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Tumblr media
小さいねこの らんきんぐがあるときいて
I feel all the small cats get full scores for their family to hear there is the small cats ranking
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Rules: bold the statements that apply to you, italicise your aspirations, then tag nine people.
tagged by @yao-mingmng and @zhenning  ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡
AIR i have small hands / i love the night sky / i watch small animals and birds when i pass them by / i drink herbal tea / i wake to see dawn / the smell of dust is comforting / i’m valued for being wise / i prefer books to music / i meditate / i find joy in learning new truths from the world around me
FIRE i don’t have straight hair / i like to wear ripped jeans and overalls / i play an organized sport / i love dogs / i am not afraid of adventure / i love to talk to strangers / i always try new foods / i enjoy road trips / summer is my favorite season / my radio is always playing
WATER i wear bracelets on my wrists / i love the bustle of the city / i have more than one set of piercings / i read poetry / i love the sound of a thunderstorm / i want to travel the world / i sleep *til* midday most days / i love dimly lit diners and fluorescent signs / i rewatch kids’ shows out of nostalgia / i see emotions in colors not words
EARTH i wear glasses or contacts / i enjoy doing the laundry / i am a vegetarian or vegan / i have an excellent sense of time / my humor is very cheerful / i am a valued advisor to my friends / i believe in true love / i love the chill of mountain air / i’m always listening to music / i am highly trusted by the people in my life
AETHER i go without makeup in my daily life / i make my own artwork / i keep on track of my tasks and finish them on time / I always know true north / i see beauty in everything / i can always smell flowers / i smile at everyone i pass / i always fear history repeating itself / i have recovered from a mental disorder / i can love unconditionally
tagging @jingyans (even though i know this isn’t your blog aesthetic) and ?????????? (i feel like everyone else in this lil community has been tagged at least once already and i don’t want to spam you guys but if anyone wants to do it feel free ! ! )
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MHA Fic List pt 2
I'm going out of town for another week so I won't be able to write until I get back. So in the mean time, here's another rec list!
For all those who didn't catch the last one you can find it here!
It's mostly gonna be MHA stuff but the SP stuff I have on this list are all super good and should be read asap. Sorry, I don't make the rules.
Also, I won't be able to write but if you guys wanna talk my dms are always open
Hope you enjoy!
My Hero Academia
One Shots
1. a backward poet (writes inverse) by reachingforthestardust
Izuku becomes Aizawa's TA and it's cute and funny and I love it so much
2. To Finally Rest by aroacecanon
TW: Major character death Shigaraki and Izuku are tired of fighting, and on their last battlefield they find common ground
3. a bit of a genius by Bruja_ofthe_Midwest (Watashi_wa_Okami)
This one highlights Izuku's analytical genius and honestly we need more like it
4. every line you crossed (every place i could never return from) by artofflorescence
Shigaraki finds Izuku on various rooftops and decides to take him back to the LoV with him. He becomes their friend and treats them with a care nobody else has. TW: Major character death but holy hell is it worth the read
5. Observations by xo_QueenieVee_xo (https://archiveofourown.org/series/2322947)
Dadmic au! This one is actually a series where Mic and Aizawa adopt Izuku and it's so sweet and I've reread this series like four time now
6. The Right Thing To Do by Emily_Elizabeth_Fowl
For all you Stain fans, this is a mentor!Stain fic that leads up to the night they fight each other in the series. These aren't ordered by rank but if they were it'd be in my top three
7. run, run, as fast as you can by CloudedStripes
This is one of the funniest fics I've read in a while. Little middle school Izuku runs around in the middle of the night looking for hero fights and Feral Pro Hero Eraserhead hunts him for sport
8. Paper Agency by The Feels Whale (miscellea)
ShinDeku! Shinsou's graduating and has to figure out his relationship with his not-dads, his quirkless boyfriend, and a new agency he just signed up with
9. You Can Tell Everybody This Is Your Song by dreamsoflovingness (https://archiveofourown.org/series/2031787)
The Lavender Tears series is one of my favorites. It's super heavy so TW for child abuse/neglect, bullying, character death, depression and suicidal thoughts. Shinsou nearly dies but then gets adopted and deals with the trauma afterwards, with his new dads and his new brothers Bakugou and Todoroki
10. All Bite And No Bark by CurrentlyCaffeinated
During a class outing there's a villain attack and Izuku may or may not bite off the villain's fingers
11. i gave the voices in my head a megaphone by hannahbal
Shinsou brainwashes away Izuku's anxiety for a day and holy hell is it fucking hilarious
12. now they’re all dead hearts (to you) by Canonymous
Izuku dies at the USJ incident and gets his revenge by haunting the dusty motherfucker that did it
13. Rest Well by Anachitseri
TW: Major character death Izuku is dying in his fight with All for One and AfO makes sure he passes as peacefully as he can
14. The Frustrating Ordeal Of Not Being Known (Beyond A Tail And Whiskers) by Otaku6337
Izuku gets his with a quirk and gets turned into a cat for a day. Cue him trying to tell all his teachers with almost no luck
15. Am I Dead? (But I Don't Want To Fall Asleep Just Yet) by TicciJack (https://archiveofourown.org/series/2767141)
This is a Class 1-A ghost au that's based off of a tiktok series! TW: Character death. All Might goes around killing/sending various students to their deaths and they come back as ghosts to haunt his ass
Full Length/In Progress Fics
1. Fellow Feeling by Black_Briar
In an effort to get Bakugou and Midoriya to get along, Aizawa takes them on patrol, but a villain attack makes everything go sideways in nearly every possible way
2. every road you take will always lead you home by z_money
Teenage Midoriya gets transported to the future where he finds out that the Number 1 Pro Hero Deku is dead. Todoroki and the others get to tell him one last goodbye before he gets transported back
3. Splintering Ice by emmals16
Aizawa, Yagi, and Mic take 1-A on a week long trip for winter survival training but a villain attack makes everything a bit more complicated. Aizawa saves Izuku from hypothermia and some other things
4. The Disappearance of Midoriya Izuku by town_without_heart
Midoriya went missing when he was fourteen years old, and it doesn't get investigated until fifteen years later by one Detective Tsukauchi. It also has a sequel and both are equally amazing
5. Hello, Senpai! by FaeQueenInu
Izuku was the soul survivor of Class 2-A, and because he was able to streamline his training, he kind of learned everything. So to pass the time until he can get his license, he becomes Aizawa's TA
6. Haunted by Artistic_Gamer
TW: Major character death Izuku takes Bakugou's advice and jumps but with his hero obsession it's only natural that he decides to haunt 1-A
7. Cats and Coffee by SilvermistAnimeLover
Another winner by Silvermist where Aizawa gets turned into a cat and is picked up by Izuku. Slow to update but holy hell is this cute
8. once forgotten, twice removed by blueh
Pro!Deku gets pulled into a different world by All for One and his student, Shigaraki Izuku during the Kamino incident. Also Tenko gets adopted by All Might and Gran Torino, and is a part of class 1-A.
9. Skvader by BelleAmant
Izuku is the brother of Hawks and Mirko and has a mix of their quirks. He's also raised by the hero commission and gets the opportunity to go to UA. Lots of Dadzawa, and lots of lots of fluff 11/10
10. A Path To Recovery by whathappenedbro
Instead of the usual Izuku gets adopted by Erasermic, it's Todoroki that gets adopted! Because Endeavour is a piece of shit! I love it so much and it's a wonderful Todoroki character study
11. What is, Was, and Never Will Be by DreamStar37
Aizawa and the last remaining survivors of Class 1-A get hit by a quirk and they get transported from the apocalypse to right before the USJ incident. Slow updates and if it weren't for the fact that AO3 has a subscription feature for fics I'd be stalking this fic like nobody's business
12. Aizawa Definitely Doesn't Care by teaandtumblr
A bunch of Dadzawa fluff where he helps out all the kids of 1-A. By far one of my favorites
13. A Steady Stream of Salt by ideaoforder
TW: Minor character death Izuku goes home and finds Inko dead, and this is the aftermath of that. Guys, I literally am just a ball of tears with every update. It's so fucking good. Top 3 for me
14. release the dogs of war by IceEckos12
Dimension hopping Izuku is hunting down a frenemy and it takes him to the My Hero world and please, im begging yall, please read this. It'c completed and ive read the fuck out of this at least half a dozen times
15. Izuku is a Therapist For Villains by Passing_Ghost_Friend
Exactly what it sounds like. The League of Villains bunk with their therapist as a part of a new rehabilitation program
16. Checks and Balances by indirectkissesiniceland
For all my fellow ToduDeku people, this is a hockey/cheer college au that's so fucking sweet and funny and I love it so much
17. Tea in a bar by Atiya_Blackcharm
THIS. FUCKING. FIC. Omg yall I'm a sucker for Izuku being friends with the LoV and in all the ones I've read this is the best one yet
18. How To Get Adopted Without Letting Your Dad Know He's Adopting You, A Guide By Class 1-A by lesbianclerics
Dadzawa is Dadzawa and 1-A takes full advantage of it
19. Black Keys Make Music Too by RohanBerry (Lyna_Laufeyson)
Erasermic au where Aizawa is a history teacher and Yamada is is a radio star who just moved in next door. It also deals a lot with Aizawa's trauma as he still gets over Oboro's death
20. The Night We Met by majjale
Immortal!Bakugou bkdk au where Izuku keeps getting reborn and they keep finding each other. It's wonderful and sad and I cried and also TW: major character death multiple times 12/10 please read
Danny Phantom Crossovers
1. Heroes About by ASharksReadingGlasses (https://archiveofourown.org/series/2045206)
This series is a Marvel/DP crossover based off of @the-stove-is-on-fire artwork! It's some good good soup
2. Vacation Crashers by Imp_y
A DP/Batman crossover with amazing art attached to it! @impyssadobsessions is an absolute gem of an author, and this is definitely in my top five danny phantom fics
3. Vertical Limit by hppjmxrgosg
Another DP/Justice League fic where the League accidentally summons Danny and hijinks ensue
4. You Can’t Punch a Ghost by Internal_Screaming
A DP/MHA crossover where Danny goes on an involuntary field trip and ends up in the My Hero world. Aizawa takes him in and Class 1-A gets a new addition
5. Half Dead Phoenix by SilkNettle
This is a Harry Potter/Danny Phantom crossover set in Harry's fifth year. Trelawny summons Danny to spite Umbridge and he's welcomed with lukewarm arms to Hogwarts!
Also, I'm updating my own fic Constellations early because I won't be able to do it at the usual time. Enjoy!
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donewithursht · 6 months ago
𝐏𝐨𝐩𝐩𝐲 𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐲time 𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐞: 𝐀𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐇𝐮𝐠𝐠𝐲 𝐖𝐮𝐠𝐠𝐲 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫.
I’m literally feeding y’all Huggy wuggy simps lol- yall eating good tonight
anyway hahaha not my dumb ass at the prompt generator again
got this prompt uh
Prompt: Huggy wuggy: what am I supposed to do while your gone- [PLAYER]: what do you usually do? Huggy wuggy: wait for you to come back-
* oh boy
* once this hoe gets attached to you he will not let go I tell you
* always wants to hold ur hand even though yucky Velcro
* loves loves loves it when you pet him. Doesn’t care where though it prefers it on the head, he purrs and drools slightly whenever you do
* also tail wags !! His tail wags so much when he sees you after not seeing you for a while or when you pet him
* whines and gets sad when you try and leave him! Why’re you trying to leave him ?? You’re his buddy !!!
* can and will stalk u through the vents even if you don’t want it to to make sure ur safe. If anyone is even trying to hurt you in the slightest this bitch will kill them loll. Nobody hurts HIS friend.
* cuddlesss, this guy’s a cuddle bug and it’s kinda touch starved since it hasn’t been around many people. He’s a rlly good cuddler too!
* it has super soft fur and it purrs whenever you two cuddle. It feels like a earthquake if you’re sleeping on top of him haha
* it sleeps with its eyes open,, it’s fucking terrifying.
* he has this thing where he kneads too?? Like it’s hard with those Velcro ass hands but I headcanon that those crusty dusty Velcro mitts can turn into sharp ass claws so
* yuh whenever yall’s cuddling he might knead you since I think that’s a way cats show affection-
* or is it a way cats show ownership? Idk either ones good
* he can get slightly aggressive if you don’t do what he wants sometimes. Huggy wuggy is kind of feral, so it has feral tendencies sometimes
* might even lash out on you physically (e.g try and bite you or scratch you)
* he gets really sad when he does it though !!
* apologizes by licking the wound
* please get a tetanus shot he has like 12 unknown diseases
anyway want a lil story that I made at 1 am?? Here u go !!
A whine was heard from the lanky, fluffy blue demon as it stared at you with its large glittering plastic eyes, pleading with you not to leave by using its puppy eyes on you. You sighed. Huggy had been doing this whenever you tried to leave its sight so you could find Poppy. “Huggy”, you replied sternly, glaring at him with a mixture of slight pity and reluctance. “I already told you I need to go. We- I need to find this goddamn doll so I can- so WE can find out what happened to everyone.
The tall creature pouted at you, it’s rabbit-like tail drooping with sadness. It’s eyes seemed to get even larger and more sparkly if possible, the red sausage-like lips turning downward slightly. It let out another ominous whimper, one of its yellow mitten like hands grabbing onto your own from where it was lying on the ground, the scratchy Velcro rubbing against your palm. Now you were getting frustrated. You needed to go, dammit!
“Fine!” You spat, averting your eyes. You didn’t even want this thing around you right now. Who knows what it could do to you while your back was turned? It could give you another of its deadly hugs while you were preoccupied looking for clues and signs of Poppy. You couldn’t trust this thing around you, but you knew if you said no, this thing could easily rip your head off with its teeth. “Fine, you can come.”
Shrieks and chitters of what could be assumed was excitement came from the monstrous creature as it bounded up, its iconic smile back on its face and it’s tail wagging excitedly til it was almost a blur. You couldn’t help but smile at the sight, which soon faded away once you remembered the circumstances. “Come on”, you hissed through gritted teeth while dragging the creature with you.
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gardenergulfie · 4 months ago
What Empires SMP Member’s canonical chats would be if Empires was a streamed series
Starting off with a few of the easier/more canonical ones
Scott: Owls for sure. He can already understand them and uses them for messages so they fit perfectly! The subs get cool little talon-bands with golden engravings of snowflakes and antlers, to fit the theme. 
Lizzie: She gets Axolotls! They float along in some swirling water that Lizzie controls cause Ocean Deity. The subs get helmets and some loose armor to reprisent being her knights
Jimmy: Cod chat! Like Lizzie they swim alongside him in water, but unlike Lizzie he doesnt control it and when there’s no natural water they just sit in a bucket. The subs get detailed scale patterns like koi.
Katherine: I’m torn between living flowers that can whisper and speak because Katherine uses us to spy (has used comments to know what’s happening in the server) and placed giant flower watchers in other kingdoms OR having chat be little fairies but like Legend Of Zelda Navi style. Just a glowing orb with wings. But also we could be cats too! Many possibilities here. I think the fairies would be the most canon. Subs would have more detailed wings like butterflies or dragonflies.
Sausage: Ok so i know he calls his viewer spies ravens but consider, blood lambs. We can be little carnivorous sheepies that he sometimes picks up and carries around. Subs have larger and more curled horns.
Pearl: DUCKLINGS! Little ducklings following our queen duck! Fluffy and smol and perfect for being picked up. Subs would be bigger/more grown up ducks with more feathers being grown the longer you sub for.
Gem: Little dragons! But not like real dragons like the egg little dragons made of purple fire! Manifestations of her magic! Subs would have other colors like magenta and blue and be longer/brighter
fWhip: I think they’d be little robots that he made! They’re covered in soot cause his forge is so messy and they’re made of copper and powered by deepslate redstone. Most of them would only be the size of your hand but subs would probably be bigger or have fancier upgrades, like wings or lights or grabby hands
Pix: Little lost souls that haven’t moved on yet. Think the soulsand particles. Probably firey like Gem’s but more transparent. Other people can’t see them only Pix can! The subs have more visible features and are more opaque
Joel: GLARES! Little mossy boyos! Oh! Or redsand dust bunnies! Either way Joel is just covered in them. Very clingy. Subs would either have different colored flowers for the glares or have specks of colored concrete powder in their dusty bodies for the bunnies
Shrub: As with Katherine i am stuck between 3 good ideas: kinda spectral wolves who are the guardians of the forest and the subs get to have cool star and leaf designs in their fur, woodpeckers and the subs get to be different species like pileated or downy, or little mushrooms with legs and hands aka those mushroom guardians she has but so much smaller and the subs get different colored tops. All of them are good just pick your fav
Joey: Was stuck here for a bit before i realized, ocelots. Just a bunch of lazy cats that like to lounge around him. He sometimes dramatically has one around his neck like a scarf. The subs get pretty collars in the Lost Empire’s colors.
Bonus Xornoth: If he was a streamer and a different person then Scott his chat would be little corruption sprouts that twist around his arms and horns. The subs have flowers and thorns as opposed to being just vines
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timsforeverhome · 5 months ago
Cat share as thanks for letting us see how Tim's getting along!
This is my 15 year old baby. Her name is Noire and she is very anxious, and being so tense all of the time has made her weirdly muscular? We affectionately call her Fear Hulk. She only likes to cuddle if you are sitting in specific spots in the house and she doesn't want you to look upon her while she is doing it. Her meow is like sandpaper.
Tumblr media
This is my daughter's 3 year old cat, Dusty, who spends 90% of her time being mean to me personally and the last 10% either screaming for us to chase her around the house flicking water at her from the tap or drooling on my lap. Unlike our other two cats, she is smart! And she uses that intelligence to crime and mischief, and literally nothing else.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pictured above is the late, great Blanca. She and Noire were from the same litter but had complete opposite personalities. She was a goblin, and her claim to fame is the time she sneezed into my open mouth while I was sleeping, and when I woke up as a result of having a cat sneeze into my mouth, she sneezed a second time, directly into my open eyeballs. She didn't so much meow as she did "grunt conversationally." Dumb as rocks, I miss her dearly!
Poor anxious baby Noire... bless her for being brave and coming to you for snuggles when she feels safe. My brother's cat, Pekoe, is also a nervous baby, to the point that I hardly ever see her. I popped by their place the other day and managed to catch a glimpse of Pekoe hiding behind an armchair... I didn't get a pic then because I didn't want to startle her, but here's a picture bro Duck sent me.
Tumblr media
Dusty looks like a precious little monster and I am sure she has excellent motives for all her many crimes. I would defend her in court.
And oh my god, Blanca. What a precious and disgusting memory you have of her. If it makes you feel any better, Leon has sneezed into my open mouth before while I was talking to him. Bless her little soul, I do have a soft spot for brainless babies
Maybe somewhere in Kitty Heaven she and Maggie are staring blankly at each other
Tumblr media
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theposhsworld · 9 months ago
Wisdom of the day. You are the company you keep. Sometimes books are better friends than people. A lot of people are fake shallow status seeking virtue signalling hypocrites that drain you with their low class moralizing lectures. They lecture everyone about morality but when someone listens to them especially a naive immigrant or minority and gets in trouble they run from responsibility as fast as possible. What do you gain from such unaccountable low class people who are only nice with their big mouth for show thinking licking the boots of the people at the top and being spineless gives them status? You walk away.
In life there are also moochers and freeloaders who always have some emergency and their cat ate their piano and try to finesse their friends. The moment you try to help moochers they hate you and talk behind your back because they take your kindness for weakness and hate you for being dumb enough to allow them to freeload off of you. You tell them no and do not let them manipulate you by telling you are a bad person. Own being a bad witch with a B and walk away.
The level up journey is a lonely one in the beginning. Why? At one point you outgrow your dusty ways, your dusty mindset and your friends and environment but are not fully in the new environment at your level to be able to meet people.
DO NOT keep close friends who are beneath your level in the social or sexual hierarchy as a woman UNLESS she is on a level up journey. If she is a level beneath you and female she is genetically programmed to take you down not to her level but as far beneath her level she can get you. Don’t take female jealousy personally and understand it’s part of nature like grass and the sun that if a woman isn’t growing she becomes envious.
