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guooey · 3 months ago
when the acoustic song is a little too acoustic and I think there’s something in my house
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simplyfroggy · 3 months ago
i was gonna make a joke like “oh haha normal people finding tumblr” but no, at least half the people in this video have tumblrs AND they’re directly responsible for at least one tumblr sexyman
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willowcrowned · 13 days ago
the grad student teaching this linguistics course has said “…but that’s just a theory, because we can’t test it for all kinds of ethical reasons” four times in the past hour and it’s making me start to worry if we’ve been neglecting mad linguists as a form of mad scientists for too long
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bluecollarboyfriend · 13 days ago
Hey. It's my birthday and I'm in danger.
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I dont have a lot of followers and when I needed help affording my medication a few months back, the post flopped. But! It's my birthday on monday and I fear for my safety! My house was broken into in August. I was certain if I made a post then it would flop again and I was embarrassed to even try. Now, my attacker is escalating, and I need to buy security cameras, and you are my only hope.
On august 26th, someone came threw a window my roommate had left unlocked, and stole only from me. My tv, ps4, laptop, and $700 (rent money). Money and material goods are one thing, but the person also took out my vibrator and my underwear and arranged them on my bed, as well as leaving a mug and plate at my desk where they had clearly made themselves comfortable. I was terrified and didn't sleep for weeks, thinking it's my violent r*pist ex roommate trying to scare me or worse.
Last week, my roommate Dawny (@wizardproblem) came home to find our 2 cats outside and shattered glass everywhere. The (we think the same) person this time threw a brick through the bedroom window of my house so hard it left a hole in the opposite wall. A trail of broken glass went immediately to where the money was kept the first time, and when it was not found, they went straight to my bedroom. There they found my rent money once again ($700, my landlord takes it in cash only and I withdraw it as soon as I have it so I don't overdraw my account come rent-time), and, upon opening my drawer and seeing i threw out my sex toys, tore apart my bedroom, pulling clothes off of hangers and ripping books to pieces. Finally, they stole a very personal and intimate journal where I describe my trauma, and went into Dawny's room and took his laptop.
On top of all that, my landlord is making me pay for the window ($600 +tax), and it's freezing in Canada. The longer I can't pay to fix it the more I'm paying for our heating bill. My landlord is also not allowing us to break our lease to move. I moved here in June.
I recognize that getting all of that money plus what our personal belongings were worth back is not possible. However, with my birthday coming up, I need to feel safe in my home at the very least. Any money I receive for this will go to getting cameras/security for my home, and any extra will REALLY help me and Dawny pay for our rent this month.
I'm really begging. If everyone that read this gave me $1 for my birthday it would truly mean the world. Please, please consider and PLEASE reblog this. Having to write this all out is so humiliating, and I really don't want it to be for nothing. Please help. Please.
p4yp4l: cassieheale
proof of stuff:
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slushyseals · 2 months ago
Friendly reminder this blog supports leopard seal positivity!
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Do not hate a seal because of the species they are born into. No one can control that.
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They may look scary, as an ocean dragon should, but that doesn't mean they are bad.
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Leopard seals have shown kindness and empathy even to creatures outside their own species. They deserve respect and to be admired at a distance- not all animals are "only lovable if we can pet them". It's wrong to only appreciate another creature only for what it can do for us humans.
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Yes, they are carnivores. But so are many animal species including lion, tigers, wolves, and other creatures who are adored. Being carnivorous is not inherently evil, and in many cases is very important in maintaining ecological balance. Seals are a keystone species! On the flip side of the coin, many of us aren't vegitarian, but that doesn't mean we're bad people!
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So please take a moment to show your love for leopard seals. They are good beans!
