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sysig · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Doing well, doing better
#Doodles#Bit of silliness but definitely in a better mood#Sometimes I'll take a moment to breathe and just look at my own art since very often I just kinda draw and draw and draw#And don't really pause to examine it beyond technique or emotional intention - I'll just kinda mentally gloss over the fact that#''Oh yeah I made something that previously didn't exist that's kinda neat'' lol#And that can be fun and/or exciting :D It's part of why I like comments and tags so much it pulls my attention to what people are looking at#It's a perspective I might've never considered! And I like that very much#Next two are in a similar vein - first one being my excitement of testing things (the science went well btw! Very interesting data)#And the second one was a redraw of the one that I think set off the Angery last time#It's better to be sure but I still haven't deciphered everything about it - I will tho! I'm gonna use it too!#One thing I did re-confirm was that I don't like drawing myself with dark eyes it never ends up looking right and I get frustrated#I do have blue eyes so I guess that kinda tracks it's just surprising how extreme a reaction I'll have lol#Especially since I have sonas with dark eyes! Charm Myr being the most obvious one#But I'm gonna use what I didn't like with her anyway so maybe it all works out lol#The last set okay lol it's silly even in context but like#I can't stop listening to Montero like - it's so catchy to start but the first time I watched it I cried#And then a couple times after that too lol#I wouldn't've watched it if it wasn't for the controversy around it ironically enough lol which would've been terrible because it's great!#But yeah I got a little emotionally overwhelmed by a) how beautiful it is a piece of art in a vacuum but b)#What it represents and communicates and shows insofar as how much music and being open and just everything#I'm still pretty young but I really can't remember too many openly LGBT+ mainstream musicians that Did That#It's very moving ♥#Not to mention naming it after himself and seeing the letter he wrote like ahhhhhh it's very beautiful
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intermundia · 4 hours ago
Thesis: Star Wars is the moral antithesis of Harry Potter.
I’ve been haunted by this thought for awhile—imagine if the Jedi Order acted the same way about the Force as Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic act about magic. The political, philosophical, and moral worldviews of George Lucas (pro-immigration, pro-diversity) and J. K. Rowling (exclusionist and isolationist) are on display.
In Star Wars, what is the name for people who are not Force sensitive? There isn’t one. They’re sentient people, fully imagined, despite lacking the ability to manipulate the Force. The entire concept of a “muggle” as an amorphous dehumanized threat who do not deserve the assistance of magic is something extremely revealing.
The Ministry’s Statue of Secrecy is a bizarre form of austerity where the have-nots (muggles) are set free to suffer without any guilt or concern of those who have (wizards). It’s justified loosely by the thought that wizards will be swarmed, robbed, and killed by the muggles. They consider muggles both lesser and dangerous, even the “good guys.”
The Jedi Order’s mandate on the other hand is to keep the peace and protect the rights of sentients across the galaxy. There may be concerns that they may be kidnapped and used for their powers, but they are trusted to be able to extricate themselves and that danger is considered less important than the good that the Jedi could facilitate.
Honestly the entire Wizarding World is isolated and broken out into ethnic groups. There is little to any communication or concern of the wizards of the UK with the people (wizards AND muggles) of the rest of the world. There is instantaneous magical transportation—there is no excuse for this isolation. The diversity of species on the Jedi Council and among the Jedi is completely different.
In terms of the narrative, Harry discovers without any particular effort of his own that he is nature’s nobility and is swept away to a life of privilege in the most exclusive school. His life is afterward dedicated to policing his community and upholding the systems of power that hide and restrict magic.
Anakin uses his powers to help others, and then is too swept away to a life of privilege at the center of the galaxy. The fundamental difference is what the Temple teaches: Jedi are raised and trained to help all others, not just other human Jedi. They are externally focused, compassionate, and dedicated—their lives to making the galaxy a more peaceful place.
The Jedi Temple just does not function like Hogwarts. Imagine if it did—imagine if the Jedi were just trained to use their Force sensitivity to create a lifestyle full of selfish, bourgeois comforts. Imagine if they had no concern for the galaxy at large, and thought that the discovery of their privileged lifestyle was worse than preventable genocide.
Palpatine manipulates the Jedi into being part of the force that upholds corrupt systems of power like Aurors, and this is remarkable because it is so different than what their core beliefs allow. They are trying to uphold peace and remain compassionate and helpful, but are killed for their efforts. Their goal still always extended beyond trying to police rogue dark-siders and hide the existence of the Force.
