#I consumed so much vampire media too
whimsyprinx · 6 months ago
Did anyone else think that when vampires drank blood that it went in their fangs like a syringe???
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superbellsubways · a year ago
guess im having undertale and re8 brainrot this week
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goblins-riddles-or-frocks · 2 years ago
It honestly upsets me how compelling the graveyard scene with Dracula and Lucy could’ve been, and how it is interesting divorced of all context. I feel very similarly about the blood sharing scene in the Coppola film.
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christinasyellowflowers · 4 months ago
Delightfully Sweet | Klaus Mikaelson
Klaus Mikaelson x reader
Requested by: @solomons-finest-rum
Summary:  ‘ Could I please request a little piece with Klaus and fem!reader who is a vampire turned completely by accident and probably abandoned by her vampire master but she’s somehow taking it very well because she’s a bookworm who knows absolutely everything about vampires from books&media?’
Warnings: None.
Note: English is not my native language so beware there may be grammar or spelling mistakes. Also, I didn’t have time to spell check this, so beware. 
I wanted to make it longer, but I also didn't want to keep you waiting. I'm flirting with the idea to make a second part.
Do not repost please!
Feedback is appreciated!
Tumblr media
Y/N's eyes opened as a faint gasp escaped her dry lips. Her eyes circled around the room in confusion as to what was this place, how did she came here, what happened, was it day or night?
Oh, no!
While she picked herself up from the ground, she began to recall the events of the previous day. The bitter taste of alcohol, her broken laptop, which contained all her vampire research, the fight that had broken out at the bar, and the sight of blood.
Her blood.
Her hair and clothes were covered in blood, that was nearly black in colour now that it was dried. The cement ground around her was also covered in blood. Way too much to be just her own. The sight alone made her hunger grow so strong that it felt almost unbearable. At first, she couldn't understand the sudden crave for food, but then the image of the two bullets piercing through her chest, after provoking a man into a fight.
“I'm dead.” she whispered to herself once the realization hit her. “I'm in freaking transition. My God!”
All of the sudden terror and agony consumed her body as she screamed in rage. This wasn't not meant to happen, and there was no one around to teach her how to be a creature of the night, how to restrain herself against the blood last. However, thanks to her years of research, she knew exactly what she had to do and where she had to go.
Y/N didn't fancy going through with this alone. She needed support, she needed guidance and perhaps she wouldn't exactly be welcomed where she planned on traveling, but it was worth the trouble.
New Orleans
The city build and founded by the Mikaelsons, the first vampires, the original vampires, was the city you called home for the past few months. And as expected, the local vampires didn't exactly welcomed Y/N with open arms at the beginning. However, that slowly changed, and soon she was part of the town's vampire community, and a loyal friend to Marcel, who was the leader of the vampires around the Quarter.
It was a delightfully warm night, when Y/N decided to walk carelessly through the crowded streets, with her sketchbook at one hand, looking for a suitable spot to sit and work your fingers against the white sheets. It was a hobby she'd picked a month ago, and it was a good way to distract her from the constant hunger.
She sat on a wooden bench for about an hour, drawing horses and mermaid tales, unaware that a certain hybrid was watching her from the balcony above.
It wasn't a common thing for Klaus Mikaelson to find a woman intriguing enough to pay attention to her, but there she was. Sharp, ambitious and curious about the world around her. Y/N managed to make an impression and stand out from the dull crowd upon arriving at the city, and the more time he'd spend with her the more drawn he felt towards her, although he'll never admit to her.
Sometimes he didn't even want to admit it to himself.
“Hello, love.” he greeted, sitting on the other edge of the bench.
Y/N grinned at the sound of his voice, and slowly turn her head to his direction.
“Look at you!” she exclaimed. “You look cute when you smile, and don't threaten to bit people's heads off!”
He chuckled a bit, and Y/N couldn't tell if it was a genuine reaction or not. He was hard to read.
“Mind if I take a look?” he pointed at the leather book rested on your lap.
“Uh, sure.” she replied hesitantly as she handed it to him. Rebekah had shown her some of Klaus' work from over the years, and she did find most of it very captivating. Which was why she felt embarrassed as he looked through her own drawing, that were barely pasted the beginners level.  
“Is that my sister?” Klaus queried amusingly.
“You could say that.” you shifted uncomfortably. Rebekah wanted to help you improve your sketching skills, and had asked you, rather demandingly, to draw her face. “Rebekah insisted.”
“That's Rebekah, allergic to the word 'No'.” Klaus mused, and you nodded in agreement. “It's not perfect obviously, but acceptable for a first attempt, love.”
“I would very much appreciate a few tips.” you declared. There was no denying that Klaus was an attractive man, and a very sweet one when he wasn't on a killing spree it would seem. Y/N liked him a lot. She couldn't understand why, but she did.
“I can teach you a thing or two.” Klaus began, as a cunning smirk appeared slowly. “But, only if you come dine with me and my siblings tomorrow night. Rebekah is very fond of you, I'm sure she'll be delighted.”
“I'd love to.” Y/N said sheepishly, and somewhat taken aback. Inviting her to dinner, a friendly dinner as it seemed, wasn't exactly what she expected to hear. And little did she know that Klaus planned to sent each and every single one of them one a wild goose chase and away from the compound, way from town if possible, just to enjoy her company on his own and uninterrupted.  
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absolutebl · 13 days ago
One year ago I had never read or watched anything in the romance genre and I have now hit 150 BLs, so I’ve been thinking about how I got here!
Until I was in my early 20’s I only read litfic, sci-fi and fantasy, never romance…. Then I started reading fanfiction but again, only based on sci-fi or fantasy shows/books - and I always rejected the coffee shop or university AUs - why take characters who can do magic or are vampires and make them normal humans who work in a library? So again, I missed out on all the romance tropes.
Then, during the pandemic I started reading Shameless fanfic and perhaps because the characters are humans who live in our world, I ventured into the AUs for the first time and discovered that I love all the romance tropes! Give me all the enemies to lovers, forced proximity and arranged marriages please…
Finally, this led to BLs and for the first time in my life almost all the media I consume is romance and I love it so much! What a weird journey… I’d love to hear if you’ve always enjoyed romance and how you got here?
Tumblr media
Oh my goodness what a fun question, okay let’s hit it...
My Journey to BL via SFF, Yaoi & M/M Romance  
So way back at the dawn of time I was once a hard-core fan, specifically in the science fiction and fantasy realm and specifically around 90s franchises that had to do with bad ass female warrior characters, so think Xena: Warrior Princess, Farscape, Buffy, Firefly. I did cosplay and crossplay (although we didn’t really call it that, then). I went to my first SFF con as a minor actually, as soon as I got my driver’s license and some autonomy I was out and about doing cons, ST:TNG Creatathons (is that what they were called?) and such. 
I was of the right age, but that was also how I found and got involved with queer fandom, ren faires, and kink. First prides, first alliances, first marches, first dungeons, first orgy - ya know, as ya do. I sexually matured super early and ya know what? It was fine, I’m fine. It all worked out. I regret nothing and stayed healthy emotionally, mentally, and physically, probubly as a result of the companion friendship groups I was forming, so... win win! 
And all because I read books like... THIS: 
Tumblr media
I’m a FAST AF reader and super advanced, I read Tolkien at like age 8, and came to fandom via books more than TV or film. (Please don’t take this as a brag because I skim and retain NOTHING, so it’s not exactly a life advantage.) By high school I was into primarily fantasy, and always wanted/liked/preferred a romantic arc and some kind of found family element (so friendship groups = a big WIN). I also really gravitated to any authors who dealt with or mentioned queer characters (like Mercedes Lackey). That’s also when I first started noticing the “kill the gays” trope. 
I was always a really voracious reader. I read pretty much all the fantasy that my local library had, and then (partly because of Anne McCaffrey and a few other authors who also wrote romance), with no where else to go I moved into the romance genre. I actually got into romance before I got into science fiction. I was reading bodice rippers at age 10. Again, it was FINE. Some of us mature real early. Also I was living in the UK when Queer as Folk was doing its thing while reading lots of Mills & Boon. 
Tumblr media
Then in the early 2000s I started actively looking for consumable queer literary media. By that I mean: anything that had queer characters as the main characters. However, I really don’t like literary fiction (too depressing), and I really wanted that romantic arc. I wanted stories that gave the queer characters happy endings TOGETHER, and also that didn’t gloss over the sexual side of being queer.
Tumblr media
This basically led me to Japanese yaoi. I don’t recall exactly how I found my first one, but I do remember the hunting. 
I had to either find them and get them shipped to me via weird black market back channels, or I eventually started ordering them off Amazon. In fact, the first thing I ever bought on Amazon was a yaoi manga in dead tree form - so they might be why I opened the account. Only a few publishers were producing yaoi in translation back then, a name I particularly remember was DramaQueen. I actually even owned some yaoi publisher merchandise, which means I had an account WITH the publisher. I mean, who does that?! I had a T-shirt that said “seme” on one side and “It’s tough at the top” on the other side. I was so proud! I would wear it to sci-fi conventions, but was so obscure then that nobody I ran into ever knew what the shirt meant. I mean us geeks knew anime and even some manga, but yaoi? Not so much. 
Honestly, I still only really enjoy consuming manga in printed form (I struggle with webtoons), which is one of the many reasons I haven’t followed it (or manwha) closely in recent years. 
Tumblr media
Meanwhile, at the same time I was being a yaoi fan (without a fandom) I was getting into the Hollywood indie gay romcom phase, so like Latter Days, and Shelter, and some of the other queer indie movies I talk about in this post: 
Old Guard Queer Cinema for BL Lovers 
So now we’re in mid 2000s and there just wasn’t a lot of manga in translation, let alone yaoi, thus I kept hunting for a more queer romance fiction to read. 
Tumblr media
Which is how I became a really early adopter of the very first, what was called back then, m/m romance. There were only a few houses producing for the American market, small publishers like Loose ID.  I bought and read a ton of them in physical form, and then was super early on the e-book bandwagon because of this market almost entirely. I mean, we are talking early e-books that I had to go to the publisher’s website to buy and download - this is in the days of Sygil and Calibre. You had to read them on your laptop. I owned a FIRST generation Kindle.
At this point I’m reading mostly romances and no longer any SFF. And then recently (within the last 10 years, the two have started cross pollinating again, although now I only read SFF that has a strong romance thread and a happy ending for the queers. No exceptions will be made. 
Gotta have my standards! 
Tumblr media
So I become a romance reader mostly because of yaoi, and now I do read other queer romances (not just gay ones) but before we didn’t have a choice. (Although gay romances still dominate the market.) 
I kind of left mangas behind for a long time.
So when I discovered BL, and I think SOTUS was my first one (?), although it might’ve been Love by Chance or Love Sick, or... (honestly when I jump into an obsession I JUMP TF IN so early 2019 when I discovered BL I tried to watch EVERYTHING I could all at once), I brought all of this baggage and affection (and forgiveness) from my history with yaoi and early mm romance (which get a lot of things WRONG not just about being gay and queer identity but also about sex and relationships and communication) to my interpretation of the BL genre.
(Well, that’s a massive run-on sentence I’m not bothering to fix. nash) 
Tumblr media
So there it is. A very long way of saying: 
because of yaoi I got into m/m romance 
because of m/m romance I became an ebook romance reader
because of gay romance I have strong standards for my happy ever afters 
and because of THAT I got into BL and that history still dictates the KIND of BL I prefer
*insert twirling flourish here* 
And then, because I am an obsessive completest, I have been systematically using all of lock down to try to watch every BL ever made. Some of us don’t, ya know, stay still very well. I needed a QUEST. 
Tumblr media
Notice what’s missing? Fanfic. Yeah I have never been into it. It’s all good, I’m not against it or anything like that, just like D&D or Star Wars or electrical play... not my thing. 
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bajifuyutorabb · 27 days ago
okay so!! vampire haitanis lore!!! this honestly started out as a crack idea bc my partner and i were messin around but then i spun it like the little shithead i am so here we are
the haitanis are hundreds of years old!
they live in a mansion, with orchids creeping up the walls and bellflowers growing along the path. it had originally belonged to the person that turned them
they were turned like somewhere in the medieval era. the person that turned them had expected them to be like her “sons” obeying her every demand. she didn’t think the brothers would turn to be stronger than her, and got too confident
when she started hitting rin, that’s when ran snapped and took care of her. he spent 37 years finding out how to kill her properly. until then, he had kept her locked in the basement, chained up
they take turns going out to humanity. they alternate every 50-60 years. though there are times when both of them are present at once
when they aren’t out, they sleep. there’s a special room below the mansion that’s exactly for that, for one haitani to sleep undisturbed for a few decades until it’s time to switch again. the skull of the woman that turned them decorates the chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and her bones were used to frame a mirror that hangs above the fireplace
sunlight doesnt burn them, nor does garlic, or holy water. i didnt want them to be like typical media vampires so i tried my best to make their anatomy unique-ish
the reasons they have so many piercings and tattoos is because it’s their way of avoiding suspicion. their fangs are really big because fangs proportion according to body size. so ever since cosmetic procedures were invented, they’ve excused their fangs to be bodily modifications
they can actually heal the piercings if they want to. they have done so multiple times already, and changed around the placement of their piercings
they do need to consume blood, but not a lot. they can survive off normal human food, but not for long. they need blood at least every week or two
both have dick piercings. do with that what you will
this part is mostly their general biology so you can just skip this part if you want to but i thought i might as well share
vampires have excellent regeneration speeds. as long as they have sufficient energy, they can heal any wound within hours. older vampires can control the pace at which they regenerate
poisons and venoms have no effect. they only feel like allergic reactions to vampires
the only way to really kill a vampire is to chop up their body and burn every single piece. every single one. a vampire has regenerated and continued to live even if there was only a square inch of flesh left of them
the process of turning into a vampire is really painful. so painful that 30-35% of people who attempted it ended up dying from shock before the “venom” could take full effect. rindou almost did
the process involves the “venom” (vampires develop a special gland for this. newer vampires can’t control its production, but after a few years, they can choose when they need to make it) slowly killing every cell in the human’s body and replacing it with stronger ones. the process takes anywhere from 2 months to 4 years
it’s a delicate process. the venom has to be injected directly into a vein or else it will only affect the muscle mass and not other parts of the body. with the heart unable to keep up with the new body’s demands, the venom kills off the cells faster, and the body cant regenerate. the human goes through necrosis and dies either instantly, or after a few days. depends on how much venom was administered
when the process is started, it’s irreversible
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depressedweebtrash · a year ago
All in the Family pt. II
(I want to say a big thank you to everyone that liked my last post and enjoyed it! I really do appreciate that you guys liked it that much!! Please let me know if i should add anything to it or even if you have any suggestions as to where this story may go. I will get started on the next part as soon as I can!!) 
Part One   Part 3 
Tumblr media
The realization and understanding that Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters weren’t fully human hit you like a ton of bricks. While you knew that something was right in the castle it still came as a shock to you that you were now technically a prisoner and pet inside their castle. The screams that you had heard were most likely the victims that were brought in from the village. That or they were being tortured and kept locked away and hidden in the cellar. Perhaps even drained of their blood for the Mistress to drink. All these thoughts were running through your head like wildfire. Confirming that your nervousness around certain areas of the castle was not misplaced. They were very much valid. 
