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#I dont take pictures of people
pitaparka · a year ago
a friend in need is a friend indeed
Tumblr media
request: would you ever write a reader/jj/john b three way? only write what ur comfortable with. i love reading your stuff!!!!
summary: reader, jj, and john b. are drunk. really drunk. handsome teenage boys make for fun parties and willing threesomes.
pairings: jj maybank x reader, john b. x reader
word count: 2.3k
warnings: unprotected sex, protected sex, vaginal sex, male on female oral sex, female on male oral sex, drunk sex
a/n: dont have unprotected sex :(  i hope every time you think of having unprotected sex, you picture your own conception. i’d also like for people to know i write outer banks, marvel, star wars, and more! i’m still taking requests, so maybe send in an ask for an idea you’ve had in your head for a while? and we can be friends? okay, big love. later!
The alcohol was overkill. She had to admit.
It’s why she was holed up in some random boy’s kitchen, house party ensuing around her as she macked on JJ.
Her arms fit perfectly around his waist in the bright fluorescent light of the kitchen. Their lips work together, sloppy and inexperienced, but full of nerves and nerve endings that send electricity through their veins.
John B. watches from the doorway.
JJ’s hands move from her waist down to her ass, squeezing for his own pleasure. She smiles into the kiss.
“What’s up, guys?” John B. interrupts. He seemed perturbed more than angry. 
She pulls away from JJ, but keeps her arms around his neck.
“I can smell the alcohol on you,” he says, smiling at her. He moves closer to them, the loud music from the living room making it hard to hear. There are people around them too, talking obnoxiously.
“You know what would be great right now?” She says, and John B. squints at her.
“What?” He says, giving in to his curiosity. The beer he’s holding is cold and sweaty in his warm hand.
JJ leans over, her arms still around his neck, to take a sip from a red solo cup.
“Just, like… sex. Good sex.” She complains, and JJ almost chokes.
“You’re crazy.” Says John B., but he’s not entirely sure she’s kidding.
“No, she’s drunk,” argues JJ hypocritically. 
“Would you guys fuck me?” she asks, and both of their eyes widen. Before they can say anything, she reveals, “I’d trust you guys to fuck me. You seem like you’d be a nice fuck.”
JJ leans in, and says just loud enough for John B. to hear, “We could always find out?”
She gasps and pulls away from him, laughing loudly, smile wide.
John B. licks his lips and places his beer down on the kitchen counter. 
“Not now,” he says, significantly less drunk than the other two.
“Where’s your boyfriend?” JJ asks, and she grabs John B. by the arm, interlocking them.
“Right here,” she sings sweetly, and John B. doesn’t pull away.
“Oh, I’m your boyfriend now? What happened to that other guy?” He questioned, and she blushed into his shoulder.
JJ gives John B. a look.
She smiles sweetly up at him.
“Would you fuck me, John B?” She asks again, and John B. hates that he can feel himself getting a little aroused.
He huffs at her. “Not here,” he replies, and she whines.
“Aw, John B., don’t be like that.” She pouts dramatically.
“I’ll have JJ do it then,” she says, reaching out for JJ. He sandwiches her between the two and she leans her head back against JJ’s chest. His hands are on her waist again and she feels him move to the music against her. She leans up and kisses John B. on the chin.
“No you won’t,” John B. clarifies, and he pulls her closer to him, so that JJ glares, and moves closer.
“You both are drunk,” he says, only on his second beer. The folding table in the living room has different ‘levels’ of alcohol, each increasing in strength with color. He swore he’s seen JJ with at least three different colored cups in the time they’ve been there. Which hasn’t been long. 
“No, no, I’ll…” she starts, but giggles, distractedly.
“I’ll let the both of you… do it.” She states coyly.
“ But you have to do it together,” she smiles, and the boys look at each other.
“No way,” John B. says, bluntly, arms crossed over his chest.
JJ stares at him.
“I just won’t look. It’s not like I haven’t seen your dick before,” he argues, and John B. is not drunk enough for this. 
JJ definitely is.
“It’d be really hot, John B.,” she encourages.
“No. I’m not gay.” He says, finally. 
