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#I actually kept going after this
Kakashi: I passed a genin team
Gai: Congratulations Riva—oh no
Kakashi: What if they die? I mean if they die it would be my responsibility, because they are my team. What if I fail them like I failed my own team...
Gai: Kakashi no—
Kakashi: Wait, no not if I train them correctly, right?
Gai: ...yes?
Kakashi: That’s it! I’ll make sure they survive
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michaelgovehateblog · 9 months ago
For most uni students this is going to be at least an entire term spent away from uni accommodation and campus, doing everything just online on their laptops, might as well have just signed up to fucking skillshare or something instead
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luna-spacedoodles · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
[ID: A digital painting of Ranboo cut off at the bust, he is in front of a waterfall. He is staring off camera with a delighted expression and a closed mouth, his two tails intertwine and stand up with him. The tails are long and feather-like, with solid color accents in red and green. /End ID]
here, have a ranboo painting i’ve been meaning 2 finish that’s ironically in front of a waterfall bc I couldn’t think of a background lol
(REBLOGS > LIKES!! Likes don’t do shit for my art!!)
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imsupposedtobewriting · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
new chapter of hope it’s nice where you are just went up! have a celebratory meme :) 
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leverage-ot3 · 11 months ago
guess who asked an extremely gorgeous girl out and received an excited yes?
#I had a HORRIBLE day at work yesterday. like. it involved me shoving my upper body into a trash can because the landscapers at the diesel#pumps 11 & 12 (I work at a gas station (cumbies)) always shove A L L of their trash in that garbage. we originally took that trash bin away#for that reason because the bags would be INSANELY heavy. so last night it was raining and I was doing outside garbages and I was like...#hey why does this weigh legit at least 100 pounds when they’re usually maybe around 20. I kept on trying to pick it up#it starts to go up after like 7 minutes of trying and BAM. bag explodes. cue me having to go inside and get gloves and a new trash bag to#dig the trash out WITH MY HANDS (gloved). it was fucking disgusting and I was wearing my new cute fairisle/christmas sweater#can you guess what was making it so heavy? no? LIKE SIX 10-20 POUND CAR BATTERIES#before that during my break I’d finally worked up enough confidence to ask this girl I’ve been talking to for a month out on a date but I#completely forgot because of the trash debacle and other rough stuff that happened at work#I get home and SHOWER because I was literally inside a trash can and sHE TEXTED ME BACK SAYING YES AND THAT SHE WAS EXCITED#I’m taking her to a bookstore cafe#also#she’s like. a 10. like I hate dating girls because all girls are beautiful but like. even a couple of my guy friends were like she’s at LEAS#T a 9#***RATING. rating girls#we matched on TWO (2) dating apps and she messaged me first on both of them ??? the actual FUCK ??? she’s like goddess level beautiful ???#I asked for her snap tho and we’ve been messaging for twelve days straight (we have a 12 day snap streak lol)#oh and I dare you to ask me about how my mom was more affronted with me asking a girl out on a date than my brother talking about how he did#cocaine in college#me: lol she gets so uncomfortable when I talk about gay stuff it’s funny. ​my brother: stop rubbing it in her face and maybe she wouldn’t ac#like that. me internally: THATS NOT THE POINT. SHE SHOULD ACCEPT AND LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM REGARDLESS OF WHO I LOVE#my brother is home and it’s VERY OBVIOUS how much more she likes and loves my brother than me. it’s sad but I’m like 👀👀👀 I see you#she hates me lol and always says things meanly at me and yells at me so easily as SOON as my dad leaves the room to stop it#anyways I’m living my best sapphic life apparently Godbless#not leverage#jackie talks#about me#mine
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doctorbluesmanreturns · 6 months ago
Writing fic is sometimes like “I love canon and this happens in the blank areas between events that actually were depicted” and sometimes like “well you know WHAT, actually they NEVER betrayed their friends or sided with evil, how about THAT?!”
