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#I am not angry at you
I see a lot of people saying "learn to forgive" when what they probably mean is "learn to let go of anger."
Moving on from anger is a skill that is often necessary for our own wellbeing. sometimes it also leads us to forgive people who have wronged us. sometimes not! and that's fine too. You're not obligated to forgive people who have hurt you, especially if they haven't made amends. And you are absolutely allowed to be angry, especially if that motivates you in a positive way. Just don't let your anger become a toxic, draining thing. Learn when to step away from it, and move on to something better.
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thebibliosphere · 7 months ago
I’m getting real tired of the ableds in my immediate circle proclaiming that the lockdown measures are a form of debilitating inhuman torture and makes life not worth living.
And yeah, this sucks. All of this sucks and is vastly damaging to people’s physical and mental health. We’re enduring a global trauma, the ramifications of which will likely be felt for decades.
But when it was just my daily life being housebound due to my disabilities, it was a-okay for you to abandon me to this life while using phrases like, “must be nice” and “sounds rough,” all said smilingly under the sneering veneer of implied laziness and choice.
So which is it? A fate worse than death you’d never willing choose, or a cake walk? Which is it? *flips table*
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honeybee-babe · 10 days ago
Adam: *said I love you first, is a bottom, lets Eric do his makeup when they’re alone and very clearly enjoys it, is actively working on communicating better with Eric abt his feelings, worked hard to befriend Otis for Eric, is consistently putting himself out of his comfort zone for Eric’s benefit despite the turmoil in his family life and internalized homophobia and self hatred, is writing a poem for his boyfriend, and then proceeds to FORGIVE HIM FOR CHEATING ON HIM AND BASICALLY APOLOGIZES FOR ‘CAUSING IT’ AND PROMISES TO TRY TO PUSH HIMSELF FURTHER OUT OF HIS COMFORT ZONE*
Eric: 🤩I’m breaking up with you and I’m ~saying~ it’s not your fault but I’m saying it’s because you’re not on my level of queerness yet (read: I’m better than you) which basically means I’m breaking up with you because there’s something wrong with you(so its ‘not your fault’ but it is because of you)! I know you’re out to the entire school and we kissed in front of your dad but you’re not out to your mom yet — I expected you to come out to everyone on the planet the day we started dating! and oh yeah, cheating on you with a stranger I’ll probably never see again on a 1 week vacation was more enjoyable for me than our tender and loving relationship and I’m going to heavily imply that cheating or as I like to call it my ~moment of freedom~ was a result of your shortcomings. I’m gonna just walk away now without any remorse or emotions on my face even though you’re clearly heartbroken and trying not to cry — oops you’re crying now sorry bye 🚴 toodles! 🤩
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aroaceoutofplace · 29 days ago
not to sound like another cold hearted aro (/s) but sometimes i’m scrolling on here and just think. god alloros are so stuck in their little bubble all the time. like they’ve never had to feel excluded from almost everyone’s definition of humanity. like to the extent aros have. please for the love of god stop acting like positive thing = love. it doesn’t. that’s literally not the definition of love. happiness, compassion, kindness, morals, etc. do not equal love. please just take your head out of the sand for two seconds and see how you’re treating us. it is so shitty to be excluded by the ‘most progressive’ community.
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meiga-en-cautiverio · 3 months ago
Like not to rant about this yet again but Fallout 3 makes me so angry. It has literally almost no original plot points. Did you know that? The whole "the main character is the vault dweller" thing? Fallout 1. The ending where they don't let you return? Yeah. Fallout 1. Even the whole "talk to your friends that want to leave to see the world for the first time and to the supervisor that won't let them" is exactly the same. The Enclave being the Big Bad™? Fallout 2. The FEV virus? Fallout 1. Find a GECK? Fallout 2. The Enclave is modifying Deathclaws to use as weapons? Fallout 2. Even Harold, the fucking ghoul with a tree growing out of him is a character from Fallout 2. A city in a giant boat? Fallout 2. The Church of the Children of Atom? A rehash of The Children of the Cathedral and the hubbologists, from. you guessed it! Fallout 1 and 2.
