made in a mere 8 months was astronomical. They’d introduced you to a strange silver-haired man at some point, Gojo, who had taken not only an interest in you but also your plot against your ex-boyfriend. He cackled to himself when you told him why you were here, going on and on about how priceless Megumi’s face would be when he saw you.
Your appearance was highly anticipated, so why not debut at one of the biggest jujutsu events all year? The Kyoto Sister School Goodwill Event — Gojo thought it was the most perfect idea.
You tried hard to exude confidence as you walked at Nobara and Maki’s sides, but behind your arrogant facade your stomach was twisting itself into knots. Truthfully, you were scared to see Megumi again after so long.
And when your eyes met with his as you walked into the meeting room, you thought you just might pass out. You thought you were ready for this — but the look of complete shock, fear, and anger on his face as he looked you up and down almost made you regret all of it.
“What’s going on?” Megumi’s words were incredibly calculated, an edge on his voice.
His question was pointless, however, because judging by the fact that you were wearing a jujutsu tech uniform and had two swords sheathed at your sides could only mean one thing. Your hair was longer now too, and your frame was wider with an extra layer of muscle from all the training — you almost looked like a different person.
“I’ve been training with Maki, I-,” You spoke up to explain yourself, but you weren’t even granted the opportunity.
“No, no, Maki, what the hell did you do?” His eyes were shaky and laced with concern.
“I only did what she asked me to. I’m not the one who gave her a complex about being weak, you did that,” Maki shrugged, “and she’s not your girlfriend anymore dude, what do you care?”
Absolute confliction flashed through his eyes, uncertainty and madness swirling in his irises, “You’re right, I don’t care. Let me know when the event is starting”.
He took a sharp turn out of the room and let the door slam a little too hard behind him. The sound of his icey voice and the door shutting with unkind force was all too reminiscent of the night you broke up. Burying every emotion you had deep into your stomach you gave Maki a small, reassuring smile and plopped down on one of the couches.
“Alright, so when does this thing start?”
after the start of the event
Fighting the Kyoto students was proving to be much harder than you initially expected, but you were holding your own at Maki’s side. The two of you had easily taken down a small, kind, blue haired girl named Miwa, and now you were watching an emotional battle between Maki and her sister unfold.
Wait here, she’d told you, I want to do this one myself. Take some notes on my form and watch our backs, okay?
Okay, you’d said, a little confused but ultimately finding a nice spot up in a thick tree to carefully observe from. Maki was truly a force of nature, and it seemed like the other girl never actually had a chance of winning. It was honestly only a few minutes before the small black, haired girl was slumped against a tree and Maki was making her way back to you. Things were looking good, two of Kyoto’s student’s were down already and adrenaline was pumping through your veins.
You couldn't quite shake the awful feeling churning in your stomach though, and Megumi’s face was haunting your thoughts. You hadn’t seen him since before the event started, when an odd, pink haired boy jumped out of a box and freaked everyone out. Nobara had later explained who he was and what had happened, and you wondered how many awful surprises Gojo had planned today -- first you, then that.
A small rumble rippled under your feet, and Maki grabbed your arm as you watched a giant brown vine lurch it’s way out of the ground a few hundred yards in the distance.
“That technique doesn’t belong to anyone from Kyoto,” She shot you a look of concern and determination, “let’s go check it out”.
You gave her a firm nod, the two of you making your way towards the horrifying wooden vines. By the time you managed to arrive, Inumaki was already down and so was a dark-haired boy from Kyoto. A muscular, white curse with black markings and wooden branches for eyes was moments away from taking Megumi on all by himself — thank god you got here in time to help.
Megumi, however, was horrified when he saw you jump over the tall roofed building with Maki at your side. He’d just watched two incredible sorcerers get their shit rocked by this curse, there was no way you would stand a chance against this thing. But before he could even try to stop you, you and the green-haired sorcerer were flying through the air and taking shots at the curse. The two of you worked perfectly in sync, the months of daily training finally paying off.
He watched with intent glazed over his eyes, his heart threatening to lurch up his throat. You were a spectacle, and he always thought you were beautiful but seeing you now with dirt and blood stained clothes, cursed weapons gripped firmly in your hands, you truly were ethereal. He hated it though, he hated that he was falling in love with you all over again, especially under these circumstances. Guilt and anxiety was eating away at him — why did you have to get involved? Why couldn’t you have just stayed away like he told you to?
He was quick to join the two of you, sticking close to your side to protect you if need be — but, even with all three of you together the curse still had the upper hand. Maki had been swatted to the side, her back slamming hard against one of the tiled roofs and knocking her unconscious. It was down to just the two of you now, beads of sweat causing your hair to uncomfortably stick to the back of your neck. This was something that Maki’s training could have never prepared you for.
Megumi was getting tired, taking one wrong step and losing his footing momentarily. The curse saw this as a perfect window of opportunity, sending a spiral of vines and branches hurling for Megumi. It was fast, but the adrenaline coursing through you helped you to move faster, launching yourself through the air and intercepting the attack. The barky, wooden vines twisted violently through your stomach, shooting clean through your back and ripping a violent scream from your throat.
It hurt so bad, feeling the plant wriggle through your organs and tear you apart from the inside out. The curse retracted his vine a few moments later, leaving your mangled body to fall helplessly to the roof. Tears rippled from your eyes, your body shaking and seizing as you coughed up a few sprays of blood.
A long, strong pair of arms scooped you up instantaneously, and your head was resting against a firm chest — probably Megumi, but you didn’t quite have the energy to open your eyes to check.
“We’ll take it from here, get her to Ieiri!” You heard a pair of deep voices yelling to Megumi, but it was too foggy and far away for you to understand what they were saying.
Megumi was seething with anger, moving as fast as his feet could carry him and he ran through the school. As you waved in and out of consciousness, you batted open your eyes, stealing quick glances at his twisted features and — were those tears on his face?
“I- I’m sorry Megumi… I think I finally understand what you were so afraid of all this time,” Your voice was barely a croak, “when I saw it coming, I couldn’t stomach the thought of having to watch you die. I suddenly just thought I would do anything to keep you safe”.
Yeah, those were definitely tears, you could see them a little clearer now. His eyes were red and his cheeks were dried with salty streaks.
“You’re so thick-headed,” he mumbled, his grip around you tightening slightly as he picked up his pace, “I wish you would have made that realization before there was a giant hole in your stomach”.
“Me too,” You hummed, but you weren’t really in any pain anymore. The pain had subdued to a sweet warm sensation inside your stomach, and an intoxicating sleepiness was washing over your head, “I was angry for a long time, but I’m not mad at you anymore, Gumi. I hope you can forgive me too”.
You offered him a tiny smile, but the blood leaking from between you keeps made it anything but sweet.
“There’s nothing to forgive you for, you never did anything wrong,” He spoke quickly, his voice quiet and cracking.
“No, but we’re not gonna make it to Ieiri, I know that and so do you,” You fell into a violent fit of coughs again, sputtering red splatters all over the front of his uniform.
“Shut up”.
“It’s not your fault, none of it was ever your fault,” you choked out once the fit of coughs subsided — and you weren’t just talking about yourself, you were talking about all of the unfortunate tragedies he’d witnessed throughout this life.
“And you’re allowed to be selfish sometimes, you know? I hope that when you meet someone, your soulmate even, you can allow yourself to love them with every part of you”.
The words painfully left your lips, but you meant every single one of them. You were starting to realize that you and Megumi were never meant to make it to the end. You weren’t his soulmate, you were here to help him grow, so that when he did finally meet them he’d be ready.
“You deserve to be loved, Megumi,” You looked up at him with big eyes, but his face was starting to get really fuzzy now.
Your fingers were going numb and your mouth felt like it was filled with sand. You were so tired, letting your eyes flutter shut and your head rest softly against Megumi’s chest. You felt him stop running, you could even hear him screaming at you — but it was too far away for you to hear. You drifted closer and closer to eternal sleep, your soul swollen with love for the boy who broke your heart.
Megumi didn’t even feel sad when you stopped breathing in his arms — he just felt hollow. More empty and broken than he’d ever thought possible. You were the most incredible person he’d ever met — someone with extreme motivation, who acted with no fear or hesitation, who always had love to give, even when he didn’t deserve it. He’d never forget you, not for as long as he’d live anyway.
Even when he did meet a new girl a few years later — a compassionate, brave girl, who reminded him a lot of you — he wouldn’t forget. He wouldn’t forget your words and for the first time in his life he’d let his walls down for her. He’d allow himself to truly love, and be loved in return.
And maybe you were right, maybe he did deserve to be loved like this, because god, he finally feels whole again when she’s around. He just wishes you were still here so he could say thank you.
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opheliadawnwalker3 · 9 months ago
The Watching
Tumblr media
Author’s Note: This is for @darkficsyouneveraskedfor’s fic swap. I picked @sherrybaby14​ :) Hope you like it hun and Merry Christmas!!
Synopsis: Reader has been dating Thor for about a year and is celebrating her first Yuletide on Asgard. But she’s unprepared for certain traditions that are expected of her. Or that these traditions also involve Thor and his companions.
Contains: strong sexual content, cunnilinguous, penetration, threesome, voyeurism, some audience participation, fluffy holiday cheer
Wacchinsrinn- Old Norse means “The Watching”
You stand in the elaborately decorated banquet hall, carefully nursing another full goblet of Asgard’s famous honeyed wine. Thor had left you alone, mere moments before, no doubt to personally welcome his people to the Yule celebration. In the corner, several Asgardian citizens play musical instruments and the rest are either drunkenly dancing, feasting on delicious foods or laughing uproariously. Eager faces are painted with intricate symbols and there is much joy and carefree energy in the air. Normally, you’re not such a wall flower, but being surrounded by Thor’s fiercely lively people is a whole new experience for you. You had already witnessed the burning of the wooden Yule wreath earlier and had cheered with the others when it was sent hurtling down the hill and fell among the stars. In the corner of the vast hall stands the Yule tree, decorated not with the colored glass balls you were accustomed to, but small statues of previous kings and mythical creatures. After seeing the God of Thunder for over a year, you were overjoyed to hear him say that he wanted to finally bring you back to his world. His kingdom. 
It happened to be close to Christmas, but other than the typical mandatory bland office party and receiving a few Christmas cards, you really had no other plans. Why on Earth would you ever pass that up? The chance to not only see the place he grew up in, but to be among his people and culture. His friends and-
“Well, well...don’t we look fetching this evening?” A sly familiar voice utters behind you, erupting a subtle heat across the back of your neck. Turning, you see Loki, sharply donned with tailored green silks and a gray pelt clasped around his shoulders. Instead of his usual absurdly large golden horns, a delicate golden crown balances at his temple. 
You raise your goblet to him. “You clean up rather nicely yourself.”
Loki tilts his head, keen emerald eyes slowly trailing down your body and you could almost swear he could see right through the crimson silk of your gown. His lips curl into a devious smile and your heart flutters against your will. “Do enjoy the festivities...mind the honeyed wines. They are much stronger than the tepid liquors served on Midgard.”
You roll your eyes as you defiantly take another sip. You would be lying if you said, you weren’t already feeling buzzed. The warmth that spreads across your cheeks, that familiar light headed feeling. You would have to pace yourself. You can’t make a fool out of yourself at your first Asgardian Yuletide. And you were here with Thor for God’s sake. You didn’t want to humiliate him or yourself.
A loud clang sounds near you and your attention is momentarily drawn to Volstagg, one of Thor’s infamous Warrior’s Three, laughing boisterously as he picks up his dropped axe. No doubt, in the middle of a drunken retelling of old battle stories. 
Lips brush the shell of your ear and you automatically tense up. Your breath hitches as slender fingers ghost over your bare shoulders.
“I look forward, to seeing much more of you later.” Loki purrs huskily into your ear and you are rooted to the spot. His alluring voice holds dark promises. Your brows furrow in confusion and before you are able to ask just what he means by that, Thor’s voice cuts across the room. You look over to see him cross the room with jovial presence. His bright blue eyes crinkle with happiness at the sight of you.
Loki withdraws from you completely and you let out a sigh of relief. The must have been the wine. You would have to drink water to spread it out.
Seemingly unbothered at Loki’s closeness, Thor smiles warmly as he slips his arms around your waist and pulls you in for a kiss. You sigh, relishing the comforting feeling of his lips and presence as you pull him in closer. For the past year, Thor had been a beacon of light in your boring, mundane life. He would entertain you for hours with tales of his childhood, battles and stories about his time with the Avengers. He made you feel exciting just by being in his presence. Feel incredibly safe just by being in his strong embrace. He never left you wanting whether physically, mentally or emotionally. You only hoped you did the same for him. 
“Are you enjoying yourself?” Thor’s deep voice rumbles against your mouth.
“I am. I just wish we could-”
“Ah there’s the lovely couple. Starting Wacchinsrinn a bit early are we not?” You recognize Fandral’s charming voice sounding next to you. You pull back from Thor slightly with a raised brow.
“Wacchinsrinn? What’s that?”
Before the smaller roguish blonde can answer you, Thor laughs and quickly begins to lead you away from the two men. Confused, you look back to see Fandral and Loki exchange knowing smiles.
“What on earth was that about?” You ask, setting your now empty goblet down on one of the long wooden tables. Funny, you hadn’t even remembered drinking it all.
“Just Fandral with one of his jokes. Pay the scoundrel no mind,” Thor replies playfully before spinning you around wildly among the other dancing patrons. You wish to press him further but a mixture of the otherworldly alcohol and contagious euphoria around you, causes your curiosity to melt away and you gather your skirts to join the dance. 
About an hour later, Thor leads you down the hall by the hand. You stumble a bit and giggle with tipsy merriment as he turns the corner to open a pair of grand ornate doors. You tilt your head in confusion as you take in the lavish yet unfamiliar chambers within.
“Hey this isn’t the same room, you showed me earlier. This isn’t yours, right?”
“You’re right, Y/N. This is our room.”
“Ooo our room you say?” You tease as you take in your surroundings, Thor walking in behind you to shut the doors. Inside the chamber was a large king sized bed with a full canopy and intricately carved designs in the wood. The sheets were golden and there was a table set with trays of cheese and fruits and silver pitchers no doubt filled with mead and wine. But that wasn’t what caught your eye. You look back at Thor whose looking down at you with an expression you can’t quite decifer. 
“What’s with all the chairs pointed facing the bed? Kind of an unusual arrangement, isn’t it?”
“It’s for...Wacchinsrinn.”
“There’s that word again. What is it?”
Before Thor can respond, there is a low chuckle and suddenly Loki appears next to you.
“Oh dear, you haven’t told her. How irresponsible and devious of you, brother.”
“Hush, Loki.” Thor looks down at you and brings a massive hand to cup your face. “Please forgive me, Y/N. I didn’t want you to worry or feel pressured to do anything.”
“Although it is an Asgardian tradition. I don’t believe Y/N wants to be the cause of the King’s refusal to uphold a tradition maintained for thousands of years.”
“Not the time, Loki...”
“I disagree. I think it’s the perfect time...”
“No he’s right. I’m not going to stand in the way of you upholding your kingly duties. Whatever you need to do, I’ll support you.” You encourage, placing a hand on Thor’s arm.
“How touching, but your amorous participation is very much required.” Loki interjects with a dangerous smirk and Thor sighs, clearly conflicted. You look back and forth between the pair.
“My what participation?”
Before Loki could reply, Thor raises his hand in front of him.
“Loki, leave us.”
“Oh, I think not. This is all rather entertaining for me.”
“Leave now.” Thor’s tone is tense and clipped and you can’t help feeling a little nervous. What is going on? Why all the secrecy? And what exactly is expected of you?
“So tense, brother. Perhaps you should have her tend to you first and help get those bothersome...kinks out.”
Thor says, nothing, merely glares at Loki, before the latter sighs in reluctant surrender.
“Very well, I suppose I could check on the rest of the rabble and see if they are ready to bear witness.” And with that, Loki disappears, leaving you and Thor alone once more. You look up at the god and cross your arms.
“Thor just tell me. What’s the tradition?” Your eyes widen briefly when you think back to all of the those Viking and Pagan shows you watched in mild preparation for the Yule celebration.
“I won’t have to do an animal sacrifice will I?”
Thor smiles and shakes his head as he brushes his fingers along your jaw. “No animal sacrifices will be required of you, I promise.”
“Okay...then what is expected of me?”
Thor pauses for a moment in quiet contemplation, gathering his thoughts before he eventually sighs. “On Asgard, the act of coupling is a merry and happy occasion. Asgardians do not view such an act with such...modesty as on Midgard.”
You nod, following along and very curious as to where this is going.
“And so...the notion of sharing such a joyous act with considered...a generous gift.”
You eyes widen slightly as the realization begins to wash over you. “And when you say mean...??”
Thor gives you an embarrassed smile. “Those closest to us shall bear witness to our union.”
“So...your companions are just going to watch us?”
“If that is agreeable to you. It is not uncommon for them to join in should all participating consent.”
You chew on your bottom lip and cross your arms. “So that’s what everyone has been referring to all night.”
You contemplate for a few moments more, weighing your options in your head. You should be appalled that your boyfriend just sprang this on you, royalty or not. But you just can’t find yourself to be angry. On the contrary...the idea is intriguing. You’d always been fascinated by the thought of voyeurism. Whether watching someone else or being watched yourself. But you’d never had the courage to explore it. There was even once an incident where Hawkeye accidentally walked into the room while you were riding Thor at Avengers Tower. Instead of being only clenched tighter around Thor’s cock. Even felt a pang of disappointment when Hawkeye quickly left the room with amused apologies. Maybe this was your chance to finally explore one of your fantasies.
You finally look back up at Thor, his handsome face etched with worry and concern.
“Yes. I want to do this. For you, but mostly for me,” You admit, pressing a soft kiss against his lips. You see a flash of green in the corner of your eye and Loki appears next to you, holding two goblets full of wine. He gives you an impish smirk as he holds one out to you.
“How about a little more wine to take the edge off. Perhaps numb your defenses a bit,” Loki drawled as you eagerly accept the wine. A little liquid courage never hurt anyone. Thor watches you carefully as you take several large pulls of the sweet wine, embracing the numbing warmth that pools down your body.
“Are you sure about this ,Y/N?” Thor asks softly, his usual booming voice now quiet with uncertainty. 
You set your now empty goblet on the table next to you and give him a confident smile. Sure, you felt emboldened by the wine, but you also felt very eager for what lays ahead Thor reaches up to cup your jaw with both hands, his bright blue eyes melting any doubts you might have had.
“Because if you’re not, then damn the traditions. I will never ask you to do anything you’re not ready for. We can leave now, go back to Midgard and celebrate your traditional Christmas.”
You feel your heart swell with appreciation and adoration and you turn your head slightly to kiss his fingers. “You would do that for me?”
“Of course I will. You mean more to me that anything.”
“Then I want to do this. I’m happy to do it.”
Thor leans down to press his lips to yours once more in a sweet gentle kiss to which you eagerly reciprocate. Next to you, Loki chuckles as he takes a sip from his goblet.
“Not to break up this touching little moment, but the others are getting restless.”
Thor reluctantly pulls away, brushing your bottom lip with his thumb. 
“Then we shall not keep them waiting.”
 The potent alcohol flows within you, but something else pools within. Excitement and pure unadulterated desire. Loki chuckles and you feel his hands on your hips as he presses in close behind you. Surprised, you look up to Thor for guidance, but he merely stares at the pair of you with a calm unbothered expression.
“And will you allow any of the witnesses to enjoy her as well?” Loki insinuates, his lips brushing the shell of your ear. “I myself, am curious if she tastes as good as she looks.” Your breath hitches and your heart begins to pound harder at his carnal implications. 
Thor smirks and gestures down to you. “That is entirely up to you. If you desire another, then it shall be done.”
You let out a soft gasp, completely taken aback by this turn of events. But certainly not upset at the prospect. You would be lying to yourself if you never thought about how alluringly charming and attractive Loki is. So very different from your Thor, yet enticing all the same. When will you get another opportunity like this? 
“Yes...I...I want you both.”
“Very well, then let them all in and we’ll begin the Wacchinsrinn.”
Loki presses a brief kiss to your neck, before gracefully leaving the room. You feel your nerves beginning to flutter in your gut, battling against your arousal and the tension in the air from the possibilities.
Thor steps up to you and carefully traces his hand down your front. Your nipples harden through the thin silk and you lick your lips. 
“Who...who will be watching us?”
“The Warriors Three, Lady Sif, Loki and Heimdall will watch from the Rainbow Bridge since he cannot personally attend. But do not be nervous. You are perfection. This is a gift not only for my companions but us as well.”
You take a deep breath, heartbeat speeding up when you hear approaching footsteps and the large ornate doors open.
Fandral walks in first, his eyes drinking you in. “Ahh lovely, Y/ look ready for your first Wacchinsrinn. Tell me, has Thor prepared you properly? Because if not, I offer you my services. I’m told I’m quite talented in such matters.”
“Oh do settle down, Fandral. She has already chosen me to help...alleviate the tension. Do enjoy your seat, though.” Loki retorts playfully as he unclasps the fur from around his shoulders. 
Fandral winks at you as he gracefully drops in his seat. “Well I suppose that silver tongue has its uses after all.” 
The combination of alcohol, nerves, and your excitement for things to come, make your skin tingle with anticipation.
Lady Sif follows close behind, dressed elegantly in a fitted gown of midnight blue. Her usually tied up long hair, hangs down her back in loose curls. She takes her place in the middle seat and crosses her legs expectantly as she gives you a small encouraging smile. She gives a side eye to Volstagg, who decided to bring a large turkey leg to the ceremony, as he sits next to her.
“Honestly...must you eat even while we bear witness?”
Volstagg lets out a good humored laugh as he takes a bite of the roasted meat. “What is the point of enjoying such stimulating entertainment without filling my gullet? No point in doing things half way, I say.”
Hogun silently joins the group and crosses his arms, his stoic face betraying nothing. Thor stands tall and acknowledges all who are present.
“Now that we are all here, its time to begin. We thank those closest to us in sharing this moment. May this gift offer you many blessings and good omens on and off the battlefield.” 
“And what a gift it is,” Exclaims Fandral, holding up his own pint of mead.
“Hear, hear!” Volstagg agrees excitedly. Sif and Hogun remain silent, but their subtle expressions hold a keen interest.
The Warriors cheer and you can’t help but smile at the almost absurd nature of it all. 
“My desired and I shall drink from the cup and then proceed with Wacchinsrinn,” Thor exclaims as he holds out another goblet will only half full. The both of you drink from it and Loki takes the empty goblet away. Thor wastes no time undressing with unwavering confidence and leans down to capture your lips in a hungry kiss.
“It is time to be worshipped, like the goddess you are,” Thor purrs in a husky voice against your lips as his hands trail down your waist. His pretty words and deep tone makes your thighs clench together as your pussy throbs.
You feel Loki press in close behind you and he carefully pushes your hair off your neck. Their closeness is intoxicating. “But first you must bare yourself to us,” Loki whispers lowly in your ear as dexterous fingers make swift work of the clasps on your shoulders. The top slips down revealing your breasts and you gasp when Thor’s hands begin caressing with eager, calloused hands. Loki grips your hips as his mouth traces a tantalizing path up your neck.
Your fingers tangle in Thor’s blonde locks when he lowers himself to capture a pebbled nipple in his mouth. His mouth is hot and he licks and nibbles your breasts. You’re suddenly feeling very flushed, your skin scorching under their ministrations. 
You feel Loki’s teeth against your throat and he chuckles into your ear. “You should think yourself fortunate. Our great grandfather would often bend his women over the table in the banquet hall during Wacchinsrinn. For all of Asgard to see. This way is far more...intimate.” With that he grabs your chin and kisses you greedily.
After a few moments, the two men lead you to the bed. Thor sits down first and pulls you back between his spread legs. His cock full and hard against your back. His kisses you once more and you feel his hands slide up your thighs, taking the crimson silk of your skirts with it. You lean back against his thick muscled body and stare up at Loki, who remains at the foot of the bed fixed with an expectant sneer.
“Would you like Loki to taste you? Allow him to thoroughly ready your body for me?” Thor questions as his fingers reach your eager cunt beneath the silk. You moan, your hips raising slightly to feel every caress of his fingers. He chuckles arrogantly and you hear the lewd sounds of his fingers easily slipping inside you.
“ seems she’s already quite ready. We may not need your services after all, Loki,” Thor exclaims playfully, displaying his fingertips already soaked in your arousal.
“That may be brother, though I should like to hear it from her lips that she does not desire my mouth on her delectable quim.” Loki replies as he slowly pulls the green tunic over his head with smug ease, revealing his pale yet toned upper body. Both men know you’re not saying no at this point. In fact, no, is the farthest thing from your mind.
You give him a mischievous grin as you beckon him with just the crook of your finger and Loki obliges, crawling up between your spread thighs with a dangerous smile. He looks as though he may just devour you whole. 
When his mouth meets your cunt, you immediately relax back against Thor, enjoying every sensation as Loki unravels you. His tongue glides along your slit with expert ease, rolling and flicking over your throbbing clit. Thor’s beard tickles your bare shoulder as he nips the skin and caresses your breasts. You felt trapped between the two brothers in the most heavenly way.
“How does she taste, Loki?” You hear Volstagg call out and your eyes snap open. You had almost forgotten you were being watched. You bite back a whine when Loki raises up slightly, your cunt already missing his mouth.
“Better than the finest of delicacies on Asgard. She truly is a delicious well of vanilla and honey.” Loki brags and your breath hitches when his lips immediately return to you, wrapping around your clit and gently sucking.
“I knew it. Pay up Fandral,” you hear Volstagg boast and Fandral sighs as he drops a few coins in his companions outstretched hand.
Beneath you, Thor undulates his hips into you and your cunt clenches tightly, wanting to be filled. 
“I can feel Heimdall’s ever watchful eyes upon us. He is thoroughly enjoying the sights as well. He wonders if you would like my cock deep inside you with my brother’s mouth still upon you.” Thor whispers softly into your ear as he pinches a nipple.
Between Loki’s adept mouth and Thor’s touches and carnal words, you can barely form words of your own. But you manage just the same.
“God yes. Please, Thor...” You mewl pathetically as your thighs twitch around Loki’s shoulders. His fingers massage and squeeze your spread thighs.
With that, Thor raises your hips and lines your soaked entrance with his tip. Loki raises his head slightly to follow your cunt. His piercing green eyes staring up hungrily at you. Being worshipped by these men...feeling several pairs of eyes on you at once...its all very intoxicating.
“Lower yourself upon me. Let me feel you clench desperately around me.” Thor commands softly against your temple, his hands gripping your hips and holding you above him. You nod eagerly and you sink down onto him completely. Your pussy is dripping and more than ready, yet Thor’s thick shaft still stretches you slightly and the pair of you moan loudly. Loki chuckles against your flesh, sending vibrations over your clit and making your cunt tighten around Thor.
“By the gods...your grip is always so exceptional. I could just feel you squeeze me all day, though I’d be fighting the urge to drive into you with everything I have.”
“Move her skirts. We would like to see too,” Lady Sif commands from her seat. You briefly raise your eyes to meet hers and her expression is heated and very much satisfied.
“As the lady commands,” Thor agrees as he rips the silk away, baring the rest of you to the room.
You mewl loudly as Loki begins to speed up his tongue, sucking at your clit a little harder. Your fingers reach up to tangle in his dark tresses as he brings your body closer and closer. Your hips roll atop Thor and you continue to mercilessly squeeze his cock sheathed inside you. That familiar icy hot numbing sensation spreads over you as your body climbs higher and higher towards the peak.
“She’s definitely close. Such a sweet thing, they’ve barely had to touch her,” Fandral observes smugly.
“True, but I still bet that she will last through the night.” Lady Sif replies with subtle arrogance.
“Ah, shall we bet on it then, Lady Sif?”
“You have nothing I want, Fandral.”
“How about if I polish your armor for a full moon?”
“What, and let you leave spots all over my-”
“Will you two stop your incessant blathering? She’s about to fall and I would like to enjoy it in its entirety,” Hogun finally quips in with a surprisingly gruff voice. 
You cry out as Loki’s mouth unravels you, causing your cunt to pulsate tightly around Thor. He grips you atop him as he hisses into your ear.
After a few more languid licks of your slit, Loki finally sits up from between your thighs and pulls you into a deep kiss. Your inner walls tighten around Thor yet again when you taste your own juices on Loki’s lips.
The room erupts in applause as the Warriors clap and cheer wholeheartedly.
“A good first round, I’d say!” Volstagg exclaimed as he slams his empty goblet upon the floor in celebration. 
“I agree. I think Y/N is fully warmed up now. We’re going to need much more wine and mead before we proceed forward.”
“And more bread!” Volstagg adds, tossing an empty turkey leg upon his plate.
“I wonder if Y/N, will allow Loki to continue to tend to her,” Lady Sif muses aloud.
At that, Loki finally pulls away from you, licking your bottom lip with an imperious smirk. “I will of course, perform as such, should she require it of me.”
Thor laughs, clamping a hand on Loki’s bare shoulder. “Well down, brother. But I should like you to sit this next one out for now. I wish to ravage her myself this time.”
“Such a bore...but I will concede for now.” Loki sighs snidely before lightly touching your jaw and leaving the bed. 
With Thor’s cock still buried inside you, you look up at him with an impish expression. “So, there’s more to Wacchinsrinn? We’re not finished yet?”
He brushes his lips against your temple as his hands tighten on your hips. “Oh no, my love. We go until you cannot go any longer. When you have had enough, then we will stop. But I know you and....I know you have several more hours in you.”
As he thrusts up into you again accompanied by the supportive cheers of his companians, you smile, truly feeling full filled for the first time in a long time.
From his post on the Rainbow Bridge, the ever watchful Heimdall smiles at the glorious sights before him.
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foli-vora · 7 months ago
more than words, pt.2
Tumblr media
A/N: Really wasn’t expecting that kind of reaction to pt.1 so thank you all so much for your likes, reblogs, kind words and support! I had a few requests to make a taglist so I’ve done it at the bottom - let me know if you’d like to be added! (and I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone) so - on with the show!
Summary: The one person who you thought would be happy for you finally getting with someone decent was your best friend. After all, he had set you both up. Who would’ve thought he’d be the reason it all falls apart?
Pairing: best friend!Benny Miller/f!reader, Frankie ‘Catfish’ Morales/f!reader
Word count: 1.7k
Warnings: swearing
pt.1 / pt.3 / pt.4 / pt.5 / pt.6
You startle when your phone vibrates on the coffee table, the sudden and abrupt noise of it quick to drag your attention away from the true crime documentary playing across your TV screen. You eye it from your spot on the couch, so far, yet only a mere reach away if you could be bothered to stretch the distance. Your eyes fall back to the TV, happy to just ignore it and address it when you eventually have to move from the cocoon of blankets and pillows you’ve surrounded yourself with, but when the reminder alert sounds two minutes after receiving it, a small voice in the back of your head pipes up, saying it could be something important and you sigh tiredly.
The effort to move pulls a low groan from you and you stretch out, snatching the device from the table and back into the warmth before you could tumble onto the floor and really have something to grumble about.
Hey Benny’s mystery girl, how’s your night going?