And now as you sat, quite literally, in the lion’s den you couldn’t help but wonder what exactly Lady Dimitrescu wanted with you. She had made it clear that she didn’t want to drink your blood, and that she wasn’t interested in doing that sort of thing at the moment. Given that she already had three glasses of blood, you had to assume that she was no longer ‘hungry’ for the time being. After only a few moments, however, you started to realize that there were some very big differences between the vampires that you’ve grown up with film and other media, and the statuesque woman before you. 
“Wait…. Something doesn’t make sense.” You say softly, turning toward Lady D and trying your best not to be rude while pursuing this conversation. 
Lady Dimitrescu sighed softly and sat back in her seat, crossing her legs before lighting a cigarette. While she found this interaction amusing, watching the cogs turn in your head as you pieced it all together, she didn’t want to have a full conversation about the matter. Perhaps leading you into the research on your own would be more appropriate. You’ve already proven to her that you were not like the other humans in the village, actually going through books and notes that could be found around the castle. After taking a long drag from her cigarette holder she smiled slightly and chose to send you on a research mission. 
“Perhaps the library would be of use to you little one. It may prove enlightening for you.” She replied in a dismissive tone. 
You felt almost defeated for a moment as she was dismissing you from the conversation upon her return to her work. Not addressing your concerns or answering any questions you had, however, she did give you permission to go into the library. Perhaps it was worth a look into doing that. Once you were certain that you were not going to get any more answers from Lady Dimitrescu, you stood and took the book you were previously reading with you as you walked down to the library.
 This new realization left more questions than answers in your head, but given that some of the books that you’ve been reading in the castle had sprinkled about some hints you had a feeling that the library would answer your questions. 
Upon reaching the library it didn’t take you too long to find the needed books that fully explained what was going on. The secrets behind the castle as well as its inhabitants. However, it wasn’t an easy feat to read through it all as you shared the library with one of Lady D’s daughters, Daniela. 
She seemed to circle the room lazily as she read her books, her black dress flowing around her as if being manipulated by something unseen. Her face cleaned of any blood that was once there and her makeup was pristine.  In all honesty, it was a bit distracting for you as you had to read about Daniela and her sisters, discovering that they weren’t human anymore. 
The books that lay scattered through the library gave you a much clearer idea of what Lady Dimitrescu was as well as her daughters. Specifically, the information you had found about Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela made much more sense to you. Knowing that they were technically experiments created from some sort of creature.
 Their bodies made of flies that were sensitive to severe temperature drops, but it allowed each of the women to control their bodies however they wished. Because of the blood, you remember seeing on their faces, you assumed that they were like their mother. Needing to consume blood to maintain their strength and their abilities. It also explained the odd buzzing sound that you heard on occasion when Daniela passed behind you. 
Another portion of the information that you were taking in was in regards to someone called Mother Miranda. Some of the writings that you found were in reference to her and some of her experiments, however, it never went into any sort of details as to what those were. It did give you a good idea that this Miranda woman was held in high regard by everyone. 
Often mentioning her kindness and willingness to help the people in the village and assist Lady Dimitrescu in certain things. Mainly the information that she needed in order to create her daughters. By the time that you had finished reading it was almost sunset, Daniela had long since left the library to go about her business and leave you alone in the room to contemplate things.  
“It makes so much more sense now… but I’m still a prisoner here regardless.” You mumbled to yourself. 
Groaning as the reality of your current situation began to fully sink in. You had trespassed on Lady D’s property and rather than taking you somewhere to most likely be killed and eaten, she chose to keep you as her personal pet. Yet in the two months that you had been here in the castle, she hadn’t once made any motion or suggestion of drinking your blood. Nor did she allow her daughters to do anything to you. You had originally assumed that they avoided you because of their duties that they did during the day, but now you understood that they were under orders not to harm you.  
It was small comments like “We won’t bite” that had initially tipped you off that something wasn’t quite right, and now you knew why. It wasn’t too long after you had finished your research that you were found again, this time by Cassandra. She was wearing her black dress as but she looked as if she had just gotten into someone’s neck. Her mouth and chin glistening with fresh blood, it really did send a chill down your spine even though you knew that they weren’t going to touch you at all. 
That didn’t mean you were free from their ridicule though. Cassandra’s golden eyes focusing in on you before a frown twisted her face, clearly whatever you had done or said upset her, or better yet whatever she had to say was not going to be pleasant. 
“Mother wants to see you in her chambers human.” Her voice cutting through the room like a knife. 
Your heartbeat picked up slightly as you knew that she’d most likely want to talk about what you’ve figured out about them, as well as the fact that you were probably going to get an ultimatum. Get eaten or be a prisoner forever. Then again given the circumstances you figured you had better chances trying to outrun Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters than dying by her hands.
 Nodding slightly you stood up and straightened out your clothes, rubbing your hands nervously down your pant legs. Trying to make yourself look presentable, even if you were just reading for several hours, you didn’t want to appear disheveled to the lady of the house. No matter what she wanted to talk about… or do you weren’t going out looking out of place. 
Cassandra watched you leave the library and walked ahead of you, guiding you to her mother’s private rooms across the castle. While you’ve been to her office where she conducts her work, she had never given you permission into her area of the castle. Your bedroom that you’ve been staying in was just down the hall from Lady Dimitrescu’s but you weren’t allowed inside her room at all. 
Just like the rest of the castle the hallway that you shared with Lady D was decorated in gold and creme colors, but the walls here held a few more paintings than the rest of the castle. Stopping outside of Lady Dimitrescu’s door you could hear soft music coming from inside, she must have turned on one of the old gramophones that were scattered across the entire castle. 
Looking behind you to thank Cassandra you saw that she was no longer there. Not even a trace of her was left behind. She must have gone as soon as you hit the hallway. Perhaps there was a way to make friends with those women, even just a little bit. If you were being kept here like a bird in a gilded cage then it wouldn’t hurt to have some friends to talk to. If anything the only one that seemed relatively approachable was Bela, but those were plans for another time. 
Taking a deep breath to steady yourself you reached out and very lightly knocked on Lady D's door. A soft but firm reply came just a moment later for you to enter. Lady Dimitrescu's private rooms were beautiful. The colors on the walls and floors had changed slightly. Allowing for brighter shades of creme and red to be on display here. However, that was not what caught your attention. 
Lady Dimitrescu sat at her vanity table gently brushing through her hair. Her back was to you but you could see her face in the reflection of the mirror. Her white dress now replaced with a long, black silk robe that covered her body enough to indicate that she was very much in a state of undress. Her hat sat upon a mannequin beside her wardrobe, and her clothes from the day had been tossed into a bin nearby for the maids to pick up later on. 
The faint sound of water running could be heard under the sound of the classical music in the room. She was preparing to bathe!! 
"Your parents truly failed in teaching you not to stare haven't they?" 
You looked back to Lady D and caught her golden gaze in the mirror. The brush he was using now laying on the vanity as she wiped away her makeup from the day. You could see yourself getting a bit flustered by seeing the Lady of the house like this. You honestly didn't think that she would invite you into her private chambers when she was preparing to bathe!! Clearing your throat a bit you rubbed your neck and tried to play your nervousness off as best you could. 
"I'm so sorry my Lady. It's just that I've learned quite a bit after your recommendation of visiting the library." You responded, hoping silently that she would pick up that conversation and keep your mind occupied. 
A soft chuckle was what you received in response at first, her golden eyes never once leaving the mirror as she seemed to stare you down. It was almost as if she knew the truth behind your words but was waiting for you to admit them. Do you even dare to? In an attempt to try and avoid another scolding for staring at the unbelievably tall woman, someone that you had just learned quite a bit about just by reading in the library. 
“My lady… may I ask you something?” You asked softly, you were still trying your best to be respectful when speaking to Lady Dimitrescu. 
The woman in question turned around to face you, no longer looking at you in the mirror and now giving you her full attention. Now that she was facing you, you could see the front of her robe that was tied tightly around her waist. 
“If you must.” She replied, resting her hands on her lap and looking down at you calmly. 
“Are there others here like you and your daughters?” You paused before continuing on and explain yourself. “In the books and notes that I found in the library, there were mentions of others but I assumed that it was talking about your daughters.” 
You looked up to Lady Dimitrescu awaiting her answer to your query. She seemed lost in thought for a moment before adjusting her robe over her legs and looking back to you. Her gaze never wavered from you as she began to explain in better detail what you had learned. 
“The simple answer is yes there are others but they do not ‘eat people’.” He used air quotes, knowing very well now that you knew of her dietary needs. “You need not concern yourself with who those others are. Should you need to know I will inform you.” 
The beautiful woman then stood up and walked past you and into the bathroom to bathe, gently patting your head as if you were a pet. 
“Get some rest little one. We have much to discuss tomorrow.” She said before closing the bathroom door, dismissing you for the evening. 
Receiving the information that the Mistress and her daughters of the castle weren’t human but rather some sort of vampire was a shock, to say the least. It had been several weeks since the first realization and now it seemed that your status with Lady Dimitrescu had been upgraded in a way. It was hard to explain, but you noticed that she would be more forthcoming with information. Telling you about things going on in the village and when to avoid going to the kitchen. To you, it seemed as though you were starting to form some sort of friendship with Lady Dimitrescu, albeit a very small friendship, it was nice to no longer feel like a prisoner in the castle. 
On one particular night, you had spent most of the day in the main hall, reading and trying to relax. Lady Dimitrescu had been gone for the day leaving her daughters to run the house. Of whom you had only seen small glances of through the day. Bela specifically stayed toward the main hall of the castle and seemed to be the first to approach you of her own accord.
 Completely blowing you away as you had assumed that Daniela would be more approachable, whereas Bela was the first to approach you. Asking you questions about your home and why you weren’t afraid of them when most of the humans that entered the castle were terrified. 
“Well… considering the fact that I technically came here without permission and your mother invited me inside… I should be afraid by all accounts. But… I shouldn’t be able to judge someone just from their appearance alone. It’s the heart that counts.” You say honestly. 
Bela hummed slightly and sat down beside you on one of the small lounge chairs that were set in front of the fireplace. She tells you about how most of the villagers that were bold enough to wander in, typically don’t last very long. She reminds you to stay away from the cellar if you wanted to remain safe in the castle, giving you a very clear idea that their corpses were held down there. Perhaps it was where Lady D made her famous wine. Keeping maidens locked up down there to bleed them dry and stuff them in barrels. 
“Mother won’t make you into wine unless you go down there, I recommend never going past the kitchen. If you wish to remain in one piece that is.” 
Before you could say another word Bela had dissipated into a cloud of flies to go about her business. At least she had confirmed a suspicion that you’ve had since finding out what was in the Lady’s signature wine. Then again… would she even find you to be a good vintage?
 Well… Sanguis Virginis was quite literally “Maidens Blood”, you had very limited knowledge of Latin but using context clues and knowing the word ‘Virgin’ in Latin was a good way to figure it out. Not to mention there’s an article you had read in the wine room at the top of the stairs that told you what it was. You weren’t exactly a maiden, you hadn’t slept with men before but… you’ve had some other experiences. So would you still be considered a maiden? While deep in thought over this idea of what maidenhood meant to Lady Dimitrescu, you start to hear the telltale sound of the aforementioned Lady of the castle. 
It seems as if she’s returned from her day in the village. 
She had been gone nearly the entire day and it was now nearly midnight, whatever it was that she was off doing it must have been very important. You couldn’t complain though since you weren’t technically a prisoner in the Castle and she seemed to treat you much better than precious guests in your situation. 
You chose to put the book that you were reading down on the coffee table before you, sitting upright in your seat ready for Lady Dimitrescu to come in. As the doors to the main hall opened and she stepped through, she was dragging a young boy behind her looking frightened beyond all belief. 
He wasn’t anything special if anything just a local village boy, wearing a long sleeve patchwork coat some simple pants, and work boots as well. By the looks of it, he had wandered a bit too close to the castle and had been brought in. 
Before you could say anything to him or ask Lady why he was here she called out for her daughters by name. Each of them materialized before their mother and seemed to hone in on the boy behind their mother. Each of them looked as if they had been given a puppy to take care of, the excitement and joy that were in their eyes was stuck in your mind. Standing up, you backed away from the scene as best you could, not wanting to be a part of this. 
“Daughters… Mother Miranda has asked us to entertain this young fellow. Do show him how we… welcome our guests to the Castle.” Lady Dimitrescu cooed before throwing the young man toward her daughters. 
“Thank you, Mother.” They responded in unison before Cassandra picked the young boy up by his hair. 
Before you could even react, Lady Dimistrescu had stepped in front of you and smirked at you. Her gloved hand coming up to gently lift your chin to look at her. YOu could immediately tell that something wasn’t quite right with her, she had never been this forward with you before. Not to mention she had kept her little… visitors away from you or warned you ahead of time. Had she not gotten enough to drink recently!? Were YOU on the menu tonight!?
“For the time being… I will enliven with you my pet.” She teased before pulling you out of the main hall just before her daughters started to drag the young boy away. 
“M-my lady, what is going o-” You were silenced as you were pushed against the wall upon entering the hallway leading to your bedrooms. 
Lady Dimitresu’s face was very close to yours, making you blush like a madwoman. However, the hunger in the larger woman’s eyes made it very clear to you. She was starving, she hadn’t eaten or had any blood today… this was her way of asking for consent. Not another word was spoken between the two of you as you realized what was happening. 
Without a single word you nervously leaned your head to the side, giving the powerful woman before you free access to your throat to feed.
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katyobsesses · 8 months ago
Katy my darling <3 I have a very fun ask for you!! What method of arts do each glee characters prefer and what is their favorite thing to create?
oooooo this is a fun ask!
I'm gonna do S2 New Directions for now, but may add S3-6 ND or other characters later 💛 (warning... this is LONG)
Artie: Film. 100% film. He loves using visual media to tell a story, he also really gets into the sound design side too when he learns it in College. He loves making music videos and after Uni that's mostly what he does. He also directs a lot of movie musicals and musical TV shows. Basically he loves making visual media for songs.
Blaine: Performing - mostly singing. He also love writing songs, which we never see in the show but I can imagine him learning about songwriting in NYU and loving it as a way to express his feelings. it's like a step up from using someone else's words to express them.
Brittany: Obviously dancing! I like to think that after marrying Santana she either goes to college for Dance, or maybe owns a dance studio/goes on tour with Mercedes a lot (with Santana as a guest singer) She really loves teaching little kids how to dance, she knows how to interact with them on their level and the kids love her.
Finn: Singing? I honestly can't think about what he likes. Like singing is the closest thing. He sings in the shower a lot and obviously he loves singing on stage. But he's not that much of an art person outside of that. He likes consuming it but not making it.
Kurt: Sewing, obviously, as well as sketching clothes. He loves making accessories for friends - scrunchies for the girls, bow ties for Blaine, a dog bandana for Sam's golden retriver (because you know he gets one) etc. - but he also loves designing and making costumes for small productions. Maybe he volunteers/works with a small theatre troop and makes & designs all of the costumes while also performing.