And what's even worse is that they took everything interesting from the first games, and took a giant shit on it. Did you know that in the first two games there are no real inherently evil people? There are no zombies. Not really. The ghouls serve as heavy-handed commentary on ableism and racism. They are people. ALL OF THEM. Other humans dislike them because they look like zombies, and move like zombies, and that's scary. The radiation exposure they suffered was so bad it ate away at their skin and their muscles, and left them unable to do anything but hobble. Some of them can't talk. Their brain rots and they become husks of who they were. Weak, decomposing alive. The glowing ones can be found in very irradiated places because they're attracted to radiation like moths to a flame, but they're not violent. And you know what Fallout 3 decided to do? Fallout 3 looked at all of that and went "Yeah let's keep some of them 'normal' but the worse-looking ones are rabid zombies now." Why? Literally why? Why the fuck would you make in-world-humans' fear of ghouls go from "they disgust us" to "they disgust us AND SOME OF THEM DO TURN INTO ACTUAL RAGING ZOMBIES AND TRY TO EAT US" Like??? The level of dehumanization is astounding.
Same with Supermutants btw. In Fallout 1 a lot of them are "stupid" and "dumb" and, to be completely honest, sort of... child-like, almost, sometimes. They are the antagonists because they believe in something different than what you, as the player, believe in. Their leader has an objective you find abhorrent, and so they become the villains in the story. But none of them are inherently evil either. They don't attack you unless you break into their secret base or you try to kill them first. You can talk to them. Their leader's second in command interrogates you and you can have a long conversation with him trying to learn what their plan is. Fallout 3 looked at that and said: "Nah. They're brainless fucks who can't talk and will kill and eat everything they see, specially humans." And then try to make you feel bad for having The Enclave want to end them?? Of course The Brotherhood is irreproachable, with their "all supermutants must die" approach. Of course.
Same with Deathclaws, by the way. Sure they are generally dangerous, but did you know in Fallout 2 you can talk to the genetically modified Deathclaws? They're very nice people. Good luck getting close to a Fallout 3 Enclave's Deathclaw without getting disemboweled.
And all this without even touching on all of the racism and the propaganda in that godforsaken game. All the "ironic anti-communist propaganda" that is literal anti-communist and anti-chinese propaganda. The fact that the only Chinese people you encounter in the main game is a terrorist sleeper plant in a food factory. The fact that they're all zombie-ghouls and you can't even talk to them. The whole Tempanny Tower mess. The fact that one of your companions is literally your slave. Sure, he "works for you because he wants to". Sure.
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shadowhand-bastard · 5 months ago
I wrote my other post asking to be blocked by any writers of x reader fics involving real people and minors, but I need to state this again with a little more intensity because Ranboo and Tubbo were forced to see one in Ranboo’s main tag.
The term “x reader” is traditionally used in reference to a romantic self insert ship.
Yeah, ship. Like that thing we should not be doing with real life people and minors.
The term that would be okay to use if you want to write your self insert fanfiction about being a cc’s platonic friend would be something along the lines of “friendship self insert” or any other way to clarify that the fic is platonic, innocent, and not completely morally wrong.
You do not use “x” for a platonic fanfiction. It is not the correct definition.
And if you knowingly write nonplatonic minor x reader fics?
Go to prison.
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tittyblade · 3 months ago
if i see anyone giving ANY of the cc!/c! dream, techno, phil, fundy, (or literally any content creator/character at this point. even tommy and schlatt etc) fans any trouble know that these bitches take no shits and i won’t either.
if you don’t like the user unfollow or block them.
if you don’t the cc!/c! block their tag or block their name from posts.
if you see anything you don’t like do NOT interact at all.
if you see something you disagree with either talk it out in dms or engage with the post if you’re gonna have a respectful discussion about it.
if you wan’t to criticize a character/etc do it in a respectful way and tag it “x critical”. do NOT tag it “x”. let people enjoy things.
psa over! be kind and you won’t have any problems making friends and having fun on here. that’s the wisdom i have for you today
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damianogender · 4 months ago
these people are unarmed and defenseless. these people are PRAYING. the last ten days of Ramadan, especially tonight, is the holiest time of the entire year for Muslims.