There’s like a million other things to say but I’ll stop here. Both of these media properties are aimed at 10-12-year-olds. Based on the interviews with Lucas that I’ve read, he was extremely conscious of the moral lessons taught and intentional about his philosophy of openness. I can’t say I’ve ever seen the same from Rowling.
Preemptive edit: the situation is more complicated than one short, rambling tumblr post will allow. This is not a perfect take and doesn't pretend to have taken all nuances into account. It is just something I noticed and wanted to share on my prequel-positive and jedi-positive blog.
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m3teoraaa · 4 hours ago
I noticed you have some very strong opinions on characterization of Komaeda and Kamukura so I was wondering if you'd be willing to share some of them? I'm always curious to hear other people's insights so I can improve my understanding.
of course! i feel like i do get up on here and rant but never really elaborate on what i like to see with kamukura & komaeda lol
(this is embarrassingly long but they’re very important to me & also this might get a bit word vomit-y because of my lack of articulation or whateva. there’s a tldr at the end)
so starting off with kamukura, i think most one thing people get wrong about him most often is his abrasiveness. overall he’s not an extremely rude guy, despite being, yknow, the mastermind of a killing game and responsible for the Danganronpa Worldwide Apocalypse or whatever. his personality (or lack thereof) is not as harsh or rude as people make it out to be, it’s more of his worldviews (being the perfect embodiment of talent, talentless people = ticks, etc) & the writing (of him both being set up by enoshima in dr3, his mastermind status, etc) that make him come off that way. that’s also not saying he’s completely faultless though, because he is a bit of a bitch— just not as much as people make him out to be. it’s one key part of his character imo; everyone’s used him and made their own narrative (good or bad— mostly bad) of him for their own benefit.
but i feel like that’s a bit of a tangent there. anyways, kamukura may not be super kind and nice, but he’s not a cruel person either. his lack of exploration as a character is definitely one of the reasons people have such varying views on him.
another thing i see often (which is gross) is this odd abusive trope? especially and maybe only within kamukoma? i’ve touched on this before but kamukura is not an abusive asshole— if anything he’s a victim to whatever enoshima put him through. he’s not going to go out of his way to hurt someone unless they’ve truly wronged him (i.e.... enoshima), or if it’s in self defense (student council scene, him back handing ikusaba across a room). it feels like this is because of his whole Ambiguous Humanity & Lack Of Emotions/Empathy thing, but dr fans like to pretend as if he didn’t hold significant sentiment towards nanami for like 5 years during despair. (sidenote: as a low empath i cannot stress how gross that idea is. it’s awful. we aren’t automatically abusers because we don’t feel empathy.)
i’d say really good characterization is viewing him as someone with very, very repressed emotions & just sort of aloof. he’s obviously got them— we’ve seen him angry, we’ve seen him cry, we’ve seen him excited for a split second— and him being sorta distant is just a given. he has his rude remarks every now and then (the whole boring schtick basically) but they don’t take up his entire personality. sticking to canon when it comes to kamukura is hard because he does barely talk and barely show up, so it’s obvious that some people aren’t going to interpret his character in one universal way... but i feel like some people just make him too rude to be bearable. (i’ve even seen people make him curse before— like when would he ever? that’s so wild)
as for komaeda.... komaeda is. komaeda is a pandora’s box of bad characterization, which is completely understandable since he’s notoriously hard to write. everyone has a different way to write him and there’s nothing wrong with that! until it becomes weirdly out of character. and i’ve seen some genuinely awful interpretations of komaeda & it truly feels like someone is writing an OC rather than him. i feel like key to good komaeda characterization is finding a balance between the multiple aspects of his personality and not playing one up to a huge degree.
i honestly don’t know how to cover just one part with komaeda. not every other word out of his mouth is a self deprecative remark, not every other word out of his mouth relates to hope. he’s not oddly timid? but he’s not super talkative. doesn’t hinata say he’s annoying in the prologue? i’ve never seen anyone talk about him having an awful sense of humor (jokes in his first FTE) or his seemingly sarcastic remarks/actions (screwing with the WOH, anything offhand in sdr2). he also doesn’t curse (except in semi canon material with enoshima) but i don’t see that often anyways.