A coach specialized in dating athletes wrote a book called I think wealthy wife where she says the role of a lady dating an athlete from the ghetto is to make sure he makes friends at his new financial level and not stick with his old friends from the projects. Athletes have a short career and need financial prudence instead of being surrounded with poverty mindset friends who spend like crazy if they win the lottery. Most lottery winners end up broke. Those athletes who surround themselves with all their childhood friends from poverty end up broke, in debt and have to move back to the ghetto in a worse financial shape than before their career.
Surround yourself with people who nourish and uplift you.
Don’t waste time with flashy friends who look down on you or make you uncomfortable all the time, when you are going to be happier spending it with simpler kind friends. Am I contradicting myself when I say simple kind friends and leveled up friends? No. Your friend can be poor and simple but always working on improving themselves and takes responsibility for her actions and her future which makes her high value. A low value friend blamed others for her problems and a high value friend takes responsibility.
I had a friend who liked to neg me and ask if my nails are real and where could she get them done and where could she get lashes like mine, what brand when she doesn’t wear lashes and has simple nails. I saw that strike two so now I am busy for her.
A close friend of my husband and I died recently and died young. It made us realize we should spend more time with kind people who nourish us, who will be there for us, genuine people who take responsibility for themselves.
Life is short and you live now. Life is too short to hang around with people who put you down whether dating or friendship. Keep your heels high and standards higher.
This also means quit watching the news, you cannot change the news- it just gives you low value vibes. You can read The Wallstreet journal and financial news designed to help stocks but watching CNN, Fox or BBC all the time will give you a low value vibe because news sells by triggering you so you keep the attention waiting what is next so they can sell more ads. Non financial news sells on sensationalism and ruining your day. The same news story written for buying stocks is written a lot calmer in the Wallstreet journal.
Watch what you consume and people whom you socialize with the most in your spare time. Do they bring out the best in you and you in them and do you uplift each other? If not stop wasting too much time with them. Network is networth but you don’t need to spend most of your time with people you don’t vibe with.
Avoid people always finding themselves in another drama, avoid the drama queen. Ask yourself am I building the life I want to live and are they part of that?
Read books of where you want to become, watch level up movies, listen to classical music because it’s like waking up in a palace. Surround yourself with things and people that help you reach your goals or at least don’t obstruct your path.
Pick friends who take responsibility for their lives and are always working on improving themselves with a can do mindset. You will outgrow friends who are not always working on themselves and don’t take responsibility for themselves. Your friends don’t have to be on the same path as you for example one might want to be an artist and that makes her happy but she always reads how to be more effective at her dream and works on being the best she can be.
Your friends, your surroundings, your music, your food, anything you can change should uplift you and bring out the best in you as much as you have control over.
Affluent people have few besties and many acquaintances they keep at a distance. Don’t mistake an acquaintance for a best friend.
End toxic female friendships. Spend less time with toxic relatives and set boundaries. Invest time in people who accept you, get push you to do better, nurture you and bring out the best in you.
Surround yourself with the best female friends and be a quality female friend and set boundaries. Fade out on low vibe friends who bring out the worst in you.
Always develop yourself and make sure you are spending more time growing than gossiping. Always expand your horizons and learn something new.
Friends are like men. None is better than an emotional abuser. Jane Austen is a much better friend than an rude woman who puts you down today.
In summary there is a chasm between when you have out grown your surroundings but don’t have access to and/or couldn’t figure how to navigate at the higher level. It takes a while to build the bridge between where you are and where you want to be but worth it.
Edit the magazine of your life and remove people that don’t spark joy from being given too much of your time.
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inklingofadream · 9 months ago
TMA Characters as MBMBAM Final Yahoos
Tumblr media
[Is tea just gay coffee? (Ep. 34)]
Tumblr media
[What should I do if I dab on a hater but the hater dabs back? I ran into a hater today. I dabbed on them but they dabbed back. I’m scared. (Ep. 411)]
Tumblr media
[Does anyone have the problem of croissants tasting like blood? (Ep. 421)]
Tumblr media
[Does Mr. Peanut need that monocle or is it just a fashion statement? (Ep. 413)]
Tumblr media
[Any bands that write lyrics about how difficult the job market is? (Ep. 423)]
Tumblr media
[Is it true if you take a cops badge that there not a cop anymore and your the cop? (Ep. 165)]
Tumblr media
[My journey on this site is complete? Bye? (Ep. 476)]
Tumblr media
[Does Anyone Know Where To Purchase And Or Make A Coffin Shaped Bed? (Ep. 83)]
Tumblr media
[Apart from the well known book, “Ghost Cats: Human Encounters with Feline Spirits” by Dusty Rainbolt, what other evidence is there for the existence of an afterlife for cats? (Ep. 70)]
Tumblr media
[If I get blood all over my tax return form, will they audit me? I don’t feel like starting over? (Ep. 521)]
Tumblr media
[Would a lot of people watch a remake of Friends but the main characters are all goth? (Ep. 553)]
Tumblr media
[Smoke coming from belly button!!? (Ep. 4)]
Tumblr media
[I’m bored. What do you do for fun? It is raining out also, and I am an old man. (Ep. 55)]
Mike Crew:
Tumblr media
[If you could take a walk on the sky, would you do it with a smile? (Ep. 59)]
Maxwell Rayner:
Tumblr media
[Is it normal that I eat my hot pockets in the dark? Update: Ham & cheese (Ep. 144)]
Manuela Dominguez:
Tumblr media
[If I send a spear into space and it pierces the sun, will the sun explode? (Ep. 335)]
Tumblr media
[I know this sounds weird and stupid but, who closes the door when a bus driver gets off the bus? (Ep. 353)]
Tumblr media
[Can spiders have fun? (Ep. 155)]
Tumblr media
[How do I raise awareness about spiders? (MaxFunDrive 2014)] (Annabelle gets two bc I’m love her)
Tova McHugh:
Tumblr media
[If you die on an operating table but come back to life is your birthday changed? (Ep. 372)]
Tumblr media
[Is it normal for a woman to arrive on a date dressed as a clown? (Ep. 97)]
Tumblr media
[Where does the fire go when the fire goes out? (Ep. 151)]
American listeners who misread context etc:
Tumblr media
[How Brits can live in UK which is full of haunted house? (Ep. 134)]
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jayie-the-hufflepuff · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Longtail tumbled away from him. Rusty scrambled to his paws and looked around. Longtail was crouching three tail-lengths away. And, dangling from Longtail’s mouth, Rusty saw his collar, mangled and broken.
At once, Bluestar leaped down from the Highrock and silenced the noisy crowd with a thunderous caterwaul. Rusty and Longtail remained fixed to the spot, gasping for breath. Clumps of fur hung from their ruffled coats. Rusty could feel a cut stinging above his eye. Longtail’s left ear was badly torn, and blood dripped down his lean shoulders onto the dusty ground. They stared at each other, their hostility not yet spent.
Bluestar stepped forward and took the collar from Longtail. She placed it on the ground in front of her and meowed, “The newcomer has lost his Twoleg collar in a battle for his honor. StarClan has spoken its approval—this cat has been released from the hold of his Twoleg owners, and is free to join ThunderClan as an apprentice.”
I was in the mood to illustrate a scene, and then I decided I wanted to redraw a scene I'd already done so I could see how much I've improved. There's so many classic drawings of the Rusty and Longtail fight out there, and I wasn't happy with my old one anymore, so I figured this was a good one to redraw, so I could contribute a better drawing of the scene to the collection out there. ^^ Anyway, here's the new and improved version of the Rusty and Longtail fight!  Here's the old version for comparison.
(Also, the title for the image, as well as the title for the old version, is a reference to Bilbo's poem about Strider in Lord of the Rings - something about the tone of it, a destined ruler rising from the ashes to bring his people into a golden age of glory, really works for Firestar in my eyes, as well as the whole line about "from the ashes a fire shall be woken" just working well with Firestar's fire imagery overall).
I decided to set up the angle and such similarly to how it looked in the last image, though I changed up the poses to look more dynamic. I also tried to make the camp look more accurate to the book. The tufts of grass from the last image were way too small compared to the cats, and I'm not sure what the green stuff creeping down the edge of the camp walls was supposed to be. This time, I added the clump of nettles mentioned to be beside the Highrock (or at least my best attempt at a clump of nettles ) and some bramble bushes behind the Highrock.
I'm super proud of how the Highrock turned out by the way - I usually have such trouble with rocks, but god that one looks so good.  I added some scuffs and bits of blood in the dirt from Longtail and Rsty's fight. I tried to make the whole thing feel more like a ravine with ferns and such shading it from overhead, with the lighting and such, and just those shafts of light breaking through the foliage sheltering the camp from above.
The collar should be hanging from Longtail's mouth according to the text, but since it would have been obscured from view given the angle of Longtail's head, that's the only detail I deliberately chose to deviate from. Instead, it's on the ground between them, and wow am I happy with how it turned out. It looks *so* much better than it did in the old image, way more realistic, and it looks properly torn and mangled like the text described.
Something about Longtail's shading is still bugging me, but god I'm so happy with how Rusty turned out. The shading on his side/belly bugs me a bit, but the shading on him overall, his pose, his expression, the way the blood on the cut above his eye (still a detail that's always stood out to me for some reason) looks, I just love how he turned out, I'm so proud of it.  I'm really happy with Bluestar in the background too, she looks very noble and well-shaded, and I like how she looks on the rock.
Overall, I'm really, really happy with how this turned out, especially with how much it's an improvement on the old one.  Sorry I couldn't make a speedpaint for this one like I did for the last one, but with the way I made those speedpaints before, it was really fiddly and took a lot of time and effort to put together, and I wasn't loving the end result for them anyway. Maybe one day I'll find a better way to do them.
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honestly-shite · a year ago
Learning to Lead
Marcus Moreno x female reader (smut)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Marcus Moreno x female reader (no use of y/n)
Summary: You reluctantly go to a leadership workshop at the request of your boss when you're promoted to a new position at your job. You know it's going to be boring and unnecessary. But you are pleasantly surprised when you meet the leader of the Heroics, Marcus Moreno, who is also as reluctant as you are to be there.
Word Count: 6.5k
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: SMUT, Swearing, unprotected p in v sex, semi public sex, oral (m receiving), I guess a little bit of fluff???
(If there is anything I have missed, please let me know!)
Author's Note: this is my first smut, it came to me in a dream. Marcus Moreno's vest does something to me.
You heard the distant sound of amicable chatter as you walked through the corridor in this random middle school for the leadership workshop taking place that day. The walls were lined with breezeblocks painted white and they sunnily reflected the morning light streaming in through the skylights, bouncing onto your face. You smiled. You felt good – you had a well-rested night followed by a refreshing morning and despite entirely disagreeing with being signed up to this pointless workshop by your boss, you knew it was going to be a good day.
After a rightly deserved promotion to head of marketing (taking the place of the prick you had been taking orders from for the past two years) the CEO insisted that you take a course to improve your leadership skills. You had assured him that you didn’t need this opportunity seeing as you had literally started up a company right out of college and singlehandedly built it from the ground up with a team of five extra employees. After voicing your disagreements, he had looked down at you with tired eyes saying, “just go, please.”
It felt like you were being underestimated again, just as the previous head of marketing had done before. A lack of hearing – you called it. Nevertheless, you were here.
You imagined it was going to be a painful day of trust exercises and delegation games but the spring in your step and the smile on your face ensured you would be able to pull through. You would get the stupid certificate at the end and go home to a very large glass of wine and as many episodes of shitty tv you would allow yourself to watch. Oh, and snuggles with your cat Milo.
You followed the grouped voices and pushed open the double doors to the assembly hall of the rented-out space in the suburban school. The familiar smell of old institutional dust was instantly recognisable, and you looked up at the high ceilings to see dust particles floating down from the beams, illuminated by the sunrays. It made you feel like a kid again, going to a class you didn’t care about in a large wooden room that needed to be thoroughly vacuumed.
There were about thirty people seated on plastic chairs that had been laid out in a circle in the centre of the room. They talked amongst themselves, introductions and polite questions passing between the shmucks who were similar to you, all waiting for a day of activities that would supposedly teach them how to be a leader.
You walked around the circle to some empty seats furthest away from the door, trying to not look eager enough to warrant being approached. Honestly, the day would go faster if you didn’t get caught up in awkward forced conversations with someone you would never see again. You dragged a chair out, breaking the circle, and sat down – it creaked underneath with its age. You scanned the room for some sort of authority and failed to find it. You must be early and so you whipped out your phone for some mindless scrolling.
A couple of minutes passed and you faintly recalled the door bursting open to welcome another workshop attendee rushing in. You heard scuffling footsteps heading in your direction as you continued to scroll through your phone. You widened your eyes, realising that you had two empty seats next to you and you hoped that it didn’t look too inviting. But a scraping of the chair on your left sounded as it was repositioned by its new occupier, a similar creaking noise signifying that they were settling there, next to you. You squeezed your eyes shut, waiting for the conversation to start.
“I’m not late, am I?” Came a deep whisper from the man to your left.
You locked you phone without thinking and turned your head to peer at him.
He hadn’t looked at you when he spoke – he faced forward, eyes darting around behind solid black framed glasses to the many people sat in the circle around you both. You were instantly enamoured. His face was glowing, especially in the light of the hall and his side profile was literally like it had been carved out of marble. A prominent hooked nose, solid cheekbones, a sharp jawline that was tense as he judged his tardiness. His lips were pursed slightly, his bottom one plump and full and jutting out enough, tempting you to trace its curve. His beard was trimmed to a close shave verging on stubble; darker at his chin and above his top lip with flecks of sliver appearing at his cheeks. You immediately thought about how it would feel if you rubbed your face on his affectionately and maybe as it travelled lower and lower…
And when you failed to reply to him, he turned to you expectantly, his soft brown eyes growing alarmed as he met yours with surprise. You noticed his instant attraction to you, and you must have been mirroring his expression. His eyebrows lifted and the corner of his mouth quirked up making his upper cheek press into the bottom of his glasses frame. Your gaze traced all the lines of his face including the happy wrinkles by the corners of his eyes as he continued to smile at you. And then the recognition hit you suddenly, making your stomach lurch with nerves. He was Marcus Moreno, leader of the heroics.
“Shit! You’re Marcus Moreno!” You huffed out in exclamation. You didn’t realise you had been holding your breath.
He chuckled and nodded with a small reluctance. “Yeah, I am.”
You laughed. “Why the fuck are you at a leadership course?”
He laughed harder at that. “I don’t know, you tell me.”
You beamed at him, shaking your head and not quite believing that an actual superhero was sitting next to you.
You sighed and met his eyes again, getting lost in their warmth. He was losing his smile slowly but in a good way, as if he was only focused on looking at you in that second. His concentration was so distracted that his hands hovered above his knees, frozen in motion, his upper arms tense and bulging under his tight tshirt. You bit your bottom lip.
“You’re not late, by the way.” You blurted out and you both snapped from your trance, his hand coming up to scratch the side of his head and he huffed out a nervous laugh.
“Okay, that’s good.” He said with a forced sigh of relief, pretending to wipe a bead of sweat from his forehead.
You actually giggled.
“No but seriously, why are you at a leadership course in a middle school?” you asked again, waving up at the open space of the hall.
“I don’t know,” he said, crossing his big arms over his chest and shaking his head, “the big shots up top say I need to revisit my leadership skills to make a swift re-entry to the ground team.”
You widened your eyes. Your knowledge on Heroics trivia was limited but you did know that he had ceased being a part of any fighting for a while now, remaining behind the scenes. It hadn’t occurred to you that his return to ground work was in the public eye yet.
“Oh, really?”
“Ah shit, I wasn’t supposed to tell you that.” He said and you smiled at him sympathetically.
You took a chance and leaned in to nudge your shoulder against his. “Don’t worry, my lips are sealed.”
He huffed out a sorry laugh and grinned shyly at you. “Thanks. Hopefully no one will find out about me breaking my only instruction – don’t tell anyone why you’re here.”
Were you being crazy or did his eyes just flick down to your lips? It was lightning quick but you thought you had caught it. Otherwise, his eyes were always on yours. A delicate look, drinking you in and a burning flickered somewhere deep behind the initial polite draw – a hint of lust that matched your own. You were captured and you felt goosebumps prickling on your skin, flurrying up in a wave that pinpointed to in between your legs, igniting heat there.
“Uhh- what’s your name?” he asked shakily.
You giggled again and gave him your name, holding out a hand for him to shake.
He lifted his hand up to grip yours eagerly and you grinned at the feeling of his large warm palm in yours, his fingers dwarfing your own. You shook hands and then broke apart, feeling a tingle linger on your fingertips.
You were only a few sentences in and you already wanted him. Knowing that he was still looking, you carelessly dragged your eyes from his and down to his lips, following the curve of his chin and the line of his dusty jaw, further down his neck to ogle at his broad shoulders that were just beckoning you to slide your hands up them.
He definitely noticed – how could he not? His jaw muscles tensed enticingly as he flexed and you saw a slight blush fall across his cheeks.
“Right! Hello everyone!” came a sudden exclamation from the centre of the circle.
Both you and Marcus sharply moved your heads, breaking what was an unfaltering staring exchange and turning towards the rudely timed disruption - the workshop instructor.
The biggest cockblock. And the worst thing about it was that he seemed bored already. A small man with the unliveliest eyes you had ever seen, wearing a toupee just a shade lighter than his own hair on the back of his head and he was spinning around nauseatingly quick to address everyone in the circle. His tweed suit looked a little moth-eaten and his skin had a damp quality to it. His voice barely carried through the hall and it only confirmed how much a waste of time this workshop was going to be.
You stole a glance at Marcus while the instructor droned on and magically, he had done the same thing. You both looked at each other with knowing smiles.
This was going to be an interesting day.
You were right – it was full of physical activities that were designed for kids at a summer camp. The classic group trust fall to break the ice along with many tasks for delegating roles to other group members for working towards building things.
The most interesting part was the one-on-one activity where one person was blindfolded while the other directed them through an obstacle course made of benches, chairs and plastic cones.
Of course you were with Marcus for that one.
He looked down and the pathetically thin piece of material he held then up at you through his eyebrows. “Who’s going first then?”
You smirked, snatching the material out of his hands. “I’ll go first.”
You took your place at the makeshift starting line and lifted the material around your eyes. The fabric was ripped and threadbare at the edges which made it difficult for you to tie it at the back of your head. Marcus must have noticed you struggling.
“Here, let me help.” He said and you felt his fingertips fumble around yours to gather up the back of the blindfold.
Your breathing faltered at the feeling of him behind you. He wasn’t pressed against you but was close enough that you could feel the hovering heat radiating from his body as he himself struggled to tie the knot behind your head. You felt his fingers fiddle with your hair, moving strands out of the way so that they were tucked in to not get tangled.
“Thanks,” you spoke hoarsely, and you coughed to dislodge the breath stuck in your throat.
He stayed behind you and you felt him lean in closer to your ear.
“Can you see anything?” he whispered.
You had to stop yourself from shuddering.
“Yeah, I can see the whole obstacle course, this is the worst blindfold ever.”
He laughed and it sounded like he threw his head back away from you.
“Close your eyes under the blindfold then,” he said. It was an innocent suggestion, but you felt your body flutter at his words, your back arching with little control.
You closed your eyes.
“Okay everyone!” Shouted the instructor as best as he could, his voice cracking a bit. “Now that you have been blindfolded, your leaders will take you through the obstacle course with only their voice.”
You heard a flurry of commotion from the rest of the group as they began to quickly take to their roles. Frankly, they were getting way too invested in this. The morning so far had been eye roll after eye roll exchanged between you and Marcus at your overly enthusiastic course mates and how serious they were. Instead of following suit, you both had taken to not-so-subtly flirting with each other at every chance you got.
“Are you ready?” Marcus’ voice asked to the right of you.
“Oh yeah, I was born ready.” You replied and you earned another chuckle.
“Okay,” he announced with an authoritative tone took place from his light-hearted one. “Keep walking forward until I say otherwise.”
You did what he said and began taking slow steps forward, giving him plenty of time to direct you.
“I’m realising that I haven’t asked what you do yet.” He asked, his voice cutting through the noise that bounced of the walls of the hall.
“Who, me?”
You could feel him rolling his eyes. “Yes, you.”
