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𝓛ist of things I noticed/paid attention to on my 𝓔ncanto rewatch :
Mirabel does have sweaty hands : she rubbed them on her dress before trying to open her door for the first time !
The doorknob her family made for her has an "M" on it... It stands for "Madrigal", of course, but Mirabel is also the only one in her family who has a name starting with an M.
Bruno, you dramatic bitch, why did you have to act so scary when Mirabel saw you for the first time in ten years 😂 (he may be a great actor, but he cannot act like he doesn't care about his niece : he is scared, but when he thought her life was in danger, he did not leave her hanging)
Also : 50 years old Bruno does parkour like it's nothing. You go, Rat Man 🙌
People were so right about the butterflies theme, they are everywhere ! Patterns in the background, on the magic candle, on Mirabel's dress, in the Dos Oruguitas song... Knowing this family's destiny, the metaphor works perfectly : their metamorphosis is spectacular 🦋✨
First time we hear about Pedro's death, Mirabel is 5 years old, and the retelling is adapted to her understanding : he just poetically vanishes while Alma reaches out to him, looking upset. But the scene where we tackle the trauma... Not only does it humanize Alma and Pedro's love by showing tender moments between them, but then it brutally rips your heart apart along with hers ! I mean we don't see the men on horses strike or any trace of blood, but it doesn't take a genius to know a damn machete can do damage and it will be gruesome... Alma's pain is all we need to see : this time, she doesn't look gracefully sad, her distress is shattering.
Interesting thing to notice : the triplets are shown sleeping through it all, they seem to be very peaceful babies... Maybe they were, at least that's how their mother remembers them. I think it highlights that they were the only stable and soothing thing to their mother through the worst time of her life, when she lost her home and husband. Maybe it's one of the reason why she did not acknowledge their anxiety and rightful emotions ? She was holding onto them for support, but they all had to be an idealized version of themselves so it could work... That's also the reason why she kept to herself for so long : they were babies, they were sleeping, they did not witness the horror she had to endure, she did not want to share that burden, she did not want them to open their eyes yet... That's the thing with generational trauma : what you keep secret does more damage, not talking about it doesn't mean everyone is in blissful ignorance. You don't need to talk to pass down trauma, it can be felt. However, talking helps healing. That's why Bruno is right about Mirabel : she is exactly what her family needs. She opened her eyes. She started the uncomfortable conversations. She was ready to listen and share the load with everyone. She knew how to find the right, comforting words. Her light shines bright through their darkest times...
On a lighter note : unphased capybara is a whole ass mood
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