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#I don’t really reblog but
mikyou · 36 minutes ago
My goy mom really tried to tell me I didn’t know what the fuck I was talking about when I called G-d Hashem during prayer time
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galaxytrashh · 17 hours ago
don’t you love it when your friends don’t invite you to hang out? because i love the feeling of being left out and not cared for ❤️🤗✨👍🏼
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raggedrobin · 4 days ago
Just had a post reblogged by someone whose dni said “dni if ur a man” and then below it “dni if you’re not fully supportive of the trans community” ……. Way 2 be supportive lol
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vegetablearian · 5 days ago
All of the most annoying “feminist” “discourse” is just women not minding their own business
No-one cares about your opinion on separatism if you’re not interested in separatism
No-one cares about your opinion on relationships with men if you’re not interested in relationships with men
No-one cares about your opinions on motherhood if you’re not interested in motherhood
Aside from being annoying, it’s always so anaemic. So disembodied. It’s just as stupid and online-only as gender bullshit. And it always boils down to “I don’t want to do that”, just with this stupid fake feminist “I identify as a feminist, so everything I do is feminism” which necessarily (in its stupidity) becomes “if you don’t want to live the same life as me, A FEMINIST, you hate women!!”
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