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#I am so lucky to have this family

Heather!!! Oh my dear fellow ‘bertan, this warmed my heart ❤️ even though we’ve only known each other a bit, you’ve definitely got me nailed pretty well! You are so kind and welcoming and are always looking out for others and taking care of people too, thank you for being such a good and kind and talented friend!


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fun times

#ignore this i need to rant#i’m so fucking pissed and tired rn#so i tested positive for covid on monday but started getting symptoms last sunday (jan 3rd) and basically haven’t left my house since#have barely left my room in over a week only to go to the bathroom and get something to eat#i mean this was bound to happen sooner or later since my sister works with covid patients#and really i’m super lucky and *shouldn’t complain* since me and my family are all fine considering the circumstances#and i feel super grateful for that really i’m just so tired of being stuck in my room which is my least favourite place on earth#and here when you test positive a doctor will call you to tell you how long you have to be quarantined but it’s been almost 3 days and they#still haven’t called me and now it’s been 12 days since my symptoms started and like they are pretty much gone completely#so according to the government/ national institution that handles these things website i technically am free from covid#and allowed to leave quarantine but because they still haven’t called me i can’t to that#and i know it’s not the doctors fault but i’m just so tired of this and i can’t call the national health guidance number cus then i have to#stand in queue for forever and might miss my call from the doctor#i just want to buy groceries for my family and go for a walk with my friends but no i can’t to that even though i’m not sick anymore#and i know i sound like an ungrateful whiny brat but i’m just so sick of this#thank god i have bts music though i’ve gone through all of their like 15 korean albums multiple times these past 3 days while waiting for#the call
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Complicated feelings on the institution of marriage because at the same time
a) it’s vital to have some way to legally recognize non-blood relationships
b) I think it’s entirely possible that two people could want to be committed long-term life partners and rely on each other near-exclusively for companionship for the next five decades or whatevs, with friendships being limited to one three-hour hangout per month OR whatever watercooler conversation you have with your coworkers
c) I think most people do not want this. I think most people want to have multiple close friendships and spend time and energy on those friendships in addition to their life partners or instead of them.
d) marriage has a long history as a tool of the heteropatriarchy in Western culture. For a woman, marriage meant that you got a new owner who could either free you from a bad family situation or could make your life a new kind of hell, and that decision was almost entirely out of your hands. Even now, a majority of m/f still balance in favour of men (get free cook, housekeeper, and therapist) and against women (get second job as a babysitter)
e) anecdotally, most of my parents’ friends or friends’ parents have marriages that are boring, lonely, cold, controlling, mildly abusive, or, again, balanced in favour of men
f) the idea of marriage is: you put all your eggs in one basket, which you should ideally choose when you’re young and inexperienced. If you don’t, you forfeit any positive human interaction for the rest of your life outside of the alotted 1 hr/week catch-up. If you make a mistake in choosing your basket, you have to spend your days and nights for decades in the constant company of someone you might my even like. If you want to spend time with anyone else, you have to spend a lot of time and money carrying out a tangled legal process.

I know people can be perfectly happy with a life partner and are able to commit to and nurture long-term monogamous relationships. And I know that this doesn’t happen often enough to still have the entire legal framework for social relations structured around it

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Just finished binge watching Tiny Pretty Things and it wasn’t even good, I just needed to know who pushed her and now that I know, I’m left with who stabbed him and maybe I’ll get an answer in 2022? 😡

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Happy Garreg Mach Establishment Day to me! ;w;
#my family has been so generous to me this year.#i don't want to show off for clout. i am documenting this as an addition to my shrine. :')#i have wanted the seasons of warfare edition since its unveiling nearly two years ago...#i am beyond happy to finally have it. it's beautiful. the steelbook; artbook; calender; ost.#i could say so much about all of them. and we were lucky enough to get the preorder pins!#i am swooning... that dimitri cipher; though...#that is something special. it completes the collection i have built. i am enamoured with it.#beyond enamoured; actually. the intricacies...#i could stare at it for hours. and it came with an extra pack of fe b16 ciphers. unopened.#and of all the characters i could have pulled...#i got the one. the *one* in fe named sophia.#she's a beautiful card; as well. the holographic ones always blow me away. gracious.#i could go on and on about these gifts...#but i won't talk your ears off. :> ami; if you are reading this... thank you; my friend. i love you.#again! merry christmas; everyone! and if you don't celebrate that holiday; i hope today was a good day; anyways. all my love to you!#fleeting moments#tw christmas gift#(i don't want to make anyone feel bad. not every child or adult gets good gifts this day.)#(i hope you all know that you deserve joy- material or otherwise. i hope you can smile; today!)#quill and paper#3:10PM#OH! AND I FINALLY GOT THE DLC!#so i can see all my new ashen wolf friends!#and pet cats! and go to the sauna! ;w;
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     “ If I may say a few words. ” It’s impressive how strong his voice can be if he so wishes, surpassing most of the accumulating chatter across the tavern and silencing it gradually. Though it’s a bit of a spontaneous speech, it seems the best moment to give it, now that so many patrons are coming in for a night of celebration while others are getting ready to leave to attend their own.

     “ First and foremost, I’d like to thank each of you for supporting this establishment, whether on a regular basis or for the single drink a year you currently have in hand. As you all know, every single coin of Mora spent here partly finances the order that keeps our country safe. The importance of your contribution, no matter how small, cannot be overstated. ” A small nod at the few Knights of Favonius present. A mandatory mention, however unpleasant. 

     “ That being said, I imagine none of you are here specifically to fund our defenders. And I don’t blame you. ” Clears throat. “ Whether you are on your way out or just arriving, you are here for festivities, for today is cause for celebration. Celebration for home and family, celebration for making it through the year and for gearing up to support one another through the cold season. A sweet holiday for most, bitter for an unlucky few, and a mix of both for others. ”

     “ It’s important to keep in mind that your home needs not be the house you grew up in,  nor your family those who share your blood. Home and family need only be the sentiment of what feels right, where you feel you belong and who you feel you belong with. Whether you can indulge in them for the holidays or have to make-do with a different situation, make sure they are aware of how they matter to you so that the point of these revels is not forgotten. ” 

     A short pause - some might say hesitation. “ …And remember that whoever you are, wherever you come from, so long as you have an open mind and honest motives, you are always welcome in the city of freedom. ”

     A glass is raised; the same cherry-red sweet drink with sprinkled ice around the rim that has been distributed to all those attending. “ To your loved ones, and may the thousand winds of Mondstadt watch over them, and guide them home if need be. ” A sip and a nod. “ Please enjoy your evening. ”

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Long time followers might be wondering if my ability to wrap presents has improved in the year 2020 and I’m happy to inform you that, after doing this for well over 20 years

a wrapped present. most is wrapped with blue santa paper, but the top is wrapped in red polka dot paper
a wrapped present. most is wrapped with blue santa paper, but the top is wrapped in red polka dot paper

It has not

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i know that plenty of ppl move out when they’re 18, 19, 20 but as someone who is 21 and depressed i rly don’t know how on earth to even go about it. other ppl progressing forward in their lives absolutely flabbergasts me. idk how they do it. idk how ppl manage to move forward in any way when so many little things are exhausting for me and i can’t stand the idea of living in this house for another 5 or even 2 years but. i have no idea how to leave. i don’t know how people do it i rly don’t.

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