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yandere-metal-family · a day ago
My Favorite Valentine
Tumblr media
Valentine's Day was never really anything special to Dee. To him it was just another day. Well, that was until you came into the picture. When the holiday rolled around, he couldn't wait for you to give him something. Why, anything would be nice, even a confession.
He watched as you sat down in your normal spot, stuffing some Valentine's into your bag. You smiled in his direction, making him turn a bright red, as he quickly looked away. He kept sneaking glances, wondering if you had anything for him in that tiny little bag.
Dee waited for you, so he could walk to your home. He finds it funny that he used to stalk you to your house, but here it was now walking side by side with you. He found it strange when you didn't mention anything about Valentine, and he didn't know how to bring it up. You had offered him some of the Valentine chocolate, but he didn't want anything that you didn't get for him in mind.
"I don't even really like chocolate. Well I do, but this is a little much," you say, chuckling.
He smirked, as you elbowed him. He was glad he didn't get you any chocolates, he knew he'd stand out.
"Did you get anything for someone special?" you tease, poking him.
He blushed, looking away from you, "Possibly?" His voice cracks, causing you to laugh. He reddens in embarrassment, before rolling his eyes playfully.
When you finally reached your house, Dee frowned. You went to unlock your door, but Dee told you to wait, cause he had something for you. He handed you F/c, making you blush. No-one had gotten you F/c and the fact that he remembered your favorite candy made you blush a cute red. Dee was about to leave, before you gasped and told him to hold on cause you had something for him.
He waited as you ran through your house, going to your kitchen where you had accidentally forgotten all your valentines. You saw the bright red roses and tiny guitar shaped candy, grabbing it and headed back outside.
"I wanted to give these to you, but I forgot them."
Dee grabbed the flowers and candy, laughing at how cute it was.
"I hope you like it, I was worried you might now like it and-"
"I would like anything you give me." Dee blushed, realizing what he said, as your face turned a bright red. You softly giggled and twirled some of your hair.
Dee headed home, twirling the Boquet in his hands. He wasn't really a flower person, but since they were from you, he couldn't help but want to keep them forever. When he opened the door, he was instantly bombarded by his dad, Glam, when seeing the flowers.
"Oh, those are pretty flowers-"
"These? Oh yeah, great, hey do we have any vases?" Dee asked, causing his mom to raise an eyebrow as his father pointed towards one of the closets, where Dee found a nice pretty vase. When putting the flowers in the vase, an envelope fell. How had he not seen the envelope before?
He opened it, grabbing the note inside:
'I have a crush on you for a long time, but I don't know how to tell you. I know it's cliche to write you a cheesy not, but I just can't tell you face to face. -Love, Your Secret Admirer'
Dee blushed, realizing you had probably meant to give these to him in secret. But now that he knew your feelings, this was going to be easier for him. He put the note in his top drawer, hoping his parents would never see it; it was to personal.
You looked around trying to find the envelope. You were praying you hadn't left it in the roses. You checked all your cabinets, drawers, and such, but you couldn't find it. You grabbed your phone, texting Dee. He quickly responded back that there WAS a note and that he thought it was really cute, though not as cute as you. You blushed, covering your face, dropping your phone to your side.
You couldn't believe you had left that cringy note in the roses AND he had read it. You could never show your face again. As you looked at your phone after hearing a ding. You opened Dee's message:
So, do I still have to ask you out? Or are we officially dating?
You typed away:
Well, I like you, so of course I want to date you :(
Dee's response came quickly-
Well, I want to date you, so official?
You laugh as you respond to his blunt question.
Yeah, I guess so
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Hey Loni, I hope you’ll feel better soon 💗💗 That prompt list is so cute!! How about "You can hold my hand if you want"? 😘💗 For Yuuji please, or if you are in a MLQC mood: Kiro! I’ll let you decide who you have more inspo for 💗
Thank you! I appreciate it a lot 🖤🖤 Here's something short and sweet for you. I hope you'll like it!
Tumblr media
୨୧ Itadori Yūji + "You can hold my hand, if you want"
୨୧ Word Count: 516
୨୧ Send me a character and a prompt from this list!
Tumblr media
Going on a date is a good thing, especially with a boyfriend like yours. There is nothing you would rather do on a sunny day like this one.
That is what you would have said up until an hour ago when Yūji got to pick tonight’s movie. Out of all things to watch during your date night, he decided to go for the new romance movie you’ve heard Nobara talk about for the past few days.
She did say it was a good movie. She also did say that it was very emotional and while you love a good romance, it is just not your type of thing to sit inside a cinema and cry your heart out.
One would think that having a fulfilled and happy love life yourself would possibly help in this kind of situation - make you less likely to tear up.
It does not help. Not at all.
The emotional scene on the big screen made your hand, that was reaching for some popcorn, stop mid-air and made your mouth hang slightly open in shock. There's a familiar feeling burning in your eyes and you feel the tears slowly build up. 
Yet, you will them away. That is until you hear the sniffling right next to you. 
Slowly turning your head towards the person next to you, you're faced with your boyfriend, whose tear ducts seem to be trying to compete with Niagara Falls. 
Were it not for your empathy and the fact that you'll be in the same position soon enough as well, you would have laughed. 
As much as he looks utterly adorable, he also looks ridiculous. The wobble of his lower lip, which is pulled into a slight pout, makes your heart ache a bit, but it's bittersweet. 
Pulling out a tissue, you lightly tap his hand and he snaps his head towards you. A pitiful chuckle leaves him, as he wipes his tears away with his hand, not noticing the tissue in your hand at all. 
Putting his hand on the armrest that separates your seats, he places it with his open palm facing the ceiling, before he lowly murmurs, 
“You can hold my hand, -”
A hoarse little cough disrupts his sentence, a teary hiccup follows and your heart feels full.
“-if you want to.” 
Yūji looks at you with a hopeful glimmer in his eyes and your tears that have been building up finally spill over your cheeks. 
Nodding, you take his hand in yours and intertwine your fingers with his. The tissue is long forgotten. 
Even though he probably needs the comfort more than you do, you are sure he asked you to hold his hand with only your feelings in mind. That is just the kind of guy he is. 
Leaning your head against his shoulder you whisper quietly, “Thank you.”
A gentle squeeze of your hand in his is your answer and you smile, your focus drifting back to the movie. 
As long as your tears roll over your cheeks for reasons like these, then maybe crying because of a relationship isn't too bad. 
Tumblr media
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Rewatched pacific rim last night to fall sleep and those scientists were so fucking gay oh my lord it’s not just shipping brain
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latinposeidon · 3 months ago
Sometimes I just remember that like six months after jatp came out I saw a post that said Perfect Harmony was in everyone’s top three jatp songs and I got genuinely surprised because like,,,,,, I didn’t actually realise it was a popular song before that moment. It’s not like I think it’s a bad song or anything, I’ve just always seen it as kinda average so I didn’t consider that people would love it. Like I’ve just never understood the hype around it, even before I started disliking romantic j*ke
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austerulous · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
What’s New Year without a li’l kissu?  Hit that ♡ and I’ll send one of my girls into your inbox!
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presumenothing · 8 months ago
heyooo this is probably a weird question, but what's ur learning process exactly? like you've been doing the gifs thing, and you seem pretty knowledgeable, so i was curious
not weird at all!! i just (a) don't know how informative this answer is gonna be, and (b) have clearly deceived you into thinking i know anything at all ever, because while i do in fact Know some things my decision making process also literally looks like this:
Tumblr media
though in terms of what i Know about the particular sort of gifs thing i like, i literally just posted this which is a hilarious coincidence
but you asked me about my learning process, so!! i have to add a term and condition (singular) here that i'm apparently an unusually fast learner for anything not requiring hand-eye coordination, but that aside… insofar as i have any Process™ it goes something like this:
decide to do the thing. in this case it was "fell into the zhou shen pit" meets "be the content you want to see in the world"
start doing the thing as quickly as possible. i don't wanna say strike while the iron is hot but.... there is truth to that. my first gif wasn't great but it was there
read a lot. i'm sorry, video tutorials, i'm sure you have actual content to offer but also 99% of the time i do not care. fortunately most tumblr posts where the gif tutorials are continue to be in text (never change)
though what and how i read has shifted over time, from initially reading pretty much every general gif related tutorial i found (there is so much So Much to read about colouring) to narrowing down to specific things i'm interested in
aside from more standard gifs (mostly interview gifs? probably??) i usually start out having a strong idea of what i want to make, then it's a matter of looking up or figuring out myself how to achieve the effect i want. (sometimes it's the other way around – i save a cool effect for reference and then the stars align and i get to use it!! very nice of them)
make stuff, post, and repeat. imo especially when you're just starting out to gif, it's important to set the "good enough" bar reasonably low-ish? your stuff is never gonna look as good as what experienced giffers make, at least not yet, and there's probably even a fundamental difference in how you're making your gifs that makes the comparison nonsensical.
basically you're likely to learn more and learn it more quickly by going for quantity first, especially since part of giffing is learning how to deal with inconsistencies like the source video lighting never being the same dammit. insert that story about the two halves of the pottery class here
considering that i started out with 0 knowledge aside from some dusty leftover recollection of using gimp like a decade ago, i think i'm doing pretty good! but also – and i cannot possibly overstate this – i have made a lot of gifs. the birthday countdown alone was more than a hundred. some things you just learn by doing
(if this sounded suspiciously like "step 1: get hamster brain obsessed with one thing step 2: ???? step 3: Profit" that's because it pretty much is. it's the most effective and fun way i learn anything. the lifehack is always to catch your brain with the correct bait)
(the other lifehack is to have some organisation, even if not in any form recognisable to polite society. my gif stuff is in the realm of tidy because i have a channel in my notes to self server literally called giffing where i put everything from "cool thing i saw" to "thing i want to gif" to "not even sure this effect is in the realm of possibility but it would be Cool yknow??". my fic stuff, on the other hand,,,)
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noppera-bou · 11 months ago
Thinking about rewatching BPP
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victorluvsalice · a year ago
Fanfic Make Me Choose Meme
From: @its-sixxers, though I wasn’t tagged -- I was going on a random blog run and ran across this, and decided I really wanted to do it. It looks like fun, what can I say?
coffee shop or flower shop • alternate universe or fix-it • enemies to lovers or childhood friends • angst or fluff • love at first sight or pining • modern au or historical au • soulmates or unrequited • fake dating or secret dating • breakup and makeup or proposals and weddings • get together or established relationship • oblivious pining or domestic fluff • hurt/comfort or crack • meet the parent or meet cute
Tagging: No pressure, do it if you think it’s cool! I think @gaydragonwizards and @dont-offend-the-bees will get a kick out of it, anyway. . .
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metroiras · 29 days ago
ꖛ ─ 𝐌𝐀𝐃𝐄 𝐅𝐎𝐑 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐘𝐎𝐔 ❜ eddie munson ɞ
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
─ synopsis ⨾ what it would be like to be a cheerleader and date eddie munson.
❛ warnings ∿ fluff, slight angst, drug-use, mentions of bullying, some season four spoilers (this isn't really plot-focused of st4 though soo...) slightly ooc-eddie oops.
❛ pairings ∿ eddie munson x popular!cheerleader!reader
❛ eli’s thoughts ∿ not me falling for another weird, sarcastic side character i can't. also, rockstar gf aesthetic!!! enjoy these not proof-read headcanons. ( sidenote, i literally love the popular girl x unpopular boy trope!>>[email protected]> )
You were a year younger than Eddie. You were a junior, and he was repeating in senior year. You two also ran in completely different social circles.
He was a metalhead who ran campaigns for fantasy board games, and you were on the cheer team and spent most of your time getting wasted at parties with the basketball team.
While you didn't have any classes together, you saw each other frequently during lunch. He wasn't hard to miss with his loud, and about personality.
You admired his confidence in himself, and his passions (D&D and his band) even though it led to merciless teasing and bullying from the other kids— especially Jason and the basketball team.
The first time you actually talk to him is when you walk into the music room. One of your friends on band had forgotten something, and asked if you could get it for them. Begrudgingly you agreed, and ended up finding Eddie in the room, playing on his electric guitar.
The catchy beat caught you in a trance, so you couldn't help but stay and listen. Totally not staring watching the way his fingers ghosted over the strings of the guitar.
"Well, well, well..."
You felt your face heat up in embarrassment as you hadn't realised he caught you staring.
"It's rude to stare y'know?" He tilts his head slightly to the side, a smirk growing on his lips.
"I wasn't staring," you scratch the back of your neck, gaze immediately on the floor.
With his quick-wit and strange charm, you ended up staying in the music room for another hour. He let you try out his guitar, showing which of the chords to play and teaching you some of the tunes to his favourite songs (you tried to ignore the way your heart skipped a beat when his hand touched yours).
Shortly after that, you ended up seeing Eddie more often. Hanging out after school, exchanging glances in the hallway, and him inviting you to his uncle's trailer. He finally asks you out one day when you both are chilling in his room. You'd both just smoked some weed and were laying on his bed.
"So, like, you wanna go out sometime?"
His love language is definitely touch, and quality time. He loves the feeling of you in his arms, or just being in your presence even if it's only for a second when passing each other on your way to classes.
You come to support his band every week, cheering him on as if he were preforming at the Garden. He would probably write a song about you, but never tell you.
The only reason he'd ever come to a pep-rally was to now watch you perform in your cheer group. Prepare for a lot of wolf-whistling and "that's my girl!".
Speaking of cheer... most if not all your clique-obsessed cheer friends would not be very supportive of your relationship. "He's a freak! Why would you go out with him?".
You eventually drop the team after the constant comments on your relationship. You love Eddie, he loves you, that's all that matters.
Rarely would he ever get insecure about your relationship, but sometimes there's a guilty pang in his heart when he hears that you've been getting shit for being associated with him.
"I mean I don't know, maybe you'd be better off with someone else," He sighed, resting his head back against the tree. You two were sitting out in the forest near the school like you usually did during lunch.
You furrowed your brows and turned to look at him, but he kept his gaze to the branches above you. "Eddie, why would you think that?"
"Well, 'cause you're all cheery," he replies, with a mocking gesture of pom-poms— to which you roll your eyes to. "..And I'm... a weirdo."
You rest your head on his shoulder, and move your hand up to intertwine with his. "First off, I dropped all the cheery shit," you reply with the same mocking tone, "and second off, you're my weirdo." "Wow, very comforting, Y/N, thanks," his raspy chuckle sends butterflies to your stomach, as you inch closer to him.
He'd bring you along to his D&D games. Even if he was halfway through a campaign, he'd find some way to include you in it. You'd become closer to Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas through these games, along with Eddie.
Eddie would always split his weed for you, or give you a free supply. Calling it the "babes' discount".
He loves when you borrow his clothes, and he'd always loan you his leather jacket. As a gift, he would get you your own 'Hellfire Club' t-shirt, and you guys would frequently wear matching shirts.
Like I said, you guys hang out often at his place, so he would definitely try to teach you to play guitar. Though that only lasts for so long until you end up making out on his bed.
When the death of Chrissy Cunnigham gets out, he instantly goes into hiding at Reefer Rick's placeHe's not nearly as scared of the cops or the basketball team as he is of you thinking he did it.
When you finally find him (through the help of Dustin), he's prepared himself for you to break up with him, or turn him in. Eddie's taken aback when you rush to wrap your arms around him.
"Christ, Eddie, I was so worried about you. Why the hell have you been hiding here?" You scoff, giving him a slight push.
"Well, I'm not exactly Hawkins' most popular resident right now," He replies sarcastically, holding his arms up.
Eddie confesses his fear that you wouldn't want to ever see him again, now that he's basically been branded the boogeyman. You promise Eddie that you'd stick by his side no matter what, and in return you feel his lips crash against yours.
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onceandfuturewarlqck · a month ago
you cant tell me that merlin hasnt learnt how to use a sword after 10 years of following arthur and the knights around and watching them training.
you also cant tell me that arthur didnt personally decide to train merlin after he realized that the fool was going to follow him everywhere, head first into danger.
and you also don't dare telling me that gwaine, protective gwaine, the one that calls himself merlin's best friend (there is a bet going on about who is merlin's best friend, I'm pretty much sure, and merlin knows about this and just messes around with the knights for fun), didnt march straight to merlin, grabbed his arm, took him to the training grounds and shoved a sword to him because 'i won't have you dying for princess' sake, he already believes himself important enough'.
and you just TRY telling me that everyone else didnt jump on this train and started giving merlin tips or used him as a sparring partner as an excuse to teach him some swordfighting, and this goes on for years, and it becomes something natural and familiar between the inner circle of the knights, and then word spreads also outside of it and all the other knights, especially the new ones, are way too confused about who exactly this boy, this servant, is.
you shouldn't even open your mouth against me about how one day merlin is sparring against leon and they are just chattering and doing light footwork until things get animated and it turns into a real (even if friendly) fight and, under everyone's unbelievable eyes, merlin disarms leon, first knight leon, the second best after arthur. and merlin just shrugs this off, fawning over leon because 'you're not hurt are you??' and. leon just laughs. he completely cracks down and start laughing and gwaine swears under his breath and arthur is still looking at merlin like he has grown a second head (and, maybe, there's also some pride there. and something else we wont name) and percival whispers 'has leon been possessed?'
and youd be wrong if you think that, after that day, arthur doesnt call merlin into his chambers one evening and makes him sit at his table and there is a sword on it. and arthur tells merlin to pick it up, to tell him how does the blade feels in his hands, and merlin is like, 'sire, have you forgotten how to use a sword?' but arthur just ignores him and tells him to try it. and merlin does it, and tells him, a bit begrudgingly, that it's the best sword he has ever had his hands on, it flows perfectly, no hitch at all. and it is. it's beautiful and the hilt just fits perfectly in his palm, the engraved lines of a dragon pressing against his skin, the blade thin and light like air, almost bending at merlin's will. arthur nodding at this with something in his eyes.
and you cant change my mind that, when merlin goes to give the sword back to arthur, arthur just steps forwards and fasten its sheat at merlin's waist, ignoring the confusion on his servant's face (and if the tips of his ears are red, he doesnt say anything). 'you keep it,' arthur just says, brushing his hands against merlin's for a second, before clearing his throat and turning away.
you wont make me think that merlin didnt just stare at his king, at arthur, and then at his new acquired weapon, and then smirked (or tried to, it probably was a softer smile than he had intended), and said 'of course, my lord'.
and if, when in thoughts or anxious, merlin's fingers naturally touch the hilt of the sword, and if, when worried and agitated, arthur takes it upon himself to personally check that his manservant always has the sword he gifted him on his body, well. that's between them, and none is the wiser.
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thisisarcanereverie · 28 days ago
Love Bites (MAIN Steven Grant x Jealous! Reader) SMUT!
Tumblr media
Hi this is based from an ask from @dopeqff
Summary: You go to give Steven his lunch on his first day as a tour guide, which leads to some interesting following events.
Warnings: Smut, unprotected p i v (wrap it before you tap it), oral (m recieving), jealousy, insecure thoughts, biting (f giving), smutty steven (that's a warning ok?). MINORS DNI
Feel free to ask for more requests, I may not be able to get to them all immediately but I will eventually!
