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#I find it so pleasing and joyful for my eyes
chinkbihh · 6 months ago
The Unsaid Vow (Prologue)
Synopsis- You always knew when you weren't wanted. And the way things are going in your marriage with Jungkook, a divorce is looking more and more likely. While he's getting closer to a woman at work that you're certain he's having an affair with, you're planning your escape with your four-year-old son. However, five years of marriage did not expose you to a certain side of your husband. A side of Jungkook that only gets triggered when you try to leave and break apart your perfect 'family'.
Warnings- Yandere behavior, graphic language, violence/murder, women bashing on other women, heavily implied infidelity, bad parenting, absent father, broken family vibes, very slow buildup bc Jungkook doesn't really snap until you leave him so just give him a min lol, inexperienced author writing for a four-year-old (I never wrote for a kid before pls gimme a break), also I chose my future son's name for this fic but pls feel free to name him whatever you want :)
Slow burn Yandere Husband Jungkook
Tumblr media
Word Count; 5.4k
Unlike the vast majority of married couples, neither you nor Jungkook donned wedding rings.
Never in your five years of marriage did you regret this decision, given it was brought upon by you and your husband’s lack of funds for fancy wedding bands at the time of your rushed marriage.
Well, you were never annoyed....until tonight, that is.
The scene before you was exceptionally intimate, so much so that you felt the instinctual need to look away in respect of the two before you.
The woman was gorgeous, effortlessly attracting all the attention the small conference room had to offer. In addition to this natural charisma spurred on by her borderline enchanting looks, her short and skin-tight red dress showed off her pleasantly curvy body. Her long, silky, and jet-black hair was pulled back into an elegant ponytail that provided a simple background for her darling features. Utterly doll-like was her face; petite, creamy in complexion with bright doe eyes and berry-pink lips.
Such a beautiful woman was currently in the arms of an equally, if not more so, attractive man.
He was tall and slender, yet not at all lanky given his sturdy build that was a testament to his strict workout regime. His olive skin was complimented with occasional tattoos, a mix of faded and fresh ink that you knew like the back of your hand despite only the tats on his hand currently showing in his crisp Valentino suit. His mid-length inky black hair was down to frame his sharp face, and indeed it was a very handsome one consisting of full eyebrows, bow-like lips, a fleshy yet impish nose, and two large, yet seemingly bottomless, raven orbs.
This man had his arms encircling the middle of the mysterious woman, her expression lifting into a light-hearted giggle as she leaned forward to whisper something in his ear.
Whatever she said must’ve been amusing to the man, given his usual stoic facade briefly melted away as he allowed a small smile at her words, his pearly round teeth peeking out for a split-second appearance.
If you didn’t know any better, you would have thought that these two were lovers.
But there was only one problem with this scene.
That was your husband, Jungkook.
And that woman in his arms was not you.
As if sensing your distress and wanting to soothe your well-founded suspicion, Jungkook pulled away from the woman and ran his gaze across the room- only stopping when he spotted you. Your spouse then gestured at you, the girl following his line of sight and landing on you and your pitiful spot by the snack table. Her joyful expression briefly dropped for a blink-and-you'll-miss-it second, but she quickly plastered on another grin and nodded. The two then strode their way over to you, barely giving you enough time to steel your nerves and muster a polite purse of the lips.
Before you knew it, the woman was right in front of you with your partner at her side instead of yours. Much to your dismay, she was only more attractive up close, and you narrowly held back a grimace as she held out a hand in introduction. You took it and shook it lifelessly.
“Hello, you must be Mrs. Jeon. I’m Sana, Jungkook’s colleague.” Even her voice was pretty, musical and light to the ears.
“H-Hi, nice to meet you but please call me Y/n.” A brief and awkward pause as Sana briefly sized you up and down. “Um, Jungkook has never mentioned you….” you trailed off, side-eyeing your husband in hopes he would intervene and add context to this random goddess he’s thrust upon you.
Jungkook gracefully took his cue and explained, “Sana transferred from another branch out of the city and has only been with us for five months. I’m her case supervisor and have been taking care of her, showing her the ropes and whatnot.”
Sana didn’t even spare you a glance as she fondly looked up at your husband, coyly biting her lip and saying in a much softer tone that could've been just for his ears only, “And he’s been really good at taking care of me.”
You didn’t consider yourself a jealous stay-at-home wife who obsessed over the tiniest details between her husband and other women, but the double meaning behind her badly-whispered comment was enough to make you splutter in disbelief. However before you could even gather up the courage to ask just what the hell ‘taking care of me’ consisted of, two new faces waltzed up and joined the conversation.
“Are you all enjoying this fabulous Christmas party?” A tall, broad-shouldered but nice-looking man asked in a tone of familiar amicability.
You thankfully smiled up at him, having met him many times before.
His name was Jin, and he was the one who got Jungkook this job.
It occurred about five years ago when you first told Jungkook that you were pregnant. Being the romantic but overall good guy that Jungkook was, he insisted that you two get married so that your child could have parents who were at least husband and wife. In addition it would also lessen the judgment in your two families, which at the time was extremely appealing to you. You had agreed to marry on one condition: after running to the courthouse you two would need to move in together in a decent apartment with a room for the nursery. But getting an apartment would mean month-to-month rent, and Jungkook’s tattooing gigs weren’t stable enough to ensure that.
Jin was originally a friend of Jungkook’s older brother, but when he heard through the grapevine about the issue, he bought Jungkook a couple of suits and offered him a job at the corporation he worked at.
Now Jungkook made more than enough money to support your little family, and it was all because Jin took a chance on a college drop-out and his knocked-up girlfriend.
You opened your mouth to respond but were cut off by the unknown lady beside Jin.
“I’d say a little too much fun if anything. Sana and Jungkook, we get that you're the infamous office couple but maybe tone it down a bit, huh?” She joked while raising her brows at the close proximity between the two.
A long and tortuous silence swept the scene.
Jin glanced at you, pity swimming in his usually carefree eyes.
Not trusting your voice to say anything and desperately wanting to hide your face from the piercing eyes, you distracted yourself by taking calculated sips of watered-down eggnog.
“Daehyun...this is actually Y/n, Jungkook’s wife,” Jin told the lady in an uncomfortable voice.
You didn’t know what stung more, the fact that this stranger thought that there was more chemistry between Sana and your husband than with you, or that it was Jin who corrected this mistake and not Jungkook himself.
“O-Oh, well it’s nice to meet you.” Daehyun awkwardly said to you while avoiding direct eye contact.
You offered a tight smile, “Pleasure.”
Whatever gratitude you could’ve had for Daehyun’s clear embarrassment quickly vanished when the woman went on to continue, “I’m sorry. Jungkook never mentioned being married and he doesn’t wear a ring so I didn’t even know. I bet it must be interesting for his housewife to meet his office wife though, right?”
She laughed, not realizing that she only succeeded in putting a foot in her mouth right before stomping it all over your pesky little heart. The group didn’t seem to share your uneasiness, all three of them politely chuckling along to the lukewarm joke at your expense. Once again, you focused on your dwindling beverage to avoid the burden of speaking or even facing them directly, too scared that your miserable expression would be unanimously inspected.
“Well, we just came over to recruit you all for some karaoke!” Jin cheerfully announced, clearly trying to change the subject, “There’s a machine in the break-out room and it’s more fun to sing with a group.”
“More like you want an audience.” Jungkook wittingly teased, a handsome smirk on his face as Sana playfully scolded him with a push to the chest.
“I’ll take your jabs now Kookie because I know they stem from your insecurity that I can actually upstage you in the vocals department.” Jin rebutted in good nature, even letting your husband’s old nickname slip.
Daehyun and Sana both guffawed at this declaration, exaggerated disbelief present on their faces.
“Jungkook is the best singer in the office. He’ll upstage you without even trying.” Daehyun said in a tenor of utter confidence.
“Only one way to find out!” Jin brushed the comment off, pointing to the direction of the assumed breakout room, “Karaoke anyone?”
The so-called office wife nodded enthusiastically, taking your husband’s arm and looking up at him to plead, “Can we do a duet of that one song we like?”
Jungkook, for the first time in seemingly hours, shot you with a questioning gaze.
Be married to someone for a while and you’ll learn how to decipher what they’re trying to say with just mere looks. Your husband was wordlessly inquiring if you were going to join, if he should go along with the group or if you two should break away and do something else.
The ball was finally in your court.
Not wanting to be rude but needing to get away from these people before you lost your cool, you decided on a subtle excuse.
“I need a refill, but maybe we can meet you all later?” You said, shaking your empty paper cup as if to prove your case.
“Oh, well the drinks are right behind you.” Sana condescendingly pointed out, tightening her hold on your husband and began steering him towards the exit, “We’ll save a seat for you.”
Bewildered, you watched as Jungkook obediently followed her lead with the Daehyun girl trailing behind.
He didn’t even spare you a glance.
You wanted to be angry.
You wanted to storm up to your husband, yank him out of the clutches of his colleagues and practically drag him back home under the premise that he would never speak to Sana ever again.
But instead of a righteous rage fueled by the marital vows you two took, utter exhaustion bestowed upon you and prevented any instigation on your part.
Maybe earlier in your marriage you would’ve fought for his attention, but now you simply just wanted to go home and lick your wounds with the help of a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream while self-obsessing over Sana’s outrageous attractiveness. After all, who could blame any hot-blooded man for choosing that goddess over you? What could you possibly do but lean back and accept that she was the obvious choice?
Other than her being a knockout beauty while you were merely average on your best day, she had other qualities that made her a more appealing catch. She was most likely younger than you, obviously fit, more ambitious and professionally driven than you, and presumably has no kids.
Meanwhile, you were just an old stay-at-home mom who lived off of her husband’s paychecks while he fucked his coworkers behind her oblivious back.
Before you could draw more detailed comparisons between Sana and yourself, you felt a large hand place itself on the middle of your back, successfully guiding your attention to the only person who bothered staying by your side.
Jin smiled sadly at you, sympathy shadowing his expression as he gestured with his other hand to the empty cup still in your hold. “Let’s get you some more eggnog.”
You nodded wordlessly, still speechless from the interaction, and allowed the taller man to guide you towards the snack table. Jin then took your cup and refilled it himself, providing you the opportunity to pick at the catered food in some cheap attempt at stress eating. By the time Jin came back with a full cup, you were halfway done with a sugar cookie and eyeing the meatballs next.
“Here ya go,” Jin said as he handed over the drink to you. You took it and nodded in thanks but kept your eyes glued to the food, not wanting him to see just how defeated and tired your face probably was. But, Jin wasn’t going to let the whole thing go. “Y/n….I know what you saw and heard looks really bad but trust me….nothing is going on between Sana and Jungkook.”
You snorted. “It doesn’t just look bad, Jin. It was like they were practically rubbing it in my face. Him having an affair isn’t the problem, it’s the way they’re not even bothering to keep it down. The least they could do is be discreet.”
Jin’s jaw slightly dropped, “‘Him having an affair isn’t the problem’? Y/n, do you even hear yourself? Of course that would be a problem! Do you not care about your own marriage anymore?”
And there it was.
The big question.
Did you truly even care about this marriage?
Well, let’s look at the facts.
One: The disrespect of his alleged mistress was more offensive to you than the fact that she was a mistress.
Two: Jungkook dragging you along to this office Christmas party was the first time in over a year that he bothered to take you out.
Three: You two had humble beginnings and could barely afford food, much less wedding bands when you first got married, but now he was a very wealthy man and had no excuse for not buying you or himself a ring. Unless, of course, he enjoyed acting single around other women.
Four: And on top of all this, it had to be factored in how distant he has been with overwhelming work hours that prevented any alone time with your husband. Sex with Jungkook has been off the table for almost a year now.
But did any of this really bother you until tonight? The answer was a resounding no. You were willing to take all those burdens in stride but tonight it wasn’t just about the fact that you were the unwanted wife Jungkook got sacked with, it was the fact that you were humiliated and forced to face the type of girl Jungkook should’ve been married to all along. That was all you were truly upset about.
The conclusion that you indeed didn’t care about your marriage and haven’t in some time now hit you in a sudden wave, but in no way were you shocked.
Voice shaky and brittle, you allowed yourself to be vulnerable with Jin and say the one thing you always secretly thought but never dared utter out loud. “I-I guess I always expected it to end like this. When we were younger, he was always the popular one and all the girls wanted him. We were only dating for three months when I got pregnant, and if it weren’t for our son he probably would’ve dumped me eventually and left for another girl. But, he stuck around for his kid because he’s a good father. And I’ve been nothing but a burden to him for a while now.”
Tears began to blur your vision, forcing you to quickly duck down and quietly sip at your drink so as to not embarrass yourself even more.
You heard a shuffle and suddenly Jin was holding you, using both of his lengthy arms to cage you in and rest you against his broad chest. It had been a long time since a man had held you like that, and you practically went boneless at the contact. You closed your eyes and tried to will away the incoming tears, even going so far as to solely focus on the scent of Jin’s cologne as he soothingly said, “Y/n, listen closely to what I’m about to say. You and Hugo were never a burden to Jungkook, and you two never will be. Your marriage was sudden, but it doesn’t make it less valid than any other marriage out there. Jungkook has been with you for so long, he just doesn’t realize when other women are interested in him because he’s been off the market forever. But I promise you, if I knew for even a second that he cheated, I would tell you right away.”
You didn’t say anything.
Although Jin’s words were comforting, they weren’t necessarily true. A marriage that started from a healthy courtship and true love instead of inconvenient circumstances was of course more valid than yours. And even though you were sure of Jin’s honesty and loyalty to you, Jungkook could’ve easily kept his affair secret from Jin as well.
However, you didn’t wish to concern Jin anymore. You already put him through too much awkwardness tonight and didn’t want to keep him by your side as some sort of emotional sponsor any longer than you already have. Jin always loved parties and was the life of any one he was invited to, even if it was just a lame annual office gathering. You then felt guilty for putting Jin in a situation where he would even have to console you when he should be out enjoying karaoke with the rest of his coworkers.
You promptly pulled away from Jin and wiped at your face. He released you and also took a step back, carefully studying you for any signs of further turmoil. Once sure that your face was acceptably dry, you gazed back up at him and offered a thankful smile. “Thanks Jin, I’m sorry I just dumped all of that on you. I really have to use the ladies' room though, can you point me to it?”
“It’s right by the conference room,” Jin informed, pointing out the general direction for you. You nodded and took a few steps toward it before he grasped your wrist to stop you and ask, “Do you want me to wait for you?”
“No, it’s okay. I’ll just find you and Jungkook when I’m out. Go and join the others for karaoke.”
Jin nodded but seemed unsure.
You didn’t look back to see if he actually went to follow the others, instead just advancing to the restrooms, secretly looking forward to some alone time even if it had to come from a public bathroom.
Once you entered the restroom you were relieved to find it completely empty, you weren’t sure if you could handle another run-in with Jungkook’s female colleagues. They all seemed to have a personal vendetta against you.
Instantly, you dashed to the mirror to inspect your makeup, assuming at least the mascara was ruined from your little cry. Thankfully, the damage was minimal and you were able to clean the smudges up with a damp napkin. You focused all your attention on the dreadfully small task, trying not to study your reflection too much given it would just conjure up more mental comparisons to all the other prettier women you encountered that night.
Yet the small task couldn’t last a lifetime, and you had to resort to looking at your phone in search of things to do. You weren’t emotionally ready to go out and search for your husband, so you wanted to prolong your time in the bathroom. Although it hasn’t been that long since you left the house, you decided to text the babysitter for any updates about your son.
To Emily: Hey, is everything okay with Hugo?
It only took about 40 seconds for the teenage neighbor girl to text back an answer, clearly on top of things and overly eager to provide any updates.
Emily: Yes! He ate his dinner, took his bath and we’re about to get ready for bed.
Your motherly instincts were satisfied with that response, but it didn’t do anything to subdue your desire to return back home. Your thumbs briefly hovered over the keypad, somewhat hesitant with the next text you were about to send.
To Emily: Great, thanks again for doing this. Listen, I think we might head back home sooner than we thought. Don’t worry tho, I’ll still give you the pay for the full four hours.
Before you could wait for a response from her, the sound of multiple incoming footsteps interrupted the steady silence in the restroom. Muffled female conversation could also be heard, the slight laughter and bickering amongst a group of women approaching the bathroom. Your fight or flight instinct was triggered, and to avoid any more awkward encounters you rushed to the nearest stall and shut the door- fully prepared to wait out the faceless group of female colleagues.
You heard the restroom door swish open before the women burst in, chatting and giggling with their heels clicking against the tile floor. One of the unknown females made way to the stall beside you, the others presumably hovering by the mirror if the sudden comments about their appearances were anything to go by. You quietly sighed and pulled out your phone again, ready to drown out their office politics talk.
Only for the conversation to somehow steer towards you.
“Did you see her?”
“Of course, I was very confused, to be honest.” One of them replied. “I mean….look at Jungkook and you just assume that whoever he’s with is drop-dead gorgeous, and she was just eh.”
“Yeah, she was pretty plain. What was her name again?”
“Y/n.” A third voice cut in, this one eerily familiar to you.
You glued a hand over your mouth to silence your gasp.
It was Sana.
“Did he ever mention her around you? You are the closest to him in the office Sana, and we didn’t even know he had a wife until tonight.”
“No, I didn’t know until tonight either.”
“What?! That’s insane. Literally all the time he spends with you: getting coffee, buying you lunch, driving you home after late nights, and he conveniently never mentions that he has a wife at home?”
“That’s suspicious. But I guess if I had a dog like that at home, I’d never mention her either.”
Cruel laughter from all of them.
The toilet from the stall next to you flushed, then opened as a new voice entered the discussion while she approached the sinks.
“It’s more than suspicious. He doesn’t even wear a wedding ring. And he’s so close to Sana but never mentioned that he’s married?” A pause as she washed her hands. “It’s obvious what he’s trying to do. Jungkook is trying to have an affair with Sana.”
Although this exchange was extremely hurtful to you, you felt somewhat relieved that you weren’t the only one to see what your husband was doing.
A pause hung in the air as none of the women spoke for a minute, they were willing to gossip but apparently outright declaring the obvious was a step too far for them.
Eventually, one of them chimed in with their own observation.
“Can you blame him? Sana you’re the most beautiful person in the office and you look so good next to him anyway. Much better than that cow Y/n.”
Another round of obnoxious laughter that broke your heart.
“C’mon guys. We gotta head back. Jungkook is gonna get anxious if Sana is away for too long.” Someone teased.
They all murmured in agreement, heading towards the exit as a group before one stopped them with a final question.
“Wait, Sana. If Jungkook does want to have an affair with you, what are you going to do?”
Although you couldn’t physically see Sana, you practically heard the smirk on her face as she said, “Who says we already aren’t having one?”
Needless to say, you ditched the Christmas party almost immediately after the bathroom incident.
You texted Jungkook a white lie about Emily struggling with Hugo, although a good father would’ve known something was up because your son had never given babysitters any trouble before. But luckily, your husband also wasn’t doing so hot in the dad department either.
You would’ve felt bad for not telling the truth if the truth wasn’t so fucking embarrassing.
“Hey, I’m gonna go home to cry like a little girl because I caught your coworkers talking shit about me. Oh, and also your little girlfriend accidentally let it slip that you’ve been fucking her this whole time. K talk to ya later!”
You grimaced at the thought of actually sending that text.
Sure it’s what that cheating bastard deserves, but you just weren’t emotionally ready for that fight yet. Especially after the night you endured, you needed some time to pick yourself up and figure out what to do next.
Divorce was the next logical step, but you were financially dependent on Jungkook. If you moved out and took Hugo with you, where would you two stay? How could you afford to be a single parent? And if Jungkook were to try to fight you for custody or the divorce in general, you would need a damn good lawyer. Unfortunately, lawyers weren’t cheap, especially one that stood a chance against Jungkook and all his wealth.
Your shoulders sagged with the imaginary weight of all these burdens.
When you entered the high-rise penthouse that you called home, you were surprised to see Emily anxiously pacing the foyer in waiting for your arrival.
“Hey, how was Hugo?” You greeted politely, already opening your clutch to pull out the agreed-upon salary.
“M-Mrs. Jeon, I swear I tried to have him in bed by eight like you said but he’s being stubborn and said he won’t go to sleep until you come back and read to him-” The teenager rushed out all at once, clearly nervous that you would scold her.
You held a hand out to stop her rambles, using your other hand to give her the money, and offered her what you hoped was a comforting smile, “It’s okay, Em. Thanks for doing this on such short notice. Why don’t you run home now and try to enjoy your Christmas Eve?”
Emily looked relieved that you weren’t mad, gratefully taking the cash before grabbing her jacket and shoes to make her exit. “Thanks so much for this Mrs. Jeon. Merry Christmas!”
“Merry Christmas.” You farewelled while walking the young girl out, locking the door behind her.
You turned around and proceeded down a long hallway that led to the bedrooms, stopping at the door beside the master room which belonged to your four-year-old son. You opened it to peer inside, the familiar deep blue walls with painted-on sea creatures greeting you back, swiftly reminding you once more of Hugo’s obsession with the ocean.
Your son was bundled up in a twin bed so big that it practically drowned him, his small frame barely being recognizable in the large fish-printed duvet wrapped around his tiny frame, only his small and adorable face peeking out to stare right back at you.
Hugo was essentially a carbon copy of Jungkook. At first you were somewhat resentful about this, how was it possible that you carried a baby for nine months and he came out with absolutely none of your features? But after a while of watching Hugo grow up and come into his own slowly but surely, you were pacified by the conclusion that while he may look exactly like his father, his personality and heart took after you.
“Dumpling, why did Emily say you were giving her a hard time and wouldn’t go to bed?” You asked gently, sitting by his side and petting his black hair.
‘Dumpling’ was a nickname you chose for Hugo since you first found out you were pregnant with him. It stemmed from your sudden pregnancy craving to eat dumplings and nothing else, you once even going two straight weeks surviving off the food. There were many times where Jungkook had to bribe you into eating other things, playing on your guilt for not providing your baby all the nutrition he needed. But even now ‘Dumpling’ still stuck, if Hugo’s chubby cheeks were anything to go by.
“Mommy, I-I’m sorry but-” His big doe eyes looked up at you in teary guilt, “I really needed you here. It was a nece-necess-”
“Necessity, bub.” You finished for him, grinning at his attempt at a big word.
Part of you wanted to scold the boy for being difficult, but you didn’t have the heart to. Lately, Hugo has been more clingy to you than ever before. Yet it was practically impossible to punish him because Hugo has always been a good kid and you knew deep down that he didn’t act out unless there was something else going on. You suspected that it had something to do with the lack of his father’s presence that forced him to hold onto you like his life depended on it.
“Well try not to do it again, okay? Emily is a nice girl and she’s just following my orders when she tells you to go to bed.” You said, ducking down to peck the crown of his head and continue running your fingers through his hair.
Hugo nodded in understanding but ultimately stayed silent, basking in your cuddles.
All was silent for a passing moment, and while Hugo enjoyed his mother’s touch, your mind gradually returned to the turmoil that was your marriage.
A sudden epiphany struck you and bit your lip as you debated an idea.
Should you expose your son to your future plan?
The victim of any divorce has always been the children who were left behind. And the last thing you wanted to do was blindside Hugo. Perhaps you should play the hypothetical game just to see where your son’s head was at? It went without saying that Hugo was closer to you than Jungkook and you were more of a parent than your husband. But still, every kid deserved to have a say in their parents’ divorce.
“Bub, how would you feel if….it was just me and you?” You hesitantly inquired.
“What do you mean mommy?” Hugo titled his head in bewilderment and craned his neck to look back up at you.
“What if me and you went away to live together?” You clarified.
“Like a va-vayca-”
“Vacation? And no. But forever. Just me, you and no one else.” You whispered, as if Jungkook himself would storm in and catch you planning your escape with the toddler.
“Oh.” A pause as you could practically hear the mechanisms in his four-year-old brain trying to work out the logistics of what you just proposed. “Okay.”
The nonchalance in his youthful voice had you taken aback.
“It’s a really big decision, Hugo. You wouldn’t mind...not living with daddy anymore, right? You would hardly ever see him, dumpling.”
The boy shifted to lean more of his body against you, essentially resting against you with his head on your chest as he said, “But it’s like that already, mommy.”
Your heart broke.
You wrapped your arms around him and pulled him closer to you, feeling a maternal instinct to comfort and protect.
“Okay Dumpling. I need you to promise me not to tell daddy what we talked about.”
“”Kay.” Hugo yawned and closed his eyes, inhaling deep breaths of your scent and beginning the process of falling asleep. “When do we leave?”
“It’ll take some time, bub. You start school in a few months, so mommy will try to find a job while you’re there.” You told him, not bothering to try to explain the concept of a lawyer or apartment deposits on top of that. “But we can do this. It has to be a secret but you're my partner in crime.”
“Like spies?”
You chuckled, “Yeah, like spies. Promise to work with mommy in utter secrecy?”
You held up a pinky, one that Hugo grasped with his own.
Tumblr media
Author’s Note:  So....A while ago before I took my long ass hiatus, I did a poll for which yandere story I should write next.  The Unsaid Vow won but that was around the same time that shit hit the fan in my life.  Recently was scrolling through my notes on my phone and found some of the plot points for this story and I needed a lil break from QQ.  Plus I know so many ppl were hyped for this concept so....Here ya go lol.  This is kinda short but it’s just a set up, Chapter one’s plot line will start a few months after this when Hugo will start kindergarten and Y/n will actually start looking in to jobs, lawyers and apartments.  Also I’m sorry but I’m really bad at writing for kids lol, and I absolutely refuse to write that gross ass baby talk so just pretend your son is a lil genius okay? Also srry Once but I needed really pretty girls to be villians in my story so yeah, Twice girls in here aren’t likable but aren’t reflective of how i actually feel about them lol.
Big thanks to @sushireads​ once again for creating the cover art for this fic.  They literally are becoming my go-to for fic art.
And my beta readers @bigbuffjoonie and @mustardpop​! They beta’d for QQ and I came to them really early about this fic.  They were with me since the beginning and have given me advice with creative choices to just simple grammar.  They easily could’ve leaked the first draft of this too but they didn’t and kept it secret for a while.  I was really insecure about getting out of my comfort zone with this plot but they really guided me.  
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stargazingfangirl18 · 3 months ago
Pairing: Ari Levinson x Female!Reader x Andy Barber Word Count: 9,593 Summary: To Andy, you’re just an afterthought. But to Ari? You’re a queen and you deserve to be treated like one. Warnings: Explicit language. Explicit sexual content. Cheating/infidelity. Mentions of pregnancy (not Reader). Vaginal fingering. Unprotected sex. Oral sex (f receiving). Angst with a happy ending. Reference to gang elements. AU. 18+ only!
A/N: I am obscenely late on the incredibly talented @sweetlyscared​ ‘s 1K Sweetly Sad Writing Challenge. Thank you for being flexible with me, beauty! I hope you enjoy this, and please know that any time I write angst, I think of you and your angst loving heart 😘
Some notes for y’all: 1) This plotline was totally inspired by the show Sons of Anarchy. 2) This is an AU of my Devil’s Advocates biker gang series verse - COMPLETELY SEPARATE, but I’m lazy and wanted to keep the DA elements because they are already established in my hoe brain.
My prompts were: Catching someone despair drinking + "I've loved you since the day I met you." + "I never thought this would happen." + "It's really over, isn't it." + "I'm so sorry for everything."
Tumblr media
“Wow,” you whispered, staring down at the sonogram as tears filled your eyes. “It’s only been a few months but you can already tell it’s a little person in there.”
Your head shot up to find your boyfriend of too many years to count, Andy Barber, grinning big. “He?!”
Andy nodded, laughing in a joyful way that you hadn’t seen in a long time. “I’m having a son.”
With another woman, you thought bitterly, trying not to let your devastation show on your face.
At this point, you were getting pretty good at it.
Hiding the pain.
Hiding how every single day, as you smiled and showered Andy with affection, your guts twisted with hurt and betrayal, and your heart grew a little more broken, a little more hollow.
You hadn’t even been officially separated, it was just a huge fight--your first one ever--and still, Andy had strayed. He’d slept with a random woman, Laurie, and got her pregnant.
After so many years together and being high school sweethearts, Andy had been your everything. He’d been so many of your firsts.
Including your first real betrayal.
And now he was having a son with a woman who wasn’t you.
After you had spent half your lives together, planning your future and your own family.
Now he was building that future and family with another, even though he was in a “committed” relationship with you.
And despite Andy’s betrayal and the fucked up reality that was now your life, everyone still expected you to be supportive of and happy for him.
Because the President of the notorious Devil’s Advocates biker gang deserved nothing less.
Andy had been all you had known for so long--your everything--and the Devil’s Advocates were your family. You couldn’t imagine your life without them in it because they were all you knew.
They were all you had.
So, you tried. You tried so hard. Every single day.
And it made you sick.
“You still with me, honey?”
You shook yourself, forcing a smile to your face. “Sorry I just can’t believe it. You must be over the moon.” You handed the sonogram back to Andy, feeling your eyes prickle as he gazed down at the black and white print with so much love already.
“Yeah, it’s pretty great.” Sighing happily, Andy moved to pin the sonogram to the fridge with a magnet before turning back to you. “Almost as great as my girl being the best,” he hummed, stepping closer and pinning you against the kitchen isle.
You closed your eyes, leaning your head to the side as Andy kissed his way down your neck.
You tried to enjoy the soft attention of his lips and his wandering hands, you had enjoyed--and even craved--both for so many years, but now they only added to the fire of loss and betrayal simmering deep in the core of you.
A small voice in your head lamented on how Andy didn’t deserve to touch you, to seek pleasure from you, not while he had another woman growing his baby inside her belly.
You were broken from your resentful train of thoughts when Andy’s hand dropped to the hem of your dress, rucking up the fluttery material until his palm was sliding up your bare thigh, fingers dipping toward your center. Your breath hitched as his fingers teased and tantalized, your hands raising to touch his chest as you tried like hell to resist the urge to push him away.
“Sorry to interrupt,” a deep, unfamiliar voice sounded from the doorway of the kitchen.
You gasped, face flushing with heat as you and Andy twisted to see who had spoken.
He was tall and broad, even bigger than Andy. His hair was dark brown, soft and shaggy looking as it curled around the collar of his leather jacket. A thick, well-trimmed beard and sparkling blue eyes made your gaze linger as Andy straightened.
“Ari,” Andy greeted with a chuckle, taking a step away from you. He rounded the isle and shook hands with the other man, pulling him in for a quick embrace. “Welcome. Thanks for stopping by, man.”
“Thanks for the invitation,” Ari grinned. His gaze flickered to you, lips curling as he found you staring at him, lips still parted in surprise. “Didn’t mean to intrude. I tried knocking a few times.”
“No worries,” Andy assured him. “My place has an open door policy for my crew and extensions of.” He turned back to you, gesturing you closer. “Come say hi, honey.”
You moved closer, feeling shy as Ari’s eyes took their time trailing over you once Andy was distracted with your approach and introducing you.
Ari’s gaze was slow and warm, making you shiver in the kind of heightened awareness you hadn’t felt in so fucking long. He noticed, full lips curling as his eyes lifted to yours, shining with mischief and a man’s interest.
“This is Ari Levinson, President of the Renegades,” Andy said.
“Out of Mason County?” You asked, noticing the familiar gang patch on Ari’s jacket.
“You know the area?” Ari asked in surprise.
“She teaches up there, at the elementary school,” Andy told him.
“You’re a teacher?” Ari chuckled, the sound tinged with a hint of disbelief as he eyed you once more. “Never would have guessed.”
Andy laughed as you bashfully looked away. “Yeah, she’s not your typical old lady fair, but she’s special. And a good, sweet girl.” He purred, pressing his lips to your temple before straightening. “Ari and I have some business, honey, but we’ll meet up with the others at Jo’s for dinner tonight, okay?”
Andy phrased it as a question, but you knew he didn’t expect you to contradict his plans, so you didn’t.
“Sure,” you nodded, turning away to busy yourself with making tea.
