#I always wanted to do this one
st-froy · 4 days ago
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ana-mannik · a year ago
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it me
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morallyambiguous · 2 months ago
how lucky we are that, even crushed under the weight of sadness & grief, we are capable of giving love and joy to other people, and they are often more than happy to give some back.
#i think abt this alot but when i realised you don't have to be happy to bring other people joy‚ it made life so much more bearable.#for the longest time i thought happiness was something you could only spark in others if you experienced it‚ too.#i'd seen that phrase—you can't love anyone until you love yourself—and internalised it. not just with love‚ but with everything else.#i didn't feel much joy‚ love was rotted over with childhood anger & hopelessness‚ home was the body i couldn't escape from.#i didn't understand what it meant to be cared for until i was 16 & things finally started getting better.#but better just meant i didn't have an excuse anymore to be miserable‚ nothing distracting me from how i felt.#it's so easy to see people in groups‚ people laughing‚ people telling jokes & see that as your goal‚ your expected‚ your norm.#the trap 'happy people want to surround themselves w/ other happy people. they want radiant people. people for whom jokes come easy.#they don’t want someone who is always sad‚ who brings the mood down.' is an easy one to fall into. it is not true.#you can be sad‚ you can feel hopeless‚ you can feel unlovable‚ but it doesn't change the fact that you are necessary & wanted.#you do not have to be happy to spread happiness to others‚ you don't need to have to feel hopeful to inspire hope in others.#you can exist as you are & people will still love you because you are not your feelings or your perception of yourself.#i'm still learning not to see my sadness as something unforgivable i have to repent for.#but it's nice to know regardless of what im feeling i have the ability to make someone feel good‚ and what's a better feeling than that?#thank u world for making humanity so wonderful & giving. kisses#text.
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770811 · 7 months ago
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i think kris would show spamton ytps to  make him even more fucked up
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to-to-karamba · 4 months ago
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tsaikonautz · 2 months ago
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some goofy goobers
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mary-venom · 10 days ago
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Okay this is gonna make no sense, so here’s to me posting random comics about AUs I pulled out of my ass 🥂🥂i spent the entire day sitting in a car and was suddenly just like, what if it was Sam who ended up in Purgatory with Cas? That way I can finally daydream about them having some (traumatizing) bonding time which they sooo needed after Cas destroyed Sam’s wall and then took on his cage scars. Then I remembered how pissed I was when they made purgatory to be this forest with nothing to do but fight each other, then I realized I can have Sam and Cas actually explore purgatory in my AU bc I’m sure Sam would be much more into it than Dean and here we are idk what I’m doing :’) also Cas is depressed after but what’s new. Here’s my comic about it sidhkvndfgkj
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slushedpuppys · 11 months ago
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These two probably won’t interact but I can dream a little
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redvelvetwishtree · 4 months ago
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still-snowing · 8 months ago
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start here, caitlyn siehl
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zelkams-art · 7 months ago
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6blackfilin9 · 4 months ago
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Wake me when I’m whole again
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beebeedibapbeediboop · 2 months ago
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This is so far from what I usually do lmaoo but this is a gift for my bf who asked for us together with him as a golden retriever and me as a cat
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myfriendthedictionary · a year ago
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i broke down and made one of these things!! feel free to reblog here or use it somewhere else if you’d like some sent in ^^
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upperranktwo · 14 days ago
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☆Anya Forger | Telepath☆
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youareunbearable · 9 months ago
Since in canon hobbits are good at hiding and finding things, and their home is generally considered a paradise to other races for its peace and prosperity, I think it would be a fun little thing if for some reason Maglor ended up just being hidden in the Shire and accepted there despite being Unfortunately Tall and allowed to heal
Like maybe, when the Shire was being settled a group of Hobbits continued westward just to scope out how safe their land would be, and happen upon the shores enjoying the sound of distant singing. They set up camp and unfortunately didn't realize the tide was coming in until it was too late and are all scrambling and crying out for help as one of their party gets washed away to sea.
