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c-h-a-n-d-ra · 2 months ago
tfw I figure out a great strategy for pain management (so I can study despite the chronic pain + light sensitivity + family), except I figure it out at 11 pm so I can’t really properly execute it till tomorrow night
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luvyanfei · 6 months ago
ft. xiao, albedo, diluc, kaeya, scaramouche, childe, zhongli & venti non-requested piece
XIAO doesn’t know how to react when he feels a heavy weight on top of his shoulder and finds your head leaned against him comfortably, your eyes closed. his fingers reach out to push you off of him, but he decides against it at the last minute. it would be rather indecent of him to disturb your sleep, and now that you’re unconscious, he’s able to study your face up close without needing to concern himself about getting caught. “how silly.” he murmurs to no one in particular. “to think that someone like you is capable of breaking down my walls. i thought i discarded human emotions long ago, but is it really alright for me to love you?” why is he confessing all this aloud, who knows. XIAO leans in close to your face till his lips are barely touching yours. he stays like that for quite some time before he reluctantly pulls back. mortified of himself, he turns around slightly to stare at the leaves soaring in the light breeze, but he fails to notice the slight blush on your face as you struggle to keep your eyes closed. perhaps once you ‘wake up’, you’ll surprise him with an innocuous kiss to finish what he’s started. 
ALBEDO glances up from the sketching he’s occupied his time in perfecting, and accidentally moves too quickly that he stirs you awake. you groan in exasperation, rubbing at your eyes before you gasp at what you’ve just done. sheepishly, you mumble out an apology for bothering him, but your wrist is ensnared in his firm grip and he gently guides your head back to rest on his shoulder. he strokes your flushed cheeks with his cool fingers and kisses you chastely on the forehead. “it’s okay. take a little break if you need to. i’ll be here when you wake up.” 
DILUC ends up sighing without a second thought and turns away from your sleeping form sheepishly as he blushes uncontrollably. his heart is pulsating loudly against his ribcage and he’s having trouble thinking coherently due to the very close proximity shared between you two. are you even comfortable sleeping on his shoulder? his posture is pretty rigid so it probably feels like lying on a boulder. ever so slowly, he lifts you up in his arms to tuck you into bed, but freezes once he hears a tired yawn. “sorry. am i disturbing you? you fell asleep, so i’m just taking you to your room.” you shake your head and give him a closed-mouth smile, encouraging him to move forward. he brings you down on the mattress and covers you with the warmth of the blanket. “good night, my love.” 
KAEYA can’t help but smirk to himself. really, you’re too trusting for falling asleep on his shoulder so casually like this. aren’t you even just a little bit suspicious of him? well, your innocence is what infatuated him to you in the first place. he gives you a light pat on the back and chuckles softly. “i hope you’re not like this with anyone else,” he mutters, watching an eye out in case any opponents are lurking around. despite being a cryo wielder, his hands feel rather warm as he cups your delicate fingers with his. it feels nice, not having anything to worry about if you’re trapped in pleasant dreams. as cruel as reality is, KAEYA is glad that you’re here to sweeten up his lonely days. 
SCARAMOUCHE scowls and pushes you off of him roughly. what is he, a pillow? startled, you have to balance yourself before you topple to the ground. glaring at the harbinger, you instead lean your head against the shoulder of the person that is closest to you and dozes off, in front of him no less. unknown to you, this immediately sets off his jealousy and the poor guy, who he immediately recognizes as tartaglia, gives him a confused look but smiles slyly nonetheless. with a click of his tongue, SCARAMOUCHE yanks you off of childe’s shoulder, awakening you once more, much to your chagrin, and pulls you to his side. “if you’re going to sleep on someone’s shoulder, i’d rather it be mine’s.” 
CHILDE has to verbally restrain himself from squealing at the top of his lungs at how cute you look. his heartbeat speeds up like a rushing river as he ushers for teucer to quietly fetch him a blanket. he then wraps the comforter around your body to keep you snug in the cold of snezhnaya. he’s well aware of how exhausting it may be to travel around teyvat in order to find out the hidden truth this world has to offer. you’ve been through so much, it’s the least that CHILDE can do to stay by your side as you rest up. he links his pinky with yours and a flicker of hope brings life to his cerulean eyes. “no matter what choice you make, i pinky promise i won’t leave you, not until we reach the end.” 
ZHONGLI doesn’t even notice that you’re dozing off, being too fixated on his nonstop rambling to feel the weight on his shoulder. it’s only after he’s done talking does he let out a tiny sigh and loops a hand around your arm. unconsciously, you nuzzle further into his chest and relaxes in his gentle touch. with the sun basking down on his face and the calming atmosphere that lingers in the air, ZHONGLI finds himself overcome with fatigue. he ends up closing his eyes shut and leans against you as both of you drift into a state of quiet tranquility, side by side. 
VENTI brushes away a strand of your hair with an index finger so he can view your peaceful visage in full. your chest rises and falls with every breath you take in and exhale, leaving him to hope it will never stop. he takes off his cape and hat for you to wear since the wind isn’t exactly friendly right now. okay, fine. he actually just wanted to know what it’s like for you to wear his clothing on, and he doesn’t regret doing it one bit. it’s tempting for him to snap a picture of you, but watching you is good enough, he supposes. VENTI will just have to store this memory to heart like all the others he has of you. 
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wkemeup · 5 months ago
Play Pretend (II)
Tumblr media
summary: In the aftermath of Munich, Bucky struggles to go back to how things were before. But now that he knows how it is to love you, he's not sure he can. pairing: bucky x reader word count: 5.8k warnings: smut (18+), mutual pining idiots a/n: here is the final part! make sure you catch up at part 1 first! gif by @crispychrissy
Tumblr media
Bucky couldn’t get the image out of his head for days after the mission in Munich. Pictures of you laying so beautifully beneath him, the slight curve of your lips as a moan slipped past, skin so soft it begged to be touched and soothed and worshiped. He couldn’t let go of how you sounded, how you cried out his name or the gentle whimpers spoken so sweetly against his ear. He couldn’t stop craving you wrapped so tightly around him, your hands caressing down his arms, his back, his shoulders, your unbridged desire to touch every part of him, even the parts he despised.
Memories that found him in his sleep in the early hours of the morning, in the shower when his legs were weak and tired, at the breakfast table when you strolled in wearing a t-shirt down to your thighs and the evident curve of your breasts bare beneath the fabric.
Bucky tried to push the thoughts away. He tried to stop thinking of what happened in that cold, abandoned Hydra base. He tried to bury that longing somewhere deep, somewhere he’d never be bothered by it again. But it always came back in the image of you in that cell.
It plagued him. It taunted him.
He wanted more.
He didn’t know how to admit it. Not to himself, and certainly not to you. So, he did his best to suffocate those feelings, those cravings for something real, but they still found their way to the surface.
They spilled over on movie nights with the team and Bucky would find himself inching closer to you, in the gym when he took just a second longer to lift his weight from your body after a winded match that ended on the surface of the mat, on walks around the compound when he found himself wanting to capture your hand in his own as your fingers brushed by.
Those feelings slipped from his smothering hold on missions when he watched your back far more than his own, when he’d missed an obvious target in an attempt to clear your enemy line and ended up catching three bullets himself. He lost composure whenever you didn’t respond on coms or when you’d stumble back onto the quinjet with an injury you’d been hiding. He dove headfirst into fires and threw his body up as a shield and spent every night in agony wondering if you knew that he’d give his whole life to you if you’d asked.
It made him stupid. It made him reckless. It might actually get him killed.
But it hadn’t started in Munich. No, that was just the catalyst of it all. Bucky had loved you long before that drug infiltrated his system and left the two of you in an impossible position. He’d managed to keep his feelings at bay for years; hiding behind quick witted jokes and friendly banter and a genuine friendship and it had been enough. Honest, it had.
Only, now he knew what it was like to be with you. He caught a taste of what it would be like to make love to you and he didn’t know if he could ever forget and move on. It had been weeks since Munich and it still felt like it happened yesterday.
He had to do something to keep it from consuming him, even if it broke your heart. Even if it broke his, too.
“What the hell do you mean you can’t work with Y/n anymore?”
Steve groaned, pinching at the bridge of his nose. It had been a long day of debriefing with about a dozen agents making demands he was unwilling to compromise on. This, separating his best team, was among them.
“It’s just not a good idea, Steve,” Bucky said, arms folded tightly over his chest as he watched Steve pace relentlessly down the conference room.
“That’s ridiculous, Buck.” Steve slumped into the chair beside his friend. “You two are the best insurgent team I have.”
“Just trust me. You’ve seen how I’ve been in the field lately. I can’t keep a straight head around her, okay? Not after—” Bucky clenched his jaw, turning away.
Steve sighed, hanging his head. “You ever gonna tell me what happened in Munich?”
Bucky’s lip was chewed raw; scars over broken wounds, teeth digging into painful cracks. It was a nasty habit he picked up after Munich. He wasn’t used to this kind of nervousness; a deep and unsettling feeling churned to stone in the pit of his stomach.
“Reassign me, Steve,” Bucky asked again, firmer. He could feel Steve’s eyes burning on him, tracing every inch of his face, searching for a tell, but he wouldn’t find one. Bucky was trained better than that. He knew to keep his features cold, stoned, even if his heart was pounding against his chest. He wondered it Steve could hear it, too.
The silence hung heavy in the air.
“Alright,” Steve finally conceded. He shook his head reluctantly. “I’ll see what I can do.”
Bucky sighed a breath of relief, the weight of months filled with a longing he couldn’t tame and painful twist in his heart slipping from him in seconds. “Thank you.”
“Don’t thank me.” Steve stood up from his chair, gathered the papers from the desk and made his way to the door. He paused just at the frame, turned around slowly to find Bucky had relaxed a little too much for his liking and added, “you’re going to be the one to tell her.”
“What?” Bucky scrambled out of his chair, nearly losing his footing and all composure as he stood to face Steve.
“You’ve been partners for years,” Steve shot back tensely. “She’s had your back on countless missions, saved your life on more than one occasion, and—come on, Buck— you guys are friends! The two of you spend every day together, even when you’re benched! You don’t want to give me an explanation? Fine. But you sure as hell owe her one.”
Bucky shook his head rapidly, hands clenching at the fraying edges of his t-shirt. “Steve, I—”
“Just talk to her,” Steve said, a heavy disappointment lingering in his voice. His lips parted, as if there were more he wanted to say, but decided against it. He hung his head, pat Bucky firmly on his shoulder, and left.
Had he always been able to hear his own heartbeat like this?
It was pounding in his ears, thunderous, deafening, and he swore just about everyone else on the floor could its thumping as he approached your room.
The door was open ajar with a small glimmer of sunlight streaming out into the dimly lit hallway. You were singly quietly to yourself – humming, maybe – as you sat on the edge of your bed, staring down onto your phone. You didn’t seem to notice him at the door. He knocked.
Your head popped up, surprised at the sudden intrusion and your eyes only narrowed upon finding it was Bucky standing below the doorframe. You looked at him for a moment before you turned back to your phone without saying another word.
He deserved that.
“Can I come in?” Bucky asked sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck. He was still staring into the room through the small slit in the door.
You shrugged. “Depends. Are you still avoiding me?”
A sharp sting burned in his chest as Bucky tried to unclench his jaw. Truthfully, he had been avoiding you for days now. Ever since he made up his mind to ask for a reassignment. It didn’t matter if Steve shipped him off to Alaska or the Amazons or out into space with the goddamn raccoon; all he knew was that every minute he spent beside you was agony and he needed to get away from it – away from you – before it consumed him whole.
None of that was your fault. You didn’t know why he was suddenly too busy to spar on your usual weekdays or join the team for movie nights. He never told you why he suddenly started pulling away, cutting off all contact as if you hadn’t been friends for years before Munich.
“I’ve got something important to talk to you about,” Bucky replied, clearing his throat.
You sat up, sitting the phone down by your side as you recognized the tone in his voice. Clinical. Mission oriented. Business. He didn’t want it to sound so cold, but he wasn’t sure he could do this if it wasn’t.
Bucky stepped into the room, prying the door open gently with a slow squeak on its hinges as he closed it behind him. He’d been in your room dozens of times before, but somehow, in this moment, it felt like an invasion of privacy, like he wasn’t supposed to be there.
He took a deep breath, trying to keep focus. He took a few steps forward and gingerly sat on the edge of your bed, keeping careful distance as he wrung at his hands in his lap.
“I’m being reassigned.”
You furrowed your brow. He could practically hear your heart skip a beat.
“What? No. They can’t do that!” You shook your head, determined. There were traces of disbelief on your face – anger, too. Your hands gripped tightly into the sheets at your sides. “They can’t just reassign you, Buck. You didn’t do anything wrong.”
“Y/n, you don’t understand,” he started to say, but you were already on your feet, pacing around the room. It was how you calmed yourself when your thoughts were racing too fast. The stabbing pain in Bucky’s chest only seemed to dig deeper.
“I know the field has been messy lately, but that happens to everyone! They can’t split us up because of a few extra trips to the med bay,” you argued, wearing trenches into the carpet of your bedroom. You stopped abruptly. “Who gave the order? Steve? Tony? I’ll take this up with Fury if I have to, okay? I won’t let them—”
“Y/n, stop. Please.” Bucky hung his head. His right hand was red as his left clasped and tugged at the skin. He couldn’t find the courage to meet your eye but he could tell from the way you stilled that you knew what he was about to say. “It was me. I asked for reassignment.”
It didn’t seem to hurt any less though because your stance still faltered. It was barely noticeable, not to the human eye, but Bucky’s sensed were advanced thanks to his time in Hydra. He saw the way your body weight shifted just slightly, how your breath caught in your chest, the slight flicker of your eyes. Shock. Betrayal. Hurt.
“You said it yourself,” Bucky reasoned, trying to find excuses where there were none, “there’s been too many ER trips lately. I keep getting hurt.”
“Because you insist on using your body as human shield, Buck!” you retorted, arms flung out to the sides. “Just knock that off and we’ll be fine!”
Bucky shook his head, his lips curling ever so slightly though it didn’t touch his eyes. “It’s not that simple.”
“Of course, it is!” you argued. You started pacing again. “Don’t be an idiot, Barnes. I’m not losing my partner. Go tell them you were joking or concussed and not thinking straight!”
“I’m not going to do that.” Bucky clenched his jaw. His right hand was starting to lose feeling from how tightly he was gripping it.
Why couldn’t you make this easy on him? You were supposed to be angry with him for ignoring you for the last week. You were angry with him and yet you still fought for him. He couldn’t make sense of it.
The pacing stopped again, though this time it came in slow, like a realization that found its way piece by piece until it melded into a visible image.
“Was it something I did?”
Bucky jumped up to his feet, instinctively wanting to walk towards you but you held your ground. He froze, standing several feet away.
“No,” he said firmly. “God no. You didn’t do anything wrong, Y/n.”
“Then what?” You raised your arms out to the side in question. “We’ve been partners for years, Bucky. I’ve relied on you all that time to have my back, to keep me alive out there, and—and—” you groaned rather loudly, “you’re my best friend! You can’t just up and decide you’re done with me and move on!”
Bucky frowned. “That’s not what this is.”
You shook your head, arms folding tightly over your chest protectively. “Sure feels like it.”
The silence between you was unbearable. Bucky didn’t have a good excuse. You were right to be angry with him. He was abandoning you. He was a coward. He was running away from a painful situation to avoid facing it head on because he was terrified to lose you. Though, as you pressed the heels of your palms into your eyes, pulling them away a moment later to find a soft glisten of reflection in their wake, Bucky started to wonder that were already true.
“Oh God,” you exhaled, a heavy realization in your voice as you turned to him. Your shoulders slumped. “This is because of Munich, isn’t it?”
Bucky flinched. He tried not to, but you noticed. A look of absolute devastation crossed your features as your lips parted, sinking down onto your bed.
“I knew things were different after that mission. I mean, how could they not be?” You leaned over against your thighs, letting your hair fall down to shield your face where Bucky could not see. “I crossed a line. I shouldn’t have given in. You couldn’t consent with that shit running through your veins. Not really. So— fuck – I completely understand if you can’t be around me after I—”
“That’s not what happened,” Bucky interjected sharply, shaking himself from the fear coursing through him as he crossed the room to you. He knelt down beside your bed and waited patiently for you to lift your head and let the curtain of hall fall away from your face. “I could have fought it. It hurt like hell, but I would have survived it even if we… if we hadn’t…”
He let his voice trail off, his cheeks turning a slight side of pink. He sighed. “The point... is that I wanted to. I really wanted to. And that’s the problem.”
You narrowed your eyes, confused.
Was he really going to tell you? Wasn’t this what he had been trying to avoid? Throwing away years of friendship to confess deeper feelings he was all but sure you’d never reciprocate?
But there was something about the way you were looking at him. With tears glistening in your eyes and a grief he couldn’t quite place nestled into the lines on your forehead, Bucky began to wonder if walking away would give him any relief at all. He wasn’t sure he could ever leave this room again if you were left blaming yourself for his crimes.
Bucky slowly placed his right hand on your knee, rubbing his thumb gently along the dimple. Your eyes followed his movements, watching curiously until he found the courage to speak.
“We’ve been partners for a while,” he started, clearing his voice when it came out shaken. You nodded. “I feel like sometimes I know what you’re thinking just by looking at you and when we’re out in the field, even in the middle of chaos, it’s like you can tell what I’m doing before I actually figure it out myself. We’re really good together. Out there. It’s hard to find that these days.”
You didn’t say anything and for that, he was grateful. He needed to get this out before he shut down completely.
“I think we only got that good because we’re… uhm… we’re close, you know?” Bucky took a deep breath, releasing his grip on your knee when he realized he’d started to squeeze it a little too hard. Your hand was sitting on your thigh, but you’d inched it closer to his, enough so the tips of your fingers overlapped onto his.
“We’re friends.” Bucky paused at the term, deciding it wasn’t strong enough. “It’s more than that though. I trust you with things I wouldn’t even tell Steve. You were the first person I felt like I could be myself around. Not the Bucky that Steve remembers or the one Hydra manipulated. This one. Whatever that means.”
Your whole hand covered his now, as much as it would allow. He glanced up to find your fingers curling under his, a slight squeeze to tell him you were still listening. He exhaled another breath and the pressure in his chest felt a little lighter.
“What happened in Munich didn’t awaken anything or… or open my eyes to something I didn’t know was there,” Bucky continued, his eyes trained on your legs, unable to find the courage to face you. “I’ve known how I felt about you for a long time. I was okay with it. I learned to live with it and manage it because being your friend and being your partner was too important to lose. But…”
He felt your hands squeeze his again.
“But after Munich… I don’t know how to go back. I don’t think I can.” Bucky didn’t dare to meet your eye. He could feel the words slipping past his lips before he had a chance to pull them back in. A waterfall of confessions he couldn’t hope to control. “It’s why I’ve been so reckless in the field, why I keep ending up in the med wing. I can’t shove it down anymore and it punctures me right through the goddamn heart when I see you surrounded by armed agents or when there’s a weapon aimed at you and my instinct is to run towards you. Screw what happens to me.
“I know you’re good at your job,” Bucky stressed, shaking his head. “I know you can handle yourself and you don’t need me to protect you but… but I want to. I want to keep you safe and hold your hand when you’re getting stitches and curl up beside you at night just so I can remind myself you’re real when the nightmares get the better of me. I want… I want more than I should.”
He could hear the skip in your heartbeat, how it gradually picked up in pace the longer he spoke. Your breathing was shorter, too. Shallower. Bucky was certain it was all confirmation of the story he’d been telling himself for years.
“This… How I feel… It’s not good for us. As friends. As partners. I’m trying to do us a favor and just remove myself from the equation.”
Bucky still had yet to meet your eye. He’d turned to examining every detail he could find on the fabric of your sleep shorts, in the sheets you sat upon, in the divots and dimples and blemishes on your thighs. He wasn’t sure he’d have the resolve to leave if he looked at your face.
Several beats of silence passed by and Bucky wondered how it was possible you hadn’t lashed out at him yet. He expected you to be angry for driving a wedge between you with something as reckless as love and affection. He expected you to turn your shoulder, reject him for everything he was, because it was one thing to befriend the Winter Soldier, another entirely to love him.
Bucky slowly rose back to his feet, letting his hand slip away from your knee and your gentle hold on him fell away. He mistook your silence for acceptance, maybe even agreement. He cleared his throat, starting to back up towards the door.
“So, um,” Bucky said nervously, trying to fill the silence in his escape, “that’s why. I hope you can forgive me some day for all of this. I’ll, uh, I’ll go.”
Bucky barely had his hand on the knob when he heard the soft squeak of your mattress springs as you rose to your feet.
“You’re wrong.”
The sound of your voice startled him, enough to get him to look back at you before he could stop himself. Your hands were clenched at your sides, eyes red with tears, bottom lip chewed raw.
“Y/n, I—”
“You’re wrong,” you said again, almost angry and somehow that was a relief. It would make it easier for him to leave if you were angry, but you had different plans. “You’re wrong if you think you’re doing me some kind of favor by leaving.”
Tears were on your cheeks now and Bucky’s stomach lurched. This wasn’t what he wanted. This was agony.
He took a step closer to you. “You have to trust me, it’s not a good idea for us to—”
“You’re wrong,” you continued, cutting him off again as you rubbed at the tears under your eyes. “You’re wrong to assume that I don’t feel the exact fucking way about you and—and if you leave, Bucky, I swear to God it will kill me.”
Bucky froze. His heart stopped beating completely, might have plunged down through his stomach, broken through the floorboards and buried itself into molten lava and dirt, because of all the things he was expecting you to say, that was not one of them.
“Don’t do this,” you implored, voice a little broken, barely above a whisper. “Please don’t go.”
Bucky was at a loss. He didn’t know what to say. He hadn’t prepared for this. He never even considered you might beg him to stay, that you might feel for him in the way he felt for you. It never once crossed his mind. It felt like a dream.
“I miss you.” Your voice was so small and still, it nearly tore him straight in half. “I miss how we used to be. I miss seeing you smile and your stupid jokes at the most inappropriate times in the field.” You laughed to yourself, under your breath, and even through the tears it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever heard. But you sighed, the smile falling away. “I miss you when you’re not here. All the time. So much it hurts. I feel like I’m going out of my mind when I’m not with you. You’re my best friend, but I… I also… I miss Munich.”
Bucky’s eyes widened and you only caught a glimpse of him for a second before your face was in your hands, trying to shield yourself from him.
“I know it’s wrong,” you murmured, muffled by your palms. “I know it’s not right to miss a moment when you were in pain and made to feel something you didn’t ask for, but… I think about it a lot and... how much I want more.”
Stunned silence. Throat dry. Heart pounding.
“What are you saying?” Bucky finally found the courage to ask.
You lifted your head, finally meeting his eye and there was a relief there as you looked up at him. Your shoulders eased. A soft smile returned to your lips and it nearly melted him completely.
“The same thing you are, I think.”
He swallowed. “Oh.”
Bucky watched, near frozen, as you crossed the room, bare feet padding softly over the carpet until you were only inches from him. The space between you closing as your hands slid up his arms, resting against his shoulders, cupping at the sides of his face, just observing, just feeling. There was no venom in his veins and yet, Bucky felt electrified under your touch. His heart stammered in his chest as your fingers wove at the strands of hair at the base of his neck.
“I’m going to kiss you now,” you told him and he wondered for a moment if he stopped breathing entirely. "No Hydra chemicals. No foreign influence. Just us, okay? You and me.”
Bucky nodded, a little stunned.
Slowly, you inched up closer to him, your eyes drawing closed until you were a breath from his lips. Just barely grazing upon his own, waiting, and Bucky let his hands slid up against your back, tugging you closed against him, and captured your lips in his own.
It was different than the first time in Munich, less rushed, less desperate, but instead filled with a longing that had spanned years between you, coated in affection and heartache and need for one another beyond anything a serum in a lab could fabricate.
Your hands wove into his hair, his arms pressing you firm against his chest, and it was like you were holding onto him for dear life. Your feet began to carry the two of you backwards, dragging Bucky towards the bed, and you yelped as your knees caught on the edge of the mattress, sending the two of you spiraling onto the bed.