You considered yourself to be a pacifist. Believing that violence should be avoided until absolutely necessary, like life or death. 
However you were seriously considering cutting that woman's manicured hands off of her body if she didn’t get them off of your boyfriend. 
It wasn’t like you didn’t trust Steven (or Marc and Jake for that matter), you trusted them completely. It was just a darker, more feral, more insecure part of you that looked at that person's hands and wanted to tear them from his arm. You watched as she tried every trick in the book, fingers dancing along his arm, gasp you must work out a lot Steven, the fluttering of the eyes with a look that just says ‘notice me’,  god you could practically hear her. However, you were content to stay next to the gift shop in the museum, silently seething at the woman but supporting Steven on his first day as a tour guide for now. Your poor Steven probably didn’t even realize what was going on, he was too engrossed talking about the mummification process to notice the woman's (not really) subtle advances. You were about to take a walk to clear your head before you noticed how her eyes darted to his ass and bit her lip. 
You checked the clock and you thanked all the gods that it was around Steven’s lunch break time. However he hadn’t noticed since he was so involved in answering and giving thorough explanations to the seemingly never ending questions that the woman asked. 
Your low heels lightly clacked against the marble floor as you made your way to your curly haired vigilante. You were thankful you brought him his lunch that he probably didn’t even know he forgot. 
You got to him just before the woman could ask another question that she just didn’t care about. You lightly tapped Steven on the shoulder, hoping your face was light hiding your seething feelings. He paused as he turned to you, you could see his dark eyes light up and the smile that you were convinced could blind the sun god himself stretched over his face. 
“Darling,” Steven said, the woman beside him glared at you, you tried to pay her no mind. You held up the brown paper bag with the words “Steven with a V” written in his handwriting. 
“Couldn’t let you miss lunch again love,” You said in a light tone, you hand him the paper bag with a kiss on his cheek. You lingered there for a second, recuperating the glare the blonde woman behind him was giving you. You wanted to kiss him breathless in front of her, grab his ass as you glared at her with a silent message in your eyes. 
But you knew that Steven would probably blush profusely and get reprimanded on his first day, so you did what you could do. You were sweet, you were a silent storm, brewing. 
“Well now that you’re here, why don’t we both go to lunch?” Steven asked, his fingers playing with the paper bag slightly. His hands always needed something to do, whether that's playing with the strings on his jacket, solving a puzzle or…more pleasurable. 
“Sounds like a plan,” You look behind Steven, right at the woman who Steven by now has completely forgotten about and smile a sweet and subtle ‘fuck you’ smile. Steven was about to walk away when the woman stopped him, and he clearly was startled, after forgetting her. 
“Wait,” she said, god you hated her voice, it was too high pitched and nasally, “I still have a few questions regarding a thing we saw at the beginning of the tour.” 
“It’s ok,” Steven said pointing to the person taking his place during lunch, “Bob will be able to answer those questions,” He holds out his hand to shake hers, “I’m off, lovely meeting you Sarah.” 
You heard her slightly huff before you headed off towards the front doors to find somewhere to eat together. You were a few feet away from the museum when you heard Steven let out a chuckle. 
“What’s funny?” You asked curiously. 
“You,” Steven said, “I never thought I would live to see the day that I’d have someone getting jealous over somebody flirting with me.” His words shocked you. 
“Me! Jealous,” You asked incredulously and a little defensively, “what would I be jealous about. She was just clearly very interested in what you had to say that she simply couldn’t contain herself.” Steven responded by chuckling more. His deep voice rumbling in his chest, eye crinkling in amusement as he admires the embarrassed flush invades your face and gives you away. Usually you’re the one to catch him being jealous, not the other way around so this was a treat. And if he was being honest, it made him feel special, knowing that he could have that effect on you as well. However, while he adored the pout that was currently on your face that you were trying to hide, he loved your smiles and laughter far more. 
He grabbed your hand from your face, uncovering your blushing face. 
“Although I’m flattered,” He starts as he kisses your cheek, “jealousy doesn’t suit you, I like seeing you smile more.” He stops you and brings you to the side of the sidewalk, where a wall full of graffiti laid bare, he kisses your nose before finally bringing you for a sweet and tender kiss on your lips. His kiss was always soft, full of love and tenderness. It was like kissing a dream, beautiful and leaves you in a sort of cloudy gaze, barely remembering it until his lips were on yours again. You would have probably kissed more if it wasn’t for the resounding rumble of your stomach interrupting you, reminding you that while you brought lunch for Steven you had barely eaten today. You and Steven looked at each other before laughing, his hands in yours, you both searched for a place to eat together. 
You laid in bed with Steven, you washed the sheets earlier that day and you had just gotten out of the shower so a fresh scent surrounded you. The only thing it was missing was him. 
Without him there thoughts of the day passed by, the woman from the museum still on your mind. You were so happy with Steven and Marc, and Jake. But you’ve been happy before, you’ve trusted before only to have it thrown back at your face. You start worrying that maybe you were misreading the situation, maybe you were harsh, maybe this is one of the good things that doesn't last and this is the beginning of the end. 
You were so caught up with your inner demons that you didn’t register your personal angel sliding into the freshly washed and dried sheets until you felt a hand cradle your face. 
“What’s going on in that mind of yours darling?” Steven asked, dark eyes unwavering. 
“Steven I-” 
“Darling what is it you always say to us?”
“Communication is key.” 
“Correct,” Steven said as his hand went from cradling your face to holding your hand, “so communicate darling, I’m all ears.” 
“I get scared sometimes,” You admit unable to say no to him, “today I have you. But tomorrow is never a given, I’m so scared that someday when I’ve let go completely that you’ll want nothing to do with me. That you’ll regret me and leave. I know this is rubbish, but I still worry. I also worry I may have been a little too harsh on Sarah from the gift shop today.” true to his word Steven lets you let it out. His eyes and ears never deviated once.
“It’s ok to get scared,” Steven starts, “I could say the same things too, I am the luckiest bastard today because I have you, but I can be the sorriest knob on the earth tomorrow if you decide I’m too broken to be loved. But while I have you, I plan on holding you, loving you, I plan on keeping that heart you gave me safe and warm, like how you are keeping mine.” Your eyes look away before he directs your attention back at him, “hey look at me,” his thumb ghosts over your cheeks, “I’m yours, nothing can change that.” 
You bring your face to his, your lips molding together like puzzle pieces, you just fit. Your hands cradle his face, before going to his scalp as you lift one leg and straddle him on the bed. Your hands gently massage the space between his ear and hair. You hear him moan as his large hands grip your hips firmly, tanned digits digging into soft flesh, as the kisses now become opened mouthed and breathing becomes ragged. 
Stevens hands move from their place on your waist and dance up your side before grabbing the hem of your nightshirt. He parts from you for just a second to which you respond with a slight wine, you open your eyes to see his midnight eyes asking silently, pleading really, to lift your shirt. You bite your lip as you nod, lifting your arms he practically tore the shirt from you. The bite of night air made goosebumps rise all over your skin, the mixture of the aroused look in your eyes and how your topless figure bathed in the moonlight left Steven absolutely breathless with love and lust. You could see his dark eyes darken as he drank you in, no matter how many times Steven has seen you he always got the same look as though he was looking at you for the first time. And that made you feel cherished. 
Steven’s mouth lowered itself on your left breast, nipple in mouth, sucking, biting, tugging. Dragging choked, and needy whimpers and moans from you as you clutch onto his dark, damp curls. Back arching into his mouth, while his left hand played with your right breast and his right hand kneading the flesh of your ass. All of this went straight to your core, feral need flooded you as your mouth lowered itself to his ear. You nibbled at the top of his ear, licked and tugged at the lower part. Which seemed to send Steven into a needy frenzy of his own, he could feel your hot breath in his ear, deep and seductive. 
“Let me touch you,” you whispered moaning in his ear as you tugged at the bottom of his shirt, “I need to touch you love please.” 
For you he would do anything. 
He stopped and excitedly got rid of the last shred of clothing separating your top halves together. Just as he was about to continue worshiping your breasts the way they deserved, you gently pushed him back, letting your hands roam around his toned body. Memorizing every detail. 
Every scar, every mole, every freckle and goosebump. 
You want to memorize it all. 
Your lips latch onto his neck, sucking and kissing your way down to his clavicle. His breathing gets more erratic as he is so hard he throbs, his hands dancing patterns onto your skin. Your kisses continue downward, you take a small detour to take his dark nipple in your mouth sucking before lightly biting. His back arched at the sensation, urging for more, begging. However you have other plans as your hands gently caress the outline of his cock through his sleep pants. Noting the slight wet spot right where you knew the head was, a mischievous smirk settled on your lips. Your kisses travel lower, and lower until you are at eye level with the decent sized bulge. Your eyes look up at the half lidded and sex addled eyes of your lover before kissing the tip through the pants. The groan was guttural and damn did that do wonders for your confidence. You’ve brought him here, to the point between saving and utter ruin. Your eyes ask a silent question and he nodds fervently, your hands reach the waistband of his pants and he lifts his hips. You pull them down until his cock sprang forward, slapping against his stomach. It made your mouth water as you pulled back the foreskin and gave the tip of it a kiss before enveloping him within your mouth. 
Steven swears as his fingers clutch the hair on your scalp in a tight grip as you bob your head up and down in a consistent and steady rhythm. Your tongue tracing the outline of the vein on the underside of his shaft. You look up and as you see Steven fall apart beneath you, his chest rising and falling erratically as you pick up your pace. You decide to get dangerous as you just barely let your teeth graze him. Suddenly you are pulled off of him, the salty taste of his precum lingering on your tongue as he mashes his pillow soft, kiss swollen lips against yours, nearly drawing blood. The kiss is all lust and teeth and tongue. His hands grab the flesh of your ass tightly, for sure leaving bruises in their wake. And you know you’ll wear those bruises on your ass like a badge of honor.  
As the kiss died down he pressed his sweat covered forehead against yours. 
“That was close,” Steven whispered breathlessly, “I would’ve made a mess if you had done that again.” 
“That good huh?” you joked just as breathless as him as he kissed you again, sweetly. The combination of the feral and lust blown kiss from earlier to the sweet and domestic kiss was enough for your mind to whirl. 
“Better than good,” Steven said, breaking away from the kiss, “but I want you to come before I do darling.” 
You suddenly felt full as Steven thrusted his hips upward connecting you together. The pleasure filled screamed that came out of you made you sure that tomorrow you will receive a noise complaint…again. 
Steven’s hands steadied you as you fell forward, your chest against his as he began thrusting upward. Bouncing you up and down his lower appendage. 
You could barely form a coherent sentence as Steven expertly rocked into you and hit consistently in that one goddamn spot that made you see white. It was difficult to believe that Steven was so awkward about sex before when he’s fucking you so damn good. Your sweat covered chest rubbing against his, his hands firmly on your and the sole attention you were receiving was all contributing to the tight coil forming in your belly. It only got tighter once his diligent and skilled fingers found the sensitive little bundle of nerves and started rubbing in lazy circles that you felt the coil get impossibly tight as you felt him throb inside you. 
“I’m not gonna last much longer my darling,” he confesses as his lips attack your neck, “you’re so tight, let go my darling cum for me.” 
At that you did, you felt the surge of mind blowing pleasure that you didn’t realize you bit harshly onto Stevens neck. However at the feeling of your teeth sinking into him and marking him he exploded, unable to keep rocking into you as his release leaked out of where you both were joined. 
You both stayed like that for a while, with you collapsed on top of him, gently kissing the mark you left on him as an apology. While he lovingly traced the outline of your spine and the red marks he knew will darken into bruises by morning. Both of you basked in each other's afterglow, not having the energy to move and nearly falling asleep. However Steven, the man who was always so attentive to your needs, knew you would be uncomfortable in a few hours if he didn’t clean you up. So reluctantly he removed himself from you with a wet plop, you groaned as you felt so empty without him. He kissed your temple and tried to remove himself from you, letting you know he was just gonna get a wet rag to clean you up with as well. 
You drifted in and out of sleep as you heard him in the bathroom over wetting the rag with warm water. 
He came back not a few minutes later with a warm wet rag and cleaned you up, although you were sensitive the warm wet rag was a welcome. After cleaning you up Steven disposed of the rag after cleaning himself up as well, he slid in next to you. His chin resting on your shoulder as his arms wrapped around your torso. 
“How in the bloody hell am I going to cover this love bite tomorrow.”
You fell asleep smiling proudly at yourself.
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tyrannuspitch · 11 months ago
like idk today i decided to listen to a welsh song and like study the lyrics to get some language practice done and i chose, fairly randomly, yma o hyd, which means “still here”, and now i am thinking abt cultures than are... not... exactly. still here
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graveswrites · a month ago
headcannons about poly / freeuse vibes with the brothers and mc? not anything cest, they’re just demons and don’t care about monogamy and each find time throughout the day to use mc to relieve some stress 💕
Hi nonnie, sorry this took me so long! I love this idea and i hope you like ❤️
! NSFW ! minors and ageless blog do not interact !
[ demon brothers x gn!reader | reader gets penetrated, but the genitals are unspecified | poly relationship | free use | spanking | cockwarning ]
❥ Lucifer is private. He knows what goes on between you and his brothers, and it doesn't bother him, but he'd much rather fuck you in private, away from any wandering eyes.
❥ Or at least he does until you make him mad.
❥ And with his anger comes his sadistic streak. He's already too worked up to wait until you're alone
❥ So he'll bend you over the dinner table, spank you until your ass is red, make you beg for forgiveness, then fuck you relentlessly until you're screaming his name so loud everyone else can hear you
❥ They're all wondering what you did this time to make Lucifer so angry
❥ Greedy, greedy boy
❥ If he's horny he doesn't care where you are, he wants you and he's gonna have his way with you no matter what
❥ Bends you over the couch, pushes you up against a wall
❥ There's probably not a single place in the house you haven't fucked in yet
❥ Sometimes he'll even sneak his hand down your pants during dinner
❥ He likes to fuck you where he knows the others will walk by
❥ If he hears someone near he'll whisper in your ear, encouraging you to moan his name louder
❥ "Let them hear ya sweetheart. I want them to know who makes ya cum the hardest."
❥ He loves to have you between his legs, sucking him off when he's playing games
❥ He's sitting next to you, upset over some level he can't get through, restlessly shifting in his seat
❥ He's too shy to ask, but you know from the way he keeps stealing nervous glances at you that he wants something
❥ So you offer, sitting between his legs
❥ "You know you can ask me, Levi-chan." You tease him with his favorite nickname. "Let me help you feel good."
❥ He nods weakly, hiding his red face behind his hands, and you don't hesitate, pulling his sweatpants down just enough to free his cock
❥ He's already hard, and you lick your lips before wrapping your lips around him
❥ He shakingly picks up the controller again, doing his best to concentrate on the screen again
❥ Loves to have you cockwarm him when he's reading and relaxing in the study after a long day
❥ You can't help but squirm around after a while, moving in his lap, feeling his cock barely brush over every sweet spot inside you
❥ "Just one more chapter, and I'll get to you, kitten." He soothes when you start to get restless, never taking his eyes off his book
❥ He touches you constantly, and more often than not the caresses turn sexual really fast
❥ He'll come up behind you, wrapping his arms around you, and before you know it your shirt is pulled up over your chest, completely exposed and trying not to moan as he rolls your nipples in his nimble fingers
❥ He whispers sweet praises and tells you about his day, all while his other hand travels lower, down your pants
❥ You can barely concentrate on what he's saying with the way his hands are working at your sex
❥ "Hmm, after the day I've had… I simply have to have you, darling."
❥ Well, you know what this is gonna be about right?
❥ He's HUNGRY. All the time! It's unbearable.
❥ He'll stalk the kitchen, raid the fridge and cupboards until there's nothing left
❥ If for whatever reason you happen to find yourself in the kitchen during one of these episodes, you barely have time to react before he has you bent over the counter. You were just the snack he was looking for.
❥ It doesn't matter what you're doing, whatever you were eating or drinking is now long forgotten on the floor as he feasts on you
❥ He's kneeling behind you, his big hands spreading you apart as he desperately sticks his tongue inside you, trying to taste as much of you as he can
❥ You don't protest, you just lie your head on the counter and enjoy the ride
❥ He'll keep you in that position for hours if you let him, make you cum again and again just from his tongue, as long as you can take it
❥ He often catches you and his twin in that same compromising position in the kitchen.
❥ He knows when Beel is in one of his moods, he waits a bit, lets him have his fun before it's time to trade
❥ He'll walk in, snack ready in his hand
❥ "Hey Beel? I'll trade my snack for yours."
❥ Beel always takes the food from his hands with a smile, always happy to share with his twin
❥ The lazy demon loves that you're already all spread out and prepped, ready for him
❥ He moves slowly, dropping his pants and pushing his cock inside you
❥ You're like putty in his hands, drooling over the counter and crying out his name
❥ You will probably come a few more times before he's satisfied
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divinelyparkjimin · 3 months ago
— like i want you [m] | jjk.
Tumblr media
◦ summary ↠ setting your nerdy best friend up with a girl from your class was the biggest mistake you ever made.
◦ pairing ↠ jungkook x reader (namjoon x reader for like a second)
◦ word count ↠ 5.4k
◦ genre ↠ smut, angst, fluff
◦ content warning(s) ↠ best friends to lovers, nerd!jungkook, fuckgirl!reader, college au, suggestive/explicit content, swearing, praise kink, dom!jungkook, sub!reader, light dirty talk, oral sex, unprotected sex, penetrative sex, fingering, orgasm denial, pet names, very slight humiliation kink, breast play
a/n: first upload! i hope u guys like :D
Tumblr media
"Netflix and chill, my ass. If he likes Batman so much, why doesn’t he just go fuck him instead?” You sighed vehemently, eyes rolling at the mere thought of the disappointment of a date you had last night. You were in the living room of your old studio apartment, pacing back and forth as you ranted to your best friend Jungkook.
What seemed like what was going to be the best sex of your life, had gone to waste—all because of Batman. Yes, Batman.
The boy’s name was Namjoon Kim. You crossed paths with him a few times across campus and heard your fair share of rumors on his supposed flawless performance in bed. You’ve heard girls gush over his ‘monster cock’ and how he knew exactly where and how to please them and it all sounded far too tempting. You couldn’t help but take on the offer when your friend, Mina, offered to introduce you to him.
He specifically stated that he wanted to Netflix and chill with you but when it came to it, there was practically no chilling—just Netflix. Sure, the two of you did make out a little but he cut it before it could get any further. If he could sleep with all these girls, why not you? Now you were stuck at home, adding yet another tally to your mental board of days fraught with unbearable sexual frustration.
Your mind had been in such a complete daze that you had forgotten about your best friend sitting right before you, listening intently to all your meaningless talk.
“Isn’t he just trying to be respectful? Maybe the guy’s just got some class.” Jungkook questioned, head tilted to the side in confusion. He often called you nit-picky for your taste in men, and he was probably right.
