#I don't think she has a love language
pynkhues · 2 days ago
THANK YOU for pointing out the Logan getting physical in Austerlitz thing, I never agreed when people say that Logan only ever hit Roman because all things aside, that’s just not how physically abusive parents work, and it’s pretty clear from everyone’s reactions in that scene that if he had gotten physical with Kendall, it would not be surprising to anyone
You're welcome, anon!
Just quickly though - abusive parents can very much be abusive to only one child – it's often called target-child abuse (or sometimes the Cinderella effect, although that's generally more specifically about abusive step-parents than biological ones), and I actually think Logan was to an extent because I don't think he was physically abusive with Shiv. Because of that, his abuse was still targeted and not indiscriminate, which makes sense too when you consider how much his emotional abuse is different child-to-child.
But yeah, I think Logan was physical with all three of the boys, and in particular I think 1.07 really articulated that pretty clearly. Kendall in that episode is at the very start of his relapse and in the process of self-destructing, and goading his father into physical violence was – in my interpretation – a part of him courting that self-immolation. The fact that he knew exactly what to say to get his father to rush at him like that and didn't so much as blink when he did, coupled with Connor's non-reaction and Roman's half-hearted effort to stop their father - - I think it tells us that Logan going from 0 to 100 is no surprise to any of them.
I also talked about it a bit in this post, but I think the visual set-up of Logan hitting Iverson in 1.05 was specifically meant to feel like a personal memory for Kendall too.
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miabrown007 · 23 days ago
thinking about whether "words of affirmation" became a more popular love language during the pandemic, or if people are better at using it/appreciate it more than before
#also whether there's a difference on this between people with and without online friends #because you can't really show your love any other way -- as the post a few days ago had also said #like. you can try gift giving but even that's more limited #and then people whose primary love language is touch will be like. I guess I'll just die #but we're all forced to adapt now so I think it's a reasonable assumption that we're getting better at this and voicing iut feelings #which should be really nice on the long run actually #then it's only a matter of whether this is a doman specific skill in a sense that you'll be able to express yourself better irl too #(I guess I am thinking of irl as a normal we somewhen have to return to. it is just getting incresingly more scary day by day) #and also. I started going among people for the first time lately since the pandemic broke out almost two years ago. #and I'm just so shit at communication -- which I was getting so much better at right before covid hit -- that it isn't even funny #I'm just. I want covid to end I want my life back I'm scared I want to live in my room for the rest of my life #I'm an awesome problem solver and mediator of conflicts I'm a scared little meow meow who can't speak to people #because she will stumble over her own words #I'm a skilled professional with so much potential. I can do absolutely nothing at all and my future is hopeless #I'm pretty good with people. I can flirt. I'm horrible with people. can and will combust and die on the spot if I need to talk to one. #I want to move abroad. I don't want to leave the house. I want to take responsibility and live alone. #cooking isnt hard. I wouln't be able to cook for myself and I'd starve to death because I dont have the mental energy to get to the kitchen #I'm a decent writer. I'm absolute garbage and spending time on writing has no meaning when I should be building my career. #but what is my career? #no one fucking knows. hope that helps. #wow this escalated quickly. #anyway. your compulsory reward otter if you've made it so far: 🦦 #thank you for perceiving me. I hope you have a nice day! <3 #miaing #*sorry it's a mandatory reward otter. I'm just shit at English what's new /lh #🦦
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ferineelegance · 29 days ago
What kind of touch do you possess? 
sensual touch You are classy, glamourous, and eye-catching. the way you carry yourself leaves others speechless and wanting to know more. you take pride in your appearance and pay extra attention to details. you're probably very in tune with your emotions and body. you know what makes you feel good and you make it known. also, your love language is definitely physical touch. you’re a hot bitch, damn.
tagged: @lionfated (thanks for the tag! :3)​
tagging: steal it!
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hwiyoungies · a month ago
a friend wants to get a tattoo in japanese bestie no
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gentlemanjean · 5 months ago
Informal notice that Im kinda sorta maybe testing out the name Jerónimo as a bigender name (while 100% keeping my given name and usernames/nicknames as well :3 ) bc it's more masculine and has both English and Spanish pronunciations I'm comfortable having different people use, just like my feminine given name.
So like. When shortened it can sound like Heh-ro with or without the thick Spanish sound of j's, or you could just say Hero
Or just Jero (Jeh-ro) with a hard j, or Jeró (the same but stress on the o).
Because I rlly have a soft spot for nicknames and the ideal of Being Known™ that is involved in the way different people pronounce your name even if they're all technically correct.
#like the way your siblings may say a quick version or friends may just say some consonants differently in general #or if bilingual then the version you say to strangers of one language vs another #the clarity of the way my parents say my given name & the blurriness of the way my brothers say it. both with a native Mexican-Spanish sound #how i can't physically stand the way white strangers thinking they know the spanish sounds say it #how my friends each stress different syllables bc of how each of their english accents were formed. even in the same city #when i first made culturally latino friends that weren't my relatives and introducing my name in spanish led to #experiencing strangers say my name perfectly yet also in their own ways. it felt like home yet different from my family's house #anyway i always liked my usernames that led to new friends using different nicknames. grizz/grizzly/gristle/griste for one example #plus I've loved J names ever since i made my first two ocs (both self inserts and male) in 3rd grade #and sidenote i wanna use my full given first name irl but America isnt used to someone having 2 first names and no middle name so like #idk where i would even apply it sadly #n everyone i want to know about Jerónimo already has nicknames for me n i def don't want them to stop using em cuz i love em too #like my workplace completely knows me as She/Her Feminine Name with engraved nametag #how would I even implement She/Him Girl Name/Jerónimo anyplace public n without outing myself to my family #oof i did not mean to ramble it's 2am i need to SLEEP i have not rested in two straight weeks #whoops
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mrbingley · a year ago
Tumblr media
one of my players (tallulah the trophy wife) found a wild opossum so she could give the infant clown nose a host so it wouldn’t die. she put a juicy couture necklace around the opossum’s neck as a collar and now it’s her pet. the opossum’s name is holly aka josslyn.
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realized just now that if i were in a financial position at the moment to give $150 to charity to make jason ralph do something in front of a camera and/or if i had the magic power to make jason ralph do something in front of a camera no questions asked i would make him read the “more life” speech from angels in america and i don’t, like, love having that information about myself? but i can’t say i’m surprised
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morghulis · a year ago
@mercysought   /   As for how Moe sees it, and Moe wouldn't know how to put it, but it is raspy and slow, Arya takes her time and thinks through every single word before speak which Moe can't relate (despite being non-verbal). Mostly in a low register. Not necessarily with Moe's interactions, but with others? Hopefully this makes any sense, but it can often feel like there is a growl hiding behind the last breath of a sentence. When speaking to Moe though? free-er than what Moe hears Arya talk to other people 🥺
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icharchivist · 2 years ago
Me in general: yeah French is such a bollocks language, I might be native French but the language itself makes no sense and i trouble with it too much to care about it.
Stella: “Venez M’aider” and says “Histoire”
Me: Wow can you believe Gentaro invented French. What a beautiful language. Nailing down some of the most beautiful and poetic sentences of French history. How sexy of him, Venez m’aider dealing with it too
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mythtakenforastory · 10 days ago
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clumsyenby · 16 days ago
HII! if your requests are still open I was curious if you could do lil head cannons for Roxy, Monty, and moondrop with a feminine (or gender neutral of you're more comfortable with that!) s/o who's hands are always cold but their(the s/o) love language is physical touch? ofcofc if you don't have time//don't write for those characters I understand completely, no worries! :)
hello!!! my first request :D
thank you so much, this has been such a fun thing to write about. do forgive me as i'm not sure how head-cannons work (is it just written in point form??) so i wrote a short one-shot for each animatronic instead!