“I’m the newly promoted head of marketing at a telecommunications company.” You replied.
“That sounds very fancy.”
“It’s really not,” you said with a tut, “but I deserve the position. I’ve been there for too long to not be promoted and I work way harder than the previous guy.”
“I can imagine you do – hey stop here.”
You stopped.
“Take two steps to the right and then keep walking forward.” He said.
You side stepped cautiously and started walking your slow short paces again.
“My job is way more boring than yours though.” You said in true marvel at his occupation. “I mean, fighting crime, saving the world, leading superheroes, c’mon!”
“Hey, keep your voice down, I don’t want my identity revealed to the rest of the room.”
“What, do you think your Clark Kent glasses are going to help you go unnoticed? People have definitely noticed.”
You heard him sigh and you laughed.
You had seen the stolen glances from everyone throughout the day. The funniest part was the bafflement on people’s faces when they had to collectively catch the leader of the Heroics as he jumped from a very unstable chair.
“Right, you are now done with the obstacle course.” He announced.
“What?” you said, stopping in your place. “But I barely moved anywhere other than forwards.”
“Yeah, I took you round a short cut.”
You pulled off your sorry blindfold and looked behind you to see that you had dodged the course entirely by following Marcus’ instructions. You turned back to look at him in front of you, seeing he wore a bashful smile.
“The guy isn’t looking so I figured he will never know.” He said, shrugging his shoulders.
You gave him a playfully shocked expression and threw the blindfold at his chest. He swept it into his hands and undid the knot you had neglected. He took off his glasses and folded them, tucking them into the front pocket of his jeans and he placed the blindfold over his own eyes, managing to secure it himself.
“Eager much?” You teased. “You’re not at the starting line.”
A smirk played on his lips.
“Maybe I wanted you to lead me there.”
You closed your eyes at that.
Fuckhe was so hot. You eyed him up easily with the blindfold over his eyes. He was waiting expectantly for you to respond; his palms upturned, deliciously showcasing his vast forearms, and making you want to trace the faint gradient where tanned skin changed to pale skin, untouched by the sun. He rested his weight back on one leg and you ran your eyes across his hips, travelling up his waist and further up the angles of his body that dramatically changed to accommodate the new width of his shoulders. His plush lips were parted slightly to let his calm breath pass, surrounded by that handsome stubble that suited him so well.
A wave of courage surged through you along with an idea. You weren’t sure if you could pull it off in the way that it was playing out in your head. If you did, it would certainly be worth the potential embarrassment.
You stepped closer to him and snaked your hand around his bicep. The corner of his mouth lifted in an open-mouthed grin as you led him to the starting line. You put a hand on his chest to stop him and turned him around to face the obstacle course that you were supposed to be navigating him through.
Instead, you move closer in, hovering near his mouth.
“I’m going to go and find a closet,” you whispered lowly, “if you want, you can meet me in a couple of minutes outside in the corridor.”
His face was a picture: mouth falling out of his smile in shock and eyebrows raised.
You made sure to allow your hand to linger on his chest, dragging it as you headed for the door. You entered the corridor and the assembly hall doors swung shut behind you and then you panicked.
What were you doing? Thinking that you could flirt with actual intentions resulting in hooking up in a cupboard – really? You were sweating. That wasn’t you out there, ever so casually placing your hand on Marcus Moreno’s chest. No way. How were you not trembling back there? He wouldn’t come out here and meet you to have sex – you were delusional.
Still, you persevered on the off chance that he would and you frantically opened doors outside, running to them one by one, yanking them open only to be met with classroom after classroom. Not the exact vibe you were going for and at this point, maybe you would have to make your way to the bathroom and take care of yourself. You were tense. A pooling heat gathering in between your legs at the thought of Marcus taking you in a dark closet in a school.
After the fifth door, you found success – a closet with gym equipment neatly tucked into the high, deep shelves that lined the walls. They jutted out and left only a small space for someone to stand to collect the objects needed.
You smoothed down your hair in a feeble attempt to improve your appearance and calm your nerves.
Then you heard the assembly hall door swing shut.
Marcus stood in the corridor breathing heavily and staring you down from about 20 feet away. He loosely clung to the blindfold in his hands which he had ripped from his head, evident from the tufts of hair sticking up at the sides. He looked like he had just run a mile to get there, breaths ragged, shoulders moving up and down with each expansion and compression of his chest. You were both caught in that unwavering trance again but this time, with a heavy lust apparent. He was so far away but you felt like his eyes were mere inches from yours.
“Is that a closet?” he said with a voice like gravel, lifting a pointed finger to gesture towards the open door you held.
You nodded.
He moved quickly, taking long strides towards you and closing the gap in seconds. He brought a hand up to grip the back of your neck and did not hesitate to catch his mouth on yours, leading you backwards into the closet and slamming the door shut without looking.
The automatic sensor clicked on the dim light and you watched his face in surprise as he kissed you. Eyes closed, his brow furrowed in undivided concentration, strong nose pressing next to yours and lips gliding in a wet hot passion. Your eyes fluttered shut.
Your hand scrambled for his jawline, revelling at the satisfying feel of scratching hair under your fingertips and the other falling to his ribs, taking a fistful of his shirt and yanking his body into yours, aching to feel him closer.
He groaned into your mouth and walked you further back until your body was pushed against sharp shelves, his expansive chest pressing against yours. You felt your body beg to be smothered by him and you were grasping at his back now in a desperation that escaped your throat in a deep whine.
He hesitantly broke the kiss and snaked his other hand down to lightly press on the small of your back.
“Are we – are we really?” He stammered.
“Yes, if you want to.” You replied, pushing your nose into his cheek and his pants splayed across your face.
He shook his head in bafflement.
“I’ve never done this before, like this.”
You laughed and pulled back to look at his shining eyes. “Yeah, me neither.”
That seemed to ultimately confirm it for him. His eyes gaze dropped down to your lips and back to eyes again in a silent longing of continuation.
You moved to grab the back of his head and pulled him in again, securing your mouth on his.
It was perfect – the way you moved together. Lips accommodating each other’s desires to take turns in applying pressure, then taking the pressure and in unison, your tongues met in the middle to explore and taste one another.
His hands moved from one section of your body to the next to grab and pull flesh, feeling everywhere. He dragged his hand through your hair, tugging at it, causing moans to escape from your lips; he caressed your upper arms, shoulders and the curve of your back; he slid around your hips, his strong hold pulling your closer and closer; he snaked down to your ass, squeezing and prising your cheeks apart over your jeans.
It was heavenly. After watching his movements in the hall throughout the silly activities, you were losing control over the desires you’d felt that were now playing out.
Marcus was taken by surprise as you quickly span him around and pushed him up against the shelves to take your place. An oof escaped his lips as his back made contact with the wood.
Your fingernails grazed against his collarbones for a second and he watched you with deep breaths, a dark shadow cast over his eyes from the overhead dingy light. Then you started to sink down, achingly slow, hands dragging down his firm torso.
Somehow his breath sped up even more and a look of desperation tugged his eyebrows up. He shakily brought a palm up to your cheek.
“You don’t have to.” He said softly.
You hummed. “I want to.”
His eyes rolled into the back of his head.
You dropped to your knees and worked on unbuttoning his pants, all with his hand fixed tenderly on your cheek.
You pulled them down, along with his boxers and his very erect dick sprung out from its confinement. Wasting no time, you gripped him at his base, pulling on the foreskin cautiously to reveal him entirely and you began to wet his head with your tongue to avoid any discomfort of dry contact.
With the tip of your tongue teasing his japsie, you peered up at him through your eyelashes. He was a sight to see.
Jaw hung slack, shoulders pulled inwards and tense, his groin pushing out towards you eagerly and his eyes dark with gratitude. He couldn’t believe it and frankly you couldn’t either. It was not how you expected this day to go: on your knees in a closet with a superhero’s dick on your tongue as you slowly pumped him, loving the salty taste that exuded from his tip in distinct excitement. He looked so good like this with his dick barely past your lips. Any sort of composure that he had before outside in the hall was gone and he was unravelling by the second.
Soft, barely discernible moans sounded from him above you as he waited patiently for the full motion to come and you smiled playfully into him. You were being a tease at this point and taking your damn time, lapping your tongue around him.
He moved his hand from your cheek and stroked it up to your forehead to gather the hair that had clumped there. He brushed it away before moving back down to hold your cheek again but this time, his thumb softly caressed your jaw causing your heart to flutter.
In quick succession, you opened your mouth wide, pushed down your tongue and took him as far as you could, beginning to suck him in and out of your mouth.
A deep gasp sounded from him at the sudden motion and then followed a moan.
“Oh shit – Oh fuck,” he whispered, pinching your jaw between his thumb and forefinger.
You moved slowly at first, still gathering up as much saliva as you could to make for him to slip in and out with ease when you eventually would pick up the pace.
You snaked a hand up to his ass and squeezed lightly, making him groan a bit. You made sure that your hold was solid back there so that you could push yourself onto him with more conviction.
“You’re so beautiful – oh my god – fuck.”
You moaned on his cock and decided to blow him quicker.
Out of the corner of your eye, you saw that he gripped the nearest shelf, knuckles bearing white.
Feeling him in the back of your mouth was doing things to you. Your clit burned and your chest heaved. You were growing hot with want and need and a small pride that he was letting you do this to him. You loved tasting his skin.
The automatic sensor clicked off and the small room was plunged into darkness, stripping you of your sight of his cock coming in and out of your mouth and his sight of you taking him. There was something about being in the pitch black that made you even hornier from the added mystery – you and a stranger doing unspeakable things in here with gym equipment all around you all while you were expected to be somewhere else. It was forbidden and you felt naughty.
That was when you decided to remove your hand from the base of his cock and awkwardly prise open your own pants to snake your hand into your underwear. You needed to relieve your pent-up tension. Marcus was coming undone at the command of your mouth and that had made you wet, no doubt. So, you twirled your finger around your clit as best as you could in the tight space of your jeans, listening to the noise of his moans in the dark.
“I want to see you,” he said suddenly with a wavering voice and you felt his hand leave your cheek to wave at the sensor.
The light clicked on and you found his gaze from below him, still working him with your mouth at a maintained, steady speed and he looked even more incredulous at the sight of you touching yourself on your knees, visibly turned on by his dick down your throat.
He let out an elongated groan.
“I’m gonna cum if you keep this up.” He stated through gritted teeth.
You slowed down to savour him before letting him slip out delicately and he shuddered at the loss of contact. You remained on your knees, slowly pumping his wet cock with a mischievous smile, having that staring contest with him that you both seemed to love so much.
You spoke at the same time.
“Do you want to fuck me?”
“Can I please fuck you?”
You both chuckled.
Nodding, you stood up and he frantically pulled you in for an open-mouthed kiss His hand found the back of your neck again before he pulled away from you.
“Do you have a condom?” he asked shyly.
You laughed again. “No, I do not have a condom – It’s not like I planned for this!”
You reached up to run your fingers down the side of his face and hold his chin.
“I’m on the pill though and I don’t mind.”
He looked at you worryingly, brown eyes seeming to shimmer under the poor light.
“Are you okay with that?” He asked.
You nodded eagerly and his look of worry slowly morphed into lust once more. The grip on the back of your neck tightened and he studied your face. He focused in on all your features one by one, eyes shifting around to take you in, as if he was memorising this moment and you. He was so concentrated on your face that his next words came out as if the meaning wasn’t as significant as it should have been.
“There’s not much room in here, I think I’m going to have to take you from behind.”
Your heart jumped.
“Say that again.” You asked quietly.
You noticed the recollection flash across his eyes and a sense of awareness at what he had said took over his mouth, making him smirk.
“I think I’m going to have to take you from behind.” He repeated.
In an instant, he spun you round, pushing your front up against the tall shelves and pressing down on your lower back to tilt your upper body away from him. You felt his hands lower to your pants and pull them down over your ass easily from them already being undone, pushing them midway down your thighs.
And then he stopped.
“Holy shit.” He breathed.
Your eyes widened as you remembered your thought process this morning. You being in a good mood meant feeling sexy (as you rightly should), equalling the justification to wear your best thong. You hadn’t thought much of it this morning. After all, it was a decision made for you with no one else in mind. You tried to picture his face as you stared off into the distance at some hockey sticks in front of you. His eyes ogling in shock at your ass dressed very nicely for him. Mouth hung open like when you proposed you shack up in a closet before, when you were in the hall. Not knowing what he should do with his hands.
He wasn’t touching you – he was probably mesmerised at the sight of you bent over the shelf with a lacy string of fabric tucked between your cheeks and not concealing much.
“I promise I did not plan on anything like this happening today,” you whispered sultrily from your little space in the shelves.
“I – I – no this is good.” He spluttered out from behind you. “Fuck, you are so sexy.”
You bit your lip and slowly wiggled your ass, wanting to entice him in.
“Marcus, please touch me,” you groaned with impatience.
He snapped back to his body and took large unforgiving handfuls of your ass, palming it without the disruption of your jeans. You moved into his touch, your cunt prickling hot at the contact that you so desperately wanted somewhere else.
“Say my name again.” He said as you felt him push your thong to one side, a slight brush of his fingers skimming across your entrance as he did.
You moaned. “Marcus.”
As you did, you felt him push his dick against your entrance in a slow but assured movement, almost like a reward for obliging him. You clenched your fists, bracing for it.
When he filled you, he gently pulled out to his head and pushed in again, setting a leisurely pace to savour being inside you. His dick was thick and you groaned as the adjustment period finally settled into a pleasure that formed in your lower stomach, tingling every time he bottomed out.
His hands found his way to your hips, grasping onto you as he rocked back and forth, fingertips pressing into your hipbones.
“Thank you,” he gurgled out hopelessly.
You let out an airy chuckle. “For what?”
“I would’ve had the most boring day without you,” he said, continuing to rock his cock into you. He moved his hands from your hips to tentatively rub them up and down your back under your tshirt, sometimes let them run further back over the curve of your ass before dragging them back up again.
“It would have been boring without you too.”
“I wanted you from the moment I saw you.” He said and he pushed into you at the same time.
You moaned, pressing your forehead into the shelf below you and arching your back further, attempting to rock back into him to match his thrusts.
“You’re so fucking hot.” You breathed.
The compliment spurred him on – he picked up the pace, finding a quicker rhythm. You scrunched up your face in the agonising amount of pleasure you were experiencing. The forbidden closet, the taste of him still on your tongue, his words of endearment echoing in your ears, the sound of your wet pussy parting to make way for his size every time he pushed into you, his rough caresses up and down your back which were working to coax the new guttural moans out of you. It was overwhelmingly good. The heat of pleasure surged down your legs and bubbled in your stomach. Your walls throbbed.
He moved one of his hands to your shoulder and gripped at it tightly, dragging the other around your hip, over your belly and down. He prised your legs open whilst thrusting into you and his fingers pushed onto your clit, beginning to circle round slowly.
Your breath hitched.
“To the left a little,” you whined against the wood of the shelf.
He did as you told him and shifted his movements over to the left, fingering the place where you so desperately needed to be touched.
Marcus groaned at your body’s response when he found it successfully – your legs were shaking and more frantic noises escaped your throat that you were struggling to contain.
He started to curl upwards slightly at the end of his thrusts, digging deeper into you and you felt you mind falter.
“Right there – oh fuck.” You spluttered out.
He obeyed and seemed to pin-point that exact spot every time he delved inside of you.
His whole body must have been curved inwards because he leaned forward, wrapping his arm around your waist to grip onto your ribs and you felt his lips on your back. Light peppered pecks turned into wet kisses with licks and then to nibbles with harsh determined sucks on your skin as he drilled into you.
Your felt your orgasm creeping up on you. Everywhere was being stimulated with a precision that welcomely shocked you for a first-time encounter. Your brain was rid of thoughts and your body was numb with pleasure.
Marcus must have felt you growing limp out of a loss of control and he just had to open his mouth.
“I can’t believe you. You – beautiful, hilarious, teasing – you asking me to fuck you in a closet. Oh fuck, you make me want to cum so bad…”
Your eyes rolled into the back of your head.
“…sinking to your knees and sucking my cock. So fucking nice of you. You looked so pretty doing it…”
You trembled at his words. His fingers moving faster against your clit.
“…letting me take you in here. You’re so wet. All for me? Best day ever. Who needs to learn how to lead…”
You couldn’t help but smile at how sweet he sounded.
“…fuck, fuck, fuck you feel so good wrapped around me. Cum for me. Please cum for me and I’ll cum for you…”
You did as he asked.
You clamped down around him, spasming with an orgasm so intense as he continued to fuck you. His hips slapped into your ass quickly and you whimpered, trying to keep as quiet as possible. He removed his fingers from your clit and gripped onto both of your hips, pounding into you harder than before to fuck you through it. The pleasure was blinding and shattering and perfect.
Marcus’ dick hit that spot again and again as you convulsed underneath him and you happily ached. You were sure your underwear was thoroughly sodden.
He slowed to a less frenzied pace but continued to pulse in and out of you as you slowly came down from your peak. He was savouring you once more, deep movements burrowing inside of you, holding you through the shakes that racked your body.
“Do you want me to –”
“In my mouth,” you said hastily, barely able to get out the words from straining yourself so much to keep quiet.
He groaned at the thought, “Oh fuck I’m gonna –”
He ripped out of you and you fell to you knees like before, opening your mouth and grasping at his thighs, fingers digging into the skin slick with sweat.
You looked at him from your position – his brows were arched in pleasure, eyes piercing into yours through heavy lids, mouth pressed into a firm line of focus and he swiftly jacked himself off in front of your face.
You put your hands on his tightly clamped fists and squeezed, asking to take over, replacing his grip when he moved them – one below your chin and one on the back of your head.
You shoved your mouth on him just in time, his cum spurting down your throat in an unrelenting salty finish and his knees went a bit slack as he sputtered.
You felt his palm press flat where your chin met the top of your throat and you realised it was there to feel his cock inside your mouth. You groaned on him.
You carefully let Marcus slip from your lips and he hissed at the new sensitivity.
You rose from your knees and pulled your pants up, meeting his eyes again.
He looked at you in a loud admiration, his eyes shining and a dimple appearing on one side. It was a look of potential, something that said to you I can’t wait to do this again. And you couldn’t wait either.
You both panted, staring into each other’s eyes, his with so much affection you thought you might burst. This wasn’t like any one night stand or casual sex you’d ever had. No – this was the start of something.
“Now for the new challenge of figuring out how to get back to that workshop without looking like we fucked in a closet.” You said and he laughed, his eyes crinkling at the corners.
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wherethewordsare · a year ago
a. I have accidentally unfollowed you because Tumblr puts buttons too close together.
b. I have A PROMPT. Specifically from your list of 50. 8 and/or 21. I just want something soft from you.
a: I love you <3
b: thank you @softnerdypeter for beta reading this for me <3
21. Blind date set up by friends
Oh, It’s You
Eskel had cornered Geralt in the firehouse kitchen. Again. This time with that look that used to trick Geralt into the worst trouble when they were kids. 
“Don’t automatically say no,” Eskel said with a laugh. 
“No.” Geralt turned to hide his smile. 
“Geralt, she’s really pretty though. And she has this friend that apparently has been moping and she said she’d feel better if he also had a date.” Eskel walked around the table and took Geralt’s plate, holding it away. “Besides, you’ve been moping too and you refuse to ask that musician out even though you know damn well-”
“Fine, I’ll go, but you don’t get to berate me after this. One date. That’s it. Then you leave me be,” he growled, snatching his plate back, sending his cherry tomatoes rolling onto the floor. He only glared at his brother when he laughed. 
“Alright, Wolf. Just bring your most sunny personality to the fair Friday.” Eskel chuckled as he bent down, scooping up the tomatoes and tossing them into the sink. He strolled away, looking all too much like the cat that caught the canary.
“You’re taking my shift on the dunk tank!” Geralt shouted after him with a shake of his head. “Bastard.” 
He hated how fast his phone was in his hand to text Jaskier. 
Es finally trapped me into a blind date. Fucker. 
Within a second, a message that didn’t feel like a response popped up on his screen. 
I have a date on Friday? my friend set it up. I kinda don’t wanna go. 