"Respectful? I’m not sure I’d say that.” You threw your head into your hands, remembering that surely wasn’t the case. In fact, the boy’s hands lost themselves under your blouse a few times as you were making out. But you couldn't help but feel embarrassed at his inability to go any further with you. "Yeah, maybe he's a nice guy, but honestly, I just want some dick." Jungkook chuckled, trying to hide his cheeky smile.
You plodded onto the couch beside Jungkook and locked your eyes with his before continuing.
"… Don't you ever get a little horny?"
"Huh—I mean, yeah, I guess." Jungkook's cheeks flushed in an instant, stumbling upon his words. "Obviously I get horny and uh—watch porn, but I haven't really wanted someone like that for a while..." You cringed at the thought of your best friend jacking off, quickly diverting your thoughts from the visual that was being painted in your mind. Yeah, you were close, but you never really asked about that side of him. He knew a whole lot about your sexual encounters, but you never really got the chance to listen to him talk about any of his, if there were any.
"Now be honest, when was the last time you got some?" You inquired, raising an eyebrow as the reds of the boy's cheeks became radiant along his skin.
"You know... back when I dated that girl in our junior year of high school. The super short one with bangs." You recalled the petite girl that used to follow Jungkook around school. You caught them alone together multiple times but you never would've thought that they'd have slept together.
"It's been that long? Come on, you gotta do better than that." You nudged him, pulling your phone from your jacket pocket. "Look, I'll find you a girl right now." Jungkook snatched your phone from your hands and shut it off before placing it back down on your lap.
"Hey, I'm not like you — I can't just sleep around with people like that. I'm way too shy and you know that,” Jungkook avoided your gaze. You could tell this conversation was making him nervous, arms crossed tightly over his chest.
He wasn’t the most expressive person but you somehow managed to get things out of him. When you first met him, he was the same. Always seated tightly in the back of the class, a book in his hand. He was the token “quiet nerdy kid” that every class had. You were assigned to sit next to him in your pre-algebra class and somehow the two of you, despite being polar opposites, became the bestest of friends. Who knows where the two of you would be now if you hadn’t been seated where you were. Though the loved the boy with your whole heart, you did wish he’d let himself loose at times too.
“I’m not telling you to sleep around…” Before you could finish your sentence, Jungkook rolled his eyes, knowing it was exactly that. “—hear me out, there’s this one girl that’s been eyeing you for a while. You’re a lot more popular than you think.” Jungkook‘s eyes shifted to you for a second, slightly intrigued, before darting straight back to the floor.
Gaze still directed to your marble white floors, Jungkook stammered quietly, “W-What’s her name?” You giggled to yourself. He was excited about this and it was written all over his face. His flustered expression and wandering eyes gave it away.
“Jennie Kim.”
His eyes widened momentarily. She was one of the prettiest girls in your class and he did admire her from a distance from time to time. Her body was said to be “chiseled by the gods,” every curvature seeming near-perfect.
“You’re joking, Y/N.” Jungkook scoffed. He didn’t want to believe it and find himself caught in a potential prank you were pulling on him. This hesitance was soon put down as you passed him your phone to him, displaying various text messages of the girl swooning over him. “There’s no way…”
“See! You totally have a crush on her!” You playfully punched Jungkook’s arm.
“It is not a crush, I’m just shocked she likes me.” He affirmed. “… but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try and talk to her.” You turned to Jungkook, placing your palms upon the soft fabric of his shirt, one on each shoulder.
“There’s a party tomorrow night. Message her and ask if she’ll be there.” You advised the boy who was visibly anxious. “But you gotta flirt and talk to her first, okay?” Jungkook nodded slowly, though it still felt unclear to him.
“I’ll figure it out. I gotta go now though, I’ll see you tomorrow night, okay?” Jungkook said before propping himself off the couch. His hand dove onto your scalp, ruffling your hair up in circles before speeding out the door, giggling. He really hasn’t changed has he? You chuckled to yourself.
The evening of the next day, you sat before the vanity in your room, fixing up your makeup and hair. You had already agreed to go to the party with the guy from your last date, Namjoon, and you were hoping for something more than just a heated make out session—as amazing as it was. He was hot and smart and honestly, such a catch. You couldn’t help but feel excited for the night to come, despite the disappointment you were left with after your first date. You had higher hopes for this one, fingers crossed that things would go at least a little further than last night. As considerate as it was of him to wait, he left you a horny mess.
Shaking your head out of your thoughts, you sent a text to Jungkook to remind him of the party, but it seemed he was already on his way there. For someone that would show an hour after nearly every hangout or event, you were shocked. You texted a quick, ‘omw’ before heading out.
The house belonged to the president of some fraternity at your university, Taehyung Kim. You weren’t too close to the guy, but the two of you saw each other often at parties. You thought you were wild, but he was on another level. You didn’t mind it though.
When you arrived, you searched the crowd of people for familiar faces. The room reeked of alcohol, heat filling the air from the friction of people’s bodies rubbing against one another. The kind of atmosphere that’s strange at first but feels somewhat natural at the same time. You tried to fit yourself though the thinnest of gaps between people, finally making your way out as Taehyung popped right into your vision.
“Would you look at that? My favorite person’s here!” He swung his arm over your back, the boy’s inescapable scent of alcohol consuming you. The two of you knew very well that you weren’t close but you were sure it was simply the alcohol speaking on his behalf. “Can you pleaaase come drink with me? Tell Jungkook to join too!” The boy pouted, hands cupping your cheeks. You chuckled at Taehyung’s foolish behavior, lightly petting his fluffy brown hair.
“Hey, I’d really love to but someone’s waiting for me.” You politely turned down Taehyung’s offer, slowly tearing his arm off of your shoulders. You strolled away swiftly, scanning the crowd yet again. Your eyes finally landed upon Namjoon, the face you had been longing to see. He was leaned back against a wall, arms crossed. As you maneuvered your way over to him, you noticed Jungkook standing beside Jennie in the distance, arms laced with hers. He raised his hand up to wave to you with a bright smile, but as you were about to wave back, Jennie called his name, instantly diverting his attention. You didn’t think much of it, returning your attention to the tall man in front of you.
Namjoon’s cheeks lifted with a smile as soon as his gaze met yours, placing his hands on your waist to engulf you in a warm hug. He was wearing a button up shirt, most of it unbuttoned to showcase his abdomen and it definitely made you feel things. You placed your hand on his chest, letting your fingers wander the depths of his skin.
“I’m glad we got to meet again. You look really hot.” Namjoon smiled, evidently admiring the way your dress hugged your waist. The neckline dipped low enough to show off your cleavage and Namjoon couldn’t seem to get his eyes off of it. “I couldn’t get you out of my head since we last saw each other.” His voice was deep and raspier than you remembered it.
“You look amazing too.” You responded, hands sliding lower down his shirt.
“You’re a bold one huh?” He smirked, hands lowering down your waist. “I can do that too, you know?” Chills ran through your skin as you felt his hands make their way down to your ass.
“Do it then.” You bit your cherry tinted glossed lips, watching Namjoon’s eyes constantly fixing onto them.
“Fuck, can I kiss you?” He pulled your body closer to his and you could feel his length touch your stomach through his pants. You nodded, as he instantly placed his lips on yours, massaging your ass as he did so. When the two of you pulled away momentarily, you noticed Jungkook seated on a couch with Jennie at the edge of the couch, practically on his lap. His hand was caressing her thigh and something about the sight made you feel weird inside. Jungkook made eye contact with you and averted his eyes almost immediately, an expression of annoyance and sorrow appearing upon his usually soft features. Was he upset at you? A strange feeling began to pit within your stomach. Jealousy. As a friend or as a woman? You weren’t sure yet.
"You okay?" Namjoon held your face between his fingertips, shifting your face back toward him. You grinned back at the boy.
"Yeah sorry, I got a little distracted—" You uttered, being cut off by a peck to your lips.
"Don't worry, okay?" Namjoon reassured, arm locking around your waist. He leaned toward your ear, rubbing the smalls of your back. "I really wanna fuck you right now." He whispered.
The two of you didn't waste any time as Namjoon had locked his grip around your wrist, leading you to a room. He pressed your delicate body onto the bed before attacking your lips with his own. He kissed a trail down your body, gripping at ends of your dress. He looked up at you, to which you nodded. Maybe it wasn't the best idea, but you wanted to get your head off of things.
Even with Namjoon right in front of you, touching you, the only thing on your mind was Jungkook with Jennie. You were the one who set them up, there’s no way you could be jealous … right? You snapped back to reality, scrunching your eyebrows up in discomfort at the thoughts currently circling through your mind.
"Fuck, you're so hot." Namjoon lifted up your dress to reveal your floral white laced panties. He stripped the white buttoned shirt off his body before pressing his fingers against your clothed folds. His fingers rubbed the sensitive area in a circular motion as you bit your lip, trying to hold in your moans that were soon reduced to small whines.
"You can let it out, I wanna hear you moan for me." Namjoon asserted. Something must've been wrong in your head because all you could think of was what Jungkook was up to. Your best friend. Maybe he was already having sex with Jennie by now. You were fine with it before, but why did it bother you now?
"Y/N?" You were broken from your thoughts by Namjoon who looked up at you with a puzzled look. Your eyes were welling up with tears, swelling up. "You don't look too okay—sorry if I was moving too fast, uh, we can stop if you want—" You lifted yourself up from your laying down position.
"It's not that, I just don't wanna do this to you." You tugged your dress down and stood back up onto your wobbly feet. "I'm really sorry," Your head hung low as you rushed, fighting back tears. Namjoon tried to follow you out as he threw as his shirt back on, losing you in the crowd of people. Namjoon turned back, falling into the vision of Jungkook who seemed to be staring darts into his soul. With only the sight of you running away from Namjoon, Jungkook could only assume something had happened. Quickly excusing himself from Jennie, he ran out the door and followed behind you.
You hurriedly let yourself into your apartment, sinking into the soft cushions of your couch. You couldn’t help but wonder what Jungkook was doing right now. Images of him fucking Jennie were all that flooded your head. How could a measly childhood crush from so long ago affect you like this? You were aware of your past feelings for him, but you never thought you could still have any left. It took seeing him with someone else to realize that.
A text sound dinged through your phone. You grasped your phone in your hands, staring blankly at the blue message displayed on your screen.
Bunny Boy
Hey, you okay?
[Sent 11:07pm]
You shut off your phone screen, flipping your it over, backside facing upwards. You tried to close your eyes but were interrupted by yet another ding.
Bunny Boy
I'm outside.
[Sent 11:12]
Soon after receiving Jungkook’s messages, you heard knocks at your door. You sprang up from your couch, slowly making your way to the front door. You pressed your face against the door, poking your eye into the peep hole. There stood Jungkook, nervously tapping his foot against the carpeted floor of your hallway. The ambiguous expression on his face left you apprehensive, hoping things would be okay between the two of you. His face was painted with worry and annoyance.
Your hand hesitantly wrapped itself around the silver handle of your door, debating on whether you should let the boy in or not. You weren’t sure if you could face the reality of the situation, but it sure wasn’t very mature of you to ignore it either. You couldn’t avoid him forever. He was your best friend after all. You mustered up all the courage within you and twisted the door open in one swift motion.
Your eyes dropped to the floor, only allowing yourself to the view of Jungkook’s black boots. It felt like there were strings physically restricting you from lifting your head to meet his eyes and the feeling was suffocating.
"...Can I come in?" Jungkook questioned in a soft voice. To ask such a question seemed unnatural to him, considering the unlimited access he usual had with your apartment. He'd usually pop in and out whenever he wanted, earning his fair share of scoldings by you for invading an adult woman’s privacy. It seemed he avoided doing so after noticing the apparent tension between the two of you. You nodded without a word, turning around into your apartment.
"Why are you crying?" Jungkook pulled your body to face him, lightly brushing the tears off your cheeks with his thumb. Feeling his skin on yours sent chills through your skin.
"I really don't wanna talk about it, it's embarrassing." Your quivering eyes couldn't even build up the strength to look the boy in the eyes. You felt small standing before him, a side of yourself you hadn’t shown to him in a reaaally long time.
"Embarrassing? Does that even apply to us?" Jungkook raised an eyebrow. "I'm pretty sure I've heard every little embarrassing thing there is to know about you. I won't love you any less, you know?"
"Love?” You muttered the word under your breath, in an almost annoyed tone. Jungkook’s eyes lifted to meet yours, softening as soon as they did.
"Yes Y/N, I love you.” Jungkook reassured you, with a smile. "I don't even need to explain what an amazing friend you are to me." Expecting a grinning response back from you, Jungkook's smile faded when he noticed your facial expression grow even gloomier than before.
"Not in the way I love you.” The sentence was barely audible, only loud enough for you to hear it. You couldn't bring yourself to speak up, fidgeting with the imbedded design of your dress.
"Huh?" Jungkook's beady eyes widened for a second, returning to a more puzzled expression soon after. He couldn't seem to comprehend the words that had just left your lips.
Not wanting to repeat yourself, you simply shut down the conversation, "Forget it, I just wanna be alone." You turned away from Jungkook, feeling a dropping feeling in your stomach. It was an indescribable feeling, a feeling you just wanted to disappear.
"—but what if I did?" Jungkook turned his head to you, boring into your nervous eyes.
"What if you what?" You gave the boy a puzzling. You felt Jungkook take your hand in his, the warmth of his own slowly encasing yours.
"What if I loved you too? In that way?" Your heart throbbed in your chest. "What would you do then, Y/N?" Jungkook stepped closer to you, the gap between your faces becoming smaller by the second. His large hand lifted your face up to meet his eyes, pushing a strand of your hair behind your ear.
"Are you sure you know what I mean?" The innocent gaze on your face brought a small smile to the boy's face.
"Does me saying I’ve had a crush on you for the past seven years help you understand a bit more?" The ends of Jungkook’s lips slowly curled up into a smile as your lips parted in surprise. “So you were upset because you like me?" He asked.
"I was just a little jealous... that's all." You avoided his gaze in embarrassment. You had never felt this weak in front of Jungkook before.
"Jealous of Jennie?" A laugh escaped his mouth. "She is not really my type to be honest."
"Not your type?" You questioned. "I don't know a guy that doesn't want her.” Your lips turned to a pout.
"Maybe other guys might want her," Jungkook proposed. "But I don't, not like I want you." His eyes turned dark as he looked you up and down. He edged himself closer to you until your back hit the wall behind you. You felt Jungkook position his hands on your waist, lips lowering to your neck.
“Can I?” Jungkook’s desperate eyes lifted to meet yours. Unable to get a word out, you nodded eagerly.
He didn’t hesitate before allowing his soft, wet lips to make contact with your skin as a small yelp escaped your trembling lips. Your eyes widened in surprise at the sound that you made. You felt Jungkook smile against your skin, soon pulling away from your neck to place a soft peck on your lips.
"Don't be shy, Y/N. I wanna hear those pretty moans of yours." Your breathing was heavy. He could feel your chest rise and fall with every breath. "Think you can do that for me?" You nodded in compliance. You felt Jungkook's hands brush against the underside of your thighs, gripping at the both of them to lift you up and around his body. You wrapped your legs around his waist, placing your hands behind his neck. You leaned toward the boy's face, attaching your demanding set of lips onto his.
"I want you so bad Jungkook," You whispered into his ear, allowing him to feel your warm breaths sink into his skin. "Please fuck me."
The two of you were connected, both mentally and physically, pressing your starved bodies against one another. Jungkook brought the two of you to your room, gently placing you onto the fluffy sheets of your bed. Your back was pressed to the bed, the boy hovering right over your figure.
"Fuck, I've always wanted to see you like this." Jungkook kissed your neck, lightly sucking on the skin.
"A-Always?" You questioned, a bright red blush smearing along your cheeks. Your usual sexy and confident self had completely vanished. This felt different. The butterflies that airily frolicked within your stomach turned to explosions of pleasure.
"Those cute little skirts you wear, all those times you get real close to me without noticing—you think I don't feel anything?" Jungkook kissed further down your chest, cupping one of your clothed breasts in his large hands. “You’re such a tease, Y/N. You deserve a good fucking, don’t you?” Hearing such vulgar words come from who used to be your cute nerdy boy best friend was beyond surprising. The arousal that began pooling within you in response to his vulgar words, was even more.
“You’re so hot Jungkook,” Hearing the sentence come from you brought a grin to the boy’s lips. He felt his pants grow tighter around his crotch, his desire for you increasing by the second.
Seeing your flustered face and the view of your amorous eyes beneath him, Jungkook took the hem of your dress between his thumb and index finger, lifting it to your stomach. Jungkook pressed two fingers onto your exposed white panties, damp with your arousal. You shuddered at his touch, releasing a small whimper in response to the stimulating feeling of your heat. Jungkook noticed the wetness on his fingers, slipping them into his mouth.
"You taste so good, princess. I've been missing out, huh?" Jungkook praised, pressing his finger back over your clothed pussy. He began to rub in circles, sending pulses of pleasure throughout your whole body. Your moans grew louder in volume, while only made him go faster. "You're such a good girl, Y/N. You like that?" The pitch of Jungkook's voice raised slightly as he teased you.
"Aah—y-yes, I lo-ove it." Jungkook chuckled at your inability to speak, so overwhelmed by how he was making you feel.
"Yeah, feels good doesn't it?" You nodded repeatedly, unable to speak or think of anything but your throbbing pussy. Suddenly, Jungkook stopped the movement of his fingers, watching as you looked up at him in confusion. "How about I take off your cute little panties? It'll feel even better." Jungkook was amused by your eager nods, progressing further. He took the waistband of your panties in his fingers before slipping the thin fabric right into the air.
“I want you so bad, Jungkook. Just fuck me already.” You whine, lifting the ends of the boy’s shirt, him tearing the rest of it off of himself.
“Be patient kitty, I’m getting there.” Jungkook slowly inserts his slim, long fingers into your throbbing pussy. It needed him. “Look how wet you are already.” The teasing and almost degrading tone of the boy only made you want him more. Jungkook slipped his fingers in his mouth, licking the excess wetness of your pussy from his lips.
Without wasting a second, Jungkook returned to pumping his fingers in and out of your pussy that was nearly sparkling with arousal. Your whines and cries filled the thin walls of your studio apartment. Your neighbors were the last thing on your mind at the moment. All you could think of was the exhilarating feeling of pleasure that was being shot throughout your body.
“J-Jungkook, faster, please!” You pleaded, thrusting your hips unto his fingers, slamming them into your g-spot.
“What if I slowed down? How would that make you feel princess?” The pace of Jungkook’s fingers grew slower, but your whines were getting louder.
“No—please don’t—ah!”
“Your pretty little moans only make me wanna stop even more. I wanna see you be needy for me.” Jungkook removed his fingers from the pool of moisture between your legs and right back into his mouth. “That’s enough for now Y/N, I’ve got something else for you.” The boy growled, hands lowering to grip onto his belt. In one swift motion, his belt was on the floor, pants being torn down soon after.
