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#I also think about these things ngl...
ranboocore · 23 hours ago
when i wasd younger i had this like puzzle thing with blocks n i would make stories with them n bascially assign them morality n u know what!!!!! my life is a flat circle whrn it comes to assigning mortality to blocks
(also i should b back in a few hours prbably??)
i find that minecraft is often a recreation of things from my youth ngl.
what is minecraft if not chasing eachother outside with sticks and playing pretend.
we rly do be comin full circle like. Always huh?
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i just finished season 2 and wow do i have some conflicted feelings. Overall it was good but shit those final few episodes... i'm gonna need a moment or two
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tenshindon · 5 days ago
i think we really undermine the subtle effect a character’s voice has on our interpretation of them as a character
#snap chats#yes this is about yamcha :) but also a bit about v*geta ngl#ill get yamcha out of the way first since i think of his the most frequently and its the most obvious#but anyways i always compare his japanese and english voices#i love anime for this type of thing because it gives you a good-enough ground to compare#yamcha is an especial victim to this kind of shift in character#'kind of' lmao he's an entirely different person in english#but in japanese yamcha's tone definitely sounds more dorkish#his voice isnt too deep and he sounds light hearted most of the time#thus he gives off a very friendly atmosphere and he's a bit lame but in an endearing way#which i feel is pretty accurate to him as a character lmao#in english i'm not trying to suggest sabat makes yamcha sound intimidating#this is more so a review of his Z voice and DB; i feel like they really started to take some liberties with him then#but even in db his tone definitely came across harsher at times#i dont even necessarily mean words i just mean the way he said things#and i jokke about it but in Z he really does have the energy of a surfer dude#and i think that kind of spurs interpretations that yamcha's not smart or that he's like#i cant even explain it but do you know what i mean? like you can't tell me japanese and english yamcha have totally different vibes#its very interesting it really is ! its also a matter of scripts but thats a topic for another day ig#im running out of tags but let me see if i can squeeze in v*geta#like in japanese- i actually really like his japanese voice it makes him bearable LMAO#he just sounds way more regal and like his nose is upturnt- which is perfect#in english he just. i don't know- but there's not sense of regallity in his tone#which i guess is a topic up for debate since saiyans are brutish in general but there's clearly more class among royalty#im running out of tags i cant explain this any further forgive me feel free to ask me to continue ig 😫
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catboyauroralincoln · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Was thinking of who the not-them could replace in the spiral!Sasha au, and came to the realisation that the worst thing you could do was give the not-them A GUN. So, I present to you the horror that is: not!daisy (you can go through the tags for Lore™)
[ID: a digital drawing of two women. One stands in front of the other. The one in the front has a question mark for a face, one hand being her back and is rasing a finger to her lips, with onomatopoeia indicating a "shh" noise is being made. She has long red hair in a low ponytail and wears police garb with a high-vis vest. The second woman stands behind her holding a gun with both hands. Her face is covered in a glitch effect. She has dark hair in a high ponytail and wears police garb with a tactical vest. The two women are coloured with tones of red, orange and white, and an ominous red shadow is drawn across the woman in the front. The background is bright red and has the text "you don't remember what she looks like?" Written in white block letters, with white wiggly lines filling up the rest of the space on the canvas. End ID]
Bonus under the cut: some au related doodles!
Tumblr media
[ID: a series of doodles depicting au versions of characters from the Magnus archives. From left to right:
-Basira Hussain holding a gun, saying "where the hell is daisy?!". Her name is written beneath her in yellow block letters and the note "got a trauma haircut" with an arrow pointing to her hair is written next to her.
-a comic panel of Sasha James. Dialogue from someone off-panel reads "Sasha...that's what detective Tonner's always looked like? Are you feeling well? Sasha?". Sasha looks on in confusion, saying "wha...". Her hair morphs into spirals, breaking out of the panel, and a face in profile can be seen leering in the top right corner.
-a doodle of a scene labeled "mag 119: the spiral Sasha remix". Scene depicts Tim stoker covered in flames during the unknowing as Sasha's hand from offscreen pulls him away by his collar. The scene has the note "that's gonna leave a mark" written next to it with an arrow pointing to the fire.
- a doodle from the bust up of not-daisy, a white woman with red hair in a ponytail smiling. Her name is written underneath her with the note "she somehow sucks worse than regular season 3 daisy"
-a drawing of Tim and Sasha from the Magnus archives labeled "season 4 Tim+Sasha". Tim's hair is messy and the left half of his body is covered in burns. Sasha's hair is longer and curling into spirals, and a pink overlay of long fingers is put over Sasha's hand. Neither of them look happy.
-small doodle of Helen interacting with Sasha. Helen says "hello!" With a cheerful expression and Sasha responds "I wish you were dead" while looking fed up.
-a doodle labeled "post buried Basira". She's depicted with longer, more lank brown hair and is wearing a red turtleneck. Lonely clouds sit behind her.