Mercedes: Mercedes likes making cards for everyone for Christmas and Birthdays. It started because she'd forgotten to buy a card for someone but had some card and pretty pens on hand and it spiralled from there. She now owns a fancy die pressing kit and lots of card toppers and pretty glitter pens and washi tape and all of that. She has a small kit she brings on all of her tours, it helps relax her after a show - making cards for the crew as a thank you/maybe selling some for charity because she makes so much? When she finally gets back together with Sam they both work together to make Christmas cards from them with cute pictures of themselves in terrible christmas jumpers and their golden retriver in a Kurt made bandana and later their kids in matching outfits.
Mike: Like Brittany he's a dancer first and formost. That's his art. He later goes on to be a professional on Dancing With The Stars where he reconnects with Matt on set (maybe they even get together in the end and the DWTS fans love their relationship and their jokingly competative instagram stories) He loves creating a story with only movement and music. Mike also really likes doodling.
Puck: Photography. I don't know why but I see Puck loving to take pictures of places he visits in his travels. He also scrapbooks but only Quinn knows that - he has a whole scrapbook of pictures of Beth that Shelby sends them and later makes them for all of his other kids too, and he has, like, travel journals and scrapbooks of roadtrips he's been on. Basically he's a Bullet Journal guy. He really likes washi tape and pretty papers and stickers and what-not. He will never admit this.
Quinn: Quinn's a writer. In my head she goes on to write a book that's losely based on her high-school years and it becomes a best seller and is later adapted into a Netflix series directed by Artie. I just like the idea! Maybe Rachel plays, like, the Miss Pillsbury character... or Terri! Or maybe Shelby? I dunno one of the adult characters.
Rachel: Obviously her art of choice is performing. It's singing and acting and standing on a stage or a set and making the words in her script her own. Also scrapbooking/moodboard making.
Santana: Santana likes knitting. She won't admit it but she likes knitting little plushies for Brittany, her favourite is a little bi flag coloured bunny. She makes knitted plushies and blankets for all of her friends when they have kids but she never tells them she made them - everyone knows though, they're too perfect for the couple/person (a cat in a scarf or a toy poodle in a bow tie for Klaine, a teddy adorned with gold stars for St. Berry etc. etc.)
Sam: This could be an essay for me (and kinda is opps). Sam is the Art nerd of the group and tries every type of art he possibly can. Macaroni art, illustration, digital art, traditional art, crafts, pumpkin carving, glass blowing, handlettering, graphic design, knitting, crochet, rag rugs, sewing, card making, pyrography, etc. He will try everything he can in terms of visual art. He doesn't, however, write because dyslexia, and he can't wrap him mind around, like editing and film stuff - he does try though because why not. He also really likes songwriting and music arranging.
All of this i'm trying to do as close to canon as i can but going off of canon let's say Sam goes to Parsons for illustration because he's so good at art, he stays with Mercedes in her brownstone and they never break up, after graduating he becomes a comic book illustrator (which i believe is literally a minor at Parsons, so let's say he does a Major in Fine Art/Illustration with a Minor in Comic illustration) and illustrates a run of Young Avengers comics and becomes a fan favourite artist.
In canon, however, he loves teaching the new generation of New Directions but he misses art because he doesn't have that much time anymore (because being the teacher of the new directions is a full time job, apparently, judging by the lack of adult friends or hobbies Will has lol) he loves loves loves arranging music, however, and that becomes the type of art he does the most. He does doodle a lot during faculty meeting (also he does a music teaching certification during his first few years of coaching the nNDs) and goes all out with pumpkin carving at Halloween, and loves decorating his apartment and the choir room at Christmas. He loves doing sets for the musical (and has a lot of fun staging it too) and helps out with the decorations for Prom.
Basically Sam loves to be creative in any way he can. He loves making things, whatever they may be.
Tina: Tina writes fanfiction and draws fanart. She's a nerd 100%, she watched Supernatural, she was a SuperWhoLockian, she loves Merlin, she's loves Twilight but more ironically than, say, Mercedes, and prefers books like Morganville Vampires or PC Cast's series that I've forgotten the name of. She loves the Hunger Games and Firefly and Star Trek and Star Wars. She definately has a tumblr. She mostly writes all sorts of fanfiction and is a huge name in the Supernatural fandom. Only Sam and Blaine know about all of this becuase they found one of her Star Wars fanfictions and in an authors note she said something that they recognised - idk she ranted about Santana or Rachel or something.
This was so much fun omg, thank you for the ask Myle 💛
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slasherbastard · 11 months ago
Vampire! Brahms Heelshire Headcanons
Tumblr media
(gif credit: gothic-nightmares)
What would Brahms Heelshire be like if he were a vampire? Word count: 588 Note: it feels like it’s been forever since I wrote something for Brahms so here is some content that I can’t stop thinking about
It would explain a few things, like him needing a "new nanny" and "rejecting" a lot of the other nannies because he's feeding off of them
It'd also explain why he isn't fond of animals and all the rat traps that are set up outside the manor - sure everyone hates rats, but Brahms could completely be against consuming animal blood?
I like to think that the reason his parents *cough* unalived *cough* themselves was because his parents were either humans who he was feeding off of while he didn't have a nanny and was pretty much draining them, or they were vampires themselves and they were seeing their final days and didn't want to die near their beloved son
Brahms is a bit greedy so he definitely drinks more blood than he needs at times, he also probably tried to feed off of his nannies while they slept but if they were light sleepers and caught him in the middle of his late night snack then they'd become a late night meal (as to say)
He acts like a very old fashioned vampire and definitely a bit of a cliché as well since this man loves old literature and classical music
Also he hates going outside and has his own hidden little room in the walls since the house doesn't have a basement
He probably dresses like an 18th century vampire when he's not hiding away in the walls (imagine him wearing a long cloak and one of those white ruffled shirts with a popped collar) but he still wears the mask obviously to hide his burn which was probably caused from being in direct sunlight and not from the fire which is a good cover up story
The funniest part is that Brahms is a vampire from the newer generation but he likes to act and appear like the vampires in the novels he reads and his parents have already told him this many more times than they have needed to
"Brahms you're not 200 years old, you're literally in your late 20s"
"You will call me Sir Brahms Heelshire III!"
"Brahms you're not even Brahms Heelshire II"
Imagine a grown man giving his parents the silent treatment because they won't call him something edgy like that
Also when Brahms is alone at night he'll just roam around the manor all mysteriously
He wanted a coffin instead of a bed but of course his parents said no
Brahms definitely got a coffin/bed after his parents passed don't lie
Brahms doesn't watch movies often (since the manor doesn't have any tvs set up) so he has no idea about how vampires are portrayed in the media. Imagine him watching Twilight or Hotel Transylvania and just shrivelling up and dying on the inside
He probably thinks that the Volturi from Twilight are cool (assuming he watched all the Twilight movies)
But apart from that he hates being apart of the less cool generation of vampires that aren't scary and are just there as teen heartthrobs (Vampires are scary not cute - as he would say)
If he did watch movies he'd probably watch documentaries about vampires as a way to learn about his ancestors but he'd just end up being jealous of them
Going back to Brahms' parents being humans, it would make sense because they did have him a lot later - unless he was adopted??
Imagine adopting a vampire baby without knowing it's a vampire and then just thinking that your child is obsessed with vampires until it's too late
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funkymbtifiction · 2 months ago
Do you think 6s are capable of shying away from "dark" material like 9s do? I watched a v gritty film today that featured a lot of dark themes (like murder, infidelity, etc) because a loved one wanted to see it, and I just wanted to take a shower and watch Disney after, haha. I feel like my response to TV and media has always been very 9-ish - I don't want more reminders of the darkness of the world. But I think it comes from a 6 awareness that I need to work on trusting the world more, rather than less, and so it's healthy for me to consume media that feels safe or reminds me of innocence. I'm not numbed out to the world's darkness the way a 9 might be, but all too aware of it, so I feel like I need more reminders of goodness and actively look for calming and comforting material. What do you think? Do you think your 6ness influences your approach to the film/literature you consume?
HAH! You're asking someone whose favorite Disney movie is The Hunchback of Notre Dame, because of how effed up and "adult" it is! And who considers Scar one of her favorite Disney characters. ;)
I suspect it's an individual thing more than Enneagram related, or perhaps a combination of your core type, fixes, and MBTI type, since certain fixes are more prone to wanting everything to be sweetness and light (the positive triad -- 2/7/9 likes happy endings).
I don't mind dark stuff, but some of it does negatively affect me -- it depends on what it is. I can't stand child or animal abuse of any kind, and I don't like violence without a redeeming purpose behind it. (I like Gladiator, but for the story, character development, messages, etc., but most Tarantino movies are just "ugh" to me. Blood porn.) What I like the most, beyond grand adventures and peril, are deep emotional arcs of some kind. The Vampire Diaries is violent, but it's also about Damon finding out he has a heart. The 10th Kingdom has an emotionally devastating twist for its heroine, but that's why I love it. Being a 6, I have spent countless hours trying to figure out WHY I love those things, and I still have no answer -- I just do.
I live out everything in my intellect, so I like dark thematic elements and stories, provided good wins at the end and/or it gives me something to ponder on an psychological level. I can disconnect from certain things and just analyze them without my emotions being involved. I loved Hannibal when it was on television and that's all about a serial killer! The Godfather is one of my favorite movies, along with Gladiator. I greatly enjoyed Nightmare Alley, which is the story of a man destroying himself. And I would rather watch Snow White & the Huntsman than Mirror Mirror.
What I don't like or find depressing are stories in which there's no redemptive value -- watching too much Mad Men depresses me, because their lives are so empty and meaningless; I had a hard time watching Vikings because I thought everyone was horrible. No one had any compassion for anyone else. I hate historical movies set around the Holocaust, because I know all of that actually happened, that real people went through it, and I can't bear it -- I just have too much empathy for their pain and suffering, and it soaks into me in a way nothing else set in any other time period does.
I know that a lot of people (especially female 9s) take solace in Disney or Hallmark movies, but they don't have enough tension and excitement and danger to me; I WANT betrayal and peril and twists and turns and near-escapes and damsels in distress. I love what happens fifteen minutes before the end in Lorna Doone, because of what happens next. I fill my own novels with intensity, thrills, betrayals, threats, and things that go bump in the night.
But I always give them a happy ending...
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kirencer · 3 hours ago
[Hawthorn: Chapter One]
Tumblr media
Summary: Cedar has always meant strength. Resilience. The ability to stand on your own for forever. 
Word count: 2.1k
Relationship: Vampire! Spencer Reid x GN! Reader
Warnings: vampires, slight wet dream mention, abusive/neglectful parent, and “mild” vampire kink. NSFW SERIES 18+ ONLY
A/N: First chapter of a much-needed series. I, Kiram, the vampire Spencer king, present Hawthorn. 
— — — — —
To say I was excited for the first day of the class would be an understatement. I was practically vibrating in my seat, eyes plastered to the board. Dracula: Intro to Slavic Folklore and Vampires was written in what one might call ‘Chicken Scratch’. It’s a course at UVA, and while it’s been taught by one professor since its start, this year, it’s to be taught by Doctor Spencer Reid.
I had vaguely heard of the name, upon further research I learned that he was an Ex FBI agent with the Behavior Analysis Unit, a genius, and he was hot. Though, from what was written about him, he didn't seem to be the kind of person qualified for teaching about Slavic folklore, an even deeper dive led me to believe that his eidetic memory and IQ alone qualified him for anything.
Plus, vampires just so happen to be my favorite thing ever. So, a pretty face talking about them wouldn't be too bad.
When he walked in, tawny curls floating around his head, shoulders pulled with confidence, and stubble coating his strong, set jaw, I realized that no matter how good of a Professor he was, I would always be unprepared.
See, I had thought that he was attractive at first, yes, but seeing him in person made me realize that the photo truly had no grasp on him. The photo from an article made him seem like … a pretty boy. What I had seen in front of me was a man, with the mirrored nose and eyes and lips of the picture, but set more purposefully. Like Doctor Reid was trying to show everyone how he could be seen; how he wanted to be seen.
What I was truly unprepared for, however, was how his eyes pierced me like a hunter bowing down a deer. My excitement grew as my knees shook instead of my body. For, at that moment, I could swear that the Professor's eyes showed red.
The rest of the hour and a half escaped me, I remember a blur of syllabuses being passed out, Professor Reid’s voice mentioning how the course would be divided into two units “The Lore” and “The Truth”, and also how this wasn’t just a Literature and Folklore class, but a Vampire class. 
Before I knew it, I was back in my dorm and looking up everything I could on modern vampires and how they could relate to my Professor. There was something captivating about him - it had to be the subject he was teaching.
After all, I do love vampires. To what my grandmother said was an unhealthy extent. My father raised me as his father had raised him, a Vampire hunter, and had even warned me of them my entire life. Going as far as to train me every day of my life to kill vampires. Instead of fearing the blood-lusting creatures, I went the opposite way. 
I fell into the Twilight and the Vampire Diaries frenzy, and my wet dreams very often consisted of teeth grazing my skin and red eyes. Though, this was hidden deep within me. Had my father ever learned of my turn from my training to hate everything no longer living as a human, he would destroy it. And me.
The next few days passed as quickly as the hour and a half and before I knew it, I was back in the classroom. A few minutes passed and I settled in as Professor Reid started his lecture. 
“Now, who here has ever consumed any kind of media that had vampires? Or, at the very least, creatures like vampires?” 
People around the room tentatively raised their hands, mine shot up as well. I wasn’t ashamed at all in my love - obsession  - with vampires. The professor nodded. “Some of you are lying about having not. That's okay! If you’re in this room, you have consumed some kind of media or the other that sparked your interest.”
Oh, no. Oh God, no. Not only was Doctor Reid an attractive professor, but he was also a good one who had captivated me beyond what I deemed capable. When he said the word sparked, his hands pushed away from each other in a little motion as if to simulate an explosion. That little motion enamored me to no end. My brain tickled, as though it was searching for something missing.
“The vampires we will learn about will be associated with slavic lore. Many of these will then tie into how we currently view vampires as a collective culture, specifically within media,” Professor Reid leaned back on his desk with a confident smirk.
“It’s interesting, really, that we typically associate vampires with bats. The reason for that is actually more convoluted than one might think. You see, in Slavic folklore, vampires allegedly possessed the ability to transform into butterflies. Which, if you ignore most anatomical and biological classifications, butterflies and bats are sort of similar, no? One is certainly more ominous than the other, but who is to say which creature would be more appealing to the undead.”
My eyes fluttered as I scrawled down the words that flowed so elegantly from my professors’ lips. Every single word felt chosen with purpose and stride. There was confidence in his knowledge as he went through the first bits of pieces of information most of the people in the room with me would ever learn about the lore of vampires. Biting to change, dual souls (“hearts”), and so much more of the best things. True, a lot of my knowledge was from the militarian-like vampire hunter training my father instilled in me, but the rest was from my own late-night research on secure browsers - hidden from where my dad could find it.