Your lips parted in surprise as you watched your best friend’s cock spring up. His palm was wrapped around his length, giving it a couple strokes. His eyes panned between you and his hard cock as a drip of precum edged its way out of his tip. It was bigger than you expected—yes, you might’ve wondered what his cock looked like before—but it was far prettier than you had imagined. It was the perfect shade of pink and had just the right amount of curve to it.
Jungkook got onto the bed, hovering over your half-naked body. He pulled the rest of your dress up over your head, flinging it to the side. “Fuck,” Jungkook’s eyes were locked on your tits for a few seconds before diving right in, suctioning his salivating mouth onto your right tit. His left hand fondled the other, pinching and pulling it at the nipple. You could feel his teeth graze against your skin, his tongue painting circles around your now hardened nipples. Your breaths were heavy as your hand passed through the long strands of the boy’s fluffy black hair, lightly pulling at it.
The view of your best friend‘s mouth locked onto your chest was an image you could’ve never imagined seeing before your eyes. You’ve always been able to acknowledge that Jungkook was an attractive man, but you’ve never seen this side of him. You loved how he could take such control of you, get your panties soaked with a single touch.
Jungkook removed his lips from your breasts, shifting himself further over your body to place a gentle kiss on your lips. You felt the tip of his erection twitching against your stomach, gasping at the sudden contact.
"You're so fucking cute, Y/N." Jungkook whispered, his heavy breaths hot against your ear. "Let me fuck that pretty pussy of yours now, yeah?" You nodded keenly as Jungkook extended his hand out to you. The black inking laced throughout his arm bulged atop this veins that poked out so perfectly from his skin. You set your fingertips into his palm, allowing him to flip your body over into a doggystyle position. Your hands clung to the silky soft linen of your bed, startled by the unexpected transition. You could feel the warmth of Jungkook's body behind yours, his erection brushing against your ass.
“Tell me if it’s too much, okay?” Jungkook reassured, fingers tracing shapes down the skin of your back. He continued upon hearing you utter a breathy ‘okay.’ His large hands slithered down your back and lowered to your hips, to which he gripped onto. Jungkook carefully edged his hungry cock into your glossy folds.
His hold on your sides grew tighter upon entering you. His member slowly slid out of your entrance before pumping right back in. He fit in you so perfectly, as if your pussy was made for him. Jungkook could feel your pulsing walls close around his cock, fastening the pace of his thrusts. The sounds of his low moans with your unrestrained mewls blended together like music, accompanied by the sound of your skin slapping against his.
“You’ll take my fat cock for me like a good little slut, right?” All you could do is whimper in response, biting your lip to suppress the moans that were threatening to release from your trembling lips. “Moan louder for me kitty, don’t hold it in.” You obliged, allowing yourself to moan and cry aloud.
“I-I’m close—Jungkook, fuck!” You screamed, unable to hold it in any longer. Jungkook thrusted faster and harder into you, repeatedly slamming his cock against your cervix. Your moans of his name were reduced to gibberish, unable to generate a single thought in your mind beyond him.
“M-Me too, ah, I’m gonna cum—“ The milky white fluid gushed from his pink, swelled tip, right into the lips of your pussy. His cock was coated with his release as he pulled it out, collapsing onto the bed beside you. “Well, that was fun.” Jungkook lips curled up into a smile as he let out a quiet chuckle.
“Y-Yeah, it was.” You were still left panting, chest rising and falling with every breath. You laughed innocently, as if the two of you hadn’t been fucking like wild animals a few seconds ago. Jungkook’s large arms closed around your torso, pulling your bare body toward his own. You couldn’t help but notice the way your bodies fit together like puzzle pieces, your legs locked tightly around his waist and his arms laced over your chest. Jungkook rested his chin atop your head, rubbing the smalls of your back in vertical motions.
You couldn’t help but wonder—what were the two of you now? Jungkook pressed his wet lips onto your forehead, doing the same to your nose and lips. Were you dating?
“—Y/N?” You were interrupted from your thoughts, your doe-eyed best friend staring straight into your eyes. “You okay?” Jungkook situated his hands behind him, springing upright into a seated position.
“… So what now?” You questioned, cocking your head to the side. Your grip on his body loosened, slowly removing your hand from his back to his face. Your fingers lightly traced his jawline, nervously awaiting his response.
“I mean I like you, you like me—“ You didn’t waste a second before dropping your arms onto the nape of Jungkook’s neck, bringing your starved lips back onto his. The kiss ignited a spark between the two of you that you’d never felt with anyone before. You’ve probably kissed hundreds of people but never had you ever felt anything like what this boy was making you feel.
“Does this mean we can go for a second round?” The foolish smile on Jungkook’s face made it almost impossible to say no.
“I wouldn’t be opposed to it…” You avoided his gaze, crossing your arms over your chest. You could feel a smile poking at the corners of your lips, unable to resist the guileless pout Jungkook was giving you.
“Hey! Look at mee,” Jungkook whined, tugging at your arm. You swiftly landed a peck on his lips before launching yourself off the bed to scurry away buoyantly. You weren’t able to get very far, feeling Jungkook’s firm grip tighten around your wrist. He pulled you back right onto his unclothed lap. His eyes had completely changed, his cute, innocent stare turning to a sultry, tantalizing one.
“Come on now, you haven’t forgotten who’s in charge already, have you?”
Tumblr media
a/n: requests are open! feel free to pop in and suggest anything :)
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Sagau! Imposter! Reader who accidentally befriends all the children in game. (Ps. Text colors are based off thier vision colors)
After getting chased out of Mondstat, they end up south of the city near a river and just hear a loud BOOM. Then this little blur of red and blonde running past them. Only for the blur to turn around and run up to them. Instead of instantly calling out her name, they let Klee introduce herself. They didn't want to freakout the kiddo, now do they?
"Hello I'm Klee!! And this is Dodoco!!! Do you wanna go fish blasting with us? My Jumpty Dumpty's make it really easy to catch a looooot of fishies!"
Seeing how destructive Klee could be reader tells Klee if she made smaller, less powerful bombs, she'd be able to go fish blasting more often without Jean knowing (little demon in the making >:)). 
Of course if Klee trust you then Albedo will as well. Although she is a child, he still trust her judgment in people.
Klee will also bring reader to Wolvendom to meet Razor! Because "Oh it's okay!! Big brother Razor doesn't like the city either!!" That or he hasn't ever seen the creators likeness in statues and books.
After meeting Klee, she brought Diona to meet reader, saying "Oh, oh! They're really nice! Even the slimes like them!" Diona has heard a lot about the 'imposter', but that was mostly from drunken adults! Diona knows better than to trust some one who drinks till they slurs their words! So Diona decides to see for herself about this so called 'Imposter'! And when they met, Diona felt a warm that made her feel at home, the warm she feels with her father when he's sober, a warmth she wants more of. With ears pulled back she approached the reader, Diona almost felt embarrassed but she didn't know why. When reader offers Diona a perfectly grilled fish (one they caught with Klee) she can tell, even if this person might be an imposter, they're a good person. Probably better than she's met at the bar she tends to. 
"*Munching on the grilled fish* Even if you share the Creator's face, you're a good person! *Munch munch* Those stupid drunkards must have been the one to put out that warent..."
(Since from what I can tell, Diona doesnt have much interaction with other characters, so no +2 characters.)
Qiqi meets Reader after she gets stuck in a loop again without anyone around to help. Thankfully they remember the fact that if she gets stuck like this, all you need to do is hug her and tell her "I love you the most," until she gets unstuck. And that's what reader did. Qiqi felt warmth, nothing like the rot inducing warmth she felt on hot days, but the warmth she had seen between family members- one the she so desperately craved. So for a good hour afterwards Qiqi followed reader around like a lost puppy. Until it started to get dark, reader tries to get Qiqi to go back to Liyue Harbor, telling her that Baizhu would miss her, but all they got back was 
"Mister Baizhu doesn't really care about Qiqi...Qiqi want to stay with you." In the end you both agree on a regular meeting place, writing it down in Qiqi notebook so she doesn't forget it, but for some reason, memories about you- even the most insignificant ones- stay completely clear. No fog or forgotten names. It's something she with hold close to her heart and never let go.
Shockingly the two people you meet through Qiqi are Xiao and Hu Tao. Xiao because I just like the idea that he's pretty much Qiqi's guard (or grumpy big brother) when she goes to find Qingxin and Violetgrass. 
It's actually Qiqi who brings Reader to Xiao say "Gege is nice, although Qiqi can't remember how exactly." And yeah Xiao's first reacting includes a pole-arm, but the second Qiqi stands between you two he lowers it, begrudgingly.
Hu Tao met reader when Qiqi was while Qiqi was out collecting herbs (with reader's help), 
Hu tao was helping a spirit near by seeing Qiqi, Hu Tao remembers the time she tried to burry her and, still feeling bad, Hu Tao tried talking and trying to make friends with Qiqi. Accidentally ignoring Liyue's most wanted, Qiqi hides behind reader. Reader, now scared they are gonna get shish kabob-ed, is greeted by a smile. "Hey! You're that so called 'Imposter', right? Aiyaya, you've caused quite the stir in the Qixing! Don't worry, from what I've been told, you haven't even claimed to be the creator. Hm? Who told me that? Hmhm! You don't need to worry about that!"
(Hu tao & Klee mains don't kill me I skipped their banners)
While hiding out in Inazuma reader fell asleep under a tree in Chinji Forest with some bake-danuki. Waking up after a few hours, feeling a new weight on their lap, they just assume its just another bake-danuki who just wants to cuddle so reader just put their hand on it... Only to feel fabric. Oh no... Looking down they saw a child. Well if Mondstat taught them anything, a child can be the strongest in their entire organization. (i.e Klee). Being as careful as they could Reader tried to slowly move out from underneath the kid, but...
"*Yaaaawn* What time is it? Or did that Shrine maiden find me again?... Oh you woke up! *Another yawn* I'm Sayu, sorry for sleeping on you, but you where just so warm and those bake-danuki looked so comfy that I couldn't resist." You couldn't even be angry at little Sayu, her little yawns and rubbing the sleepiness out of her eyes was just to cute! You just told her that she could lay back down,and that you didn't mind! Once Sayu woke up again and was fully awake she fully noticed who you where. "Oh, you're that imposter right? I don't really care about that, but the shuumatsuban does. I really just want to sleep so I can grow tall..." You tell her that its fine and she could nap around you all she want, you won't rat her out. "Even though all of Inazuma is after you, you're still so nice. I don't get it. Hm? You can't find it in yourself to be mad at them? I don't really understand why, but if that's what you think then maybe you really are the Creator."
The two other Characters reader meets are Ayaka and Itto!
She got word that Sayu was missing again. So seeing as she was stressed and her legs where quite stiff she decided taking a walk and looking for Sayu herself would be the best bet. While walking in Chinji Forest she heard Sayu's voice. "Okay, now tuck your upper body forwards and pull your knees into your chest. Oh! And don't forget to protect your head, It hurts really bad to hit it on the ground!" And another "Sayu, i don't think I could really bend that way, let alone roll around like that," Hmmm, that was an unknown voice? She did hear rumors about the Creator's imposter being seen in Inazuma, so she peaked around the tree and took a look at this unknown voice... ... ... So this is the imposter? The supposedly evil that wishes to take over Tayvet? Although Ayaka tried her best to not underestimate people, but... This person doesn't seem evil at all! She knows that they could just be acting kind, but if it was an act, Sayu surely would have noticed? "Uh oh," Well she always knew stealth wasn't her strong suit. Coming out from behind the tree she started speaking. "Sayu is this where you go every time you disappear? Although I can't really blame you." Ayaka and Reader ended up talking for a while, while Sayu took a nap on their lap. Ayaka learned that Reader never claimed to be the Creator, they didn't even know the god existed! She was shocked! Being falsely accused of impersonating a god you didn't even know existed, well it's insane to say the least! "I'm sorry that the Nations have turned their backs on you, and that the Archons have let this injustice carry on... What? The Archons where the ones to lead the hunt? Even the Anemo one? This is pure insanity! Hypocrisy! I will see if I can use my standing in the Kamisato clan to get you any safety, even if its just food and clean water, I'll see if I can do anything to help," Ayaka, being so strong willed about this, even moved her brother. Although this may put their social standing and place with the Raiden Shogun at risk, they don't care. That was the first warm bath and full meal you've had in a while.
For how Itto met Reader, well it was strange to say the least. 
Reader came back from grabbing some sunsettias in time to see Aratikki Itto pat Sayu on the head. "Hey! Don't treat me like some kid and dont pat me on the head!"  "Woah! Of you don't want to be pet then don't look so pet-able!" Sayu saw the Bake-danuki following reader she pointed at them. "There! Go pet them! Aren't they pet-able!" Upon seeing the gaint oni man come at them scarily fast they where greeted by a chipper, yet softer voice. Probably after seeing how nervous reader is."WOOOAH How do you get them all to follow you like that? The second I get close to them they usual disappear in a puff of smoke!" Itto said while watching Reader hand a sunsettia to Sayu, then splitting one in halfs for the two bake-danukis behind them to share. "I don't really know... Animals just seem to follow me?" They watched them dig in using their cute little hands, happily stuffing their faces. They held out a sunsettia in Itto's direction, "You want one too?" During the three sharing sunsettias, the thought of the imposter never even crossed Itto's mind. He never really cared for the gods anyway, even if he was thankful the Creator gave the world Grandma Oni! He thinks this person would fit right in with the Arattaki gang.
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afriendlyblackhottie · 5 months ago
Bedroom Eyes
Tumblr media
Summary: maybe working on New Year’s Eve wasn’t always a bad thing
Pairings: Chris Evans x interviewer!Black!Reader
Warnings: minors dni, fake dating, smut, daddy kink, rough sex, over stimulation, orgasm denial, unprotected sex
(A/N: this is for my chick flick challenge!!! Yay finally putting something out ☺️☺️ not edited 👍🏾 like, follow, reblog with a comment and thanks for reading 💜 ✌🏾)
Six months ago you and your boyfriend decided to ‘go on a break.’ Whatever that was supposed to mean. It’s just things hadn’t been clicking and you thought maybe some time apart would bring you back together.
So you moved out of your shared apartment and in with your best friend who promised to make you get butt naked ass wild. Whatever that meant. It all sounded like fun and games and it technically was but you’d kissed one fucking guy and David lost is goddamn mind.
And then the truth came out.
For all the yelling and the bitching about you, it wasn’t you. David had made the decisions for you without you even knowing. It was over. That was that. His new girl was moving in. Taking up your spot in the bed. She got to be the one to steal from his plate. It was her hand he was holding.
And you’d just gotten the honors of seeing it up close and personal for the very first time.
By now you’d kind of adapted to being single. Started getting used to waking up alone. It was kind of nice because you got to spread out. There were definitely pros and cons to the whole situation.
Didn’t have to worry about feeding him anymore. That was nice. Only had to worry about you. Even if you kind of liked cooking for him. But he was so picky it got so annoying.
God you missed the consistent sex. Probably most of all. That rose clit stimulator was fun but you were dying for even a little bit of penetration.
You’d been together for so long you’d forgotten what it was like to just be. Alone. Just you. Like what did you really like. Did you even like The Walking Dead or was it just because he liked The Walking Dead. What kind of food did you even like. Music? Did you even like music. Or art. There was just so much to rediscover.
And you’d been on your way. Even got a sweet new gig . Hell you were doing great. So why the hell did it still feel like you’d gotten punched in the stomach when you saw them together.
“H-hey,” you stuttered out. You couldn’t help it as you picked her apart. From her hair to her clothes. At some point you just got petty in your head and god you didn’t want to be one of those girls.
“Hey, Y/N,” he greeted you all smiley and shit. Like we get it. God you sounded like such a hater. But who could blame you. You were pretty fucking salty. “Wha- what’re you doing here?” He asked all enthusiastic this smile spreading across his face.
She put her hand on his bicep and all you could think was, ‘girl, calm down. Nobody want him.’ Like a liar.
“Just hanging out,” you replied. “You must be Melissa.”
She nodded. “Uh huh. I’ve heard so much about you.”
“Oh wow wish I could say the same for you,” you said through your forced smile. You didn’t mean to sound so bitchy it was just you were fucking hurt. He’d moved on so quickly. Like had dropped an entire bomb on you that he’d met someone.
Honestly you’d only been here because you’d gotten invited last minute which made it even more fun that you’d run into them. And by fun you mean you wanted to pull out your eyelashes.
At least, Your sweet new gig came with some perks you admit. Had gotten to take home some pretty cool freebies. Like the new iPhone you’d gotten in a gift basket. Or all the meals on company dime. Yeah interviewing celebrities definitely came with it’s perks. Even when it meant working on New Year’s Eve, which ended up being worth it.
Well okay it would come with more perks but this had been your first big story. The actor you were interviewing was only free today since he was flying out soon and no one else had wanted to work on the holiday but it was kind of paying off for you.
You met up at this cafe which you were supposed to use to pay with the card your manager had given you except that he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He’d been way sweeter than you’d expected and you don’t know how the two of you ended up sharing your life stories but you had.
Questions had been abandoned for conversation instead. Didn’t even look at your notepad at some point. Besides you were pretty sure all of this would stick in your mind. And that’s why he invited you to come out tonight. Neither of you wanted to stop talking.
It wasn’t like a date or anything. Just the two of you had been having fun. He was easy to talk to. First covering your childhoods because for some reason while you were supposed to be asking questions he kept going ‘hmmm what about you?’ like he wanted to hear all about it.
And he was really, really hot so it made you wanna talk longer.
Since the break had officially turned into a breakup your best friend had been trying to press you about getting yourself out there. Had tried tinder which was like a wasteland if you were being honest. And you ended up being uninterested in all the guys your friends tried to play matchmaker with.
“Um, are- are you here with anyone?” He asked, almost nervously.
“Hey, Babe, got your whiskey sour,” Chris said, wrapping his arm around your shoulders after handing you, your drink. It was like he’d been on cue. Great timing, Chris.
“Thanks,” you said smiling up at him. Hopefully showing that you were trying to express the double meaning with your eyes.
“Holy fuck, you’re Chris- you’re Chris Evans!” David laughed almost sounding sarcastic. You recognized that as his ‘well that’s fan-fucking-tastic,’ laugh. The one he did when he was nervous. “That’s great.”
Oh this was good. This was so good. Maybe he’ll finally stop texting you when he’s drunk now. Telling you, ‘she’s not you,’ as if you forced him into it. You weren’t the one that ended things.
“Yeah, hi,” he said. “And you are?”
“Chris, this is David,” you introduced. “Oh, and, Melissa.”
“Hi.” Melissa giggled out, eyeing him up and down
“David and Melissa… are they the ones we met at that charity gala?” He asked like he was deep in thought.
“No,” you laughed. Wow he was really selling this thing. “David’s my ex. Melissa is his new girlfriend.”
“Oh well it’s nice to meet you.”
“So how did you two meet?” David asked through gritted teeth.
“Work,” he said. “She interviewed me and we just hit it off.”
“Wow that’s… really, really cool.”
“Anyway it was nice meeting you, David. Gotta say thanks for not seeing what you had.” And that was how he finally pulled you away as you tried to keep in your excitement until he was far away enough.