You didn’t feel like trying to hide your annoyance that it was always his way, that there wasn’t even the pretense of wondering what you wanted for a change.
You waited for their footsteps to retreat and for the sound of Andy’s office door to close.  Releasing a shaky breath, you turned toward the sink for water to make your tea.
Your eyes caught on the sonogram hanging on the fridge, and you stared at it for a long moment.
You felt sorrow well from deep within you, bubbling up quick and unexpected as your face crumpled and you covered your mouth to muffle your sobs as you sagged against the counter and wept.
Tumblr media
You stared blankly at your phone, pretending to check your work email as Andy’s crew congratulated him on the gender reveal of the baby.
Feeling eyes on you, you glanced up, but everyone in the booth was focused on Andy, as usual.
Sometimes you felt more like an accessory than part of the group. Andy’s quiet little shadow that always fell into line like a faithful puppy that no one noticed anyway.
Still, you felt like you were being watched, and you fidgeted in your seat, gaze flickering around until they landed on Ari watching you from across the room.
He was standing beside the pool table where he and a few other Renegades were playing some of the Devil’s Advocates. His jacket was long gone and the dark blue denim button up he wore clung to his broad frame like a second skin.
Even from a distance, you could see the impressive cords of muscle in his forearms, his shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows and giving you a little show.
You blinked, a little dazed, as your gaze flickered up and found Ari still watching you just as avidly as before. Your face warmed at being caught ogling, and he winked at you, causing you to quickly look away.
“Have you thought of names yet?” Jensen asked Andy.
“We always liked Jacob,” Andy said, dropping his arm across your shoulders.
You felt your stomach roll at the thought of another woman’s baby taking the name you had always wanted for your own son.
The pain of it clenched hard in your chest, like there was suddenly a ruthless vice squeezing around your heart, wringing it of every last drop of happiness, hope, and love as the table chattered with excitement.
You could feel your vision begin to tunnel, your head buzzing with anger and distress, and you didn’t think as you roughly shrugged Andy’s arm away.
He stopped in the middle of his sentence, glancing over at you in surprise.
And suddenly it was like you were under a microscope as every set of eyes at the table turned to you.
You got a few glimpses of pity, but mostly it was confusion and lingering joy for Andy’s exciting news that reflected back at you from every which way you looked, and you found yourself putting on the mask, desperately trying to keep it together with everyone watching.
You feigned a smile as you waved your cell phone at them before turning your gaze to Andy. “Sorry, one of my student’s parents emailed something urgent. I need to reply but I can’t concentrate in here with all the noise. I’m gonna step outside real quick.”
“Sure thing, honey.” Andy swatted your ass with a playful grin before turning back to his crew and reinserting himself into the conversation as if you hadn’t even spoken.
And just like that you were invisible again.
You hurried outside, somehow able to keep your sob at bay until the door swung shut behind you. Staggering a few feet away, you sank back against the cold, brick wall, your mind a frantic whirlwind of hurt and heartache and feeling so goddamn stuck as you cried.
The sound of the entrance to Jo’s swinging open had you hurrying further down the street, desperate to get away from all of them--from him--and uncaring that you were openly crying as you tried to quiet your grief.
By the time you got a few blocks away, the worst of it was over and you just felt numb as you hugged yourself against the chill of the cold autumn air.
You knew it was stupid to walk home this late by yourself, especially in this part of town, but you didn’t care.
Anything was better than the suffocation you felt beneath the mask you had to wear when you were with Andy and his crew.
But as you heard a car slowing as it eased up beside you on the dark street, your heart jumped into your throat. You walked faster, sure to keep your head held high and your gaze forward like you were confident and not scared out of your mind.
Real fear spiked through you as the male voice called out to you, and you considered turning back and making a run for Jo’s, but you knew it was probably too far away now to really matter.
It was the soft call of your name that had you freezing, eyes widening as you realized you knew that voice even if you couldn’t immediately place it. Finally you turned your head to the car following you.
It was a beautiful black camaro with red rally stripes, and from within the dark depths of the car you found Ari watching you with concern written all over his handsome face.
“What are you doing out here all alone?” he asked.
“Walking home.”
His eyebrows shot up to his hairline. “From here? By yourself?” Ari eyed the way you stubbornly glanced away, but he didn’t miss the way you were shivering. “Let me give you a lift.”
You shook your head. “I’m fine.”
You began walking again, feeling a strange mixture of annoyance and something else--something you couldn’t place but it had the vague undertones of excitement sparking to life deep in your belly--as Ari eased his car into a crawl to keep pace with you.
“Are you just gonna follow me the entire way?” you snapped at him, turning to duck and glare at him through the open passenger window.
“Yup,” he grinned. “Unless you wanna save us both some time and get in?” Slowly, the amusement faded from his features as he said, “Come on, sweetheart, it’s not safe out here for you all by yourself.”
“Why do you care?” you asked, feeling humiliation warm your cheeks as your voice cracked.
“Why don’t you?” Ari countered.
You felt the lump of emotion in your throat before you even tried to swallow past it. Your eyes were misting with tears again, and you just felt so fucking tired.
And pathetic.
Because it was the concern and kindness of a near stranger that had you well on your way to your second breakdown of the evening.
Ari hardly even knew you, and he was showing you more interest and compassion than you’d received in God knows how long from those you considered family.
It made you realize just how fucked up everything in your life was, and how utterly and completely miserable you were.
How alone.
You startled back to the present moment to find Ari standing close to you, watching you with furrowed brows.
When he saw the tears wetting your cheeks, his face softened as he lifted his big hands and thumbed away your grief so gently that it had your face crumpling as a sob caught in your chest.
“I’m sorry!” you sniffled, shaking your head at yourself to try to rein in your overwhelm.
“Don’t be. Here,” Ari shrugged off his Renegades jacket and draped it over your shoulders, smiling at the way it swallowed up your smaller frame. “Please let me give you a ride, sweetheart. It would put my mind at ease.”
“Okay,” you nodded, allowing Ari to lead you to the passenger side of his car. He opened the door and waited until you were tucked away safely before rounding the car to slide into the driver’s seat.
“Do you want me to take you back to Jo’s or--”
“God no,” you shook your head on a frantic whisper. “Please, I can’t deal with him right now. I don’t want to deal with any of them right now. I can’t.”
“Okay,” Ari murmured, starting up the car.
As the quiet, smooth rumble of the engine roared to life, you pulled Ari’s jacket around yourself tightly, sinking into the supple leather seat and feeling exhausted but also dreading the thought of returning home right now.
“Can you just drive around for a bit? Please?”
Ari glanced over at you. “Sure, I can do that.”
You took a deep breath, trying to concentrate long enough to text Andy that you were taking a Lyft home to deal with your work issue. Then you turned your phone off and tucked it away into Ari’s jacket pocket.
You were quiet for a long time as Ari drove some backroads, avoiding the highway, and you were thankful for the winding roads and darkness around you.
Little by little, you felt your earlier distress slowly beginning to recede, and the heaviness in your heart wasn’t as noticeable as it usually was.
“So what happened back there?” Ari asked, his eyes flickering over to you for a second before returning to the road.
You felt your face go hot, humiliation rising up at the thought of airing your dirty laundry. You sank further into your seat, curling in on yourself. “’s nothing. I just wanted to leave.”
Ari hummed a wordless reply, and after another stretch of quiet, he asked, “Is this about Andy’s baby?”
You stiffened, eyes snapping to him.
Ari briefly met your gaze, his eyes shadowed with sympathy as he said, “They’re not exactly being subtle about it, huh? That must be hard.”
It took your tired brain a moment to process his unexpected words, and then you couldn’t help it, you started laughing. You laughed so long and hard that tears were streaming down your face and your stomach hurt.
The worried glances Ari was shooting your way certainly didn’t help and only made you laugh harder.
“I’m sorry,” you giggled through a gasp for breath, wiping the tears from your cheeks with the backs of your hands. “God, you must think I’m crazy.”
“Good thing you’re gorgeous. It balances out.”
Another giggle escaped you. “I swear I’m not usually like this. It’s been a really strange night.” You sighed, fixing your gaze on Ari’s perfect profile. “You’ve known me all of five minutes and have shown me more tact and concern than any of them. They’re supposed to be my family, but they could give two flying fucks how I feel about any of this. And they just keep shoving it in my face. As long as the king is happy, I guess.”
Ari eased the car to a stop at a red light. Turning to you, he met your gaze, unwavering. “And what about the queen?”
“The queen,” You snorted derisively. “Is an afterthought.”
Your face fell as some of your sass faded away into sadness at the truth of your words.
“So how does all of this make you feel?” Ari asked.
You turned to look out your window, watching the familiar streets of Newton go by. “Sick.”
“You two been together a long time?”
“Since we were fifteen,” you smiled sadly. “We planned out our whole lives together. Hasn’t really played out the way I thought it would.”
You sighed as you pulled up in front of your house. A wave of relief washed over you when you realized Andy wasn’t home yet.
Ari parked the car and turned it off before turning to you. “So what are you gonna do?”
“I don’t know.” You tried to muster a smile for him, but it was more of a grimace. “What do you think I should do?”
“Ask advice from someone who’s known you longer than five minutes,” he teased.
You laughed, feeling genuine amusement and delight--both of which felt unfamiliar these days, given your circumstances--at Ari’s sense of humor.
“You’re beautiful, you know that?” he murmured, reaching out and sliding his palm against your cheek.
Your heart skipped a beat, but you didn’t pull away. You felt locked in that dark, sinful gaze of his.
God, when was the last time Andy looked at me like that, you wondered as you leaned into Ari’s touch just a little, thinking it was sad to be in a relationship and still be so goddamn touch starved.
“I think maybe you should start spending time with someone who would treat you like a queen instead of an afterthought,” Ari’s warm voice was low and intimate in the darkness.
You shivered as his thumb brushed against your cheek, and when his touch hesitated before dropping lower, his knuckles softly trailing down the delicate column of your throat, you couldn’t suppress the way your breath hitched.
You couldn’t believe the way your body was suddenly trilling in awareness, buzzing with anticipation and the kind of want you hadn’t been lucky enough to experience in a long, long time.
You felt something wild and delighted flutter to life in your belly as Ari’s dark gaze flickered to your lips as his tongue snuck out to wet his own.
When he leaned in closer, then so close his forehead was touching yours, his fingers gently gripping the back of your neck as you breathed in the same air and trembled in your seat, you felt your nipples peak hard and achy and wanting as a forbidden kind of desire pooled hot in your panties.
Your head was spinning at the effect Ari was having on you simply from his proximity alone, but when the headlights of a passing car lit up the inside of your shared bubble of something that was hinging on illicit--on dangerous--and you stiffened in fear at the thought of being caught--especially by Andy--the spell was broken.
“Thank you,” you whispered, your voice shaking just like the rest of you as you gently retreated from Ari. “For driving me home.” You straightened in your seat, putting more space between you. “I really appreciate it.”
“Sure thing, sweetheart,” Ari smiled warmly despite the shadow of disappointment in his gaze. “You still got your phone with you?”
You nodded, pulling it from his jacket pocket. Ari held out his hand, and you hesitated briefly before unlocking your phone and handing it over.
He was quick to save his number and send himself a text before returning your phone. “If you need a friend, you let me know.”
“A friend?” You echoed with a hint of disbelief.
Ari smirked. “Sure. I can be a real good friend.”
Feeling your cheeks warm again at the husk in his voice, you climbed from the car and shrugged off his jacket before passing it back to him. “Thanks again, Ari.”
“Anytime. Take care of yourself, sweetheart.”
You nodded, waving before hurrying into your home. You didn’t hear Ari’s car start until you were safely inside, and keeping the house dark, you moved to the windows in the living room.
Peeking through the slit in the curtains, you watched Ari drive away, a sense of yearning washing over you, and your heart still slamming in your chest long after he was gone.
Tumblr media
It was Friday night, and the weekend was upon you, and yet you couldn’t even feel an ounce of joy at the prospect of two whole days free from work.
Because you just couldn’t bring yourself to go home.
In fact, you hadn’t gotten very far from the elementary school once you’d finally mustered up the energy to leave for the day.
Instead you had stopped at the first bar you came across, unseeing as you made your way inside, ignoring the growing crowd of people actually happy the weekend was here.
You sat at the end of the counter, tucked away from everyone, indulging in a couple of shots before ordering some fruity cocktail that you were now nursing as you got lost in your broody thoughts.
You couldn’t do this anymore.
Whatever this farce of a relationship was with Andy.
You could barely even look at him, you felt sick whenever he touched you, and he hadn’t made you cum--unbeknownst to him, because you were that good at faking it by now--in months.
And then last night happened.
After you’d fended off his advances because you couldn’t pretend to enjoy his attention, he’d instead curled around you, his beard scratching against your shoulder as he held you for a long while before finally murmuring, “I want you to plan a baby shower for me and Laurie.”  
Your eyes had stung with tears as you felt the acidic burn of bile at the back of your throat as you’d squeezed your eyes shut and pretended to be asleep.
You pretended that you hadn’t heard his disgusting, awful request.
You couldn’t--you wouldn’t--have anything to do with any of this.
Not anymore.
Feeling your eyes well as the decision became clearer and clearer in your mind--in what was left of your heart--you ordered another shot, shooting it back as soon as it was placed in front of you.
“You may wanna pace yourself there, sweetheart.”
You jerked at the sound of Ari’s voice, eyes snapping up to find him leaning against the counter next to you, his smile warm and friendly.
He returned your name without hesitating, his eyes dropping from your surprised face and taking a leisurely inventory of the rest of you. You could feel the way his gaze lingered on where your dress rested high on your thighs as you perched on the stool.
“You here by yourself?” he asked as his gaze finally returned to yours.
You nodded. “Yeah, I just not go home right now.”
“Is that all you need?”
At his words--and the gravel of desire in Ari’s voice as he delivered them--your gaze snapped to his, wide with surprise as a pleasant warmth rushed through your body, making you shudder in awareness.
Ari hummed softly as he watched the way you responded to him before shifting closer. “How about you let me show you how I’d treat my queen?” His eyes sparkled at the catch in your breath. “You shouldn’t be alone at a bar on a Friday night, sweetheart, you should be at home being fucking worshipped.”
Another hot flash of want rippled through you, even as your eyes filled at Ari’s words.
Because how long had it been since Andy did anything other than use you for his own selfish pleasure?
You couldn’t remember the last time he’d shown you any real attention or devotion.
That used to be the thing you cherished about him the most.
The way he loved you, wanted you, appreciated you, always.
You couldn’t even pinpoint when things had broken between you or how. It wasn’t just his affair with Laurie, it had come before that, it’s part of what had caused the fight in the first place and driven him into the arms of another.
All you knew was that things had felt wrong for a long time, until it had all bubbled over, and once you had seen and absorbed and tried to accept the fallout from that--the more wrong and irreparable mess you felt on the other side of it--you had retreated into yourself, making yourself small for survival’s sake.
There was so thriving or hope or happiness when every single day was a fight to survive this new and wretched reality that no one else seemed disturbed by but you.
You didn’t realize you were staring, unseeing, at the bar top in front of you until Ari’s fingers gripped your chin and tilted your gaze up to him. He was close now, much closer than before, the warmth of him sending your own body temperature rising as the musky scent of sandalwood filled your nose.
“If you were mine, I’d make it my mission to make sure you never looked or felt this sad ever again,” Ari said earnestly.
And you could see it, right there and plain as day is his gaze as he watched you, the hurt he felt seeing you in pain.
This man who barely knew you.
Who for some reason saw you and cared about you, and you were suddenly drunk on it, his attention, on feeling good.
And you wanted more.
You needed more.
You needed him.
“We can’t go to my place,” you whispered, gaze flickering to Ari’s tempting lips as you felt a heady mixture of fear and anticipation flood through you.
“Then we’ll go to mine,” he murmured, brushing his thumb over your bottom lip before straightening beside you.
When Ari held out his massive hand for you, his eyes were darker than you’d ever seen them as they gazed at you with the kind of carnal want and promise of delightful ruin you hadn’t had aimed your way in years.
You didn’t hesitate to slip your hand into his, your body alight and desperate already--achy with need--as you allowed Ari to lead you from the bar.
Tumblr media
The ride back to Ari’s was quiet and crackling with sexual tension as you two stole glances at each other the entire drive.
Despite the way you were impatiently squirming in the seat beside him, your body eager and growing hotter with each passing second, despite the way Ari couldn’t keep his gaze from straying to you every few seconds…
He waited until you were hidden away in his home across town to kiss you for the first time.
The house was dark, save the bright spills of moonlight splitting the shadows around you as Ari slammed the front door shut behind him, gathered you in his arms, and swept you up against the nearest wall.
He was so close, flush against you now, that you knew he could feel the hitch of your breath as he pinned you before him, his eyes fixed on you before dipping to your parted lips.
That dark gaze of his stayed on yours--burning you up--right until your eyes fluttered shut at the first touch of Ari’s lips to yours. You couldn’t suppress the desperate mewl that bubbled up at the back of your throat, but you didn’t even mind it's escape as the deep rumble of Ari’s responding groan had your panties flooding with arousal as you twined your arms around his neck.
Ari didn’t just kiss you, he devoured you, his hands gently framing your face as his lips drank from yours. He eagerly swallowed every whimper and gasp that you gifted him, moaning as his tongue touched yours for the first time.
He kissed you until you were dizzy and breathless and chasing his retreat with a quiet whine of displeasure that made him smile.
“You’re so beautiful,” Ari murmured, his eyes branding you with his desire before he was leaning back in and kissing you again, slower this time, like you were a delicacy to be savored.
“Gonna spread you out in my bed and worship every inch of this sweet body with my mouth.”
“No, please,” your words were so desperate you felt a swell of mortification warm your chest as Ari went still and slowly pulled away.
“Do you want me to stop?” he asked, concern furrowing his brows as he watched you.
“No,” you shook your head quickly, reaching for him, framing his handsome face between your trembling hands as you kissed him slowly but eagerly. “I just...need you, please. I need you to make me feel good right here, right now.” Your words were sprinkled between your frantic kisses, trembling as you arched against him. “Please, Ari, it’s been so long--”
Your voice broke, tears blurring your vision as you closed your eyes and leaned into him.
Ari held you tightly, urging your chest to his so he could wrap you in his arms and hug you properly.
“It’s been so long since I’ve felt wanted,” you whispered against his chest, sniffling as you hugged him back just as tight.
“Oh sweetheart, there’s nothing I want more than you.”
You gasped as he rocked against you, feeling the hard, hot proof of his words burning along your stomach as you hesitantly looked up at him.
“I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you,” Ari said, gently thumbing away your tears. “He doesn’t deserve you.”
“I know.”
Ari didn’t say another word as his hands touched your sides, wandering lower, slow and exploratory as he mapped the soft terrain of your body.
You gasped as his touch smoothed along the backs of your bare thighs and he lifted you against him, pinning you to the wall with his weight as he urged your legs around his hips and settled against the soft, inviting cradle of your thighs.
Ari’s head dipped and he kissed you languidly, taking his time tasting you as his hand slid beneath your dress and between your legs. He swallowed your gasp as his fingers skimmed up the front of your panties, and then he was pulling away to watch your face, but lingering close enough that you were breathing the same air as you met his smoldering gaze.
Your lips parted on a quiet cry as Ari’s fingers pressed harder, your hips circling in response, canting in invitation, and it was the biggest kind of thrill, maintaining eye contact as Ari’s hand slid into your panties for the first time.
You moaned as his thick, rough fingers teased along your slit, dipping until they were coated in your excitement before he was tracing circles around your clit. When he eased two fingers into your cunt, you choked on his name, fingers digging into his back as you clung to him.
“You’re so tight, sweetheart,” Ari groaned, dropping his forehead to yours as he twisted his wrist and stroked deeper. “That’s it,” he crooned as you keened, your head dropping back against the wall as you eagerly rode his hand. “Gotta get you nice and warmed up for me.”
His head dropped, lips trailing down your throat, beard scratching up your skin as you begged for more. And Ari gave it to you, railing you with his fingers, curling them inside of you until he touched a spot you thought was a myth until this very second and you went rigid in his arms with a loud moan.
“You’re so pretty when you’re losing it,” Ari said, aiming for that spot over and over again as his thumb strummed at your clit. “Go on, sweetheart, let go for me.”
And you did.
Your body did exactly what Ari wanted as that coil tightened so hard it snapped deep and low in your belly. Bliss bloomed inside of you before spreading hot and fast, flooding through the rest of your body in a euphoric rush that had you keening long and loud.
“There you go,” Ari murmured against your ear, the hot puff of his breath making you mewl and shudder as you trembled with aftershocks. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”
“Yeah,” you nodded breathlessly, gasping as Ari tweaked your clit in reward. “God, please fuck me. Please,” you begged, tilting your head back and kissing Ari hard, your fingers digging into his soft hair and making him grunt as your tongue touched his.
You could feel his hand fumbling between you, but it wasn't until you felt the first touch of his cock against your center that you finally pulled away. You were panting, retreating enough to gaze down between your bodies.
Your chest heaved as you got your first glimpse of Ari’s cock, long and thick--definitely more than you were used to--and you swallowed nervously as you blurted, “I’ve never been with anyone besides Andy.”
Ari stilled, face softening as you dropped your forehead against his shoulder with a mortified groan.
“Oh god, I’m sorr--”
Ari muffled your words with a searing kiss, his lips and tongue almost frantic against yours, until he had you both gasping and panting for breath.
“He hit the fucking jackpot with you and doesn’t even realize it,” Ari murmured, pecking your parted lips again before pressing a kiss to one warm cheek and then the other. “I’m gonna make you feel so good, sweetheart, just like you deserve.”
“Please,” you whispered, curling your arm around Ari’s neck as you met his mouth in another slow, needy kiss.
You gasped against Ari’s lips as his hand went back to work between your bodies, dragging his length against your center until he was just as soaked as you were.
“You’re so wet for me,” Ari groaned, his breath catching as his tip found your quivering entrance and his eyes shot to yours, unwavering as he slowly speared into you with his cock.
Your mouth dropped open on a sharp gasp, your eyes fluttering, but you fought to keep them open, because you were so fucking mesmerized by that look of desire on Ari’s face--for you--and you wanted to see what he looked like when he was bottoming out inside of you for the first time.
He looked like he was  well on his way to nirvana, his own lips parting on a moan as he finally settled inside of you to the hilt and felt the way your greedy cunt squeezed and gripped and rejoiced at the feeling of him filling you up.  
“God,” you whimpered, “Can feel you everywhere.”
Ari hummed, giving a test rock of his hips against yours, his fingers flexing against your thighs as you cried out in response. “And how’s it feel?”
“So good,” you moaned, shifting against him and breathing out a shocked “oh!” at the first retreat and surge of his hips.
“You’re squeezing me so tight I can barely move,” Ari murmured against your lips, giving the bottom one a playful nibble. “Think you can handle more?”
“Yes!” you nodded eagerly, squeezing your knees against Ari’s waist, trying to pull him into you even more. “Please, I want it.”
“I’ll give you everything you want,” Ari said, holding you tighter as his cock pulled and pushed against the velvety heat of your walls, making you keen all pretty and breathless for him. “Anything you want.” He fucked into you harder. “All of me.”
You couldn’t actually form words as Ari fucked you faster, with a vigor and enthusiasm you had never known. He switched between watching your face--avidly drinking in your reactions--as he ruined you with his cock and pressing his face against the crook of your neck and breathing you in as he kissed and nibbled at your skin.
When his hand slid between your bodies and his fingers started teasing against your clit, you clamped around him hard, keening desperately as you started begging him to make you cum.
“Go ahead,” Ari urged, rutting into you harder with a gravelly groan. “Cum all over my cock, sweetheart. Wanna feel this perfect pussy milking me.”
Your cries were as wordless as they were mindless as Ari drove you higher and higher, that fire in your belly sweltering hot and wild and right on the edge of oblivion. You could hear the lewd sound of your drenched pussy taking every deep, enthusiastic plunge of Ari’s cock as he fucked you like he was trying to ruin you for anyone else, ever.
“Gonna fill you up with my cream, sweetheart, pump this sweet soft belly full of my seed and make you mine, do you hear me?”
You did, and despite the filth of his words--the wicked sin of them--they were exactly what you needed to tip over the edge of bliss.
Your cry of release was as ragged as it was relieved, your body going taut with your orgasm as you felt the exquisite rush of pleasure  burst deep and low in your belly before rippling out through the rest of you.
“Ah fuck, that’s it,” Ari grunted as your pussy clamped and pulsed around him, fucking you through your release.
You were still shaking with aftershocks from your first orgasm when Ari’s thumb rubbed at your clit hard, his hips driving harder as he moaned your name against your ear and another orgasm rocked you.
You came with a sob, the pure visceral delight--and reaction of your body--overwhelming after going so long without real, body shaking, toe curling pleasure.
As you trembled against Ari with soft, breathless whimpers and mewls, his big hand slid to cradle the back of your head as his rhythm finally began to falter.
“I’m gonna cum,” he panted, moaning as he pushed into you hard and lingered. “Can I--”
“Yeah,” you whispered, your fingers twining in his hair as you pressed your sweaty forehead to his and stared into his lust-blown eyes. “Wanna feel you fill me up. Wanna feel all of you.”
“Christ,” Ari groaned, his grip on your thighs tightening, prepping you for bruises as he let go.
You couldn’t help but stare, mesmerized by the sight of Ari chasing his release, pumping into you with force, every drive of his hips and stroke of his cock going deeper than before.
His head fell back on a groan, the tendons in his thick neck popping, and then he was lunging forward, slamming his hand on the wall beside your head as the next plunge of his cock had him twitching deep inside you. Ari’s eyes locked on yours as you felt the warm rush of his cum deep inside you.
“You feel that,” he whispered against your lips, giving another forceful rut of his hips. “You feel me filling you up?”
Ari groaned as you clenched around him in response, gasping against his plump, kiss swollen lips as he gave one final thrust that had his cock settling deep within you, buried to the hilt, like it belonged there.
“You’re mine now,” he murmured against your lips before kissing you with the kind of desperate passion that stole your breath away.
And you let him.
As Ari’s cum leaked out around his cock still nestled deep within your well fucked cunt, as his tongue swept its way inside your mouth and met the eager press of your own, you held him tighter, kissed him harder, and eventually--breathlessly--begged him to take you to his bed and ruin you all over again.
And he did.
Tumblr media
Four months later, and you and Ari had settled into a routine.
You tried to sneak away at least one night during the week to see him, and always spent a Saturday or Sunday with him each weekend.
Despite the mindblowing sex that was now a regular part of your life, despite the way Ari made it a point to cherish you every single moment you spent together, despite the fact that you were already hopelessly in love with him…
You still felt the guilt eating away at you, no matter how deep down you pushed it.
Andy hadn’t seemed concerned with the way you’d grown more distant, or even angry that you hadn’t had sex with him in months, not if it meant he could go on eagerly anticipating the arrival of his baby and spend more time with Laurie as they prepped for the big day without you sullen or mad at him about it.
It was almost as if you lived two separate lives under the same roof.
And you had been fine with it, until now.
Until Ari wrung another orgasm from your sleepy, sated body, humming from between your legs as your fingers twisted in his hair as you rocked against his face in the throes of ecstasy.
Until he pulled away, resting his cheek against the softness of your trembling inner thigh, gazing up the length of you as he said, “Move in with me.”
Your head snapped up, eyes big and stunned as you stared down at him, your body still trembling from the aftermath of your orgasm.
Ari grinned at you, that warm fondness filling his gaze as his thumb strummed against your knee. “I’m sick of not seeing you every day.” He pressed a kiss to your belly. “I’m sick of sharing you.”
He trailed more kisses up your naked body, detouring to pay some attention to each of your hard, sensitive nipples before settling his big body over yours and framing your head with his forearms.
“I love you,” Ari told you. A soft smile curled his lips as your breath caught and your eyes filled with tears. “I’m in love with you,” he murmured before dropping close to kiss you slowly.
“I love you, too,” you replied once Ari pulled away. “And I wanted to come clean to Andy the morning after that first time, it’s just…” you trailed off, shrugging, real fear coloring your features as you stared up at him. “That life is all I’ve ever known.”
“That life is over, sweetheart,” Ari said gently, touching your cheek with his knuckles. “Has been for a long time. Now it’s time to start a new life with me, if that’s what you want.”
“It is. That's all I want.”
Ari pressed a soft kiss to the tip of your nose. “You’ll talk to him?”
You nodded, eyes fluttering as Ari rained more soft kisses all over your face. You smiled, fingers raking through his wild hair. “Yes.”
Sighing, Ari settled against you, his hand cupping your side. “You need me there with you? Does he have a temper or--”
“He wouldn’t hurt me,” you said, smoothing your hands along Ari’s bare back. “Andy’s not a bad man, he just did something stupid and...and it just wasn’t meant to be.” You sighed. “It’s easier to admit that now that I have something and someone else to look forward to.” You tilted your head back and caught Ari’s lips in a sweet kiss. “Thank you for bringing me back to life,” you whispered.
“Sweetheart, trust me when I tell you it was my genuine pleasure.”
You laughed at Ari’s playful purr, not objecting as he rose up over you and nudged you over onto your belly.
He  pressed your legs open with a big hand, guiding your knee up closer to your chest, until he had you splayed open for him. Your pretty pussy clenched around nothing as he guided the tip of his hard cock to your opening before slowly sliding home.
You groaned as one, your fingers curling into the rumpled bed sheets as Ari dropped his weight against you. His hand found yours, lips teasing along the nape of your neck as he laced your fingers together and began to fuck you slowly, with the kind of hard, deep, lingering strokes that drove you wild.
He didn’t stop until you were both panting for breath and lying prone in the center of his bed, still trembling with the aftermath of your releases, your bodies a sweaty, tangled mess of limbs and bliss and contentment.
And as you dozed beneath Ari’s weight, feeling his hand squeeze around your own, you couldn’t help the satiated sigh that spilled from your kiss swollen lips, nor the smile of happiness that curled them straight after.
Tumblr media
Many minutes later, once you were showered and reluctant to leave Ari’s side, especially now that he was clad in nothing but a pair of jeans riding low on his hips, you made your way to his front door.
You paused, turning into him and burying your face against his chest, breathing Ari in like his familiar musky scent would help soothe the swarm of nervous butterflies filling your stomach at the prospect of speaking with Andy.
“You sure you don’t want me to come with you?”
“I think you already did, a few times,” you teased, trying to put on a brave face as you pulled away from him.
Ari cupped your cheek, ducking close for a lingering kiss. “This is the right thing to do, sweetheart.”
“I know.”
“Call me as soon as you can,” Ari said, opening the front door as you turned and twined your arms around his neck, pulling him close for a final, thorough kiss.
“I love you,” he whispered against your lips, big hands squeezing your hips as he gave you another peck for good measure.
“Love you too,” you murmured, feeling that delighted, swoopy feeling in your chest as you said those three words to Ari.
Still smiling, you turned on your heel, and then pulled up short, your stomach dropping like a lead weight as you spotted Andy leaning against his motorcycle parked at the end of Ari’s driveway.
“Oh no,” you whispered, struggling to swallow against the sudden dryness in your throat--at the panic rising within you--as Andy stared at you with a look of cold indifference on his face.
“So this is where you’ve been sneaking off to?” he asked, straightening to his full height as he slowly walked closer. “Do you feel better now that you fucked someone else like a dirty whore?”
“Hey, you watch your fucking mouth or I’ll knock out your teeth,” Ari snarled, rounding you quickly and putting himself between you and Andy.
“You shut the fuck up,” Andy sneered. “I’ll deal with you in a minute.”
He didn’t waver at all as Ari loomed close, instead trapping the other man in his furious gaze, shooting daggers at him with his eyes as you tentatively edged around Ari.
“Andy, please,” you said quietly, pressing a soothing hand to the center of Ari’s chest and shooting him an imploring look. “We need to talk.”
“About what?” Andy scoffed, shifting his furious gaze to you. “How you’ve been stepping out on me and fucking him behind my back like a slut?”
You bristled at his accusation, knowing you were in the wrong for lying and cheating, but you weren’t a slut, and you wouldn’t let him call you one.