Maglor, who was nearby but didn't notice these tiny sneaks until the screaming started, rushes up and in a panic and sees what he thinks are a group of children (with pointed ears, he can't see their large feet under the water and sand, and thinks they're Elven) alone and Drowning and thinks "not again" and dives in to save them
Which he does, but he's had 4 thousand years of malnutrition, lack of care for his body and mind, and has his wounded hand that is black and scarred, which he had to use to pull these young ones to shore. Once everyone is saved he collapses to the ground, exhausted and unconscious.
The Hobbits, of course, can't just let their savior stay on the beach like this where he could also drown or be swept off to sea, and they MUST thank him for the life debt, so they carry him to their pony cart and head back to the Shire where they can give him a proper thank you
Maglor is out cold for weeks though, long enough to be brought back to the Shire and situated in one of the guest rooms in the newly built Great Smial of the Took Clan. They clean him, bandage and heal his wounds, put him in some hastily made Tall Folk clothes made out of bedsheets, and wait for him to wake.
When he does, he's in a panic and then confused, for he's never seen hobbits before, and under the fear and dread he's a little amused. All throughout the First and Second ages he's managed to avoid others and has never been kidnapped, yet here he is, at the mercy of folk that look like children.
Some things get lost in translation between Hobbitish, Westeron, and Sindarin, and Maglor thinks that he's now a prisoner to these small people, and the Hobbits think that they are going to care for him and have him be a guest of theirs for as long as he likes. Maglor, who hasnt had great mental health for the past 2 ages, agrees to be their prisoner, for honestly, he believes he deserves it.
So he heals, and once he heals (minus the blackened hand which gets medicated and wrapped and secured under a leather glove which reminds him of his eldest brother and he grieves) they put him to work. Or well, they allow him to help in their gardens, to sing songs of the sun, of joy and family and all things Hobbit. They let him help in the kitchen, where he shares recipes long since lost to the sands of time, and he helps them build a forge and how to do basic metal working, for even if his craft is one of voice and song, he is still his father's son and a Prince of the Noldor- he knows how to use a forge.
And time moves on. They build him his own smial, one that suits his height, and Maglor heals, both in mind and in body, and he goes from not wanting to escape his captors because he deserves enslavement to finding a second family amongst these folk. He gets adopted into the Took Clan, and the Hobbits all affectionately call him "Old Maggie Took" or "Songbird" or if his singing is particularly a little to loud a little too early in the morning "that damned Rooster"
He helped protect the Hobbits, weaving Songs of illusion around their home, fighting Goblins and Orcs off with Bandobras Took, making daggers and leather gear for Belladonna Took as she travels the world, and trying his best to fight off the wolves during the Fell Winter. Not as many Hobbits die to fang and claw that winter, but they did to cold and starvation and sickness.
After Belladonna and her husband died that winter, her young son Bilbo often spent time with him (mostly to escape the well wishers and their looks of pity) and so Maglor taught him things to keep his mind from loss. Taught him Quenya, and Sindarin, all about the Noldor, about Elves and Men of old, what little he knew of Dwarves from Maedhros and Caranthir, and when Bilbo asks in a quite voice, how it feels to be the only one of his family members left
He, and the whole of the Shire really, also play a very fun game of Keep Away with Gandalf whenever he visits, and while he knows Something Is Up with the Shire, he never found out about Maglor (even though he has heard about Maggie Took, and all her apparent namesakes)
While Maglor wasn't there to see Bilbo off on his own adventure he was able to make sure that when he came home it was to a home at all, even if some silverware did go missing. And when he sensed something fowl lingering in Bagend after his return, Maglor just brushed it off as something tainted from a dragon horde (later he weeps for how wrong he was and all the lives lost that he could have prevented if he investigated more)
And when Bilbo goes off to Rivendell, old and grey, all those years later guided by his dwarves, he has a silent, nervous, elven companion with him.
And its not the first or last time Elrond was grateful for the nature of Hobbits, but he wept tears of joy as he hugged his father nonetheless
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yeraskier · 4 months ago
the one where jaskier is drunk (taken from this prompt list, for @clementinecrane)
“You’re pretty.”
