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mewtrixster · 2 days ago
Luz and Hunter switching places??? 
Eda and Raine switching places. Calling it, gonna happen, almost for sure gonna happen
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psycho-mocha · 9 months ago
we are more than halfway through 2021 and I have no fucking idea what I've done all year
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yeraskier · 2 months ago
imagine s3 geralt getting his ass kicked then he gets knocked out and he wakes up to the people who just kicked his ass fighting someone else (there are at least six of them)
and theyre at a distance and his vision is still blurred so he cant see much, he just sees blood flying and hears grunts and cries of pain and cant exactly tell whos winning
then he sits up right when its down to two people and he can finally see when one of those people stabs the other in the neck with a dagger and
its jaskier.
and jaskier rushes over to him and the man barely has blood on him, as if he'd ever let his expensive clothes get permanently stained, and starts untying geralt and asking if hes okay and geralts looking all bewildered and jaskier notices and hes like
"what? did you think i wouldn't benefit from all those training sessions you forced me through?" jaskier asks, completely nonchalant, barely out of breath like he didn't just take down half a dozen men. "thank you for that by the way, really came in handy"
and geralt realizes in that moment
his best friend is insane
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gravityfallsrockz · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I have and I'm still going strong
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yonghaz · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cookiescr · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Are any castaliet stans still there??
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doublel27 · 10 days ago
Bitches, get in this clown car. We are going to the wedding. No stops!
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annarts05 · 4 days ago
How to Write What You Want
Okay. So. This is pretty easy, and also really fun to do in my opinion!! You can do any of these first, and you don’t have to do all of them. When I’m sick of writing or stressing about it, I love to do some of these and just have fun with it :)))
Choose your theme. 
Figure out what the theme for your story is going to be. 
The theme is basically the lesson you’re trying to teach your audience without being preachy. The way we do is through characters. We watch characters go through some crap and learn a lesson, changing for better or worse. The lesson, the thing your characters learn or stand for, is your theme.
Figure out what you want to show the world. 
Whether your characters have negative, positive, or flat arcs, there should be a lesson for the audience to see. The character doesn’t necessarily have to agree with that lesson, as shown by villain plots where characters choose the wrong path. Audiences can still see that they chose the wrong path, and the theme is still visible. 
So just...what do you want to teach an audience? 
Write whatever lesson you want. 
Write it down. 
Create your characters. 
You can make lists of things you want in characters, different personality ideas, physical description rants, whatever you want. 
Got an idea for a character?
Write it down.
Make a list of your favorite tropes and clichés.
Clichés are okay. You might disagree, but I believe that tropes are excellent. They exist for a reason. People love certain stories, and they want to read more just like them. If we didn’t do tropes, where would readers find those stories?
You can make a list of your favorite tropes, whether they be quests, found family, certain character dynamics, anything you love to read in all your favorite books to see in movies. 
Make a list. I dare you. Pick a few.
Write a book. 
Any location ideas.
If you have a location idea...write it down. 
Abandoned castle? River? Big boat? Rowboat? A specific inn? A kingdom? Two kingdoms? More kingdoms?
Shrug. It’s your story. 
Any random ideas.
Write. Down. Any. And. Every. Ideas. You. Have. 
Literally anything you want. Any random ideas you have. Write them down. If you want trees, hunting, and early morning rays to happen, write it down. What what you want and whatever you like. Have fun with it. 
Writing is supposed to be fun. So put all the stuff you love to see in stories and include them in your own to make one giant bundle of love.
If you want historical fantasy to be combined with certain modern elements, do it. If you want a village surrounded by lava, do it. 
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eruden-writes · a month ago
Lights, Camera, ORC-TION! (Part 32)
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20 | Part 21 | Part 22 | Part 23 | Part 24 | Part 25 | Part 26 | Part 27 | Part 28 | Part 29 | Part 30 | Part 31 | Part 32 | Part 33 | Part 34 | Part 35 | Epilogue
Summary: With medical debt looming over her head, Avicia Thorn  can’t rely on   her cam career to make ends meet. She applies for a   slightly-better-than-minimum-wage data entry position at a motion   picture production company.
On her first day, she stumbles onto   the illustrious Kahdreg Vidaroc looming over the HR Recruiter, making   demands. By the time she stumbles out of the office, she is Vidaroc’s new personal assistant. Whether she likes it or not.