PS: sorry, i'm a little rusty from a break, so this isn't my best work, but i quite like it. <3 happy new year!
edit: requests are open! feel free to ask anon too :)
here are the rules for requesting and my AO3 collection of FNAF imagines!
TW: none
adult, gender-neutral reader!
(Y/N) - Your Name
Total: 3408 words
Cold Hands, Warm Heart
- holding hands with your animatronic lover is always fun, though their hands being cold can be a little disadvantage to that. screw it, you love them too much to let go. ♡
Roxanne Wolf
- 1001 words
Her paws envelop yours as her tail wags excitedly. "Did you see that, (Y/N)?" She asks. Her eyes reflect the joy she feels from winning the race against her fellow Glamrocks. There was no way in hell that Roxy would allow herself to lose to them, especially in her raceway.
Her words enter one of your ears and come out of the other. It feels like the world has slowed down as you concentrate at the sight in front of you; her large paws holding your hands. You could barely call them paws, they were too human-like, down to the manicured green claw.
Her hands were cold on your warm ones. It sends a shiver through you, goosebumps immediately present on your arms. It made sense, metal on human skin. Though cold, it was a feeling you welcomed. It was the first time she has ever held your hands like this - so intimate, so real.
Roxy removes a hand as she snaps a finger in front of your eyes. "(Y/N)? Earth to (Y/N)? Helloooo?" She calls. You flinched as the heat rose to your cheeks. How embarrassing.
What was she talking about again? Race.. Score.. CHECK THE SCOREBOARD!
Your thoughts are jumbled from being roughly pulled away from the dream-like state you were in. You chuckled awkwardly and glanced at the large scoreboard behind Roxy.
You smiled brightly at the wolf, "Hey, you won! Couldn't let Monty have the last point, huh?" You teased. Roxy grinned, showing off her fangs. "Of course. I can't be losing at a race where my partner is present."
Partner? Did she just call you her partner?
"(Y/N)? Do you want me to bring you to the first aid station? This is the second time you zoned out in the same conversation.." Roxy asks worriedly. She puts a hand on your forehead, feeling for your temperature. Oh, how nice the cold metal felt on your warm skin. You sighed in content.
"36.5 degrees celsius. You're at a normal body temperature, yet your cheeks are still red. Are you sick?" Roxy prods once more. You pull her hand away from your forehead and let out a small laugh. "I'm fine, Rox."
Roxy looks at you unconvincingly. "Seriously, what's up? You only zone out when something is bothering you." You pursed your lips together, unsure of how to exactly explain it to her. There was the chance of her taking it the wrong way and thinking that you disliked this special treatment that she was giving. No, you loved it.
However, Roxy had never established that you were in an official relationship with her. You adored her, definitely. You would agree in a heartbeat if she asked you out. But this was just a friendship, nothing more.
"You called me your partner...?" You trailed off, the statement coming off almost as a question instead. Roxy nodded, confusion evident in her eyes. "I did. Do you not like being called that?" You shook your head, "No, that's completely fine! The word 'partner' has several meanings, such as a business partner-"
"Romantic partner. Like a girlfriend, or a boyfriend. That's what humans call it, right?" She cuts you off with a cheeky grin. You stutter, you were not expecting her to be so blunt about this. Not even an once of hesitation from her.
"Y-Yes.. But you're supposed to ask the other person if they want to be your partner. You don't immediately assume it.." You say slowly and cringed at your own words. Words were what hurt Roxy the most, and you were afraid of hurting her. You just had to get your point across.
Roxy lets out a low hum. "Is that so?" You nod. You weren't prepared to see the tears well up in her eyes, as you had a few times before. You weren't prepared for her to get upset at you, maybe even stop talking to you. Ending her friendship with you.
You looked down, afraid to even glance at the beautiful wolf. She was too perfect (quite literally, considering she wasn't human). You would never be able to forgive yourself if you had hurt her, albeit unintentionally. 
Roxy hooks a finger under your chin, pulling your face up to look at her. There's that feeling again. Cold metal on your warm skin. It was such a nice contrast. She smiles. "I'm sorry for assuming, (Y/N). Would you like to be my partner?" She asks.
She said it. SHE SAID-
"(Y/N)? If you freeze up again in the next five minutes, I'm really going to bring you to the first-aid station." Roxy says. She's teasing this time, though. You can tell from the teasing tone in her words. You laugh and throw your arms around her, enveloping her in a hug. "I'd love to be your partner! I thought you'd never ask.." Your voice went quiet, a sob threatening to leave your lips.
Roxy peppers you in small smooches, "My partner. Mine, mine, mine." She says softly in-between kisses. One hand wrapped around your waist to hold you steadily, the other grasping your hand gently. You lean into her touch, "Yes, Roxy. All yours." You reply back, reaching up to place a kiss of your own, on her nose.
She might be cold metal, but she definitely did have a warm heart.
Montgomery Gator
- 1449 words
Monty still remembers the first time he held your hands like it was yesterday. Technically, it was a few weeks ago, but he's too caught up with love to care.
He currently holds your hands in his, watching your face slowly for any reactions. He watched as your eyes squeezed shut for a brief second, he felt the shudder that ran through you, down to your fingers. Your heartbeat had elevated, not to a worrying extent, but rather, a heartbeat pattern he knew by heart. He had memorised it upon picking up that your heart only beat like this when he was around. He was the reason for your flustered state.
And as your gator animatronic boyfriend, it made him prouder than anything; prouder than when he joined the Glamrocks. It made his non-existent mechanical heart swell, knowing that you were genuine in the affection you felt for him.
"You okay?" He asks softly, rubbing his thumb on the back of your palm. His thumb was comically large compared to yours, but it was something that you would never change. Comparing hand sizes with Monty was the first physical interaction you had with him. Unknowingly to you, that interaction alone was enough to rope the gator in, he wanted to know anything and everything about you from then. He never knew that it was your touch he was missing; your soft laugh from that interaction made him realise that he was in interested in you.
You giggled and blew a stray hair away from your forehead. "Your hands are a little colder than normal because they're made of metal. But that's okay! Just a little surprising."
Oh, right. It was the first time the Pizzaplex has witnessed winter. All of the animatronics were mesmerised by it, gazing at it longingly from the exit of the building. Monty was delighted when he saw snowflakes littering your hair, down to the pair of jeans you always wore. He had tried to pick one up as gingerly as he could, not wanting to break it, only to frown when the snowflake had soon melted away.
Monty chuckled, moving forward to press a kiss to your forehead. Well, a kiss to the best of his ability, it was more of how a pet would nuzzle a human. Your giggles rose in volume upon more physical contact with him, "You're cold all over, Mon! Metal is a good conductor of heat," You said, your mechanical knowledge whirring around in your brain as you attempted to explain it to him.
Monty roared with laughter, his voicebox crackling and wheezing. "If I can get you cold enough, I could freeze you and keep you in this position forever." He says cheekily, meeting your eyes with a grin.
You raise an eyebrow, "What would you even do with me frozen?" His grin grows wider as physically possible, his arms snaking around your waist to pull you into an Impossible Hug; it was impossible for you to get out of. "So I can cuddle with you for all eternity!"