He feels himself blush. He ignores it. 
“You’re drunk,” Geralt grunts.
“Mmm, true,” Jaskier slurs as his head tips forward, “but that doesn’t mean you aren’t pretty. Because you are.”
Geralt rolls his eyes and pulls the bard from the chair he had been seated on. “Come on, let’s get you to bed.”
“Yes!” The bard claps his hand once before pointing towards the stairs and exclaiming, “take me to bed, G’ralt!”
Geralt releases an exasperated sigh as Jaskier leans his full weight against him. It’s fine, really, he can carry the extra weight. What isn’t fine is the fact that his cheek is suddenly being poked at by a very pesky finger.
“You have such… lovely features. Nicely defined jaw, pretty plump lips, very expressive eyebrows,” Jaskier lists off, index finger dragging over every attribute he names, “and don’t even get me started on your eyes.”
It’s easy to ignore the feeling sneaking up on him when Jaskier nearly pokes one of out his eyes out.
The witcher growls warningly as he snatches Jaskier’s hand away.
The younger man laughs, “oh, Geralt. All bark and no bite.”
“Want to test that, bard?”
“Want to test that, bard?” Jaskier mimics using his Geralt Voice™.
Geralt has half the mind to let the bard trip and fall on his ass right here. Despite the temptation, he doesn’t. 
“You’re so pretty,” the bard sighs. It comes off a little sad.
“So you’ve said.”
“And I’ll say it again. So pretty. So so pr—”
“You really never stop talking,” Geralt observes, and it was meant to be an insult but it came off a little… fond.
Jaskier goes on as if Geralt had said nothing at all, “the prettiest hair and the prettiest eyes. Why are you allowed to look so pretty? It hurts to look at you sometimes.”
“So stop looking.”
Jaskier gasps, clutching at his chest as if all the air has been knocked from his lungs. “Now why would I ever want to do that?”
Dramatic idiot, Geralt reminds himself even as he feels another layer peeling away. The universe is testing him, mocking him and his emotions. 
Getting the door open proves to be a challenge with Jaskier draped over him but Geralt makes it work. He even manages to remove the bard’s jacket and boots, all while the man in question continues to wax poetry about Geralt’s never-ending prettiness.
“Pretty even when you’re covered in monster guts,” Jaskier giggles, “pretty even when you’re grumpy. Prettiest when you take care of Ciri. You smile. You have such a pretty smile. You should smile more.”
Ignore it. Ignore it.
He gets Jaskier situated in bed, making sure the pillow is properly fluffed before pulling the covers over the bard.
“So pretty all the time. Wanna be pretty for you, too.” Jaskier mumbles sleepily, eyes hardly open.
Ignore it. It doesn’t mean anything.
“Go to sleep, little lark.” Geralt whispers, combing a loose strand of hair away from Jaskier’s face.
Jaskier snuggles deeper into the blanket, eyes fully shut now as his head lulls to the side.
There’s a hint of a smile on his face, a flash of a thing. “My pretty witcher,” he murmurs.
And that one... he simply can’t ignore, not with the accompanying warmth that spreads through his limbs at the words. 
It doesn’t matter whether it’s real or not. It doesn’t matter that Jaskier would never say this while sober.
Geralt can hold onto this, can’t he? He can have this, even if he can’t have anything else. 
My pretty witcher. Jaskier’s witcher.