Her pay gets  even better when she becomes Vidaroc’s “girlfriend,” a ploy meant to   stave off unwanted attentions from an highly influential siren investor.   Farce doesn’t keep feelings at bay as they play pretend.
The sense of surreality diminished the longer Elyon spoke and the longer Avicia stared at the papers strewn out before her. Avicia was painfully aware of Java Brava, of the squeaky booth beneath her, of the churn of the air conditioner and the buzz of the overhead lights. She was even more aware of the papers before her. Receipts of hospital bills, for her own father, paid in full. The print-outs of Avicia’s remaining checks, both as a personal assistant and a ‘fake’ girlfriend, shown to be deposited into her account.
Most of all, the chat logs between Kahdreg and Kallinaera. Long discussions that happened over Sunday, after Kahdreg had left Avicia’s company, when the siren revealed she knew about Bellamy Bluebell.
‘What a shame it would be if - due to the alleged relationship with a prominent director - the paparazzi posted Bellamy’s address so fans could greet her with impromptu visits!’ Avicia kept re-reading that line, hearing Kallinaera’s gleeful malice in the very print. Rage slithered within Avicia, knotting tighter and tighter with every re-read.
Even with this added information, Avicia’s brain swam with questions.
How did Kallinaera even learn of Bellamy Bluebell? She doubted the siren perused camgirl streams all that often. The only thing Avicia could think of was some ‘friend’ of Kallinaera’s somehow stumbled upon Bellamy. With as often as Kahdreg made appearances - even disguised - it was likely easy for anyone who knew the couple to spot them.
But why would Kahdreg just up and end everything without talking to her, first? There were workarounds to this situation! Avicia had plans for this potential eventuality. Of course, she always thought it was going to be an obsessive fan, not a scorned admirer of her own partner, that brought the plans into motion. Regardless, there were ways to fight this, to fight Miss Virlee!
Why did they bend to that damnable siren, at all?
“There’s a lot at stake.” Avicia’s attention swung to Elyon, as the perceptive elf placed a gentle hand over Avicia’s own, which still clutched at a paper. Concern and sensibility emanated from the elven woman as she continued, “Their career and identity. Possibly, your life.”
Frustration swelled in Avicia, fingers crumpling the edges of the papers she held. “Why didn’t they talk to me about it, though?”
“They didn’t want to be talked out of it.” Elyon’s soft voice was not helping Avicia’s inner turbulence. She wanted to smash something, to tear the papers to shreds, to upturn the table, but Elyon’s gentle and sensible tone soothed the bristling irritation. Not to mention she didn’t want to create further work for Leio, who had to be pulled away to tend to customers. “Kahdreg will do what they need to, in order to protect those they care about.”
The words caused Avicia to sigh and slump further in her chair, releasing the papers from her grip. Her thoughts twisted down a separate avenue. Not for the first time, Avicia wondered if Kahdreg’s distance from their family was also thanks to Kallinaera’s criminal insistence to be part of the orc’s life.
Would born-with-a-silver-spoon-in-her-mouth Kallinaera even humor the rougher, blue collar Vidarocs, among others? Or would she insist on even further distance due to the optics? And what would she do if Kahdreg refused? Would she put the Vidarocs in danger, just to get what she wanted? She had pushed - accidentally or not - Avicia from the yacht.
“How much has Miss Virlee fucked with Kahdreg in the past?” Avicia found the question on her lips before she fully realized her own thoughts. If Kallinaera was willing to do anything for what she wanted, how many had already been hurt or threatened in the past?
Visible tension made Elyon sit straighter, her shoulders stiffening as her hand retreated from Avicia. “Fucked as in…?”
Avicia’s eyebrows dipped, a crease forming between them. Elyon’s reaction already answered enough of Avicia’s suspicion. But she needed a hard answer. With her voice hardening with every word spoken, Avicia replied, “Has Kallinaera Virlee threatened or coerced Kahdreg, or those they care about, in some way?”
At that, Elyon took a sharp breath. The elven woman seemed torn between answering and not answering. And Avicia could imagine why. Elyon was careful, always seeming to balance between industriousness and leniency while on set. That sense of propriety seemed to extend further than the workplace.
When Elyon’s hesitance became clear, Leio - freshly returned from serving customers - slapped a hand on the table. The scent of caramel wafted from the demon, incongruous with the serious expression on his features. “If she won’t tell you, I got some stories.”