“You alright?” Bucky laughed, brushing away the hair in your eyes as he propped himself up on his elbows caged around your shoulders; most of his weight laying upon you in the sweetest comfort of pressure.
“I'm perfect,” you replied, bright smiles and joy radiating from every pore. It was contagious.
“We can stop here, if you want,” Bucky offered sincerely. He was riding a high he never thought he’d ever experience and anything you’d be willing to share with him was a gift within itself. He’d kiss you for hours if you’d let him.
“And if I don’t want to stop?” you questioned, staring up at him with a hunger in your eyes. Your fingers trailed down his t-shirt, dancing around the hem of the fabric at his hips. “If I wanted to keep going... If I wanted you...?”
“I’m yours, sweetheart.”
A simple answer. A true one. He’d never been more certain of anything in his life.
Bucky knelt back, tugged on the fabric of his shirt between his shoulder blades and pulled it over his head. You watching him as he tossed it to the corner of the room before he settled back down against you. Your hands ran along the lines of his muscles, over the scars and imperfections, and for once, Bucky didn’t shy away from the hands of a woman. It didn’t feel like a twist to his gut, he didn’t hold his breath. No – instead, it felt renewing, healing almost.
His hands slid under the waist of your shirt, inching it higher as he rand his touch along the curves of your sides, until you leaned up for him to help remove the fabric. It joined his shirt at the edge of the room.
Perfect and bare. Stunning in your nakedness. A privilege he never thought he’d be granted.
“You want to take a picture or...?” you teased him, noticing how long he’d been staring at you.
Bucky laughed, shaking his head. “Don’t temp me. Besides, I’m hoping I won’t need a picture to see you like this again.”
“Definitely not,” you confirmed, tugging him down to meet your lips again.
It was laced in smiled and laughter and ages of holding back from one another all rolled into one. A freedom of taking your time, of enjoying one another, and learning to memorize your bodies. Bucky would have wondered if he were dreaming if not for the way you wrapped your legs around his waist, grinding against his hardening cock – no dream could produce a feeling like that.
With his lips on your neck, Bucky played with the hem of your shorts, waiting until you lifted your hips just enough to give him the access to slid them down your legs, removing the last remaining fabric along with it.
Bucky kissed his way down your body, mapping a trail from your neck, to the hills of your breasts, to your ribs, to the comfort of cushion at your stomach, to the crevices at your legs and inner thighs. He paused for a moment, setting his cheek against your thigh as he drew his fingers between your lips, separating them to give access to the sweetest parts of you.
You flinched a little as he touched your clit, a gasp emitting from your lips as your hands curled into the sheets. Bucky grinned, encouraged by your reaction as he began to circle the pads of his fingers at your entrance. Listening for the subtle changes in your breath, the moans the slipped past, and the curl of your fingers, Bucky leaned in and wrapped his lips around your clit.
“F-fuck, Bucky,” you whined, hands snaking into his hair and gripping tight against his scalp.
He smiled at the feeling, at the way you cried his name, and he pressed his slicked fingers inside of you. Perhaps it was the haze of the foreign chemicals the last time he had you under him like this, but he didn’t remember you being so vocal, so sensitive to his touch. It was a rush and he had to keep himself from rutted up against the mattress as added a third finger, curling them just enough and massaging at the walls as they squeezed tight around him.
Tongue lapping at the wetness, sucking around the sensitive bud of nerves, fingers perfectly drawing out the high as it built at your core, it only took moments before you crashed. You cried out his name, legs wrestling against him in the sensitivity as he drew out the feeling as long as he could, moving slower and slower until you stilled under him.
“Fuck,” you exhaled, a laugh entranced in your voice.
Bucky grinned, pleased with himself as he crawled his way back up the bed to meet your lips. He didn’t bother to wipe the remnants of your high from his mouth and you didn’t seem to mind as you kissed him, certainly tasting yourself upon his lips, and it only made him want you more.
“You’re turn,” you smirked, trying to slide out from under him as you licked your lips, but Bucky held you down.
“Next time, okay?” he countered and you sunk back into the mattress with a pout on your lips. “I don’t think I can last if you get your mouth on me.”
“Is that such a bad thing?” you teased, running your fingers down his stomach until he began to shiver.
“Yes,” he chuckled, swatting your hands away playfully. He winked. “I’m gonna die if I don’t have you right now.”
“Jesus, Buck, don’t even joke,” you laughed, hiding your face in your hands.
“Hey, someone's gotta,” Bucky grinned as he tugged down his pants, kicking them off to land amongst the rest of the discarded clothing. “If it got me here, I’ll happily make light of a fucked up Hydra breeding experiment.”
“Would you have told me if it hadn’t happened?” you asked, voice a little softer, peering out from behind your hands.
Bucky stilled, his grin falling into something gentler and he shrugged. “Don’t know if I ever would have had the courage. I never thought we’d be here. Never could have imagined you’d feel the same way.” He leaned down to press a kiss to your shoulder. “Would you have said anything?”
“I don’t think I really knew until you threatened to walk away,” you admitted.
“Well,” Bucky sighed, pressing a trail of kissed along your collarbone as he settled between your legs, his length pressing against your thigh, “good thing I’m not going anywhere.”
“Better not,” you murmured against his lips as you drew his mouth to yours.
Then, as he felt the hitch of your breath against his lips, he sank into you. Stretching walls and guiding your legs to wrap at his waist to offer an angle that left your jaw slacked. Your eyes fluttered closed, lips parted, and Bucky felt a rush unlike anything he’d ever experienced. Even through the smoke filled haze of that serum in Munich, he’d never felt an ounce of the relief as he did in this moment. To be completely and entirely yours.
He felt you squeeze at his shoulders, urging him to move, and slowly, he rocked his hips against you. Slow and steady. Needy. Until your nails dug into his spine and Bucky couldn’t prolong the tender build up any longer.
Chasing and chasing; higher and higher. Bucky could tell you were close from how tight your walls were clenched around him. It took near everything he had not to come on the spot, but he held on, waiting, watching as your lips parted, as the most beautiful sounds he’d ever heard slipped past, and you cried out his name.
“Oh fuck—fuck—Bucky, don’t stop.” Your breath was hot against his cheek. “I’m so close. I’m—ah—”
A hitch in your breath and your whole body seemed to fall slack. It only spurred him on. Hips snapped, fingers rubbing quick circles at your clit, until you were whining and shaking under him, until he was satisfied with the blissful look on your face and he let himself go.
He spilled into you, rutting his hips in a few final, lazy thrusts as he sank into the crook of your neck, panting. Dizzy and content, riding a high that extended beyond his body, Bucky hummed into your collarbone as he felt your nails draw patterns along his back in gentle sweeps. It tingled on his skin, send shivers along his spine, and he never wanted it to stop.
“Hey, Y/n?”
You paused, just for a moment, before you resumed tracing the lines on his back, over muscles and scars alike. “Yes, Bucky?”
He could hear the teasing in your voice, the light-hearted laugh, the warmth that made him fall in love with you and his heart clenched. He wrapped his arms under your shoulders, the full weight of his body still pressing you down to the mattress, still buried inside of you.
“Promise me this is real.” An embarrassment crept up as he said it, though the drawing on his back didn’t skip a beat. “You and me. I’m not dreaming or stuck in my head. This is real, right?”
Your hands slid up along his shoulders to his neck, and then to the sides of his face as you guided him off your chest to meet your eye; more beautiful than he’d ever seen you, with a glimmer of sweat and an afterglow radiating in the smile lifting your cheeks.
“This is real, honey,” you told him, leaning in to kiss him sweetly on the lips.
“Okay. Okay, good.” Bucky grinned, cheeks flushed in heat. He settled back against your chest, resting his cheek to your heart as you resumed drawing the lazy patterns on his back.
Perfectly content.
Warm. Safe.
Thank you so much for reading! ❤️ If you enjoyed this fic, please consider supporting me at my ko-fi account ✨
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kybabi · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
telling their s/o they’re being too clingy
w/ kenma, osamu, and suna!
part 2!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: ok so i got a couple requests for a second part of this prompt but i didn’t wanna post them separately so i compiled them here!!
there were different character requests so i’ll definitely keep that in mind for future reference :)) for this prompt, i wrote all of them in the timeskip if anyone needed clarification💞 anyways thank you guys so much for requesting; i hope you like it!
this is not my best work; i wrote this when i was really tired :( but i’ll try to make it up to y’all later hehe)
Tumblr media
your boyfriend is pretty lazy himself honestly
he doesn’t like to go out and do stuff all that much
but at the same time he is pretty busy at home
most of the time he’s just gaming
even though he does most of his work at home, you don’t get to spend that much time with him
but today kenma was in an even worse mood than usual
he was irritated, tired, and felt like he was going out of his mind all day
but you hadn’t seen him at all today, so you’re not aware of this
you walk into his work room with some food (he hadn’t eaten all day) and sneak into his lap, pressed against him tightly, as you usually do
you talk about your day, rambling about random things and combing your hands through his hair, untangling the knots
you ask him if he has any laundry for you to clean, and he doesn’t respond
you poke at him
“kenma? babe? were you paying attention to—”
“fuck, y/n, can’t you just leave me alone for a day? i’m in a bad mood already, and i don’t need you smothering me. you always do this, y/n. i don’t need you to take care of me; i can do everything by myself.”
you hadn’t realized how annoyed your clinginess was
so you disentangle yourself, muttering an apology under your breath, and leave, closing the door behind you
the next day, kenma wakes up feeling a lot better than he did yesterday, despite having fallen asleep at his gaming desk.
for once, he’s actually hungry, since he refused your dinner last night. he feels a little bad about what he said to you, but you probably know that he didn’t mean it. sometimes he gets in these moods, and you know them better than anyone.
he gets up and goes to the kitchen to see what you’ve made for the both of you. surprisingly, you’re not in there, like you would usually be, and there’s no delicious aroma or evidence of use at all. maybe they left it in the fridge? he thinks. but the refrigerator is empty, too.
now that he thinks about it, the apartment is a little more out of shape than usual. some of his clothes lay wrinkled on chairs and his mangas are scattered where he left them, instead of in his work room where you always put them. strange, he thinks.
he sees you on the couch and brightens. he’s missed you, and he wants to ask you if you’d like to do something together today. it’s been so long since he’s been able to just be with you.
but when he approaches you, you just smile at him and get up, retreating into your room and closing the door. he stands there, confused.
he doesn’t understand why you’re acting so strange today.
but on your end..
his words from yesterday stung. you really loved to care for your boyfriend; it was one of your favorite ways to show him you loved him. but he didn’t see it that way, because he expressed that he felt smothered; that he could take care of himself. so you’ve decided to back off a little bit.
kenma is working in his room when he hears the door open. he sits, up, setting down his controller and waiting for you to settle on his lap like usual and cuddle him for a little while he plays. but instead, you creep in warily, like you don’t know if you’re allowed to be there. you see his eyes on you and freeze before slipping back out like you were never in there to begin with.
“y/n, wait—”
you’re already gone though, and now kenma’s actually concerned. he gets up and ventures out into the bedroom, where you’re huddled up on the bed. he sits down next to you and attempts to pull you in, which you refuse.
“baby, what’s wrong?” he whispers. “why are you being so distant today?”
there’s tears in your eyes, and you’re attempting to smile for him, but it just looks wobbly and wrong.
“isn’t that what you wanted?” you ask shakily. “y-you said i was smothering you, so i just thought—”
he cuts you off with a kiss, pulling you in sweetly and firmly, and you sigh.
“i’m sorry for lashing out at you last night,” he apologizes. “i didn’t mean anything i said to you, okay?”
you look up at him with teary eyes.
“i love the way you do things for me and tell me about your day and cuddle with me. i know i’m absolute shit at expressing it, but i really like it when you take care of me.”
he nuzzles your nose with his, pressing short and sweet kisses on your lips between sentences.
“so what you’re saying is.. cuddles?” you ask, hopeful. he stares at you, golden eyes half-lidded contentedly.
“whatever you want.”
Tumblr media
you love everything about your relationship with miya osamu
the dates, the food (oh my GOD the food), the everything
but more than anything, you LOVE cuddling with him
he’s always warm and soft and snuggly
but yesterday, you and osamu got in a fight
you argued that he was spending so much time managing the restaurant that he was forgetting about you
he thought you were being absolutely ridiculous
“y/n, you’re overreacting. stop being over dramatic.”
“over dramatic? is that what this is? okay, sorry for wanting to have a moment alone with my fucking boyfriend!”
“it’s not my fault that you’re so fucking clingy?! don’t put this on ME. always forcing your dumb affection on me when it’s CLEAR that i don’t want you to!”
even after the both of you apologized and called it quits, you thought about it all night
maybe he was right
you went to bed and drifted into a fitful sleep
today is osamu’s day off, and he’s looking forward to having a day to relax with you.
after the fight the two of you had, he’s just happy to have the whole day to make up and spend some time together.
when he wakes up with you next to him, he nudges at you affectionately. you’re already half awake, and you smile back at him. he waits for you to take the cue and snuggle into his side like usual, so that the two of you can continue resting together, but you turn around on your side. he frowns.
later in the day, you’re watching a movie, and he tugs at your sweatshirt, hoping you’ll settle into his lap and give him some kisses. instead, you sit next to him, a little bit of space between you, and don’t look at him again.
then, the both of you are making dinner, and he comes up behind you, to which you dodge him skillfully. he almost whines; desperate for some affection. you’re not giving him anything today, and he’s getting touch-starved.
“baby, is something wrong?” you ask at his frown.
he shakes his head and continues chopping vegetables.
the two of you have gotten ready for bed and are laying under the covers when he crawls over to you and lays his arm over your torso. you push him off gently, only for him to put it on you again. you sigh.
“why won’t you let me cuddle you today?”
honestly, you want nothing more than for him to cuddle you all day, holding you in his arms. but clearly it’s annoying, and you’d like to avoid fights like the one you had last night at all costs.
“last night.. you mentioned that i force my affection on you. and i realized that you were right. and i’m just working on it, okay?” you look away.
osamu’s heart sinks. you’re still on this? he thought he’d made it clear that he truly didn’t mean anything he said during the fight, but he realizes that insecurities don’t just go away.
“baby..” he whispers, pulling you into his lap. you won’t look at him. “look at me.” you shake your head, so he brings your chin up with his hand.
“you don’t ‘force’ your affection on me, okay? i love how affectionate you are with me. i like that you can feel safe in my arms and that you like being close to me all the time. it’s the way you express your love for me, and i think it’s perfect.”
tears well up in your eyes, so you bury your face in his chest to hide it.
“i love you so much, ‘samu,” you whisper, sniffling.
he smiles softly down at you, and pulls you in even closer, flush against him.
“and i love you.”
Tumblr media
suna is a very lowkey, chill person
this applies to basically everything in his life
but when he gets angry it’s very easy for him to lash out
yesterday, suna had a terrible day
he was just getting irritated by everyone and while he wanted to come home and rest, he didn’t want to deal with your questions
but you didn’t know about how his day went, so you asked him questions anyway, hoping to find out how he was feeling and if he needed anything
but his annoyance was growing, and you weren’t picking up on it
you laid a hand on his arm, and that’s when he finally lost it
he shoved your hand away, irritated
“can’t you just leave me alone? i don’t want to talk to you right now, and you being clingy isn’t helping.”
you reeled back, stung, but decided you’d leave him alone
you slept on the couch, afraid to upset him even more
suna wakes up to the sun filtering through the blinds, and slides a hand over to your side of the bed, expecting to find you lying next to him, but comes up empty. he frowns, missing your warmth.
he gets up and moves to the living room, finding you lying on the couch. he nudges you gently to wake you up.
“good morning, baby,” he whispers against your lips, and you don’t even smile at that, just grabbing your blanket and relocating to the bedroom. he’s confused by your mood, and follows you back into the bedroom.
“you wanna cuddle?” he offers, slipping into the bed next to you, only for you to hmph petulantly, rolling over on your side, away from him.
that’s weird, suna thinks. y/n almost never refuses my cuddles.
you do wake up later, seeing rintarou in the kitchen, and take out a snack from the pantry, ignoring his own offers to make you food.
it’s not that you’re mad at him, because you’re really not, but you’re still a little hurt at how he treated you last night. you know he was just having a bad day, but now you don’t want to receive his affection, scared to come off as annoying again.
“baby, are you mad at me?” he asks when the two of you are in bed. you shake your head, eyes still glued to your book.
rintarou tries again to cuddle you, but you push him away again. he sighs, unsure why you’re acting this way. he takes your book and closes it, inciting a reaction from you.
“hey, you didn’t even bookmark—”
you stop short at seeing his gaze locked on you and shrink back.
“then why aren’t you being affectionate with me?”
you sigh, not wanting to get into this now.
you do anyway.
“you called me annoying, rin. excuse me for not wanting to be affectionate when apparently that behavior is irritating,” you mumble.
suna stops short. annoying? how could you have ever been— oh.
suna had completely forgotten about last night. he never apologized for lashing out at you.
ignoring your protests, rintarou pulls you into his chest and noses at your hair.
“‘m sorry,” he mutters into your hair, breathing you in and basking in your warmth. you still, and he pulls you close. “i’m sorry for calling you those things, okay? please don’t stop being affectionate with me; i miss it,” he admits, and you finally look up at him.
“i’m not annoying?” you ask, voice tiny.
“no, baby. i love your cuddles and your kisses and how adorable you are when you’re sleepy. i just love you.”
you’re speechless at his honesty, so you just nuzzle at his collarbone and breathe his scent in instead.
“you know, you acted like a child today,” he teases.
“shut up and cuddle me.”
Tumblr media
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witch-hazels-musings · 7 months ago
waking up next to them
The first one got a LOT of love and some nice person asked for some other genshin husbands 
One day I’ll write for the beautiful Dainsleif - until thennn
I added Zhongli in his place, because I’m trash.
Includes: Albedo, Kaeya, Zhongli 
Warnings -> NOTSFW* (foreplay & other touching)
*Character X FM Reader*  |   Anthology   |  Part 1
Synopsis: waking up next to them and how quickly things can turn
Too many times Albedo would work through the night, spending his entire day in the labs doing research, taking notes
There were times you’d find him passed out in a random spot in the lab. Once he was leaning over one of the counters, another time he was whipped out in a chair, his head dripping between his legs
In fact, you’d practically had to beg him, or get someone to carry him to bed if you expected him to be there in the morning
It was such a pleasure to wake up next to him on these rare occasions. Being able to see his face slowly appear under the light of the rising sun, his hair unkempt, the braid undone and falling against his neck
You couldn’t get enough of his sleeping face no matter where you found him; most people didn’t know that Albedo smiled when he slept, but you did 
Albedo shifted, the motion pulling him from his sleep. He looked a bit confused, his eyes looking over the room, his head turning until it came to a stop in your direction. 
“Hello,” you smiled at him, his expression still finding its way into the waking world. It melted your heart as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and stretched in an effort to wake up. 
“How did I get here?” he asked, a yawn stretching his face. 
“I had one of the knights carry you here. We found you passed out in the labs.” you brushed some of the loose hairs away from his face. 
“How long have I been sleeping?” 
“Mmm, not sure. At least five hours.” You sit up and let your legs dangle off of the bed. You’re sure he will want to get back to his research as soon as possible. 
“Hmm …” 
Standing, you made your way to the dresser, looking through the clothes in an effort to figure out what to wear for the day. Your hair moves suddenly and you turn at the sensation. You’re surprised when you see Albedo standing behind you, his fingers messing with the hem of your shirt. 
“Albedo?” you ask, curious.
“Do you always wear this to bed?” he pulled at the fabric, stretching it and rubbing it between his fingers. 
“Yeah, mostly.” you started to feel the embarrassment on your face. His fingers were so close to your hips, a place he hadn’t touched in a while.
“It’s soft,” his fingers drifted down to your underwear. His nails grazed your skin as they ran along the edge of the fabric. When his eyes connected with yours you felt your heart skip a beat. 
“Where did you get it?” one of his hands slipped underneath your shirt.
“I don’t know, I’ve always had it …” the flush of your skin sending shivers through you. 
He asked you question after question, and each time he put his hands somewhere else. He pulled you away from the dresser so he could walk behind you, his eyes piercing even if you couldn’t see them. It drove you crazy the way he looked at you like one of his research specimens. Poking you, touching you, tasting you, all so he can see just how far you’ll go. 
After several frustrating minutes you snap. You turn to him, grab his head in your hands and kiss him. Within seconds his hands grip onto your hips and pulls you closer, enjoying the frustration he’s caused. The two of you stumble back to the bed and topple into the sheets. Albedo hovers over you, a smile on his face. 
“You didn’t last as long as I thought you would,” he smirks. 
“Screw you,” you bite back, but your bite is weak and worthless, just the way he planned. In desperation you pull him closer to you, his breath warming each location his lips touch. He moves painfully slow, making deliberate choices about where to run his fingers, where to place his lips, how much pressure to use for the leg resting between yours. He gets great enjoyment from watching you squirm under him. You know full well he expects you to be specific about what you want from him. Otherwise, he will do whatever he wants, and if that’s the case, you won’t be able to stand his pace.  
“Albedo,” you whine out his name, the heat inside of you radiates on his left. 
“I won’t know unless you tell me…” his voice is dangerous and wicked as he whispers against your ear.
Kaeya LOVESSsss sleeping next to you - he will do it any chance he can get 
He’d make sure that he caught up on all that missed time if he ever had to sleep away from you, or work late nights for the knights 
Most of the time you’d have a hard time getting a good look at his face, sense he enjoyed spooning you or keeping you in his arms throughout the night
If you ever did catch his sleeping face you’d hardly know it was Kaeya
His normally confident appearance was gone, and even still he was beautiful. There was something about the way his mouth looked when he was completely relaxed, you were able to get an entirely different perspective on just how lovely he was - and how much he trusted your closeness 
The sound of chirping birds and footsteps on cobblestone woke you up. When you looked to the window there was a bird singing away, indifferent to your desire to keep sleeping. Rubbing your hands against your face you noticed there was something heavy resting over your waist. Shifting, you could feel the body of another flush against you, the heavy scent of dried fruit and spices surrounding you.
Without looking you knew it was Kaeya. When did he get into bed, you wondered. Well, whenever he did, he made sure to leave absolutely no space between the two of you. His arm stretched over your waist, his other hand tucked underneath your head, and his chest pressed against your back. Your hair moved against the back of your neck as you felt a hot release of air. Even when he was asleep he managed to give you shivers.
You had a few things to take care of today so you reluctantly attempted to slip out from his arms. Reaching for the edge of the bed, you readied yourself to pull away from Kaeya’s grasp. You only made it a few inches before being pulled back into his arms. This time though your back was against the bed and your face was extremely close to the sleeping knight. 
You gave it another valiant attempt, only to be unsuccessful. 
Third time's the charm … nope. 
You were getting frustrated until you heard a soft chuckle escape the lips of your sleeping partner. 
“Kaeya, are you awake?” you huff. 
“Nope,” he responds, his face unmoving. 
“Mhm ... I have to get up.” You try to wiggle out from under him for a fourth time but he tightens his arms around you harder than before. 
“Spend some time with me…” his tone is childish and he pouts his lip at you. 
“I will later, but right now, I gotta get up.” 
“Fine,” his eyes flutter open and he releases you from his hold. “Can you grab me the watch over on the table there first?” He points behind him, and you see the requested item laying on his bedside table. 
Narrowing your eyes, you reach over his body extending your arm out toward the watch. You never make it. 
Kaeya grabs your vulnerable body and turns you over so he can lay on top of you, capturing your mouth with his. His chest presses against yours while his hands explore your body as if they were determined to lay claim to every inch. Pulling away from your mouth he makes quick work moving down to your chest. You feel the weight of his lips and the sharpness of his teeth on the sensitive skin below your throat, and you dig your hands into his sapphire hair at the sensation.
Your moans fill the air as his hands play a dangerous game in the space between your legs. It’s unbelievably unfair how he can turn you into a yearning mess, how he can make your hips move on their own as they beg him you up with those devilish fingers.
“You’re going to be late,” he murmurs over your nipples, his lips so close. 
“mmhm,” is all you can manage to get out before he makes you worthless under his touch. 