“Neither am I, but she’s offering, bro,”
“It’s not gay, if it’s in a three way,” JJ sings horribly and lowly to John B. She giggles at them, and rubs her hand slowly up and down John B.’s arm. 
He sighs loudly.
“I’m not touching your dick, JJ, so don’t even think about it,” 
“I don’t want to touch your dick!” JJ cries, and people around him glare at the outburst. John B. shushes him.
“Is that a yes?” she asks, and John B.’s shoulders fall as he pinches his nose.
“Yeah. I guess.” He agrees, and she lets out an excited moan that shouldn’t make him so hot and bothered, but it does.
“Yay! Come on, come on,” she encourages, and both boys are following her into some poor soul’s bedroom. It’s definitely the bedroom of a teenage boy, bare and brightly lit by a red neon playboy sign. The full sided bed has a navy blue comforter and there are trophies that line his dresser. The boys look at each other, taking in the room. She makes no effort to remember it, because she’s already unbuttoning her shorts and collapsing on the half-made bed. Her legs lay off the side of the bed, for easy access of course, and she stretches, hands reaching up for the pillows haphazardly thrown at the head of the bed. Her shirt rolls up a little, and she rubs her hands over her skin, playing with the hem of it. 
She finds it funny that though he was reluctant, John B is the first one to strip down to his briefs, and she can see his half hard-on. He goes to take himself out, ready to peel her out of her remaining clothes, but she has other ideas.
“No no, not yet.” she says, and she sits up. She grabs John B. by the shoulders, and pushes him down to his knees. He looks unaware of what she wants him to do. She grabs his hair at the scalp, and slowly tugs him between her legs. He gets the hint, and she watches as John B. wiggles off her shorts and underwear.
JJ fumbles with her bra behind her. She watches these clueless boys with a smile.
He ends up just tugging it over her head and tossing it on the floor along with her other clothes.
She feels John B.’s tongue, abrupt and fast and vastly uncomfortable.
“Woah, slow down there, partner,” she says, and with her hand on his head again, she guides him with slow, stroke strokes of his tongue. 
“Much better,” she encourages, and she lays back, one hand down by her side, the other rubbing small circles into her clit.
She sticks her tongue out for JJ, and he makes quick work of shimmying out of his shorts. He doesn’t even bother taking off his boxers, his member already throbbing hard and pulsing in his hand. He gives it a couple of strokes before guiding onto her lips.
“Ohhh, aw, fuck,” JJ says, her lips and tongue teasing the tip of his cock as John B. gets to work on her entrance. He’s down between her legs, just like she showed him, teasing and licking and kissing as she rubs fast circles with her fingers.
He does something to make her moan, and JJ stops to watch.
“Oh, fuck, John B.,” she whines, “d-do that again,” 
And he complies, fucking his tongue in and out between her velvet folds, head bobbing rhythmically, fast, as she picks up the pace with her own fingers.
JJ decides he wants in on the fun, and he kneels by her head, tilting her neck up to plant firm kisses there, hard enough to bruise.
She lets out breathy gasps at the attention, and it only encourages the boys further. 
John B. grips her hips hard as JJ takes a hand to play with her breasts, nipples peaked and stiff under his heavy touch. Her other hand comes up to cup JJ’s, and he continues his unyielding kisses as she guides him, showing him exactly the amount of pressure she wants. As soon as he’s got it down, he pulls his head away to watch her unravel underneath him. Her head tilts back and she grinds her hips along John B.’s tongue.
There are whimpers from her and wet sounds from John B. and soft panting from JJ as he takes his other hand to rub himself, stroking his cock leisurely. 
“Oh my god, this is better than porn,” JJ comments, but both of the others ignore it. 
“Right there, John B., right there, fuck,” she curses, and closes her eyes to immerse herself in the moment.
“Just like that, perfect,” she encourages, and John B. licks and plunges his tongue deep, and removes it again to rub circles at her clit, replacing her hand. His tongue is wet and he licks long stripes up and down her length.
“Fuck, oh fuck, just—faster, John B., just like that.”