“Leio,” Elyon hissed, pressing back against her booth’s seat as if to distance herself from the very conversation.
If Leio held Elyon’s warning with any weight, he didn’t let it show.
“Early on in Kahdreg’s career, after they made it big and started getting funded by the Virlee’s deep pockets, they were seeing someone. It wasn’t serious-serious and I think the beau was an aspiring actor.” Avicia leaned forward, gaze intent as Leio waved his hand, as if to dismiss his own rambling. “Anyway, Kallinaera had been introduced to this paramour and everything seemed hunky-dory, until Kallinaera brought the date to one of Temma’s shows.”
Avicia inhaled sharply, catching Elyon’s steady expression creasing from the corner of her eye. Leio nodded, a heavy sigh releasing from his chest. “I’m sure you can guess what happened.”
Screams. Drama. Accusations of lies. Confusion. Avicia didn’t need to take too long to dwell on the possibilities. She had seen and heard it with her parents, when her father had finally come out to his then-husband. Under the table, her hands fisted against her thighs. Another dollop of rage against Kallinaera dropped into her internal flame.
“Kahdreg thought Kallinaera hadn’t meant to ruin that, but she did… weird things later on.” Leio continued, oblivious to Avicia’s inner anger. Or, if he could sense it, he made no indication. “If Kahdreg seemed slightly interested in anyone at an event, they’d suddenly be gone. Sometimes, they’d disappear after talking to Kalli, but sometimes security would escort these hapless folk out.”
Avicia’s fists tightened further, her nails biting into her palm. Her imagination supplied her with enough ammo, but she couldn’t help wondering the reality. Who knew how or why those perceived threats to Kallinaera’s interests disappeared? Had it been the result of some manipulative words? Seedy statements? Or had the siren outright threatened those people?
Faintly, the memories of falling from the yacht, the dark waters, the bioluminescence, the teeth, the pain fluttered through Avicia’s mind. But, ultimately, it was Kallinaera’s push that lit up in her mind.
“And it seemed like the siren orchestrated… incidents where she and Kahdreg would be stuck together.” At this point, Leio’s eyebrows furrowed deeper, evidently raking his memories for more content. “Like elevators suddenly going haywire and the two of them being stuck for hours or the two of them accidentally double-booked for a very private cabin during some event or, I don’t know, really out there ‘coincidences.’”
The more Leio said, the further Avicia’s stomach knotted with queasiness. She thought what had happened on the yacht was, feasibly, a one-off situation. Something that happened, simply because Kallinaera was too preoccupied with Kahdreg to pay attention to her surroundings. She couldn’t help but wonder if that was actually the case, with this new information. But that was ludicrous. Would Kallinaera actually go to such lengths?
With a sidelong glance to Elyon, Avicia tried to temper her bristling paranoia. The way the elven woman paled, lips scrunched tight and eyes downcast, didn’t give Avicia the negation she had hoped for. Elyon looked like a guilty woman, who had heard of these repeated incidents and shrugged them off. Until now. Faintly, Kahdreg’s bitter words danced through Avicia’s mind, “Big bad orcs can handle themselves.”
“According to Kahdreg, Kallinaera had saboteurs on set, too.” Despite Leio’s voice dropping low, Avicia’s attention flickered back to him, her eyes widening. “Meant to make production harder and have Kahdreg cry on her shoulder.”
“Oh gods, they told you that?” Elyon groaned, pressing her face into her own hands. Avicia barely registered her, however. Instead, her mind was flickering back to that first day, after Kahdreg had wrangled her from the HR department. The strange words shared between himself and Elyon, after a massive prop fell and almost smashed into an actor:
“-botaged it. I’m fucking certain it was that shitstain.”
“Accidents happen, Kahdreg. No one sabo-”
If the rest of the accusations were to be believed, it wasn’t hard to imagine that siren hiring pawns to make Kahdreg’s life harder. All so Kallinaera could play the supportive shoulder to cry on. After witnessing the type of people that associated themselves with her, Avicia had no doubts someone would play such a role for that woman. Anything to get in that woman’s good graces or deep pockets.
“Hey, I’m just saying what Kahdreg’s gut instinct was.” Leio’s voice barely reached Avicia as the immensity of the situation weighed on her shoulders. “Kallinaera always seemed to check in on them when something was going horribly tits up.”