“That was amazing,” you squealed as soon as you were far enough. Throwing your arms around him. “Thank you.”
He chuckled. “You’re welcome. Figured you needed some rescuing when you looked like a cornered puppy.”
Your jaw dropped and you pulled away to smack his stomach. “Hey!”
Chris did this cute little smile and then rubbed the spot you hit. “I bail you out and then you abuse me?” Then he looked back at where they were. Seeing David looking right at the two of you. Chris’ eyes drifted back over to you before laughing. “Well guess you’re my date for tonight.”
“You’d do that?” You asked. Fuck he was hot.
“Yeah,” he replied. “LA is a small town. I’ve ran into so many exes. Wish I’d had someone to swoop in sometimes.”
“Well, thanks for swooping in for me,” you said.
“Don’t mention it,” he said. “Alright, you wanna really get under his skin?”
You nodded not being able to stop the smile spreading onto your voice. “I’d love to.”
Chris grabbed your hand. You tried to not be too obvious that you were watching David’s reaction as Chris pulled you to the dance floor.
You were having too much fun hanging with Chris if anything. Doing shots and dancing. Your ex trying to sneak looks at you which you’d started paying less and less attention to as the night went on. Kinda hard to notice him when Chris was your date.
As midnight started inching closer and closer you kind of started to get nervous. Were you supposed to kiss him. He wasn’t going to kiss you, was he? Well guess it depends on how dedicated he was to his craft. You damn sure didn’t mind. Hell the two of you had ditched his friends a long time ago.
He’d just been so sweet all day. If you weren’t convinced he wasn’t just nice you’d think this was a real date with the way he was acting. He’d went off to get another drink and you’d went to the bathroom. As you washed your hands Melissa came in beside you, side-eyeing you as she was going into a stall. You crinkled your nose, hurrying the hell up. You were having a good night. You did not wanna deal with them.
Of course life couldn’t be that nice as David was waiting outside the door. You tried to walk passed him only for you to hear a, “Y/N, wait.” As he grabbed you by the arm to pull you back before you could walk away.
“What, David?” You asked.
“I just… are you really with Chris?” He asked. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I wasn’t aware that I had to,” you replied.
“What? I told you about Melissa.”
You scoffed. “Yeah because you dumped me for her.”
He huffed. “So? A heads up still would have been nice.”
“I don’t owe you anything, David,” you said trying to turn around so you could walk away.
“Don’t owe me anything? I’ve missed you so bad lately and you think you don’t owe me anything.”
“Yeah,” you replied. “That’s not my problem.”
“Everything alright over here?” Chris asked once again swooping in.
“Yeah, we’re okay,” you replied with a sigh not even in the mood to hash this out.
“It’s almost midnight,” he said.
“Y/N,” David huffed, “come on. Let’s just talk.”
You sent a tight-lipped smile his way before getting closer to Chris. “Maybe later. I don’t wanna miss the countdown.”
Chris grabbed your hand, lacing your fingers together. Finally pulled you away just as you could hear the:
He turned to face you as the both of you started doing the same as everyone else in the crowd. Glancing up to see David still standing there.
Was Chris really about to do this? He put his hand on your face. Stroking his thumb over your cheek.
He was seriously giving you those bedroom eyes too. Was this apart of him playing up as your date or was he serious.
Was this supposed to really be a date?
Goddamn he was so…
“…1! Happy New Year!” The rest of the crowd cheered but you couldn’t even get it out as Chris pressed his lips to yours.
You found yourself putting your hands on his strong shoulders. Feeling all tingly as he grabbed you to deepen it. Dear god he was so yummy.
When he pulled away he grabbed your hand. You got a quick glance at David who was looking at you in such disbelief. Oh well. Sucks to suck.
As the two of you sat in the VIP section this time you giggled over nothing. Falling back into your easy conversation like you were before.
“Okay, but guarantee your publicist is going to kill me,” you said with a giggle.
Chris snorted out a laugh. “No she won’t. She’ll just yell at me. Don’t worry I’ll take full responsibility.”
“Yeah I’m sure she’ll understand. I just fell under your spell.”
“Exactly! If anything she’ll feel sorry for you. Just make sure you cry extra hard.”
You laughed. Tilting your head back. “Well I’m sure my boss is really going to enjoy it when I write my article about my night being Chris Evans’ fake date.”
“I’d read it,” he said. “Besides, this fake dates feeling kinda real to me. We did kiss.”
“Yeah, we did,” you said your face feeling all hot.
Chris licked the corner of his mouth as he got close to you again. Putting his hand under your chin. “And I dunno about you, but I’m open to doing it again. If that’s okay?”
You nodded as you pursed your lips. Feeling suddenly self conscious from the way he was looking at you. Was your hair okay? Lipstick?
You didn’t really have anymore time to think as he started kissing you again. This time letting it linger. Leaning you back against the couch so he could get the best access.
“You wanna get outta here?” He asked pulling away. “Go back to my place?”
You nodded, biting your lip. “I’d like that.”
Chris kept his hand on the small of your back, making you giggle, as the two of you tried to find the exit. Not bothering to say bye to your ex even when you passed him. Why would you when you were here with him. Literally who the fuck cares about anything else when a man like this was trying to take you home.
The two of you kept talking until he pulled up to a red light where he ended up pulling you into a quick kiss. Kind of nice knowing that it really wasn’t all for show. To be honest things could end right here and you’d be pretty happy. Hell it could end tomorrow and you’d be happy then too.
By the time you got back to his place he did the usual. Introduced you to his dog. Offered you a drink. Ended up pouring the both of you a glass of wine as Dodger played at your feet.
“No, no, no I refuse to believe that!” You shook your head. Giggling.
“What!” He gasped sitting beside you. “Do I look like I would lie to you?”
You giggled again. “Yes.”
He rolled his eyes dramatically. “Oh whatever.”
“You’re not an actor for nothing,” you replied.
“I guess,” he said with a chuckle. Then he looked over at you out of the corner of his eye before grabbing the back of your chair to pull you closer.
“What?” He chuckled. “You were too far away.”
“Well, you could have asked, Sir,” you said.
Chris smirked, one eyebrow raising up. “Ohhhh, sir… I like that sound of that,” he said sitting back. “Maybe you should call me that more often.”
You laughed. “Oh yeah? think I’ll need to?”
“If you can handle it,” he said putting his face close to yours.
“I think I can do that,” you whispered.
Chris licked his lips putting his hand on your cheek so he could bring you closer. Swiping his lips across yours quickly. “Have I told you how fucking pretty you are?”
You shook your head. Your face getting all warm. “No,” you whispered again this time feeling all shy.
“Well, I think you’re very pretty,” he whispered back before kissing you again. This time you put your hands in his hair as he started getting deeper. Fuck this was not how you’d been expecting your New Years to go. What a way to kick off the year.
When he added his tongue you let out the most embarrassing moan. He was just such a good kisser. And then he put his hand on your outer thigh. Inching up and running over your hip. “And you’re a good kisser,” he’d pulled away to say not even giving you a chance to respond before pulling you back in.
You might be actually having heart palpitations.
Finally he pulled away again to stand up. Helping you up with him. Then leaning down to kiss you again. “Let me give you a tour,” he said against your lips.
“Right now?” You asked with a pout.
“Mhm, want you to know your way around,” he said before kissing you again.
He held your hand as he made his way through the place. You’d already seen the living room when you’d walked in so he moved on before finally getting to his bedroom. Getting behind you and kissing all on your neck.
“And this is my room,” he’d said in your ear. Making you shiver as he kissed on you.
“It’s nice,” you breathed out. Pushing your ass back against him. Letting out a little gasp as you made contact against his cock. “Oh, fuck, Chris.”
“Mmm fucking like that sound.”
You leaned back so you could kiss him again. “More,” you whimpered as he started grinding against you.
That’s when his hands finally made their way to your chest. Grabbing all on your tits
“Fuck,” you whimpered.
One hand staying there as the other trailed down your body until it was to your crotch. That’s when he started rubbing you there over your dress. Making you try to get more contact on him.
“Just take this off,” he said with his lips all up in your ear as he started reaching for the hem. God it was just so… ugh you could tell you were wet a fuck.
Chris finally turned you around. Putting his hands on your ass. You don’t think you’d ever been kissed like this. With this much passion and want. Like there was this neediness, but at the same time no rush.
He smacked your ass making you yelp out another moan. Chris pulled away for a second so he could take his shirt off.
“You have tattoos?” You asked tracing your fingers over the words on his chest.
“A few,” he said as gripped your ass.
“Ow,” you whined trying to reach behind to make him loosen up. Only for him to let go and then come back against it with a smack. “Fuck.”
Hands going back up your body so he could undo your bra turning you back around so he could grab on your naked tits again. Pinching your nipples. “Get your ass on the bed.”
You did as you were told watching as he stalked over to you. You tried to cover yourself up with your hands. Suddenly feeling self-conscious about being naked in front of such a man.
“No, no. None of that,” he said as he moved your hands away from your body. “So fucking beautiful. You don’t hide yourself from me. Lay back, Baby. Lemme make you feel good.”
You nodded and did as he said again. He was still looking at you like he wanted to eat you up and after he kissed down your body you were pretty sure that’s exactly what he was about to do.
“So fucking hot,” he groaned as he pushed up your thighs. Licking his chops before leaning in a little closer to place kisses on your thighs. He leaned down to press his lips to your still covered clit. “These are cute panties, Baby. I like them,” he said all raspy before licking at the wet spot.
You gasped. “Fuck.”
Then he traced his fingers up and down. Making you breath out heavy. “Where’s your manners, Baby?”
You tried to rely but he kept kissing you there and then doing this thing where he’d lick and it was just driving you so frantic. “Oh, fuck,” you whimpered tilting your head back. “Oh, fuck, oh please. I’m sorry. Thank you.”
“That’s better,” he replied with a little chuckle. Fuck he was getting pleasure out of treating you like this? Sadistic.
“More,” you moaned because well that sounded good to you.
Finally he pulled your panties to the side. “So goddamn pretty. C’mere,” he groaned before raising up to sit on his knees. Trying to get your panties off. Pulling them down your legs. “That’s my girl.” He pushed your thigh back up as he looked down at you.
Oh my god. It was like… he was hotter than you’d… like he was really doing… like you couldn’t wrap your head around what was happening. Fuck couldn’t even get your thoughts together. Face all fuzzy. Seriously he was looking at you like he was about to fuck you all night.
You wanted him so goddamn bad.
“Chris!” You raised up to tangle your hand in his hair. Tugging on the ends. “Oh my god!” Your hips stuttered up.
He in returned pinned you down. Wanting to keep you exactly where he wanted you. Like was it not enough he looked like a fucking daydream he had to eat you out like you were the best thing he ever tasted. Holy fuck. You were gonna fucking-
“Ah!” You screamed out as you squirted. Feeling like every nerve in your body was about to push out of you. Stomach clenching. “Holy fu- Chris!”
He kissed up your body until he was at your lips. The clinking of his belt buckle as he was barely undoing his pants. “You ready for me?” He asked getting in your ear again. His mouth felt amazing between your thighs but you kinda missed him like this.
He put his thumb against your clit make you let out this mewl. God you couldn’t believe you were really responding to him like this. He just felt so fucking good.
The quick sound of him undoing his pants was making you need more from him. “Chris, please,” you whimpered.
“What? Tell me what you want, Baby. I’ll do it.”
Oh fuck you think you’re about to fucking cum again.
When you’d interviewed him this morning at some point it did start to feel like a date. Just the way the two of you spent like… all day there until it was time to close. It was a holiday and those people wanted to go the hell home. Even if they were more than happy to keep bringing Captain America cookies.
It had been a long time since you’d talked to someone the way you did to him. The way he just… listened when you talked. Like he was the one interviewing you. Or like he really wanted to know things about you. 
But you have to admit you had not been expecting to end up like this. He was Chris fucking Evans. Movie start. Hollywood heartthrob. Sure this might not go anywhere but at least you knew he’d fuck you right. Like so right. This man might be dangerous. He should not be able to look at you like that or touch you like this. It should be illegal.
But you wanted more.
“I want you to fuck me,” you confessed. “Please? Pretty please?”
“See I knew you could be a good girl. Such good fucking manners.”
Oh, fuck.
He finally pulled his dick out and you just had to see okay. Like you needed to know. Not for the article or anything. Don’t worry you were keeping it to yourself, but still you wanted to see.
God it was a good thing your coworker wasn’t able to make it. All you’re saying is if you were her you’d be pissed. Imagine getting this close to Chris Evans dick but you weren’t going to make it in time only for it to go to a smaller contributor.
“Fuck,” you groaned as it finally caught your eyes. Of course this pretty fuckin’ man would have a pretty ass dick to match. Fuck you wanted to- “Ah!” You yelped as he pushed the tip to your opening.
“Gonna fuck you nice and deep,” he said as he pushed the head in a like.
“Fuck,” God you sounded so whiney and pathetic.
You wanted more.
“Chris!” You cried, as he started kissing you. He was just pushing in so deep. His belt buckle smacking against your thighs until he finally took it out of the loops to drop it on the floor.
Dunno. Feeling pretty powerful that you’d made Chris Evans wanna fuck you so bad he couldn’t even wait to take off his pants before sliding in home to you.
“So damn tight. Can barely fit my dick in you,” he groaned. “So goddamn wet.”
“Don’t stop,” there was this tinge of desperation in your voice. “Please, don’t- ah- Chris!”
He’d filled you up to the hilt just then. Had your eyes watering. Face all screwed up. Goddamn. He felt so fucking good. You wanted more. So much, much more.
He wrapped on arm around your thigh to bring your knee up by your ear, while the other went under your head. He was just so close. Like he wanted you to feel every roll of his hips. Fuck.
“Don’t- ugh- don’t stop!” You cried.
So he fucking didn’t.
You didn’t even know you could cum like this. Just one right after another. And that was before he even took his pants off.
When he finally fell to your side so he could push them down his hips. You sat up so you could get on your knees this time. Was it weird to say your mouth was watering from looking at his cock? Who cares. You wanted it in your mouth now.
“Damn, Baby,” Chris groaned as you slurped him up. Damn you were gonna get addicted to this. You just know it.
He put his hand in your hair, pushing your head down so he was in your throat. Eyes getting watery wants again.
“That’s fuck- fuuuuck,” he groaned. “Come here,” he said snatching you off so he could pull you onto his lap.
“Ah!” You let out this scream as he’d slid you down his length. “Fuuuuuuuuuck.” He was just so fucking big and thick. You don’t really know how else you were supposed to act. It was just too much.
“That’s it. Bet your ex didn’t fuck you like this, did he?” He asked with a tight grip around your hips.
“Never,” you cried. “Fuck, Chris!”
“Good ,” he moaned. “Damn your ex was stupid. I wouldn’t let a pussy like this go.”
“Please,” you preened. Fuck you don’t even know what you’re begging for. You were just so over stimulated. “Fucking, please.”
“What you want, Baby? Just tell me and I’ll give you anything.”
Why did he have to look up at you like that. Was it not enough he was balls deep in your fucking guts? He had to look at you like that?
“I want-,” you tried to say but you couldn’t get a thought out this sob. Your next orgasm hitting you look a fucking freight train out of nowhere.
Chris chuckled and sat up. You looked so cute all fucked out. “I know, Baby. I got you.”
Honestly you felt like you were going to have a fucking mental breakdown. So you wrapped your arms around his neck. Sobbing into his shoulder as you came down his length.
Chris kissed your cheek and slowed down the movement of your hips. Ready to give you a moment. Fuck. He’d really done a number on you.
“It’s okay,” he said into your ear. “I’m here.”
You nodded and didn’t stop crying into his shoulder. “I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay.” He chuckled.
“It just felt too good. I got overwhelmed.” You sniffled.
“It’s alright,” he replied wrapping his arms around you, wanting to hold you. Bring you down a little. Let you know he wasn’t going anywhere. “It’s okay.” Chris kissed your forehead. “Here,” he said. “Lemme go and get you some water, okay?”
You nodded as you climbed off of him. He kissed your forehead again before moving away from you. Your body was twitching still. Little tremors running through you. Fuck. That was intense.
As you laid there, trying to get yourself together you couldn’t stop fucking shaking. Ugh. Well, it’s not like he wasn’t be sweet. But still. You were here in bed and breaking every rule with Chris Evans on your first time ever getting an interview like this, and you were tapping out?
That he’d literally went from helping you not look like in front of your ex and his new girlfriend and getting you water right now, and you were tapping out? You needed to get your shit together.
“Here,” he said sitting coming to your side to hand you the glass. “Gotta stay hydrated, Babe. Didn’t mean to wear you out,” he teased.
You chuckled as you took it from him. “I’m okay.”
“You sure?” He asked. “We can take a minute.”
You nodded as he came to climb back in with you. Laying on his side the two of you facing each other.
Chris put his hand on your cheek. Stroking it with his thumb then placing a plump kiss on your lip. Why was he so cute. Fuck.
“I promise I won’t include this part in my article,” you mumbled.
Chris chuckled. “Well, it would definitely get a lot of hits if you did.”
“Your team would kill me. Hell my boss would kill me.”
He rolled his eyes. “They’d have to go through me first.”
“Look at you all tough guy,” you teased.
“Damn straight,” he said with a wink. “I take care of my woman.”
You raised an eyebrow even as your heart thumped so hard. “Oh I’m your woman now?”
He chuckled. “Working at it? I gotta be honest. I like you.”
“Mhm,” he said. “I know we just met but… it’s like since this morning I haven’t wanted you to leave and… I don’t know.”
“No I feel the same way,” you said.
He sighed. “So I’m not being a total meatball?”
“Yeah,” you said with a giggle, “but I like it.”
“Good,” he replied leaning into kiss you. He climbed on top of you as the two of you deepened. Wow barely even able to give watch other a chance. But what can you say you wanted him.
He pushed your legs apart again. Rocking his hips into you. You tried to move up hoping he’d get the hint and push into you, but it didn’t seem like he was. Fucking tease.
“Gonna fucking ruin you,” he said into your ear. “Make you my girl. You wanna be my girl?” Then he started nudging his tip against your slit.
“Uh huh,” you breathed out cuz fuck even that felt good.
“Use your words,” he said.
Fuck. Fuuuuuck. “Yes, Sir,” you whimpered out the correction.
“Much better,” he groaned as he pushed into you. “Fuck!”
You were hugging him so tight like you were already trying to push him out. Sensitive pussy not able to handle him. “Shit, Chris. Fuck.”
“I don’t know why I didn’t put on a condom,” he groaned as he fucked into you. “I just… I wanna cum in you. So fucking bad. Just over and over and over.” He was getting so fucking deep. This man was really trying to fuck you into the mattress.
And you couldn’t even say anything back because it was just too damn much. What could you say. You’d already embarrassed yourself enough tonight. If you weren’t careful you’d end up crying from his dick again and you didn’t want him to stop again. You wanted him to never stop.
Fuck how the fuck are you already fucking cumming!
“Fuck you’re such a fucking Daddy,” you sobbed into his shoulder not being able to help it as the moniker slipped from your lips.