“You were the only one I’ve ever been with, ever loved until now,” you told him, your voice shaking with emotion as your vision swam with tears. “Until you cheated on me and got someone else pregnant. Until you broke us.”
“Yeah, well I guess you showed me, huh?”
“I wasn’t…damnit, Andy! You broke my fucking heart!” Your voice cracked as hot tears streaked down your cheeks.
Andy’s facade of fury and betrayal wavered then, something flashing in his eyes as he watched you stand before him, trembling and crying, baring your soul and saying all the things that had hung over you both for so long but had never been voiced until now.
“And you kept throwing it in my face over and over again,” you quavered. “Did you even care how much you hurt me? How lonely I’ve been? How hard I tried to make this work? You were it for me, until you weren’t. And you did that. And then you left me alone in the wreckage to deal with it all by myself as you play house with Laurie and give her baby the name I picked out for our son!”
You were fully crying now, gut wrenching sobs wracking your frame as all the pain and betrayal and anger you had stuffed down for so long erupted within you--overwhelming you--as you dropped your face into your hands and wept.
You felt the soft touch of Ari’s hand against your back, but then Andy was sweeping in close and gently tugging your hands from your face.
“Fuck, I’m sorry, honey. I’m so sorry for everything. I never meant for any of this to happen,” Andy spoke in a rush, his head dipping until your sorrowful gaze caught on his. “I love you. You know how much I love you. I’ve loved you since the day I met you. And you love me too, I know you do.”
Andy was gentle as he wiped the tears from your warm cheeks, framing your face in his big hands as he tilted your gaze to his.
“We can still do all of it together, honey, I want all of that and more with you—“
“Well I don’t want it with you! Not anymore,” you heard yourself say before you could check the sharp truth on the tip of your tongue.
Andy felt the stab of your words, his face falling and his own eyes glimmering with emotion as he watched you, devastated.
And it was something about that look on his face, maybe the hint of innocence shining through his hurt that made you remember Andy as that 15-year-old kid you fell in love with, the person you had wanted to spend the rest of your life with.
As a single tear streaked down Andy’s cheek and he quickly batted it away with a sniff, his eyes flickering away from you, you felt something you hadn’t felt in a long time.
Your heart hurt for Andy, not because of him.
Inhaling a shaky breath, you turned to Ari, feeling a wave of calm sweep over you just from the concern and love you found waiting for you in his gaze.
“Can you give us a few minutes, please?” you asked him.
“Are you sure?” he murmured, gently touching your cheek.
You nodded, mustering up a small smile for him. “I owe this to him, and to myself. I need to do this.”
“Okay, sweetheart,” Ari murmured. He hesitated, his gaze flickering over to Andy before returning to you. He reached for your hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. “I’ll be right inside. Call me if you need me.”
“Thank you.”
You watched Ari go, feeling a wave of warm affection bloom in your chest as he glanced back at you with an encouraging smile before retreating inside.
Collecting yourself, you slowly turned back to Andy with a shaky exhale. You said his name softly, watching the way he clenched his jaw, as stubborn as ever as he continued to avoid your gaze.
Still, when you moved closer and reached for his hand, cradling it between both of yours, he didn’t pull away.
“I think a part of me will always love you,” you told him. “But I’m not in love with you anymore, Andy. And I can’t do this. I can’t stand by and smile and nod as you raise a baby with another woman. I deserve better than that.”
“I know you do,” he whispered, shifting closer and holding both of your hands with both of his.
“I never thought this would happen,” your voice cracked and you shook your head as more tears welled as you lifted your frantic gaze to his. “I swear, I never meant for any of this to happen, I just felt so lonely and hurt. I didn’t set out to fall in…” you caught yourself, voice shaking as you said, “To be with someone else. I really didn’t.”
“I know you didn’t, honey,” Andy sighed. His fingers were gentle as they tickled beneath your chin, his sad eyes dancing between your own. “You never could. I was a fucking asshole. I never meant for any of this to happen either.” Andy stared at you silently for a long beat before murmuring, "It's really over, isn't it?”
When you didn’t reply, just continued to watch him, a few fresh tears spilling over as he saw the truth shining in your gaze, Andy nodded.
“Yeah, I can see it in your eyes,” he breathed, knuckles gently tracing along the cut of your jaw. “You look at him the way you used to look at me.”
Your breath hitched on a sob that you managed to suppress, your shaking hand lifting to Andy’s, pressing his touch against your cheek. “I’m sorry.”
“Me too,” he hummed, giving the apple of your cheek a final brush with his thumb before his hand retreated. “Does he make you happy?”
Andy’s voice was calm as he voiced his question, but still you couldn’t ignore the way genuine fear rippled through you as his eyes flickered past you and lingered on Ari’s home.
You’d heard stories of what had happened when a woman came between rival gangs, they were the kind of stories filled with bloodshed and violence, the kind of stories that never had happy endings.
“Yes,” you finally answered. “And I know this is messy, with the clubs, I just…please, I don’t want any trouble. Please can we keep this private? No retribution? I just want to be happy, Andy. I never wanted to hurt you, and Ari’s a good man.”
You stepped back into Andy’s line of sight, until your gazes were meeting.
It was right there before your eyes, burning hot in Andy’s gaze for a split second, the fire of retribution.
But when you whispered your quiet, desperate plea again, the flames of vengeance were quickly snuffed out, a deep well of sadness taking their place.
“You deserve to be happy, honey,” Andy said. “I’m just sorry it can’t be with me.”
Breathing in sharply, Andy took a step back, shoving his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket. He glanced away again, quiet for a moment as he thought, and then he was looking your way once more.
“You go on home and take what you need, I gotta meet up with the guys. Text me when you want me out of your way and you can have movers come and take whatever you want.” Andy took another step back toward his motorcycle before pausing. “And no retribution. You have my word.”
The relief hit you so hard that your voice trembled when you replied, “Thank you. I mean it, Andy. Thank you.”
He shrugged, his smile sad but still curling his lips as he said, “I think after everything, it’s the least I could do. You take care of yourself, honey.”
Andy watched you for another long beat, his eyes lingering as something wistful lit his gaze, and then he was turning on his heel, mounting his bike, revving the engine to life, and riding away.
From you.
For good.
It hurt more than you thought it would, watching Andy drive further and further away from you, until he eventually turned the corner at the end of the street and rode out of sight.
Within you, relief warred with grief. Relief that this was finally over, and that the truth was out, that it had set you free. And grief that your life as you knew it really was over, and Andy wouldn’t be a part of whatever came next.
And then you felt a warm presence at your back and strong hands on your hips. You turned and leaned into Ari’s embrace, releasing a shaky breath as he hugged you tightly.
“It’s gonna be okay, sweetheart,” he promised, soft lips pressing a kiss to the crown of your head.
And you believed him.
As you tilted your head up and gave him a small, grateful smile before pressing up to meet his seeking lips in a slow, languid kiss, you believed him.
Because you weren’t just an afterthought to Ari. You weren’t just a warm body waiting for him at home after a long day or a faithful puppy falling into line and shadowing his every move and whim.
Ari made sure, each and every day, with every reverent touch and lingering kiss, with every warm gaze and murmured declaration of love, that you knew, without the shadow of a doubt, that you were his partner, his equal…
His queen.
Tumblr media
Ahhhhhhh! Okay, so there we go, my very first cheating fic. 😬These aren't usually my cup of tea, but whew, this idea just took root in my hoe brain and would not stfu until I let it out. I think it probably shows I started working on this after Taken and was still mad at Andy from that lolol. Whoops! 
Please take a moment to drop me your thoughts and reactions! Nothing inspires me more to keep spinning my stories and sharing them with you all. Love you! ❤️🙏🏻
I no longer do tag lists, but if you'd like to be notified when I post new writing, follow my side blog @sirisshamelesshoelibrary​ and turn on notifications to get pinged when I drop some new hoe fuel 😘
Please note that I do not give permission for my work to be translated, reposted, or published anywhere other than my Tumblr. Reblogs are most welcome though! ❤️
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luvajax · 5 months ago
Hello wello, may I request the genshin tall bois (Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli) with a gn reader where reader really likes them and its not a secret that theyve been trying to win them over but a situation forced the bois to admit that they hated/find reader annoying and they didnt know that reader heard everything. (Did that make sense?) please feel free to pour truck tons of angst. Whether it has comfort in the end is up to u :3. I hope you have a great day ❤️
— # 🫐Listening To The Truth | Genshin ✘ Reader(s) Hcs
Tumblr media
⤤ Summary: The reader is ready to truly confess to the *genshin character* they like until they hear that Genshin character mention their name. Stating how annoying they are around them, and how they can’t stand them or working near them. Which breaks the reader’s heart.
⤤ Notes: I tried to make this as long as I could, and I also apologize for this request since it took longer than it should have. So like… yeah. I did two characters for now because I am hella tired, Kaeya & Zhongli will be added later. Also if this is seen without Childe or empty paragraphs, I accidentally published it without it being finished… also childe’s part is toxic. Don’t think what he is doing is correct.
⤤ Characters: Diluc & Childe.
Warnings: Heartbroken, Sad, Slight Suicidal Thoughts + Angst + Comfort & Toxicity From Childe
Tumblr media
Diluc | Hard Truth
You managed to find yourself walking around Mondstalt looking for Jean. Seeing if she was with Lisa or Kaeya. Today would be one of the days where you were going to the Tavern and ask Diluc for some help.
Not that you really needed any, but because you wanted to express your true feelings to him. Cause trying to suppress those feelings inside was already hard enough.
You continued to walk closer to the tavern, realizing it was a bit too late for it to not be open. But you could see that door was slight open, so you peaked through it to see if anyone was inside.
In your sight you could see Jean and Diluc talking quite loudly from behind the counter. Listening to them talking about commissions and etc.
“Diluc, perhaps I should have [Name] show you” you heard Jean mention your name as a suggestion. “They know more about the hilichurls than most of us.”
You grew with excitement. If by all means you could spend more time with Diluc. There would be no point in complaining. Though the only thing that could be a pain in the ass would be fighting those hilichurls all day.
They were quite an annoying breed.
“No thank you.” You hear Diluc say coldly. Your once flustered heart, dropped.
“Why?” Jean asked and Diluc huffed loudly. You pressed your ear closed to the door.
“I am not fond of their behavior. They annoy me, at a great level. I can’t dare to spend another day with them distracting me from my work. They are just too… joyful.” He went on to complain. Each word leaving his lips making cracks in your heart. “They can be strong all they want, they’d be the reason of my death due to their annoyance.”
Slowly tears started to pour from your eyes as you stood up straight once more. Pressing your hand to your nose to keep the sniffles muffled, before running off quite loudly. But away from the tavern. Jean swiftly turned her head to the tavern doors and raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms.
“You hear that?”
You ran as far as you could feeling your beating heart, crack like a fragile mirror. So with every few steps you took, you would try to wipe at the tears running down your face. But it didn’t work. It never worked.
You continued to run up the stairs, near the church. Before finding a nearby bench, where not many people or citizens were at.
You just lowered your head hoping no one would notice your tears that laid on face and fell to your lap. You were ready to continue your sobbing, until someone sat besides you.
“Kaeya?” You asked turning your head, swiftly to the right. Kaeya smirked slightly, and raised an eyebrow as to why you had so many tears coming down from your face.
“I saw you running here, so I assumed it was an emergency” he started.
“Oh…” you mumbled. “My apologies then”
He let out a chuckle.
“Why are you crying?” Kaeya asked, grabbing your chin with his hand, and wiping your tears away.
You couldn’t help but let out more sobs. But after some time, the words came out of your lips like a sweet melody.
— — —
For the next following weeks, you grew quite quiet, and just stayed neutral when you were with Diluc. You didn’t laugh, or joke with him like you usually did. Didn’t go to ask him of his favorite things nor asked how his day went. You just went and killed hilichurls and reported it to Jean.
And you stayed extremely quiet when it came to talking with Diluc or Jean. Whether they asked how your day went, or if you needed help. The most they could and would get is a nod or shaking head from you.
But of course when you were in the comfort of your house, behind doors, you were secretly in a relationship with Kaeya. You never wanted it to be too open to the public, but he did tease you a lot. Which made some of the knights question the two of you.
When you two were together at home, you both would either cook with each other, read books, do work, or sleep besides each other. Or just cuddle for hours. Usually the choice was up to you.
“[Name]” Jean called out walking down from one of the hallways. “Have you seen Diluc?”
You shook your head. And darted towards the doors, in a hurry to leave the place. Jean got a bit nervous and started to feel guilty, realizing that you weren’t like you’re usual self.
They had enough knights that have been traumatized and you were the only one who was actually able to spread some joy. But now seeing that you were no longer capable of doing that, she started to question if it was because of her.
When you walked outside, Diluc noticed your presence. But you didn’t notice him, and he watched you walk to the area where some of the Barbara fan clubs would be near. Especially Albert.
Usually in that area where many leaves would pile up and the traveler (aka Honorary Knight) would be forced to clean. Diluc started to follow you.
Even he has been curious on why you didn’t act the same. And as much as he wanted to admit that he preferred you to not be so loud. He quite missed it. Because after these few weeks and nearly a month passing, he realized that he feelings for you.
Feelings he realized he didn’t have before. So when he followed you, and realized you ran into Kaeya’s arms with such joy sparkling in your eyes as Kaeya picked you up. His heart didn’t shatter. But he could feel it drown.
Drowning in regret.
Tumblr media
Childe | Rude Truth
You smiled wildly, as you entered the bank, and entering one of the back halls to go and see if Childe was still lingering in this fancy place. You could hear Childe’s voice coming from his office. As you could hear Scara’s voice as well.
So you stopped carefully right in front of his door. Hearing the two of them speak.
“I can do it myself, asshole.” Scara complained. “Besides why don’t you go and train with [Name]?”
You hear Childe let out a brutal chuckle.
“I hate them, that’s why.”
That one sentence. Left a crack right down in the middle of your heart. Making you feel disappointed and sad. The way the word left his lips were just so… cold.
“Cannot blame you, huh? They piss me off too.” Scara added, and it was enough for you to hear before tears ran down your face.
You ran away from the door loudly, running away as fast as you could and darting out through the main entrance. Running as fast as you could down a few more steps before crashing right into Zhongli.
Tears getting on his cloths due to you.
“Oh my archon!” You exclaimed, embarrassed and trying to hide away the tears. “I am so heavenly sorry!”
Zhongli let out a sigh gesturing his hands that it was fine.
“I am fine… but are you?” Zhongli asked, before wiping off some dirt he got on your shoulders. You couldn’t help but shake off your head.
He patted your head a little bit, as he wrapped an arm around your waist, and having to be by your side while you ranged and complained about what happened. While Childe secretly watched from the balcony.
— — —
After a couple of weeks you managed to get over Childe, and found yourself in a romantic relationship with Zhongli.
He was much better than Childe. He treated you correctly and always praised you for your hard work. Which was something Childe didn’t take very lightly. He didn’t realize how he felt until after he stated his hatred towards you.
It was hard when he was so used to you, running up to him and asking how is day went. It’s like you guys were already in a relationship. Which is why he didn’t take it kindly when you got in a relationship with Zhongli. He felt cheated on.
Now that you no longer clinged onto him, it pissed him every second of the day. So while he watched you right now, drinking tea with Zhongli outside, directly underneath the bridge type of balcony he was standing at.
He slowly wielded his bow, aiming it towards you. Making sure it would hit right in the middle of your neck. So that it could be an instant death. He kept fighting with his brain that it wasn’t fair. How he lost you so easily.
It wasn’t fair. It never was fair.
“If I had to suffer… he should too” Childe mumbled.
He released the arrow.
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greyduckgreygoose · 5 months ago
Once upon a time, there was a boy who lived in a village by the woods.
Though his family was not well-off, the boy was much loved. His mother, the village midwife, doted upon him and often called for him to gather herbs for her in the forest. His father, a hunter and woodcutter, took him along the trails which wound through the dark trees, teaching him to listen to the birds and read the tracks of the beasts.
And so the boy grew, knowing the woods as he did the back of his hand. But one day, and no one could later say why, he went into the woods and was lost.
As the sun fell into the horizon, the boy saw the familiar paths around him disappear one by one, twisting into danger and darkness. To and fro he ran, until he had not enough even the breath to scream. And so he collapsed, exhausted, at the base of a tree, and wept.
“Why do you cry, young one?”
The boy looked up to see a great black wolf with gold eyes watching him. Frightened, the boy scrambled back until he felt bark against his shoulders, his breath shuddering white in the cold air. “Don’t eat me, please!” the boy cried, “I am lost and I cannot find my way home.”
The wolf cocked his head, and it seemed that he looked at the boy with sympathy. “I am the same,” he said, “And so I wish to spare you. But you must understand that I am sorely hungry.” A scrabbling sound came from the underbrush, and the wolf swung his head to the noise, his hackles rising. “And if it is not I who eats you, there are others who will.”
“Please,” the boy pleaded, “My father is a huntsman and he caught a brace of rabbits today. Spare my life and you can have them all.”
The wolf narrowed his eyes, “You better not lie to me, for I am well-weary of the lies of men.”
The boy shook his head mutely and the wolf padded closer, pushing his snout into the boy’s tear-stained face.
“Grab my fur,” the wolf said gruffly, “And do not look back.”
The boy did as he commanded, grabbing two fistfuls of thick, black fur and keeping his eyes to the ground as the wolf led him out from the woods. Though he had looked imposing in the gloom, the wolf was quite thin under his fur, his ribs bumping harshly against the boy’s knuckles and his fur feeling lank and lifeless. Time and time again, the boy heard the sounds of other animals in the underbrush, felt their eyes look hungrily upon him. But every time they came too close, the wolf would growl and snarl and frighten them away.
Finally, the tree line broke and the boy could see the glow of his cottage in the distance. With a joyful sound, he released the wolf’s fur and ran to the warmth and the light, his parents rushing outside when they heard his voice.
In the celebration, the boy all but forgot his promise, until he turned to see a pair of yellow, glowing eyes in the shadows of the trees.
“Papa,” the boy said breathlessly, “Please may I have the rabbits from today’s hunt?”
“Whatever for?” his father asked.
“Why, it is for the wolf that saved me,” the boy said.
“A wolf!” the father drew up angrily, clutching his axe. “I shall kill it!”
“No, no please!” the boy pleaded, but to no avail. His mother swept him inside as his father walked purposefully towards the woods. The boy would never see what happened that night, and later, he would all but forget the incident entirely.
Once upon a time, there was a boy who grew into a man in a village by the woods.
He grew up strong and kind and lively, made brown and freckled by the sun, a favorite among the village maidens. It seemed forgone that he would fall into the life so many had chosen before him, except … there was ever a restlessness in his eyes.
You see, as the boy grew, it seemed that the woods shrank. Each year, humans encroached further into what once was wild. Trees fell faster than they could be replaced, to appease the queen and her heavy taxes. The grim responsibilities of adulthood turned what was once magical into the mundane.
Upon the sudden death of his father, the boy was forced to take his mantle, hunting to provide for his blind and bed-ridden mother.
One morning, in the late days of fall, the huntsman kissed his mother good-bye and set off for the forest. It had been a lean few weeks, with his snares drawing empty and their stores still worryingly light as they eased closer to winter. The huntsman fretted as he walked the trails he knew well, searching for tracks to follow.
It was great luck that he found a fat rabbit in his first snare. Happier, the huntsman continued until he heard a low panting sound coming from the underbrush.
Upon parting the bushes, the huntsman saw a wolf with its foot caught in a cruel steel trap. It was not one of his traps. Lately, the queen had been offering bounties for wolf pelts, citing them as a danger to children. As a result, poachers had been increasingly active.
The thought of someone else hunting in his woods made the huntsman frown, but more distressing still was the state of the wolf, who was bleeding and splayed on the ground, its thin ribs rising and falling under his mottled fur. When he heard the huntsman approach, the wolf weakly attempted to draw his legs under himself, his lips curling back into a snarl.
The huntsman swallowed, one hand falling to his his axe. It would be a mercy to kill the wolf, to spare it the agony of starving to death in the cold.
The wolf’s breath rattled in his chest as he spoke, “Young one, I once gave you your life. Will you take mine in return?”
The huntsman’s eyes widened. Memories began to trickle in … what he once thought was a dream. He dropped to his knees, earning a startled snarl from the wolf. But the huntsman merely raised his empty palms, taking his axe from his side and dropping it out of reach. “Let me help you,” he said. Though the wolf eyed him with suspicion, he did not growl again as the huntsman reached for the trap.
The steel teeth of the trap were slippery with gore, but the huntsman was able to pull it apart with effort. Quickly, painfully, the wolf withdrew his foot as soon as the trap was opened, pulling it under himself and lapping his tongue over the wound.
“You are lucky,” the huntsman said, standing. “It doesn’t appear to have snapped the bone.”
The wolf continued staring at him suspiciously, staggering to his feet. “You are foolish,” the wolf rasped. “Now what will stop me from taking your life?”
“That would be ungrateful,” the huntsman frowned.
“Man is ever ungrateful,” the Wolf replied, “Ever cruel and untrustworthy. Why should I be different?”
The huntsman hesitated, then pulled the fat rabbit from his pack and threw it at the wolf’s feet. The wolf appeared surprised, sniffing at it warily before hunger overcame his forbearance and he ate it, bones and all, in a few greedy bites.
“It is likely your leg will heal badly,” the huntsman said, “Come with me. I have herbs at my home which will help.”
The wolf lowered his head, and when the huntsman turned to walk towards home he followed as biddable as a hound.
“What have you brought me today, dear son?” the huntsman’s mother asked when they arrived at the cottage door. The years had carved fine lines into her face, and made her eyes a milky grey, but she was still lovely, and her smile was soft as she lifted her hands to frame her son’s face.
“A poor mutt, in need of our help,” the huntsman said, kissing his mother’s hands before leading her back to her chair by the fire.
The wolf hesitated at the cottage door until he was ushered in by the huntsman. When he came close, the mother put her hand on his furred head.
“Ah,” the mother said, “What large ears he has.”
“The better to hear you with,” the huntsman said dryly, fetching tinctures and tonics which he mixed from his mother’s recipes.
The wolf submitted quietly to the mother’s gentle petting, the stiffness in his body easing as he sat by the fire. The hunter smiled to see that the wolf’s tail even began to limply wag as he dropped his head into her lap.
Outside, it began to snow.
And so it was that the wolf came to spend the better part of winter with the huntsman and his mother. If the huntsman had misgivings about leaving his mother alone with such a dangerous creature, they were dissipated by the wolf’s gentle nature.
Faithful as a hound, he would follow the mother’s footsteps, nudging her away from sharp corners and guiding her about the cottage. Each morning they would see off the huntsman as he left for his day’s work, and the sight of his mother with the wolf sitting at her feet, waving from the cottage door gave him more motivation to work hard.
For a while, the huntsman had luck. He dug squirrels from their barrows, fat from their fall takings. He shot deer as they picked their way across the thin-frozen pond. His cords of wood sold quickly on the market.
On those nights, they would have warm stew and fresh bread to share, tales the huntsman’s mother would tell as they sat at her feet, and the huntsman would sleep curled with the wolf before the coals of the fire, nestled in his warm fur.
But as the winter lingered, cold and bitter, their provisions ran low, then disappeared altogether. Storm winds raged, preventing the huntsman from leaving the cottage to even cut wood. The mother’s condition worsened, and she could no longer leave the bed.
The huntsman’s youthful face became wan with worry.
One day, the wolf came to him and pressed his muzzle into his hands and said, “You must kill me.”
The huntsman’s brows drew together, “What?”
“You must kill me,” the wolf said patiently, “And take my pelt to the queen. There, you will receive gold enough for your mother’s medicine.”
“I cannot …” the huntsman put his hand on the wolf’s head, “We can … we must find another way!” He began to weep and the wolf gently lapped away his tears.
“You have been kind to me … the only kindness I’ve known,” the wolf said. “Now let me do what I must.”
The huntsman wept, but he understood, and retrieved his axe. The wolf laid upon the floor as meek as any lamb, baring his throat.
Trembling, the huntsman pressed a kiss to the wolf’s muzzle, then stood, and swung the axe.
In that moment, a great flash of light filled the room, and the huntsman stumbled back, the axe falling from his fingers as he shielded his eyes.
When he next looked, the wolf had disappeared, and standing in his place was a darkly handsome man, with hair the color of his wolf’s fur, and eyes of amber hue.
The huntsman gaped, and the former wolf seemed just as surprised, looking at his human hands and fingers with an amazed expression.
“What … what are you?” the huntsman asked.
“In my former life, a prince,” the wolf said, “Cursed by a witch for my ungratefulness. I thought I would never again attain my human form.” With a wide smile, he pulled the huntsman into his arms, squeezing him tightly.
The huntsman flushed, realizing suddenly that the prince was unclothed. “You’re warm,” he mumbled into the prince’s shoulder. “And tall.”
“All the better to hold you with,” the prince said, and pulled him into a kiss.
After deposing the cruel queen, the wolf prince proved himself a fair and measured ruler, humbled by his years in the forest. The huntsman was made his consort, and his mother was given the best care the kingdom had to offer.
Together they lived long, and happily, ever after.
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ɴᴏ, ɪᴛ'ꜱ ᴘʜᴇɴᴏᴍᴇɴᴀʟ
Tumblr media
pairing: husband!bucky barnes x wife!fem!reader
concept:  He watches you sleep, unable to believe that you are his reality.
word count: 1.5k
warnings:  18+ only, smut,  dirty talk, unprotected sex, fingering,oral ( f receiving)
a/n: My first  smut contribution  on tumblr. I really tried but oh well. I apologize if some mistakes appear in my English, as it is my third language. Please share & comment
line dividers by the beautiful @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
There was a soft, even puff of air coming from your mouth as the sheets tangled around your bare legs.Across the downy pillow, your hair fanned out. Your eyelids were closed, long lashes brushing your cheeks, as he admired the serene expression on your face. Your hands held a protective grasp over your growing belly. The fact he had the whole day off made him think he could stare at you all day long. He had the whole day free. Without a doubt, he would stare at you all day.
Bucky's eyes were glued to the striking woman in front of him. It seemed as though his life revolved around the woman he was married to, yet he couldn't believe that it was you. His sole reason for living and living truly was you. Your eyes were hazy from sleep. Blinking once, twice, and three times, you turned to face him.
A yawn escaped your plump lips. "Watching me sleep again, huh?" your lips curled into a dazzling smile. As Bucky nodded, his lips relaxed into a smile. "Trying to figure out how I got so lucky." After you stroked his stubbled cheeks, he started kissing you. He took your hand and you felt comfortable in his warm hands. "I believe I'm the luckiest one here." "Oh yeah? How's that?" His kisses on the palm of your hand made you feel at ease. "Somehow, I managed to stumble into the very best experience of my life. Thanks to you, I have begun the most joyful journey of my life."
The moment Bucky gently touched your lips, he felt a tiny flutter in your abdomen. While pressing your lips together he was almost sure he felt the baby kick too. Bucky whispered softly, "I absolutely love you." Your face glowed with love. As Bucky pressed his forehead against yours, he murmured, "You know...I was an absolute idiot... When I should have realized what was right in front of me, I chased what was thought to be my desire. When the reality was so much better.”
After finding everything that he had always wanted and wished for, Bucky was finally able to move on from his former flame who is lost in the universe and his mind. He felt like he was finally able to let go of someone who had deprived him of the true meaning of love. Bucky had finally found the thing he had always wanted, and everthing he had ever dreamed of. His partner, his heart, and his equal. It was wonderful to know someone loved you despite your shortcomings and to know that even when you were at your worst, they still saw your worth. That was his love, you.
"I love you, Bucky. You're here, and that's what counts. And not for nothing, but you're mine."
Your lips were gently stroked. A hand fumbled in your hair, grasping at the long, silky waves.
He pushed you towards him and closed his arms around his waist, pulling up his undershirt.
As you touched his skin, it felt like you were on fire. It wasn't enough. He wanted more of you. With the hem of your nightgown lifted, he moved his hand between your bodies. As Bucky writhed under his digits, the sound of his name was like poetry on your lips. Then you began to writhe beneath him, beneath his digits. You whispered, "Buckkyy.".
He handheld you gently as he squatted low on the bed and bucked you in the bed. As he crouched low on the mattress, he gently pulled apart your creamy thighs. Your eyes glistened with anticipation as you glanced at him. His fingers tucked into your underwear's waistband as you arched up a little. It didn't matter to him whether they were maternity underwear or not, he thought they were incredibly sexy.
You sound husky. He was most intrigued by your melodic, lyrical voice. As he yanked down the underwear, they fell off your feet and onto the ground. As he licked his lips, your tongue mimicked his movements. He pressed his kisses to your already moist center, moaning, "Oh my goodness, Buc--!"
Your pregnancy had made you very sensitive, and he could feel that you were enjoying every single thrust of his tongue. As Bucky lapped and sucked as greedily as he could, he soaked up your juices. 
You were his destiny, he was destined to adore you. Getting stuck in his past cost him so much time, he was missing out on so much! 
The tips of his hair were brushing against your hands as you pulled. Bucky's tongue danced around your clit, circling around the pulsating bud. His efforts did not cease until he felt the first waves of your orgasm. Feeling his lips brush your middle as you rocked against his mouth, waves of pleasure rolled across your face. Three more times Bucky licked your seam before he spread you out on the bed and spread your hands at your sides.  "Bucky," you moaned. "Wow, that was delicious." He winked at you. "That is my phrase. I wish I could return the favor once I can move again." you smiled lazily.
"You've already repaid the favor countless times. I'm taking care of your needs today," he said as he stroked your cheek with soft kisses.
To tease him, you asked, "What special occasion are we celebrating?". "It's always an adventure with you. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you. I love you. I need you."
"When you speak like that-" You winked at Bucky. Bucky laughed, "I see you've been turned on again, doll."
You nodded. Bucky, you're totally needed right now." You tugged at the drawstring on his baggy pajamas. He grinned as you were about to strip him of his boxers. Your warm hands climbed on him and you rode yourself up on him
Your head snapped back as his engorged body slammed against you. Suddenly, a loud scream erupted in the air as he slipped in and thrust. "Faster, Bucky, faster!" you shouted. Bucky's shoulders and waist were swept with your fingers, and you dug your nails into the skin on his back without trying to cover the marks you left.
A sigh of pleasure filled your lungs as Bucky sank into you, pulling your edges around him, and letting your back collapse onto his. Instead of restraining yourself from grasping your shoulders and turning so that you were riding him, you clamped down hard.
He was meant to indulge you, but you were indulging him in return. There was that feeling of equality once again, that feeling of being completely compatible. He lifted his head to watch the enticing jiggle of your breasts. He nipped lightly through your barely-there nightgown to get to one nipple. He noticed your smile as he gave you pleasure.
The moment you saw him, your eyes lit up like fire. The look on your face said you were on the verge of tumbling, desperate for release. His arm gripped you and you cried out his name.
Bucky pumped a few times more into you after reaching his peak. His lips touched the crown of your head as you panted loudly on his chest. In an attempt to roll off of him, he pulled you back.
"Where do you think you're heading, doll?" He asked. "I don't intend to crush you more than necessary, Bucky.". "Doll, you are always as light as a feather."
"You're a very clever liar, James." You rolled over top of him and curled up next to his side as he grinned. He embraced you tightly. You felt the palm of his metal touch on your belly once more. "If it's a girl, I want to name her after your sister," Bucky whispered in your ear, " Antonella Barnes."
The unshed tears still smudged your eyes as you lifted them up to his. "Do you mean that?" you asked. "Yes. In her honor since she was the one who made me realize I had to be here with you"
You were in a dark place when your sister passed away. Sadly, she will not see you have a family with Bucky. She dreamed of being an aunt, and now your future child will be named after her.
Bucky felt the dampness of your tears seeping into his skin as you pressed your tear-stained face against his chest. "Oh, Bucky, damn you for being so phenomenal," you sobbed.
"My ability to be so incredible is all thanks to you. Encourage and inspire me to be the gentleman I've always wanted to be."