You relaxed against him, feeling the cool metal against your body. Albeit colder than what you were used to, Monty's personality practically melted the coldness away. You loved being able to touch him, to hold him. Luckily for you, Monty's love language was physical touch as well, be it cuddling, kissing, or holding hands. That last one was both of your favourites, it was enough to know the other was there without being too eye-catching for visitors at the Pizzaplex.
Your soft snores soon filled up the atmosphere, making Monty chuckle. It had been a tiring night. You were busy fixing up the other Glamrocks while Monty trailed after you, watching as discreetly as he could so that you would not be distracted. He knew you would not be able to get your job done had he been next to you, you would be busy conversing with him, your task quickly forgotten.
As you snoozed on your robo-boyfriend, Monty took it upon himself to connect to the internet to search for something. Something to combat the cold he was unable to control.
"Hey, honey." You yawned as you entered his green room the next night. You had just finished fixing Sun's faceplate, the poor thing was unable to spin due to a piece of metal that had gotten stuck. Sun had said the metal must have come from one of the play structures he accidentally ran into, in an attempt to entertain the group of toddlers he had for the day. Poor guy, he was trying his best.
Monty looked up from his couch, quickly hiding whatever he was holding behind his back. "H-hey, babe. You're back early.." He had stuttered and trailed off in one sentence. That was weird. You knew if he had done either, he was hiding something. But to do both in one go? Something was definitely up.
You hummed, a teasing grin on your face as you walked slowly towards him. You leaned forward, right into his face, "What 'cha hiding, gator?" The closer you got, the more Monty pushed himself and sunk into the couch, to the point where your nose and his snout was touching.
Monty's eyes shifted away from yours, visibly uncomfortable. "N-nothing.." He says softly. You followed where his arms led to, down to his hands that was hidden behind his back.
"You're a bad liar, honey.." You said, pressing a kiss onto his snout. Monty relaxed, leaning into your touch. That was it! The opportunity!
As you kissed him, your hand trailed down to where his hands were. You came into contact with something.. soft? You grabbed at it, effectively stealing it from Monty's hands. You expected to find a plushie, just like all of Monty's previous gifts, only to see a pair of gloves. Knitted gloves.
"What's this?" You asked, pulling back from him. You were perched on his lap, as you usually were, inspecting the accessory.
Monty chuckled awkwardly, "You mentioned that I was cold yesterday. While you slept, I tried learning how to knit a pair of gloves for you to wear. So that you wouldn't feel cold while we touched.." As he explained, his large hands pulled each glove over your hand. They were the same shade of green he was in, along with black accents at your fingertips, to symbolise his claws. The gloves fit comfortably, albeit a little big for your hands.
Your heart had warmed up from being in the presence of your boyfriend, but this gesture had set it on fire. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him into a tight hug. It was not as tight as his Impossible Hug, but it was the best you could manage.
"You're too sweet, honey. Thank you!" You exclaimed. He truly was too sweet, he was always showering you in constant affection, from holding hands to now this. Monty lets out a content grumble, resting his chin on your shoulder. "Anything for you, babe."
The rest of the night, you lounged in Monty's room as he told you about how he learnt how to knit. Turns out, Youtube tutorials were too confusing for him. In a last attempt effort, he had turned to Moondrop for help. You had no idea why the nighttime animatronic knew how to knit, but you supposed it was so that he could make blankets for the children to use during nap-time. You had seen the blankets, a calming navy blue shade with small suns and moons in an alternating pattern.
As it also turns out, Monty was really good at picking up handicrafts. A secret talent, of sorts. He was amazing at painting when given a big enough paintbrush for his hands. Likewise, he easily picked up knitting after learning the basics from Moon and made your pair of gloves within a few hours, during his break time.
"Freddy even called me a grandma!" He whined at the end of his story, deflating against you. You laughed and pressed a kiss to his cheek. "You may be a grandma, but you're the sweetest, cutest, and most loving grandma gator ever," You teased. He huffed and blew into your neck, your ticklish spot, causing your laughs to become louder.
The next night, Monty gave you a new pair of gloves. They were long fingerless gloves, running up to your shoulders. Yet again, they were the same green as he is. You had supposed he had accidentally made it too long or miscalculated the proportions, only to read what he had stitched onto the sleeves of the gloves, using his signature purple.
- 974 words
Moon has always loved the way you fit into his hold. He loved how you leaned into his touch, how you whined softly whenever he stopped touching you for a second. He loved how you and him fit together like two lost puzzle pieces, only to find each other again. He felt like he was made only to make you happy, and it was a responsibility he took up with pride.
That was how you and him were at the moment - you were curled up in his arms, shivering slightly under Moon's touch. Moon had taken you to his bedroom, above the nursery of the daycare. Thanks to the recent upgrade that separated him and Sun, looking after the Daycare became much easier for them. Sun would be able to look after the rambunctious and energetic children, while Moon took the tired children for nap time. After that glitch while him and Sun were still in one body, it caused the children to be terrified of them. They were both extremely glad to be separated and to gain the children's trust again.
As there was no one sleeping in the nursery, Moon was spending his free time talking to you, Sun's helper. He had noticed that you were acting a little differently than usual, the way your forehead was slicked with sweat and how you stuttered with every response you gave him. After a quick scan, it was revealed that you had a fever. A baby fever, nothing to worry about but it was something that both Moon and Sun agreed that you needed rest. Keeping up with Sunny in the daytime was not easy, after all.
You were thankful for Moon being made of metal in this moment. His cool exterior against your warm skin made you sigh in content, relaxing against him immediately. You were so busy with looking after others, that you forgot to look after yourself.
His bedroom was extremely different to Sun's, no surprise there. Sun had a mattress on the floor, but it was covered in so many plushies that he never bothered to pull the mattress out. However, Moon's room was surprisingly similar to a bedroom you would find in IKEA, where there was simply a bed, a workspace and a cabinet to store items and clothes. It was just that the room was in his signature navy blue, along with glow in the dark stickers littered along the ceiling to resemble stars. On the vacant walls, Moon stuck photos of you, him and Sun, alongside drawings that the children had made for him.
"Is it too cold, my planet? Do you want me to increase the temperature?" Moon asks worriedly. You groan and clutch at him tighter, effectively trapping him in your grasp. "No, Moony. You're cold, I like that.." You protested sleepily.
You heard the soft crackle from his voicebox, his version of a chuckle. Through the bleariness of your vision, you see his faceplate spin with amusement. He moves closer than he already was, pressing his faceplate on your forehead. The coolness was just what you needed.
"Hush, now my dear. It's bed time.." He begins to hum, a soft lullaby version of the Daycare theme. "But the kids-" You begin, only to be cut off with a finger on your lips. "You don't want to get the kids sick, do you?" Moon asks. You shook your head, regretting that instantly as the dull throb from your headache returns. You winced and groaned softly, only for Moon to move his hand from your lips to the back of your head, massaging the throbbing area.
"Good, now go to sleep. You can play with them tomorrow, but let me take care of you for now.." Compared to Sun's loud and energetic voice, Moon's voice was smooth and silky - just what you needed to pull you deeper into the land of dreams.
As you drifted off in his arms, you felt Moon shift to press where his lips would be onto your forehead (you could tell, due to the small rectangles that were also softly pressing into your skin; his teeth) in a small kiss. Moon pulls his handmade knitted blanket over your body as gently as he could, before slipping out of his bed.
Just as he was about to open his door, it swung open, revealing Sun. He held a tray, a bowl of porridge and a bottle of water on it. He peered past Moon and into his mirror image's room, seeing you fast asleep on Moon's bed. "Are they okay?" Sun attempted to whisper. Though it was much softer than his normal booming tone, his voice was still loud.
