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#I am making one of the other cats I swear
textsfromthejellicles · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(562): that was a gay-test. you passed.
(1-562): with flying rainbow colors i hope!
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gallivantingheart · 47 minutes ago
the proposal pt.2
who?: jeonghan x (f)reader
word count: 1077
genre/s: fluff and a bit of fun
warnings: one - maybe two - swear words
synopsis: jeonghan has never been confused on how you feel about marriage - now it’s just a matter of how to do it.
a/n: just a fun diddy bc i love this sleepy man - no, not based off that movie with sandra bullock. also! part two!
Tumblr media
You look out to the living room from the little backyard, where the music has suddenly been turned down. It’s not even nightfall yet - had someone already made a noise complaint? What a buzzkill. Turning back to face Jeonghan, you find him smiling right at you and your question dries up on your lips. It’s bright and rare, something that most don’t see often. You return the expression with creased brows. Everyone has gone a little quiet, adding to the confusion.
“‘Hannie...what’s going on? What am I missing?” you murmur, leaning close.
He laughs, grabbing your hand to swing it gently between you. In the corner of your eye you can see Jun brimming with energy and his partner whispering to calm down. He’s so excited and you can feel the tension rise. Mingyu has his camera out and it panics you a little. Jeonghan twists a little to fish something out of his jacket pocket.
“You know how I hassled you for a party for your new client?” You nodded. “Well, I kind of lied. That’s not what this party is for.”
Your eyes find his free hand and you shakily gasp at the sight. A little navy blue box only seen in jewellers. Jeonghan giggles a little as he shifts to kneel on one knee. You suddenly feel too underdressed for the moment, your long floral summer dress something better for a beach day than a damn proposal. You’re glad it’s a small audience though - well, as small as it can be for Seventeen and your lot of friends. His glittering eyes haven’t left you and despite the moment of quiet, you’re filled with good nerves.
“I know you’re not one for a big fuss, so I’ll try to keep this short, huh?” Jeonghan chuckles nervously for you. “I love you. So much. I wish I could write songs better because then I might be able to make how I feel make more sense. How your best days are mine. And you can ease my mind so simply. No matter how much you might confuse me and I might annoy you, we’ve been there for each other for a lot. And I want to be there for each other for the rest of our lives. Get a cat - or two or three, maybe even a dog - have kids with my smile that you like so much but your eyes and your laugh because that’s what told me I was in love with you. I want my future to be love with you - with us. So darling, will you marry me?”
By now you’re sobbing, the hand not laced with his wiping away sniffling streams of tears. But you’re smiling and so is he. Your glassy gaze pulls away from the simple ring as you hiccup a laugh.
“I-I-I, fuck.” Everyone laughs as you curse to get yourself together. “Yes. Y-Yes I’ll marry you, Jeonghan. Of c-course. But why’d you have to make me cry?”
He giggles again as he finally lets your hand go for the first time to slip the ring on your finger, pushing just to make sure it’s snug. There’s cheering but you ignore it in favour of stooping down to press a soft, maybe a little wet, kiss to his lips. He pulls back to stand, dotting a kiss to the knuckles by your ring before dabbing your cheeks dry.
“I’m sorry I made you cry, I didn’t mean to.” He only half-lies, mock pouting at your teary expression. “But, I love you.”
“I love you too.”
You move your arms around his shoulders to lace your fingers through his hair, which he insisted needed a cut to kiss him again, longer than the others. Your sigh is still a little wobbly against his mouth but he doesn’t make a note of it, too engrossed in you. He glows happily, the setting sun amplifying it and the two of you don’t realise till much later that it became one of the moments that Minghao chose to photograph from that evening. (He puts it together for you two later in a little Instagram post that makes you cry, again.)
Chaewon as well as your gaggle of friends swarm you, gushing over the engagement ring as if they’d never seen one before and the members congratulate Jeonghan on a job well done for the party.
He doesn’t let go of you for the rest of the party though, which you don’t mind at all. That night, curled up in your bed, the two of you admire it as it glimmers in the sliver of moonlight peeping through your bedroom curtains. Somehow the weight feels right - like you had been waiting for it. His eyes are drowsier than usual but warm as he turns his head to press a kiss wherever it can land.
“I love you.” he says again.
You hum. “Love you too. I’m so afraid I’m gonna lose it though. I’m going to have to get it on a chain or something.”
Jeonghan makes a gravelly noise of surprise, sitting up as suddenly as he can to dash out of the room. You sit up too, twisting to turn a lamp on, confused again - it wasn’t like you to be so unclear on things. When he pads back in, his striped pants dragging the floor, he holds the ring box again. Your fiancé flops back under the covers and opens the box, pulling the ring cushion out. Underneath is a snaking string of metal with clasps.
He smirks proudly. “I knew you were going to say that, so I thought ahead and brought one of those too so we wouldn’t have to later. Here, pass the ring.”
You chuckle, wriggling the white gold band off. The blonde strings it on, holding it up for you to inspect. It’s not too short that it’s uncomfortable, instead long enough to slip underneath a collar of a loose blouse or shirt. 
“I’m impressed, Hannie. Thinking ahead. But, I should have expected nothing less, huh?”
“Yeah. Turn?”
You do so and feel the cool metal rest against your skin and the end of the chain drop to the base of your neck. Lying down again and turning your light off, you exhale to yawn.
“Ah, okay darling. Big day.” You hear him say in your hair. “Good night, soon-to-be Mrs Yoon.”
“Huh, ‘night soon-to-be Mr. L/N.”
“We’ll discuss this tomorrow. You’ll see.”
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159potterhead · a day ago
Look what I brought!! Another boost of serotonin!!😄 Aahhaa! Queen's cave I'm sure it must be awesome since you're the queen of the place😍
Yeah. It can also be accident but again accident don't happen accidentally
I think so🥺 but also I'm competing with you here competition is pretty tough but as I said I looooove you💖✨💖✨
Let's do it then! Oh! A real date that is so sweet, and yes we will play bingo. I don't want big dinner dates but I do want to try a pie with you so we can do that too on our date night and maybe slow dance if you're on board.
NOOOOOO! AGAFGFSG That's the first constellation I look for. You grab the pen, I'll grab the paper, let's do it right now!! We're making a bingo!!
We're definitely soulmates ✨✨ So, I guess we're engaged! Come here let me hug you 🤗😘🤗
Aww🥰🥰🥰I'm pretty sure our pictures are gonna be cute af coz we'll be goofy and stare at each other the whole time and I'll tell you something at the last moment and you'll laugh while I'm busy staring at you coz you look beautiful. And that will be our perfect picture 😍
I'm really bad at it so far I've only thought of this question; do you have any pet and Are you a dog person or a cat person? I don't have any pet rn I would love to have one. And I used to be a dog person but then I saw lots of people with these cute little cats and I was like I want one too. So, yeah, I like both dog and cats as long as I can have a pet coz that's all that matters.
If I had million dollars. Well, that's very less for my plans now for a million dollars I would probably make that sound proof room first to blast the music, buy a 67 Chevy Impala, and maybe invest the rest of it somewhere. Apart from this question I'll take it up a notch for if I had Jeff Bezos kind of money coz I sometimes think about when people says he should put that money to good. Okay so first I'll do all the above things then I've seen this in a video I think where it said if Jeff Bezos want he can end pollution or global warming it was one of them I don't recall clearly but it requires few hundred million so I'll go ahead and end pollution. I'll also buy spn and do s15 all over again. These are only things I can think of😂😂 what will you do?
(Yk because we were talking about stars and all that so I remembered that song and I went ahead to listen to it and it had all those lyrics which reminded me of you and how it matches our situation and I can't help but put all those lines dow in the ask. I was thinking about you the whole time while listening to it🤗🤗)
(I've searched your lyrics and I'm adding it to the songs list too. Currently there are like 3-4 songs not a lot of them but if we keep doing it then I'll have a whole list coz I don't know that many English songs)
hell yeah you did, babe!!!😄💞 oh yeah it’s very awesome😎👑 plus, you get vip access;)
okay dean winchester I see you;))))
oh you want competition? you got your competition baby😏 I. Love. You.💋
yaaas! I’m glad you’re down for it! I’ll get you all the pies you want, my beloved<3 I am sooo on board slow dancing with you. I honestly am on board dancing whenever ahah, I sure do love dancing💃🏻
soulmates I swear!!✨ back off people, i’m engaged! *dives into your arms*😚
and then you’ll beg me to use it for our lockets. and I won’t be able to resist your soft puppy eyes, so I do it. after we’re done laughing, I pull out a small box from behind me. you seem confused, so I ask you to open it. it’s an old polaroid camera from the 70s that belonged to my mum, and I want to give it to you. there’s a pack of film underneath which you quickly load up into the camera and take a quick photo of me. you love it so much just like I knew you would. a precious gift for a precious person<3
that’s a great question. hmm, i’m not sure. it depends, I think. like both my bestfriends have a cat and I practically adopted both lol, but one of them doesn’t really vibe with me while the other does. so it really differs from one cat/dog to the other. I wouldn’t mind a soft tiny puppy or a huge husky either. maybe we could get a cute little cat for our new house🤔 what breed would you like?
smart choices!! you really do know how to spend your money;) also, if you wake up and can’t find your car, I stole it🤫 ooo I like, I’ll literally marry you again if you do it. maybe work with greta thunberg to figure it out! ahah pls😂😂😂 just redo the finale, that would be more than enough😂 I’d give a portion to my parents so they could go on that around-the-world cruise they’ve always wanted to do. I’ll take 250K, maybe use part of it to get an aviation license👀 put 300K into savings. that’ll leave us with around 350K which i’ll scatter around charities, campaigns and good causes.
(ok pls this is so cute you are so cute how even- 😭😭😭💞💞💞💞💞💞💞 ilysm that is so nice🥺)
(oooh interesting!! I like that idea. wait, do you have spotify?)
🎶I love how your heart beats whenever I hold you, I love how you think of me without being told to, I love the way your touch is always heavenly. But, darling, most of all I love how you love me🎶💕
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ritsu-tainaka · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
i dont usually do this kinda stuff but hiiii i made character playlists for the main five k-on girls! all the songs are songs i know so its kinda sorta mostly vocaloid, citypop, jpop, anime music etc. they all feature their character songs! (the ones that are on spotify) it's also preferred you play these on shuffle. the links + some info will be under the cut!
plz keep in mind i am horrible at describing things so im sorry the info kinda sucks
Tumblr media
yui hirasawa : mostly lighthearted and fun songs, just like yui!! the songs are a bit slow, and this playlist has the most songs from htt
mio akiyama : most of these songs feel like types of songs mio would write! some are a bit bittersweet while others are more silly. a few of the songs are kinda melancholic and i think it fits with mio?? i dont know how to explain it </3 this playlist is mostly citypop/80s jpop songs!
ritsu tainaka : i tried my hardest not to make this a kin playlist lol this playlist has more louder (?) and fun songs, with a few sad songs sprinkled in for the funsies. interpret them how you will lol
tsumugi kotobuki : ill be honest, i struggled a bit with mugi's as well as azusa's,.,,, this playlist has mostly idol(sorta) music from bandori and show by rock! i put some songs that sounded a bit similar to diary wa fortissimo, and also a few where i liked how they piano/keyboard sounded
azusa nakano : like i said earlier, i struggled a bit here!!! azusa's playlist is the most diverse i think? its a bit chill, sad, and lively at the same time. there are two cat related songs (this was required) and i believe one song without any lyrics. also i think this is the song with the most mitski in it HELP
also a bonus mioritsu playlist because i love this ship sm... mostly citypop songs cuz i think it fits their vibe!! also the obligatory fuyu no hi is there... i know theres four local file songs there but i Swear theyre important and you can find them on youtube
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inber · 4 days ago
First Sentences Meme
A/N: I did used to write, I swear. This meme seemed fun, like a good exercise, and also a memory lane trip. I am going to alternate between AO3 stories and drabbles. Thank you for the tag my beloved @witchertrashbag <3 Disclaimer: I tried to go from newest to oldest, but I had to skip a few because they had 2 word opening lines. * denotes smut - read tags or authors notes if you check the fic out!
List the first lines of your last 20 stories (if you have less than 20, just list them all). See if there are any patterns. Choose your favorite opening line. Then tag your favorite authors!
'Eskel knows that the fawn is going to die.’ (drabble - After The Fight)
‘Jaskier placed his hands upon his hips, narrowing his eyes at his reflection’. (AO3 - I wrote, 'listen'; he spelled it 'silent')
‘The longer Geralt stared at the map of Vermont and the Montreal border, the more his carefully drawn crosses and circles started to blur together, like flecks of arterial red.’ (drabble - Vignette: Beginnings & Bootlegs)
‘Eskel would have said, if asked, that witchers shared the peculiarities of a cat's eyesight, but that was where the similarities ended.’ (AO3 - Splormf*) 
‘“Y'just can’t,” Geralt said, reaching for his vodka cup, “can’t let ‘em win, y'know? They wanna win. Those bastards.”’ (drabble - Poke)
‘“I'm going to do it,” Jaskier declared, with an air of authority that he absolutely did not possess.’ (AO3 - ever tried; ever failed*) 
‘Never in all his many, many years alive on the Continent had Geralt seen a pout as tremendously pronounced as the one that painted Jaskier’s features, simultaneously pathetic and guilt-inducing at once.’ (drabble - promises woven, worn)
‘“This is excessive, Yennefer,” Geralt said, scowling at his reflection, “I'm going to do a job. I can just go as myself.”’ (AO3 - let's then despise what is not courage my darling)
‘“Your lips, your lips are stained with plum.” Jaskier observed, blinking asymmetrically at Yennefer.’ (drabble - A Celebration)
‘“Have I told you that you look absolutely deadly in that gown, darling?”’ (AO3 - I return, for you’re a fire; untamed*)
‘“Geralt,” Jaskier said, grandly, “I’d like to introduce you to Malice and Mercy.”’ (drabble - Smile Like a Knife)
‘“Plephf,” Jaskier spat out an errant piece of straw from his mouth, “how did we end up with barn duty, anyway?”’ (AO3 - in the secret dark a fresh snow falls)
‘“Yen,” Geralt said, “help.”’ (drabble - Cursed)
‘“I'm so sorry,” Jaskier said, nervously tip-tapping his feet like a hound promised walkies, “Mother says that the other guest rooms aren't in service – something about new furniture, or winter-proofing, I'm not quite sure. She does prattle on. This is all we really have--”’ (AO3 - All that we gave, was it wasted?)
‘A Jaskier kneels, bare feet pointed behind him, hands flat on thighs, posture-perfect; serene in stillness, a mockery of meditation and calm.’ (drabble - Demon-possessed Jaskier)
‘Surrender; how baited the word, how sharp the bear-trap teeth of it glint in patient waiting, the spring-snap straining with potential.’ (AO3 - the last bastion of a weapon, yielding*)
‘“I don’t like you,” Jaskier says, chin raised in defiance, “it’s just that this fabric, well, the tailor offered me a deal, considering I was already paying him to make me some trousers. And it would have been a waste not to take advantage. That is all.”’ (drabble - Frenemies)
‘Eskel remembered curing the pelts to make the long rectangular pillow that he kept propped at the end of his bed.’ (AO3 - the faster i become undone*)
‘“Why in the blazes are you two up so early?” Jaskier gripes, shambling into Kaer Morhen’s kitchen, draped in furs with his feet besocked three pairs deep.’ (drabble - Lil' Bleater)
‘“Jas—Jaskier.” Geralt leaned into his travelling companion. He forgot his own mass, and the other man nearly fell off the edge of the booth they were crammed into.’ (AO3 - i taste a liquor never brewed)
Analysis: I am pleasantly surprised by the small variety! I have a soft spot for geraskier, but my most recent fics seem to feature Yen and Eskel quite a bit, which is excellent. I seem to be more comfortable opening with dialogue. And I like using Jaskier as an icebreaker, apparently. I think I don’t put enough thought into a first line; for me, I like doing one-two punches with the first and second line. But sometimes the ‘hook’ isn’t even on my mind. Something to work on. I also write in both past and present tense! Huh. My fav in this bunch is probably from 'ever tried; ever failed', because it encapsulates Jaskier's dumbass energy.
Bonus Red Dead 2 ficlet snippet I am working on, whilst we are talking about writing: ‘You'd never tell him, though. Lord, you'd sooner die. Imagining the confusion and repulsion on his face when he rejects you is enough to shock you right out of your thoughts with a full-body shudder.
No, you're no Mary Linton. That's why you know you'll deliver the letter when Arthur returns from town. Maybe she's a fool for turning him away, or maybe she was cruel to him in the past, but she's beautiful, and Arthur deserves beauty in his life.’
I tag my frogfully wedded wife, @a-kind-of-merry-war, @spielzeugkaiser (I think your comic/stories are worth a first line look!), @bygodstillam, and @greyduckgreygoose - if you would like/have the energy! No pressure :)
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writemekpop · 4 days ago
Craving You | Huang Renjun
Pairing: Huang Renjun x Reader
Summary: After a fiery argument, you and Renjun just want to sleep. Only, you're pregnant, and craving something only Renjun can give you...