Geralt tried to ignore the way his gut twisted at the idea of Jaskier going out with someone else. He wasn’t sure what to say back. It wasn’t like he didn’t also have a date that night. His phone buzzed again in his hand, showing an incoming call. 
“She said his name is Gary!” Jaskier whined. There was a clattering in the background and Geralt leaned against the counter. He could close his eyes and see Jaskier making his lunch. “Who names their kid Gary? I bet he’s hideous!” There was a huff. 
“I guess this means we’ll have to cancel movie night?” Geralt hummed as he bit into a fork full of salad, sans tomatoes. “But who knows,” Geralt winced only because he knew Jaskier couldn’t see, “the guy might surprise you?” 
There was a gasp on the other end of the line. “You wanna stand up our dates and just meet up for a movie anyways?” Jaskier laughed but the sound died quickly. “Unless you’re looking forward to the date.” There was something like disappointment in his voice that could have only been chalked up to missing out on the movie and shitty take-out. 
“I would, but Eskel would kill me,” Geralt reasoned with a hum. 
“You’re gonna get a play-by-play of how terrible this guy is,” Jaskier promised with a laugh. There was a bang and a curse. “Ah shit, my frittata! I gotta go.” The line was dead before Geralt could say anything else. 
He tried to ignore the way his chest tightened as he shoved another bite into his mouth. He was almost glad when the firehouse alarm went off. 
Friday came quickly. He rode to the fair with Eskel, who was chatting more than usual, clearly nervous about his date with the nurse he couldn’t seem to get over since the last time he ended up in the ER with a burn. 
Geralt couldn’t blame him, really. Anything that made his brothers happy was fine by him, but he wished that he didn’t have to hear the same story about Eskel finally asking her out again. It was just a constant reminder that he still hadn’t swallowed his pride enough when it came to Jaskier. 
“Where am I supposed to be?” Geralt managed to ask, his arms crossed over his chest as they pulled into the dirt lot. 
“There’s a ticket booth towards the center. I think she told him to meet you there,” Eskel was checking his hair in the mirror again and only stopped when he caught Geralt rolling his eyes. “Listen, we can’t all be as pretty as you,” he shot across the bench.
“Finally, something you’ve said that makes sense,” he snorted. He climbed out of the truck and shut the door on Eskel before he could make a comeback. 
It was still early, so the fairgrounds weren’t crowded just yet. He was thankful for that at least. The place would be packed before too long. He was already coming up with reasons to cut the night short as he leaned against the back of the booth, his phone in hand. He was making an attempt not to text Jaskier. He didn’t want to interrupt his date, even if he wasn’t looking forward to it.
Geralt pulled up their conversation anyways, scrolling through as he realized that he wasn’t even sure where Jaskier was going tonight. 
“Geralt?” There was a pair of dusty converse in front of him. 
He looked up and his heart sank for a moment. Jaskier was standing there, his bright eyes catching the lights from the ferris wheel. Geralt wasn’t looking forward to having to actually watch him on his date. There had been too many nights at too many bars where he watched Jaskier flirt with everyone. Almost everyone.  
“What are you doing here, Jask?” He half flinched as he realized how gruff he had sounded. Geralt looked around, expecting to see someone coming to collect Jaskier but there was no one else there. 
“Oh,” Jaskier whispered softly. A series of emotions flew across his face all at once before he simply beamed at Geralt. “Oh!” He was laughing then, leaning into Geralt’s personal space. “Gary,” he cackled. 
He scowled at Jaskier, but then it also dawned on him and he huffed. “Oh. It’s you,” he hummed, looking around. He wondered remotely if Eskel had done this on purpose. His date was Jaskier. Or it was supposed to be. 
Maybe, he shuffled from foot to foot for a moment, maybe it still could be. 
“Well, I know I’m not nearly as good looking as this Gary was supposed to be,” Geralt mused, “but maybe we could still…” He gestured around them vaguely. 
Jaskier looked up at him again, those same emotions Geralt couldn’t read from before flitting across his face before his eyes softened. He stepped forward, sliding his arm into Geralt’s with a smile. “Far more handsome than anyone I could have imagined, dear heart.” He gave Geralt’s arm a little squeeze. “Buy me a caramel apple and tell me you like my shirt?” Jaskier teased. 
Geralt snorted as he moved them forward. “You mean my shirt you stole?” He didn’t miss the way Jaskier fell in step beside him, their arms still linked. 
“Next time don’t leave your laundry in my dryer,” Jaskier chuckled. Then he was looking down as he pulled them both to a stop for a moment in the middle of the fairway. “Geralt, just so I’m clear-”
“This is a date,” Geralt blurted before he could stop himself. “I… if you want it to be.” Part of him wanted to pull away. He’d done it now and there was no going back. He had known Jaskier for three years and for a moment he thought it crash down around him. Jaskier only smiled back at him, looking relieved. 
“Yeah, yeah I do. But only if-” he started.
“Caramel apple.” Geralt raised an eyebrow, smirking. 
“Date it is then.” Jaskier let himself be led around the fair, always touching Geralt as they went. 
It felt nice, having the weight and warmth beside him as the early autumn air started to set in. 
They found themselves in front of the dunk tank where Eskel was sitting up on the platform, that smirk of his still firmly in place. 
He had known! Geralt huffed and glared at his brother. He was leaning out of the tank slightly to high-five a slender woman with dark hair. She looked over and waved to Jaskier with a smile. 
“Hey, do you want the horse or the alien stuffie?” He asked as he marched up to the booth. He watched with a grin as Eskel’s own smile dropped. “You know what, I’ll win you both.” 
Jaskier only looked at him with confusion then glanced across. “Oh. Were we played?” He sounded smug as he handed Geralt his own tickets. 
Geralt landed not only the first shot, but the next three after, sending Eskel plunging down into the water below. When he handed Jaskier both of the rewards he was passed a caramel apple already missing a bite. 
Three years suddenly seemed to hinge on the moment as he took the apple and leaned forward, past the oversized head of the alien in Jaskier’s arm. He pressed a kiss to the corner of Jaskier’s mouth, slow enough that he could have pulled away. 
Jaskier didn’t pull away. Instead, he turned his face and let their mouths slot together more firmly, smiling all the while. 
“Took you long enough,” he pulled away just enough to murmur before pressing in again. 
“Movie night tomorrow?” Geralt asked when they finally broke apart. He felt like he was vibrating in his boots. 
“It’s a date.” 
It certainly was going to be, Geralt decided. He’d make sure it would be a good one too.
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kat-got-lost · a year ago
Hello! How are you? I hope you're okay ^^ Well I wanna request (If it's fine) Dream team in love with Y/N and fight for them (For wining their heart) some fluffy stuff u know UwU (If it's not fine with you please ignore this UnU have a good day ^^
hello loves it's 2am, im on mobile and decided to knock out some requests so sorry for weird formats :)
(A/N: changed up the request a bit, bc it was similar to something I've been thinking about the last couple days,,)
poly!dreamteam x cat hybrid!reader
warning// none
genre// fluff
format//headcanons, drabble
poly!dt x gn!reader (pronouns aren't exactly mentioned, male reader is implied but there's fem and gn options as well :)
(in game AU)
(A/N #2: forgot to mention y/n is like a cat shapeshift? they can turn into a cat but they've also got the human form which consists of the cat ears nd stuff)
before they find you they're not exactly dating, they're kind of on that edge where it's like "lol, yes, just homies, haha u n l e s s"
so, one day sapnap's out gathering more stuff from the mines because they're running out of stuff, after maybe a day or two, he's just doing his own thing and then he hears meowing and he's like "what the fuck"
very confused because you rarely see cats in caves and mines, at least not as deep as he was
sapnap's first though was "someone probably has an underground house and their cat got out" but after a bit of examining he realizes you don't have a collar or anything
you had gotten lost and seeked shelter in a cave until you could safely get back to your makeshift shack
you'd decided to stay in your cat form since it was more practical, and it took less energy from you
saps heart kind of just,,melts,,because you'd been lost and it'd been around a week since you felt comfort so you're purring and snuggling into sapnap's touch
sap sets up a small shelter for you and gives you some food and water, he was planning on heading back that day so he decided that the shelter would be safe enough to leave you in so he could finish his job
he takes you home to dream and george and is like "hey lol, we have a cat now" the second he sees you dream basically snatches you out of sapnap's arms and it's cooing at you and scratching your ears *he literally melts at your purs
george on the other hand, not as a estatic, he's not upset to have you here, no, no, not at all he's more "what the fuck we don't have the resources to properly take care of a cat"
dream runs a bath for you because of how dusty you are due to the cave dust
after sapnap gives you a bowl of warm milk and some fish they had, he lets you roam around the house and you settle on george's room where you join him on the bed
george knows you're on the bed and expects to wake up to a fuzzy cat cuddled up to him, but what the didn't expect was a whole ass human snuggled into his chest
screams. fucking s c r e a m s
sapnap and dream think he's just been murdered and run into his room
very confused when they see you, get a little protective of george and start yelling, it scares you and you transform back into your cat form and they're like ",,,o h h"
you transform back and you're like "hh sorry, do you want me to leave? or?"
all three of the boys just collectively go "N O" they all think you're a very cute kitty, kitty that is also a very pretty boy/person/girl? pog?
you explain how you got in the caves and the whole situation
skip forward a bit forward and they're used to your routine, having you around and just you in general
these boys, THESE B O Y S- they will absolutely smother you in affection
it's almost like a competition for them, they like to compete to see who can hold your attention longer or who can just get your attention in general
dream likes to bake with you and you guys curl up on the couch after and eat whatever you guys baked, sapnap likes taking you on adventures, takes you on picnics and through pretty fields, forests, etc george likes napping with you, loves cuddling with you because you're so soft and squishy, enjoys when you play with his hair and likes to play with yours (if you can't play with your hair he likes to just give you headpats and lots of cat ear scratches)
eventually you get annoyed of them arguing over who gets to do what with you and you're like "why don't we date- you three are literally in love with each other and me and i love all three of you 😠😠"
you can see the gears turning in each of their heads *dream just goes "huh, why didn't we think of that before- works for me (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) " *
now you're all one big adorable relationship
cuddles, so. many. cuddles
lots of headpats, picnic dates and movie dates
constant teasing, which normally sounded like "awwhh such a cute kitty" from sapnap and "such a good boy/kitty (? person didn't sound right there, replace it with whatever gn term you want :)/girl" from dream and george
overall such a cute and cuddly relationship, 10/10, would want to be dteam's cat boy
(A/N it's now,,,3 am,,i'll be writing some other requests tomorrow morning :)
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startanewdream · a year ago
Padfoot & Minnie
Summary: Minerva meets Sirius for the first time after finding out he was innocent all along. (Companion piece for Afternoon tea)
Notes: I may take a time out of writing oneshots for a while because I want to dedicate to another project (I didn't forget any pending ask, I promise! - I'm just really excited with this new idea). But before that, please enjoy this moment that definitely happened between Sirius and Minerva.
It took two Order meetings until Minerva found herself face to face with Sirius Black alone at Grimmauld Place.
She was late for the meeting, having been almost followed by one Ministry employer (they had the right idea that she would stand with Dumbledore, but also the wrong idea that they could follow her), and she ought to enter the meeting room immediately, but she stopped at the sight of Sirius Black standing alone in another room, his arms crossed and looking rather thoughtful.
She took out her raincoat and stood still watching his figure.
Minerva had met other versions of Sirius Black in the past. First, that eleven-year-old boy who was too energetic and couldn't spend a day without plotting something with his best friend - then with his group of friends. Then that teenager who was trying desperately to stand aside from his family and made many mistakes in the process. Then an idealist soldier in a war that he was too young to be fighting.
Then he had been a traitor for years. Then an escaped convict.
And now he was a wrongly convicted innocent that seemed haunted by ghosts past.
The youthful Sirius Black that Minerva once knew was gone, replaced by that taciturn man who would only show a gleam when he was in the company of Remus Lupin or when he would speak of Harry Potter. And even then the light was dimmed in comparison to how bright Minerva had seen that boy in the past.
He turned to her and when their eyes met Minerva knew she couldn't delay this moment anymore. There were things she needed to tell him.
But he talked before she could when Minerva entered the dining room - or what resembled one in a very distant past.
'You got old, Professor'.
Minerva lifted her eyebrow.
'You got thinner'.
'Well, they don't keep a balanced diet in Azkaban. And last year it was mostly rats… did you ever eat one?'
'I beg your pardon?’
'Rats', he repeated, winking at her with so much mischief that for a moment she hoped to hear James' laugh echoing in the room. James always laughed at Sirius' jokes. 'They are actually tasty. Have you ever had one?'
'I most certainly have not'.
'Didn't even chase a little innocent mouse?'
'I know how to control my impulses, Mr. Black'.
'So there are impulses', he said, chuckling. 'I once chased a cat. Lily wasn't happy, but I told her I couldn't help myself'.
Minerva blinked.
'So the rumours were true after all?', she asked, trying not to sound very curious. 'You, Potter and…'
'Yeah, we managed that'. He gave her a lopsided smile. 'How many points would you give us for becoming animagus?'
'You mean awarding minors who took the risk of forever damaging their bodies to turn into unregistered animagi while breaking a few hundred school and wizarding rules?'
'I expected two hundred points at least', Sirius said, unabashed by her comment. 'It was impressive that we did it - and no one ever found out'.
'Turning into animals to hang out with a werewolf. You were out of your minds'.
'We were', Sirius agreed proudly. Minerva fought back a smile; Black and Potter had more talent than sense, and they knew it. They would thrive with the idea of becoming animagus.
'How old were you?'
'We started in Second Year. Accomplished just before the beginning of your Fifth Year'.
'Fifteen', she whispered. 'And it only took you two years?'
'We had a lot of free time', Sirius joked.
Minerva remembered the amount of mischief they caused and the equal amount of detention they got into. It didn't seem they had time - but they certainly had the drive to.
'How did you prepare the potion?'
'Bathroom of our dormitory. James knew a lot of house-elves because of the time he spent in the kitchens and we made them sworn secrecy'.
'And the mandrake?'
'We did it in the summer. A whole month silent. James wrote that his parents thought he was fulfilling a very weird promise. My parents didn't notice'.
Sirius looked around the room and then to the ceiling above with disdain. Minerva remembered talking to a young teenager, so full of anger and confusion; he hated his family so much that he had ran away. He'd promised he would never be like them - and then Minerva had thought Sirius had broken that promise when she saw the news he had betrayed the Potters.
Except they had all been wrong.
'Sirius - I am truly -'
'Don't be, Professor', Sirius said hurriedly. 'I understand why people believed I was the traitor. It was my idea to change the secret keeper without telling anyone after all - it's all my fault'.
He sounded so bitter that her heart broke a little.
'I do not believe it's your fault'.
'James and Lily are dead. If I had kept their secret -'
'You did. There is only one real traitor in this story and it's not you'.
Minerva thought of little Peter Pettigrew, so anxious to be like his friends. For years she thought she had been too hard with him - and now she wasn't sure of anything more.
'Thank you, Professor'.
Minerva hesitated for a few seconds.
'I am not your professor anymore, Sirius'.
'So I get to call you Minnie officially?', he asked, more joyful now.
She fought back a laugh.
'Only if you want to turn into a cactus. But I will allow you to call me Minerva'.
Sirius smiled and for a moment Minerva saw the ghost of the boy he once was.
Remus yawned lazily. The best thing he could say about that meeting was that it was over quickly. Any meeting with the presence of Severus Snape felt heavier; no wonder Sirius had exploded in the first minutes of the meeting and left the room.
Remus knew he should go after him now, calm him down and explain what had been discussed. He hoped Sirius was feeling better, but he doubted it - that house brought too many memories for him.
Before he could go upstairs, he heard noises coming from the dining room opposite the kitchen.
He walked quietly to not wake up that infernal portrait of Sirius' mother and stopped at the door.
'Well', Sirius was saying, a note of joy in his voice that was rare these days. 'I can show you mine if you show me yours'.
'Mr. Black…'
'What happened with Sirius?'
'Maybe you are pushing your limits, Sirius'.
'It's just for a few seconds. I give you my word I won't even try to sniff… anything'.
'You can't be seri… well, you probably are anyway’.
‘Oh, I’m always serious. Think of it as a sort of welcoming gift after years with nothing more than dementors for company’.
There was a short silence, then a sigh. ‘Very well. I will grant your wish, this one time only'.
Remus heard a soft sound, then another heavy one, and then silence.
Curious, Remus pushed the door quietly. He did not know what he expected, but it wasn't this.
There was a familiar black dog lying lazily on the floor of the dusty room, but what surprised him really was the tabby cat above the dog, calmly pressing each of its front paws in the fur in the dog's back, in and out, almost distractedly, as if massaging the dog. Then the cat sat, the body covering its paws and ressembling a bread loaf, and caught sight of Remus; the cat threw him the most stern look he had even seen on a cat, looking almost as if daring him to say anything. Remus would recognize the glass marks around the cat's eyes anywhere even without that severe expression on its face.
On the ground, the dog winked at him.
Remus blinked in answer and closed the door quietly. No one would believe him if he told and in any case, this seemed like a moment between Sirius and Minerva anyway.
He just hoped James was watching this from wherever he was.
For reference:
Tumblr media
Fonte: Pinterest
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wh6res · a year ago
chase — renhyuck
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“needy kitty. i can’t wait for purge night.”
Tumblr media
tw bullying, violence, swearing, yandere themes, possessive themes, blood, weapons (a gun, a grenade), implied noncon, implied kidnapping, mentions of stalking
disc i dont condone this behavior
wc 5k
‏‏‎ ‎
29 hours before the annual purge
“hold her down—i said hold her down, idiot!”
putting everything into account, they saw you more like a glorified chew toy than an actual person. 
they ruined your life simultaneously and it's ironic, that despite being sworn rivals, it seems you were their neutral ground—after one has had their own fun, you’re passed on to the other person so they can deliver that final, shattering blow that weakens your resolve. 
it was meant to be that way because it had always been that way. you’re the unlucky loser that ignited the worse sides of both lee haechan and huang renjun. 
they’re like oil and water; they don’t mix but with you, they found a compromise. stealing your lunch money, trashing your homework, quickies in between lectures. all of these should’ve been enough to give them a good power trip. but they’ve developed a hunger so severe that these past instances are but mere crumbs that hardly satisfy their cravings. 
it was beyond exhausting, being caught in between two headstrong people that were unwilling to back down at any cost. their aggression and anger towards each other directly being channeled onto you as they shove and swing you around like some ragdoll. 
you weren’t a bunch of kids, you knew that. you don’t cry and sob and say that it’s unfair, you hold your chin high and walk up to the guidance counselor’s office to report them for bullying. but you never should’ve underestimated the power of money and their respective families’ broad network of connections. 
without a doubt, the empty promises for justice is what broke your heart the most. it breaks with every bruise, every tight grip, and every nasty name the people willingly turned a blind eye to. 
it’s sad but it was a reality you taught yourself to get used to—the meek mouse learning how to evade the cats hot on her trail. 
but you weren’t as lucky today. 
“i am holding her down.”
a pair of lips comes in contact with your neck. its feathery and light at first until its biting down to mark you with his teeth. not too strong to draw blood, but enough to dent the surface of the skin. 
haechan has an oral fixation. biting his lips. his nails. whenever you see him, he always has a lollipop on his mouth and if he doesn’t, he’s painting hickeys across your skin. you hated his oral fixation, especially when makeup and clothes proved useless to hide the marks he gives you. 
“why run?” renjun asks you, slipping his fingers underneath your skirt as he kneels. “you know you have nowhere to hide in the campus.”
haechan snorts. “or anywhere else.”
it’s always the same thing. you go to school. you sit in your first period for thirty minutes until one of them shows up. then the other boy probably felt a gut instinct that he’s missing out on the fun. last time, it was an empty classroom in the abandoned left wing. 
they like taking you there all the time, it was always dark, the blinds pulled and shut tight. not to mention it was incredibly dusty. but both male knew you’re afraid of the dark, exactly why it’s their favorite spot. but empty classrooms and supply closets are close seconds, too. 
