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A Brief History of the Reformed Church of the Goddess

A/N: A very short experimental piece written by someone in the far future of the Crimson Flower route of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It takes liberties with it to try and inject a little realism into things, so not… not really in line with canon. Still interested? Then read on.

In the wake of the Adrestian Empire’s conquest of Fódlan, known historically as the Reunification War, a wave of religious persecution and historical revisionism swept the continent. Much history was lost, and a great effort was made to erase any trace of the pre-war word. Fortunately for modern historians, a complete erasure was made difficult. Though few in number, refugees from the territory once known as the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus migrated to other lands, bringing with them their religion and history alike. From these refugees formed the Reformed Church of the Goddess, based around the concept of the Martyr King, the fallen ruler of the lost Kingdom, and placing him as the central figure rather than the now all-but-forgotten Saint Seiros of the Reformed Church’s predecessor religion.

Due to the revisionist policies of the Empire, it is unknown whether this man ever truly existed, let alone was executed in the manner detailed in the tenets of the faith, but nevertheless he formed a central figure for the scattered believers to unite around: a man devoted to his people, driven to desperation by an unstoppable conqueror, and, according to followers of the Reformed Church, upon his death taken into the arms of the goddess herself — one day to return, reforming the lost Kingdom in a state of perfection previously lost to the flames of war.

By the time the Adrestian Empire was formally dissolved into the Fódlan Meritocracy, the Reformed Church was making headway back into the continent, albeit as an underground movement due to the continued persecution as set out within the Meritocracy’s Constitution: “We allow neither god nor beast dominion over the hearts and minds of man; our world’s destiny is ours to claim, and belongs to no other.” When, after a century and a half, this government began to crumble under an influx of nepotism and power shifts into an oligarchy, along with renewed invasion attempts by other nations — among them Almyra, Dagda, and a heretofore thought-impossible attack by the people of Morfis — it was the followers of the Reformed Church who stepped in.

Long-term champions of those considered ‘less able’ or ‘less intelligent’ than those primed to succeed under the meritocracy, the Reformed Church rose to public prominence when nearly half of the Meritocracy declared independence in the name of religious freedom and equality, sparking the flames of revolution once more.

— An excerpt from ‘Fódlan: A History of Chaos’, by Dr. Flayn NcChol, Religious Historian

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Right so… I went to see a GP today, I got an emergency appointment. They almost didn’t let me in because the surgery is not technically in my borough but luckily they did, I don’t know what I would’ve done otherwise, it was such a massive obstacle to even pick up the phone and say those words out loud. 

The doctor was very lovely and sympathetic, and listened to everything I wanted to get out of my chest. He did the points survey and according to that it seems like I have mild to moderate depression. He said my case is not too severe but it seems like it’s been going on for a long time and it could be a symptom of an event from three years ago (which I’m not quite ready to discuss here yet). He referred me to cognitive therapy assessment and gave me some self help websites and tips. 

He said I probably will get by without antidepressants, and while I’m happy about it I had hoped he would give me some magic pills just to make this go away immediately. I know that’s not how it works but still. Conflicted. But therapy rather than meds is probably the best way to go about this anyway. 

Next thing - how to tell family? I kinda just wanna text the family whatsapp chat and tell them not to make a big deal about it but I’m quite sure that’s not the best way… So any ideas?

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This is what I call quality tv. Also, on the gif you just posted (bell, Monty and Clarke talking in the cafeteria). The posters of blood must have blood (that were tweeted a few months ago) can be seen in the background (without the quote). Solid proof the grounders came from the second dawn people or nah?


I don’t think it’s proof. Or I don’t know. I need to see what they showed us in canon and then see the actual posters. 

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 ❝ hey, kit-kat. are we going from when we left off or are you into, i dunno, troll lord of the rings now. if so i wanna be an elf, even though it’d make more sense for me to be strider considering that’s my fuckin’ name. you run the show. ❞

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So I thought: “I think I should Google it”.

My first impression was:“Oh no, it’s totally not me”.

But this was totally my sister. So I kept reading. And than I realized: what if?..

I like physical attachment. I think about sex a lot. I can fall in love. And I feel sexual desire. A lot honestly. And I’m masturbating. (Yes, confession time! I’m not afraid of telling this. Think of me as fucking sinner for all I care. Cause I am fucking sinner.) And I had sexual experience. And after that I don’t actually want to have sex with real person. (I wasn’t raped or something and experience was actually good)

Does it makes me asexual?

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oh my god the other day my friend and i were talking about marriage and kids and she said that she wants to get married and have kids by the time she’s 26 (or twenty eight??? i forgot) and i’m just like.



same dude saME

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