Genre: Established relationship, Pregnant!Y/n, Angst, Fluff
Word count: 0.8k
Gif: @leeyunos​
Tumblr media
“No! You can’t make me!” You yell at your boyfriend. He’s standing at the foot of the bed, looking very stern despite his panda-print silk pyjamas. 
Renjun tugs a hand through his hair. “For the last time, Y/n, it’s not about you. It’s about the baby. Our baby. The doctor told you to rest. Stop being so… so selfish!” 
You place a hand on your bump. “Of course I care about the baby,” you hiss. “But I’m only six months along. If I stop working now, my boss will definitely fire me.” 
Renjun rolls his eyes. “I don’t understand why you don’t just quit your job. I make enough for the both of us.” 
You gasp. “It’s not about the money, and you know it. I’m not going to sit at home like some fifty’s housewife!” 
You glare at Renjun, and he glares straight back. 
You’re just as hot tempered as each other, and whilst that make makes things very… passionate in the bedroom, you have the most world-shattering arguments. 
Renjun flops down on his side of the bed and turns his back to you. He pulls the covers over himself. “I’m done arguing. Go to bed, Y/n.” 
You turn off your bedside lamp, and darkness engulfs the room. You can just make out the slender curve of Renjun’s shoulders in the moonlight. 
Normally, you would have held each other and kissed before going to sleep, but tonight is not one of those nights. 
Shuffling around, you struggle to get comfy on the mattress. Sleeping whilst pregnant is not easy…
It’s your stomach that wakes you up in the middle of the night. 
It’s not a normal hunger… but something stronger.
All you can think of is how much you want to eat… marshmallows. Yes! Big, fat, juicy marshmallows. Your mouth begins to water. 
“Renjun!” you whine, jabbing your finger into his back. He cracks open one eye.
“What is it?” he grumbles, rubbing his eyes. “I’m not in the mood to fight again.” 
Your heart twinges. “No, it’s not that. It’s just… I really need some marshmallows. You’re the reason I’m pregnant and craving them… So you need to get them for me.”
Renjun pulls his phone off the nightstand, swearing as the blue light burns his eyes. 
“It’s three AM, I’m not going to the store. Why don’t you just go?” Renjun plonks his head back on the pillow and starts to snore. 
You knead his shoulders. “Junnie, please! I’m feeling way too dizzy to get up… but I want those huge ones we toasted on Jeno’s birthday.” 
Renjun shakes your hand off his shoulder. 
“Please,” your voice cracks, and a lone tear rolls down your cheek.
Renjun shoots up and stares at you. His eyes widen. You never cry.
Then the frown on his face melts away. He reaches out and pats your hand awkwardly, like you’re a stray cat threatening to bolt. 
“There, there. Don’t cry. I’m going now. I think the store on Cooper Street is open twenty-four hours.”
You give him a small smile. “Thank you.” 
Exactly twenty minutes after he leaves, you hear the front door click open. 
Renjun stomps up the stairs and into the bedroom. He chucks a large bag of campfire sized marshmallows onto the bed. “Here you go.”
He pulls off his sweatshirt and crawls under the covers, eyes already falling shut. 
“Thank you, I don’t know what I’d do without you.” You dig your hand into the packet and pull out a fist-sized marshmallow.
Renjun doesn’t say anything, so you assume he’s fallen asleep. You sit there in marshmallow heaven and keep eating until your desire is sated. 
You jolt when Renjun mumbles something into the pillow. 
“What was that, baby?” you ask.
Renjun pushes himself up on his elbows and turns his head towards you. “I said… I’m sorry for calling you selfish. And… I shouldn’t have told you to quit your job. Just try to take it easy, yeah? I… worry about you.” 
Your heart swells. “I know,” you say softly. 
You hold out a marshmallow. “Do you want the last one?” 
Renjun screws up his face. “No, because I’m not a freak who eats sugar in the dead of the night! Go to sleep, missy!” 
You chuck the marshmallow at his face. Renjun gapes at you for a second, but then he bursts into laughter. His laughter is contagious, and soon you’re both in fits. 
Once you’ve both calmed down, Renjun shuffles towards you. He whispers, “You’re lucky you’re pregnant. As soon as the baby’s born, I’m getting you back for that.”
You stick your tongue out at him. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”
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spookydrreid · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Monkey Business
Category: Fluff
Content warnings: swearing, ownership of a monkey.
a/n: okay so, half of my inbox was request for the concept of Spencer owning a monkey. So, here it is! 
a/n 2: I am fully aware that owning one of these animals is not only illegal, but unethical. Monkeys should not be kept as pets. No matter how cute they are. I know Tiktok makes it seem so fun and amazing but it’s not. They can grow up to be extremely mean and honestly, belong in the wild. So please don't try to find a way to own one. 
You shoved your hands in your pockets after saying goodbye to your girlfriends. You’d had a rare day off from the BAU, and while your days off would be spent with your boyfriend, Dr. Spencer Reid, today you went with the girls. The woman for the BAU had convinced you to a day of brunching, shopping and self care.
You felt refreshed as you walked, your shared apartment just a few blocks from the final location of the day. It was a warm spring day, the wind blowing softly through your hair as you walked, flowers starting to sprout from their places on windowsills. Spring in D.C. came with the beautiful cherry blossoms, the pink petals swirling around you as you walked.
You unlocked the first door, stepping inside the lobby to collect the mail before walking up the stairs. You sifted through the mail as you walked. And it wasn’t until you fished out your keys that you heard a soft coo coming from the other side of the door. You raised a brow, carefully pushing your key in the lock and turning it slowly.
You stepped inside, following the soft voice that was coming from your kitchen, “Spence?” You called as you walked closer.
“Your mommy is just going to love you so much. I’m sure of it.” You stopped in your tracks at Spencer’s coo. You had no idea who the fuck Spencer was talking to. You and Spencer didn’t have kids. Nor did you guys adopt a pet. That is, unless Spencer went and adopted something as a surprise. But that didn’t make sense. Spence wasn’t big on animals due to the nature of your jobs.
“Spencer Reid who are you talking too?” You found him at the sink, sleeves rolled to his elbows and bubbled coating half of his arm. He stiffened where he stood. And before you could do anything he rinsed himself before drying them.
And then he scooped something in his arms before turning around slowly.
Your eyes grew wide as you saw what he was holding, “Spencer Walter Reid… Where the fuck did you get a monkey.” In his arms was a tiny monkey, clearly wet from the bath Spencer had just given it.
He cleared his throat before he answered, “I know a guy.”
You raised your brows at him, “you know a guy. Spencer, this is a wild animal.”
The monkey in his grasp cooed, gripping onto Spencer’s finger like an infant would. You’d be a liar if you said it wasn’t cute. But at the same time, he was holding a wet fucking animal. And not a normally domesticated one. You’d heard horror stories of monkeys turning bad. Even going as far as to rip off an owners face.
“But he needed a home and I figured it would be good for us.” He shot you that smile that made you weak in the knees.
You slowly blinked at him, doing your best to keep your wits about you, “Spencer, baby, do you have a fever?”
He shot you a confused expression, shifting the animal slightly, “what? No! W-why do I look sick?”
“No. It just seems you’ve forgotten about our fucking job!” You threw your arms in the air, exasperated. It was the entire reason he’d said no to you getting a cat. And now this fucker has a monkey?
“Hotch said we could bring him. Don’t you wanna know his name?”
You raised your brow. How the fuck did Hotch know about this before you? You stepped closer, making short movements as to not scare the creature. Spencer held him out to you, the monkey shooting a little tooth filled smile which melted your heart. But it didn’t take you long to snap back into the moment.
“No. Because if you tell me his name, it becomes a pet and you know how attached I get once we-“
“His names Geraldo. He’s a Capuchin and his momma was killed in a forest fire. He was rehabilitated for six months before he became adoptable. The—uh – the guy I know figured we would be a good fit for him and when I cleared it with Hotch, I figured you’d be excited.” He held Geraldo out to you, “just hold him. He’s really so sweet.”
You hesitated for a moment, but then Geraldo stared up at you with the cutest look you’d ever seen. Pleading, in a way, for you to show some affection towards him. I mean, after all, these animals were partly related to us and they reacted to touch and love the same way humans do. But they were very expensive to care for. And unlike humans, they didn’t really grow up. Staying like a toddler for their 20 – 40-year life span.
But you relented, stepping closer to your boyfriend who had the largest smile on his face. You held out your arms and Spencer placed Geraldo into them. You held him on your hip. Spencer stood back and admired the scene in front of him.
“You really are just the cutest little thing. It seems your father needs to learn how to talk to your motherbefore he makes forty-year decisions. What if we break up?” That earned a belly laugh from Spencer.
“You really think we’re going to break up?” He asked through his fit of childish giggles. “Baby, you’re stuck with me, and Geraldo, for the rest of your life. There’s no leaving.” He wiggled his brows before stepping closer and capturing you into a kiss.
“And I wouldn’t have it any other way.” You kissed him again before sighing, “well, let’ go introduce our child to our team.”
tag list: 
@worryd0ll​​ ​
[Add yourself to my tag list here]
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galaxybee97 · 5 days ago
1 - 100 😊
Hiii! I didn't forgot about this, ya'll ready to learn shit about me? >.<
Questions Link
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1. What is you middle name? Ellen 2. How old are you? I am 23 :) 3. When is your birthday? 17th of July 4. What is your zodiac sign? Cancer 5. What is your favourite colour? Green or Pink 6. What’s your lucky number? 7 7. Do you have any pets? I have 3 cats, 3 gunieas, 1 rabbit and 1 hamster 8. Where are you from? England 9. How tall are you? 5'5 10. What shoe size are you? 6 11. How many pairs of shoes do you own? Idk, probably 10? 12. What was your last dream about? I can ever remember my dreams 13. What talents do you have? I can read really quick, thats a talent right? 14. Are you psychic in any way? Nope 15. Favourite song? At the moment; Black Hole - Griff 16. Favourite movie? Mannequin 17. Who would be your ideal partner? Lol not sure they exist :') 18. Do you want children? Nope 19. Do you want a church wedding? I never want to get married 20. Are you religious? Nope 21. Have you ever been to the hospital? Yeah tons 22. Have you ever got in trouble with the law? Nope, good girl here 23. Have you ever met any celebrities? A few here and there 24. Baths or showers? BOTH 25. What colour socks are you wearing? None currently 26. Have you ever been famous? Lol nope 27. Would you like to be a big celebrity? I don't think so 28. What type of music do you like? All kinds of music, my playlist is a rollercoaster for sure! 29. Have you ever been skinny dipping? Nope 30. How many pillows do you sleep with? Three 31. What position do you usually sleep in? Not sure lol 32. How big is your house? Idk, I'd say small, but it's a English house made not for easy living 33. What do you typically have for breakfast? Coffee 34. Have you ever fired a gun? Nope, I've never even seen one in real life 35. Have you ever tried archery? Yeah, once I was pretty good! 36. Favourite clean word? yeet 37. Favourite swear word? fuck 38. What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleep? I can usually get to hour 39 of being awake lol 39. Do you have any scars? Yeah, a few 40. Have you ever had a secret admirer? I don't think so 41. Are you a good liar? I never lie :) 42. Are you a good judge of character? Usually yes 43. Can you do any other accents other than your own? I suck at accents so nope 44. Do you have a strong accent? I wouldn't say so 45. What is your favourite accent? Australian, German, French, Irish, idk I like a lot 46. What is your personality type? Apparently this: INTJ-A / INTJ-T 47. What is your most expensive piece of clothing? A star wars jumper that cost like £20 and it's my fave thing in the world 48. Can you curl your tongue? Kinda, tongue bar is in the way though 49. Are you an innie or an outie? Innie, pierced too :') 50. Left or right handed? Right handed 51. Are you scared of spiders? Nope, I love spiders 52. Favourite food? Pizza lol 53. Favourite foreign food? Saag Aloo 54. Are you a clean or messy person? Bit of both 55. Most used phrased? "fuck off" is my motto at this point 56. Most used word? fuck 57. How long does it take for you to get ready? idk 20 minutes 58. Do you have much of an ego? I do lol 59. Do you suck or bite lollipops? Neither lol I don't eat lollys 60. Do you talk to yourself? Yes, who doesn't 61. Do you sing to yourself? Yes 62. Are you a good singer? Nope 63. Biggest Fear? Being alone forever and ever 64. Are you a gossip? fuck yes 65. Best dramatic movie you’ve seen? I'm not sure, there are so many good ones 66. Do you like long or short hair? On myself, long hair. Anyone else, I don't mind 67. Can you name all 50 states of America? I could give it a try, but probably not 68. Favourite school subject? ICT :) 69. Extrovert or Introvert? Both 70. Have you ever been scuba diving? No but I wanna! 71. What makes you nervous? EVERYTHING 72. Are you scared of the dark? Nope 73. Do you correct people when they make mistakes? Sometimes 74. Are you ticklish? Yes, also it pisses me off like nothing else 75. Have you ever started a rumour? Nope. 76. Have you ever been in a position of authority? Yep (insert sexy face) 77. Have you ever drank underage? Yeah, lots and lots 78. Have
you ever done drugs? Yep 79. Who was your first real crush? Cedric Diggory IT WAS REAL FOR ME 80. How many piercings do you have? Ten 81. Can you roll your Rs?“ Nope 82. How fast can you type? Very lol 83. How fast can you run? Idk its been years since I ran 84. What colour is your hair? At the moment, dark red 85. What colour is your eyes? Brown 86. What are you allergic to? Nothing 87. Do you keep a journal? Sometimes yes 88. What do your parents do? My mum works in a nursery and my dad doesn't work anymore 89. Do you like your age? Sure, I wanna be older though.. The further away from teen and being seeing as young the happier I'll be 90. What makes you angry? Most things 91. Do you like your own name? Yeah it's not seen often though 92. Have you already thought of baby names, and if so what are they? Nope 93. Do you want a boy a girl for a child? Neither thanks 94. What are you strengths? I caan probably find a song for ever situation ever, and idk thats defo a strength :') 95. What are your weaknesses? feelings 96. How did you get your name? My dad liked it lol 97. Were your ancestors royalty? Nope lol 98. Do you have any scars? Didn't we have this question? 99. Color of your bedspread? Pink and Black 100. Color of your room? Pale Pink and Ivory
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gojoho · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
• pairing; toji fushiguro x reader [ nsfw ]
• premise; it’s the same dance with him, a shameless game of cat and mouse in which he always win but maybe losing is equally as rewarding. 
• words; 2078
• note & warning; i’m back with some toji content, he’s just been in my mind a little to long for me not the write about him. some warnings for this one is public, unprotected ( wrap it and then tap it folks ) sex, with the usual grammatical errors—I swear I try to proof read ya’ll but they just manage to find a way to stay in there. i am slowly but surely getting my mojo back.
Tumblr media
Old habits die hard; it's easier to hate each other that way. Labeling whatever that was manifesting between the two of you as that, a bad habit. A dirty secret only an onyx sky could appreciate enough to hide. Perhaps that's what kept it alive and kicking, midnight turmoil, where even the most terrible of bad ideas are more seductive.
Though it's debatable if the alcohol left you unhinged, mindless, and bold. What other excuse did you have for allowing the bastard to enter your domain? There was no shame from the thinking without a conscience, but with the pounding music and pulsing lights, you weren't sure there was even space to think. He held a brazen stare all evening, keen to every move you made.
A man's attention was never anything to sneeze at, but when it was a straggler like Toji Fushiguro, it was intoxicating. And more than the liquor, everything seemed to be within reach under his spotlight. He held his distance, clung to the darkness, yet with such an adamant gaze he could have been right there beside you. At least, that's how you imagined it but the game wasn't that easy.
  He'd stay in his dark corner, not quite able to step closer until you were ready. Until the heat underneath your skin became unbearable, leaving you an aching mess. That made it easier to devour you. Whether it meant burying his head between your thighs or hooking his arms around your waist and keeping you open. Or bottomed out inside you, mouth feasting on your chest.
The club was full, Friday night packed but it would work in your favor. You knew none of the songs, not that it mattered, it was mere fuel to your movements. A nice accessory to the sway of your hips, to suggestive temptation behind them.
It wasn't worth looking in his direction; he was always watching. At that thought alone, your clothes become a nuisance. A means to an end, that would start with him. Toji was a patient man but knew that patience didn't extend to everyone, you in particular. He was a tease, and as your dress inclined it almost felt as if he'd been the one to hike it up.
A sensation too similar to his hands moving over your bare thighs, ready to pry them open. His smug chuckle was right there feeding your imagination, and as one song faded into the next, there wasn't a spot on your body that hadn't been kissed in theory. With one thought, you were drooling over a man less than ten feet away, fantasizing about all the ways he could take you. It was more of a headache than it seems, and as the pace of the songs picks up, the conscience returns. Whilst you make your way back to the bar. You'd need a little more liquid luck to get through the rest of the night.
