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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#I can't deal with this.... lol

fun fact! beck is wiccan but she’s not a witch. she doesn’t have any inherent magic; she just performed a spell/ritual wrong in the religious sense rather than the supernatural power sense. she’s just a random chick that fucked herself over BIG TIME

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Getting full blown anxiety attacks bc ur used to getting thrown into ice cold showers and smacked tf up w a bamboo back scratcher if you didn’t do a certain chore in the specified amount of time. “If I can do it in fifteen minutes so can you” I’m really really REALLY fucking sorry I’m slow.

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@ the anon sending me John hate and telling me to die, you’re completely entitled to your opinions! I’m sorry your view of John is skewed the way it is; he wasn’t perfect, but I think the fact that he and others in his close circle of friends/partners acknowledge that he was flawed gives him a lot of humanity and layers to be explored.

Sadly, I’m not ever going to stop celebrating him for his achievements and the positive impact he had on the world! I’m gonna have to recommend that you,, y'know, stay out of Beatles fan-circles online if you don’t like him this much?? Most of, if not all of us, respect him with awareness of his faults and integrity, and that’s just one of the hallmarks of being a Beatles fan.

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Am I procrastinating my work, which includes but is not limited to, Spanish project due today on AOC, artist project due today on a previous assignment, health project due (you guessed it!) today, on healthy meals, science homework due surprisingly on sunday, to read fanfiction, while having a shit ton of anxiety and wanting to sitin bed and cry because you don’t feel like shit physically, you feeling it emotionally?

Also, there was a spider in the bathroom last night that you don’t know the species of and you told your father and he said he would get it, but you slept before you knew if he caught it or not and you went to the bathroom earlier and you were super anxious because you didn’t want a spider to crawl up your butt and now you feel bugs crawling over your body except you don’t know if bugs are all over your body or if that’s just the Bartonella.

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I spent a large portion of my childhood in the local park and surrounding woods. With few exceptions, all my memories are good. The park was closed this year and everything is wrapped in orange netting, the swings are gone, the grass hasn’t been trimmed so it’s long and thick and feels like walking on a cushion. All my memories feel like an eternity ago. This was the one place I went without my parents and was free from their control, so it felt like freedom. And sitting here alone feels like freedom. The sun in low in the sky and there’s a gentle breeze; this feels like one of the last weekends in August before school starts, even though I came here for a school assignment. Everything feels so peaceful and hopeful.

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do you ever like the people that you follow but sometimes you don’t like the stuff they post but it’s not like they post it all the time and you just don’t know what to do

that’s one of my biggest gripes with tumblr. let me hide some posts from a certain person for a while that’s all I ask I don’t wanna unfollow people that I consider cool just bc I’m not vibing with their posts

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#dat good, #and hello!!, #not sure if you forgot to set it as anon or it was intentional but hello!!!!, #anyway yes you amaze hush everyone is great, #i dont have any experience in building pillow forts but i can chuck a good pillow in someone's face 馃槀, #never such a thing as too many snacks my pal, #i will eat the leftover snacks 馃構, #also i would like a hug too im feeling sadgry, #y'know that feel where you wanna scream or punch sth but you can't cause that's a bad idea and it would stir up more annoying shit, #so you just smile and vibe with them and it fucking hurts like sheesh, #why are people so mean???, #im sad, #people are so hard to deal with god, #i think im falling out with some of my friends too?, #i can get quite dismissive or come out like i don't care about them sometimes??, #i feel like i give out a 'leave me alone' mood to people and that's probably true lol, #and im not particularly active within my group sooo, #a socially inept bastard, #anyhoo sorry about dumping all this crap here, #needed to get this out of my system 馃槀馃槀, #permission to go apeshit please, #once again hello and thanks for continuously messaging me even you didn't have to 路u路, #i very much appreciates it, #have a great day you blessed being, #btw here's some blankets for the fort and to hide away from people 馃憠馃槍馃憠, #oh and random thing: cats when they go mmhhrrrrhrrr, #fucking adorable, #uwu 鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍, #ooo also what's your opinion on v8, #i want my baby farm boi to be safe ok rt let him exist in peace lmao
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