“Yeah? Am I?” He hissed. “Shit, Baby,” he groaned. Headboard slamming against the wall. “That’s it, Baby. I’ll be your fucking Daddy.”
“I can’t fucking take anymore,” you finally admitted.
“Don’t say that, Baby. You can give me one more. Just one more,” he groaned.
“I can’t,” you whimpered.
“Yes,” he thrust in really deep making you gasp, “you,” he withdrew until just the tip was in, “can.” And then he did it again where he went balls deep.
Swear to god you were so fucking like how was he doing this to you it didn’t make any fucking sense.
“Fucking hold it. Hold it for me,” he said going a little faster. “You got it. You can fucking do it. Gonna cum in you. This my pussy now. Fucking hear me?”
He was just so animalistic and you were barely hanging on. Eyes rolling to the back of your head. Losing your goddamn mind. How the fuck would he expect you to move on when he was doing this to you. Who the fuck else would be able to do this to you. You’d just gotten out of a four year relationship and you didn’t know you could cum like this until now. 
“Daddy, oh my god,” you sobbed again. “Fuck. I can’t hold on.”
“That’s okay,” he groaned. “Fuck. Cum for me.”
He nodded as his body got all ridged. Putting his hand around your neck as he started to feel his own orgasm catching up to him. “Fuck yeah. Cum for me, Y/N,” he said again.
Something about hearing him saying your name was just… it was all too much. Like everything was just too much. You couldn’t fucking stop. You knew your throat would be raw as hell in the morning.
It felt like he’d made you shatter into a million little pieces after having denied you while you had already had too much. Coupled with the feeling of him losing himself deep inside of you. Fuck. It was too much. And yet you know you wanted more.
“I think you broke me,” you whispered as he wrapped his arms around you. Sunlight had finally started to break through the curtains and he was barely letting you go.
Chris chuckled. Kissing your forehead. Sure you’d had little cat naps in between but each time he’d woken you up with kisses or by touching you. You were so fucking worn out. “I’m sorry. Alright come on. Let’s get some sleep.”
“Don’t you have somewhere to be?” You asked him.
He shook his head. “Nah. I’m gonna just take the day. Besides it’s a holiday. It’ll be fine.”
“Okay,” you replied. “Well, good. Cuz I don’t think I can move.”
Chris chuckled. “Don’t worry I’m not letting you go anywhere. I want you to get some rest, okay?”
You nodded as your eyes started to feel all heavy. Hell you didn’t think you could hold on anyway.
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fezrus · 5 months ago
Someone to blame (part one)
Summary : after Rue almost died from her overdose, you’re looking for someone to blame & end up fighting real bad with Fezco. You meet again a few weeks later, and well, the reunion is... interesting. 
Warnings : mentions of alcohol, drugs, lots of bad words, bit of fighting, bit of teasing 😇, reader being a bitch, fezco (my boy deserves a warning)
Pairing : FezxFem!Reader
Word count : 3k
Side Note : english is not my first language, feel free to tell me if you find mistakes or just weird sentences lol
Tumblr media
You had been friends with Rue for years, at this point you were practically siblings. And this implied the good sides and the bad ones. You shared the same kind of humor – a great mix of sarcasm and self-depreciation – and knew you could trust each other with your lives. But there were also more complicated moments, Rue overdosing on pills being the latest. Speaking of drugs, she actually introduced you to Fez a few months before it happened.
The guy wasn't the most talkative or expressive, but he had always been courteous in his own way. You had wondered many times how someone so gentle and calm in appearance could lead such a life, punctuated by violence and despair.
You were never that close but talked a bit and had a laugh at every party you both went to, and you hung out a few times with Rue. He was chill, and you got along pretty well, even found him cute at times. That is, until you saw your dearest friend laying unconscious in a hospital bed because of the shit he sold her.
Back then, you really thought she was going to die. Seeing her in that bed had awakened a rage and a disgust in you that you had not thought you'd ever be able to feel before that day. You showed up at Fezco's place the next morning and things went pretty far. You basically called him a murderer, screaming and calling him names, which led him to shout back and things were said and never forgotten on both sides.
He was an irresponsible and disgusting brainless criminal, you were a spoiled and fucking ignorant kid who knew nothing about life. From this day on, you hadn't spoken a word to each other, despite crossing paths a few times during the last few weeks.
Had you known he’d be there tonight, you probably wouldn’t have come.
It looked like a scene from a movie, the place was full of people, the music was too loud and the lights were blinding. There were people smoking on the roof, others making out on the hoods of cars, and you chose not to see what was going on in the pool. Jules, with whom you had come, was jumping enthusiastically next to you. “This is gonna be so fun,” she smiled, her big bright eyes looking right at you as you were entering the house. “Come on you need a drink! And then we'll break the dancefloor.”
“Alright,” you laughed a bit, her excitement being contagious, “I’ll get us some drinks, you go and try to find Rue.” The both of them had a relationship that was quite difficult to qualify, even if they hadn’t known each other for a very long time. Rue's obsession with Jules made you a little suspicious at first, you were maybe a little afraid that she would replace you for a moment, but you soon realized that their relationship had nothing to do with yours. Even though deep down you knew that this co-dependency between your two friends was not healthy, you couldn't help but be happy for them, and Rue was doing better. 
You manage to make your way to the kitchen, where you quickly find a bottle that suits you on the table. You were about to pour yourself a drink when a small brown-haired sparkly tornado hit you head-on. She smelled a little like alcohol and could barely stand up, smiling from ear to ear as she wrapped her arms around you.
“What the hell Maddy ?” You ask, managing to find your balance back.
“I’m so happy you’re here bitch,” she simply answers, making you laugh. “I need your help with something,” she adds while giving you the puppy-eyes look.
Between a few incomprehensible words due to the alcohol in her body, you understand that she’s asking you to find her something to smoke, a favor she had done you at the previous party. You groan as you fill the glass you grabbed, taking a shot to give you the strength to get to work. You clearly have other things to do but you know Maddy well, and if you don't do it back for her as you promised you would, you know she won't stop complaining and she won't leave you alone. “Fine just wait here until I get back, and try not to drink more, right ?” And with that, you go in search of the holy grail, or in this case, the holy weed.
Now there are multiple ways you can find what you're looking for, you could just use your charms and get if from some random dude, but you don't feel like flirting tonight. And the easiest way to buy drugs is standing a few feet from you, outside by the bay window. “Fuck me.” You huff, cursing yourself for only taking one shot. Your heels click on the ground as you approach until you plant yourself in front of the redhead, whose fresh cut displays his scar even more.
He stares at you with suspicion, and then looks quickly around him as to make sure it is really him you want to speak to. 
“What's up Y/N ?” he simply questions, his blunt still between his lips.
His usual nonchalance surprises you nonetheless, given your last somewhat hectic exchange. However, you decide to get it over with as quickly as possible and get straight to the point. 
"I need some weed," you sigh, knowing full well that this request would make you lose the credibility you had when you yelled at him about the drugs, even if it is 'just' weed in that case. He looks a bit surprised, one eyebrow raised. "It’s for Maddy,” you add.
“You sure? I ain't want you to come and knock on my door tomorrow calling me names cause I gave you the stuff you asked for.” His blue eyes are locked in yours, and you don't know if he's teasing you or if he really wants to know if you're sure of yourself. 
You cross your arms over your chest, already annoyed and eager to find your friends, drink and forget this conversation and the previous one. “Don't worry about that,” you respond, “I don't want to have anything to do with you, so please just stick to doing your job right now, right?” 
“Am not here to make friends either, now just pay for the damn thing or imma find someone else to buy it.” He doesn't want to be around you either, that's for sure, but he’s still pretty polite as usual. You know you kinda hurt him, but he did too, plus you're too annoyed by his attitude right now to feel bad. His words just have a way of bringing out that side of you that tends to piss people off pretty well : the sarcastic little shit. 
“Don't act all indifferent now Fez, we both know you'd love to be my friend.” You provoke him, a fake smile on your face and you tilt your head, placing your hand on his bicep, while his arms are still crossed.
He can't help but sigh, moving away from the wall he was leaning against and leaning toward you instead. You stand straight, defying him. “Look, imma be honest with you. Being a bitter depressive kid giving lessons on shit you know nothing about don't sound like a real interesting occupation to me y'know?” 
“Yeah cause selling drugs to those depressive kids is such a respectable one.” You immediately spit back, making him look down for a second. Touché. 
“I really don't wanna fuck with you right now Y/N." You must have come a little closer with every shot fired because now you can feel his annoyed and warm breath on your face, your eyes still locked. He takes the last hit of his joint before throwing it to the ground, stepping back as if to prevent the situation from going any further. He grabs a little bag from his back pocket, and holds hit between his fingers. “Just pay for the damn thing and go back to your shit, I'll go back to mine.”
His tone is more tired than threatening, but it still makes you shiver. Fez wasn't usually one to get mad, to threaten with his hands, he always spoke slowly in a way that still let you know he wasn't messing around.The tension is palpable, your fists and his jaw clenched to the point where it could have snapped. Your contempt disguised as sarcasm did not please him, obviously, but the more he responded to it, the more he made you want to infuriate him for real. 
You hand him the money before taking the bag from his hands. "Alright, I wouldn't want to stop you from handing out overdoses for a few bills," you conclude before starting to leave. 
Rubbing his temples, he finally speaks again, loud enough so that you can hear him behind you. 
“Damn Y/N, why d’you have to be like this ? Why you giving me all the blame and shit ?” You stop walking, your back still facing him. “Am not sayin what she did was completely her fault, I know I’m part of this too. I felt like shit, like real bad, you know she’s family. But now you been treatin me like I did it on purpose when you know damn well I didn't.”
You don't know if it's the booze starting to kick in or just the emotions you bottled up these past few weeks, but at this moment you feel particularly exhausted by the situation. Yes, you resent him for spending his time distributing drugs to people you love. You did blame Rue for a while too, you screamed, cried, and you also blamed yourself - you still do - for not having seen how bad she was doing. But Fez, the lovely guy you got to know a little, who said he was like her brother, and who gave her the drug that landed her in the hospital? He was right, you knew deep down it wasn’t really his fault, but you couldn't help but be overly mad at him.
“You can act all nice as much as you want Fez.” You shrug, turning around to face him. "But you can't do what you do and pretend you care about those people.”
You see him nod silently. Seconds pass before he finally says something back.
"Sounds like you're just tryin to find someone to punish now." He's staring at you, his hands in his pockets "It's alright, make me the bad guy. But don't say I don't fucking care about her ever again, right?"
As you process what he's saying, you can only realise he's stating facts. You're not angry at him for giving the damn pills to your friend, you're looking for a culprit and he's easy to blame. But it's just something about him, about the way he responds to the shots you fire at him, it's physical, you can't help but keep fighting and fighting and wanting for more. Are you actually being a dramatic judgemental little bitch? Absolutely. Will you ever admit that he's kinda right and you know it, and that he's hot as hell when you piss him off like that ? Absolutely not. Is it a good enough reason to keep acting that way? Certainly.
“Yes sir.” You roll your eyes before turning on your heels, leaving the redhead and heading for the kitchen.
I's three in the morning and you're a complete mess. After giving Maddy her weed, you've done nothing but drink, dance, and drink again. You don’t even know how many shots you've had, but your lack of balance indicates that the amount must be important. 
Your body moves to the rhythm of the music, your hips undulating in a sensual choreography. Masculine hands move around your waist, which you quickly brush away to join Cassie dancing on the table. Putting on a show is not exactly an habit of yours, but at the moment, you just feel like having a good time and not caring about nothing else.The little blonde moves against you, laughing and flipping her hair as the crowd around you whistles and admires the show you’re offering. Among the people, in the corner of the room, you notice a familiar figure already watching you. He's still smoking, shaking his head in amusement or in disapproval -you’re not sure-, to which you respond with a middle finger and a provocative wink.
When the song comes to an end, you get off the table to some applause and head to the nearest exit to the garden, feeling the need for fresh air. Your steps are uncertain but you manage to get outside, sitting on a deckchair by the pool.
“It doesn’t really suit you, y’know,” you hear Fezco say as he sits on the other side of the chair, a small smirk on his face. He looks a little high, more relaxed.
“What ?” You frown, turning to sit directly across from him. 
“The whole ‘look I smoke weed and I’m wild’ kinda shit.” He shrugs, giving you a side look.
“I never asked you to look,” you argue, alcohol probably making you a little more touchy than usual.
His body is still not facing you, but he turns his head so his eyes meet yours. “You’re kinda hard to miss when you’re behavin’ like that,” he remarks, his gaze now on the little dress Jules had chosen for you. “Was a very pleasant sight, I gotta admit.” 
You feel your cheeks starting to burn and quickly look away, rolling your eyes. The effect this guy had on you with just a few words, damnit. He’s a dick, you try to convince yourself, don’t smile like an idiot. You want to come up with something witty or sarcastic to say but really you’re just dumbfounded. And he likes it. “Thanks, I guess.” You whisper without thinking too much, still a bit confused. It's been rare for you to be quiet and likeable since the latest events, so he takes the opportunity to speak again, his voice strangely pleasant.
“Why you always acting stupid like earlier? When deep down you're really just cute and shit,” he sighs, his blue eyes on you as you’re looking down to avoid them. “It's like you enjoy being a fucking brat to me, pissing me off. You like that, don't ya?”
You look up to meet his gaze, intense and curious. Somehow, hearing him call you a brat and talk to you that way feels really good. Is this motherfucker really turning you on and calling you out at the same time without even trying? You don’t know if he’s intentionnaly playing with you right now, but he seems to enjoy the effect he has on you, as you struggle to hide it. You quickly get up to try and regain some composure, there's no way you're going to let him have that power, all of this wouldn't even happen if it weren't for all the drinks you've had.
“You wish, loverboy.” You retort, a playful smile on your lips. “I'm gonna start thinking you fancy me now Fez, thought I was a spoiled ignorant idiot,” you quote.
You hear him laugh a little, and he stands up too to stand right in front of you. “You are.” He grins, getting closer. “You're fucking infuriating,” he adds, his body so close to yours now, “exasperating,” he whispers in your ear, without ever touching you. You close your eyes shut and feel the shivers sliding down your spine, a sigh of contentment slipping from your parted lips while his mouth brushes the skin of your neck. “naughty, even” he finally adds as you feel his wet and rough lips so close to your jaw. You’re a mess, the heat on your cheeks is nothing compared to what you’re feeling down your stomach, between your thighs. Not so innocent and nice now is he ? You take a deep breath and manage to raise your hand, placing your finger under his chin, lifting it up a little so he looks you straight in the eye, your noses almost touching. You need to end this right now, before it goes too far, before you can’t resist the urge to angry fuck the shit out of him here and now. He’s a dick, you can’t let him win. You have to be the one in control.
“You're not fucking me tonight Fez.” You breathe, your tongue clicking in your mouth. ”I ain't got five minutes to waste for you.”
You turn around to leave but you haven’t even taken the first step when he grabs your arm, gently but firmly, and you feel his body pressing against your back.
“You can insult me all you want but don’t ya underestimate me,” he whispers in your ear, his warm breath crashing against the skin of your neck. "If I were to fuck you, I'd do it properly." The words his hoarse voice whispers make you gasp, you suddenly feel completely naked, at his mercy. You can feel the warmth more and more down your stomach, as his hand brushes your arm, then your shoulder, before moving down to your hip, his fingertips playing with the fabric of your dress with such a slight touch that you don’t know if it’s even real. “I’d take my time, give you what you deserve.”
He doesn't give you the time to process what he just said and steps back, then walks past you to head inside, a winning smile on his lips.
“You enjoy the rest of the night Y/N.” 
And before you know it, he’s left you standing here, flustered and desperate for more.
What the fuck just happened?
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pocketsizeizzyhands · 4 days ago
thoughts on season 3
klaus speaking spanish!! we are back to multilingual klaus! i missed season 2 had basically forgotten the dude could speak many languages so it was nice seeing it!
delores fever dream THE FUCK. Delores being italian was sure something.
Viktor’s transition was so well done, i love they just let him be without making an over the top big deal, they simply accepted him and continued their talk and i think it was handled nicely.
“maybe he blended the lobsters into a morning smoothie” “youre an idiot but im in” FIVE AND KLAUS DYNAMICS AND LINES WERE GOLD I LOVE TO SEE THEM INTERACT! definitely one of the best things this season
Idk how to feel about the Grace plot with her worshipping the kugelblits. it was weird.
I feel a little better that at least klaus wasnt the only one being forgotten and didnt realise was gone, since now it happened to luther. However, i do feel bad for the guy
Not gonna touch whatever the fuck was going on with alisson with a ten foot poll... that was sure something. i get she is going thru stuff but like... no...
“you feel loved yea? lets save the world now” IM CRYING IM NOT OKAY THIS IS SO SWEET HE FELT LOVED AND WITH HIS LIL SMILE
“all doped up like a me” Klaus saying this and all i can think of is goddamn Mario. Klaus i love him so much.
Luther getting some actual well thought character development was not something i was expecting but im vibin. i like he is getting a full growth arc, hes come a long way since season 1
"Do not disrespect the slushie" TRUER WORDS HAVE NEVER BEEN SPOKE.
Also i feel so vindicated bc two years ago i had literally wrote a fic in which klaus had died in the mausoleum as a kid and it feels so damn great having it being canon now
alison can go fuck off in that one scene specifically.
not vibin with the fact klaus disappeared like a shit ton of times this season and they barely cared or realised, dude was being murdered and no one knew.
im conflicted that klaus of all people is the one who trusted reginald the most, i get it, it makes sense, but im conflicted. probably going to do a separate post about this later
"ill be there for you but viktor lie to us again and ill kill you myself" IM LOSING MY MIND FIVE SAYING THAT WAS SO GOOD!! 10/10 SCENE HOLY FUCK
points to luther for realising klaus is missing<3
seriously idk what i was expecting from this season but luther becoming one of my top characters was not it.
i hate reginald so much, and its sad he is the only one who gave klaus the credit he deserved even thought it lasted a little bit, he still realised how powerful klaus was and told him so. it sucks it was all for manipulation.
i just wish klaus would get a little more care and support from his siblings since he is always the one most left out
"shes always been good to you better than the rest" ok but this irks me when luther told viktor this, like.. we knew since s1 that viktor had mostly been close to five as kids and all, and while five had been there he was nice to him. alison had her good sister moments sure, but she didnt treat him better than the rest
“i pronounce you married as shit! viva la apocalypse” Klaus officiating the wedding in such a klaus way is so precious to me. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH
klaus calling luther lulu
episodes 9-10 were sure something. definitely liked the rest more but it had some neat moments
i hate reginald so much
him killing both luther and klaus, i hate him so much
sooo ben is their ben? or why is he the only one from sparrow academy to survive, the end credit scene maybe hinted it was their ben? but im confused.
reginald lives and they dont have powers. this feels kind of like a way to end it but i really hope theres a new season and that they do get their powers back since we were finally getting some progress with klaus learning about his own
also i want their powers to be back so at some point klaus can levitate more like in the comics.