Soon, just like the first: it was over in a flash. The lecture hall was practically empty before I had realized, scrawling down the last of Professor Reid’s notes and then, without my better judgment, decided to walk up to the Professor. He was skillfully and fleetingly moving his things to a brown leather side-satchel type bag. I was planning on waiting patiently for him to notice me, however, he turned around to face me as soon as I made my last step towards him. 
There was this look on his face of curiosity, almost a hint of familiarity, and something that I truly could not place. Though the feeling must have been something I had seen before, as it almost made me bristle like a frightened tabby. It wasn't that I was frightened, but rather more so that I was startled. Every cell of my body scrambled for me to run but the small ache that spread from my legs begged me to stay.
“Do you have an urgent question …?” Professor Reid inquired softly, biting into the pillow of his lip before continuing, “Sorry. I do not believe I know your name.”
My mouth fell open and a squeak left it. I wasn’t the kind of person to be hyper aware of other people's teeth. I mean, good dental hygiene and tooth conditions were often highly restricted to higher classes in America, but I couldn’t help but stare at the pristine white that left imprints on his bottom lip for a split second before his tongue swiped over it. What I truly stared at though, were his incisors. They seemed … off .. as if they were a tag longer than what should be normal. It was not unheard of for a human, as I noticed they were not at all long enough to perhaps be the kind of lengths that vampires would have, but they were very noticeable.
“Um … Sorry.” I blurted out. My eyebrows furrowed as I promptly turned around to exit the room. My professor’s voice rang out from behind me.
“I didn’t catch your name!”
Yet I was already too far away, my head enamored with how my professor’s teeth would feel bared against my neck. 
(i was lucky that he wasn’t a vampire! my heart sped up and even a civilized one would have pounced at the rush of blood in my veins, as highlighted by my pulse)
Or, I was the most unlucky person in the world. As I neared my dorm, the first thing my eyes caught onto was the flier taped to it with the word NOTICE plastered in big red font. Sticky dread flowed through my fingertips and into my toes as I skimmed the words.
I should have known. My dad was missing and the college funds he set up for me already drained. When the board fees hit, it didn’t pass through. 
I was lucky enough to have a scholarship for my classes but it did not cover room and board. I had three days to either find my funds or move out. Well, with virtually no ability to make even a fraction of the needed amount, I would instead need to find a place to stay and hopefully for cheap - the small part time cafe job I had would be enough for a couple hundred a month of rent and groceries for me to live off of. With tips, I wouldn’t be too bad but it’d be cutting it tighter than I wanted.
I knew how to take care of myself, though. With my fathers profession of monster hunting, he would often disappear for months at a time on a job. 
I wasn't able to focus too much on it, though, seeing as I had a shift in an hour and needed to make it to the small bakery and cafe not too far from campus. 
Work wasn’t hard, per se, and the regulars were sweet, but it was just exhausting.  I have always had a very good worth ethic. I just wasn’t in the proper mood today and the fear of losing my dorm. I don’t know what else I expected. My dad had never been the kind to care for others, especially caring about me. I had learned everything I ever needed. I never had a mom to teach me kindness or what my body was changing into – I had to pull myself up by my bootstraps. A mentality that only ever hurt me with every challenge I ever faced. I never asked for help in school and I never relied on anyone but myself. 
Dad said he wouldn’t leave again. He lied, obviously. Lied and took the money we had saved together. Out chasing monsters that sometimes, I didn’t even think existed. Well, ones I wouldn’t think existed, had I not seen one when I was fourteen. My fathers quote unquote arch nemesis. A vampire so cunning that he blended seamlessly into the human world. I had only seen him once. I only remember the way his arms cradled me, his smell, and the red eyes. His smell must have been addictive – he smelt too good for my barely teen mind to comprehend, like sweet incense hinted with woods. Now, I know enough about pretty scents and cologne to know it would be reminiscent of Lavender Cedarwood, my favorite candle. That scent and that grip took over my teenage wet dreams. I could trace back my taste in men and most certainly, my love for vampires to the one specific creature deplored by my father the most.
I don’t remember why he held me – only that the last thing on my mind was fear. It was the first time I had been held in so long that I couldn’t remember the last time I felt safe and protected in another’s arms.
My shift passed quickly with my mind focused on the vampire of my dreams (quite literally) and before I knew it, it was over. I had accumulated a whopping 35 dollars in tips and compared to the impending debt over my head, it was pennies to a hundred bucks. 
Then, just as I was passing the communal post board, I saw it. A flier with soft little butterflies.
“Roommate Wanted:
Cheap rent. Possibility for no rent, just provide your own groceries and help with water and gas. Looking for someone to make coming home less lonely. 
(p.s. I am a man and I understand that might make some uncomfortable. I am open to you bringing a friend to meet and see the apartment with you. I am also open to first meeting in a common and safe area as well as ample talking on the phone. Comfort is important to me. :] )”
And like that, I had decided to try my luck. I mean, cheap or free rent? Genuinely, it sounded like an old man or someone planning to kidnap me … but desperate times called for desperate measures. 
My fingers slid over the paper, snagging one of the perforated number slips at the bottom. For good measure, I snagged all of them. Better for competition!
I stared at the little slip of paper. It was a soft, baby pink. I brought the paper to my nose. I didn't know why. Just … I needed to. And well, there it was.
Sweet cedar.
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shadynalittlesketchy · 10 months ago
A Guide to Vampire Media That Isn't Twilight, by Someone Who Consumes a Lot of It
I'm NOT here to bash Twilight, just provide some other fun bloodsucker media for y'all to enjoy :) if you have any recs of your own, hit me with those bad bois!
Vampire Diaries- "a girl is torn between two vampires" is the plot for like 2 seasons but then it improves significantly. it's definitely very CW, but a lot of the vampire mythology is very very cool. and it doesnt hurt that the entire cast is ridiculously attractive. a great popcorn show! CW for blood and violence, parental death, and dub-con scenarios.
The Originals- a spinoff of TVD, but you don't really need to have seen TVD to watch this. It centers around the 4 original vampires (original as in like, the first vampires ever created) as they navigate vampire and other supernatural politics in New Orleans. Much less "teen angst" and much more "evil ancient vampires trying to be civil at dinner without murder" vibes. CW for blood and violence, and lots of spooky occult stuff taking place in graveyards.
Tumblr media
Buffy the Vampire Slayer- literally my favorite TV show of all time. In addition to some killer vamps (team spike ftw!), there's weird demons, warlocks, werewolves- anything you can think of. it has great LGBTQ+ representation for its time, tackles social issues, and has a healthy dose of humor. CW for violence, supporting character deaths, vampire sex that destroys a building, and sexual assault.
Tumblr media
What We Do in the Shadows- I don't usually rec comedies, but this one is too good not to. Loosely based off of the movie, it follows a group of vampire roomates in Staten Island. It is hilariously funny, and mocks just about every vampire trope out there. CW for copious amounts of blood, vomit, some pretty crass sexual humor, and dead raccoons.
Tumblr media
True Blood- vampires in Louisiana, in a world where everyone knows vampires exist. it checks off all of my boxes for morally grey characters and weird supernatural happenings. it's an HBO show, so TW for blood/gore, violence, and soooo much sex and nudity.
Carmilla- technically a web series, not a TV show, but whatever. its lighthearted lesbian vampires, based off of the very old novella of the same name. great if you like vampires without the scare factor. and its free to watch on youtube!
Tumblr media
What We Do in the Shadows- the movie the TV show is based off of. vampire roommates in New Zealand. also very funny, but less graphic violence/sexual references. created by and starring Taika Waititi, of Thor: Ragnarok fame.
Tumblr media
The Lost Boys- awesomely cheesy 80's cult classic feat. Kiefer Sutherland with a bleach-blond mullet. it's fun and weird and has a cool aesthetic. it also has the same kind of vibe as the Goonies. TW for gore, and one icky scene with maggots.
South Korean vampire drama with dark, aesthetically pleasing religious imagery. The mc returns from a mission trip with intense cravings for sex and blood and struggles to hold onto his humanity. super angsty and dramatic in the best ways. CW for copious blood and gore, spicy vampire sex, and sexual assault.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
a surprisingly good movie! has a fun, steampunk feel to it, and a pre-MCU Anthony Mackie, which is an added bonus. vampires kill honest abe's mother when hes a child, so he grows up to be an axe-swinging vampire slayer AND the president. this is not a movie to be taken seriously, but it is an awesome popcorn movie! CW for parental death, blood/gore, slavery (it is set during the civil war), and children in danger.
Interview With the Vampire
it is about as gay as a movie can get without the main characters actually being gay. it's a long, drawn-out story about a vampire and his life from when he's turned in the early days of america, until the present. the vampire is played by brad pitt, and he shares lots of longing glances and homoerotic blood drinking scenes with tom cruise. it is visually spectacular, even if the story is a little long. CW for blood/gore, child death, and sexual content.
Tumblr media
Bram Stoker's Dracula
starring winona ryder and keanu reeves! it follows the book fairly closely, although it is a very 90s movie. it is WILD, but a classic and a lot of fun if you like vampires, or really any kind of supernatural shenanigans. CW for sexual content, and blood/violence.
The Coldest Girl in Coldtown
non-traditional vamp book, by holly black (the same one who wrote the cruel prince). vampires live in fancy quarantined cities called coldtowns, and the MC ends up in one inadvertently. its a more dystopian/sci-fi take on vampires, but it still has a lot of traditional vampire fun thrown in, too. plus the cover is just gorgeous. CW for sex and violence.
Tumblr media
The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires
probably one of the weirdest vampire books ive ever read, but in a good way. its about a group of housewives who start a true-crime bookclub, but begin to suspect that their new neighbor is a vampire. its a really good female empowerment story, and it also explores white saviorism. CW for sexual assault, racism, violence, and forced pregnancy.
Lost Souls
Poppy Z. Brite's books are like a punk-rock, gayer version of Anne Rice. lost souls has great queer rep, and is funny and weird and heartbreaking all at the same time. it's about the lives of vampires in New Orleans, but it's very unique and unlike any other vampire story out there. CW for blood/violence, sexual content, and sexual assault.
Tumblr media
Dark Lover
this book is the peak of smutty vampire romance novels. I usually read books like this just for fun, but its actually well-written and has a compelling story outside of the smut aspects. It's about a half-vampire woman who teams up with a vamp to kill the slayers that murdered his parents. just ignore the fact that the love interest is named Wrath. CW for tons of smut, and blood/violence.
The Beautiful
I would describe this as a classic vampire story- romance between a human and a vampire in victorian-era NOLA, complete with costume balls, mysterious murders, and a secret supernatural club. CW warning for mild sexual content, and violence. (It's YA, so there's nothing too graphic.)
Love in Vein
A collection of vampire short stories compiled by Poppy Z. Brite, but written by a variety of authors. there's some really different takes on the vampire myth, and it's interesting to see it played with in so many different ways. just an fyi- it gets weird af and pretty graphic. CW for body horror, blood/violence, sexual assault, and sexual content.
Bonus! Mini playlist
Bloodletting by Concrete Blonde
Black No. 1 by Type O Negative
Cure by Darling Violetta
Blood in the Cut by K. Flay
Holy Water by Bad Company
Decode by Paramore
Uninvited by Alanis Morissette
I Will Never Die by Delta Rae
Devil Inside by INXS
Death of Me by PVRIS
Hypnotic by Zella Day
Cold Blooded by the Pretty Reckless
Savior by St. Vincent
Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads
Transylvanian Concubine by Rasputina
Virgin State of Mind by Ks Choice
How Soon is Now? by the Smiths
Red Right Hand by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
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norcumii · 10 months ago
for the ask meme: Rex/Obi or pairing/characters of choice - Werewolf/vampire AU / Sick/injured / Stranded Due to Inclement Weather / Huddling for warmth
For this trope mashup meme.
This was CLEARLY influenced by seananmcguire's Newsflesh series, which was the last zombie related media I interacted with, and I regret NOTHING.
(Meanwhile, much worldbuilding was done by Dogmatix, who I was foolish enough to let near the plunnies again ^_^)
The problem with zombies, Obi-Wan couldn’t help but muse, was that they stopped thinking. Oh, there was some low-level intelligence left in there, but it was mostly focused on consuming the living. Not tactics, for the most part, not unless the bastards were very fresh or in large enough groups, but that also meant that when some brilliant asshole declared “oh, the zombies wouldn’t/couldn’t ever do that,” no one consulted the zombies.
Thus, an early morning patrol in an area that “never saw more than one or two zombies” turned into a clusterfuck retreat. Though ‘patrol’ was rather a gross overstatement for just the two of them taking an idle walk because some days, Rex was too jittery for sleep and too damn self-sacrificing to admit that he missed early morning runs.
There was always enough fog coming in from the river that they should have been fine.
There also shouldn’t have been an entire pack of at least a dozen, dozen and a half zombies in the area. Where the fuckers had even come from was an unpleasant mystery.
“Rex?” Obi-Wan murmured into the man’s ear. “Are you with me?” he asked as if he couldn’t make out the glacially slow beat of his heart.
Rex groaned, head lolling to nestle further in the crook of Obi-Wan’s neck. He mumbled something that was probably a curse, which left Obi-Wan in the unenviable position of having to close his eyes and take his own steadying breath. Yes, on the one hand he did have an unfairly attractive boyfriend draped across his lap, straddling his hips and feeling like he was several seconds away from some serious necking.
On the other, they were also treed a good thirty feet above a pack of damned zombies, which had already tried seriously munching on Rex, and ‘necking’ could have serious consequences when one of them was an actual vampire.
Speaking of. Obi-Wan shifted in the cautious little jig in an attempt to nudge Rex more to the left. If he could just free up his arm enough, then he could move around while not tossing them off the tree stand or dislodging the thick emergency poncho that was the only thing keeping Rex from turning into a charred crisp. It was not sized for two, but there hadn’t been time to be more careful and drape it over just Rex instead of just plonking it down over the two of them.
“If you refuse to leave base again without your entire damned armor because of this, I’m going to be very put out,” Obi-Wan informed him, getting another incoherent unhappy noise. The armor was good at keeping the soldiers bite free – not that they needed to worry about the zombification business, but it still hurt them and fed the damn undead. It was also effective at keeping the soldiers touch starved and isolated in ways Obi-Wan had difficulty standing.
Another careful shift, and he could just barely dig out one of the small, squishy packs he kept in his jacket for emergencies.
Since his luck was shit, as soon as he pulled it free, the bastard caught on a loose thread, and with his claws he didn’t dare grab too hard for it, and down it tumbled. One of the zombies lunged, snapping at it, and blood exploded all across the remains of the bastard’s face.
Not being too intelligent, the rest of the pack turned on it immediately. Obi-Wan tried to tune out the disgusting carnage, being much more careful on his second attempt. He didn’t have many packets to spare. This one, he managed to juggle up in front of Rex’s face, jostling it a little. “Here. Drink,” he ordered, hoping that would be sufficient. He hated trying to insert the little sippy straws – Anakin had loved juice pouches back as a child, and they’d had similar fiendish straws. Anakin had learned how to insert the little bastards without a problem, but he always asked Obi-Wan to do it for him – because Obi-Wan had never quite managed to master the process, and Anakin was a damned brat.