Imagine imagine IMAGINE waking up next to him - *heart explosion sound*
Zhongli’s sleeping face, ugh - his eyelashes, his relaxed jaw, the way the light plays off of his hair that’s fallen in his face
He doesn’t sleep with a shirt on so you get to look at his chest with total abandon, you see it rise and fall, you get to hear the soft breath leaving his slightly opened mouth
seeing his exposed back, just within reach. His shoulders relaxed and the muscles accentuated - how do you keep your hands away from that ???
He’d get a huge kick out of your reaction when he catches you staring at him, his eyes lighting up
As you look at Zhongli’s restful expression, you can’t help but be amazed at how someone as dashing as him could have settled for you. In your eyes his beauty is unparalleled - frustratingly so. 
Your eyes drift down from his face and onto his neck, then his collar bone, his chest slowly rising and falling under his breath. He is like a painting, and as hard as you’d like to reach out and stroke the paper, you’d be afraid of disturbing it’s beauty. Letting out a sigh you look back up at his face and find him looking back at you. 
“Oh…!” you exclaim, the blood rushing to your face. 
“Morning,” his voice is deep, as it always was in the morning. He gave you a gentle smile which reached his eyes. 
In sheer embarrassment, and the inability to look at him, you covered your face, “good morning,” you responded behind your makeshift barrier. 
“You were looking at me,” was he closer? You didn’t dare lower your hands. 
“Sorry ...” 
“It’s fine. You are welcome to look at me.” you felt his fingers work their way around yours and with barely any strength he pulled them away from your face, “as long as I can look at you.” There was something dangerous hidden behind his eyes, and good lord it knocked the wind out of you. 
With a jolt you sit up, your heart pounding and the blood in your veins on fire. Every inch of your body burned. The bed shifted underneath you and you felt the warmth of Zhongli’s fingers shift your hair from your neck. His touch was unbelievable. 
He didn’t say a word, he just kissed the sensitive space behind your ear. He let out a quiet hum and it’s shockwave ran the length of your spine. 
“Zhongli …” you breathe, tightening your grip onto the sheets pooled around your waist. His elegant fingers worked their way under your shirt and with ease it was gone, tossed to the floor with abandon. 
With the removal of your shirt, he had left your upper half completely exposed. A hand slid along your heaving ribcage before cupping your breast, his fingers stretching enveloping it. His lips trailed down the side of your neck and along the curve of your shoulder; blanketing you in his kisses. 
The pace of your breaths made it impossible for enough oxygen to make it to the parts of your brain needed for logic. You felt like a complete fool, completely and utterly at his mercy. 
In desperate effort to grasp back to reality you turned your head toward him, your face flushed and eyes lustful. He chuckled at the sight of you. 
“This is a nice morning, let’s appreciate it together.” he whispered against your lips before taking them, and your sanity.
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becca-e-barnes · 4 months ago
Can you pls do a fic with Bucky and reader when she gives birth ❤️
This was so wholesome omg I loved writing it 🥺 Disclaimer though, I’ve never had a kid myself so this is just best guess I suppose 🤷🏻‍♀️
(No one tell my boyfriend I’m using our future baby names for fanfics)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word count: 3.5k
Summary: You and Bucky have your first baby together
Warnings: Fluff, breast feeding mention, descriptions of pain, teeny tiny illusion to smut, lil angst from Bucky, childbirth, hospital mention, scissors mention, pain medication mention
It sounds really stupid but while you knew labour was going to be hard, you didn’t think it would be this hard. You didn’t really want to admit it but that initial excitement you felt when your water had first broke had worn off by this point, nerves starting to take over. You had just been pottering around your kitchen, making a grocery list while rubbing your aching bump, the skin pulled so taught you worried you might burst. ‘Bump’ was maybe the wrong word. This was more like a beachball tucked under your dress at this point, your due date was three days ago and honestly, you were ready to get the little one out of you. You hadn’t had a full nights sleep in over a month, your tummy becoming too heavy and uncomfortable for you to be able to fully relax. You woke every few hours, tossing and turning, just hoping to get some relief from your child that was going to be a kick-boxer when they were older by the way they were battering your organs from the inside.
But when your water had broke onto the tiles of the kitchen floor, you weren’t quite sure what to do, pulling up one of dining chairs and taking a seat, taking a deep breath to combat the discomfort of the pressure in your abdomen. When the dull ache subsided, that’s when it really hit you. You could remember the way Bucky came running when you had called and the look on his face when he saw you wincing, gripping the kitchen table so hard your knuckles were turning white, the telltale puddle on the floor made him gasp excitedly, figuring out what was going on before you had a chance to tell him.
“You okay? You need anything? Does it hurt yet? Do we need to go to the hospital?” The questions were just tumbling from his mouth, the concern so evident on his face. He’d been to every appointment, every scan, every parenting class and read every book. He knew the answers to all those questions but clearly the excitement was taking over now.
“No, can’t go to the hospital yet, they won’t take me if I’m not dilated enough.” You winced, the discomfort starting to subside. “Where’s the yoga ball honey?” You asked, rubbing your tight tummy, trying to soothe yourself as much as the child inside you. Bucky ran off to get it then helped you up and guided you over on top of it. You bounced and rolled your hips for what felt like hours, Bucky on his knees behind you, hands on your tummy, trying to get the baby down into a better position. The contractions gradually got more frequent and the pain more intense, Bucky doing his absolute best to soothe you through them.
“We should go toots, they should be able to take you now.” Bucky reasoned, just keen to get you in the hands of someone medically trained.
“I might not be far enough along yet but we can try.” You agreed, pulling yourself up off the ball.
“They’ll take you, believe me. Your husband is the Winter Solider after all. That’s the Winter Soldier’s baby.” You couldn’t help but laugh, you hadn’t really thought of it like that. Bucky was absolutely certain that as soon as he flashed the nurses one of those famous brooding glares, his wife wouldn’t be turned away.
So with that, Bucky grabbed the hospital bag, secured the car seat for the baby and the pair of you left your home.
“Next time we go back in through that door, there will be three of us.” He mused happily, taking a second to stare at the door before starting the car. You couldn’t help but pull him into a loving kiss, one that made his heart flutter in his chest, thinking about how he could never have expected a life this perfect.
“C’mon, let’s go have this baby.” You smiled happily, hand resting on your tummy, knowing that soon enough, it would be vacant.
That wholesome morning felt so long ago now though, pain shooting through your tummy to somewhere deep inside you. The hospital had taken you right away, all the paperwork hastily filled out so you could get to a room that smelled so strongly of disinfectant. You had only been three centimetres dilated when you had come in but now you were up to eight, approaching nine and you were very much aware it was almost go-time. Bucky had been by your side the whole time, coaching you through every painful contraction, holding your hand, kissing your shoulders, reminding you how proud of you he was.
“We are never having another baby.” You hissed through gritted teeth as a particularly painful contraction took hold, convinced even his metal fingers might bend with the way you were gripping them.
“This was your idea! You’re the one who suggested that trip to Italy.” He reminded you, brushing your hair away from your sweaty forehead, letting you pant your way through the pain. He was right in all fairness but carrying the blame didn’t make you feel any better so you decided to continue blaming him instead. Thankfully though, your doctor came in at that moment and cut short all chat about what had went on in Italy around nine months ago.
The pain was all consuming. You had decided against an epidural so you puffed on as much gas and air as you could, letting the woozy feeling go to your head and distract you from the pain as much as possible. For the most part, you were very proud that you had managed to keep relatively quiet compared to some of the other ladies, managing to only groan your way through the contractions, rather than scream.
“Okay Mrs Barnes, we’re going to check on baby again, alright?” Your doctor smiled warmly, noticing how your contractions seemed to have strengthened more than you had even thought possible. You could only nod, the plastic end of the gas tube between your teeth. You didn’t focus on where the doctor’s hand went or what she did, just on the excited look on your husband’s sleepy face, the realisation hitting him that your child was almost here.
“Oh wow Mrs Barnes, you’re there, full ten centimetres. I’ll get the nurses and we should have this little one out soon.” You nodded to your doctor, groaning lowly through gritted teeth as she left the room.
“Holy shit, we’re gonna be parents. We’re gonna meet baby Barnes soon. Shit doll.” Bucky whispered excitedly, a hand running through his hair. You could see his face display everything he was feeling, he was nervous and tired but so damn ready to be a father.
“Our last hour as a family of two.” You whispered, letting him pull you into a tender kiss, his flesh hand wrapping around the back of your neck to pull you close now that your contraction had subsided.
“I love you so much, you know that? Never thought I’d be married nevermind sittin’ in a hospital, waitin’ on my baby.” His voice was so hushed and sincere, tears prickling his eyes and that’s when you knew he’d cry meeting his baby for the first time, despite how much he had argued in the past nine months that he wouldn’t.
“I love you too honey, you’re gonna be the best dad, I just know it.” You offered warmly, trying not to let the pain distract you from such a sweet moment with your husband.
“Just can’t wait to see you as a mom.” He admitted softly, blue eyes shining with joy at the thought of you both teaching your little one how to talk and read and ride a bike.
“We have so much happiness ahead of us sweetheart.” You smiled quietly, squeezing his hand as another wave of pain washed over your body, the gas and air tube finding its way back up to your lips. Before you knew it, your room was full of a couple of nurses, a med student and your doctor, all trying to coach you through your labour, your feet suspended in the cold metal stirrups.
“Okay Mrs Barnes, baby is ready when you are. You’re gonna feel some pressure and you’ll get an urge to push so just do whatever feels right.” Your doctor who was usually so softly spoken was now almost having to shout over your cries, sobs wracking your body as the pain became unbearable.
“Doin’ amazing honey, ‘m so proud of you, baby’s nearly here.” Bucky encouraged quietly, gripping your hand for dear life. You squealed and yelled, your body telling you that you needed to get this baby out, the pressure building so quickly in your pelvis. You did your best to control your breathing while still pushing as hard as you could. Bucky couldn’t tear his eyes away from your sweaty face, wondering how on earth he could ever fall more in love with you after this moment. You were bringing his baby into the world, his heart was absolutely wrenching in his chest at the memory of everything you had done for him and all the sacrifices you had made to get to this point.
“Here’s baby’s head! Doing great Mrs Barnes, keep going.” Your doctor smiled warmly. Your whole lower body felt like it was on fire, feet digging into the stirrups, tears staining your cheeks as your child began to make an appearance.
“Perfect, head is out nicely. Take a minute to breathe Mrs Barnes, you’re nearly there.” One of the nurses cooed. You sucked in deep, steadying gulps of air, thankful for the second to catch your breath and compose yourself a little.
“Just one push left baby, then it’s all over. You’re absolutely amazing, you know that? Love you so much.” Bucky whispered against your hair, pressing kisses to your cheeks. He was already a bit of a shaky mess, unable to think of anything but meeting his child for the first time. The nurse closest to you couldn’t help but smile to herself at how sweet he was, getting to witness such an intimate moment between new parents truly was one of the best parts of such a difficult job. Your body told you to push again and you squealed out, gripping Bucky’s hand, nails digging in as you wailed in pain. Before you knew it, baby’s shoulders were out and then the rest followed very quickly. It didn’t take long for a cry to erupt from your little one, Bucky letting out a relieved gasp at the sound. Your head flopped back onto the pillow while the nurses worked away, trying to get the little one dried and clamped to get the cord cut.
“You did it sweetheart.” Bucky whispered, stroking your hair with all the tenderness he could muster.
“Congratulations mom and dad! You’ve got a little boy!” Your doctor’s words had Bucky crumbling, tears welling up in his eyes.
“A boy, oh my god, I have a son.” He whispered, mostly to himself, trying desperately to blink back the tears before they spilled over his cheeks. The little bundle of blankets screamed and yelled as he was placed onto your chest, your arms surrounding him instinctively. You were exhausted but you didn’t even want to blink if it meant tearing your eyes from that little baby’s face.
“Hi honey! Hi! I’m your mom!” You cooed quietly, trying to take in every feature of his face all at once. Ten little fingers and ten little toes, a head covered in dark hair and an angry face at being removed from the comfort of your body so suddenly. After a while, his cries subsided, a content silence falling over the room as the nurses filled out their paperwork.
“Dad, would you like to cut the cord?” The nurse asked, knowing Bucky had been very keen to avoid ‘the business end’, preferring instead to hover by your head. He nodded nonetheless, the nurse taking your son from your chest so they had better access to the umbilical cord. Bucky took the sterile scissors in his flesh hand, trying to stop it from trembling as he reached over and snipped the cord before letting the nurses tend what was left, taking the baby off to weigh him quickly and clean him up.
“We ready for some skin on skin mom?” Your doctor asked, the nurses and med student congratulating you both before filtering out. You pulled your gown to the side, letting her slot the baby in on top of your bare chest. His little hands were balled up into fists, eyes closed, breathing regular and content within a minute of being placed on you. Your hand rested on his bottom, supporting him, your lips pressed to the top of his head.
“He has your hair, look how dark it is.” You beamed proudly, kissing the fluffy head gently. “He got your eyes too, he’s like a mini copy of you.” You teased, noting Bucky’s heartbreakingly genuine proud smile.
“I think Ollie suits him well, he looks like a little Oliver.” Bucky mused. You had a list of names that you had both been working on but you knew Ollie was your favourite if you had a boy, depending on whether or not the baby looked like an Ollie when he came out.
“You’re right, he’s absolutely an Ollie.” You agreed, rubbing a hand up and down his little back.
“He’s so small. Tiny little Ollie Barnes.” Bucky was obsessed with this child already, knowing you had just given Bucky a new best friend was melting your heart.
“He’s a big baby hun, he was nearly 8 pounds. But you haven’t even had a cuddle yet.” You laughed, realising you had absolutely hogged the baby since he had been born. Bucky pulled his shirt off, lifting the little boy so carefully off you with his flesh hand and placing him flat against his own chest.
“Hey buddy!” He whispered as the baby began to stir, clearly not happy at being pulled from his comfy spot with his mom. Bucky shifted uncomfortably, hating that the baby was almost touching where the metal melded with his flesh, positioning him more in the centre of his chest. He only let his flesh hand hold the little one, metal hand never coming close to him.
“Happy birthday kiddo! Big day, huh? Bet you weren’t expecting all this fuss were you? But hey, didn’t your mom do great? She’s superwoman you know. She does everythin’ for us. I’d be lost without her. You’ve no idea how loved you are, kid. You’re gonna do so many amazin’ things in your life, I just know it. Gonna make your old man so proud, hell, I’m proud of you already.” You had to pretend to scowl at Bucky for swearing around your baby but your chest ached at the sight of them together.
“You’re so loved, you know that? Your grandma and grampa Barnes would’ve doted on you. I’ll tell you bout them some day. God you’re so small, stay this way forever would you? Some day you’ll be bigger than me, just know it. No matter what, your dad’s gonna be there for you. You’re gonna break so many hearts, can just tell.” Words we’re just spilling from his lips, his flesh hand stroking his son’s back gently.
“Never in my life did I think I’d have this.” Bucky whispered, looking over at you now. You took his metal hand in one of yours, giving it a tight reassuring squeeze. The tears in his eyes were back with a vengeance, spilling before he even had a chance to stop them. Little quiet happy sobs wrecked his body, clutching tightly to the sweet little sleeping baby in his arms.
“You deserve this Bucky. Gonna, be such an amazing father, I know you are.” You mumbled, knowing he was struggling a little.
“He’s just perfect. I’d do anything for you two, you know that right? God, I have a family, like an actual family I have my own wife and a son. This kid is half you, half me. Couldn’t even have dreamt of a life like this when I was in Wakanda.” It was almost like it still hadn’t sank in that this baby was his up until now. Little Ollie looked even tinier in Bucky’s huge hand than he had in yours and you couldn’t help but hope that somehow that little boy understood how true his dad’s words were.
Two quick taps on the door dragged your attention away from the crib and your son asleep inside it. The doctor had left you to get some rest but neither you nor Bucky could tear yourselves away from your little baby sleeping soundly in his hand knitted hat. The door opened and Sam tiptoed inside with the most excited look on his face and the biggest bunch of flowers you’d ever seen.
“Hey Uncle Sam!” You whispered, careful not to wake Ollie, a huge grin taking over his face upon hearing his new title.
“Niece or nephew?” He beamed, making his way over to your bedside.
“Nephew. You wanna meet little Oliver Grant Barnes?” Bucky’s proud smile was infectious as you scooped the baby out of the crib, rocking him gently before turning so Sam could see him.
“Oh kid, I’m so sorry, you look exactly like your dad. Let’s hope you’ve got your mom’s brains.” Sam joked softly, giving Bucky a tight hug, both of them laughing happily. Sam handed the flowers over to Bucky before leaning over to kiss your cheek.
“How are you feeling mom?” Sam asked
“Tired. Sore.” You admitted with a little laugh. Both you and Ollie were healthy and well so you couldn’t really have asked for a better delivery but that didn’t stop you from hurting all the same.
“I don’t doubt it, couldn’t have been easy.” Sam agreed, reaching forward and scooping the baby from your arms so he could get a cuddle. Bucky offered Sam his seat, joining you on the bed, kissing your shoulder lovingly as he watched Sam nurse your son for the first time.
“Actually, there was something we wanted to ask you.” You smiled softly, giving Bucky’s flesh hand a squeeze.
“Oh yeah?” Sam smiled, not even looking up from the bundle in his arms.
“Would you be Ollie’s Godfather?” Bucky quizzed, laughing at how that got Sam’s attention.
“Um, yes? Are you serious? Of course!” You couldn’t ever remember seeing Sam this excited before. “Oh kid, I’m gonna tell you so many stories about your mom and dad when you’re older. You won’t believe what your dad and I did this one time in Prague –“ Sam began but was cut short by a loud warning cough from Bucky.
“We’ll maybe keep that one a secret for a few more years.” Sam laughed, bouncing your baby gently in his arms.
Sam didn’t stay too long, heading off soon after his cuddle to let you have some time as a family.
“Just can’t believe he’s all ours.” You had sighed, watching as your son had his first feed, his eyes bright and excited, looking straight at you.
“I know what you mean, he feels too perfect to be real.” Bucky hadn’t left your side after Sam had left, choosing instead to wrap his arms around you, both of you cuddling and watching Ollie who had since woken up in a terribly bad mood from hunger. He was contented now though, thankfully.
“God I’ve never been more in love with you, you know that?” Bucky’s heart ached as the words left his lips, stroking up and down both of your arms as you supported your baby.
“I love you too Buck.” You smiled, your head resting comfortably on his shoulder.
“No, I mean it. You’ve given me the best life I ever could’ve wished for and you’ve made me feel like I deserve it, even after everything. You’re an angel.” Bucky whispered sincerely, his words punching you in the chest.
“Of course you deserve it, you’re a good man Bucky.” You smiled, leaning into his touch just a little more. The quiet sounds of your baby suckling broke the content silence that fell over the two of you. While Bucky didn’t always feel like he had earned this life, he couldn’t deny the fact he was endlessly grateful for it and he would do anything to protect his little family.
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genshin-fluff · 10 months ago
Diluc, Childe & Zhongli - asking you to sleep over
You and Diluc were lying on couch, your body resting over his, engulfed in his arms, your head resting on his chest as your eyes were fluttering shut under the weight of sleepiness. Diluc was mindlessly playing with the strands of your hair between his fingers as you sank more and more into his tender embrace, nuzzling your head into his chest as you searched for a more comfortable spot. You mumbled into his clothes, telling him that it was getting late, and that you’ll be leaving soon.
His brows furrowed in dissatisfaction. He didn’t want you to leave, not now. He had already finished all of his duties for today, and all he wanted to do was to hold you close to him and to never let you go. Hanging out with you feels so natural, so easy, and he wants to cling to every moment he can be with you. He wants you to say with him more, not to leave him just yet.
“Dawn Winery feels like a lonely place without you. Why don’t you sleep over for the night?” - he’d whisper, placing one hand around your shoulders as the other was running up and down your back, in slow, featherlight motions, as if he was telling that no matter your answer, he won’t allow you to leave anyway.
You couldn’t say no to his plea, and you nodded, hugging him closer to you as you as you thanked him for his hospitability.
He smiled, leaning in to place a kiss on the top of your head as a small thank you for staying with him, for not letting him go yet.
“My home is your home too.” He’d tenderly whisper. Those were the last words that you heard before surrendering to his warmth, falling asleep in his embrace.
Zhongli was teaching you how to brew the perfect cup of tea. His chest was hugging your back as his head was resting on your shoulder, his arms wrapped around your waist - tightly enough so he could feel you against him, loosely enough so you had room to move.
“Good, now pour it again over the leaves. We are using loose leaf oolong tea: because the leaves are crushed, the flavor is released all at once, coming out slowly for the perfect brew.” He’d end this part of the explanation with placing a soft kiss on your shoulder, smiling at how your skin was now covered in goosebumps. “Now, we shall see if I was clear enough.”
You wanted to continue, but you noticed the clock. It was getting late.
You placed your hands over his, unclasping them from around your waist as you turned your body towards him, telling him that it was getting late and that you were supposed to leave.
He’d blink once, then twice, slowly processing what has just happened. The possibility that you could leave never even crossed his mind, not when your body fit so perfectly into his arms, not when he wanted to enjoy this moment with you.
Bringing his hand closer to your face, he brushed the back of his fingers over your cheeks, staring into your eyes with such love and adoration that you almost wanted to look away, embarrassed at how bold Zhongli can sometimes be.
“Perhaps you could spend the night over then? This type of tea is better enjoyed in the company of a loved one, otherwise it loses all of its taste” he’d add, closing the distance between you with a soft kiss on your forehead. “Please”.
Who were you to say no?
You were standing in the doorframe, facing Childe as you were about to leave for the night.
Intending to give you one last farewell kiss before letting you go, he’d grab your hands into his, gently squeezing them as he’d lean in to leave a soft peck on your lips, still holding on to your hands. He craved your touch like it was a drug, and he’d find the familiar, soothing feel of your skin irresistible. Oh, how he loved the way your hands fit into his so cozily, as if they were made for him and him only.
He’ll have to leave soon for another mission, and whenever the departure date gets closer, he always becomes more clingy, more needy, as if he’s begging you to dote on him just as much as he is doting on you. He wants to fill his free time with your presence as much as possible, and, in this very moment, if you were to leave, he’d feel empty without you.
Should he ask you to stay over? It wasn’t an insurmountable task, yet he found himself lingering. Surely enough, if you wanted to stay over, you would’ve most likely asked. With a weary heart, he’d think to himself that maybe you didn’t want to spend your time with him as much as he did. However, unable to contain the need to ask you, he blurted out:
“Perhaps you could spend the night over?” He tried to scramble for an excuse, any excuse that he could find, anything that may make you want to stay over. But his mind went blank, and he was simply able to utter “Just... stay with me. I need you to want me too. “
With a sense of urgency, he tugged you into his embrace, and his tense shoulders relaxed under you only when he heard you saying that you’ll stay.
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mcytwheeze · 6 months ago
Nonsexual Acts of Intimacy Prompts pt. 2
Creators Involved: Tommy (p!), Tubbo (p!), Ranboo (p!), Punz, c!Philza, c!Techno, Foolish
Warning(s): x
Note(s): x
One falling asleep in the other's lap
"Tommy! How was your stream?", you'd been waiting for your friend for about an hour, waiting for his stream to end.
"Eh. I'm tired.", he yawns, sitting on the opposite end of the couch as you.
"You promised me movie night last time and fell asleep. You have to this time.", you try to guilt him.
Last time this happened, he knocked out before the pair of you had even picked a movie.
"Tommyyyyy.", you whine.
He groans, lolling his head back.
"Fine. You pick the movie, I'm hungry.", he disappears to his kitchen.
You scroll through Netflix, finally picking a movie before Tommy returns.
"Press play, bitch.", Tommy mumbles, his mouth full of popcorn.
You press play and watch the introduction.
"I'm cold. Pass me the blanket.", you tell Tommy.
He rolls his eyes, but passes it to you anyway.
You catch him eyeing the blanket, and you laugh at him.
"We can share if you want.", you lift up the edge of the blanket.
He scratches his head, mumbling something under his breath.
"Was I supposed to be able to understand that?", you tease him.
"Can we do that thing we did the other day again?", he speaks clearly this time.
Your face scrunches as you laugh at him.