  “That was quite a show.”
  “Didn’t know I had an audience.” What else could you have done but tell a bald-faced lie? Telling him the truth didn't do anyone any good. How you envision him fucking you in the middle of the dance floor.
“Could’ve fooled me." The bar was located farther away from the DJ and next to the restrooms. The quieter end of the venue, but you're sure you'd have heard his smirk regardless.
After all this time, it's only then that you turn to him.“What are you doing here Fushiguro?”
Big mistake, ten feet away he looked the same as when you last saw him, but up close and personal, some details that had escaped memory came back to haunt you.
“Would you believe me if I told you, I’m here to see you?”
Yeah right, “Not in the slightest.”
“It’s true for the most part, had a job in the area and thought I’d pop in do some sightseeing." He shifted his weight back to the counter, his elbows well-rested on either side.
“Well you came and you saw.”
“On the contrary,” he said. The double meaning has turned your cheeks crimson, and you're thankful for the red lights underneath the counter. “Cute dress.”
Images from moments before gloss over your eyes, heating every part of your body. They burned a path down your chest before settling below your hips. “Seriously Fushiguro what do you want? You made it pretty clear we both want different things the last time you popped in.”
“Things are different.” Sincere wasn't the word you or anyone else would use to describe the guy, but his demeanor defied all expectations. He seemed to be a completely different person.
  “Yeah, they are,” you mumbled, tossing back a shot you managed to order before his interruption.
  “Look," he started and turned to face you. Face inches from yours, his scent enveloping both of you. "I tried the settling down thing and it doesn’t work with my kind of lifestyle.”
It wasn't the words you wanted to hear, but you probably wouldn't have had them anyway. Wishful thinking, “Then that’s clears things up doesn’t it?” Toji Fushiguro didn’t do apologies, much like he didn’t do commitment, and even as he called after you, that would never change. Something you wish your body would recognize, no matter how much it longed for him.
  The corridor to the restrooms was too quiet for him being that close to you...too intimate. In the quick second you had turned you back to him, ready to sober up and head home, he’d already been behind you. Pushing you up against the wall in the far corner, his arms barricading you in.
  “You’re quite stubborn, you know that.” His voice was low, quiet all to maintain the secrecy veiled in the darkness.
  “Thanks, I’ll be sure to add it to my resume.” You witted, going to duck around him but he was quick and with a step forward his hips pushed yours in back place.
  “Will you just listen,” he pleaded. Not that you had much of a choice, but he took your silence as obedience. “I won’t make excuses, I’m a shitty guy but it’s gotten me this far. You won’t get the white picket fence with me. That’s not who I am.”
It was true, he was a shitty person. One minute here and the next gone with the wind. All with impeccable timing, usually around when he’d finish fucking you senseless. Truthfully it wasn’t something too much of a problem, it was better if he had his life and you with your own. Though you supposed between the kisses, and that final thrust that brought you both over the edge left some vulnerability.
  “If I’m stubborn, then you’re quite dense. I never asked for that Toji. I was fine with the wild sex but was a little conversation too much to ask? You’ve got baggage, newsflash so do I, but you’d think we’d handle it like two grown adults. You’ve always been on the move, please, slow down every once in a while.”
The silence is deafening, louder than the upbeat track in the distance. You were irritated, angry, and, to make it worse, aroused. What else did he expect from you but a meltdown? As he moved his head to your back, he lowered his arms, allowing them to ghost your waist. “I'm sorry,” he said softly, kissing it.
In retrospect, you should have jumped for joy, climbed to the top of the bar, and screamed at the top of your lungs like a lunatic, but you didn't. You didn't want to abandon his embrace at that moment; he had really changed.
The kiss in trial is slow and tender, responsive to not only the worries but any emotion in between. Everything you didn't think he was capable of and all rage bleeds into desire. Each of you starved and desperate to find a fill.
The stiffness of his pants condemned his hold, which found its power over your hips. You want to propose that he return the excitement to your place or whatever hotel he was staying in, but he broke the kiss to turn you around. His patience had reached its maximum for the night.
“Wait for a second,” you mumbled out. A slight moan slipped through feeling his erection firm and strong against your rear. The ends of your dress taunted by his fingertips liked how you pictured them too. “Sorry princess, no can do.”
  It’s almost impressive how quickly he lifts your dress and slipping a finger past your thong. But should anyone know your body in grave detail it was him. There’s a ceremonial cheer from the crowd as the DJ lets the beat drop, Toji’s opportune moment of intrusion. Your own cry, not one in interest to the music but the long slender finger to part your folds.
“I’ve waited all night to get my hands on you,” he mumbled out, lips pressed to the back of your neck.
“I’ll be quick, just the way you like it.”
  It’s in your best interest to stop him there, keeping private matters just that, you should stop him...should.
  “Fuck…quickly.” you cursed out in compliance. There’s a smirk on his face, you know it. Sure he’s different, but some things never change.
  In the second he pulled his finger away, you whimper half expecting for it to slip back in, maybe even with a partner but a casual Friday night turns into Christmas.
  “I'll take my time with you later, right now—” he started face pressed into the back of your shoulder. “I just need to be inside you.”
  First was the tip of his cock, a feeble tickle before the rest of his inches followed. Stretching you full, slipping deep into your heat. Coaxing the ache that was for him, letting the world see just how easily your body welcomed his own. Yet, it was hard to care about the rest of the world when your own revolved around everything below your hips.
  He gripped them tightly, anchoring you there at the hilt with a slow sure thrust before looping a hand to your front. Twisting the nerves in time with his sudden thrust. Quick like he said, but still slow enough to feel him move inside you. In and out, then over again. The excitement of having him there indulging with your body, and the anxiety of getting caught clashed. Making you even more aware of your walls around him, but in his muffled moans there are words of encouragement. Sweet nothings that make your arousal fierce, sexy, and less wrong.
  “Don't stop, ” you say a little too loud for doing something taboo but you don't care, “Don't fucking stop.”
  The million and one fantasy that flooded your mind on the dancefloor spirals, winding with the moment and coiled in an untamed void. Ready to snap at those trying to control it. And there, shrouded in the thin veil of privacy Toji picks up his pace, teasing it with each stroke until finally, it shudders through. Coming in waves, meeting your peek every time he pushed forward. Bolting down your legs the more sloppy and anxious his hips became.
  “Fuck, ” he grunts hands shooting to your chest. Pulling you closer to him, eating up your moans with his.
  Almost feral with the way he continued despite his cock’s twitches, he wasn't nearly satisfied but that was a mess neither of you was capable of cleaning up at the moment. Regrettably, you push back on his rhythm stopping it completely. Snapping him from the haze.
“We should go, ” you whisper out on his lips. Which he can only grunt back in response to, hesitant to slip from your warmth.
His hands are glued to your body, unable to null all contact as you tugged your dress back down or as he tucks himself back into his pants. You'd ask whether it was back to your place or his but the languid look on his face as the two of you shamelessly stepped into the light made it fruitful. It didn't matter where the two of you went, he'd have you crying for mercy.
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rainbow820 · 8 days ago
Kyle sitting Conner down and just asking him, in the straight forward way they do with each other, if they were dating before everything went screwy and he needs a straight answer, Conn not wanting to lie replies yes, they were for a few years but his friendship was always something he treasured before that and Kyle just takes his hands says he is very lucky and Conn asks why “because he got to fall in love with Conner Hawke, twice, in one lifetime,” and starts rattling off things he remembers tucking a hair behind Conner’s ear. “I mean, how lucky am I?” (Really cheese but if he called him by a nickname that, well, only he would use like an Irish pet name and that’s when Conn realizes oh shit I finally have this back, it be a moment)
Conn and Kyle sitting in bed and just allowing themsleves to enjoy the morning with their coffee and laughing about this and that, work and “work,” and ending up watching bad reruns of old sitcoms or bad b movies from the blockbuster (or if you correct the timeline for modernity, the WORSt of netflix cheesy romcoms that Kyle loves totally ironically he swears.) Kyle said that if Conn was an animal he be a cat but if he basks in the sun any longer he’s seriously considering him classifying him as a plant. Conn rolls his eyes, and bumps tjeir shoulders together. Just the domestic and nicest memories coming back slowly. And Kyle being very confused at Conn’s stance they were just bros.
POOR WALLY, he be like “I can’t do this again,” but his ass would so try to get them back together because if Conn remembers and Kyle doesn’t, he knows how fuckin shitty that can be and he is their friends, even if Kyle’s oblivious atm. He is gonna fucking do what he can, gonna speedrun this slow burn. Hell yeah, Diana, truly the kindest mom friend to the JLA, tho by the time the 90’s kids were around she was more of a grandma friend. She probably asks Wally 20 times if he’s eating well and how Iris is.
Awww them laughing and holding each other no matter who is watching them, that is so darn cute. But also totally in line with their relationship. I can imagine Kyle tackling Conn and just having them float and hug because that’s the only way I can see Kyle holding anyone up for long periods of time. He is a man of many talents but having muscle mass aint one of them. But then there is like; the other option of Kyle dropping down and taking a running start at Conn and tackling him that way. Either way, they are really happy to see each other again, it’s the same vibes as when Wally got Linda back after she was earsed from the timeline. (Which, 90’s boys once again—Linda/Wally and ConnerKyle double dates please)
Hal being confused older brother noises is really funny to imagine cause this is a lot of emotion for this reunion.
Ha like the reverse of the way we had them getting together. With Conn sitting Kyle down and confessing. 
Wally is just shrieking in the background like “STOP FRIENDZONING EACH OTHER” 
Hal is like “Walls what did I miss with them?”
“Everything Uncle Hal, everything”
Conn spent his teenage years in a Monastery and had somehow never heard of Christmas. As well as moving a lot and being expelled from 4 elementary schools and 3 boys reform schools by the age of 13 well pop culture isn’t his thing. So Kyle makes it his goal to show Conn the best of the best. Kyle is of course a dorky bisexual disaster artist so his movies can be odd choices. Kyle shows Conn hairspray multiple times I’ve decided. because my cousins always want to watch hairspray for some reason and I’m projecting. Also Disney and every animated movie Kyle can find. Yes of course the romcoms. (Kyle is so a Hallmark movie slut) 
Yess to the double dates. I also can’t decide between a twirling hug in the air or a tackling hug to the ground. One of 2 would be great.
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currentlyreiding · 9 days ago
spencer reid x oc!fem!bau!reader
lilith foster
warnings: well cm stuff, mention of entropy episode (11,11), few swear words
i asked this request twice ?? anyway, if you see this idea in another fic just know we didn’t copy each other. i looooved their work, but i wanted to try. hope you like it.
just a thing: lilith foster is a character i invented recently and i’ll maybe post one shots about her sometimes.
always remember that my english isn’t the best!!! so please be kind lmao.
Tumblr media
spencer was sitting on the swing thinking about cat’s words.
«in 20 years i’ll be out of jail and you’ll forget me».
the problem was that he couldn’t prove her wrong, he couldn’t find a prospective in which her theory wasn’t going to happen. because even if he has passed the thirties without developing schizophrenia, he couldn’t be sure about the alzheimer. there were too few studies and too few positive visions on his future.
his mother didn’t even recognize him: her only child, her only loved child, was just a stranger for thirty seconds. a shadow fading with the others.
it was when he started to cry that he heard a voice coming from the corner. her voice.
«spencer! wait! ouch! those terrible heels. how the hell it came in their minds it would have been a good idea going on an undercover mission with these kind of heels??»
lilith. only her voice could cheer him up like this. only her laugh was able to make him forget about all of the traumas in his life. when lilith was around there was no time for sadness, fear and anger. because, despite her name, she was like an angel. lilith was the light in spencer’s life, the only person he could trust with even the smallest cell of his body.
spencer waved her a small hand, not certain about her presence in that weird situation.
for the first time in his life, spencer didn’t know what to say: she was there in one of his deepest moments without the necessity to call her. for the first time he didn’t need to ask for help, directly or not. lilith just came like that.
when the woman approached him and saw his tears, she said nothing. she leant on her knees in front of him, like his mother used to do when he cried on a chair.
«why are you here?» spencer asked after a few seconds.
lilith looked at him «once you told me you come here when you’re feeling homesick or when you’re missing your mom».
her hand was now gripping his around the chain of the swing.
«cat adams is a bitch. and you know i don’t usually call other women “bitch”, but she really is. she has a terrible past, but we also do. that isn’t a justification. cat had the opportunity to become a better person and she threw it away like shit. she manipulated you, okay, but it doesn’t mean she’s more clever than you». lilith stopped for a moment «i really wanna know why you didn’t told us, though. we’re your family, spence, and a family needs to know when you’re in trouble. we need to know if you’re feeling good or bad, because sometimes things are need to be said. i know it’s difficult for you. but we need you. i need you».
spencer collected his thoughts «i didn’t tell anything because... because my brain is myself. i’m not known as the perfect agent on the field or the one with the best aim. my brain is what i am and how can i possibly be someone when it’s fading away?»
«your brain is not fading away. you’re young! think about how much we discovered in such a small time! and think about how much we’ll find out about brain and its illnesses in, like, fifteen years».
«but i can’t be sure about this! i’m not god and neither are those doctors!»
«you’re spencer. you’re my best friend. you’ve stayed there when i needed you. you’ve came to my house when i had those nightmares. you’ve taken me out stargazing that night. you’re way much more than your intelligence. i love your mind, how it works, how many things you know, your apparently useless ramblings that are actually really good when it comes to seem the cleverest person in the room» he giggled a little «but you’re also the kindest person i know. i’ve never seen someone doing so much for a girl they have just met. and you did to me so many times».
they looked at each other for a second. and in that second, spencer realized what was in his mind for such a long time: he loved her.
«i think it’s time to go home. do you want to come with me or are you staying here longer?» she asked while getting up. spencer followed her through the sand of the park, thinking about his feelings.
«why are you doing this?» spencer finally said. he didn’t mean to sound so angry, but in his mind, she was being gentle just because she saw him like a brother, not a possible partner.
«why am i doing what?»
«why did you have to follow me? why did you have to come here and tell me i’m your best friend, the kindest person you know, that i’m way much more than my brain and all of that?».
lilith was looking at him with a shocked face. no one could understood his anger.
«why did you have to came in my private space? you’re always around me! it can be my place, on the jet, when we are out with the team, on holiday. you’re always there, your presence suffocates me!»
lilith was hurt by his words. and in that moment, spencer realized how stupid he was being. why was he yelling when the only thing he wanted to do was kissing her?
«you’re asking me why did i come here? why did i decide it was a difficult time for you and the presence of a friend would just be helpful? i came here because we need each other! i came here... oh dammit, i came here because i love you, dumbass!».
spencer’s world finally stopped rotating.
«i love everything of you. i love the way you always show with mismatched socks because you think matched socks cause bad luck, but you say you’re not superstitious! i love how you put ton of sugar in your coffee but refuse to put milk! i love your cardigans and how they always feel like home, but at the same time they really need to be washed! i love the way you touch books, you literally caress them, not letting anyone reading them, beside me! but what i love the most about you is how you look at me. you look at me like i can do everything. when you look at me i feel precious. i feel loved».
spencer hadn’t said anything when she kissed him lightly. her lips felt like heaven to him.
however, she broke the kiss immediately when he didn’t reciprocate it.
a red wave came on her face «..i’m so sorry. i-i shouldn’t kiss you! it, shit, made a lot of more sense in my head! i guess i should g-»
that’s when he cupped her checks and smashed his lips with hers.
his hands made their way in her hair while her hands hugged his waist.
they kissed for what seemed an eternity.
«i love you too, dumbass» he finally said.
lilith started to laugh «hotch will be sooo mad!».
so this is it! enjoy :)
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mochiimmii · 10 days ago
Jamais Vu | BTS [ongoing]
❝Please give me a remedy;
A remedy that will make my heart beat again❞
After falling into a pond of unfamiliarity, the flower emblem on Yuna's wrist seared painfully as she delved into the realm of the Afterlife. Ever since she dreamed about the Cheshire Cat, she chased the fragments of her persona and witnessed the seven immortals trapped in the same cursed void as hers.
What else is behind that therapeutic emporium of lost souls?
➜ Warnings: mild suggestive themes; depiction of the seven deadly sins (includes eating disorders and other self-gratification); swearing; light gore/violence; miscarriages/childbirth
➜ Genre: Fantasy; Fanfiction
➜ Tags: fluff; angst; alternate universe; alice in wonderland AU; flower shop AU; reincarnation; magic; soulmates AU
➜ Rating: Teen & Up Audiences (T)
➜ Pairing: BTS x Reader/Reader insert
YOU as Min Yuna.
Tumblr media
❝At times, ignorance is bliss.❞
BTS as themselves.
