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Hehe thanks for the ask <3

1. If someone wanted to really understand you, what would they read, watch, and listen to?

Read: Blue Period by Tsubasa Yamaguchi and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun by Izumi Tsubaki

Watch: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Listen to: Cursed Night by Mori Calliope and Skeletons by Keshi

15. Five most influential books over your lifetime.

I’d say that the manga I’ve read has influenced me more than the books I’ve read (might be an artist thing as well as a “weeb” thing haha) so I’ll put manga series in no particular order instead. 

  • 1. Prince of Tennis by Takeshi Konomi 
  •  This alongside Hikaru No Go were the first series that really got me into anime/manga. Although I no longer like Prince of Tennis, it’s still one of the first anime/manga series that I really got into. 
  • 2. Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku by Fujita 
  • One of the first shoujo series that I really enjoyed. I was previously a pretty “shonen-only” and “no romance” type person, but I’ve since become way more open to different genres. 
  • 3. And Then There Were None by  Agatha Christie 
  • I have a deep love for mystery novels which really came from reading this book in high school for our English class. I enjoyed it so much I read it all in one day. It awakened my love for mystery novels. 
  • 4. Always Raining Here by Hazel and Bell
  • I stumbled upon this one day at a Chapters store and decided to check it out online when I got home. It’s a really cute story, and also is one of the inspirations for me to maybe one day make a comic of my own as well (when I have more time)

16. If you’d grown up in a different environment, do you think you’d have turned out the same?

Probably not. I think my environment played a huge part in determining the kind of experiences I had growing up. I might have turned out somewhat similarly, or maybe completely different. But really, this isn’t something we could know without experiencing. 

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all the time that i watch beeduo feels like i am cheating on the clingyduo ;crying emoji; where’s the freaking benchtrio at? i don’t want to feel this way, sometimes i just wish i was never the type of person to dedicate all of my time to literally everything i get interested with, WELP

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