With her connections, status, and money, Avicia was willing to bet the siren got away with a whole helluva lot. Even if some of this was pure conjecture, the fact it seemed plausible with Miss Virlee said enough. Even if she had reported what had happened on the yacht to authorities, would it have mattered?
“So what are you going to do about this?” Once Leio directly addressed her, Avicia’s attention roused from the middle distance, where she had glared into nothingness, and turned to his face. Her gaze slid to Elyon, who barely masked her own curiosity.
“What can I do?” Avicia’s shoulders rose and fell with her heavy sigh after a moment’s thought. Oh, there were many things she thought to do. Many wretched, horrid, bloody things. But none of it would work in her favor or Kahdreg’s interests. “Kahdreg is an adult and they can make their own choices. I have to respect that.”
To Avicia’s surprise, Elyon was the one to lean forward, dissent on her lips, “Yes, but they care about you and they believe this is the only option.”
Holding Elyon’s gaze, Avicia was struck by the desperate fire within them. A quick glance to Leio and she found a similar heat in his own eyes. Neither wanted to accept this outcome.
Yet Kahdreg had made their choice. She had no doubt they wanted to keep her safe - especially after everything she’d heard - but the amount of work put into their movie was nothing to sneeze at. In an industry and society full of bigotry, Kahdreg had clawed their way to a place of prominence in their career, as well. She couldn’t not acknowledge and respect that.
As much as Avicia enjoyed the ‘love can conquer all’ narrative, this was reality. And sometimes, reality was disappointing.
“It is the only option,” she said firmly, her eyes flickering between the elf and demon. Before either companion could open their mouth to argue, Avicia held a hand up to stop them. “For now.”
In an attempt to dissuade the others from pressing her for answers, Avicia snatched her almost-forgotten glass of water and took a gulp. Sensing the end of the conversation, both Elyon and Leio excused themselves. The former, to return to the studio. The latter, to wipe down the counter behind the register.
Avicia ignored the slump of their shoulders as they left her proximity. Once more, she told herself reality was disappointing.
Although, Aviica couldn’t deny all sorts of things could happen in the coming days. Kahdreg could reverse the decision, rehire Avicia, and Kallinaera be damned. Or the siren herself could suffer a once-in-a-lifetime accident - such as being squashed flat by a meteor - and be erased from existence, thereby solving this whole situation!
Or - most likely - nothing would happen. The metaphorical show would go on for Kahdreg, without Avicia. Just as life would go on for her, without them. Simple footnotes in each other’s lives.
At that thought, Avicia wanted to curl up and forget this whole situation even existed. It was too much. Drama, awareness, emotions, intrigue. Being with Kahdreg, she realized, made her feel a lot as well. Happy, delightful, warm feelings, but still a lot. And the absence of that left a gaping chill in her chest.
It was a hopeless situation and she should take this time to disengage herself from it. Even if it hurt.
Under the sense of defeat and avoidance, another part of Avicia churned. A fire that burned quietly at her core and pulsed through her, making Kahdreg’s mark on her burn. Something that tugged her thoughts in harebrained, made-for-movies directions.
Trying to ignore the flare at her shoulder, Avicia’s eyes flickered to the large front windows, beyond which a plethora of people strode and vehicles glided. The rich, the famous, the help, the struggling to get by, the exhausted. People pursuing dreams and people who had given up.
In between her teeth, Avicia crunched down on an ice cube.
Reality could be disappointing, but this was Follywood. A place where dreams were forced into being, through hard work and special effects, glitz and glam.
Despite herself, Avicia could feel the settling foundations of a plan being built in her mind.
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because-its-eurovision · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Happy New Year to everyone and especially these two 🖤
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yuutasprincess · 11 months ago
yes yuuta will call u a dumb little baby while sucking n kissing your clit he also cums from eating you out <333
He thinks it’s cute how you cry out his name, pretty little head convinced he’ll stop when you lock your knees and push him away. hands pulling at his hair when his teeth graze over your clit and nip at the bundle of nerves. you can try, by all means go ahead, yank at the dark strands caught between your fingers and dig your thighs into the sides of his head until his ears ring.
He thinks you’re talking too much, spewing nonsense and hiccuping on choked whines, thinks he should fix that. maybe a little more attention would keep you quiet? captures your clit between his lips and squishes the skin of your legs under his fingers, thumbs folding to rub over the inside of your thighs when you start to squirm.