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lunarblazes · 15 days ago
hi trafficblr. i cannot believe i have to explain watchers in the year of our lord 2021, but alas, martyn inthelittlewood has thrown a bat at the quietly humming hornets nest that lives in my brain and i’m now mentally unstable. so without further ado, here’s the complete Luna Explains Watchers And Grian’s Relationship To Them In Evo (please be nice to luna he binged grian’s series in like a month over summer break because hyperfixation brain go brrrr and nobody else’s because he’s the worst) HERE WE GO
grian did a series called evolution smp back in 2017, before his entrance onto hermitcraft, with a bunch of other friends of his, including jimmy, martyn, big b, pearl, taurtis, system zee, and nettyplays!
that series introduced the concept of the watchers, angel-like beings who facilitated the portals between versions for the evo smp, because evo was basically like time traveling through updates, from the very first multiplayer functioning update to the end update! i say until the end update, but that’s not where it really ended for most people. that’s where it ended for grian.
grian was the admin and owner of evo smp until around mid 2017, when he left the server due to drifting interest and a feeling that it was taking over his channel. now. this is where the watchers come back into play.
the watchers and grian had. a weird relationship. the watchers enjoyed testing players, giving riddles and gifts and little dungeons for them to find the next version portals and to give them goals. their most explicit goal for most of the series was find the end.
now as you may know. grian is a little shit. and in his evo days, he was even MORE of a little shit!
he had the only mob farm on the server and used it to get frankly insane amounts of gunpowder, and with a little desert locating, he gave himself a nearly unlimited supply of tnt. to give you an idea of how he used this tnt, there was a war between the police and the mafia. netty once said that she feared grian more than both the police AND the LITERAL FUCKING MAFIA. and he wasn’t even INVOLVED IN THE CONFLICT
grian also used clay as the primary building block for his base. that seems minuscule but i promise i’m gonna get back to the watchers it’s important for you to remember the clay,
so the watchers like fucking with players, right? they like testin em. giving them great challenges. making em better people. from what i have just said do you think evo grian would be considered a good person
grian decides to steal clay from the watchers’ temple. clay that was put there explicitly to test who would take it. the next day, he wakes up to obsidian covering every single one of his chests and a statue of an angelic woman in the middle of his base with a sign that instructs him to mine all the clay in the statue and burn it to purge himself of his greed
guess what grian does to the statue! you’ll never guess!
yeah he explodes that shit. oops.
he says EXPLICITLY that he will not listen to the watchers. he considers them bossy and authoritarian and rather than burning the clay he blows up the entire statue with frankly excessive amounts of tnt
SO. we have established that evo grian is a sacrilegious little bitch at this point right (the statue incident is not the only time he does this but it is the most memorable one)? grian’s evo series ends with a dragon fight where all of the players go to the end and are split up to each fight the dragon alone. they all beat the dragon, presumably, but when they step through the portal, they are not greeted by the usual end poem…
instead, the blue and green text at the end are the voices of the watchers, who speak directly to the players— they’ve chosen grian, of all people, to join them in the watcher’s realm, and the poem and series ends with him saying goodbye to his friends and home, a new blood red text entering the changed poem. and that’s all the canon evo stuff! it seriously ends so… suddenly, on grian’s end? jimmy had just pranked him before they set off, one of his buildings in downtown evo was in ruins from the tnt, and he just. vanished entirely. never returned to fix anything ever again.
now, the listeners! i admittedly don’t know much about the listeners, but from what i know, jimmy and martyn piqued their interest. after grian was taken, the players returned to evo, searching for new chunks to call home since the older chunks were becoming increasingly glitchy and corrupted from constant updating. except jimmy. jimmy was plucked up by the listeners and made to do a quest in the abandoned evo world before finally being sent back to the rest of the server, where he and martyn reunited. the listeners appear to be a rebellious faction of the watchers, and knowing what we know now, we know that the listeners were right to tell the evolutionists not to trust the watchers. the listeners warned the evolutionists that the watchers weren’t as peaceful as they seemed, and it seems like they’re right.
“so, luna,” i can hear you saying, because i’m epic as hell and can sense all your lovely questions before they’ve even been asked, “that’s all cool and all, and your nerd shit is crazy, but what’s that mean for last life?”
well!! a few things.
1. martyn is either a listener or still listener-aligned. (you’re more of a… listener.) i think it’s more of a player-patron situation rather than he IS one, just because i think it’d fit better.
2. martyn has been used as a pawn by the watchers to enforce the game and curses they started. they admit to being the ones behind the boogeyman curse (3, 2, 1– all it took) and they had a vendetta against scott because he defied their curse. and scott won. take that bitchass angels haha L
3. the watchers had promised martyn that all of his allies would be safe (impulse, mumbo, jimmy… make it to the end), excepting, notably, grian.