The background is made up of varying shades of red. End ID]
#the magnus archives#tma#daisy tonner#not!them#not daisy was my favourite idea for this au so far tbh- just cause i haven't seen it done before#personality wise? not daisy is gratingly friendly and definitely tries to worm her way into Jon's good graces in season 2 by giving him-#-tapes. all so that she can increase his already present paranoia (slower than in canon but eventually reaching similar levels)#sasha is also the recollect in this au! i thought about the overlap between the not them and the distortion and decided that-#-sasha being the one to remember daisy would further her path to avatarhood#what with the whole. gaslighting thing going on#also! fun fact- since melanie doesn't have her encounter with not!sasha in this au her and jon hate eachother a little less#(at least they remain civil for longer- up until about episode 92-ish when melanie finds out she's trapped)#not daisy also. completey changes Basira's arc#im still ironing out details! but i think the general gist is that she'd end up turning to the hunt faster than in canon-#-and be the one to get put in the buried during the unknowing. she spends s3 being more like her s4 self and s4 being more like her s5 self#i just need to figure out what to do with her from there!#anyway yeah the not them has a gun now and it's terrifying#ngl I'm. scared to post this?#I'm just worried it won't have much of an audience is all#or worse it'll have an audience who only likes it instead of rbing it#but hey that's just being an artist on social media innit#basira hussain#sasha james#tim stoker#EDIT: I FORGOT ALL THE OTHER CHARACTER TAGS WOOPS
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1-800-i-ship-it · 10 days ago
When I was 16, I spent my exams thinking about a bunch of anime-style boys from wattpad. It's the stress. - bi panik YJH anon
hi anon!
JKDKLSHJASFLHKJWALE AHAHAAHAHAHJDSAKFKH thats SUCH A MOOD LMAO totally relate to the stress too haha djksafsd u ever space out thinking about them and then u hear "5 minute warning" and then ur like shitttttt (*in kdj voice*) 
also im having a crisis was the anon blob like, is it like, holy shiit thats shading and thats not just a black moon shape thiing djkdsJALDJFL 
thanks for the ask!
#bluris answers asks#bi panik yjh anon#yes i was that kid™️ who obsessivley checked their answers 11203910414 times and#who would writee until the bell rang#ngl tho like that mostlys tarted like#3rd year of hs when#holy siht ir remember my first ap chem exam#i literally was writign up tilll the belll rang sdjaflljawef god that. was a ride#i blaame that on my atrocious handwriting i couldnt amke it pretty adn make it within the time limit llmao#man my hs belll was SO UGLY THO#middle and elemenntary were way better#a pleasant ding ding ding ding slowly i think itw as Bb#now AS FOR HS IT WAS LIKE#A BLARING FOGHORN god itw sa gross okay and i think it was G#most aggressive thing ever#<- ehh tho prob not on par with pent up yjh yet#like damn okay im going to my next suffering place ok! leave me alone#want to tell me more about the anime style boys? xD#also omg tis been years since ivee been on wattpad#ALSO i rreallY REALLY want bread right now DAMMIT#why the hell am ii alwaays hungry at the most ungodly hours#also i would read webtoons in class sometiems LMAO that was usually during my money and banking class#had to make sure my teacher wasant on mys ide of the room tho LLMAO so he wouldnt see#nnot like he rllyc ared anyway tbh#also im liiterally so sorry for making anyone read through all my typos djallfsh#i keep saying also but i donnt have a better word  otherr than additionallyw hich soundds weird so#yea lmao rip#also do you want me to tag you as the anon tag still or your url/name?
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ferngineering · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Hey I got my shirt from Kevin @credobaptist 's threadless in the mail today! I got it as a heavy cotton + I love how thick the fabric is!! If you're emo or have a complicated relationship with xtianity, you should check out his threadless here!
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rye-edits · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
unrelated but change your header image cmon its been long enough
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thewhizzyhead · 13 days ago
gooood morning tumblr so i know i have a tendency to bail out on a lot of my own projects and plans but if i bail out on this pride poem project that i have been planning to post tomorrow (cause June 1 yay Pride Month), then you are all legally allowed to throw tomatoes at me-
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windywhispers · 18 days ago
OKAY back and with dinner so I shall now give my full thoughts... or like most of my thoughts anyhow !
General: I thought it was just perfect after reading all about Hu Tao’s character story beforehand, and I think that definitely enhanced the whole experience for me! A lot of her actions, while on the surface seem to be pranks, actually have a lot of thought to it, which highlights how she runs her business: funloving front but solemn inside. And I think that final scene in the “border” highlights that too, even if it’s just a glimpse, when she tells the traveler to step away while Big G and Meng say their final goodbyes. 