yeah, komaeda’s just hard to talk about when it comes to the ‘right’ characterization because he’s a very very complex character and everyone sees him a bit differently. i honestly just want to say if you interpret him as a yandere, extremely suave for no reason, willing to talk about his trauma to literally anyone, and/or manic despite not being in a killing game ... you’re probably doing something wrong.
onto them together... (i’ll stick to despair era kamukoma because that’s obviously where most problems lie)
i feel like the main reason people may write them in such a strange way, besides the weird abusive kamukura thing, is because of servant komaeda and misconceptions about relationships involving BDSM. just because more often than not they’re portrayed as master/servant does not mean kamukura is going to hurt him physically/emotionally since he’s in a dominant role. that also doesn’t mean komaeda is going to take that and enjoy it because it’s ‘pain’ or whatever, since you guys like to think he has some weird masochistic streak (the guy whose one of two wishes is to die loved... yeah right. c’mon) or something. not all BDSM relationships are dysfunctional, in fact, few are, because they’re based on trust and negotiation between partners. not only is abusive master/servant kamukoma just fetishizing abuse which is just awful, it’s also a based around stigma on BDSM relationships. and it’s just an awful take lol it’s not like people can’t have a relationship outside of BDSM.
but i feel like that’s the only awful interpretation of kamukoma really, as opposed to their character interpretations. it’s just a shame that it’s what takes up about 85% of the tag on AO3.
kamukoma has interesting potential in any field when you write them correctly and explore their relationship beyond M/S stuff. they have similar outlooks on society and the world, their motives within ultimate despair are extremely similar— they’re the only members who don’t have the intent of spreading despair for despair, komaeda’s luck is cancelled out by kamukura’s. kamukura is also a blatant contradiction to komaeda’s whole philosophy and idea of “someone who harbors absolute hope”; while kamukura does, he wasn’t born with it, it was bestowed to him via science. there’s a lot that could happen between these two when you really think about it, and it’s a shame it’s not explored.
TLDR / stop fetishizing abuse & do your research before you write these characters/their relationship
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sleep-deprived-dragon · 4 hours ago
Hey @appy-polly-loggies​ come over here
How did doll you get in my house 😂
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#doll update! it done :)#ahdslhl sorry if that's too many photos im excited#it was such a fun project#so much thought went into it i swear#like the chain. i made the whole chain myself link by link#im dedicated alright? 😂#and the tuft of hair in the braid that was painstakingly taken away from another doll made into a proper tuft and braided in#the braid has a story actually#the actual hair came out too short for a nice braid so i wanted to do the same trick as they did with the actress for richard#so just braiding in some black material#but i found the red that i had a lot i could use and thought it would fit the aesthetic 😂#and the rat! you've seen rat before 😂#it wouldn't be complete without my chernobyl rendition of líza 😂😂#and let me tell you it was one hell of a time trying to draw the pattern for the clothes 😂#it seems simple but doll clothes are so tiny the sewing machine had problems 😂#in conclusion was this really fun to do? yes. will i do it again? ......mayhaps#i still have one doll i started fuck off long time ago it would be nice to finish that 😂#now back to the tag talk i've ranted enough 😂#program. lining easier. yes sorta kinda. personally vector layer in csp and high stabilization is a saviour but idk if it would work for you#tho my brother complains that csp reads tablet input differently but idk i dont feel it#if you dont have csp and wanna check it out i can give you access to our account tho! its fun#idk if i should answer how was my day then or how is my day today 😂#then it was kinda bad cause i had a mild fever but today has been nice 😂 how about you#also you LEARNED HOW TO KNIT? god respect i tried learning once and failed so miserably 😂#knitting is hard i can barely crochet in a straight line knitting is beyond me 😂#also hope you managed to get the rotoscopy done in time! but also that you didn't overwork yourself too hard 🔫#take a rest 🔫 or doll you is getting a full out rest day 🔫#if you dont take care of yourself doll you will be sitting in my lap being read to. or played guitar idk i'll come up with smth 😂#alright bai love you stay warm stay safe im sending kissies ❤️❤️❤️ im running out of tags#💙💚💜❤️💜💚💙🧡💙💚💙💙💚💙💓💚 oh also my brother called this a voodoo doll 😂
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channoticedmeuwu · 9 hours ago
my mom : *yells at me for not studying while I try to work my ass off and says I don't study and I'm gonna fail so much so to the point of me legit believing it*
me : *gives minimalistic replies because of the toll it has on me*
her :
Tumblr media
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aestuavis · 10 hours ago
▸ @shatteredcrown​ || starter call ( accepting )
Tumblr media
|| 茜 || :: “ one of these days, you’re going to give me a heart-attack. ” the SUZAKU was still hearing her own heart thumping slightly faster than its usual rhythm given his unannounced arrival using his own ABILITY. while it was nice to see him on this fine day, turning around and be greeted by his FACE in the middle of a mirror was not how she expected to start her morning.