I loved the season but im conflicted on the ending.
How the fuck is ray there in the normal timeline bc if they dont have powers it means they didnt travel to the past so alison wouldnt have met ray so how is he there?
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haildeleah · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
His Sightless Angel
Pairing: Ran Haitani x Blind! Reader
Content warning: Nothing but fluff, first meetings and mentions of a stab wound
Word count: 2.6k
Summary: In which Ran meets a sightless angel, who would later on become his wife
Note: This was supposed to come out before Reflected in her Eyes, but this proved to be quite difficult to edit :0
Tumblr media
His brother was an idiot. 
“I told you to be more careful.”
“That was me being careful.”  Rindou fires back, his face set into a grimace as he bleeds on the bourbon colored seats of the LaFerrari. 
It was a bad day, Ran decided. Everything that could’ve gone wrong, went wrong. They suddenly got assigned a mission, one that should’ve been under Sanzu’s jurisdiction, at ass o’clock. Then they had to drive to the middle of bum-fucking-nowhere, to pick up some shipments from Hong Kong, only to get jumped.
And the cherry on top? His brother getting stabbed, of course.
Sighing, he continues to speed down the highway. He was gripping the wheel much too tightly, but his body was tense with the thought of not making it to the hospital in time. “More. Be more careful, Rindou. It would be a sad end if you were to die from a knife wound caused by a nobody.”
“Shut up. This is barely a scratch.” Rindou says that, but by how hard he was clutching at his shirt, and the way that his eyes were slowly closing, Ran highly doubted it. 
So, he drove faster than he ever had. Praying to a god that he’s long abandoned and forgotten, to not take away the only thing he loves and matters in his life.
Tumblr media
By the time that the sun had come out, they had managed to reach the hospital safely. Safely as in, Rindou has not yet walked through the gates of the afterlife. Immediately, the nurses tended to his brother, and left Ran forgotten. He only talked to the doctor for a second, but it wasn’t long until the elderly man had to go too.
This wasn’t a hospital they had ever visited. Bonten has most of them in their pockets, for it was a usual occurrence for someone in their line of work to get injured. This one, however, was not. But he’ll let Takeomi handle it. Considering that they were only here due to Sanzu’s lack of appearance to his duties.
Big brothers must clean up their little brother's messes after all, right?
As he attempts to wash the blood off his hands, and the little splatters on his face, he realizes there’s little to nothing he could do about the ones on his clothes. It was a bad idea to stay in the hospital and draw attention to himself, so he decided that going out would be the best. Rindou most likely wouldn’t be up for a couple more hours anyway, and he needed to report to Mikey. The doctors also confirmed that his menace of a brother would be perfectly okay, so it allows him to ease up a little.
Talking to the nurses gave him three pieces of information. One, the most secluded spot in the hospital were the rooftops. Two, if you flash a smile and throw in a little compliment, you can get a key to said rooftop. Three, say that the blood on your clothes was from your brother, who you saved from an attack, and the nurse is even more then happy to give you an update on when Rindou wakes up. So with a spring to his step, Ran makes his way up.
The door to the rooftop was made out of pure metal, but to his surprise, the door wasn’t locked. Strange, considering that he remembered the red nurse saying, “The doors are locked, but here are the keys. No one should be up there, it's restricted. You’ll have all the quiet and alone time you want.” 
Hm, maybe he can simply ask whoever it was up here to leave. And if they refuse…well, he has other methods that comes to mind. With that thought, he opens the door to feel the rush of morning wind hitting him. It’s early, much too early. And if he didn’t feel the immediate urge to report back to Koko, then Ran would’ve been long asleep by now. Probably in a chair next to his brothers hospital bed, but something tells him that he would’ve been too worried to sleep anyways. Not that he would ever, ever admit that to anyone. Much less Rindou nonetheless.
As he steps out some more, he hears humming. It’s melodic, and whoever was singing it had a lovely voice. A name of a song pops up in his head as he ties it to what was being hummed, Amazing Grace, he remembered his mother playing it on their record, every time she got ready. It was how he knew that he had to grab Rindou and get out of the house, a sign to not be back until nightfall.
Due to his memories associated with it, he grew a certain distaste and repulsion towards the song. But whoever was humming it made it sound like angels were singing, like the song could start representing something good. Curious, he turns towards the direction of the voice, walking only a couple steps out to find…
Sitting on a bench, wearing a white, flowy hospital gown and holding a sketchbook, was you. For a second, Ran wonders if he was the one who died. Because what was an angel doing here, in this dirty place called earth? You should’ve been up in the heavens. A place that was supposed to be serene enough to hold someone like you, right? 
Is he hallucinating? Was he so tired that he imagined the woman of his dreams? Or did the near death of Rindou scar him so much that he was actively imagining something that he’d want to see?
He’s hypnotized, never once has he ever been speechless quite like this. You continued to hum, mumbling out words here and there, but you were enjoying your time. Sketching on the book that he couldn’t quite see, your hands glided across the paper like your voice traveled in the wind. Ran had to remind himself to breathe, with how awestruck he was. 
Enchanted, was one way to put it. But before he could say anything, much less move, you stop. You stopped singing, you stopped drawing. He flinches, with the thought that he disturbed your peace. Completely forgetting his purpose of coming here himself.
“…I’m sorry. Did it bother you?” 
Ah, your voice was euphonious. As captivating as you were. But it seems as though you mistook his silence for annoyance, for your next words were, “My singing, did it bother you? I’ll stop, normally no one comes up here. I wasn’t expecting you.” Chuckling to yourself, you made a move to get up, instantly, Ran stops you. 
“No, not at all. If anything, I was just taken away. You have a voice of an angel.” Deciding to be honest, he nearly sighs in relief when he sees you sit back down. 
A tint of red flashes on your cheeks. “O-Oh, thank you.” Why did you react that way? Someone like you must’ve been used to compliments such as those, surely. 
“You're welcome, doll.” For this entire time, you had not opened your eyes. He’s happy about it, because this way, you wouldn’t see the blood stains on his clothes. And he wouldn’t have to give you an excuse as to why they were there. You simply stared straight, a gentle smile on your face, with red tinting your cheeks from his earlier compliment. 
“Can I ask what you’re doing here? It’s rather early.” 6 a.m, actually. That’s what his watch tells him, once he swiped the blood off.
Letting out a soft chuckle, you gestured to your sketch book. “I’m just enjoying the morning sun. What about you, sir?”
“Ran.” He says, and for the first time since you two met, you looked towards his direction. Your eyes remain closed. “Ran Haitani. Not sir, I’d like to think I’m not that old.”
You chuckle at his joke, it makes him absolutely joyous. “How old are you, then?”
“26.” He replied.
“Ah, so you’re only a year older then me. You sound very mature, Ran.” 
His name never sounded more pleasant, more right. “I am very mature, beautiful.” He says jokingly. Rindou would say otherwise, Sanzu too, most likely. Even he himself was shaky on that at best, but it earned him a smile from you. So it was beyond worth it. 
You tell him your name, before adding on, very quietly, “You don’t have to call me those types of nicknames.” Looking down, he doesn’t miss the way you nervously twirl your fingers. You’re shy, he’s figuring out now. Good with your words, but shy. 
“What an enchanting name, it suits you.” Then, his brain circuits to catch your few last words. “I'll gladly use your name from now on, if those pet names make you uncomfortable.” He offers, but with the face you're making, he doesn’t think that that’s really the case.
Shaking your head, you gently deny. “No, it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all. I’ve just…never been called by those nicknames before.”
Unable to stop himself, he asks, “What nicknames?”
“The ones reserved for lovers.”
And ah, that does something to him. The realization that a pretty little thing such as you weren’t used to being called what you are—beautiful, stunning, an absolute doll.
An angel.
“You make it sound as if you’ve never had one.” Ran was just confirming what he was suspecting. He didn’t want to jump to conclusions too fast, especially ones that seems so out of pocket. 
You—gorgeous in all your glory, never having any one to admire it.
“Probably because I haven’t.” 
Have mercy, he thinks to himself at your words. 
It was like stumbling into a gold mine, like Ran had just found something that everyone would’ve killed to get their hands on. You were a jewel in every right, and an undiscovered one at that, and somehow, someway, Ran had found you.
He’s never been the one who’s obsessed with the thought of purity. In his eyes, all women are pure. No matter how many hands have touched their body, no matter what they’ve done, to him, women will be, and will forever remain, one of God's greatest creations. Heavens know that if the world was full of only men, the earth would’ve rotted and burned a long time ago. 
It’s one of the few things that his mother taught him, and she couldn’t have been more right.
“Such a shame.” Approaching closer, Ran wants to desperately sit down on the bench with you. A little part of him wants you to open your eyes, wants you to see and look at him. He wants to know what you think, wants to know if you would be pleased with what you find.
But then he remembers that he was covered in blood, and he found himself switching mindset instantly. Now praying that you wouldn’t look, because he truly wouldn’t know what excuse to pull out.
Just as he was thinking this, and as if the entire universe was mocking him—you open your eyes.
And he’s breathless, because they're white.
What your original eye color was, he doesn’t know. It was as if a heavy fog had covered your pupils, because there’s color peeking from within, but just barely due to how dense the fog seemed to be.
Instantly, all at once, like a light bulb, everything clicks.
Why you didn’t open your eyes until now, why you didn’t even bother to really look in his direction, why you tend to look down as if there was nothing to really miss in the first place. 
“Ah—I’m sorry, you must be shocked.” A trouble expression makes its way to your face, before you quickly shut your eyes again. “I didn’t mean to open them, uh—I just heard you walking closer. I’m sorry.”
He has not a clue why you’re apologizing, and he doesn’t like that you are. “There’s nothing to be sorry for,” Ran says, sitting himself on the spot next to you successfully. “They’re beautiful, your eyes.”
His last sentence lacked class, one he strongly wished to display in front of you. But your anxious expression told him of an insecurity—an insecurity about your eyes. So before he knew it, Ran had been quick to try to ease.
If he had misread, then that’s an embarrassment saved for him. 
Though, with the way you brighten up, he knows that he didn’t. “…Thank you.”
Your little blush sent an arrow straight to his heart. Making him nearly topple over from the sheer cuteness of it. God, you were so—
A turn to the doorknob cuts off his train of thought, a new voice rings out. “Sir? Ah, so you are here!”
You flinch at the other voice, and so does Ran. He’s been so absorbed with you, that he completely missed the footsteps of an oncoming person. Something that rarely happens to him.
It’s the nurse from earlier, he realizes with a certain prick of annoyance. She, on the other hand, looked ecstatic. “It’s your brother, he’s woken up. He said he would like to see you.”
At the mention of Rindou, all irritation disappears. He immediately stands up, straightening his clothes. “Alright, thank you for telling me. I’ll be right down.”
The nurse nods, closing the door with prep.
Rindou, he’s woken up. He’s okay. Doctors will guarantee you a lot of things, but life isn’t something that you can promise. It was strange how beings such as complicated as humans could die from blood loss, or a wound too close to a certain area—hell, they could even die from the weather being too hot or cold.
So as much as Ran would’ve liked to believe in the doctor, he seemed like a nice gentleman enough, he knew damn well that human lives were as fickle as a cat. They come and go.
“So you have a brother.” Jolted by your voice, Ran looks down. You’re staring up at him, a soft smile on your face—serene. “He must be anxious to see you, I’m sure you are too. You should go.”
Ran doesn’t.
As much as he was surprised to hear himself admit that, it was the truth.
Never once had he ever been so…enchanted, with a woman. There was not an aspect of you that didn’t catch his attention, and a little part of him is scared of that revelation.
But, he doesn’t let himself think too much into it. Not now, at least—he’ll have to go see Rindou first.
He finds himself saying this anyways, just right before he leaves. “…Will I find you up here, when I come back?”
When, because Ran will, immediately after his brother. After he knows that Rindou is okay.
You seem surprised by his question at first, but your expression quickly shifts into one of fondness. “Of course, I’ll be here.”
On that day, without knowing it, Ran Haitani had met his future wife. The one that he would later on have three kids with, the one that he would spend an eternity with, buried in caskets right next to each other.
But before all of that, he had to find you first.
Because when he came back up, after Rindou had kicked him out…
You were gone.
And in your place, was a feather.
Ran couldn’t help himself from wondering if you really were just an angel, an angel that he would never see again. Perhaps one that flew from the heavens to give him a sneak peek of a place that he knew he would never reach. Considering that after dying, Ran would most likely be going under, and not above.
But when he looks a little to the right, he sees a piece of ripped paper. It blended a little too perfectly with the white bench, and so tiny that he nearly missed it. On it, wrote, “‘My nurse came to get me, but I’m in room 104, if you would still like to see me, Ran. :)”
Your handwriting was…almost non-eligible, but the cute little smiley face you drew next to the sentence was adorable—and undoubtedly you.
He makes his way to room 104.
From that moment on, his story with you began. 
Tumblr media
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goldenxbby · 5 months ago
cold cuts in the moonlight
Tumblr media
part 2 and part 3
εїз pairing: fezco x f!reader
εїз warnings: not much just blood, slight arousal, and poorly explained art history... BEWARE 
εїз word count:  5669 hehe
εїз summary: fez doesn't know where else to go except outside your window.
εїз a/n: this is like my very first time writing and sharing a fic so pls be nice i don’t know what i’m doing. this is based off everything we’ve seen in the first epi of season two of euphoria about an hour after the big fight (ahhh). i couldn’t decide whether to make the pov lexi or y/n so i just half based it off lexi so it can be used either way. also i plan on making this a series so if literally anybody likes this i shall try and post again.
Tumblr media
She had just finished washing her face using the self-care tactic as a form of distraction since absolutely no one was answering their phones. She thought at least there was some normalcy compared to the commotion from this night's party.
returning to her dark room she flopped onto her bed grabbing her phone connected to its charger. She went straight to her messages for the 5th time tonight to look over Fez’s text. At the party when he put his number in her phone he sent himself a “:))”. It made her giggle when she first looked at it, but his time it sent a pang of worry and nostalgia through her heart. 
She missed the warm fuzzy feelings she had felt on that couch with him almost an hour ago. The moment before she saw Fez’s smirk turn to a tense stare. When his eyes had those little twinkles of light swimming in a pool of deep blue she so badly wanted to dive into, and not a complete shield of darkness blocking out the person who made her cheeks blush and whole body warm from head to toe. She worried where he was, what he was doing, what he was thinking, what he was thinking of her- no shit that was stupid why would she even be in his mind right now? She was a speck in the night he had. He must have had a million more important and interesting things running through his head than her boring self. He probably had already forgotten about her. 
Well, shit. Now her heart had shifted past her stomach and all the way outside her body, probably touching bedrock. She needed another distraction or she knew she would start her self-loathing monologue and that would definitely make this night even worse.
Opening twitter was a mistake. Having to look at the car crash that was her drunk and definitely high east highland peers tweeting about the pummeling and sharing videos of Nate Jacobs being unconsciously dragged out who knows house sent fear down her body. Not because what Fez did scared her she was more shocked than anything. No, she felt fear because seeing how everyone reacted to the fight made her realize her reflex after seeing Fez almost murder Nate in front of everyone was to be concerned about him. A man she barely knew and had shared maybe 6 sentences of conversation with. A conversation that left butterfly’s in her stomach and cheeks hot, a conversation that made her feel desired, listened to, comfortable, excited and seeing feelings she’s not sure she’s felt in a long time… or maybe ever. 
God, how was she falling for a guy who will probably never speak to her again? A guy that she barely knows. Why was the thought of falling make her feel thrilled? 
All those ideas took a pause when Rue's name popped up on her phone with a text notification. 
“rue: you talk to fez?”
Getting a text from Rue that wasn’t a reply was surprising, but getting one about Fez was even more. Staring at her phone with the idea that Fez might have also been thinking about her and even went out of his way to text someone he trusted about it made her bite her lips trying to hold in the joy. 
Oh, fuck those thoughts came back. What if she was totally delusional? Why the fuck would Fez talk about her? I thought we registered that he already forgot about her? He clearly wasn’t asking Rue about her. Rue probably saw them on the couch. Duh, they were at the same party and anybody that saw them together would be asking her the same question. The duo was extremely contrasting from the outside and she knew that but she also knew it felt like one of the rarest connections anybody would be lucky to have on this earth. 
Shit, she needs to reply. Rue can see she’s read the text. Trying to think of something that wouldn’t give a tell of her emotions was hard under the time constraints she gave herself. She landed on “wdym?”. Jesus the fuck was that? She never texts like that she knows Rue knows she has to use urban dictionary to talk to anybody their age. One message and she’s already failing at coming off as normal. 
Oh God is Rue gonna bully her now she must know somethings up? With all her anxiety right now she can not take Rue's teasing. Uneasily opening her phone with her eyes closed and holding her breath she finally takes a peak.
“rue: he asked for your addy?”
 Holy. She felt holy at that moment. Like all her dreams were manifestations like she must be God's favourite like an angel would appear out of nowhere and grant all her deepest wishes. And then it actually happened, it actually fucking happened. Unbeknownst to her at the time though. 
A soft tapping from her window barely took her out of her thoughts. Looking up from the phone she was disassociating into, she saw some of the light from the moon above her had been blocked in her window. Getting up and pulling her curtains to the side with a squint she saw him. 
His expression completely different from the hostile glance he gave her leaving the party earlier. The look he was wearing now staring down at her held innocence in it somehow. He quickly changed his questioning pout into a sincere half smile when she whispered “fez?”. That half tug of his lips and her name leaving them made her almost jump to open her window. 
You know when the Roman Empire fell and everyone was in such deep poverty that they became obsessed with the church? And all the paintings at the time were of saints with those golden halos? 
Well, Fez’s halo was white right now under the moonlight and he was swiftly becoming the saint she’d obsess over to divert from the poverty that was being away from his company. That’s all she could think about as the words “What are you doing here?” left her mouth. 
Fez's face dropped down looking at the ground then back at her the questioning unknowing look coming back to his face. “Ima be honest wit you, I’m acting on my gut rn instead of my head.” he chuckled. Making her smile up at him. She gained a confidence she’s only ever felt around Fez “We’ll does your gut wanna come in?”. All the self doubt she had held minutes ago was completely gone and the only thing filling her head was… just Fez. She could only think of him and trying to keep him with her for as long as possible.
 “…yeah.” he clearly took some time to think over his answer. Like his confidence had dissipated now having to actually go through with the wants that brought him to his current spot. Moving to the side to let Fez in she’s confused when he doesn’t enter. But looking back she noticed Fez taking his shoes off and then handing them to her with a “Not tryna get yo floors dirty ma.” which makes her giggle and whisper “Thanks.” while taking them. Bending down and out of his view, she places them next to her dresser and by the time she’s standing up he’s in her room. 
If Fez could have seen where she had been crouched over he wouldn’t have stood so close. Like there was barely fucking millimeters between them. If he had more room then maybe just maybe the wind wouldn’t be knocked out of him. Feeling her body heat radiate off her, her beautiful big eyes looking into his in the darkness, looking at her lips that must hold magnates in them because he had to force himself to stay right where he was and not smash his against hers.