John B. circles his tongue faster, and it only takes a few moments for her to gasp and buck her hips up, so much so that he has to pressure her hips down to keep her there, toes curling, her legs over his shoulders, trying not to squeeze his head.
She whines and moans, and JJ has to stop touching himself because he feels like he’s going to blow his load right there on the floor.
“Oh, fuck, John B.,” she pants, and John B pulls away, watching her womanhood contract at his touch, wet cum framing where he was about to plunge his cock.
She smiles dopily at the ceiling. He is ragingly hard and almost ready to cum. 
“Guess what guys?” She starts, breathy, and they stare at her.
“I brought condoms!” She whispers excitedly, gesturing to her pants on the floor.
Normally, they’d protest, but they’re so horny they’d take any opportunity to cum inside of her.
John B. struggled with her pockets, but, condom in hand, he rips one open, pinches the tip, and rolls it onto his hard cock. It fits, and he admires her.
He rubs his cock over her entrance, playing with the wetness, and she gasps and shudders when he rubs it over her clit.
He smiles arrogantly, and slowly pushes his head in. It doesn’t take much effort, thanks to her orgasm.
He slowly makes his way in, and JJ starts stroking again, standing up to place his cock on her lips. She purses them slightly, and JJ rubs back and forth over them. John B. moans form between her legs.
JJ grabs her chin firmly, and she looks up at him with doe eyes, moaning as she opens her mouth and lazily takes just the tip.
She hollows out her cheeks around him, and he takes in a shaky breath.
John B. pumps fast inside her, pulling out halfway and pushing back into her, holding her hips with a strong grip. She thinks it might bruise, but she doesn’t care. 
All of a sudden John B.’s strokes get more erratic, faster and harder than before. His breathing is fast, and she watches him as his eyes close and his head falls back, strong, slow thrusts now.
He cums, hands on her hips, cock buried deep inside her, his groans filling the space between them. His strokes are calculated, milking every single drop from himself before pulling out and collapsing on the bed next to her.
“You’re next, JJ,” John B. jokes, and JJ doesn’t say anything, moving to take his spot.
He pushes into her, and she notices. Every ridge, every vein on his cock she can feel.
JJ’s strokes are slow and deliberate to start, but then he starts to pick up speed, as does his breathing. It’s only a few seconds before he’s close.
He pumps fast and hard, with reckless abandon for a few moments before he pulls out quickly, and jerks his shaft, concentrating on the tip.
He cums all over her stomach and groans loudly right after, coating her chest with his thick white cum. He grabs a fist full of the bedspread as he shudders.
JJ lets his shoulders fall, and he hunches over. He plants kisses to the inside of her knees, and she giggles, pulling them away. He smiles at her.
There’s heavy breathing from all three of them. 
“See? That wasn’t so bad,” she comments, and the boys chuckle.
“Yeah John B., nothin’ to be afraid of, man.” JJ pants, running a hand through his hair. He tugs his boxers up over his thighs and tucks his now soft cock back into them, looking around the floor for his shorts.
“Shut the fuck up, JJ,” he says, getting up to find his pants as well.
She lays there, and one of the boys toss her a small pile of her clothes onto the bed.
JJ stares at her once he’s clothed, his seed still on her stomach.
He sighs. He hates this part.
“Go back to the party,” JJ says to John B., “I’ll clean up.” 
John B. looks at him suspiciously.
“Really,” JJ assures, gesturing to her slowly more competent state. She stares at the cum on her stomach.
“It’s okay,” she assures, but JJ is there, using some poor soul’s discarded t-shirt as a rag. It doesn’t smell as far as she can tell, and it’s soft. 
As soon as he’s done, and throws the t-shirt into a corner of the room.
“Uh, okay. We’re gonna go now,” he says, even though John B. left already.
“Okay.” She agrees. JJ slowly makes his way out of the room.
She sits up and gets dressed, ready to make her way back to the party, when John B. enters the room again.
“Where’s JJ?” He questions, making his way over to her swiftly.
“He went back to the party. I thought—” she starts, but John B.’s mouth is on hers, salty and sweet, passionate and slow. His hand grabs the back of her neck and pulls her closer, impossibly so, and there’s teeth and even some tongue.