"You're going to have to be a lot more specific than that."
He lays his head down in your lap without another word, and you get the message.
You play with his hair, scratching at his scalp.
Soft snores start increasing in volume, catching your attention.
You sigh.
"Maybe one day we'll be able to finish a movie."
Reading a book together
You continue scanning the words in your book as Tubbo plops down on his bed next to you.
He liked having company after lore streams, and today wasn't any different.
"What're you reading?", he asks.
His voice lacks the normal energy, and you can tell he's exhausted.
"Um, it's called Little Women.", you show him the cover before continuing reading.
"What's it about? Short women?", he sounds so serious that you have to choke back a laugh.
"It's about these four sisters going through life pretty much. I don't think you'd like it.", you reply, flipping the page.
"Will you read it out loud?", his voice is quieter as if he's embarrassed to ask.
"Yeah, okay.", you nod.
He shifts to get comfortable, laying on his side to face you with his head resting on his arm.
You clear your throat before beginning to read the next paragraph.
"At nine they stopped work, and sang, as usual, before they went to bed. No one but Beth could get much music out of the old piano, but she had a way of softly touching the yellow keys and making a pleasant accompaniment to the simple songs they sang."
By the time you made it to the bottom of the page, you see out of the corner of your eyes that Tubbo's eyes are closed.
"Why'd you stop?", he sounds sleepy, but he's still awake.
"Okay, okay.", you continue until he's actually asleep, glad you can help comfort him.
Sharing a dessert
"It's done!", you announce as you pull the pan out of the oven.
You and Ranboo had made a cake out of pure boredom, and it smells pretty good for how awful the process was.
Ranboo skids into the kitchen, his socks allowing him to slide on the floor.
"Can we decorate it?", he's just like a little kid.
"It's still hot.", you laugh, shaking your head negatively at him.
"Can we at least try it then?", he pleads.
"Ranboo!", you scold him.
"What? It smells so good...", he whines; his eyes plead with yours.
"One of these days I'll figure out how to say no when you give me that look.", you mumble under your breath.
He pumps his fist, victorious.
You cut the corner piece, putting it on a plate.
He hands you a fork, and you each take a bite.
His face crinkles up and you immediately gag.
"What did we do wrong?", you gasp as you spit out the piece.
"I don't know, but that is disgusting.", he hisses as he washes his mouth out with water.
You sigh as you dump the cake in the garbage, your hard work wasted.
"Can we make another one?", Ranboo asks after giving the cake its respectful moment of silence.
"Are we actually going to follow the instructions?", you inquire, giving him a look.
"Probably not correctly.", he shrugs.
"Let's do it."
Caring for each other while ill
As you enter Punz's apartment after picking up food for the two of you, you realize it's pitch black inside.
"Luke?", you call.
You flip the living room light on, confused.
He knew you were coming, so he wouldn't leave without letting you know.
You set the bag of the food on the counter, checking his office to find it empty.
When you enter his bedroom and flip on the light, Punz lets out a loud groan.
You immediately turn the light off, your brows knit together in concern.
"Hey, sweetheart. You okay?", you whisper, not wanting to disturb whatever is wrong.
"Migraine.", he croaks.
"I'll be right back, okay? You just stay there.", you're careful to crack the door open just enough to leave without letting too much light in.
You turn off the hallway light, leaving only the living room illuminated.
Grabbing an ice pack out of the freezer and a couple Tylenol from the cupboard, you carefully return to the bedroom.
You tiptoe to his bedside, careful not to make too much noise.
Grabbing a towel from the bathroom adjacent to the bedroom, you wrap the ice pack so it won't burn him.
"Luke, put this on your forehead.", your whisper is barely audible, but you know it sounds like you're screaming in his ear to him.
He grunts, pressing the pack to his forehead.
"You need to take these.", you press the pills into his hand, holding out his water bottle for him.
He swallows the pills, grimacing as he sits up to do so.
"Get some sleep, Luke. It'll help.", you kiss his hand as you take his water bottle back.
"Stay.", he croaks as you stand to leave.
You scoot next to him under the covers, snuggling into his side.
"Get better soon.", you kiss his cheek before resting next to him, not sleeping until you hear his breath even out.
Cuddling in a blanket fort
"You're finally done!", you cheer as Phil enters the door.
"Lovely to see you too.", Phil chuckles as he sets down his tools.
You jump up and give him a big hug and kiss, thankful for his safe return from the Nether.
"How did it go? You didn't get hurt, right? Did you find enough Netherite for that project you're working on? Did the portal travel go okay cause I know your stomach has been kinda touchy lately and-", Phil covers your mouth with his hand, laughing at your barrage of questions.
"Yes, I'm fine. Nothing went wrong; I managed to find enough Netherite. How has your day been?", he presses a quick kiss to the top of your head before beginning to take off his armor.
"It was pretty boring. Tommy stopped by and wanted to speak to you, but I told him to come back tomorrow. It must not've been urgent cause he didn't leave a message or anything.", you explain to him as he hangs his armor on the rack.
"Well, around here, boring is pretty good.", Phil jokes, ruffling his hair with his hand in an attempt to fluff it after being in his helmet all day.
"There's food in the furnace for you, and then I have a surprise when you're finished eating.", you tell him.
He quirks an eyebrow up, skeptical.
"Surprise?", he asks.
"C'mon, you're probably starving.", you ignore him, heading into the kitchen.
He polishes off his plate in no time.
"Okay, now what's this surprise?", Phil looks amused.
"Come on!", you pull him into the main room.
In front of the fireplace, you've created a fort of blankets and pillows.
Phil's eyes twinkle as he surveys the scene.
"Do you like it? Maybe it was kinda dumb, I just thought it might be cute to-", Phil just shakes his head with a loud laugh.
"Darling, you worry too much. It's beautiful. Shall we get in?", he bends down and ducks to enter the main opening.
You follow, both of you settling in each other's arms in front of the fire.
"This is amazing, love. Thank you for making this fort.", Phil kisses you again, a smile wide on his face.
"Anything to be in your arms."
Head scratches
The side door to your house slams open, and you jump in surprise.
A low grunt helps you identify who the offender is.
You continue sorting through the chests, trying to make them a little more organized.
Heavy footsteps catch your attention, and you turn around to see Techno looming over you.
"Well, hi there.", you grin at him, turning back to continue sorting through the chests.
He huffs at your lack of attention, and you find yourself being lifted off of the floor.
"Woah! What are you doing?", you laugh, wiggling against his grasp.
"Stop squirming.", he hisses, and you can't help but go limp.
"Can you at least tell me what we're doing?", you mumble right next to his ear.
He scales the ladder, not even flinching at the fact that he's carrying you.
He sets you down on the bed, immediately crawling in beside you.
You lay flat on your back, allowing him to rest his head on your chest.
You start running your hand through his long hair, braiding a few strands together.
"Do you want to talk about it?", you ask him softly, not wanting to upset him.
"Just missed you.", his voice is gruff, but you can still hear the affection in it.
You know there's more to the story, but you won't push him to tell you anything.
You continue scratching his scalp and playing with his hair until his weight gets heavier as he falls asleep and relaxes.
"Goodnight, Techno. I love you.", you kiss the top of his head as he lets out a soft snore, subconsciously returning the statement.
Shoulder rubs
"Hey, cutie!", Foolish pulls up a chair next to your desk, gently rubbing a hand up and down your back.
"Hi.", you greet him back tiredly.
You had been working on an assignment for a few hours now, and you were past the point of brain-dead.
"What are you working on?", he scoots closer to peer over your shoulder.
You show him the screen of your computer, and he lets out a hiss with his teeth clenched together.
"Do you want help?", he offers.
"I'm done, I'm just checking over my answers.", you reply softly.
"How about you take a break? It'll help you when you come back. You'll feel better.", he leans his head onto your shoulder, driving his point home.
You sigh, looking over your many pages of notes.
"Okay.", you whisper.
He grins, immediately jumping to his feet.
"You wanna see what I'm working on for Tubbo and Ranboo on the SMP?", he questions.
You nod, just wanting to be with him and away from your work.
He takes your hand, guiding you to his office.
He sits in his chair before pulling you into his lap.
"Here, you can look around. WASD if you don't remember.", you occasionally play Minecraft with your boyfriend, but not enough to know the game.
You start running around the giant mansion he's been building, admiring his work.
As you start going up the stairs, Foolish's hands start massaging your shoulders.
"Noah, what are you doing?", you laugh, but you can't deny that it feels really good.
"Nothing.", he mumbles, kissing your shoulder.
When you finish looking around, he takes the controls from you, allowing you to lean back against him.
"Feeling any better?", he asks, resting his head on top of yours.
"Yes, thank you.", you rest your hand on his, snuggling up against his chest as he begins to build again.
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fushiguroll · 5 months ago
I love your work! could I request bokuto, tsumu, samu and sakusa drunk and their wives trying to take care of them but then they get all defensive like "who are you, I have a wife" and its just chaotic fluff 😳😳
#Haikyuu boys when he’s drunk and asks you  “who are you? I have a wife” while you take care of him
Tumblr media
featuring:: BOKUTO Kotaro, MIYA Atsumu, MIYA Osamu, SAKUSA Kiyoomi
genre:: slice of life / fluff 
warnings:: none!
a/n:: thank ya bb 🥺 and this request is so cute. I hope I did it justice. Also peep the new format guys, how do we like it? 
Tumblr media
❥ BOKUTO Kotaro 
is drunk off his butt after a MSBY team dinner 
probably because Atsumu convinced him to play kings cup and he got way too competitive 
is dropped off by Hinata - who gives you an apologetic smile and wishes you the best before running off 
beefy boy is so heavy you’re gonna have a hard time bringing him into the bedroom 
you two finally stumble your way to the couch where you throw him down and start taking off his clothes to change him into clean ones 
⤷ Bokuto looks up at you with slightly glassy eyes and smiles, “’re pretty.” You roll your eyes, “yeah, I'm so pretty you making me take care of your drunk butt.” He shakes his head and sits up, suddenly alarmed. “woah who are you? get away from me” you look down at him, brows raised in confusion. “bo what are you talking about? stop squirming and let me take off your pants.” He slides down the couch, moving further away from you. “stay back, I have a wife.” You smile in amusement and start moving closer towards him, “oh yeah? you said I was pretty though, she doesn’t have to know right?” Bokuto, in his completely wasted state, stands up and drunkenly holds up two fists, getting into a boxing stance, “I'm warning you, one more step and you’ll regret it.” He takes a swing only to stumble and fall on his butt before leaning his head against the couch, snores filling the house. You laugh before leaning down, pressing a light kiss to his forehead, “at least I know you’ll always be loyal to me.” 
❥ MIYA Atsumu 
thinks he’s the king of kings cup but he’s not 
gets as wasted (if not more) than Bokuto 
a hella loud and forgetful drunk in my opinion - probably won’t remember whatever he's done if he actually gets super drunk
Was for some reason able to makes his way back home by himself but turns on all the light in the bedroom before yelling “I’M HOME” 
collapses on your bed a few seconds later and starts to snore 
⤷ The sudden flash of light and loud yelling jerked you awake as you glare at the man who’d suddenly collapse beside you. “Miya Atsumu. Get up this instant. You stink like crazy.” Light snores were the only response as you shake and poke him.  You sigh, unable to stand your husband still in his outside clothes lying on your clean bed. You wrap your fingers around his shirt, attempting to remove it when a pair of hands suddenly grab your wrists. “what are you doing?” He asks accusingly. “oh great, you’re up. change your clothes, babe.” Atsumu narrows his eyes, “who are you calling “babe”? who are you? why are you in me and Y’N’s room.” He pushes you away, “get away from me. I don’t know if you’re a stalker fan or whatever. But you need to leave. I have a wife.” You glance at the clock, 2:35 am and rub your eyes tiredly, “I'm happy to hear you’re loyal but it’s too early for this right now. Please just go get changed.” He stands up, “I said get out! I’m going to call the police.” He picks up his phone and you stand up angrily, grabbing the cup of water near you and throwing it onto him. At the shock of getting drenched, Atsumu suddenly wakes up and smiles a little disoriented, “hey princess! sorry, did I wake you?” “you’re sleeping on the couch tonight.” “but I-” “shut up.” 
❥ MIYA Osamu 
the two of you are just enjoying a date night at home when he suggested bringing out the wine you guys have been saving since you got married
Osamu strikes me as someone who’d like to try diff alcohol combos so he goes to get some vodka and tries to make a new concoction with the red wine
ends up getting so drunk and tries to have philosophical conversations with you
accidentally falls asleep when you go to the bathroom and is just disoriented and confused when you come back and wake him up to go to bed 
⤷ “Samu, let’s go to bed, it’s late.” Osamu opens his eyes slowly and zeroes in on your face. “who are you?” he asks deadpanned. You look down in amusement, “what do you mean?” You pull his arm, trying to get him to stand up. He remains seated on the couch and pulls his arms away, putting them behind his back. “don’t touch me like that.” “Samu, what the heck are you talking about?” “don't call me Samu. I’m Mr. Miya to you. I have a wife. And you look like nice lady, why are you trying to be a home wrecker?”  You stifle a laughter as you realize how serious he was. You lean down, slowly inching closer to his face and watches as he gulps nervously. “oh really? is your wife as pretty as me? come on, babe, a little kiss won’t hurt anyone.” He turns his head away, “she’s much prettier than you. Even a little kiss will hurt me knowing I've betrayed Y/N.” You kiss his cheeks at his answer, startling him. “hey! I told you I have a wife.” “well, your wife will forgive so don’t worry. Why don’t you just sleep on the couch tonight then?” He nods and closes his eyes, “okay I guess that’s fine”, soon drifting off to sleep. A few hours later, you find Osamu in bed with you, arms wrapped tightly around your waist. “sorry, did I wake you?” “are you sober now?” “yes, and I love you forever.” “I love you too.” 
❥ SAKUSA Kiyoomi
Sakusa is slowly getting more and more drunk as Atsumu secretly slips in tiny amounts of vodka into his drink
a quiet drunk - he just sits off to the side and mostly keeping to himself, cracking an occasional smile
people don’t even realize he’s drunk bc Sakusa hides it well
But when he comes home, he just collapses onto the couch, finally relaxing, growing sleepier as the alcohol washes over him 
⤷ “Omi, is that you?” You call out from the bedroom. “yup I'm home.” He replies, head still leaned back against the sofa. “welcome home. how was dinner tonight?” “it was good. I had a goo-” He stops mid sentence when he sees you leaning against the door in your new PJ set. He stands up suddenly alarmed and scrambles to find his phone. “Babe, what’s wrong?” You watch as he furiously attempt to type in his passcode, his drunk brain unable to remember the right number combination. “leave right now. I don’t know who you are, but I have a wife and I love her and we’re happy.” You stare at him, “omi, its me.” He squints his eyes as you continue speaking. “babe, are you drunk now? is it because I’m wearing new PJs?” You do a little spin, “it’s cute right? I got it cause its your favorite color.” He rubs his eyes and collapses back onto the couch. “sorry princess, I guess I'm more drunk than i thought.” He gives you a weak smile, “I like the new set though, you’re look as cute as always.” You hold out your hand to him, “lets go sleep?” “yup, lets”. 
Tumblr media
stay fetch, xoxo 
shy Gojo & F Boy Megumi I am waiting for you in my mailbox 
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anime-grimmy-art · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What do you do when there’s not much to an AU? You make up your own stuff, ofc. And as is per usual when I make Character Designs, I make up a shit ton of lore too.
The ramblings under the cut, but what I’m really interested in, is what you guys think. Do you guys have any headcanons/ideas for this AU? Let me hear them! Also, if you don’t wanna read on tumblr, here’s the Google Docs link:
Before I get into the characters’ roles, here’s some general facts and backstory of their town:
- Basically, it’s Undertale meets Harvest Moon / Stardew Valley. Well, kinda. I at least used that approach for coming up for the jobs for the characters. You know, how there’s always a general store, a doctor, a smithy, etc.
- The usual story of a HM game is that you come to a town that’s way past its glory days and you, as the player/farmer, help them get back to that. The “backstory” of the town is that that already kinda happened. I’ll get into it more in the character description, but basically when Asgore was still mayor, the town got really popular. Then yadda yadda, a certain tragedy happened, two kids died, and the town suddenly got very bad publicity. There was a lot of stuff going on back then, bad reputation being spread and also a lot of law stuff, cos, you know, supposed child murder ‘n all, so Asgore made the decision to shut off the town to ppl from outside. This was in the interest of most monsters living there, because as fun as it is to have a lot of people coming there, most just wanted to live a quiet life. Not everyone was happy with that though, so many moved away from town and some others are trying to get the town back on its feet. But more on that later.
On to the characters:
I’m just gonna start with the skelebros, cos it’s their fault in the first place I got so invested.
Basically, they are what the player is in hm/sdv. They just showed up one day, took over the abandoned farmhouse and began their life there. The two came to town way after it was “closed” and since then a new mayor has opened the possibility for new residents to move in. Their farm helps the economy of the town a lot and the mayor, like usually in hm games, is trying to use that to make the town more known again. The skelebros aren’t really working towards that goal however.
So, now a bit more detail on them individually.
- The design is mostly based on what’s “canon” in this au.
- He works mostly on the fields and is in charge of the crops. Their fields aren’t spectacularly big, but still big enough to plant a few dozen rows of veggies. 
- Paps also helps out a lot in town when he has the time. He helps Asgore with his plants, he goes fishing with Undyne, helps Toriel carry crates around and so on. This is inspired by the part-time job mechanic in HM ToT.
- Unbelievably, in this AU Pap is not an absolutely awful cook. Since he helps out at Muffet’s and Grillby’s a lot, they tend to show him some tricks to cooking. Even though Pap’s not a big fan of the greasy or overly sweet cooking those two do, he picks up a lot.
- Again, design mostly based on the “canon” look. Maybe a bit more baggy.
- This is finally an AU this dude gets to rest. Since there are no resets and he doesn’t have to see his bro die again and again, for once in his life, he’s not a sad ball of depression. He’s just a chill and lazy dude that loves to make puns. Though, since he’s not too experienced with the feelings of loss, helplessness or grieving, he still tends to hide behind puns and fakes smiles if he does feel bad.
- Sans is in charge of the animals on the farm. Papyrus begrudgingly gave him that role since Pap’s loud demeanour and hectic movements usually scare the animals. Sans’ relaxed attitude draws the animals to him naturally and even if Pap mostly finds him sleep against a tree, in a stack of hay or on one of the sheep, the animals are always fed, healthy and relaxed, so Sans seems to be doing his job.
- Sans always has a small chic sit inside his hoodie or hat. Is it always the same one? Who knows, maybe.
- Sans also, somehow, can produce eggs out of thin air. Grab into his hoodie pocket, in his pants pocket, in his hat, in his slipper, there’s suddenly always an egg there. On good days he can even make butter or cheese appear. 
- He’s literally just a scarecrow in this. Though, if you ask any of the bros why they designed their scarecrow that way, they won’t have an answer.
- Frisk is mostly based on what I wore myself as a kid in summer. Just a loose shirt with a cappy. Toriel basically has her ut gown, just with an apron on top.
- Frisk just appeared outside the “magical” forest one day. Napstablook and his cousin found them and brought them to Toriel, who has been taking care of them since.
- Toriel runs the general store in town, but also often takes care of the few kids that still live there.
- Frisk usually helps out in Toriels store, plays with the other kids or sits around at Asgore’s. They’re notorious for nabbing small snacks, mostly from Asgore’s plants. You’ll always find them munching on something. 
- Frisk was in town before the skelebros. Since they’d moved in, Frisk often went to spy on their farm. After a small incident with angry chicken, Frisk got to know the two better and now they see them as something between brothers and uncles.
- But Frisk honestly gets along with everyone. Just like in UT, they’ve not only been adopted by Toriel but literally everyone.
- Toriel and Asgore’s relationship is not as bad as in the main game, since, you know, Asgore didn’t kill literal children, but there’s still tension between them. Back when Asriel and Chara died and the whole thing with the bad rep for the town began, Toriel felt betrayed by Asgore focusing more on the town than giving their deceased kids the grieving they deserved. They’re not divorced, but Toriel still moved out and said needed space to think. Now that Frisk is in the picture though, the both of them are slowly coming to even ground and may even be able to talk things out and clear up the uncertainty of their decisions.
-Asgore has his UT Ending / Deltarune clothes, just with a gardener’s belt.
- He’s the previous mayor of the town, but after all the crap that happened, he stepped down from the position. Now he has his own little shop and sells seeds, saplings, homegrown veggies and fertilizer. So, basically what e.g. the Marimba Farm is in HM AP
- His main customer is Papyrus and they’re on friendly terms. Asgore is worried about how much and how hard Pap works, so he often gives him a discount. 
- Since his family’s past tragedy, Asgore is kind of nervous around kids. So, when he first met Frisk, he hoped they’d not visit him too often. But to his chagrin, Frisk took an instant liking to him and spends a lot of time at his shop (and steals eats the fresh grown veggies). Now, he’s really grateful for that, because for one, he loves Frisk as dearly as he had his own children, and also because now the tension and mistrust between him and Toriel seem to grow smaller day by day.
- I gave Undyne a pretty basic fisher’s outfit. Alphys basically has Elli from HM’s outfit, just a bit more doctory stuff added. She still has her canon lab coat too.
- In essence, Undyne and Alphys have 2 completely different jobs. Alphys is the resident doctor and Undyne runs the fish market.
Two things. Yes, I know Alphys is more a mechanic than a doctor, she fits the aesthetic though, so she’s the doc now. And no, Undyne being a fisherwoman is not cannibalism, think of it more as a shark hunting smaller fish.
- The reason I lump them together is because they act as the local “smithy”. Alphys is still really tech savvy in this (I mean, Mettaton is still part of this AU), so she takes on most problems with electronics and stuff. For Undyne, I didn’t want to lose her Royal Guard’s Captain image, so she’s really good at handling tools (and weapons, but Al doesn’t let her make them anymore). So basically, if there’s a broken tool, you can be sure that either Undyne or Alphys can fix it.
- As for relationships, those two are still an item. Alphys is still really shy and a shut-off, but since Undyne and Pap become best friends, she gets to know the skelebros better. She and Sans especially get along well, since most of the time Undyne and Papyrus are let loose, they sit back and talk about science-y stuff. (no, Sans doesn’t have a background in science but he’s still into sci-fi)
- Alphys has a bit of a strained relationship with both Asgore and Mettaton.
Back when Chara and Asriel died, it was because of “illness” (maybe poisoning?). Alphys feels awful because with her back then limited knowledge on medicine she couldn’t help the two. Asgore doesn’t hold anything against her but Alphys can’t help but feel guilty.
Alphys still built Mettaton’s body in this one. The two had a really big disagreement, because Mettaton hated the fact the town was going to close, and he couldn’t understand how Alphys could feel otherwise, even more so endorse the idea.
Mettaton, Napstablook, Mad Dummy/Mew Mew:
- Napsta and Dummy are pretty self-explanatory, they got straw hats. Mettaton’s outfit is a bit of a joke cos it’s a play on “work at the top and party at the bottom”. The tie has two different sides, one with the yellow red pattern, the other completely red. His “top part” is the business part, because when he’s on tv or in the mayors’ office, you don’t usually see his feet. The bottom is his party/dance part, cos his dancing/entertainment channels mostly feature his legs. 
- Mettaton, still a robot, Napstablook and Mad Dummy are all still cousins in this AU.
- Originally, they all lived and worked at the Blook Farm, the Animal Farm of this AU. Mettaton, however, despised that simple live and after befriending Alphys and her building him a body, he left the Farm to pursue bigger things. 
- Mettaton runs the local tv network. From weather to game shows, he does it all. He also runs the tailor shop in town that sells his designer clothes and merchandise. After Asgore stepped down, Mettaton also took over the role of town’s mayor and now works towards making the place more known again. Not everybody is happy with him doing that though.
- One of those people is the Mad Dummy. He can’t stand people anyways and he always claims that history would just repeat itself.
- Since the whole family is made of ghosts, they have different dummies and scarecrows they can use to take care of the animals. To mock Mettaton and kinda get back at Alphys for giving MTT such an opportunity, Mad Dummy found the blueprints for the Mew Mew robot and now modelled one of their scarecrows after it. 