The text sends flutters through your stomach, your hands immediately clamming up with a brief wave of nerves. This was the guy that Benny was setting you up with – an apparent very close friend and someone who clearly meant a lot to him. Why did you feel so much pressure to make a good impression?
Blankets, cushions and crime show now forgotten, you straighten up and let your fingers hover over the keypad in contemplation.
Do you play it cool? Act like you have a brimming social life, full of fun and endless options, and are not currently sat at home on a Friday night in your pyjamas watching Netflix, eating an excessive amount of snacks? No. No, you shouldn’t put a false image out there. Honesty is the best policy.
Hey yourself mystery fish. It’s a nice and relaxed night on my end, how about yours?
You leave it at that, briefly wondering if you should quickly chuck your phone on airplane mode, delete the message before it could go through and start again.
Did it sound boring? Is that the kind of image you were throwing out there? Maybe you should’ve acted like you were at least doing something productive. But then… what if Benny was there to call you out on your bullshit, knowing you literally have nothing better to do? He’d gladly do it, too.
You roll your eyes at yourself, wondering why you even cared what this mystery man thought about you and your weekend rituals when you had literally never even met. You were who you were, and that was that. If he didn’t like it, then he could take his handsome face and pretty brown eyes elsewhere.
I’m jealous. Stuck out with the guys and all I can think about is sleeping.
Scratch that. Maybe he was a man after your own heart, after all. A picture of a tray of tequila shots and lemons wedges comes through, another text quickly following which had you giggling quietly to yourself –
I’m too old for this shit.
You grin at your screen, opening your camera and snapping a quick picture of your blanket covered legs, snack covered coffee table and bright TV screen before sending it with a little smirking emoji. You’re not disappointed when he replies almost immediately.
Now I’m really jealous – are those Doritos?
Nacho cheese!
The one and only acceptable flavour. Is that Forensic Files? I binged the shit out of that the other day!
OMG it’s so good!
Surprisingly, your eyes didn’t feel as heavy as you thought they would when your alarm drags you from sleep the next morning. You could even say you were looking forward to waking up, which was not how your Saturday mornings usually played out.
Immediately you reach over for your phone and unlock it, smiling like an idiot at the Home safe :) text waiting for you. You chew your lip as you scroll through the many bubbles of conversation, stomach twisting in delight as you re-read through the topics you managed to bounce through in the few hours of texting before you had to call it quits at 2:14am and send a final – Goodnight Frankie x
You had paced your apartment after that, ringing your hands together anxiously and eyeing the clock as the seconds ticked past, scowling at your reflection in the mirror as you took your worries out on your teeth, scrubbing them much harder than necessary. Was a kiss too much? Is it too early for that kind of thing? You had only literally just started talking. Should you quickly text and say it was an accident? It’s not like you can say you sent it to the wrong person – the message had his fucking name in it.
The sound you made when you got a – Sweet dreams mystery girl x – in return wasn’t even remotely human and the words swirled around your head long after you fell asleep.
The reservations you had originally developed on being set up, yet again, quickly dissipated the longer you and Frankie exchanged messages. There had been no awkward block of nothing between texts, no dragging up mediocre subjects to keep the conversation rolling… it had just flowed so effortlessly, so naturally – something which had never happened before with Benny’s previous candidates. The only other candidate that you had managed to have a comfortable conversation with was Will, and that was only after you had both agreed that there was no attraction between the two of you.
Over text, Frankie seemed funny – quick witted and sarcastic – and often had you snorting into your drink over a comment or joke made at his own or his friends’ expenses. No, you weren’t even remotely hesitant about this anymore. If anything, your evening of conversation just made you that much more eager to meet him.
It’s much later in the day when you finally message him, having kept the temptation to message him at bay while you tidied up, keeping it short and sweet with a, How’s the head? You chew your lip, eyes flicking over the message with thoughtful eyes before quickly tagging a little kiss on the end and pressing send. Not even two minutes later, your phone goes off on the coffee table and the clammy hands return tenfold when you read over the message a good fifteen times.
Can I call?
Shit. Shit. He wants to call? And like… talk? With voices? What if you stutter? Choke? Oh god, your throat’s dry. It’s dry – how can you talk with a dry throat? You can’t. Fuck. Fuck. Drink – you need a drink –
You quickly run to the kitchen, filling a glass of water and swallowing it down as quickly as you could, not at all caring that it half spills down your chin and onto your jumper. You gasp for air when you finish, slamming the glass down and catching the drips of water from your chin with the back of your hand. You slide across your floor as you run back out to your couch and grab your phone, typing a quick reply.
Yeah sure.
Too casual. Was that too casual? Should you have added a kiss? Shit – it’s already sent. It’s fine. It’s fine. He asked a short question, and he got a short answer. It makes sense. It’s fine. You yelp when your phone starts to vibrate in your hand, his contact name flashing across the screen.
Oh God.
Oh God.
He’s calling. He’s somewhere out there, phone to his ear, waiting for you to answer and you’re what – standing in your lounge and looking at your phone, watching it ring, like an idiot? What are you doing?
You inhale deeply, clearing your throat a little before swiping the green icon.
Oh God, what was that? What was that tone?
“Hey. Sorry – looking at my phone screen and trying to reply was making my eyes feel like they’re exploding.”
His voice is deep, hoarse from his night of drinking, and overwhelmingly pleasant to listen to. It brings a flush of warmth across your cheeks, an electric tingle across your skin.
You laugh softly, “It’s alright. Tequila wasn’t a good idea, then?”
He grunts quietly and your stomach tightens, throat suddenly dry again at the suggestive sound.
“It never is.” He groans, melting into a long yawn and you start to feel a little guilty. Did your text wake him up?
“I’m sorry, I should let you sleep –”
“No! No, it’s fine. I uh – I really want to talk to you… if you’re not busy.” He adds onto the end, almost nervously. 
“I’m not busy,” you reassure quietly, smiling shyly down at your lap. “I’m all yours.”
He chuckles lowly, and the sound settles deep in your belly, “Good.”
You don’t understand how conversation could just be so... easy with someone you’ve never met. For a brief moment, you worry you might be talking too much, maybe boring him, but when he keeps asking questions, encourages you to continue, you think that maybe he doesn’t mind, maybe he actually is just interested in what you’re saying.
When dinner comes around, you’re in a fit of giggles as you prepare your food, listening to pots and pans bang and clash on the other end as Frankie prepares his own meal. You cook together, eat together, and then settle in front of Netflix together, debating back and forth on what to watch. The evening melts into night, one movie turns into two, and eventually conversation dies down.
Sometime in the night, you roll over, briefly waking to fix and fluff the pillow under your head when a sound makes you pause. Your head jerks up and you look around, finding yourself sprawled across the couch, and a blanket twisted around your legs.
Glancing over to your phone to check the time, you touch the screen and blink in surprise when you see your phone call is still connected with Frankie, who’s quiet on the other end. You move to press the red button but freeze when a soft snore sounds from the device, and a warm flood of affection grows in your heart and spreads throughout your chest.
He’s asleep.
You listen a moment longer, smiling tenderly when more quiet snores reach your ears. Instead of hanging up, you bring the phone closer, tucking it just beside your pillow before laying your head back down and closing your eyes, letting the quiet breathing soothe you back to sleep.
If the strong butterflies turning your stomach were anything to go by, you were in serious trouble.
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hercleverboy · 6 months ago
the waiting room
spencer reid x fem!reader
summary ↠ the three times Y/N waited for spencer, and the one time he waited for her. (based off of this blurb)
category ↠ angst
warnings/includes ↠ mentions of death as a result of potential illness, spencer’s headaches, mri scans, swearing,  indefinite ending. 
word count ↠ 2.9k
dedicating this one to two of the literal loves of my life, @voidsfilm + @ellesgreenaway ♡
“What is stronger than the human heart, which shatters over and over and still lives.” — Rupi Kaur
Tumblr media
Spencer had always hated hospitals.
He found it so conflicting, how a place could hold so much hope for life and promise for the future, and yet also hold so much heartbreak and despair and agony.
The strong disinfectant smell wasn’t his favourite thing, either. He hated how the bright lights always irritated his eyes, and how the hallways all just looked the same, so bleak and lifeless.
Most of all, he hated the waiting room. 
The navy-blue carpet that lined the floors, wooden chairs that were always, without fail, extremely uncomfortable to sit in. The way that nurses and doctors would walk past the room, eyes full of pity and sorrow. With his job, he’d seen more waiting rooms than he would’ve liked. He spent more time than he wanted to in hospitals, talking to victims’ families, and even sometimes having to witness them receive such heartbreaking news. On one or two occasions, he’d even had to be the bearer of bad news himself, the one who had to tell expectant family that their loved one was gone. It only added to the list of reasons why he despised hospitals.
Then there was the other side of the coin. He took frequent trips to the hospital, but unfortunately more oftenly as a patient than an FBI agent. He wouldn’t say he was reckless, but he didn’t exactly put much value on his life. Or at least, he never used to. He figured it was because he was the only one on the team without a family to come home to, without people who were dependent on him. And so, if it came down to it, he would willing take off his Kevlar vest and put down his weapon while talking down a gun-wielding unsub. Of course, he’d get the third degree from Hotch later, but he could live with that. And then he met Y/N, and he realised that now he had someone counting on him, someone waiting for him to come back home to them, he couldn’t afford to be so careless in the field.
Though sometimes, despite Spencer’s best attempts, things still went wrong. Y/N had seen the inside of the hospital waiting room more than most, often because she’d get called by one of his team mates to alert her that he’d been injured in the field. And without him ever asking, she’d drop everything to be there for him, even if it was his own stupidity that had landed him in those situations. 
The first time was after he’d been shot in the knee. Y/N had been midway through her workday when she’d received a call from JJ telling her that Spencer had been injured. She knew that it was only a leg wound, that he would be absolutely fine, but that didn’t stop her from being worried. She’d been sat in the waiting room, waiting anxiously for a nurse to come by and update her. 
As soon as she got the all clear to see him, she’d breathed out a sigh of relief and made her way to his room,  catching his attention as soon as she entered.
He gave her a tight-lipped smile, grimacing slightly at the pain shooting through his leg. “Hi.” 
She chuckled at that, moving to stand at his bedside. “Hi baby, how are you feeling?” 
“I’m ok.” He smiled, reaching up to tightly grasp one of her hands in his. “You didn’t have to come all the way down here, you know.” 
“Oh, stop.” She mumbled with a smile. “You know how much I worry about you.” 
He grinned at that, the warm feeling that he always got when he was with her spreading through him. He used the grip he had on her hand to pull her down to him, so his lips could meet hers in a sweet kiss. “Hotch has demanded I take some time off to rest, or whatever.” He murmured against her lips. “So, I’m all yours.” 
“Hmm, and what you mean by that is that you need someone to take care of you at home for a few days?” 
“Well, I did get shot in the leg, you know. Taking down the bad guy...” He gestured to his bandaged-up knee, a pout on his pretty pink lips. 
She let out a laugh at that, amused. “Alright, Superman. Let’s get you home, shall we?” 
The next time Y/N found herself in the hospital waiting room was a year later, when Spencer had been suffering from painful, unexplainable headaches. 
Initially, Spencer hadn’t wanted her to attend his MRI scan appointment, but it didn’t take much convincing for her to assure him that she wanted to be there for him. He’d held her hand in a vice-like grip on the drive to the hospital, only letting go when the nurse called his name to tell him they were ready for him. She’d kissed the back of his hand before he’d left, a whispered promise leaving her lips before he went, “I’ll be right here waiting.”
She looked around the empty waiting room, took note of its greying walls and stained carpet, and how awfully uncomfortable the chairs were. She thought of anything and everything that could distract her from the way she was feeling at that moment- knowing how scared her boyfriend was that there was something was wrong with him. 
Spencer came back to the waiting room an hour later, both relieved to see that his girl was indeed still waiting for him but frustrated with what little the doctor had told him. 
“Hey!” Y/N sat up straighter, putting on a smile for the sake of her boyfriend. “How’d it go?” 
Spencer just shook his head. “He says there’s nothing physically wrong with me. He suggested I should consider that it’s something more mental, but he’s wrong- he’s wrong, Y/N.” He sat down in the chair next to her, seeking comfort in her arms as he whimpered into the crook of her neck. “I’m not- I’m not crazy, am I?” 
And the truth was, she didn’t know. She was so afraid for him, worried that he was sick, dying, perhaps of something that the doctors hadn’t detected yet. It terrified her. Her hands ran up and down the expanse of his back, attempting to soothe his weeps the best that she could. Spencer grabbed fistfuls of the back of her shirt and breathed in the scent of her hair as deeply as he could to try and ground himself.
“I’m scared, Y/N.” 
That broke her heart to hear, but all she could do was nod in understanding, hoping her words would offer him some form of comfort. “I know, I know. We’ll figure this out, ok? Everything is going to be alright.” 
The next time Y/N inside of a waiting room was on what she could only refer to as the worst night of her life.
There were no words that could encompass the plethora of emotions she went through when she’d received a phone call from JJ, “Spencer has been shot. It’s- It’s pretty bad, Y/N. You need to come quickly.” 
When she got to the waiting room, she saw JJ and Alex sat opposite one another, a worry that made Y/N’s stomach sink on both their faces. She hurried towards them, tears blurring her vision. “Have you had any updates? Is he ok?” 
JJ looked up, shaking her head sadly. 
“What happened?” Y/N asked, her voice wavering. 
“He got shot in the neck. He pushed me out of the way.” Alex sighed, as though she was still in disbelief that he’d done that to save her. 
Y/N stared ahead in shock, dropping down into the seat beside Alex. Of course, of course, Spencer would risk his life to protect Alex. Y/N knew how fond he was of his colleague, how he idolised her, saw her as a sort of mother figure, even. 
Eventually JJ got called back to work, with Alex insisting that she’d stay with Y/N and wait for Spencer to wake. 
Y/N was so sick and fucking tired of the waiting room. Before, she hadn’t minded it, it had even bought a sense of comfort to her- because she was in a hospital, where they saved lives. But now? The familiar walls and dull navy-blue carpet made her feel nauseous. Not knowing whether her boyfriend was going to live or die was incomparable to any other time she’d found herself waiting in the same four walls. She was feeling everything and nothing all at once, she wanted to cry and scream, curse the universe for once again hurting a man that had done nothing in his life but protect others. Hell, part of her even wanted to laugh- laugh at the absurdity of the situation. If he died, - god, if he died - the world would’ve robbed him of a lifetime with her, the chance to live the life that he deserved.
She barely registered that Alex had left her side to bring her a coffee until she sat back down beside her. Y/N looked over at her, giving her a small smile as she gratefully accepted the coffee. 
Y/N brought the cup to her lips, relishing in how the hot liquid brought her a sense of warmth, and she wondered if she’d ever feel Spencer’s warmth again. She sucked in a shaky breath, speaking the first words she’d said in all the hours they’d been waiting. “You know he wants kids?” 
Alex looked over at her, sad smile tugging at her lips. “I do.” 
Y/N nodded, sniffing. “He’d be a phenomenal father.” 
“He would.” 
Y/N let out a small cry, trying desperately to hold herself together. “What if I never get the chance to give him that, Alex?” She cried, body finally giving in to the painful ache that consumed her entire being. 
Alex placed an arm around her, allowing the younger woman to lean on her shoulder for support. “You’ll get the chance. Spencer is strong, he’ll pull through.”
And sure enough, Alex had been right. When Y/N had been told he was awake, she couldn’t describe the relief that flooded her. After meeting Penelope in the hallway and being given a much-needed hug, she took a few deep breaths before walking into Spencer’s room. When her eyes landed on him, she felt the tears start to well again. She had to remind herself that despite the bandage on his neck and the numerous machines hooked up to him, he was there, and he was alive. 
She came towards him with the best smile she could muster, and he looked up at her with a drowsy smile.
“Hi.” She whispered, standing beside his bed. 
He grinned up at her, reaching out for her hand just like he always did. “Hi.” 
She squeezed his hand gently, reminding herself again that he was ok, though she couldn’t prevent the tears that began to tremble down her cheeks. 
Spencer’s heart throbbed at the sight, and he allowed himself to imagine the pain she must’ve been through, having to wait for hours to see if he was alive. He wouldn’t wish that on anyone, especially not the woman he loved more than anything else. “It’s alright, sweet girl. I’m alright.” He promised, wishing more than anything that he could pull her into his arms and soothe her, though the pain in his neck prevented him from doing so. 
“I could’ve lost you.” She whimpered, her other hand coming out to delicately trace the side of his face. 
“I’m right here.” He gave her hand three squeezes just to emphasise his point. 
She leaned forward, pressing a light kiss to his forehead. “You can’t ever scare me like that again.” 
Spencer chuckled lowly, nodding. “Yes ma’am.” 
“Promise me?” 
And though it was a promise they both knew he couldn’t keep, he granted her the reassurance that she craved. 
“I promise.” 
Y/N knew that wasn’t the last time she’d be sat in the waiting room, scared and anxious and hoping that the love of her life was ok. She knew there would always be a ‘next time’, no matter how many self-serving promises she asked Spencer to make. What she didn’t plan for, was that the next time she saw the inside of a hospital, it would be her fighting for her life. 
It had been a slow day at work for Spencer, with him managing to complete a majority of his withstanding paperwork. He sat at his desk, focused on how he twirled his pen between his fingertips, willing the clock to move faster so he could go back home when his phone rang, Y/N’s name flashing across the screen. 
He answered eagerly, though all eagerness was wiped away when it wasn’t her voice on the other end of the line. 
“Hi there, I’m looking for a Dr Spencer Reid?” 
Spencer’s mind raced, and he swallowed thickly before squeaking out an answer. “That’s me.” 
“I’m calling on behalf of Y/N Y/L/N, you’re registered as her emergency contact.” 
“Is she ok?” He croaked out, begging and pleading internally that all the worst-case scenario’s running through his head wouldn’t come to fruition. 
“She was involved in a severe road collision. You’re going to want to come down here-”
Everything past that was drowned out by the sound of Spencer’s heart beating quicker, so loudly he could hear it. He hung up, gathering his things together as quickly as he could and rushing toward the doors of the bullpen- running directly into one Derek Morgan. 
“Woah, easy there, kid. You got somewhere to be?” He joked at first, but erased all hints of a smile from his face when he saw the tears filling the younger man’s eyes. “What’s going on? Talk to me.” 
Spencer couldn’t form a sentence, only managing to splutter out a few barely strung together words. “It’s Y/N, she’s- she’s been in an a-accident and I need, I have to get to her.” 
Morgan’s eyes widened, nodding in understanding. “Alright, ok. You’re in no condition to be driving, let me take you.” 
Spencer wasn’t about to argue, already making his way toward the elevator. 
Spencer had always hated hospitals. 
But he’d also decided that he really fucking hated the waiting room. 
The doctors didn’t have any updates for him, no matter how many times he asked. So, he’d been forced to sit in that damned room and wait. 
He thought of how cruel the concept of the waiting room was. Waiting for either good or bad news, waiting to hear the words that would either fill him with relief or dread, signify the start of his life or the end. How cruel was it that people had to sit and wait, with the weight of the world on their shoulders and just hope their loved one was ok? 
With the first hour brought Spencer’s upset, tears trembling down rosy cheeks and whimpered words of disbelief that he could lose the woman he loved. He’d sat in the uncomfortable blue chair with his head in his hands as sobs wrecked through his body, with Morgan sat next to him, a comforting hand on his shoulder. 
The second hour brought with it a slither of hope, as a doctor came out to update them. Though it wasn’t good nor bad news, just that Y/N was still in surgery and was expected to be so for the next few hours. Spencer had again buried his head in his hands, his thoughts racing. The rest of the team arrived, joining the sombre atmosphere of the waiting room. 
The third hour saw Spencer grow agitated, angry with himself for not being with her, for not protecting her, despite how many times the team attempted to reassure him that there was nothing he could’ve done differently. They brought him cups of coffee with gentle reassurances, empty promises that Y/N would be fine, that she would pull through, but how could they possibly know that? 
In the fourth hour, Spencer sat staring blankly at the wall. He reminded himself of the future he’d dreamt of time and time again, and how he couldn’t imagine himself having that life with anyone else but her. He recalled the location of the velvet purple box he’d bought just a few months prior, hidden amongst pairs of his mismatched socks in the second drawer of his nightstand. What if he never got the chance to propose? To give her the life that he’d promised her time and time again when it was 3am and he was holding the love his life as close to his chest as he could get her. After all he’d done, the years of his life he’d given to helping to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves, this was the thanks he got? What a sick twist of fate that was. 
By the fifth hour, he was exhausted. His eyes drooped but he fought to keep them open, choosing to ignore the pitiful looks JJ shot him when she saw him fighting sleep. He would wait for her, just like all the times she had waited for him. He recognised how the way that he felt must’ve been how Y/N had felt after he’d been shot the year before, and the thought almost made him sick. He ran over all the possible outcomes in his head, allowing his eyes to close for a single moment as he mentally calculated the statistical probabilities of each outcome. He despised how helpless he felt. For a man whose job was to help others in need, he’d never been a position before where he didn’t have the answer, where he couldn’t come up with a solution. His heart ached as the realisation that he could very well lose her settled over him, the statistic he’d calculated of her survival being a number that was way too low for Spencer’s liking. 
For the moment, he had no choice but to wait. 
It was all he could do. 
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loveanoutcast · 5 months ago
ok but I read games and I am ADDICTED and I just thought I could maybe request something like-
Eren meeting the reader through a simple comment and a timeskip to them being v close until they eventually end up in a fight because reader was ranting to eren about how perfect their crush (who is actually eren) is and him just exploding and them getting into a fight until the reader eventually goes "that person is you, dumbass!" Or smth like that and from there it all just turns into a lot of kisses and smut👀
only if you're comfy/in the mood of writing smth like this tho! just had this random thought last night and thought I'd request a little erenxfembodiedreader
Anyway have a nice day, night, afternoon, morning, you're amazing :D
Oh my gosh, this is my first request ever and I am so incredibly excited to write this and I really hope I did good in writing something you would want. Thank you so much for submitting this request, please feel free to send more! I love writing fanfics of any aot character and will do my absolute best to embody them in these. Sorry for the long wait, when I say the last chapter had me all the way FUCK3D up. EreMika is canon and I haven't been able to stop saying "He loved her, oh my god he loved her" in that "and they were roommates" vine way because that's my coping mechanism and it's cheaper than therapy. Anyway, I give you-
Pairing: Eren Yeager x Fem!reader
TW: nsfw, smut, angst, jealously, swearing, yelling, a bit of fluff, unprotected intercourse, breeding kink, a bit of voyeurism, a bit of sexism, eren being denser than a rock, Levi having health issues because he's old
Other: aot world if the mess of season four never happened and eren didn't fall to sad bitch hours, reader is a regular girl with family issues, all characters are over 18, Erwin never died and Floch never went insane
It wasn't that Eren hated going into town, but he wasn't exactly used to going to town alone. He always had Mikasa and Armin flanking either side of him but since the discovery of the world outside the walls and the decreased threat of titans, scouts were needed more than ever in the recovery of the lost districts. Mikasa was the second strongest soldier alive and Armin was expected to take after Erwin. Eren was useful when it came to being the one who possessed the attack and founder titan, but lately there was no big threats that required his titan abilities.
That didn't stop Hange from poking him, nor did it stop Captain Levi from keeping him busy with even the most minimalist of tasks. Today was no different and when the options were given to him and Jean, who was still asleep in his bunker, on shoveling horse shit or going into town to stock up on supplies and check to ensure all market suppliers weren't being capitalist pigs to the local vendors, Eren all but hauled ass through the door, hand swiping the grocery list off the table and yelling, "Good luck Jean-boy!"
Everything seemed to be going just fine, none of the local vendors had any troubles and most seemed happier with the drastic improvements of the living situations for Eldians. The fear of being eaten any day now or losing a loved one to war had seemed to be the driving force that had led to problems before. Some people recognized Eren, but no one seemed to want to approach him. He had had encounters with people who thought of him as a god, but he usually ignored them or kept a level-headed composure. Despite knowing that he had a power no one else had, outside of being a titan-shifter, Eren didn't really know what he had to offer. Armin was smart, Mikasa was strong, and he couldn't exactly claim titan-shifter seeing that Armin was also the colossal and Ymir had been the jaw.
He let out a sigh, kicking a rock in his path and silently yearning for something beyond his knowledge. Despite knowing that he was never really alone, he felt lonely a lot of the time. He had never given much thought to settling down, with the clock running out on him he often thought what was even the point? He wasn't sure if he wanted to keep being a soldier or if he wanted to go back home one day, he didn't really try to dwell on the future, content with being in the present and having Mikasa always on the verge of tears when she was reminded that he would one day die, didn't really give him room to think of much else.
You weren't oblivious to the tales and rumors that went around the town about the scouts and their secret weapon in the form of a shapeshifting man and how him and his comrades were able to plug the hole in the wall of a district your family had come from long ago. Your father had long since escaped the walls of Maria before it fell, he made an honest living being a construction man, and your mother was a nurse who happened to catch his eye when he had a roofing accident. They built a life for themselves within Wall Rose. You weren't the richest family, nor did you have a name that was well known. Nonetheless, you were all hard working. Your brothers worked for the respect they got, one being a weapon maker and the other being a bar keeper was enough for the part of town you were in. Even their wives did well for themselves in being a seamstress and bar waitress. As the youngest, you were loved and cared for. You weren't the most beautiful girl in town, but you turned heads nonetheless, well until one of your brothers decided to glare or promptly hit whoever doted on you too long for their liking.
The people who knew you, thought you were trouble. Mostly the elders spewed of you and your ways of thinking being a disgrace to everything Eldians stood for and bringing only shame to your gender, you were a woman ahead of her time and they couldn't stand it. Like your mother you had entered the medical field, but even when you were small you claimed you would be a doctor one day. You shadowed and worked under the supervision of the town's doctors. Many amused at your antics, some who didn't care about you being a girl and just grateful to leave such responsibility on someone who was genuine in the intent, and others not caring one way or another and not willing to hear your screeching pleads to observe what they did. Your mom had spoken with you more than once about settling with being a doctor's aide, today being no different and you let out a sigh as you looked to your mother's pained expression.
"I just don't understand why you insist on making your life so difficult? It was bad enough when you proudly exclaimed your goals in front of the entire church, but now this?"
You could only look away, looking towards the fields where you saw your third brother grooming the horses. You hadn't said anything bad, you were approached with a job offer that would give you the title and respect you had been desperately craving, and it would bring greater honor to your family...or so you thought before your mother reacted the opposite in which you hoped.
"I will not have any daughter of mine chasing dreams and fantasies off in some other place where no one can protect you. This is a suicide mission and I for one will not stand by and watch you march forward to your downfall."
Your father stood behind your mother, not really saying anything and not even looking at you. You felt especially bad for the commander and captain who stood on either side of you and were bearing witness to the absurd exchange between your family.
"Mrs. Y/L/N, you have to know that if Y/N were to accept this offer, she would never be in the front lines. We have bases located all throughout the walls and she would do what she did best and be our primary doctor." Commander Erwin spoke with such calm words, his demeanor kind and patient.
"So you expect me to let her run off with a bunch of men whose brains are broken from the wars they fought and not worry? She is not even married!"
You grit your teeth so hard upon hearing that, you were sick of the standards put forth on you since your birth. You were sick of the expectations you were in no hurry to reach and you were especially tired of the lack of faith your family had in you to be independent and strong. Your fists clenched and you felt a steady gaze on you.
"I'm not an expert or anything on parenting, nor will I act as if I am, but instead of yelling at her, why don't you try asking your daughter what she wants to do?" You didn't silence the gasp you released, looking at Captain Levi in confusion and admiration.
All eyes turned to you, your mother crossing her arms as if asking you to try and defy her. Erwin looked a bit expectedly and Levi looking indifferent to the entire conversation. It was your father who beat you to it before you could even open your mouth to answer.
"You have a choice, my daughter. If you choose to stay, you'll make your mother and brothers happy. You can continue to help people but you will never be acknowledged as a doctor...but you'll have your family. Or you can choose to leave and live your life to your own accord, but you will lose the respect of the town and your mother will never speak to you again. Are you willing to put yourself above your family?" You expected this from your father, always neutral and never judgmental, what he was saying was true after all. Were you willing to lose your family over your dreams? Would you be able to survive on your own with only the scouts to rely on?
Your head was hurting and your frustration only grew when your brothers decided to come home and after your mother wailing at them about your plans to leave, they were quick to overwhelm you with their own opinions. The commander and captain apologized but they had to leave and return to headquarters.
"Take your time on making your decision. We will come back in a few days for your answer." Commander Erwin told you, giving you a smile as he continued, "I know its a lot to ask you to choose us over your flesh and blood, but if you do. You have my promise that we will protect you, and we may never be able to fully replace your family in your heart, but the scouts will be a family on its own for you."
"Tch," Captain Levi shook his head, "Look brat, you will see and do things that you won't always like. People will die no matter how hard you try to save them, but call Erwin and Hange delusional--they see something in you. Don't walk into this half-assed, if you choose to be our doctor and you choose to take on the title and everything it carries with it, you have to dedicate your heart."
You only nodded. Two days had passed as you walked through the market, the small basket in your hands carried apples and some citrus fruits. Your mother still wasn't talking to you and your brothers seemingly assumed you wouldn't be leaving, only your father knew how frantic your mind was, and one morning he admitted that he would be delighted to have at least one of his children carry the family name on a military standing. So you had his support.
You even spoke to the animal doctor you had been shadowing for the past few weeks, his eyebrows had rose in an impressed matter and he promptly asked when you would be leaving.
"I haven't made a decision, yet." You said.
"You would be an idiot not to take it." Was all he replied before asking you to give the cattle their medicine.
Idiot, huh? You wondered. You knew deep down he was right. Your mind continued to play in endless loops of thought before you heard a commotion to your right. Turning your head you saw a group of men, their huddling seemed a bit more frantic and it was not until one of them yelled that you noticed one man in particular on his knees.
"Help! Someone call a doctor!"
The man on the floor was bleeding rather profusely and you didn't have time to question what happened before you quickly made way.
"Sir, let me see."
"Hey! Woman don't touch him!"
"Make yourself useful and go get a doctor! What the hell do you think you're doing!"
"I am a doctor." You calmly said, inspecting the gash on his side and seeing the edge of what appeared to be a broken pipe sticking out from the building behind them. The drips if bloods glistening in the sun only confirmed what you thought.
"We were-" The injured man rasped out, "Just horsing around."
"It's okay." You reassured, grabbing a roll of gauze and stack of medical napkins you always kept in your basket. You apologized before applying pressure to the wound, and you heard the patter of rushing feet.
"A doctor is on his way! A real one!" One of the men sneered, and you did your best not to roll your eyes and focus on stopping the bleeding. You asked the man to lie on his back and he surprisingly complied, he didn't seem to care about you being a girl and only seemed thankful to not be alone and scared.
"Do you hear that? Move before you kill him!" The first man hollered, the hand on your shoulder causing you to sharply inhale.
"Excuse me for one moment." You told the man, and you were quick as you hand shot up to grip the disrespectful ass by his wrist and twist it in one fluid motion, you wasted no time in using the building wall as leverage, quickly running up and using his weight to stabilize yourself before you roundhouse kicked him so hard it sent both of you flying back. You landed on one foot, balancing yourself before going back to the patient.