—The Oracle
Tumblr media
❝Ah, if only you knew who I was, you'll be begging on your knees so you can perish in your wishes.❞
—The White King
Tumblr media
❝Just because I don't have wings, doesn't mean I'm not an angel.❞
—The Cheshire Cat
Tumblr media
❝Oh, little red, when will you ever learn?❞
—The Red King
Tumblr media
❝Funny how the sandman can be the boogeyman when he played with wrath. Even the goody-two-shoes himself lived with his nightmares.❞
—The Keeper
Tumblr media
❝Sometimes, the best way to escape reality is to sail without a map.❞
—The Hatter
Tumblr media
❝What's the matter, darling? Cat got your tongue?❞
—The White Rabbit
Tumblr media
❝Humans feared me because I'm the grim reaper, but here you are rolling your eyes at me. You're such a strange soul, aren't you?❞
Prologue - Down the Portal Pond
Chapter One - Wither Wonderland
Chapter Two - The Reaper’s Bucket Hat
Chapter Three - Memories of a Memorist
Chapter Four - The Seven Deadly Sins
Chapter Five - Fortune Postcards
Tumblr media
However, ways of copying my work will be reported for violating my rights as the original writer of this book. I am in no way claiming myself as a citizen of South Korea. I researched a few of the places and events in the said country so if I somehow made a mistake regarding how I construct my ideas and words, I sincerely apologize.
Please don't take the plot too seriously especially when there are scenes between you and each of the seven members. This is a BTS reader-insert/x reader book.
The following events, scenes, and stories are in no way connected with their real lives. These are all based on the author's phantasm and fictional world. I DO NOT claim the original characters of this book. They are their own—real people managed by Big Hit Entertainment (Big Hit Music/Hybe Labels), and I'm just here to create a FANFICTION.
P.S. There will be some parts of the book where I'll be using honorifics. You might find it cringy so I'm saying this beforehand. I think it will be only used when necessary. Otherwise, the characters will just call each other by name. The usage will probably depend on the structure and pacing of the scene.
All Rights Reserved.
©️ thinkerberry /  ©️ mochiimmii
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juleswolverton-hyde · 12 days ago
Not by the Moon | 05
Tumblr media
Genre: Smut, Romance, Strangers to Lovers, Drama, Tragedy, Werewolf AU, Supernatural AU, Bookshop AU
Pairing: Bookshop keeper!/Werewolf!JB x Reader
Warnings: A sprinkle of grumpy jealous werewolf!Jaebeom who gets a wee bit violent, tooth-rotting domestic fluff, werewolf courting, sexual tension, werewolf!Jaebeom acting like a pup, and poor yet adorable attempts at coming across as human.
Summary: Every story has a purpose or goal it is dedicated to, their authors at times going to great lengths to see the project they once started to completion. Nevertheless, the things the writers swore on to see their latest art piece to completion are static.
None of them swore by the Moon nor Love because they can solely genuinely swear on all that changes like themselves.
And yet, a wolf in love foolishly swore by the moon.
That is when Time truly started ticking.
Author’s Note: This chapter is from Y/N’s POV. Bam and Jinyoung make a cameo.
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Tumblr media
Wonderful as a trip abroad might be, there’s nothing that can compare to the secret feeling of relief when returning home. No longer there is luggage to drag along, languages to swap between, or cultures to assimilate to. While it is in good fun, it’s also physically and mentally exhausting. Henceforth, coming home is like a cozy blanket to wrap around your shoulders by the fire on a cold November day. And once you’re bundled up, it is time to breathe easy and rest.
Although, home is not necessarily a place. In fact, mine has made good on his promise and puppy dreams, standing in the crowd to pick me up.
“Y/N,” a familiar voice calls out as we enter the hall of arrivals, “over here!”
Manes tucked away under a dark red beanie and wearing a simple black jacket over an oversized black shirt, Jaebeom waves to pull attention to himself.
“Who’s that?” Bam follows my gaze to the adorable tall man as we make our way through the crowd of trolleys, suitcases, hellos and goodbyes. “Is that the dude you’ve been texting and calling?”
“He is,” I whisper in reply as we approach him. With every step, the storm of butterflies in my stomach worsens although I feel light as air at the same time. Happiness in Love is a strange thing. 
“So that’s your boyfriend,” my colleague purrs. He sounds pleased in the way I imagine he’d sound if he was my older brother.
I whip my head around, tongue-tied but not enough to protest the assumption. “He’s not my boyfriend!”
Bam merely chuckles to himself, grinning like the Cheshire Cat as he continues. “Sure he isn’t, Y/N. After all, you’ve not been touching your lips and turning into a blushy mess afterwards. Or keeping those books you have with you close at all times, looking at them fondly.”
“Of course I am.” Jaebeom jumps into the conversation when we’ve reached him, acting as if he’s heard our conversation perfectly through the ruckus of the crowd. The sparkle in his eyes dims and turns into a poisonous glare when he notices the guy besides me. “Who are you?”
“JB, this is Kunpimook.’’ I gesture from one to the other, jaw clenched in the hope the wolf man won’t actively show the hostility harboured in his gaze. ‘’The colleague I told you about.”
“Just call me Bam.” Politely, he holds out his hand.
“Im Jaebeom,” the other man introduces himself, fortunately accepting the gesture howbeit with a strained expression. “Her boyfriend.”
“Hey, you must be Y/N.” Holding a tray with three coffee cups in it, a young man joins our company. 
Like Jaebeom, who has proudly proclaimed himself my boyfriend, he is tall, slender yet muscular in build and has black hair. Nevertheless, whereas Jaebeom has a flair of being unapproachable, the stranger has a boyish air around him that’s open for contact.
He moves the carrier from his right hand to his left for a handshake. “I’m Jinyoung.”
Immediately, bells start ringing at the mention of his name. After all, there hasn’t been a single call the past week wherein he wasn’t mentioned. “Jaebeom’s told me about you. You’re a professor at the university here, right?”
“I am,” he beams, his proud tone indicating how much he likes his job. “I teach Mythology. It’s a course that encompasses folklore around the world, so it’s fairly broad.”
“You teach only one course?”
“I do, but I’m also a doctor. Well, still studying to be one officially, but I’m allowed to work at the university’s clinic already.”
 “Wow.’’ A professor and a doctor. There’s little else I can say as a mere travel journalist, so I just try to remain casual despite being utterly gobsmacked. 
“I know, it’s a lot. Nevertheless, somehow I manage to do it and occasionally write an article.”
How does he do it? He’s likely not that much older than I, but he’s evidently busier than I am.
“Show-off.” The grumbled insult interferes with the friendly conversation. The focus of Jaebeom’s glare has changed targets from Bam to the professor. However, the latter doesn’t seem to notice his friend’s chagrin.
“I’m simply introducing myself, Jay. Here,” Jinyoung hands him one of the paper cups from the carrier, “your apple and cinnamon tea.”
“You drink tea now?” I raise an eyebrow, surprised. It sounds like a strange concept because I’ve never seen him drink anything but black coffee.
“Doctor’s orders,” JB murmurs in response, discontent and keeping a close eye on Bam as he nips the warm beverage.
“I’ve put him on tea, preferably green, to lower the caffeine levels in his blood. Otherwise, he’ll be staying up all night reading and trying to cook. Oh,” he reaches for something in his pocket, pulling out a small bottle like the one JB showed me in the park and handing it to his friend, “you forgot your meds.”
“You’re on medication?” Bam asks without any implications or judgment. The funny thing is, despite being extroverted and extravagant - extra, in general - he actually studied psychology and thought about becoming a psychiatrist for a while. Therefore, he has a general interest in medicine and its function of helping the human psyche.
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Jaebeom sneers sarcastically, his voice closer to a growl than human speech. Then, he turns his attention to Jinyoung, who continues to hold his calm. “Why are you giving this to me now? Couldn’t you wait until we’re back? I’m not gonna take them in front of some stranger, especially not someone close to her. Besides, what does skipping one time or by a few hours matter?”
“Jay, don’t be like this,’’ the young professor sighs. ‘’You know how important timing is, especially with this new treatment.”
“You’re embarrassing me.”
“I’m not.”
“You are!”
A nudge against my shoulder distracts me from the fierce bickering, Bam lowly whispering he’s leaving for home as well as an apology for what he has unleashed. I answer in a similar fashion when promising to call him later and apologizing for putting him into this situation. He merely waves dismissively, unbothered, and disappears in the crowd of trolleys and journeying strangers.
“Okay, okay, that’s enough,” I intervene lest the situation gets out of hand. A hand on his chest, I try to distract Jaebeom by shifting his focus to me. “Let’s go search for somewhere quiet around here where it’s just us. It’s important to me too you take your meds.”
“Let’s just go home.” His features soften, compromising like I did that day in the bookshop and didn’t want to eat. “I’ll take them in the car, alright?”
“Why do you have to be cross with me about it when you readily accept to take them when Y/N tells you to?” Jinyoung crosses his arms in defiance, lips pulled into a displeased pout.
 “Because she’s my mate,” Jaebeom argues, sure to show his teeth. Withal, he turns into a gentle giant again once he wraps an arm around my waist and looks down at me with so much adoration I feel my cheeks burning up. “Girlfriend, I mean. We’re dating, so she’s my girlfriend.”
“We’ve only been out together once,” I sputter. It’s wonderful to hear the affirmation we’re an item, although I still think it’s a bit too early to claim we are.
“Twice after today. And we’ve kissed,” he corrects me, tone indicating there is no use in protesting. Nevertheless, the sternness wavers as it warms into merriment. “I got you something. I’ll give it to you once we’re home.”
Jinyoung leans in as we head to the exit, whispering. “He went kinda overboard.”
“I didn’t,” Jaebeom growls. “Stop embarrassing me. Know your fucking place.”
“Boys,” I sigh in warning.
Both lower their head and let out a whimper in apology. “Sorry.”
Tumblr media
“This is where you live?” Jinyoung parks the car in front of the tall white brick building overlooking the quay at the edge of town.
“Wow...” Jaebeom murmurs in the passenger seat, awed by the fact I live on the east side of town. It’s a recently redeveloped area, the warehouses refurbished into apartment complexes to help combat the growing housing issue.
“I do. Not for much longer, though.”
Both men turn in their seats, looking at me as if I’m insane.
 “You’re moving out?” The professor asks, although it’s more of an exclamation than a question. “Why would you leave this place? It’s one of the most desired places to live within the city.”
However, JB doesn’t care about the reason which makes me want to leave the neighbourhood behind. Instead, he’s anxious to know where to find me. “Where will you go?”
“Do you know those orchards on the outskirts of town? With the old cottages?” Both nod as confirmation. “Well, that’s where I’ll be moving to. I’ve been meaning to get out of the city for a while. Granted, the harbour district isn’t as busy as the city centre. But, despite being only twenty-two, I crave the silence of the countryside. Or, rather, its tranquility which I can also find in the suburbs.”
“You’re twenty-two?” Jaebeom asks, head tilted to the side.
 “I am,’’ I admit as I pull my knees up to make myself as small as possible. ‘’I never mentioned it because I didn’t think it’d matter. Does it, though?”
My voice is hardly audible, a frog stuck in my throat. Why did I have to be the one to bring this up?
“No, not at all! I still like you. A lot. A lot, a lot. But, I’m older than you. Quite a bit, I think.”
“How old?” The question barely rolls off the tongue, pale with dread.
Please, don’t let there be too big of an age gap.
“I’m twenty...” He looks at Jinyoung, brow furrowed.
“Twenty-eight,” the good doctor whispers, unconscious of the fact that the well-meant reminder is loud enough for me to hear.
“Twenty-eight,” Jaebeom confirms, staring back at me in anticipation. “Six years difference. Does it matter? To you, I mean. In how you see me?”
“It doesn’t. Do you see me differently?”
“I never did.”
“Age is only a number, after all,” the professor pitches in to cheer us up further. “Anyway, I’m dropping you off here.”
“Can’t you stay?” Surely I can’t let him leave without at least thanking him with a cup of coffee or tea.
“I’d love to, but- Don’t you snarl at me.” He points an accusing finger at JB, who’s showing his teeth and lowly growling like he did at the airport.
Caught red-handed, the wolfish man feigns ignorance and stares out the window. However, his sulky expression and scoff betray his true feelings.
“As I was saying,” Jinyoung continues after an exasperated sigh, “I’d love to, but I get to attend an interesting transplant operation today and have a bit of research to do for a new article.”
“That’s a shame. I owe you a cup of coffee, then. That’s the least I can do to repay you for driving me home.”
“I’ll make good on that promise soon. But for now, go on, you two.” He motions for us to get out of the car. “Don’t make it awkward by making me the third wheel.”
“Jinyoung.” Hesitantly, the big wolf man holds up his fist.
“No hard feelings.” He bumps his fist against JB’s.
“Good.” The seat belt comes undone, but Jaebeom doesn’t move to step outside yet. Instead, he leans in towards Jinyoung and takes a whiff, squinting as invisible question marks float in the air. “You smell weird, though.”
“Really?” The other man sniffs the collar of his jacket, shrugging casually in jest. “It’s not that bad.”
“Jinyoung.” Despite still looking a bit pale with remorse, the wolf man says the professor’s name harshly, his voice deep as he chastises the turn to humour. He grows still, gaze focused on his friend as he tries to look for what’s unspoken in the other’s body language.
However, there is nothing to see. Although, if there actually is something off, the professor hides it well. But Jaebeom doesn’t get the chance to scrutinize him long enough to see for himself because Jinyoung turns back to the wheel and waves dismissively. “I’m alright, Jae. Go. Have fun with your girlfriend.”
His friend nods, a strained look on his face, and opens the door. I follow behind, having silently observed the conversation from the backseat.
What’re you worried about? Jinyoung looks fine. Nothing wrong with him whatsoever.
Nevertheless, barely have we opened the trunk when the doctor hangs out the window. “And don’t forget your present!”
“Got it right here.” In confirmation, Jaebeom holds up a neat-looking paper bag, chique enough to originally have been used in a boutique.
“That’s my boy,” he chuckles before he resumes his seat.
With a dull thud, Jaebeom closes the trunk again. 
The engine roars to life and the car pulls out of the parking lot, Jinyoung honking a few times as we see him off.
I look from Jaebeom to the bag, leaning in to try and sneak a peek of its contents. “What did you get me?”
You promised me a shirt, but do you really need this big of a bag for one?
“I’m not telling you,” he muses.
I straighten my posture, a smile building as a golden opportunity presents itself. “Aw, what’s in the box?”
“Box? Y/N, it’s a bag.”
“I know, but- Never mind.” I wave the apparently obscure allusion with a dismissive gesture, disappointed he doesn’t get the reference. “Let’s go inside.”
“Are you upset?” he asks as we walk to the entrance of the building.
“Are you sure?”
Another reassuring question burns on his tongue, but before he can ask it I stand on the tips of my toes to peck him on the lips and nose. “I’m not going to get upset simply because you didn’t understand me. Besides, it’s just a trivial matter. Come on, let’s go. I’m hungry.” 
Though I failed the first time, I again try to get a better look at the mysterious bag. As before, the attempt is in vain. “And curious.”
“I think you’ll like it. In fact,” his lips pull into a smug smirk, “I’m fairly sure you’ll look pretty in it. More pretty than you do now.”
It’s prettier.
I let the mistake slide.
To let him have his little moment of triumph.
Tumblr media
There is no place like home. Truly, not a single hotel room or bed and breakfast in the world can substitute the small studio with its minimalistic interior in shades of white and grey.
I breathe in deeply, glad to stand in the familiar narrow hallway leading to the kitchen and space beyond. A faint musty smell cuts through the fragrance of the Nordic leather diffuser sticks I bought before going to Belgium.
Guess I’ll be cleaning tomorrow.
Luckily, it’s been only a few days so the level of dust isn’t too bad. Notwithstanding, the place could do with a little clean-up.
“Well, this is me.”
“I know,” Jaebeom replies sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck with his eyes on me.
“No, I mean, this,” I gesture around as I walk into the apartment, “is my place. My house.”
He murmurs something under his breath, seemingly contrasting two words as he tries to understand them or, rather, the difference between them.
“It’s nice,” he remarks when he has figured out his train of thought, looking around appreciatively.
“The cottage will be nicer, I think. I can’t wait to decorate it, make it cozier than this place. Maybe get some plants, hang up a few photos-’’
“A few of us together, maybe?” He proposes as he, too, takes his shoes off and follows me into the living room.
“For example.” I nod at the bag when we settle down on the couch next to the window overlooking the quay. “Can I open my present now?”
“Say ‘please’.” Arms crossed, he leans in so our faces are mere inches away from each other. His breath ghosts warmly over my lips when he continues in a tender yet playful babying tone. “Life is short, but there is always time for courtesy. Manners, young lady.”
“Can I open my present, please?” Regardless of the chance to finally satisfy my curiosity, I don’t dive into the gift directly. Instead, I stay my hand, bothered by a nagging feeling his words are familiar to me. “What you just said, isn’t that a quote?”
“It is, but,’’ Jaebeom bites his lip, eyes averted to the ground, ‘’to be honest, I can’t remember who said it.”
Funny, how you can remember quotes. Maybe that’s how we can communicate in the future if your condition gets worse. Although, let’s hope that’s not the case for a long time.