- Napstablook isn’t fond of taking over obejcts like his cousins do, so he mostly takes care of the snails. Somehow, he can interact with them even when incorporeal. 
- The two of them run the Inn together. Muffet cooks in the daytime and makes desserts, Grillby manages the bar in the evening. 
- The two still can’t really stand each other but working together like this benefits them both because their rivalry just spurs them on more.
- Even though Grillby is a patient person, somehow Muffet is the only person who riles him up enough to retaliate. (Well, maybe except for Sans, he’s a strong second).
So, basically everything between those two is a challenge in some way. Even if Papyrus doesn’t notice, even his cooking lessons are a challenge for them. 
- Even though they’re constantly bickering, after working together for so many years, there’s a strange level of respect and trust between them. Even if back when they first started this business, they’d pour salt into an already open wound, nowadays they’d know better and just take a step back from the other or even comfort the other (on very rare occasions only). 
- They be dead. Kinda.
Some Characters that’d live in that town too but that I haven’t made designs for:
- Gerson is the original smithy of the town. He’d grown up in a family of smiths, but he’d always had an appreciation for the sea. That’s why, when the town became more deserted and Undyne had a good enough skill level as smith, he took up the Captains hat and now mostly spends his days out on sea. He also ferries people to places if they need him to. Oh, and just like in canon, Undyne learned most of her skills from him.
- Burgerpants is a poor dude Mettaton basically kidnapped when he was trying to get fame in the city. Now Burgerpants works wherever MTT needs him to, be that as cameraman for the tv shows, cashier in his tailor shop or his slave secretary in the mayor’s office.
- MK is Frisk’s best kid friend. MK’s parents are in charge of shipping the goods out of town and paying the individual people. MK’s the one that usually collects the goods at the end of the day.
- Other than that, there are only a few people in town. I’d imagine the older folks or the really young families stayed in town after it was closed. I think the librarby dude would still run the library. Some Snowdin residents like the stone family or the dogs also might still live there. 
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obeythebutler · 6 months ago
Hello! Could you do hc's for the aftermath of Belphegor killing the brothers mate? Like how they treat the now resurrected mate, how protective they are, how they'd react to Belphegor trying to get closer to their mate to reconcile and such?
Tumblr media
Aftermath of Belphegor Killing Their Mate, MC
You bet there is some intensive scenting going on for a week.
Brothers react to Belphegor Killing Their Mate, MC here.
After MC's connection to Lilith was revealed and Lord Diavolo left, he protectively led MC back to his room, not giving any of his brothers the chance to talk. Belphegor would be dealt with later, his mate came first.
As soon as the door was closed, Lucifer removed the coat he wore from his shoulders, and immediately dragged MC by the wrist into his lap.
His arms protectively circled around them as he tucked their head into his chest, and stared outside the window, silent and somber. No words were spoken, as Lucifer tried to calm the storm in his mind and the frantic beating of his heart.
Slowly, after some time he spoke quietly, his voice almost a whisper.
" I lost you back there. You died in my arms.I saw you fall from the r-railing and you weren't moving and I couldn't save y-you.. I'm sorry I-"
The lump in his throat is heavy as he tries to stop his tears from falling, and he tightens his hold on them as he breathes in their scent, something which grounded him and reminded him, that they were here and alive, breathing, in his arms.
He was given the week off from R.A.D., and whatever paperwork was there was taken away by Diavolo, who stated that Lucifer needed to spend time with MC, and this is something which is Lucifer is grateful for.
He's going to scent-mark them intensively because if Belphegor couldn't smell Lucifer on MC, that means he didn't do his job well.
Lucifer won't stop until they smell like him. Even then, he's going to keep touching them, in one way or another.
An arm around their waist, MC in his lap as they both listen to a vinyl record playing, slow dancing with them, hell, even bathing together.
He's going to kiss them a lot- on their arms, hands, knuckles, forehead, lips- anywhere he can reach. Lucifer's tone while speaking to them is gentle and soft, lacking its usual strict and commanding tone.
Meals are left outside his door, because Lucifer doesn't want them anywhere near his brothers for a while.
Even after Belphegor tries to reconcil, he's going to be there, glaring daggers at his brother while surveying their interaction. MC is going to have to interfere, gently assure him that they're not going anywhere, and that Belphegor is trying to make amends.
Even then, Lucifer's going to keep a watch from the shadows.
Nightmares are common for the pair. Lucifer often dreams of MC not coming back, or of them mocking him for not being able to save them, that if he concentrated harder while trying to heal them they might have come back, that he failed to protect them-
Lucifer gets waken up by MC, because he doesn't realize he's wailing in his sleep and that his nails have dug hard enough to draw blood. MC gently tends to the self-inflicted injuries, while gently wiping his tears, assuring him that they're here, and aren't going away, never.
His mate gets nightmares too. One time Lucifer woke up to crying and his demon form was out in an instant as he sprang from the bed, because his instincts were screaming at him that his mate was in danger.
MC was crying in their sleep, trying to desperately remove the non-existent hands around their throat, and Lucifer rushed to their side and tried to wake them up, by gentling calling their name, and making them wake up from their dream with a spell.
MC woke up, gasping and scared, with tears on their face, which Lucifer gingerly wiped away, while cooing and assuring them they were safe, and no harm would come to them now that he's here. His wings surrounded them both protectively, as MC cried in his arms and Lucifer allowed himself to be vulnerable, after a long, long time.
After Diavolo left, all Mammon did was throw MC over his shoulder and rush to his room, ignoring the rest of his brothers. Belphegor could have sliced his throat, called him many insults, and he'd bear them. But he killed his mate. So, for the first time in his life, he didn't look back at his brothers, run after them in worry, like he usually did, even if he got called names.
As soon as the door was closed, he immediately dragged MC into the bed with him, lying on top of them as he desperately tried to take in their scent to calm him down.
His hands were around their body, and MC's were rubbing soothing circles on his back as he tried to collect himself, calm down.
After some time, after he had quietned his anger and sorrow enough to speak without crying or speaking, he whispered the words.
" I saw you dead in my arms. You weren't moving at all, and I- I didn't know what to do- hell, I wasn't able to-"
Mammon starts crying as he remembers what happend, and desperately clings to MC's shirt as he whimpers in the crook of their neck, and MC cries too.
He had been allowed to stay in the House for a week by Lucifer, who didn't complain or insult him for once, and gave him an understanding look- one of sympathy and care.
He's going to be scenting them so intensively that they smell of him from a mile away. Everyone will know MC is his mate.
Mammon's going to become extra clingy- a hand always on them, or having them lean on him or lean on them, he got to be touching them in one way or another.
His head in MC's lap as they both watch a movie that's playing, and their fingers rub soothing patterns in his hair, them sleeping with their head on his chest.
Mammon's going to hug and kiss them a lot. Everywhere he can reach. He'll latch onto them like a koala, refusing to let go.
Meals are left at his door by his brothers, who know that they need to give the pair space for the time being.
Mammon is going to look at Belphegor with a coldness he never did before, and it will take time for him to forgive his baby brother. He simply refuses to leave them two alone though.
Nightmares are an evil that can't be avoided. Mammon wakes up in a cold sweat from his slumber, and the image of MC's body lying in the floor comes to mind, and for a moment he fears the worst-
But then he sees them sleeping on his chest, and Mammon cuddles them closer, breathing in their scent to calm himself down.
And when MC wakes up with nightmares they cuddle closer to Mammon, who jerks away immediately, but then relaxes, because it's his mate, and they're in his arms.
On some nights, sometimes they both wake up crying, and both wipe each others tears away as they assure each other that they're here and they'll always be here.
After Lord Diavolo left and the truth came to light, Leviathan didn't give anyone a chance to touch or talk to MC. His tail was wrapped around MC as he led them back to his room, away from everyone.
For what seems like the first time, his shy nature will be missing as Levi hugs MC tightly, breathing in their scent.
His tail was wrapped around their leg, not willing to let them go. It was a silent moment, as he nuzzled his mate and tried to collect himself.
When his heart had stopped beating so hard and his breathing had relaxed its pace, Levi spoke quietly.
" I lost you back there..y-you, you were lying on the floor and the blood on m-my hands and your body, I-"
Tears escape his eyes as he tries to forgot the bloody scene of their body and his despair at not being able to do anything. MC turns around in his lap to gently wipe away his tears, assuring him that they're here now, in his arms.
Classes were already online, as it is, and this time MC was going to be with him. They had to be near him.
If they're playing games together he'll have his tail around their waist or leg, and Levi will try to scent them more. In discreet ways, but ensuring that his scent remains.
Seeing them in his room gives Leviathan reassurance that MC is here, alive and safe with him.
He's going to be more touchy than usual- hand holding as they watch anime, sitting in each others lap while playing games, cuddling in the bathtub.
Levi has a good stack of rations in his room to last him at least two weeks, even then, his brothers leave meals outside and text him to come collect it.
It will take time for Levi to trust Belphegor again, as he's going to be very wary around him, and protest when Belphegor tries to get alone MC to make amends. He'll have to be convinced by his brothers- Mammon or Asmodeus, that the seventh-born means no harm.
Even then, he's going to be near- pacing and worrying.
Nightmares are common and something that are inevitable. Leviathan often wakes up at random times in the night. His eyes force open as they dart around the room, desperately looking for his mate when he realizes MC is asleep in his arms. He cuddles them closer, inhaling their scent as he tries to calm himself down.
MC never told Levi, but they wake up due to his sudden, jerky movements when he has nightmares. They say nothing, only hold Levi tighter as they nuzzle in the crook of his neck. He thinks they're asleep but MC knows otherwise.
When MC has nightmares, they'll wake up in a cold sweat, gasping and crying- all they can remember is Belphegor strangling them, and his laugh which rings in their ear. Levi wakes up too, he's alert even when sleeping.
He gently cradles them in his arms as he comforts them, asking if they would like to watch some anime or try to go back to sleep.
MC falls asleep on Levi's shoulder as an anime plays on the screen.
He dragged MC back to his room as soon as Lord Diavolo left. He didn't care about his brothers calling for them, or their groans of dissaproval, he just wanted MC back in his arms.
Once alone with them, he didn't say or move as he stood there, emerald eyes darting between the room and his mate. His demon form was still out, and Satan wasn't calm enough to turn back, yet.
Slowly, carefully, MC inched closer towards Satan, whose chest was still heaving with deep breaths, and a storm brewing in his eyes. They took his clawed hand in their own, careful not to touch the sharp talons, as they rubbed slow, soothing circles in his palm.
In a flash, Satan hugged them tightly, and tucked their head in his chest. His heartbeat was loud and fast, and his hands trembled as he wrapped them around his mate's back. MC led him to the bed where the pair sat in silence, the only noise being Satan's deep breaths.
" I saw you dead. You weren't moving, and your heart wasn't beating and I-" Satan choked on a sob. " I couldn't save you. I'm sorry I couldn't save you."
Satan cried out of anger at himself and his brothers as he wept into the crook of their neck, and MC comforted him by hugging him tightly, reminding him that they're here.
Satan didn't dare let them out of his room alone. MC had to be with him. Even for a bath, he was going to accompany them, he couldn't leave them alone, not after what...
He's going to be very intense and aggressive with his scenting- if his brothers are present he's going to keep scenting them until they reek of him.
Satan will be physically affectionate- holding their hand as often as possible, feeding and taking care of them.
MC in his lap as he reads a book, him bringing their hand to his lips to kiss it, affectionate forehead kisses while watching shows together, and conversations in cat language.
Satan rather bring meals to their room, as he doesn't want MC near his brothers for a while.
A different side of Satan is revealed- soft and affectionate, caring Satan.
When Belphegor came to MC to apologize for the first time, Satan growled as he hid MC behind him protectively. It took him a lot of reassurance from MC that they were safe and Belphegor just wanted to make amends.
Whether MC allows him to stay with him while talking to Belphegor or not, he's still going to be in the next room, listening to every word exchanged carefully, ready to intervene.
Nightmares are frequent. Satan often wakes up in a cold sweat, with his claws out, and all he can think of is finding his mate, but then he sees MC sleeping besides him peacefully, and then he cuddles them closer while breathing in their scent and kissing their head, trying to soothe himself back to sleep.
MC wakes up with nightmares too. They dream of Belphegor strangling them, crushing their windpipe as they plead for him to remove their hand. Their whimpers awaken Satan, who gently makes them wake up from the dream, and MC clings to Satan, trying to calm themselves down as he rubs soothing circles on their back.
MC often falls asleep with their head on Satan's chest.
As happy as he was to hear that Lilith lived a happy life, Asmodeus wanted MC all to himself for a while, without his brothers interrupting.
So he dragged MC to his room while whining about how they needed to give him attention, but as the door was closed Asmo's demeanour changed too.
He went quiet and hugged them immediately, and both of them fell on the plush bed as Asmo took in his mate's scent, trying to calm himself down as his hands interwined with MC's.
Asmodeus just wanted to hold them for a while, as the image of their body lying in the floor made his heart stop in fear of what could have happened...
" I saw you lying there, a-and there was so much b-blood, I-"
His voice ends in hysterics as he begins crying, and MC tucks his head in the crook of their neck as they gently comfort him, assuring they're here and won't go. Not now, not ever.
Lucifer allowed him to take the week off from R.A.D. After what had transpired, he needed time alone with his mate.
If Asmodeus wasn't touchy before, he is now. He'll look for every opportunity to touch them, place their head on his chest so he can nuzzle into them, hold hands, kiss and just show each other physical affection.
You bet intensive scenting is going to take place.
He wants MC to be engulfed in his scent- even then he won't stop. A hand around their waist, him lying on top of MC or MC lying on top of him as they enjoy each others company.
Watching shows together, exchanging opinions about outfits in a magazine, bathing together, dressing each other up and exchanging sneaky kisses.
Asmo has one of his brothers leave meals outside his room, because he dare not leave MC, even for a minute.
When Belphegor wanted to apologize, Asmodeus was whiny and wanted to drag MC away, but he didn't want Belphegor to be near them.
It takes some reassurance from MC that they're going to be fine, because Beel is nearby and he will interfere if anything bad happens.
Asmo is still going to keep a track of the time and not even let an extra second pass while interrupting.
Nightmares are frequent. Asmodeus often wakes up in a cold sweat as hair sticks to his face, and his mind is flashing with the image of MC's body, and he's on the verge of crying, but the scene of them sleeping next to him reassures him and he cuddles closed to them, before coaxing himself back to sleep.
MC has nightmares too. They wake up whimpering and crying sometimes, the sound which wakes Asmo up, who's immediately alert and ready to attack if needed, but then he sees MC whimpering in their sleep as they cry, and Asmo wipes away their tears before gently waking them up, and offering to run them a bath. MC drags Asmo along with them too, and they end up in each others arms in the bubbly water.
There were bittersweet emotions stirring inside him- MC came back alive, Lilith lived a happy life, but all this happened when Belphegor killed them. Killed his mate.
Beelzebub is conflicted, oddly silent as he gets dragged by the MC to their room, not his and Belphegor's, it's understandable, as Beel didn't give his twin as much as a glare after Lord Diavolo left.
Once in MC's room, Beel fiddled with his fingers nervously for a while before engulfing MC in a tight hug.
He stood there with them in his arms for quite a while as he tried to collect himself enough to speak.
" I smelled blood and y-you were there on the f-floor, Belphie was laughing and I c-couldn't-"
He sobs as he holds MC tighter, glad that they're back but the pain in his heart is also eating away at him. MC wipes away his tears gently as they try to comfort him with gentle words and affection.
In the days to come, MC will reek of Beelzebub, not because he purposefully wanted to scent them, it's because he was always having them close- one way or another.
MC in his lap, his head on their lap, nuzzling his face in the crook of their neck as he sat in silence, him feeding MC with his own hands, it's comforting for Beel.
The fridge is restocked around thrice a day- and for the first time in a while- none of his brothers complain when the fridge is empty. They know to leave the pair alone, but they all can hear the sound of Belphegor's footsteps as he places about- unable to get any sleep.
Whenever MC is going outside of the room Beel is going to come along. He can't, he won't, take any more chances.
Belphegor will need to make amends with Beelzebub first before even thinking of approaching MC. After all that happened, Beel feels he can't even trust his brother anymore....
Beel would allow Belphegor to apologize to MC, but he'd be nearby, listening intently.
Nightmares are something inevitable. Beel often had nightmares about Lilith, and now the scene of MC lying on the floor, with blood leaking on the marble torments him.
On these nights, he wakes up with a gasp. His head is spinning and is heart is thumping wildly as he tries to calm himself. His hands reach out to find his mate, and he panics for a split second when he can't- but then he sees them cuddling his arm, and Beel sighs in relief as he holds them closer, and slowly their scent lulls him back to sleep.
Beel also has seen MC have their share of bad dreams. They whimper and plead in their sleep, for Belphegor to not harm them, and Beel's heart sinks at that.
He gently wakes them up from their nightmare, and immediately cling to his chest as they try to collect themselves, and Beel holds them closer, as the pair sits in silence in the dark.
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smutsonian · 5 months ago
Mafia bucky with size kink, belly bulge, choking with vibration arm, sub space, daddy kink, creampie kink and squirting, breeding kink, maybe exhibitionism with Steve. This could lead to a part 2 as a 3 way with double vaginal penetration, no anal
that smile on her face
bucky barnes x reader
summary: mafia!bucky x reader ft. mafia!boss!steve and it’s basically just p0rn with a little bit of plot i guess.
warnings: smut, (whatevers written in the ask), violence, rumlow, not proofread, idk please tell me if I missed something.
word count: 3.1k
a/n: why was it so hard to write this fic vjhafvu im rusty with writing soz
Tumblr media
It was becoming too much for you. The palpable tension between the two brooding men and the looming figures of terrifying men on each side that serves as guards for both sides didn’t bring you any comfort and the fact that your boyfriend is a few feet away from you right now isn’t giving you any reassurance that this situation is under control.
 Steve, your boyfriend’s best friend, stands face to face with an unknown man wearing an eerie smile on his face but his aura is producing anything but a positive vibe while your boyfriend stands beside Steve, glaring at the strange man. You thought you remembered someone calling him Rumlow.
 You know about your boyfriend’s line of work but you never really got to witness his job with your own eyes. Life with Bucky has always been laughs and giggles, passion and love behind closed doors so you never really thought about the dangers that may come with his job. You thought you could continue to live happily and carefree with him until now. 
When you saw Rumlow turning his attention to Bucky’s louring face and smirking at the emotion he’s able to get from your boyfriend made your stomach turn. You saw Rumlow’s hand rise from his side and time seemed to stop for you when you saw a gun pointed in your boyfriend’s direction. You saw your Bucky’s jaw clenching and you couldn’t help the small whimper escaping your lips when Rumlow turns the safety off with a deafening click.
 Bucky’s eyes subtly searched your face but you weren’t looking at him. Your eyes were begging Rumlow to drop his gun and let your boyfriend be but the moment Rumlow turns to look at you, your stomach begins to feel more horrible than it already is. But you would do everything for your Bucky. You had to try.
 “P-Please don’t…” You stutter, glancing at the gun pointing towards your Bucky then looking back up at Rumlow. 
 He mockingly juts his bottom lip out, pouting at you before tilting his head to the side. “No?” He asks.
 You could only nod, ignoring Bucky who was trying his best to get your attention, for sure trying to make you stop talking to Rumlow.
 “This your girl, Barnes?” Rumlow asks, scanning your form but nobody answers him.
 Rumlow chuckles before putting the gun down, giving you a sense of relief before your breath hitches when the gun is suddenly pointed in your direction. 
 “Should I just shoot you then, little girl?” 
 Bucky’s form stiffens, as well as Steve’s and his guards, ready for an order to attack when Rumlow speaks up again.
 “Are you willing to risk your life for this motherfucker?” 
 You didn’t know if it was your nerves making you dizzy but everything went by in a flash but in slow motion at the same time. You saw Bucky side-stepping quickly towards you, his metal arm raising as if to shield you both. A bullet makes contact with his metal arm before bouncing off of it and you stare at his arm in awe before looking at him with crazed eyes. He scans you for a quick second before he rushes you both out of the place, and onto a car before caressing your face with both of his hands. The sounds of guns being fired filling your ears.
 “You shouldn’t have done that, baby girl.” His words are dark and it would’ve scared you if you didn’t know him. If he wasn’t giggling with you about a silly movie yesterday, you would’ve been frightened of him.
 When you don't answer, he tightens his grip on your face, forcing you to focus on him instead of the continuous gunfire.
 “Y-You’re arm… How did you know it would save us?” You stared at his face while your hand absentmindedly wrapped over his metal hand, caressing it gently.
 His eyes flicker to your hand on his metal ones before looking back at you with an earnest look. “I didn’t. I just know that I had to protect you.” He says, chest heaving as he finally let himself show his emotions. Something that he only does with you.
 “Y-you… You could’ve died, Bucky…” 
 “I will do anything to protect you, doll.” He presses a kiss on your forehead before the driver’s door opens and Steve crawls in, breathing heavily.
 “We gotta fucking go,” was the only thing he says before stepping on the gas.
 You did your best to ignore the blood splattered on his face and the white shirt under his black suit.
 You lay your head on Bucky’s shoulder as he hugs you extra close to him, fearing that you might slip away from him and you bask in the closeness and warmth of his body. Your brain starts to fog up, and the only words running inside it are the words your Bucky said. You snuggle closer to him, humming unknowingly in satisfaction.
 ‘I will do anything to protect you, doll.’
Tumblr media
  Bucky Barnes watched you curling closer to him, your cheeks brushing against his arm as your eyes remained close, face finally relaxing as you go deeper into slumber. He smiled at your form, pecking the top of your head before pulling you closer to his body. 
 If someone told him that his heart would be palpitating because of a pretty little thing like you, he would’ve shot them in the head for poking jokes at him but now that you’re beside him…
 “Is she okay?” Steve’s voice cuts Bucky’s thoughts off as Steve looks at him through the rearview mirror, quickly turning back to look at him then towards his girl with worried eyes.
 “She’s resting. Calm for now.” Bucky’s jaw clenches at the thought of you producing tears for the likes of Rumlow. His heart skips a beat at the memory of that gun being pointed at you. His grip on the door handle becomes tighter while he tries his best to keep his other hand calm, the one that he’s holding you with.
 “She’ll be fine. We won’t let anything happen to her. I know you won’t. I sure as hell won’t…” Steve gives Bucky a reassuring smile, mumbling the last words under his breath. 
 The car ride was silent throughout the ride, thoughts eating up on Bucky’s mind as he thinks of Steve’s words as well as what to do with you. How to make things up for you because he’s taking the blame for you being in a very dangerous position. 
 “We’re here,” Steve states, stopping the car and getting out before quickly going over to Bucky’s side, opening the door for Bucky and a groggy you. You’re still in Bucky’s arms, already squirming into consciousness while Bucky tries to coo you back to sleep.
 “Need any help?” 
 “I got it,” Bucky answers Steve before carrying you inside the manor, Steve quietly following behind.
 Once inside, Bucky feels you squirming more and he lets you go, gently putting you down on your feet. He looks down at your face that’s looking back up at him with a blank expression. He takes note of Steve’s form leaning on the doorway.
 “Bucky…” He hears you mumble.
 “What is it, princess?” Bucky notes the way your eyes flutters at the nickname and he fights a smile that wants to force its way onto his face.
 “You almost d-died because of me,” Your sob breaks his heart and he’s suddenly on you. He’s eager to make you wipe the tears away. Eager to bring back the smile that always makes him swoon because this isn’t how he wants to see you cry. 
 “Don’t cry, princess. I’ll do anything for you even if that means getting hurt.” He continues to wipe at your tears but it was no use. You’re a broken dam right now.
 “Daddy’s here, princess. Daddy’s right here.” He whispers, not caring if Steve hears him but he takes note of the way Steve’s form stiffens by the doorway. It wasn’t hard to miss because of his broad shoulders. 
 “You trust Daddy, right, Princess?” He pulls back, caressing your face and that’s when he sees it.
 Your eyes are fogged, face wet with tears but the flow has stopped. You’re just looking at him with those foggy eyes filled with something so much intensity.
 “Yes, daddy. I trust you.” He hears you whisper and he knows you’re deep in your space right now.