They both watched in alarm as you shifted in your sleep, only for you to snuggle the Moon plushie that was next to your head. Moon sighed in relief. He grabbed the tray from Sun's hands and left it on the nightstand and rushed out the door. He glared at Sun, "You're still too loud, Sunny."
Sun slumped slightly. Had you been there, you knew he would he pouting, if he could, that is. "Sorry, Moony. Just wanted to make sure that our planet is okay," He apologised sheepishly. Moon waved a hand dismissively as he and Sun began walking back down the stairs to the Daycare.
A small line of children sat at the bottom of the stairs, instantly perking up when seeing the two jester animatronics. "Mr. Moon, will you be putting us to sleep?" A child asked, as they sleepily rubbed their eyes. Moon chuckled and picked up the child, guiding the children into the nursery. "Yes, yes. Come now,"
Sun watched delightedly as his mirror image looked after the children. Sun knew Moon always had it in him, the ability to be good with children.
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perfectlycrookedfox · 4 years ago
Hold up people still think Clarke griffin doesn't love Bellamy Blake? In 2018?? In this economy?? After the whole 'love is weakness' thing?? After the show has proved over and over again that Bellamy is her biggest weakness?? Thank god I can't relate
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chronic-claire-universe · a month ago
Tokyo Revengers: Daddy's Got Hit On!
Hey hey hey dust bunnies! Got to talk again about tokrev daddies and here I come with this idea! How does mommy react when daddy's get hit on, at kindergarden?
Characters: Haruchiyo Sanzu, Chifuyu Matsuno, Ran Haitani
Warnings: Some Cursing, Fluff
Tumblr media
"Daddy daddy you're here!" the blonde kid says running towards her father, "Princess!" the bonten executive says kneeling down and taking her into his arms, "Let's go, the teacher wants to talk with you" the babbling child says pointing to young teacher, "This is Haruka Sensei" the child says, "Thanks for taking care of Ayame" Sanzu says seriously and shaking his hand with hers, languid eyes stare towards his scars and Sanzu suddenly shoves a menacing look towards her who's still keeping his hand "Mr Sanzu, your daughter is causing some troubles to her classmates, can we talk privately about this problem?" the teacher says trying to near him and make him uncomfortable, "Whatever you have to tell about my daughter's behaviour you fuckin tell it here in front of everyone, how long's it been? Did you talk with my wife?" the girl blushes and avoiding his gaze, she says "Well it's not that simple, people are afraid by your appearance and Ayame seem to get an aggressive attitude towards them, but we don't think it's your fault, I actually thought we could work on it together, after school" "We could work on it together" Sanzu mockingly repeats and continues "Do you fuckin think to get hit on m-?" "LANGUAGE DAD!" the little girl says interrupting her father "Speak properly unless you don't want mommy to discover that the teacher likes you!" wide eyes from the teacher and Sanzu smirks to his young carbon copy, "You're right princess, let's go mommy is waiting for us, movie night and candies for you!" he says turning back to the speechless teacher who can't even say goodbye.
"HARUKA SENSEI LIKES DADDY!" your daughter screams as soon she enters the house with Sanzu, a smirk on his face and looking at him you say "And what did daddy do?" "He said mean words, turned back and said that he wanted to come home and watch movie all together!" the girl says running around, "Haru you have to explain later!" you say while kissing one of his scar, "Don't worry babygirl, no problem in distance after tonight!" he says smiling and kissing your lips.
Tumblr media
"My daddy has tons of animal in the shop!" Keiko says presenting the work of her beloved father "He has kitties, bunnies, chameleons, snakes, even spiders!" she shouts with happiness, Chifuyu blushed seeing the energy his daughter tell about the beloved animals in the shop, she gave name to all of them and once someone bought them she cries until Chifuyu magically makes it come back. "It's true Keiko, we have lot of animals the cute ones but even the exotic ones, they come from afar!" he says tryin to give a kid explanation about the fauna of the shop, "I really need a cat in my life, perhaps you could help me choosin one" the teacher says caressing his arm, "Daddy manage orders and money! It's uncle Kazutora, that works with the clients!" Keiko shouts feeling endangered by sudden confidence from the teacher.
"DADDY LOVES MOMMY" Keiko cries as soon as your daughter sees you entering the car, "Eh?" you turn looking at Chifuyu, "Sensei has been mean touchin daddy, but he looked at the cat photos all the time so he has been good!" she says with a pout "Keiko dear, of course we love each other, don't worry about other people because as long as daddy cares of us, nothing is going to divide us!" you say while lookin to your husband who smiles and says an I love my princess while putting his hand on your swollen belly.
Tumblr media
"Goodmorning Ms. Kato, where's Ren?" Ran says looking towards the crowd of toddlers playing all together, pointing to her Ran eyes wide as soon as he sees a woman touchin and bothering his daughter, "What do you think you're doing with my daughter, miss?" Ran says adjusting his braids and looking to the woman with his mischevious smile "Mrs, not Miss" she corrects "Then I have to believe that your significant other is waiting at home, you and your kid" he replies, "We could organize a play date, my son seems to enjoy her company. She's beautiful, just like her father!" "DAADAA HAS MAMAA" Ren shouts clinging to her father, fat tears pouring down her smooth cheeks, "I know water lily don't worry, daddy loves mama" he emphasizes the last part looking to the woman who suddenly blush and leaves his daughter, to finally be held by her dear father, "Shhh shhh water lily calm down" he says bouncing her to alt her cries, the wails pursued until they got home and seeing her watery eyes, you look confused to Ran, it wasn't normal to see your daughter crying since she loves to be held by her father, "Shhh, water lily got worried cause a mean mama tried to hit on daddy" with a smile you kiss your daugther's crown and say "Awww, don't worry Ren mama loves daddy so so much" your daughter turns and says "W-weally?" she says with tender voice, "Of course lily don't worry! See daddy loves mama so so much and mama loves him even more" you say and Ran smiling give you a kiss on your lips and then snuggle his nose with his daughter who laughs and say "I love you and your mom more than your little brain could image, don't worry about it sweetheart" "Love you too dada".
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mushie-rooms · a month ago
☆ 𝒗𝒊'𝒔 𝒄𝒖𝒑𝒄𝒂𝒌𝒆 | 𝒉𝒄
・*:༅。𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔: language, nsfw content (labeled), violence?, adult content. minors beware.
・*:༅。𝒔𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚: what it would be like being in love with the piltover enforcer.
・*:༅。𝒂𝒖𝒕𝒉𝒐𝒓'𝒔 𝒏𝒐𝒕𝒆: BARK BARK BARK AWOOGA, literally the hottest one on the show in my opinion, jinx being an extremely close second. I love her, please, she is the blueprint for my taste in women.
Tumblr media
Vi might be extremely emotionally reserved, but not around you she isn't.
Literally like a horny frat bro. Will compliment or grab at your boobs or your ass at any given time because oh wow she loves your body.
Once you have her liking you, buckle down, cause you just gained a partner for life, buddy, she'll follow you around like a puppy dog.
Likes teaching you how to fight and throw a punch, and if you already know how to, she likes to get in play fights with you. Maybe on occasion, she'll even let you win.
Even though you do love her, her temper is extremely short. You know she wouldn't ever physically hurt you on purpose, but yelling matches aren't uncommon. She's too hot-headed, and you're too stubborn to back down.
makeup sex ensues.