“you’re so pathetic. useless—only know how to whine like a fucking pornstar,” he quickly comments, feeling you arch against him when renjun’s tongue comes in contact with the pearl between your legs. “my cumdump.”
you feel a sharp exhale against your lower lips. you shudder. renjun clicks his tongue in annoyance. “can you shut up? you’re making my dick soft with all that talking.”
but haechan had ignored him completely, blissfully ignorant of the petite boy’s frustrations as he angles your head up to crash his lips onto yours. when he slightly pulls away, still playfully nibbling your bottom lip, what he said next made your blood run cold. 
“needy kitty. i can’t wait for purge night.”‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎
Tumblr media
6 hours before the annual purge
the price to pay for protection started rising again this year and you, much like your neighbors, are in a sense of turmoil. jamming the doors with cabinets and nailing your windows with wood is hardly enough to satisfy the gnawing feeling in your stomach. much less when you didn’t even have a weapon to wield other than a wooden bat and a cheap taser you bought on sale. 
“its not like anyone will be coming for you, right?” the little girl says, touching the randomest stuff in your apartment. her name was naeun and she never really liked pink and sparkles like most girls her age, maybe that’s why she took a liking to you. 
her mom works a 9 to 5 and her grandma stays with her on occasion. but the old lady loved to sleep, naeun said, so she gets the chance to slip out and come knocking on your door. you tried shooing her out of your apartment countless times but she’s stubborn. 
she reminds you of yourself. 
“well, i hope no one does.” you joked, putting on a turtleneck. 
naeun’s mom doesn't like you as much as it is, but if you yourself let naeun see the bruises on your skin? you’d hate yourself forever. “now, come on little missy, go back to your grandma. i need to head over to the bank to settle my protection fees.”
“but you just said no one is going to come for you anyway,” she whines stomping towards the door. “mom already settled ours yesterday becase grammy forced her to. mommy said it was just a waste of money because who’d bother to rob us anyway?”
a memory flashes in your head. two boys who’ve sandwiched you between them in the dark of a fucking supply closet at uni. wandering hands, labored whispers, curt giggles, one pair of lips trailing up your neck while the other up your inner thigh.
“needy kitty. i can’t wait for purge night.”
you needed that protection. that was no slip up because haechan never makes mistakes. if he wanted to make you feel like some animal on the run after catching a whiff of trouble then he sure is doing a good job. 
“hey! i think you just went someplace else there,” naeun says, nudging your side irritably to get your attention again. 
you try forcing out a chuckle but it doesn't work, still deeply peeved by a memory from last week replaying vividly in your mind. if they ever mean what they meant (which you know they do) then this is now more than just trying to get through the night—you have to survive, prepare, and pray neither of them finds you. 
“i think your grandma’s right in doing what she did, naeun. with humans, you’ll never know.”
and just like that naeun went silent, bid you goodbye, and disappeared behind the apartment door.
the bank was a quick walk from your apartment. you hardly broke much sweat and you even managed to stop by the grocery store to make some last-minute runs. the store’s nearly empty, deserted of any human being as the seconds slowly but surely ticked away. it was only when you walked past aisle seven did you pause, the hairs on your back standing as a slow chill crawled up your spine. 
you look over your shoulder. 
no one’s there. 
you swallow, quickly looking down your watch to check the time as you made your way to counter. 3 hours before the annual purge. you needed to get your ass moving. you just need to grab one more thing and you’ll best be on your way. 
you practically ran towards the dairy section and just as you spin around, strawberry ice cream pint in your hands, you jump as he appears before you in thin air and you drop whatever you’re holding. 
“such a skittish little kitten,” renjun clicks his tongue, bending down to retrieve the ice cream on the floor. “here you go.”
you couldn’t even stare at him in the eye. your hands shook but it wasn’t because of the cold desert. now you get it. it’s his eyes you felt on you earlier, ever intrusive and piercing as he watched you from afar. was he stalking you?
“i didn’t quite catch a thank you, kitty.”
how foolish of you to think he’ll let you duck away without at least speaking to him, hm?
“thank… thank you?”
renjun grins, satisfied with your stuttering as he raises a hand to ruffle your hair—he ignores how you flinched away from him—before walking away with one hand in his coat pocket, whistling an eerie tune that can haunt your nightmares way after purge night. 
“see you later, kitten.”
if it wasn’t the whistling that set you on edge or that clear promise of your doom—it’s the pack of zip ties and duct tape in his hands.‏‏‎ ‎
Tumblr media
you were watching a rerun of your favorite morning reality tv when it cuts to the dreaded blue screen showing the flag of korea. 
this is not a test.
this is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the annual purge sanctioned by the south korean government. 
weapons of class 4 and lower have been authorized for use during the purge. all other weapons are restricted. 
commencing at the siren, any and all crime, including murder, will be legal for 12 continuous hours. 
police, fire, and emergency medical services will be unavailable until tomorrow morning until 7 am when the purge concludes. 
may god be with you all.
you’ll never get used to the blaring siren that echoes through the empty streets. you can feel the floor vibrating and it travels throughout your whole body as the dread starts sinking deep into your skin. 
you’ve already double checked all your windows and the front door. activated the security system provided by the bank. and you’ve also already charged your taser and have hammered down nails into your wooden bat. fine. if they wanted to scare and bully you into a panicked frenzy, it did its job but fuck no will you go down without a fight. 
you shut all the lights, the apartment basking in the moonlight glow brought by the translucent curtains as you make your way to your bedroom, nearest the emergency exit just in case they barge through your front door by force. 
at first, nothing happened. it was peaceful. tranquil. you can hear a pin drop with how quiet it was. both inside and outside. you were almost tempted to cover your mouth in case you were breathing too loud. 
it’s silent. until it wasn’t.
your phone rings. it’s there, vibrating on your desk and you make long strides until you’re face to face with a set of numbers on your screen. an unregistered contact. there’s a debate inside your head whether to answer it or not, fingers hovering between the red and green button… until it eventually lands on the green. 
you put it up to your ear, hands sweating as you wait with bated breath for the person on the other end to speak. 
it’s renjun. you don’t answer. 
“i can hear you breathing, you know. i can’t wait to see you. we’ll have so much fun together. it’s sad that i have to share with that imbecile but better half of you than nothing of you, right?” he laughs and you feel a rush of anger surge through you. yet, you don’t bother to give him the satisfaction of a reply. 
“i can see you’re angry, little kitty. while it’s cute and hot… don’t be. turn that frown upside down for me, wouldn’t you?”
but the blinds are drawn he couldn’t have seen you—
“you’re never going to get me, you fucking bastard. i’m not scared of you,” you sure do hope he can’t hear the tremble in your voice. “whatever you plan on doing to me, you’ll fail.”
you walk back slowly, eyes darting everywhere to look for a camera they could’ve installed in your room. they have connections and the money to do it so you won’t put it past them. 
“oh, my stupid kitty. how can we fail when we already got a head start?” 
the floorboard behind you creaks and before you could turn around, someone slams your head against the desk. you hear a crack, whether it’s the screen of your laptop or your nose, you couldn’t tell. the person is agile and silent as he maneuvers you to the ground and seals your lips with duct tape. 
“after all,” haechan giggles. “you can’t lock out what’s already inside, kitten.”
your phone lands somewhere near your head. renjun has already dropped the call and the line goes silent. 
squirming, you glared at the person on top of you. is this how you’re gonna go? you can’t deny, even you yourself find this pathetic. the security alarms you bought, the nail-studded bat, your taser, everything was all for naught? just because you didn’t check under your bed to make sure no one was there?
how long was haechan waiting? when naeun was still here? when you went out to buy groceries? 
you thought it would be fear you’ll be feeling as you get caught but the emotion isn’t present at all. instead, it’s white hot anger that overrides your system and forces you to act without thinking—and it just fucking saved your life. 
haechan always saw you as a vulnerable, sad little human being who couldn’t do shit on her own. it’s easy to underestimate you and that’s his first mistake. 
the second is rather foolish—not tying your legs up first. it’s all too easy to slam your forehead against his before jerking your leg up to knee him in the balls. 
you can see the anger in his eyes clear as day as you made a run for it to the kitchen, having come up with another escape plan—because surely if you went down the emergency exit, haechan would’ve caught up easily with those long legs after he’s recovered from your assault. 
your nose was probably bleeding and your head is in the early stages of a full blown migraine, at least you were able to function enough to wobble your way towards the trash chute situated near the stove. you had cursed that chute the first day you moved in here (who would put a trash chute next to a fucking stove) but the day has come for you to thank the gods that you have that in your house. 
going for a swim in all your neighbors’ trash is disgusting and unplanned (plus, falling down maybe six floors to your doom) but you’ll choose that over lee haechan and huang renjun any day. 
“don’t you dare fucking think about it!”
you flashed him the middle finger to tick him off. a petty retaliation for all the bullshit he and renjun put you through but it felt good nonetheless. 
“catch me if you fuckers can.”
and you were falling down the trash chute.‏‏‎ ‎
Tumblr media
okay, yeah—maybe you should’ve thought it through before hurling yourself six floors down only for some half-filled dumpster to catch you but at least you’re still alive, right? alive and free, mind you. but you don’t have time to celebrate. 
it smelled awful and you swear your knees and elbows are bruised but you scramble to climb out and run away as fast as you can. 
it was only haechan inside your apartment. no sign of renjun but he did see you somehow and you have no doubt it was a camera inside that room. you didn’t have much time to ponder for how long they were installed in your room. it’s the least of your worries at the moment.
you’re outside. 
during purge night.
even if you did manage to escape it felt more like a win than a lose, forced out of your own apartment in nothing but shorts and a shirt—heck, you don’t even have shoes on!—it felt like they won. again. 
if you’re not going to die in the hands of some other wacko, you’ll die of hypothermia. how nice. 
you didn’t know where you were running to, the only thing you knew was you need to get the hell out of this neighborhood as fast as you can. you didn’t want to run in alleyways and risk getting stabbed for fun. maybe the sewer system… oh, right. you don’t have your phone on you and it’ll probably be pitch black down there. 
you really, truly, genuinely didn’t want to run so out in the open but it was the best you can impulsively come up with. 
when you feel like you’ve put a reasonable distance between you and the apartment, you stop, hands resting flat on your knees as you crouch to catch a breath. just as quick the adrenaline appeared as fast as it had disappeared. you feel the weight and tension crushing your legs, not to mention you’re really starting to feel that headache settle after headbutting haechan. 
you almost collapse against the brick wall. 
the last person you ever thought you’ll see jumps out from the corner of the alleyway and you almost broke their nose. 
until you saw who it was. 
their apartment got raided, some buffy sickos who they had the misfortune of breaking into their house to purge. luckily they got away, but after getting attacked on the streets, naeun got separated after she ran for her life just like you did. you can’t help but feel sorry for the little girl, who experienced the full effect of this godforsaken holiday. 
this is bad. you can’t leave her but it’s tough enough to have to fend for yourself. you’re not so sure whether you can protect another human being but you’ll have to try. 
“did your mom or grandma tell you anything? anything at all?” you ask, crouching to her eye level. “you said your mom knew the way… where? what do you mean?”
“mom said they’re providing refuge on the other side of town but it’s a 30-minute drive. walking would take longer.”
shit. you didn’t want to risk it. you don’t have a car and you’d rather die right here right now than walk another step out in the streets—
“who’s ‘they’?”
“i don’t… i don’t know. she didn’t say.”
you licked your chapped lips. you can’t trust what she’s saying, not when you didn’t even know these people. it’s too risky, not to mention you’re already running from not one, but two people.
naeun sits next to you against the bricked wall of the alley, looking down at her lap. “i’m scared,” she admits. you hear a tremble in her voice. “are mom and grammy de—”
“no,” you cut her off, pulling her tiny body against yours. when you feel her fists clutching your jacket, you swear to protect this girl with your life. “no, they’re not. i’m sure they’re heading there now to the refuge center just like we are.”
her head pokes out, looking up towards you. “we’re going? i thought you didn’t want to.”
you shake your head, wiping her tears. “well, it’s the one way for you to meet your mom and grammy, right?”‏‏‎ ‎
Tumblr media
walking down the streets during purge night—man, this has got to be the most ballsy thing you’ve ever done after that one time you spat at renjun in the eye. you managed to find a litter of bodies way into thirty minutes of walking and you nearly sent naeun flying onto the asphalt with how hard you pushed her back. she couldn’t see this mess, you’d be damned to allow a nine-year-old walk right into psychological trauma. 
you pocket a gun—you didn’t have enough courage to fight with a knife. you wiped the blood off using your shirt before shoving them down onto the garter of your shorts. you didn’t bother to take their shoes, none of them would’ve fit you anyway and it’ll just slow you down. 
“hey, are you alright? is that blood—”
“it’s not mine, naeun. come on, let’s get moving.”
for two hours you walked towards this mysterious refuge center on the other side of town and both you and naeun managed to evade death three times. 
the first attack: a group of high schoolers with their uniforms on. there were three of them, about your height, and while you weren’t responsible for the blood on your shirt, you’re not so sure about their lot. they looked crazy, excited even, but sloppy in the way they flung their knives and bats around. their first purge, you assumed, so it was fairly easy to take them down. a bullet to the head worked like a charm. naeun didn’t say anything when you urged her out of her hiding place to flee the scene. three bullets left. 
the second attack: it was a surprise, one that got you stabbed in the shin of your right leg. it was a drunkard with a knife, you could smell him as you walked past by his slumped form in the sidewalk. he wasn’t moving, so you thought he was dead and it was poor judgement on your part. it’s pathetic getting injured this way, you thought, but at least it was you who faced the consequences and not naeun. two bullets left.
the third attack: two men but deadlier than the girls and the drunk. you didn’t get to reason out with either of them, not when they drove their cadillac at 140 miles per hour and nearly ran you over. a chill crept up your spine when you saw the bloody, naked women strapped down onto the hood. victims. you didn’t engage in any form of combat, it’s impossible, so you took naeun in your arms and ran straight to the back alleys. number of bullets remain the same.
three lucky strikes. 
three times you’ve cheated death. 
but time is up and your luck has run out. 
“beating up a girl? what a coward, if you ask me,” you say, spitting out a tooth after someone kneed you in the face. you were in no position to say such things when they’ve got you busted up and bloody, left eye swollen after one hard punch. 
naeun is nowhere to be seen. 
who knows what these assholes could’ve done to her. you told her to run so she better fucking run and make sure she lives through this nightmare. 
another kick flies to your ribs and you lie sprawled on the dirty pavement of an alleyway—what an uncool way to die but at least you’ll die with a clear conscience. 
you passed by city hall a few minutes ago. surely, the refuge center is not too far from there. naeun will make it safe. she’ll make it. 
“what’s that look on her face? is she dead?”
another one scoffs. “well… if they’re after her then she’s as good as dead.”
you blacked out. ‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎
Tumblr media
you hate the scent of disinfectant. it crawls up your nose and you hate how the stench is so strong you can taste it on your tongue. this isn’t heaven, not when you know you’re better off burning in hellfire.
unless you weren’t dead—your eyes shoot open, sitting up in haste as you clutch the thin blanket. 
rows upon rows of the same cot you were lying on greets you. people injured, some standing, some sitting. there were people treating them, too, but they were in normal clothes so this can’t be a hospital. in fact, it looked like you’re in some warehouse, stacks of metal crates sealing off all entrances. 
“it’s the refuge,” you whisper. 
“you’re awake!” before you could even turn around, a body launches itself onto you and nearly makes the cot collapse. judging by the small frame and the pitchy voice—
“naeun, be careful!” her mother hisses but the girl in between your arms couldn’t care less. if she’d been an adult, she’d be squeezing the life out of you. when she pulls you closer, your healing ribs made a strike of pain surge through you. 
you groan, bowing in the pain. distantly, you can hear the mother and daughter fighting and it was a banter you’ve never experienced with your own mom. it nearly made you tear up from the overwhelming wave of emotions you were feeling but all else disappears when a person tenderly grips your shoulder. 
“thank you for taking care of my granddaughter.” the old lady was smiling appreciatively as she stared at you. 
that was it. it could’ve been the happy ending to a gruesome and bloody storyline—it should’ve been, family of three reunites again and that was all thanks to you, right?
but even heroes have their own bad endings. 
you heard the ticking of the grenade only seconds before it detonates. the other refugees didn’t even have the time to take cover as some closest to the sealed doors were sent flying so far back they crashed into the row of crates behind you. 
you were severely injured, limping, ribs broken, and you only had one good eye to rely on—yet the first thing you thought of was protecting naeun. maybe the midget had a way of worming herself into your heart. but before you even push yourself off the cot, a figure emerges from the smoke. 
petite and harmless, pretty as the tips of his hair grazed porcelain cheekbones. renjun’s eyes are as cold and calculating as can be and it’s the only thing that terrifies you to no end. when he opens his mouth, anger is hidden well underneath that calm tone. 
“i’ll give you one minute to come here willingly.”
there’s no room for bargain, he needn’t when he knows you have absolutely nothing to offer him but yourself. he doesn’t finish his sentence but he trusts you’re smart enough to figure out the silent threat—come, or he’ll turn this place into a fucking bloodbath. 
cornered and weak, defenseless. weird how they have a fixation for calling you ‘kitty’ when they’re the cats in this chase. 
“naeun,” you whisper, trying to crane your neck to look for her in the filth of rocks and debris. please don’t be hurt.
you freeze when you feel a barrel pointing at your head. it was only there for seconds, haechan probably doesn’t have the guts to hurt you in any way permanently (unless it’s inflicted with his own hands and not through some other medium). 
“ah, look. now we have matching black eyes,” he giggles like a madman, craning your neck up and the leather in his globes brings discomfort to your skin. 
you see the way the other refugees looked at you—scum, dirt on their feet that brought about trouble in their lives. they were already badly hurt as it is and now, this happened? you don’t blame them. 
not one man tried to stand up for you as haechan hauls you up and throws you down on renjun’s feet. your ribs were screaming and you’re cold and so, so afraid. with shaky fingers, you gestured towards the crowd. “just... please, don’t hurt them. they don’t have anything to do with this.”
renjun coos. such a cruel smirk for a pretty face. “aw, such an angel my darling is. always thinking of others instead of her own safety. funny because i don’t think you’ve ever done such a thing for me and haechan, though. i wonder why...”
the latter digs his heel in your injured legs and you scream as black starts to surround the corners of your vision. you tried to crane your neck back, pleading eyes wanting to look at the assaulter but renjun’s calloused hand is gripping your chin too tight.
“should we make a bargain, kitten?”
you stare deep into renjun’s eyes. he knows you don’t have anything left, he can see it in your glassy eyes, too wide and vulnerable. he’s doing this all for show, trying to make you even more desperate and self-aware of your eventual demise.
and you thought haechan was the only cunning one.
“what… what bargain?"
renjun practically gleams in pride. “i’ll let everyone walk free—even your precious little naeun—that’s her name, right? the little girl you’ve been protecting the whole night?—we’ll let her and everyone in this building walk away unharmed. that’s my bargain. you know how those work, right? now, you need to give me something i want.”
forcing you to offer yourself up to them.
what a brutal way to crush your pride.
choice wasn’t an option. if you don’t oblige and choose to run away on your own, they’ll kill them and still hunt you down. you gotta say, it was a tempting bargain that appealed to the sense of heroics in your heart. naturally, you have to choose where there is less blood shed. and as renjun lets go of your chin and lets you look over your shoulder to meet little naeun’s eyes, how she sobbed against her mother’s arms and shook her head and screamed…
“hurry, kitten. i don’t like to be kept waiting.”
you know what needs to be done.
“me. i’ll give you… me.”‏‏‎‏‏‎ ‎
Tumblr media
they stood playing a game of pool in the dead of night. it’s peaceful inside the estate while the city beyond rampaged and burned. they achieved their goal, had finally seen an end to a plan that had been set in motion for years. they’ve succeeded and the broken woman lying on the bed meters from the pool table is proof of their victory. 
“don’t you just love it when an elaborate plan works like clockwork, injun?” he asks, voice like trickling honey as he hits number 9 with the cue ball. 
the other, more petite male, rolls his eyes but doesn’t disagree. “oh, please, people like us always triumph, donghyuck. it’s nothing new. although i am surprised that little girl and her so-called “family” played along so well. almost had me fooled.”
“i agree. it's such a shame they had to go.”
