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#I don't know what to tag this

Thank you for being the first nice anon I’ve had in a few hours lol <3 

Also yes! same!!

Like I find his belly attractive!!!! Are they saying that finding bellies attractive is bad??? it can ONLY be a kink?? dangerous road my friend

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The Azran emissary’s body has been overcome by an illusion of burning embers. She is fading away, no longer needed on this Earth… but despite this, she moves slowly across the floating sanctuary toward you. You scoff upon realizing she has come to kneel beside you on the ground and shift your gaze away from her.

“Your compassion is pathetic and worthless to me, emissary,” you sneer through the ache overwhelming your body. “I am Jean Descole, a broken husk of a man. Do not waste your final moments mourning me. I lived my entire life consumed by vengeance and suffering in desolation; I deserve only to die in the same manner.”

Aurora sighs softly, not listening to your callous self-flagellation. Despite not seeing her face, you can sense her humanly inhuman blue eyes watching your expression.

“Professor Sycamore.” You flinch as she begins somberly. “In the short time I spent among the Azran, I had no one to call my own. Even whilst recognizing their own downfall, the Azran people could not overcome their great pride. I as a golem was merely a tool to them, an object to send their final message to the future of humankind. When I was put to sleep, I only knew despair and wretchedness; I feared I would only find more of the same when I next opened my eyes.

“But when you and the others released me from that ice, I began instead to learn of hope; of compassion; of unconditional love. You, the professor, Emmy, Luke… you all immediately cared for me more than I could ever have imagined. And you cared so much for each other too; being with you all, I never truly feared for the world, because all along, you and they would have given everything you had to keep everyone else safe. I cherished every moment we spent together: all the laughter, the fear, the simple comfort in having one another nearby… because at long last I understood what the Azran had meant by ‘family’. Perhaps you can claim that you are nothing more than this persona of anger and hatred, but I have seen for myself the vastness of the love in your heart, for your brother, your friends, and indeed for me. You were like a father to me when I had never had one before, Professor. In a different lifetime, I wanted for nothing more than to become human so that I might truly be a part of your family forever.”

Turning your head back to Aurora’s face at her earnest words, you see that the girl—the golem—has begun to cry silently. Shocked tears begin suddenly to spill down your own cheeks, a different pain now burning in your chest.

You did not cry when a cruel fate whisked your parents away–when it tore your baby brother from your arms although you were yet a babe yourself. Neither had you cried when a man crueler than fate had punished you with the price of his own greed, and you before age 30 were forced to bury the only partner and child you believed you would ever have. There was no energy to waste on sadness when revenge was yet to be had. But as you stare into the softly flickering gaze of a girl you should have hated, knowing instead that you had allowed her to take residence in your heart, and allowed yourself the faintest glimmer of a second chance at parenthood… you cannot help yourself any longer.

“I, too, wanted nothing more than that,” you whisper between sobs, releasing all pretense from your voice.

Aurora gently runs one hand along your cheek to catch the cascading droplets, and embarrassment wells up as quickly as do the tears. The girl had been created unwillingly for one purpose, made to slumber for millennia and awoken only for her life to be cut short in fulfilling it. You, meanwhile, had dedicated yourself for years to destroying everything for which she stood, until this moment never truly understanding the Azran civilization despite a lifetime of research. Now Aurora had just borne her most withholding emotions, claiming you as the father and the family without which she had been created so long ago… and yet here it is you lying vulnerable and powerless, and her keeping her resolve and soothing you.

It should have been the other way around. It all should have been the other way around.

But the Azran emissary, in her youthfully ancient wisdom, quietly forgives you for everything that was and everything that never would be. With the remnants of her other delicate hand, Aurora clutches onto your own a little tighter, the falling sanctuary settling into a sort of silence around you. You are unsure how long you lie there at her side, holding each other’s hands. In this moment in space, time seems to have wound to a halt, despite you knowing that both yours and hers is running out; the hush is only interrupted by your increasingly disjointed weeping as Aurora’s body continues to disappear. Only when the last remaining weight of the Azran emissary’s hand escapes into the sky does yours fall back to the floor limply, and you, Desmond Sycamore, slowly and finally allow yourself to close your eyes and be at peace with this agonizing life you’ve lived–knowing your family awaits in the next.