You couldn't deny how satisfying it was to hear the impact, or the groan of pain coming from him. Your eyes met the others.
"If any of you touch me, I'll do exactly what I did to your buddy there, but ten times worse. Now shut the hell up and let me save this man."
Eyes widely stared at you as you resumed caring for the injured, a few minutes passed by the time the doctor got there.
"Oh!" His eyebrows rose, "Hello Y/N, didn't expect to see you here. If I would have known, I wouldn't have left the hospital on its own."
"Hi Dr. Goodwin," You looked up, two fingers on the injured man's wrist and the other held up four fingers from your counting. You blushed slightly from his confidence in you and you noticed the men who bullied you all sport faces of confusion.
"His pulse is stable. I wrapped the wound tightly, but he needs stitches."
"Thank you, miss." The injured man grabbed your hand and you smiled in return.
"Don't mention it."
"Actually, it's Dr. Y/L/N." Dr. Goodwin said, seeing your eyes widen and the smile he gave only made your heart swell that much more.
The doctor nodded, thanking you before asking his helpers to load him to the small gurney they brought. He could only thank you briefly before you waved them off. The other guys had stayed back, eyes wide in disbelief that the doctor not only recognized you, but acknowledged your work.
"Are you a nurse or something?"
"Are you morons deaf? Did you not hear Dr. Goodwin? I'm a doctor too."
The leader seemed to recover from the kick you gave him earlier as his lip curled in an ugly matter, "What kind of sick joke is that? No such thing as a woman doctor."
"Obviously there is if I'm standing right in front of you. Or did my kick knock a few more scews loose?"
Eren was walking buy, noticing the commotion from afar and as a soldier, his instincts to provide help in dire situations kicked in. He elbowed his way to the front. Seeing you standing defiantly in front of five tall muscular men. He stepped forward as the main leader got in your face, but when you shifted your foot, he seemed to coil back. Eren noticed a giant welt on one side of his face and wondered how the hell he got such an ugly bruise. It didn't stop their onslaught.
"Who the hell do you think you are? What makes you think you could do whatever the fuck you want?"
"Because in this world, I'm free to do whatever the fuck I please." Eren watched as your eyes narrowed in further defiance, the smile on your face sickeningly sweet and all he could think about was how he had never seen such a woman.
You hadn't even noticed the audience that gathered, you side stepped the group of men, going as far as waving a goodbye with a breathy giggle, you picked up your basket. You had a small hop to your step and despite not caring to even spare a glance to the onlookers, your eyes met a pair of pretty green ones. The prominent bone structure made you think, "Wow."
However, the tall muscular body you did a once over on had you follow that thought with, "Oh damn."
Eren seemed dumbfounded, your obviousness in checking him out made him flush. He had never felt self-conscious over his body. He knew even before he hit puberty that he would do well to grow muscles and abs, the necessary type of figure to have if one were to be a soldier of the scouts. He knew it was also something some females found attractive in the opposite sex but it's not like he ever had time to date much less dwell on what girls liked. Seeing the way you looked at him though, he couldn't deny that he silently hoped for your approval.
When you finally met his eyes once more, you had him floored when he saw you drop a wink at him.
The crowd murmuring as they watched you go made his own eyebrows furrow in confusion. He stepped to one of the members and demanded an explanation.
"Honestly, the little lady was crazy! She came in here claiming to be a doctor and helped patch up a guy who got cut by the pipe over there. Instead of waiting for a real doctor, she made a whole fuss."
"Where's the guy?"
"Dr. Goodwin picked him up. That doctor is mad too, he also said she was a doctor, but that's ridiculous. No woman can be a doctor. That's so many levels of wrong."
Eren felt the urge to punch the man in the mouth, but one glance at the ugly bruise his friend sported reminded him,
"What happened to your face?"
The leader grumbled a bunch of profanities, "That little bitch. I tried to get her off before she messed the guy up anymore and she kicked me."
"In your face?" Eren sounded impressed, and he was when he received a nod of confirmation.
He looked to the direction which you disappeared in and said fine words to the group, "Whether you men like it or not. The world is changing, everyone is free to be who they want. If women can join the military no problem, they can be doctors too."
He saluted before rushing off, not hearing the mutters of annoyance from the men. In all honestly, Eren had no clue on what he was doing.
You were scrubbing off the blood from under your fingernails near a fountain when you hear the shuffle of feet from behind you. You silently hoped it wasn't any of those morons asking for more trouble, but you were pleasantly surprised when your eyes met a pair of green ones from before.
"I'm Eren." You smiled at him, nodding and your smile turned quirked when he stuttered in, "Yeager. Eren Yeager."
Hmm, you had thought, His name suits him. You studied his demeanor, not missing the gear strapped to either sides of his hips or the green hood covering his shoulders. You knew immediately that he was a scout and you wondered if he knew Captain Levi. Before you got the courage to ask him, he beat you to it.
"What did you mean by what you said earlier? Do you really think that? That we're all free to do anything we want here?"
You smiled as you nodded, walking towards a vendors stand and Eren fell into step beside you, you felt nervous around him, but also safe with his company. He watched you as you picked up another apple to inspect.
"We have laws and rules we're not technically all the way free?"
"I'm free to be me, just as you are free to be you...Eren...Yeager."
It was the way the sun hit your face in that moment, highlighting your strong cheekbones and giving a special glint in your eyes that made Eren want to hear your thoughts more. He spent the rest of the day asking you questions, never satisfied with the small responses you gave him and he even walked you home. The mean glare from your mother confused him beyond belief and it was your father's words that made you gasp in surprise that night.
"He's the titan shifter, the one who helped plug up wall Rose."
Your face had turned red in embarrassment, you were talking so casually to a literal titan and you even flirted with him. He even held your basket the entire trip to your house and you didn't even consider how informal you acted with your skirt. You had hitched one of them up your thigh to get better footing and hadn't missed the way Eren blushed at seeing so much skin. You knew the girls in the scouts wore pants, but even then they kept covered.
You were certain Eren wanted nothing else to do with a girl who held little to no morals, but you were caught by pleasant surprise when you saw him with Erwin and Levi the next day in town.
His eyes had immediately found yours and you didn't miss the blush on his cheeks as he gave you a small wave. You couldn't but laugh when Captain Levi suddenly kicked him.
"Who's got you turning red brat?"
"Uh-it's nothing, captain."
He didn't look convinced as you gathered the courage to approach. Erwin acknowledged your presence which Eren was grateful for, but his eyebrows still came down in confusion on how the commander knew your name.
"Y/N!" Erwin gave a polite smile which you returned, "So great to see you. We were actually just about to stop by your house."
"Really? What a coincidence, I was hoping to stop by headquarters today as well." Your smile was bright, and by the way the air around you seemed cheerful, Erwin returned your energy.
"Bearing good news I hope?" He still hesitantly asked.
You nodded as you laughed, "I would love to accept the offer if it still stands."
"Of course it does," Captain Levi scoffed, his arms were folded across his chest. You noted for the first time the soft grey color of his eyes and despite the deep scowl he was currently showing, he had chubby cheeks that made you want to squish, "We wouldn't be coming all this way for nothing."
"I thought we were coming to collect a new scout, Captain Levi." Eren asked, you felt yourself blush in realization that he had no clue it was actually you they were referring to.
"We are," Levi grabbed you by your arm and yanked you towards him as he pointed at you while looking at Eren like he was an idiot, "Meet the scout's new doctor. Dr. Y/L/N meet Eren-"
"Yeager." You finished, smiling towards Eren, "We've met."
Erwin and Levi exchanged looks as they watched you and Eren smiled at each other like a pair of idiots, the realization dawning over them and Erwin couldn't fight the smirk that crossed his face. Small world, he thought.
Six months had passed since the first fateful encounter you had with Eren. You had long since moved out of your home and besides the occasional secret letter from your father, you hadn't heard nor seen the rest of your family since your decision to become a doctor for the scouts.
It was a transition to go through as you lost one family and gained a new one, but everyone was so accepting and welcoming. The girls welcomed you with open arms, most notably was Sasha whose habit of eating everything and anything brought her to the infirmary on more than one occasion, Connie usually followed right behind her with a minor injury resulting from his carelessness. You had met Floch when he brought Jean in from a sparring session gone wrong and he immediately took a liking to you. Your level-headedness was like a breath of fresh air to him as he was constantly sorrounded by people he thought were idiots. Jean liked your confidence (The fact that you were easy on the eyes, didn't hurt either), Mikasa respected the way you didn't hesitate to put people in their place, and Armin admired that despite your obvious toughness, you were a kind and patient doctor who never turned anyone away. You were diligent and hard-working, yet your smile was always able to uplift any sour mood and you always put your best foot forward. The one time he had puked all over your hospital floor from eating too much undercooked meat was embarrassing for him, he thought for sure you were going to be angry and call him an idiot. Instead, you took his temperature, put a cold cloth on his head (despite his titan status guaranteeing a speedy recovery), and started a healthier diet plan for him. Armin was scheduled a weekly checkup with you, partly to ensure he was listening and partly for you to study him a bit more. Your research on the titan's ability to regenerate and recover from even the worst injuries was fascinating for you, you hoped to isolate the genes and figure out a way to maybe trigger it in regular Eldians without setting off the titan ability, the fact that Eren made it a habit to accompany Armin didn't hurt either.
Eren had grown attached to you, whenever he wasn't busy or in need of a place to hide from Captain Levi's wrath or Hange's insistence to poke and prod him, he would be hanging out around you or in your office. At one point you had to hide him under your desk when Commander Erwin stopped by to hold a meeting with you about providing first aid training to the scouts for excursions. You were always welcomed to accompany them outside the walls, but your work was enough to make you stay. You recalled the way Eren was pressed against your legs, the feel of his hands steadying himself on your calves and when your skirt had shifted up when you reached for one of the records, you felt Eren brush his fingertips along the muscle. You had stammered the rest of the meeting through and smacked him afterwards for putting you in such a compromising position. You were blushing furiously at the way he gave such a boyish grin and even that night while he walked you to your small cottage, he had a satisfied smile in place.
You always knew you liked Eren, you were also hopeful that the feeling was mutual. The both of you had grown close over the course of your stay, as the head doctor you were given your own living quarters, not too far from headquarters but not so close to the city that you would be given a hard time. Your cottage was fair in size and with the amount of income you were receiving, you were quick to furnish and decorate it to your liking. Eren had even helped by adding his own touches to the interior. The times you would go to the city with him was always met with many curious stares. Your age and gender made many turn heads when you walked in, the fact that you were the youngest and by far prettiest doctor the scouts had ever had made people naturally gravitate to you. Your ability to make friends quickly also made it that almost every weekend you were entertaining guests at your house. Sometimes it would be dinner with Sasha, Niccolo, and Connie. Other times you would be knitting and embroidering with Mikasa and Armin, there was even game nights with everyone until Jean and Eren became too competitive with one another. Other times when the higher ups had meetings (All of which you had to attend since you technically held an officer position within the military branch) you would offer your house where you all shared cups of tea and your famous baked goods. You had even seen Captain Levi grab seconds on your sugar cookies.
It was the times when Eren would swing by alone that caused your heart to flutter, he would walk you home almost every night now. At first he would find the poorest excuses to see you like needing a bandaid for his wrist from the biting (even though by the time you gave him the gauze it would be healed over completely) or try to "casually" be around the area when you would get out at three in the morning. Eventually your amusement turned to you asking him to walk you home every night under the guise that you were afraid of being targeted or hurt, even though everyone had seen you body-slam Reiner the one time he tried to hit on you when you were stitching up his eyebrow from an ugly gash. Nonetheless, Eren accepted. You would invite him in for tea every time and he would even bring you lunch on days he failed to see you in the cafeteria. It seemed like everyone under the sun knew about you and Eren's crushes on one another, so it was also a pain in the ass that neither of you had yet to make a move on one another. Even Erwin had assumed you two were together the one morning he stopped by your house on your day off to ask for your aid for a soldier who had broken their arm from a training exercise, his eyes had grown wide upon seeing you open the door in only your nightgown, you were rubbing the sleep from your eyes as you invited him in for breakfast.
Upon walking in, he immediately saw Eren exiting your bathroom in his casual jeans, his hair was wet and sticking up from the steam of the shower. Eren wasn't wearing a shirt and before Erwin could excuse himself completely you quickly explained how you hadn't wanted him to walk outside so late so he slept on your couch. You were washing his clothes and had left them out to dry and Erwin could only nod and stop himself from suggesting for Eren to bring spare clothes to yours, remembering that it wasn't his place to push or even encourage his team's doctor and titan-shifter to date even though by the way he saw you put jelly on Eren's toast while he made your cup of tea with three sugars was enough for him to almost just order the two of you to date. Instead, he gave a long rant to Levi, wondering aloud whether Eren was either oblivious to your affections or just an idiot, Levi only replied with, "Did you happen to bring any of the toast she made?"...he did and Levi later on answered, "He's just an idiot." while licking the excess jelly off his fingers.
It was another day at headquarters, the mid-summer day was hot and since the flow of traffic had been slow inside the infirmary, you found yourself mostly in the officer's lounge. You had opted to wear a long sleeve empire waist dress, the top had ruffles along your collar and the soft pink of the dress complimented your skin tone. It fell around mid-thigh and the black shoes you wore with them completed your overall look. Eren had stared at your bare legs for a while until he noted your haircut. You had only cut off the ends but your heart did a flip as you blushed from him noticing. You had been chatting with Hange about your research while Moblit spoke to Eren about the new set of routes to be taken during their next trip beyond the walls when Captain Levi walked in. Hange waved him over and he fell easily beside you.
"Hey." His arm brushing against yours and you hummed in response, leaning a bit towards him which didn't go unnoticed by Eren.
"Levi, did you take your medicine this morning?" About two weeks ago you had caught the captain asleep at his desk for the fourth time. You knew he overworked himself and refused to sleep in his bed no matter how many therapeutic pillows you got him, but while he was out like a light you decided to check his blood pressure, only to find it alarmingly high. You figured the amount of stress and cups of caffeinated tea were to blame. Levi kept in good shape, but considering his age and the fact that he never even considers laughing, you prescribed him medications to be take every morning and cut him off from his usual tea leaves. The former was easier to push as the calcium and magnesium capsules were easy to swallow, it was getting rid of all the tins in his desk that made him a bit unbearable to the new recruits.
He let out an annoyed grunt as he nodded. Your smile was soft as you put an encouraging hand on his arm and Eren was officially not listening to Moblit anymore.
"Thanks for sticking to your diet, Captain Levi. As a token of my appreciation, I got you these." You didn't let him reply, quick to act as always as you reached into the small basket you had brought and grabbed his hand to put the gray tin of loose leaves that you took out in his palm.
As usual, the captain was unfazed by your lack of appreciation for personal space. The past few weeks had done well to teach him how despite being yelled at, threatened, and even outright ignored at times, your cheeriness was impossible to diminish and you did whatever the heck you wanted even when it was at times impulsive.
"What is it?" He looked between you and the tin, the slight sneer on his upper lip making you release a giggle before you tapped the bow you tied on it.
"It's tea leaves." He raised a slim eyebrow which made you roll your eyes, "Decaffeinated tea."
"Let me guess, it tastes like shit." His eyes flickered to the purple bow, "Or it'll make me shit."
You laughed, you upper body leaning on his as you attempted to catch your breath. The joke wasn't that funny but the face he made was. You giggled as you shook your head and Hange watched in bemusement as you elaborated,
"It's the tea I always serve and judging by the three cups you had last time, I'm positive you'll like it."
Levi let out a nod, he hadn't even noticed that the tea you served had no caffeine but the heavy notes of honey in it probably explained its sweetness. He gave a quiet thank you before his scowl returned,
"So that's why I was on the crapper all night after the last meeting."
"With a potty mouth like that, it's not wonder you don't have a girlfriend." You deadpanned.
"I feel bad for the poor bastard who falls in love with you."
You let out a small tsk, smiling at him and hoping Eren heard as you said, "Well that depends if he admits he feels the same way."
Captain Levi quirked an eyebrow at you, his eyes knowing and you blushed under his stare. Your fingers fiddling behind your back and Eren hated the way Levi suddenly chuckled at you. His smile was a rarity and to have him giving it to you only meant one thing to Eren; the captain liked you.
"So there is someone you like? Who's the poor brat?"
When you were about to make another snide remark, Hange cut in and excused herself and Moblit.
"As fascinating as this is, there's a captured titan waiting my arrival and if I don't get to use this research Dr. Y/L/N just gave me before nightfall, I will lose my mind."
"I hadn't heard of us ever finding it to begin with." Levi sighed, taking a lock of your hair between his fingers and letting the curl bounce back before he excused himself to tag along with them.
"Someone's got to make sure four eyes doesn't get killed."
"That's why Moblit is going with her." You noted.
"And who do you think will make sure Moblit doesn't get killed?" He smiled once more, "Laters doc."
You waved goodbye to the three, the door clicking behind them and you turned to see Eren with his arms crossed. He was pouting like a child and you wondered what his deal was. You figured with your earlier comment, he would be over the moon to hear you hinting at liking him. You skipped up to him, getting on the tips of your toes as you poked his cheek.
"What's the matter? You look like a scolded child."
"Nothing." He muttered, looking away as his jaw clenched and you only poked him once more.
"Liar." You called him out, "Talk to me."
"You didn't answer Captain Levi's question."
You were sure that there was a giant question mark on top of your head, the gear in your mind shifting as you tried to recall what the captain asked before your mouth opened in realization. You couldn't help but smile as you looked down at Eren's shoes and he only seemed to grow angrier as he watched you blush.
"About my crush? Oh! Well I wouldn't call him a brat, but I guess his attitude could often warrant that title. He's got this sort of this determined mentality that I guess some people can find...overbearing." You played with the cuff of your dress, "But I personally find it charming."
"So he's charming?"
You hummed as you smiled, "He's a bit rough around the edges, but he always means well. He's easy on the eyes too. Got really nice hair and pretty colored eyes that makes me swoon around him. Not to mention his body looks like Zeus could be his father." To add emphasis, your body leaned side to side as you laughed.
Eren snorted, his eyes rolling as he thought of any guy he knew that was like you described. All he could think of was Captain Levi and Erwin. He hated to think of Levi as charming, but he was rough all around. Erwin had eyes that Historia had once described as pretty, but to think of you being attracted to someone as old as him made his stomach flip.
"Want to head back to my office?" You suggested, not wanting to leave Eren's side until he figured it out but also not wanting to stick around in case other officers walked in. You got a stiff nod and wanted to giggle when Eren still opened the door for you. As the both of you walked through the large building, you added a hop to your step as you continued,
"He's also such a gentleman. He respects me, he's never intimidated by my sharp wit, always opens doors for me, waits until I'm sitting before he starts eating, and he almost seems proud of me being a doctor. He's just so understanding and sure of himself as a man that I guess the idea of having a girlfriend in my position would never make him feel inferior." You turned to look at Eren sideways and noticed his shoulders hunched, you knew it was cruel how you kept teasing him but were hopeful that it would click for him soon, so you went on.
"Wow, sounds like a real keeper." He grumbled, now thinking of Jean or even Connie. Armin was too occupied with Annie and Reiner was too obsessed with Historia to hang around you. There was no way Beruto/Borrito/Bertoto would catch your eye as you had made it a point to always get his name wrong, but Connie made you laugh and Jean was always extra nice to you.
"I'm telling you, I think he's perfect. He's dependable, strong, and we share so many of the same ideas. I could talk to him for hours and never be bored and when I'm not with him, I feel...sad. I just constantly want to be by his side and if I'm not I want him to be thinking about me because that's exactly what I do."
You both entered your office, you walked up to your desk as you spoke, turning around and leaning against it to look at Eren. He had closed your door a little harder than necessary, the wood shaking against the frame as he crossed his arms and leaned his back on the door. He looked downright irritated and you bit your lip to keep from laughing.
"So why haven't you told him?"
You shrugged, "I think I've been pretty obvious about it, I'm always smiling when he's in the room, I always want to be with him, there's never a day where we don't walk together. I even wore this dress for him today."
You waved down at your figure, Eren's eyes looked over you twice and you jumped up on your desk, your thighs parting as you let the short skirt cover your panties and barely cover the tops of your thighs.
"I'm sure he'll love it." Eren spit out.
"I don't know..." You tilted your head, "Do you?"
Eren pushed himself off the door, going to your bookcase and letting his fingers brush the spines of the books, "It doesn't matter what I think. I'm not Mr. Pretty eyes. Sounds like a simpleton to me."
You let out an actual deep sigh and Eren met you with furrowed brows.
"You're so fucking dense, Eren."
"What did I say?" He threw his hands up, "Just because I called him simple? I'm so sorry I don't care to hear you go on and on about this guy. I never thought I'd see you bend over backwards for some guy who opens doors for you. I thought you would have higher standards than that."
You let out a snort, "Keep talking Yeager, and I just might higher them."
"I mean I never thought looks would be so important to you. It's so-"
"So what?" Your tongue had a sharp edge that did not go unnoticed by Eren. He stood only a few feet from your desk, but you saw the awkward shift in his posture.
"Shallow." He spit out.
"Excuse me?" You gave him a look that said if he wouldn't apologize in the next ten seconds, he would surely live to regret it.
"What I mean is...what guy could possibly have this head over heels and you're just now telling me? I thought...I thought we-" He stopped, looking to the side and you relaxed before saying,
"We what, Eren?"
"I thought we had something special." He muttered. He looked to see your mouth opened in a small gasp and he began to turn to exit when you quietly beckoned him over.
"Eren...come here."
"No, I should g-"
"Please." You begged and the look in your eyes brought him to stand in front of you. Your hands reached for his shirt, yanking him forward and you hooked your legs around his calves. Eren gaped at you, not knowing what to do and say as you put one hand on his shoulder and the other cupped his cheek.
"You are such a dumbass." You laughed, "The person I've been going on and on about, that simpleton you bashed, is you. It's always been you, Eren."
It was like watching a light flicker on very very slowly, but once it was on you watched as embarrassment flooded Eren. His smile was sheepish and stupid as he stuttered over his words. His hands rested on your hips and you stroked his face from his temple to jaw as you asked,
"Do you maybe feel the same way?"
You didn't get a verbal answer, the sudden kiss Eren laid on you was an answer enough. His lips were soft and warm as they moved against your own, his tongue enveloped yours and you felt him lean more onto you. The moan that slipped out his mouth when you bit his bottom lip made something tighten in your stomach.
When you two finally broke apart you didn't miss the trail of saliva that connected the two of you and you whimpered for more. The second kiss was heavier, a clash of teeth and tongues as Eren feverishly wrestled to touch you everywhere his hands could reach. You felt him press against your core, the loud gasp you let out made him look at you in concern.
"Sorry, sorry. I'll stop if you want me to."
You shook your head as you met those green eyes that held you captive since day one, "More. I want more."
The smirk was something you had never seen, his eyes became half-lidded as Eren kissed your nose. Then your chin, then your neck. When he reached your collar, his finger hooked onto the top of your dress, pulling the fabric down as he kissed just above your breast.
"She wants more." He said to himself, the soft rasp in his voice made you attempt to close your legs. His hands pushed what little that had covered your legs up and Eren's fingers brushed your core.
The jump you gave made his smirk grow, "I haven't even touched you yet."
He saw the small patch of dampness on your panties, and before you could ask him what he was doing, you let out a sharp gasp when his fingers pushed the fabric to the side and he plunged two fingers into your pussy.
The moan he ripped from you was like music to his ears and as he began to slowly pump his fingers in and out he watched as your face became hot and red. It was uncomfortable as first, you could even say it hurt but that didn't stop you from rocking your hips up to meet his eager hands. You weren't entirely prepared as you felt a bit tense as Eren kissed your neck, the suckling on your flesh making small breathy whimpers leave your mouth. His other hand's fingers hovered over the buttons on the back of your dress and his eyes asked for permission as he glanced up at you.
A small tentative nod was all he received before he took out his hand from between your legs, his tongue skillfully licking the digits cleaned and you didn't think you would find such an act so erotic. You arm hooked around his neck as you brought him down to a kiss, you could taste yourself on his lips as he kissed you back eagerly, his fingers skillfully working the buttons on your dress and you wondered for a brief moment if he had ever done such an act before. You pushed the thoughts away, not wanting to lose focus or confidence while in the middle of being with Eren by letting unnecessary insecure creep into your heart. As if being able to read your mind, Eren said-
"Stop being in your head," A hard kiss against your lips, "Be here with me."
His nose rubbed sweetly against yours, fingers tilting your head up as you gave a hesitant nod. Your eyes wanted to focus anywhere but his eyes and you could felt warmth spread across your cheeks when the sleeves of your dress fell down your arms. The idea of letting Eren see all of you was as exciting as it was nerve-wrecking, the most he ever saw was your legs and back from that one time you walked out of the bath in only a towel. Seeing him shirtless was not new but you still felt your breath catch in your throat as you watched him yank the material off. Your hands explored the newly exposed skin, fingers dipping in every curve of muscle and your hand rested just above the waistband of his jeans. You noticed his breathing grow heavy, Eren's head falling forward on your exposed shoulder where you felt him nip and suck on the soft flesh. You returned the favor by kissing him on the chest, your eyes still casted downwards as you fumbled with the buckle on his belt, you let out a small curse from how hard your hands were shaking and Eren placed a gentle hand on top of yours, his eyes alight with amusement as his lips curved into a soft smile.
"Baby, relax." He murmured, he pushed your hands aside as he took over the task. You let out a deep breath as you heard the sound of his zipper being tugged down and you decided to be bold. You lowered the upper half of your dress, the cotton falling off your arms with ease and you blushed furiously once you remembered that you hardly ever wore bras and today was no different.
Your nipples were taut as you shivered from the cold air in your office and Eren stared at you in wonder his eyes raking your body as you looked to the side and brought your bottom lip in between your teeth.
"Fuck, can I touch you?" Eren blurted, his hands still near his trousers and you giggled when he added a last second, "Please."
Nodding, you figured it was time to stop feeling so shy. You had been dreaming about this moment for months, yet as the man you loved stood before you, eager to be with you, all you could think about was how scared you were that you wouldn't be enough to satisfy him.
One more glance at the way he watched you was enough for you to think, If he really didn't, he wouldn't be looking at me as if I put all the stars in the sky.
You felt the second wind of confidence hit you and you took Eren by surprise as you hooked your fingers on his belt loops and tugged the fabric down. You palmed him through the thin material of his briefs and his hips jerked from the contact before he melted against you. Lowering the elastic, your small hand wrapped itself around his shaft and you took a moment to admire his dick. It was something new and foreign to you, for a moment you wondered if all male penises looked like that but you pushed that thought aside as you found yourself not really wanting to ever know, as long as Eren's would be the only one you saw. You hand moved up and down, your thumb brushing across his tip as you swiped some of the liquid leaking out to use as lube.
You knew he was a few inches above average, the thickness was also enough to make you worry for a moment whether he would be able to fit in you as his fingers struggling to push inside of you were of any indication of how tight your body was. Either way you were determined to satisfy the both of you, the idea of him using you and watching his face come apart as he milked himself dry using only your pussy had your head feeling fuzzy with want. He rested his head on you, causing your body to lean back and you pressed one palm on your desk behind you and the other jerked him off a bit sloppily. His moans filled the space of your office, you secretly prayed to the gods that the scouts could be smart enough for once to not be injured or to be able to at least handle it themselves and your eyes flickered to the door for a moment.
"Eren," You murmured to the shell of his ear, his heavy breaths fanning across the span of your chest and you felt both your bodies getting hot. "The door, we need to lock the door."
His groan was the only response you got as he trailed kisses up your neck and shoulder, and you resisted the urge to roll your eyes, he was such a guy sometimes. You began to lower yourself from the desk before his hand on your leg suddenly halted your movements and he gave you a lazy smile, his half lidded eyes softly rolling as he let out an obnoxious groan of annoyance.
"I'll do it." He didn't even bother to tuck himself back into his briefs, his dick fully erect as he made way to your door. You felt your hand falling to your side and you bit your lip as you thought about what you wanted to do twice before letting your own hand push the fabric of your underwear to the side once more. You rubbed at your clit lazily as you softly moaned, your eyes closing at the sensation and you smiled when you heard the soft, "Shit." coming from a few feet ahead of you. Eren's eyes were transfixed on you, the way your head rolled back as your moans became louder and higher pitched was making him painfully hard and he wanted-no needed to be inside of you before he was sure he would come right then and there.
Your eyes were still closed when you felt him settle between your legs once more, eyes hazy and smile lazy as you felt him tug your panties down your legs. Your ass lifted briefly to help and you giggled when he grunted in annoyance from having to shuffle backwards to slip them off completely. He laughed with you as his hand cupped you by your jaw, lips finding yours in a tender kiss and the hand that had been rubbing at your clit was used to steady yourself by his shoulder. His muscles flexed under your touch and your breaths intermingled as he stared at you with such an intensity that you felt your stomach flip. You looked down to where he rubbed his length along your folds and gulped.
"I-I'm nervous." You admitted, cheeks blushing and Eren kissed your temple.
"It's okay, I'll take care of you. Do you trust me?" You gasped at the intensity in his eyes, Eren Yeager was one who never beat around the bush and you felt tears pool around your eyes as you nodded. Everything leading up to this moment overwhelmed you suddenly, losing your family, gaining your dream job, becoming independent so quickly, and falling in love with a man who turned into what so many feared but who let you place` flower crowns on his head during tea parties. He continued to maintain eye contact with you, your lips parting and eyes partly closing as he began to push past your labia. It all felt too much, but you wouldn't want to be anywhere else in that exact moment Eren pressed his tip into your passageway. There was a bit of resistance and the guttural moan he released made your eyes widen in an audible gasp, he looked ethereal with reddened cheeks, a slacked opened jaw, eyes that looked close to tears, and thin layer of sweat making his dark brown locks stick to his forehead.
He pushed another inch in, trying his best to not act too quickly or too harshly. All he wanted to do was fucking ruin you. Mark you as his by impregnating you and watching as you took every drop of his semen. It seemed you wanted it too as your hips jerked forward and took in another inch.
"Eren, please." You had no idea what you were asking for, he was being slow and gentle and as much as you appreciated his mindfulness, it had been six long months and if you had to go through another night of humping your pillow or rubbing one out with only fantasies of Eren touching you (Sometimes even Levi, depending on how much alcohol you had consumed) you were gong to scream.
Another inch and a deep chuckle was his response. Your eyes were set ablaze as the realization that he was teasing you.
"Please what baby?"
"Give it to me." You whispered, your hand tugging at his hair harshly and the hiss of pain he released was simultaneous when he completely thrusted his entire length into you. Your thighs jerked at the sudden intrusion and the cry you let out was loud enough that if anybody were nearby, the would have assumed someone struck you. Your hand smacked against his chest, your breath ragged as you attempted to give Eren an angry glance but your pussy betrayed you as it clenched hard around him.
You both released a gasp when Eren fully bottomed out inside you. His hips flush against your parted thighs and your foreheads pressed against one another, lips brushing but not kissing yet as you two came to terms of what was being done. You and Eren were one, there was no going back from what was about to transpire and you silently prayed that he wouldn't regret it later.