#this is specifically about Faith on btvs#like actually no she was a deep cover agent who helped them defeat the mayor#then went on to go to UC Sunnydale and majored in something ridiculously smart#also Giles became her father figure as well including a near verbatim version of the B99 meme#she also got rid of most of the stuff the mayor gave her but kept the playstation#then also got a Nintendo 64 through probably legal means#she got super into Ocarina of Time and later Majora’s Mask#and also bought Mario Kart to be able to have parties with her friends#she’s currently one of those people who argue that the polygon graphics for original Crash and Spyro look better than the remastered ones#also she has a YouTube channel where she sometimes mentions being a slayer#but she’s a retro game reviewer so everyone just thinks she means Castlevania#I realize this turned into borderline flanderization but I feel like a more mentally stable Faith would be such a gamer#she loves fighting anyway and was getting reckless and looking for trouble#so the healthy version of that is gaming specifically anything where you fight enemies#Giles checks on her one time and she literally just got done with patrol and immediately started playing Doom#he tried to get her into something less similar to real life and gave her his old copies of King’s Quest V and VI#which she claims to love ironically but genuinely thinks are really fun apart from V being so hateful#(Giles gave her out of context hints after a 45 minute phone rant about getting trapped in the Inn)#but anyway getting into Sierra led her right to Gabriel Knight thus thwarting Giles’ plan to get her to do stuff unrelated to her life#(also Giles totally loves adventure games especially King’s Quest#he doesn’t HATE technology he hates that internet research was threatening to replace books)
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hershelchocolate · 13 days ago
Things people have mentioned to me/that I've remembered I cared about that have caused me to go on a rant for ten minutes or more just in the past two days:
-The young adult dystopian genre of fiction and how the advertising for the Hunger Games was horrendous
-How the sixth H.I.V.E book is the weakest in the series and could have been SO much better it had so much potential
-The overuse of CGI in modern movies taking over the use of practical effects when practical effects should still be largely in place with CGI as flavoring
-Friday Night Funkin mods I guess? This one was mostly just me hoping the full game is cool
#turns out if you give me a topic i have emotions about i will Yell#randy rambles#the young adult literature one was about the relationship between the hunger games success#and copycat series like divergent and how hunger games was successful cause it actually had something to say#the hive one is because the last book is coming out sometime in the near future#and i havent reread the entire series in ages because i always stop when i get to the 6th book#its just such a DRAG and that SUCKS cause the two AFTER it are my FAVORITES but ive only read them once becuase of this#cgi one was because my dad was watching that aquaman movie and it was like 95% cgi#and i hated it so much oh my god#we came to the conclusion that mostly cgi movies should be considered a subgenre of animated movie#unfortunately that means most marvel movies fall in this category#but god i miss practical effects so much#the fnf mod one was because i was trying to do witty and kept dying and i realized the mod set you up to fail#and i hated that so i went off about how the only other two ive played -hex and garcello- dont do that and theyre lovely#and i really really hope the main game doesnt do what some of the mods did#i have to assume the change in accuracy/health is because its a mod#i sure hope that isnt how the whole ass game is gonna go#anyway yea if u give me a topic and i have a lot of feelings in my heart#i could rant for 20-30 minutes EASY#its just no one usually wants to hear it and honestly thats fair#but when i dont speak up during classes at all even when i have something to say#well all those words have to go somewhere right
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mushroomtale · a month ago
#last night i was watching a vid on bilibili where a chinese girl working in japan was talking abt how she lived in a supposedly haunted#apartment when she 1st  got there. every1 around her was saying 'don't u feel strange living in that house? hope u're able 2 move out soon'#anyway she was not at all convinced at 1st. even tho she always felt like she was being watched. n there was 1 room in the house that#was the only room that's been left unrenovated 4 some reason n she was told not 2 go in there. otherwise she could pick any room she wanted#she kept being told by 'sensitiv' ppl that there was sth 'dark' stuck on2 her n she never blived them until 1 day she just realized she'd b#scrolling thru her phone n then she'd b crying 4 no reason n then she'd feel perfectly fine hahahhh barrage comment: 'drive them away by#brandishing a copy of the communist manifesto' anyway 1 time she was talking 2 her handler who was adamant that she had sth dark stuck on2#her. and she laughed it off as u do. rite? she is a person who is super dependent on her phone so she would always leave her phone where#it is instantly visible. but when she got home that day after getting out of the shower she suddenly couldn't find her phone. jokingly she#said 2 the air 'oh i'm sorry if i offended u today. i was just kidding' n then she glanced around n spotted her phone on top of a bookshelf#wc was p strange already. she was talking v softly so i had the volume up quite loud. i was thinking did her agent mayb hide her phone when#suddenly her actual phone she has in her hand at that moment rang v loudly n i literally fell out of my seat LMAO a wave of barrage comments#'OMG I JUST DIED' 'SCARED ME 2 DEATH TYSM' 'thank u 4 the warning' (there was a barrage comment just b4 saying turn down the volume#but i missed it cos i was staring at her face) 'even seeing the warning my heart still stopped' cos it was SO LOUD JIANGJIANGJIANGJIANG!!!!!#anyway i checked n we're only halfway thru the vid... it was like watever. later she told abt how during the night there would always b 2-3#cats sitting by her window staring in2 her room n it would always freak her out whenever she went 2 bathroom at the middle of the night#n as she was telling this story she was stopped by sudden barking noise. sounds like smol dog fr another room but i had 2 pause the vid cos#omg. there was a 2nd round of barrage comments by ppl who missed the warning again n died a 2nd time like me omggg. anyway the lil dog kept#barking as she tried 2 continue telling the story. barrage comments: 'ur dog is telling u 2 stop stop stop!' lmao there was still a bit left#of the vid but 1 barrage comment stuck out 2 me: 'think abt it this way. y am i -- a chinese -- supposed 2 b scared of some japanese ghost?#u'll find ur fear is suddenly gone' n i was like... holy shit. they're right. i was just instantly not scared (i was angry lol) so in the#future if i see ghost i'd b like 'come at me bro' n '4 my forefathers!' i'm suddenly not afraid of ghosts wtf japanese horror is suddenly#not scary. i mean wat is this newfound gall. fr 1 barrage comment. i feel like i could literally whack a ghost in the face w/o blinking lol#i mean i might die but at least i won't b running away (n anyway the real demons in this world r made of flesh n blood just like u n me)#story time#bilibili
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