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It feels weird typing that when I’ve actively spent a month or so seeing this shit in passing but just now actually caring but anYWAY

Would anyone be willing to tell me about what’s going on with the server and the election? I know that JSchlatt did some bad things, Niki(?) had some stuff blown up, Dream hasn’t actually been a part of the narrative(much?), L'manburg?? L'mannberg???, and Quackity is involved in,, something

Anyway I just really wanna know and I’d really appreciate it if someone could take a little time to explain it ;w;

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I’m just gonna keep a list of what Xillians are up to in Crusty-world so that I don’t have the confusing problem of like Rays or whatever. Will update as they appear.

Milla (Chapter 1/Velvet’s Side Story)

Formerly traveling with Velvet–gets split up
Possibly to blame for whatever happened to Velvet??
Pretty easy-going for all that Velvet says to her
Velvet doesn’t know what she is apparently??
Got something she needs to do for herself

Gaius (Farah’s Side Story):

Goes by Erston
Traveler in black
Owns masks that cause people to hallucinate(??)
Into hero things(??)
aka pretty much literally nothing except guesswork

Jude (Ruca’s Event):

Medical Student in ?? village
Giant library through forest nearby
Extremely busy and doesn’t watch Vision Central

Muzet (Luke’s Side Story):

(Former?) forest spirit of Palumi Village, north of Northmine, along coast
Grants villagers’ wishes (curing illnesses, helping find lost items)
Uses catalysts to perform artes (flowers; spring water)
Is getting bored and wants to go elsewhere (tails Luke and Alisha??)

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the moon: what are you hiding from yourself or from others?
he only thing I’m hiding is my extensive DVD collection, because people always borrow stuff and then never return it. I might also be hiding my favorite striped tie from myself, because I can’t find it anywhere.

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@pepperpxtts​ // continued from here


There was such an anger rising through Harold that the tightness when he clenched his jaw practically locked it in place. His knuckles were still bruised from him decking Tony right in the face after the billionaire tried to explain what he had walked in on was nothing. Right. NOTHING. Just like he was to Pepper.

His eyes set on hers harshly, a glare that could cut right to the soul. He wanted to swallow it down. He wanted to take a breath and see things from her perspective. How terrifying it must have been to walk down that aisle. How alone she must have felt being half way across the country. How painful to go through what she went through all alone. God he wanted to forgive her. But she wasn’t alone was she? She always had Tony fucking Stark to come to her goddamn rescue.

How utterly foolish Harold was to even think that he could have ever competed. That wasn’t Harold’s style. He didn’t compare himself to other people, much less other men. He was the silent, strong type because he found more often than not he hurt people with the way his words could cut to a truth they didn’t want to face, but that was about as stereotypically masculine the man got. But everything about the last few days took him for a loop. He was so angry and it didn’t matter that Tony had taken five bullets to the chest. It didn’t matter that Tony was just a guy caught in the middle of his two friends, trying his best, for once, Harold was pissed and it was directed at both of them.

“No you don’t. You want to stop feeling guilty. Well too fuckin’ bad Virigina. You walked away. You kissed Tony. And you didn’t tell me about the baby.” Harold responded darkly.

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So I heard something about Among Us-sonas?? Well uh.. I like wearing lime with the leaf hat so uh here’s that.

I don’t have much experience playing the game but I have watched a lot of videos so I know all the signs. I’ve also never been imposter and I always seem to die first in rounds, especially in Admin while I’m trying to swipe my card…

I need to find a group of people to play with over like, discord or something. It’d be fun.  :)

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So this isn’t Obiyuki related and I don’t care. Today’s LaLa had THIS and it looks….

*screams into fist*


Apparently it’s a comicization of a novel and the synopsis says it’s about a girl who goes into the wood to try to convince the King of the Night to eat her and-


my GOODNESS is this some pretty art. I mean-


If there is anyone who knows anything PLEASE LET ME KNOW because I am HERE FOR IT

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