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#I can't think of anything

Ok so I only have 2 (two) things in my Etsy shop that people can buy and I think I really need to expand that and get a more diverse storefront, but I can’t think of any good ideas

SO, either reply to this or message me with cool woodcraft ideas that I could make/sell custom and if it’s a viable idea I’ll send you the first one I make for free

Don’t worry if you think your idea is too complicated, too difficult, doesn’t make sense, whatever. Any ideas are good I promise

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Hehe, lmao😂 No problem tho, it unfollowed Maya and Ritika last week and I was like dude wth???😂

1] My hair

2] My ability to make friends and then avoid talking to the them bc I’m lazy all the time.

3] My music taste at least I think it’s good.

4] I can play basketball pretty good and I’ve been made captain of our school team 2 times👌

5] My choice in famous men😌

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I’ve gotten such amazing feedback for a 5+1 fic! Thank you guys so much! 

Now, I have another question…..

AU series??? I kind of want to do something AU but not sure what. It could be a movie or TV series. Anyone have any suggestions? Anything they’d like to see if I was to do something AU with these boys? 

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I think I’m long overdue for a URL change haha. 

But all the good ones I liked, like satans-kitten, satans-little-kitten, etc. are all taken :(

I’m terrible with brainstorming URLs, so if anyone has any ideas, feel free to send them my way! I’m trying to think of one involving me being his kitten, and perhaps his sin, or even incorporate “daddy” in there somewhere lmao. Idk.

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Tfw you wanna change your url again because you feel like your current one doesn’t fit you but then you remember that you feel that way about all of your urls because you’re constantly having an identity crisis so what’s even the point in changing it again

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