“Ralph…’’ I start, trying to recall who originally said it. ‘’Ralph Waldo? No, that’s not right. He went by his middle name. Wait, his middle name was Ralph so it was him.”
“Have you read his work?”
“Honestly speaking, I haven’t. However, I have a friend who studies American literature and poetry and she sends poems, quotes and the occasional snippet. I think I’ve seen him in passing. Anyways,’’ I pull the bag onto my lap, giddy as a child in a candy shop, ‘’let’s see what’s inside.”
The present catches me off-guard because the bundles of clothing are both what I expected and yet not. “You...” I trail off, checking and double checking the amount of shirts. “Seven?”
“One for every day of the week,” he beams, proudly barking his reasoning.
These will last me two weeks if not longer. Minimalism isn’t his thing, is it?
I pull out a big grey hoodie and hold it up to my nose to sniff it. A wild forest of which the air is faintly scented by a cologne with fruity undertones and the musty smell of books. I hum contently, enraptured by the scent. By him. 
From the corner of my eye, I see Jaebeom grinning in unadulterated amusement. Albeit not without effort, I lower the article of clothing. “I know this is likely stupid to ask, but eventually they’ll have to be washed so what if your scent fades?”
“I’ll just scent them again.’’ He shrugs casually before he points inside the bag. ‘’Also, what’s in the little box on the bottom might help with that too.”
In my astonishment, I missed the cardboard square at the bottom which turns out to be the packaging for a bottle of cologne. “You can spray it on. Sure, it’s not really purely my scent but hopefully it’s still rem- remi- a reminder of me.”
You meant reminiscent, didn’t you?
“Or I can go to you and have you scent them,” I joke, only half-serious.
“If that means more time together,” his mismatched eyes sparkling with gleeful stars, “sure, why not? I’d be glad to help.”
“Thank you.’’ Absentmindedly, I fidget with the folds of the hoodie. ‘’I really like it.”
Jaebeom ruffles my hair, letting out a chuff. “You’re welcome. Now, why don’t you just sit tight and I’ll make us something to eat?”
“Don’t set my kitchen aflame, though,” I warn him as the wolf man gets up from the couch.
“I won’t,” he answers smugly before leaning in to steal a kiss. “I promise.”
With a spring in his step, JB sets off for the kitchen with the bag of groceries he pulled from Jinyoung’s trunk. The two must have dropped by the supermarket before coming to pick me up.
A pillow propped up against the armrest and the blanket formerly draped over the couch now covering my shoulders, I lie down for a nap.
As consciousness fades, a warm affectionate wolfish smile pierces through the growing haze. Jaebeom murmurs something unintelligible and turns his gaze back to the chopping board.
I am home.
Dreaming of two little pups running around an orchard.
Tumblr media
“Dinner’s ready!” The loud remark barely filters in until it’s repeated up close, the merry bark lowered in volume. A hand shakes my shoulder, but what does the trick in waking me up is the warm wetness nibbling away at my ear. However, it doesn’t stay there, but travels down the side of my neck and ends its journey at the hem of my shirt, giving it a gentle yet fierce tug.
“Y/N, come on. Get up,” JB whines, the words distorted thanks to keeping the fabric firmly between his teeth. He tugs at it again.
What on earth?
I turn onto my other side, causing the big wolf man to let go. “What are you doing?”
“Trying to get you to eat.” He makes himself smaller, gaze briefly averted to the side before looking at me again, continuing in the same tender yet stern tone he uses whenever food is involved. “With me. This is my first time cooking for you and I practiced really hard while you were away. So, please, eat with me. I want to know whether I did a good job.”
“Do you have to drag me by the collar for that?” I reach out to scratch him behind his ear, tracing his jaw as my fingers work upwards.
Jaebeom’s eyes mist over, his expression turning dreamy as he leans into the touch. “Want- Don’t know… know how to- Come to… kitchen. Although, maybe, just...”
“Feels good?”
A hasty sheepish smile flashes on his lips as he nods in agreement, eyes closed and speechless.
You really are a wolf. Weirdo. My weirdo.
A whine slips out when I stop. JB slowly opens his eyes again, blinks a few times before he clears his throat. “Can we do that again? After dinner, maybe?”
 “If I liked what you made, sure. However,” I kiss his forehead, “since you asked so nicely, we can do this again after we’ve eaten. So, will you eat with me?”
Will you stay with me?
“What’s wrong?” Picking up on the worrying thought, he tilts his head to the side and scrutinizes my face as he did Jinyoung’s earlier today.
“Nothing.” I shake my head, dismissing the thought since we’ve already said everything there is to say about it. “Just a silly thought.”
His expression falters. “I’m being over- overbear- too much.”
“No, not at all! Don’t say that, silly.”
Jaebeom nudges my nose with his, his tone sweet in an attempt to make me confess what’s bothering me. “Then what is it?”
“I’ve never done this before,” I admit at last. “No one’s ever cooked for me aside from my mom and grandmother or had a guy proudly proclaim himself as my boyfriend. This is simply new to me so it makes me feel, well, a bit awkward. It’s unreal, like a dream that might go up in smoke any second. That’s maybe a better way to put it.”
“I’m really here. Also, remember what you promised me? You’d stay by my side until you can’t anymore and I promised you the same. I’m a wolf, after all. Loyal to my pack or, rather, my- uh- my bi- no, that’s wrong. My lady,” he grabs my hand and lifts the fingers to his lips for a chaste kiss, “I am your gentleman and I won’t go anywhere without telling you first. And, if possible, I’ll take you with me because I refuse to leave you behind. But for now, let’s go eat. Together. I’ll try not to make a mess.”
Don’t cry, Y/N. Don’t you tear up right in front of him.
I take in a shivering breath, swallow hard, and try to regain composure.
We’re here together and wherever it is we’re going next, we’ll be there as we are now.
Side by side.
Even though I’m hungry and the table is literally three steps away, I groan as I get up from the couch. Travelling takes its toll, no matter how short the distance might be. All the same, I shuffle towards the chair facing the kitchen and plop down on it, watching JB plate up. “What are we having?”
“Steak with blanched vegetables and sweet potato mash,” he proudly announces while serving the food.
“Uhm, that’s very nice. However- it’s alright if you don’t remember, but I’m vegetarian.”
“I remembered.” A bright smile forms on his lips, eyes alight with triumph and joy. “That’s why your steak is soy-based. I found it while doing groceries or, rather, Jinyoung pointed it out. He’s been teaching me how to cook and bake. Well, we’re still working on the latter, but I did bring homemade cheesecake for dessert. I still wonder why they call it cheesecake when what’s going in it isn’t really cheese.”
“Beats me too.”
“You got slapped by cream cheese?” Visibly gobsmacked, he leans in with an expression that holds the middle between curiosity and utter confusion. “How did that happen and was it painful?”
“I mean I don’t understand either,” I reply, shaking my head with a low chuckle, and cut into the steak. As the knife sinks into it, a rosy fluid oozes out of it as if it’s been cooked medium-raw which is exactly how I liked it back in my non-vegetarian days. “But baking hasn’t been a success?”
Jaebeom sits back, shoulders hunched as he pokes the carrot on his plate with his fork. “I burned a cake, pulled it from the oven as black as charcoal. Then there’s the case of the exploded soufflés and marble cake that turned out to have no marbling at all. Not to speak of the melted... what’re they called again? There’s also a song that’s got to do with them. Jinyoung sings it a lot. Rocky road! Melted rocky roads and millionaire’s breads.”
“Maybe stick to cooking instead of baking. Not everyone has a knack for both.”
He sighs in defeat. “Maybe I should, but I’ll still try to make you something every once in a while that’s actually good.”
“As long as you don’t blow up one of our kitchens.” I include my kitchen as well because the mere thought of baking together spreads a rosy flush throughout my body that leaves me warm with affection. Besides, it’s another excuse to see him wear an apron, maybe pull some shenanigans myself and have something to eat with a cup of tea or coffee and a good book.
That would make for a nice date. We should do that soon.
“I’ll try.” He holds out his pinky. “Promise.”
The adorable genuineness of the determined gesture is what drives me to seal the promise by wrapping my pinky around his. “I’ll hold you to it.”
While eating the simple yet well-made dinner, the conversation is about novels, the shop, Jinyoung’s cooking lessons and the weary stories of how Kunpimook and I crossed Bruges in search of the best chocolate. Jaebeom hasn’t done much in the time I was away it seems. The bookshop’s been quiet, so he’s had plenty of time to read and work on his cooking. Nevertheless, his expression turns dreamy when I show him the pictures from the trip, but right beneath the surface of it floats a form of sad longing which is too unclear to be certain of or to be properly described.
“Are you okay?”
“I’m glad you got to see this,” he murmurs as he takes my phone from my hand to leave through the collection again. “I’m kinda jealous, though. It’s been so long since I went somewhere other than here. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been somewhere else.”
Brows furrowed, he tries to remember the last time he travelled. Withal, he comes up short, the melancholy of missing memories staining his voice. “I’ve been nowhere except here. Chained.”
“This place clearly is your home, that’s why it’s keeping you here. It knows you belong here and I’m glad you’ve remained.”
He lets out a breathless laugh which oddly holds the middle between a growl and a giggle. “I’m happy you showed up at my doorstep, then. But, the cottage you’ll be moving to... it’d- it’d be nice if I could make that my home too.’’ His cheeks grow pink like rose petals. ‘’Well, maybe not literally, but it would be nice if it would become our little somewhere.”
“Our little somewhere,” I repeat, charmed by the sound of it.
“Our home. Well, concretely speaking. Abstractly, and most importantly, you are my home.’’ He gets up to move to my side, where he crouches at my feet. Foreheads rested against each other, he easily nips at my nose and nuzzles it affectionately with his. ‘’You are what breaks the silence, makes me able to hope for better days.”
“The same goes for you because even though you sometimes still intimidate and freak me out a little bit, you make my days more interesting than they have been in years. So, thank you. For being here, spending your time in my company.”
“Thank you for the same reasons. Now,” JB leans away to get up and starts to clear the dishes, “how about dessert?”
Tumblr media
Before either of us is aware of it, the clock on the wall notes it’s already ten past eight when we finish off the homemade cheesecake. Naturally, partially to also do my fair share, I stand up from my chair before the big wolf man does in an attempt to clear the table and do the dishes. However, when I’m about to walk to the kitchen with them, Jaebeom unapologetically takes them from my hands.
“What’re-? JB, you don’t have to do everything! Let me at least do the dishes.” Flattered yet a tad annoyed by the kindness, and poorly conveying my appreciation, I protest in a harsher tone than I intended to use.
Fortunately, though also a bit comically, he remains unperturbed. Notwithstanding, an unyielding sternness underlines his voice when he responds. “You’ve had a long journey, so sit down and relax. I’ll be right with you after cleaning up.”
Henceforth, unable to protest and rendered comatose by the delicious food, I plop down on the couch. Nestled into the corner, I have a proper view of the man who’s claimed my kitchen for himself.
Although it’s an intrusion to a certain degree, it’s quite soothing to watch Jaebeom defy classic gender roles. Contently humming a song and barely shy of skipping, he cleans up the mess with a tea towel tucked into the side of his pants. 
When he’s done, he hangs the tea towel over the stove’s handle, washes his hands, and settles down next to me. On a whim, though it’s maybe because of instinct, I get up from my little corner and nestle against him. He wraps an arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer as I drape my leg over his thigh to get into a more comfortable position.
Situated snugly in his safe presence, I close my eyes and sigh in pure content. “Can you stay here tonight?”
“Are you sure? Don’t you want to be alone and rest?” he murmurs into my hair.
“I can recharge with you. Besides, you’re nice and warm.” I snuggle up to him more, basking in the mixture of wild wood and cologne. “A perfect pillow.”
He pulls me on his lap, wraps his arms around my body and pulls me flush against his chest, which feels sculpted but not hard with muscle. Abs are nice and all, but I prefer the softness of a defined though not hardened chest. 
“If it brings you rest,” he curls his finger under my chin and lifts it, compelling me to look at him, “I’ll stay.”
I run my fingers along his jaw and up to his ear, immediately reducing him to the puppy-like state he tends to get into apparently when being touched like this. “Thank you.”
“My pl- pleasure.” What would have been a normal response is lost in a growl when I accidentally brush against his crotch as I shift my weight and sit up a little.
His eyes snap open, the hazelnut brown and ocean blue irises darkened, devoid of any sense of their former satisfied tenderness. With his thumb he traces the outline of my lips, lowly purring. “Pretty.”
“Jaebeom,” I place my hands on his shoulders, maintaining a bit of distance between us. We shouldn’t rush this, but the sensation of his growing bulge against my thigh, throbbing against the inside of it, convolutes every thought. Somehow, his scent seems to have gotten stronger too, overwhelming me with the same clear message the firm grip on my hips has. 
I don’t push him back as he leans in, bridging the emptiness I initiated. Foreheads rested against each other and his calloused hands on my cheeks, he guesses what’s essentially withholding me. “Scared?”
“A bit,” I whimper against his palm, the words muffled by the rough warm skin.
“It’s me, Y/N. I won’t hurt you.” Feverish yet sweetly with persuasive conviction, he kisses me. “I’m your gentleman, your boyfriend.”
“I’m afraid it’ll hurt. That we’re going too fast.”
“We’re not. I want this. I want more of you. With you. But,’’ lips pulled into a straight line, he clears his throat while looking as if he is restraining a wild beast that can easily get the better of him if he lets go, ‘’I’ll leave it up to you.”
So, what you’re asking is… 
Jaebeom takes a deep breath to regain his composure, though it has little effect. His breathing remains heavy, close to panting. Nevertheless, the gentle stars return to his eyes as the strained expression softens. “Will you have me?”
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dreamsmp-au-ideas · 14 days ago
I am once again on full brainrot. Curse my brain for giving me ideas.
-Ponk knows Purpled. Not because of the Crimson or anything. No. It’s actually because the kid somehow got him roped up in a scamming business and he like it so he stuck with him for a little. Now Ponk is unofficially Purpled’s other older brother
-Purpled just now breaks into Jack’s house ever since he hired Jack to investigate Punz. Jack can’t get him out so he just sort of tells him to make himself food and stuff whenever he’s there. The big brother instincts are kicking in
-Tubbo does not like Purpled for the first few weeks of him breaking into Jack’s house. He threatened Jack, that’s not a good first impression. They warm up to each other eventually though and have the shared job of watching Michael
-XD is someone who Dream knows. They’re a bit stoic in this universe and also has a shit ton of info but they focus on illegal shipments and weapons and items. Their services are not cheap but man, the items are good. You know, like bulks of Shulker Boxes, Elytras, Netherite. That sort of stuff
-Drista is XD’s younger sister and honestly Dream considers her as his younger sister as well
-There’s going to be some subtle (but more often obvious) flirting whenever Ponk and Sam interact
-The missing nuke arc is now replaced with a missing bag of evidence and its something that is needed to convict Billiam they were trying to get down for a long time. How the fuck did they lose it? Who know. Might have to do with the Egg
-Dream has enough information that can topple empires and gangs and companies. Call him, pay the right price, and he releases very compromising info about your enemies that they can almost never recover from
-He absolutely threatens to do this to the SBI after he hears about Puffy almost getting Iced. Yeah he’s on good terms with Techno but what the fuck. That’s his mom. Family first
-The Eggpire is a lot harder to get info on due to how close off it is. You have to be deep into the inner circle to get some actual information. And by then you are either extremely loyal to them, have loved ones threatened heavily to continue working for them, or just otherwise screwed politically or financially if you even leave. Plus if you try and get out info, then bang. Your dead
-Ponk and Punz are on good terms and both have the same protective instincts of older brothers for Purpled
-They got along well when they were both working for the Crimson
-Ex-Eggpire group just becomes a Found Family unit afterwards. Sometimes a family can be a traumatized mercenary, a triple amputee doctor, a catboy, and a demon who doesn’t like to swear
-Bad is the first one who noticed that Punz was acting off post-Purpled escape. He was a bit more dazed and his eyes were hazy so that tipped Bad off that something’s up fast. None of the Eggpire can really do anything but provide comfort for Punz during those times
-Phil still has his crows. It’s now common knowledge that if a ton of crows gather around wherever you go, then you are sure to go meet Phil soon
-The crows give Phil gifts sometimes but for some reason they give him a lot of money whenever he puts on cat ears
-He seldom does that
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voidmakyr · 14 days ago
Call me anyway (Bucky Barnes x F!Reader)
This is set in the TFATWS 3rd EP.
You are a former Flag Smasher living alone in Madripoor. You quit the gang some time ago. When the winter soldier stands in your door one night, you expected to be killed. But this wasn’t your end. It was the start of something that nobody saw coming. 
Tumblr media
Warnings: smut, swear-words, (sexual) persuasion.
A/N: As always, english is not my first languagge. I am way too lazy to proof read. I really wanted to do something for Zemo but I just can’t get over Bucky? 