Your silence was a clear indication that you did not want to take credit for who he was becoming. Despite everything, you frequently told him he was a magnificent man; you loved him just the way he was. With and without flaws. Every day you live for him. He helped you cope with the death of your sister. "So that's what happiness feels like, huh?" He grinned as he wrapped his arms around you.
"It's nice. No, it's phenomenal. My love."
Tumblr media
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violettelueur · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
| featuring : gojo satoru ft. itadori yuji, fushiguro megumi and kugisaki nobara from jujutsu kaisen
| warnings : grammar errors, but other than that n/a
| form : imagine
| word count : 1293
| published : 07 december
| request : Yay my first request here :) Can I please have a Gojo x fem! Reader where they have a 2 year old baby (you can pick the gender) and maybe for the first time he brings them to work to meet his students and all. Maybe the baby acts a lot like him as well? You can pick a scenario or Headcannons thank you so much! ❤️
| barista’s notes : hi there! thank you so much for your first request, i hope i met up to the standard for your first order ʕ≧ᴥ≦ʔ i can’t lie, i kinda didn’t read the order correctly as i thought it said that ‘you brought him to work’ rather than gojo himself ʕ ㅇ ᴥ ㅇʔ that’s a little oops on my part and this was just posted in time before gojo satoru’s birthday ended (in the uk), i hope you enjoy your order of a cup of classic black coffee (jujutsu kaisen request!) and please come again soon!
Tumblr media
Patiently, at this current moment in time, you were quietly resting your body on Gojo’s expensive chair with your little human, who had seated himself on your lap, playing with the few strands of your hair to occupy himself with the pending silence that was going on between you and him, waiting for his father to safely return from his mission with his current first years.
Ever since your blossoming relationship with the white-haired shaman, there was never a day where you weren’t expecting something chaotic to happen wherever it be him surprising you by him popping out of nowhere to him telling you weird and compelling stories that he had from his missions that he went alone or his first years - it had been like that since the both of you met during your first year at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College, the most chaotic being when he caused a whole mansion to blow up from his use of his curse technique while forgetting to put a curtain up leaving you, Gojo, Ieiri and Geto to get a stern scolding from their teacher at the time Yaga.
Feeling a little hand slap itself on your open palm like a high-five, you peered down to see your baby staring up at you with his most beautiful glossy crystal-blue eyes that he had inherited from his father. To be completely honest, you wondered what this little boy had even inherited from you, he was a tiny exact copy of your husband with his bright white locks that was surprisingly smooth to the touch.
“I carried you for 9 months, only for you to come out looking like your papa ha?” you teasingly asked the child as if he could even answer back, as his only response was a cheeky smile before he called out to you with his hands up in the air.
“Mama!” the joyful boy cheered, causing you to lower your head letting the boy cutely cup your cheeks with his small hands before he gave you a messy kiss on your nose.
‘Yeah, an exact copy of your papa, personality-wise as well’
However, before you could even voice out this little thought of yours, there was a sound a wooden door being slide open causing you to turn to look towards the direction of the sound, only to find awaited first years as well as your tall husband in the doorway to which then you were greeted with two extremely confused faces, one surprised face and one exceedingly happy face.
“Is that my wife and baby boy waiting for me?” Gojo gleefully said before walking towards you and your son with ‘give me, give me’ hands causing your little boy to cheer as he also reached his smaller hands out to his father.
Looking towards Gojo’s student, you saw the two students that screamed, who you assumed were Itadori Yuji and Kugisaki Nobara, point towards you with Fushiguro standing beside them, giving an irritated expression due to their loudness. “Megumi, there is no need to give them such a look, there is no surprise that they don’t know me and the little baby here, have you eaten yet?” you softly stated before he walked up to you telling you that Gojo took everyone out to eat as he then asked how you were.
“Hold up Gojo-sensei, since when did you have a family?!” Itadori loudly questioned leading to your little boy - who was now lifted up in Gojo’s arms - to look towards the student and smiled before lifting up his tiny finger. “Salmon,” the baby suddenly uttered, causing you to cover your mouth in shock as well as to try to hold in your laughter.
‘Yeah, definitely a copy personality-wise’
“Now, now, where did you learn that teasing from? Your mother?” Gojo asked in an ‘innocent’ tone, causing you to turn to look at him with a slightly annoyed expression as you snapped back with, “I think it’s the other way round here idiot, I raised Megumi and look how perfectly he turned out”. However, it seemed like your baby boy wasn’t concerned with the little incident as he just adorably giggled at Itadori’s confused expression before quickly turning back to you with his arms outstretched towards you again - as you said, personality-wise he was like your husband, he was quite clingy towards you like Gojo is.
“Wait, she raised you Fushiguro?” Nobara asked as she turned to him leading to the quiet shaman to nod before proceeding to lean against the wooden wall. “Y/N-san was somewhat like a mother to me when I was younger,” Fushiguro explained as he then turned to look at you, only to find you concentrating on the little human that was now back in your arms.
From his perspective, you looked extremely happy, just like how you did 2 years ago when he saw you holding the baby when it was a newborn in the hospital. You had that motherly look in your eyes when you looked down at your son - the same motherly look you had for both him and his sister when you both first met. Looking back up to his teacher, he noticed the calm and content expression painted on his face - the same one that he saw when Gojo first saw his child on your arms. Even within this world full of evil and destruction, you and Gojo still had that hint of happiness that both of you shared that he also felt ever since he came into your lives. This was what a family was like.
“Can I see the baby Y/N-san?” Nobara kindly asked as she crouched down to be in height level with the child to which you answered with a gentle smile at her as well as a nod before placing the child on your lap, facing him towards the student. “Woah, he looks exactly like Gojo-sensei,” Nobara quietly muttered as the student admired his features, leading to your husband to butt in and exclaim while pointing at himself, “isn’t he cute? He is my twin after all,” leading you to giggle slightly at his childish behaviour.
Looking around the room, people on the outside would think this was just a room filled with people with no deep relations at all. However, when you looked around the room, you saw a huge family that was wild and chaotic. Yes, even though you only knew Itadori and Kugisaki for at least 10 minutes, you knew that they came all the way here at Jujutsu Tech with no family by their side just like Fushiguro had. Maybe it was just you being a motherly figure? When did it start? Was it when Gojo introduced you to Fushiguro Megumi and Fushiguro Tsumiki? Or was it when your son was born from the love that you and Gojo created? To be honest, you don’t think you’ll ever know. But that didn’t matter at all, because your family was right here in front of you.
Suddenly, you felt a light kiss being placed upon your nose causing you to snap out of your thoughts, only to then come to the realisation that Gojo was in front of your view. Although, this also didn’t go unnoticed by your cheeky son, as he unexpectedly grabbed a small strand of your hair before gently tugging you down to give you a kiss on the same place leading you to laugh at both of your boys.
“Thank you for giving me a family honey~” Gojo gently muttered as he stroked your son’s cheek with his finger, causing you to brightly smile at him as you looked back at your beautiful son.
“Thank you for making me a part of your family”
Tumblr media
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mauvecherie-writes · a month ago
Baby Fever
Tumblr media
pairing: lewis tan x black f!reader
summary: lewis seeing you play with his niece sparks a deep need within him … a need for you to have his baby.
warning: 18+ nsfw, minors dni, explicit sexual content, breeding kink
note: first part of my mini kinktober. there is no plot here, just vibes. im feeling rusty writing for mr tan so please be gentle :)
word count: +1.5K
Since morning Lewis has had to watch you take care of his niece. Whenever he tried to help, you would push him aside and give baby Max all of your attention. Something other people would find a little irritating but for him, he was completely enamored with how your motherly nature was showing.
You sang to her as you changed her diaper which not only brought a smile to the baby’s face but to his. Your eyes seemed to light up as Max giggled and smiled back at you. You held her tiny feet in your hands before placing soft and ticklish kisses on them, her joyful laughs filling the room.
“You’re just a happy baby aren't you? Even when you’ve made a stinky.” You said with a giggle before finishing changing the diaper and pinning up her onesie. It was only then when you picked her into your arms and stood up straight did you realise that Lewis was standing by the door.
“What?” You inquisitively asked when you saw a look of fondness on his face. All he did was shake his head with a smile drawing on his lips.
“Okay then. You can take this to the bin.” You said as you handed him the plastic bag with the dirty diaper and walked past him. He did as you asked without complaint and continued to shadow you for the rest of the time that you had his niece.
The feeling that swelled inside of him was becoming too overwhelming to bear. He almost swooned when he saw how upset you were when you handed his niece over back to her parents. He stood beside you as you began to wipe the dishes from dinner. You were still sulking and he found it adorable.
“You okay baby?” He mumbled as he moved your hair to the side and placed a soft kiss onto your shoulder. You sighed and turned to look at him with the soft pout playing on your lips. Lewis cracked a soft smile as he used the pad of his thumb to caress your bottom lip.
“So I’ve been thinking.” You started to say and Lewis immediately knew what was on your mind and it almost made him growl. He held your face in his hands and pulled you closer. You could hear his heavy breathing and when you felt the swell of his cock against your stomach. “Oh!” You gasped as you held onto his arms.
“Yeah baby.” He mumbled against your lips as you began to smile. You leaned forward and kissed him. He moaned as he tightly held you and deepened the kiss. It did not take long before each movement became feverish and needy. Your hands were everywhere as you tried to feel him as much as possible. The dishes long forgotten as the edge of the counter dug into the flesh of your back.
“I know we’ve talked about it in passing.” You tried to speak between kisses as you unbuttoned Lewis’s jeans. “But being with baby Max today really had me thinking.” You breathed out as his lips trailed down your neck and he sucked the skin into his mouth. You moaned out loud when he bit down, marking you. “I want a baby.” You stated.
Lewis stopped what he was doing as he felt a rush run through him. You had been together for a few years now and the topic had been broached multiple times but there was something about watching his sister-in-law’s pregnancy and babysitting his niece put the picture into full view. He wanted you to have his baby and he had wanted it for a very long time and the fact that you wanted the same made his whole body reel.
When you looked into his eyes and saw the swirl of emotions within them made you whimper. His pupils were dilated but the glint of lust carried by adoration had you pressing into him. He brought your leg to his waist as his other hand moved onto the back of your head and gripped your neck.
“Watching you today made me realise how much I wanted to see you walking around with your belly round carrying our baby. How nurturing you would be and I got so hard thinking about it.” You whimpered at his words as he picked you up into his arms and began to walk towards your bedroom but your neediness had you grinding your core against him which made it harder for him to think.
“The couch.” You whispered into his ear as your slick pooled in between your thighs. He safely placed you down on the large cushions and you reached upwards for his lips as he roughly pulled the straps of your sundress down your arms, exposing your breasts. His large body hovered above you even though he was on his knees in between your legs as he sucked one of your nipples into his mouth as his hands reached underneath your dress and pulled your underwear down your legs.
“Lew please.” You moaned as you pulled him back to your mouth and moved to push his shirt down his arms and pulled up his vest. He quickly moved away from you to discard the white vest down onto the carpeted floor. There was no need for foreplay, you were too wet and too much in a haze for his cock to think straight. He folded your body so that your legs were on his shoulders, your dress bunched up at your waist as Lewis’s jeans barely made past his ass cheeks before he was brushing the tip of his cock against your clit.
“You sure you want this Princess?” He asked you as he leaned down and pecked your lips. You reached in between your close bodies and took his cock into your hand and led him into your warm cunt. He groaned softly as you began to pull him deeper into you.
“Give me your baby Lew, please.” Your whispered plea broke the last of his control. As soon as he filled you to the brim and your little mewls reached his ears he knew that he wasn’t stopping until his seed had planted.
The pounding of hips was frantic. Too much energy was pent up and he was taking it out on your poor pussy. But the erraticness of his actions made you even wetter. You could feel each drag of his cock against your walls, sending shivers down your spine. You arched off the couch, pushing your chest into his.
You felt suffocated but in the best way, his dick was causing a bulge in the pit of your stomach. Your sweet spot was being hit with thrust and it turned you to mush. Your moans and groans mingled in the air between you as that bubble in the bottom of your abdomen expanded. You looked down to see where your bodies joined and moaned softly at the sight of his cock lined with your slick.
“You’re taking me in so deep princess, fuck.” Lewis groaned as he pushed your thigh down and fucked you harder. You tried to speak but no sound came out, with each piston of his hips, he took your breath away. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you tightly clenched around him.
“Pl-ea, please.” You stuttered through your gasps as the tip of his cock touched your sweet spot over and over again. He was a man on a mission and when you said that you wanted a baby, he was going to give it to you. It didn’t matter that your juices were coating the fabric around Lewis's cock, his balls were swelling, ready to erupt. Typically the both of you would last longer than this but the pent up frustration got the best of you.
“You want me to fill you up baby? You want me to fill you up?” He spoke as his thrusts became sloppy, You frantically nodded your head as your fingers dug into the flesh of his arms. Lewis did not care for the pain that pinched his skin, all he cared about were the pleas you were making as your orgasm approached. You opened you eyes and ran your hands through his hair and tugged.
“Cum inside me Daddy, fill me up so good. Pretty please.” Your voice wrecked him and triggered his orgasm. He swelled inside of you and his hips staggered as he splattered his seed deep inside of your walls. Your hands came to his ass to still him.
He collapsed into you and you both held each other in a moment of silence.
Then you started to giggle. The both of you had never acted like that before. Following such a deep need for each other that you could not even make it to the bedroom.
“Why are you laughing? I’m not done with you yet.” Lewis mumbled into your neck as he began to place kisses on your neck. He was still hard inside of you, indicating his intentions.
“Oh I know” You replied as you moved your hand up his back and caressed his back muscles. You shared loving kisses and sweet murmurings before you looked into his eyes. “Are we really doing this? Are we really having a baby?”
“Yes we are. And we’re going to have a lot of practice.”
Tumblr media
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sebbiebarneslikeplvms · 10 months ago
Spooky (Zeke Yeager x Reader)
✵ Pairing : Zeke Yeager x Female Reader. (everyone is 18+).
✵ Summary : After seeing a horror movie with everyone at night, you sneak in Zeke’s bed, wanting some comfort.
✵ Word count : 2.7k
✵ Warnings : modern au, smut, fluff, Zeke cums in you cuz he’s possessive, and a tiny bit of breathplay, aftercare, hand over mouth. (tell me if I need to add something), Zeke is a tease but we all know that.
✵ Note : Reader and Zeke already are together but it’s secret. And in this, Zeke is living with his mother Dina and he has a good relationship with his brother. (cuz he needs love okay).
Tumblr media
“Does everyone have all they need?”, asked the tall man. 
“Yeeessss”, came the joyful answer in unison. 
Here you were. In the Yeager house, more precisely on their couch with everyone else. 
And how you were regretting this. 
Of course you loved coming here, you loved your friends and the Yeager family but in no way you were loving horror movies. You hated them. They were giving you the chills everytime, even when nothing was happening, the dark ambiance was enough to put your hands in front of your eyes. 
Eren and his brother, Zeke, took advantage of the fact that the mother of the older brother, Dina, was out for the weekend to invite Eren’s closest friends to stay for the night. 
You, Armin and Mikasa. 
Even though Zeke was a bit older than any of you, he was still close to his brother and the three of you, his charming tone always welcomed in your little movie nights. Well he was surely a bit closer to one of Eren’s friends. 
This friend was you, indeed. 
A few months ago, when you first encountered Zeke, both of you automatically grew attached to one another. Maybe the appeal was physical at first but when you shared more and more conversations, you knew the attraction was really more than superficial. Your relationship always stayed secret, for the good reason that neither you nor him wanted to explain to his little brother how the two of you got attached. 
“Okay Armin I’m here, you can start the movie”, said Zeke while sitting on the couch close to you, both of your thighs grazing against each other from closeness. 
Eren was on the other side of the couch, his head on the armrest, while Armin had taken the comfy chair and Mikasa was laying on the floor on the soft carpet. 
When the movie title “Conjuring” appeared on the screen , your heart already started beating loudly in your chest. As if Zeke could hear it too, he closed the gap between you and him, his lips grazing against your ear, “Ow, already scared sweetheart? How cute”, he whispered, adding a little laugh at the end of his sentence. 
You tried to give a punch to his chest to shut him up, but he caught your wrist just before your fist could touch him, grinning proudly. 
“Heyyyy you two, what are you doing over there, it’s starting”, asked Eren with an annoyed tone, without detaching his eyes from the screen. 
You removed your hand from the man’s grip, “Nothing, your brother is just being annoying, as always”, you answered to your friend while sticking your tongue out to Zeke, childlishy, making him roll his eyes. 
It wasn’t long before the first screamers appeared on screen. If you were laughing a few minutes ago, your smile had now disappeared completely, rather replaced by your brows furrowed in fear and your hands clutching your blanket tightly between your fingers, covering half of your face with it. 
Even if at first Zeke found your little jumps quite amusing, when you started to shake in total fear in front of the horrific ambiance, his smile had also disappeared. Zeke would obviously be a dick most of the time but he would never mock you when you will need some comfort. 
Seeing that the room was totally pitched black apart from the light being transmitted by the TV screen, Zeke thought that placing his arm under your blanket to grip your waist tightly to bring you even closer to him wouldn’t hurt, everyone was too focused on the movie to care anyway. 
And you couldn’t lie, when his other hand placed itself on your thigh to rub little circles, your heart finally slowed down a bit. Even if your little shakes were still present, your fear had decreased slightly. 
Zeke would never show his vulnerable side, except if this was you. Because you were the only one who took time to learn more about him. 
If people knew how Zeke could be when he trusted someone, the world would not recognize him. That’s why your relationship being your little secret would be better for now. 
With the calming embrace you were in, you didn’t even realize that the time had passed that quickly, when you saw the end credits appearing on the black screen. 
When Mikasa got up from the floor to put the lights on, your lover removed both of his hands slowly, not before giving a last squeeze to your waist. 
“Well that wasn’t that bad after all”, yawned Armin while stretching his arms on top of his head. 
“It's 3am, sooo”, it was Eren’s turn to yawn, “Armin sleeps in my room, Mikasa wants the couch, so you can take the guest room, okay?”, he asked you, to which you nodded. Dina’s house wasn’t the biggest, Eren’s room neither, it was then impossible for all of you to sleep in the same room, to your dismay. Getting to bed, alone, just after a horror movie wasn’t ideal, but in no way you wanted to show your fear in front of everyone. 
But Zeke wasn’t everyone, he started to know you pretty well, when he saw your gaze drifting to one corner of the room to another quickly, the habit you had to nibble your lip when you were anxious and the way you were twisting your fingers, he already knew what was going on inside your mind, you were scared because of the movie. He knew you already had trouble sleeping alone with good conditions, this night wouldn’t be good for you. 
He waited for Armin and Eren to shut the bedroom’s door after they voiced a tired “Good night” to everyone, and for Mikasa to go to the kitchen fetching some water, before telling you, “You know if you have nightmares, don’t hesitate to come into my room hmm?”. You knew he would tell you that, he always did his best to make you comfortable even though he would never admit it. 
“Thank you Zeke, I appreciate it”, you smiled. 
Before you could go to your room, he brought you close to him by the back of your head to press a little good night kiss on your forehead, giving you a little wink before closing his door.
Tumblr media
Here you were, alone in the guest room, it was cold, dark and scary. 
You swore that when you closed your eyes, you could see the disturbing scenes that you saw earlier. You were wrapped tightly inside the sheets, not letting an inch of your body stick out of the bed. When one, then two hour had passed, without you being able to sleep, turning around in your bed every minute, you couldn't take it anymore. 
You got up from your bed and opened in the most discreet way possible your door. In the dark, you were walking on your tiptoes to avoid waking up anyone. When you finally reached the door of your lover, you opened it as quietly as possible, just like before, and entered inside it. 
If you hadn’t spent countless hours in his room, you wouldn’t have been able to know where to walk or to even find the bed. When you finally touched with the tip of your fingers, the soft sheets of his bed, you engulfed yourself in it. 
You didn’t even have time to fully cover yourself when you felt a pair of strong arms pulling you back. 
“You took time sweetheart”, he kissed the back of your exposed neck. 
If you were shivering before, whether it would be because of fear or cold, now wasn’t the case anymore, we could even say that it was the opposite.
Zeke was always incredibly warm during the night, always sleeping only in his boxers. You, on the other hand, were only wearing a pair of blue panties and a white t-shirt. It didn’t take a long time for him to share with you his warmth, especially when your back was pressed this tight against his chest. 
His arms wrapped around your middle to keep you close to him. His head in the crook of your neck, smelling your scent and pressing little kisses here and there. 
When you thought he couldn’t get any more closer, you felt his mouth press oh so lightly against the side of your ear, while one of his hands started to trail down over your body. 
Caressing your tummy through your t-shirt, then trailing lower to grope your thighs to finally reach between your thighs, he started playing with the waistband of your panties, slamming it back one or two times against your skin. 
“You know I can help you sleep in an efficient way, darling”, he whispered, while his hand made it’s way inside your undergarments, making you let out a little gasp of surprise. 
Zeke started playing with your pussy, well, he was rather teasing you than really doing something to relieve the tension in your body. He put a few fingers inside your wet folds, gathering your juices to spread some on your already engorged clit. He was clearly having a fun time, chuckling darkly at your poor attempts to silence your little whimpers of frustration, your hips moving in erratic little circles to help ease the tension between your legs. 
“Come on Zeke do something, please, please”.
“Ow, do you already miss me that much? Poor little thing”, he replied in a mocking tone. 
He didn’t hesitate much longer, seeing that you were already so wet for him, and that he, himself, was also perfectly ready for you, the tip of his cock beginning to come out of his black boxers. 
He removed his hand from your underwear and pushed the material aside while taking his hard cock glistening with precum with his other hand, guiding it to your entrance. He entered you oh so slowly, so slowly that you could almost feel every veins grazing your inner walls that were contracting and pulsating against him, giving Zeke a hard time himself to keep his volume down. 
“You’re so fucking tight, even after all those times that I fucked you good”, he hissed when he finally fully filled you up.  
While he waited for you to adjust to his size, both of your ragged breaths could be heard in the silent room, until they almost synchronized, like a symphony. 
Waiting for you to be at ease, Zeke resumed, like earlier, his little circles on your thighs, calming your breath a little.
“You can move, Zeke”, you whispered in a high pitched tone. 
And he didn’t need to be told twice. When these words came out of your mouth his hips were already moving at a rapid pace behind you, the wet noises of your pussy could even be heard over the moans that spilled from your open mouth. 
“Shh, shh, keep quiet, you know my brother’s room is just behind mine, you wouldn’t want your friends to know that you’re such slut for me, hmm doll?”, he asked like he was explaining something to a little child. 
“No, Zeke”, you bite on your lips trying to hide your moans as best as you could. 
“You’re so obedient for me, my pretty little girl hmm”, he talked to himself, watching you from the side with a little smile on his face when he saw you bite your lower lip harder when his thrusts were going even more strong and quick, making your eyes rolls to the back of your head. 
You were feeling so much pleasure that it was now nearly impossible for you to not scream at the way his tip kissed your cervix, keeping your mouth shut was  no longer in your priorities. Your moans were getting louder and louder when a hand came to press tightly on your whole mouth and even a part of your nose. 
“I asked you to shut up, didn’t I?”, you nodded with teary eyes, “That’s what I thought, but apparently I’m fucking you so stupid that it’s hard for you to remember”, his lips whispered, still pressed to the side of your ear. 
His words were helping you reach your climax faster, his groans spilling inside your ear were also boosting it but the fact that his hand was not only blocking any sounds from your mouth but also restricting slightly the airway of your nose, was the thing that almost pushed you through the edge. 
All the sensations almost made you dizzy, head spinning. Your fingers clutching tightly the pillow beneath your head, you had to gather all the strengths that were left in you to hear his next words. 
“Oh fuuck, I’m gonna cum in you, you hear me? So that you will be entirely mine and mine alone. I’m the only one who is allowed to touch you like this, isn’t that right my dear?”. 
When you tried to answer with his hand still on your mouth, making a mess of yourself, putting saliva inside his palm and onto your face, Zeke couldn’t hold back a little laugh. 
When he sensed you close from cumming, he puts his other hand under your shirt, on one your breast to pinch a nipple, adding extra pleasure before you couldn’t hold your orgasm anymore, feeling the knot in your stomach snapping and feeling the waves of your climax running through your body, making you tremble a little in his arms. 
Zeke wasn’t far behind you, and your pulsating pussy around him was the only thing he needed to climax into you, painting your inner walls with his cum, stuffing you so full that a few drops were able to escape from your hole. The sensations were too much for him as well, making him bite your shoulder to stop his loud moans, surrely leaving a mark there when you will wake up tomorrow.
Zeke waits patiently for his breathing and yours to calm down a bit before pulling out of you, making sure to replace your underwear correctly on you so that his cum stays in you during the night. 
He removes gently his hand from your mouth and wipe it on his sheets, he then turns you back to see you correctly and takes the corner of his sheets to wipe your mouth from your saliva and little tears that may have slipped. 
He takes the time to look at you tenderly, watching the way your eyes are getting heavy lidded from tiredness, your mouth parting a little as you let him clean you and how your hands are gripping his shoulders in need of support. 
When he is done wiping the little mess on your face, he lowers his head to take your lips in a passionate kiss, but not a rough one like you’re used, this one is tender yet strong. You can feel the remaining taste of cigarette and mint in his mouth, his fingers gripping your jaw with a feather-like touch, wanting you closer to him but as if he could break you, despite the moment you just shared. 
Zeke breaks the kiss and starts patting your head gently, when he asks you in a lullaby-like voice, “You okay sweetheart? Do you feel any kind of pain?”. 
Every ounce of strength having disappeared from your body, you only nod your head from side to side, as a no. 
He seemed pleased, “Alright sleepyhead”, he laughed, “I told you I could help you, didn’t I?”.
As an answer you just squeeze him tighter into your arms and deep your head into his chest, wanting nothing more than to sleep in his comforting arms. 
He puts his chin on top of your head, and secures his hold on you, putting one of his legs between yours to get you even closer to him. 
When Zeke finally feels you relax, your heart beating against his in synchronization, your littles snores starting to break loose from your lips, he can’t help but say to himself in a sincere voice. 
“I think I’ve grown fond of you”.
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randominagines · 5 months ago
Pairing: Avengers X neutral!reader
Warning: fluff
P.s. if you find any mistake please correct me, English is not my mother tongue and I want to improve. Reblog, if you can, it helps a lot, thank you💕
P.p.s. gifs belong to the creators.
Avengers reacting to you telling them "I love you":
Tumblr media
For as much as he looks confident, he would be shocked at first: he actually didn't expect you to love him back. He has a bad temper, as we all know, and can sometimes be full of himself, but you showed him, in several occasions, that you know how big his heart is. He would stare at you, his eyes scanning you and, for the first time ever, speechless; then he would finally process your words and kiss you. That's his way to show you how happy he is about your confession. He would then open his heart to you: "Y/n, I must say that I'm surprised, but I couldn't be happier, I love you too."
Tumblr media
Steve is a pure soul: he would immediately smile and show how enthusiastic he is while his cheeks go pink. He would stare at you with his big blue eyes and hug you, his arms lifting you and making you twirl. He would be totally overwhelmed with joy and would caress the back of your head. "Y/n, you can't imagine how much this means to me, I love you too." He would say then he would kiss you softly, his touch delicate and respectful, because he's still a 1945 man, after all.
Tumblr media
I feel like he would be the kind of person who's been in love with you for years but never thought you could love him back or look at him as a lover, so he would feel like you just lifted his burden. Thor would take a moment to process it: he would look at you, his eyes widened, then he would melt into the sweetest smile. He would immediately cup your face with his hands, his intense eyes fixed on you. "Y/n, I love you too, I've always loved you." He would say before passionately kissing you, in a slow but super intense way, his strong hands gentle but firm on your skin.
Tumblr media
Natasha is so perceptive so she would probably have sensed that before, but hearing it from you is something else... she would be so shy: she would look away and smile, her stomach filling with butterflies while she asks "You really do love me?". She knows how pure and precious you are and she just wants to make you happy but she also had a difficult life and love was never in her plans, mostly because she didn't think she could find it. You would put a finger under her chin and look at her in her eyes and repeat that once again. "Yes, I love you, Nat, a lot.". She would melt at this point: her lips would search for yours and she would caress your cheek while kissing you, then she would whisper. "I love you too, oh my God, I really do."
Tumblr media
Wanda is basically a cinnamon roll and she has a romantic soul: she would smile, her eyes looking at you with tenderness while she walks to you and slowly reaches her hand to caress your cheek, her touch delicate. "You can't imagine how happy I am, I love you too, y/n." She would say, her forehead against yours. You would be the one who searches for her lips but she would immediately kiss you back, her arms crossing on your shoulders. She would kiss you with tenderness, her lips curved into a smile while she gives you small kisses all over your cheeks, nose and neck, then she would gently hug you, happier than ever.
Tumblr media
He. Would. Freak. Out. He would initially look at you in shock, his heartbeat fastening and his hands nervously scratching the back of his head. He would stutter a lil bit and mostly starting to talk nonsense. "What? Are you sure? I - I mean, of course you are, but you do love me? I like this, I mean, that's great but..." You would have to shut him up by putting a hand on his mouth, your joyful laugh making him calm down and smile. "Pet, I'm sure, I love you." You would say while gently caressing the back of his head. He would slowly put a hand on you waist, his eyes scanning you to check if that's okay with you, then he would smile. "I love you too, very much." He would say and then kiss you while keeping smiling against your lips.
Tumblr media
He would be mesmerized: he wouldn't stop staring at you, his usual smirk on his face but this time looking softer, tenderer. He would walk to you without saying a word, then he would grab your waist and kiss you: his tongue searching for yours and his hands caressing your waist. He would smile on your lips and gently squeezing your hips: "I love you too, baby." He would say and give you another quick kiss before biting his lower lip. "God, how gorgeous you are." He would compliment you and enjoy the redness spreading in your cheeks;
Tumblr media
Bucky loves you intensely, but he is so broken that he needs time to process. He wouldn't say a word, his eyes would widen and he would stare at you, his whole body suggesting him to run to you but his mind keeping him still. He would take a deep breath. "Y/n, I'm complicated and you are..." He would try to say, but words are not exactly his field. He would caress you cheek slowly, almost afraid to break you, then he would exhale. "I don't know if I deserve you." He would finally spill the truth. You would caress him, your eyes looking at him with tenderness before comforting him. "Bucky, you deserve anything that makes you feel happy and loved, because you are a good person and I will not believe otherwise." His eyes would get watery while he gently caresses you, his lips curving into a tiny smile. "I love you too, y/n, I hope I'll be able to prove it to you." He would whisper, his lips on yours. "You will." You would say before kissing him slowly.
Tumblr media
Loki's face would be a mix between absolutely enthusiastic and surprised: he would immediately smile, his eyes lighting up and his hands searching for yours. He would kiss both of your hands and look at you. "What have I done to deserve someone like you?" He would whisper while hugging you, his face hidden in the crook of your neck. You would hug him back and caress the back of his head, your fingers playing with his long black locks. He would look at you and smile. "I've never been good with these things, but I do love you and I want to make you happy." He would say and you would smile. "You already do." You would say while he smiles on your lips before kissing you again and again and again.
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gingersnaaps · 7 months ago
too much of a good thing
he's so sweet, so kind, so dumb - is bokuto really capable of anything besides the best intentions?
wc: ~2.7k
tags/tw's(PLEASE READ): explicit n*fw, dubcon sex to noncon creampie, manipulation, lovebombing and then neglect, overstimulation, cunnilingus, fingering, penetration, a lil angst, timeskip!bokuto, fem!reader with inner genitals
i don’t want minors interacting with my content
Tumblr media
Being subtle was never really Bokuto’s thing, not even in the beginning.
In some ways, you suppose that you’re lucky - that you’re better off than your friends who you would always hear complaining, muttering about boys who didn't like to commit, didn’t like labels, who didn’t like texting first or buying gifts or putting in any effort at all.