Y'all know that one picture of two girls putting eyeliner on each other?
Tumblr media
You can decide who's who, but holy shit. (y'all are absolutely boning after this.)
Loves taking you to the prettiest places Zaun has to offer. Likes taking you sightseeing.
Romantic relationships aren't her strong suit, so she likes that you're patient and understanding with her, even if she does get a little frustrating sometimes.
matching finger tattoos?!?!? YES?!!!!?!?! (thinking a ☽ and a ☆ but honestly if you have any better ideas, go for it.)
Watching her work those mechanical fists is absolutely magical (and lowkey a turn-on).
You are getting promise rings. No objections. If you have any protests, go argue with a wall. She is possessive and wants something to show others you belong to her.
You both share an annoyance for topsiders.
She is the biggest cuddle bug. She takes physical affection more seriously than verbal affection. Just holding her pinky with yours means a lot more to her than an 'i love you'.
Her nicknames are everywhere. From cupcake to sweetcheeks, to sugar tits, to literally anything else she can think of. It's actually really cute.
She's so physically fit, you could spend hours just running your hands up and down her biceps, I mean she is ripped.
Likes it when you ask her to tell you stories of her past. Adventures she used to go on. Unlike Jinx, Vi looks to her childhood fondly and only likes to focus on the good rather than dwell on the bad.
Never hand this woman a sharpie cause she'll doodle on your hand whenever she gets a chance. Loves drawing small things on you from time to time out of her own enjoyment.
You two may or may not get a cat together, who knows, that's for you to decide, and she may or may not name it cupcake. ("Look, cupcake! It's Cupcake!")
She somehow convinces you to get your nipples pierced, and if it isn't already, your nose as well. She's a sucker for piercings.
Has a strange obsession with kissing random parts of your face at random times. She wakes up before you? Boom. Kiss on your eyelids. You say something really cute? Bam. Kiss on your nose.
Tumblr media
Literally the most top bitch you will ever meet oh mY GOD.
She is literally so hot when she tells you what to do or when she praises you.
"Fuck, my good girl, aren't you?" "Such a precious thing" "On your knees, you know what to do, cupcake."
She can give you the most mind-blowing head and still be insatiable. You have to physically push her away to get her to stop. She could spend all day between your legs (please let her)
Loves to play with your tits, whether it's sucking, licking, biting, anything. She loves your water balloons and if you don't let her touch them, she gets grumpy.
No, because she has such defined abs, you already know she's gonna make you ride them. Seeing you on top of her and panting as you drag your swollen clit across her 6-pack just- oh my fucking god jhsdothoirhtoihoifht.
The best person at aftercare in the world, always super attentive, especially if you slip into sub-space.
Candles? Food? Bath? Water? Cuddles? Literally, ask and she'll get it for you.
She loves you so much to the point where she would kill and die for you. If that isn't the perfect partner, idk what is.
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nkogneatho · 3 months ago
► 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝘁𝘄𝗼 𝘀𝗶𝗱𝗲𝘀 𝗼𝗳 𝗺𝘆 𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗽𝗱𝗮𝗱, 𝗚𝗼𝗷𝗼𝘂 𝗦𝗮𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘂.
Tumblr media
Duration: 1k. Genre: Smut. R‐rated
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝗗𝗶𝗹𝗳𝘁𝗼𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝗺.𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘁 𝗚𝗲𝗻𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗹 𝗺.𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘁 𝗧𝗮𝗴𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘁
Content warnings: female reader, stepcest, Daddy kink, dry humping, consensual, cheating, Dilf Gojo. MDNI. [Don't mind the header. I got confused]
🎟 Reblogs and interactions are appreciated.
Tumblr media
Bringing guys home after her divorce was the favorite hobby of your mom. It only took you by surprise when she ended up marrying one. And a hot one too. But you know what they say, “Old habits die hard.” So, when she got bored but felt it was too early to leave him, she secretly started having an affair.
How did you know it? C'mon. Your drunk mom keeps babbling shit and spills the tea herself. But what position does this put your step-father in?
Gojo Satoru was hot, charming and an amazing guy. Well, he was cocky, childish at times and selfish too. But he did his best to keep your mom happy. You didn't really love him as a family or something, but you never hated him too. Yeah, he annoyed you, ordering you around, getting on your nerves, but it really didn't work when you were aware that he does it only to get closer to you.
You would never…never like someone like him. But, God! Did he look hot coming out of the shower, exposing his hot bod? It took you a few seconds to zoom back into what's going on.
“Hey! What's up? You need something?” He snapped his fingers.
“Huh? Ahem– yeah! I actually wanted to tell you that mom has gone for a trip and won't be back til' next week,” your eyes glared down to avoid him, otherwise you might end up feeling something you shouldn't.
“Again? Ugh!” You knew how he felt. That woman barely spent time with him. And you knew what exactly this “trip” was. Not to mention the audacity of not informing him personally. The hell she cares!
“Never mind. Do you have somewhere to be?” he ruffled his pale gray, wet hair. It really suits him.
“No, actually. I have holidays, so I thought I'll spend them at home for some family time, but…”
“We can still have some family time without your mom.”
God, someone stop these unholy thoughts.
“Huh? What-whatd'ya mean?”
“I mean we can watch movies” fuck you to even think about something else. But, why did the thought cross your mind in the first place. Little do you know, your mind was right. Because, Satoru isn't someone to let your body language slide. He knew exactly what turned you on and what didn't. If he wanted, he could have fucked you long back. But this man liked to enjoy his dish before he savors it.
You sat beside him, placing the popcorn on the table while he cast the phone to the TV.
“Whatd'ya wanna watch?” he asked, looking at you. Although, you were busy staring at how hot he looks in that black tank.
“Anything's fine, Daddy” FUCK! What did you call him?
“Don't call me that,” he looked annoyed. Yet, you decided to do it more since you want to play around.
“What happened, Daddy? Oops. Is Daddy mad?”
“No, really. Stop it, love. Please,” he begged irritatingly.
“But I love Daddy—”
“You don't get what I say?” He placed you on top of him with your wrist yanked back. You didn't know what was going on, but you loved it. His biceps flexed when he held your hands tight to keep them in place.
“’M sorry. Did I do something wrong?” Puppy eyes peering at him.
“Yes, you fucking did, princess.”
“Then I'll do it again, Daddy.” You definitely knew how to piss him off, how to push him to the edge. A little yank and your body jerked, thighs rubbed against his bottoms. The fingers latched in your jaw while his thumb pushed past your lips, placed on your tongue.
“You wanna be a brat? Because I know how to handle one, princess.” No doubt he does. You have no idea why you were doing this in the first place. Why are you calling him something you never have to anyone? Why are you so eager to get on his nerves and waiting for him to snap back? Why were you so fucking desperate and started squirming under? Easy. Because he was hot, and you were wet.
“Ride,” he commanded, with eyes half lided. There was a quick change in the atmosphere along with his aura. The usual corny and playful him was vanished. It's like he dropped his mask. Yet, you did what you were told because you felt his boner against your wet cunt. It was becoming harder to not move, to not gain a friction to edge against. You started off very slow, eyes never leaving his. He ghosted his breath on your lips, agonizing you for touch. But, he can't deny his pretty princess for long. He grabbed your lips, pushing his tongue past them.
“Fuck. I can feel you, Daddy,” you whined.
“I know, baby. All your fault.”
“M-me? What did— fuck! What did I do?”