His hips rut against the bed, cock hard and aching from the way your curling your fingers into his hair and tugging. his heart catches in his throat when he feels his impending orgasm, forces you lower and flattens his tongue to press down onto your clit. his nose digs into your sex, tongue pushing against the ring of muscle to rub against your clenching walls and flick over the sensitive spot inside you. the hand on your thigh slips up to your lower back, offers support when your legs kick out and your spine arches at the stimulation. another tug has his scalp burning, eyes rolling back at the heat searing through his head when you wrap your legs around him.
He thinks you look pretty like this, words caught on your tongue and mind too empty to process the stain of cum under his hips. he can feel the heat from under his fingertips and reaches up to push down on your stomach when you start to move again. the ringing in his ears doesn’t stop when your legs fall, and the white noise doesn’t dissipate when he pushes himself up to kiss you. lips smeared with cum and tongue sticky, fingers part your folds when you kiss back, cheeks hot and head heavy as he pushes his tongue down your throat.
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lattesandlearning · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
✨2/22/2022- Seventh week of the semester✨
Screaming, crying and throwing up because I made full points on the ATI Proctor for Med-Surg and I’ve never managed that before! I did so many practice questions in preparation that I only took 26 minutes to zoom through 100 questions-
I only need a 59 on the final tomorrow to pass and I feel so relieved. The final and simulation then we are on to clinicals! Let’s get this bread!!!!
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miku3 · a month ago
Tumblr media
guys im the king, who cheered?
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madfantasy · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Daily Dose
Miss Sev?
31.8.2021, Support Mani: http://ko-fi.com/madfantasy
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incorrectnessduskwood · 2 months ago
Richy: Hey, wanna hear a joke?
MC: I only like dark humour.
Richy, turning the lights off: What do you call a fake noodle?
Richy: An IMPASTA!
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gayfanservice · 2 months ago
Could you do an Older Brother Oikawa x Ushijima. Like Tooru and his brother have a bad argument one night. Then Older brother leaves to go fight a war and many years go by and after the war the older brother gets married to Ushijima and Tooru goes to the kingdom to talk about a peace treaty when he meets his older brother again👀
This is not late at all
“That’s not how princes behave, Tōru.” The older Oikawa crossed his arms as the young prince copied him, “Well maybe you should stop criticizing me!” He slouched in his chair as (Y/N) sighed, “I wouldn’t criticize you if you just acted proper!” “Well maybe I don’t want to be a damn snob!” He slammed his hands on the table, “Don’t raise your voice, Tōru.” “Fuck you!” The dining room fell silent, the servants not daring to move as the younger realized what he said, “I’ll be in my quarters if anyone shall need me.” The older prince stood from his chair, clapping his hands for the servants to clean up. They opened the double doors as he walked out, closing it behind him and leaving Tōru by himself.
The brothers never talk after that, (Y/N) was sent to war only a couple days after the fight. The years flying bye as Tōru’s regrets caught up to him, the crown being placed on his head as he was declared king of the kingdom. ‘It was supposed to be you,’ He wasn’t the oldest son, he wasn’t supposed to be crowned king, (Y/N) was. He was the eldest son, better at being a king than Tōru ever could. The crown didn’t belong to him. It was a fake. But he could only except it, praying to the gods above that it was a terrible dream and that he would wake up with his big brother. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, opening them as he saw the guests leaving. He got up, walking towards his room. Tomorrow was his first king duty.
The carriage came to a stop as the reins snapped against the horses, a servant opening the door for Tōru. He stepped out, tipping his crown at the servant and making his way towards the palace doors. The wind sent a chill up his spine, the doors to his new friends. The peace treaty would be signed today, no more wars would happen between the kingdoms as the finally unite. He was lead through the main hall to the treaty room, many kings and queens seated around the table. He took a seat, greeting some of the others as they greeted him, the meeting beginning. Wakatoshi stood up first, “Thank you for coming, I hope we can come to an agreement.”