Bad enough when it was juice.
One way or another, Rex was conscious enough to shift and bite down on the plastic packet. It was always a wonder to watch the soldiers’ regenerative powers at work. As the level of mostly artificial plasma lowered, color drained back into Rex’s face, the nasty burns along truly unfair cheekbones fading as muscle and skin reknit. He could smell the distressing blood-and-raw-meat stench fading, and only then did he start to relax.
When things had started to go to hell around the globe, the powers that be had huddled together around their failing infrastructure and went looking for fantastical solutions to unnatural problems. Obi-Wan could only imagine the levels of exhaustion and terror that had led someone to the conclusion that vampires might be immune to the infections that spread the zombie virus. The sheer potential of that going horribly wrong was at least one movie franchise long, if not several, yet somehow they’d dedicated enough science to make artificial vampires. Oh, technically it wasn’t vampirism, but ‘drank blood, super fast and strong, sunburn to death within minutes, resting vitals dropping down far enough to pass as dead’ was close enough for everyone but petty bureaucrats and pedantic assholes.
Even at the time, Obi-Wan had cynically noted how that meant both a short leash, and a strong vested interest in keeping as many people from going zombie as possible. He’d also noted the infuriating demographics of those who were selected for and survived the process of becoming vampires.
He tried not to think on that much nowadays, because the heightened blood pressure and carnage bothered Rex.
The packet slurped dry in a way that always raised Obi-Wan’s hackles, then Rex blinked up at him a few times in confusion. “You’re fuzzy,” Rex accused.
“That’s called a beard, dear,” Obi-Wan drawled in his most obnoxious tone, pretending he didn’t also have fur sprouting most places, nor the partial muzzle of a transformation enough to give him speed and jumping ability enough to get to one of the safe perches they’d set up weeks ago.
The Powers That Be might have created vampires, but they had also somehow missed the small but stubborn population of entirely naturally occurring werewolves (and affiliated were-creatures) around the world. Some, like Obi-Wan and his pack, were doing their damndest to both keep a low profile and help the poor bastards trying to protect the last of humanity.
Some, like Obi-Wan, might have become unwisely open to certain non-lycanthropes due to unfortunate feelings – not that Obi-Wan was ever about to complain about that.
Either his sarcastic tone or the guttural noises of thwarted zombies sank in, because Rex stiffened and glared down. “Fuck!” he hissed, thighs clenching in a way that Obi-Wan both very much did and very much did not appreciate. His eyes damn well crossed at the wiggle that followed – he could only guess that Rex was going for a weapon that he didn’t have.
“Stop that!” he snarled, letting the wolf out a little more. He needed the muscle and mass to keep Rex in place, longer paws digging into the tree trunk for a slightly more secure hold that was notgroping his idiot boyfriend.
His idiot boyfriend leveled a flat, unimpressed look at him. “Really?” Rex grumped. His eyes flicked down, then back up. “Right now?”
“So sorry, but some of us don’t need to ingest extra blood to get it up, and under less fraught circumstances this might be my idea of a good time.” He tried for a drawl, but it was much more strained than he meant. Oh well, it wasn’t like Rex didn’t know he could be ridiculous. And it really wasn’t intentional.
“Less fraught meaning less zombies?”
“And less daylight.” Obi-Wan didn’t mean for his tone to turn sharp, either, but it did even as he very carefully wrapped his arms tighter around Rex. He made certain not to disturb the poncho, but he, at least, wanted the reassurance. He still wasn’t over the terror of having to go mostly wolf to grab Rex from the pack he was trying to slow down, nor the horror of slinging him over a shoulder to go pelting through the trees. Madcap desperation to find a tree stand before a foggy dawn was not his idea of fun. “Your life is worth a hell of a lot more than an inconvenient hard on.”
Rex huffed a laugh, leaning in to rest his cheek against Obi-Wan’s. “Stop being charming.”
“I’m afraid that’s going to happen approximately never. So sorry.”
For a moment, it was just them – two idiots cuddled together, healthy and alive on a genuinely beautiful, bright Spring morning.
Then a terrible gurgling noise broke the moment, and Rex glanced down at the pack still mingling around the tree, groaning their displeasure at not remembering how to climb. “Was that a zombie?” he asked, as if he damn well didn’t know the truth.
“Shapeshifting burns calories,” Obi-Wan reminded him primly. “As does marathon sprints lugging around idiots like potato sacks.”
“That explains the bruises on my stomach,” he muttered, shifting about to rummage in one of Obi-Wan’s pockets. “Jerky?”
“Please.” All in all, now that matters were calmer, Obi-Wan almost hoped that a rescue would take its sweet time. This was almost nice – all things considered.
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ginopizza · 6 months ago
My problen is that I spent too much of my life as a preteen memorizing and consuming vampire media so I used up all the storage in my brain and now I can't remember important dates or the city I live in
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thecitythatdoesntsleep · a year ago
Vampire Master-Guide
First of all I want to start off by saying I've gathered inspiration from MANY vampire medias. Fictions, games. The biggest influences are Vampire the masquerade (primarily bloodlines) and Vampire Knight (manga). As well as honorable mentions to Vampyr (game), Queen of the Damned (movie) and Van Helsing (movie, anime). So if anything sounds familiar, chances are it is. I highly encourage you to explore them as they are a few of my favorites.
Second of all this is going to be massive, so I'll be putting it under a cut. But it will be a comprehensive guide to my personal vampire lore that I've crafted and worked with through the years. If you like it, feel free to use it! I'd absolutely love to be tagged (so I can shower the creations with praise) but it's not required. I'm just out here making one more version of vampires that hopefully inspires you. There will be a couple different categories that I will touch base on.
History (this part is super short)
Physicality - Medical Information
Physicality - Appearance/Body
Mental Effects
Anything from my vampire lore will be tagged #vlor
Now follow me under the cut, lovelies. But please be Warned: We'll be discussing blood, violence, physical and mental illness. As well as regular vampire related things. If any of this could trigger you, please kindly skip this post because you're far more important to me!
The original vampire to walk the earth, cursed by the heavens was Caine. After committing the first murder, a blood-soaked punishment was to forever be banished to walk the darkness with a constant reminder of his crimes. Thirst. Craving for the same blood he shed against his own kin. The sin was carried through the years and he came upon another outcast kindred by the name of Lilith, cursed by God in a different way and hexed with powerful disciplines.
They bonded as kine and Lilith taught her chaos to Caine in hopes they'd rule together. In the end his nature stayed true and his now empowered wrath befalls Lilith, committing murder yet again and taking her life.
To feed upon and be fed, was a now animalistic instinct that spoke louder than supposed human nature ever could. And thus the curse spread. To anyone that drinks from the tainted or is bitten by a rabid, is surely to bear it at the final heartbeat. The path to redemption is sealed but survival is nearly infinite. So long as the beast is obeyed and satisfied, there is no constraint on lifespan. They will be damned to an eternity enslaved to thirst.
(Primarily from VTMB but I really like the idea of it being some sort of ancient curse from the gods so I thought I'd include this tiny historical bit. Onto the good stuff.)
Physicality - Medical Information
Vampires are anemic, let's just establish that all vampires are what modern day medicine would consider anemia. But they also have super aggressive red blood cells that function x100 that of human white blood cells. All in one combo of super cells. No illness spreads. No disease can contract, nothing can live in their system. They don't fall ill with colds or flu. STD's aren't feasible. Their systems are far too strong and combative to infections, bacteria.
Their integumentary systems regenerate about x200 - x300 times faster. Within seconds (if there is or has been fresh blood in the system recently) their skin regenerates and goes even beyond that. Mere hours and limbs grow back, bones realign.
Vampires don't have functioning organs. (If they are turned from humans they are there but they don't work and will eventually wither.) Hearts don't beat, lungs have no need for air.
Vampires can't drown. They don't breathe and even if water fills their lungs, they would be weighted down but not die. They also don't float like humans do naturally.
Vampires can go out in the sun but they have hard times with sun poisoning. Think of a sunburn but more like a rash. They can't process the vitamin D very well and almost all of them have trouble with getting severely burnt very rapidly or having a rash from the sun. Prolonged exposure can make them feverish, nauseated and give them body cramps and fatigue. Even longer can make them violently ill and can essentially melt their skin. It can be healed but takes longer.
Staking their hearts immobilizes them but does NOT kill them. They can be detained this way and it is excruciatingly painful. But it doesn't kill you.
Vampires can't eat food. Only few can consume liquids aside from blood. They have no ability to digest it and no longer make acid. They'll usually heave it up along with whatever blood content is left in their gut.
They have perfect eyesight, hearing, hyper senses of taste and smell. Touch is extremely sensitive as well. Their skin isn't fragile, in fact it's a bit thicker than average skin from how fast it regenerates and is constantly maintaining itself.
They are very resistant but not impossible to scar. Scars from human life are erased with first turning.
Vampire blood tastes like flat soda or icky, room temperature tap water. Unpleasant to other vampires but in a desperate pinch, it will sustain but nowhere near as good as foreign blood does. Even animal blood takes better care of a vampires system than another body of recycled blood. (Think of it as they've already taken the good stuff out of it for their own bodies so all that's left is the taste and a few stray nutrients.)
Vampires fangs grow back indefinite. At about x10 the rate of humans losing and replacing their first set. No matter what comes of them, their fangs will always grow back. No other teeth mutate like this.
Fangs lengthen and retract when around blood or not. It's not something that can be helped or even trained out. When blood is present, fangs will lengthen even if there is no intention to feed. Automatic reaction and a painful one at that. They get used to it but it's a sharp pain like having a human tooth extracted but it doesn't have prolonged swelling or discomfort. Only when getting longer or retracting back in.
Whenever they're in bloodlust or a state of starvation, they gain a sense of x-ray vision but instead it's vein mapping. They can see through skin to arteries and if it's severe blood lust, they can even see the smaller, tinier veins in fingers and faces. This is a sight that ever vampire possesses in order to obtain blood easier or figure out a good place to bite. Anything that is living will be seen in a structure of veins. Animals, humans, other vampires.
Severing the brain stem from the body is one of the few sure-fire way to kill a vampire. Alternatively burning them to pure ash and scattering them or holding them in separate vessels. (If ALL ashes are contained somehow and mixed with fresh blood, there is a reanimation process so beheading them is more permanent.) Silver weapons or exposure to silver prior to wound can result in death as well.
Alcohol is SUPER effective when they drink it. Think of one shot making them drunk because it hits their bloodstream almost immediately. A double would have them seeing double and acting like a hot mess. 3+ for even the beefiest of men would have them blacked out and vomiting on the sidewalks.
Drugs effect them but only in extremely high doses and for nothing really over 2 hours or so. Short, short longevity but they have the same crash that humans do. If it's hard detoxing symptoms for humans, it's the same but faster. They can do a hard drug, feel the high for maybe 1 - 2 hours and immediately go into hallucinating and shaking from the aftermath. The same goes for Pharmacia. There's really no medicine that works.
Garlic is a myth. So is wolfsbane.
Silver on the other hand is a very real, very deadly weapon that still rings true. A single pinprick of a silver sewing needle and it can render a vampire powerless. Slow them down to the speed of a human, take away their rapid healing and remove all of their heightened senses. Silver directly into the bloodstream essentially renders them as they were before they turned in physical response and structure. It's the only metal that burns vampires skin and will char it if it sits in one spot for too long. Silver is the only kind of metal that can forge chain that vampires cannot break and can successfully be restrained in. Any wounds inflicted in silver take longer to heal.
They can't reproduce after being turned. Purebloods + Purebloods are the only exception and it's still extremely rare. (Only 9 children born in over 2,500+ years.)
Physicality - Appearance/Body
Whatever color their eyes are, blood-lust accentuates the brightest color. I.e: Brown eyes turn Yellow/Gold, Blue eyes turn White/Purple exct. (Different powers can change this depending on the vampire and their history, sire.) Just think neon, glowing eyes in the dark if they're thirsty or hunting.
They stay frozen in whatever physical appearance they're turned in. Their metabolism is whack so they don't really lose or gain weight, it's down to cosmetic changes or cosmetic surgery. Which at least it heals flawlessly and doesn't ever change. But there aren't many options for personally invested physical change.
Their hair and nails grow super fast.
Vampires usually have the hair color they have when they are turned but around 15% experience graying or whitening of their hair within a few days of turning. Due to a semi-common genetic string in humans.
Vampires don't tan. They burn. No matter what their skin color is. Most are the palest/pasty tone of their natural skin color merely due to anemia and lack of blood circulation.
They don't blush or show physical signs of fever.
Vampires don't sweat or flush when exerting or exercising. They don't have to regulate their body temperatures.
They get dry skin pretty often and it's important to combat it with baths and soaks and lotions/oils whenever possible.
They are usually a lukewarm body temperature. As low as 15°C|59°F to as much as 21°C|69.8°F.
Every vampire has a certain amount of charming allure to them. In whatever form or fashion suits them the best, it's a natural attractant to their human counterparts. A glint to their eyes, a certain smile, the pitch or timbre of their voice. Endearing, seductive, mysterious, whichever shines through in their personality. They are magnetic, attractive to the human eye, no matter what they tend to look like.
They can see themselves in aluminum coated mirrors. Just not silver.
Mental Effects
There is a staggering 95% probability that 'created' vampires will have amnesia unless turned by a pureblood/noble/king/queen/high ranking blood vampire. They remember nothing of their human lives and this is extremely common. It's actually very rare to remember anything prior to your awakening. (That's why there are usually strict laws about siring without consent and proof of consent.)
It is very easy for vampires to be blinded by fits of rage when starving for blood. They can fly into blind anger and attack people they normally wouldn't or even foes they have no chance of winning against. Depending on their remaining strength when this tipping point of starvation happens; it can be extremely dangerous to be around.
Most turned vampires suffer a psychotic break in their early turning years. (Between 6mo and up to 25 years of awakening age. I.e: from the date of being bitten.) The brain is the last thing to be altered in the physical process and because of this, it's believed that their mental state has to crumble to be built better. It's unknown as to exactly why this happens but it's almost guaranteed. It's the vampire equivalent of 'adolescence'.
Over 75% of vampires experience periodic depression and random bouts of sadness. Another 39% live with bouts of mild to moderate psychosis. (This has been suspected to happen because of the physical stasis and improper circulation of chemicals/hormones/exct. Many believe it's because of the guilt of their King, Caine.)
Mental illnesses that aren't born from physical imbalances are in cases of amnesia, cured. Those that are chemically related are usually worsened by the stagnant physical changes of vampirism. It's rare that those with amnesia remember their traumas or emotional upsets after turning.
The "amnesia" of turning is the death of a human psyche. With the staggering rate of permanent amnesia, it is hard to figure out exactly how it happens but it's widely known.
Humans are not fully aware of vampires. This still rings true with the fear of world war and or wiping out the human race given their species.
There is a high society "government" type of monarchy. Each clan or type of vampires has a leader "elder". This is usually the oldest vampire to date of that specific type. Sometimes it's a group or a family of elders. In most modern day they have adapted to a more "presidential" route and have to establish themselves as leader types to be considered for any kind of law making or enforcement. (I.e: Noble bloodline, diligent efforts of servitude such as public service, military or other.)