Barely a week into your relationship, you come home from work with your head dizzy and feet aching from exhaustion, and discover a dozen bouquets of roses on your doorstep. Crimson petals are littered everywhere, strewn against the grey concrete of the steps, and although you feel your neck and face heating up with embarrassment at the grand gesture, you can’t suppress the smile that tugs at the corner of your lips.
He really was so sweet. Who cares if he wasn’t exactly shy about expressing it?
None of the other guys you’ve dated before had sent you good morning texts quite like his, filled with exclamation points and emojis, and none of them had tried nearly as hard as Bokuto does with his breathy, eager i love you’s, his frequent hugs whenever he gets the chance to see you, or even his phone calls that come twice, three times, even four times in the middle of the day.
But the more days that pass by, the more intense it gets.
He picks you up after work all the time, cupping your face in his hands, eyes gleaming almost unnaturally bright. “I love you,” he’ll whisper. “You’re so wonderful, baby. You’re perfect. I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.”
You can’t help but think that these are the sort of words that come months into a relationship, if not years, but… there’s nothing really wrong with what he’s doing, is there? There’s no reason you should be uneasy, no indication of even the slightest hint of trouble on his part.
You’re probably just paranoid.
Bokuto doesn’t stop at words, though - he earns a good sum of money from his job playing professional volleyball, and he’s never hesitant to use it on you. A week after he leaves you the roses, he asks you out on a date to a restaurant you know is ridiculously expensive, and the uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach grows as you scroll through pictures of the establishment on Google Images.
“I don’t think I can afford it, Bo,” you tell him, voice hesitant and crackly over the phone. “If we go, I won’t be able to pay my share.”
It’s just a word, but the implication isn’t lost on you. And if he’s fine with paying for you, if he’s okay with the hundreds of dollars you’ll be owing him, well - there’s no good reason to turn him down, right?
During the date, you talk with him as you spoon bites of delicate food into your mouth. The restaurant is too lavish, the plush velvet carpeting and crystal chandeliers almost a parody of luxury. You’re pretty sure the utensils are half the price of your rent.
He leans over in the middle of the meal, expression suddenly serious. “You’re enjoying this, right?” he asks.
“I am. I’m kinda lucky, aren’t I? Being spoiled like this.”
“Yeah,” he replies, his grin so bright it could rival the sun. “You really are.”
And suddenly - just for a moment - you catch a glimpse of something slightly off about his whole expression, as if it was a mask waiting to be ripped off to reveal something much, much different underneath, but the fleeting moment is gone so quickly you convince yourself that it’s just your eyes playing tricks on you.
Bokuto has been nothing if not perfect, after all. If you’re uneasy, it’s probably just because you aren’t used to being treated like this, aren’t used to someone that lavishes you with constant gifts and praise and displays of affection like he does. On the way back in the taxi, he whispers everything he loves about you softly in your ear, his arm snaking around your waist as his thumb rubs tender circles into your skin. His body is pressed so close to yours, his breath gently tickling your ear, warmth radiating out from his firm, muscled body.
He’s so good to you.
It doesn’t last forever.
Bokuto’s affection dries up slowly, but his presence has been such a constant in your life that it’s impossible for you not to notice.
Some mornings, you find yourself waking up to a hollow feeling in your chest as you check your message notifications and find nothing - no late night rants, no funny pictures, no enthusiastic, joyful good morning texts. During the day, the silence now stretches on for hours too long, uncomfortably empty and devoid of the persistent calls that you used to get every single hour.
When he does see you, he’s remarkably reserved - eyes always downcast, fingers fidgeting incessantly, clearly disinterested in what you’re doing, what you’re saying - in fact, disinterested in all of you.
Maybe he’s just busy with volleyball, you rationalize, but your stomach churns with anxiety and deep down, you know that something’s changed.
You try and ignore the dull ache inside of you that seems to follow you around wherever you go, a little voice inside your head constantly reminding you of what Bokuto used to do. Two months ago, he would’ve picked you up. He would’ve sent you flowers today. He would’ve taken you out to eat.
It builds up slowly and steadily, a crescendo of pain that grows in volume the longer he’s gone, like a tidal wave of confusion and hurt that swirls around inside you - until one day, you’re sitting by yourself in the car, sobbing quietly in the cramped darkness.
At least he doesn’t turn you away when you show up on his doorstep.
Your eyes are rimmed with red, streaks of eye makeup running down your face as a frown twists at his features. “Please, Bo,” you whisper. “Let me make it up to you.”
And you’re not exactly sure what you did, but you want to fix it, want him back in your life, want to wake up to his smiles and his laughter and his incessant, boundless energy, and you know you’re willing to do anything to get that back.
“Really?” he asks, eyes glimmering faintly with hope.
You nod almost imperceptibly, about to reply yes, yes, want you back so bad, when he grabs your waist with his hands and pulls you in for a kiss so passionate it borders on harsh. It’s a whirlwind of teeth and tongue, a mix of sucking and licking and biting that leaves you gasping for breath, your red lips swollen and slick with spit.
He pulls you inside, his hands roaming all over your body, groping and squeezing at your supple flesh, goosebumps running down your spine as he brings a hand up to brush against your nipple. For the first time in weeks, you see excitement on his face, and his voice trembles as he leans close in. “Let me take care of you,” he says. “Wanna make you feel good.”
And even though there’s apprehension crawling under your skin at his sudden mood swing, you’re so, so glad this version of Bokuto is back that you brush off that hesitation, the mixture of happiness and anticipation overwhelming every single thought in your mind.
As his fingertips graze the soft skin of your torso, his hands - so much larger than yours - maneuver your body around with such ease and grace that you barely notice when you end up on his couch, legs spread wide open as he looks up from between your thighs hungrily. “I - fuck, I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” he says, out of breath, eyes running over the swollen outline of your cunt.
You whimper softly as his nose brushes up against your clit, his piercing, golden eyes still gazing intently up at you.
He doesn’t waste any of his time teasing you, his flat of his tongue sliding up along your slit with the perfect amount of pressure to leave you squirming. It’s almost as if he knows exactly where to lick and suck, eagerly pressing his tongue up against your clit in insistent circles, lapping at your dripping pussy until your juices are running down his chin. He’s so eager in between your legs, and everytime he finds a spot that makes your legs tremble needily, he gives it so much attention that you already start to feel that wave of pleasure building in your core.
“Don’t stop,” you pant, your hands sliding into his hair as your hips thrust upwards. “Please.”
Bokuto doesn’t need you to tell him that. Shouldn’t have wasted your breath, he thinks idly, diving in and eating you out with renewed vigor.
When his tongue glides around your spasming cunt and dips in briefly, you can’t stop the moan that tumbles from your lips. His tongue is so stupidly long and flexible, sliding inside and licking at your sensitive walls, curling up and brushing against your g-spot until you start to shudder and tremble under him.
You cum embarrassingly quick, your hips jerking and stuttering wildly as he finishes you off. He fucks you through your orgasm, sucking gently at your clit until the border between pain and pleasure starts to blur and you’re moaning so loudly he thinks the neighbors will have complaints for him the next morning.
“Feel good, baby?” he asks, voice sending vibrations through your pussy.
“Yeah,” you mumble.
“How about another?”
Your eyes widen. “W-what?”
“I think you can handle it, right?” a huge grin splits his face as he spreads your pussy apart with two fingers, looking at your swollen, spent cunt. He barely gives your chance to respond before he trails his fingers against your lips, fingers teasing in and out of your slick entrance.
This time, Bokuto uses his hands to stretch you out, inserting his digits one by one until three of his thick, long fingers are nestled inside of your pussy. He thrusts them languidly in and out, his fingertips caressing your nerves until you’re tense and wound up for him again.
“Come on,” he encourages. “You can take it.”
Your brain is hazy from the stimulation, barely registering anything but pleasure as his fingers search and probe like they have some sort of job to do. You feel damp with heat and moisture, the pulsing, burning need in between your legs insistent and demanding.
“Almost there,” he breathes, voice raspy with arousal. A fourth finger brushes up against your lips, and the thought of more stretch, more stimulation, more pleasure, has you clenching desperately against the ones that your cunt is already spread out on.
You sob, your body strung out and wrecked, suspended on the tipping point of another orgasm.
As you cum again, the feeling of relief - white-hot and blinding - rips along your core. You’re not sure you’ve experienced anything quite so intense before, and as you look down at him, hands still manipulating your cunt so expertly, you don’t know if he has the intention of stopping anytime soon.
He stands up and your eyes drift to his cock, flushed purple and almost painfully hard, dripping with precum. His hand strokes along his shaft, soft curses muttered under his breath, but he opens them wide again and looks down at you sadly. “I’m so sorry,” he says, voice pleading. “I don’t have any condoms.”
Bokuto sounds so genuine, his tone kind and filled with regret, and guilt begins to sting at your conscience. He’s made you feel so fucking good, given you the best orgasms of your life - is it really fair if you leave him wanting and unsatisfied?
You’re fucked halfway out of your mind when you answer, eyes still fixated on his cock, head swimming with thoughts of how much you want to please him.
“It’s fine,” you say, your words slurred and hesitant. “You can.. you can use me. Use my pussy to get you off. Jus’ pull out at the end.”
Ecstasy flashes across his face, and he looks down eagerly. “Fuck, babe. You’re so perfect. I love you.”
You hadn’t heard those words for weeks.
His strong arms pick you up easily, maneuvering you around until he’s the one sitting on the couch and your cunt is positioned right over his dick. His hands grip tightly at your waist, fingertips pressing so insistently that you’re sure you’ll wake up the next morning with bruises dotting your skin. He lowers you down slowly, carefully, groaning as he fills you up and the warmth of your cunt envelopes him whole.
He already looked big, just from the cursory glance you’d taken earlier, but as you feel the tip of his cock shove against your cervix, your breath almost catches at how you feel your walls expanding to accommodate all of him.
The drag of his curved cock up against your sensitive walls leaves your legs trembling and squirming, but he holds you firmly down as he thrusts up inside over and over. “Stay still,” he coos. “Let me take care of you.”
Bokuto starts off gently, fucking you with shallow little thrusts that have you panting with desperation. He can tell by the way your cunt is fluttering that you're craving more, that the two orgasms he gave you earlier just wasn’t enough for a greedy girl like you, and he relishes the way your small hands grip desperately at his shirt.
He raises you up off his cock, running the tip up and down your slit until your pussy throbs, and slams you back down again. The rhythm he maintains is steady and even, bouncing you up and down on his cock like a ragdoll, whispering stuttered curses and phrases of endearment against your ear, making you shiver from the overload of stimuli.
“Feels so amazing,” he moans. “Gonna.. Gonna cum soon.”
The heat in your core grows intense at the thought of his orgasm, involuntarily whining, and you start to rock your hips back and forth in an attempt to search out more friction.
Bokuto knows he promised to pull out. He knows that it wouldn’t be right if he stayed buried inside your cunt. But how is he supposed to stop himself when you feel this good, wrapped so obediently around him like a perfect little fuck doll? And the heat of your cunt is gripping incredibly tight all around his length, your little squirms and shivers so adorable as he uses you to get himself off.
He can’t help himself.
With one last, desperate thrust, he lets go, thick spurts of cum filling you up until he’s sure your insides are dripping white, and he caresses your stomach where your womb would be in satisfaction. It feels so good to cum inside of a tight cunt, much better than it would’ve if he’d forced himself to pull out, he thinks. And you look so pretty all full and leaking with his seed.
It takes you a moment to fully register the warm, wet feeling pooling inside you, your brain too fucked out, too stupid from the constant stimulation to truly understand what exactly dripping from your slit is.
When you do realize - oh god, he came inside me - panic starts to grip at the edges of your frayed nerves, your vision tunneling as the magnitude of what had just happened hits you. Tears start to blur the world around you, the dim lighting of his living room merging the furniture and warping the walls, and you faintly register the feeling of arms wrapped tight around you, a hand reaching up to caress soothingly at your cheek.
“You know,” Bokuto whispers, face lit up in wonder. “I think we’re soulmates.”
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seriouslysnape · 7 months ago
Roughed Up
Harry Potter x Fem! Reader
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 1,524
“I don’t mind a night to ourselves,”
Tumblr media
A disgruntled, painful groan escaped the Gryffindor boy underneath you as your hands applied pressure to a rather tense area on his back. He took a sharp inhale at the feeling of your wondrous hands rubbing his sore, battered muscles, only to let that same breath out once your hands moved on to the lesser problem areas. 
“I’m sorry, Harry.” You apologized for causing him discomfort.
“Not your fault. It feels good and bad at the same time.” He replied, his voice strained and slightly muffled in the pillow below his head.
If someone had told you that you’d be spending your Friday night massaging achy knots out of your boyfriend’s back, you probably would have laughed in their face. It was rare for both you and Harry to spend your pre-weekend evening in your dorm. You almost always found something to occupy your time on a more productive day. However, tonight would have to be an exception.
Harry had taken a nasty fall off of his broom earlier in the day during Quidditch, and while you hadn’t been around to see it, you had been told it wasn’t a pretty landing when he hit the ground. Thankfully, his injuries didn’t extend much past a few scrapes and bruises, but he had landed flat on his back, which seemed to take most of the impact. Madam Pomfrey had looked him twice over to make sure he wasn’t seriously hurt, checking for anything from broken bones to internal bleeding. Pomfrey had tried to heal him up with magic, but Harry had denied it since Pomfrey’s healing methods sometimes hurt worse than the actual injury. When she gave him the clear to leave, he came straight to you. He knew it had to have been a pathetic sight the way he hobbled to your dorm, barely able to hold himself upright from all the lingering pain in his core radiating to his back.
Based on the way he had greeted you though, you wouldn’t have even guessed that he was uncomfortable. His grin was blinding as he entered, mainly because he knew he was going to milk this as much as he could to get a little extra tender, loving care from his favorite girl. You had helped him out of his robes, wincing when you saw the multiple large bruises scattered across his body that had already begun to purple. Even his legs had taken some damage when you had helped him shimmy out of his pants. You left him in just his boxers, helping him into your bed and ordering him to lay on his stomach to avoid aggravating his back further.
You had hoped that maybe he’d begin to feel better after lying down for a bit, but after an hour he was still struggling to get comfortable. You took it upon yourself to straddle his back, lathering your favorite lotion onto your hands to provide him some relief. Your hands trailed, kneaded, and rubbed in all the places that hurt him the most. His noises were comical, sometimes coming out as a pitchy whine and others as a low rumble. He was beat, literally and metaphorically.
“And just how did you fall off again?” You asked for clarification. 
Harry was very skilled on a broom, and it wasn’t everyday that he fell off. 
“One of the bludgers blindsided me. I never saw it coming,” He explained, “Well, I did when it hit me.”
You chuckled at his joke, letting your thumbs work at the muscles in his shoulders. The room smelled of Eucalyptus and lavender from your lotion that you had rubbed into his skin, two smells that Harry loved endlessly. You didn’t know this, but sometimes Harry would put a bit of your lotion onto his wrist so he could smell like you. It reminded him of you when you weren’t around. The feeling of your hands attempting to rid him of his irritation was heavenly. Despite his pain, he was happy as could be. 
“Pomfrey didn’t find anything wrong?” You questioned.
Harry shook his head.
“Nope. She just said I’d be sore tomorrow, more than I am now.” He replied, already dreading how he’d feel in the morning. 
Your hand movements slowed to more of a caress, your fingers and palms beginning to cramp from all the rubbing. 
“I’m sorry, my love. I’m glad you’re okay.” You spoke gently.
Harry went to turn, prompting you to raise your hips to allow him to flip over completely. He carefully sank onto his back, sighing at the new support that your mattress was giving him. He put his rounded glasses back on, smirking at being able to see you much clearer now. 
“I’m the one who should be sorry. I bet you didn’t count on your Friday night being spent like this.” He remarked.
You shrugged, leaning down to leave a sweet peck on his lips.
“I don’t mind a night to ourselves,” You hushed out, your lips just brushing over his; “Just you and me with nothing to do sounds awfully enticing.”
Harry hummed in content and agreement. Harry was obviously extremely popular at Hogwarts, and sometimes it was hard for him to find time to be alone with you. He was always being needed for something, and sometimes he wished he could just have peace and quiet for a while. It seemed now that his wish might be coming true.
“Oh, darling, there’s nothing in the world I’d rather be doing than being here with you,” Harry mewled, “My pretty girl…”
His hands trailed away from the tops of your thighs, snaking underneath your skirt and resting on your hips. His fingertips wrapped around the sides of your knickers, his grin spreading wider when he felt the lacy material. He looked up at you expectantly as he tugged at the sides of your panties.
“No, Harry. You’re hurt, baby.” You reminded him, refusing his advances.
His eyes widened and he gave a sympathetic pout, jutting his lower lip out in protest.
“I’m not hurt! I’m just sore!” He argued.
“Harry, you fell OFF of your broom. Look how roughed up you are.” You said, pointing to one particularly nasty looking bruise just below his ribs.
“I’m feeling better...honestly.” He claimed, but avoided eye contact with you.
You knew he was lying, a devious sneer appearing on your face as you rolled your hips forward, jostling his body in a way that sent a wave of sharp pain through him. He yelped at the less than pleasant sensation, not even trying to play it off.
“That’s what I thought.” You answered, carefully moving off of him and the bed.
Harry scrambled up when he realized you were getting up, his arm wrapping around his core instinctively when he agitated it from moving so quickly.
“Where are you going? Please, don’t leave.” He blubbered, struggling to stay up on his knees that were sunken into the mattress.
You laughed lightly, looking at him with a warm smile on your features.
“I’m just going to my desk. You need to rest.” You told him, motioning towards your workspace on the other side of the room.
“But baby,” He whimpered, “I’m hurt. Come lay with me. Please?” He requested, holding his arms out to you.
“I thought you were ‘feeling better’?” You chided, putting your hands on your hips.
He groaned, throwing his head back in distaste.
“[Y/N], please come here,” He asked again, “Pretty please?”
You laughed again at the sight of him so needy for just even an ounce of attention. He was always so clingy behind closed doors, one of the many things that you liked about him that you kept private. His flushed cheeks and ruffled hair was honestly an adorable sight. You couldn’t help but give in.
“Okay, I’m coming.” You alerted him.
Harry’s eyes brightened in victory, yanking back the covers and making room for you to snuggle in bed with him. You were careful not to press yourself against him too hard, but he didn’t seem too concerned. He peppered you with kisses, all over your face and neck. He was so excited to just be with you that he could hardly contain himself. You giggled under his touch, squirming when he kissed and sucked on areas that were your sweet spots. He thrived off of your joyful noises and being in your presence. It always made him so happy when you were happy. His attack of affection paused when he pulled away to look at you, your smile fading into a worried frown when you thought he might’ve hurt himself more.
“Are you okay?” You asked.
In reality, he just wanted to look at you. He wanted to study your eyes and hair and all the things that he loved so dearly. He saw his future every time he looked at you. He saw his purpose for living when he looked into your eyes. He saw his life with you. He wanted to spend every moment of every day with you and no one else.
Because you were his forever.
“Yeah. I’m absolutely perfect.”
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stardewtales · 7 months ago
Your shane x reader are some of the first I read when i got into sdv, and they still hold a li special place in my heart <3 I love the way you wrote shane, jas, and the farmer (you kept the farmer rather neutral, but you still gave her moments of personality, rlly great stuff!), anyway, I'd love any shane related stuff you would do, but if your looking for a request, the reader teaching him abt farming/gardening (planting hot peppers together eee) i think would be rlly cute-ok bye lysm!!!
A/N: hey lovely!! If you're still around, thank you so much for this. I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to get to your request, but here it is! Hope it lives up to your expectations xx
Shane can feel you hovering behind him.
"What is it," he groans, not bothering to turn around.
"Sorry," he hears you say. "Just, be careful with the roots, please? I don't want all your work to be for nothing."
Well, he can't exactly fault you for that. If anything, he's ashamed because he was distracted while you showed him the whole thing about the roots.
He turns to look at you. "Would you, uh... mind showing me again?"
His stomach twists as you smile at him, thoroughly amused. "Sure thing. Here, let me get in there..."
You kneel beside him, knees firmly planted in the dirt beside his. You proceed to show him how to dig around the roots instead of into them for a second time that afternoon. For a second time, he finds it hard to focus with you so close, but he fights that a little harder this time.
"Here," you hand him back the trowel, "give it another shot."
He can't miss the way the look you give him is so damn encouraging. You've given him plenty of variations on that look by now, with various degrees of concern thrown into the mix. He proceeds to try digging up the pepper plant again, the sun boring down on the back of his neck as he does it.
"Am I getting it right, now?" he asks, glancing up at you quickly.
"Couldn't do it better myself," you nod exaggeratedly, and he fakes throwing dirt at you in retaliation.
It gets a laugh out of you, clear and joyful. It stirs something inside him, the feeling that's been nagging at him sort of often these days. It hits him like a ton of bricks in that moment that this is the feeling he used to chase all the way down the bottles, the sort of rush he used to think would make up for everything else.
He must've made a face when he realized it, because your brows furrow in concern.
"Are you o-" you start, but you're cut off short by a girlish squeal further down the field.
Him and you both shoot up, surveying the surroundings.
"Jas?" you half-shout, concerned.
"I think I need some help," her voice pipes up sheepishly, and the two of you finally spot her, fallen on her butt among the sunflowers.
You huff, relieved, and tell him you've got it with a brief touch on his arm before you leave in Jas's direction. Now that he knows she's not hurt, he can go back to making sense of his thoughts, yet he barely registers the lingering feeling of your fingers on his forearm.
He kneels and gets back to work, distraught. His first instinct is to worry. The therapist Harvey connected him with cautioned him pretty early on about the way some addicts replaced one addiction with another, and that all good things should perhaps be enjoyed in moderation while he was on the road to recovery.
You're the best thing in his life by far, but he failed to keep you at arm's length a long time ago now. He's not dense enough to be unaware that he's developed some pretty strong feelings for you. But this particular feeling is new-ish, and he doesn't quite know what to make of it. As his fingers dig up the pepper plant out of the ground and he gently removes chunks of dirt from the roots, Shane hopes really hard this doesn't mean he's allowed himself to veer all the way of the right path he's been trying so hard to stick to.
He hates to think about it, but maybe he needs to cool off on seeing you so often so he can at least get a grip. He can't even recall the last time he went a day without seeing you. Sometime in the spring, probably? It's the very end of summer now.
After he's transferred the plant to the wheelbarrow, Shane stands up and looks around. You're still helping Jas uproot some sunflowers, even though her initial job was just to collect the stray seeds. Officially, he and her were there to help you wrap up the summer crops so you could transfer some to your greenhouse. In reality, he was helping you; Jas was causing more trouble than she was helping, but you didn't seem to mind at all, more than happy to show her over and over how to handle things properly.
He didn't know how you did it. It's like you had an endless well of patience, and he knew he ought to have reached the pit of it by now. And yet, he had not. There were depths to your kindness that reached far enough that even after dealing with him through his recovery, you still had plenty left for Jas in all her fumblings and ill-advised adventures.
For the rest of the afternoon Shane managed to clear his mind and just keep working somewhat efficiently. Marnie came around just before dinnertime to get Jas, who was too exhausted from running around by then to protest. Marnie had also let him know she'd save him a portion of dinner for when he came home, but to take his time, which he'd made sure to thank her for.
It wasn't long until Jas left before you and him moved on to replanting the uprooted plants into the greenhouse. He liked that part more than the digging up; liked the hazy warmth of the greenhouse more than the blaring heat of the field. The two of you worked mostly in silence, both exhausted, him perhaps more than you.
After you planted the last of yours and he was halfway through his own last plant, he heard you clap your hands together to shake the dirt off your gloves, before you fully shrieked.
"What's wrong?" he quickly turned towards you.
"Your neck!" you replied, walking over to him. "Did you not put on sunscreen like I told you to?"
Shane instinctively reaches for the back of his neck, and while the sunburn doesn't hurt yet, he can feel the tell-tale heat coming off of it.
"Ah, shit. Think I missed a spot."
You tut at him, shooing his hand off so you can take a better look.
"You big idiot," you chastise him affectionately. "You're lucky I have an infinite amount of aloe in the house from last summer."
As Shane steps out of the shower and into your steam-filled bathroom, he can already tell he'll be sore from all this work. He doesn't know how you do this every day. He tries to get a look at himself in the mirror, but it's too fogged up. Probably better that way, he thinks.
He's used your shower plenty of times before, and he's glad that at the very least it doesn't feel as awkward as it used to. While he was still in the pits of getting sober, you'd graciously let him stay over on your couch so Jas didn't have to see him struggle when it got too hard. He still doesn't know why you did that, or how to repay you for it.
After putting on his clothes, he steps out into your living room, where you're waiting for him with a huge tub of the goo you intend to smear on his sunburn. You've showered too, and made him do it after you because otherwise you claimed he'd just wash off the aloe later, which was probably right.
"C'mere," you beckon him over to sit on the arm of your couch.
He chuckles. It's funny to him, how bossy you get when you're trying to take care of him. Nevertheless, he does as he's told and dutifully sits down like you instruct him. And waits.
Nothing happens.
"You okay back there?" he asks, looking over his shoulder.
You raise a brow. "Aren't you gonna take off your shirt? How am I supposed to get this on you otherwise?"
He feels a bubble of panic rush up. He's in better shape than he used to be, but he's still not much to look at, and he doesn't like the idea of you finding that out like this. "Is that really necessary?"
You sigh, and he knows there will be no convincing you. He feels the tips of his ears burn as he lifts his shirt over his head, dropping it at his feet and taking precious care not to look back at you. "Happy?" he mumbles.
"Hmhm," you hum quietly behind him.
You bring your aloe-coated fingers to his burning skin, and instantly he feels consumed by ice-cold flames. He was not prepared for you to touch him quite so gently, to work the gel into his skin in tiny, careful circles. His throat runs dry as he's reminded of his earlier conclusion that he needs to take some time away from you, for both of your sakes. If the way his body is reacting to this isn't proof, he doesn't know what would be.
You let him know you're done, and he promptly puts his shirt back on. He wishes he hadn't when the stickiness gets a hold of the collar.
"So, just a heads up," you start, screwing the jar of aloe vera shut, "I'm gonna be really busy tomorrow I think. So maybe hanging out in the evening when I'm done would be better?"
He's taken aback by the way this is coming up faster than he anticipated. Still, No time like the present I guess, he thinks to himself.
"About that," he clears his throat, "I think it might be better if I spend some alone time for a while."
He watches you still. You look up at him slowly, visibly confused. "Have I done something wrong?" you ask, and it kills him. "I'm sorry if I have, I know I can be a little overbearing sometimes," you start to ramble, but he cuts you off.
"No, no, none of that," he tries to reassure you. "It's just, uh, how do I say this," he scratches at his head, genuinely at a loss. "Remember how I told you my therapist said I should, like, maybe be careful about things I enjoy a lot? And about... strong emotions?"
You nod, but he can tell from your slight frown you're still confused.
"Well, it's kinda like that. I feel really good when I'm with you. Maybe a little too good. Strong stuff. But I don't wanna depend on you to feel... good. I wanna keep this healthy, yeah?"
You ponder his words, and he can tell he hasn't really gotten his point across. "I mean, I think I get where you're coming from, maybe? But Shane, I think it's okay for you to have a support system. Is it really so bad if being with a friend makes you feel good? I think that's how most people feel."
He shakes his head, huffing. "No, it's not like that."
"Then what is it like?"
His eyes meet yours, and he feels weak. "Please don't make me say it," he whispers.
"Shane," you reach out to touch his shoulder, "You're worrying me."
He swallows. Before he knows it, it tumbles out of him. "I have feelings for you. I have for a while. And lately it's gotten a little out of control. So I need some time away from you to get over it, okay? I don't want things to be weird. I need you too much to have things be weird. So I need to figure it out before it gets there."
You stare at him, and he sees so many emotions run across your face that he gets dizzy.
"You... what?" you say quietly after a while.
He feels heat rise from his chest all the way to his ears, like some twisted type of nausea. "Forget it, alright? That's not the point I'm trying to make. I just..." he breathes, "I'll see you in a few days, yeah?"
He doesn't wait for a response. He goes for the door right away, in a real hurry to leave this place where everything is so blatantly yours, down to the smell of your lotion lingering in the air from your bare legs.
But you don't let him leave. He feels your hand on his arm, a real grip this time, and the next thing he knows you're reaching for his neck and bringing his mouth to meet yours. Shane thinks he's forgotten how to make his blood run, how to make his lungs breathe, how to make his limbs move. You're pressing your lips on his with a fervor he didn't even know you had in you. Then, with an instinct of its own, his body kicks back into gear, and he feels himself wrapping his arms around you, bringing you closer yet as he pours all the energy he has left into kissing you back.
It's desperation that compels him, because he never imagined this would ever happen outside of his mind, outside of his daydreams. He's not even convinced he'll ever get to do it again, so he's making this one count.
He genuinely has no idea how much time has passed when you break away from him, panting. You're not saying anything, just searching his eyes with yours.
"Please say something," he eventually breathes.
He watches as you swallow, then exhale loudly. "I don't want to see you in a few days only. I wanna see you now and in the middle of the night and every moment of every day. I don't want you to go and get over me, because I don't think I'll be able to get over you if you do, Shane. So don't leave me. Stay. Please."
Your words fluster him a great deal more than he already is. "Okay," he nods, in a half-daze.
"Yeah?" you make sure, still catching your breath.
"Yeah," he confirms. "Anything for you. Of course."
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mooneloquence · 10 days ago
Hello, Shadowgast prompt:)
"If you take care of everyone, who takes care of you?
Hi! Okay, at first I wasn't too sure of where I wanted to go with this one, and then it got a liiiittle bit out of hand. But here you are! It was a delight writing this, thank you so much for the prompt, anon! Hope you enjoy 💜 (I'm still taking prompts from here, and I'm already working on the other three asks I got)
If you take care of everyone, who takes care of you? (1.1k, G)
"I have already told you, my friend. This is not necessary."
"I know that. Will you get into the tub or not?" Caleb didn't need to see Essek's face to know exactly how he had his chin stubbornly raised. The drow had primly turned his back on him after instructing Caleb to disrobe and get into the gently steaming bath he'd prepared for him, and turned away he remained, with his arms crossed in front of his chest, if the position of his shoulders was any indication.
"Ja, ja, alright." Curious and unable to contain his amusement, Caleb smiled to himself as he took off his clothes and stepped into the tub. The temperature of the water was perfect, like it always was in the Tower, and there were enough bath salts to obscure anything below the surface. After a crazy month and a joyful day of celebrations with the Mighty Nein, it was exactly what his exhausted self needed. Realizing Essek had not turned back yet, he said, "You can look now."
"Ah, thank you." When Essek faced him once more, Caleb realized that his arms had not been crossed over his chest like he'd originally thought. He had been rolling his sleeves up. The other wizard approached the tub with careful steps, as if ready to freeze or bolt at a moment's notice, but when the short distance was breached, he leaned onto the edge of the tub, gingerly sitting on it. "Is this to your liking? The bath, I mean."
He tilted his head to the side as he looked at his Kryn colleague. After returning from their expedition in Aeor, Caleb had settled down in a little house in Rexxentrum to teach at Soltryce, while Essek had gone back to roaming around, doing whatever it was that he did when he was not with the Nein. It seemed that the air of mystery he maintained around his business was not so much of a Shadowhand thing as an Essek thing, because none of them had managed to find out exactly what it was, no matter how hard they tried. His secret affairs had added a partially torn edge of an ear and a small scar on one of his cheekbones to the longer scar that split his lip obtained in a frozen cavern up North, and yet he still carried himself with an air of weightless grace—even when his feet were firmly on the floor. But the bonding experience of exploring the ruins of Aeor had left Caleb with an understanding of him; and at the moment, even if he concealed it pretty well, Essek was nervous.
"It is, thank you."
Unnoticed by the other wizard, he breathed in to gather some courage before speaking, "I, ah, would like to wash your hair, if you are amenable."
Caleb could not keep his surprise away from his face, but he schooled his expression back into a more neutral one. "Ja, of course."
Essek nodded. "Good."