 Bucky wipes your face with a cloth that’s conveniently in his pocket before walking back, away from you. You whimper at the loss of his touch but one word from him made you stop.
 Bucky feels himself grow proud at your obedience. He flicks a look at Steve before looking back at you.
 “Take your clothes off for Daddy, princess.” 
 “Steve, you fucking stay there.” He doesn’t even glance at Steve but he hears his steps stopping. You didn’t even notice his words towards Steve because you were eagerly obeying his command, stripping out of your clothes with haste.
 “Come here, princess,” Bucky motions you to come over and you do. He instantly wraps his metal hand around your throat, not clenching it at all. He just rests his hand on your throat, careful not to frighten you.
 “You trust me, princess?” He asks one more time.
 “Yes, yes I do, daddy.” You breathe out, nodding against his hold which he tightens. Bucky’s eyes flicker at how your thighs clenched together and hear the tiny moan slipping out of your mouth.
 “You like this, princess? You like my hand around your pretty little throat?” Bucky tightens his hold a little more, eyes gleaming at how his hand is covering your whole neck now. 
 “Your neck is so tiny, I can easily crush it, princess. You’re not afraid of me?” Instead of being afraid, you whine, suddenly thrusting your naked hips towards him and he chuckles at you before letting you go. 
 Bucky glances at Steve who was fixing his pants, no doubt tightening uncomfortably at the scene in front of him.
 Bucky stares at you, eyes begging for him to touch you but he ignores it before walking over to the long sofa and sitting down. He pats his lap as he calls for you which you eagerly obeyed, almost skipping your way towards his lap. You were about to straddle him when he stops you.
 He turns your body with so much ease before pulling you down, earning an “oof” from you when your back hits his hard chest. He guides your legs so they’re resting outside of his legs. He easily spreads your legs with his and he dwells at the shiver your body makes when you’re completely exposed.
 “Sit, Steve.” Bucky motions to the long sofa opposite to where the both of you are sitting and he feels you stiffening against him so he whispers soothing words in your ears. “I got you, princess.”
 Steve walks towards the sofa before awkwardly sitting. Bucky could see how much his best friend was trying to control himself but, in the end, his best friend loses his inner battle for he looks at you and then to your cunt, before looking back at you.
 “Don’t worry about Steve, princess. We can trust him. He did kill that awful man for you…” He chuckles at the way your body shivers, your stiffness has long gone now.
 “H-he did?”
 “Yes. Now let’s give Steve a little show, yeah? Show him just how fucking precious my princess is…” Bucky’s metal finger goes to your breasts, teasing each of them with equal attention. He pulls little whimpers from you here and there and he can see Steve squirming uncomfortably from across the both of you and he chuckles.
 “Don’t be shy, Steve. You can touch yourself.” Bucky’s free hand goes to your core, rubbing his fingers on your clit, making your moans grow louder.
 “But you won’t be able to touch my girl. You can just watch and you can be thankful that I’m letting you.” Bucky takes pride in how he’s able to make his best friend look so powerless when he’s the boss. Right now, Bucky is the boss though.
 “D-daddy!” You’re suddenly shaking against Bucky as you reach your first peak, your juice covering Bucky’s fingers while his other hand continues to play with your hard nipples.
 Bucky hears a groan from Steve, smirking how his friend has his hand down his pants pathetically.
 Bucky continues to play with your body, pulling a few more orgasms from you until you’re crying from all the pleasure he’s giving you. 
 Now that’s how he wants to see you cry. Only in pleasure and nothing else. Only the best for his girl.
 “Daddy, please!” You scream at Bucky, your small hands gripping his flesh hand that was on your cunt.
 “What is it, princess? Tell daddy what you want.” 
 “W-want more, daddy,” you whisper, almost shyly, and Bucky coos at your embarrassed face.
 “You need to be more specific than that, princess. Don’t be shy. You’re so fucking beautiful that you got Steve and me so fucking hard, baby.” He turns your head to the side before pressing a hungry kiss on your lips, tongue lapping every corner of your mouth before pulling away, admiring the string of saliva that connects your lips.
 “Tell daddy what you want, princess. Be more specific this time.” He whispers against your ear before nipping at it and earning another whimper from you.
 “Want your cock in me, daddy,” you finally say, begging with your hips grinding against his hard cock that’s under you. 
 He hums in approval before easily lifting you up and positioning his tip in your entrance. He looks at Steve who was looking hungrily at your slit that’s ready to take his swollen cock.
 A gaudy moan escapes from your mouth as Bucky pulls your body down his cock, your head instantly falling back to his shoulder at the feeling of his cock inside of you.
 “Fuck!” Bucky hisses at the feeling of your warm and very tight walls hugging his thick cock.
 “God, baby… You’re so fucking tight!” Bucky’s eyes shut at the feeling of your walls clenching him and he even whimpers when you start to grind against his lap, asking for more.
 He gives it to you. 
 He stares at Steve’s face as he guides your body on top of his, bouncing you on his lap while thrusting his hips into you to reach deeper inside of you.
 Bucky sees Steve’s hungry eyes staring at a certain spot as he bites his bottom lip. Bucky follows his gaze and he too, grows even more hungry, if that’s even possible, at the sight of your lower abdomen bulging out every time his cock thrusts deep inside your tight cunt.
 “Princess…” Bucky groans, stopping you from bouncing, earning a whine from you which turns into loud cries of pleasure when he starts impelling you with his cock again and again. His flesh hand goes to press on your lower abdomen to feel himself inside of you.
 The three of you groan at the scene and Bucky looks back at Steve, smirking and moaning at the same time. Seeing Steve hungrily looking at you but not being able to touch you gives him a rush. Especially when Steve is choking his own cock while he watches the both of you. Oh, Bucky loves showing people that you’re his girl.
 “D-daddy, I’m gonna—”
 “Fucking cum for me, princess.” 
 And you do. You cum with a loud cry, followed by Bucky’s loud cry as he felt your walls suffocating his cock which only gave him more motivation to pistol into you, riding your orgasm. His vibranium fingers find your clit, ignoring your tiny hands that wrapped around it.
 “Too much, daddy!”
 “Give me one more, baby! I wanna cum inside your pretty cunt,” he whispers into your ear before pressing his lips on your neck, sucking your skin with wet kisses. That seems to make you more compliant. You wanted him to cum inside you and Bucky chuckled at how your walls clenched around him at the thought.
 “Oh, you’d like that, won’t you? Want daddy to give you his cummies? Want daddy to breed you? Get you all nice and round…” 
 “Y-yes daddy!” You let out a squeal when his fingers started buzzing around your clit.
 “Yes! Cum inside of her, Buck…” Steve’s wanton voice catches both of your attention and Bucky feels your walls tighten around him when he sees you watching Steve beat his cock with his own hand, his girth swollen and ready to cum. And it’s all because of you. His girl.
 Bucky doubles his efforts, metal hand vibrating against your clit, flesh hand pressing on the bulge that his cock continues to make on your lower abdomen.
 With a few more thrust, Bucky feels his balls tightening and you must’ve felt his thick cock twitching because your walls tightened again and this time, it’s enough to make him burst his seeds into you so, with a loud grunt, Bucky pulls you down on him as his cock twitches inside you, spurting his seeds into your cunt while the head of his cock remains touching your cervix.
 With his metal fingers still vibrating against your clit, you follow him with cumming as the mixture of the feeling of him filling you up with his cum and the intense vibration of his fingers on your sensitive bud.
 Across from the both of you, Steve watches how Bucky is filling you up with his cum, and the moment Bucky’s excess cum starts slipping out from the sides of your slit, he loses it. With a whimper, Steve’s cum shoots out and his hands get covered with his thick white cum while a few lands on the floor. Steve licks his lips when he sees Bucky pulling out of you and using his metal fingers to push the fallen cum back inside of you.
 Steve, still shaking from his orgasm, watches as Bucky picks you up after covering you up with his suit jacket and walking toward the stairs. 
 He stops to look at him though.
 “Thanks for killing the bastard for her, punk.” And with a smirk, he leaves with you in his arms.
 Bucky places you on the bed before cleaning you up. His hands are gentle as he wipes his cum off your thighs and your swollen cunt before getting in beside you and wrapping you up in a blanket.
 “Thank you, daddy.” You slur before curling up beside him. He chuckles before pulling you closer to him.
 “You don’t have to worry about anything, princess. I’ll do anything for you, okay? Seems like Steve will too,” Bucky laughs but doesn’t earn a reply from you. He looks down at your face, seeing you already fast asleep with a smile on your face.
 Oh, how he loves that smile. 
 And he’ll do anything to keep that smile on his girl’s face.
a/n: i just wish I did this request justice :3
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scaramoon · 6 months ago
he accidentally hurts you while sparring
Tumblr media
warnings/genre: kinda hurt/comfort? idk it’s mostly fluffy, mentions of blood and (very) minor injuries, swearing in childe’s
notes: rbs are v much appreciated, please and ty !! also pls ignore that i got carried away w xiao’s </3
Tumblr media
━━ diluc;
you’ll have to be insistent if you even want him to spar with you; he knows you’re fully capable of standing your ground but... he’s worried
he’ll act like he doesn’t, but it’s obvious that he keeps close by whenever you’re sparring with someone
but if you wear him down enough or you’re good with your words, you can convince him to be your sparring partner
lmao just tell him you’ll get kaeya to do it 💀
Tumblr media
“don’t- don’t hold your sword like that.” he said, his tone was flat but you’d known him long enough to be able to find the concern in it.
“i know how to hold a sword, diluc,” you responded. “i asked for a partner, not a teacher, remember?”
red eyes flashed towards you and something like a smile appeared on your lover’s lips. you mirrored it, letting your lips curl into a grin.
“of course,” he said, smallest hint of a playful tone in his voice.
but he was quick, and you may have underestimated just how well trained he was. normally, you could have blocked him. this time, however, you weren’t expecting it and you’d already began to drop your dominant hand to your side.
he noticed that, but he was just a little too late. diluc was used to the momentum of his weapon, but it wasn’t often that he had to stop it. he tried to step back before he hurt you, your name falling from his lips, desperation and worry coating his voice.
and then, just as soon as he’s processed it, his claymore was on the ground and he was watching you crouch and hold your upper arm. your seethe of pain sent guilt rushing through him.
it took him a moment to decide whether or not to go over to you; he wanted to, he really wanted to, but a part of him feared that you didn’t want him near you.
he couldn’t help it though.
“y/n?” diluc’s tone was almost a command, loud but desperate, wanting you to look at him and tell him that you were perfectly fine — wanting that to be the truth.
tears pricked in the corners of your eyes but you looked at him nonetheless. he hated that look in your eyes. seeing you in pain was one thing, but the knowledge that he was the cause of it twisted his heart in unbearable ways.
“i’m ok, diluc,” you said, quieter than you normally would. “just a little scratch, see?”
you moved your hand from where it was holding onto your arm. blood coated your fingers and the clothing surrounding the new wound, but it was clear that the cut wasn’t deep.
he didn’t say anything. his lips were pressed into a thin line as he kneeled beside you. eyebrows pinned in worry and concentration evident in his eyes, he started ripping at your sleeve to get a better look.
“diluc.” you said. your voice was more commanding this time as you moved away from him. why couldn’t he see it really wasn’t so bad?
“i didn’t mean to hurt you.” this time you could see clearly just how distressed he was.
he looked like he was about to cry and he wasn’t the one that’d been hurt. not physically, anyway; you had no idea how his chest hurt, how he felt like he couldn’t breathe.
you stared at him for a little longer. “i said i’m fine. but if it will help you sleep at night, you can come help me clean it, deal?”
“of course, dove.”
━━ kaeya;
he actually likes sparring with you
he doesn’t often get the chance, but whenever both of you are able to, he sees it as time he gets to spend with you
and any time spent with you is never time wasted in his eyes
plus he gets to do the sword under your chin thing and tease you </3
Tumblr media
“dead.” you said proudly, standing over your lover, your sword under his chin.
a playful grin spread across his lips as he let you enjoy your win. you backed away and allowed him to stand up, dust himself off. a stretch of his arms, and then he was picking up his sword to go again.
“ready?” kaeya asked, smirk stretching his lips.
“yeah,” you said, smiling back. your gloved hand tightened around your sword’s hilt; the gloves were making your hands sweaty, your grip loosening. “actually, w-”
the next thing you realized was a stinging at you side. your hand immediately came to the cut, taking an instinctive step back. the sound of kaeya’s sword hitting the ground met your ears, his hands were on your arms a second later.
“hey, hey, you’re okay.” he tried to sound calm but if was a bad attempt. he crouched down onto the ground, guiding you to sit in front of him. cautious hands grabbed the hem of your shirt, kaeya looking up at you. “can I look, love?”
“yeah, but I’m fine.” you said, though your face was twisted in pain.
his eyes were full of pity when he looked at you, jaw clenching before he lifted your shirt enough to see the wound. on first appearance, it looked worse than it really was.
“see?” you spoke again. “all good.”
he didn’t say anything at first. he just pulled you closer to him, chin hooked over your shoulder, though he was careful not to agitate your cut.
“not really. but it’s okay, we’re gonna get you all better, yeah?”
“kaeya, seriously, i’m fine. you don’t need-”
“y/n.” his voice was still sweet and concerned, but more stern when he spoke this time. “let me take care of you.”
━━ xiao;
good luck getting him to spar with you in the first place
it doesn’t matter how much you tell him you want to, he’ll keep turning you down
needless to say, you’ll have to play your cards right to get him to agree to it
“what if i hurt you, y/n?”
“i’ll be under-trained and get hurt if you don’t help me.”
“you know i’ll always be there if you call for me.”
“and if you can’t come?”
Tumblr media
“I don’t think this is a good idea.” he stated simply, eyes narrowing at you. you only threw him a smile.
“what’s the worst that can happen? you won’t even use your real pole arm, you have a stick. you can’t stab me with it, xiao.”
“I would rather not think about ‘stabbing’ you in the first place.” he huffed. “but... you need to be safe, in case one day I can’t keep you safe myself.”
a smile crossed your face as you gripped your weapon, ready for him to start.
you may have miscalculated the power and ability of an adeptus though. you quickly found yourself tired and overwhelmed, just blocking and dodging was almost too much. he could sense your fatigue already, and he was listening for you to call him to stop. xiao was ready to stop on a dime, but he knew that you were stubborn and insistent.
his “pole arm” came close to your side, and he really thought you would dodge this one. you’d done it before. but he felt the wood hit you, you falling to the ground, holding your side soon after.
his make-shift weapon was long forgotten now. he was kneeling beside you in seconds, gentle fingers running along what he was sure was a broken rib. he didn’t find one, but the guilt was already eating him and that knowledge did nothing to stop it.
“ow! that hurts, don’t touch me.” you said, seething in pain and making a pitiful attempt to move away from him.
xiao did not cry.
he didn’t, it just wasn’t something he was accustomed to, and quite honestly he wasn’t sure if adepti could cry. but the idea of you being scared of him started tears to fill his eyes; his chest was tight, and he had this uncomfortable lump in his throat.
“no, no,” you started, propping yourself on your elbows and then sitting all the way up.
you tried to reach and hold his face, to wipe the tears off, but he turned away from you; he kept kneeling, but shifted to a position a little farther away from you. the adeptus made a noise something like a squeak, and it seemed to surprise him. he didn’t wait for you to finish talking, he turned away and looked anywhere except you.
“xiao, baby, that’s not what I meant. you can- I just meant don’t put your hands directly where I got hurt... xiao? can you look at me?”
it took him a few more moments before he turned his head back to you. you knew he wasn’t always the most emotional, but you didn’t think you’d seen him like this before. he hummed, not trusting his voice. still, he wouldn’t look you in the eyes.
“I’m fine, you didn’t hurt me. its just a little bruise, there’s not even blood... I’m not scared of you, xiao, it’s not your fault.”
he stared at you for another moment before he cleared his throat and stood up. “can we at least have someone make sure you’re okay?”
“...and you won’t ask me to do that again?”
“of course not.”
━━ childe;
he has mixed feelings about sparring with you
of course, it’s an odd form of quality time, but he likes it
plus that means he won’t have to watch you spar with anyone else
but there’s always the risk that you could get hurt
he’s an archer though, so he only “attacks” you with his melee — he thought he was being a lot more careful
Tumblr media
“ready?” childe smiled, twirling one of his weapons around his finger.
“as always.” you said, gripping your own weapon.
“mhm, sweetheart, I’m sure you’re ‘always ready’,” childe said dropped his hands to his sides and stepping closer to you.
you knew what he was trying to do — he attempted to pull this off every time you sparred with him, and you never failed to catch him. seem relaxed, and whenever you thought he wouldn’t, he’d attempt to get the better of you.
this time, however, you were not as quick as you usually were. childe knew that you always saw through this; not once had you’d failed to block him, so maybe he put his trust in his weapons more than he should have.
he stopped when both of you look at the clean, but bloody, cut he’d made. his eyes widened as it sinked in, coming to the realization that he’d hurt you
“y/n- shit, I’m sorry,” he said, panic clear in his voice, though he tried to hide it. his hand was on your shoulder, guiding you to sit on the ground. “are you- you’re okay, it’s not that deep. we’re gonna get that healed and you’ll be fine, yeah?”
for words so reassuring, his panicked tone was saying something along the lines of ‘shit shit fuck dammit, i accidentally hurt my own partner, what the fuck-’
“yeah, it’s no biggie,” you said, smiling a little at him. “it’s just a little cut, I get worse on commissions.”
you knew that later he would claim he was totally calm. in reality, he was trying his best to clean the wound with his vision, and he’d get better help whenever he could get to bubu pharmacy.
“you owe me kisses though, y’know,” you teased.
‘good,’ he thought. ‘they aren’t mad at me.’
“whatever ya want, love.”
“oh? maybe I’ll take cuddles too.”
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adoringhaikyuu · 6 months ago
they misinterpret your words during a fight and think you want to break up
Tumblr media
characters: aone + kyoutani + oikawa + ushijima + (gn!reader)
request: hii can I request saying 'why am i even trying' in a fight n they take it wrong way, they thought u had enough of them but u just mean it like ' why r u even trying to argue' - kyotani, aone, ushi and oikawa... thank you ✨ • by @chibiiichann​
warnings: a lil angsty
notes: i was not sure how to title this well skfjhg + let’s just say everyone lives together in these
Tumblr media
it wasn’t that he was trying to aggravate you
it’s just that he genuinely didn’t understand why you were upset and he was being dismissive without even realizing it
and that is what pushed you over
you were tired, you wanted to go to bed 
and you clearly weren’t getting anywhere, so you were ready to just drop it and go to sleep, hence why you said
“why am i even trying”
aone blinked a few times as he stared down at you, those five words sending a spike to his gut. you tried to move past him, not noticing the panic in his eyes, when he shot his arm out to stop you.
you looked up at him about to complain when you noticed the intense and glassy look in his eyes. he spoke up, his voice small. “please don’t.”
you sighed, “i just don’t see the point, nobu. i’m going––”
“no.” his voice was slightly louder and shaky. “please.” he stood in front of you and placed his hands on your arms as he looked into your eyes. “please don’t leave me.” 
you tilted your head, “leave y––” you shook your head, “baby, no i’m not–” you walked into his arms and he hugged you immediately, his arms holding you tight. “i’m not leaving you,” you looked up at him to find him already staring at you, holding his tears back. you placed a hand on his cheek and he nuzzled into your palm. “i was just going to bed because this argument wasn’t going anywhere. that’s why i said i don’t see the point.” 
he swallowed harshly and nodded. “oh.” 
you smiled sadly, “well now i can’t be mad at you anymore...” 
his hands squeezed your waist, “for what it’s worth...i’m sorry, y/n.” 
you leaned up for a kiss and he met you halfway. “let’s go to bed, okay?” 
he nodded but made no move to let go of you––so the two of you stood there for a while, just holding each other in silence.  
Tumblr media
you and kyoutani didn’t fight be honest you rarely ever fought
but today...
both of you were really stressed out
you started arguing over something stupid, to be honest you couldn’t even remember what it was
it was just a way for you both to get out your frustrations in the end
but your voices started getting louder and you were getting in each other’s faces
and it became too much for you, it was just stressing you out even more
you needed fresh air
you rolled your eyes and stepped back, trying to shove past him. “you know what? why am i even trying here–”
before you could get far, kyoutani grabbed your arm, not forcefully, but enough to make you stop. you looked up and glared at him, surprised to see another emotion swirling in his eyes––sadness?
“you’re fucking joking right?” he never was good at talking through his emotions. 
you scowled, his tone not helping either of your moods at all. “let me go.”
he scowled right back. “no.” 
he raised a brow and stepped closer to you, “oh so we’re on a first name basis now? what, y/n?”
you clenched your jaw and looked him in the eye, taking a deep breath. “please just let me go.” your voice was small, defeated, you just needed space. 
his hand loosened but he didn’t let go completely, seemingly battling with himself in his mind. “no...i can’t. i won’t let you leave me.” 
so that’s why he was upset? 
you frowned up at him. “taro. i’m just going for some fresh air. i’m not leaving you.” 
he let go of you and stood straight, his lips parted. “oh.” he clenched his jaw and looked down, suddenly embarrassed by his reaction. you grabbed his hand and started walking towards the door. “what are you doing?”
you looked back at him, eyes no longer blazing, but instead, warm and loving. “we are going to get some fresh air. together.” 
he looked down, suddenly shy, but kept walking with you. “okay.”
Tumblr media
oikawa had a bad day and he was more irritable than usual
tbh he was being kinda rude unintentionally
you were eating dinner across from each other and you were trying to talk about how your days were, not having spoken to each other much due to your busy schedules
but he wasn’t in the mood for talking and was just answering you with hums and giving you one word responses
after a while you got annoyed and honestly felt a little hurt
so you sighed and rolled your eyes, getting up from the table to go refill your water, mumbling to yourself more than anything
“why am i even trying”
it wasn’t until you said that that oikawa looked up from his plate, eyes wide, heart beating loudly in his chest. “wait what––”
you were already in the kitchen by the time he looked up and he urgently got out of his seat, almost knocking down his glass and you turned around at the clatter, surprised to see him basically speed-walking towards you. 
“oh now you pay attention to me?” you went to sip your water when he pulled it out of your hands and set it on the counter, ignoring your “hey!-” in protest. 
his eyes were frantic as he looked at you, “look baby i’m sorry i just i had a really shitty day today but––”
you sighed and looked to the side. “and i get that tooru, but that doesn’t give you the right to be a dick, i mean it feels like we haven’t had time to ourselves this week at all...”
he pouted and took your face into his hands, “i know baby and i’m sorry, i haven’t been trying as much as i could have been. but i promise i’ll do better, okay? i know i don’t deserve it but please tell me you’ll keep trying too?” his eyes were suddenly filled with tears and you looked at him in shock.
“hey–what’s wrong?” 
he pressed his forehead against yours and let out a shaky breath. “i just don’t want you to leave me––please don’t. i don’t know what i’d do without you––”
you pulled away as much as he’d let you to look into his eyes. “woah baby what––i’m not leaving you? sure i was frustrated, but i wasn’t going to break up with you.” 
his eyes widened, “really?”
you nodded. “really, tooru i promise.” just from the vulnerable look in his eyes you felt like you could cry as well. you kissed his cheek, “i’m not going anywhere.” 
he sighed, relieved and pulled you into a hug, mumbling his next words into your shoulder. “i love you.”