this is not the first time israel committed a horrible attack like this and it won't be the last. for example, as we speak, people are being forced out of their homes in Sheikh Jarrah.
please don't let yourself get desensitized to what's happening in Palestine and speak up about this issue whenever you can
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saw this random post about how the discourse around my blog has been "swept under the carpet" and
and the thing is, after being suicide-baited by a terf smear campaign, repeatedly, for years, that doesn't feel "swept under the carpet" to me. to me, from where I'm standing, that feels more like "survived at terrible cost"
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palamedessextus · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
maybe it's that i delayed my cup of coffee until noon and then drank it all in one gulp like a boiling espresso shot but i cannot begin to describe the inordinate and unreasonable emotions this buzzfeed listicle written by an overworked twenty-something trying desperately to panhandle for clicks has evoked in me on a wednesday morning. the karate kid? the karate kid?? buzzfeed dot com, do you want to talk to me about the karate kid??? are you going to come into my house where i live, the internet, and tell me that ralph macchio was twenty-two years old when he filmed the karate kid???? in my house, the house where we spend at least twenty minutes of any given day thinking about ralph macchio getting mad that his teenage co-stars wanted to act like teenagers on the set of the outsiders, are we talking about the age of known adult karate child ralph macchio? are we talking about what ralph macchio's age is in this listicle? was ralph "the paradigmatic wimp" (robert mark kamen) "wow, he's such a mature person for sixteen years old" (randee heller) macchio twenty-two when he filmed the karate kid? was ralph "literally older than the actor playing the adult businessman hitting on him in the karate kid part iii (1989)" macchio twenty-two when he filmed the karate kid? a karate adult. the karate adult. two months before this fresh-faced chaos twink's sixtieth birthday, buzzfeed dot com. the day of my daughter's wedding. a karate adult. i watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the tannhäuser gate. time to die
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reihimura · 8 months ago
i don’t think a lot of bnha fans realize just how upsetting and harmful it is to see that, in the wake of touya reveal and endvr’s abuse being exposed, we’ve had multiple characters say “but what about endvr and how he feels ):”
like... from top pro heroes like best jeanist and hawks, to students like izuku, and even random everyday citizens like can’t-ya-see-kun, it seems no one actually cares about what endvr’s done. instead of the possibility of endvr facing legal repercussions (and actually losing his career lol), we’ve only gotten perspectives from characters who are more focused on helping endvr rather than... the five people he abused for over two decades.
it just feels disgusting. how we, as readers, have been slapped in the face multiple times with shit like “endvr is my mentor and he’s changing so give him a chance”, all the way to “don’t get hero society involved in a domestic abuse case”. like we haven’t gotten a single perspective from anyone outside of the todoroki family who actually cares!! we haven’t gotten a single perspective from anyone who wants to help the victims rather than the abuser!! 
and sure, it’s only been what, 8 chapters since touya reveal? but in these 8 chapters, we’ve been told by multiple characters who are framed as ‘the good guys’ that endvr shouldn’t face any consequences for the abuse he put his wife and children through; that endvr is Good now, that he’s changing, so everyone should be nice to him and give him a chance.
and it’s sad, because this is a common public response when someone famous is exposed as an abuser in the real world we live in. if someone is idolized by the masses, there are people who will bend over backwards to defend them, even if they are exposed as truly awful people. sure, it’s realistic for people to react like this regarding endvr, but it still doesn’t change the fact that this is harmful rhetoric to spread - that we should consider the abuser’s feelings first and foremost over those of the victims, and that we should give abuser’s a ‘chance’ before giving them any sort of consequences for their actions.
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okay if you’re pretty sure voting does nothing, might as well hedge your bets and do it anyway. filling out a mail-in ballot takes a minute. shit’s prepaid. or mask up, wear gloves, and go to your polling place. nothing is stopping you from direct action AND voting.
there are very real reasons to be unhappy about voting and voice your displeasure about the candidates, gerrymandering, and the electoral college as a whole. silence and inaction is a choice, and that choice is going to directly hurt your friends and loved ones and people you know.
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