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Hm, didn’t post this here yet - WIP drawing of a scene from an Oxventure fic I found and don’t you give me shifty eyes, I’ve been in fandom space for probably longer than many of you have been alive, I know what I’m about.

Anyway, at one point Dob and Merilwen are collecting herbs and fall down a hill and get into a gigglefit and I’m like “that it’s, that’s the ship”. They also have DIFFERENT OUTFITS which if you have known me for longer than two months, are aware that’s a thing I like.

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Loki: it must be nice to have the riches of an organisation behind you instead of having to develop a likeable personality
Nick Fury: ???
Carol: don't say that u might hurt nicky's feelings
Nick Fury: ???
Loki: he can buy my silence
Nick Fury: ???
Carol: that he can
Nick Fury: are you ??? trying to ??? extort me ???
Carol: we're demanding proper wages, nicholas
Nick Fury, director of shield, professor of staying cool under pressure: THEN WHY THE &*^$ DIDN'T YOU JUST SAY THAT
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there are so many popular blaseball ships that are also good (allison/kichiro has rights) but i think part of the fun of having literally 300 characters is that you get the opportunity to fuck around and make up ships because there are infinitely many dynamics available to you. this is why i started crying this morning because i thought too long about nic/margo again

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For a While now I’ve had this minor-AU-i-guess?? in my head where Apollo has a pet rabbit instead of a cat (which he apparently has?? i still don’t know where the root of that is from, help me) and she’s named Cabinet bc Clay just kept coming up with really fuckin dumb names while trying to name her and then it stuck and Apollo will never forgive him for it

They usually call her Cabbie and let ppl draw their own conclusions but when she’s in trouble then she’s Cabinet Roger Justice (sometimes with other middle names but Roger is a p persistent one)

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i was joking about raizel playing basketball when i saw that new trailer but then i was like, i have the power to make the ooc into ic. sorta. not really. i am a very serious artist and writer you know

“…. Raskreia.”


“You did not let me finish explaining.”

“I felt it unnecessary. After all, the purpose of this game is to hit your opponent as fast as possible, is it not?”

“It is not.”

“Now you are the one not making sense.”

“Hahaha, noona-” Tao gulps, holding up a hand, feeling it necessary to intervene since this idea had been his in the first place. Raizel is a noble, so he could handle a full power throw to the face with a ball, but if it were him, M-21 or Takeo, he’s certain that their heads wouldn’t stay on. Especially since it’s the Lord of Nobles.

He can feel M-21′s harsh look digging into the back of his back, as if he were saying ‘Dammit Tao, this is on you if we die today’. Tao restrains a sigh as he begins explaining the real purpose of the game, lest Frankenstein walk in and see this disaster. He’s surprised that Raizel wants to keep on playing, but he supposes that Frankenstein’s order to exempt him (and the others) from P.E. instilled a sense of loneliness, especially since the human children played basketball today.

… Honestly though, he thinks that in the end, it might’ve been safer to play with the kids than with this group of nobles.

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also thinking about pokeball/trainer registration lore and how I want to draw something about it someday, because generic has a complete dex 

like he could definitely keep each regional dex with the professors who have space to accommodate up to 200 ‘mons at a time, but it might not be totally practical considering how many trainers there are and how the games show only a few lab assistants

especially legendaries like….. there are multiple of each species but even still they’re legendaries so it’s got to be more like, 

you can probably register pokemon as caught by you and other pokeballs won’t work on them, but they don’t have to go to boxes if they’d rather keep living in the wild, and it probably helps them too if they don’t want to be bothered by other trainers (like legendaries)

buuut if they want to go into boxes and get out of the wild that’s fine too, because boxes are just simulated environments and pokemon are made of mostly energy, right?? the whole point is that boxes are perfectly healthy?

anyways it’s probably inaccurate af but I think about boxes and pokeballs and trainers weekly at least

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It feels weird typing that when I’ve actively spent a month or so seeing this shit in passing but just now actually caring but anYWAY

Would anyone be willing to tell me about what’s going on with the server and the election? I know that JSchlatt did some bad things, Niki(?) had some stuff blown up, Dream hasn’t actually been a part of the narrative(much?), L'manburg?? L'mannberg???, and Quackity is involved in,, something

Anyway I just really wanna know and I’d really appreciate it if someone could take a little time to explain it ;w;

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i see a lot of ya’ll self-depreciating over how much you cry and like…generally speaking, crying is a very healthy process. it’s an important means of 

  • expressing & processing strong emotions
  • relieving stress
  • experiencing catharsis 
  • moving on to a recovery period

this mindset that people just need to train themselves out of crying…that really worries me. bc the alternative is to repress those feelings instead of expressing them…and from firsthand experience i can tell you it is very much not worth doing that. i’ve been there, i’ve done it, i’ve bought into that mindset. i thought it would make me stronger and less vulnerable. instead i fell so out of touch with myself, it took years of therapy for me to learn to identify my own emotions again. i literally forgot how to tell when i’m upset or sad, bc my body had been trained out of expressing it. that’s an extreme scenario but it’s not uncommon, and if you spend too much time criticizing yourself over your own emotions, it can creep up on you.

i like to think we all know how harmful it is to tell children to just “stop crying, dammit.” turns out, the same is true for adults.

 just. please change the mindset that being visibly upset is somehow shameful. if you find yourself crying a lot, that probably means something in your external and internal experiences needs to change: you don’t deserve to feel angry, frustrated, frightened, sad, or upset so frequently that it distresses you. those are only supposed to be sometime emotions. 

but telling yourself to just. stop crying, or to stop feeling what you’re feeling? that’s harmful, and it doesn’t work. no one controls their emotions out of sheer will–at best we shut them down, and then pay heavily for it later. if we want our minds to feel better, we need to give them assistance, not threats. threatening or bullying our bodies and minds to behave the way we want them to will always backfire.

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i finally unlocked rex in goh so now the only clone i have left is the totally generic arc trooper who definitely didn’t show up in tcw with a name

i can’t do anything w/ the clones yet bc i’m focusing on my phoenix and empire teams still but someday…someday

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