There is a strict law against turning humans. Vampires are required to have clearly given consent and the process is to be looked over by an elder or enforcer. They must show strenuous documentation of that persons preservation in the name of probable amnesia. They must have a comprehensive processing of that persons interests, personality traits, societal standing, proof of occupational termination, familial status and situational agreement. (Basically they don't want humans forgetting their lives entirely and they want to make sure that they are able to move somewhere or hide from their families until they're well trained enough to be around them again. It's a very long to legally accomplish it.
Every city handles turning differently. Some require the sire to pay the death penalty and others are strictly against killing the one person responsible of their turned kindred.
Vampires are in every day jobs, doing anything and everything that humans do. From trash collecting, to law and doctors. Fame, fortune, poor, criminal; they all live as many walks of life as humans do.
Anti-vampire establishments are alive and well. Most are run by other vampires. Some humans share their beliefs but most typically it's a resounding amount of vampire extremists. This is legal due to the fact that they try to adhere and coexist for their sanctions ordinance. Helping enforce justice for their regions and implore an opposing force for rampaging vampires or other law breaking kindred.
Most human killings are covered up, tampered with or has someone on the inside working on doing both. It's a constant job but a needed one to keep their existence safe from being proven.
There is a massive shortage on vampire doctors serving other vampires or studying from what little information there is on vampirism. The ratio looking like 1 to 300. 1 doctor for every 300 vampires.
The most vampire dominated and lucrative occupations are generally law, publishing and sex working. There are 3 vampires with these jobs to every human worker.
Here is an additional post about how vampire blood would effect humans.
So that was everything I could think of for the time being. I may continue to edit and update this as I have time or I think of something that I haven't touched base on yet. But this is just the general lore I work with when I do write about vampires or when I think about them in general. Feel free to skip certain parts or like.. adapt it however you'd like. I made this to more so inspire people not to show a list of HOW things should go. Take of it what you like and ignore what you don't! Add more if you think of something!
Some of it gets a bit random but it's still things that I've either incorporated in some unpublished fics or talked about with some friends or just fantasized about in general. There's bits and pieces in all media for vampires that I really enjoy and I think every new style spins something different and makes for wonderful content!
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shinsotired · a year ago
The Sacrificial Lamb - Chisaki Kai
Tumblr media
Summary: The Vampire Chisaki has been searching everywhere for the one, but when he finally finds her she is taken by the League of Villains. He strikes a deal with them in order to get her back.
Pairing: Vampire!Overhaul x Fem!Human!Reader
Rating: E+
Word Count: 6.7k
Server Collab: BNHAREM - Fantasy AU
Warnings: Virgin/Virginity Kink, Blood, Extreme Dubcon, Mysophobia, Kidnapping, Implied Sexual Slavery, Noncon Choking, Biting, Pelvic Examination, Virginity Testing, Mentioned Necrophilia, Marking, Bondage/Restraints, Hair Pulling, Condom Usage, Overstimulation, Vaginal Fingering, Vaginal Sex, Cunnilingus, Mild Aftercare
Notes: Please heed the warnings listed above. I classify this as a dark fic and want readers to take care while reading. <3 My first ever collab with this server and I’m super hype about it! I hope you enjoy!
All over the world, over the past few decades, vampirism had spread across the land like a rampant disease. Once mortal humans were turned into eternal monsters with powers unique only to their kind. The media tended to call them quirks, hoping that a lighthearted term would quell the fear of what the gifts truly were. An abomination, a curse among mankind, and weapons of mass destruction. 
Of course, there were a select few (really, a rare few these days) that used their vampirism for good. They fed only on donated blood, vowed never to take human life, and even protected mortals against others of their kind that were not as righteous as they were. Truly it was a world made up of heroes, villains, and powerless bystanders that were often victims. 
In relation to eternity, Chisaki Kai was rather young. He had only spent his life as a gifted fanged menace for about two decades now, but that didn’t make things any easier. Chisaki has had mysophobia for as long as he could remember. It plagued him as a human long before he was turned by the former leader of the Shie Hassaikai. 
Vampirism had always been nothing but a curse to him. While it was true that his quirk was extremely powerful and was capable of great destruction, the fact that he had to drink blood in order to survive was pure hell. The only blood he could bring himself to consume was that of young virgins, those who had never been tainted with drugs, alcohol, or even sex. 
Members of Shie Hassaikai would kidnap victims for him, but Kai would never feed on them outright. No, touching their commoner skin with his mouth just seemed completely out of the question. He very rarely sank his teeth into anyone. Instead he’d keep them captive, draining a few pints every few weeks until eventually bleeding them dry when he grew bored of them. 
The blood would be stored and consumed as needed by their leader, a small portion of it would be meshed with grapes and fermented into wine. A delicacy that many vampires enjoyed and was graded on both the source and taste. Naturally he only drank that of the highest grade as that ensured there were few (if any) impurities. 
The issue Chisaki was starting to face however was that his food source was dwindling. In this day and age it was difficult to find people that haven't spent time poisoning their bodies. Everyone seemed to enjoy living in filth and he really just did not understand. He was half tempted to start breeding his own livestock to drain, but that would just be too costly at this point. The organization was struggling to get back on top, and while he was a fearsome and ruthless leader, there were still connections that needed to be made. 
As of now he had a...tentative (but tumultuous) relationship with a group of vampires that liked to call themselves the League of Villains. The leader, Shigaraki Tomura, wanted to be equal to Kai however Kai felt that he was equal to no one. He was above all of them, his power to destroy or create on a whim was better than anyone quirk that the league could offer. Negotiations were still being made and every time they took one step forward, they seemed to take two steps back. 
Shigaraki was about the same age as he was and he too was capable of mass destruction. If the two worked together, they could bring down all of Tokyo with ease. Perhaps this would help with Chisaki’s lack of food situation. With the entire city under his thumb he could easily create some sort of facility to house and breed the purest of humans. He’d no longer have to limit himself as he did now. 
Presently he was waiting to hear back from his most faithful underling and assistant, Kurono. He was out looking for what would be Chisaki’s next meal, though it had been a few hours since he departed. When his phone began to chime, he half expected to hear that he had been unsuccessful in finding someone to suit his boss’s tastes. However, it was quite the opposite. 
“I have found a girl you would no doubt enjoy.” Kurono said in a cold tone that portrayed no noticeable emotion. “However, there is a situation.” 
Chisaki was almost always cool headed. He very rarely lost his temper, though when he did it could be quite murderous. “What is it?” He asked monotonously. 
“The League of Villains has taken her for themselves.” He said, and while true he could just find someone else. He had a feeling that his boss would particularly love the sweet little thing he had found. “I believe she may be the one.” 
The One. Chisaki had been searching high and low for a delicate creature to treat as his live in blood source. One that he would control one hundred percent. What she ate, what she wore, when she slept. He had so many plans for this one woman, if she were to ever be found. Hearing that Kurono may have found the one and had lost her to none other than that foul Shigaraki was almost enough to boil his black blood. Almost. 
“She’s pure?” He asked cryptically, though he knew that if she had been selected already then Kurono had already vetted that information himself. He heard his subordinate give him a quick affirmative. Chisaki let his thoughts process for a moment longer, “come back. I will call Tomura and see what he has to say for himself.” 
Clearly this was a ploy to get Chisaki to formally align with him. That much was obvious. However without seeing the girl first it may as well be pointless. He’d need to look over her with a fine toothed comb to determine whether or not she was indeed the one he could make his blood bride or not. A human companion for him to divulge in at any time. If Kurono knew him as well as the thought he did, then he would be correct in thinking that she was special enough to keep around. 
He ended the call with Kurono and looked for the number he had for the league of villains. He pressed it, letting the phone dial the numbers itself before waiting for an answer. A moment later, an annoying but familiar voice cut in. “Overhaul. I was wondering when you’d call.” There was clear devious intent that made Chisaki question again what he could possibly be up to. “I have something I think you’ll just love to sink your teeth into.” 
Kai didn’t appreciate the joke. Shigaraki knew very well that Kai didn’t drink directly from humans. He drank blood through plastic straws because he didn’t even want his lips to touch it unless he wanted to break out in hives. “What do you want for her?” Kai asked, getting straight to the point. “I have plenty that you could have.” 
It was true. Shigaraiki needed to bolster his numbers and with Kai’s help then he could easily achieve that goal.All he needed to supersede the arduous negotiations between them was a little leverage. Leverage Tomura now had in his possession. “You know what I want, Chisaki.” Shigaraki said in the smug voice that grated the yakuza leader’s last nerve. 
But what Shigaraki wanted most was to have Chisaki and his gang of men to work under him. To have control over the small legion of vampires that was ruled by Chisaki’s hand. Of course, Kai could always agree to the negotiation and cut ties as soon as he had what he wanted (if she was indeed the one). Though there was no telling for sure of that now. 
“I’ll need to inspect her first. Bring her to the compound for a thorough examination.” He instructed hoping that Shigaraki would at least agree to that. “Do not touch her with those filthy hands of yours until then. If you defile her then the deal will be off.” 
Shigaraki tutted into the receiver of the phone, “So picky. You want to see this little wallflower so badly? Alright, I’ll bring her in an hour. Be ready for us then, would you? Maybe have some of the delicious blood wine of yours ready to celebrate our long awaited union. Until then I’ll have all of my people keep their roaming fingers to themselves. Does that sound like a suitable arrangement?” 
Chisaki sat back in his chair. While Shigaraki couldn’t truly be trusted, he saw no other choice than to agree to this. “One hour. Don’t be late.” He hung up before the petulant man could say anything else, He let out a long sigh before standing. He had a lot of preparations to do before his visitors arrived. 
An hour later, Chisaki had just picked out one of his finer bottles of wine when a subordinate brought in his guests. Shigaraki was alone with a girl bound in rope standing next to him. She had a cloth gag tied around her mouth to keep her from talking, something Chisaki thought was a little barbaric but it wasn’t that surprising given who her captor was. 
Despite her bindings, he could already tell just how beautiful she was and more than that she smelled absolutely divine. Chisaki felt his mouth water, hunger panging in his stomach. This visceral reaction was incredibly rare for him. The urge to sink his fangs into the tender flesh of her delicate neck roared in his brain, yet he did his best to silence it. Outwardly his masked face remained the same, though his mouth twitched into an unseen smile. 
He held his hand out, but Tomura hesitated before handing over the rope leash. “You break our deal then I’ll snap her pretty little neck. Got it?” He asked, putting a gloved hand on the back of her neck and squeezing lightly for emphasis. Chisaki’s eyes narrowed, already he knew that no one would ever be taking her away from him. Shigaraki just didn’t know who he was dealing with. 
“If she passes the examination, then we will have a deal.” Chisaki reminded him, “if I find that she is unclean, then you can do what you wish with her. I do not care.” Though the words came out bitter and assured, deep down he knew that that was untrue. Something about her was so captivating already. He didn’t want to dwell on the possibility of her not being the one. Kurono had seemed so sure of himself when they spoke last. 
The young yakuza leader led his potential pet into a back room that was made specifically for examining humans. He had it built shortly after he took over in order to sort out his cattle in any way he saw fit. 
After ushering her inside, he cut on the harsh bright lights that nearly blinded her. Shigaraki chose to perch on a stool in the corner while Chisaki untied the ropes that bound the girl’s arms and then the gag. He let the thick braids fall unceremoniously to the floor, noticing how she shook with each brush of his fingertips. Scared already? Well, they always did taste better when they had adrenaline coursing through their veins. 
“Take off your clothes and get on the table.” He ordered, watching her eyes dart to a table adorned with stirrups. It was similar to one you might find at a gynecologist's office. With much hesitation, his new subject began to disrobe. Her clothes puddled around her feet as she grew more and more embarrassed with each less layer covering her sensitive skin. An odd heat was pooling between her legs as she clenched her thighs together.
Chisaki was taken off guard by her arousal. He had been assured that she was a virgin, however if stipping down before two vampires was turning her on then certainly that wasn’t the case. Both he and Shigaraki could smell the slick that was accumulating within her folds. His sharp eyes cut to the snickering vampire in the corner who was nothing but amused by this turn of events. 
After she finished undressing, she climbed up onto the steel table that had minimal cushioning. Chisaki changed his gloves out to a fresh pair, wanting to make sure that any dirt he found wasn’t something that had already been on the ones he had been wearing previously. A fresh slate was needed for this examination. 
“Put your feet in the stirrups.” He said coldly, his doubts beginning to overwhelm him internally, though his face did not show it. Even if it did, the lower half was still obstructed by his black face mask. How could this girl possibly be the one if she enjoyed disrobing in front of two murderous vampires? Was she one of those that got off on fantasizing about creatures of the night? The thought disgusted him. 
Her knees were shaking, causing the metal arms of the stirrups to rattle. Even curiouser she was this nervous while also being excited? What a peculiar creature indeed. 
His eyes swept over her seemingly frail mortal body. There were no bruises, no cuts. There wasn’t even a scar on the flesh he could see. Hair was all neatly landscaped. Her outward appearance was up to par with his wishes, but it was time to check the inside of her to make sure. 
Chisaki gently spread the moistened folds to see if that thin sliver of tissue was still intact. While true, it wasn’t uncommon for girls to rupture their hymen through activities other than sex, he still found it to be a great indicator. If it was torn then he would have to check another way. 
To the vampire’s pleasure, there was the tiny half moon membrane just a centimeter into the vaginal canal. This was all he needed to see in order to believe that she was, in fact, a virgin and that he wouldn’t need to probe any further in order to find any inconsistencies that disputed that fact. 
He delicately checked over the rest of her sex, searching for any indication that she wasn’t as pure as she seemed to be. Again he was thoroughly pleased to find none. He took a step away from her, walking around the table to closer examine her nude form. His sharp eyes moved over every last inch of visible skin, trying to detect any kind of abnormal marking or sign of dirt or grime. 
The stirrups were still rattling with the tremors of her lower limbs, a tinny sound that bounced off the walls of the small room. Her eyes were shut tightly, afraid to look at the man looming over her. What the two villains in the room didn’t know was that she had been saving herself specifically for this sort of situation. Since she came of age she longed to be some vampire’s little fuck toy to use and abuse. Despite her pure body, her mind was anything but. Upon learning of the League of Villain’s intentions with her, she hadn’t been able to stop the grotesquely loud thumping of her heart within her chest. 
She didn’t know exactly who the vampire they referred to as Overhaul was, but she could tell that he was especially gifted and powerful. The way he commanded a room was enough to make her weak in the knees. She kept herself meticulously well kept and it seemed as though all her work had been for something much greater than she could have ever anticipated. 
“Put your legs down and roll over.” He ordered in that monotonous and apathetic voice that only made her shutter even more. She obliged, removing her feet from the pads of the stirrups and rolling onto her stomach after scooting back up onto the steel table a little more so that she could be more comfortable. 
Shigaraki was watching with mild intrigue. He had never seen Chisaki look over a potential meal before. It was quite entertaining how thought out his observations appeared to be. 