You tossed your keys down the hall table and stretched. You changed into a pair of boxers. It was another hot night, and as you pulled out the futon, you really wished the air conditioner were still working. You turned the box fan on and fed your cat. As soon as he’d polished off his fancy feast, took up pacing in front of the sliding glass door to your balcony.
Lightning flashed and you went over and slid back the glass door, moving the screen into place. You’d leave the thing open for only a little bit – the night air smelled good for once. Not a whiff of the usual garbage of madripoor.
You ducked into the bathroom. After brushing your teeth and scrubbing your face you ran a washcloth under some cold water and rubbed the back of your neck. Cool rivulets ran down your skin, and you welcomed the shivers as you walked back out.
You frowned. Something wasn’t right…
You went over to the glass door and you saw that your cat had sat down on his haunches and was purring as if he were welcoming someone he knew.
What the…
The man from last night was on the other side of the screen. You leaped back and dropped the washcloth, dimly hearing the fleshy flop when it hit the floor.
The screen slid open.
You panicked, but found you couldn’t move. You knew this man. He was called the winter soldier.
Oh, man, he really was handsome. He was tall and with your apartment being small to begin with, he turned it into a shoe box. He looked even better than the photos you‘ve seen. Dressed in black with dark hair and matching brown eyes. He wore gloves despite the heat.
Wait a minute.
What were you doing, measuring him for a suit? If this really was the winter soldier, there was no time for staring.
Running, you should be running. You should be making a break for the other door, running like hell.
But all you could do was stare at him.
You craned your neck to look up at his face.
God, he was gorgeous.
He must be coming to kill you, you thought. You didn’t know what you’d done to deserve a hit, but the longer you looked into his eyes, you could barely remember where you were.
You body swayed as he closed the distance between them. You were terrified of what was going to happen when he reached you, but noticed, absurdly, that your cat was purring and wrapping himself in and around the mans ankles.
That cat was a traitor. And if by some miracle you lived though the night, the cat was getting downgraded to mediocre cat food.
Your neck jacked back up as you met the man‘s steady, feral gaze. His stare burned.
And then the extraordinary happened. As he stepped in front of you, you felt a blast of pure, unadultered lust. Your body got wickedly hot. Hot and wet.
Your core bloomed for him.
It was chemistry, you thought numbly. Pure, raw, animal chemistry.
Whatever he had, you wanted.
„Don’t be afraid, (Y/N). My name is James. I wanted to ask you some questions“, he said.
His voice was low, a deep rumble in his solid chest. He had the sliver of an accent you couldn’t place.
„What questions?“, you breathed in a whisper.
„About your friends. The Flag Smashers...“
Dizziness made you reach out for the wall.
„Karli? Why..“ Confusion closed your mouth. „What do you want from them?“
His metal hand crossed the distance between your bodies and he took your chin between his forefinger and thumb. He tilted your face to one side.
„Are you going to kill me fast?“ you mumbled. „Or slow?“
„No killing. Just answers.“
As his head bent down, you told yourself you should fight him off in spire of his words. You needed to Gotthold arms of yours working, your legs, too. Trouble was, you didn’t really want to push him away. You took a deep breath.
Good heavens, he smelled fantastic. Fresh, clean sweat. A dark, masculine musk.
His lips hovered over your ear. The leather of his jacket creaked as his chest expanded.
„You are not one if them,“ he said softly, „not anymore, right?“
God, this had to be what people talked about when they waxed poetic about sex. You didn’t question the need to have him inside of you. You only knew that you were going to die if he didn’t take his pants off. Now.
You reached out, curious to touch him, but when you let go of the wall you started to fall. In what seemed like on motion, he turned around and caught you easily. As he swept you off the floor, you leaned into him, not even bothering to put up a pretense of fighting. He handled you as if you were weightless, crossing the room in two strides.
When he laid you down on the futon his dog tags fell forward, and you lifted your hand, touching the metal. You lifted your hands higher, touching his dark hair. They were thick, soft. You put your palm on his face and though he seemed surprised, he didn‘t pull back.
God, everything about him radiated sex, from the strength in his body to the way he moved to the smell of his skin. He was like no man you‘d ever came across before. And your body knew it just as clearly as her mind did.
„Kiss me,“ you said.
He hovered above you, a silent menace.
On impulse your hands went to the lapels of his jacket, and you tried to pull him down to your mouth.
He captured both your wrists in his metal hand.
Easy? You didn’t want easy. Easy was not part of the plan.
You struggled against his hold and when you couldn’t get free you arched your back.
Your breasts strained against your Shirt, and you rubbed your thighs together, anticipating what it would feel like to have him between them.
If he‘d only put his hands-
„Sweet Jesus,“ he muttered.
You smiled up at him, relishing the sudden hunger in his face. „Touch me.“
The winter soldier started shaking his head. As if he were trying to clear it.
You opened your lips and moaned in frustration.
„Pull up my shirt.“ You arched again, offering your body to him. „Do it.“
His eyebrows were drawn tight, and you had some vague thought that you should be terrified. Instead, you brought your knees up and lifted your hips off the futon.
You imagined him kissing the insides of your thighs, finding your core with his mouth. Licking you. Another moan boiled out of your mouth.
Bucky was dumbfounded.
And he wasn’t a man who got struck stupid very often.
Holy Shit.
You were the hottest thing he’d ever gotten anywhere near. And he’d cozied up to a lightning stroke once or twice before.
You groaned again, your body undulating in a sexy wave, your legs opening wide. The scent of your arousal hit him hard as a body shot. God, he would have been sent to his knees if he hadn’t already been sitting down.
„Touch me“, you moaned.
Buckys blood pumped as if he were in a flat-out run, his erection throbbing like it had its own heartbeat.
„That’s not what I’m here for,“ he said.
„Touch me anyway.“
He knew he should say no. This wasn‘t fair to her. And they needed to talk. He had questions about... what again? Maybe he should come back later in the night. Try again.
You arched up, pushing against the hand he‘d clamped around your wrists. As your breasts strained against your shirt, he had to close his eyes.
Time to go. It was really time to go. He would check back with Sam and Zemo and just come back later, or tomorrow, or-
Except he couldn‘t leave without at least having a taste.
Yeah, but he was a selfish bastard if he laid one finger on you. A nasty, selfish bastard to take any of what you were offering without knowing who he really was. Dangerous, murderous, broken... a monster.
With a curse, Bucky opened his eyes.
Man, he was so cold. Cold down to his marrow.
And you were hot. Hot enough to make that ice go away, at least for a little while.
And it had been so long for him.
He let your wrists go.
Your hands grabbed his jacket, trying to push it back from his shoulders. He wrenched the thing off, and as it hit the floor with a thud, you laughed with satisfaction.
Bucky bent down over you and captured your lips with his mouth.
This time, when you thrust your breasts out, he got rid of his gloves and slid his normal hand under your thin shirt and onto your smooth, warm skin. Greedy to know the rest of you, he peeled your shirt off and tossed it aside.
Your breasts filled his palms, your nipples tight buds underneath the soft satin of your bra.
Buckys control snapped.
He let out a hiss and latched onto one of your nipples with his lips, drawing it into his mouth. As he drew circles with his tongue, he shifted his body and stretched out on top of you, falling in between your thighs. You absorbed his weight with a throaty sigh.
Your hands came between them as you reached for the front of his shirt, but he didn’t have the patience to let you undress him. He lifted up and ripped the material off his body. When he came back down, your breasts hit the wall of his chest and your body surged under his.
He wanted to kiss your mouth, but he was way past anything soft and gentle, so he worshipped your breasts with his tongue and then moved down to your belly. When he got to the waistband of your boxers, he drew them off your smooth legs.
Bucky felt something in his head pop as your scent reached him in a fresh wave. He was perilously close to orgasm, already. His release poised in his shaft, his body shaking with the need to take you. He put his hand between your thighs. You were so wet and hot that he growled.
Crazed though he was, he had to taste you before he invaded you.
He pressed kisses over your hips and across the tops of your thighs. Your hands tangled in his hair as you urged him exactly where he was headed.
He kissed your softest skin, drawing your core into his mouth, and you came over and over again for him until he couldn’t fight his own need any longer. He pulled back, shrugged out of his pants, and covered you with his body once more.
You wrapped your legs around his hips, and he hissed as your heat burned his erection.
He used what was left of his strength to pull back and look down into your face. Waiting for your okay.
„Don’t stop.“ you breathed. „I want to feel you inside me.“
Bucky dropped his head into the fragrant hollow of your neck. And slowly drew his hips back. The tip of his erection slid into place beautifully, and he sheathed himself in your body with one powerful stroke.
He let out a bellow of ecstasy.
Heaven. Now he knew what heaven was like.
You eased into consciousness slowly. It was like surfacing from a perfectly performed swan dive. There was a glow in your body, a satisfaction as you emerged from the buffered world of sleep.
„You are beautiful,“ he whispered.
His mouth came down on hers. But he wasn’t looking for anything. The kiss was not a demand. it was closer to a thank you.
Somewhere in the room, a cell phone went off. The ring wasn’t yours.
He moved so fast you jumped. One moment he was by your side; the next he was at his jacket. He flipped open the phone.
A flip phone? Weird.
„Yeah?“ The voice that had told her you you were beautiful was gone. Now he growled.
You pulled a sheet around your chest.
„Give me ten.“ He hung up the phone, put it back in the jacked, and picked up the pants he‘d been wearing. His metal arm reflected the tiny lights coming through the blinds.
The threat of re-dressing brought back some reality. God, had you really just had sex - really, really good, mind blowing sex - with the winter soldier?
„James... You are the winter soldier, right?“, you asked.
As he pulled black leather up his thighs, you caught a terrific shot of his ass.
„Not anymore. Don’t be afraid.“
When he sat down next to you, „I‘ve got to go. I might not get back tonigh, but I‘ll try.“
You didn’t want him to leave. You liked the feel of his body taking up more than its fair share of your bed.
You reached up to him, but took your hand back. You didn’t want to seem needy.
„No, touch me,“ he said, bending his body down, giving you all the access you could ask for.
You put your palm on his chest. His skin was war, his heart surging in an even pump.
„I need to know something.“, you said softly. „What the fuck do you want from me, if you’re looking for the flag smashers?“
He smiled a little, as if he liked your swearing.
„Are you trying to stop them?“, you asked.
„Yes, but-“
„Get out. I am not helping you.“ You stood up and put your clothes back on. There was no way, you were going to be a snitch. Even if you were no longer part of the team.
„(Y/N), they have... we need to stop them. They are dangerous.“, he said while looking to the ground. He didn’t seem to confident about that.
He now stood in front of your door to the balcony. Slowly you opened the glass door, took a look outside then went back to your bed.
„Because of the serum.“ You said calmly.
„You know about the serum?“
You laughed. „I don’t just know about it.“ You positioned yourself and got in a strong stance. You smiled. „I got it.“
With one forceful kick to his chest, Bucky got pushed out of your room. He could barely grab the railing to not fall eight down on the street. In front of him the glass door closed, big metal bars flew from the top to secure the entry even more. The blinds closed and he couldn’t see you anymore.
He couldn’t remember the last time he was taken by surprise. It wasn’t pleasant. When he looked down on himself, he saw a little piece of paper in the small pocket of his jacket.
It was a phone number.
XXX-XXXX-XXXX „Call anyway.“
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theoldaquarian · 19 days ago
Fanfic recs for the first quarter of 2021!
It’s been a long time since I made a fic rec post, and we’re diving back in with a big list of fics from the first quarter! Even long after the publication of the book and coming up on two years out from the release of the show, this fandom is still a neverending gold mine of fics. Here are some I’ve enjoyed that were completed from January through March 2021!
cafe au vin by @mortifyingideal   Rated G
One Valentine’s Day Fic To Rule Them All...I’m not going to say more because this one is such a delightful surprise to unwrap. Uproariously funny and clever
the devil and the deep blue sea by @waywarder  Rated M
Calling all sea creature nerds, and anyone who has ever taken a date to the aquarium and talked too much about fish for several hours. It’s a delight to see the personalities shine through so clearly in this AU!
The Discord Servers of Hell by @ineffablelawr Rated T
Hell has discord and it turns out exactly how you would think. Really cute Fun With Formats fic!
Faster than a Speeding Bentley by @moondawntreader Rated M
An incredible AU that had me laughing aloud to a degree that frightened the neighbor’s cat. Crowley gets bitten by a mutagenic snake and becomes a superhero, and the care and thought and creativity given to his superhero identity is just magnificent!
The Fine Print by @fremulon Rated T
Read it for the life-giving office job catharsis, read it for the nonstop, top-tier jokes, read it for an amazing example of an AU with similar plot beats to the original GO in a wildly different setting, just read it!
For a Sheep as a Lamb by @brightwanderer Rated T
I feel like this fic takes the T rating as a challenge, and the results are so much fun
A Good Old-Fashioned Cock-up by @brightwanderer Rated M
DIFFICULT not to shriek while reading, Aziraphale’s bit of bastard on full, glorious display
an institute you can’t disparage by @mortifyingideal Rated G
prepare yourself for the post-pandemic weddings of all your acquaintances with this absolute romp
Let’s Build a Vivarium by @waldosakimbo Rated G
WaldosAkimbo is out to make me emotional about demons again and doing a fantastic job. Super funny and touching!
The Magician in the Bushes by @caffeinechic Rated T
A fabulous meet-cute featuring The Amazing Mr. Fell and Caterer Crowley, you can HEAR Sheen and Tennant saying the dialogue in this I swear
One Golden Glance of What Should Be by bulfinch Rated T
A really beautiful through-time collection of vignettes themed around Crowley’s snake eyes, haunting and lovely
The Ordinary World by @antikate Rated E
How do you write about an impossible grief? and how do you come back from it to find an impossible joy? Idk but Anti_Kate has done it and it’s an absolute page turner (Next Chapter clicker?) on top of that
The Private Collection by @entanglednow Rated E
Pure, Grade AAA (or perhaps XXX) absurdity, outrageously funny
Reptiles of the Mind by CiderApples Rated G
a gorgeous, ambiguous slice of post-apocalypse life
rumours (and other things that thrive in the dark) by @forineffablereasons Rated G
this is CANON now, I love this backstory on Crowley’s traffic jacket and the mixture of sweetness, humor, and longing
and truth (and other things that thrive in the light) by @forineffablereasons Rated E
….and there’s a delightful sequel in which the jacket reappears for some Very Good Times
Shiver At Your Touch by @mintly Rated E
Crowley and Aziraphale go wild on one of London’s biggest tourist attractions, and their banter is pitch-perfect and supremely adorable
Sometimes a Snake is Just a Snake by AstroGirl Rated T
I’m a sucker for a fake advertisement, and this fic has truly excellent bickering wherein Crowley bemoans his image being used for commercial purposes
Treasures of Heaven by @heavens-bookshop Rated G
A new favorite outside POV fic, this is so, so charming and makes me pine for the times of coffeeshops past!
two if by sea by @theseedsofdoom Rated G
I am now desperately longing to be wandering around a foggy island off the coast of Maine
Vapour in Your Love by @antikate Rated E
This fic is so funny it makes me want to scream, read this while drinking a beverage at your OWN PERIL
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giuliafc · 23 days ago
Caught in the Loop
Read on Ao3 || FFN || Wattpad
Chat Noir bets to Ladybug that he loves the girl behind the spots, no matter who she is. Ladybug bets to Chat Noir that he's only her partner and best friend, she doesn't love him 'that' way. What happens when they accept to get caught into a spiritual 'loop' , living through many alternate realities to prove that they're right and win their bet? They end up losing it, of course. They lose *ROYALLY*. Lovesquare identity reveal with a twist!
Written for the March 2021 Writer-Artist Collab! Collab with ThatCattyCatCult ( here on Tumblr :)
Written by JuliaFC
Part of the March 2021 Writer-Artist collab for the Miraculous Fanworks server. The art in the story has been made by @TheCattyCatCult
Betas: KhanOfAllOrcs, Agrestebug, Etoile-Lead-Sama, Malauu-Ladynoir, Genxha
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by (c) Thomas Astruc; TS1 Bouygues, Disney Channel, Zagtoon, Toei Animation. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Part 1 - The bet
“Pound it!” Ladybug and Chat Noir’s gaze locked as they fist bumped after the latest akuma attack.
The fight hadn’t been that hard and they still had a couple of minutes to spare. Luckily, because the students of Françoise Dupont didn’t seem to want to let them go; Alya especially was pressing on their ribs like a thorn.
“Can you spare a word for the Ladyblog?” she asked excitedly, while plenty of other voices came from everywhere and nowhere, “Please, Ladybug, can I have an autograph?” “Chat Noir! Chat Noir, please smile at the camera!” The warning beep of their Miraculous rang worryingly unheard in the confusion.
“Sorry, guys, but we need to go,” tried to say Ladybug before being wrapped in yet another hug for a picture by yet another student. “Yes, it’s time to s-cat…” But the students still didn’t seem to want to let them go. Eventually the beep became stronger and Chat Noir grabbed Ladybug bridal style and, using his baton, he lifted both of them up and off from the crowd.