What I really liked too though was by going to the border, I think I could really see more of where Hu Tao comes from. Her everyday of coming to visit the border, you meet the spirits who have passed but still yearn for the living, such as the lady who waits at the border for when her loved ones pass on or even the guy who just arrived. Being able to meet those kinds of people, it just shows that the spirits are just ordinary humans, and with how casual they are (the conversation between one guy and an old man about another passing on), it really feels like even when death comes, it isn’t anything to be afraid of. Hence why Hu Tao is the way she is, even if a part of that is just for business lol 
I do like though that at the end of the quest, they mention the whole Funeral Parlor Director position because I’m sure that for people who haven’t read up on Hu Tao that might catch their eye and highlight more that Hu Tao loves her job and was just meant for it! Though it makes me wonder... by leaving the quest there, does that mean there is a possibility to meet the former funeral parlor directors? After all, she does mention something about “summoning spirits from beyond the border”. Wouldn’t know what kind of situation would require such a thing but... I’m excited to see where the rest of her story goes! 
Whatever the case, I’m just beyond happy I got a chance to play it! It’s pretty much all I expected for Hu Tao’s character story and more so I’m just a big mushpile over this lovely ghost girl hahah
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karominas · 25 days ago
ok so since i’m actually Playing p5r i feel like i can pose these questions. idk if i just haven’t seen the explanation but (post-6th palace discussion under cut)
how much do the thieves actually know about the interrogation room? i can follow the fact that they take their own time to investigate, and somehow end up in the real interrogation room to set up the big cognition trick. i get that they knew enough to make sure to get rid of sae’s cognitive akechi. but how did they Not consider that joker would get really really harshly interrogated??? also since futaba could track his phone, it would have been nice if they’d acknowledged how long it took for sae to actually take it. because 1) who knows how long he was unconscious and 2) retelling a 150+ hour game can’t be short. and they must have freaked out a Little bit if they saw the phone not moving for a while (doesn’t a whole day pass before he gets rescued??) i mean i get that joker has plot armor and literally the blessing of a (false) god but i would be SO worried... especially considering that he’s in constant contact with the core thieves. if they know how warped sae’s cognition is especially right before they fight her shadow, would they not understand that this could still be really dangerous for joker? it seems like they’re thrown for a loop at the fact that joker gets brutalized and drugged while captured—if makoto has intel about the inner workings of the police And sae’s mind, i would have Loved to see more of those strategy meetings where everyone else (despite the very real possibility that the player could have maxed multiple confidant links with his party) agrees that it is a good idea to leave joker alone. like i get that they Trust him a lot but that seems like an awful lot of eggs in the “convince sae through talking” plan. also like. where Are those interrogator cops from. are they sae’s cognitions? are they conspiracy plants that they made sure to send ahead to make sure the leader wouldn’t be able to make it?
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iamphibolous · a month ago
Y’all I went to work today and this person said my voice sounds like “an angel spitting in my ear” according to them
and then they tried to tip me ??????????? 
#personal#Like... one out of every five customers kept tellin me they liked my voice. this happens so often. Why????????#I cannot take tips becuz I cud get fired (but also I felt bad and also also the person was cute too and I :'l had to keep working nuuu)#for real tho any recordings I listen to of me sound like a squeaky balloon or a child with vibrato w#maybe it's because I've got a more american accent than a southern one??? Thats what one of my sibs thinks may b the case#also :) happy to report scary times were not scary things went just fine today :thumbsup: :thumbsup:#anyways this is mostly kinda a little ?? blog entry (oh yeah tumblr is a blog lol sumtimes forget that..) to update becuz AAAA finals stuff#but want to forget that for tonight especially after workin 4 so long hhh#just takimg.... break :) and turned out useage of grocery money dipped into my personal muneez and I cry but at least cats hav food :'p#what was I talking about?#oh yeah anyways I was thinking maybe I should record my voice sometime n post it becuz ngl I am proud of my 'owo' voice i hav cultivated#maybe or maybe not specifically for the use of my Cwime Boss OC X3 but yeah Idk....#I'm 19 but me voice ain't changed since I was 12 TT-TT lol#ok bye now I'm gonna go.... et yogurt and then maybe.. sleep. Had uhhhhhhhhhhhhh5 hours of sleep last night#I legit cannot remember why I didn't get enouhg sleep but EH XwX I will juust try to sleep nuff tonight....#pray 4 me and my EPICs course group :'U We are so unprepared to present our codework#also..... GWHUOHG OH SHIT OH FUCK I JUST REALIZED wait nevermind okay crisis averted#I thought I scheduled an appointment for the exact same time as another appointment but it turned out I was thinking of the same appointment#-twice so yeh ok bye for realsies!! <3 Will rise from dead again sumtime soon#but also ANGEL SPIT??? ??F ?? ? ? XDDDDDDD
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wait what do you think about janae (im just curious)
hmmm i mean like. i think she's super interesting and im intrigued by her and i definitely want to know more about her and what her relationship with simon was like but like. i definitely don't love her
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