"Stop being in your head," He murmured against your mouth, eyes looking into yours, "Be here..."
He gave a heavenly thrust and you felt his arms wrap themselves around your waist as he forced you to fall back onto your desk with a small uff and your hands fell onto his shoulders. Your legs locked around his waist and the new angle caused him to be deeper inside you, but he continued to stare at your with that same admiration from that day he had met you.
"With me."
You nodded slowly, kissing Eren for what felt like the first time. A bit shyly and unsure as your mouth moved against his slowly, you savored the taste of tea and something sweet from his tongue and you let one of your hands hold him by his face as the other found solace in his hair.
Eren began to thrust into you, the rhythm a bit off at first as you two tried to find what worked and when he dipped his hips a little and heard the string of filthy words leaving your mouth, he gave a knowing smirk.
"Hmm, right there princess?"
You panted, your tongue lolling out as his began to go faster. One of your hands shot out to the side to brace yourself on something when Eren began to fuck you harder and instead you turned to see you hand knocked your bottle of ink over, the deep blue liquid was spilling everywhere but before you could let your brain process the mess, Eren began to suck on the flesh of your neck that you exposed when you moved your head. You moaned as you closed your eyes at the overwhelming sensations of it all, your hands grabbing at the muscles in his back and you arched your own and pressed your chest into him.
"Oh fuck," Eren moaned out, "This pussy is so good. You're taking me so well, princess."
"Yeah?" You panted out, "Going to cum in me, baby?"
Eren picked himself up on his forearms, too preoccupied with how pretty your tits looks bouncing with each thrust to notice the your hair was sprawled all over and the upper part of his arm was touching something wet, he figured it was the sweat you two were producing with your coupling.
"I'm gonna get you pregnant, make you mine forever."
"I'm yours!" You screamed as his hips slammed particularly harder down onto your own.
"Choke me, make me a mommy, cum in me, just please don't stop fucking me." You cried out, and a new sort of excitement showed in his eyes, his hand cupped just below your jaw and the light pressure he put on you made you moan louder.
The sounds of skin smacking, panting breaths, and heavy moans filled the air. Eren coaxing you to come all over his dick as you begged him to not pull out of you echoed of the walls of your office. You went on like that for a good while and you giggled in realization that your silent wish for everyone to leave the two of you alone for a while had come true.
Unbeknownst to you two, there had almost been three interruptions. The first being Captain Levi who wanted to ask if mixing his blood pressure medicine with wine would be too dangerous, but when he heard you scream he almost barged in before the unmistakable moan that followed made him fully come to a halt. He didn't even think twice about what was transpiring, briefly remembering that Eren was in fact with you this morning before quickly turning around and hauled ass as far from the hallway as he could. He wasn't sure where he was heading before he stumbled into Erwin's office, the commander looking up to see his captain look like he just ran a marathon.
"Levi? You look like you just saw a ghost?" His eyebrows creased, "Are you okay?"
"Yeager isn't as dense as we thought."
Eren stood to his full height, grabbing at your ankles and moving your legs onto his shoulders to they were fully parallel to his body. You let out another giggle at how your ankles were now on either side of his head, but the small kiss he gave your right one made you let out a noise of adoration. He gripped your hips, smiling as he noted the streaks of something blue all over your chest and neck but decided against telling you as your pussy began to pulsate around him. There was no way in hell he was going to stop you from orgasming.
The second time was Sasha and Connie as they wanted to ask if eating candies with the wrapper still on was anything they needed to worry about, but the sounds of your desk scraping across the floor with Eren commending you for being a good girl and taking him so well made the both of them stare at each other with wide eyes. The "Huh?"'s they exchanged were amusing to anyone else and Sasha grabbed Connie by the collar before they hightailed out of there. Connie wanting to see if Eren had really been capable of pulling you and Sasha calling it bullshit and stating that the real reason was that he wanted to see you naked.
His thrusts became wild and sloppy, the slushing sounds you two were making was the hottest sounds you ever heard. You held onto his wrists, your smile wide and beautiful and Eren knew he wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer.
"I'm not gonna last long," He let you know, you nodded as you reached down to rub your clit in circles.
"Fuck, you look so hot." He blurted, his cheeks a deeper red and you gave him another soft smile.
"Thanks, baby. You too." His abs were going to be the death of you and you hoped you would get the chance to suck him off later to lick them one by one in foreplay.
You felt him begin to twitch in you and you knew you were so close, your rubbing speeding up as Eren's thrusts were becoming more sporadic. The way his eyes began to roll upwards had you chanting,
"I'm-I'm cumming!" Your moan was breathy and high as you felt your release overwhelm your senses, you felt euphoria as you moaned so loud that Jean and Floch who didn't believe Connie when he said that Eren had managed to bed you stared at each other with wide eyes and gaped mouths as they stood outside your door. Their cheeks red as they rushed down the hallway as if their asses were on fire, not even halfway down the stairs when they felt their collars yanked at so harshly they almost trampled down, Captain Levi's glare knowing as he began to reprimand them for being nosy pricks.
Eren's cock dove into you hard and you felt him pulsate as he shot long ropes of cum into you, his essence overflowing as he filled you to the brim and painted your insides white.
His moan was unbelievably loud and low, the "I love you." That followed didn't go unnoticed by you and the smile he gave, made you realize how much he meant it.
"I love you." Your answered back, he pushed your thighs to your chest when he lowered himself to kiss you. His cock softening inside you and he slowed his thrusts down and milked himself dry. He tapped his tip on your sensitive clit, making sure he was empty before tucking himself back into his boxers and jeans. The creampie in you was beginning to ooze out and he used his two fingers to push it back in, your hips bucking at the intrusion and you whined about your sensitivity.
You sat up, your hand going to fix your hair, only groaning slightly when you felt the ink on some strands already drying. You huffed before jumping down and fixing your dress. Eren was putting his shirt back on, his back slightly turned to you and your eyes widened in embarrassment at seeing the blue ink in what was obviously your finger prints streaked all over. You looked down and saw that it had well faded from your hands, transferring to your lover who put on his jacket. You shrugged, figuring no one would see it and you could wash your hands later. Your hair would be a bit tricky to explain but you would be home to shower soon anyway, which reminded you-
"Do you want to stay over tonight?" You blurted, scaring Eren as his eyes widened, you bit the inside of your cheek and fumbled with your fingers.
He smiled, walking up to you and kissing you on the lips before replying, "I would love to. I have to do some work today, and pack an overnight bag but I'll be home by dinner." His eyes looked you over, stifling a laugh when he saw the marks of blue ink on your neck, debating on telling you but not being able to deny how cute they looked on you, a gentle reminder of what happened just moments ago and an odd turn on for him to think of it as him marking you as his, the lovebite also on the side making him watch you with love.
You nodded before giving a follow-up question, "Chicken or fish?"
"Fish." He nodded, you grabbed a few papers from your desk drawer and Eren asked if you were all set before taking your hand into his as the two of you began to walk out the office, you mentioned having to speak to Erwin about the cadet recovering from a broken limb and Eren listened patiently, your hands swinging in between the two of you and you both relished at how easy it felt to transition into a life of domestication together. He walked you to Erwin's office, his knuckles knocking on the door before a loud, "One minute!" replied.
You both shared a look of confusion before shrugging and stepping to the side. You fixing his hair and Eren's hand resting on top of your hips when the office door opened. You both turned to see Jean and Floch who sported sullen faces, their arms swinging in front of them as if they were children just denied a cone of ice cream.
"Boys?" You called, your free hand interlocking with Eren who stood in place as you took a step toward the pair. "Everything alright?"
They looked between you and Eren, Jean seeing the ink marks on your neck and seeing Eren's hair haphazard was enough to make him look to the floor, his cheeks reddening and Eren could only smirk. Floch was the opposite, he couldn't take his eyes off you as his face held a permanent grimace and you wondered if he was constipated.
"Baby," Eren called, tugging you back to him and Jean scoffed, Possessive ass is already showing her off. He thought to himself.
"They just got yelled at by Erwin, whatever they did was obviously bad, just leave them be."
You nodded in understanding, giving them a comforting smile and Floch didn't miss the knowing look in Eren's eyes.
"Sorry to hear about that. If you two ever need anything, you know where my office is."
"Yeah, that's the problem." Captain Levi's voice came from the doorway. Jean and Floch mumbled a quick goodbye before scurrying away and you couldn't help but fall into deeper confusion.
The captain and Eren exchanged looks before Eren bent to kiss your cheek.
"I got to go. I'll see you later, princess." You blushed at the nickname and public display, murmuring a soft okay in reply as your boyfriend? walked away from you.
You gave Levi a smile which he didn't return, you didn't miss the small blush on his cheeks and you figured it was from seeing such intimacy from Eren. You were almost positive Levi was still a virgin. Walking into Erwin's office, you all but skipped the man's desk, falling beside him and giving him a bright smile which he returned.
"Hey Erwin, just wanted to update you on the cadet's recovery plan. He should be back in training in a few months if he listens to my instructions, think you can help me?"
"Sure what do you need?"
"Well, I'd need you to sign these release forms first." You shrugged putting the papers in front of him, you looked at his desk and grabbed the pen, "Where's your ink?"
The chuckle the two men gave you made your eyebrows furrow in confusion.
"Seems like you're wearing it, Doc." Levi's eyes flickered to your neck.
You let out a gasp and your hands slapped to cover you and the laughs that followed only made you blush furiously.
Dammit, You thought, Eren you idiot.
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steeeeeeeviebb · 6 months ago
Altair + Vega | CH. 3
Tumblr media
pairing: loki laufeyson x fem!reader   word count: 5.5k warnings: this baby is a slow burn so no real warnings yet. swearing obv, this story is 18+ for heavier themes and eventual smut so please bare that in mind.
summary: Once lovers, Altair + Vega are two of the brightest stars in the galaxy. One, immortal and all powerful while the other, a mere mortal, were torn apart by the forces of those around them and placed in our nights sky separated by the endless Milky Way. But once a year, on the seventh day of the seventh month, the stars align and our two lovers, once separated by both time and space, are able to come together. Able to see one another, to touch one another. Then and only then, are the two lovers able to c o l l i d e.
THREE | QUESTIONS masterlist here
From a very early age, when your passion for the stars and planets and galaxies first began to take its hold, you had always been told that what happened in the universe, in truth, had very little bearing down here on earth. The stars, though vast and captivating and beautiful, did not truly influence all that much. People would come and go on earth, decades would pass and life would continue on the way it always had without the interference of the universe.
But no matter how often you had been told this, no matter what your professors had engrained in your head for all those years, the idea of all of those galaxies and planets and celestial objects bearing no weight in your day to day life never felt right to you. How could so much exist outside of what you knew without any of it holding any weight down here?
It just wasn’t plausible and, if your time with SHIELD had taught you anything, you had been right. Everything you’d been taught about the universe and its lack of impact on earth had been absolute bullshit.  
In the last decade alone, you’d witnessed your first (and hopefully your last) alien invasion, seen gods of old fall from the sky, experienced a multi-dimensional object open doors that you never thought possible and had fifty percent of the world’s living population disappear from the face of the earth on account of a maniacal Titanian Eternal who managed to get his hands on five stones strong enough to change the world as you knew it forever.  
What happened up there, mattered down here. Plain and simple. And, as an astrophysicist, it was your job to answer some of the questions that had stemmed from all of that chaos. You had grown accustom to the pressures of the job whilst at SHIELD, adapted to any and all things the universe threw your way time and time again. Often times, it was a new superhero emerging from god only knew where, other times, a villain to combat the heroes of the world.
Today, however, was a little different.
You weren’t searching with a team of like-minded doctors in search of a potential opening in the stratosphere that allowed earth’s newest saviour to blossom, you weren’t finding out ways in which a potential wormhole could bring back all those you had lost in the blip – no, today, you were holed up in your office nose-deep in weather reports from the last forty-eight hours. You were searching through almanac’s and potential celestial events that could have slipped through SHIELD’s radars. You were going cross-eyed trying to skim through all of the text and your hands were cramping from the amount of times you’d scribbled some semblance of an answer down on your glass board only to erase it the next minute once diving deeper into the theory.
You were at a loss today and, while that was by no means new, you found yourself growing more and more anxious as the day weathered on. You couldn’t exactly come out that Loki Laufeyson, brother of Thor, infamous villain to most of New York, was back in the earth’s atmosphere. He’d be plucked out of your obscure little farmhouse faster than anything and that just wouldn’t do. You needed answers, hell, you deserved some answers after everything that had gone on as of late.
You had recalled hearing that he’d died prior to the blip by the hands of Thanos himself – so how had he quite literally appeared now after all of this time? More than a year had passed since Loki had been on anyone’s radar, his brothers included, for all you knew, so why now? And why on Erik’s Selvig’s farm?
And why, given everything, could he not remember a lick of it?
You weren’t sure just how much you could truly do without help. You wanted nothing more than to look at the statements given by the Avengers that pertained to Thanos up to his untimely death by the hands of Thor, but you didn’t have that type of clearance and the only person on your team that did had been blipped away a year prior.
Blowing out a long, frustrated sigh, you ran a hand through your hair and fell back against the chair you’d been curled alongside for the better half of the day. The muscles in your back were screaming at you to move but in the hours you’d spent holed up in your office, you were no closer to finding out what the hell Loki was doing back on earth or just how he’d managed to get here besides fall from seemingly out of nowhere.
You needed help.
Before you could think twice about your next move, you pushed yourself out of your chair and out of your office. Your legs carried you to the only other office in the whole facility that you frequented more than your own.
Darcy’s office.
You’d known Darcy Lewis just as long as you’d known Erik and had worked alongside her through various cases, almost all of which involving a member of the Avengers or a questionable entity picked up through the various satellites SHIELD had positioned all around the world. She was the one person in the entire office that you knew you could trust but god were you dreading seeing the look of judgement on her face. Her distaste of Loki was just as strong as anyone’s, you included, and hearing that he had not only crash landed on earth after all this time, but that you were housing him, would surely get a rise out of the brunette.
Knocking on the glass door that every office housed, you held your breath and watched her snap her head up from her laptop. Immediately, you were met with a confused stare as she vaguely gestured for you to come inside.
“Since when do you knock?” She remarked, focusing her attention back to the laptop.
You closed the door behind you and pushed out a laugh that sounded way too aggressive. You needed to calm down. “Since now,” you bit back, “I need your help.”
It was obvious her interest hadn’t quite piqued yet as she continued to type away. “If it’s about the case in Florida, I don’t want it. The humidity down there fucks with my hair, it’s not a good look.”
You opened your mouth, prepared to come out with it, but hesitated as her words sank in. “Florida? That’s Rodriquez’s case, not mine.”
“Oh,” she hummed, still typing away, “okay, what is it?”
You breathed out an anxious sigh and took a seat on the other side of her desk. “So, last night, I was on the roof and this big ball of—”
“Oh, yeah, the meteor,” she glanced across at you from over the screen of her laptop. “Anything fun or just space rock?”
“I mean,” you considered her words, “definitely wasn’t a space rock.”
Darcy snorted, still distracted. “What? Was it another Asgardian?”
It was a joke, you knew it was a joke and yet the second the slip had rolled off of her tongue, your entire body went into high alert at just how incredibly bad your poker face was in that moment. Silence followed her words, silence she didn’t seem to pick up on until she glanced up at you from across her laptop.
Interest now incredibly piqued, Darcy nearly slammed her computer shut and blinked. “Tell me you’re just giving me that stupid face because it was a shitty joke.”
You grimaced. “It was a shitty joke, but that’s not the reason you’re getting this face.”
Darcy’s eyes widened and she was bounding towards you within seconds as her chair swivelled into the wall behind her. “Shut up!” She yelped. “Are you shitting me right now?”
“Shut up,” you whispered, peering over your shoulder through the glass door. When it appeared nobody was listening in, you turned back to Darcy and frowned. “And, no, I’m not shitting you.”
Darcy laughed wildly. “But how?” She asked. “Who? Where the hell are they? Was it an email thread? I’ll be honest, I skip through them half the time but, of course, here I am missing out on –”
“Darce,” you groaned, “listen to me, please. And no, it wasn’t an email.”
The woman looked confused. “A meeting?”
“No!” You walked her over to where her chair had been haphazardly thrown back before gently guiding her down into it. “Listen to me, please.”
Darcy held her hands up in surrender. “Okay, sorry, yes, listening.” She made a show of zipping her lips close and throwing away the key.
You once again looked over your shoulder before leaning on the edge of her desk. “Last night I was on the roof looking at stars and this giant thing started falling from the sky. I thought, at first, it was a star but then it landed and…it wasn’t a star.”
Darcy’s eyes were wide. “You realize the dramatic pauses are the last thing you should be doing right now, right?”
You rolled your eyes. “It was Loki.”
Darcy was silent, dead silent, as she peered up at you from the swivel chair. And then, a look you recognized all too well crossed over her face. Outrage. “Loki? Thor’s asshole brother? The Loki who terrorized New York and proceeded to mindfuck our boss to the point he was parading around Stonehenge naked?”
You winced. That was not a sight you wanted to remember. “One in the same.”
Darcy’s eyes were as wide as saucers. “Where the fuck have I been? I thought he was dead?”
“Same,” you mused, “but there he was.”
“Where is he now?” She asked. “Like, is he in a holding cell somewhere? Do the Avengers know? What am I talking about? Of course they know.” Her excitement was obvious as she grinned up at you. “Why don’t you look as scandalized as I do right now?”
Once again, ever the poker face aficionado, you grimaced and buried your face into your hands. “Because he’s currently at the farmhouse. I haven’t told anyone.”
More silence. This time, you could cut the tension with a knife.
“Please tell me you’re lying to my face.”
You dropped your hands and your shoulders fell. “I wish I could.”
Darcy was on her feet again, this time glowering across at you as though you had two heads. “Are you kiddingme right now?” She walked past you and clumsily shut the blinds of her office to avoid any prying eyes. “You’re housing a fugitive?”
“Am I?” You hummed, voice octaves higher than it should have been. “I don’t think he’s a fugitive per se.” When Darcy returned, she looked even angrier than before. “Don’t be mad.”
“Mad?” She hissed. “You could lose your job, Y/N,” she growled, “you don’t think you should have told someone about it?”
“I am telling someone,” you reached across the divide and poked her nose, “you.”
Swatting your hand away, Darcy fell back in the chair and buried her face in her hands. “You’re playing with fire. Why are you even keeping him there? He’s infuriating how haven’t you killed him?”
She certainly wasn’t lying there.
“He can’t remember anything,” you explained, “and before you tell me that the god of mischief is lying, trust me, he really doesn’t remember. Not even his own name. What good is it going to do to bring him in here right now while he’s still scrambling to remember things?”
The silence that seemed to surround the small office was overbearing as you watched your friends face like a hawk. She appeared to be going through the seven stages of grief before your very eyes as she soaked up your admission. Finally, once acceptance seemed to cross over her face, she met your stare and set her lips in a firm, hard line.
“Is he being held hostage?”
You gawked at her. “No?” You sighed. “I was hoping he’d take it upon himself to leave, if I’m honest, but I woke up and he was downstairs eating my Chinese takeout from the night before. Trust me, he’s quite comfortable.”
Darcy relaxed. “Good. At least they can’t tack captor onto the long list of felonies that are going to be tied to your name if anyone finds out about this.”
You threw your head back in annoyance. “Darcy, I just want some answers, okay? This guy was dead to the world, according to his own brother, and now he’s here? What if he opened some door to another dimension that’s housing the rest of them? What if he managed to escape somehow? Maybe he can help shine some light as to—”
“Or maybe, he’s lying.” Darcy huffed, eyeing you in concern. “We’re all desperate to find those that we lost, Y/N, but there’s only so much we can do. If we turn him over to the higher-ups, maybe they can get some answers out of him.”
You chewed on your lip as you mulled over her words. She was technically right, so why did that feel so gross to you? Why did the idea of turning Loki over to SHIELD make your stomach churn in aversion? Perhaps it was the fact that, while an annoying criminal, egotistical asshat, he didn’t have his memories at the moment. He didn’t have the fundamentals of what made him him – so how could you turn him over?
“I think he’s repressed a lot of it,” you told her honestly, “his memories, I mean. I don’t think it’s a medical issue, despite him falling into the earth’s atmosphere but I don’t feel right turning him over to SHIELD when the guy can’t even remember his own name. It doesn’t sit well with me, Darce, and I could really use your help.”
Darcy’s shoulders fell and, as she fixed her stare on her laptop, you seemed to hold your breath. You trusted Darcy Lewis with your life but this wasn’t just your life you were interfering with. It was hers and it was his and she had every right to turn her back on you and save her own skin when it came down to it.
“Okay,” she breathed out, “I’ll help.”
Your eyes widened. “Really?”
“I said what I said,” she told you, “what do you need me to do?”
You were grinning down at her scowling face. “He mentioned the last thing he remembered seeing before landing here was purple flames. I’ve been trying to find any abnormalities in the skies the last few days with a purple hue, but I’ve found nothing. I just need you to help me sift through all of our satellite footage for any glitches or nonstandard weather activity lately. With Thor, we all thought it was a Borealis, but this wasn’t like that.”
Darcy nodded. “You owe me for this.”
“I know,” you gushed, reaching down to squeeze her shoulder. “But I need one more thing from you.”
“Oh my god,” Darcy groaned, lulling her head back dramatically. “This is why I don’t do favours.” Popping her head back up, she rolled her eyes. “What?”
“You don’t happen to know where Thor is, do you?” It was a long shot and you knew as much. With the exception of Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers, every other Avenger that hadn’t been blipped fell off the grid and Thor definitely fell into that category. As far as you knew it, he was a recluse.
“No,” she admitted, “the guy was already a mess after his brother ‘died’ and then when the snap happened—”
“Yeah,” you nodded, “I figured as much. I just thought I’d ask.”
Darcy seemed to ponder on this for a moment before smacking her lips. “I mean you could probably see his statement if you get into the record room.”
If you felt bad about roping her into this, all of that fell to the wayside when you caught the impish glimmer in her eye. “I don’t have access and neither do you.”
“No,” she agreed, “but you have killer legs and, last I checked, that new guy working under the Director is a pig, so I’d say you have a good shot at a way in there.”
“Darcy,” you grinned, “I love you so much.”
Darcy rolled her eyes but the amused smile you got in return made your heart swell. “You’d better bitch,” she teased, “let’s get to work.”
It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to you that the front door was still broken by the time you got home that night, but it didn’t make you any less mad. The wood was still splintered all over the ground and the latch barely moved from the damage.
Letting Dex walk in ahead of you, you gripped the pizza box you’d picked up prior to coming home and eyed the door in disdain as you struggled to close it behind you. “Of course he didn’t fix it,” you grumbled beneath your breath, “why would he have fixed it?”
Turning back around, you glanced around the empty living room in search of the impossible man you’d left that morning but saw nothing. No one. The house was oddly quiet as you made your way into the kitchen. Had he left? Part of you hoped he had, knowing full well it would alleviate a massive amount of troubles you’d incurred on yourself by having him there, but there was a small part of you that felt uneasy about the sudden absence.
With a small frown, you set the pizza box down on the counter and listened for any sign of life. When only silence followed, you walked back out towards the hallway and stood at the base of the stairs. “Loki?” You called out.
No answer.
He’d really done it.
He’d left.
Torn between relief and concern, you walked back into the kitchen and flipped the pizza box open. You felt as though you were on autopilot as you tried to make sense of things in your head but, as you peered out of the window atop the kitchen sink that overlooked the barn, a brief movement inside of it caught your attention. With furrowed brows, you waited to see if it was simply your imagination playing tricks on you or if it was something else but, true as ever, after a minute or two, there it was again. More movement.
What the fuck?
Leaving the pizza on the kitchen counter, you glanced down at Dex who hadn’t taken his eyes off of the food for a moment. “Stay here,” you murmured, giving him a quick pat before slipping through the back door.
When you got closer to the barn, you heard a male voice talking to someone in an aggressive tone, a voice you definitely didn’t recognize as someone you knew, and it made all of the hair on your body stand up. Why hadn’t you grabbed the baseball bat before you left?
Tiptoeing towards the barn, you slowly peered around the corner and held your breath only to notice a police officer standing in the center of the barn with his back to you. His hand was positioned in such a way that he could easily grab the gun strapped to the holster on his hip if need be – but why?
“What’s going on here?” You asked, being sure to announce your entrance to avoid the officer reacting in a way that would result in him using the weapon currently strapped to his hip. Stepping into the barn to get a better look at just what the officer was focused on, you weren’t exactly shocked to find Loki standing there but it was the bored, almost smug look on his face that made you roll your eyes.
All the bastard had to do was lay low and yet there he was, cornered by the fucking police.
The officer just barely turned to face you before holding his hand out to stop you from entering any further. “Is this your barn, ma’am?”
“Yeah,” you nodded, “what’s this about?”
“Yes,” Loki agreed, “pray tell, half-wit.”
With his hand now touching the handle of the gun, the officer leered across at the man. “Ma’am, I’m going to need you to take a step outside. I’ll—”
“It’s doctor, actually,” you corrected, crossing your arms over your chest. “And, I’ll ask again, what’s this about?”
From across the barn, a slow smirk pulled at Loki’s lips as he watched your every move. This was quite a different woman to the one that had sauntered down the stairs that morning wearing next to nothing. Your eyes were narrowed in on the officer and every inch of your body seemed to be on high alert as you stood there with your arms folded across your chest, awaiting an answer.
The officer glanced across at you briefly, but his main focus was still that of Loki. “A man fitting his description was seen stealing wood out of one of your neighbours’ barns.”
Wood? You shot Loki a subtle glare before looking back at the officer. “I’m sure they were mistaken.”
A bitter laugh escaped through the officer’s lips. “We don’t have too many ‘men in green capes’ in these parts, ma’am.” When you raised a single brow, the officer seemed to sputter over his words before bowing his head. “Doctor.” He corrected.
Stepping between the two men, you hoped the smile you were wearing didn’t look quite as fake as it felt. “All the same, they must have been confused. Why would he steal wood when there’s a big ol’ pile of it right. over. there.” You pointed to the large pile of plywood in the corner of the barn and only hoped Loki picked up on the venom in your voice.
The officer frowned. “You know this man?”
You looked at Loki and shot him a tight, lethal smile. “Unfortunately.”
Obviously not quite understanding the interaction, the officer looked between you before shaking his head. “Listen, I’ll still need to bring him in.”
Snapping your head around to face the man, Loki’s brows furrowed. “What?”
“That won’t be necessary,” you told him. “It’s nothing more than a case of mistaken identity. You can go now, officer.”
But the officer didn’t budge. Instead, he only scoffed and reached for his cuffs. “I don’t take orders from you, doctor, and I’m just here doing my job. So, if you’ll—”
“You actually will take orders from me,” reaching into your back pocket, you pulled out your SHIELD ID badge and handed it over to the officer. You hoped like hell he didn’t hyper focus on the clearance level you had as you absolutely did not have this type of jurisdiction. “I’m sure you’re familiar with SHIELD, aren’t you officer?”
The man blinked and eyed the badge. “You said you were a doctor.”
“Yes,” you folded the badge back into your pocket, “a doctor at SHIELD and this man is in our protection at the moment, so, while I appreciate your concern for my neighbours missing lumber issue, I think you understand that I’ll need your utmost discretion all things considering.”
You felt Loki’s eyes on the back of your head as recognition slowly seemed to dawn on the officer’s face. “Do you…do you, uh, know Captain America?”
You opened your mouth in mild surprise as what appeared to be excitement crossed over the man’s face. Truthfully, you’d met him twice and maybe said all of eight words to the man, but he didn’t have to know that.
“Yes,” you told him, hoping like hell your poker face was a little stronger than it had been earlier in the day. “And he’d be very disappointed to know that this whole thing went to shit because local law enforcement couldn’t keep quiet.”
The officer’s eyes widened. “Consider it done, ma’—doctor, sorry.” Suddenly giddy, the man looked at Loki briefly before holding his hands up in surrender. “My bad, man. You understand, though.”
Loki opened his mouth in protest but, sensing he would undoubtedly only piss the officer off further, you reached across the divide and all but shoved your hand in his face to silence him. “He understands,” you nodded, “thanks for your discretion, officer, if Cap were here right now, he’d no doubt be proud.”
After a quick goodbye, you walked the officer back to his car as Loki lingered just behind, watching the interaction silently. Once the officer was out of view, however, that hollow smile you had been wearing only seconds prior, was long gone when you turned to face him.
“You stole wood?” You mumbled, exasperated. “What part of lay low did you not get?”
“You asked me to fix the door,” he reminded you. “What was I meant to do?”
You glowered up at him and released an annoyed huff as you took in the outfit still adorning his broad body. “Next time you commit theft, avoid the fucking cape.”
Taken aback, Loki glanced down at his clothes. “What’s wrong with my outfit?”
Your head fell as you took off in the direction of the house once more. “Get inside,” you chided him, “I brought food.”
Falling into stride beside you, Loki fixed his curious eyes on you. “What is SHIELD? Why did it make that sniveling little man cower?”
“Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division,” you told him. When all you received was a blank look out of the god, you elaborated. “Espionage, counter-terrorism, that whole spiel.”
“And who is this Captain America?”
You were too tired for twenty questions but if it meant getting him inside of the house where he was out of sight, you’d deal with it. “An Avenger,” you told him, “the first one, actually.”
Pushing open the back door, you walked into the kitchen only to see Dex happily sprint over to Loki. You glared down at the little dog as you bit into your now ice-cold pizza.
“Avenger,” Loki echoed, “you mentioned them last night.” You wordlessly nodded and continued to chew your pizza, but Loki wasn’t done with the questioning just yet. “Who else is in this initiative?”
You swallowed the bite of pizza and shrugged. “Your brother for one, a w—”
“My brother?” Loki’s dark brows pulled together. “I have a brother?”
Nodding you ripped off a piece of crust and tossed it in your mouth. “I mean, it’s a little complicated, but what family doesn’t have their drama, right?”
Loki blinked. “What’s his name?”
“Thor,” you watched his face for any signs of recognition but nothing. Just a confused, blank stare. “God of Thunder.”
“God of Thunder?” Loki’s face wrinkled in distaste, “bit gaudy, no?”
Despite your mood, you managed a small smirk. “Says the God of Mischief, but sure.”
“God of Mischief is suave, it’s debonair,” he gestured to his outfit. “Thunder? How strong is thunder, really? Lightning, I can see, but thunder? It’s noise.”
Your smirk only grew. “Still some tension there, I see.” You teased. “Any other questions, or can I eat my pizza?”
Seemingly noticing the food for the first time, Loki gave the pizza a look of disgust and waved it off. “Tell me about what you said this morning.”
So much for a peaceful dinner. “Which part?”
“You mentioned people being gone,” he reminded you, “who? Was I one of them?”
Where to begin? Heaving a sigh, you took a seat at the small kitchen table and closed the pizza box in hopes of savouring its warmth for when you could eat a slice uninterrupted. “Technically, no,” you began, “you died just beforehand.”
The unrest on Loki’s fact was obvious as he continued to stare down at you from his place by the counter. “Surely, I wasn’t dead, then, if I’m here now.”