“As we said already: sorry, guys, we need to go!” He jumped out of the way, to then fall unnoticed in front of the door of the locker room.
“We don’t have time to find a place to hide!” said Ladybug worriedly.
Chat Noir sighed. Out went his chance of pretending that he didn’t know the school. “Come with me, there’s a place that I know.”
He grabbed her hand and dragged her away (just in time, because the locker door opened as soon as they moved and Chat Noir didn’t want to know who the student that had just come out of it was). He ran with her and reached the side of the library, quickly opening a closet door and disappearing inside it with her, closing it behind them. He had just done that, that in a flash of green and pink, their transformation fell. They could only turn around and stand back-to-back, their hearts racing in their chests. Tikki and Plagg came out of their Miraculouses with a twirl and fell into their hands.
“Gamin, that was close,” said Plagg panting.
“I need food, *burp*!” Tikki burped purple bubbles. “Whoops, sorry,” she concluded.
Marinette reached for her little purse and took out a macaron, which she handed to her little red friend gently. The kwami picked it up and started chewing on it with a thankful gleam in her eyes. On the other side, Plagg was doing the same with a slice of cheese.
“I’ve never seen this closet, Chat Noir,” said Marinette, sitting down on the ground, immediately imitated by her partner behind her. She pulled her legs close to her chest and rested her chin on her knees.
Chat Noir fell silent for a long time. A suspiciously long time. After an even longer time, Marinette cleared her throat. “Elementary school, huh?”
Chat Noir was silent again. Only after a little while did she hear him say shakingly, “I had to say something.”
Marinette’s heart pounded in her chest. Was he admitting it? Was he a student at Françoise Dupont too? Marinette knew that she shouldn’t ask this information. She really shouldn’t, because it could jeopardise his identity, but she didn’t think before connecting her brain to her mouth. “So that’s why Plagg was here.”
She felt his head shoot up behind her and rest against the back of hers. “Careful, M’lady. Tikki was here too.” Her heart started pounding in her chest. Shoot. After all her hard work during the Kwamibuster’s fight, it only took one sentence to blow her carefully crafted cover.
She chuckled dryly. “So what? It’s a big school, there are hundreds of girls and boys studying here, Chat Noir. It’s not as if you’re sitting in front of me in class.”
Tikki facepalmed. Why did Tikki facepalm?
“I could,” came his voice from behind her back.
Her dry chuckle turned into a laugh. “Yeah, right… that would be close to impossible. Just think about it!”
“Why? Who’s sitting in front of you? A girl?” he asked. She didn’t like the tone of doubt in his voice as he asked that. Nor did she like the fact that he sounded as if he was genuinely interested and inquiring.
“Chat? We shouldn’t have this conversation. It’s already dangerous enough that now we both know that we attend the same school. It’s too dangerous to reveal our identities while Hawkmoth is still around.”
She clearly felt him tense behind her back. “Why is that, Buginette? What would change? You already know the identity of all the other holders, and you also have the entire Miracle Box hidden somewhere. If Hawkmoth gets his hands on the Miracle Box we would have a really hard time fighting against a whole team of superheroes. It would be dangerous anyway. What would change if we knew each other’s identities?”
Marinette sighed. His words rang true to her and she couldn’t deny that she had thought about it a few times and had always come to a similar conclusion. What was it that was wrapping such fear around her heart when she so much as considered the idea of revealing her identity to him? “Please, Chat, you know we can’t.”
She felt him crouch over himself. “It’s just… frustrating. We were talking about it the other day, Plagg and I. He was also there saying that because you’re the Guardian I should know who you are and you should know who I am. What happens if he’s sick, M'lady? Or if anything happens to me and I can’t return my Miraculous to you? The Black Cat is a powerful weapon in the wrong hands. You can’t afford to lose it like Master Fu did with the Butterfly and Peacock.” He said all of that in just one breath, or at least Marinette thought he did, because there was no pausing in between his words, it was all coming out at once.
“Wow, you have really put some thought into it,” she concluded.
She had to admit that what he had said again rang true to her. She knew that kwamis could get sick. Tikki had been sick once, after all; Plagg could be next. And the time Tikki had been sick, she had had to take Marinette to the Guardian. What if Plagg was so out of it that he wouldn’t be able to tell Chat Noir where to go?
“You know, Chat Noir has a point,” said Tikki in a very low voice. Marinette looked at her warily.
“I know, Tikki.” She sighed and hugged her legs more tightly, frowning looking at the air in front of her face. “I know, you’re right, chaton.” She heard his loud gasp from behind her and added quickly, “However… even though I know you’re right I still—I still can’t get myself to do it.”
“But why? Why, M’lady? Why don't you trust me? I know I’ve been a bit unreliable when you left for New York, but I had been forced to go myself. And beside then, did I ever give you any reason for—”
“No, you didn’t, Chat,” she interrupted his ramble. “And I know you’re right but…” She felt her throat clenching shut and tears starting to prickle at the corner of her eyes. “I don’t know what to do. The truth is that I’m scared. I’m terrified to change our balance. We’ve worked so well as a duo up to now, if we reveal our identities and the balance changes…”
“What would change? We would just put an unmasked face and a name in the equation. Why would it change anything if I think of you as Ladybug or... Marcelline or Martha or Marvel or Marinette?”
Marinette gasped so loudly that she had to move and peeked quickly by opening a small crack on the closet door to make sure that nobody had heard and was going to open the door on them all of a sudden.
“Are you okay?” asked Chat Noir. “Did I say something wrong?”
Marinette blushed crimson even though she knew that he couldn’t see it because he was back to back with her. How did he still remember the only slip up she had ever had about her identity, that first day when they faced Stoneheart? “Uh, no, you didn’t say anything wrong. You’re right.” Her breath caught. “I-I m-mean ,y-you’re r-right in y-your theory…”
She felt Chat Noir scratch his head. “Yeah. What else could I be right about?”
It was Chat Noir’s turn to gasp. “I got your name right, didn’t I? Your name is one of those!” She couldn’t avoid tensing up and that was all he needed to confirm his suspicions. “M’lady, you know that, whoever you are, I would love you regardless.”
Marinette chuckled. “You always say that, minou, but would you really?”
“I swear I would! That day when we faced Stoneheart, when you spoke with Hawkmoth the first time, I saw the way you put your fears aside and faced that monster all by yourself. I heard the way you spoke to reassure the people of Paris that we were going to protect them, even if we both didn’t have a clue how things would have worked out. You were so brave, so passionate, so fierce, so compassionate, so… amazing. I felt something break in me and next thing I knew I was head over heels in love with you.”
“Chat, I’m not fierce and brave in real life!”
He grabbed her hand with his and Marinette jumped a little for the skin to skin contact. That time when the faced Knight Owl she had touched his naked hand, but it hadn’t felt half as intimate as this. “I’m sure that you are, Buginette.”
“And… I could be very ugly. Very fat. I could be a boy for all you know.”
“You wound me, M’lady. I’m not that shallow. I fell in love with the girl within.” Then he fell silent for a long moment and Marinette could feel the mad beating of her heart right into her ears. “And you can’t be a boy.”
She tried pulling her hand off his grip but he didn’t let her and started moving his thumb on her bare skin. This caused Marinette’s heart to do funny things in her chest but when she felt how tensed his shoulders were behind her, she realised that probably it was the same for him too.
“You got me,” she said softly. “I’m not a boy.”
“That’s good, because I’m not into other boys, as far as I know.”
Marinette giggled. “Well, after all, you only flirt with girls.”
More silence wrapped up the secluded room. “Can I ask a question?” said Chat Noir’s voice from behind her.
“Yes?” she tentatively answered.
“Why have we started talking about my feelings for you?” He paused significantly. Marinette felt her heart skipping a beat. “I mean, we were talking about revealing identities and you not wanting to do it. Have you caught feelings for me finally, M'lady? Are you afraid I wouldn’t love the girl behind the mask?”
Marinette’s heart did again some funny things in her chest as he said so. She gulped awkwardly. “N-no, I told you I like another boy. That hasn’t changed, Chat.”
She felt him slump his shoulders behind her. Her lips curled in a small smile. “Then why? Why does it matter to you if I would love you without the mask?”
Marinette sucked her breath in. “Uh. I-I d-don’t know. It just b-bugs me every time you say it.”
“Was that a pun, M’lady?” He chuckled.
“Of course not! It really annoys me.” She raised a little her tone of voice as she felt blood rushing to her face again.
“But why would it bother you or annoy you if you didn’t have feelings for me? You know what I think?” He poked her in her back with his elbow until she ‘mh?’-ed dubiously. “I bet you’ve developed some feelings for me and you just don’t want to admit it!” She could nearly hear his smirk.
“Not going to happen, minou. It just annoys me when you say it. As if you could just look at me detransform and accept whatever would come in front of your eyes. I bet that you wouldn’t love EVERYONE who could appear behind the Ladybug mask. There must be someone you would rather be me than anybody else.”
“Wanna bet? Such a shame that there’s no way that I can prove to you the depth of my feelings for you, M’lady or I definitely would.”
“You’re right, there’s no way to prove who would be right or not. I would love to prove to you that I’m definitely not having feelings towards you. You’re just my best friend, chaton.”
She heard Chat Noir behind her take some breath in, as if he was about to answer. But as he did that, they heard someone cough politely, so they both turned towards the origin of the sound and saw Tikki and Plagg looking at them with a gleam of annoyance in their eyes.
“Actually, there would be a way,” deadpanned Plagg.
“But it’s something that hasn’t been done for a very long time, nearly a millennium,” warned Tikki.
Plagg folded his paws to his tiny chest. “Yep. But it has been done and it’s possible, Sugarcube.”
Both Marinette and Chat Noir looked at their two kwamis in amazement. “What are you talking about, Plagg?” asked Chat Noir eventually.
Tikki sighed. “There’s a very, very ancient spell that hasn’t been used for nearly a millennium. It was mostly used for training purposes. Training of our holders.”
Marinette squirmed a little her eyes and looked at Tikki. “What do you mean, Tikki?”
“It’s called ‘the loop’. It’s yet another power that you get when you combine our Miraculouses.” Plagg looked at Marinette very seriously. “It’s not the Wish. It doesn’t change reality for real. It just wraps you two in a loop to learn a lesson.”
“Or to get clarity on a doubt,” concluded Tikki. “It was used solely for spiritual training.”
“How does it work?” said Chat Noir. Tikki sighed.
“You unify us and then ask for the loop. The loop creates a, well, loop, that creates in your mind a repetition of events that can bring clarity in your doubt.”
Plagg continued, “Basically it creates new realities, but only in your head. Since there are no consequences for anybody, as it is only in your head, it is not forbidden in the same way as the Wish.”
“Are you sure it won’t have bad consequences like with the Wish, Tikki?” asked Marinette. “Master Fu has always warned me not to unify you and Plagg.”
“It won’t have consequences that can change the balance of the universe, so in that sense it’s not a bad thing. But it’s still something you should consider very carefully,” pressed Tikki. “It could lead to you two understanding each other’s identities.”
“How?” asked both of them at the same time.
Tikki sighed. “You will understand if you decide to take on the loop. But one thing you need to remember if you do so.” Both teen agers looked very intently at the red kwami. “This loop creates entire realities in your head. You will be unconscious in this world and won’t be able to wake up until in your heart you will get clarity on whether you won or lost your bet. You will be bound in the reality you’re exploring and will have to take any difference between it and the “real world” as fact and just go with the flow. Don’t resist them or the loop won’t work.”
“I don’t know,” sighed Marinette. “It sounds so complicated.” But as she said that, she felt an elbow poking her ribs.
“Come on!” said Chat Noir. “Are you afraid of finding out that you are indeed in love with me, M’lady?”
She sucked her breath in. “No way! Maybe you should be afraid to find out that there’s no way that you can love just blindly whoever it is behind this mask!”
Chat Noir folded his arms on his chest. “There’s only one way of finding out!”
Anger started pooling into Marinette’s heart. Anger and a feeling of competition. Competition because she was being challenged. And she wasn’t the type to give up a challenge without a fight. She would prove to her kitty that she was right.
“Okay then. Give me your ring.” She distinctly felt Chat Noir gulping next to her. She presented her hand to him, expecting him to put the ring in her palm immediately, but the boy hesitated.
“What are you waiting for, Chat Noir? Christmas?”
She heard her partner breathe in to start talking at least four times. But he didn’t say anything and eventually, she felt the heaviness of the Black Cat ring on her palm. With a little sigh, she wore the ring on her own finger, watching as it changed from black to pink.
“Don’t worry, chaton. I will give it back to you,” she said calmly. Then she looked at the two kwamis in front of her and said it firmly, “Tikki, Plagg, Unify!” The two creatures got wrapped in a flash of light and their bodies merged together. Marinette looked down, as the light was very strong and hurt her eyes and heard Chat Noir gasping. “What is it, minou, if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.”
He sniggered next to her and tsk-ed a couple of times. “Let’s see how cocky you are after you wake up and you realise that you’ve lost, Buginette.”
“Likewise, Chaton!”
When Marinette looked up, she couldn’t avoid widening her eyes. In place of Tikki and Plagg there now was a different kwami. A kwami that brought back memories that she would have preferred to keep buried into her subconscious for the rest of her days. It was a cat-like kwami, but its piercing blue eyes were the same shape as Tikki’s. It was completely snow white with black spots in the places where Tikki had her spots, and antennae at the front of its cat ears.
“I’m Chaoss. Who summoned me?” it said, its voice deep and strong. It sounded a voice too powerful for coming from a kwami that was a mixture of sweet Tikki and goofy Plagg.
“W-we’re the wielders of the Ladybug and Black Cat Miraculouses,” she heard her voice saying without almost realising she was actually saying it. “We want to ask for the loop.”
“Do you know what you’re going to face?” the kwami asked. Its gaze was deep and stern; it didn’t have any of the softness of Tikki or the playfulness of Plagg.
“Tikki and Plagg have told us something about it,” said Chat Noir. Marinette had to force herself to keep her eyes trained on the white kwami, because she hadn’t expected Chat to speak and she had nearly—nearly—turned her head towards him instinctively.
Chaoss’s gaze pierced through their very soul. “I’m amused,” it said with a smirk. “This is going to be great fun.”
“W-what do you mean?” asked Chat Noir, his voice having lost all cockiness all of sudden. He sounded scared. Marinette had to yet again bit her lower lip very hard to resist the urge to turn around to look at him.
“You will experience a series of realities related to your heart’s inner desire. Don’t look at me like that. This is why the loop has only been used for spiritual training. Your inner desire, Black Cat, is to prove to your Lady that your feelings for her are strong and that you love the girl behind the mask truly, no matter who she is or what she looks like.” The kwami smirked and Marinette assumed that Chat Noir must have nodded because Chaoss was looking at him directly when it continued, “You will face exactly that, Black Cat. Are you ready to face the consequences of your choice?”
“I am.” Chat Noir sounded so sure of himself that Marinette’s heart sank. She wasn’t sure at all. All her cockiness was only due to her competitive spirit and now that the possibility of the loop had become real, she didn’t feel confident anymore at all. That and the fact that Chaoss looked really creepy and was digging up memories in her heart that she really wished she had forgotten about.
But she couldn’t give it more thought, because Chaoss’s gaze locked into hers and her whole back tensed.
“And you, Lady Luck.” Marinette blushed crimson, she didn’t know why. “Are you so sure that your feelings towards him are only platonic?”
The kwami’s gaze was so stern that Marinette felt as if it burned a hole in her soul.
“Are you certain that you wouldn’t miss his flirty ways and his puns if he didn’t use them anymore?”
“Yes!” That was much easier to say.
“Funny you say that,” smirked the white kwami. Marinette frowned. “You told him so many times that he’s irreplaceable, right?”
Marinette’s frown deepened. It was like talking to an old friend but to a new person at the same time. “Y-yes?”
“If he didn’t flirt with you and didn’t pun, wouldn’t he be like a different person?” The white kwami gave her again a look that seemed to be piercing her whole soul.
Shoot. She hadn’t thought about it in these terms. She didn’t know what to say and couldn’t bear to hold that icy blue stare, so Marinette lowered her gaze and flushed pink.
“Tell the truth, M’lady, you would miss my puns.” Chat Noir elbowed her jokingly.
Marinette groaned. “No way! I just wis—” but the second she said the word, a red gleam flashed through the white kwami’s icy gaze.
“Enough! Don’t say the forbidden word. Remember what you’re doing, Lady Luck.” The kwami’s voice was so deep and cavernous that Marinette was left terrified.
“I-I’m s-sorry,” she whispered. She flushed crimson. She was the Guardian of the Miracle Box. She was wearing the two strongest Miraculouses in the world, unified. She had nearly inadvertently made the Wish that would change reality. Oh she was SO not ready for this responsibility!