Tumblr media
ushi could be really blunt and straightforward 
and sometimes had a tendency to brush things off, not understanding the big deal
today you were trying to get him understand something that happened at work, someone pissed you off and it really put you in a bad mood for the whole day
and ushi was always there to talk through things with you at night when you got home
but today, he really couldn’t see why you were upset––or rather, why you let it affect you so much, he didn’t see the point
and it felt like he wasn’t listening to you
(granted, you were a little strung up already)
you didn’t want to deal with people anymore so you brushed past him and went to take a shower, grumbling “why am i even trying”
as soon as you uttered those words, ushijima paused, unsure what to even think. you didn’t mean the relationship did you? surely, he thought about how you’d had a bad day, how you were frustrated and maybe you were just saying that in regards to your frustrations...but part of him wasn’t sure. you seemed rather annoyed during the conversation much to his disliking.
unfortunately, he wasn’t able to ask you about it because as soon as he turned around, you were already locked in the bathroom. he sat anxiously at the edge of the bed, his elbows on his knees, hands clasped as he waited for you. you were taking your sweet time, no doubt relaxing and decompressing, which he understood, but it was only furthering his worry about the situation. 
it was a good while later that you’d finally gotten out of the shower, steam exiting the bathroom as you opened the door. you hadn’t even noticed ushijima sitting across from you as you got out, still focused on your thoughts, trying to calm down. 
you put your night shirt on along with some sweats, which was immediately a bad sign to him, you almost always slept in one of his shirts, and he loved that about you. 
only when you got on the bed did he speak up, clearly tense as he got your attention. “love...”
you turned and he swallowed thickly, suddenly nervous. “when you said...” he paused, looking down at his hands before looking into your eyes, clenching his jaw almost in pain. “are you giving up on us?” 
you frowned immediately, “what?”
“ said ‘why am i even trying’ and stormed off...did i do something? are you not happy?” 
your mouth dropped open in shock, the frustration coursing through your body now replaced with disbelief and sadness. you moved closer to him and put one hand on his cheek, the other other on his shoulder as you looked into his eyes. “what? baby no, i was just annoyed and our conversation wasn’t really helping but it wasn’t your fault! i just needed some time to think to myself, i’m sorry. this whole time you thought i wanted to end things?” 
he nodded once and your frown deepened. “baby i would never,” you paused and pulled him close for a sweet kiss. 
his hands came up to hold your waist and you melted into him, the kiss clearly soothing his worries. the look of relief and love in his eyes was clear as day when you pulled away to catch his eye. 
“i promise i am happiest with you. i’m not going anywhere, unless you were planning on leaving any time s––”
his hands gripped your waist tighter, a fierce look appearing in his eyes. “no. you’re it for me.” 
you smiled, feeling something burst in your chest and gave him another kiss. “i love you.” 
his hands made their way under your shirt and you hummed, pulling away to stop him. “baby i’m kinda tired today.”
he shook his head, a light blush on his cheeks . “i know. i just prefer when you wear my shirts.” 
you smiled and moved your hands away, “oh, okay. then go ahead.”
he smiled back, “thank you.”  
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waitimcomingtoo · a month ago
Ex’s and Oh’s
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: Sebastian drops a bomb on Tom during a livestream
Tumblr media
Since it wasn’t safe to hold conventions yet, you and Tom were asked to do a zoom meeting with the rest of the Marvel Cast. Fans were able to tune in and watch as a moderator asked you questions.
“Are you ready for this?” Tom asked you as you sat down at his office desk.
“I’m a little nervous.” You admitted. “It’s been a while since I’ve done a panel.
“Don’t worry, darling. You’ll be fine. What’s the worst that can happen?” Tom shrugged before joining the zoom.
“Welcome everybody.” The moderator greeted as the rest of the cast joined the zoom. “Thank you all for coming to the Marvel Q and A livestream. Not that we need to, but I’m gonna have everyone introduce themselves.”
You relaxed in your seat and leaned into Tom as you listened to your cast mates introduce themselves. The livestream went by smoothly for the first half hour, with a lot of back and forth banter between Tom, Sebastian and Anthony. Since they hadn’t seen either other in so long, they were constantly ripping on each other to make up for lost time. All the jokes and jabs were in good fun, but the trouble started when you started talking about the most recent projects.
“We’ve had a lot of exciting films come out in the past few months. Black Window came out recently.” The moderator said. “And of course, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.”
“Which everybody needs to go see immediately.” You added. “Please. You won’t regret it.”
“What she said.” Simu chuckled.
“Yes, yes. Go see it.” The moderator nodded. “And we got lots of new shows too. We got What If, Wandavision, Loki, and of course, Falcon and Winter Soldier.”
“You should watch it just to see the rest Sebastians face.” Anthony commented. “Look how handsome my man is.
“It took you long enough to get your own show.” Tom teased. “Look how many years it took for you to get more than three lines.”
“Yeah, well.” Sebastian shrugged casually. “I was busy sleeping with your girlfriend.”
Yours and Toms jaws dropped to the floor as Sebastians words registered with the other actors. They’d been teasing each other all evening, but Sebastian had taken it a step too far.
“Sebastian!” Your eyes shot open. “Oh my God!”
“Hey.” Sebastian lit up. “That’s exactly what it sounded like.”
“Sebastian!” You screamed as Tom fell on the floor. “Shut up!”
“Wait, wait what?” Scarlett said through laughter. “What happened?”
You were busy trying to pull Tom off of the floor as your cast mates laughed at the unexpected information. Tom had gone completely limp and slipped through your fingers every time you tried to pick him up.
“Oh no.” Anthony laughed. “You killed him. You killed Tom.”
“He’s just laying on the floor.” You said as you nudged your boyfriend with your foot. “He’s not moving. I don’t even think he’s breathing.”
“It’s okay Tom.” Sebastian continued. “Y/n can help you out. I’ve left her unable to walk too.”
Everyone’s jaw dropped again as Sebastian made the situation infinitely worse. You gave Sebastian a knowing look as you tried to lift your rag doll boyfriend off the ground. Instead, Tom flopped out of your hands and rolled right out the office door.
“Wait.” You laughed and tried to call him back. “Don’t go.”
You didn’t get a response from him, but heard heavy footsteps leading up to your front door slamming shut.
“Sorry, new guy here. What are you guys talking about?” Simu asked as he rested his face in his hands. “What’s going on here?”
“Oh my God.” You groaned. “Before I got together with Tom, Sebastian and I were...”
“Intimate.” Sebastian said smugly. “That’s what we’ll call it.”
“Yes. Which wasn’t public information until now. So thank you very much, Sebastian. You’ll be paying for my therapy. I’m gonna need it once the world finds out I’ve slept with two Avengers.” You playfully scolded him through the screen.
“Oh, I can hear the slut shamers now.” Brie laughed. “They’re gonna break down your door.”
“Oh no.” You whined as your cast mates continued to laugh at you. You jumped a little when you heard your front door open and shut again.
“I think that’s Tom coming back in.” You said as you craned your neck to look out the office door. Tom walked back into the room with a tight jaw and sat back down in his seat.
“Honey? Are you okay?” You asked as you rubbed his back.
“I had to do a lap around the block.” He grumbled as he sat back down in his chair.
“Aw.” You laughed as cupped his face. “It’s okay.”
“I’m gonna get you for that, Sebastian.” Tom pointed a finger at the camera. “Watch your back, mate. I’m gonna get you for that one.”
“I can’t believe you kept that from us this whole time.” Anthony shook his head. “We could’ve been bullying Tom about that for years.”
“Well look who ended up with her.” Tom shrugged. “I did. Not you, Seb. You wanker.”
You laughed at Tom’s choice of insult and wrapped your arm around his shoulders. Even though you found the situation funny, you wanted to reassure him that he had nothing to worry about.
“Wait a minute, wait a minute.” Chris spoke up. “I thought Y/n said that one time that she’s never had a one night stand.”
An awkward silence filled the room as you squeezed your eyes tightly shut. Tom heard a snort come from Sebastian and looked at you in confusion.
“I haven’t.” You said weakly.
“Well what about Sebastian?” Anthony smirked, knowing what your answer meant. You gave Tom an apologetic look as Sebastian laughed from the other side of the screen.
“It was,” you grimaced, “it was more than once.”
“Oh my God.” Tom gagged and covered his hand with his mouth. “I’m gonna throw up.”
“I’m sorry!” You apologized and wrapped your arms around his neck. “It was before we were together.”
“How many times did you guys hook up?” Anthony asked, loving how worked up Tom was getting from the topic.
“Don’t ask that.” Tom groaned.
“Probably around-“ Sebastian began.
“Don’t you answer it!” Tom cut him off.
“The people want to know.” Chris pounded his fists on his desk. “Answer the question.”
“I mean, you’ve said so much already. You might as well tell the whole story.” Scarlet reasoned.
“Just tell us and then we can drop it.” Anthony bartered.
“Oh my God. Fine.” You rolled your eyes. “We only had sex like twice, right? And then we probably hooked up in some way a total of four times. It wasn’t a lot. I swear.”
You looked at Tom to see how he was handling the news, and he was staring ahead at the wall with a blank expression. You laughed at how much it bothered him and rubbed his back.
“Yeah, it was only twice.” Sebastian nodded. “Unless you count how many times we did it each night. Then it adds up to a little more.”
Without saying a word, Tom threw himself back into the floor and laid on the ground.
“Are you trying to kill him?” You playfully berated Sebastian. “
“That’s what he gets.” Sebastian shrugged. “He stole my girl.”
Upon hearing that, Tom sprang back up and stared at the camera with a completely red face.
“Your girl?” Tom asked. “I’m sorry, is she your girl? Am I hearing that right?”
“Oh God.” You groaned and buried your face in your hands.
“Because I think she’s actually my girl.” He continued. “Isn’t that right, darling?”
“I won’t be anyone’s girl if you don’t calm down.” You warned him.
“And I’ll be calming right down.” Tom threw on a smile. You laughed at his antics and rested your head on his shoulder.
“Don’t sweat it Tom.” Sebastian spoke up. “It was a long time ago.”
“Yeah.” You agreed. “Super long.”
“Believe it or not,” Sebastian began, “that’s not the first time I’ve heard Y/n say-“
“Enough.” You cut him off. “We are moving in from this topic and never bringing it up again.”
“Please.” Tom added. “This conversation shortened my life span by ten years.”
“How can we move on from this?” Scarlett laughed. “What else is there to talk about?”
Everyone stayed silent as they thought of ways to move the conversation along. Meanwhile, Tom buried his face in your neck and tried to forget what he had heard. After a few moments of silence, Chris Evans sheepishly raised his hand.
“Yes, Chris?” The moderate chuckled when he noticed.
“Is this a bad time to bring up that Y/n and I used to date?” Chris asked, and Tom slipped right back down to the floor.
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loveaffaire · 5 months ago
Love Language
Pairing: Boyfriend!Tom Holland x reader
Summary: Even though Tom tells you that he loves you all the time, he has several other ways to show you that he loves you—really just Tom being a very loving, caring boyfriend.
Warnings/tags: mention of the pandemic, mention of a surgery, pure fluff, boyfriend!Tom
Word count: 1.6k
A/N: This photo is the whole reason that this fanfic now exists because Tom is giving off strong boyfriend vibes, enjoy🥺
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You stared out of the huge window as you stood in the cold kitchen, swirling the spoon in the cup as your pretty little boyfriend, Tom, walked in the kitchen.
“Baby” he said, “I woke up alone” he complained.
You looked back at him to answer, “I had to use the washroom and then I couldn’t fall asleep so I just got up”
Tom nodded as he walked to where you were standing and wrapped his arms around your waist.
“Why are you swirling the spoon in your milk?”
You let out a soft giggle, “I’m mixing sugar in my milk”
“Oh,” he frowned his eyebrows as he rested his chin on your shoulder, “don’t have too much sugar”
You walked to the kitchen sink to keep the spoon down as you turned around to take a look at Tom, “I’m 23”
“Sugar can affect anyone” he shrugged his shoulders as he opened the refrigerator to take out the ingredients to make pancakes.
“Touché” you said, sitting down on the kitchen counter.
“Did you take your vitamins?” Tom asked, raising his eyebrows at you.
“I forgot” you said and before Tom could scold you, you quickly said, “I’ll take them right now”
You scurried across the kitchen to open the small cupboard to take out your vitamins and gulped them down with the milk.
“I don’t mind reminding you to take them but what if I’m not here some day” Tom shook his head as he waited for you to answer.
“What do you mean by if you’re not here some day?” You stared at him stunned.
“No, no, I don’t mean it like that!” Tom hurried to you as he almost laughed, “I didn’t mean I won’t be here like that, I meant what if I’m at work”
“Yeah, like that,” Tom chuckled.
“You scared me” you frowned, gently hitting his shoulder.
“I worry about your health” Tom whispered as he gave you a small peck, “so don’t forget to take your vitamins, please”
“I promise, I won’t” you mumbled against his lips.
Tom taking care of your health and keeping a check on if you’re taking your vitamins is his way of showing you that he loves you.
Even though you consider yourself a huge introvert, the lockdown was kind of killing you. It has been a whole year in this lockdown and it was finally getting to you. The tragedies that were happening around the world because of the pandemic was breaking your heart and you thanked the heavens for keeping you and your family safe every time you watched the news.
Tom and you both had work from home now and even though you were thankful for being in the comfort of your home, the chair in your home office was starting to kill you and you desperately wanted to leave the house, even if it was just for a little while.
As you sat in your home office, typing away on your laptop, you huffed. It was so late and you were so tired, your back was killing you and you were pretty sure that your lip was bleeding by now because of biting on it too much.
You heard a knock on the door and then it was slowly pushed open, revealing Tom. He peeked inside of the room, his eyes landing on you as his lips stretched in a small smile.
“Can I come in?” He whispered.
“Yeah” you softly said, you twisted on your chair to face Tom as he approached you with a tea cup.
“I got you tea” he said, carefully putting down the cup on your table so as to not spill any liquid on your work stuff.
Your heart melted as you stared at his tired face. He bent down to give you a quick peck but you cupped his face in your hands before he could pull away. You gave him a chaste kiss, moving to his cheeks, you littered small kisses on his cheekbones.
“You just had a meeting, right?” You asked.
“Yes, I did” Tom nodded, his hands coming up to your shoulders to massage them.
“And instead of relaxing after it, you made me tea?”
Tom smiled against your lips, “I know you’ve been tired, just wanted to take care of ya”
You smiled as you pulled him down further, he was half sitting on your chair now, “if you keep doing that, I won’t be able to leave,” Tom laughed.
“I love you, thank you” you said as you nudged your nose to his, he softly giggled.
“Anything for you, I’ll do anything for you” Tom said sincerely.
You bit your lips as you stared at him lovingly, “stop biting your lip and come to bed when you get over with work” Tom said as he softly pulled at your bottom lip with his thumb.
“I’ll be waiting for you” he said as he got up, slipping out of the room and shutting the door behind.
Tom making you tea even though he’s just as tired as you is his way of showing you that he loves you.
“Hi baby” Tom gushed when you slipped under the covers.
“Hi” you whispered, laying down on the bed and opening your arms for Tom.
He moved closer to you, hiding his face in the crook of your neck and softly kissing your neck.
“You smell good” you hummed, your face pressed to his soft brown curls.
“I used your shampoo today” he whipped his face up to look into your eyes.
“And also my conditioner,” you said, taking another sniff of his hair.
Tom laughed as he agreed with you. He pressed his face into your chest as his hand snaked under your camisole.
“Tom” you muttered, pulling at his arm to stop him.
You had a kidney stone surgery months ago and that surgery left a pretty big scar on the side of your stomach. Even though it’s been 5 months to it, you still didn’t like how it scarred your body and Tom knew that very well.
You didn’t change your clothes with the lights on anymore and sometimes you wouldn’t even take off your night dress when Tom made love to you.
“What?” Tom huffed.
“Don’t do that” you said as you pulled down your camisole.
“Y/N, I told you, the scar is nothing to be worried about” Tom pulled his body up as he looked up at you.
“It’s ugly” you whispered.
“It’s not-” Tom sat up straight as he held your hand in his huge ones.
“Listen to me, you struggled with something and fought it, the scar shows that you’re brave. You were so strong to go through a wholeass surgery and you didn’t even cry, not even once”
You smiled as you heard Tom ramble, he went on, “hell, do you know I was crying in the waiting room and Harry was laughing at me. He said that if I’m crying about a normal surgery then I’d probably pass out when we’ll have a baby”
“We’ll have a baby?” You asked with your hand on your heart, he was just so cute.
“What- I mean- yeah in the future” you raised your eyebrows at him and Tom’s cheeks flushed red, “but that’s not the point, the point is that-”
Tom sighed as he lifted your camisole and you let him, he gently traced your scar as he bent down to give your scar a soft kiss.
“This scar isn’t ugly, it’s beautiful. Everything about you is beautiful” he praised.
“Okay, please stop” you said as you covered your face with your hands, “I’m gonna start crying”
Tom laughed as he moved up to your face and pressed a kiss to your lips. You hummed in the kiss, content with how the conversation ended up.
Tom kissing your scar and telling you how beautiful you are is his way of showing you that he loves you.
Tom always had this strong urge to cuddle you in the middle of his sleep so even when he would be in a deep slumber, he would always always always want to hold you as you both slept.
And that was what he was trying to do right now, he switched from his left side to his right side and stretched out his arm to find your body to grab and pull in.
But as he mindlessly felt your side of the bed with his hand, your body was nowhere to be found. He barely opened his eyes to peek, only to see your body almost hanging off at the side of the bed.
You must have moved on the further right side and now you were close to falling off the bed. As Tom realised that you were going to fall, he quickly sat up and scooped your body in his strong arms, pulling you away from the side of the bed.
“Tom” you mumbled in your sleep.
“You were gonna fall off the bed, baby” he mumbled back as he settled you in the middle of the bed.
He pulled the covers over both of your bodies as he wrapped his arms around you to cuddle.
You gently smiled in your half asleep state, “oh”
Tom sighed in happiness as he kissed your shoulder, his body relaxing as sleep took over him again.
Tom saving you from falling off the bed and on your ass in the middle of the night is his way of showing you that he loves you.
Tumblr media
© loveaffaire
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selfcarecap · 2 months ago
Wet dreams [p.p]
pairing: Peter Parker x reader
summary: What the title says. Also, we have friends to lovers.
warnings: smut, also unprotected sex- don’t be a loner cover your boner (sorry I don’t know any cooler condom jingle - cover your peter, it will be much neater? lmao just googled that)
word count: 3.7k
-this is a repost of an old fic-
gif by heapass. masterlist in bio <3
Tumblr media
You use Peter as a teddy bear to fall asleep. He loves it.
You’ve done it countless times before, during the countless sleepovers you’ve had over the past years.
But it’s never affected him as much as tonight. With your lower leg gently hiked over his, your arm placed across his chest, pulling him into you, and your breath tickling at his neck.
Peter feels hot.
It’s actually raining and with the window open it’s the perfect temperature to sleep. But Peter is warm, a blush spreading from where he can feel it hotly under his t-shirt crawling all the way to his face.
All because you’re so close. It’s never bothered him in the past, when you two cuddled to go to sleep. Sure, he’s had... those type of thoughts about you before. But he never even dared to think inappropriately about you when you were innocently sleeping right next to him.
But since you‘ve fallen asleep, you keep making these little noises.
They’re probably nothing, and he’s being the one with dirty thoughts. He can’t help but notice that you sound like you’re moaning though, very quietly, but it’s an unmistakable sound.
He tries to ignore you but then your hips start grinding against his slowly.
It’s not until your lips find his neck that Peter realises you’ve woken up. He leans in to kiss you and you moan into his mouth. Your hand slides down his chest and then into his pants.
You jerk him off for only a few minutes. When he gets close, you whisper, “Cum for me, Peter,” and he lets go, relaxing into the feeling of you.
He closes his eyes as he releases and that’s when he notices your hand isn’t anywhere near his crotch. You’re still sleeping peacefully next to him, hand holding onto his arm, but nothing else. It’s not just his mind that his very realistic dream had an effect on, but his pants are now stained, a wet spot still forming on his shorts.
With more precision and carefulness than he uses for his Spider Man jobs, Peter climbs out of the bed, gently pulling your hand off of him. You mumble in your sleep, definitely no sex noises now, and turn around.
Peter stumbles into the bathroom, freeing himself of the restraint of his pants, taking his throbbing cock into his hand. He might’ve cum already but he’s still so hard.
He rubs himself up and down a few times, caging his cock in his fist as his breathing becomes strained. He starts jacking off faster and faster, his dream of his hand being replaced by yours playing in his mind automatically.
Peter groans louder than he intended to when he cums again, hoping you couldn’t hear him from his room. He goes to pee, wash his hands and his face while he’s already in the bathroom, and tries to get the stain out of his pants, kind of disgusted with himself.
It’s dark outside, 2:30am, he sees on his phone. When he steps into his room he can make out your form, facing the door, but still asleep.
He bends down to his drawer with underwear to get fresh boxers to swap for the stained ones that he’s still wearing.
“Nice ass,” you say, voice a bit groggy from sleep.
Peter turns to the side, so you won’t be able to make out any wetness on his boxers. It’s dark, but he won’t risk it.
“What you doing?” you ask.
“Uh oh— uhhh I was cold and I was gonna get long sweatpants.”
“Oh okay, sorry if I was hogging the blanket.”
“No you weren‘t doing anything, I just get cold in the night sometimes. Uh could you turn around while I change?”
He hears you turn around and he changes in record time, climbing back into bed, patting the mattress to make sure he didn’t leak onto it earlier.
“Let me warm you up,” you cuddle into him again, your thigh sneaking between his.
“Uhhhnghh-” Peter starts and you back off.
“Too hot?”
“No uh, just don’t.. don’t..” his mind is still hazy from his two orgasms.
“Did I do something?”
“I just had a weird dream and I’m just feeling a bit... weird right now,” he hopes you’ll finally go back to sleep, but it seems like you’re wide awake now, leaning on your elbow to talk to him.
“A bad dream?”
“No, don‘t worry about it.”
“A sex dream?” you ask, just as a joke, but his silence seems to be enough of an answer and you grin, “No! Really? Tell me about it!”
“Uh, no.”
“You don‘t have to be embarrassed or anything. I won‘t kink-shame you if it was weird, trust me I‘ve had weird sex dreams.”
“How about you tell me about them then?”
“Hm, okay, but you first.”
“I can‘t,” Peter says. His eyes have gotten used to the dark enough that he can make out your lips sticking out in a pout now, “Why not?”
Becoming a little frustrated with your continuous questions, Peter blurts out, “It- it was about you.”
“Oh,” shit, he’s ruined everything now, you’ll think he’s a weirdo- “Now I want to know even more.”
“What- really?” He asks.
“Uh-huh,” you nod, biting your lip and Peter licks his, already becoming hot and bothered again just thinking about his dream.
“We were,” Peter gulps, “lying in bed, like we were in real life, when you fell asleep. You had your arm around me and you woke up- and then you started kissing my neck…” his eyes flicker over to see if you’re disgusted by the thought of doing something like that to your best friend, but you’re listening intently. Even with a smile tugging at your lips.
“And then you... your hand started trailing down my stomach a-and under my pants,” he takes a shaky breath, because thinking about that dream is enough, but talking about it is getting him turned on again, very quickly.
Suddenly Peter feels your fingers at the waistband of his sweats. His hips buck up and into your hand, “Like that?” you ask.
You palm his growing hard-on and when he nods quickly you straddle him, pulling his clothes down to start jerking him off properly, using your spit to do so.
“Just like that,” Peter whispers and sits up to kiss you, your hand still going until he cums all over himself.
Peter wakes up in a sweat. He sits up immediately.
Another dream?
He‘s still wearing his shorts that he initially wore when he went to bed.
You‘re sleeping next to him. Turned away and slumbering in peace.
He repeats what he did in his dream. Goes to the bathroom. Jerks off. Goes back to his room. Changes.
This time you remain asleep. No comments about his ass. No talking about his wet dream- or better- dreams. Or was it all one dream?
He goes back to bed with as much distance as the bed allows. He doesn’t let himself fall asleep. He can‘t have another wet dream and risk waking up with cum-stained pants next to you.
“Mornin’” you stretch your arms when you wake up with a sleepy groan, “How long have you been awake?”
Peter managed to stay up all night after he woke up from his double wet dream.
“Just a bit. Couldn‘t sleep. “
“Oh no, did I take up too much space?” you worry, seeing his awkward position.
“No! Just had a weird dream before.”
“You wanna talk about it?”
This time he says no straight-away and you don’t push him. He knows real life would never end like his dream.
“I get it, I don’t like talking about my dreams either, but I like writing them down, it helps,” you smile kindly.
Peter smiles back. He might’ve had two dirty dreams about you in one night, and is tired as hell, but the way you’re sitting next to him, wrapped in the covers, giving him advice so he can feel better- it’s the cutest thing ever.
