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#I am trying to yeehaw but things are not rootin and tootin
whats-this-then · a year ago
is javi and keyes viable yet? aaand yeehaws and their respective goths?
the three musketeers and their partners
How did they they meet?
Javier spotted a guy to whore a drink out of and this guy ended up being the softest and most earnest guy who not only offered the drink without blinking and didn’t expect anything out of it, was just happy a cute guy talked to him
Max went to get a tattoo from a parlor she hadn’t been to before and really bonded with the artist
Kasia went as emotional support to a friend getting a tattoo and ditched them immediately after laying eyes on the piercer bear
Who developed romantic feelings first?
Keyes genuinely, Javier was more flattered by the attention at first
It was very mutual, though Max was already all hot and bothered by Heather when she asked her out while Heather was just testing the waters
Kasia probably, sure it was just lusting after Bailey at first but he’s a nice guy so romance came first for Kasia too maybe
Who is their biggest “shipper?”
Heather knows Javier knows what he’s doing and likes Keyes, dude seems like sunshine in a bag. Sunny is happy for Keyes, go on get it boy
Cameron practically declared himself the godfather of their first kid when Heather expressed interest in Max
Despite all the teasing, Heather can tell Bailey and Kasia are all too head over heels for each other and supports them wholeheartedly
When did they have their first kiss and under what circumstances?
One seeing the other home, Javier took initiative
Hanging out at Max’s place, Heather complimented her lipstick and Max asked if she’d like to try it out
Kasia sneaked one from Bailey by turning their head at just the right time. Flustered the poor boy
Who confessed their feelings first?
Keyes bc he has no fucking filter
Heather asked Max out on a date but Max talked about feelings first after that
Could really be either tbh
What was their first official date?
They mainly just ran into each other for a time until Keyes asked if Javier would go grab fast food at 2 am
Go to see a movie and then to dinner, then have drinks at a bar before seeing each other off
Go to an art gallery and to dinner before parting ways
How do they feel about double dates/group dates?
Down for it tbh, all three could go together
What do they do in their down time?
Javier works on his music and art, Keyes draws and does his occasional freelancer work, lay around scrolling through their phones, show memes, braid Keyes’ long-ass hair, Javier helps him with writing emails bc his dyslexia is a bitch
Hang around, do makeup for fun, do hair, cook, watch TV or movies, draw, go on walks or grab something to eat at a cafe
Draw together and on each other, mess with hair, lay on bed going through phones, paint nails, go on walks, watch TV, play with cat
What was the first meeting of parents as an official couple like?
Keyes’ mom is just as eccentric and loving and open as her son, no problem accepting the twink into the family. Javier’s mom and stepdad were somewhat surprised but not negative about this weirdo dating their son either
Went well, Heather’s mom was a little surprised by Max’s aesthetic but loves her all the same, Max’s parents are happy with Heather, seems like a good lass
After seeing Max it was easier to get over Kasia’s aesthetic, for sure different but if Bailey’s happy she’s happy. Just make sure the thing eats. Kasia’s parents liked Bailey too.
What was their first fight over and how did they get past it?
Keyes is an unfortunate scatterbrain and Javier as an opinionated guy would snap about it, but he’s since realized that the guy’s mind just doesn’t work sometimes so it’s unfair to be mad at him for that. Just apologize about getting heated and work on solutions for the future
Something honestly stupid probably, but they’re both the yelling kinda type with bad past relationships so it easily got nasty. Just apologized after that but after a few of those arguments got some professional help bc that ain’t right
They honestly don’t argue. If anything then just small things like leaving things laying around.
Which one is more easily made jealous?
Keyes has low self-esteem but Javier isn’t flirty when in a relationship, Keyes is friendlier with others but Javier trusts him so. Keyes gets jealous easier but Javi doesn’t make him
They’re both really confident in their relationship, even if Max gets attention as a bartender Heather ain’t worried
Neither really? Neither gives reason and neither is jealous by nature
What is their favourite thing to get to eat?
Junk food, the spicier the better
Spicy but not junk food
Bailey likes it spicy and plenty
Who’s the cuddly one? What their favourite cuddling position?
Keyes is cuddly and he’s also chubby so he’s good for cuddling, he can lay down while Javier curls up next to him
Both are so soft and good for cuddling, Max can just lay on Heather and rest that head on them titties
Kasia weighs a couple of grapes worth and Bailey is a straight-up bear, they can lay on top of him all they like
Are they hand holders?
Keyes is, Javier happily goes along with it.
Sure, sometimes
Holding hands or linking arms
How long do they wait before sleeping together for the first time? What’s the circumstances?
For some time, Keyes has a low sex drive and Javi didn’t mind waiting, he’s not the type to jump into bed immediately in a relationship either so it’s fine
After like the second date when hanging out at either one’s apartment
Took a good while probably, Bailey is a shy boy, agree on it beforehands or he’ll get overwhelmed
Who tops?
Javier is a twink and he’s a top and Keyes is like well sure I do whatever
Either can
Kasia wants to be dominated and Bailey is still a shy boy but when he’s comfortable he’ll agree
What’s the worst fight they’ve ever gotten into?
Something about Keyes accidentally breaking or losing something important and Javier being this close to losing it and just. Going for a walk before he yells. Sad Keyes is a miserable sight anyways
About something absolutely stupid, could be sparked from laundry. And at that point it’s like jesus christ we need professional help
Like for them the worst would be like if. Kasia brought up how much Bailey spoils them and uses money on them and they feel kinda bad about that
Who does the shopping and the cooking?
Either, give Keyes pictures he’s bad at reading lists. Also he will always bring something like poptarts bc he has no inhibitions
Either, both love to cook, Max is better at it
Bailey cooks a lot and he cooks kinda spicy, either does the shopping
Which one is more organized and prone to tidiness?
Javier who didn’t realize how organized he is until after sharing a space with a guy who couldn’t find his own ass with both his hands taped on it
They’re both tidy, but Max a bit more because she keeps her makeup organized while Heather’s painting corner can get messy
Both are pretty tidy, dunno if Kasia’s art supplies tend to spread
Who proposes?
Haven’t gotten there yet but for some reason Javier has made the decision to marry this man one day, minion tattoo or no
Heather with the help of the kids
Bailey in cargo shorts i’m kidding
Do they have joined Bachelor/Bachelorette parties or separate?
Joined probably
Separate, Cameron can steal Max away like old times while Javier can deal with Heather
Separate, Heather and Max stole Kasia
Who is the best man/maid of honour? Any other groomsmen or bridesmaids?
Heather can be Javier’s best woman, Sunny can be Keyes’
Likewise Javier is Heather’s man of honour, Max will ask Cameron
Bailey miiiiiiight ask Heather to be his best woman, Kasia has their own buddies
Big Ceremony or Small?
Small but Refined, Javier will handle it bc if it was up to Florida Man he’d show up in a sleeveless shirt and on an ATV
Kinda medium, nothing super grand, suitable for children, two guests dressed up like they came to a house party
Similar to Heather and Max, kinda medium, got family there, less kids bc they weren’t around yet, nature-themed with the Jewish side clearly shown
Do they have a honeymoon? If so, where?  
Probably at Cuba or Florida, just a short visit
Not really, they have two kids to look after. If anything then after the wedding dunk the kids on friends for the night and go to a luxury hotel
A short one maybe, visit Russia or South Africa or both
Do they have children? How many?
Nah, Keyes has never wanted bio ones bc of his medical history and Javier doesn’t want kids in general
Two, a boy and a girl
One rootin’ tootin’ princess
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