“Don't act so dumb now. Calling me ‘Daddy’ doesn't do anything but turns me on, sweetie.” But, you knew. You knew how it made his cock twitch when you called him that. You have felt it before when you were having breakfast on his lap and a “Thanks, daddy” slipped past your lips. It was harder now.
You continued to grind yourself on him, spreading your legs more and more as you were so desperate to cum.
“That's my pretty baby. Keep saying my name, and I'll let you come,” you moved closer and whispered in your ears. Fuck!
“Daddy! Yes, Daddy! I wanna cum, Daddy! Your cock is so hard and long. Holy shit! Mm!”
“Yeah baby. Just like that. Ride, daddy,” his hands kneaded your ass, guided you to a pace that had you blabbering as you came undone. Your pussy drooling, a clear dark spot visible on the fabric of his bottom.
Satoru grabbed your waist and jerked it on his crotch, chasing his high, wanting to cum in his pants while his princess is riding his cock.
“Cum for me Daddy, please. I wanna see daddy cum,” you pleaded, shutting your eyes.
“Uh— fuck yes, princess. 'M close,” hands grinding you faster. He came when you begged him to.
“AH! Holy f–fuck!” His bottoms were ruined. You placed your head on his shoulder in exhaustion.
“Tired?” He asked.
“Mm hm.”
“Too bad. I was thinking of going another round. But this time, with my dick inside you.” GOD. This man. You look at him with an embarrassment, but he throws you on his shoulder. It was a long night and a worthy holiday.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @chiizfuyu @ob-levi-on @bbytamaki @ushijimasprincess @bratty-bug @gojoussunglasses @kyoutxni @wiafi @sleepy3 @gojosflame @fsrintaro @ebiharachan @acidfrauds @hyenalite @vixan-ix @katsukichu @smoothy-ve @lillina @sebbyzoldyck @cursedmoonchild @jjstsksen @tetsunormous @dukina @yelzoldyck @koifish69 @deartoru @theaesthete @psycho-nightrose @kyanyakya @httptamaki @certified-dilfhunter @remington-cloves @kuroo-tetsunii @hanmasin @ingchiii @haengbokpixie @anju-writes @aasouthteranoswife @sunascumdoll @xxrwzy @xo-lynx @ctrlove-com @mutsu422 @valhallawhispers @hiqhkey
Tumblr media
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xiaosmoon · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
pairings: diluc, childe, & kaeya x gn!reader
summary: the kiss was on accident, you swear it!
warnings/content: pure fluff!!
a/n: for quill's cute fluffvembr <3 @starglitterz
Tumblr media
-> diluc
the power outage at dawn winery wasn't unexpected. the storm outside had grown worse over only a few couple of hours and all of mondstadt was strictly advised to stay indoors. the wind was howling loudly- banging on the windows and the rain pour was heavier than it's been all year, overflowing all of the rivers.
the old building that was dawn winery wasn't exactly built to withstand such extreme weather, but she was holding in there real tight. "master diluc?" your voice carried through the almost empty winery. but there was no response besides the echoing of your own words. where on earth could he be?
it was pitch dark, you couldn't see a thing. but just because one of your senses wasn't liable, doesn't mean your can't use your others! taking baby steps around, you feel out for the wall. you bumped into what you think was a table, and hit your head on what was possibly a lamp, but you finally found your hands on something soft. "what on earth?" you whisper to yourself. before you could take another step, you fell straight forward, onto the mysterious fluffy thing that went down right with you.
your lips were met with another pair, unfamiliar to you. and suddenly the situation hit you. you kissed master diluc on the floor. quickly, you move off of him. "m-master diluc?" your voice was shyer than you had expected. "it's me, y/n. i had come here to find some candles, i'm sure you didn't find them yet?" diluc was almost thankful to barbatos for this storm. the darkness was keeping his absolute flustered state a complete secret to you. "o-oh, no not yet. let's look for them together?"
the suggestion was sweet, and of course diluc accepted. "here, take ahold of my hand. let's try and not to bump into anything else."
more below the cut!
-> childe
anyone who had the blessing of two eyes could see that the both of you were deeply and madly in love. well, except you and childe of course. no matter how many dating rumors the two of you turn down, no one seems to believe you.
and why should they? with the way childe gazes at you with every chance and the way you cling onto him like he'll disappear, there's just no way there isn't something going on. so childe kissing you in front of the town square wasn't exactly helping the rumors.
but he couldn't help himself, he was just so excited. "y/n, i did it! you are now looking at a man who has mastered every weapon you could ever lay your eyes upon." when your eyes meet childe's, you can see the pure form of happiness; even if it is about weapons.
"that's wonderful, ajax! i'm proud so proud of you!" while you were pulling childe in for a hug, he had other plans. childe swooped down and took ahold of your wrist, pulling your body to his. he pushed his lips on yours without a second thought.
childe was kissing you. and before you got the chance to do anything else, childe pulled away in haste. "i have to go, see you later!" and just like that, he ran away into the morning fog.
what the hell just happened? you don't have the answer to that, but what you do know is that you liked it more than you should've. and some part of you wants it to happen again.
later that afternoon, childe realizes he kissed you. you who he's not asked out yet and was probably now terrified of him.
the ginger proceed to drink away his idiocy at a local bar.
-> kaeya
with kaeya's love language being physical touch, it wasn't a surprise when kaeya were to let his arm hang around your shoulders, or even have his chin resting on top of your head.
but today, you noticed your friend being a little extra clingy today. "don't you have anyone else to pester? i have to get all of this turned in by this evening." you sigh, not sparing a glance at the pouting man. "but you're my favorite person to annoy." his whining advances were once again ignored.
"my lovely y/n, the light of my life, the stars of my darkest nights, the–"
"that's enough, kae." you let out a huff, continuing to scribble down notes with a bit more pace to it. kaeya rolls his eyes, finally accepting his defeat. "alright alright, i'll let you get to it. i'll be at the angels share." kaeya snuck up a little closer to you, to place a farewell kiss to your cheek before departing.
as he was leaning in, your head seemed to turn as well. "oh one more th-" smooch.
instead of his lips leaving a kiss on your cheek, kaeya's lips were now pressed against your very own. for a slight moment, neither of you moved. but after finally snapping into your senses, you pull away. it didn't take long for your face to turn a deep shade of crimson. "u-uh, never mind. see you later." your words were sharp.
kaeya himself was caught in a flurry. he almost forgot english for a second. "right, sure." without wasting more time, kaeya stepped out of your office. did that really just happen? did he cross any boundaries?
he didn't want to admit it, but he enjoyed the kiss. you on the other hand were panicking, afraid kaeya might never speak to you again.
the next day, the calvary captain did more than just speak to you.
Tumblr media
taglist: @rim0na @sunny-star021 @xiaos-wrld @how-simpy @icecappa @clemmywrites @urujiako @xiaophobic @zhongchi14
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we-talk-about-bruno-here · 22 days ago
Yandere Camilo Headcanons
Tumblr media
•This boy loves to mess around with you. Be it lighthearted pranks or full on teasing, you name it.
•It's kind of his way of letting you know he likes you, with him always hovering over you whether you're aware of it or not
•His shapeshifting abilities come in real handy in this situation, where he likes to watch you from afar or converse with you whenever he gets the chance
•He even stands in front of his mirror, shapeshifting into you and pretending he's talking to you, acting out his fantasies of what it would be like if you were a couple
•He also uses it as practice for when he has the courage to ask you on a date
•He likes to act smooth and gives you a lot of flowers The only scary thing here is that he knows almost everything about you, some of it from watching you and the others from Dolores
•Dolores knows about this and how unhealthy it's become, but she chose not to butt into his business since it's pretty harmless so far, cute even
•Camilo isn't that dangerous of a yandere since he's mostly the stalker obsessive typeHis love language is food. And since he loves you, whenever he's got food in his hands, he's always sharing it with you.