“Your own brother thought you were dead this time around – truly dead, not like the other times, so I don’t know. You seemed pretty dead.” You winced at the callousness of your words as Loki’s confusion only grew. “Thanos killed you.”
“Thanos,” he tested the word out on his tongue. “Thanos, you mentioned him last night along with that other name, Thor. My…brother.”
You were nodding along to his words. “I don’t know all the details where that’s concerned but I’m working on it,” you told him honestly. “Your brother gave a statement when he came back down to earth. I don’t have access to the files right now, but I will.”
Loki’s brows were pulled together and his handsome face was pulled into an almost stoic concentration. “And the others?”
You swallowed back a swell of nerves and began toying with the lip of the pizza box. “Thanos got his hands on the six infinity stones and, in doing so, was able to wipe out fifty percent of the world’s living population with the snap of his fingers.”
You struggled with the silence that followed your words but you slowly looked up to catch Loki’s bright blue eyes staring holes into the table between you. “Why can’t I remember any of this?” The question slipped through his lips in a solemn hush, but the confusion and the fear that bled into those seven little words was not lost on you.
“I don’t know,” you admitted, “but I’m working on finding out.”
At this, Loki looked up to catch your stare. “Why?”
You tucked your leg beneath you as you sat, perched on the kitchen chair. “Why what?”
“Why are you helping me?” He asked through narrowed, cynical eyes. “You were quite clear where we stood prior to this.”
You’d always had your animosity for Loki tied to what you’d witnessed nearly a decade ago in New York City and to what his mind control had done to Erik in the months that followed. A man you looked at like a father of sorts, had quite nearly lost his mind on account of the man standing before you and yet, as you looked at Loki’s overbearing stature, that resentment didn’t run quite as deep as you hoped.
There was pity weaved into that animosity now, pity and a small, almost dangerous amount, of hope. Hope that if he had made it back here, maybe the others could, too.
“Selfishly, I think there’s a chance that you managed to slip through something to get here. And, if you did, maybe those we lost could, too.” You offered him a small smile, an olive branch of sorts, before continuing. “As for your mind, the only thing that’s gotten me through this last year are the memories I had with those I lost,” you admitted quietly, “and, while you’ve done some horrendous things, things that will hurt to remember, you deserve to at least have them back.”
Loki’s blue eyes danced across your face from where he stood. He was looking for any signs of falsehood, any morsel of doubt that would give him a reason to walk out that back door and never return. But there was nothing on your face that made it appear as though you were lying and Loki couldn’t wrap his head around it. You had made it clear that you didn’t quite enjoy his company, extremely clear, if he was being honest, and yet there you were. Showing him kindness above all else when he was almost sure he didn’t deserve it.
“And you and I?” He asked after a moment of dense reticence. Crossing his arms over his chest, Loki leaned back against the counter and cocked his head to the side. “Was that a good memory or a bad one?”
You breathed out a quiet laugh. “I chained you to a chair and left you in a strange barn overnight, Loki, what do you think?”
He wanted to know what he’d done more than anything in that instance. Who was he before last night? Where had he come from? You’d mentioned the word god a handful of times in the last twenty-four hours but how could that be? Gods were above men, they were powerful and untouchable – so how had something like this happened to a god? How could he have no memory of his life before now? Of his supposed powers? His own name sounded foreign to him and yet you called him Loki with such conviction that he had to believe it to be true. He was Loki Laufeyson, a god among men, he had a brother named Thor and he’d evidently done a handful of things in his past to earn that slight look of distrust that splayed out across your face at every turn.
Who was Loki Laufeyson? And why, as he recalled that look of pure disparagement on your face, was he almost afraid of that answer?
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A Stolen Moment - F Reader x Arthur Morgan
Tumblr media
A/N: @sweet-by-and-by​ thank you for this prompt! And thank you for your tags reblogging my first RDR story, they made me happy! You are very sweet. Anyway, I wrote this female reader x Arthur drabble for you, and I hope it hits the spot! Warnings for: smut, fuckin’, oral/swallowing, pet names (I don’t use Y/N), swearing, a bit 'one sided' but idk that's how it came out. I am trying to keep these short - this one is 1.4k.
Tumblr media
A final explosion from the moonshine shack behind you rattles the ground and spooks your stolen draft horse off the path and into the denseness of the forest. At your back, Arthur grips your waist tighter as you fight to regain control over the animal, frantic. It's a lost cause. The stallion rears, snorting, and you both fall in a tangle of limbs. It's a mercy you're not trampled as the beast flees.
You hit the ground hard, and for a moment the canopy and red-earth dirt blend together like watercolour paint as you tumble, hands up to shield your head. Nearby, you hear Arthur's muffled grunting as he navigates a similar situation. Eventually, you feel yourself stop rolling, landing on your side beside something solid and unyielding.
And warm...?
“Aw, hell,” Arthur pants next to you, “are y'alright?”
“I, yeah, I think so.” You manage, gingerly flexing your muscles, trying to get a feel for broken bones or other dire injuries. There will be bruises, but aside from that, you got lucky. “Are you?”
“Yeah. Jus' gonna be sore.” Arthur says, shifting his body to try and rise. The movement serves to jostle you a little further down the slope, a slave to gravity, and you land squarely atop him with a surprised shout. He catches you easily, reflexively.
The beat of his heart is fierce beneath the material of his work-shirt. Mimicking his energy, your pulse syncs with his, chest-to-chest. You stare down at him; dirt-scuffed, bloodied, wide-eyed. Undoubtedly you're a sight, too; adrenaline-drunk, dizzy, skirt torn from the fray, your mouth--
--your mouth on his, thoughtless and sudden, the shock of the dismount bleeding into the rush of your successful score. It isn't rationality that lead you here; you can't even fathom the concept of him rejecting you until his tongue is laving your cupid's bow, his teeth grazing your lower lip. His stubble scratches your skin so sweetly. Christ, you're kissing Arthur Morgan.
More than that, you're running your palms flat down his chest, trading gasping breaths with him as coherency exits your mind entirely. You're rocking against his hips, effervescent with delight at the feel of his sizeable cock plumping harder and harder against your clothed cunt, and lord, any shame you should feel is immediately decimated when his huge hands dig into the flesh of your arse and pull you down firmly. The kiss finally breaks as the both of you cry out your pleasure at the feeling.
“Darlin', is this... are you sure...?” Arthur rasps, his voice all sex and rough-cut granite; of course he's got the presence of mind to be a gentleman, even now.
But you're no lady. Not in this moment. You're unrecognisable in the fever of your passion, a creature sculpted by his unknowing command into something domineering and dark. By way of answer, you lave your tongue up his neck and suck a blood-burst hickey beneath his jaw that will mottle a pretty purple later. He flinches and hisses. At the same time, you wrench the fetter of his belt, pulling it open. You not even aware of the sounds you're making – savage and low, eager – but Arthur understands.
“Shit,” he grits out, arching the small of his back as you free his cock from the confines of his jeans, “alright, darlin'. I got you, you're okay. Go on, take what y'need.”
I need you! You want to scream it, but your voice catches on a keening cry as Arthur's calloused fingers slip beneath your skirt, feeling the moisture gathered on the seam of your bloomers. He curses, tugs at the ribbons holding the garment closed behind you, yanks them down. For a horrible moment you must leave the closeness of him to swing one thigh up, dragging the material off, letting it pool down your other leg. Arthur grabs fistfuls of your ragged skirt and pushes it up around your waist.
His eyes are cast downward to where you are both urgently and hastily bared. A second panicked question of consent dies on his lips as he witnesses you angle his cock and lower yourself onto it with two smooth rocks of your hips, the closeness of your cunt surrounding him in heat and wet. The sound he makes is guttural, and as his gaze snaps up to capture your own, you know he's joined you in your head-space.
Not people. Not outlaws who run together as close, flirty friends. Something else, now.
Bending down, you find a home for your fingers between the buttons of his shirt, curling into the coarse hair of his chest. With a throaty groan, you begin to fuck him. God, he needs to be fucked like this, you think; needs to lay back and let you take care of him until he's raw and wrung-out and has no choice but to begin again. You will give him that.
The sound of your ass smacking into his thighs is muffled by his jeans, but the rhythm of it is still utterly debauched, quickening at the urging of his hands on you. Beneath you, he moans brokenly, sweat-sheen glistening on his forehead, teeth pinched together. Like he's holding back.
“Give it to me,” you command, gasping, “everything. Want it. Want you, fuck, Arthur, want you.”
“Y'have—fuck—y'have me, woman, Jesus, anything, feels so--”
“Yeah?” Sitting back on your heels, you rock slower, squeezing the friction-swollen muscles of your pussy tighter around him. “Good, sugar? Y'like being fucked like this?”
Arthur calls out, grips you tighter, stares at you like you are divinity in the forest-dirt; goddess made flesh from his prayers alone. The glint of your teeth is bright. You never slow the momentum, riding him dirty, kiss-swollen mouth open. Wildness surges in your veins.
“Sweetheart, darlin',” Arthur pants, trying to buck up into you and away from you at the same time, “I can't—not gonna last, fuck, get off--”
There is panic in his eyes, like he thinks you won't yield, but you are benevolent. You lift your hips, pushing his hand away when he goes to grab at himself to finish, and slide down his legs. When you open your mouth to suck the head of his cock, the vestiges of his control crumble.
With a roar wrested from deep within his chest, Arthur comes hard down your throat, pulsing thickly against your jealous lips. Beneath you, his body tenses as he's wracked with the spasms of orgasm. He watches you suck him until he can't bear it anymore, until he has to squeeze his eyes shut and throw his head back. You swallow, coax every hot pulse of his spend with your tongue, nurse at him kittenishly until he's trembling with sensitivity. Only then do you release his reddened dick, grinning as it still twitches, licking your sticky lips.
When you meet his bleary eyes, he looks completely stupefied. He's wrecked, utterly had, undone and reborn. Just as you wanted, Arthur is vulnerable and glorious beneath you.
Then, with slow recognition, his face twists in apology.
“Damn it, I didn't—you didn't even—god damn it, I'm s--”
“I'm not sorry.” You say, voice husky. “Not a bit.”
Arthur blushes – actually blushes, after all that – and wipes a hand across his forehead. “Ain't gentlemanly of me to leave you wantin'. I mean, that whole thing wasn't gentlemanly. Somethin' just possessed me... I don't know rightly what or, or how.”
“If you regret this – if you regret me – then y'tell me right now, and we'll not speak of this again. An accident between friends. That's fine.” You shift your weight, sitting back again.
He is silent. The line of his jaw is tight. You breathe, and continue.
“But if you're gonna apologise in order to pander to some kinda honour that you think I have? Don't do it, Arthur. I don't want that. And as for the matter of bein' gentlemanly, the Rhodes saloon ain't far from here on foot. Y'wanna even the score?” Reaching over him, you pick up his fallen hat, and plop it atop your head. “Let's go hide out there for a couple o' days.”
Arthur stares at you, thumbs tracing soft circles into your hips. “I don't regret you. Or what jus' happened. I jus', I wanna do right by you, darlin'.”
“Then walk me through this big ole scary forest, take me to a rented room, and make me scream, Mr. Morgan.”
Shuffling to stand, Arthur smirks, offering you his hand. “Well then. Yes, ma'am. Like I said,” he pulls you up, flush against him, blue-flame eyes sparkling, “anything.”
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Funhouse Mirror (Reid Request)
Tumblr media
Request: Reader, who typically dresses masculine/reserved shows up to the FBI Halloween event dressed very feminine and everyone is surprised. - @reidmorefanfics​ A/N: (3/29) I’ve just heavily edited this piece, so I hope the re-readers and new readers both enjoy! Couple: Spencer/Fem!Reader 
Smut (NSFW, 18+) Content Warning: 
Semi-public sex, fingering, penetrative sex Word Count: 4.8k
MASTERLIST ——————————————————
Some call it Mischief Night; others call it Devil’s Night. No matter what you call it, ’twas the night before Halloween, and Spencer Reid insisted that we all gather at the BAU to celebrate after a particularly terrible case.
Normally, I would have whined a lot more about having to return there after a long week at work, but not tonight.
Because I had a secret. I’d been teasing Spencer for weeks about my costume. Whenever he asked me what I was going to be, I would tell him the truth: I have a Doctor costume. I just never said which Doctor.
I’d been planning it all for a long time, and I couldn't wait to see the payoff. Especially with the rest of the team there.
It was going to be amazing.
Styling my hair in the messiest possible fashion, I slipped into my outfit and practically skipped back to my car to head over. I knew that I would be one of the last to arrive, but it was almost better that way. Let them all bear witness to the only slight humiliation of my favorite coworker.
Upon arrival I noticed that Spencer wasn’t kidding when he said he had stashed decorations in his car and locker in preparation for this possibility. The bullpen was adorable, and our invitations to other agents and groups had apparently panned out. There were more people than I was expecting. It wouldn’t matter, though. Only a select few would truly understand the masterpiece that was my costume.
When the elevator doors slid open, I immediately spotted Spencer. He had his back to me, and was leaning on the desk in front of Emily, who was the first to notice me among the crowds. Her eyes widened to take in the sight, and her mouth dropped open with a perplexed joy.
‘Oh my god,’ she mouthed while shaking Spencer’s shoulder aggressively.
Then she said it; the very question I’d been waiting for.
“Reid… Is she… Is she… you?”
The poor, unsuspecting boy finally looked over his shoulder, finding me among the many the same way Emily had. Except the gears in his mind turned slower than hers, which was even more uncharacteristic of the genius.
I wondered if it was because of my outfit.
I was dressed in a sleeveless white button down with the top few buttons undone, exposing more skin than I’m sure these few had ever seen of me. My bottoms merely consisted of a much too short black pleated skirt held up with some suspenders. To top it off, of course I had a very familiar pair of black converse.
But that’s not what really pulled together the signature 'Spencer' look. No, the true pièce de résistance was the dark red cardigan hanging from my shoulders, dropping down further than the skirt itself.
Spencer had not moved in the entire time it took me to walk up to him. His mouth stayed hung open in a confused, entertained half-smile while his eyes bounced between my exposed chest and my bare legs. I couldn't tell which drew his attention more.
“Now, I know I told you I was coming as the Doctor,” I laughed, putting a finger on his chin to direct his eyes back to my face. “But I never told you which Doctor, so…”
I took the moment to move again. To flaunt the carefully studied perfection and spin on my toes. My skirt raised slightly to expose more of my legs, and I swear I heard him squeak at the motion. When I stopped in front of him, I did a small curtsy and finally gave myself a proper introduction.
“May I present... Dr. Spencer Reid. With my own personal touch.”
Emily had devolved into a fit of giggles, and I could see a very amused JJ and Morgan approaching from the corner of my eye.
“Wow, (y/l/n), I almost didn’t recognize you,” Morgan laughed before looking back at Spencer, who had still yet to say a single word.
“Well, that’s probably because I am wearing my very convincing Dr. Reid costume,” I replied as I readjusted the oversized glasses on my face.
“Oh my god, she is you, Spence!” JJ remarked, sharing a scandalous look with Emily before they all turned their attention to the man of the hour.
But Spencer didn’t say what I think anyone was expecting. Once the shock wore off, he was much more preoccupied by an important detail regarding the sweater wrapped around my shoulders.
Shaking his head slightly to reset his thoughts, he finally squealed, “Wait, is that my cardigan?!”
Feigning shock and confusion, I looked down at the fabric before lifting it up around me to show just how poorly it fit.
“Umm, no, I’m pretty sure it’s mine, actually.”
“How did you—?! I thought I lost it!” he shouted. He jumped from his seat to grab the sleeve, but I don't think he considered the fact that when he pulled it towards him, I would be forced to follow. My hands hit his shoulders to prevent us from crashing straight into each other, although I think I would have preferred it if we had.
I'd embarrassed him enough for one day.
“Well, I mean… You did lose it,” I pointed out with a shrug, “‘cause I stole it.”
Morgan shook his head as he covered his face, trying to compose himself as Emily and JJ took the hint that this moment was meant to be shared between the two of us. Morgan had a few more words to say before he left, though.
“Damn Reid, didn’t know you could look like that. Can we replace you with her?”
Spencer’s face had turned a pale shade of pink, and I had to admit it looked absolutely adorable on him. Truthfully, he was taking it a lot better than I expected. I had been worried for a minute that the sudden shock of skin and imitation might give him a heart attack.
“(Y/n),” Morgan pointed out, “not used to you lookin’ like that either. Where’s this girl been?”
“She’s been in my heart the whole time,” I sang, holding my hand to my chest with pride. “And be careful what you wish for, Morgan. You might find that you miss the old me."
The man's eyebrows jumped a full inch higher, but then the softness returned to his features. When I flashed him a wink, Derek just shook his head.
“Well, now, I know that sure isn’t Reid’s personality,” he laughed, “If you’re going for authenticity, don’t quit your day job.”
With that, he left me and Spencer alone. 
The boy genius was still holding onto the sleeve of the cardigan, but in our relative privacy, the surprise had shifted to a playful, delighted look. I bit on my lip out of habit, having to stop when I remembered the lipstick I was wearing.
“I promise I’ll give it back.”
Spencer clicked his tongue, finally releasing his hold on me as he looked away with an obvious smirk on his face.
“It’s not fair. It looks better on you,” he mumbled. I noted that his usual insecurity had also changed, but tried not to read too far into it. We weren't meant to profile each other, after all.
But it was kind of hard to miss how his eyes averted back to the same two places they kept going so far tonight. I watched him carefully, paying attention to the responses he had as that gaze trailed up my body, eventually realizing that I was waiting for him to look me in the eyes again.
“Are you sure it’s the cardigan you like?”
The tease succeeded in darkening the already red shades of Spencer’s face. He cleared his throat, but was suddenly unable to meet my eyes.
“S-Sorry, I’m just. Not used to it. Morgan’s right, you usually don’t dress like… that.”
I leaned against the desk to open my chest to him in a way that would be characteristic if not for the lack of cloth covering it. I'd always been open to him, after all. I'd just never had his attention like this before. I wanted to keep it for as long as I could, so I waited until he was looking down to cross my legs.
“Does it look bad?”
It was a rhetorical question. I could tell by the way he immediately went back to ogling me that he very much liked it.
I was surprised, however, by the fact he answered.
“No. You look great.”
He caught the slight jump I made in response to his voice. He also caught the way I shot back into a defensive standing position and quickly pulled the cardigan back over my shoulder.
I giggled nervously, then mumbled, “Bit of a narcissist, Dr. Reid?”
“Guess so,” he replied much more confidently.
I wanted to offer him my own retort, to continue the game of wits that we normally had. But something seemed... off. Usually, I was the one teasing him!
But his eyes were burning straight through me, and I felt the fire devour the air from my lungs with white-blue flames. I faltered, taking a step back from him as I swayed side to side.
“Well. I guess I should… go get a drink, and uh, socialize.”
I barely heard his best wishes as I took off, but I wasn't at all equipped to handle his scrutiny.
When had he become so intimidating? It seemed so strange and sudden and... stupid. 
I mean, granted, I did take a pretty big step showing up here in his clothes. In fact, I’d barely thought about the fact that to some it may look like he gave me the cardigan. After all, isn’t that a thing couples do?
Whatever. I was pretty sure that I was considered an even less sexual being than Spencer by most of the people in that room. It wasn’t the first time that I’d been teased for wearing traditionally masculine clothing, which was also typically oversized and particularly modest. A Victorian woman or an industrial man. Nothing in between.
Could you blame me? My day job put me across the table from uncuffed rapists and murderers on a daily basis. But did that really make me completely undesirable? It wasn't like I couldn’t get dolled up if I wanted to. When I tried, I could make myself look like the perfect visage of traditional femininity. I could be desirable - Obviously, because I just had half the people employed here ogling me at once.
Including Spencer, I reminded myself. He was the only one I actually cared about. I’d had a crush on the genius since basically day two (day one he was a bit much) of working here. That was part of why I was doing this; I was hoping that with enough completely blatant clues, he would finally get the hint. Because truth be told, I was deathly shy when it came to romance. Something about offering yourself to someone was scary. And I was never really scared when I was with Spencer.
Excited? Sure. Scared? Never.
So… why did I avoid him for the following hour? Well, that was an interesting question with a horribly boring and predictable answer: I’m a giant coward and a little bit of an idiot.
I couldn't explain the way he looked at me after the rest of the team had left us. It was like he could have devoured me right there. Just remembering it caused goosebumps to cover my skin. Every now and then I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck raise, and when I turned to him, he didn’t even try to look away.
I found myself screaming at him with envy and frustration, Where did this confidence come from?! And where the hell did mine go?!
Was the room on fire, or was it just me? Either way, I had to get out of there. I felt like I was going to explode.
I didn’t even know what office I was in. Luckily, it looked stripped to the bare essentials. I’d hate to be considered a snoop during the party if anyone had seen me bolting into someone else's space.
The time away was necessary and appreciated. Taking a deep breath, I tried to fix my hair to the best of my ability without being able to see it. I found myself once again wondering how the hell he managed to go about life with perpetual bedhead. It fell in my face every five seconds. It'd barely been a couple of hours and I already wanted to cut it off.
While trying to readjust the suspenders and skirt, I jumped at the unmistakable sound of the the door creaking open. I spun around so quickly I almost tripped against the desk next to me.
“I wasn’t snooping!” I shouted on instinct, which earned an amused chuckle from the man who’d come in.
“Uhh… This is an empty office,” Spencer pointed out, shutting the door behind him and swiftly shoving his hands in his pockets.
“I-I knew that.”
He nodded in reply with a disbelieving smile, “So... what are you doing in here?”
Attempting to look even the slightest bit composed, I leaned against the desk with one hand and rested the other on my hip, similar to how I’d stood before. Unfortunately, he noticed the similar stance and drew a number of conclusions. I tried to stave them off, but my voice was shaking and my eyes were still struggling to meet his.
“Nothing. Just… taking a break from the party.”
But any composure I might have gathered was quickly shattered into nothing, because Spencer turned around and easily flipped the lock on the door as he muttered, “Interesting.”
“W-What are you doing?” I asked him, looking past him as he approached me so that I could inspect the now locked door.
“Nothing,” he said with a shrug, “Just taking a break from the party.”
I stood up, but just enough to back against the desk. I held onto its edge for dear life, hoping and praying that the firmness of it would grant me some structural integrity so that I wouldn't melt into an actual puddle on the floor.
Spencer stood in front of me, still imposing and paralyzing in the best way. The flame he'd sparked inside of my chest was raging at the way he began paying special attention to my exposed shoulder where his cardigan had fallen a few inches down my arm.
“You seem nervous,” he remarked as his fingers hooked under the fabric and drew it back up to rest on my shoulders. “Is that part of your costume, too?”
My legs instinctively drew together. My thighs rubbed against each other gently, in harsh contrast to the downright devilish way Spencer licked his lips.
“U-uh, yeah. Sure.”
I brought one arm across my waist, the other holding onto the opposite elbow without thinking about what that meant in this outfit. I wasn’t used to my breasts being out on display, but the man in front of me had already become very accustomed to the sight. I wondered which of us would miss it more when it was gone tomorrow, hidden behind my usual clothing and modesty.
“You know… Everyone thinks that between the two of us, you’re the dominant one. That typical 'tough girl' persona has them all fooled. But… I have a different theory.”
My heart felt like it was in my throat and I was fucking choking on it. I could barely look at him, my eyes continuing to fall back to the ground to our side. I couldn’t even look straight down, because I would see how close to me he was.
That’s why he brought his hand up to my chin. The edges of his fingers barely touched me as he directed me to face him similar to how I had done to him earlier. He didn't need to use force; we both knew I wanted to look at him.
“See, when you’re alone and cornered… It’s not that way at all, is it?”
I was stammering while trying to reply, but he saved me the humiliation.
“You’re not a tough girl at all, are you? No, you’d much rather be my good girl.”
Literally all he had done is spoken to me and touch my chin, which made it all the more humiliating and telling when the only response I could give him in that moment was a pathetic mewl.
It positively delighted the proud bastard.
“The premise of your costume is flawed,” he teased, watching the way my chest rose and fell with renewed urgency. But that wasn’t what really got to me. No, it was the fact that the bastard dropped his hand, and actually turned around to leave.
“W-wait!” I called after him, still rooted in my spot against the desk. I had to, or else I was scared I would have flat out collapsed on the floor in a pile of mush.
Spencer stopped, looking over his shoulder with a look that dared me to do something.
“If I’m wrong then… Show me,” I challenged.
A smile spread across his face as he chuckled, sarcastically repeating back to me, “If?”
“Yes,” I acknowledged at half the volume and double the pitch, summoning the courage to take a few steps towards him.
“I-I’m not convinced.”
“Oh, you’re not convinced?” he mocked.
I visibly shivered when he raised his hand to my face, gently brushing my hair from my face where it had fallen. I decided then and there that the bedhead look wasn't entirely bad. Not if it meant forcing him to demonstrate just how badly he wanted to see my face, fully and unobstructed.
“What do I have to do to convince you, Princess?” he purred.
My breathing rate has skyrocketed, and I could see how he was cherishing the responses he drew out of me with very little effort.
“Force you down on your knees?” he proposed with a similar quiet voice. The hand on my face was falling down, dragging a knuckle over the exposed skin of my chest before he continued, “Or should I bend you over mine?”
If I’d known I could get him to touch me like this, I would have worn cleavage shirts ages ago.
Once he got to the buttons, he diverted his hand, grabbing hold of one of the suspenders and pulling me against him. His lips ghosted against my ear, and I found myself wishing that I could feel them pressed harshly against my skin.
“Or should I just pick you up and fuck you against the door?”
Despite the soft half-moan that left my mouth and all other evidence to the contrary, I babbled, “You’re all talk.”
Effortlessly, he hoisted my body up and slammed my weight against the locked door. I hit the cold surface with enough force to knock the air from my chest. But still, he held me up by the hips with his body crushed against me. His mouth was close enough to mine that I could have taken his lips right there. I considered it, too.
“You sure about that, Princess?” he offered with a flirtatious grin.
Suddenly overwhelmed by the risky nature of this tryst and the reality of the party raging on the other side of a simple piece of wood, I struggled lightly under his grip.
“Spencer! What if someone hears us?!”
“You better be quiet then,” he instructed while the cruel bastard dragged a hand down my thigh and back up under my skirt.
Trying to be realistic, I immediately interjected, “I-I can’t be quiet!”
Not at all listening to the plea, he wasted no time pulling the thin cotton fabric to the side and dipping his fingers into the already soaking wetness.
Just like that, a shaky moan erupted out of my mouth. My head fell back to hit the door, and he did absolutely nothing to stop the noises that began to flow out of me with a startling regularity.
“Oh, I’m going to have so much fun with you,” he emphatically declared, “It’s that little innocent look that makes me want to fucking tear you in two.”
The filthy language coming from his usually reserved mouth had me panting like I had run a marathon. As his fingers gently played with my slit, I clutched tightly onto his back and dragged my fingernails against his shirt. Immediately, my mind filled with thoughts of our skin melding together. I wondered what it might be like to feel him, bare and broken under my hands the same way that he was taking me then.
“Oh, god,” I mumbled as any arguments I had quickly turned to dust in my mind.
“An interesting exclamation on Devil’s Night,” he quipped.
It earned him a stern, “Fuck off.”
“I can’t. I’m too busy trying to fuck you.”
A fucking prick. A prick who then slipped two of his fingers into my waiting heat. I choked on my own breath as he immediately began working the muscles, stroking his fingers inside me with a thrilling insistence. I was honestly surprised I wasn’t tearing his shirt at that point. My nails definitely pressed hard enough to leave welts, but it only seemed to drive him even more wild. Eventually, the sound became too much, and his mouth covered mine to swallow and share our moans.
Once he began to palm against my clit, I was practically putty in his arms. I had imagined him touching me so many times, but nothing like this. This hedonistic, unhinged man in front of me would be my undoing. My entire body trembled against him as my orgasm hit me with full force, a high pitched keen escaping into the space between us. He smiled, but his hand continued its efforts.
“If you can’t handle my fingers,” he growled as he moved his face up to lock eyes with mine, “then tell me... how do you plan on handling my cock?”
My response didn’t come in words that I tried to form. They only came out in whimpers and unintelligible begs when he removed his hand and used it to help keep me up. I couldn’t even help him remove his pants, as I was scared letting go of him would cause this entire fantasy-come-to-life moment to fade away.
There was genuine shock on my face as he pulled a condom out from his pockets, which solidified my tenuous suspicion that he had come in here with this exact plan. With his other incredibly skilled hand, he managed to uncover himself and don the condom with speed and grace. He didn’t even falter as he kept me pinned against the door.
Fuck, I had thought he was kidding when he used to tell me that he could pick me up. I never imagined it would be like this.
We should have done this like, a long time ago, I thought to myself. If I'd asked him, I’m sure Spencer would have agreed. Because no sooner had he lined his manhood against me, than he loosened his grip on my body. I slid against the door, falling down to the perfect position for him thrust up into me. The friction was overwhelming as I was sandwiched between two very hard places.  
The cry that came out of my mouth was more like a scream, and thankfully Spencer covered my mouth before too much of it sounded. Although, something told me he wouldn’t mind much if he were caught doing this to me.
No, that sparkle in his eye at the noises he made me produce was much too excited.
Pounding into me again, this time with more force and speed, I heard a satisfied grunt in my ear that made my tremors spread through my legs.
“You want them to know how good I make you feel?” he teased, increasing his power enough to make me audibly knock against the door with each movement.
“Tell me,” he started, his fingers tightening their hold on my lower thigh. He accentuated his new pace with words spoken at the same rhythm. “Is this enough proof for you, Princess?”
I couldn’t see him through my delirium, and thank god, because the sight of him ravaging me would certainly kill me. My eyes were clenched shut as I yelled against his hand.
“Yes! Spencer, please! Yes!”
That was all the encouragement he needed, and he took full advantage of the pride I had gifted him with my plea. His hips hit mine with bruising force as a sheen of sweat covered our bodies in such close proximity. He removed his hands to reposition my hips, and thankfully I wasn't able to scream anymore. He had pushed me beyond the normal realms of pleasure into another world.
With both of his hands rooted firmly on me, his lips joined mine to smother any noises I might create. It only served to further my lust for that man. Our tongues tangled in their own battle between us. But my breath was once again thready, and my pulse was beating wildly as my body urged me to give in to Spencer. I complied, feeling the waves of simultaneous tension and release as my walls fluttered desperately around him.
That time, it was his moan that broke through the kiss.
“Fuck, you’re so tight,” he muttered, the illicit words dragging out my orgasm a few moments longer. Long enough, it seemed, to let him join me jumping into the blissful abyss of the chaotic, knotted mess of our bodies. My toes curled as he thrust into me a few more times, bottoming out and holding me against him as he twitched within me.
Exhausted, my head fell against the door one last time, rolling to the side as I tried to catch my breath. I wasn’t sure how Spencer was still capable of holding me up, much less tenderly lowering me to my feet and holding me upright until I was able to stand. Removing himself with a light groan, he leaned his forehead against mine, undoubtedly also wishing his vision would stop spinning.
But then he kissed me again. A long, languid kiss filled with all remaining desire to have me. I kissed him back, intoxicated and wild with the pleasure still coursing through my veins.