After that, there was silence. None of them spoke while Essek wet Caleb's hair with a water pitcher, nor while he slowly massaged hair soap into the long ruddy strands, fingernails scraping gently against his scalp. Caleb closed his eyes, Essek's ministrations almost being enough to make him fall asleep.
"Please do not take this as a complaint, it is far from that, believe me," he murmured. "But why are you doing this?"
"Washing your hair?"
No answer for a few beats. Then,
"It is an important part of taking a bath."
Again, silence. Opening his eyes, Caleb turned his head to look at him. He was about to apologize for asking when a second answer came,
"I hear doing nice things for one's friends is a good, healthy way of showing you care."
"Ah, you have been spending some time with the Clays," he guessed.
"I have," he agreed, glancing down at his soapy hands. "It has some significance in Kryn culture as well, an act of service reserved for the ones closest to us. But the overall intention is much the same."
"I see." He smiled softly. Gods, his heart already felt warm and full after reuniting with their friends, but this, this was different.
For the next seconds, the only sound in the chamber was that of water being poured over Caleb's hair as Essek started rinsing him off.
"I have been thinking," the elf said.
"What about?"
"You told Veth about how you have been helping that child, the one whose parents lived in Felderwin, acclimate to living at the Academy. It was not the first time you have done something like that."
Caleb frowned, failing to see what that had to do with anything. "Ja."
"And today you took care of everything. I know the cats do most of the work, but the Tower is still your spell, your energy and intent," he added. The other wizard nodded, trying to gauge where Essek was going with this. "I guess I, ah, I have been thinking about what we agreed upon early during our foray into Aeor."
Caleb blinked, not sure what the elf was referring to, but then it clicked; everything hinged upon the word care. On their first day delving into the frozen caverns that gave way into the ruins of the ancient city, they had encountered another pair of those giant ice-breathing lizards. While they had been occupied with one of them, the other had attempted to sneak up on him, only foiled by a well-placed Gravity Sinkhole. The move, though, had left Essek unprotected against the attack of the one in front of them, but Caleb had been fast enough with his cat's cradle and phosphorus, and the creature had gone up in flames before it could close its jaws on the drow's lithe frame. We take care of each other, they had said afterwards while patching themselves up.
Suddenly, he understood what Essek was not saying.
"So you are taking care of me?"
White lashes fluttered as Essek nodded, bashful.
"I would like to. For as long as I am able to—for as long as you will have me."
"Oh." Good one, Widogast.
"You do not have to answer now, I apologize if it was too presumptuous of me to—"
"No, no. I would like that. I would like that very much, schatz. With one condition."
It was Essek's turn to blink. "What is it?"
"That we follow what we said in Aeor. We take care of each other."
A smile bloomed in Essek's face, his eyes lighting up, warming him more than any bath could. "Of course, Caleb Widogast. We take care of each other."
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strawberrynamjoon · 9 months ago
farmer boy, i love you
Tumblr media
– Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
– Genre: farming!au, lowkey e2l, smut, humor & tons of nagging
– Word count: 35k
– Summary: Needing change in your life you decided it would be a brilliant idea to move to your uncle’s small farm, helping him and your cousin Jimin with the daily work. What you didn’t plan was to fall in love with your beautiful yet very annoying neighbour Taehyung, who seemed to make it his personal mission to tease you every chance he got. And what you expected even less was that he seemed to like you too.
– Warnings: includes smut, alcohol and mentions death of a father
– A/N: this is a rewritten edition of a fic i already posted before when i was still writing for got7 but i loved it too much to let it go <3
– Disclaimer: This is not proofread because I was too lazy, so you might find a few mistakes!
Tumblr media
Walking the long but yet very pretty way towards the small village that, from today on, was supposed to be your new home you felt a bit indifferent. While you were convinced that it was time for you to start a new chapter of your life you still couldn’t help but feel anxious about taking such a big step.
Moving to the farm that belonged to your uncle seemed like such a great idea when he first offered the plan he had to you – the place held such special memories and as a child you always wanted nothing more than to live there, working on the farm, supporting your uncle and his son, your super annoying yet lovely cousin Jimin.
Now that the idea wasn’t an idea anymore but your reality you were scared and not so sure anymore that this was the right step, yet your second thoughts didn’t matter anymore, it was already too late for you.
The big city you grew up had nothing to offer you anymore – so now, you wanted, or better said needed a cut in your life.
There was nothing you used to love more than sneaking out with your cousin at night, secretly meeting up with your friends, going for a swim in the small lake right next to your house. You wouldn't trade those memories for nothing, cherishing each and every one of them. So, you concluded that this town was the best option you had.
It had been such a long time since you visited, you actually felt a bit nostalgic when you arrived in the center of the town. The residents liked to call the marketplace at the beginning of the town „the heart“ of the city.
Ever since your last visit many years ago nothing seemed different. Basically, it was a round and rather big circle, surrounded by a small café that has been there all your life, right next to it the library that was owned by the Jeon family, the parents of Jimin's closest friend, Jungkook. You couldn't help but smile as you remembered how you used to hide in the library, reading the same few books over and over again.
Opposite of the library was the old restaurant – every single rather important event was celebrated in that specific restaurant, no matter if it were birthdays, anniversaries, New Year's Eve or whatever other occasion there was.
It was so popular not only because of the delicious food they offered but also because it was literally the only restaurant around. Your uncle and your neighbors, the Kims, were providing them with the food they needed, so you usually always got food for free which lead to you and Jimin spending a lot of time at the restaurant, no matter how often your uncle insisted he could cook dinner for you – in hindsight you felt kind of bad for him because the two of you constantly turned down his meals.
And last, but certainly not least, there was the little pub that you never actually were allowed to spend time in since you used to be too young. The Mins, the owners of the place, were very strict about that. None of you and your friends were ever allowed to be inside the pub as long as you were minors – even their son Yoongi rarely ever saw it from the inside, probably because the adults didn’t want the children around after work was done.
As you stood in the middle of the marketplace you couldn't help but smile as the last sunrays of this warm late summer day were falling right onto the pub, making it look a bit more beautiful than it actually was. The paint on the outside was splintered and the sign that simply said ‘The Mins’ Pub’ was slowly falling apart – somehow all of this gave it a certain charm though.
The vibe of the village always made you feel comfortable. There were about 150 people living here if you had to guess and the next supermarket was a twenty-five minute drive away but the people seemed so happy, not worrying about a lot of things.
You decided that a short stop in the pub before you’d go home to your uncle’s house wouldn’t hurt anyone. After all, you were way too curious to finally see the magical place from inside.
As you carefully entered the door you felt cheerful – it looked exactly like you always imagined it to be. Most of the furniture was made out of old wood, the bar was long and it was the first thing one would notice as they came in since it was on the opposite wall of the entrance.
Your smile was wide when you spotted the one man you hoped to find standing behind the bar. Of course, Yoongi was the bartender by now, it was always his plan to work here, to him it seemed to be the coolest thing ever to be a bartender, especially in his own bar – and turns out, he was right, he looked extremely cool behind the bar, washing glasses while chatting with villagers.
For a second you studied him, he looked dangerously handsome. Certainly a lot taller than the last time you had interacted with him and his face seemed more mature, a defined jawline but the same round cheeks, his hair long and falling in his face, making him look almost evil for a seocnd. If it wasn’t for gummy smile you would have had to look twice to be sure it was the same Min Yoongi you spent so much time with as a child.
The expression on his face as he recognized you, the young lady from out of town, was priceless – his whole relaxed and cool facade vanished immediately as he stared at you with his eyes wide open, a questioning glance as he saw you. He was caught off guard, his slightly opened mouth giving him away.
“Just the man I hoped to find. Yoongi, you look good,” you playfully flirted as you walked towards the bar, “I’d like to have one beer please.”
Within seconds he was walking away from his place behind the bar to come and embrace you in a tight hug before mustering you, shortly studying your face to make sure you were really the person he thought you were.
“(Y/N), live and in color? I thought you forgot about us,” he joked, the surprise of you in his bar very pleasant to him.
A joyful laugh came out of your mouth as he walked back behind the bar, opening both, you and himself, a beer.
“You could’ve called, you know? No need to surprise me like this. My old heart can’t take those kinds of surprises anymore,” he sounded lighthearted, just like you remembered him.
Immediately you felt ten times lighter, clicking with people you haven’t seen in a long time was one of the purest and most magical feelings in existence and you were more than relieved to see that you and Yoongi were equally as excited to be reunited after such a long time. Not getting along with your old friends, especially him, was one of the many fears you had about moving here.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t assume Jimin actually kept quiet about me coming back,” you admitted.
“How long has it been since we saw each other?” he asked as he was leaning against the bar, his whole attention on his former best friend, still having an obviously hard time to believe that you were actually sitting in front of him right then and there.
Before you could give him an answer someone else started to answer for you from behind you and you immediately recognized his orotund voice, “Six long years,” your cousin said while he and another familiar face walked up to you.
Jimin pulled you into an even deeper hug than Yoongi did and you felt home within seconds. Jungkook was right beside him, of course, where else would he be than next to Jimin? The two of them still were inseparable and it was almost heartwarming to see how little has changed.
“How did you manage to not say anything?” Jungkook scoffed in shock before looking at you, “It’s good to see you again, (y/n). I can’t believe Jimin didn’t tell us.”
You were almost amazed to see how much he grew, his chin could easily rest on your head by now, something that you would’ve never thought could happen. Jungkook has always been the youngest and smallest kid back then and now he was the tallest in the room.
“I wasn’t sure if she’d actually come. Didn’t want to get your hopes up, Jungkook,” he teased his friend, still nagging about the crush he had on you when you were literally five years old.
Jungkook rolled his eyes at his comment before bringing his attention back to you and Yoongi, sitting down on the stool beside yours.
“So, how long are you going to stay?” Yoongi asked.
For the first time, you actually had to say the truth out loud, making it feel much more real.
“I’m not planning to leave again,” you sounded more confident than you expected, the nice encounter with your old friends almost making you feel like all of your previous worries were groundless.
There was a moment of silence, both of them not knowing what to say – it almost seemed like you broke them.
“You know, I never saw you speechless until now,” Jimin chuckled amused.
“You mean –”, Jungkook started to form a sentence but dropped it, not knowing how to continue.
“You’re moving here?” Yoongi asked, wrinkles on his forehead as his brows narrowed in confusion.
As you slowly nodded his concentrated expression vanished and changed into a grin. “You’re actually moving here,” he repeated breathlessly, more to himself than to you, slowly nodding to himself as if he had to progress the new information.
“Welcome home then, (y/n). I think this is a reason to celebrate,” he smiled while pouring shots into a few glasses in front of him.
Time went by fast and you had fun learning about what happened in the last six years. It didn’t sound like a lot has changed though, they were still as close and as fun to be around as you rememberd.
Every time you looked at them it hit you how fast time flew by, it felt like a just few months ago all of you were playing hide and seek in the middle of the night while your parents had no idea you sneaked out.
A few hours and way too many shots later, you and Jimin walked home, the night sky was breathtakingly clear and full of stars – a sight you simply would never see in your hometown, all the city lights drowing them out. You forgot how special it felt to walk under millions of stars.
No matter how much fun you had in the bar, walking home with Jimin was your favorite part of today, you definitely missed him the most.
He told you a bit about how Hoseok and Namjoon were thinking about taking over the old restaurant because the owners are getting too old to manage everything and about Jungkook and Seokjin being into the same girl, without knowing that Namjoon was already dating her in secret – it was nice that he filled you in with everything you missed, so you could start right where you left.
As you arrived at home your uncle was sitting in the rocking chair on the porch in front of the old farmhouse.
“Uncle Minwoo,“ you almost shouted out as you saw him, jogging over to where he was sitting. Minwoo always was your favorite uncle and you were his favorite niece, much to the dislike of your siblings.
“(Y/n),” he laughed as you hugged him, “you smell like you had a good time in the pub.”
“We actually have a small surprise for you,” Jimin seemed excited as he told you to follow him.
He lead you to the old little cottage that has been on the farm for as long as you were able to think – back in the days it was mainly used for storing tools and electronics that shouldn’t be exposed to the rain. Confusion coming over you, your uncle handed you a key and you opened the small cottage. Stepping inside, you couldn’t believe your eyes.
“Welcome home,“ your uncle chuckled as you observed the room in front of you. A small kitchen, a couch and a TV in the living room, a bed on the other side of the room. They painted the walls white and decorated a bit – it might have been something small but enough to touch you deeply.
You were sure you could stay here forever, it was cute and welcoming, like a real home. Not a thousand words could describe how much you appreciated them for putting in so much effort, just to make you feel comfortable.
As you thanked both, Jimin and your uncle, the three of you talked for a bit longer, the excitement taking over before your uncle advised you that it would be better to catch some sleep – work wouldn’t wait for you and you had to be thankful for any second of sleep you could get.
Tumblr media
Waking up the next morning, you immediately regretted the alcohol you had the night before. Your phone said it was currently six in the morning and while being woken up by the sound of chicken and cows was way more relaxing than your usual alarm clock you still would have preferred to just sleep in.
Walking outside a few minutes later you inspected the farm – it was a giant property with two big houses on it. Half of the farm belonged to your uncle, he took care of the animals and artisan goods, the other half belonged to the Kims, in charge of the crop harvest
Starting the day with feeding the chickens and collecting eggs was one of the easier tasks you had to face today since it almost didn’t require any kind of skill. While you were picking up another egg you flinced as you heard someone scream at you from behind.
“Hey! Put the eggs back! Who in the world steals eggs these days?” the deep voice belonged to a man but before you could turn around to find out who was screaming at you, he held your wrists behind your back, not giving you any space to move.
Your attempt to free yourself was almost embarrassing, it was clear that you had no chance against whoever decided to disturb you.
Turning your head around to scream at the stranger you muted as soon you met his eyes – the words you wanted to scream wouldn’t come out as you looked into the familiar face of his, your brain working hard as you realized who he was.
His thick eyebrows were furrowed, his dark eyes were piercing you, filled with a mixture of anger and annoyance – he was still staring at you and waiting for an explanation.
“Kim–“ your voice died and you fastly cleared your throat, “Kim Taehyung?”
His annoyed expression changed into a confused one as you called him by his name. You couldn’t believe he was accusing you of stealing eggs.
“Let go of me!” you demanded but Taehyung wasn’t planning to listen to you, not trusting you.
“Who are you?”, he asked harshly, “You’re not from here. How do you know my name?”
The grip on your wrists became tighter and actually started to hurt a bit.
“I’m (Y/N). Minwoo’s niece,” you replied just as harsh as he asked you, “Didn’t Mrs. Kim teach you any manners?”
He let you go and you immediately grabbed your own wrist just so he couldn’t grab them again. A small pout formed on your lip as you looked at them, trying not to let him see that it actually hurt.
“What are you doing here?” he asked you, voice cold.
Now you were facing him and you had to stop for a second to take in his beauty. As he was holding you, you didn’t really manage to study his face since you were too busy trying to free yourself but now you started realizing how handsome he became.
It's not like he was ugly before, you and him just never clicked and that’s why you never gave his face any kind of attention.
Taehyung wasn’t a bad guy, you knew that because Yoongi repeatedly assured you that he was actually a very loving person once you get to know him.
Personally, you just never really got the chance to, since he definitely wasn’t interested in anything that had to do with you. Not in a mean way though, he just didn’t seem to care about the girls in town, especially not the one who always came over the summer break and then left again.
Glowering at you, he was waiting for an answer. You, on the other hand, didn’t dare to look him into his eyes, instead your eyes were studying the rest of his face. His features were sharper and manlier now, his brows thick but he still had the same wrinkles around his eyes.
For a second you wanted to look at his lips but you stopped yourself, not wanting him to get wrong ideas.
“What are you doing here?” you asked in retund instead of giving an answer, “Didn’t you always say you wanted to leave this place?”
He rolled his eyes as you avoided his question.
“I asked first,“ he insisted, making it hard for you not to chuckle at the very immature conversation you were having.
“I am working here. Don’t you have some vegetables to take care of?” you asked coldly asked before turning your back to him.
“You better get used to my face, if you scare me like this one more time I might have a heart attack,” you added as your attention was back to feeding the chickens.
But instead of leaving Taehyun was walking to stand right beside you, “You’re working here? Why would you do that?” he asked. It never was a secret that he wanted to leave this town, he used to talk about it a lot back then already and, even though he still was here, apparently, he still wanted to leave.
“I’m supporting my family,” you shrugged, not looking at him. You really didn’t want to be cold to him but you were tired and you knew how Taehyung was, he didn’t mean to be rude, he had a soft nature, everyone could see that once they got to see his warm smile but sometimes he was a bit rough.
You could see him shake his head in confusion as you were continuing with your work, “Okay, you go milk those cows and churn that butter if this is what fulfills you, (y/n). I’ll go back to work,“ he pointed at the field of tomatoes on the other side of the farm your families shared and left you alone again.
Walking over to the cows, you couldn't help but wonder why he still was here. He was a very clever guy, he could easily go and leave this town to study and open a business or whatever it was he wanted to do. Glancing over to him one more time, you tried to divert your attention to milking the cows.
The field of tomatoes he was currently working on was not too far away but luckily still far enough to give you a bit of privacy. He seemed to be very invested in picking the best tomatoes he could find, a concentrated glance on his face. And you really should try to concentrate too, since you haven’t milked a cow in years.
And you failed miserably. To your desperation, no one was around when you went looking for Jimin or your uncle to help you. Trotting back to the cows you sat down on a small stool in front of one them, giving it another try.
You groaned at the cow, laying your head back and closing your eyes in frustration. It was only your first day and you knew practice makes perfect but you wanted to cry.
“Just give me your stupid milk, please,” you mumbled while taking a deep breath, your eyes still closed.
“Are you sure this is the right job for you? If you can’t even milk Bertha maybe you should reconsider,“ Taehyung’s voice startled you, making you jump a bit. The grin on his face clearly was teasing, full of satisfaction because you were struggling, “Do you need help?”
“Please,“ you didn’t care about the triumphing grin on his face, you were more than willing to take his offer. Any kind of help was good. And in the end, you didn’t dislike Kim Taehyung, you just weren’t close to him.
He nodded before telling you to wait for a second as he walked towards the little shed. Coming out again he held a strange looking machine in his hand while attaching it to the cow’s udder.
“We haven't milked them by hand for years,” he explained to you as he took your wrist once again, this time more careful though, and slightly pulled you towards the cow’s udder, right next to him.
“Watch closely, I’ll show you once and if you can’t follow, you’re on your own,” his words sounded harsh but you didn’t take them that way. The fact that Yoongi was his best friend was something you two had in common and if he wanted you to give Taehyung a chance you would do that. For Yoongi, but also for yourself.
After all, Taehyung was your neighbor and, in addition, he was a handsome man, you wouldn’t mind being able to look at his face whenever you wanted at all.
You saw the way he acts around the guys and you saw that he indeed had a very soft heart, maybe he just had a hard time showing it.
“Hey! Are you even watching?” he asked annoyed while glancing at you, “I know how to do this, I am not the one that has to learn. I’m being nice here, don’t waste my time.”
You chuckled a bit at him losing his temper so easily. “Yes, Taehyung, I’m watching," you said grinning, “Wasting your time was not a task on my list today.”
After he rolled his eyes at you you could swear you saw a small smile on his face while he started to milk the cow, explaining to you what he was doing step by step.
You tried to concentrate on how exactly he does it, what movements his hands made and so on but you kept on finding yourself thinking about how good his hands looked – what in the world was wrong with you? It's not like you've never seen an attractive man before so you had no clue why your hormones were playing a game with you.
After you started to try milking the cows yourself you felt more than relieved that you actually managed to do it right. Letting out a small ‘thank god’ under your breath you realized that Taehyung still stood right beside you, watching your every move.
“You know, you can go back to the toma–” you started to say before he interrupted you in the same moment.
“Just a tip for you,“ he said, not sounding cold for the first time, “Don’t dress up for farm work. You’ll ruin your clothes. You can still wear cute outfits after you’re finished here. But while working just wear something old,“ he said as he was just about to turn around before you had to take the chance to annoy him one last time for now.
“You think my outfit is cute?” the grin on your face was wide and you were way too amused.
As a response his eyes squinted together in regret, knowing that you’ll probably never stop teasing him about it.
“Please don't,“ was all he could whisper frustrated under his breath.
“What a softie you are,“ you playfully poked his upper arm, “Didn’t know you had that in you.”
He let out yet another sigh, sounding almost whiny but the smile on the corner of his mouth came out nonetheless, “Are you always this awful?“
“Dear diary,“ you said in a nagging tone, “Today Kim Taehyung complimented my–”
Before you could end your sentence he was covering your mouth, shaking his head in disbelief slowly, “I’ll go back to work, (y/n). Don’t forget to churn the butter. The wooden pitcher we use for it is in the shed,“ and with that, he walked back to his side of the farm again.
Just a second before he arrived he glanced over to you again, screaming so that you would hear him, “I didn’t compliment you okay? Don't let it get to your head.“
Waving at him from the shed, you nodded your head. “Sure. Talk to you later! Your outfit looks cute too by the way”, you screamed back.
Maybe working next to Taehyung wasn’t so bad after all, if he was always such an easy target to provocate you'd at least have your fun.
When Jimin came into the shed with the tools to take over a few hours later, you were busy churning the butter, cursing under your breath.
Sweat was dripping all over your forehead and it was seriously tiring, every single muscle of your arm hurt, including some muscles you didn’t even know you had. You weren’t sure if you could manage to do that on a daily base. At least you wouldn’t have to worry about a gym membership anymore.
Your cousin stared at you confused, a sly grin in the corner of his mouth, “What exactly are you doing?“
“I’m churning the goddamn butter. Why is it so hard?” you complained while looking up to him. He was holding two beers in his hands, handing one over to you before starting to laugh at your action.
“Why would you use that old thing for that? We have a machine that churns it for us,“ he laughed, “I don’t know why we even still have that old thing.”
“Fucking Kim Taehyung,“ you cursed under your breath, leaving Jimin even more confused.
“You met him?” he asked while sitting down in the hay beside you.
“I did," you hissed, “He was the one who told me to do it this way.”
Jimin’s smile grew wide as he tried to contain his laughter, “I didn’t know he could be so evil.”
He almost sounded satisfied that you were getting fooled by him, “He likes you if he teases you.”
“Well, that’s not a very nice way of showing it,“ you took a big sip of the beer, knowing that you probably deserved it for all the teasing earlier, before continuing, “You didn’t tell me he became so handsome though.”
Jimin’s eyes widened immediately as you confessed and you could tell he was trying not to spit out his drink out of shock. He fastly swallowed, “You have a crush on our Tae?”
You shook your head scoffing, lightly kicking his leg, “A crush? How old are we? I just think he’s very attractive. But he was pretty rude though.”
Jimin pressed his lips together in a thin line, looking into the sky, „His father died two years ago. He had a hard time. But he opens up sooner or later, just be patient with him – I promise, he is one of the most kind and caring people in this town.“
You gulped at the news, “What a sad loss, Mr. Kim was such a ray of sunshine, always ready to help if help was needed.”
Jimin nodded, “He was. Olli was only six years old when his father died. But dad took a lot of care of them since then.”
There was a short silence. You still remembered little Olli, Taehyung’s younger brother. The last time you saw him he was barely two years old.
“I can’t believe he’s your type though. I thought I really wanted to set you up with Jungkook,“ Jimin broke the silence before you could think about it any longer, almost offended.
You laughed at him. He was close to Taehyung, you knew that, but he always wanted you to date Jungkook, only for the purpose of having him as an official family member.
“That won’t happen,”, you broke it to him, much to his disappointment.
A deep sigh came from him, “Well if you want Taehyung so bad, come to the pub with us. I bet he’ll be there too tonight. We are meeting at eight. What do you say?”
“I don’t want him, I simply said that he is good looking,”  you desperately hoped he wouldn’t tease you all the time about this from now on, already starting to slowly regret that you even brought it up in the first place. And as much as you would like to go out to the pub with the others you had a date with your bathtub that you wouldn’t want to miss for anything else tonight.
“I’ll pass though. I’ll come next time,“ you promised, standing up and walking towards your door.
“I can’t wait to tell Yoongi that you and Taehyung are going to become a couple. How exciting!” he yelled after you in his typical teasing voice, making you laugh out in frustration. Sharing your opinion on Taehyung’s look with your cousin probably wasn't the best idea.
It fastly got dark outside and you were lighting the candles in your bathroom, the bathtub slowly filling up with hot water.
Exactly what your muscles needed after churning the butter all afternoon. Putting a bit of milk in the bathtub, you wondered if you had some honey in the farmhouse by any chance. As you wrapped the first towel you could find around your body, you wanted to hush over to your uncle’s house to check. But what stopped you from your plans was a shadow you saw walking past your window, making you freeze until someone rang your door.
Opening it, no one else than Taehyung was standing in front of it, his work clothes traded into sweatpants and an oversized hoodie, a basket in his hand and his eyes fixed on your exposed legs.
The towel you were wearing luckily covered all of your breast and bottom but that was about it. And, as if it couldn't get worse, it also had a lot of fairies on it – it used to be your favorite towel when you were about five years old. Still, you didn’t need Taehyung to see you wearing it.
“Taehyung?“ you asked him, unsure why he was visiting but he was still looking at the exposed parts of your body, not doing a good job at hiding the fact that he got distracted by your legs. You barely noticed though because your thoughts wandered to this morning. “How dare you not telling me that we have a machine for the butter? Are you crazy?”
“My arms hurt so much,“ you added in a complaining tone, too tired to fight him so you decided to whine instead.
Coming back to reality, he laughed at you, his eyes now looking at your face, “You seriously did it all by yourself?” – he was lucky the wrinkles around his eyes were so cute whenever he laughed, otherwise you would have killed him right there, “You must be pretty strong then.”
“What do you want?” you asked him annoyed before you saw his eyes wandering down to your legs once again.
Not missing out on the opportunity to nag him, you chuckled, “Do you like my outfit?” as you struck a small pose, you had to be careful not to expose any parts he shouldn’t see.
Rolling his eyes he handed over the basket, “Seriously, you’re so annoying.”
You grinned, thinking it’s quite funny how easy it was to annoy him, “But you still think I’m cute, so it doesn’t matter.”
There definitely was a smile hidden on his lips that he tried to hide at all cost, but you could see it reaching his eyes, “This is for you. My mum put your favorites in it. Tomatoes, cherries, peaches, blueberries. She asked me to bring it to you,“ the man said, trying to sound as uninterested and unbothered as possible.
“That–“ you started to gather your words, feeling very touched about the little gift but a bit confused as to why Taehyung brought it to you, “That’s so nice of her. I’ll come over tomorrow and thank her.”
He immediately focused on you again, “No, it's fine. I’ll tell her. She’s kind of sick at the moment, she needs to rest, Olli is not even letting me go near her because he doesn’t want anyone else to get sick, so I doubt he would let you come over.”
You mustered him suspiciously but decided to leave him be, you surely teased him enough for today and didn’t want him to actually dislike you.
“Alright, Tae. Thank you,“ you gave him a soft smile as you were about to close the door.
“Wait,” he stopped you before you closed the door and you waited for him to say something, “Are you planning to go to the pub later?“ – if you didn’t expect him to ask one thing than it was this one. Why did he care suddenly?
“I don’t think so. Churning that butter has really worn me out, you know?” you said, laughing lightly, “And my bathtub is already waiting for me.”
“Oh alright. That’s cool. See you soon, I guess,“ he said before awkwardly giving you a small smile and leaving again. What a strange yet interesting guy he was.
Something about him made you look forward to your future on the farm. But before you could let it get to your head, you were interrupted by a text from no one else than Yoongi.
[Yoongi, 22:29]
Glad to hear you're getting yourself a man! Taehyung and (y/n), how sweet.
You let out a small laugh before finally meeting your only date for tonight: Your bathtub. Though you had to admit that the handsome face from next door was coming to your mind every now and then.
Tumblr media
After a week you slowly got used to the daily work on the farm, your body was finally starting to react differently, your arms weren’t getting as sore anymore and waking up early was bothering you less and less.
It was a sunny Saturday which meant you had to gather all of the goods your uncle wanted to sell on the market the next morning. Picking out the best eggs, milk, wool and cheese was pretty boring, especially since Jimin left early because he was going on a date tonight with some random girl you never heard about before. But since you wanted him to be happy, and also because his teasing about Taehyung was slowly but surely making you go insane, you told him it would be okay if he let you work alone today.
It took you about an hour until you were finally done with carrying all of the boxes into your uncle’s car as you saw Mrs. Kim, Taehyung’s mother, and decided to help her quickly carrying her own boxes filled with pretty fruits and vegetables.
His mother was a beautiful and lovely lady, always has been. Her black hair was long and even though there were a few grey strands in it by now she still looked as young as ever.
“Mrs. Kim, let me help you,“ you shouted while jogging over to her, “Where’s Taehyung? Letting his mother carry all the heavy boxes of fruits and vegetables alone is not a nice thing to do,” you disapproved, one box already in your hands.
She let out a laugh and you were reminded of how warm her laughter was, it sounded like the giggle of a small child.
“It’s fine, I told him to rest for today. He always works so much,” she let out a worried sigh, “I’m very thankful, I know helping me on the farm was not what he wanted to do with his life but he does it for me.”
You never really thought about it that way before – that might explain why he was still here despite always hating the small village he was born and grew up in, it was probably hard for him to leave his family behind after losing his father.
While carrying a box full of blueberries you ate a handful, not able to hold back. The Kim’s blueberries have always been your favorites, none of the ones back at home could compare to the juicy fruits you'd get here.
“You still love blueberries, I see,” She hummed joyfully as she was carrying the last box to the car.
“I am obsessed with them,” you answered, “Oh how rude of me – I still wanted to thank you for the little basket full of fruits you send to me. I was in heaven, your peaches were even better than I remembered.”
Mrs. Kim looked at you in confusion for a second before getting a grip of the situation, the confusion vanishing while a different kind of expression came to her face, unable for you to read at first.
“So he can actually be charming,“ she mumbled to herself with an almost mischievous smirk and within seconds you knew exactly what she was talking about. That little shit.
Scoffing, you wondered why Taehyung wouldn't just admit that the little basket was a present from him, not from his mother – who would do something so sweet without wanting to let the other person know? But then, on the other hand, you didn’t understand Taehyung at all.
“Mum,” you heard his voice yell out while he walking out of the door to their house.
When he saw you he froze for a second, “Oh, hey, (y/n),“ he said with a slight and not really convincing smile, it almost seemed forced.
You nodded towards him, ready to go back to work and leave them alone, as his little brother came running outside, chasing after Taehyung.
“Tete,” he let out a scream as he tried to jump on his back. He was surprisingly tall for an eight-year-old, almost managing to get to Taehyung’s shoulders if he jumped high enough, “Can I come with you? Please?”
Before he could answer, Olli’s attention shifted somewhere else. Or better said, onto someone else. To be precise, you caught his attention, the girl standing in front of his mother and brother, a stranger he’s never seen before.
“Who are you?” he asked curiously, studying you exactly, “Are you Minwoo’s niece?”
You kneeled down to be at an eye to eye level with him, shaking his hand, “Yes, that’s me. I’m (y/n). It's nice to meet you.”
He had a big grin on his face, “Hi, I’m Olli,“ after introducing himself to you he turned around to his big brother, “Did you make the basket for her?”
Taehyung shushed him within a second, giving him a warning glance before trying to cover up his story, “Yes, I did it because mum asked me to.”
She let out a sarcastic laugh, making fun of her son, “Sure. It was totally me asking you to do that.”
A heavy sigh fell from Taehyung’s mouth before shaking his head in disbelief, “Where is your cousin? He promised he’d help me picking up our new couch.”
“Oh, I am afraid he forgot. He’s on a date right now,“ you informed him.
Taehyung let out a heavy sigh, rubbing his temple, not believing that Jimin completely forgot about him. Now even more frustrated, he started mumbling, “It’s always the same with this guy.”
“I’ll help you,“ you volunteered determined, not even bothering to ask him first, knowing he’d say no anyway, “I’m done with work for today and I don’t mind coming along.”