•But he does get easily jealous when you talk to others while he's there
•He wants 100% of your attention when he's with you and gets irritated when others want to take it away
•He really doesn't think you need anybody else in your life if you've got him. With his shifting abilities he can honestly be anyone you need him to be
•Whenever he sees you're upset, he's always trying to cheer you up but telling you jokes and shifting his appearance to entertain you
•If you talk with the other person for too long, he just grabs your hand "sorry to cut the conversation short, but [name] and I have a lot of chores to do " and drags you away, leaving you confused
•He even occasionally makes you wear his poncho so everyone can acknowledge that, and it gives everyone the impression that you two are already together, which he absolutely doesn't refute
•"Mi amore, that outfit really suits you! You should wear it more often!" He then proceeds to hold your hand, giving it a light kiss. See? that's him trying to charm you
•Like Camilo, please don't. You'll turn [name] into a blushing mess. But that's what he wants to see :)
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3wisellamas · 3 months ago
Some insights from the Japanese version of chapter 2!
(I'm not THAT great at Japanese, and am NOT a native speaker, it's been years and even then I never got super-fluent, but I can still read a little, and just used my dictionary for the rest. So, if anyone wants to correct me on this, go for it.)
-In case you missed it, Spamton's speech is translated REALLY interestingly, using "death" in English instead of "desu" (since they're pronounced the same), spelling daisuki (love) as "die-suki", uses Watakushi (formal and gender-neutral, though not exclusively, pretty much anyone can use it) as his pronoun but replaces "kushi" with the numbers 9 and 4, which are pronounced Ku and Shi but whose sounds out of context can mean "death" and "pain/torture" and are therefore considered unlucky numbers, etc. Also, less horrifying, instead of BIG SHOT he just says he wants to be "BIG" -- which, given that he's a literal email spambot from the 90s, has some implications...
-Seam's pronoun is...Atashi? o____O Which is, like, really feminine. The girly girl pronoun. If they don't straight-up identify as a different gender in Japanese, I guess we're supposed to interpret this as them seeing themselves as being more feminine?
-King and Queen both use Watakushi, with Queen even using it and all other words referring to people/specific topics in [brackets] sorta similar to Spamton (though in Japanese this translates more as just being in quotes), along with other formatting quirks like everything she says being enclosed in <!-- HTML comment tags -- >, making her seem more computer-y.
-The Addisons don't use any pronouns at all. None. They NEVER say the equivalent of the words "I" or "Me" ANYWHERE in Japanese.
-SCC all use male pronouns:
Sweet and Cap'n both use Ore (very masculine, tough guy, arrogant, connotations of being a delinquent/gangster).
Interestingly, Sweet rarely refers to just himself, but as part of the whole group (Oretachi), while Cap'n does both.
K_K uses Boku (standard friendly male pronoun)
-Susie also uses Ore, which makes sense for her since despite being almost exclusively a male pronoun, she doesn't care about that shit! She is tough and you WILL respect her.
-Now for the big one! Swatch also uses Watakushi (gender-neutral, formal). Now, literally anyone can use that or its less-formal version Watashi, male, female, or otherwise -- it's pretty much just the default pronoun (I use Watashi whenever I speak Japanese, since I'm NB). But, in this case, without any English equivalent to go on, I think we can officially say They/Them Swatch confirmed!!
-I've seen others bring this up before, but I'll include it for completeness: Rouxls Kaard uses Yo as his pronoun, which is...basically Watashi but EXTREMELY formal and a little old-fashioned, only really used in writing rather than speech. So, pretty accurate to him!
And now for some more SCC stuff, since I focused on those scenes (for obvious reasons):
-Sweet and Cap'n both speak pretty normally, albeit VERY informally, with the latter using slightly harsher/even more casual language and not really ending his sentences properly, but K_K's manner of speaking is different. He basically speaks in either a really lazy or cutesy manner, rarely using difficult kanji and ends every sentence li~ke thisssss!!~
-In Japanese, K_K's nickname makes a little more sense -- the line where in English he says "K_K is short for 'Cakes.'" is instead "K_K wa 'Kēki' no ryaku da yo~" or "K_K is an abbreviation of Kēki (Cake)!~" In Japanese you abbreviate something by either using the first kana of each word or, especially in cases like this with a shorter word in katakana, the first English character of each kana. So, his name is Kē Ki -- KK!
-Instead of "See ya! Smell ya! Hear ya!", they all just say goodbye, but in their own way:
Sweet: "Mata kaiou!" (Until we meet again!)
Cap'n: "Mata na!" (See ya, very casual)
K_K: "Mata ni~" (Same as Cap'n, but in a much more cute, childish manner)
-Instead of lemon drops, K_K talks about lemon jelly. Which...explains a lot of the Japanese fanart I've seen with K_K eating it.
-Instead of saying Queen gave him candy for being so sweet, Sweet says that Queen gave him a nickname that translates directly to "Little Sweets/Candy Boy". And when he hears it, Cap'n says he wants to be called that too!
-Cap'n drops the freaking k-word! Granted, it's referring to the damn Berdly statue, which, I would use that word to describe too, but still. Someone wash this boy's mouth out with soap!
Tumblr media
-"Boku wa sweets daisuki!" / "I love sweets!" Shippers, this one's for you.
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wwinterwitch · 26 days ago
three words - p. parker
Tumblr media
Summary: The moment your boyfriend realizes he's in love with you.
Pairing: Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker x gn!reader (no pronouns used)
Word count: 1.2K
TW: Nothing, just fluff.
English is not my first language! Gif is not mine, it belongs to dailyflicks here on tumblr.
a reblog would be very much appretiated!
After a very pleasant chat with Aunt May downstairs about school and life in general to catch up with her after a few weeks without seeing her, Peter and you walked to his bedroom.
"Sorry about that," he said, referring to the interrogation his Aunt just made his partner for what felt like hours.
He closed the door behind you once you were inside his room, throwing his backpack to the floor before taking a seat on his desk chair.
"Oh, don't worry about that. Your Aunt is adorable," you quickly brushed it off, taking a seat on his bed. "She's very nice."
"She likes you a lot," Peter commented, a smile on his face. "Won't stop asking about you since the last time you were here for dinner."
"She's the sweetest," you replied. "So, homework?"
Peter immediately complained, leaning back on his chair as he stared at you in disbelief. "We just got here and you already want to do our homework?"
"Well, yeah. Wouldn't it be better to do it now so we don't worry about it later?"
He thought about it for a moment, knowing you were probably right. "Yeah, but...perhaps we can watch a movie first?"
"Or after homework?"
"Fine," he gave up. "I know better than trying to get you to change your mind so I won't waste my time on that."
"Thank you. For once I agree with you," you replied sarcastically.
He ignored your sarcastic remark as he stood up to grab his books from his backpack, sitting back down on the chair. You copied him, sitting back on his bed to star doing your homework. Lucky for you, Peter was a genius when it came to Chemistry so he helped you every time you seemed to be struggling with inderstanding something.
You were more of an English and History sort of person, so when it came to memorizing historical events or analyze complex books it was you the one helping Peter out. It was nice to feel like you both complimented each other even on things like school subjects.