And then he was gone, and my body was that much colder without him. I sighed, trying to fix my hair enough to walk back out into the room with everyone. Because, you know, I just fucked my coworker in a room right next to all the rest of them. The least I could do is look halfway decent when I walk back out there.
Once I was situated, I cleared my throat and looked over at Spencer doing much of the same. But now he was the one leaning against the desk where he had originally found me.
“We should probably… Get back out there. Before they realize we’re both missing,” I said with very little confidence and using way too many hand gestures.
God, I was picking up too many of his habits... and him as a habit, hopefully.
“I don’t care if they know,” he concluded simply.  
“You are a narcissist.”
“It’s not my fault I look so good on you.”
I scoffed, noticing the way his eyes still looked at me like they had before.
“By the way, keep the cardigan,” he added, “I’d love to see how it looks with nothing else on underneath it sometime.”
With a bashful smile, I pulled the cardigan over my chest to cover more of me, enjoying the way our activities made it smell like him again.
“Wait. So we can… We can do this again, right?” I asked.
He seemed to be considering something before he responded.
“Only on one condition.”
Shifting awkwardly under his scrutiny, I bit my lip nervously as I asked, “What?”
“From now on… I’m the only one who gets to see you... like this.”
With a wave of the hand, he gestured to my bare legs. The intention was well noted, and I took the time to button a few of the buttons on the cardigan to cover more of my chest.
“That can be arranged,” I concurred before turning back to the door. I let my hand rest on the handle for a little while longer, reflecting on what had just happened in this unmarked office. I wondered about what it would be like now, knowing what I knew about Spencer Reid, and what he knew about me.
I hoped it wouldn’t be the same as it was before.
“See you out there, Princess.”
Something in his voice told me that he felt the same.
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Gentleman in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets (NSFW)
Tumblr media
*Not my gif*
Pairing: Kelly Severide x Reader
Requested: Yes
Prompt: Kelly gets fed up when you tease him at work all shift (Dominate, kinda rough Kelly smut)
Warnings: Smut (18+), daddy kink, breeding kink¿, swearing
A/N: Anyone else find the gif incredibly sexy? Also, proof skimmed at 4am so don’t judge typos 😅
It was a quiet day in the firehouse. Ambulance 61 only running a few calls and everyone else passing the time by running drills or checking equipment. You had offered to make dinner, wanting to give Ritter and Gallo a break for once. You were far from a candidate, but you weren’t “all in” on the candidate hazing per say. They needed a break every once in a while too. Especially when trying to cook three meals a day for the pickiest men in Chicago. You were trying to decide how to marinate the chicken when your boyfriend walked into the lounge headed straight for the kitchen.
“You cooking tonight?” He asked when he spotted you in front of the stove. Watching you nod, he chuckled.
“You know we have candidates for that.” He teased.
“Yeah yeah I know, I also don’t care.” You retorted, having already had this talk before. “Hey! What are you doing?” You scolded as you watched him open up a cupboard digging through it.
“Getting chips.” He answered, nonchalantly.
“I’m making food!” You reminded him.
“And I will eat it, but I need something to hold me off in the meantime.” He replied, rolling your eyes, you turned back to the task. “Okay spices.” You thought out loud moving towards the cabinet Kelly was still digging through. Registering in your head that there was nobody else around except Mouch who was loudly snoring on the couch. Smirking you took the few steps towards your needed ingredients.
“Excuse me.” You mumbled slipping in front of Kelly where he was trying to reach something from
the back of the top shelf. Pushing yourself up on your tippy toes you attempted to grab spices off the bottom shelf, pushing your butt out to put pressure against his crotch before slowly moving back down on the heels of your feet, smiling effectively to yourself when you felt Kelly immediately tense above you swallowing a low groan, trying again and eliciting the same reaction. “I can’t reach it. Could you hand me that cayenne pepper?” You asked sweetly pointing to it, witnessing a pink tint appear across his cheeks, still pressed tightly against you, clenching his jaw when you wiggled your hips back against his. Tightly gripping the container he handed it to you. “Thank you, lieutenant.” You grinned sliding out from in front of him to make your way towards the counter. It wasn’t but two seconds before Kelly had you trapped up against the counter. Breathing heavy in your ear goosebumps traveling down your body at the warmth of his breath.
“You think you’re so sly. Such a little tease, trying to make daddy rock hard.” Kelly leaned over your back pushing his hips into your spine where you felt an obvious bulge. “You’re just giving me an invitation to bend you right over this counter and use you.” Kelly whispered into your ear as you started to chop up the celery coming centimeters away from chopping off your finger at his words. It had been a few days since you had sex and you knew you both were craving each other. When the sound of footsteps heading for you became clear he sprung away putting a respectable amount of space between the two of you.
“Is anybody making dinner around here?” Herrmann asked, appearing from the apparatus floor, Stella in tow behind him.
“Yeah, working on it.” You assured him watching Kelly retrieve a bag of chips and head towards the bunk room, cool relaxed demeanor drifting back over him. He was always better at hiding things than you, and this was likely a game you were going to lose at, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care.
You and Kelly had dated for awhile before accepting that the pressures of the job was starting to take a toll on your relationship. In order to healthily deal with your issues separately you decided to take a break, knowing that you would likely eventually end up back together, or at least hoping so. It was hard at first especially after finding out he had had a brief fling with Stella, one of your best friends in the house, but you had gotten through it and had been back together for a couple months. Nobody else in the house knew though, except Matt who you frequently ran into every morning in his kitchen.
You had taken plenty of opportunities to tease Kelly throughout the rest of the shift. Sending him dirty texts, accidentally running into him in the shower, innocently flirting with Gallo just to get a rise.
“Oh sorry are you almost done?” You asked sweetly watching Kelly shift his clothes from the washer to the dryer.
“Be my guest.” He moved out of the way for you to move towards the washer starting to throw your clothes into it when you heard him clear his throat. Turning you cocked your head when you saw him holding one of your thongs on his pointer finger. “Oops must’ve dropped that.” You played innocently, taking it from him to drop it into the machine feeling the heat of his body crowd you.
“What has gotten into you today?” He questioned, gripping your hips.
“I don’t know what you mean.” You bit your lip blinking up at him.
“Oh so you really were just interested in Gallo’s new workout regimen?” He smirked, pushing you completely against the washer.
“Kid’s looking swole what can I say?” You giggled.
“You must really want me to take you right here, Kitten.” He shook his head, lips moving centimeters away from yours. You hummed, waiting for him to make contact, but he never did. “Say it. Tell me.” He challenged right hand moving up to your bare stomach, finger pulling at the top of your pants.
“I want you.” You admitted and you could feel him smile against your own lips.
“How bad?” He encouraged, popping the button of your pants open, fingers inching further south.
“So bad.” You assured, moaning when the pad of his finger came in contact with your clit, his mouth muting the sound. You relaxed letting the pleasure seep into your body. Whimpering when one of his fingers pushed into you. Your own fingers were nothing compared to his and it had been too long since you felt them. Bracing yourself against his chest when he added another, thrusting them in and out.
“Fuck, Kel. Someone could walk in.” You reminded him trying to keep a clear head, that was very quickly fading.
“Let them. They can watch and see how wet and desperate I make you while fingering your little pussy. Then they can imagine what I do to you with my cock.” He whispered into your ear, causing your knees to buckle below you.
“Oh my god.” You breathed out when his thumb began to flick against your clit synchronizing with his thrusts, his dirty talk was always out of this world. You felt your legs begin to shake, head falling into your boyfriend’s chest, sharp breaths coming out just as the knot unraveled in your stomach. Kelly’s free hand wrapping around your waist to steady you. He waited for you to gain control of your balance again before removing his hands away from you.
“This is far from over.” Kelly kissed your sweaty forehead before retreating leaving you a disheveled mess. You left him alone for the rest of the night knowing if you went near him you were going to cave and this time you would be sure to be caught.
You had turned a boring shift into an entertaining one and you loved watching him squirm.
Unfortunately, you hadn’t gotten much sleep having run calls almost all night, one after the other, and you were so ready to fall into your big soft bed you had even forgotten about the game you were playing with your boyfriend. Up until you walked into your apartment. Dropping your bag to the floor you kicked off your shoes barely registering Kelly close behind you until he tugged on your wrist, taking you off balance causing you to fall right into him, his hard body insistently igniting a spark within you. His hands gripped your face bringing you in for a heated kiss, one that had you leaning back against the door almost immediately.
“Mmm.” You hummed, starting to feel your body summon a second wind.
“Are you too tired? Cause we can do this later.” Kelly pulled away to ask you sincerely, palm cupping your face.
“You seem to have woken me back up.” You chuckled arms circling around his neck to pull him back down to you, tongue joining his, gripping the bottom of his shirt you broke the kiss to tug it over his head.
“Don’t worry you have me so fucking horny this isn’t gonna take long.” He laughed unbuttoning your jeans as he licked across your jaw.
“I don’t know if Matt’s gonna want to see our clothes all over the floor.” You joked, stepping out of your jeans as he pushed them down.
“I asked him to give me an hour or two.” Kelly shrugged a cocky tone in his voice causing you to roll your eyes.
“It’s his apartment too.” You pointed out, shedding yourself of your shirt and bra, as Kelly tossed his jeans to the side.
“He can come home if he wants to, he just may regret it. Which is exactly what I told him.” Kelly replied, taking two steps towards you to throw you over his shoulder.
“Kelly!” You giggled unexpectedly.
“Shh we’re on a time limit.” He smacked your ass and you could hear the smile in his voice as he walked you towards your bedroom. Dropping you at the edge of the bed quickly covering the length of your body with his capturing your breasts in his hands, mouthing at your right nipple. Before his hands moved to explore all the parts of your body. The small pleasure sending goosebumps down your body. “You’ve been teasing daddy at work all shift. What if Herrmann or Stella would’ve seen you wiggling this perfect little ass against my crotch?” Kneading it into his palms. “Would you have liked that? Showing everyone how worked up you can get me? How hard you make me just by looking at you?” Kelly growled nibbling down your neck.
“Stella maybe.” You mumbled, causing him to chuckle.
“Jealous?” He inquired.
“Possessive.” You responded, squeezing his crotch for emphasis.
“She’s got nothing on you baby girl.” He promised, picking you up enough to lay you down. higher on your bed. “You have me so pent up you know that?” He rolled his hips down on yours thin fabric covering each of you, so you could clearly feel his full bulge, a soft moan escaping your lips at the action. Kelly smirked above you at the sound.
“You want it so bad don't you? You want daddy to fill you up good huh baby girl?” He taunted fingertips running up and down your thighs. You clenched your jaw trying to keep your hips firm against the bed not wanting to give into him so easily. “Awe come on. You know you love when I talk dirty to you. You tell me all the time, and I bet if I just move my hand a little south it’ll do all the talking for you.” He teased finger snapping the waistband of your underwear“Just tell me how bad you want this cock sweetheart. How you are soaking through your panties right now just thinking about it.” He continued hand very steadily moving closer to what you knew was going to be a pool of liquid between your legs. “And I will rock your world.” He promised biting hard at your collarbone just as his fingers met your clothed center, accompanied by a loud moan involuntarily filling the room. “Would you look at that?” He brought his glistening fingers up in front of your face, but you remained quiet chewing on your lips. “Oh so that’s how we’re gonna be today?” He raised an eyebrow before backing away from you, “you can get yourself ready then, or you’re not getting any.” He commanded.
“No, wait I’m sorry come-“ You started to reach for him but he leaned farther away.
“Your choice.” He smiled widely at you.
“Whatever, fine.” You pouted, you could certainly make this as torturous for him as it was for you. Slowly sliding your panties down your legs. “Oh hey you weren’t kidding, they are soaked.” You laughed, jokingly before throwing them at Kelly’s face. Spreading your legs wide for him to see fingers grasping your nipples first rolling them between your thumb and forefingers. Hips rolling at the feeling that warmed your body. Bringing your hand up to your mouth you made a show of your lips sucking two of your fingers, tongue circling around them humming a small moan that could still be clearly heard in the room. Hand trailing leisurely down your body. You could hear Kelly’s breath hitching as your hand connected with your center purposely moaning loudly enough to fill the apartment putting pressure against your clit. Finger teasingly sliding across your own entrance before circling it again. You could feel the juices starting to drip down your legs, getting impossibly wetter at Kelly’s dark eyes watching your every move. “Oh god.” You groaned, pushing in a single finger thrusting your finger up towards your stomach. Giving more attention to your clit before adding a second finger. “Yes, fuck yes.” You breathed hips pushing down towards your palm when you curled your fingers towards your g-spot already wishing it was Kelly’s dick.
“That’s it baby, play with your wet little pussy so daddy can watch. Such a pretty cunt.” Kelly praised. You hadn’t even realized your eyes had closed shut until you had opened them met with the sight of Kelly’s hand lazily stroking his fully hard shaft.
“Daddy..please.” You begged.
“What do you want sweetheart? Tell me.” He ordered eyes locked with yours.
“You to fuck me so hard I won’t be able to walk for days.” You whined hips still desperately moving with your hand. Kelly appeared back on top of you in seconds.
“Daddy’s ready to take such a long sexually frustrating day out on your perfect little cunt.” He teased nipping your earlobe as he lightly rubbed the tip of his dick between your folds. Slowly pushing his hips forward, your pussy immediately taking him in. “God baby you’re so fucking tight. How can you be this fucking wet and still so tight?” He growled, breaths coming out heavier as he continued to move forward waiting for you to loosen up for him. Focusing on the smell of him so close to you, the quiet little growls, the warmth of his body right against you had you relaxing quickly the pain of the intrusion subsiding within seconds.
“Move Kelly.” You encouraged him, digging the heels of your feet into the bottom of his back trying to pull him even deeper.
“Ah ah ah,” Kelly grabbed ahold of your hands pinning them above your head, “you’re here for daddy’s pleasure right now kitten.” He reminded you with a slow roll of his hips causing you to whimper. His hips moving in slow deliberate circles before thrusting hard all the way in you.
“Fuck!” You screamed, head falling back into the pillows. Your legs falling wider apart when he started moving in a steady rhythm. Quickly finding your soft spot, knowing your body inside and out. “There.” You informed him in a mumble, starting to lose the ability to think, worse with each thrust. He had your arms pinned above your head, hips pounding against yours as hard as possible. Moans and slapping of skin echoing in the room. It was crazy how quickly he could get you where you needed to be. Knew exactly the angle his cock had to enter and exactly the right speed, but he definitely knew what he was doing. Slowly his thrusts as soon as he knew the knot began to build in your lower stomach. Bringing you to the edge numerous times.
“Kelly, I'm getting close.” You warned, whining even louder when his thrusts came to a stop. “Kelly fuck baby come on stop doing that.” You begged, legs beginning to shake at the continuous edging feeling the knot disappear from the pit stomach again and you wanted to cry.
“As soon as you learned to call me by the correct name you can finish.” He teased. Your brain was too clouded to form a decent sentence let alone control what was actually coming out of your mouth.
“God daddy I’m sorry I can’t help it. I can’t even think straight right now.” Your body was wiggling uncontrollably trying to get the friction moving again, tears gathering in the corner of your eyes.
“You can and you will baby.” He ordered, slowly beginning to move again.
“Daddy please just let me cum. Please. Wanna cum around your cock so bad.” You begged, likely incoherently, but he must’ve felt bad as he moved his thumb down into to contact with your clit flicking against it in time with his thrusts.
“Ahhh holy shit yes! Daddy oh my god!” You yelled limbs locking when the pleasure exploded throughout your body. Shaking slightly, sounds flowing freely from your mouth, hands entwining with Kelly’s single hand above you. Stars were still clouding your vision when you tried to open your eyes, Kelly curling himself even closer against you, his head stuffed into your neck, groans continuously accompanying each of his breaths.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck! I’m so close baby girl. So fucking close. Keep clenching that pussy for daddy. Just like that.” He coached, feeling the aftershocks of your orgasm.
“I can feel you twitching babe. I can feel how close you are daddy. You gotta pull out unless you want it in me.” You warned knowing within three strokes he was gonna fill you otherwise trying to push away the multiple voices in your head that admitted you would love nothing more.
“That’s exactly what I want princess, daddy’s gonna flood this tight perfect little pussy with his hot thick cum.” He grunted out and sure enough three strokes later you felt his cock swell, muscles tensing below your hands before spurting numerous amounts of cum against your walls, the warmth lighting your body on fire even more, Kelly collapsed onto your body, during the short fast thrusts he used to work himself through. Loud groans falling from his lips. Sweat covered your bodies sticking between the two of you.
Finally catching his breath a few minutes later he slowly pulled out of you, mind clicking and coming back to reality, eyes widening when he saw the cum running out of you, “Oh my god. Oh fuck baby I’m so sorry. Shit!” He panicked, eyes flicking from the mound between your legs to your face causing you to giggle.
“It’s fine, Kel.” You reassured him reaching for tissues to attempt any clean up.
“I should’ve asked. I let myself get way too carried away. I'm so sorry.” He ran a hand down his face.
“Would you be okay with having a baby with me?” You asked him sincerely.
“Well...yeah of course. I love you.” He nodded his head.
“Then it’s fine. We’re both adults. We know the risks of sex. If we really wanted to avoid it I would suggest more than just the pull out method. Plus if I was really worried I could’ve stopped you.” You shrugged. “Not saying I want to actively try but it certainly wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.” You admitted, having kept your feelings on this exact subject at bay for a while.
“You want to have a baby with me?” He asked, shocked.
“Eventually.” You answered and he smiled.
“Could you imagine telling everyone you’re pregnant and we’ve actually been back together for months.” He laughed at the thought.
“Well thanks to your lack of self-control that might be a reality.” You joked, giving him a pointed look.
“On the brightside you’d get to call me daddy more.” He said winking as he leaned down to capture your lips in a soft kiss.
“Nobody would ever believe the things you say to me in bed.” You thought out loud.
“Gentleman on the streets, freak in the sheets.” He shrugged, winking.
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The World Above The Sky~ Chapter Seven
Tumblr media
Dark! Steve Rogers x Fairy! Reader
Series Summary : where a fairy accidentally teleports to earth from her realm underground, only to be saved by the avengers. Steve ends up taking a liking to her, and sees her as the perfect subject for his twisted fantasy.
Series warnings: Violence, abuse, manipulation, psychological abuse, mature themes, age gap relationship, unreliable narrator, eventual smut, obsessive behaviour, innocent reader. Dub con, Non con, angst, a little bit of a daddy kink, grooming I guess. I wanted steve to be a very realistic dark and predatory character.
Chapter warnings: Gaslighting, manipulation, delusional narrator, drugging, Non con oral (f receiving), Non con fingering and touching, groping, Somnophilia, Older man taking advantage of a younger person
A/N: And I’m back ✌️😙. Long chapter and it’s my favourite yet!! The next chapter the plot will really pick up and get messy and the stakes will be high 😌. I also wanted to thank everyone who read my oneshot “daddy knows best” and interacted with it. It has almost 300 notes and that’s absolutely ludicrous to me. I love you and thank you! I got asked if I would make a sequel or drabbles related to that oneshot. If you have any ideas for drabbles or blurbs related to that oneshot you can submit ideas here! My requests are open too so feel free to submit ideas in my inbox. Hope you enjoy this chapter!!! ♥️♥️
Word count: 5.1k words.
Masterlist and taglist can be found here
The content of this post is not suitable for minors. If you are under the age of 18 please do not interact with this blog, or this post. Please heed the warnings at the top of this story. If you are uncomfortable with any of the content in this post please click away. By reading under the cut you agree to the statements above. Your media consumption is your responsibility. The author is not liable for any minor who chooses to ignore the warnings. Please respect the warnings and my boundaries and do not interact.
I do not consent to my work being posted on any other website or blog except for this one. This includes translated or manipulated versions of my work written or otherwise. I do not claim ownership of Steve Rogers or any other Marvel characters. I only own the reader, any other secondary orignal character and their plot lines.
Chunks of blue swirled among the thick white of vanilla, the insufferable grains refusing to dissolve into the abyss of the creamy, deliciousness that was my splendid vanilla milkshake. The buzzing of the air conditioning was drowned out by the loud hum of the blender in front of me, churning away, making the necessary antidote to my growing impatience and loneliness. Just a taste, but it was more than enough in the moment.
I turned my head ninety degrees, my eyes landing on my little angel. Sleepy and blasé she sat hunched over the kitchen island. Her bare feet swung back and forth, occasionally hitting the base of the counter in front of her, her hips swaying from side to side as she swirled in the bar stool she was sat on. Her fingers drew small and delicate patterns on the marble of the countertop, her other palm pressed firmly against her cheek, holding up her angelic face. Her eyes dropped close as her flesh forced its way into their territory squishing her nose and crinkling her brow in the process. I smiled, her uncaring and indifferent behaviour was more than a little bit endearing, even if it made me frustrated at times. Her picture perfect placement acted like a momentary distraction from the infuriating task in front of me. The perfect little portrait
The comfortable silence in the room was paused when a dramatic yawn was sounded behind me. I turned around once more, just in time to witness her slump completely on the counter top, her hands sprawled in front of her as she sighed deeply, almost melting onto the kitchen island. I chuckled, unsurprisingly she had drawn yet another genuine and voluntary response from me, that wasn’t hard for her. I didn’t often smile truly, normally doing so to be polite, there were few things that didn’t compel me to fabricate reactions, she was one of them.
“Are you sure you still can’t sleep?” I questioned playfully, eyeing her from my place at the blender. She giggled, the gesture making her body shake like jelly, still sprawled out on the counter. There was no other response, just a sigh, as was expected, she wasn’t much of a talker, yet of course. “Well I’m almost done doll” I breathed, switching off the rattling machine in front of me and unplugging it from its power source. The liquid had mostly concealed the remnants of what I had planned, even then the chalk that would inevitably settle between every couple of sips of the sweet treat wasn’t the kind to be mistaken for something else, at least not something innocent. Given her sleepy and exhausted demeanour that evening I was hoping she wouldn’t notice.
I brought the glass to the table top, resting it gently in front of her. Her head lifted slightly off its place on the marble, drowsy eyes meeting mine. Her hair messily covered her face, the sticking out and overlapping in an unnatural, unkept fashion, the result of her exasperated squirming minutes ago. Even then she looked ethereal, soft and trusting and absolutely unaware. I couldn’t deny sometimes I’d questioned my actions, but I was and forever will be sure that what I did was for her, always for her, because if I haven’t made it clear yet, I loved her, and she came to love me.
I reached out to smooth over her disheveled locks, attempting to soothe her with my touch. So much for not being able to sleep, she seemed pretty restless and heavy eyed to me. I wasn’t complaining however. Whatever she did, I would have to adjust to, I would have to work with. I tucked loose strands of hair back into their place, picking out little blades of grass that had made their way there from earlier. I gently nudged the glass towards her with my index finger, the heavy object no match for my strength. Lazily she sat up on her elbows, bringing the straw to her lips, finally doing what I had been waiting for. She didn’t seem to notice anything, keeping her eyes on the reflective marble in front of her, occasionally stealing glances at me, making sure I was still there. I wasn’t going anywhere.
“Didn’t you make any for yourself?” She questioned, but it came our more like a groan than it did English, it was no trouble because I understood. “I’m good sweetheart, besides sugar before bed, it’s like the worst thing you can do to yourself” I said, circling the island to stand behind her. “Then why are you letting me drink this?” She wondered out loud, slumping back on the table. Oh sweet angel. In due time you will know. “I usually wouldn’t, but dire circumstances require rather extreme solutions, don’t they?!” I retorted, spinning her chair to face me, her knees parting making way for my body in between. Her droopy eyes took a moment to catch mine.
“That I can’t sleep?” She asked, rubbing her eyes once again. She never listened, did she? My jaw tensed, I took a deep breath attempting to compose myself. My patience was running thin, and I swear to god, if she reached to rub her eyes once more... I don’t know what I would do.
She could sleep, I knew she could, she just wasn’t, why? I do not know, but like many things she was doing, she didn’t know what was best for her. She needed to sleep, to get rest, to stop worrying, but then again she wasn’t going to give in that easy. She needed coaxing and bribing and negotiating with, she needed to sleep, because that’s what was best for her, for us. She was so difficult sometimes. Something snapped in me.
Tapping the underside of her arms I prompted her to lift them, sweeping my hands under her ribcage placed her on the counter top behind her, shoving the bar stool out of the way. Her heavy eyes left mine for a moment, glancing around to gauge what I had done, yet she didn’t question me, just looked back right into my eyes. What I was doing, she was allowing, wanting me to do.
I placed my palms flat on the cold marble beside each of her thighs, not caging her but protecting her. “you can, you just won’t.” I seethed, my jaw tensing as I spoke. My low and stern voice seemed to escalate the tension in the room. The air was thick and the effects of the air conditioning seemed to have vanished thanks to the heat radiating off my body. My gaze burned holes into her, my imposing and large figure towing over her seated form as I spoke. She held my gaze, eyes wide, mouth slightly agape. There was something there, confusion, terror, realisation, a silent plea for mercy. Yet she said nothing. Just stared.
Our faces stayed inches apart, her gaze didn’t waver, she just sat there, waiting for me to speak, the uneasiness in the room becoming almost too much to bear. I leaned forward, narrowing the distance between us, she leaned back attempting to keep it. It was almost like she didn’t want anything to do with me, after all that I’d done. I exhaled rather dramatically, trying to ground myself but it was clear that my emotions had taken over. Frustrated, tense, and lonely. These feelings were going to boil over eventually. I was hoping it wasn’t going to be that moment. I don’t think I was ready, she certainly wasn’t. I got lost in my thoughts. The meaningless but somehow meaningful words swirling in my head, travelling through my brain, begging for a reaction, a response, a release. I almost didn’t notice how my eyes had been fixed to the kitchen cabinets diagonally in front of me. This wasn’t going to be my breaking point, and no I didn’t go apeshit, so I’ll save you the suspense, what happened next wasn’t what I’m sure you’re hoping for, my downfall.
I tilted my head just a little, my eyes leaving the cabinets they had been fixed on for seconds, coming to meet two doe eyes. Watery, scared, confused, and timid. Absolutely beautiful. She cowered below me, a single tear escaping the confines of her beautiful orbs, snapping back to reality, and out of my trance, immediately my gaze softened.
I closed the gap between us quickly, kissing the tip of her nose, composing myself, and shaking my head to rid it of the corrosive thoughts inside. Her eyes closed as she scrunched up her face, staying in place, unmoving, still surprised by my actions. The seconds had surely felt like minutes, because it had left her somewhat shell shocked. “Steve?” she called warily, unsure about what my reaction would be. She didn’t need to worry. I always acted in her interest. That slip up was not going to happen again, it wasn’t the time. Now I had to find a way to cover myself, I couldn’t have her being wary of me.
“What happened sweetheart?” I questioned, my concern and frantic worrying clear in my voice. “Why are you crying? are you okay?” I asked, parting her legs to stand between them and circling her waist with my arms. “I- you, uh...” she stuttered, backing away from me a little. “What happened? You started crying so suddenly..I...did I do something?” I questioned as gently as I could, my hand reached out to cup her cheek, my thumb stroking it comfortingly. She kept her eyes on me, sniffing every now and then. “Are- are you mad.. at me?” she asked, her voice frightened. “No. No I would never be mad at you doll. Never!” I exclaimed, coming closer, my face level with hers. “But you seemed mad at me....” she trailed off, silent crying and occasionally sniffing.
“No sweetpea... I didn’t even say anything, you just... started crying.. that’s why I’m so worried. Do you feel okay honey?!” I explained, gabbing her face in my palms, my thumbs smoothing over her hot skin, wiping her tears away. I leaned in to place a kiss on her forehead. Sleepy, tired, exhausted and utterly confused, she whined at the gesture, her hands finding the fabric of my flannel. Gripping right below my collar she pulled the fabric into her fists, getting a tight hold on it, I assume it was her attempt to ground herself.
“I thought you- I thought you said something” she looked up at me with her big, teary eyes, red from sleep deprivation, more drowsy than they were before thanks to the drink she consumed earlier. I kept her face in my hands, my skin tingling as it made contact with hers. “didn’t say a word, cross my heart.” I whispered, leaning down and pressing my forehead against hers.
“No I- I’m sure you seemed mad... Just now” she exclaimed, frantically looking around the room, her head shaking as she refused to believe me. “Shh shh, my butterfly calm down okay, deep breathes, come on, you’re just tired and unwell, it’s okay, in and out, deep breaths” I instructed letting myself get lost in her beautiful orbs. She followed my instructions, slowly calming down a little.
She scrunched her eyebrows, more tears escaping from her irritated eyes, a delicious pout resting on her lips. Precious. “I guess I don’t feel well then.. I thought you said something.” She concluded, almost begging me to believe her. Her hands still grasping the fabric of my shirt. If I wasn’t already close enough she tugged me closer, resting her head on my chest. I was hoping she wouldn’t pick up the sound of my pounding heart. I tightened my hold on her, pressing kisses to the crown of her head, rubbing her back in soothing circles. “I think someone’s a little too sleepy huh?” I chuckled, trying to lighten up the mood. She hummed in response, her legs instinctively wrapping around my waist as I pushed to completely close the distance between us, her thin cotton panties the only thing between myself and her. I suppressed a groan.
“I wanna sleep, I don’t feel good.” She yawned shyly, almost pleading with me, her eyes drooping close as she spoke, absentmindedly snuggling closer to me, desperate to go to sleep and I assume forget this ever happened. I straightened myself from leaning down to embrace her and placed my hands on either of her thighs. “Yes, I can tell, see what happens when you don’t listen to me! Your head starts making things up!” I reasoned, my tone gentle yet authoritative. I slid my hands up and down her thighs, gripping her flesh between my fingers as I kneaded it gently, slowly moving upwards, the thin cotton of her summer dress riding further up her thighs, giving me a tease of what lay under. “And now you don’t feel so well do you?!” I questioned sympathetically. She nodded in response, the pout on her lips evident as ever, her head almost dropping as she fought sleep with every inch of her body. “So next time you’re going to listen right?” I prompted, my thumbs now brushing the very insides of her thighs, the rest of my four fingers inching up towards her full bottom, finally getting a taste of what I’d wanted for so long. She nodded again, her head so heavy I could have sworn if she leaned any further her neck would snap. In a moment she collapsed into my arms, her first dropping from their place below my collar and laying limp on either side of me.
I leaned down and placed a kiss to her neck, my lips lingering on her hot skin. Placing my hands on her ribcage I lifted her up into my arms and off the counter. She layer her head on my shoulder as we walked back to her room. If my frantically beating heart was anything to go off I was nervous, yet so excited. A couldn’t stop that smile that forced its way onto my face, triumphant and victorious. Finally. Something. My head spun and my tons had churned, it was going to be a great night. As much for her as for me. It had been long since I felt this sort of genuine excitement, like I mentioned earlier, she seemed to be the only thing bringing me happiness.
The sound of the door lock clicking into place brought me back to reality, the cool dark of her room was comforting and familiar, just like the feeling blooming in my chest. My stomach bubbled as I set her down on the bed, gently propping her head up on one of the extra fluffy pillows who’s covers I’d washed for her that afternoon.
The moonlight beamed through the glass of her windows, lighting up the side of her face, almost like it was watching us, watching me. It seemed like it was attempting to make her seem pale and lifeless, yet it’s cool tone was no match for her ethereal beauty.