“No, it’s fine. I’ll go alone,“ he insisted, clearly mad at your cousin before walking over to his car. Not caring you decided to follow him, hoping that he’d be nice to Jimin if you helped him instead, even though you had little hope.
“Stop being so stubborn,“ you said to him as you opened the door and sat down inside the car, “Just accept my help.”
And much to your surprise, he did accept it, not bothering to start another discussion with you. Maybe he was just too tired of the constant bickering going on between the two of you.
As the two of you drove out of town the sky looked like it was painted in golden colors, the sun slowly setting but the air was still warm, brushing the arm you held out of the open window.
“Where are we even going?” you asked the obviously bothered boy beside you.
“It’s not far away, the dude I’m buying the couch from lives like twenty minutes away,“ he answered, his eyes glued to the street, „You really didn’t have to come. I could’ve easily done it alone.”
Slowly but surely, you were starting to get mad at Taehyung. You couldn’t tell why his constant attitude was getting to you but it did. Of course, he didn't have to like you and honestly, maybe you did go a bit too far with the teasing but after all, you were neighbors, co-workers and also shared the same group of friends. Being nice to each other was the least you could do – especially when you knew that he wasn’t like that at all towards other people. You’ve seen him interact with his little brother and his mother and his friends, he was a warm and loving person, laughing and joking whenever he could. He just wouldn’t open up towards you.
„Dude, you’re the worst. Can you keep quiet for once and accept help? Stop being so rude all the time, being nice every now and then won’t hurt you, you know? You can take your bad mood out on Jimin later.” you snapped at him, not even intended to sound so mean but it just happened – you just wanted him to at least accept you.
He peaked at you, his eyes grew wide in shock at your rant. Even though your voice was still low he clearly heard the frustration in it, “What do you mean? I am being nice all the time. I told you that you shouldn’t wear your good clothes to work in. That was a piece of nice advice I gave you for example.”
You scoffed at him not knowing if he was being serious, “You also attacked me because you thought I was stealing chicken and made me churn butter.”
He chuckled amused as you brought the churning up, “I still can’t believe you did that.”
“My arms still hurt. You’re an asshole,“ you rolled your eyes, not in the mood to put up with Taehyung being, well, himself, when you were just being nice, “If that is your interpretation of being nice I’m beyond sorry for your future girlfriend.”
“Hey, now you’re the one being mean,“ he acted offended and honestly, a bit confused, not knowing why the two of you were fighting. You weren't even mad at him, you just felt fed up, craving at least peace between the two of you.
“Well, maybe you just need a taste of your own medicine,“ you shrugged, calming down a bit as the discussion started to shift to a more playful mood than a serious one.
But before you or Taehyung could fuel the fire and add anything into the it, you let out a small scream as he was turning right with full speed, making you feel like you were about to crash, holding onto the seatbelt for dear life.
“For fucks sake, where did you learn how to drive? Do you not know that you’re supposed to slow down before turning?” you asked him, gasping for air.
“If this is already scaring you, I’ll give you the nice advice to not drive with Yoongi,” he laughed out loud as he parked his car in front of a big house, “Ready to use the strength in your arms built up from churning butter?”
It took you about twenty minutes to carry all the parts of the couch from the third floor to the trailer attached on Taehyung’s car. When you were done it was beginning to get dark outside and the weather was cooling down, making you shiver a bit.
All done, you sat back inside Taehyung’s car as he was securing the trailer so you could drive back home safely – or at least as safe as a ride with him could be.
“If you’re cold there’s a blanket on the backseat, I'll get it for you,“ he yelled from outside before coming getting inside the car, a blanket in his hand, “See how nice I am? So caring, not wanting you to freeze to death.”
You shook your head amused, „What a gentleman you are.”
The drive home was more peaceful, no discussions this time. You looked outside, seeing a big and bright star in the sky, pointing to it excited.
“I can’t get over how beautiful the starry night sky is here. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it,“ you mumbled, almost sounding dreamy, eyes glued to the sky. It wasn’t even completely dark outside yet, but the first stars were already sparkling brightly.
“Isn’t it the same in your hometown?” he asked a bit perplexed as he looked over to you, wondering how you could be so excited about some stupid stars.
“Not at all. The big city lights drown them. You can barely see some, and if you can, they are not as bright as here.”
“I suppose living here isn’t all bad.”, he shrugged after thinking about it for a few seconds, his glance wavering to the sky every few seconds.
You hummed in agreement, “Except for this terrible guy living next to me I quite enjoy my time here.”
He chuckled, enjoying the little game you two were playing, „Must be really hard to live right next to such an attractive young man. I bet you have a hard time.”
Laughing, you were impressed at his wittiness, “Don’t think too highly of yourself.”
Before you could let him answer your favorite song suddenly started playing in the radio, making you turn up the volume instantly, “You need to shut up now. This is my all-time favorite song.”
But of course, Taehyung didn't shut up. Much more like him, he did the opposite, trying to sing along as loud as he could just to ruin the song for you – and he had way too much fun doing it.
“I didn’t know you could sing,“ you said, giving him an approving look.
A smirk formed on his lips, “I'm a man full of surprises.”
The rest of the drive the two of you were singing along to the radio loudly, having genuine fun together for the first time since you arrived. It was nice to see him loosen up a bit, even though it was only a small step.
Driving up to the farm, you already saw Jimin sitting on the porch. He immediately stood up, walking over to the car, already apologizing without you really arriving yet, “I’m so so sorry mate. I completely forgot. I owe you a beer next time we go out.”
Taehyung chuckled as he turned the engine off, “Doesn’t seem like his date had a happy ending, considering he’s home already.”
“Good for me,“ you shrugged, “I’m way too tired to carry the whole couch inside anyway.”
You were the first to get out of the car, making Jimin narrow his eyebrows in confusion.
“What are you doing in Taehyung’s car?” he asked suspiciously.
“I’m doing your fucking job,“ you shot him a mean glance.
As you were walking towards your home you were stopped by Taehyung holding your arm, making you turn around.
“Thank you, I suppose,“ he said, pressing his lips together, obviously feeling awkward, “Just trying to be nice.”
You gave him a genuine smile, “No problem. Sleep well.”
“You too, (y/n).”
Tumblr media
Waking up you were almost shocked to see the weather. Yesterday the sun was still shining while today it was pouring like you never saw before. The sky was dark and grey and your whole farm seemed quite sad, making you wish you could just stay in bed all day, just being lazy, reading, eating and maybe fantasizing about a certain someone.
Checking your phone you saw a text from Jimin: it’s going to storm today, you have to make sure all the animals are in the barn and safe, please. i’m getting food for tonight. see you later, favorite cousin.
You immediately threw on a thick cardigan and brushed your teeth, hurrying to get things done before the weather got even worse. Looking in the mirror you scoffed for a second at your sad reflection – your hair was in a very messy bun and your under-eye circles were almost black. But there was no time to pity yourself right now, you could do that after work.
After you fed and, of course, petted the chickens and made sure that all the windows were closed tightly you ran over to the barn where the cows and goats were in. Your clothes were completely drenched even though the way between the barns was very short, the heavy rain was so strong that there was no way you could’ve stayed dry.
Entering the barn your eyebrows narrowed as you saw that the light was on and the food for the cows was already laid out.
“Uncle Minwoo?” you screamed loudly, the rain was so loud that otherwise, no one would hear you.
“Oh thank god, there you are,“ the owner of the voice was coming out of the little shed you kept your tools in, throwing one of the milking machines over to you. You barely had time to catch it because Taehyung was throwing it without caring if you’d catch it or not.
“What are you doing here?” you asked him skeptically as you sat down to the cow next to the one he was currently milking.
He glanced at you with an annoyed expression on his face - but only until he saw how wet you were from the rain. Right then, he bursted out into laughter, “Why are you not wearing a raincoat for fucks sake?” he asked you, enjoying the sight in front of him a little too much.
“I don’t even own one,“ you admitted a bit hesitant while shrugging, knowing he’d make even more fun of you.
And of course, he did.
“How can you not own a raincoat? Seriously, (y/n), you’re something else. Who on earth doesn’t own a raincoat?” he shook his head in disbelief, still laughing.
You simply pressed your lips together, coming back to your actual question, “But why are you here? Certainly not because you wanted to help me.”
“Hey, maybe I’m not as bad as you think and just wanted to be friendly for once?” he said, acting offended, “Since you’re always complaining.”
“Yeah, I doubt that,“ you answered.
Suddenly you heard a loud thunder outside, making you jump - you usually were not afraid of thunder but the sudden loud noise startled you for a second. What really scared you though was the reaction of two of your cows, immediately after they heard the thunder they let out the deepest and loudest sounds you’ve ever heard of them. They sounded terrified.
Taehyung immediately jumped up from his stool and walked over to Bertha, the small brown cow, petting her face.
“Shhhh, it's okay,“ he tried calming her down before looking over to you, “I’m always here when it storms. Bertha and Marnie are deadly afraid of the thunder, so I accompany them. It calms them down.”
For a second you thought he was fooling you but before you could say something another loud thunder was heard followed by loud sounds of the cows once again. God, you weren't sure if you ever could get used to the sounds they made.
“Wait,“ you interrupted confused as you saw Taehyung pet Bertha once again, giving her a small kiss on the side of her face, “You’re serious?”
He looked at you with a grin, “Of course I am. Go, pet Marnie a bit. She loves getting pets right under his chin, she’s such a lovely cow.”
You did as he said but not really trusting him yet.
“I didn’t know he had feelings, Marnie, did you?” you asked the cow sarcastically.
Taehyung chuckled, shaking his head, “I only have feelings Marnie and Bertha.”
Bertha was walking away from him to the hay he just put down for them to lie down for a bit, something you barely ever saw them doing,
“When I first looked into Bertha’s big brown eyes I fell in love,” he stated lovingly, petting some of the other cows while Bertha was still lying down, „Her eyes are just too pure.“
“That’s adorable,” you had to admit, “Didn’t expect that from you.”
“Are you aware that just because I’m telling you you’re stupid because you don’t own a raincoat or work on a farm with a goddamn Gucci shirt doesn't mean I'm an asshole? That’s my way of helping,” he said confidently, “You just seem to not know exactly what to do, so I’m trying to help.”
„You're still being mean while doing it,“ you insisted, not giving in.
“Whatever,“ he walked over to Bertha, who was resting on the ground, lying down next to her, “Just go inside and relax, I’ll take care of the cows.”
“No way,“ you sat down next to him, “I’ll not leave you alone with my cows. I don’t trust you.”
Of course, that was only an excuse to spend some time with the pretty boy from next door but he didn't need to know – his ego was big enough already. Both of you were now starting to relax slowly, leaning against Bertha, petting her every now and then.
“So, farmer girl, how do you like it here?” he asked you after a few seconds of silence, seeming to be actually interested in you for once.
“It’s nice,“ you shrugged as he was peaking over at you, “I like the fact that I finally am allowed to go into the pub the most.”
“I remember when we first were allowed to go in, it was like Harry Potter seeing Hogwarts for the first time,“ he remembered laughing, “and now we’re the ones that get drunk in there while the younger kids are jealous they can’t.”
“Some things never change, right?“ your eyes darted to Taehyung, who had his eyes closed and seemed to be truly relaxed in your presence for the first time since you arrived. He was using his arm as a pillow, a smile on his lips - for once a genuine smile, not the usual teasing one he gave you. The rain was pouring so hard onto the roof of the barn it sounded like applause. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself, exhaling a breathy scoff through your nose, not believing that he actually had a soft side.
“What's so funny?“ he asked curiously, still with closed eyes.
“I just love the sound of heavy rain,”  you lied, also getting into a comfortable position and closing your eyes.
Your neighbour let out a hum, agreeing with you before yawning, “Me too. It’s cozy.”
Your eyelids started to feel heavy, you didn’t have much sleep last night and your body was shivering a bit because of your wet clothes. Taehyung was snoring lightly beside you within a few minutes and before you knew it you were asleep too. You wouldn’t have expected the barn to be such a comfortable place to sleep in.
The sound of someone calling your name, you couldn't quite identify who it belonged to yet, woke you up. As you were slowly starting to realize where you were, you were just as perplexed as Taehyung, who was still beside you, seeming to just have woken up too, according to his dreamy gaze.
“Did we fall asleep?” he asked you, yawning and stretching his arms from his body.
As you looked up, Jimin was standing in front of both of you, confusion was written all over his face, “What the hell are you two doing in here? How do I keep finding you two together?”
Taehyung shrugged, sitting up as you were doing the same, “What does it look like? We obviously fell asleep.”
“Okay but why were you here together in the first place?” he asked, a smirk on his lips, “Did you make out in front of the cows? They are too young to be exposed to such wild and unholy behavior.”
Chuckling at his remark, you rubbed your eyes a bit, “Don't be noisy, please. I’m having a headache.”
“You two are just too cute,“ he teased a bit before telling you the reason he was looking for you in the first place, “Dinner’s ready. We’re having some meat with different salads and corn. Feel free to join us Tae, your mum and Olli are there too.”
“I don’t know,“ he replied, a little unsure, “I still wanted to meet up with Namjoon and Hoseok later.”
Jimin narrowed his eyebrows, “Why didn’t you ask me to join, you jerk?”
Taehyung laughed at Jimin, standing up, surprisingly offering you a hand to help you get up from the ground, “I’ll eat dinner with you and then you can come with me, alright?“ he proposed to Jimin.
Your cousin agreed happily and the three of you walked over to the big house Minwoo and Jimin lived in.
“Did you find her?” your uncle screamed from the kitchen as he heard the door open.
“Yes, I’m here,“ you shouted back as you took off your shoes.
Walking over to them, Mrs. Kim was surprised to see her son, “Oh, Tae. How lovely that you’re here,“ she smiled as cute as always, “Where have you been?”
Both, Taehyung and you felt a bit awkward telling them where exactly Jimin found them, not wanting anyone to get a wrong idea. But, of course, your annoying cousin was faster.
“They were sleeping in the barn together,“ he smirked as he told your family, enjoying every minute of it, “You two seem to get along better by now.”
Taehyung rolled his eyes, “We were literally just taking care of the cows.”
You nodded, “It’s not like we met to take a nap in the barn.”
Uncle Minwoo and Mrs. Kim both giggled a bit at the bickering between their families, “Stop teasing them. They are already flustered,“ she said lightheartedly.
Everyone sat down on the table as your uncle brought the food to the table. It smelled like you were sitting in a restaurant and you could feel your mouth watering as you saw the food.
“Thank you for letting us eat with you,“ Taehyung said in a polite manner.
“Oh, Tae!” Minwoo exclaimed joyfully, “You’re always welcome. We’re like family.”
He nodded thankful as all of you started eating. The food was truly delicious and the conversation was nice, all of you participating in it, talking about current events and life on the farm.
You weren't sure if it was because your families were there but Taehyung was unusually nice to you, not even nagging you once. He passed you the salt when you asked him to and he even asked you about your job back at home.
It was a nice evening and you cherished it, knowing that it probably was a once in a lifetime experience to have a normal, peaceful conversation with Taehyung in the same room as you.
About an hour later you started walking from the big house to the small hut and even if it only took a minute or two Taehyung walked right beside you, not leaving your side.
Maybe he truly wasn't as bad as you made him out to be – the two of you might have had some difficulties but thinking about it now he seemed to open up to you more and more. As both of you stood in front of your door, you fiddled with your hands, not knowing how to react to being all alone with him.
“Don’t let Jimin drink too much tonight. I need him to be fit tomorrow. It’s my day off,“ you joked.
“I promise to stop him if he drinks too much,“ he smiled brightly, the wrinkles around his eyes showing slightly, “I’ll see you around?”
A scoff escaped your lips before you could hold it back, “Considering the fact that you can look inside my living room from your window I think so yes.”
And with that, he started walking towards his house but even after he was gone you still couldn't stop smiling.
Tumblr media
The few next weeks were pretty unspectacular, working on the farm was part of your everyday life by now and your work was a routine, knowing every small step of it.
But still, today you woke up with a smile plastered on your face – it’s not like anyone besides Jimin and Minwoo, maybe Yoongi, would know it’s your birthday today but you still loved your special day.
It didn't matter that no one would know, you were quite happy that to everyone else this day would be just another day. You, on the other hand, had tons of self-care plans for tonight.
The first thing you did that morning was checking your phone, happy to see that your friends from home – or more like what used to be home to you – thought of you and send you very nice birthday greetings full of love, telling you that they missed you. In no time you got up and dressed to go over to the main house.
“So, what do you want to do today?” Jimin asked you as you had breakfast with him and your uncle. Despite you telling them that they shouldn't worry about you, they still made you some scrambled eggs and cut a lot of the vegetables from the Kim’s farm, Jimin even managed to go to the heart of the city to buy some buns for all of you.
Stretching yourself, tiredness still washing over you, you thought about his question. “I actually don’t know, I thought I'd just do some sheet masks later and watch Netflix,” you said shrugging before eating a piece of cucumber, “Why? Any ideas?”
“Why don’t you invite your friends over, (y/n)?” your uncle suggested but you’d rather not. The problem with inviting people over is you can’t leave early since they are literally at your own place and you'd never kick them out, not wanting to be unfriendly.
“No way, I don’t even think most people know about my birthday. I’ll stay lowkey about it,“  you denied your uncle's request, just wanting to have a nice night on the couch after you took a long bath – an ideal night for you.
“Why don't we have a movie night?” you suggested to your two family members but they didn’t seem to show much support to your idea.
Uncle Minwoo immediately stopped you, “I’m not letting you stay at home with your old uncle and cousin on your birthday.”
“I’d love that though. We hadn’t had a movie night in a long time,“ you pouted, hoping to convince your uncle despite knowing you had no chance against him.
“Jimin, take her to the pub, alright?” he instructed his son who was currently not listening to the conversation and instead was texting someone.
“Sure,“ he agreed with his father before looking up from his phone, “I’ll take you to the pub later, (y/n). No discussion.”
So a few hours later you found yourself in your small bathroom, putting on a real full face make-up for the first time ever since you moved here, you almost forgot how pretty you could be.
Jimin said to make sure that you looked your best since a lot of other people would be there, including the girl he ‘sometimes takes out’, as he liked to call it.
Even though you were still not fully in the mood, you started to warm up to the idea of going out as you got ready. In the end, you knew it wouldn't hurt to doll yourself up and go out every now and then – and maybe, just maybe, Taehyung would be there too.
Jimin picked you up from your place at around eight in the evening, the sky already pitch-black.
“Hey birthday kid,“ he said lovingly, “I didn't know you could look this lovely. Trying to impress a certain boy?”
Throwing him a glare that was about to end his life you were ready to hit your cousin if he wouldn’t stop mentioning your attraction towards your neighbor. You prayed he didn’t tell Tae about it, his ego was big enough and you didn’t know if you could survive if he’d become even cockier. Taehyung knew how handsome he was and that he could probably get just any girl if he wanted already so you didn't want to give him the satisfaction.
“I’ll kill you if you don’t shut your mouth,“ you threatened him even though you knew that nothing could stop Jimin's teasing ever.
Arriving at the Pub, you couldn’t help but grin like an idiot – all of your friends were waiting inside, a whole booth decorated just for you. Yoongi was the first to welcome you, hugging you tightly. “Happy Birthday, princess,“ he almost whispered into your ear before the other people were waiting for their turn to congratulate you.
Hoseok and Namjoon were there, including Namjoon’s girlfriend, that you hadn’t met before. Jungkook, of course, was there too and even gifted you some sunflower. “Those are my favorite!” you told him excited, to which he replied that he still remembered.
Jimin introduced you to his almost-girlfriend and she seemed to be a nice girl, a bit smaller than him, with cute glasses, short hair and a nose ring that she pulled off like no one else could.
And last but not least Kim Taehyung was standing in front of you, trying to look cold and unbothered like always, but his eyes were sparkling a bit, giving away that he wasn't as cool as he wanted to be.
“You’re here!” you gasped, genuinely excited to see him, “I feel honored.”
He shook his head joyful. “Don’t let it get to your head. Happy birthday, farmer girl,“ for the first time ever Taehyung hugged you, and you hated to admit that it felt quite comforting – the hug didn’t feel awkward or forced at all, he even had his hand on your head, right in your hair.
Yoongi and Jimin, who were standing behind Taehyung, were inspecting the hug you shared, drawing hearts with their fingers in the air for only you to see as you turned red.
“(Y/n), we got a present for you! Come on, sit down,” Hoseok happily singsang from the table and Taehyung let you go, way too early for your liking, but you weren’t complaining – you appreciated what you got this far.
As you sat down beside Yoongi, Taehyung sat right next to you, pretty close since you were sitting on a small bank with five people.
The booth was decorated with a paper chain that spelled “Happy Birthday”, a few presents were waiting for you on the table, right next to many glasses and several bottles of alcohol.
“This one is from me, Hoseok and Seokjin,“ Namjoon said excited, handing you a present.
Opening it you couldn’t help but pout at their heartwarming idea: They gifted you a framed picture the four of you when you were little, you were maybe around three to four years old.
„God, we were so small,“ you chuckled, studying the picture.
Hoseok smiled wholeheartedly, “There’s a little wheel on the side that you have to move,“ he explained and so you did – as you turned the little wheel more pictures of your friends and you appeared, all of them from different years.
“I love it,“ you smiled at them, “I'll find a special place to display it, I promise.”
“Open our’s next,“ Yoongi said, an untrustworthy smirk on his face. “It’s from me and Jimin.”
Just because you knew the two of you too well, you didn’t trust them at all.
“I bet it’ll get also a very, very special place at your home,“ Jimin assured you and you just knew at that point they probably got you something very stupid.
And they did – you let out a deep breath, shaking your head in disbelief.
“Thanks, I really needed that,“ you said sarcastically as you hold the box of the vibrator they gifted you in your hand.
Both of the boys bursted out into laughter, making you sigh.
„You think you're so funny, don't you? How old are you? Fourteen?“ you snipped both of their foreheads but still, a chuckle managed to slip out. Not really because you thought the present was funny but more because the boys were so amused by their own idea.
“We know the nights get lonely here,“ Jimin said, still laughing like a teenager, “Much fun with it. Just call Taehyung if you need any help with it.”
“Yeah, no, thanks, I think I can handle that on my own,“ you quickly responded before anyone else could join their nagging, “I really need a shot now. Otherwise, I won't be able to deal with you.”
Yoongi immediately poured a round of shots for everyone, “To our little (y/n).”
All of your friends clinked glasses and downed the shot. Within a few hours, one shot became quite a few, too many to count them. Jimin and his girl were making out heavily in the corner of the pub – much to your disgust. While you were happy for your cousin you still could imagine better things than seeing your family member's tongue in someone's mouth.
Yoongi, you, Seokjin, Namjoon and Taehyung were currently playing a card drinking game that you not only never heard of before but was also killing you at a fast pace.
“(Y/n), your turn,“ Taehyung glanced at you, raising his eyebrow – his cheeks were red and the sloppy smile on his face gave away that he also was at least a bit intoxicated by now, “Red or black?”
That was the whole point of the game, basically the only rule. You had to say a color and if the card didn’t have the color you had to take a shot. Seokjin said it was the best game to get really drunk really fast, and boy, he was right.
“Red”, you answered or to be exact, mumbled since you had a hard time pronouncing your words clearly by now.
And, of course, luck wasn’t on your side - as Taehyung turned around the card it showed black. “Tae~“ you let out a whine as he laughed, “I literally cannot drink this shot or else I’ll throw up.”
Your head was turning and your stomach felt warm and tingly, a part of you suddenly felt playful and giggly, which was pretty unusual for you. Looking at Taehyung you felt something deep down in your stomach – the way his rather long and curly hair fell into his face and his tanned skin was glowing was a beautiful sight. God, you really wanted to blame it on the booze but deep down you were aware that you were just fooling yourself.
“You’re no fun,“ he almost whined before taking the shot, “I’ll take it for you since it’s your birthday.”
“Oh, what a gentleman you are,“ you nudged him.
“Just trying to get drunk,“ he shrugged laughing before downing the shot as if it was nothing.
Your glance waved over to Jungkook, who was e the drunkest, his eyes slowly closing. “Jungkook!” you poked his upper arm, not sure if you should laugh or be concerned, “Are you passing out?”
“Hmm?” he responded, trying to open his eyes but failing, “Oh no. I’m just taking a nap.”
You peeked to Taehyung beside you, questioning him what to do, “Are you going to babysit him?”
He scoffed, “That isn’t my problem to deal with.”
About two hours later you decided that it was time to go home, having to admit that you did have fun despite wanting to stay home at first. You thanked everyone and grabbed your bag.
“What about you?” you asked Taehyung who was sitting on his phone, texting someone with his eyebrows furrowed, “You’re staying?”
His eyes met yours as he looked up from his phone, “No, I’m walking you home. Give me a second.”
You decided to wait outside, in need of some fresh air to sober you up.
Slowly, you started to walk towards your home, knowing Taehyung would be able to catch up in no time. And he did, of course.
“Oh!” he looked at you with wide eyes as he arrived by your side, before opening his bag, looking for something, “It’s your birthday!”
“No shit, Sherlock,“ you responded unimpressed at his sudden realization, walking through the little city at night, still not used to how beautiful the stars were here, „You just got that now?“
“No, wait. I actually got you something,“ the boy mumbled and you thought you heard wrong for a second. At least until Taehyung handed you a box, a rather big one.
“Are you serious?” you asked surprised, suddenly feeling shy. This morning you were convinced he didn’t even know it was your birthday but now he was standing in front of you, with a present that was neatly wrapped in yellow wrapping paper.
“Don’t make a big deal out of it, please,“ he chuckled as you two walked through the dark night, only a few lanterns on your way home, “Just open it. It felt wrong not to get you anything. I mean, we’re neighbors now, and also co-workers.”
Your arm nudged him, playfully asking, “Maybe even friends?”
His laugh seemed to be even louder and happier when he’s drunk, “Says who? You wish!” before immediately adding, “I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Maybe even that. Now open it. Let’s sit down.“
Your neighbor gestured at the bank on the side of the way, a few steps away.
He took out his phone to turn on the flashlight so you could see, sitting dangerously close to you. “Why didn’t you give it to me earlier?” you asked him curiously.
“You know, I gotta keep my cool reputation in front of them,“ he joked.
“Ah, can’t let them know that you have a crush on me?” you blurted out, trying to flirt, knowing you would never say those things if it wasn’t for all the shots you drank earlier.
“You’re a pain in the ass,“ he mocked you a bit, “Will you please just open it now? There are a few smaller things.”
As you ripped open the wrapping paper you let out a laugh, impressed by his first present, “A raincoat? I could’ve seen that one coming.”
“I still can’t believe you don’t own one. Look underneath, there’s also a shirt you can use for work so you won’t ruin your good clothes,“ he said, almost proud of his idea and it was adorable.
The shirt was grey and oversized - and also, there was a picture printed onto it. Taehyung let out another laugh, covering his mouth with his hand to stop him from laughing harder, before you could see what was on it.
As he shined his flashlight on the picture you were not only extremely amused but also very amazed that he did that for you, even though he obviously was trying to be funny, you genuinely liked it – the picture was a selfie of Taehyung, giving a thumbs up, right next to his favorite being on this earth, Bertha. Underneath the picture the sentence ‘(Y/n), you can do it. I hope.’ was written in big letters.
“You’re seriously the worst,“ you joined his laughter, wondering how in the hell he got this idea. The atmosphere was almost friendly – a new step for the two of you. Not that you didn’t like him before, you just thought that he didn’t like you back.
“I think you’ll look quite good in it, (y/n),“ he smiled proudly, definitely satisfied with himself.
“You’re such a flirt,“ you said sarcastically.
The last gift in the box really got to you though - it immediately brought back a lot of memories, cherished ones, of your childhood. An overwhelming rush of sentiment came over you as you couldn't believe your eyes.
“Tae, I–” you were looking for the right words to say but none came to your head, “Is it what I think it is?”
“If you think it’s your old music box that played Somewhere Over The Rainbow over and over again, then it is, yes,“ he replied, playing it cool as if it wasn't a big thing.
You totally forgot about it until now, back in the day you always used to play it before going to bed, falling asleep immediately to the soothing sound of it – back then it didn't matter where you were: you wouldn't fall asleep without the petite woodbox playing your favorite song.
“Where did you even get this?“ you asked him, gulping.
“Oh, Minwoo gave it to me to calm the cows on thunder days,“ he said amused.
“You’ve got to be kidding me,“ you chuckled, still inspecting the music box. It seemed to be even prettier than you remembered it.
“Do you like it?” he asked, turning towards you, “I know how obsessed you were with it as a child so I thought you’d like to have it back. The cows didn’t like it anyway.”
Your eyes met his, not knowing what to say. He was so cool about it when to you, this might be one of the most meaningful presents you've gotten in a long time. The fact that he even remembered how in love you were with this music box and how thoughtful of him it was to give it back to you. Slowly you put the box down, still feeling a bit overwhelmed. It was probably stupid, for him it was just a simple present and you were overreacting, right? But still, it was so much more than you would’ve expected. Especially from him
“I love it,“ you assured him, the wrinkles around his eyes deeper than you’ve ever seen them before. “Thank you so much.”
Before he could say something to ruin the moment you wrapped your arms around his neck and buried your face in his collar. It took him a few moments to realize what was happening, a hug was something he didn’t expect at all, but it did feel nice. His arms carefully found your waist and hugged you back.
You could see how red his cheeks were as your hug ended but for once you decided to not tease him, not wanting to ruin a genuinely nice moment. The two of you didn’t have those very often.
“Shall we go home?” Taehyung asked softly as he stood up, waiting for you to join him.
The two of you were walking for a while, way slower than usual. It might be the alcohol in your veins or simply the secret desire to spend some more time together, alone and outside of the farm.
“Be honest,“ you started carelessly, it almost sounded like you were singing it, “You do think I’m cute.”
Looking up to Taehyung you saw that he was smiling and didn’t seem to care about your teasing anymore.
“I do think you’re cute. That doesn’t make you less any annoying though,“ he replied, his tone almost playful. As you were walking your shoulders were lightly brushing every now and then, a rush of excitement going through your body every single time.
“Now you be honest. You were totally checking me out when you saw me on the day you moved here,“ he countered, the conversation light.
You let out a small scoff, “I maybe would have if I hadn’t been to busy trying to free myself from your grip since you thought I was stealing your chicken,“ you snapped at him and Taehyung let out a laugh at that memory. Even though it wasn’t long ago it felt like years, considering how much your relationship developed since then.
“Your turn. You would’ve gone home sooner but you were waiting to walk me home,“ the vibe Taehyung gave you told you it was okay to dig a bit deeper.
“Now you’re just being overconfident, (y/n),“ he laughed and you thought about how his laugh is so different than his mum’s. His mother's laugh was light and charming while his laugh was deep and full of joy, almost bold and loud.
“If you say I’m wrong you’re lying,“ you insisted while looking up to the beautiful night sky, not letting loose. Even though you were a bit cold you didn’t really care, you could walk and talk for a few more hours without complaining.
“I never said you’re wrong,“ he answered quietly, now more soft and serious, “But don’t let it get to your head, I know my mum would kill me if she heard that you had to walk home alone.”
“You’re so in love with me dude, how gross,“ you joked, not able to stop your usual nagging.
By now it seemed like that was Taehyung’s and your’s thing somehow. It was an open secret that there was something between the two of you, whatever that was. Maybe, you and Taehyung were still denying it but your friends weren't completely wrong when they talked about your relationship to each other.
“I really don’t know if I wanna shove you off this bridge or kiss your annoying ass,“ he stated shamelessly, trying to sound annoyed but his mood was just as good as yours and the cheeky flirting was something he missed over the last years.
It’s been too long since he met someone he liked so much that he didn’t have to care about what he said. Spending time with you made him feel careless. The night air and the sky that was full of stars just loosened up the mood even more.
Even though your heart was beating faster at his comment you tried to remain cool – he said it so casually as if the topic of kissing you was something completely normal to him, making you realize that maybe Taehyungand you were indeed becoming something more than friends.