"I swear I'll never understand how you do it to always get this right," you said after he was done explaining yet another impossible exercise. "That spider bite made your brain bigger or something?"
He let out a chuckle, shaking his head. "What?"
"Think about it. If you can crawl on the ceiling and stuff...maybe the spider gave you superhuman intelligence."
"Yeah, because a spider's greatest trait is being an expert in Chemistry," he replied ironically.
"No, don't make fun of me. It could explain partially why you're so smart."
"I'm not making fun of you. And by the way, I was pretty smart before the bite."
"But it could've made you smarter," you insisted.
"Don't take this the bad way, but what you're saying right now has got to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard."
"That sounds like you're making fun of me, so I will take that in a very bad way– worst way I could ever take it, actually."
Peter laughed once again at how dramatic you were being and how insisting you were about the spider situation. You rolled your eyes at him and went back to concentrate of your remaining exercises. Even when you looked away, Peter didn't. Instead, he continued to stare at you as you struggled to get the right formulas, the smile of his face never once fading as he stared at you in silence. He took his time to contemplate you, wondering how he get so lucky.
Not caring you still had homework left, he stood up of his chair just to he could kneel in front of you on the ground, putting your book out of your hands and putting it on the bed next to you, wanting you to focus only on him for now.
Before you could protest because he interrupted you, he cupped your face with both of his hands and pulled you closer to him, capturing your lips in a sweet and gentle kiss. He didn't want to rush it, savoring every second he got to kiss you and hold you like this.
He hopes that with this kiss he could show you just how much he cares about you and how much he enjoys every moment he gets to spend with you. To let you know how glad he is to have had enough courage to talk to you, and how happy he was when you accepted to go out with him on a date. To remind you how special you are to him and how lucky he feels to be with you. To thank you for sticking by his side when he revealed to you he was Spider-Man, and how you never treated him any differently for it. To let you know that even when you say things as stupid as a spider making him better at Chemistry, he would never get enough of you. If he could, he could hear you rant about your scientific-spider theory for hours.
He just wanted to silently tell you just how much you mean to him, and that he couldn't possibly be more in love with you.
When you both pulled away from your kiss, the moment he looked into your eyes he realized trying to let you know all of that through a kiss was not nearly enough. Not even words would come close to express what he feels every time he's around you. However, there were three words that could make you get an idea of everything he feels for you.
"I love you," he says, his eyes never looking away from yours.
The reaction he got from voicing those feelings was beyond anything he would've wanted to receive. He could notice your eyes lighting up just enough, a smile soon adorning your face as you tried to process what you just heard, already wanting to hear it again.
And just like him, at that moment you just couldn't hold yourself back from trying to put into words how he made you feel. "I love you too, Peter," you replied, swearing that no one and nothing could ever take away the smile on your face. "Even when you make fun of me."
He chuckled, somehow knowing you were eventually going to bring that up again. "Would it make you feel better if I let you explain your theory?"
"No, I don't want to share it with you now," you quickly said, earning a surprised and offended look from him. "Don't you dare act offended, Peter Parker. You brought this on yourself."
"This dramatic side of yours is one of the main reasons why I'm so in love with you," he says, leaning closer to you again to kiss the tip of your nose before going back to his seat on the chair.
"So if I keep being dramatic I'll get more of you saying how much you love me?"
He grinned at your question. "Most likely, yes."
"Then prepare yourself for the absolute menace I'm about to become," you warned, taking once again your book to finish the last two exercises so your forget about your homework already.
"Can't wait."
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theprettyarachnid · 4 days ago
arcane char hcs of how would they kiss the reader (?
a/n: it is 3 am, i have a headache and im having muscle spasms but im gonna write this anyway and wait for the aspirin to kick in <3
warnings: grammar mistakes probalby, nsfwish
characters: jinx, vi, caitlyn, ekko, viktor, jayce, silco, vander
🕷 Jinx is very playful with her kisses
🕷 When she goes in for a kiss she'll pull away at the last second just to see your reaction
🕷 Once she gets a reaction, she pulls you into a kiss laughing about how "stupid" you looked
🕷 Probably bites your lip or ear while and after kissing you
🕷 You cannot convince me that Jinx's love language isn't biting
🕷 this gay mf is so dramatic and for what
🕷 Vi literally kisses you like it's the last time she's gonna see you
🕷 Grabs you by the cheeks and everything
🕷 Her lips are always chapped no matter how many times you may beg her to use chapstick
🕷 Sometimes whispers things while kissing you but most of the time will just enjoy it silently
🕷 Always winks at you after a kiss
🕷 I can see Caitlyn being kind of polite with her kisses if that makes sense
🕷 Like I feel like she would look for a signal or wait for an 'okay' before she kisses you
🕷 That's mostly only in the beginning though, the longer you two date the more she's inclined to give you random kisses
🕷 Big fan of cheek kisses or side mouth kisses
🕷 If you're ever going out she'll just lean her cheek towards you expectantly
🕷 I know yall were waiting for this one
🕷 Although Ekko is extremely caring and kind, he probably keeps a tough exterior out in public so he only kisses you in private
🕷 There are two reasons for this:
🕷 Ekko gets flustered if you kiss him in public making Vi and his friends tease him ENDLESSLY
🕷 As well as the last thing he wants is for someone dangerous in Zaun to spot you two which would make you a target because of Ekko's intelligence and weapons (chronobreak)
🕷 When you two are alone though, I can see him being very affectionate
🕷 Ekko is very sweet with his kisses but also quick
🕷 Probably the type of person who plants multiple kisses on your face at a time
🕷 He's a fan of neck kisses, whether that's gentle, soft kisses or hickeys he doesn't really care
🕷 Likes to hold your hands while kissing
🕷 Big on hand and wrist kisses
🕷 Grabs your hand and looks up at you while kissing it, just ugh i love this man
🕷 Viktor always gets a slight tinge of pink on his cheeks after kissing you
🕷 He isn't big on PDA, like at all really, unlike... someone else
🕷 Even though this man does not sleep, has never even heard of chapstick, and only consumes coffee his lips are always soft
🕷 Whenever he kisses you, he places a hand on the side of your neck
🕷 His kisses are pretty gentle and tender unless he's pissed off about something, then they're usually more rough and quick
🕷 His kisses are rough and passionate
🕷 To be honest, I don't think Jayce has ever shared a gentle kiss with someone
🕷 He just isn't really that type of person, he's very passionate when it coms to love
🕷 which sometimes is probably a little overwhelming lmao
🕷 A lot of the time, Jayce will kiss when he pleases but there's also a side to him that enjoys the privacy
🕷 Likes to grab you by your waist and lift your chin up before kissing you
🕷 You can always feel his five o'clock shadow gently graze against your face but it's something you've grown to love
🕷 Jayce carries around chapstick with him so his lips are never chapped
🕷 Do not expect or give him kisses in public
🕷 This man would deadass PUSH you away
🕷 When you two are alone in his office it's entirely different story though
🕷 He has you propped up on his desk, his hands inside your shirt, your legs wrapped around him, his lips on yours
🕷 You're usually out of breath by the time he pulls away and still haven't caught it when he kisses you again
🕷 Will either praise you or degrade you while kissing, it depends on his mood
🕷 They're so domestic and loving
🕷 Even if it's your first kiss, he'll kiss you like you two have been married for 50 years
🕷 Pushes your hair behind your ear and away from your face before kissing you
🕷 Forehead kisses while you're napping, when you two are hugging, sometimes he'll just lean down kiss your forehead bringing you close to his chest
🕷 Put your hands on his chest NOW
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