He pulls away.
“That’s for kissing JJ earlier, in front of me,” he clarifies, and she doesn’t tell him he tastes like her.
She smiles as she watches him leave. His shirt was on backwards. 
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mistypluie · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
SANGCHENG CHERRY MAGIC AU!!!!! (basically: jiang cheng is still a virgin when he turns 36* and he suddenly gains the ability to read people's minds when he touches them)
#*changing it from 30 to make this post canon lol#sangcheng#jiang cheng#nie huaisang#mdzs#the this picture takes place shortly after jc's bday nhs is visiting lotus pier for a cultivation conference or something#and jc reads his mind and realizes nhs likes him!!! bro is having whole ass fantasies about him meanwhile jc is having a sexuality crisis#bc u know hes been justifying this by saying he doesnt have time and he doesn't want to marry some random woman but. hes never really#considered men before.......granted he probably hasnt rlly liked too many ppl before (demi jc rights!!!!)...#(he told himself that teenage crush on lxc was just admiration 😔😔😔)#but he gradually realizes that.....people care he 🥺🥺🥺 his disciples look up to him his nephew loves him his brother misses him (THINK of#the possibilities for a yunmeng bros reconciliation if jc can read wwx's thoughts) ..... and he grows as a person and realizes how valued he#is and how its important to do things at his own pace bc hes only now having the time to live his life without worrying about so much shit#and of course he. eventually loses his virginity and the ability to read thoughts and has to learn how to communicate his feelings w ppl 🥺#anyway. cherry magic owns my soul now and sangcheng is my fave i simply had to make an au......ill never write it tho but if anyone wants to#PLEASE do 👀🥺#also dont @ me about lazy coloring i didnt feel like coloring this lol the lineart was enough work#r yall proud i didnt use mint green ad a background color again??? i was going to lol but then i changed it#this color scheme has more cherry vibes 🍒🌸
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obscure-imagines · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
they were being obnoxious again. your friends wanted pictures with any celebrity or Superhero they met. you found yourself standing to the side, as usual, except this time you were not standing alone.
you recognized Loki. after all, he and his horn helmet had been broadcasted all over the news for weeks after the New York Attack. however, if he was here with Tho, you figured he wasn't up to any mischief. 
“you dont like pictures with superheroes?” he asked suddenly, looking down at you.
you shrugged, “sometimes taking pictures with random people on the street can be  obnoxious.”
“i couldn’t agree more.” he smirked and the two of you continued to stare at your friends who were completely flirting with Thor.
“i’m Loki by the way.” he said.
“i know who you are. Y/N.” you answered. 
he looked down at you with a smile, “you’re an interesting one arent you?”
gif credit @darth-vaders Thank you to this gif maker for giving me permission to use their gifs! look at how beautiful this gif is! just watched Thor Ragnarok and found this blog and was immediately in love with the gifs! look at this one! its so beautiful i just cant  <3 <3 <3 
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shiftythrifting · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hi guys, I need to write a PSA about this specific doll. She might look like your standard creepy child sized doll but hear me out.
A year ago I was at a flea market and saw someone selling this doll. No big, right? Standard creepy doll. I thought nothing of it and kept walking.
Cut to January of this year. I go to my local Salvation Army- and there she is. Pink dress and everything. I do not buy her, but quickly exit the store.
Cut to LAST MONTH and I go to my local Savers. Suprise! There she is! And she’s still there, as of last Monday. (This drama is all taking place in Southern New Hampshire, in case anyone is wondering.)
There are two possible explinations for these sightings. One: people are buying the doll, something is happening with her, and she is being “donated” to end her reign of terror. or Two: This doll is sentient and is traveling from thrift store to thrift store, waiting for some unsuspecting person to bring her home, where she will then….do what? I’m not sure.
Whatever the case I can’t expect her to remain at my Savers for too long. I don’t know where she’s going, what her motives are, whether she’s killed anyone, or why the guy who was selling her the first time was dressed like Elvis (did he start this?) I dont know if this is her third stop or her three hundreth. But if you see her at your local thrift store, DO NOT BUY HER! There is a very good chance she is legitimately haunted!