As I hovered over her I couldn’t help but find the swell of her chest more inviting than ever. My heartbeat skyrocketed as my mind realised I was living one of the many scenarios it had made up over the past two weeks. I took a moment to admire the beauty below me, the flare of her hips, accentuated by the way the hem of her dress was riding up it, her soft thighs and calves, her pretty feet. The way her skin glistened under the moonlight, her eyelashes resting against her cheeks as her lips parted lightly in sleep.
I let my hands wander up her thighs, relishing the way her skin erupted in goosebumps in response to my touch. Pretty angel. I couldn’t ignore the strain in my trousers, the fabric now tight against my growing length. But it was not time for that, I was there to help her relax, feel good, I wasn’t there for myself.
I dipped down to her level, lifting her limp legs to wrap around my waist, pressing my growing erection against her clothed sex. The friction was not nearly satisfying, but it let me keep my head straight at the time. My lips dragged across her skin, nipping, sucking, kissing their way up and down the column of her neck.
My lips traveled lower, kissing the valley between her breasts. My fingers dragged the fabric of her dress lower, revealing her simple lingerie, it was more than enough for me. She stirred in her sleep, her head shifting to the side as she crunched her eyebrows ever so slightly. I didn’t worry too much, with Bruce’s medication settled in her system, there was no way she was waking up.
As time went on the room started to fill with her sighs of pleasure. Soft yet still equally rewarding, tiny gasps and ragged breaths encouraged the blood in my body to pool below my waist, and my lips to attach to that sweet spot on her neck.
Groaning from a combination of pain, frustration and absolute pleasure I rolled my hips against her, my erection painfully throbbing in my trousers. She let out a tiny squeak, the feeling presumably foreign but still seemingly welcome. I continued my ministrations, every once in a while I was rewarded by a soft moan of pleasure. It was not long until I felt the dampness of her cotton panties as I rutted against her. I stopped my motions, dipping down again to press a kiss to the corner of her mouth. Not her lips, I wanted that one to be special.
I knew she was ready. I moved downwards, letting my head fall between her legs. Slowly I pressed lingering kisses up her calves all the way to her hips, avoiding the insides of her thighs. I pulled the hem of her dress up to her naval, giving myself the perfect view of what I had wanted for so long.
I let my mouth travel up to her inner thighs, her soft moans and gasps from above me being all the encouragement I needed. I moved upward till my eyes landed on her clothed cunt. However damp I had imagined her cotton panties to be, it was an understatement. The white of the fabric was stained dark, the thin material not leaving much to the imagination. A deep and uncharacteristically animalistic groan erupted from my throat at the sight. If I wasn’t hard enough already I was now in pain. I dragged my fingers up her slit, from her dripping entrance all the way to her sensitive clit.
I lapped against her clothed sex. The fabric wet with her juices. The taste of her was heavenly and I couldn’t control the moan that escaped my lips as I tasted her for the first time. I gave her pussy a few licks over her wet panties. The flat of my tongue pressing against her clit. I let myself get lost in her taste, until I couldn’t take it anymore and had to feel her on my tongue. Nothing in between. From the way she squirmed and writhed in my hold I’m sure she wanted the same thing.
I peeled the fabric down her legs, the panties sticking to her, soaked with a mix of my saliva and her wetness. I repositioned myself between her thighs, throwing her legs over my shoulders my hands wrapped around them as I held her in place. My eyes found her oozing cunt. Aching and wet, begging for release. I almost came at the sight. Inhaling the scent of her was disorienting, but I steadied myself and leaned in.
My thumb drew small, gentle circles on her clit and her hips jerked in response to my touch. I let my fingers explore her folds for a moment. She squirmed and moaned as my index found the pool of arousal at her entrance, teasing her cunt open as my thumb continued it’s agonisingly slow assault on her swollen nub.
After a bit more teasing I retreated my fingers, not giving her the satisfaction of feeling them in her quite yet. I needed to taste her first.
My fingers spread her swollen lips. With the flat of my tongue I licked a stripe from her entrance to her clit. The loudest moan yet was sounded above me. I smirked as I leaned back in, licking, sucking and exploring her dripping heat. She stirred above me, overcome with this new pleasure. I was happy to be the one giving it to her.
I teased her folds till she was shaking above me, her hips rocking slightly to meet the movements of my mouth, eager to gain any amount of friction possible. Asking and begging me for release. I hummed against her, satisfied with her response. The sound sending vibrations up her tense, now sweaty and hot body.
I dipped my tongue into her pulsing channel. The heat of her evident on my mouth. I groaned, once again drawing a rather loud moan from her lips. I explored the silky walls of her tight cunt, lapping against them, now more frantically trying to coax an orgasm out of her as my thumb found her clit once again.
Soon her thighs were almost violently shaking around my head, I spread them further, almost as eager as her to get her to the finish line.
My lips found her bundle of nerves, sucking and dragging my tongue across it with quick kitten licks. Not wanting to hurt her or stretch her inexperienced and virgin cunt to the point she’d be sore the next day I gently teased her entrance once more. My finger slipped into her slowly, her pussy warm and wet, encouraging my every action.
I slowly pumped in and out of her, her gasps and moans becoming more frequent as she attempted to toss and turn on the bed. I pumped a few more times before entering a second finger, slowly stretching her open, getting her used to what was to come eventually. She winced at first, but soon her hips were trying to meet my every thrust. She gripped me like a vice. I could only imagine how she would feel wrapped around my throbbing cock. I almost came in my pants for the second time that night, like a horny teenager.
I curled my fingers inside her, finding the spot to send her over the edge. My mouth worked more eagerly on her clit. Licking firm stripes on her swollen bud. I knew she was close. Her walls fluttering and squeezing around my fingers, her arousal coating my fingers and lips. The coil in her belly was about to snap.
With one last lick she fell over the edge. Shaking and gasping for air above me. Her loudest moan yet filled the otherwise silent room as her hips rocked against my face and fingers. Incoherently mumbling as she reached her peak. Her walls squeezed my fingers as her arousal continued to coat them. I sucked and worked her through her orgasm , stopping only once she was twitching and trying to get away from me thanks to how sensitive she was. I drank every last drop of her, eager to savour her taste because it was going to live on my tongue for long after the moment was over.
After I had cleaned her up and changed her into some comfortable sleep wear, I tucked her into bed with the intention to get her to sleep. At this point she was snoring softly, tired and satisfied and completely spent. The air conditioning was on full blast and her previously hot skin was now cool and sweat free thanks to how well I cleaned her up and got her fresh. While I loved the lavender I preferred orange for the summer, citrus and floral scents screamed summer to me and I was glad I replaced her body wash and deodorant earlier that week.
I lingered in the bathroom for a moment before getting back out. I had a problem to fix before I joined her. I didn’t want to sit next to her impatient and frustrated. After what we just did she needed to be held and comforted. I couldn’t do that with my raging hard on.
I indulged myself a little bit that night and got into her bed for a moment. Sitting up I brushed the hair from her peaceful sleeping face, stroking her cheek with my thumb. My pretty girl. A soft hum escaped her lips as I placed a kiss to her nose and then her cheek, my fingers smoothing over the top of her head in a soothing manner. “You did so well for me babygirl. You were so good. So beautiful.” I whispered, pressing more kisses to her face.
For a couple of minutes we just lay there. At one point she rolled towards me, crashing into my side, and probably assuming I was one of her fluffy pillows draped her arms around my waist sloppily. Resting her head on my stomach as I sat propped up by some cushions that supported my back. And yes laugh it up, I’m an old man and I need back support. Hilarious. It was a surreal moment. She wanted to be next to me, hold me. She found comfort in me. Butterflies swarmed my stomach. My baby
I let my fingers tangle in her hair for a while, she may have not even felt it but it was more to relax me than her at that point. What I was expecting to be a couple of minutes turned into a full hour of her sleeping in my arms. But I knew I needed to leave, she was going to wake up soon. She needed rest.
Repositioning her on the bed and replacing myself with a pillow, I kissed her forehead and pushed her hair out of her face. “sweet dreams my butterfly. See you in the morning” I wished, slowly getting up and making my way out.
I walked to my room and got ready for bed. Climbing in I couldn’t help but miss the feeling of sharing a bed with her. The heavy weight on my chest almost nauseating as I came to terms with the fact that I would still have to wait to have what I want. This is a marathon not a hundred meter dash Steven. With a sigh I settled in, once again left alone with nothing but my thoughts and my little angel sleeping feet away from me.
The morning came quicker than I expected. Looking back I can’t say Im surprised. It had been a long night after all. The chirping birds and the rude siren of my alarm clock welcomed me to a new day. The cold and empty side of my bed seemed to leave a bitter taste in my mouth, but the view from the window in front of me satisfied my need to keep my eyes on her. I assumed that after I’d gotten a taste my body and instincts would finally cooperate with my thinking and cognisant mind, but the events of the night before had left me more desperate than I was before, so much for quenching my thirst.
As I performed the tasks of my repetitive morning routine I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to them with her next to be. If I was being honest I probably would even be able to get out of bed, let alone get out and get things done. Boy I would hold her forever, have her rest her head Against my chest as I held her close, whispering sweet nothings to her as she drifted to sleep. She occupied every inch of my heart and mind, every part of my soul.
We met again at breakfast, she said she had slept the best she had in a while and thanked me for “dealing with her” the night before. She promised she’d listen when I told her to get some rest from then on, but on the condition that those milkshakes would keep coming her way. I told her it was my pleasure, and they certainly would, she could be sure of that.
“I don’t know how you can resist those Steve” she’d said shyly, sitting by me in Bruce’s lab, a fat book about fairies laying in her lap as she flipped through it, occasionally reaching her hand out to grab the tall glass sitting beside her. She sipped on the liquid, licking her lips clean every now and then. I guess that new and improved blender worked a charm. The night sky and it’s stars peeked in through the window watching over us as we worked late into the night, the only too people still up, finding a way to get her home.“I really can’t you know!” I replied, aimlessly flipping through the pages of yet another book on fairies. I couldn’t say I was looking for anything helpful. Hell that was the opposite of what I was doing. Avoiding any relevant information. “Well you didn’t have any last night! Aaand your not having any tonight!,” She chided, giggling and looking up at me.
She gazed into my steely blues, her doe eyes so pretty under the labs ugly LEDs. God I enjoyed this side of her, giggly and bubbly and well.. happy. The gleam in her eyes was unmatched, even by the brightest star in the sky, it held hope, and trust and somewhere in there the confidence to trust me completely. It was only up to me to bring that out.
“I do you know?! After you fall asleep I can’t help but make myself one, no matter how much I tell myself I probably shouldn’t.” “Are you going to do that tonight?, be unhealthy and have sugar before bed?” She set her empty glass down and yawned. I stood up straight, abandoning my position hunched down on the table where she sat and caged her between my arms. Each palm resting on either side of her thighs as they lay on the table. I pushed myself in between her legs, letting them wrap around my waist as I leaned down towards her. I tapped the tip of her nose with my index, drawing a squeak from her, getting her pretty eyes to look up at me like I was the only thing in the world. Adoringly, admiringly, just wanting me to hold her close, keep her safe and happy in my arms. I slowly kissed her cheek, letting my lips linger beside her ear, my voice barely above a whisper.
“Oh honey, you don’t know the half of it”
And she didn’t.
Steeb you creepy asshole. He really be trying to gain sympathy for being “lonely”. Also just not acknowledging what you did to her and just passing it off as nothing 👀👀. Ahh I hope you enjoyed this chapter!!!! Let me know your thoughts and opinions. If you have any ideas for the series feel free to let me know!! ♥️
Thank you so much for reading and stay hydrated♥️
Comments and Reblogs appreciated ♥️♥️
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let-them-read-fics · 5 months ago
Blackpink HC / One Shots: Enemies to Lovers, College AU (1/2)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Requested: Yes
Warnings / Misc. -- Bickering, Rivalry, Fluff
A/N: Hey everyone! Anon, I assume you wanted to see each individual relationship with the girls and not OT4 x Reader. If not, I apologize, but I hope you enjoy this regardless.
This post includes Jisoo and Jennie. If you would like to see Rosé and Lisa's, click the link below.
Click for Rosé and Lisa
♡ Happy Reading ♡
Tumblr media
Kim Jisoo: The girl at the top of her class, breezing through her school years with little competition whatsoever. She was used to winning, and anyone that ever tried to challenge her eventually gave up.
You: Also used to being at the top of your class, you were the first person to actually give Jisoo a run for her money. You didn't shy away when challenged by her, and that took her aback.
Your rivalry was one rooted in academics.
When a new project was assigned and you were allowed to choose your teammates, everyone would flock to the two of you in hopes of getting picked.
Bragging rights were awarded to whoever had the longest line of people.
Impatiently waiting to see who scored higher on tests.
Rubbing it in when you did better, and vice versa.
"Ha! Take that, Jisoo. I got a 98."
"Don't get cocky, Y/N. I beat you by 6 points last week."
"Yeah, yeah," you brush her off. "Look who's on top now." You hold your paper up, smiling when she rolls her eyes.
Other competitions were held, and even the teachers caught on and would adjust their lessons accordingly.
"Class, today we'll be having a set of one on one debates, and an anonymous vote will determine the winner of each. The person who defends their opinion the most effectively will win. Jisoo and Y/N, you're up first."
Although losing was always annoying, it made you respect each other a little more.
You both loathed and revered each other, though you'd never let that secret out.
Fighting for the best scholarships and rankings.
Constant bickering and one liners in class
"Should I go ahead and apologize now, or is it okay to wait?"
"Apoligize for what?"
"Ending your career."
*unintelligible mumbling*
"What was that, Y/N?" Jisoo inquires, cocking her head to the side as she narrows her eyes at you.
"I said: you're going down."
She scoffs at that, unaffected. "Please, I'd like to see you try."
You ended up winning that day, and she was all *surprised pikachu*
School would always be interesting and eventful with her
Pretty much everyone else can tell that you have a thing for one another, but the two of you remain oblivious.
Turning Point
Both of you joined the academic team when you enrolled, which meant that you'd be going toe to toe with other school teams in pursuit of the winning title.
On one of your overnight field trips to face off against another school, you were assigned to the same hotel room.
"Mrs. Wilson, I can't stay with her--" You walk down the hotel hallway behind your instructor, hoping she'll see your point. Her reasoning for putting you together on the roster is beyond you.
"Y/N, it's only for a night. You know we can't afford to give all of you individual rooms; our budget's already small." She reasons, eventually turning towards you when she reaches the elevator.
"Alright," you relent with a sigh, putting your hands up.
What she says next surprises you. "Who knows, you might enjoy it." A knowing look shines in her eye, and a small smirk threatens to tug at her features.
The elevator dings just as you go to question her about it, and she bids you farewell before heading in.
You can do this, Y/N. It's just one night; how bad can it be? You ask yourself, taking your sweet time in going back to the room.
An Hour Later
In an attempt to kill some time and recover from the fatigue your long road trip brought on, you've been trying to relax and take a nap. In fashion with your typical luck, though, Jisoo is making that nearly impossible.
"Jisoo, turn it down!" You groan, tossing a pillow at her head. She sits on the loveseat at the foot of your bed, completely fixated on the images flashing before her eyes as she plays her video game.
"Shhh, stop distracting me." She says over her shoulder, making you huff.
You value your pride too much to ask nicely, so you suck it up and stick it out for a little while longer. When she lets out a loud shout a few minutes later, though, you've reached the end of your patience.
Wordlessly, you get out of bed and stomp over to the TV, standing directly in front of it.
"Y/N, move! I'll lose!"
You stay there with your arms crossed, and are soon rewarded by the game's voiceover announcing: "Game over."
She huffs and sets her controller down, clearly upset.
"Sucks when people don't listen, huh?" You challenge, still mad that you've been denied a proper nap for so long. Every time you'd be right on the cusp of being drug under, slipping in and out of glorious slumber, she'd do something to ruin it. You're cranky now, and being petty seems like a just punishment for her.
"I can't believe you did that," she shakes her head and rolls her eyes. "That was the championship match!"
"Oh well," you shrug, a smirk tugging at your lips at that new piece of info. Perhaps justice has been served after all.
With one more warning glance at her to tell her not to do it again, you go back to the bed and get comfy, settling under the warm blankets.
30 Minutes Later
"ON YOUR RIGHT, ABOUT TO ROUND THE CORNER!" Jisoo bellows out, smirking when she feels you stir behind her. You scowl, wiping the sleep from your eyes.
"Jisoo, I swear to God," you grumble, feeling the irritation rise in you all over again. You get up again and approach her, but she has a plan this time. In one fluid motion, she sticks her foot out in front of you, making you stumble and fall to the ground.
"What the--" as you prepare to reprimand her, you see something out of your peripheral. Aided by your new perspective, you spot the remote controller on the coffee table right in front of you, just an arm's length away.
When Jisoo notices that you haven't screamed at her yet, she looks down and realizes her mistake. A dramatic moment passes where you both lock eyes, before immediately diving for the remote. You manage to get to it first, quickly hugging it close to your body and rolling away from her. She pounces a second later, reaching her hands around you to pry it from your grip.
"Give it back, Y/N!"
You writhe underneath her until she manages to get the upper hand, straddling your hips in an attempt to pin you down. She sits back on her knees, gazing down at you as your chests heave from the effort you've exerted.
"Give it." She commands, holding her hand out expectantly.
You shake your head, amused that she thought that would be enough to sway you. "No."
"Then you leave me no choice." Her hands dart forward to your abdomen, and she begins tickling you mercilessly in order to make you surrender. Calls for her to cease her assault struggle past your lips, but you know it's futile. She's a determined person just like you, and she won't stop until she gets what she wants.
So, after taking a second to think of a way out of your predicament, a brilliant idea pops into your head.
You finally let her pry your arms open, smirking when she cheers and claims victory. In one fluid motion, just as she had done before, you wrap your leg around one of hers and flip her onto her back before leaning down to kiss her. She tenses up at first, but her hands end up working their way to your hips as her lips begin to move against yours.
Your plan is backfiring a bit; you only intended to shock her and buy yourself time to steal the remote back -- you never thought you'd actually enjoy the feeling of her kiss. You tilt your head to the side to get a better angle and slowly skim your hand down to hers, where the device is tightly clutched. Her other hand has come up to your jaw, which she's gently guiding as she steals another kiss from your lips.
Her distracted state made it easy to get what you were after, and soon -- much too soon for Jisoo's liking -- you pull away with a victorious smile. She doesn't know what to say; in all honesty, she's almost forgotten how to breathe with the way you kissed her senseless.
"I win." You grin, hopping off of her and shutting the TV off before crawling back into the bed. She stays in that same position for a couple minutes, laying on the floor as she tries to sort through what the hell just happened. She can't even be upset right now; she brings her fingertips to her lips, skimming them over the heart-shaped pillows as she smiles.
The Fallout
Things were a little tense when you shared the bed that night
Anytime you'd roll over and readjust your head on the pillow in your sleep, unknowingly positioning your lips dangerous close to hers, her heartbeat would pick up and she'd have to roll over again
You pretended to be asleep when she scooted back against you, pressing herself against your front in search of the heat that your body provided. You brought an arm around her, enclosing her in a soft embrace that had her blushing crimson
Subtle flirting at the competition the next day
Sticking up for each other when one of the other teams got a little rude
"Hey, don't talk about her like that!" Jisoo warns, glaring at the student from your rival school. His uniform is mussed and unkempt, leaving it as no surprise that he was the one to say such a thing.
"Why do you care?" He laughs back, spurred on as his friends snicker along.
The question catches her off guard; just days ago, she was the one bantering with you and testing your limits. Now though, when someone else is taking it too far, she can't help but feel angry. "Because she's my teammate. Now knock it off or I'll report you to your dean for unsportsmanlike behavior."
He scoffs, but eventually opts to grumble out another insult and turn away, nursing his bruised ego.
"Thanks, Chu." You quietly say, having witnessed the whole encounter from the row behind her. A small smile tugs at your lips at her actions, warming your heart.
"No problem, Y/N. But you'd better help me beat him; I'm not losing to that idiot." You laugh and agree, shaking her hand to seal your pact. She tries not to get too caught up on the smoothness of your skin or how it reminds her of last night, but her brain doesn't listen.
Needless to say, you beat them.
Your team stopped by a nice restaurant on the way back home for a celebratory dinner
Jisoo sat beside you
Cue the blushing and quiet flirting
It's a new side of her that you're not used to seeing. Now, instead of being all hardcore and witty, a simple look from you can make her blush
It doesn't always, though; sometimes she grows bold and lays a hand on your thigh for a moment, laughing at something you said
It's giving very much so gay panic™️, but you wouldn't trade it for the world
After the dinner, you go back to the bus and sit in your seats (which aren't together, surprisingly).
As you scroll through your phone, you get a text from Jisoo. Attached to the message is an invitation to one of her favorite mobile games.
"Hey, Y/N. Will you be my player 2? 🎮"
Tumblr media
Jennie Kim: The girl who practically ran the school, always getting her way and never having to lift a finger. She was royalty: the queen bee sat atop her throne, giving orders to the masses that they followed blindly. The whole situation seemed straight out of a poorly-written teenage movie, and it always annoyed you.
You: The girl who stuck to herself, only having a close group of friends that she talked to. You weren't popular, per se, but you weren't cursed to exist at the bottom of the food chain, either. Many people knew you, but you only associated with a select few.
You avoid the "popular" crowd a majority of the time, opting to spend spare time in between classes in the library or outside, doing homework
Jennie is the type of person that has people lined up, waiting for her to ask them to do hers for her. She gets to skip class and do whatever she wants, and she usually takes advantage of that.
She's never been mean to you directly, but you've seen her and her posse pick on people in typical mean girl fashion
You've never noticed the way that she usually targets people who've said bad things about you. She sticks up for you without you even knowing.
So, as you would expect, when your best friend called you and begged you to accompany her to one of the biggest parties of the year (hosted by none other than Jennie's brother), you were definitely surprised. Neither of you are the type to go to anything like that, but you know that she secretly wants to peek into that world of luxury.
"Pleaaaaase, Y/N? I'll do your laundry for a month."
The Turning Point
Your stylish boots crunch lightly against the concrete as you stand outside of the frat house, grimacing when you notice a boy stumble to the side of the house and get sick.
"We might have to bump that offer up to two months," you say to your friend, leaning onto her car as she checks her makeup in the side mirror.
"If it keeps you here for an hour or so, then fine." She smiles, taking your hand and leading you towards the building. Upon opening the door you're immediately greeted by waves of the strong bass of whatever song is playing. Their rhythmic thumps reverberate around the house, and you choose to seek some semblance of peace and quiet by heading to the kitchen. Your friend comes with, and the two of you push your way to the drink bar for refreshments.
"Thanks again for coming along, Y/N/N. You're the best." She leans into you, saying the phrase loud enough for you to hear over the music.
"I know," you hold your head up higher, self-assured. "You'd better go find Benji before things get too wild," you tell her, taking note of how the crowd is quickly growing in size. Benji, her longtime crush, is the only reason you really agreed to tag along; she's been head over heels for him for as long as you've known her, and you see this as the perfect opportunity for her to finally tell him. She needed some backup, and you always come through for your friends.
"Alright, I'll come find you later," she says, nervously smiling as she kisses your cheek as a farewell. You shout encouragement to her retreating figure, grinning wildly when you see her throw her hand up in the air.
Considering you made a drink for her just then before sending her off, you take the time now to make one for yourself. Your hands skim through the air overtop of the different bottles, searching for your favorite flavors and types to mix. As you go to reach across the table for one of them, disaster strikes.
You gasp as cold liquid lands on your shoulder, following gravity's command and rushing down your back and chest. A flurry of apologies follows suit, and you feel a soft hand on the small of your back as you go to turn around.
"Oh my God, I'm so sorry," Jennie says, covering her mouth in shock. For a moment you're worried that she was dared to do this -- that perhaps her friends sent her off to ruin your outfit and embarrass you. When you find sincere regret in her deep brown eyes, though, all of those worries melt away.
"It's alright," you assure her, shaking your arms to get rid of some of the sticky drink that's trailed its way down. You set your half-filled cup on the table, no longer interested in getting anymore now.
"At least let me wash the shirt for you. I have a coat you can wear while its getting clean."
You furrow your brows at the offer, not expecting that from her. Not only has she apologized, which is practically unheard of from the prima donna, but she's willing to do something for another person?
"Uh, okay." You do your best to mask the confusion in your tone, but it's still plain to see.
"Follow me," she politely instructs, leading you down the hall towards what you assume is the laundry room.
She flips the light on and shuts the door behind you, walking into the closet to search for the spare set of close she keeps here.
When she emerges again, fluffy coat in hand, she begins stumbling over the words she was about about to say. Her eyes land on you, taking in the expanse of exposed skin now that you've stripped off the shirt you were wearing. She can't help but admire the sight; she subconsciously bites her lip, only being brought back to reality when you wave your hand in front of her face.
"Hello? Earth to Jennie?"
"What?" She eventually asks, shaking her head to rid herself of the thoughts swarming in it. She's always had a sort of thing for you, but she never imagined you could look that good. It should be a crime.
"I asked if you have a bathroom around here, so I can, ya know... wash up a bit. Whatever you had to drink is pretty sticky." You chuckle, moving your arm to show her how far it's spread.
"This room over here," she says, approaching a door on the wall opposite you, "is actually a bathroom. Convenient, right?" She asks, flipping the light on for you.
"Absolutely," you perk up, glad to know that you won't have to strut down the hall in your sports bra to get to a bathroom.
She steps to the side and pushes the door open for you, nearly melting when you give her a little wave and shut it behind yourself. She's got it bad.
She takes your shirt and throws it in the washer before setting the knobs correctly, knowing the best combos by heart. She and her brother are close, so it's not uncommon for her to come by and help him with chores when he gets swamped.
A few minutes later you come out of the bathroom clean and dry, nervously fidgeting with your hands as she turns to look at you again. Having the Jennie Kim looking at you in such a way and having her so close is a bit overwhelming, and you're not exactly sure how to deal with it.
"Here," she says, reaching around you to slide her jacket onto your arms. Her face hovers dangerously close to yours as she does, making you hold your breath in anticipation. She pulls the jacket closed, adjusting it so that it lays right, and you look into her eyes.
"Thanks, Jen."
Her heart speeds up at the nickname, though she tries not to show it.
"No problem, sweet thing." She flirts, taking you aback.
Just as you go to say something more, the door blasts open and a couple of her friends pop in. "There you are Jennie! What are you-- oh," they say, watching as the two of you spring apart.
When they realize who you are, they laugh among themselves. "What're you doing in here with her?" They ask, looking you up and down before ultimately appearing unimpressed. Jennie glances at you again, and you can see her going through some sort of inner turmoil.
"Thank God you guys showed up; she won't quit talking. I was just about to leave." She laughs, regaining the bitchy aura that she's known for. You set your jaw and nod, remembering why you choose to stay away from people like them.
"Wow, Jennie. You really had me fooled," you bite back, a bit shocked, but not surprised. You keep your eyes on hers as you take her jacket off and let it drop to the floor in front of her, grabbing a spare towel from the hamper on your way out the door. Her friends scoff at you, wondering what such a nobody like you thinks they're doing treating Jennie like that. You brush past them and send her one last look, conveying all the emotions you feel with a mere glance.
She's disappointed in herself, and she hangs her head as the girls scoop the designer material up and hand it to her.
45 Minutes Later
Just 15 more minutes, Y/N; totally doable. You reason with yourself. Jennie left the laundry room soon after you, leaving it vacant for you to put your shirt in the dryer and retrieve it when it was done. Now, clad in the warm material, you sit outside by the fire. Stars are shining brightly in the night sky, illuminating it so beautifully that your mind is taken off of what happened. They twinkle for you, and the sight puts you at ease.
What has that pleasant feeling dissipating in a second, however, is the sound of Jennie's voice as she exits the patio door.
She's talking to her friends about some boy that's in love with her, as the whole school seems to be, and you roll your eyes. With the moment officially ruined, you decide to head back into the house and spend the rest of your sentence there.
Once you stand up from your seat and turn around to take your leave, her friends notice you. "Jesus, you're really obsessed, aren't you? Are you following her or something?" One of them, a snarky blonde from earlier, asks.
You laugh at that. "Hardly," you glance at Jennie, though she avoids eye contact. "I'm sure you'd like that, though. Give you something to talk about other than your split ends." She reels back at your boldness, prepared to start a fight.
"You bitc--"
"Stop," Jennie finally steps in, cutting the girl off. She moves between the two of you, putting a hand on your chest and looking into your eyes.
"Jennie, I don't know what her problem is," the blonde squeaks out, trying to defend her actions.
"The problem doesn't lie with her," she tells her, leaving her puzzled. Jennie continues, "I lied earlier; I'm the one who invited her to the laundry room because I spilled my drink on her." You narrow your eyes at her following her statement, wondering where she's going with this.
"We probably would've kissed, too, if you hadn't walked in."
Your heart speeds up a little at that, but you're still hurt by what she did earlier. Having her be one way with you in private and another in public is never a good sign.
"I'm done with you guys. You turn me into something I'm not," she looks between the small following that's accrued, letting them know how she's been feeling for the past bit. The majority of them are stuck up and entitled, and seeing the hurt in your eyes put things into perspective for her. She likes you, and she wants to be better because of that.
"I don't understand, Jennie," one of them asks, sounding like she's on the brink of tears. Are these people really that invested? You know the hierarchy of popularity is confusing, but they make it seem like she's breaking up with them.
"We're not friends anymore. Not until you get your heads out of your asses and start being nicer."
The crowd clearly doesn't know how to react at her sudden change in attitude, but they mutter out various responses before some of them break away.
You look down at her and glance to the house, wordlessly telling her to follow you so that you can have a moment alone to talk. You lead her over to the patio and stand against the wall.
"I'm sorry," she says, sounding relieved to finally get the words out. Her previous actions have been weighing heavily on her, and she's been doing some introspection. It's not entirely all of a sudden, though; she's been questioning why she still hangs out with them for a while now. This encounter just confirmed her desire to leave them.
"I shouldn't have lied like that. I know it hurt you." She looks away, feeling disappointed again.
"Yeah, it definitely wasn't fun to have my crush talk about me like that." You nod, shoving your hands into your pockets.
"Crush?" Her head raises up, doing a terrible job of concealing the hopefulness she feels blossoming.
"Crush." You lightly smile at the way she blushes at your simple confirmation. She's too adorable for her own good; it's really no wonder than she has everyone on their knees for her.
"Thank you for apologizing," you say after a moment, nudging her shoulder gently. "It's more than your posse usually gives, so I appreciate it. You'd better mean it, though." You cock your head at her expectantly, a hint of warning in your tone.
"You have my word," she smiles, determined to make sure the opportunity you're giving her doesn't go to waste.
The Fallout
In the following weeks, she cut ties with more and more toxic people, causing a bit more drama to stir up, but she didn't care. You were by her side through all of it, as were your friends, and she saw what true community looks like. She had so many people at her beck and call back then, but none of them cared as much as your close knit group. They were in it because of her status, not because of her.