                the slight BLUSH on her face was due to the fact that she literally jumped when she thought it was a FLOATING HEAD and almost mistook him for an invading demon. the vermilion bird was ready to shoot fireball at his face right then and there. “ but since you’re already here, do you want to join me for breakfast ? how do you like your eggs ? ”
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fandomfishbish · 12 hours ago
literally any progress i’ve made can be completely undone by playing wolf in sheep’s clothing by set it off. the rage and confusion and anguish and identity problems all just rush back in and suddenly i’m in seventh grade again hating cool kids and pop songs or whatever the fuck. truly a sight to behold
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eret-live · 14 hours ago
and yes i made the toxin pronouns for pronouny since there wasnt any from what i could see </3
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wayfaring-bones · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
//I’d like to think most technological understanding Disake got was from when they were alive. They never questioned where it comes from anyway because it does makes sense to them. To use an example let’s say airship, now you could imagine metal and motors n’ such. While Disake would think of wood, inferno sacs, Conga stomach, and wing webbings. All of their former life lessons on such matters are imprinted into them. If they wanted to really they could in fact make barrel bombs easily and or bowgun ammunition's in one sitting. Potions, Antidotes, Smokebombs, Shock and Pitfall traps. The reason It’s never really shown for it....well it’s just that there is no monsters or high pressing matters to came a need.
//Basically they have internal cognitive process when coming across separate technology and just fill in the gaps/interpolate in a way to protect their mind.
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agnt4 · 16 hours ago
trigger warnings for Girl From Nowhere
the bolded ones are explicit.
[S1E1] Ugly Truth: CSA, teacher-student relationship, rape, (student) pregnancy, abortion, minor mentions of sex, impulsive laughter, blood, dead body, car accident
[S1E2] Apologies: burying of body, fat shaming, alcohol, pills, intentions of drugging/overdosing, fainting, rape, choking, violence (continuous hitting/kicking)
[S1E3] Trophy: hand injury (bathroom scene), plagiarism?, misophonia (crowd cheering, repeating phrases)
[S1E4] Hi-So: violence (hitting/kicking), guns (pistol), alcohol, drugs, blood, impulsive laughter
[S1E5] Social Love: fainted body, stalking? (took pictures of Nanno while hiding), staring (creepy masks), injuries, eye injury, dead body, blood, suicide, misophonia (repeating phases)
[S1E6] Wonderwall Part 1: bullying, suicide (hanging)
[S1E7] Wonderwall Part 2: suicide (hanging, jumped off a window), staring (laying body), blood, dead body, misophonia (repeating phases, impulsive laughter, screaming), (implied) leg injury
[S1E8] Lost & Found: parent mention, abandonment issues?, but besides that this ep is nothing but a heartwarming tragic romance story
[S1E9] Trap: stabbing, screaming (for help), (implied) dead body staring, impulsive laughter, dead body, blood, faint mention, murder
[S1E10] Thank You, Teacher: gun (shotgun), teacher-student relationship, (student) pregnancy, misophonia (ringing sound, yelling, crying child, laughing), abusive parent (yelling, shaking child, suffocating), psychotic breakdowns (delusions/hallucinations), stabbing, shooting, blood, dead bodies, suicide (at the very end)
[S1E11] The Rank: obsession, paranoia, dieting mention, face injury
[S1E12] BFF Part 1: alcohol, bullying, face injury, blood,  misophonia (repeating phases), pedophilia, divorce mention, abuse (physical/verbal), bruises, self-harm scars
[S1E13] BFF Part 2:  bullying, face injury, misophonia (repeating phases, loud screaming, repetitive/impulsive laughter), (bag) suffocating, violence (beating up, kicking, punching stabbing), blood, self-harm, manipulation/gaslighting, cheating, alcohol, pregnancy miscarriage, cold murder, slit of wrist, fainting, gun (recapping previous eps)
this took so long to annotate omfg im sorry if i missed something i was literally rewatching it all.. and i kinda went #psychomoment lol. so feel free to add anything else
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