He inspected the areas that he could not see before, again finding nothing out of the ordinary. He even inspected her hair, looking for any signs of lice or debris. Nothing. Every item on the list within his mind checked off one by one. She was intact. She was clean. She was pure. And she would be his and his alone. 
Chisaki left her side to order an underling to bring him a fresh clean robe for her to wear. In the corner of the room was a glass shower that he instructed her to go to in order for her to scrub herself down even further. He assured her that when she was finished he would have something for her to put on and to not worry about the rags she had been wearing. 
After she had stepped into the clear shower and began to wash as per his instructions, Chisaki made his way to a nearby sink. He removed the gloves that had been soiled with her arousal and threw them in the bin to his right before scrubbing his hands clean and putting on a new pair. Once he was finished he made his way back to Shigaraki. “We have a deal.” He said plainly, not wanting to show how very important this girl was to him now. If he let on how great of a find this truly was, then there was no telling what his adversary would ask for in return. So far the exchange they had worked out was simple enough. He didn’t need for it to become any more complicated. 
He couldn’t see the twisted grin on Shigaraki’s face due to the false hand mask obscuring it, however he could tell that it was there simply due to the way the seated man’s eyes creased with sick glee. “Let us toast to this new alliance then.” Shigaraki drawled as he stood from the wooden stool he had been sitting on. 
Kurono stepped in to deal with the little lamb that was his boss’s new plaything as the two leaders left for the kitchen where Chisaki had prepped the dry blood wine. A servant poured them both a glass of the viscous burgundy liquid before handing it to them with a slight bow. 
Both men removed the masks they were wearing, through they stood a good six feet apart. Chisaki was not about to breath in whatever sin Shigaraki exhaled. It was the first time Tomura had seen his full face and immediately thought that he looked even younger than he was. He waited for Chisaki to drink the wine first to make sure it hadn’t been tainted. 
Chisaki took the first sip with an apathetic look on his face. Only once he had swallowed did Shigaraki follow suit. Both of them revelled in the bitter and metallic taste. Only once the glasses were half empty was a word spoken. “We will be making our next move soon.” Shigaraki said, “make sure you and your men are ready for my command.” 
“Don’t worry about us not being ready.” He replied simply, “we are always prepared for anything.” 
Shigaraki chose not to comment, knowing that there was an allusion to his own gang’s sometimes lack of preparedness. It could be hard controlling a group of particularly talented vampires. While he too had great power and they did listen to him, some of his subordinates could get out of control at times. 
He threw back the rest of his wine, letting it flood his senses for a moment as it ran down his throat. He replaced the white hand over his face before standing. “And Chisaki, do not forget my warning. If you do not hold up your end of the bargain, then that delicious specimen will be all mine and your dick won’t be the only one that has been buried into that cute little cunt of hers.” 
Chisaki finished his own glass before slipping the black cloth back over his mouth and nose. His eyes were fixated on his new partner, clearly irate to the thought of someone else having his new most beloved pet. He said nothing, letting his gaze say it all as Shigaraki took his leave finally, wanting to get out before his welcome was possibly overstayed. They’d talk more about the future of their alliance later. Now it was time for Chisaki to see just how great of a gift had just been bestowed upon him. 
By now she was finished with her shower and Kurono had showed her to her new living quarters where she had been locked inside. Inside it looked similar to a medium sized hotel room. She had her own private bathroom, a closet full of clothes that certainly weren’t hers before but would be hers from now on. A full bed that was made with soft sheets and a thick duvet. The only thing she would have liked was a window, however there was nothing to suggest that she was even on the ground floor. It was much more plausible that she had been taken underground instead. 
She was wearing nothing but a silk robe and the man who had brought her here had told her not to put anything on that his boss would be there in a moment. She took a seat on the foot of the bed, wondering if this was to be her life from now on. A slave to a vampire. Would it be everything she had ever dreamed of? If it wasn’t...would there be any way to escape? She had a sickening feeling that her fate was sealed either way. She could either please her new master or die at his hands. There were no other alternatives. 
Being a living blood bag was not a conventional kink to say the least. Maybe it would be enough to keep her alive in this turbulent world. 
The door opened and the leader of the Shie Hassaikai walked into the room, closing it behind her. His golden olive-toned eyes were fixated onto her, a thin inhale caused the black cloth mask to momentarily press against his nostrils. Hunger throbbed in his stomach and he felt himself aching to do something that he never dreamt of doing. Saliva pooled into his mouth as his gaze fixated on the untouched skin of her neck. He could see her pulse fluttering in her jugular, strong and healthy. 
He was pleased to find her in the white robe he had chosen for her. An obvious symbol of what she was to him. The sacrificial lamb. Fuck, he’d drain every lost drop of that sweet innocent life force without a second thought. Sure he had come to make her his but his sudden need to feed was definitely making that difficult. Of course he could still do that even if she were dead. Though a compliant corpse wasn’t quite as much fun. 
He shrugged off his green jacket, setting it on the back of a nearby chair. “What is your name?” He asked, though he already had the intent of giving her a new name already. He still wanted to know what it was. 
She told it to him, voice wavering with anticipation. Was tonight the night she’d finally experience sex for the first time? The thought alone had her gushing again and the smell caused Chisaki to quirk an eyebrow with curiosity. He had only asked her her name, why did that make her so aroused? 
He loosened his tie before taking it off completely, “Take off your robe.” He ordered as he stepped closer to the bed. She stood up and untied it from around her waist, letting it fall open before she shrugged it off of her shoulders. The white silk fell to the floor and immediately her hands moved to cross over her exposed chest in order to attempt some form of modesty. Even though he had already stripped her and examined her most intimate parts, it was still awkward to simply be nude in front of her new master. She did have some morals afterall. 
Chisaki grabbed her arms and unfolded them before forcing them behind her back. He wrapped the fabric of his tie around her wrists tightly before weaving a knot into the bindings to keep her from getting out of it. Her shoulders pulled to accommodate the new position, causing her chest to lift and breasts to bounce in protest of his sudden and rough movements. 
He observed the wince of pain that crossed her face and the look caused his cock to twitch inside of his pants, begging to be freed. “If you struggle too much, Angel, it’s only going to hurt you more in the long run.” He said, voice edged with a thinly veiled threat. She immediately stopped pulling at the tie and became still before him, eyes too afraid to look at his face as she felt the skin of her cheeks heat painfully with embarrassment. 
He took off his shirt and unbuckled his belt, trying to decide whether or not he wanted to wrap it around her fragile throat. If he did so then he’d been obscured from possibly savoring it for himself, though the thought of that caused a sudden wave of nausea. His stomach urged him to tear open the flesh of her jugular while his brain protested at the mess it would make. 
Chisaki decided to remove the black mask from his face and placed it on a nearby table where it would not get soiled. He heard her inhale sharply at the sight of his unblocked face. He was much more handsome than she had originally thought, and while all vampires had some denotation of enhanced beauty, his was truly magnificent. 
His mouth opened and she saw the glinting white fangs inside of it. Both the canines and lateral incisors were pointed sharp, though the later was a fraction shorter than the other. Truly he could reduce her into nothing in seconds if he wanted to, all with the quick use of his dangerous mouth. She couldn’t help another wave of slick from coating her sex at the thought of what all he could do with it. 
He didn’t bother to take off his pants just yet as he leaned in to gently sniff the flesh of her throat right above the pulse point. She felt a droplet of something wet hit her collarbone and instantly she knew it was saliva. 
“P-Please,” She stuttered for him, “bite me.” She practically moaned the order and he growled at the distastefulness of it. He didn’t want her so willing. Not for the first time. He wanted this to hurt. She heard the small hiss that came out from between his teeth, felt the small puff of air against her neck. Instantly she knew she had made a mistake as his gloved hand wrapped around her throat and began to squeeze. 
She gasped for air, typing to break free from her ties once more but was unsuccessful once again. Her vision blurred around the edges, dark black spots blobbing before her eyes randomly as she struggled for air. Now this was a sight for sore eyes, Chisaki thought. He could easily see the life in her eyes fighting to stay lit. If he held his grip for a few more minutes then she’d lose consciousness completely. Even longer and she’d die. 
He released his hold on her suddenly and she inhaled sharply and painfully. Her lungs expanded fully as she gulped in the clean crisp air of the room. The vampire watched her closely, looking for any sign of long lasting damage. He didn’t even need to command her to not say another word. She got the point loud and clear by his actions alone. 
It was then that he decided that it was better off if he marked her as his own. While it wasn’t a very common practice (his cattle literally got branded with an iron in the shape of the family’s crest), it was something that vampires did to protect humans that they were particularly fond of. While fondness wasn’t the right choice of words here, he did want it to be known that she was for him and him only. 
The best part is that it would hurt. He wanted it to hurt, through fear he could have complete subordination. He wanted a helpless lamb, not a conniving wolf. The only downside was that it would require him to bite her. Though truthfully he could use his quirk to do it, he knew it wouldn’t have quite the same effect. 
Without warning, Kai suddenly sank his teeth into her shoulder, around her right collarbone. His sharpened fangs easily tore through the soft flesh, sweet rich blood pouring into his mouth as she let out the most deliciously pained cry. She tried to shy away from him, tried to get him off, but his hold was vice. 
Pain ripped through her entire body, not just her shoulder. Some sort of dark magic was pulling at her skin, making it hot with fever. Her forehead broke out into a sweat as large tears rolled down her cheeks and onto her neck. She had never known such pain before and she thought she may pass out at any moment. 
He was pulling the blood from her, making her feel lightheaded and almost weightless. The taste was almost too much for him. The thought of just taking every last drop flooding into his mind at such an alarming rate that he was almost unable to stop himself from pulling away at last. Her eyes connected with his bloody mouth, a thick trail of blood seeping down his chin and dripping down onto her bare chest. 
Unfortunately for her he could not use his healing quirk on this particular wound. He needed it to heal naturally in order for the mark to leave a scar. If he healed it completely then it would be all for naught. 
He quickly disappeared into the private bathroom and scrubbed his face and lips clean, though wasting even a drop of her blood made him rage. The good thing about humans was that they could produce more. It wasn’t a finite source. He had to remind himself of that as he willed the hives that had crept up his neck to disappear. Nausea turned his newly full stomach. A glance in the mirror at his now clean face caused the urge to vomit to recede. He grabbed a hand towel and some medical supplies. He had to take good care of his little lamb if he wanted her to last. 
Once back in the bedroom he began to clean the wound. Thankfully the blood hadn’t made it to the bedspread. He cleaned the wound with a surprising amount of gentleness, being sure not to hurt her as he bandaged it up with gauze and medical tape. Once the square of white material was firmly in place he took off his clothes and retreated back into the bathroom to wash his hands. 
After drying them he returned into the bedroom to see her looking at him, her legs quaking beneath her shuddering frame. “Lay down on your stomach,” He said monotonously, watching as she struggled to get onto the bed without the use of her arms and lay down for him. Chisaki put on a new pair of gloves and grabbed a condom from the box that had been placed in the room. They had been specially made to hold up during the certain amount of zeal he tended to have in the bedroom, though he rarely found a specimen good enough for his tastes. Typically after he soiled them he discarded them, but this time would be different. Now she was marked, the skin of her shoulder still burning with pain. 
Chisaki dropped his pants and underwear, watching her thighs continue to shake. “Up on your knees.” He instructed and she did just that, keeping her chest on the mattress with her arms tied behind her back. The view was absolutely magnificent. Her wet folds now on display for him, the tiny whines that came from her throat. How could a virgin be so fucking needy? He didn’t know and didn’t care, somehow her being more willing than he expected was a good thing. Going in dry could be painful and he detested the stickiness of lube. 
He rolled the condom onto his hard cock, a thrill tingling up his spine at the thought of what he was about to do. He’d fix her up nice and good after working her over. Even if she was aroused, this was still going to hurt. 
He positioned his tip at her entrance, looking over her shuddering form. Honestly he had never seen such a beautiful site before. All the virgins he’d taken before were nothing like this one. He kept one gloved hand on her lower back while his other guided his twitching member into her. 
He wasn’t slow or gentle. In fact, he pushed his way in with brute force, knowing that it would be ripping that delicate hymen of hers. He could smell the blood spilling onto the bed and once more his mouth filled with saliva. His little lamb cried out in pain because there was no pleasure to be had here yet. It was much too soon for that. 
Chisaki held back a curse at how tight she was, her pussy clamping down on his cock in a vice grip that had him wanting to blow his load already. He did allow her a moment to adjust to the new feeling of him stretching her out, though it wasn’t long before he dragged himself out and slammed back into her once more. 
Another cry of pain, she wanted to beg him to stop and give her time. Let her get acclimated more before he moved, but she feared what kind of punishment she might receive for such an outburst. Her cries though were music to his ears and he wouldn’t let up, not when he could hear that precious sound over and over again. 
The pain didn’t last forever. Not like she had feared it might. Which each powerful thrust it dulled more and more, until her screams of agony became moans of pleasure. Chisaki wasn’t sure which he liked more, they were both so sweet in their own way. Feeling her body relax, her walls loosening ever so slightly so that it was easier for him to move, did make the act much more enjoyable. He could increase his pace, pounding into her with relentless force that had her toes curling with delight. 
She felt an odd pressurized sensation welling in the pit of her abdomen. It was so foreign and tense that she was at first worried something may be wrong with her. Chisaki grabbed a fistfull of her hair and yanked it backwards, pain searing into her scalp as her walls tightened around him enough to make him let out a groan. 
He pulled her upwards more by her locks, making it so he was entering her at a new angle, one that had her feeling dizzy with ecstasy. The coil tightened even more and she felt like she was going to shatter into pieces if he didn’t stop. One more good thrust and it snapped completely, her first orgasm blossoming and overtaking her in waves. Her already dripping cunt flooded around him and the feeling of her juices on his upper thighs had him breaking out all over again.
Chisaki let out a grunt at the feeling of her coming undone around him. Her walls pulsating and fluttering had him unable to hold back as he hit his peak. His thrusts became incredibly shallow and without rhythm as he pumped white cum into the latex condom. 
He released his hold on her hair, making her fall forward onto her face. She was in too much of a state of bliss to move as she caught her breath. He slowly pulled out of her, allowing her hips to fall onto the bed next. He observed the mix of blood and cum that dripped down her legs and onto the bedspread. Again the sight and smell of the ruby liquid was too much for him to hold back from. Besides, his little angel did so good for him. She deserved a little treat too for taking his dick so well for the first time. 
He untied the tie in order to give her shoulders a break, though they hung limply as she was still dazed from the ordeal. He gently guided her to roll over onto her back, letting her get into a comfortable position as he moved his face between her legs. His nose was practically inside her as he inhaled her natural perfume, his tongue licking at the droplets of blood on her lips. His little lamb shuddered, too tired to make any sort of noise. She was still so incredibly sensitive that his probing tongue had tears leaking from her eyes. 
Chisaki devoured every drop of spilled blood that hadn’t made it to the duvet. Tiny nips of his teeth over her femoral artery had a new wave of arousal building within her. She had no idea that she could feel so much at once. It was maddening already and only became worse when his mouth latched onto her engorged clit suddenly and sucked powerfully. 