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adammilligan · a month ago
when adam says "no, john winchester was some guy who took me to a baseball game once a year. i don't have a dad" like yes SIR get his ass
#i have so many thoughts about adam and kate and their dynamic with john and it's mainly that#obviously anything about john said by the ghoul has to be taken with a whole handful of salt. obviously#because it was actively trying to manipulate sam and dean#but when the ghoul said that younger adam bugged kate 24/7 to call john i believe it. just because it makes sense#he was young! he wanted to know who his dad was. and that's understandable#and the fact that adam HAD to beg 24/7 for kate to call him....i think kate knew something was off about john#i really do. and the fact that john only showed up on adam's birthdays and only ever took him out to baseball games#which are very crowded very PUBLIC places where anything can be observed by bystanders#i think kate set that up as well. without adam's knowledge#but adam eventually grew disillusioned with john as well because from a kid's perspective#who's had to watch his mother work herself to death to support the both of them#john WAS a douchebag who only ever came around to try and fail to play house#he didn't bother trying to raise adam he didn't pay child support he didn't do ANYTHING#he just showed up pretended to act like a father and then left. and adam and kate were left there still#with their bills. with adam still having to raise himself. with kate still working the night shift and breaking her back to support them#it makes me think about how it affects adam in the future. like his behavior#because adam as we've seen has always tried to look at things from different perspectives and hear people out#in 5x18 he was like okay i'll hear you guys out even though i don't like you. give me one good reason#and in 15x08 he advocates for sam and dean even though he doesn't want to. he talks michael#but it's so interesting to me. because the line that's always gotten me about 15x08 is 'you still care about that? after he left you in the#cage?'#and it's like. adam IS genuinely trying to understand where michael's coming from. he DOES understand michael's love for his father#but when concerning the father it's like#he DOES tend to be black and white about it. john was a shitty person so therefore he's not his dad#god is a shitty person who left michael in the cage therefore michael shouldn't care what he thinks. or about him in general#et cetera et cetera#the issue of the father is the one issue that adam is black and white about. and that is to say fuck them we don't need them#it's SOOOO interesting to me. really#kate rambles#adam milligan
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clownie-brain · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Hi!! I’m hosting a long overdue 3k on tumblr and 10k on insta DTIYS! Tysm for all the support!! This is purely for fun so feel free to participate and tag me in your drawings! <3 
oh right! and tag with #clowniesdtiys !!! i totally forgot :PP
more info and closeups under cut :) have fun!
Theres no rules really, as long as you keep the pose and theme you’re good! (but of course no tracing)
You can change up the outfits, expressions and background as you please, heck feel free to add your own stuff in!
you dont have to keep the format the same, or even the card inspiration if you don’t want to!
any tarot inspired symbolism of your own is more than welcome but deffo not neccessary lol im just a esoteric nerd i love that shit
there’s no time limit you can do whatever whenever :))
Tumblr media
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write-it-motherfuckers · a year ago
To whom it may concern,
If you have had the misfortune of finding this note, then you are most likely the new owner of this property. And for that, I can only apologise and offer my condolences.
I have done everything within my power to ensure that this property never gains a new owner, but as the years go by and my body and mind begin to fail me, I fear that all of my preparations might have been in vain, as one can never hope to fully prepare for every eventuality. 
As such, all I can do now is offer what little advice I have managed to gather over the years, in the hopes that whichever poor soul is reading this, will be able to avoid the fate that myself, and all those before me, were doomed to. 
1 - Never extinguish or move, the lantern in the attic.
2 - If the lantern moves by itself, do not try and put it back in its usual place. It will return there in due time.
3 - Never use the back door. It does not lead to where you think it does, and it is locked for a reason.
4 - If said reason starts knocking or scratching at that door, do not respond, but be sure to cook a little extra that night, and try to pretend you do not notice when there is nothing left behind come the morn.
5 - Never remove flowers from the garden without having something on hand, to give back in return.
6 - Do not light the fireplace on the north wall. There is something living there, and the flames will be seen as an invitation.
7 - Those are not people by the lake, and they do not like it when you stare.
8 - Do not touch the apple tree. You cannot afford what they cost.
9 - The fourth step will squeak if you step on it during the day. Pay no attention to how it growls, when you do so at night.
10 - Never leave a mirror uncovered when you leave a room. These too, will be taken as an invitation, and not all guests are as polite as the chimney beast.
11 - Mysterious books should be avoided at all costs. 
12 - No, that corner was not always that dark. Do not try and investigate it.
13 - Do not respond to the whispering you hear during the night. They do not only seek to wake you.
Good luck, dear stranger. 
May you succeed, where all before you, have failed.
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