Instead, if you see her, let people know. Take a picture of her and let people know where you found her. We must warn the thrifting community of her existence. And if she is truly sentient, then we need to give her a name.
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yarrayora · 8 months ago
any “how to draw asian” tutorial will always be useless
when you go “dont draw an asian this way because it’s a racist stereotype” inevitably you will invalidate real asians with those physical traits
my very real skintone is now called “highlighter yellow” and my old babysitter’s buckteeth shouldn’t be drawn because people believe those kind of thing only exist in anti asian propaganda from american history
“well you can draw those! just dont exaggerate!” but my skintone wasnt even exaggerated, people online simply assume it cant possibly be real because it has yellow undertone. what am i supposed to do? take a selfie of my own skin and post it online? if the lightning is off just a little bit in that picture, then it wouldnt show that my skin has a yellow undertone
and of course, even fellow asians draw slanted eyes which perhaps in the context of western imperialism history is racist, but for people who grew up born and raised in an asian country with limited interaction with the history of western political cartoon propaganda, it’s just... the way we look
and im not talking about disney slanted eyes, im talking about real slanted. fox-like.
racism is contextual and the racism asian-american and other asians experiencing in the west will never be the same as the one native asians experience, and it will never be interchangeable. neither of our struggles are more important than the other, but it’s exactly why the very first point i made is important
your “how to draw asian” tutorials will always be useless, even as a “pointer so you wont draw like a racist”, because the racism you experienced isnt universal, and by god am i boiling still to have my very real skintone being called “highlighter yellow”
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sadbeautifulttragic · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hello! I thought I’d make a post for disabled swifties night because I’ve finally had the courage to speak publicly about my disorder again. When I first started tumblr, I was pretty vocal about it and I used my blog as a place to release my feelings and vent when I needed a platform to get words out. Well I got a lot of hate and people telling me I was “faking it” and that made me really upset. I also had people saying “wow you seem so normal” and things along those lines which didn’t rub me the right way either. But since I’ve grown closer to many of you and we’re slowly weeding out these negative people, I’ve decided not to hide it anymore. I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and yes, I live a pretty normal life. Anyways I’m going to stop before i get completely long winded. I hope you still give me the chance to get to know me for me, not for my disorder. 
 Also huge shoutout to @swiftiesofcolor and everyone behind that blog who put together this selfie night & the other nights and everyone who supports us and gives people like me the courage to speak out 💞
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bagginshield · 16 days ago
the teachers in the new GG are disgusting for doing that shit, stalking their underage students taking pictures of them undressing etc, but storywise i dont think its a bad move. especially with the one teacher being a 2009 graduate who went to school under the og GG’s reign… it goes to show that the drama and surveillance everyone in the original show lived through didnt produce better people, it produced broken adults who think its okay to continue the cycle of abuse against children. this reboot is gonna be so good if they understand and lean into that instead of trying to justify the teachers’ actions.
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jenderoftheday · 7 months ago
dude this blog is classic why would you not want them to see it
while this is a public blog, im actually a very private person and i despise even the hint of an idea of being known by a celebrity. if i saw a famous person in real life i would simple turn around and walk away.
also, i do not think former homophobe middle aged texan white man jensen ackles is reformed enough to have the range to see this & understand the intricacies of Jender w/o making me want to attack someone like a rabid dog
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cynological · 3 years ago
Dogblr Ring Stack Trick Challenge
Tumblr media
Run out of things to teach your dog? Need a party trick? Or just want to challenge your shaping skills?
$5 at Walmart buys you a toddler ring stacking toy, soon to be filled with tooth marks (mine doesn't have the top ring because it was full of very noisy beads and I was tired of hearing them as my dog threw it at me).
There are no prizes, because I'm poor because everyone is at different levels of skill, and I honestly want this to me more about bonding with your dog and learning than solely competitive. Your prize is now having a cool trick to show off.