She let out a weak cry of protest, the overstimulation simply too much. How could someone want something and not want it so much at the same time? There was an ache between her legs from how much he had stretched out her innocent little hole and now his tongue swirling around her clit had her seeing stars. 
Unable to stop herself, she rutted her hips against him, whimpering through her tears as his eyes snapped up to watch her squirm. Two gloved fingers snaked their way into her pussy, curling with her natural curve before coming back out. He repeated the process, forming a speedy rhythm of fingers and tongue until she was screaming for more. More, more, please, and she was cumming again in no time at all. 
Chisaki removed himself from her, disappearing into the bathroom to clean up his face and take off his soiled gloves and condom. He washed his hands and penis though the hives were still taking over the edges of his face. He’d have to take a full on shower after he was done cleaning her up. 
He came back out with a warm wet towel and a dry one. First he placed a hand on her belly, using his quirk to heal her lower half so that she would no longer be in any pain. He also took the time to repair her hymen so he could deflower her all over again sometime soon. 
Her heavy breathing slowed as the pain dissipated. Though exhaustion was setting in, his delicate healing touch had her feeling warm. He wiped her clean, drying her off before discarding the dirty towels. “Can you sit up, Angel?” He asked in a soft voice that she had no idea he was even capable of. “I need to replace the duvet.” 
She nodded, scrambling to the head of the bed so that he could pull the bloody blanket out from under her. “Get under the sheets.” He said, though it was an order it didn’t sound as cold as his previous orders had. She managed to get under the silken sheets, eyes growing heavy as she rested her head on the pillow. She had been too scared to sleep since she’d been captured by the other gang of vampires. Now the events of the day were making it very difficult to keep her eyes open. 
Chisaki grabbed a spare blanket from the closet and put it over her so that she would not be cold. He observed her tired, frail face. “Sleep, little lamb. I’ll have food waiting for you when you wake.” 
She didn’t even have the energy to nod, simply falling into a much needed state of slumber before he could say anything else. As he observed her, Chisaki couldn’t help but think to himself that Kurono had been right. She was definitely the one.
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lady-of-disdain · a year ago
The argument against relationships like sessrin being portrayed positively as a version of romantic escapism for young girls.
(AKA I’m back on my shit again with my long, big-worded essays under the cut.)
As much as I laugh along with the people who drag Yashahime as Sunrise’s lolicon fanfiction I know at the end of the day that sessrin was not featured in HNY as a fantasy romance for creepy older guys who are into little girls. It was made canon specifically FOR the target demographic of the show: young girls.
I can go onto Twitter right now and (had I not already blocked all of the sessrin squad over there) easily find at least 10 tweets in no time that mention either: “Immortal being falling in love with teenager is a common YA romance trope”, “Sesshomaru was my crush as a little kid, so of course I wanted him to fall in love with Rin because I identified with her”, or “Haven’t ya’ll ever read Twilight?” or any variation thereof. And yes they are right in one sense, but totally wrong in another.
At the end of the day who am I to begrudge YA Supernatural Romance readers of their favorite “16-year-old girl meets immortal vampire and falls in love” trope?
But sessrin is NOT this trope! Many of us against it have often said how we would have had NO PROBLEM with sessrin if either Rin was older when Sesshomaru had met her, even if she was 15 like Kagome, and married and started having kids at 18+, -OR- if Sesshomaru had ACTUALLY left Rin in that village to be raised by humans, (you know never sending gifts, or stopping by to visit), and didn’t meet her again and start a romantic relationship until she was an adult woman (and no I don’t mean feudal era adult, gtfo you bunch of smelly, basement dwelling, armchair anime historian weebs!)
Essentially Sunrise tried to do this trope but failed miserably, just like they did in almost every other aspect of this sequel. They didn’t give us a shaky timeline that leaves Rin at 14-16 at the time of giving birth to the twins because they are a bunch of creeps who like little girls, they did it because they thought their 14-16 year old female audience would like it.
But where they fucked up was in reminding us that Sesshomaru had a very large impact on this little girl’s life at an even younger age. How they reminded us in the very first episode that Rin was a little girl who “adored” Sesshomaru (a little girl who was approximately 12 at that time). They imported a character directly from the original that even younger girls (who are DEFINITELY IN THE AUDIENCE, AND WHO THEY MAKE NO QUALMS MARKETING THIER SHOW AND MERCHANDICE TOWARDS) can identify with, and then gave her a romantic arch with an adult man.
So what’s the difference between Sesshomaru being romantically involved in a 12 y/o vs a 16 y/o? Well honestly I would hope that anyone with a brain wouldn’t need to ask this question, but for the sake of being clear, what the difference is between them from a piece of fiction to be consumed by a target audience of between 12 to 16 is the audience perception at these ages.
By implying that a romantic relationship could have started at any time with Rin between the ages of 12 to 14 Sunrise is telling a very impressionable age range that an older man showing interest in you is not only possible, but can be totally sweet and romantic. Simply put, 10-12 year old's are at a much more impressionable age then 16 year old's, and this kind of relationship dynamic is displayed very PERSONALLY, about a character who is THIER age!
At the end of the day, don’t come at me with all your little cherry-picked examples of this trope done a million other times that people haven’t had any problems with because THEY AREN’T THE SAME AS SESSRIN!
Media and tropes are not black and white. We can’t evenly divide every piece of media into neat little “right” and “wrong” categories. There are many pieces of media that show a relationship dynamic similar to sessrin that is portrayed negatively. There are pieces of media out there marketed for adults that show similar relationship dynamics as muddy, and “maybe it’s wrong, but maybe it’s right?” because as the intended audience are all adults the POINT of said media was to make you uncomfortable, or to inspire the adult audience to dissect the themes in deep discussion to find deeper meanings.
But at the end of the day there can be absolutely no question that Sunrise screwed the pooch with their trashpile of a sequel by trying to include a trope intended to be portrayed differently and botching it entirely. There is no lesson for little girls that attention from an adult man is dangerous. And this show is much too shallow to keep an adults attention to excuse the relationship as a theme for discussion amongst a mature audience.
tl;dr Sunrise’s writing is shit CASH ME OUTSIDE!
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miraculousfanworks · 5 months ago
Artist Spotlight: Spibbyz
Tumblr media
The Miraculous Fanworks Discord server's spotlight highlights content creators in the community! Each month, one artist and one writer will have their accounts and content promoted on our social media accounts.
This month’s artist of the month is Spibbyz! See the writer of the month post here!
Izzy is a fantastic artist, posting a variety of content with unique designs and concepts! From darker pieces to cute cuddles, she's done it all.
We’ve interviewed Izzy, asking her questions about her artworks, fanworks, and advice for other artists!
1. How long have you been drawing in general?
I have been drawing ever since I was 14, so it’s been about four years! I got into drawing after visiting my cousin, who works as a storyboard director for different animations. I’ve always been interested in the arts but 14 is when I started to really take art seriously. Now, I’m actually studying to be a graphic designer, so this choice is currently changing my life. Wild!
2. How long have you been creating for the fandom, and what's your favorite part of the process?
I’ve been creating for the fandom ever since 2017, so about the same amount of time as I’ve been drawing. I think my favorite part of the process is sharing works in progress and seeing my friends/followers get excited about them. I also recently had someone recreate one of my pieces of artwork (the first time that’s ever happened!) and that made me feel really warm inside. There’s something about people viewing something you’ve spent a lot of time on and be inspired to create themselves! Another thing I really love is being able to collaborate with so many people. I’ve participated in two zines so far and am currently finishing up stuff for the ML Big Bang (whoop!) and the sense of fulfillment I get when working with others is amazing. Collaboration in smaller ways is another highlight too; asking for feedback on WIPs and talking about others about their own creations really add to the experience!
3. Has there been anything in particular that influences your style?
There are a lot of artists who have really helped me to learn and get better as I draw more. Some of my earlier influences were other ML fandom creators like Ceejurs, Eden Daphne and Laia Lopez, but more recently I’ve been finding inspiration outside of other fanart. Lately, I’ve been getting inspiration from revamped comic books (specifically spider man) and renaissance paintings for their use of color. Tim Burton is another inspiration of mine as I’m starting to draw more gothic/creepy stuff that doesn’t really wander into the horror category. I also get inspired by Edwardian and Victorian fashion when drawing clothing for characters. Their dresses and jackets are the definition of fabulous!
4. Do you have any advice you'd like to give to other creators?
Create for yourself! I’ve been having more fun with my art recently because I’m making content that I would personally like to see. Obviously, we as artists and writers love when other people consume our content, but it’s so so so important to enjoy what you put out into the world as well! Another piece of advice is to think outside the box. Sometimes niche interests don’t get too much traction due to, well, being niche, but it’s sometimes nice to be completely creative. I do that with my vampire AU(s) and those allow me to create all types of pieces that are unique to me as an artist.
5. How do you think the identity reveal is going to go? Feel free to write something quick if you want to!
To be honest, I do wish the reveal had been legit at the end of Ephemeral(it was written so well ;-;), but I think a good alternative would be to write something super dramatic to make up for that. I think it’s going to happen during a final showdown with Hawk Moth where he will take one of their miraculous, probably Marinette’s, leaving the reveal one-sided at first. Maybe that’s just how I want it to go down, but hey, you have to manifest what you want to happen! I just hope it happens sometime soon because I’ve been ready for years :>!
Tumblr media
Izzy can be found here on Tumblr @spibbyz and on Instragram under the same name, spibbyz. Some of her works include a Roswell-inspired Marichat comic, a vampire!Chat Blanc Mariblanc piece, and an illustration from one of her own fics, "Driven by the Strangled Vein". Go check them out!
Interested in being featured? Come join the server!
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jessicameats · 15 days ago
If I ever write a sequel to Ridiculously Long and Complicated Urban Fantasy Thing it’s going to be:
50% Harry consuming Arthurian media and pestering Bookworm to know if the things in it were real, while Bookworm gets more and more murdery with every question. When Harry starts asking questions based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Bookworm loses control and sets fire to something.
30% Harry going, “But wouldn’t it be cool if I used my magic for this?” while Mrs Bellows tries to get her to show restraint and Jenny. Dan, and Amala are there going, “Yeah, that would be so cool.” Like, Harry would 1000% decide that she needs to make herself Excalibur. Who cares that it was Arthur who used the sword and not Merlin? She needs to make herself a magic sword and Amala would be there cheering her on and going, “But what if you made it glow? Just make yourself a full on lightsaber!” while Mrs Bellows is trying to impose a “no lightsabers in the house” rule.
15% vampire shenanigans because I tease the existence of vampires more than once but they never appear in the first book because there’s already too much plot, so I need to bring them into a sequel.
5% actual plot.
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sageivashkovgf · 10 months ago
another rant: why is it unnecessary to label and present vampire academy (book series) as a part of the problematic media culture
as my usual rants, its under the cut!
hi guys welcome to my channel. today i'm-
Anyway i didn't like the youtuber entrance. beginning the topic!
since it had been announced that vampire academy is being adapted to tv, there were multiple posts about everything wrong with VA, problematic tropes in it, let it be age gap etc...
by starting this, i will definitely say that i do think fiction DOES effect reality, it is harmful to state otherwise because the media that we consume shape our thoughts sometimes. in this case, i do not think it applies to romitri/ va too much, because the world built in the series is way too much different than the world we live in.
in the world rose lives, children are discussed to be sent the wars at the age of SIXTEEN, let alone them being minors. they are considered capable of going to war at an age that id be inappopirate to have sexual relations. for example, rose and lisa, had fled from the academy at the age of 15 or so. they weren't adults but yet, they were somehow much more mature than their human peers. (in last sacrifice, when rose tries to avoid the guardians in the shopping mall, she thinks and says somethings like, "none of the human girls in my age deal with stuff like this, i was i had a normal youth too" but she didn't, because she never had a chance to live for her own)
this is where our reality and va's worldbuildings reality differ from each other. for example, ez/ria in pll, is such a harmful example of teacher- student trope, that could endanger many young girls' minds, give the predators the courage to follow the said couples path.
however, when we consider the events of VA, it's acknowledged that dimitri and rose are aware of how much unethical for them to be together. it is pretty often mentioned in the books, even in the finale of last sacrifice, BOTH abe and janine want to question dimitri about it. we know abe can be a bit, extreme, however janine shares the same worries too, which her concerns are actually validated by the narrative. but more than that, the big obstacle on their way is both of them being guardians, dhampirs, who are NOT ALLOWED TO LOVE EACH OTHER, REGARDLESS THEIR AGE AND STATUS.
rose and dimitri were raised with the duty and thought of only living for moroi, to only serve them and never put another dhampir before the moroi.
which i think touches the topic of classism and racism, the main core of the va series. rose had already fought with the striogi when she was only 17 (frosbite), killed two of them and faced the wrath of the worst part of the community she lived in. in the Va world, moroi in general have the upper hand on the dhampirs, other than the power imbalance between romitri. they both are already the victims of the systematic racism, which is way more harmful than anything wrong happened between them.
in last sacrifice, when their relationship is outed, hans says 'someone in the academy should had reported this, because rose was a minor in the time being'. however right he may be, we see alberta brushing it aside. she knows it is not ethical either, but in that moment (as how it is with everything happening in the VA universe) they have bigger worries than a potentially teacher- student relationship, noting a teacher who does not have much academical power over rose and does not grade her in any way.
in a world like pretty little liars, rivardale, the said trope is a HUGE issue that should be discussed and one to fight against the ones who blatantly advocate for it. but again, in the time romitri was outed, rose was blamed FOR THE MURDER OF THE MOROI COURT'S QUEEN, and dimitri only got his humanity back, which are the elements impossible to run into irl.
VA, acknowledged the issues in itself and did not glamourize the possible dangerous elements in it. dimitri states that they should not be together for several times. did he have to do better? absolutely. but when romitri talks about the obstacles in their way, the biggest one is both of them being assigned to protect lissa, as the age gap & student- teacher relationship falling into 2nd and 3rd places. because they do not even consider living for themselves, let alone considering an affair. in Va, rose hears about (ig it was camilla badicas guardian????lolll) two guardians falling in love and leaving the moroi behind, and it bewildens her. she thinks it is totally nuts, because who are the dhampirs to put themselves first?!
with the core of the series being the racism rose is horribly effected by, it also touches so much sensitive topics such as mental health and self harm. both rose and lissa's mental health issues are actually dealt pretty good, with touching the heavy subject of self harm with lissa.
the book is also about the co-dependency between lissa and rose. rose wanting a life for herself, but never even considering it, and finally dimitri being a worth chance for her to live her life for someone other than lissa. these two have a such strong bond, but we see and know that this bond is harming rose's mentality and her chance at a free life. however close they both were, as rose opens up to lissa about these, we see their bond even deepening and lissa being up for sacrificing her everything in order to help rose.
we always knew that she was willing to, but in the meantime, she got to prove it to rose and accepted her upper hand on rose, as they actually became equals too.
anyway, vampire academy is a series about friendship, racism, fighting for your own people, mental health, ptsd and all of those sensitive topics should not be drailed by only because of the student teacher trope, because va touches even bigger issues. believe me its not worth it lmao
anyway lmk ur thoughts if u want!!! <3
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