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dearestones · 9 months ago
Remember that We Care for You  (Simeon x Reader)
Warnings: Reader is very stressed and needs some tender loving care, hints of a meltdown.
Simeon may not have been the first to notice, but he was definitely the first to confront you.
Confrontation—that was the word that you would describe the sudden encounter you had with Simeon within the Royal Library. Although you knew that the angel was an intellectual with a taste for literature, you had no idea that he would visit the library at the same time as you. You were surprised, but you happily welcomed him with a gentle embrace.
Yet, you could not deny that you were somewhat on edge from your worries and the inner turmoils that tormented you from within.
“It’s a pleasure to see you here.” His eyes twinkled merrily as he took you in. “Did one of the brothers bring you here? Mammon, perhaps?”
You shook your head lightly, a wan smile pulling at your lips.
“Mammon wouldn’t be caught dead being so close to a library.” You laughed lightly before answering, “Satan and Levi, actually. Apparently, there’s a cat themed cosplay event nearby and I needed to finish a project for Seductive Speechcraft, so… Here I am!” You gestured with forced enthusiasm, wincing when you realized that maybe you were a little too loud.
Meanwhile, the angel merely looked at you, an amused, but probing quality to his glance.
Despite yourself, you caught the evident concern and foolishly, you decided to indulge in his curiosity.
“Is there something wrong?” You fidgeted a little, but held your ground as you saw his eyes rove over your face.
He thought for a moment, a finger resting on his chin before saying, “Have you been feeling all right?” Before you could even think about giving him an answer that would have deflected any attention away from yourself, he continued, “These past few days… No, these last few weeks, you haven’t been yourself. Talk to me.”
A part of you wanted to play stupid, to act like you had no idea what he was talking about. However, Simeon was still an angel, no matter how soft and gentle he may seem. He may not have been like Lord Diavolo, but he had an uncanny way of reading people and he somehow knew if he had been lied to. Besides, it would have been rude to disregard Simeon’s concerns when you knew fully well what you had felt all this time.
Another part of you wanted to brush off the matter—it didn't affect Simeon, so why even bother? It wasn’t like he could help you if he tried (but, you suppose that you weren’t giving him enough credit).
“And what if I don’t feel like talking?” Harsh. Snappy. You didn’t mean to snap back like that, but you had not been feeling your best all week. The brothers demanded too much from you and you demanded too much of yourself. You were left with only cracks and pieces of yourself that needed time to repair and heal, but you kept pushing yourself harder and harder until there was nothing left.
Nothing left except jagged sharp edges that cut deep into the skin of those who wanted to help you.
Ashamed, you hung your head and hugged your arms against your chest. You hadn’t meant to produce such scathing words, but you couldn’t help it. You had nothing else to give other than the worst parts of yourself.
Would this be the part where Simeon left you alone to stew in your reckless stupidity and guilt?
You floundered, and it was at that moment that Simeon rescued you from yourself. You felt it before you could put a voice or a description to it: the rising sense of panic, of the bottomless pit of guilt threatening to swallow you whole. Your heart was racing, your throat was closing up. A million thoughts began rushing throughout your head—it was like a cacophony of people were taking up space in your head and in order to pay their dues, they decided to scream to quell the silence from your lips.
Before you could even begin to start stuttering out an apology for your carelessness, for your inability to answer him, a warmth settled around your shoulders and the curved planes of a massive palm found purchase on the back of your neck. Initially, you thought about resisting, but once you felt Simeon’s thumb loosely massaging circles into your flushed skin, you relented into bowing forward and resting your head against his chest.
For all of your thoughts about the angel before, you never did quite realize that while he didn’t look cuddly, cuddling him was actually a veritable option that you could seek out in the future. Now, however, all you were focused on was steadying your breaths and finding a way to leave the library—and by extension, the Celestial Realm exchange student—without garnering more attention than what was necessary. It seemed that other than having great insight into your well being, Simeon was also a mind reader. Before you could apologize and ask to be let go (so that you could run away from your problems), the angel rested his forehead against your own, his bright blue eyes saddened with empathy and kindness.
“You’re hurting.”
“I…” You swallowed hard and you wished that you could have been curled up in one of the dusty corners of the library rather than ensconced in the angel’s warm embrace. While comforting, it was still disconcerting to know that Simeon must have felt the turmoil that you were feeling within yourself. You couldn’t look away so you squeezed your eyes shut and hoped that lying this way would be believable. “I’m fine, Simeon. I’m not bleeding or anything, hahaha….”
“Your heart is.” He relaxed his hold and the hand that had rested on your neck gently caught the tears that steadily ran down your cheeks.
When did you start to cry? Was it when Simeon had first held you close to him? Was it when you finally relaxed in his embrace?
Or had you been crying this entire time?
It was such a simple action—wiping away the tears from a dear friend—that did you in. Soft whimpers filled the air as you tried to greedily suck in air that was rapidly exiting your airways. You needed to breathe, you needed to cry, you needed to get away. The air was too suffocating, too warm and too humid. If you didn’t leave—but you should, you really should—you wouldn’t be surprised if your soft mewls of hurt became high pitched screaming interspersed with bouts of wailing.
And in a world that was ruled by demons and dark magic, blatant displays of weakness would guarantee a hard time for you in the future.
“Can I… I just want…” You hiccuped—your eyes were still stinging and your erratic breathing was making it hard to speak.
“Hush,” Simeon murmured. He bent low and you caught sight of the angel that his human appearance seemed to hide under pretty glamour and misdirect. Your body stilled and for the first time in what seemed like a century of waiting, you took a long, deep breath. Air filled your lungs just as quickly as your body was overcome with calm. “We don’t have to talk about it here or now. But,” his angelic blue eyes looked at you, a plea so loud you could hear it in your heart, “I urge you to talk to someone about this. Such burdens are meant to be shared as a flock instead of one lone lamb.”
“Two humans…” You sucked in a breath; your body was still racked with the need to cry and lash out. “Two humans in the Devildom hardly count as a flock.”
“But it’s a start,” Simeon whispered as he placed a chaste kiss on the crown of your head. “And if you can’t seek comfort from Solomon or me, then please turn to Luke or the brothers. We care for you. Remember that.”
If you want to donate a Ko-Fi, feel free https://ko-fi.com/devintrinidad.
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themonotonysyndrome · 8 months ago
REDACTED verse -  A dinner and a show
Prompt: any | any | competition
Word Count: 2,460
Author/Team: LadyMonotone
Fandom/Original: Redacted ASMR (Vincent Solaire/Lovely)
Rating: T
Triggers: Explicit implications
Summary: It's a tradition within the Solaire Clan that the King would visit his progenies from time to time. Tonight, Will is coming over to Vincent & Lovely's apartment for dinner. What's not a tradition is the karaoke competition that comes afterwards. 
ConCrit: Y
I don’t know what happened. This oneshot just went out of my control but I had so much fun writing it today! I hope you guys enjoyed it! 
Also, I just realised that all the characters in my oneshots have been eating lately. Oh my god, I got so hungry when I was writing them that I subconsciously includes food in some of the scenes 😭 Food is my love language so I guess it’s cute that the bois and their lovers would sit down and eat together. 
That being said, I hope you guys will crave Korean food as much as I am in this oneshot! 😅
“Vincent? I need your help. Can you tell me what’s Will's favourite colours?”
“Lovely - ”
“Because I have some formal outfits in our closet, but they don’t mean shit if Will hate the colours.”
“Lovely, hang on - ”
“Is he allergic to perfumes? Colognes? I have some soft-scented bottles that should be Vampire-friendly! I think? Most of them are floral though… oh! Does he have a favourite flower? Do you think I should buy some before he comes over?”
“What? No, Lovely, I think you’re working yourself up - ”
“I know you bought some blood bags for dinner but do you think we should cook some food too? Does Will like to eat? Shit, I knew I should have bought some groceries yesterday after class!”
“You’re not listening to me at all, Lovely…”
“We have to clean up the whole place too. I don’t know how our furniture gets so dusty so quickly! I just wiped them down a few days ago!”
“Do you think I should do my hair too? It’s a bit of a mess lately; I could use a trim. Does Will - ”
Lovely's eyes widen as a deep kiss suddenly silences them. Their heart pounds when Vincent brings them close to his chest, trapping his lover in his arms. Lovely's eyes flutter close when he pulls away to press butterfly kisses on their neck. They couldn’t help it; they moan and tilt their head back when they feel fangs delicately drag down their tender skin.
“Vincent!” Lovely hisses, not sure for what, though, when Vincent's fangs pinprick where their pulse is.
“Oh? Are you finally with me again, Lovely?” Vincent breathes, loving how their heart begins to beat faster and faster in anticipation. His chest reverberates when he chuckles deeply. “There we go… I have your attention again, little one.”
They grumbled at the unfairness of it all. Just as Lovely knew all of Vincent’s weaknesses and tickle spots, he knew how weak their knees behaved when he pressed his fangs to any parts of his partner's body. Especially down south.
“I’m serious here, Vince.” Lovely whines. “There are so many things we have to do before Will comes over for dinner tonight. I want to make sure everything’s perfect.”
Vincent gives Lovely a deadpan look. They would’ve coo at how adorable he looks if it weren’t for his Vampiric speed and his habit of chucking them onto the bed whenever Lovely is being too stubborn to listen to reason. “Lovely? A question: are you dating my Sire or me?”  
Lovely blinks; they didn’t expect that. “Uh, you, duh.”
“Then trust me, as your boyfriend,” Lovely has no idea why Vincent emphasised that last word, but they knew better than to interrupt him when he gets like this. “That everything’s going to be fine. Besides, I told you that while this might look like the whole ‘meeting the parent’ shtick, the relationship between a Sire and their Progeny is way more than that.” He patiently reminds them.
“Well yeah, but he means a lot to you.” Lovely points out. Now, why did Vincent look so surprised at that? “So that means he’s important to me too. That’s why this dinner has to be perfect.”
For a moment, Vincent said nothing. He just stares at them in wonderment.
Lovely let out a surprised squeak when Vincent suddenly crushed them in a hug. “How did I get so damn lucky with you, Lovely?” He murmurs, face buried on top of their head. “Sometimes I think that you’re… too amazing to be real.”
So soft and sweet; that’s Vincent. Lovely lets him cuddle them like his personal teddy bear until he's satisfied.
“Now, I need you to do something for me, Lovely. Do you think you can do it?”
Lovely raise an eyebrow. “Depends on what it is, Vince. I haven’t eaten anything yet, so I can only give you at least four hours in bed - ”
“N-Not that!” Vincent hurries to interject, a brilliant red blush runs across his cheeks despite him being a Vampire. He coughs once to get them on track, playfully glaring at Lovely for trying to distract him. “Geez, Lovely. It’s still way too early for… that. But we're definitely going to revisit that. Anyway, I need you to calm down for a second, OK? Will is a pretty chill guy and an open-minded Sire. He knows how much I love you, so you have nothing to worry about.” He gently assures them, rubbing calming motions up and down Lovely's back.
Lovely could feel their anxiety melts away. Just enough for them to finally breathe again ever since Vincent dropped the bomb that William Solaire will be coming over for dinner tonight.
Apparently, everyone in the Clan knows that the King would visit his Progenies at least once a month to check up on them. Just like how a parent would drop by their children's home for a visit, in Lovely's opinion.
“Ok. You win, baby.” Lovely sighs, loving how his rubbing eases the tense muscles. They arch their back like a pleased, spoiled cat when Vincent messages that spot below their shoulders. “Ooooh, yes, that’s the spot!”
Once Lovely's bones feel like they could melt at any time, they throw Vincent a grateful smile.
“Now, there’s the smile I’ve been missing the whole day!” Vincent teases. “C’mon Lovely, let’s plan for dinner before we take our nap. How do you feel about seafood?”
“Oh, I can go for some seafood. It’s been a while.”
“Spicy steamed crabs with scallops, battered pan-fry oysters and some chilled bowl of rice top with raw salmon and sea bass with slices of your favourite veggies? All Korean-style."
“Hell yes. I think we have all the ingredients for that. Wait. Err, can Will handle spicy food?”
"Uh... I have no idea. Maybe we should hold back on that spicy steamed crabs with scallops just in case."
Ever since the two started living together, Vincent really took a shine when it came to cooking and baking. The idea of providing for Lovely makes him ridiculously happy, and besides, him whipping up healthy and delicious food for them results in much richer and sweeter blood flowing within his lover for him to feed on so… win-win!
As the two of them traverse to the kitchen to start preparing the ingredients for dinner, Lovely slowly gain the confidence that their dinner tonight with Vincent's Sire will turn out alright.
And before both of them knew it, the sun had set.
After a fresh shower, the entire apartment is now spotless (to Lovely's standard), and dinner is served on the table, the doorbell rings.
"I'll get it!" Lovely announce just as Vincent finish putting down the plates. They smoothen out the creases on their clothes, roll their shoulders before taking a deep, calming breath and answer the door. Like a soldier marching towards the battlefield.
Seeing his partner's dramatic reaction, Vincent just shakes his head.
As soon as Lovely opens the door, William Solaire greets them. "Good evening. I hope I'm not too early. The evening traffic has been quite a hassle lately. I figured that even if I'm a bit early, I could help you and Vincent in the kitchen." Will explains. In his arms is a bouquet of white pear blossoms, yellow gladioluses and red tulips. When Lovely stares at them curiously, Will smiles knowingly. "Vincent informed me that you don't drink, so I decided that flowers would be the appropriate gift as oppose to a bottle of champagne."
"They're so pretty." Lovely reply, breathless when they receive the bouquet. "Thank you so much, Will! I'll put them in a vase now. Oh, and please come in." They graciously step aside to let Vincent's Sire in.
While Lovely is busy rummaging for a vase in the storeroom, Will and Vincent make small talks over at the dining table. Vincent passes the ancient Vampire a tall glass of blood which Will accept with gratitude.
"Hey, Will. How's it going?"
"I'm fine, Vincent. Thank you for asking." Will reply after dabbing the bloodstain on the corner of his lips. "The Clan is the same as usual; Our Newborn members have finally settled in nicely, much to Sam's relief. I plan to visit them next week."
Vincent tops up Will's empty glass before replying. "That's great to hear." He's about to say something else before a loud bang against the wall in the storeroom stops him. "Uh, Lovely? Is everything OK in there?" He calls out.
"It's fine, it's fine!" Lovely shouts back. "I found the perfect vase for the flowers!"
Vincent groans in exasperation. When Will throws him a confused expression, Vincent is compelled to explain. "Look, Will, Lovely has been freaking out about tonight's dinner the whole day. They think that if it turns out anything but perfect, you're going to be disappointed in them. So just... just play along, alright?"
Will chuckles; his heart warms at the thought that Lovely holds him in such high regard. What an adorable human. "Is that so? Very well then, I will play the perfect guest towards such kind hosts."
And true to his words, when Lovely joins them at the table after putting the vase full of flowers on the coffee table in the living room, Will waste no time in kicking his charm to the max. In between their meal, Will makes sure to compliment Lovely's outfit (which earned him a shy yet pleased blush from Lovely and a jealous kick at his shin from Vincent). He then comments that the spicy steamed seafood dish is his favourite, and when desserts are introduced, Will gently helps Lovely open up by asking about their interests and hobbies.
Will is pleasantly surprised to find one of the many common grounds they share: their love for analysing music.
"I find RM to be one of the most brilliant lyricists in this generation." Will states once his bowl of red bean shaved ice is empty. "His songs are undoubtedly impactful for the youths of today. Not to mention that I'm quite fond of his wordplays."
"You're into K-pop!?" Lovely ask, utterly gobsmacked. Their eyes are wide in shock.
Vincent snorts. "Alexis is a BTS fan. Somehow, she managed to convert Will too."
When Lovely turn to face Will once more, their expression frozen in disbelieve, he adds, "We're planning to catch their concert once the situation permits it."
Will's pop culture admission finally broke the ice. Lovely laughs in delight before launching themselves into an animated conversation about modern music with Will.
However, it wasn't long before their topic suddenly went off the rail when Vincent claimed that he's a better shower singer than Lovely.
"Oh please, Vince, I thought you were dying in the bathroom," Lovely interjects with a roll of their eyes. Vincent splutters at his partner's cruel remark, but Lovely presses on without mercy, much to Will's amusement. He resolutely keeps his mouth shut despite his growing grin slowly making its way up to his face. "Face it, you're tone-deaf. Being a Vampire doesn't magically make you a good singer."
"Those are some fighting words, Lovely. Can you back them up?"
"We can settle this tonight if you want. You and me; we can duke it out in a singing swag off with Will as the judge." Lovey declares with a smirk before they head into the living room. All revved up as if their previous anxiety over dinner had never happened.
"Oh my..."
Vincent turns to Will with a grateful nod. "Thanks for helping them relax. And hey, you don't have to stay if you have some other plans tonight, Will."
Will stares back at his Progeny with a faux, scandalous look on his face, complete with a hand on his chest. "Why, Vincent, where would I be anywhere but here? It's not every day that I get to see you humbled by your lover. Don't think I forget that you were once known as the Playboy of the Solaire Clan."
Shock looks good on Vincent's face. It's cute that he actually forgot how he was before Lovely walks into his life. Oh, Will is going to milk this for all its worth.
"Alright! The system is set up!" Lovely announce from near the TV with a microphone in their hand. "Will, come on! You need to help me prove that Vincent sings like a dying cat. Here, here!"
"Oi, oi! We haven't even started yet!" Vincent rebuke and flits over to grab the spare microphone. "You know what, Lovely? I'm so confident that I'll win this that I'll let you go first."
Lovely grins viciously and accepts his offer. Once Will makes himself comfortable on the couch and signals for them to begin, Lovely open their mouth,
Will couldn't stop smiling as Lovely sings their heart out, and Vincent makes his grand entrance after they're done (singing one of Will's favourite songs in hopes to sway his Sire to his side). Vincent and Lovely are having the time of their life, teasing one another as they sing. Will commits this night into one of his most cherished memories.
*"Dari apa yang aku perhatikan
Manusia mahu senang tapi tak semua mahu berkorban
Dari apa yang mereka katakan
Ada yang jawab jujur tapi selebihnya kuat beralasan..."
However, as the night grows long, Will doesn't have the heart to tell them that they both are horrible singers.
Tonight, it's Sam's turn. Will deliver three knocks on his door before Sam swings it open. He looks exhausted, unamused and seconds away from running out of the house.  
"Good evening, Sam."
"Good evening, William. Before you come in, can I ask why my Progenies insist on having a karaoke competition tonight? On the night where they knew you were coming?"
Will begins to smile widely. Both he and Sam could hear a heated argument between Frederick and Bright Eyes from the living room.
"No, you can't sing Bambi, Bright Eyes. I won't allow it! You're going to break the windows!"
"Oh my god, would you let me live, Freddy!?"
"We've been over this; you can't sing! Wait. What are you - put down that microphone - "
Music starts to play at maximum volume, and then,
Sam closed his eyes and sighed deeply and in resignation when Bright Eyes began to sing louder to drown out Frederick's shrieking.
**“Feel it like memalla itteon mam wiro
seumyeodeun danbi
dabi piryo eopji
Because you’re my favourite..."
"I don't know what had happened - and I honestly don't want to know - but I hope you're ready to deal with these two tonight."  
"Why, Sam, where would I be anywhere but here?"
These are the English translations & link to the songs that Lovely and Bright Eyes were singing: 
*“From what I can see
People want the good life, but are not willing to sacrifice
From what I hear
Some are honest but others are full of excuses...”
**“Feel it like timely rain that seeps into my dry heart
No other answer is needed
Because you’re my favorite...”
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mrsackermanx · a year ago
18+ Minors do not interact.
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐢𝐭𝐥𝐞: 𝘚𝘩𝘶𝘵 𝘶𝘱. (9/?)
𝐃𝐞𝐬𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐩𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧: You and Levi have been sent to clean up Utgard castle together, and tensions rise...
𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 3.1k
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: Dominant Levi, Aggressive Levi, Impact Play (Belt), Sexual Tension, “Enemies”, Wall Sex, Praise Kink, Rough Sex.