He realises he’s staring, “Oh- y-yeah thanks, don‘t know if I‘d want that on paper though.”
He curses himself for the sexual undertone he said that with and you squint a bit, teasing him, but you leave it alone.
You get up to stretch some more, your hands reaching down to your toes as you bend over. You do this every morning after you’ve slept over at his place, but Peter’s already on edge and this time he can’t ignore the way you’re unwillingly presenting your ass to him.
He escapes into the bathroom, this time only doing appropriate stuff.
You seem to sense how tired Peter is, so after breakfast you go home, telling him you enjoyed yesterday’s movie night.
Finally, time to catch up on sleep, Peter thinks. But no.
As soon as he closes his eyes, the dreams replay in his mind. He can’t keep you out of his head, even when he puts on some creepy ASMR that other people use to fall asleep, but you shine through in his mind even through the distraction.
He gives up on sleeping and decides to follow your advice.
Maybe if he writes it down, by getting it on paper, he’ll get it out of his head.
It’s not that he minds the dream, he likes thinking about you in that way in theory. But you’re just friends and if you were to ever find out he thinks of you like that, he’d be damned. You’d probably be creeped out and want to stop being his friend.
That’s why he doesn’t want the dream replaying in his head and continue thinking about you like that.
He quickly goes into town to buy the first notebook he sees. Once he’s back home, he gets out a pen and sits on his bed.
He should probably change the sheets, he didn’t get anything on them, but they still feel dirty, at least in his mind.
Peter scribbles the dream down, feeling ashamed while he does so, but it’s like a breath of fresh air when he’s finished, throwing the notebook on the bed.
He’ll be able to sleep now, having gotten it out, but not before he showers and changes his bed covers.
You’re honestly glad Peter seemed so tired this morning. That gave you an excuse to get home earlier and deal with the dream you had last night.
It seemed so real at first.
You woke up in the middle of the night, to Peter groaning and moaning softly in his sleep.
You got so turned on that you started touching yourself. From the noises you were making, Peter woke up and decided to help you out a little. It was the hottest dream you’ve ever had, but not the first of that kind.
Luckily, you woke up only after you came in your dream and weren’t horny anymore. You were calm and satisfied and you don’t think Peter noticed that you were a little off, he was so tired himself.
He probably had a bad dream, and you get why he wouldn’t want to talk about it. You’ve experienced some yourself and started writing them down a while ago - it’s been really helpful.
After a while you also started writing down your dirty dreams, in a few pages at the back, where no one would look if they ever got ahold of your notebook.
You could take your dream-book with you to show Peter one day - not the wet dreams - but if he saw how you wrote down your bad dreams, maybe he’d recognise that it could be useful too.
For now, you open it, to write down your dream, to get rid of those horny thoughts about your innocent best friend.
The next time you’re at Peter’s place, you notice a little notebook wedged into the gap between his bed and the wall while he’s getting you two something to drink.
You take it out but can’t see what it is. A diary? You probably shouldn’t be reading it no matter what it is. But your curiosity gets the best of you.
On the first page, you see Peter’s followed your advice. Framed in a sloppily drawn cloud, it says “Dreams”.
You know it’s wrong to go past the first page, but your fingers aren’t listening to your brain. He’s written down a single dream, the pages past it are all empty and you can see your name pop up multiple times in the few paragraphs.
You’re intrigued now, you can’t help but skim through the lines and you get excited when you find out what it’s about.
So Peter’s been having wet dreams about you.. Could that mean he likes you just the way you like him, or are they really just dreams? Something he can’t help, and that’s why he was so irritated that morning, because he couldn’t ever willingly think about you that way?
You throw the notebook under the blanket when you hear Peter getting closer to his room, trying to act normal when he passes you your drink.
“You remember that dream you had and I told you to write it down?”
Peter nods.
“Well I don‘t know if you ended up writing it down,” you lie, “but I just wanted to show you some of my dreams, or give you some to read if you want, so you see that it‘s not weird to write down your dreams and that it can be quite helpful.”
You pass him your notebook that you brought with you to show him and he thanks you with a smile, “Don‘t go to the back, those are my sex dreams, very recent ones,” you tell him and he tenses up.
You’re not sure if you’re being too obvious, “I‘ll go to the bathroom while you can read some of my dreams, I trust you. I know they‘re safe with you,” you wink and leave the room, hoping Peter takes the hint and reads some of your dreams at the back.
If he finds out you dream about him like that too, he might find the courage to tell you he likes you - if he even likes you, which you really hope he does, otherwise you’ve gotten yourself into something very awkward.
You wink at Peter before you leave the room and he’s not sure if he really knows what you’re implying. Do you want him to read your sex dreams? Or was it just a friendly wink and you still think he had a nightmare and just want to help him.
Whatever you want him to do, Peter’s curious. He dares to take just a quick look into the forbidden pages.
His heart beats faster when he reads the word “licked”. He really just feels like he’s invading your privacy now. Just as he’s about to go to the pages at the front, he sees his name next to the verb. Now it’s a positive rush again.
He doesn’t know how long you’re going to take so he just skims through some of the dreams. His name over and over, words like “kissed” “licked” “sucked” and various body parts- Peter gets the picture.
He hears you open the bathroom door and he nearly drops the book as he fumbles with the pages, pretending to read one of the non-sexual dreams.
You plop down next to him to check what pages he’s reading.
“That, that was helpful. Thanks,” Peter gives the book back to you, trying not to make it obvious he knows that you dreamt about him.
You both drop the subject of dreams for the next hours. It’s not until you mention the film you watched when you slept at Peter’s last week, that he remembers the date at the top of the page of your latest wet dream - it was the day you slept at his.
“Isn’t it crazy that we had a sex dream at the same time while lying next to each other… about each other,” Peter says before realising he’s exposing himself.
His eyes go wide but you smirk, “Oh, so you caught the bait?”
The gears in his head click and he’s relieved, “I wasn’t sure if it was one or if i was being a total asshole and invading your privacy by reading the dreams you told me not to.”
“No, I wanted you to read them… cause I kinda invaded your privacy first,” you pull out Peter’s notebook from under the blanket, “I found this and.. I read what you wrote. So yeah.. you said it- we both had a wet dream about each other.. while sleeping next to each other,” your voice quietens, less confident than before, because, what does this mean?
Peter interrupts the silence between you, “I don’t know about you, but I don’t just randomly have dreams like that about people that I just see as a friend.”
“Me neither,” you whisper. You look down at his lips and he leans in, only a breath away from you.
“I’ve liked you for so fucking long,” he says. You move even closer to him, lips nearly touching, “Me too.”
Peter pulls your whole body against his, pressing his lips to yours. The kiss is filled with so much hunger, you can feel how long he’s wanted you.
You wrap your arms around him and don’t plan on letting him go any time soon. Peter’s hands are on your face, your neck, your waist and after a while they start wandering down to your ass, stopping the kissing to see your reaction, but you pull him back in immediately.
The next time one of you interrupts the kissing is at least a few minutes later.
“I know we just kissed ten minutes ago, but I‘m really horny and we‘ve known each other for so long that I really trust you. So would you like to.. y‘know?” you raise your brows and smile.
His eyes are as wide as you’ve ever seen, “Have… sex?”
You nod with a wide grin and he smiles even wider than you, starting to ramble, “Yeah- yeah, I’d love to. But only if you’re okay with it?”
“Okay with it? I’ve been waiting for this for so lonf.”
“Of course- how- how do I help you enjoy it?”
“Just uh... rub my clit a little- but I can do that myself too.”
“No- no let me. I want to.”
You get rid of your clothes quickly and Peter’s still occupied with his belt while you sit still, waiting for him. You’re admiring him when he notices you’re naked already.
He drops his hands to his side and just stares, stares as if he’s looking at a sky full of bright stars.
You giggle and push your chest out a little more, for good measure. He’s still speechless a few seconds later and you pull him toward you, “C’mere and kiss me.”
He stops midway, cupping your face and smiling, finally getting some words out, “I can’t believe I have such a beautiful-” his words stop again, mouth staying open mid-sentence.
“Girlfriend,” you finish for him, his lips moving into a smile, “Thanks. I can’t believe how handsome my boyfriend is,” he blushes at that, “I also can’t believe that you’re not naked yet.”
“Oh-” Peter rips his pants and boxers down in one go and finally starts kissing you again, wrapping your thighs around his waist.
“Get inside of me, Peter, I need you.”
He lifts himself off of you a bit, “I wanna give you a little head start first. I’m not sure how long I’m gonna last.”
Peter’s blushing and shy - afraid that he won’t be able to make you feel good. But you’re already so wet from all the kissing. It’s even sexier that he’s so considerate about making you cum first, making you cum at all.
You relax into his touch, into him rubbing circles on your pussy. You stop him just as you’re about to cum. “I want to cum when you’re inside of me,” you say.
Peter licks his lips and positions himself between your thighs. He rubs his cock against your clit a few more times, his eyes shutting as soon as he gently slides into you.
You moan when he’s fully inside of you, and Peter can barely contain himself either.
“Fuck, you’re so tight,” he mumbles, face hidden in your neck.
“You feel so good,” you kiss the side of his face. His hand is on your clit, but he’s too focussed on not cumming himself that you replace his fingers with yours.
“I wanna make you feel good-”
“It’s okay, baby, I can take care of myself. I want you to cum for me,” you say, feeling yourself close to the edge.
He pulls his hips back and goes in all the way one more time and then spills into you with a groan, your own high flowing through your body as you rub at your clit.
You’re both out of breath by the time you’ve come down from your highs, Peter telling you how beautiful you are and you can only give the compliment back.
He gives you a chaste kiss, getting up to bring you a cloth to clean up with before you go pee.
You decide to take a shower together but in the end there’s more kissing than showering.
You can’t keep your hands to each other, even after hours of intimacy, when you plan on sleeping that night.
“I’m so happy that we’re finally together. I know we just had mindblowing sex and this all came together because of a wet dream - or multiple of those, but I want you to know that the most important thing to me is that you can always come to me. It was like that when we were friends too but obviously we weren’t close enough to confess that we like each other- so just know you can tell me anything. And I mean anything,” Peter says, stroking your back as you lie next to him on your stomach.
“I know that, baby. The same goes for you,” you exchange the last kiss for this night, but still stay close as ever. Finally living out your true feelings, and it feels damn good to sleep wrapped in Peter’s arms, and not just next to him.
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shemarmooresfedora · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Spencer can’t sleep and there’s only one proven way that helps him.
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem!Reader
Content/Warnings: fluffy smut, handjob, semi-public sex (other people are nearby)
Word Count: 0.6k
A/N: a little blurb for @thisismynerdyself ‘s 1k sleepover celebration!!! big congrats to her! she deserves it all and more! <3
You were in the middle of nowhere Kansas with one crappy motel within a 50 mile radius. However, since it was the only motel around, despite how bad it was, it was completely booked except for two rooms.
They were planning to split it boys and girls but Spencer insisted on sleeping with you. So, Hotch, Rossi, and Derek shared a room while Emily, JJ, Spencer, and you were in the other.
Emily and JJ shared the bed while you and Spencer basically slept on top of each other on the little couch in the corner of the cramped room.
It was the most uncomfortable thing ever, you could feel the metal springs and lumpy stuffing on your backside. However, you managed to find solace in Spencer’s arms and you drifted off to sleep.
You were awoken by Spencer’s constant stirring from underneath you a few hours later.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you,” he whispered apologetically.
“Have you been able to go to sleep yet?” you quietly asked.
Spencer shook his head, “My mind won’t shut off.”
One of the downsides of Spencer’s very active brain is that he had a hard time relaxing. His mind was always in ‘go’ mode, ready to shoot off more statistics.
“How can I help?” you stroked his cheek softly with your thumb.
“Can you do the thing?” he whispered.
You raised your eyebrows, “We are sleeping in a room with two of our coworkers right now, Spencer Reid.”
“We’ve tried lots of different ways to put me to sleep and this is by far the most effective. I can go to the bathroom and do it myself but it doesn't work as well,” he explained.
“Okay,” you started to kiss his neck, “You have to be quiet though, love.”
“I’ll be so quiet,” he promised you.
You spit on your hand and snaked it down his flannel pajama pants and under the waistband of his boxers. You began to slowly stroke his hardening cock.
He whimpered quietly and you stopped your movements, sending him a glare.
Spencer pulled one of the pillows out from underneath you and pressed it against his face to muffle his moans.
You continued your languid strokes because you were trying to put him to sleep, not get him all worked up.
He pulled your shirt up and began to lightly suck on your breasts, another tactic proven to put him to sleep.
Spencer began to squirm underneath you as you picked up your pace slightly.
“Are you going to come for me, baby?” you whispered into his ear.
You couldn’t make out his muffled moans with his mouth still full of your breasts but you could feel him enthusiastically nodding yes.
“Do it, love.”
On command, Spencer finished in your hand with one last cry, sucking particularly hard on one spot of your breast, as you overstimulated him just a bit.
And like clockwork, he fell asleep almost instantly, not even bothering to clean up the sticky mess in his boxers.
In the morning, on the way to the police station, Emily insisted on stopping at a pharmacy. She came out with one thing and handed it to Spencer.
“For the love of god, I’m begging you to just take one of these next time,” she pleaded.
Spencer looked at the label that read ‘melatonin gummies’ and his face reddened as you let out a little giggle.
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demonicheadcanons · 9 months ago
Obey Me Brothers + Little Affections
AN: Keep thinking about the little things each brother would do to express affection. Some warm fluffy stuff because we all need it. Enjoy!!
The hair drying one on Lucifer’s sparked this entire thing thanks
- Washing and drying your hair. You know if you get your hair washed at a hairdressers and they just. Go to town with a towel drying your hair? He finds it hilarious and loves doing that. You’ll hear him chuckle, unable to see him because your face is covered by the towel. He’s softer towards the end but initially when trying to get most of the excess water his only concern is not actually hurting you. He’s also genuinely trying to help, just having a little fun with it at the same time.
- Continuing on from this, Lucifer will ruffle your hair. If it doesn’t really upset you, he loves to make a mess of it, and he grins at you, your hair sticking out every which way.
- The second his brothers aren’t around, he seems to canonically love holding your hand under the guise of keeping track of you or comforting you. Its partially true - the MC gets into trouble easily, so its good to keep a hand on them. However, the comforting affect goes both ways.
- Sharing information with you implies a close bond (or at the very least, a strong curiosity, like when he hints at where Mammon’s card is / when he talks about the album) and it means Luci cares about you a lot. He likes to talk about his interests and introduce you to things he cares a lot about. A lot of the time this comes in the form of music, because it’s something he’s able to enjoy whilst still doing his work.
- Doing origami or other paper crafts together? Really relaxes him. It’s so peacefully intimate and cosy. You sit together at his desk, work documents hidden out of sight for now, and make whatever you can out of colourful little bits of paper. He likes making flowers, although he’d never say it out loud, but he makes you countless crowns with paper flowers of all different kinds. You walk in one day when he’s taking a break from work and he’s got paper cranes lining the entire length of his desk. He calls you over and puts one on your head for absolutely no reason before acting like it never happened.
- If no one else is around and he’s feeling a bit daft, he’ll sweep you up into his arms with no warning and just hold you like that, staring directly into your eyes with a daring and loving smile on his face. This happens most when it’s late at night and all the coffee he’s had is starting to wear off and he feels a little more relaxed and open. He’ll carry you to his room to cuddle, too, if you don’t have anywhere else you need to be. Just pray none of his brothers encounter you two because he’ll set you down on your feet immediately and he won’t help you up if you fall.
[[Other Brothers under the read more]]
- Fist bumps!!! He passes you and holds his fist out, and pouts if you don’t immediately bump your hand into his. Do the snail or turkey thing once and he falls in love with it. Lucifer, tired and stressed after a lot of work, decides for once to go along with giving him a fist bump because he’s too tired and no one else is around, and Mammon does the snail thing. The look on Luci’s face is worth everything that happened after. But when its you, Mammon just smiles and beams at you. He’s really happy.
- Sitting so close together that you can’t possibly move without disturbing the other. Sides fully pressed together even if he doesn’t have an arm around you or your hand in his. He likes the constant contact, it’s healing. So heavily invested in whatever you’re watching that the two of you simply don’t realise how close you are until the episode ends and you realise you’re leaning your full weight against him and his face is red but he’s smiling so softly you can’t bring yourself to move.
- You’ll have to start the habit, but, tackle hugs. You see him in the distance somewhere and sprint over and tackle him full force. He’ll act mad at first, especially if he trips and falls over or he’d been talking with someone else, but he holds onto you tightly and his face is beautifully flushed. After a while he’ll do it too, although he’s a lot gentler, but if you hear him call your name you need to turn around quickly and hold your arms out. He’ll lift you up into the air and twirl you around once or twice before just, going on with his day as normal. You hear his laughter as he walks away, bright and bubbly and confident, exactly as he should be.
- The absence of insults is important for Mammon. He’ll tolerate it if it’s every now and then but he’ll really notice if you’re always kind to him, he pays attention and holds tightly on to every compliment you give him. When he feels low he finds you and holds you in his arms, fingers playing with the loops in your jeans, as he recites off every nice thing you’ve said to him, hoping you’ll reaffirm them. Did you mean it when you said he was one of the most caring people you’d ever met? When you said his eyes made you feel at home?
- He likes feeding the crows with you. It’s something he does without telling anyone, but one day he takes you out along with him and the crows take a liking to you instantly. He likes how you look with his crows standing proud and confident on your arm, your hair a mess from their flapping wings as you laugh and try to get the last bits of food out from the bag.
- If you style his hair and put random accessories in it - anything from silly plastic hair clips to flowers to feathers - he’ll keep them in all day. He doesn’t care who sees because his MC spent their time doing this for him, and he’s happy to tell anyone who dares criticise him.
- He’s awkward with any affection at first, but he actually builds up to quick tight hugs when he’s really happy. If he’s incredibly excited - just won tickets for something, or some idol liked his comments - expect to be tackled in a hug. He gets flustered after, but if you hold tightly onto him he won’t let go immediately.
- If they even vaguely relate to his own interests, Levi will try hard to be invested in anything you really enjoy. For example, he’ll watch your favourite shows with you or try and read things you enjoy, etc.
- At the same time, Levi will share his interests with you. It’s not something he can really avoid doing as it’s ingrained in him to ramble about his special interests, but it will come in seemingly smaller forms - for example, he’ll hand you his headphones one day, blushing, and ask what you think of this song, or he’ll show you a paragraph in a TSL book that has particularly good rhythm or evokes a lot of emotion. If he lends you his books or DVDs it’s practically a proposal.
- You two have full conversations with Henry as he swims about in his tank. About silly and pointless things or very serious topics, from jokingly scolding him to venting about the future and about school and such. It warms Levi’s heart.
- Horn pats. When he’s in his demon form, pull him down to your level and pat his horns. He’s so flustered he can’t move the first few times, but one day he’ll start coming up to you and asking you if you want to do it. He likes being able to be in his demon form, and likes that you’re comfortable with him even when he doesn’t look as human.
- When he’s very comfortable with you, he likes to wrap you up in surprise hugs and laughs if you try to squirm your way out of his grip, a brilliant mischievous glow in his eyes, any self-consciousness long forgotten.
- I’ve said this before on another post but Satan likes to pet your hair and run his thumbs over your palms, pressing into them gently like he’s touching the pads on the paws of a cat. He traces circles and presses kisses into your palm and over each finger tip and knuckle, like it’s his own form of worship.
- It takes a long time to build up the confidence to do so but I can see him like. Playfully nipping at your skin if he presses light kisses against your shoulders or neck. If it makes you laugh or blush he smiles against your skin.
- If you fall asleep somewhere he’s the first person to go get a blanket to throw over you - he’d rather just let you sleep if you’re somewhere safe instead of disturbing you to lift you elsewhere, and risking waking you up. Occasionally he’ll kneel down beside you and stay there with a book until you wake up, and he’s fallen asleep like that once or twice.
- Just. Talking. Laying down together and going from topic to topic, saying whatever crosses your minds with no filters and no judgement. Letting time pass by with the comfort of the other, laying on your back in the planetarium or library or in his room, wherever there aren’t books piled up. No responsibilities except to listen to the other, and every now and then you laugh and he feels like maybe this could be home.
- Sharing things, whatever it is. Food, clothes, jewellery. Taking a necklace off and putting it on him because “this would go so well with your outfit,” or holding out your fork and telling him to try some of your food, it tastes heavenly. Perfume, as well, is a must - he wants the two of you to smell the same.
- Like Mammon, he likes to have some kind of contact with you at all time - holding hands, an arm across your shoulders, anything. But the main point of contact he truly adores is if he has his hands on the skin of your stomach or back, even in the most innocent way possible. If his arms are around you and you’re comfortable with it, he’ll tuck his hands under your shirt and trace shapes against your hips, stomach, back, lower ribcage. Wherever he can. It’s something he’ll do absentmindedly without everything thinking about it, and it recharges him when he’s low on energy.
- He actually really likes working alongside you, whether it’s school work or something related to a part time job, or a potential business idea. He’s smarter than anyone would give him credit for and he loves how you look when you’re deep in thought, trying to solve something, and how your eyes light up as you figure it all out. He’s not one to just give you the answer to things, so if he knows something and you don’t he likes to hint at it like it’s a game. When you guess the answer right he presses a kiss to the tip of your nose and beams at you.
- Late night phone calls where you talk about whatever’s keeping you awake. He doesn’t mind who’s calling who, he wants to ramble or listen to you at any given moment and he’ll give up his sleep if it means you can get something that’s bothering you off your chest. Similarly, there is no greater comfort for him than getting to complain to you about something or other, something that’s genuinely bothering him and that’s stuck in his head. He feels like it only disappears when you take a hold of it for him for a little bit.
- Sharing food, obviously, means a lot to him. Feed him bites of your food, give him anything you don’t want, and he’ll love it. He especially loves if you share food that’s important to you in some way, and you’ll find him giving you little bites of his food too the closer you two get. It means a lot to him when people embrace the fact that he eats so much, instead of scolding him for it or making jokes about it.
- He really likes holding hands. Your hands are so small in his and yet you trust him not to injure them as you pull him along. He feels possessive sometimes but isn’t outwardly affectionate enough to do anything about it, and the last thing he wants is to make you uncomfortable. It’s the perfect thing for him.
- Stacking random things on the other. Sitting cross-legged in a park, pulling daisies out of the lawn that’s about to be mowed anyway and gently placing them into each other’s hair, on the other’s shoulders and laps. If you’re laying in his bed he’ll take random light objects off his night stand and place them on top of you. There’s no purpose and no intention, and yet it makes him smile and gives him butterflies, and he laughs if you glare jokingly up at him but let him continue.
- Run your hands through his hair, down the sides of his face, under his jaw. Anywhere. He melts in an instant, mouth slightly open as you poke his cheeks or tickle his neck and shoulders with feather light touches.
- Nap. On. Him. Any time, any where. Snuggle up to him, lean your head against his shoulder or bury your face into his neck or lay down on his lap and just rest. He blushes every time and it takes him a second to recover. Sometimes he’ll angle himself so he can lean against you two and he’ll fall asleep as well.
- He likes those kind of monkey hugs where you wrap your entire body around him and he can bury his face in your neck and hold on as tight as he wants. He’ll walk around like that until you get to the attic and he can throw you into his pile of pillows and blankets, and he flops down on top of you and clings onto you again, trying to hide his face because he’s smiling so wide his cheeks hurt.
- He loves playful, back and forth banter. He’ll tease you constantly, loves if you pout at him, loves it more if you retort with something and keep it running for a while before the two of you start laughing.
- Being childish. He’ll stick out his tongue at you or pull a sudden face and he expects you to do it back immediately. If you don’t he’ll poke and tickle you, telling you how disappointed and hurt he is.
- Headbumps! But not too hard. Gently bump your head against his shoulder to get his attention and he’ll pat it. Bonus points if you nuzzle into his hands then - he’s hard to fluster but you can hear him swallow as he starts to go red. You’ll immediately have all of his attention to yourself.
- Belphie is the king of silent conversations. The tiniest gestures, nods, tilts of the head. He can pick up on all of them, knows exactly what you’re trying to say without you saying it, to the point where sometimes you won’t even realise you’re not talking aloud.
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