She felt a tight grip clench on her throat and tears started to worm their way out of the corner of her eyes, but before she could utter even one strangled sob, she felt a hand on her shoulder. Once again, he was at her side. He believed in her. He wanted her to feel his support. Her heart swelled for the gratitude that she felt towards the boy next to her. She nearly (again, so nearly) turned towards him, but she refrained from doing so at the last second.
“Tikki and Plagg were right. There’s so much chaos inside your soul that you need the loop to gain clarity and order. Order will make you stronger.” The white kwami started floating higher.
“I thought your name was Chaoss?” asked Chat Noir. “And you want to make order in our souls?”
The little white kwami sniggered. “Yes, Black Cat. There’s no Order without Chaos. There’s no Creation without Destruction. Chaos leads the way to Order in the same way as Destruction leads the way to Creation. Two parts of a whole. You need chaos to create order. You need death to allow life. Creation left alone would eventually produce death.”
“It kind of makes sense,” said Chat Noir.
“In a very twisted kind of way, yeah,” continued Marinette.
Chaoss smirked and flew again higher than their heads. “Good. You don’t need to understand it all, Black Cat and Lady Luck. But there are a couple of things that you do need to understand, and accept.” It turned towards Chat Noir. “You, Black Cat.” Chaoss paused significantly. “You will see many different realities in the loop. One of them will be real.”
“Wh—” started Chat Noir, but Chaoss’s cold gaze turned sterner.
“I won’t say. The first one? The last one? Any one in between? You just need to know that one will be the real deal. I will leave it to you to decide what to do with that information, and with what it will mean to you.”
Then, Chaoss’s gaze moved to Marinette and she couldn’t avoid gulping dryly. “You, Lady Luck.” The white kwami closed his electric blue eyes and sighed before opening them again.
“Your challenge will be different, but no less difficult. Maybe more difficult, in fact. The realities you’ll explore don’t exist. None of them exist. But they exist within themselves and within themselves the people who live them are real. Don’t fight them, or the loop won’t work. Remember that they may be alternate realities to this one, they may not exist, but they are still related to, and very much linked to this reality. You can think of them as ‘what if’s’. You will see, and experience, things that will surprise you. You may be shocked at some points, or feel as if you want to rip your heart out of your chest. But don’t fight the reality. Live it as if it were real. There’s a lesson in each and every of them, and the lesson is true.”
Marinette closed her eyes shut and breathed heavily before nodding. When she opened her eyes again, Chaoss was staring at both of them, a wide smirk on its lips.
“This will be fun. Not for you, but it will be fun.” The kwami flew higher. “Ladybug. Chat Noir. You called for my power and you asked for the loop. You’ve been informed of the consequences of your request. Are you ready to begin?”
Marinette started feeling hot. And cold. And hot again. Her frame was shaking so heavily that her teeth started chattering. “Y-yes.” She nodded a couple of times, as if trying to convince herself that it was okay, even if it wasn’t. She heard Chat Noir say the same thing, with a voice as shaky as hers.
“Good. Get ready to both lose your bets, kids. See you next time!” Marinette widened her eyes. What made Chaoss so certain that they would both lose their bets?
“Wait!” she shouted, moving a hand forward as if trying to stop the white kwami, but the creature’s eyes started gleaming and its body pulsating. The darkness of the room was lit up with a spark of pure energy and Marinette had to close her eyes shut because the brightness was nearly hurting her pupils. She felt as if pulled up by a strong wind and then pulled back down again, almost feeling like falling.
Author's Note
Hi there!
This is my effort for the March 2021 Writer-artist collab. It's an idea I had for a while, and when the artist I was paired with showed some interest on it, I thought 'why not', so here it is! Hope you'll like it :)
In the next chapter, we start getting into the loops. I can only tell you that it will be quite an experience, for both of them. Chaoss wasn't kidding!
I hope you will leave me a comment. What did you think about Chaoss? Chapter 2 isn't written yet, so I don't know when I will update, but you know the drill. I tend to prioritise the stories that receive more feedback, because I feel I let down less people ^^. So if you want to know what happens next and what will they find in the loop... subscribe, comment, put the story in your favourite, leave a kudos... not only it cheers me up, but it also makes me more eager to dedicate my nights to write rather than to other menial activities (like sleeping for example!)
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kkaeyva · 24 days ago
Hello, can I get a romantic Genshin Impact matchup please?
Female who prefers males. Virgo sun, Scorpio moon+rising. INFP 9w8. I’m quiet and reserved, I have difficulty trusting others right at the start so it can take some time for me to fully open up. If my trust is betrayed the one who broke it becomes dead to me. I’m quite introverted and a bit of a lone wolf so I do require constant care/attention, I actually enjoy having independence. I also have a short fuse and thin skin (something I’m not proud of) so I get upset/angered easily especially when it comes to a topic I’m particularly passionate or touchy about. I’m a very sarcastic/sassy person but I do not always mean for my remarks to be malicious, it’s only meant to be insulting if I was insulted first. I’m not very good when it comes to being the bigger/better person. With the few I’m close to, I am 100% a crackhead. I’m certain I have severe brain rot and all that’s inside my tiny skull is memes and stupid jokes. My sense of humor is all over the place and ranges from grade schooler toilet humor to dark and morbid. I have a hard time being completely serious around those I’m close to but this means that I trust the person on the receiving end enough to be my goofball self without worrying about what they might think of me. I’m terrible with showing physical intimacy even with close relatives because human touch feels awkward/uncomfortable to me. This was never a problem when I was a kid and manifested at some point after I entered adulthood. I prefer to show I really like and care about someone by just having a good time without feeling pressured to have skin to skin contact. I’m not the most adventurous person but I’m not completely against trying something new so long as it’s not something that involves anything too extreme like parkour. I’d rather not be a Darwin Award winner. Fun fact: Despite being of drinking age I despise the taste of alcohol and vastly prefer things like juice or soda. No clue who I get this from since both my parents and siblings all like alcohol, it’s just me who doesn’t.
As for my hobbies I enjoy video games, anime/manga, memes, and sleeping (I have low energy so I enjoy a good rest). I also like animals quite a lot and am a complete sucker for animals such as cats and dogs. If I can I will pet any cat or dog within my vicinity and have no problems being affectionate with them. I actually collect Pokémon plush as a hobby because I love how cute they are. But I like stuffed animals in general even non Pokémon ones. I think I just like soft things in general.
Thank you for taking the time to do this!~
virgo sun, same here! that’s super cool :)
i match you up with...
Tumblr media
— first things first, of course we have to talk about astrology + mbti! — diluc is a taurus, and since both taurus and virgo are earth signs, they’re basically meant to get along well. (although, don’t take that to heart,, who even thought that the month you were born would affect your personality?? weird) — intj (which is diluc’s mbti) and infp get along well. your ideals may be a tad bit different (i’m talking about your thinking/feeling and judging/perceiving traits, of course) but in the end, there is always going to be common ground somewhere — diluc likes how he has to earn your trust! knowing that you don’t blindly follow others gives him a sense of relief, and in turn, allows him to put his trust in you. i swear, his loyalty and trust are some of the rarest things you could obtain in the world. — don’t worry about your independence at all! it isn’t going anywhere, especially since diluc knows his own boundaries and abides by your boundaries as well. he respects if you like to keep some distance away so he will leave you to your own devices, but he also knows when to step in to support you. — diluc would never go out of his way to insult anyone unless provoked; i don’t see the two of you having arguments,, like,, ever. you could probably disarm any argument before it even starts. — if you tell jokes around him, diluc will definitely understand the amount of trust you gave him. he might even chuckle at one or two of them; even the cold and aloof master diluc has to let loose once in a while, no? — allow me to make this clear: diluc’s love language? definitely not physical affection. in fact, it’s anything but physical touch! he strikes me as more of a quality time type of person, so he’d rather do meaningful activities with you rather than share hugs or kisses. — diluc has mentioned how he doesn’t like how alcohol feels in his mouth. ironic, isn’t it, since he’s the owner of the most successful winery in mondstadt? i guess that he would look forward to sharing a conversation with someone who despises alcohol. — diluc is 100% a cat person. that,,, that’s it. he’d feed the neighbourhood strays :)
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Tumblr media
+ $16 cash tips // $787.26. I can get used to this.
Also, ssssometimes.. I am catnip & boys are cats. For real. I got 3 phone #s tonight & 2 invites for foooood. 1 lunch for tomorrow. The other was ihop like now. He was like, stop working and come eat Denny’s w me. First of all, you better be taking me to ihop, Denny’s ?? Ew lol I told him I had to work but I’ll take a rain check lol he was like, if we go to ihop the first time, will you come to Denny’s w me the second time Bc that’s my favorite? Ummmm yyyyessss! Lmao. Like, duh lol NO ITS ALL ABOIT ME!!! 😝😝😝
Tumblr media
Ihop guy. He was gettin outta my car & saw someone left a face mask & he grabbed it & I was like, gross! & he offered to trash it for me ☺️ ummm ty! Also before I dropped him off, my next passenger called & he was an old man sayin he has a cane & blah blah & ihop guy said to make sure he gets in my car safely. Awwwwww. That was cute. Ya know, I think I’m gonna let these guys go on dates w me. The ones I would actually go on a date with 😂 2/3 dudes, sure. Ihop sounds hella good rn tho lol I don’t wanna go lookin like junk tho. Not bc I wanna impress dude #2 or 3 but for myself! I just can’t do that lol it’s just a food date. Harmless. Besides, my counselor said I shouldn’t be dating bc I’m still married. I think I’m gonna get my papers signed and notarized soon. I just gotta take that leap already. I haven’t done it bc I don’t feel K will be my friend anymore. That & I don’t wanna hurt him anymore. But I gotta. If he chooses to burn our friendship bridge thennnn that’s on him.
Fffuck my back hurts. I nnnnnnever have back pain, everrrr. But I do now. I think Bc I’ve been driving so much 😂 I need a massage. Big time. Like, a professional one. Which I’ve never done. I’d be too weird about it. Maybe.
I met the sweetest old man. He was my last passenger. I need to research him, actually.
Also I met 3 doctors, one I know is a cardio surgeon, but I wasn’t aware until very late into the conversation. 3 older, drunk lol respectful men got in my car. All sat in the back. Wearing their masks like good dads ☺️💕 and they included me in their conversation the entire drive, which was sOooo nice bc I enjoyed talking to them & one in particular, the cardio one, he stands out bc he’s the one that talked to me more, well, he saw a deer & got so excited! Then he was apologized for getting excited! I was like, no!! I get excited too!!!! & he was like yeah I hunt them & very dramatically, I said ‘oooooooohhhhhhhh :(((((((‘ lolohffhj then his friend asked ‘well why do you get excited to see them then??’ Cardio dad said ‘bc she wants to pet them..’ and I about cried bc uh huh 😭😭😭 he right! He so right! His friend was like, shut. He wants to hunt them and you wanna pet them 😂🤣 yeahhh lol & cardio dad was about to tell a story & he asked if it was okay bc it was a hunting story & he didn’t want to hurt my feelings 😭😭♥️♥️♥️😭😭😭😭 this man was so fucking incredibly thoughtful, I about died. Would I have went to ihop w cardio das looking like a scrub? Yes. Bc he woulda made things that comfy. And the conversation was nice & he woulda never asked for my # bc he probably has a wife! He’s RESPECTFUL! Etc etc etc. I like the smarties. I can’t halp it. The conversation is a whole lot better. They get me. Quiet me becomes talkative. I was very talkative tonight. The last half. After my crying break. Which ended up being goddamn perfect. I got exactly what I asked for + better. I got taken away from social bubble. The girl kept to herself on her phone. Nearly to her place she apologized for not talking, I was like, youre aaaabsoluteky fine!! She asked what brought me here. I said I visited a friend & liked the area bc it felt like home, so I moved. She said same! Then she said she was gonna buy a place and plant roots here. Then I told her same. And without thinking, I felt so incredibly certain of it. Bc I am. I wanna buy a little home here. I wanna live by water BUT I don’t want a big house. It jus me! Dont they have little homes by the lakes? Why they gotta be big all da time? Ppfft. Too many ‘do you have kids? Do you want kids?’ happened today 😒😔 it’s rare when I get asked those questions. I shook them off as quickly as I could. I got complimented on my hair & it’s up! I never get compliments when my hair is up lol 🤷🏻‍♀️ the girl that complimented me seemed to reeeally like me! Said my car was comfy & she coulda been a really nice friend tbh 🙂 my job is like a live Tinder I swear to gawd. I take the phone #s as them swiping right 😂 if I give it to them ‘ITS A MATCH!’ Lmaooo. But not really bc I end up ghosting ALL of them. But I might go out to ihop w this guy. Mayyyybe. I just want ihop & he seemed really nice, so why the fuck not 🤷🏻‍♀️ nobody in my life gives a shit what I do anyway. Might as well do shit. Like eat a breakfast sampler. Well, half of it. I always save my panclarks for later & I used to always save some snausages for Bubby :( das okay. But yeah. I might as well hangout w guys that actually want to hangout w me & that can. Hangout w the guys that treat me like I’m catnip. I not catnip to Daddy. I somethin he highly allergic to. That’s fine. He has catnip elsewhere. He probably only fucked me bc I was the only thing available at the time. Haha. Anyway. I had a cool astrology/life talk w another passenger. She was nice. I liked most of my passengers this 12hr shift. The snobby women were eh but they apologized as I was droppin them off at their fancy smanchy restaurant lol my knee hurts. My feet are swollen. And my back hurts. I feel like I’m 72 tonight 🤨 just me and my cat and my books at my bedside & my puzzle on my kitchen table. Nah def not 72.
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eighth--wonder · 24 days ago
okay here it is!! i speedran this.
disclaimer: this is strictly about c!tommy. any mention of tommy or any other character is in reference to their character!
also most of this includes personal headcanons!!
portrait of a woman on a couch with cats - idk man. the song, to me, is about facing things. confronting them. looking back on who you were and being able to say 'that was shitty.' tommy has done some shitty things, let's be real. but he's grown from them. he's accepted that he did them and that people were affected by them.
mellohi and cat - pretty self explanatory, those are his discs.
hayloft - tommy grew up with a lot of powerful people who were capable of a lot of things. wilbur, techno, phil.
'my daddy's got a gun' the people, specifically wilbur in my mind, he grew up with are powerful. wilbur making the nation then blowing it up, techno just being techno (no shade). in short, the people who help raised him are powerful.
rat - again. growing up surrounded by powerful, and in some cases harmful, people. being around and with wilbur and thinking he was doing the right thing only to realize later it was bad.
'i loved you it's true. and sometimes i feel like i still fucking do' tommy's conflicted feelings about wilbur.
bust your kneecaps - again! being around wilbur and doing violent things thinking they were right. the narrative in the song sounds like we should agree with the singer. wilbur trying to make tommy think that what he was doing was right.
icarus - tommy is young. he's been through a lot.
'out on the front doorstep, drinking from a paper cup. you won't remember this' life was hard for tommy during the war. sure, the adrenaline rush of fighting is great, but at times it would get to him. he convinced himself he wouldn't remember the bad parts of the war. of wilbur. of fighting. that he'd only remember the good. the adrenaline. the sense of belonging.
in our bedroom after the war - oh boy.
this is supposed to be the new start after the lmanberg war.
'say good morning to that sleepy person lying next to you. and if there's no one there, then there's no one there. but at least the war is over' tommy walking up after the final war and realizing wilbur is gone.
i could go on about this song, it's literally one of my favorites on his playlist.
i'm just a kid - relatively self explanatory. tommy's just a kid. he's like, what, 17? 16? give him a break.
becky - tommy being jealous of ranboo and tubbo's relationship. he was trapped in prison for, what did he say, like a month apparently?? and the first thing he learns when he comes out is his best, and quite frankly his only friend is married. he feels like he's been replaced and he's bitter about it.
nails like god - tommy's tough.
'i'm afraid to die. i'm afraid to live. i'm afraid to fly. i am just a kid' he knows he's been through shit. he's aware of it. but it's definitely changed him. he's scared of things. he's afraid to live and fly because what if he gets hurt? he knows what on the other side and it terrifies him.
my trains - metaphor for his discs. he holds them very close to him and saw them as an escape
'i laid track on his ass with a styrofoam bat, but the president never did let me back after that' tubbo exiling him. it also has a lot of profanity in it and tommy swears a lot so it seemed fitting.
smoke breaks - smoker!tommy au. that's it. (i can further elaborate if you want. just shoot me an ask)
i'm just your problem - tommy and tubbo. tubbo exiles tommy for his brash and insufferable (affectionate) personality. tommy at first acts pissed at tubbo for exiling him, but then starts to miss him.
320x200 - there's no words, it just has tommy vibes.
brother - tommy and wil. or tommy and techno. the song is about depending on your brother. 'so does anyone have the time to pick me up' tommy just needs help from his siblings every now and then. it's more of a call into the void as wilbur is dead and techno doesn't care about him that much anymore but he can't help but depend on them.
class of 2013 - i saw it in a captain puffy and tommy animatic and never looked back. fr tho, again, tommy is asking for help. he needs help. it might not be forever, but he definitely needs some.
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