He bowed a little, “Now, (Y/N), my husband and king alongside me, will start.” Tōru’s eyes grew wide, looking towards Wakatoshi and seeing (Y/N)- his brother- standing beside Wakatoshi. His heart quickened as all the memories came back to him, barely able to hold it together as he watched him. The war changed him; a visible scar from underneath his shirt stopped at his chin, he was more monotone than Tōru remembers, but his eyes still had the same (Y/N) he knew. He watched as he sat down, a paper being placed in front of him. He missed the speech, too focused on not jumping up and telling (Y/N) how much he missed him and how sorry he was.
He wished he could take that day back, but he knows he can’t. ‘Maybe he hates you,’ He thought, his shaking hand holding the pen. He glanced up, seeing how (Y/N) looked so different, not believing it was actually his brother. Tōru thought he was dead, slain in battle to protect the kingdom, but here he is. Tōru has never been so glad he was wrong, now knowing he had a chance to un-fuck things up. He signed the paper, placing the pen back into the ink bottle and interlocked his fingers. ‘Soon,’ He thought, soon he’ll be able to talk to his brother again. The treaty signing ended early, the kings and queens getting in their carriages. Tōru turned, surprised to already see (Y/N) and Wakatoshi behind him.
His heart pounded in his ears, the feeling of vomit making its way into his system, “Tōru,” (Y/N) softly spook, “I missed you,” He smiled. Tōru let the tears run down his face as he pulled (Y/N) towards him, feeling his brother hug him back just as tight.
Did I write this in an hour because I completely forgot about it? No.
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kingkangyohan · 8 days ago
The Devil Judge's fic rec post - WIPs
I see some new activity in the fandom so, first of all, WELCOME, second I thought to share few fic titles. This time around are all ff that are still in progress, aka not completed but updated somewhat regularly. (at least now, May 15th 2022)
Who Holds the Devil, by @amethystinawrites: 140k+ words, post canon, Ga On POV, his journey towards a healthy relationship with Yo Han, a literary masterpiece that place my life on hold whenever updates.
Your Kisses Tastes Like Heaven, by no_detective: 67k+ words, canon retelling, Yo Han's POV, very hot. Basically TDJ with the allegedly omitted sex scenes between Yo Han and Ga On, and beautiful introspection.
Metamorphosis, by @the-pink-quill: 21k+ words, AU where Ga On re-lives his life and so the events of the show. A fantastic darker Ga On and juicy ancient Greek references. I love this one.
2 Days Ago verse, @bitacrytic: 9k+ words, post canon. This one is actually a series of one shots. Hypothetical series two with a twist, politics and a Ga On that stays in Korea and MAMMA MIA.
Welcome to the Kang Family, by @igonecrazy: 7k+ words, Happy AU, established relationship, everybody lives - yes, Isaac too, and now enjoy Yo Han explaining to his family why his boyfriend is the exact copy of his brother. I do not like fluff, but I adore this fic.
The Devil Judge has thought me how to read works in progress again, after years and years of exclusion on my side. AO3 subscription email is now my favourite thing. Let's give authors some love and comments.
Completed works fic rec to follow. We are very lucky, so many good things to read in this fandom.
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incorrect-mha-bnha · a year ago
Hey yeah uhhhhhh KiriBaku crumbs anyone?
Tumblr media
Listen no one say shit about “it’s just him picking out hot sauce, it has no significance”
all I’m saying is they had to draw out and illustrate this entire scene. Which means they decided to add Crimson Riot in the screen with Bakugo. Crimson Riot who we all know is almost always a symbolism for Kirishima seems how he shows no other meaning nor significance besides when he’s presented by our favorite red head.
Hence my stance on KiriBaku crumbs. And you all can tell I’m taking no shit so let’s jump right in
“He’s coming— The star of the show.”
[Enter Bakugo riding on the hood of a car]
Needless to say that it was a group effort, each one of his peers working their asses off to get things done an yet..?
Kirishima deemed Bakugo the star of the show. The main focal point of their training. The glorified leader of their efforts despite it being a group operation.
Kirishima once again put Bakugo upon a pedestal, which means he views him as the star of the show.
If that isn’t some fruity shit idk what is.
Crumbs all around.
Also have this little thing
Tumblr media
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anakinskywalkerog · 10 days ago
it's so funny to me that this is an Obi-Wan series and everyone is freaking out about Hayden/Anakin...Obi-Wan who?
this is my response to this
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wiirocku · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Acts 20:35 (CEV) - By everything I did, I showed how you should work to help everyone who is weak. Remember that our Lord Jesus said, “More blessings come from giving than from receiving.”
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