Tumblr media
You and Captain Levi, have been sent to Utgard Castle by Commander Erwin, to clean and prepare it for an upcoming mission, as it will be needed for shelter. But you two can't spend an hour with each other without completely antagonising the other. It was also starting to dawn on you, that you were both going to be here, all night, together. Although you and Levi argue like cat and dog, you're highly aware of the fact that there's a part of you, however dormant or dominant-your unsure, that would let him do anything he wanted to you, you aren't blind after all, he's beautiful.
For the past five minutes you've been asking him about the dinner arrangements, and also to talk to you at least, considering you're going to be spending over 24 hours with each of other, but to no avail.
"We don't have to talk [name].” he broods, wearing his ever so familiar scowl, as he finishes tying up both of your horses outside of the castle.
"Not good enough to fucking talk to you am I?" you huff, feeling extremely irritated, the fact you'd even rode here practically in complete silence together, was already shit enough. You stomp away angrily to the entrance, until his hand hooks into the neck of your shirt, and pulls you back to him making you choke raggedly against your collar and your shoulders snap forward from his sudden grab on your shirt.
"Do not talk to me like that [name], know your place, we have until tomorrow afternoon here, and I refuse to deal with any of your shitty attitude until then."
"Why, what are you gonna do? I don't see Commander Erwin here? In fact I don't see anyone here but a small-" Before you can even dare to speak another word, Levi seizes your face in his hand, unyielding, his nails digging into your cheeks, leaving small darkened half moon indents in their place, before he pulls his hand away and replaces his intimidation with his forehead. Holding it against yours in challenge, keeping it pressed to yours with a sinister glare, making your heart race. He grins as he sees your words catch up in your throat, stealing a glance at your lips while you stare down at his boots.
"Don't make me punish you brat."
"As I fucking said, Levi." you grit, purposely forfeiting his title and making an effort to enunciate every syllable to his name, his eyes now flaring up with pure and utter rage, his jaw clenched, he looks dangerous, wild.
"There's no one here." you seethe, pushing forward in challenge and daringly knocking your forehead against his, not hard enough to cause any pain or to even be an actual head butt, not even you would dare, but you do it to indicate that you aren't scared. He stands back for a second, processing the situation, still regarding you with a chillingly aggravated expression. He turns his head, eyeing you curiously caught in thought for a moment, before grabbing your hand and pulling you through the creaking castle doors, slamming them behind him, and dragging you through the castle by your hand, past and through the grey halls and up the hundreds of dusty steps.
"Didn't know you were so desperate to hold my hand Cap-" He knees you hard in the side of you thigh, jellying your leg instantly, half your weight buckling forwards. His hand instinctively shoots out and grabs your thigh, straightening it with his firm clutch. Both of you gulping to yourselves at the unexpected contact
"I don't mind spending the rest of the evening, punishing you, I think I might quite enjoy it [name]. You need to be taught a fucking lesson, I am your superior and you’re going to fucking treat me as such."
You finally reach the destination he'd dragged you up what felt like ten flights of stairs for, the top floor of the castle, into a room with a bed with pale pink sheets, that shockingly look clean, considering you have both been sent here to clean, and the only other interesting detail is the arched stained glass window letting streams of multi-coloured light warm and liven, the otherwise extremely dull room.
He shoves you through the doorway, and kicks the small of your back swiftly, making you groan out in pain as you fall to the ground on your knees from the force. You go to stand up, pushing yourself up by your palms, elbows bent, but his boot flys down once more, to the centre of your back this time, the pressure making you bow in, your upper body crushing into the cold gravelly floor, your curvy ass protruding in the air. Levi swallows thickly for a moment, trying to ignore how enticing the sight in front of him looks, shaking his head at the thudding pulse in his ears.
"Nope, fucking stay there on your knees, that's where I want you."
Sure, you two argue like two people who might actually kill each other any minute now, but you've always delighted in flustering your stoic Captain, having absolutely no shame in capitalising on the thick sexual tension, that sticks to the suffocating air between the two of you like glue.
"Oh I bet you do." you tease, he screws his face up at you, his eyebrows raising, his tongue clicking. Right now his attraction to you, would not factor in, he simply was not going to let it, you just need to be taught a lesson, right? He can't let himself get distracted now. He can't.
He knew he was going to have to restrain himself for this trip and that's exactly why he'd really argued with Erwin about it for the last week.
"I mean...Isn't this unprofessional of you Captain? Don't tell me I'm in this position because you're going to finally fu-" A kick lands to your ass, hard, weirdly enough you can only be so crude with Levi, and secretly he enjoys it.
"Wouldn't you be so lucky." he seethes, unbuckling his belt, and pulling it hastily through his belt loops. Your ears prick at the sound and your cheeks burn instantly, your stomach churning with excitement.
Is he-actually going to-
Your stolen from thought when Levi leans down and begins tugging your trousers down roughly behind you, his breath tickling your nape, his sharp jaw brushing against your hair, his chest pressed against you. Once he's finished, your plump ass is left fully on show, and your trousers stay stuck in rigid bunches around your knees, chaffing uncomfortably.
"What are you doi-"
"Fuck!" you scream as Levi's belt smacks against your ass. Another lash closely follows a second later.
"Tch. That one was for your foul language!"
"That's for speaking to your commanding officer with attitude!”
"That's for insulting me!" He grits through his teeth, as the loud snapping of these whipping motions, fill and echo through the space.
"For the head...butt." He hesitates for a moment, his eyes catching your pants that are only halfway covering your pussy, only just noticing, as he stares down at your glistening lips from above you. He sighs out and clenches his fists, feeling his cock strain against his trousers.
"Don't stop now Levi, I was just enjoying myself." you taunt, hearing him taking a sharp intake of breath behind you.
"Reprimand me all you want, Captain." you chuckle, the softness to your voice making his cock even harder. The last time Levi had whipped you with his belt, it had went similarly, he knew you enjoyed it, that's probably why he found himself doing it again...
Checking your face, monitoring your breathing, your legs, your body, it was less of a "punishment" but more of a mutually enjoyable activity you both find yourselves participating in, here and there.
"You know I like it." You chuckle, in your head it’s dawning on you that it truly is just you two here, so—fuck it right?
"Stop the sexual intimations." he scowls, bringing it down once more.
"Maybe your especially mad about that one-because you want t-" He rips you to your feet, slamming you up against the wall, your jaw clenching at the emotion in his eyes, you pride yourself on being the only one able to pull emotion out of him, full stop.
"Because I want to what? Because I want to fucking what?" he thunders, his lip quivering as he feels his restraint slipping, his cock hardening at the thoughts flooding through his head, he tries to shake them away again, before returning to the task at hand, slamming his fist against the wall by your head, making you jump slightly.
"Nothing Captain. Sorry." you hum, staring down at his crotch, your intention was to avoid his gaze but now you can't but notice the growing tent between his legs, his cock hardened against his thigh, which also brings your attention to the uncomfortable damp sensation gathering from your sopping underwear.
"Not so much fucking lip now is there. Why so quiet now?"
"I don't know?" you smirk, cursing yourself for your words being slightly shaky, but you knew why, right now he looks so angry, and it's so sexy, so angry, you just want him to take you against this very wall.
"How can I make you behave hm?" he whispers, his eyes searching yours, then your lips, then back again, then back again. It's a matter of seconds but it feels like an entire eternity that your eyes map over the others weakening expressions, all self-control slipping, only lust left, as the multi-coloured sun soaked light shines through the room and over his face, making him look more impossibly godly than usual, the shadows enhancing the sharp contours of his fierce bone structure.
"Levi, I think you know..." Before you know it, Levi's lips crash down into yours, you accept them instantly, reaching up and clutching his cheeks as he swirls his tongue over yours, sucking at your lips desperately, as he rips your clothes off, and you his.
"I was restraining myself-but now I don't think I can stand it anymore." he pants.
"I can't fucking do it, it's too difficult." he groans, your teeth clicking as saliva pools out from your mouths as you both strain to keep your lips connected, while your fingers clumsily pop through the buttons on the others shirts.
"I'm sorry." he mumbles, completely flustered and dazed, only engrossed in the body he'd been dying to touch for what felt like an eternity, in front of his eyes.
"Don't be. I can't fucking stand it either Levi." you groan, ripping his shirt away as he presses kisses over your collarbones, before snapping the taunt skin up between his teeth and pulling away, his hands gripping into your pillowy ass.
"I can't."
Both of your hands a flurry as they tear each other's shirts off, neither of you wanting to pry yourselves away, both of you panting as you throw them off across the room, trailing your fingers over in awe over the others skin. He then pulls your trousers and pants completely off, your hands resting against his chest as you kick them off your ankles with his help, he then hoists you up suddenly, making you squeal, wrapping your bare thighs around his muscly torso.
Both of your lips are suddenly everywhere, as his kisses spread from your temples, to your nose, to your chin, to your neck, sucking and biting as they move to your shoulders, he leans his hand down and feels the wetness pooling from your clit, nodding to himself for a moment in confirmation, before he decisively grabs your hips in his hands, holding you up in the air before pressing your back against the wall, the muscles in his arm raising beautifully in the warm light.
"Hold onto my shoulders."  he rasps, balancing you with one hand at your back, as he impatiently tugs his trousers down to just below his hipbones, only leaving enough room for his cock to be free.
"Aren't you going to take tho-"
"No. No more waiting." he chokes, staring at your dripping pussy hungrily.
"Can't do it."
You grin at him understanding, you couldn't wait any longer either, and with that he slowly sinks you down onto his cock, cursing under his breath at the sensation of your warm walls enveloping him so tight.
Your hands grip into his hair, as he begins to buck up into you, his thrusts full-bodied and dizzying, bringing himself almost completely out of you, and then shoving himself back into you, ruthlessly, not letting you adjust to any single rhythm. Your head banging against the wall with every powerful thrust, loud moans of dazed pleasure falling from your lips with every needy rut of his hips into yours, needing more, your hands hook around his neck as your body rags up and down, as he drills into your lower body, whimpering when you roll your hips back, meeting his halfway.
He uses the grip on your hips to steer the thrusts to both of your favours, pulling your hips up and down over his shaft, your hips rocking together, the sound of your skin slapping sharply together, filling the room as you bounce up and down in his arms, your nails digging into his shoulders, making him grunt into your neck even more, as he continues to push you up and down on his length. You whine as he slows his thrusts for a moment, fiddling frustratingly with the clasp of your bra, his rough fingers frantically searching before finally undoing it.
"Arms up." he grunts, you comply immediately, and he pulls it briskly of your arms, straight away burying his head down between your breasts with need, sucking and kissing them sloppily, as he begins to fuck you with the same heavenly urgency again.
"We had to do this." you whimper, as he grunts into your ear, completely out of breath, not easing for a moment.
"We had to." he groans back, gripping your ass tighter, squeezing it in his hands, as his lips lift from your breasts to drag messily over your neck, loosely biting. He brings a hand down to yours and entwines it with your own, pushing your locked fingers above your heads, using them to anchor his thrusts more, allowing him to thrust up deeper into your entrance, lewder and louder squelches sounding in the room as your soaked opening is crashed into, shrieks of his name spilling endlessly from your lips.
"You feel so fucking-good-[name]!" he pants into your ear, dragging his teeth against the shell it, trying to drag out an answer, needing to hear your voice.
"You-do!" you rasp, moaning loudly into his shoulder, unable to say further words.
Every time you both neared your endings, he slowed down and brought the pace way down and then up again, not letting it end yet, not so soon.
He wants to grab your attention even more, so he starts by kissing sloppily from your throat to your chin, just before reaching your lips-
"Ahh. Finally, your mouth is quiet." He grins teasingly, before you can even roll your eyes he pushes his lips clumsily into yours, your tongues sloppily colliding, yours faltering as you let him fuck his over yours eagerly, until he snaps away for a moment when you groan loudly into his lips, noticing how your face contorts beautifully, as his cock brushes closer against a spot inside you, that he can't see.
"There?" he moans, as he watches you let your head knock back and forth against the bricked grey wall, completely lost in your pleasure. You nod encouragingly as your eyes roll back, your ears latching onto the perfect sound of his husky groans, the deep base of them fuelling the fire building in your hips.
“Fuck so g-good!” you shriek, as his nails dig so hard into your hips, you feel like the marks will somehow be there forever.
"Louder [name]!”he chokes, his head falling into your neck as your chest heaves up and down against his hard torso, your breasts brushing against him, making him lose it even more as they snap up and down in his peripheral.
"Levi, fuck, fuck. Yes!”
"Don't stop Levi!" you moan, as you begin to endlessly chant his name once more, especially as you see he now has full intentions for you both to finish, the thrusts rubbing perfectly against both of your pleasure spots, causing the hot sensations surging through your pussy to fire and flower throughout your body, as you feel the gushing slick from your walls surround his cock, slipping out of you slowly.
"Oh fuck [name]. Fuck!" he cries out, the feeling of your pussy clamping him, tightening around his tip, forces the twitching nerves in his sensitive head to let go, coaxing his cum to fill you to the brim.
"Just keep taking it for me- little-more." he chokes out, delighting in your body spasming with laboured breaths as he continues to fuck you, warm drool spilling from your lips, as your head remains completely empty for a moment, as it presses against the wall with every thrust. All you can focus on is how good his body feels on yours, and how good he feels inside you. The earth shattering continuation of stimulation, making you tighten your arms around his neck lightly digging your nails into his nape, as he pulls out more drawling moans from you.
"I'm almost there." he splutters, throwing his head back, his black hair sticking to his temples.
"[Name]!” he groans out as he keeps hold of your waist and slips out of you, letting you down to your shaking feet gently, as his cum squirts out onto your inner thighs. He drops his sweaty forehead against your breasts, and you dazedly reach your hands out to rest them in his hair, rubbing lazy circles in his scalp while your knees knock together from the stupefying sensations still tingling throughout your body, his thumbs pressing lightly into your sides keeping your body upright, while he simultaneously hangs off you, regaining himself, he'd seriously held your weight that whole time after all.
"Fuck. If I'd known this was all it took to finally shut you up, [name]..."
Previous Chapter:
8: 𝘉𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘥. (𝘙𝘦𝘲𝘶𝘦𝘴𝘵)
Next Chapter:
10: 𝘓𝘢𝘻𝘺.
Tumblr media
MrsAckermanX 2021 ©
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rotshop · 9 months ago
SORRRRYYYY i promise ill get 2 reqs soon,,,,it is just one of those times,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fuxzzy brain momense
n e way here s this bc i am also haing another catperson moment. ill proof read this later maybe . who knows.
tw for one illusion to smoking / nicotine
You barely even heard your own growling. It was a lower and quieter one, you were sure it could be mistaken for purring if someone only took a quick glance at you. Though, the pinned back ears and light 'thump' your tail made against the floor was probably a definite indicator that wasn't right. To say that the frustration and irritation was clearly written on your figure was a complete lie.
You were a little too lost in your thoughts to really pay attention to anything else that was going on. Staring at the mess of cloth and fluff that was currently your bed, you allowed yourself to zone out. It'd all started with you tossing and turning for a little longer than liked. Sure, while you were out like a light most nights, there were some where you would stay up a bit longer.
This though? It'd been a little over two hours since you first dropped down, leaving your patience all too thin. At first, you'd deemed it was just you thinking too hard, shifting your thoughts to some lighter little story. Then, it was simply that you needed a drink of water. Then, it was some other thing. At some point, you'd figured that you were just uncomfortable ; either too cold or too hot, feeling bare and exposed or suffocated under the weight of your blankets, this or that endlessly.
With a little sigh you pried yourself from the depths of your subconscious, dragging yourself forward to try and fix things again. You knew all too well that you weren't going to accomplish much of anything, you'd likely just irritate yourself further and you'd end up just laying and staring at the ceiling all night. It definitely beat sitting there and listening to Sanford's snoring though, so it was something to do at least. Begrudgingly, you found your hands dragging blankets and pillows around once again.
Deimos was no stranger to waking up in the middle of the night, if anything he was more surprised if it didn't happen. It wasn't anything too bad, most times he'd just get up for a bit, get a drink or walk around, lay back down and conk out again. It was oddly peaceful in its own way, seeing and hearing just how quiet and still the base could be in the dead of night. He'd been able to train himself to pick up even the smallest of sounds on nights like this, so it wasn't difficult to pick up on all the shuffling.
He'd found himself padding over to your room quietly, just in case you really were just asleep. He'd learned the hard way just how spiteful cats can be when you wake them up before they'd like. Very quickly, he'd realized you were in fact awake, fidgeting endlessly and uncomfortably. He'd paused in the doorway for a moment before carefully drawing closer, you not taking any notice despite the little flicks your ears made at the sound.
With a grin, he'd leaned over you, placing his hands on your shoulders firmly.
"What'cha doin?"
You'd startled immediately, the beginnings of a louder-than-either-of-you-would-like yowl starting in your throat before he'd slapped a hand over your mouth.
"Hey- Chill out, 's just me!"
You'd glared back at him briefly, pushing his hand away from your mouth roughly as you ducked away.
"Yeah, thanks, I never would've guessed from the dusty-ass bandages. When was the last time you changed those?"
With a little frown at your response he leaned onto the bed, giving you a bit of space. "An 'Oh, hey my dearly loved friend, how are you doing on this wonderful night?' or something would'a been nice."
You'd scoffed a bit and rolled your eyes at that, turning back you attention to the tangle of your sheets. "Riight right, why exactly are you bothering me again?"
"Dunno, why aren't you asleep at the lord's hour of 3am?" He'd hummed, cynicism lacing into his voice.
You'd sighed, harsher than he'd expected, "Well- I would be asleep if it weren't for dumb luck deciding no! I don't get to get a wink of rest on some random night for no reason even though my survival kinda hinges on me, y'know, not being so tired I fatally fuck up."
He'd blinked a bit at your response, falling into silence temporarily. While most interactions between the two of you kept up a playfully argumentative and rough angle, there were times you both let that slip for a while. It was obvious this whole thing was getting to you a little more than you'd like to admit or at least more than you could without getting loud. So, with a glimmer of anxiety, he'd spoken up once more.
"You want me to help you?"
You'd paused briefly in your motions before looking back to him, "Huh? I..What do you mean by that? I swear, if this is some dumb shit now is not the time-"
"'M being serious!" He'd retorted, "Look, it's clear you're pissed and you aren't making much progress in here. So, why not just cut your losses and try and sleep in my room?"
You'd stared at him for a moment blankly, looking for something in his expression. He'd looked right back at you, ignoring that little bit of nervousness that'd tempted to make him waver in his ministrations. Eventually though, you decided you hadn't found it as you broke your gaze.
"Fine. Just let me grab my things first, you can go try and make sure it isn't a total wreck in there while you wait so I don't burst out laughing at the place and wake everyone else up."
He'd beamed at that, you having to bite back your own smile from the little bit of it you seen.
"Y'got it. Take your time, kitty!" he'd chimed before rushing off, nearly face first into the wall of the hall as he took off.
You'd allowed yourself some indulgence, smiling fondly as you heard his steps fade into the quiet of the night. Shaking your head, you'd turned to pluck a few blankets of yours up off the mattress, tucking them under your arm gingerly. You would never admit to yourself the way that you could feel how much looser you'd gotten after that. You would never truly acknowledge and affirm how you could feel the smile on your lips and the quiet little starts of a purr in the back of your throat.
--[ extra shit kinda maybe a little i GUESS ]
With a last little stretch you finally settled, a sigh prying its way past your lips as you let yourself go limp. You could feel exhaustion way heavy in your limbs and behind your eyes, words and thought beginning to fail you as you focused what little you had left on other things. You'd focused on the smell of nicotine that clung onto the ratted shirt he wore, the beating of his heart and the way he carefully dragged his nails behind your ears in little lines and circles.
"Y'comfy?" He'd asked, half-registering how quiet and gentle his own voice sounded.
You'd nodded lightly, nudging just a touch closer to him as his breath hitched.
"Yeah, thanks Dei."
"'S nothing, goodnight."
"Night, love you."
He couldn't help the grin that broke out onto his face at those words.
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please-buckme · a year ago
A Broken Heart.
Lee Bodecker x fem!reader
Chapter 3
Tumblr media
Chapter warnings: cursing, drinking, 18+, very slight mentions of sex
Chapter summary: Just how okay are you, Sheriff?