4. oh yeah grian’s straight up not supposed to be in last life and also is a runaway watcher (oh. HIM. he was only meant to watch). so like after evo something happened and he booked it outta there and straight into a death game. or he made the game but went rogue when he decided he didn’t want to go through with it. diversity win???
5. oh boy the watchers are EVIL. we have actual evil watchers now that’s. crazy HDKSFJ in evo they were only presented as calm, angelic beings; it’s only in fanon that they took on that more sinister side, but, well! it’s not just in fanon now i guess!
hopefully this post helped some people! i did my best to stick to canon with the summary. i also went off memory and my own knowledge exclusively, so! if you have any corrections or additions, just rb this post with them and i’ll put them on my blog :^D! happy finale day guys and what the fuck, martyn, if you’re seeing this. this is everything i’ve ever wanted but also i’m devastated how could you.
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snailsnfriends · 2 days ago
I think part of what made tommy and dream's chase scene so scary was tommy's child-like screaming and dream taunting that specifically. things like "this isn't fair!" "it hurts!" "you're the bully-" "he hit me-" it's a kind of desperation we haven't really heard anywhere else. it's the way he says it: strained, shouty and frustrated while crying. it's so distressing to hear and see because it's a kind of desperation that's so specific to kids. these aren't adult sentences. they're said in such a way that it comes off as child-like. it's not close to how tommy normally speaks. it shows how messed up he is by this, and that shift makes it distressing to watch.
and dream replies with "aww... gonna cry?" because he knows that tommy is on the verge of doing exactly that. he can hear it in tommy's voice. he's mocking tommy for being a panicked kid. he can hear that desperation, and he finds it fun and entertaining.
the power dynamic between them makes it so difficult to watch. the creators play into it very well, which makes the scenes they have together so nauseating.
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pangur-and-grim · a month ago
I didn't want to talk about it until the whole horrible thing was over, but Wednesday slipped out an open door last week and (with the help of a motion-activated camera on the porch) we finally got him back last night!
he’s acting so sweet and cuddly today, it’s clear how happy he is to be home and safe inside.
#god though the day it happened was so scary#I've never physically exerted myself to the point where I thought I might fall over before#but we thought he might be hiding under a car so I walked around the neighbourhood  from 8pm to 11:30pm checking under cars#which was sometime a bending/squatting motion if the car was high enough off the ground#and sometimes involved actually lying on the ground if it was a fancy low-rise car#I very quickly grew to loathe the low-rise car#but yeah I still getting back into shape after the 6 month book contract so doing 3 and half hours straight of adrenaline-fuelled squats was#very inadvisable. for three days afterward I had a hard time bending my legs bc of the muscle pain#but like literally did not notice the exertion while it was happening bc I was in 'oh fuck we need to find this cat' mode#we ended up plastering the neighbourhood in signs and pestering all our neighbours#which lead to several texted sightings that let us know he wasnt straying far from the house#so we set up a raccoon trap on the porch that DID NOT WORK#like he kept getting inside and eating all the food without tripping the trap?#so we'd adjust the sensitivity and the same thing would happen 💀 shitty trap#on night 5 we set up a motion activated camera so that we could make sure it was him eating the food#and holy shit. the stress of seeing him on the camera and not being able to open the door and grab him bc we knew he'd run and not come back#we literally WATCHED HIM ON THE CAM enter the trap and eat all the food without triggering it#and then he sat on the steps and groomed his face for 8 minutes straight while we whispered about what to do#eventually when he left the porch and started walking off we decided we could open the door without scaring him#(bc he was far enough away)#and so my housemate did that and started calling his name and opening cans of wet food to make the Good Food Sound#and holy shit. it worked#when we heard him meow back it was such a relief#they were such horrible distressed meows that we thought something had happened to injure him#but I think he was just vocalizing the emotions of being lost for 5 days and finally hearing his owner's voice#it took a few more minutes of coaxing for him to actually enter the house#he was a stray before my housemate took him in so the fear instinct is STRONG#but now today he's been cuddling up to us and letting us hold him for way longer than normal#and like I'm trying not to anthromorphise. but he's clearly so so happy to be back home and with the people he knows
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strawberrycream-art · 5 months ago
Hiii! So I've had an idea. You know that song strawberry blonde which has a parody called strawberry cow, well it made me think about how cute Belphie would be with a strawberry cow design.
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Anything strawberry related is 100% my jam so my excitement when I saw your ask was real.
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