Now this one can be a tough one, so don't get discouraged if it takes a while. Give yourself a goal of about four weeks, for some it may take longer, or it may take a shorter amount of time. My dog is clumsy and uncoordinated and REALLY enthusastic, so it is taking a little while to work on being calm and not just throwing the rings at me/the stand.
Here is a break down of behaviours to shape:
-Touch the ring.
-Pick up the ring
-Bring the ring near the stand.
-Touch the stand with the ring
-Touch close to the top with the ring.
-Drop the ring into the stand.
Some tips:
-Either hold the stand yourself or nail the stand to a board. It wobbles, which will make your dog less successful. You can fade it out later if you really want to, but for now, make sure it stays still.
- I initially taught all rings at once, but it resulted in a lot of misses and was much more difficult for the dog. My suggestion is to teach one ring at a time. Start with the largest first. When your dog is consistently placing it, move to the next size up. Each size requires a slightly different way for the dog to place.
-The way I have been teaching this is by having my dog work for his dinner, with occasional treats thrown in for variety. Less motivated dogs may need something more interesting than kibble.
-Keep sessions short! If your dog is successful, throw a party and STOP THERE. End on a success. As your dog gets better, you can push, but in the beginning, don't push your dog too hard. Don't fall into the "Just one more" trap.
-I found using a clicker in the very beginning more helpful than my verbal marker. Once my dog understood that he had to put the ring through the stand, I switched to my verbal marker.
-Use your resources! Check out shaping on youtube. You may even find a tutorial on how to teach this if you're more of a visual learner. If you've never done any shaping before, 101 Things to Do With a Box is a great introduction.
Have fun with it and post pictures/videos of your progress! If enough people show interest and participate, we may do another one next month with a different trick.
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r00 · a year ago
Fav-uary Pokemon Art Challenge
So I was thinking everyone has a favorite Pokemon, and it’s so fun to see everyone’s favorites so how about a month where you draw a picture of just that Pokemon?  Especially when it’s the month of Love (February) ? So give that favorite Pokemon of yours ( or one of your many favorite Pokemon ) some love!  I think it would be especially cool seeing some usually overlooked Pokemon get attention too if they’re peoples favorites!
These are some drawing suggestions I came up with! Feel free to follow them, or don’t! Make up your own if you want! Just draw some Pokemon!  And don’t feel bad if you can’t draw every day, this is all for fun ♥
A drawing of the Pokemon you’ve chosen!  
Shiny colored version 
Redesign the shiny! Draw it in any colors you want
Imagine the Pokemon as another type/dual type! Design it!
Enjoying a meal! Maybe some curry? Or a berry?
The Pokemon dressed for the contest and ready to show off!
Your Pokemon is a fighter! Draw it using an attack!
But it can’t win every battle... draw it with a Pokemon it’s weak to!
And now one it’s strong against!
With a trainer who specializes in it’s type OR dressed as that trainer
Draw it with it’s evolutionary family! Or design it one if it doesn’t have one
Draw the Pokemons alternate form or design an alternate form for the Pokemon!  Give it that Galar/Mega/etc form you know it deserves!
Dress that Pokemon up like you would dress up a pet! 
Obligatory Valentine’s Day themed pic
Was it hard picking a Pokemon to draw?  Draw the Pokemon with another Pokemon you considered drawing for this!
Draw the Pokemon on the route it’s found on
Draw a memory you have about this Pokemon! 
Draw the Pokemon dressed as a villainous team member or leader! 
With the Pokeball you’ve caught this Pokemon in ( You HAVE caught this Pokemon before, right? )
That Pokemon just formed a rescue team! Who’s their partner? Draw them together!
With an egg or a baby Pokemon
Ditto-fy that Pokemon!  Give it a cute little  :) face!
A picture inspired by the Pokemons name meaning in any language 
As or with a Pokedoll!
So many days in, time for a break... for the Pokemon! Draw it taking a nap
Let’s change things up! Draw it in a different style now
Let’s get silly before things end! Draw that Pokemon with your non dominant hand or with your eyes closed!
A picture of you with that Pokemon.
Tag your drawings as #Favuary if you participate please! I’d love to see people so enthusiastic about their favorite! 
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