Series Masterlist
Chapter 2 // Chapter 4
Tumblr media
Lee knew the second he went home that night he’d regret it. He stayed late at the station just to avoid his wife and her snarled, red hot face that she always wore before having her daily yelling match with him.
His brakes screeched as he pulled into the dusty driveway. He shut the door as lightly as possible, hoping Laura-Jean was asleep and he wouldn’t have to deal with her mouth. He turned his keys ever so slight, unlocking the front door to his home and cracked it just enough to walk in, only to see Laura-Jean waiting for him. She had a cigarette in one hand and a crystal glass with just a splash of whiskey left inside.
Lee sighed, “So, you found my whiskey.” He threw his keys in the ball that sat on the coffee table. Then, he removed his hat and jacket, hanging them on the coat rack. “How was your day-“
“Cut the crap, Lee” she hissed, slamming the glass on the coffee table. “You know I heard about it. About you seein’ that girl.”
“When did she become ‘that girl’. You was best friends once upon a time. When did y’all stop being friends?” Lee asked rhetorically, pretending to think on it for a second, “oh, that’s right. When you masterminded your way into my life and left her with nothing and nobody.”
“Oh no, baby. We weren’t friends the second you two started datin’. She just didn’t know it, yet. And it was you who left her heart broken and alone. I wanted you and you wanted power. We’re a fuckin match made in HELL, BABY!”
“CHOOSIN’ YOU OVER HER WAS THE WORST MISTAKE I EVER MADE!” Lee shouted. “We’re both SO GODDAMN HAPPY, NOW, ain’t we.” He huffed, feeling his heartache when he thought about y/n being alone all this time and not being able to be there for her.
“You made your bed, Lee. Know one forced you to do anything.” Laura-Jean took a drag from her cigarette and wiped away the same tears that fell every night.
Lee loved Y/n more than he ever loved anyone in his entire life, but at the time he thought he loved his job more. When he heard she’d skipped town he was devastated. Devastated that she left, of course, but more devastated that he’d created a situation to where she felt she had to leave. Lee hid his feelings well in public but behind closed doors he was a complete mess without her.
When he heard she was back in town, he wasted no time in going over to see her. He wanted her to open the door and greet him like nothing had ever happened. He wanted her to leap into his arms and kiss him so softly, so tenderly like she used too. Things definitely didn’t go as planned.. either time he’d seen her.
The problem was, Lee had worked so hard to get where he was and to give it all away for Y/n? He just wasn’t sure he was ready for that. He loved her with every inch of his crooked heart. He knew deep down that she’s the only one for him and not even Laura-Jean could take that away.
Laura-Jean dubbed out her cigarette before coming face-to-face with Lee, “I don’t wanna hear about you talkin to that girl again. Am I clear?” She snarled that ugly snarl he’d grown to hate.
“Trust me, I’m sure she doesn’t wanna talk to me anyhow.” He sighed and picked up the crystal glass to finish off what remained of the liquor inside.
“It’s going to be okay, Mrs. Huckleberry. I’ll head home right now and call the station. Those scoundrels won’t get away with this.” You grinned, walking your elderly neighbor up to her front door before heading back home.
Nothing says welcome home like a smashed in mailbox. At least nine of your neighbors, including you, got their mailboxes bashed. You weren’t too torn up over it; it probably needed replacing anyways. To seem more neighborly,though, than your momma ever was at least, you decided you’d make the call to the police station for all the mailbox victims.
To no avail, the line was busy, probably more than just your neighborhood that got hit. So, you decided to go to the station before work. You’d make a quick statement and get out of there as quickly as possible to avoid any more contact with Lee.
It only took you 20 minutes to walk to the stations from your house. You looked nice considering you’d be heading to work right after this. You wore a fitting, brown skirt with a matching blazer, matching shoes and a white, cotton turtleneck underneath. Your cat eye glasses sat perfectly against the bridge of your nose and you decided today was an updo kind of day.
Just like when you went to the grocery store, everyone was watching you as you walked into the station. You went up to the secretary and cleared your throat when she didn’t acknowledge your presents.
“Sheriff’s not here.” She said never even looking up.
You sighed, “I’m not looking for the Sheriff. I need to talk to someone about my whole neighborhood getting our mailboxes smashed in.”
She smacked her gum, “mhmm.” She flipped through the magazine in front of her, still ignoring every advance you’d made.
“Gosh you know, It’s my first day as a secretary,too, I hope I’m at least as half as good as you are.” You give her the fakest smile you could muster.
She finally looked up, still smacking her gum, “It ain’t my first day.”
“Oh, sweetie, I’m not meanin’ to insulate ya.” You poured your lips, “Now, I’m just tryin to get what I need so I can be on my merry way. You can help me with that, can’t ya?” You nodded your head, frowning down at her as your voice carried a patronizing tone.
She scoffed before standing up from her chair, “Follow me.” She led you to one of the back offices where you saw an old friendly face.
“Karl?” You beam
He looked up and immediately wore the friendliest grin you’d seen in days.
“My my my, I heard you was back in town.” He stood from his chair and walked over to you, “Look at you. You don’t look any different from the day you left. Besides the tears and all.” He giggled.
“Too soon.” You said with a smile as you punched him in the shoulder.
“Well, what can I do you for? Unless you really did just come here to catch up.”
You bit your cheek, “No. I’m sorry. I honestly didn’t know you was a police officer, now, or I would’ve come by.”
“Well, I am the Sheriff’s best friend, of course he’d want me to be his right hand man.” He frowned, knowing the effect even his name would have on you, let alone his title. You’d honestly hoped he’d ditched him as a friend after everything that happened between the two of you. But Lee was his best friend. You couldn’t blame him for having a shitty guy for a friend. He and Lee were like brothers, it was stupid of you to think you’d change any of that.
You cleared your throat, only to break the silence, “Right, um, I need to report something. Me and a few of my neighbors got our mailboxes smashed in.”
He nodded, I’ll get the paperwork ready, please, have a seat.”
The filing cabinet wolfed open as he searched for the paperwork. Once he found it, he came back to his desk, filled out the form and highlighted where you needed to sign, dated and write your statement.
“I also need the names of your neighbors that got hit. Lee and I’ll go by later and get their statements.”
You hummed, “great.” Nothing pleased you more than to know Lee would be in your neighborhood again. Before you could dwell on it, Karl spoke again.
“You know, I’ve missed the hell outta you.” He grinned.
“Oh yeah?” You smiled, peeking up through your eyelashes before looking back down to finish your statement.
“Of course. Outta every girl Lee dated, you were my favorite. Laura-Jean’s just… a frigid bitch.” You giggled at his honesty.
“Well, I can’t say I feel bad for him. He got what was comin to’em.”
He chuckled, “Ah, hell, you ain’t wrong. I rung his neck for what he did to you. Toldl’em to go after you.”
Your heart sunk. Someone told Lee to come for you and he chose not to? You thought it’d just been because he didn’t know where you were, but by the way Karl’s telling it, he did know. He knew the whole time and just didn’t give enough of a shit about you, or your feelings for that matter, to go after you.
You couldn’t help your curiosity, “W-why didn’t he?”
“Stubborn. I- look I’ll tell you this but if you tell anyone I’ll deny it.”
“Just tell me, Karl.” Your heart was pounding and you weren’t certain as to why, yet. Maybe you were still holding onto hope that your Lee wasn’t gone. That under that hard shell your sweet, charming, wonder Lee was just waiting for you to bring him back to life.
“Laura-Jean don’t let him drink ‘cause all he does is talk about you. Sayin’ how much he misses you and lettin’ you go was the biggest mistake of his life. I pulled him over twice when he’s drunk out of his mind, but.. I think he’s on his way to you. I never asked though.”
You sat there, your mouth suddenly dry. How were you supposed to respond to this? Lee had been nothing but rude to you since the second you got back into town and now this. Now you truly did know he was just as messed up as you were. You hid the tiny smile that tried to crack through your trembling lips. He was just as messed up as you were.
For so long you’d blocked out all your happy memories with Lee and as you sat there trying not to grin like an idiot, the memories all came flooding back. Every kiss, every touch, every look, every groan and grunt, every ‘I love you’; everything. Your Lee was always glowing and happy, with a smile that made butterflies fly around in your belly every time you saw it. Your Lee was a cool summer breeze on a hot day; smooth and welcoming. Your Lee was the first snow in winter; surprising and astonishingly breathtaking. Your Lee was your Lee. But that’s it.
The Lee you came home to was an entirely different man, one you’d never met before. Now, instead of a crisp winter morning he was a harsh winter night; frigid and brutal. This thought made the butterflies disappear in your belly and the almost-grin to completely fade.
“I- I finished my statement.” Is all you could say. You were done talking about Lee.
Karl frowned, “Alright,” he said, taking the paper as you stood. “Well, hey, you’re welcome to stop by anytime. I really did miss you, Y/n.”
You gave him a soft smile in return, “Thank you, Karl. That means a lot, but you know I’m gonna avoid this place like the plague.”
He chuckled, “Fair enough.”
You said goodbye and headed back towards the front of the station. You got your usual glares as you walked through the lobby and to the door, but nothing mattered right now. Your heart was once again in pain. Having drudged up all those beautiful memories with a man you so loathed was killing you from the inside out. You wanted nothing more than to forget him and coming back to town surely was not helping you with that. A car pulled up as you walked with your head down. You didn’t look up to see who was driving, you just dodged and waved, trying to find your way back to the sidewalk.
“Y/n, wait!” Lee called from behind you. Before you could even think to keep walking you turned and looked at him as he stood by the cruiser. Your breath hitched in your throat and you cursed under your breath.
“What?” You asked, folding your arms.
“I wanted to apologize for yesterday. I don’t know what came over me and I feel awful about it.”
“I don’t care, Bodecker. But if you wanna make it up to me, you can make sure that I never see your face again while I’m here. I’ve been here three days and I haven’t gone one without seeing your goddamn face. You’re the reason I left but you sure as hell ain’t the reason I came back.” A tear fell down your cheek. Your energy was completely drained by all the events of the morning and you still had work.
“I’m curious, you still like those chocolate shakes down at Ruby's Diner?” He asked, scratching his head.
“Seriously? Did you hear a word that just came out of my mouth, Bodecker?”
“Just answer the damn question, Y/n.”
You sighed, “Yes, okay. I haven’t had one in years though. Not since-“
“Our last date.” He finished for you. He turned on his heels and opened the passenger side door to the cruiser. “Get in.”
“Are you crazy? Why in the hell would I go anywhere with you?” You looked at him in bewilderment.
“Well, I think if we’re gonna coexist in this town, we need to talk and there ain’t no better way to talk than over a chocolate shake from Ruby’s.” He smiled, knowing how much you used to love those shakes.
“I- I can’t. I got work.” You said, looking down at your feet. Everything was telling you to not get in that cruiser, but your heart was practically pulling you to it.
“Where at?” He asked, cocking his head to the side.
“Billy’s auto shop.”
“Ah, hell. You’ll be fine. I’ll drop you off after and explain the whole thing. Please, Y/n, get in the car.”
You sighed as your feet shuffled back and forth. You could just walk away and go to work as planned. You didn’t need an explanation and you really didn’t have to get along with him. You’d only be here a few months and then you’d never have to see him again. But, for some reason, your heart spoke for you before your brain even had time to think.
“Okay.” You whispered and hesitantly walked over to the cruiser; getting just close enough to smell Lee’s fresh aftershave. The second he closed the door your heart sank. We’re you really doing this and why the fuck was it so easy for him to persuade you? You wondered if maybe Karl hadn’t told you what he did then maybe you wouldn’t be here now.
Lee got in the driver's seat and buckled up, “You ready?”
Tumblr media
Dividers by: @firefly-graphics
Taglist: @haydens-moles , @c00lkidvibes , @tcc-gizmachine , @buckysm3talarm , @gogolucky13 , @cryptidcasanova , @heavenlyseb , @writersbuck , @teddy-bearbaby , @bbmommy0902 , @sweetllamaparadise , @thereblogcrusader , @aleemendoza2425-blog , @frostbytebaby , @jessyballet , @emotionallyandphysicallydone , @sarge-barnes-sir , @generalbagelcookieslime , @lady-loki-ren , @dime-piece-xo , @greeneyedblondie44
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offbrandhange · a year ago
hi! are you accepting requests? if so can i request a fic where levi and the reader are secretly seeing each other and their little interactions spark up the interest of hange, so hange tells the rest of the levi squad and they all try to find out whether theyre dating or not? thank you!!
Yes, I am!!! Tysm for this idea I had so much fun writing it!!!
Tumblr media
𝖜𝖔𝖗𝖉 𝖈𝖔𝖚𝖓𝖙: ~1.4K
a/n -- I really hope this isn’t bad HHHHHHH
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The mess hall was rowdy as always for a Friday night; all different regiments and ranks joined together—just to drunkenly blow off steam.
At the higher-ups’ table, a loud thud was heard; Hange had slammed down their beer-filled mug, laughing as they slightly splashed it on the man in front of them.
“Sorry,” They hummed cheerfully, despite knowing it was likely they would get berated for getting beer on him; He scolded them every chance he got.
Hange smiled stupidly while waiting for harsh words, but there were none. The man said nothing, his eyes completely elsewhere. He had no idea there was an ale stain on his white cravat.
“Levi?” Hange blurted in confusion, hiccuping while they did so. 
It was beyond uncommon for Levi to be spaced out and uncaring about a mess. He hated anything he deemed unclean—and he was picky about it, too. 
Hange was knowingly alarmed by their colleague’s strange behavior, and so, they curiously turned their head to see what he was staring at. 
His eyes were locked on a cadet belonging to the Scout regiment—one that Hange scarcely recognized as someone often around the Titan shifter, Eren Jaeger.
“That’s odd,” Hange murmured to themself, lifting the beer to their mouth to sip.“Wonder if this’ll work.” 
Mischievously, Hange ran their hand on the underside of the wooden table, getting a good heap of dust and dirt to stick to their palm. Afterward, Hange lifted themselves from their seat, leaned over the table, and softly flattened their hand on the top of Levi’s head; he didn’t move an inch. 
A booming “Woah,” escaped their lips, and in the typical Hange way, it caught everyone at the table’s attention—everyone except for Levi.
“Hange,” their co-worker called, a member of Levi’s squad; it was Petra. “What’s wrong?”
“He didn’t even flinch—I touched him with dusty hands!” Hange exclaimed, making dramatic gestures in disbelief. 
Petra raised an eyebrow and turned to look at Levi, who was now not only wearing a stained cravat; but also dust particles covering his usually impeccably shiny raven hair. 
Hange let out another scream in amazement; once again catching everyone’s attention—but not just those at the table. This time, the cadet noticed as well.
You began your strides over towards Levi—leaving behind your other members of the scouts. The closer you came towards him, the more his face began to change from pale to pink.
Hange watched in disbelief as you smiled at the short man, who now met your eyes with a softened gaze. 
You reached to his cravat; pinching the corner lightly to look at the stain Hange’s beer left. “Oh,” you scrunched your eyebrow. You weren’t sure why he hadn’t been freaking out over the stain.  “Do you want me to wash this for you? It’s dirty.” You asked,  pulling your hand back.
Levi’s gaze diverted from yours as his face changed from blushing pink to cherry red, practically ripping off his cravat to hand to you. “Sure.” He quickly replied.
Both Petra and Hange stared in shock. The usually strict, grumpy, short-tempered Levi was completely gone. Instead, he was now a wide-eyed, innocent virgin—who seemed to have not known what a woman was.
As you walked out of the mess hall with Levi’s cravat—to presumably wash—his focus was finally back to normal.
“What?” He growled, meeting Hange and Petra’s bewildered eyes with his violent ones.
They paused for a moment, saying nothing, until Hange deftly answered, “You got dust on your head.” 
Levi’s eyes widened, and he immediately started swatting at his head, disgusted by all the particles surrounding him.
“I need a shower.” He stated, rising from his seat, speed walking awkwardly out of the mess hall. It was clear he was very close to freaking out--grime was one of the only tame things in life that scared him.
After he left, Petra and Hange both silently sat, trying to comprehend what just happened. 
“Is Captain....dating?” Petra questioned, turning to look at Hange.
“Levi? Dating? No way.” Hange answered, not completely convinced of their own conviction.
There was another long silence between Petra and Hange—and then Hange opened their mouth to speak.
“We’re definitely investigating, right?” 
“What? Isn’t that an invasion of his privacy? I don’t think he would like it—“ Petra pleaded, but it was to no avail—Hange had already risen from their seat.
“Get the rest of Levi squad, then meet me outside of his office.” 
Petra sighed as she watched Hange leave the room; She was not too keen on snooping in on Levi’s personal life—mostly because she valued his opinion of her—and did not want to lose his trust. 
Hange, however, was giggling to themselves, bouncing as they walked to Levi’s office. 
The walk didn’t take long, since his room was relatively close to the mess hall; but picking the lock certainly would. Once they arrived at Levi’s door, Hange pulled a hairpin from the bird’s nest that rested atop their head—poking and prodding at the lock best as they could. 
When the lock had broken, Hange turned to see that Petra and the rest of the Levi squad were standing beside them.
“Good, you’re here.”
“Is Captain Levi really dating? He doesn’t seem like the type to get involved with others.” Eld questioned.
Oluo scoffed before he replied. “Of course not—he’s way too busy.” 
Petra rolled her eyes. “Like you’d know.”
“Of course I would—are you implying I don’t know what it’s like to be busy? My kill count—“ Oluo stopped, accidentally biting his tongue.
Gunther just sighed and made his way into the room; the rest following along. 
Hange and the Levi squad searched for what seemed like forever; they looked for anything they could find—a love letter, gifts, anything out of the ordinary that their Captain would not normally have—but they found nothing.
Eventually, Gunther sighed and slammed the desk drawer shut. “This is pointless.”
“And an invasion of privacy,” Petra added, sounding slightly annoyed.
Hange was starting to tire themselves—pushing up their glasses and rubbing their eyes, they spoke. “Fine, let’s call it a night; we can try and pair them up tomorrow during training and see then.” 
Everyone left the room, dragging their feet. Their mission failed, and everyone was beyond tired; They certainly weren’t going to stay up any later than they already had.
Goodbyes were exchanged, and they headed their separate ways; Hange specifically towards their dorm. 
And that’s when they turned the corner—and saw Levi talking with you in the deserted hall.
Hange hid, pushing their glasses back down to see clearer. Excited, they screamed internally.
Levi stood with the straightest posture possible; you could tell he was nervous. His hair was pushed back out of his face, still wet from his shower, with a towel draped around his neck. 
You handed him his cravat, teasing him for getting it dirty. It was exactly what you expected to see from two lovers.
Once you leaned in to kiss Levi on the cheek, Hange jumped out from the corner, revealing themselves.
“HOLY SHIT! YOU ARE DATING!” Hange screamed, standing strangely, pointing at you and Levi.
The short man went flying as he threw himself away from you—he was now flat against the wall, with an expression that mimicked a frightened cat.
Slightly spooked yourself, you turned to look at Hange. “Oh. Squad Leader Hange.” 
 “ARE YOU DATING?” Hange screamed down the hall—you could hear an angry cadet in their room yell back, “shut up.”
Levi peeled himself off the wall, walking down towards Hange angrily—you followed.
“What is this.” He sneered, glaring at his colleague.
“ARE. YOU. DATING.” Hange repeated, putting a lengthy amount of space between their words.
Levi turned bright pink again—and said nothing. Annoyed, you sighed and spoke for him. “Yes, we are.”
“HOLY SHIT!” Hange yelled, dragging out the o.
“Keep your mouth shut, four eyes.” Levi spat, returning to his typical grumpy demeanor.
You pat him on the shoulder, resting your hand there to represent a small, “be nice.” His face grew even more in color; instantly melting at your touch.
“Don’t go around telling people,” you said, trying to clarify what he meant. “I don’t want others to think I’m getting special privileges.”
Hange sucked in a long breath, trying to calm themselves. “Sure, sure, yep, yep, yep. I got you.” They smiled politely, beginning to walk off.
You and Levi watched as they turned to corner—and all of a sudden you heard them scream.
Levi charged after Hange—and you muttered to yourself, “oh my god” before following along.
It was going to be a long night.
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