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I posted an unedited fic that I wrote purely for practice/as a warm up (bc it would have gone to waste sitting in my drive finished) at like one in the morning last night and somehow it managed to gain more attention and kudos in 12 hours than the fic I poured my soul out for and worked on for MONTHS and honestly? 

That shit HURTED

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why do we want to save

we want to survive!

we want others to survive!

isn’t that beautiful?

save everyone who needs to be saved!

i don’t want to be saved.

let me die.

let me be alone.


when i see that you need to be saved

i will do everything in my power to save you


is that my cry for?

do i want to be saved?

i don’t want to be saved, but god forbid that this person, this total stranger, isn’t saved!

why are we so keen on surviving?

what does life have to offer us?

why do we live?

why am i not doing anything else than what i am doing right now?

i am nobody

my thoughts are returning

rational thoughts, they call it

no, no! don’t save me, let me die!

in peace!!

this is peace!

i have peace, i am peace!

listen to me!

i will save you

but don’t you dare to save me

they will thank me for saving them

and i will accept the gratitude

people want to be saved

but not me

i want to die.


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