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#I can’t also worry about my car
toomuchdickfort · 6 days ago
Let’s play a game called Aaaaaaaaa
#heads up I’m gonna be talkin about scrapes and also injuries Bc I’m freakin out a lil#a while back I was like ‘huh why are my bad scrape scabs always more yellow than my other scabs ever are?’ so i looked it up and most things#we’re like INFECTION but like hey hi hello that would hurt and also be red around it but apparently there’s a thing that just happens w#scrapes and some other things so it probably WASNT infection Bc it also would’ve hurt more probably I think than it did and the biggest prob#was where it was on my knuckle and that in moving my hand I kept breaking the scab. anyway last night it did a weird and the scab just.#didn’t seem to be there by bedtime? and idk why i didn’t knock that part of my hand on anything and also my brothers would’ve pointed out if#I’d bled and I was like um weird and frightening and I don’t wanna look at it but ok#anyway there’s another scab but farther into my hand now and it hurts again but idk if the hurt is just how both my brothers were GRIPPING#my hand to try and pull me to the car earlier and the both of them managed to grab just over that spot on my hand and anyway I can’t look at#my knuckle a ton Bc it’s a bad scrape like there’s an indent in my knuckle bad but an hour or so after getting hime it was still red and#tender around the area and long story short I feel like I’m overreacting? but I’m worried#but also I put a bandaid on my hand Bc looking at it makes me feel Bad and I don’t need to do the ‘staring into my mouth at a broken tooth/#hole in my gums for hours’ thing to myself again#anyway yeah I’ve got a call with my little brothers planned in about 5 minutes and I’ve been getting progressively more tired and. I’m#probably gonna try and keep the call as short as I can because I’m ~exhausted~ and haven’t done shit since I got home#didn’t even put up my backpack#it’s still on the couch
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