 All that forcing and not breathing left silence in her room with only her breathing being heard. Since it seemed he wasn’t talking anytime soon she tries to think on her feet to not seem as awkward as she truly was. And all that came out of her mouth was a soft “Hi.”. This made Fez’s lost look change to a small smile. He replied “Hey.”. 
Is she really blushing at that? Jesus, how embarrassing is it that a small word like hey from his lips which were painfully too far away for hers could cause her to blush so fucking hard right now? To try and conceal her cheeks she looked down which probably wasn’t the brightest decision. 
It was so blaring she would have been confused why she was only just now looking at his beaten up hand, but Fez’s face existed so she didn’t question herself. Without think she let the sentence slip “Can I?” and looks back up to his doll like eyes. 
His smile was now gone and she could tell he was biting the inside of his lip but before she could feel like she violated his comfort he nodded his head. Finally stripping his gaze from her and looking to the side.
She went back to surveying his fist and let her hand go to caress his knuckles. Hearing him take a breath in she looked back at him worriedly, but he was already looking down at her. “Fez, are you okay?” she questioned sympathetically. Switching his sight again Fez replied “Life’s been worse ya know?” which immediately caused her to respond with almost an eye roll “That’s not answering my question.”. 
At first, she thought fez was taking his regular time to communicate as it was well known to anybody that had a conversation with Fez that he wasn’t necessarily a fast talker. But then the silence grew and he still wasn’t looking at her, so she opened her mouth with nothing prepared to say just hoping it would come to her in the moment like an idiot. 
She didn’t have to worry about what to say though because Fez finally spoke and looked back into her eyes with a new intensity that caused her to gulp saliva that wasn’t even in her mouth. 
“You know it doesn’t matter how high I get… I can never run away from that feelin of stress in the back of my head and let life slip away…” he paused “and I hate going to those stupid party’s, they’re always filled with annoying kids that either say two words to me buying shit off me or say the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard.” he laughed lowly “…but when you sat next to me… I…” his eyebrows contorted “I felt this comfort… like shit was alright, right now, and when you spoke it was like entertaining like every time you left I was waiting for you to come back and tell me another crazy fucking fact.” he finally smiled again but then looked down to his feet “I just cant be at home rn… you know?” taking a breath in he found her eyes “and I felt like if I’d wanna be anywhere else it be wit you”. 
Five hours, five minutes, five seconds ago she would have never thought she would have heard anything so touching, so romantic from anybody… especially Fezco. That confession left her brain completely blank. It was usually running at 200 mph but she always just chose not to share what was going on in there… since no one would listen anyways or maybe they never heard her? That felt better to believe at least. 
Oh, she should replying now, right? Shit- okay what the fuck do you say to that? Fuck fuck fuck. She was really regretting never putting herself out there with guys before (I mean it’s not they were going for her either so it wasn’t fully her fault). If she had an ounce of experience she’d know what to say to Fez but she really couldn’t think of anything like her brain was literally empty. But she can’t leave him hanging or he’ll think she’s disinterested and she was the complete opposite, so she must speak like now.
“You need water.”
Great, that was really romantic. Really communicating her feelings, isn’t she? Fez replied blinking slowly at her “huh?”. Well, the words have already started spilling out her mouth why stop now right? “When’s the last time you drank water tonight?” she questioned. “I don know?” Fez said back clearly confused about where her detour was going. “Exactly, you need to stay hydrated, stay here and I’ll get you some water.” she spits out at an unnatural speed. 
Running past her bed through her door she leaves Fez alone in the darkness of her room. Smiling at her cute and obvious awkwardness, Fez goes to sit on the end of her bed. Shuffling a little he looks down at her comforter. Sliding his hand on it to feel its softness he laughs to himself at the contrast of his roughed up hand touching her frilly and flower covered blanket. It hit him then, the pang in his heart realizing that steering himself into her perfect life with his mess of shit you could try to call a life, (you know based on the technicalities) would be selfish of him. That his danger vs her innocence would ruin her like the blood that had stained the white long sleeve shirt he was still wearing. 
Looking away to shake the realistic thoughts out of his head, Fez searched her room. Not looking for anything in particular just searching for something to take his emotions away. It landed on a polaroid of her from winter formal on the corner of her mirror. 
God, she was so beautiful he wished he could jump into the picture and transport back to that night. He'd grow a pair of balls and ask her for a dance instead of watching her from the sidelines all night. Maybe even get a kiss. His eyes kept moving around her room watching the decorations she chose to place all over. The clutter covering every surface, like her make-up and hair shit and stuffed animals and books of course she had a healthy selection. 
Then his eyes found it. Something he recognized. The deep green knit was perfectly folded on her dresser. He had forgotten about the clothing item. Not out of disinterest but just from everything else going around him at the moment didn’t leave much space for him to think of it. But she did. And she cared enough to take it with her and neatly fold it in her space. 
Her room was like a window into her brain, her otherworldly brain. everything around him made him feel like he wanted it to become a part of his daily routine, being here physically or through reminders like his clothing. He wanted to become a part of this.
A knock makes his head whip towards the door. It's soft and he can tell it’s coming from her. He walks up and before his hand reaches the knob he hears her voice softly whisper his name. Smiling at the call he opens her door fully and sees her with way more than a water. She smiles sheepishly as he gives her a questioning but humorous look “I couldn't open it with my hands full.”. He lets a laugh slip through his lips “I see dat.”. 
She walks past him into her room as he closes the door and dumps all the content onto her bed except a plate that stays in her hand. They both look down at the pile and she explains “I thought if you hadn’t had any water in awhile you probably haven’t eaten either, so I tried to make a sandwich, but I like never make them so I thought it probably won’t taste too good, so then I put chips so you don’t starve because of my terrible sandwich making skills…” Fez laughs switching his gaze to her “and then I thought your hand must hurt really badly, but we don’t have ice so I grabbed peas to work instead, and I realized that I hadn’t had water in a while either so grabbed one for myself.” she breathes out and smiles at her work while her smiles at her. 
Looking up at him she speaks “Well sit down.” and motions to her bedside. “uh sorry.” Fez murmurs and sits, grabbing the water while she hands him the plate of food “thanks.”. Without replying she reaches for the pillows he rests on shifting and fluffing them to properly support his back. Noticing her putting on the caretaker role Fez chuckles “You know I didn’t come here for you to take care of me?” she retorts back taking her hands from the pillows “I know but you deserve to be taken care of.”. Fez doesn’t want to fight her on what he deserves and doesn’t as he knows she definitely believes he’s a better person than he actually is and is strong minded enough to argue with him over the truth he’s known all his life, so he falls silent looking at his lap. 
A dip in the bed forms as she goes to sit next to him. Handing him the plate and grabbing her water bottle and the frozen peas she sits next to him. The cold of the peas reminded her whose hand they should be in. Without thinking she grabs his and places it on her thigh to properly hold and support it, which causes Fez to place the plate on his lap. She lays the peas on his knuckles as softly as possible and he winces. A “sorry.” escapes her mouth as she looks back at Fez’s face. “It's okay just the adrenaline’s startin to wear off.” he jokes. She nods, thinking “Oh I think I have some ibuprofen in here!” Fez goes to say it’s fine but is cut off before he even begins to speak seeing her turn and bend down searching in her bedside table. “I know it’s in here.” she states. His eyes instantly go to her ass that’s basically on full display at this moment. His eyes widen and to catch his breath he looks away while also trying to adjust the plate on his lap as high as humanly possible.
“Got it!” she exclaims and goes back to her original position while pouring two pills into her hand. She then ushers her hand in front of Fez’s face expecting him to take them out off her palm with his fingers. But her whole body tenses as he connects his lips to the side of her hand using it as a funnel and quickly sipping water. Not to help them go down his throat though, as he’s mastered dry swallowing, but to help the cottonmouth that’s formed from looking into her eyes while connecting his lip to the side of her palm, damning himself for ending the interaction too quickly. 
She tried to act as nonchalant as he appears so she goes back to iceing his hand on her lap. Laughing at herself thinking about how what she was doing wouldn’t be called iceing rather peaing, which helped her slip back into the same comfort she felt sitting next to Fez on the couch earlier that night. 
“So do you wanna talk about what happened or for me to entertain you?” she looked up at him smirking. Fez smirked back replying “Entertain.”. Looking up at the ceiling she took a second to think of what she could possibly entertain Fez with. “Hm, well I know you enjoyed the history shit.” Fez laughed at her almost forgetting where his hand rested “Yeah that pee shit was wild.” his remark made her add teeth to her smile. “Well, something almost as wild as the pee shit was like… well you know about medieval art right?” his smile then grew “Do I look like I know anything about art?” he threw back to her with a quirked eyebrow. She laughed “Well arts easy like that though, you don’t really need to know about it or what it means you can just make up what you think it means.” he looked jokingly judgy towards her. 
“Arts like the OG pick your own adventure story, you know? Everyone can believe what they think it means and it’s all valid and different and even the artists original meaning doesn’t matter, and it’s even better than pick your own adventure stories cause the longer the piece of art is on earth the more meanings it can have it’s like infinite.”. Fez whispers almost under his breath “fearless…” she laughs at his comment adding “Even like something like… a leaf, that can have so many meanings in art like nature or life or death or delicate or weak, it’s never ending.” she contently smiles at him. 
“What do you think it means?” Fez asks, his eyes quickly scan her eyes then lips then eyes again. She looks straight on not being able to handle his intense stare “Uhh well the way it’s captured matters like its context, but if you asked me to just picture a leaf and what the picture I created in my head means I’d say…” she closes her eyes and Fez uses that as an opportunity to taste her sandwich just in case it’s actually bad then she wouldn’t have to see his reaction. “I’d say it means to me humankind… the way it has those lines that look like a skeleton and how they are ever changing, but are resilient through difficult circumstances and flourish after the hardest times in their lives… and all inevitably die.” she opens her eyes looking over to Fez who looks almost starstruck, which she first takes as a huge compliment but then realizes that his reaction was definitely towards the sandwich half hanging out his mouth. It made her giggle “You weren’t even listening were you?”.
She could barely speak through her laughter, but Fez swallows as quickly as possible bringing his eyebrows together “Nah nah I was.” replying “Oh really?” she looked doubtful towards him. This caused Fez to sit up straighter and state “Yeah, but I disagree with the skeleton thing I think they look more like our nerves than our bones.”. She turns away not out of embarrassment more out of trying to hide the smile that had formed from seeing that he listened. Someone actually listened to her. 
Placing the peas back on his knuckles as he continues eating her sandwich “Sorry for doubting you it just looked like you were really into the food.” she looked back at him sharing her smile “I mean yeah it’s a good sandwich.” Fez complimented. “Thanks, I tried to make it like I’ve seen my mom do I just don’t make ‘em cause the cold cuts gross me out.” she shared.
“Why would you touch ‘em if they gross you out?” Fez asked genuinely “Cus I’m not trying to starve you out of my own selfishness Fez.” she joked. “You sure know how to make a guy feel special y/n.” he smiled and took another bite which caused her to blush and look down at her lap to hide from him. 
Looking at her reaction caused Fez’s heart to warm like it was in front of a bonfire. This warmth that grew over his body made him reflex his fingers to hold onto her thigh, fully grabbing it. She went blank feeling the electricity from his touch and dampness in her pajama shorts.
“…The medieval art?” he asked, afraid he made her uncomfortable but not wanting to let go of her. “Oh yeah…” she looked up at him “Um, in a lot of medieval paintings like especially family photos women would carry ferrets.” there, she was back and he relaxed probing her to continue “Ferrets?”. She laughed “Yeah they’re like weasels, like longs furry slinky’s.” Fez almost coughed up the bite of food in his mouth from her remark which cause her to laugh “They always had these ferrets with them cause they were like a good luck charm for fertility.” Fez's eyes widened. She nodded “Yeah, wild and they would even have them in their rooms while fucking. Hoping it would help bring them a baby.” with a suggestive glance Fez asked, “You learn all dis from reading?”. 
God she was praying the absence of light in her room could hide her obvious tomato coloured cheeks. “Yeah it seems weird but at least I know to never get a ferret as a pet.” she laughed. “You ont like kids?” he questioned becoming serious all of the sudden. Blinking at him she replied “Hm? no? … I just- I wouldn’t want one anytime soon…” she said worried she offended Fez with her lame joke, but he moved past it quickly. 
“You know the more time you spend with kids you realize they smarter than adults.” taking in his words she answered with a small “hm”. 
“Like life distracts us and complicates shit and maturity is just stupidity adults hide behind.” Fez claimed. “Well if that’s true then everyone that goes to east highland are extremely mature.” she jokes causing Fez to chuckle but quickly reply “Except you.”. taken aback she lets out a breathy “really?”. She quirked her eyebrows at Fez “Yeah ma you one of the smartest women I’ve ever met.”. 
That would have been a minimal compliment from anybody except Fez, who was raised by his grandmother, one of the only people he’s ever loved, he believed she was the smartest woman in the world and claiming y/n wasn’t far behind was like saying his vows for Fez. With a genuine “thanks fez.” she looked down again shyly. 
“When’s the last time you ate?”
“Hm?” Fez’s question caused her to look back up “You went off on me not starving but what about you?”. Fez’s care made her whole body temperature go up at least 50 degrees “I- I already brushed my teeth.” she stated pointing at her lips. Fez scoffed dramatically “So did I.” which made her smile. “I care about my hygiene y/n.” Fez rolled his eyes to make her laugh even more “Sorry Fez.” she joined in on the joke making her movements more comical. “So have a chip to earn my forgiveness.” He angled the plate towards her “But it’ll make my breath stink.” she argued “And the mustard on that sandwich hasn’t made mine?” he pushed. She looked into Fez’s eyes deeper, confessing “Fez you could smell like literal dog shit and I wouldn’t care.”. he wasn’t sure if that statement was supposed to make his dick twitch but the knowledge that her seemingly sarcastic joke was her way of saying she liked being around him, made blood continue to rush to his groin. 
Fez picked up a chip and silently placed it on her lips which she rolled her eyes at, but took in her mouth. “Mhm that’s good.” she moaned as she grabbed more from his plate. Fez was just trying to make it look like the feeling of her lips on his fingers didn’t make him feel like he could hear angels sing and almost completely forget about the bloody things he had done a couple of hours earlier. 
She went on to explain to Fez how one of Amrita Sher-Gil’s portraits was basically the first diss track, as she felt he enjoyed her ramblings on fertility ferrets in medieval paintings enough to talk about one of her favourite painters. 
Fez could tell she was getting tired since her speech almost started to become as slow as his and seeing that she ate all of the contents on his plate a while ago he thought he’d suggest for her to get some rest. “Ma, I don’t wanna keep you up you should get sum sleep.” Fez turned his head towards her resisting the urge to cup her face. She yawned “Fine, but you have to stay.”. 
Fez looked into her eyes contemplating leaving in case she’d do something she’d regret “…fine.”. She smiled jumping up like she had gained all her energy back. Grabbing his plate and now thawed bag of peas she ran on her tiptoes out of the room. 
With the click of the door, Fez was left in silence. He felt his phone vibrate grabbing to unlock it. 
“ash: where tf u @????”
“fez: im out.”
“ash: u think it a good idea bein' out rn?”
“fez: ill be back in the morn.”
“ash: where r u fez”
“fez: ill be back in the morning.”
“ash: fuck FINE”
Fez was so annoyed with Ashtrays interrogation he didn’t hear her door open. "What are you doing?” Fez jumped a little “I was texting Ashtray” she came closer standing in front of the bed. “No I mean what you’re wearing, I thought only psychopaths wear jeans when they sleep?” now fully in bed, swaddled in her comforter she looked up at him waiting. Fez anxiously chuckled. if she asked him to cut off both his legs right now looking at him like that… he’d do it. 
“Aite close your eyes.” he said standing up. She quickly covered her eyes with her palms. "You have boxers on right?” She felt the bed dip and comforter open “Yes I have boxers on.”.
Taking her hand off her face, she looked into his eyes “I ain’t a man whore y/n.” Fez smirked at her which made her smile. “I know that.” she whispered as their faces were now as close as they were when he first came through her window. they smiled and looked into each other's eyes till Fez said softly “come er.”. She happily scooted into him, holding onto his upper waist and laying her head on his chest trying not to be too loud when sniffing in his scent. Fez held onto her waist and shoulder, keeping her as close to his body as possible looking down at her she said “you know for a non-man whore you sure do give it up fast for the first night.”. Fez laughed at her like her jokes could never get old or stop completely surprising him. She continued “if you wanted to cuddle me so badly you could have just said that at the beginning and we’d be here way faster.”. “am I really giving off that vibe?” Fez laughed. “no I’m just teasing you.” she said scrunching her face. 
He looked into her eyes like he wanted to devour her which made what he then said surprising to y/n “You know this ain’t a date right?”. With her confidence now depleted she felt embarrassed and rejected even though she was joking before and had her legs tangled with his. She scoffed trying to play it cool “Yeah Fez, jeez I’m not a kid.” he looked confused saying “Nah nah I know I mean… if I took you on a date, it be like a real date like to the diner or sum romantic shit.” he ended confidently. “oh.” she looked down now blushing then looked back up at him “Well if you asked me to go on a date to some romantic place like the diner… I’d say yes.”. fez smiled with his teeth “Would you go on a date wit me y/n?” he questioned with audible excitement. “I’d love to… but you can't ghost me, can't leave after tonight with no texts and expect me to wait by the phone for you.”. “Pft like I’d do that?” he played but y/n’s face became humourless “Fez.”. “I promise, I promise!” he said almost lifting his hands up to show defeat “good.” y/n smiled rubbing her cheek into his chest. With her eyes closed, she finally allowed herself to lull to bed. 
Fez felt regret at that moment. He wished he would have lied to y/n. He should have convinced her he wasn’t hungry. Maybe if he didn’t down the sandwich she made him he’d be able to grow some balls and kiss her. But he was too insecure about his breath and wanted the first time he kissed her to be perfect. So he just looked down at her in adoration knowing that if he hadn’t of acted on his gut tonight he wouldn’t be falling asleep with a smile on his face and the girl of his dreams in his arms. 
Then it hit him. How innocent she was compared to him, how cruel he was compared to her delicate nature. Scared that by bringing her into his life he would break her like the leaves she once talked to him about. But he never felt the way he does about her for anyone else, in all honesty, he never thought he would. Fezco always imagined having a girlfriend as something that would do more bad than good. Sure he has had casual sex but he never muttered more than five words at them just wanting to get from point a to b not really caring who with. Dealing with a whole girlfriend on top of all of his other extreme stressors seemed pointless. He'd never thought he would want to open up to someone that deeply or have feelings for someone that was even close to love. But with y/n… he wanted it all. To learn everything about her, to share everything about himself with her, to become a part of her life, to spend more moments wrapped in each other’s arms, to listen to her ramble about her random interests, to laugh with her, to make love with her, to love her and to protect her… He knew if he was going to allow himself to try his wants with her he’d have to promise to himself that’d he would protect her in any way possible.
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