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#I Wonder Why

funny how no one was like hey careful taking adhd meds bc you can get cranky when they wear off and might affect your libido and allow to feel angry again bc you’re no longer exhausted all the time but if I even mention testosterone it’s all WHAT IF IT MAKES YOU AGRESSIVE

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Oh, we got a good one here, folks. I don’t talk about them a lot but Kuzuhina is like… A top tier ship. I think the way their relationship evolves (especially if you do Fuyuhiko’s FTE) is greatly underrated and wish people would pay more attention to their dynamic, whether it’s platonic or for shipping.

I mean, I love most of the characters and their interactions with Hajime (let the boy have a harem you cowards) but I think his friendship with Fuyuhiko is definitely one of the most intimate ones. The way they talk about visiting Peko and Mahiru’s graves together and Fuyuhiko’s insistence in keeping Hajime alive both in his last FTE and his Island Mode ending just screams romance to me. Honestly, I consider this ship to be the best one between the SDR2 survivors.

Also, I think that their personalities compliment each other very well. Since Hajime is the straight man of a group filled with people that have colorful personalities and lots of oddities, a lot of Hajime’s dynamics with other characters can be a bit unrealistic/bizarre… Which isn’t bad btw, realism isn’t the end-all of fiction and things that go off the rails can be fun. But I think Fuyuhiko’s more down to earth (if violent) personality makes the two of them be able to connect better. Instead of having Hajime have to go out of his way to understand someone’s quirks and be confused by them, this ship has potential for a mutual understanding, were Fuyuhiko goes out of his way to do things that are more “normal” for Hajime’s comfort just as Hajime promises to help him become boss. It just feels like there’s more of a give-and-take here, rather than with other ships were Hajime is the other’s therapist.

But well, that’s just how I see it. Sorry for my ramble-y analysis, I just kind of miss getting overly invested in character dynamics and I love these two lol.

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I’m laughing, there wasn’t even anything remotely funny happening… at the same time I feel overwhelming sadness and tears are welling up behind my eyes.

Maybe it’s because he is here and it means I’m not alone. At least for a short time, I’m not alone. I missed him so much.

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Anonymous said:

👫 - @luazasvogel


Send a 👫and I’ll write four headcanons I have about our muse’s relationship

trigger warning: torture, drug use, King being King.  some of these are based on an AU where Robin was taken to the Beasts when they were still young.

🦐 At first, Robin was not terrified of King.  There was nothing he could do to them that would be as traumatic as the Buster Call, or losing their friends.  They were determined to be defiant.  Then King used the hallucinogens on them, and Robin found out there were much, much worse fates than their friends dying.

🦐 When joining the Beasts, Robin would work most closely with King of all the All Stars.  This was half due to King keeping an eye on them by orders of Kaido, and half due to the fact that they were already experienced in forms of torture.

🦐 King, in the AU where Robin joins the Beasts, doesn’t consider Robin a useless brat - much to everyone’s surprise.  Of course, when Robin refuses to translate for them, King is the first to punish them.  But once they’ve learnt their lesson, they’re one of the most vital members of the Beasts.

🦐 Robin doesn’t ask many questions about King or his species, but he knows that they’re curious, and that they’ve done some investigating.  Of course, it took him a quick reminder to let them know that was unacceptable.

🦐 They both share a common interest in history.

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little thing abt p5s, they didnt change the confirm button from circle to x like they usually do in localizations

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will being a weirdo: have to open you up to make a descent sound of you.

also will: why everyone believed when hannibal said i was a murderer? :(

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When you change the people you surround yourself with and suddenly you keep getting love, affection and validation…. kinda sus 🤔

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maybe last post for the day before i hit the burlap but what is it with people and the RCG cabinet? They can’t even write for the five characters that are the main affix of the series, why do these people want yet another recurring or temporary one-off side character that they can’t write for JUST to act as a non-disposable plot device? I will never get to the level of brain damage that these people have in wanting Ryan Reynolds to be the “guest star of the season” when this isn’t fucking SNL or the Johnny Carson show. The farthest they’ve gone is Wade Boggs, Dolph Lundgren, P. Diddy, etc. and the exercise of them was to off-end a gag due to the obscurity of these names and the surrealism of the staging of the series. Wade Boggs wasn’t shoehorned in as just a boyfriend of Mac’s or just invited to be with them for a free ride to LA on the plane just because they were ‘doing a Wade Boggs thing’ and they wanted an officiant (even though that would actually have more traction than the former). He was an optical illusion of Charlie’s. Dolph Lundgren wasn’t just a boyfriend of Mac’s. He was John Thundergun, and it was more meta than just that. P. Diddy wasn’t just a boyfriend of Mac’s, he was Doctor Jinx, a grifting conman with no service certification, but he could fire off a nice bass riff. And Scott Bakula wasn’t just a boyfriend of Mac’s, he was playing himself in a quandary- a life after Quantum Leap with no residuals. People don’t even want oddity with these picks; I immediately think of how fucking queer this would and could be, and Jeff fucking Goldblum. That’s a G/DILF right there. But these people only want daily rag, GQ cover models so they can project onto it with little to no actual narrative tailoring imposed onto it to AT LEAST sell it, accommodate this fitting. Jesus Christ.

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Things I do to people I love:

Make them enter a fandom

Things I do to people I hate:

Make them enter a fandom

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J*red’s best acting was in the mockumentary no I will not be taking questions

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sometimes i think abt if any of my mutuals met me irl they’d probably be overwhelmed with how much i actually talk/text when i’m not worried about people thinking i’m clingy

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dream literally straight up said that he got rid of his attachments bc having no attachments means people don’t have power over him and y’all still believe that he actually, genuinely doesn’t care about anything or anyone. like. he spelled it out that this is explicitly about control and manipulating people’s ideas of him, and y’all still swear he was telling the truth when he said that he doesn’t care about anything on the server to a person who was actively threatening him. like. y’all can see why he would say that, right? y’all can see why he’d want people to think it’s true, right?????

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they are Homosexuals Your Honor

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