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#I am Looking
drabbles-of-writing8 days ago
Honestly everyone getting invested in the playful asshole that is the Golden Guard and then we get a whole episode devoted to him and we finally see him without his mask and...he's got a tooth gap, extreme bags under his eyes, licks Luz鈥檚 hand just to spite her, gets bullied by the Emperor's Coven for being a kid, walks around in a single piece of under armor, nerds out about wild glyph magic, and doesn't even bother to fix the burned off tip of his loose hair strand. My guy is an absolute dumpster fire of a person and it鈥檚 incredible because this is peak 'teenage boy who was given more responsibility than he should probably have and was then left unsupervised.鈥
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tizzymcwizzy10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
nino, that is what we like to call a "not pro gamer move" ha..haa a...
literally no salt at all, this is in character for him, but I'm so mad at nino cbbdbdbdbfg
that was so out of pocket of him to just out his and alya's identities, and also call chat noir annoying to his face,, how dare the writing team do this to us, i'm very sad hhh
Tumblr media
in short: adrien is a little distressed
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thylaa6 days ago
very loud subtext in s15 alone implying dean loves cas back includes but not limited to:
everything about the arguments and breakup including dean鈥檚 actions like CUT TO drinking and wandering around in a bathrobe
every single sam/eileen parallel to dean/cas but particularly 鈥業 know that was real鈥 / 鈥榶ou asked what about all this is real, we are鈥
alternate timeline chuck-loses dean losing it after he had to BURY cas in the ma鈥檒ak box?
the trap confession in its entirety but ESPECIALLY 鈥榶ou don鈥檛 have to say it鈥 vs. 鈥榠t鈥檚 in just saying it鈥
adam and serafina. RIGHT before 15.18. what was going on there. his dark materials reference free will romance motherfuckers 鈥(s)he鈥檚 the only one who could put up with me all these years鈥
parallels of sam and charlie losing the people they romantically love in 15.18 and dean losing the person he鈥?
lucifer phone call.
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coffeenonsense13 days ago
Harry Wilson not only had the absolutely amazing luck of committing his very first baby art crime in front of Sophie Devereaux of all people but of having Sophie immediately bring him home to a group of world class theives as a thief in training that's like doing a crayon drawing in front of da vinci and winding up as his apprentice
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