Walking her to class
Both of you sticking up for each other if people try to start stuff
Helping her correct her bad habits if she starts to get judgemental with someone or slips back into her old ways
Being patient with her
Her spoiling you randomly to show how thankful she is for you
"Miss L/N, we have a Candy Gram for you. Sent by Jennie Kim." A staff member says upon entering the classroom, walking the package over to you. You grin widely as you open the note attached to it.
"Come see me after class, Y/N/N. I have something for you."
You were excited for the rest of class
You rode your bike back to her dorm, parking it outside before knocking on the door.
"Hey, Jendeukie. What do you have for--"
You're abruptly cut off by her lips pressing against yours as her hands pull you in, turning you to mush. You sink into her arms and kiss back, reveling in the feeling of finally having this moment with her. You've been waiting for it ever since the party.
"I've wanted to do that for so long," she softly admits, resting her forehead against yours. "I hope I didn't overstep." You can hear the nervousness in her voice, and you smile at how cute she is.
"Quite the opposite, actually. Come here," you pull her in again, lifting her up into your arms as you walk into her dorm. She squeals at the sudden move, but the sound is quickly muffled as you lean in to kiss her again.
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rukunas · 6 months ago
—Give It a Go (part 1)
Tumblr media
hawks (takami keigo) x assistant fem!reader
warnings: none (the series will eventually contain smut)
authors note: i had this in my drafts for a while, and i wanted to get it out before i took my hiatus for ramadan. i hope this makes you guys excited for the rest of the series <3 ramadan mubarak to those who celebrate !!
“and I'm pretending i don't care about her stare while she's giving me a tough time” — if you’re too shy by the 1975
Tumblr media
“Mister Hawks, can you—”
“Sorry, birdie, can’t. Little bit busy here.”
He’s obviously not, with the way his feet are perched up on his desk, boots heavily laying on the stack of important documents you placed there an hour ago and, look, none of them are signed like you asked him to. Hands are tucked behind his head as he leans his chair back, a few red feathers wizzing through the air and— are they juggling stress balls?
“Mister Hawks—”
“Birdie,” he coos, cutting you off yet again. “How many times do I have to tell you to call me Keigo?”
The pen in your hand is about to snap in half, but you hold your breath, throwing a glare at him. “How many times do I have to tell you that it’s unprofessional? And don’t call me birdie.”
Hawks grins, the same bright smile that supposedly makes the public swoon and faint at his feet. The flash of his pearly whites just makes you want to punch him right in the jaw— a few gaps in his teeth would make him look better, no?
“Sorry, dove.” You swear his smile stretches a centimeter wider when he notices your frown. “But I’ve had a rough day. That villain down in Hosu took a lot out of me. Need to de-stress.” He jerks his head towards the feathers bouncing the stress balls to prove his point before gesturing to the papers on his desk. “Can ya just sign these for me? You know what my handwriting looks like.”
Your pen snaps in your hand, plastic cracking and ink splattering onto your palm. Hawks continues to beam, a glint bright in his gold eyes.
It was the spring of last year, your senior year of high school— the buzz of your classmates planning for college making you paranoid. “I got a 20k scholarship, but like, ew, I hate the campus.” “Meh, my parents are paying it all off, I don’t really care.” “I saved up, thank god my job pays well.” Well, funny for you, your top school gave you zilch in aid, your parents would much rather spend their money on themselves, and the only job you’ve ever had was babysitting— there was only a good $100 sitting in your account.
“Just get a job.” Okay, fine.
You thought it was luck— right there on page 3 of the newspaper— Number 2 Hero’s Assistant Wanted! You waited outside the commission office in a pretty skirt and dress shirt for a good three hours, standing behind a mile-long line of fangirls and guys wearing Hawks merchandise, proclaiming to each other that they would have the honor and privilege of being the assistant to the Number 2 hero. You remember rolling your eyes— these people are crazy.
It was finally your turn for the interview with the President of the Commission.
His first question: “Are you a Hawks fan?”
Your response: “No.”
It’s true, you never cared about heroes. Sure, they save lives, but so do hundreds of other jobs out there. When there’s a fight happening down the street, people gawking at the power of the heroes, you simply cross the block and stare at your phone. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that you don’t care.
After verifying that you were indeed not some Hawks groupie, you were hired on the spot. At the time, you thought it was the gods hearing your prayers of getting a giant paycheck, but now, you wonder if you got the job because of your lack of interest in the Pro Hero.
Your gap year was coming to a close, with the fall semester starting in less than a month. Resigning has been on your mind since you’ve started here, with Hawks whittling down your patience day after day, but now the thought pulses through your head at every awakening moment. Quit. Be free. You have the money. Just leave. You wonder if the moment will be like the movies, where you get to throw hot coffee in your boss’s face and stomp off with your hair whipping behind you, Who Run the World blaring in the background. Picturing the look of bewilderment on Hawks’s face is enough to make you smirk, delight bubbling inside of you.
“Hey. Birdie.” Hawks points to your white blouse. “You got a lil something on your shirt.” Looking down, there’s a blot spreading across your favorite shirt, a deep blue wave soaking up on white sand. Your favorite shirt, ruined.
No longer is this a movie moment.
“I quit.” It comes out a bit breathy, a bit too quiet, with the way you desperately try to swallow down your anger but it gets lodged in your throat.
Hawks, usually so attentive from the abilities of his quirk, completely ignores you. “Can you order me my usual from KFC, you know, with the honey barbecue sauce on th—”
“I. Quit.” It rips out of your throat, teeth clenched to keep yourself from screaming it out to him. His head snaps to face you, confirming that he’s actually paying attention now. “This is my two weeks notice. I’m leaving.”
For the first time in the 463 days of working for him, you witness Hawks lost at words.
At least for a second. His smile dims dramatically, eyes widening in shock— as if he never saw this coming— brows knitting together in confusion. The feathers floating in the air drop the stress balls with a plop, plop, plop. Maybe you should grab that cup of coffee on his desk— the one that says World’s Best Boss (yes, he bought it for himself)— and drench the hair he insists on spending an hour styling, and then walk away. Make this your movie moment.
Too late. In a snap, the saccharine smile is back in its place. But the skin by his cheeks stretching a bit too taut, the crinkles by his eyes slightly too tight. “Sounds good. Call the Commission, let the big boss know. Anyways. KFC? My order? And these papers too. Sign ‘em. I’ll protect ya in court if you get arrested for forgery.” His feathers pick up the balls and toss them up in the air, his mind back on juggling them.
You blink, astonished at his lack of care that you had just quit. Well, it’s not like you care much for him either. Still, you wished he would be a bit more expressive, at least after having to work for him for more than a year. A strange sensation begins to bloom in your chest, but you think nothing of it.
You turn on your heel. “I thought you supposed to be a hero, Mister Hawks.”
“Hm, me too.” He chirps out as you shut his door.
Tumblr media
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closedmadness · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
summary: you and alec hated each other — or at least, pretended to in front of everyone. behind the scenes, however, you two are insanely in love with each other
pairings: alec lightwood x male reader
warnings → fluff & nsfw・swearing・fake arguments・make-out session・blowjob・anal penetration・slight possessive alec
a/n: please i didn’t mean for this to be short nsfw but my fingers moved on its own✋😭 it was supposed to be just cute, fluffy and sweet💀
Tumblr media
“you can’t tell me that it wasn’t your fault we failed our mission today.” alec’s voice boomed in the institute as soon as all of you got home, irritation clear in his tone.
rolling your eyes, a sigh escaped your lips. you really don’t want to do this right now after that particularly bad, failed mission — a bunch of female mundanes swarmed over you while on duty, disturbing you and making you unable to guard over the demons that were wrecking havoc on that club itself. those females were a distraction; they wanted to get into your pants, thirty for some love from a incredibly good-looking man like you.
deciding not to deal with his crap as isabelle and jace scolded alec, you went to walk pass him before being stopped quickly with a grab on your arm. “i really don’t want to do this right now, lightwood.” you immediately said after turning around, refusing to let him talk first. “i feel responsible of this mission as much as it’s hard to believe that, and i don’t want you constantly nagging me about it.”
“as you should.” he retorts with the same cold, emotionless face he always plastered on. “and of course, i will nag you about it, it was an important mission! we got to kill those demons but we didn’t get to find out their intention.”
you scrunched your brows together, “why didn’t you ask any of them when those mundanes were crowding over me? i’m sure you had plenty of chances.” eyes glinting with suspicion, you stepped forward towards him. “or maybe you just didn’t want to do anything so you could frame me on the failed mission.” you accused.
alec’s brows furrowed and his lips curved upside down in a frown at that. he narrowed his eyes, offended and upset. “you’re accusing me now? great, (y/n)! of course, you would find a way to accuse me somehow!” he exclaimed sarcastically.
you scoff and rolled your eyes, done with his bullshit before storming off the heart of the institute towards your room.
“seriously, alec?” isabelle gives her brother a look, hands resting on her hips, but all the male lightwood did was glare at her and storm off as well.
she didn’t know why you and alec are always on each other’s throats; it’s almost as if you’d kill each other when left alone together, there isn’t even any clear reason you two should hate each other yet you still do. it’s probably because of the feud between maryse and your mother, but even then, she still did not understand. in her eyes, alec was longing for your touches and just you in general, yet he’s pushing you away. isabelle has been wanting the both of you to get along — though, it might be the hardest one to achieve.
jace and clary glanced at each other, knowing how she feels about this whole feud thing. “they’ll come around soon, izzy.” the former comforts, placing his hand on her shoulder.
“yeah, let’s just believe in them.” clary joins, taking up the space opposite jace. “you know what they say; the more you hate, the more you love. who knows? they might actually get along someday.” she tried her best to cheer up, which worked miraculously as isabelle reveals a smile.
perhaps, she should be patient as the universe works in its own wonderful ways. all these small, petty arguments are getting tiring and she just hopes something will change for the better.
Tumblr media
walking down the hallway leading up to your room, alec looks around first cautiously and makes sure no one’s witnessing anything before eventually stopping in front of your door.
it was already unlocked, with you peeking from the tiny bit of space between, grinning up at him. alec smiled and assured you there was no one around, which made you open the door wide and pull him in. giggling together, he closed the door behind him and made sure to lock it as you captured his lips on yours, cupping his face with both hands.
he smiled into the kiss, moving to wrap his arms around your waist while yours wrapped around his neck, pulling each other close. feeling a gentle squeeze on your butt, you took that as a signal to jump and wrap your legs around him, alec not missing a beat to catch you. with lips still attached together, alec moved to sit on the bed, his hands beginning to roam around your body. breaking the kiss to catch your breath, he took it as an opportunity to run his lips and tongue across your neck, licking, sucking and biting. you moaned, tilting your head back to give him more access.
“alec...” you whimpered breathlessly as he sucked harshly on your skin, creating a pretty visible hickey. “they will- don’t make one where they can see it.” complaining, you slipped your fingers through his soft hair but didn’t stop him from continuing his work.
he hums, the vibration making you shiver. “you can always cover it, (y/n). i know you like it when i leave my mark on you.” he mumbled against your skin, tightening his hold. a moan once again leaves your lips when he bit on your sweet spot, the blissful sound making him groan and slip his hand in the back of your pants. “you know today was not your fault, right?” he suddenly whispers, staring into your (e/c) eyes that never failed to make him lost.
you stared back at his hazel eyes, nodding your head and resting your forehead against his. “of course, darling. i never meant anything i’ve said either.”
this is always what you did — argue, act like enemies, be nasty, throw insults at one another, speak with distaste in the front, but once behind the closed doors, you apologize to each other and make sure the other didn’t take it to their heart, as well as show love, so you’d be reassured of everything.
alec smiles, his eyes shining with admiration and love. oh, how angelic he looked with that smile of his. only you could see him so soft.
“truth is, i couldn’t ask the demons because i was focused on you.” he admitted, looking down for a second before returning his gaze on you. “those mundanes,” distaste filled his tone at the mention of those creature, “had no right to touch you like that. acting like you’d sleep with them, be their man.” his lips pouted at the thought as jealousy clouded his chest.
chuckling, you pecked his lips when found his jealousy cute. “alec, darling, you know i’m only gonna do that with you. i’m completely yours.” talking with a loving tone, your fingers played with his hair that always made him feel good.
alec smiled in fondness and gently pulled you by the back of your head, capturing your lips in yet another heated kiss. you bit on his bottom lip, erupting a groan from him as he pushed the jacket off of your shoulders, it falling on the floor along with your black shirt. alec only ever broke the kiss when he removed his jacket and shirt, and quickly smashed his lips back on yours, tongue slipping in smoothly and exploring your mouth, fighting against your own wet muscle for dominance.
he then flipped you both to lay your back on the soft mattress, never breaking the kiss as his hand ran across your chest and abs, tracing every bit of your body. you moaned into the kiss when he palmed your cock through the thick layer of pants.
“mhm, alec...” calling his name breathlessly, you unconsciously buckled your hips onto his hand, trying to get some sort of stimulation.
alec groaned in arousal at your reaction, quickly unzipping your pants and tugging it off of you along with your boxers. a cool of air hit your manhood as soon as it was released, making you shiver, eyes closing in response.
the lightwood took his time to admire you completely; your eyes glistening with lust, lips swollen from all the kissing, chest rising up and down with every breath you take, fully naked, presenting yourself to him without shame or hesitation. no matter how many times he looked at every part of you, you never ceased to take his breath away. it was sort of amusing, how even after all this time you still have him wrapped around your finger and willingly refusing to ever unwrap.
god, he’s so lucky to have you.
alec starts kissing your chest downwards slowly until it reached your hard erection, laying a peck on the tip which had you twitching. giving your tip a kitten lick, his hand pumped your cock painfully slow as you whimpered. he licked off the dripping precum before fully taking you in, the walls of his mouth rubbing against your shaft making you moan and throw your head back, eyes almost rolling to the back of your head. he didn’t stop until he took all the way in and starts to bob his head upwards and backwards, twirling his wet muscle skillfully on your shaft while doing so, keeping his gaze fixed on you.
you gripped the sheets tightly until your knuckles turned white, wave after wave of pleasure hitting you like a tsunami as an uncontrollable moans escaped your lips. “fuck, alec! t-that feels so good.” you praised, arching your back to get more stimulation.
alec kept you in place with his hands as he continued sucking you off, the bulge in his pants implying his intense arousal upon the delicious sight in front of him. his cock was painfully hard underneath that thick fabric.
saliva as well as your precum dripped his chin, but he couldn’t careless as he only wanted you to feel amazing. and indeed, you were feeling just that.
he could see your legs quiver in the corner of his eyes. you were close, he could feel it by your cock twitching and pulsating in his mouth. an all too familiar feeling builds in the pit of your stomach as tears blurred your vision, your mind reminding you how close you are to your climax. “ohhh, fuck! alec! i’m close- aghhh!”
“cum for me, (y/n).” alec speaks, and although it was muffled due to your cock still buried between his lips, you understood. he fastened his pace, slowly sending you over the edge until finally, you let out a loud moan of his name as white seeds shoots out from your cock in his mouth. your hips jerked while you ride out your orgasm, his lips still wrapped around the manhood in an attempt to swallow everything that spills out of it.
he then released your cock from his mouth with a loud ‘pop’ and hovered above your panting body again, capturing your lips in a gentle kiss. you could taste yourself along with his saliva as your wet muscles danced together lazily.
a shaky sigh leaves his lips after feeling how painfully hard he was and finally moved to remove the rest of his clothes, pants and boxers altogether — his hard-on springing up as he released a relieved sigh from the freeness. his pants were getting too tight with his as-hard-as-a-rock manhood inside.
“alec,” you breathlessly called, bringing your hands up to cup his face. “go ahead and put it in. i want you now.”
“but without preparation-”
“it will hurt, i know.” you cut him off, giving him an assuring look. “we did it yesterday, it’ll be okay. please, just fuck me right now,” you placed your lips just above his ear, “show me those mundanes aren’t better than you.”
“you really...” he growled. you really knew how to rile him up.
without a warning, he slammed his cock into you in just one go and ripped out a scream from your throat, eyes rolling to the back of your head from the sudden feeling of being filled with his thick shaft.
thrusting his hips, alec groaned at the warm feeling of your tight hole around him and kissed your collarbone to muffle his own noises while his ears are blessed with your constant whines, moans and whimpers.
“shit, ah! alec! more!” you desperately whined, hips moving on its own to meet with his rhythmic thrust.
“fuck, (y/n)...” he grunted right into your ear, making you shudder.
his pace was fast and rough as he fucked you mercilessly into the mattress while leaving hickeys everywhere he can, angling his thrust so he’d perfectly hit your prostate. “you’re only mine. no mundanes, or shadowhunters, or downworlders can get to lay their hands on you but me. i’m the only one who get to fuck you like this...” his words went straight to your already hard-enough cock, arousing you even further.
it’s always hot whenever alec gets possessive over you, and you loved that.
“oh my god, alec— right there!” you moaned, now tears rolling down your flushed cheeks. his thrust starts to get sloppy as both of you near the edge, you could feel his cock pulsing and twitching inside your hole.
it took three harsh and hard thrust to completely throw you off as your eyes rolled to the back of your head, loud moans that sounded almost like a scream erupting from your throat, back arching and body squirming underneath him as white loads shoots out again from your manhood, landing on your exposed chest and stomach, cumming hard. your walls tightened around him while you cum and that was enough for alec to spill his hot seed inside you, filling you up good like always.
pulling out, he collapsed on the bed beside you, catching your breath together and slowly calming down from your high. “great thing your room is soundproof.” alec comments, making you both chuckle.
“yeah, that’s one thing i love about this room.” you laughed and he did as well before pulling you so you could rest your head on his chest, listening to his even and rhythmic heartbeat.
cleaning up can wait tomorrow. for now, you two wanted to cuddle up with each other knowing there has to be a lot of pretending again.
Tumblr media
jace, isabelle, clary and magnus all sat exasperated on the couch as they watch you and alec go back and fourth over the cup and valentine, both arguing and insulting each other for about an hour now.
it’s a usual day, with you and alec hating the other using the sharpness of your tongues, but they were getting tired of this constant bickering and slight sexual tension that always rose in the air.
magnus had just recently discovered your hatred for each other and at first he found it amusing, but that soon turned into boredom when it became an occasional sight for him. though, he can admit that your tongue is sharper than alec’s and he’s impressed by that.
“valentine is a shadowhunter, alright? he’d be able to get the cup from here.” you argued, giving the lightwood a pointed look.
alec folded his arms, “not if we guard it.”
you raised your brows and a ‘really?’ look crossed your face. “have you forgotten that he killed thousands of shadowhunters and downworlders, or did you become so old that your memory gaps is getting worse?” he shot you a death glare at that, not liking the tone you use on him.
“okay so,” clary stands up, “why don’t you both just calm down and figure this out in a friendly way?” you and alec snapped your gaze towards her, eyes practically sending daggers. she held her hands up, “or maybe not. but can’t you just... uh- not fight, for once?”
“not my problem he’s irritating.” you retorted with arms folded above your chest.
alec rolled his eyes, “well, not my problem either that he’s annoying.” he exclaimed while his index finger pointed at you.
“you two look like an old married couple.” isabelle comments with a teasing smirk dancing on her lips. you and alec froze in your places and looked at her with unreadable expression before turning back at each other.
it felt good hearing that, since you two are dating.
the conversation were interrupted when maryse approaches, her hands fiddling with each other and a nervous look on her face.
you sighed, stepping away to walk out, but maryse quickly stops you when you walked pass her. “stay, please. this involves you, too.” confusion laced your face at that, but didn’t say anything as you stepped back.
“i know that the feud between (y/n)’s mother and i have caused some troubles within you, and we’re very sorry for that. we decided... it’s better to forget what happened between us rather than drag it down and have it affect all of you.” she turned around and gestured for someone to come, your mother walking up to her, their hand intertwining in a friendly manner as smiles coated their faces.
surprise filled everyone’s face, brows raising. “wait, does this mean you two are friends now?” isabelle asked.
your mother smiled, nodding her head. “we had a genuine conversation last night and found out we had more similarities than we thought we would.”
jace, clary and isabelle smiled at one another while magnus sipped on his drink, feeling quite happy for them. this meant you and alec had no reason to hate each other.
“so this isn’t a joke? you’re not pretending?” you asked, suspicion on both yours and alec’s face. they shook their heads and smiled.
you stared at them before turning to alec who looked back at you, silently conversing.
finally, a sigh leaves his lips as you simultaneously looked at the two mothers with a smile. “that’s a great news, mother. i hope you have fun together.” he congratulates, smiling. “now, (y/n) and i have somewhere else to go. i assume there won’t be any missions for today.”
surprise looks coated everyone’s faces and their eyes almost popped out of their sockets when you intertwined your hand with his. you waved at them, alec beginning to drag you two away.
“hold on a second, where are you going? and what does that mean?” jace quickly asked, pointing at your intertwined hands after he stood up from the couch.
“isn’t it obvious?” alec gives him a look, “we’re going on a date. now, make an effort not to interrupt us.” he continued to pull you.
“have fun with mom, mrs. lightwood!” you said with a smile before disappearing out with alec.
everyone still looked shocked.
“well, that took a turn.” magnus smirked, drinking his tequila.
Tumblr media
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hxlyhead-harpies · a year ago
Pink is the Color of Love (G.W.)
Pairing: George Weasley x Reader
Word Count: 2.2k
Warnings: Cursing
Tumblr media
To say that your week had been bad would be an understatement. On Monday you had woken up too late to go to the Great Hall for breakfast which left you in an uncharacteristically bad mood. A bad mood that landed you in a two-hour detention with Snape, causing you to miss a quidditch practice at the behest of your captain. On Tuesday you’d left your charms essay on the couch in your common room, an excuse Flitwick didn’t believe. On Wednesday you’d snapped at a poor first year who had run into you in the halls, a moment that had been witnessed by none other than Professor Snape, a man you swore had it out for you. That little incident had cost Hufflepuff five points, which only further sullied your week. And on Thursday, a thread had begun to run on your uniform. And when you attempted to pull it off, nearly half of your sweater unraveled. So when you awoke on Friday morning, you prayed that the final day of the school week would go by uneventfully. So when the sun filtered its way through the curtains and forced your eyes open, you let yourself hope that today would be a good day.
And then you looked into the mirror.
You hear your shriek escape you before you even realize that you’re screaming. You furiously rub at your skin to no avail, hoping that you could somehow fix the predicament that you found yourself in.
“(Y/n) what’s the matter- oh my Godric,” your roommate says, sidling up beside you. You turn to look at her, angry hot tears forming in your eyes.
“So it’s that bad huh,” you ask sarcastically, your voice breaking partway through the sentence.
“(Y/n)... You’re pink,” she says, clearly at a loss for words. You chuckle darkly.
“Wow thank you, Michelle, I didn’t even notice,” you bite back. Michelle flinches at your words. You turn back to look into the mirror, assessing the damage that has been done. Michelle was right, you were pink. A very hot pink to be exact. Every inch of your skin had been replaced with the flaming hot color. You found yourself furiously rubbing against your skin once again, somehow deluding yourself into believing that it would somehow get rid of the pink. After a few moments of this, you turn back to Michelle, who is looking at you with nothing but pity in her eyes. You bite down on your lip hard, attempting to keep the tears at bay. Michelle pulls you into a gentle hug, wrapping her arms around you while you lay against her limply.
“What am I going to do?” you ask her, voice thick with emotion. She pulls back from you and holds onto your shoulders.
“You stay here today. I’ll tell our professors that you’re sick. Okay (Y/n)?” She says in a nurturing tone. You sniffle and wipe your nose.
“I don’t know Michelle. We have an exam in potions today and you already know Snape hates me. What if he won’t let me take it later? I can’t afford a bad grade in his class,” you reply. Michelle shakes her head slightly.
“Well, Snape’s an ass,” she says.
“Yeah, an ass that could fail me,” you retort, beginning to become frustrated. Michelle sighs, dropping her hands from your shoulder.
“Fine. But are you really going to go to class like that?” she asks.
“I guess I have to,” you say.
“I mean it has to wear off eventually. Or maybe Madame Pomfrey has an antidote or something, though I’m not sure she’d know how to fix this,” Michelle says, gesturing to you. You groan in frustration and fling yourself back onto your bed.
“Yeah I doubt she just keeps an antidote around for pink skin,” you say bitterly, running your hands over your face.
“Do you know who did this to you,” Michelle asks from her place by the mirror. You frown to yourself. You hadn’t thought about that yet, too caught up in your anger at your condition and your ruined week.
“I have no idea,” you reply, moving to prop yourself up on your elbows. “Who’d want to do this to me?” you question.
“Maybe that first year you almost hexed the other day,” Michelle said with a laugh. She snapped her mouth shut once she caught sight of your glare.
“Sorry,” she murmured. “Well, obviously whoever did this to you got their materials from the Weasley twins. Zonkos doesn’t sell anything like this,” Michelle continues casually. You sit up with a start.
“Of course! Oh, Michelle, you’re a genius!” you practically yell, jumping up from your bed.
“Huh? I know but what did I do to deserve the title?” Michelle asks as you grab your wand from your nightstand. You smile at her mischievously.
“If the Weasley twins made whatever turned me pink, then they obviously have the cure,” you say as you quickly slip on your slippers. Michelle’s mouth forms an “O” as she realizes your plan. You shout a quick goodbye before heading out the door.
As you march down the halls towards the Gryffindor common room you find yourself lost in your thoughts and getting increasingly angry.
How dare they! Who gave them the right to mess with people’s lives for profit? You think to yourself as you near the large portrait that guards the room. Your frown deepens as the stress of your entire week envelope you. By the time you stand in front of the fat lady, you feel anger coursing through your veins like an uncontrollable wave.
“Password?” she asks, looking down on you with a wide-eyed expression.
“I don’t know the damn password just let me in!” you shout back at her, red hot anger overtaking you.
“Do you actually think I am going to let you in if you don’t know the password? Are you daft?” she responds haughtily. You feel you face flush (though considering your skin was already a deep shade of pink, you weren’t sure if anyone could tell) with rage.
“I swear to Merlin if you don’t let me in there right now I will rip down your frame with my bare hands! Do you understand me?” you yell back. You watch her expression morph into one of extreme shock before she is pushed open by a group of first years who appear to be on their way to breakfast. Your gaze snaps to them, watching as their eyes widen at the sight of your appearance. You quickly take advantage of the situation and shoulder your way into the common room. The portrait hole closes behind you with a bang, causing the students in the room to all to turn their attention to you. You glower at them all, not caring how you must’ve looked with your hot pink skin, pajamas, slippers, and extreme bed head.
“Where are they?” you growl, eyes shifting around the common room. An array of hands point to a couch on the far side of the room. You turn to look at the couch to see one twin sitting on it, his feet propped up on the coffee table in front of him. His face was twisted into an amused smirk as he took in your appearance. You began to stalk your way over to him, the other Gryffindors practically jumping out of your way. You arrive in front of him, the redhead still donning the same obnoxious expression.
“Weasley,” you say, seething.
“Speaking. How can I help you?” He replies, amusement lacing his voice.
“Give me the cure for whatever it is that you did to me,” you spit out.
“I’m sorry love but I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about,” he says.
“Fred Weasley I swear to-”
“It’s George actually,” he says from his spot down on the couch.
“I don’t give a damn which one of you this is! Just give me the antidote,” you scream. “I have had possibly the worst week of my entire life so I need you to give me the cure right now or so help me God,” you say, anger lacing every word. George at least has the decency to look guilty for a moment, but the look is quickly replaced with another overconfident smirk.
“I really am sorry but there’s nothing I can do,” he says, holding his hands up in front of him. You huff in anger before grabbing the collar of his uniform, pulling his up out of his sitting position to be eye to eye with you.
“George Weasley I do not care if there is nothing you can do. You will find some way to fix me or I swear on my life that I will castrate you!” you say through gritted teeth. George looks shocked for a moment before a grin spreads across his face.
“Promise?” he asks, wiggling his eyebrows. You frown, pulling him slightly closer to your face.
“Weasley do not test me,” you retort. George stares at you for a moment, smirking. He then looks over your shoulder at his younger brother.
“Ron? Go fetch Fred for me? And tell him to bring the antidote for the skin tinting potion,” he says with a smile. You release his uniform from your grip, stepping back slightly.
“Thank you.”
“No problem,” he says with a lopsided grin. You turn over your shoulder and see Ron scrambling up the stairs to the boy’s dormitory. You glance around the common room and realize how many eyes are on you before crossing your arms as if to shield yourself from their gaze. You steal a quick glance at George only to see him still looking at you with that dumb smirk on his face. You attempt to scowl at him, but now that you have been made aware of the audience you garnered, you can’t quite muster it up. You look back down at your feet, mentally scolding yourself for running out of your dorm before you thought to change your clothes. If the scene you had just made wasn’t embarrassing enough, you were wearing an old tshirt for a muggle boyband and slippers shaped like rabbits. You wanted the floor to swallow you whole.
After what felt like hours but was likely only a few minutes Ron returned with another red head at his side.
“What is it George,” Fred asks, clearly still half asleep. George turns his gaze away from you and turns to his twin.
“Did you bring the antidote?” He asks. Fred rolls his eyes before producing it from the pocket of his robes.
“Yes George. Why do you need it?” he asks. George gestures to you before saying, “This young lady right here threatened to castrate me if I didn’t find her a cure.” Fred turns to look at you, seemingly just noticing your presence, before beginning to laugh. If your face could turn any pinker you were sure that it would.
“Oh Merlin I can’t believe that really worked!” Fred exclaims. “I really had my doubts about this potion but clearly I was wrong,” he says proudly. You flare your nostrils in annoyance.
“Weasley,” you say. “Can you please just hand over the antidote?” Fred taps his chin for a moment, as if in deep thought.
“I’m not sure. It’s against our company policy. After all we were paid good money for you to look like that,” he answers. You feel your expression shift into a glare before turning to look at George.
“George, you told me I would be getting the antidote,” you say.
“Hey, I never promised anything,” he says with his hands held out in front of him. You scowl at him.
“Do I need to remind you of the conversation we had a few minutes ago?” you ask. With that, George turns towards his brother with a smile.
“Fred, if my balls are in this much trouble I think we ought to give her the cure,” he states, crossing his arms. Fred gives him an incredulous look.
“George what are you-” Fred begins.
“Come on mate just give her the antidote,” George says, cutting off his brother. The twins stare at eachother for a second, appearing to have a silent conversation. Fred eventually sighs and gives you the bottle.
“Congratulations, you’ve become the first exception to our ‘no antidote’ rule. I hope you enjoy your day pink free,” he says in a slightly sarcastic tone. You smile triumphantly before grabbing the bottle.
“Thank you very much,” you reply as you examine the potion in your hand. You quickly look back up at the twins. You nod at them before turning around and making your escape towards the portrait hole. The other Gryffindors avert their eyes and pretend that they hadn’t been listening in on the whole conversation while the twins stare after you. After the portrait hole closes behind you Fred turns to face his brother.
“What the hell was that?” he asks. George continues to stare at the portrait whole, almost like he was in a daze.
“I can’t believe you gave her the antidote! We had an agreement and that kid payed us for the potion so you can’t just go around curing people for free! What if hat kid wants a refund now or-”
“Freddie?” George says, interrupting his brother’s rant. Fred lets out an exasperated sigh.
“Yes Geroge?”
“I think I may have just fallen in love."
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