“Oh, can I pick?”, you grinned at him.
“No,“ he answered easily while pushing you towards the edge of the bridge you were currently walking on, making you gasp a bit, while trying to balance yourself so you wouldn’t fall over the low wooden railing.
What exactly was he doing? Just in the right moment, he held you, his arm around your waist, being a bit too close to you which was making your heart beat insanely fast. As you looked at him your eyes were opened wide, the shock written all over your face.
Taehyung still was holding you close, giving you the brightest smile ever, his expression full of joy, “Did you really think that I’d let you fall?”
“Yes!“ you almost shouted out of shock, a hundred percent sure that he’d actually do something like that, “If anyone in this town would then it would be you.”
He acted a bit offended, as he pulled your body a bit closer to his again, your intestines feeling all over the place. Half of your body was still bent over the bridge as Taehyungs hold was the only support that stopped you from falling right into the water. His face came near yours and at this moment you wanted nothing more than to feel his lips on yours.
“Well, if you think that lowly of me,“ he started, before pausing his sentence, you could swear that you could feel his breath tingling on your lips and see his eyes wandering down to look at your them – but before anything else could happen you started losing balance as Taehyung let go of your body, making you fall right into the lake behind you.
Of course, he’d do something like that. You should've guessed that.
As you came up again you were drenched. The water was at least still warm enough to not make you shiver while climbing up to the bridge again. Taehyung was laughing wholeheartedly, his one hand once again covering his mouth, while holding his other hand out for you so he could help you.
You immediately took his offer, taking a tight grip on his hand before getting your revenge – within seconds Taehyung forcefully joined you in the water, his eyes popping out when you completely caught him off guard.
“I should’ve seen that coming,“ he admitted, now also completely wet but still amused, “I deserved that.”
The two of you were chuckling, no one of you seemed to want to get out of the water for now.
“Remember the one time we were having a contest here about who can stay underwater the longest when we were children?” you asked him thinking back to older days, one of the few memories you had with him.
He nodded while walking towards you, leaning his back against the bridge. His body was close to yours, his face facing yours, “I remember you and Jimin being afraid because you thought I fainted because I let my body swim on the surface with my head under the water still.”
Hitting his chest, you squinted your eyes, “You were the worst, seriously! Why would you do this to me? I was so afraid.”
His arm found your hip, resting lazily on it - you wondered if he’d also do that if he was completely sober, “To make good memories.”
“Well, that’s also about our only memory because you always avoided me when we were younger,“ you stated, a bit salty.
His laughter sounded different this time, if you didn’t know better you’d almost say there was some kind of admiration in it. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,“ he apologized, putting his hands up in the air, still laughing before looking at you once again – it’s like you completely forgot about being in the water now in the middle of the night.
“Wanna know a secret?” he asked you, whispering as if you had to be careful to not get caught.
“Always,“ you answered eager as your eyes widened in excitement.
“I avoided you because I had the biggest crush on you and Yoongi always said girls suck and if anyone of us ever kissed a girl they’d be kicked out of the gang,“ he admitted, smiling back at the memory.
“Okay, but Yoongi was literally my first kiss,“ you confessed to him, “I think he knew exactly why he told you that.”
Now it was Taehyung who was in shock, not you. “You’re kidding me,“ he sounded offended, “I can’t believe he’d play me like this because of some chick.”
“Hello? I’m right here,“ you scoffed, shaking your head amused.
“Oh, I bet you’d rather be where Yoongi is, huh?” he stared you down for a second before breaking character and starting to laugh, “But seriously, he never even told me. He knew I’d fight him about it.”
“It must be hard to always be as dramatic as you are,“ you scoffed, as you got out of the water again, starting to shiver a bit, “Let’s go home, I’m cold.”
He got out of the water too and you tried hard not to stare at his chest that was completely showing through his white shirt.
“You should have put on a jacket,“ he shrugged, acting as if it's your fault that you were completely drenched and cold.
“You little shit,“ you countered as the two of you were walking towards your home, “I’m only cold because you pushed me into the lake.”
“I had fun tonight,“ you admitted to him as you were standing in front of your door once again, “You’re not awful.”
“Thank you?”, he laughed unsure before he continued, “You’re also not awful, (y/n).”
“I mean, you were not the nicest in the beginning, I thought you hated me. But now, I think you tolerate me,“ you said, a winning smile on your face.
“Believe it or not, I think you’re pretty cool,” he mirrored your smile, nodding.
“I’ll let my diary know about that,” you assured him.
He just stood there for a second, looking at you. Both of you didn’t want to part, enjoying time with each other but you didn’t want things to get awkward.
“I’m sorry I pushed you into the water,“ he mentioned, laughing while apologizing.
You rolled your eyes at his half-assed apology, “Yeah sure. You better make up for that.”
He nodded, “I will. I promise. Good night, (y/n).“
Suddenly you felt him hugging you, not expecting it once again. Three hugs in one day were something you didn’t expect at all when you woke up this morning.
“Sleep well,“ you told him as you closed the door behind you, removing your make up, changing into comfortable clothes and letting yourself fall into your bed, falling asleep with a smile on your lips. You were definitely making progress.
Tumblr media
A few days after your birthday and the situation with Taehyung, it was about time to talk to someone about your confusing feelings. Yoongi was the first person that came to your mind, definitely not wanting to talk to Jimin about it.
As the two of you were sitting outside on your porch, drinking a beer and enjoying the sunset slowly going down, you decided to tell him about what happened after you and Taehyung left on your birthday.
“He gifted you your old music box?” he asked confused, almost shocked, “That’s so much better than the vibrator we gifted you, dammit.”
You let out a laugh, “Anything is better than that.”
“Well, apparently you won’t be needing it any time soon if you and Taehyung continue to fall in love at that pace,“ your best friend gave you a small wink.
“Yoongi,“ you let out a pout, “I really don’t know what I should do. He was about to kiss me by the lake but instead, he let me fall into the water.”
He was trying his hardest to contain his laughter as you told the story but he couldn’t help it, “You really think he’s the one you want? I bet not even Jungkook would behave that awkward.”
Chuckling, you shrugged, “I guess I just like a challenge.”
Yoongi nodded, “He definitely is one. Bare with him, it’s been some time. His last girlfriend and him broke up quite some time ago.”
When Yoongi mentioned the word gilfriend you felt curiosity awakening inside of you, “What was she like?”
Taking a sip of his beer, he glanced at you, a bit pitiful, “Are you sure you wanna do this to yourself?”
“I’m just curious,“ you assured him, „No hard feelings.“
Before Yoongi could start telling you about her you were disturbed by your cousin, who just finished his work, a beer in his hand as he sat down on the free chair on your table, „What are you talking about?”
“My hopeless crush,“ you said, laughing.
“What else,“ he shrugged, unimpressed, “You could still date Jungkook, you know.”
You shook your head before turning back to Yoongi, “So, tell me about her, I can’t imagine him with a girl at all.”
“Are we talking about Elly?” Jimin asked confused, trying to catch up with your conversation.
“Yes,” Yoongi said, trying to start once again before getting interrupted by Jimin, also once again.
“She wasn’t shit, (y/n). Don’t worry about her. I never liked her. They weren’t even really a couple.”
Yoongi rolled his eyes, “She wasn’t all bad, Jimin. She was actually quite nice at the beginning. She’s from the town next to ours, the granddaughter of the owner of the library – we were friends with her back then when she still visited every weekend. I guess she was into Tae from the first second and he was, well, frustrated. So they became friends with benefits. Nothing too serious at first.”
“(Y/n), I really don’t get why you’d wanna know. You’ll just hurt yourself,“ your cousin seemed to worry, clearly disagreeing with your curiosity.
“They broke up so I won’t be hurt, I just can’t imagine him in a relationship at all. I need some information for research,“ you argued.
“He was a good boyfriend, I guess,“ Jimin thought about it, taking a big gulp of his beer, “Like he visited her often and made sure to bring her to every event or birthday. But one of them would always start a fight and it got so annoying over time. Every time he brought her I was afraid to say anything to him because if I only said one wrong word she’d start to discuss with him.”
Yoongi now interrupted him, “Well, it wasn’t only her who started fights, to be fair. Taehyung often enough started one too, whenever he was in a bad mood he’d always find a reason to fight.”
A scoff came out of your mouth, “I already thought he’d be one to pick fights, to be honest.”
“Speaking of the devil,“ Yoongi nodded towards the house of the Kim’s and as you turned around you saw Taehyung jogging over to you. He seemed to be in a good mood, a smile on his lips, something rather unusual.
“Why are you having a nice evening and no one cared to call me?” he asked as he arrived in front of you, holding up a big plate with many different pieces of cakes on it, “I brought cake.”
Jimin immediately took the plate and set it down in front of him as Taehyung sat down on the free seat on the bench beside you.
“We were just talking shit about you,“ Jimin started, getting up to get some forks from inside.
“Why? What did I do?” he asked, already sounding offended, ready to defend himself without knowing what even seemed to be the problem.
“I just told them about how you let me fall into the lake,“ you huffed, salty, not letting it go easily.
“Why would you do that?” he asked in a whiny tone, “Aren’t they teasing us enough already?”
“I don’t care about that. I still can’t believe you’ve done that. I could’ve caught a cold.”
He now crossed his arms in front of his chest, “You didn’t though, right? I brought you cake as an apology, just to find you hanging out with our friends, without me?”
Yoongi let out a laugh at your constant bickering, “Young love must be so nice.”
“Be quiet,“ you gave him a warning glance before you turned back to the real enemy here, “You think cake can just fix the trust I lost in you?”
He let out a laugh, “You’re being overdramatic.”
Actually, you couldn’t care less that he let you fall into the lake. It was just fun to pick fights with him, “You’re being an asshole.”
He scoffed before continuing your discussion in a mocking voice, “Wanted me to kiss you so bad that you can’t get over the fact that I didn’t?”
You let out a small gasp, not expecting his comeback. Yoongi and Jimin were both trying no to laugh watching the two of you fight.
“If you think that, you’re truly delusional,“ you stated, even though everyone here knew he was right, “The only reason I didn’t kill you right then was because I was so relieved you didn’t kiss me.”
He snorted, not ready to give up yet, “Sure, just keep on telling it to yourself until you start to believe it.”
And this is how you spent the rest of the evening. Three of your closest friends, cake, one or two or maybe even more beers, a beautiful pink sunset and most important - in the place you loved to call your home.
Tumblr media
“(Y/n), give me a hand, please,“ your neighbor screamed from the other side of the farm, struggling to put up the pavilion that was supposed to cover the tables from the weather.
It was a warm autumn day but you knew that it could basically start to pour any second. Quickly you jogged over to Taehyung, leaving Jimin alone with the other preparations for the big harvest festival that was held once a year on the farm. It was a tradition you used to love as a child and you were more than happy to participate again this year.
As you walked over you couldn’t help but notice how mesmerizing he looked once again. There was sweat dripping down his face while he gave you a light and exhausted chuckle, holding up one side of the pavilion with his rather strong arms. The white shirt and grey sweatpants he was wearing might as well be the death of you. Oh god, you definitely hated being attracted to him.
“What’s up, Kim?” you asked, desperately trying to sound as unbothered as possible.
He, on the other hand, continued to smile, shaking his head, “Can you please hold up the other side over there?” he asked, pointing to it, “I’ll do the rest.”
You went over and held up the other side, having to stand on your tiptoes. “Are you excited for tonight?” you asked him, desperate to make conversation with him. Even though by now Taehyung was being very nice to you, you were still always trying to make him like you. Even though Jimin and Yoongi assured you he likes you quite a lot by now you still wanted him to admit to it. His attention was your favorite thing at the moment, you couldn’t get enough of it.
He shrugged while concentrating on a screw he was currently trying to get in, “Not really. It’s not gonna be different than any other year.”
“I’m here now so it is gonna be different than before,” you said, making him look up from his work for a second, his eyes finding yours.
“So, you’re going to make the harvest festival interesting again?” you saw the smirk on his face before continuing, “Don’t get up my hopes.”
“Share a bottle of liquor with me and I bet we’ll have a lot of fun,” you stated boldly, immediately embarrassed at your way too obvious flirting. At this point, you were sure that he was very aware of your obvious crush on him. He was many things. Rude, annoying, sometimes even a bit mean but delusional wasn’t one of them.
“Are you flirting with me, (y/n)?” he asked almost a bit teasingly.
“I am,” you said, trying to sound confident but you were pretty sure your now deep red cheeks were giving you away.
He seemed to be amused and he shook his head in what seemed to be joy.
“Not bad,” was all he said, shrugging before his full attention was back on building the pavilion.
You looked around the big farm as Taehyung was working. It looked beautiful, there were a lot of tables with benches, all of them had some flowers and candles on top of them, you could only imagine how cute it would look as soon as the sky was dark and all the candles were lit.
Jimin was currently preparing some baskets filled with eggs, milk, some wool, all different kinds of fruits and vegetables and even some feathers you picked up from the pond where the ducks stayed as a lucky charm – your uncle and Taehyung’s mother would sell them later on, the people always loved those little baskets.
Taehyung’s mother was inside, preparing food for the night. She was overdoing herself, cooking four different kinds of soups, baking too many loaves of bread for the visitors to eat, she even has been baking all kind of cakes since yesterday night.
“Your mum is an angel,” you mumbled more to yourself than to him but Taehyung still heard you, laughing a bit.
“She just really loves the harvest festival. But yes, I agree, she really is,” he answered without looking at you, “There’s gonna be plenty of leftovers tomorrow, I’ll bring you some if you want.”
You nodded even though he didn’t see, “I’d love that.”
“Hey, (y/n)!” Gus, the owner of the restaurant, came up to you. He drove up here in his truck, the whole back of it filled with different meals that he contributed for tonight, “Where should I put the fish and meat?”
Taehyung told you that you could leave and help Gus for now so you showed him where the food was being served. There was a long in the middle of the farm, where Gus’ and Mrs. Kim’s food was going to be sold later on. It was opposite to the little dancefloor your uncle built earlier, he even got a pretty good sound system for the night. You already anticipated seeing all of the older people dance later, it was always very cute to see them be happy. All the tables to sit on were placed in between the dancefloor and the food.
As you were helping Gus’ to carry the food you saw Yoongi and his parents coming up to you.
“Hey cutie,” your best friend greeted you as he put down the three beer crates he was casually caring like they didn’t weigh anything, “How are things going?”
“I’m really excited for tonight,” you cheered with a wide smile on your lips, “My last harvest festival was years ago, I still had to go to bed at eight o’clock at that time.”
He let out a laugh, “Oh, that’s when the fun is just starting.”
You only managed to finish all the work an hour before the first people came to the festival. Within no time the whole farm was filled with people as the sun was slowly going down.
You didn’t expect so many people to actually show up. Not only the whole village was attending tonight’s fest but a lot of them also brought their family from out of town, a lot of faces you’ve never seen before.
It luckily didn’t rain yet and you were hoping it would stay that way for the rest of the night. The sky was dark now and all the candles were lit, making the atmosphere cozy. People were eating, drinking and enjoying themselves, some even danced to the 80′s music that was playing already.
You were sitting on the side of a table, just looking around and appreciating everything as a few of your friends came up to you.
“Don’t you wanna eat something?” Jungkook asked you, nodding towards the table with the food, “We were just about to grab something, join us.”
“Let’s also grab a drink or two,” your cousin, who clearly already had more than just a drink or two, his bright pink cheeks exposing him, shouted as he came up behind Jungkook, Yoongi and Yoongi’s girlfriend.
Your mouth watered as you saw, and especially smelled, the food that was offered. Now you were very thankful that you didn’t have the time to eat all day. All the food looked amazing and you didn’t even know where to start. Hoseok and Namjoon both went for the meat but you wanted to start with something more light for now, looking at all the soups Mrs. Kim made.
“Try mum’s Italian wedding soup, it’s the best,” you flinched lightly as Taehyung came up behind you out of nowhere, his arm casually resting on your shoulder.
You tried to play it cool in front of your friends but inside you were all tense, just because of Tae being so close to you.
“I’ll have that then,” you agreed, telling his mother who was handing out food tonight. Both you and Taehyung offered her to help out earlier but she insisted that you should just enjoy the evening.
“Of course, my darling,” she poured some of the soup into a big cup, giving you and her son a wide smile, “You two look just adorable together.”
You felt yourself blushing but you were pretty sure that no one would notice in the dark.
“Right? We’ve been telling them the whole time,” Hoseok joined, excitement in his eyes, agreeing with his friends’ mother. You heard a deep, frustrated groan from Taehyung.
“Guys,” he squinted his eyes at both of them with a warning glance but he still was resting his arm on you, not even thinking about removing it, “Can you mind your own business? Just for once?”
Yoongi chuckled at the two of you, knowing exactly that you were trying your hardest to keep your cool, “You know they won’t leave you alone until something happens.”
He was right. But you weren’t sure if and when things would happen. And what those things even would be. When it came to Taehyung you felt more clueless than ever before. Not even your math class in senior year seemed that confusing.
“Yeah, because no one in this town knows how to respect the boundaries of other people,” Taehyung bitterly said through gritted teeth, slightly annoyed but everyone just let out a laugh, not taking him seriously, thinking it’s funny that he gets so worked up over some simple teasing.
“I’m sorry (y/n),” Mrs. Kim turned towards you, apologizing, but you could still see a little amused smile on her lips, “I hope I didn’t make you feel uncomfortable.”
“Oh, don’t worry. I don’t mind at all,” you assured her, “Don’t apologize.”
“I’ll go and get us something to drink,” Yoongi offered after he got some food, his lips already pressed against his girlfriend’s neck again before turning to you, “Save us a seat.”
You waited for the rest to get something to eat and wondered what was suddenly going on with Taehyung, he wasn’t leaving your side at all which was pretty unusual for him. Last week he was still too afraid to give you a birthday present in front of the boys and now he was suddenly even touching you in front of everyone?
“I’m sorry,” he whispered for only you to hear as all of you were looking for a table to sit on. On the way, he let go of you but still was walking right next to you. Not that you minded, you enjoyed the sudden attention he was giving you, you just had to get used to it.
“What for?” you asked him, shrugging lightly, “I don’t care if the guys tease us. They think we’re into each other, they won’t stop anyway.”
“Well, they aren’t so dumb after all, huh?” he still whispered to you, chuckling a bit as he turned around to the others, pointing to a free table, “Let’s sit down over there.”
This little shit was flirting with you.
The soup was amazing. The alcohol was pouring. The atmosphere was loud and filled with banter and laughter. Yoongi and his girl were making out in front of everyone in no time, literally being all over each other. Hoseok, Jungkook and Jimin were screaming along to ‘Come on Eileen’ playing in the background, doing those stupid fortnite dances to the old music, constantly motivating each other to do stupid moves and having the time of their lives. Namjoon was talking to his girlfriend, the majority of your friends still had no idea that they were actually dating and you wondered how they managed to keep it a secret in such a small town like this.
You were just laughing every now and then, enjoying everyone’s presence - an evening like this was exactly what you needed, full of friends and possibilities to make amazing memories.
Looking back at the fact that in the beginning, you were so afraid to start a new life here was ridiculous by now – this was your home, you were doing the thing you love with people you wouldn’t trade for anything. Not in a hundred years would you have thought that you’d find your happiness in this small town.
You carefully dared to look over to Taehyung, hoping he wouldn’t catch you staring – you felt tingly, it might be the wine or the butterflies in your stomach but you felt so much comfort and happiness that you wanted to explode.
The way he was laughing was making you go insane – you got lost in the wrinkles around his eyes and his side profile that seemed to be the most perfect thing you’ve ever seen. It was so nice and rare to see him letting go, being completely relaxed and warm. The longer you looked at him the more you craved something deep down in your stomach.
It felt like you were in a movie, the world around you blurred and slowing down while all you could concentrate on was the guy next to you: The guy, that used to be so cold to you and opened up step by step, going from thinking you were stealing chickens to flirting with you in front of everyone.
You secretly hoped that the two of you were figuring out the future of your relationship rather sooner than later, slowly growing impatient. It was obvious to anyone who’d spent only five minutes around you: There was an undeniable tension, a chemistry that both of you felt.
Still staring at him while everyone was laughing and talking he stole a glance from you, seeing that your attention was already completely on him. His features softened as soon as his eyes met yours and the big laughter on his face turned into a small but impactful smile - immediately you felt a rush of confidence running through your veins, your heart beating faster. You hated how you were literally melting for him but you knew exactly that you couldn’t fight it so you might as well let him in.
His eyes were still locked with yours, no one daring to break eye contact. You wondered how this moment could feel so intimate when there were literally 200 people gathered around you – it felt like you were all alone, everyone else was busy cracking jokes while the two of you were busy falling in love. Or at least that was what it felt like.
He gave you a small nod before sitting a bit closer to you, your thighs now touching. “Stop flirting with me. I might just break my cool character and blush,” he joked, making you chuckle before the two of you brought your attention back to your friends who were currently cheering for Jungkook and Jimin, both trying to down their beer faster than the other one.
You shook your head, letting out a laugh at them being messy. Taehyung’s hand sneakily rested on your lower back and you hoped it would stay there for a while.
Jimin finished first and laughed at Jungkook, who was still drinking, “Oh, I can’t believe you thought you could win against me. I’m the king when it comes to drinking,” he bragged.
Yoongi, who was for once breaking free from his girlfriend, shook his head at Jimin, “You’re overconfident. Taehyung, finish him.”
Taehyung let out a groan, “Don’t make me do this.”
“Let’s go Taehyungie, I bet I can beat you easily,” Jimin challenged him, knowing exactly how to provoke his friend.
“Dude, don’t do this to yourself, you’ll lose,” Hoseok yelled, “No one can beat Taehyung, you should know better than that.”
“I trained. And Taehyung didn’t show off his skills in a long time, I think you’re underestimating me,” he insisted, opening another bottle of beer and putting it down in front of Tae.
“Jimin, take it easy. It’s your fourth beer in what? Twenty minutes?” you interrupted, “I don’t wanna clean up all alone tomorrow because you are dying.”
“It’s harvest festival (y/n),” he whined while opening another bottle of wine for you, pouring something into your glass, “You gotta start learning how we do it here.”
Taehyung shook his head, letting out another deep sigh, “You have no chance against me,” he held up his beer and waited for Jimin to do the same.
Jimin had a satisfied smile on his lips, ready to give it his all, “I’m going to fight for your title.”
Taehyung let out a laugh, “That’s cute. Much luck trying.”
All of you were counting down from three and the guys started chugging down the beer like it was a life or death situation. It was stupid and childish but all of you were enjoying it, rooting for Tehyung. If all of your friends could agree on one thing then it would be that Jimin needs to be taken down back to earth every now and then.
You looked at him, your mouth slightly open. One thing you definitely didn’t know about Taehyung was how fast he could drink. He always seemed like the most reasonable and mature guy so you were kind of taken by surprise to see how he downed the bottle in the matter of a few seconds.
“Ha!” he let out, laughing as he put his bottle down, “You’re a fool, dude.”
Jimin let out a laugh, shrugging, “Never thought I had a chance, just wanted you to drink a bit. Who’s the fool now?”
“I didn’t know you could drink like that,” you turned to Taehyung.
“This guy used to get so wasted every weekend, he just acts all pure in front of you,” Namjoon exposed his friend, laughing.
You raised your eyebrow at Taehyung, “Oh, let’s see who can handle more then, shall we?”
Taehyung’s eyes widened surprised, not expecting you to challenge him when it comes to drinking, “You might regret that.”
“I don’t mind regretting a thing or two,” you poured the two of you some shots.
“That’s the spirit,” Jimin cheered, opening another bottle of beer.
Taehyung and you were clinking glasses, “To Bertha!” he mentioned his favorite before both of you downed the shots, making a grimace as the bitter liquor went down your throat.
“That shit tastes horrible,” you stated, making him laugh.
“No one said getting drunk is easy,” he countered before immediately pouring you another shot, “But you wanted this. We can stop if you can’t take it, you know.”
“Definitely not,” you scoffed raising your eyebrow at him and holding up the shot glass, “It’s going to be a long, long night.”
“Oh, don’t promise what you can’t keep,” he flirted amused, laughing at you before getting ready to down the next shot, “To you and me.”
Nodding, you gave him a smile, “Whatever that might mean.”
You didn’t know what was faster: The time flying by or your alcohol level rising. It was around midnight now and the night just started. All of you were still drinking eagerly, sharing stupid stories and daring each other to do even more stupid things. The music was loud and the older people were dancing like there’s no tomorrow while you were still sitting at the table, playing cards and taking videos and photos of each other.
Some other girls around your age joined your group, you didn’t know them but the rest did. It was a nice group of people overall.
You still were watching the elders dance, smiling to yourself as your uncle and Taehyung’s mum were dancing with each other, seemingly having the best time.
“Aren’t they cute?” Tae turned to you with a grin, his hand resting right above your knee, slightly squeezing it. You could tell the alcohol had its impact on him because he was getting more touchy by minute, his eyes sparkling.
You nodded, feeling a bit nostalgic seeing them together. They always have been close, both of them lost their significant others early and were left with their children and a whole farm to manage. “It’s nice that they’re having fun. I wish they’d take a break more often.”
Taehyung hummed in agreement, his thumb caressing your leg, “I’m happy Mum has Minwoo. They are always there for each other and talk shit about me and Jimin,” he joked, his eyes still glued to his mother.
He was clearly adoring their little dance while you were adoring him.
“He’s really grateful you’re here.”, you didn’t expect Taehyung to be so serious, a new side of him showing.
“I like being here. Wouldn’t go back,” you told him as you put your hand on top of his, appreciating the moment.
His eyes met yours, not thinking you’d hold his hand in front of everyone, even though no one could see, “You do? I didn’t think you’d fit in or like it here at first if I am honest.”
You let out a laugh, “Yeah, I know. You were very vocal about that if you don’t remember our first encounter as I came back.”
He joined your laughter, giving you an apologetic pout, “I’m sorry. I was being a bit rough, wasn’t I?”
You nodded, “Didn’t expect anything else though. You never opened up towards me when we were younger,” you explained to him in a soft voice, you didn’t want to hurt him with your words.
“I just wondered why you’d move here. I thought it was stupid. What does this little town offer you?” he asked curiously, his eyes glued back to your family.
“This, for example,” you gestured to them, “It’s very heartwarming here. You might not realize because you’ve always been here but this town is full of love.”
Taehyung narrowed his eyebrows a bit, “I bet the actual reason you like it so much here is this cute neighbor of yours.”
You scoffed at his confidence, “Oh, you mean that Taehyung guy? No, he’s just too busy loving himself, I doubt he could ever make time to let someone else in.”
He opened his mouth a bit, acting shocked, “Didn’t you hear?”, he asked you, turning his body to you now to completely face you, “Everyone says he’s a total sucker for you.”
Playing along, you slightly brushed your knees against his, “I don’t think so,” you let out a sigh, “Last week he had the perfect chance to kiss me but instead he threw me into the lake.”
He grinned, not expecting you being so witty. “I’m sure he was just nervous and regrets it very much.”
“I wonder what your sources are. They don’t seem very trustworthy. You know that guy, he has a heart made of stone.”
“Don’t let him fool you,” he came closer to whisper in your ear, “He’s actually a soft man inside.”
“(Y/n)!” your cousin screamed over to you, clearly drunk, ruining your little moment with Taehyung, “Let's go, dance with your favorite cousin.”
You sighed heavily, knowing that refusing won’t work even though you didn’t want the playful banter with Taehyung to end. So a few seconds later you found yourself on the dance floor, jamming to the old classics with your favorite human in town. Taehyung and Yoongi might be close, but no one would beat your family.
The two of you danced around like crazy, exaggerating every move, having fun without any worries for a few songs.
That was until you saw Jimin looking over to the rest of your group, his eyebrows narrowing, a mixture of confusion and anger in his eyes - his jaw clenched as he was glaring somewhere. You followed his gaze to see Taehyung talking to a girl you didn’t know. You didn’t think anything of it at first, he didn’t seem very close to her, maybe even a bit uncomfortable.
“That little shit,” your cousin raised his voice, looking at you, “He better doesn’t do anything stupid.”
You threw him a questioning look, no idea what was going on, “What do you mean? They’re just talking.”
He shook his head, “That’s Elly. Elly and Taehyung are never just talking.“
His ex. What did this mean to you? You didn’t feel jealous somehow. The evening was fine, Taehyung was clearly giving all of his attention to you, the two of you weren’t dating, you didn’t even kiss yet. Of course, you hoped that this would change sooner or later, your feelings for him were undeniable at this point and part of you thought that they weren’t one-sided.
Before you said anything, Jimin was losing his temper, “He can’t treat you like this, (y/n). I’m going to talk to him.”
You laughed at his clearly drunken state, shaking your head, “No no, I can manage my relationships alone, don’t worry.”
He tried to look you in the eyes, failing slightly. You were pretty sure that if you’d ask him to touch his nose right now, he’d miss it by miles.
“Why, of all people, Taehyung? He’s too cold for you. I love this dude but I don’t want you to go through a hard time because of him,” he pouted, suddenly wanting to discuss your love life with you.
You knew you shouldn’t laugh, Jimin was being sincere and caring about you right now but his state was so fucked up that you couldn’t help it, “Let’s get you some water.”
Letting out a heavy sigh because you ignored him, he followed you to the Mins’ table where they were selling drinks.
They immediately let out a laugh, “Oh, Jimin,” Yoongi’s mother said amused at his clearly fucked-up state.
“Can we have a water, please?” you asked her as you held Jimin, wishing he’d stay still.
“I’m fine, I’m fine,” he tried to convince you, “I could do a cartwheel without a problem.”
“Please don’t,” you laughed at his confidence, giving him the cup of water and thanking Yoongi’s mother, “Should we go back to the table?”
He nodded and you walked over to your group of friends, handing Jimin over to Jungkook. Looking around you saw that Taehyung was missing. Just as his ex-girlfriend.
Of course, you couldn’t know if they left together. Maybe Taehyung just went home without saying goodbye. Checking your phone to see if he maybe texted you just disappointed you even more. You hated that you suddenly felt so vulnerable. The evening was so much fun up to this point, the fact that such a tiny thing could ruin your mood completely made you feel foolish.
Not daring to ask Yoongi if he knew where he went or if they left together, knowing he’d try to comfort you, making you feel even worse, you said your goodbyes to your friends, claiming you were tired and needed some sleep.
Walking over to your home luckily was only taking you a minute, considering that the harvest festival was held on your farm. The worst thing about all this was that you didn’t know how to feel. Technically, you had no reason to be mad or jealous, Taehyung and you never did anything more than flirting.
On the other hand though, you liked him, so of course, it hurt you that he was probably enjoying himself with his ex-girlfriend right now. Your head hurt from all the alcohol and overthinking. You wished he would at least have said goodbye to you. Maybe, after all, he wasn’t into you as much as you thought. Today would’ve been his chance to make a move otherwise.
Opening your door you almost got scared to death. Your heartbeat was going crazy fast and you were even more confused than before. Just as you accepted the fact that Taehyung left the party with his ex-girlfriend, he was sitting on your sofa, playing games on his phones, waiting for no one else than you.
“What are you doing here? How did you even get in?” you almost screamed, still shocked by the thought that someone broke into your house at first.
He laughed, simply stating, “I know where your spare key is.”
You shook your head in disbelief, “But what are you doing here? Why are you just sitting on my sofa?”
“I wanted to leave the party. But I still wanted to spend time with you.”
“What about Elly?” you blurted out, your eyes immediately widening after you asked, realizing that he and you never talked about her.
He looked at you in shock, “W-What?” you never head him stutter before, “What about her? How do you know?”, the confusion on his face vanished a bit, sighing heavy, “Yoongi told you about her, right?”
You nodded, “It just came up once in a conversation we were having. And when I saw you with her I just assumed you left with her.”
He laughed, looking at you like you were crazy, “Why would I do that?”
You shrugged, not having an answer to his question. “What do I know? Maybe you missed her.”
“You’re crazy if you think I’d waste your time like that. And my time also,” he said softly, “Forget about her. She came up to me as soon as you left, trying to talk so I left.”
You nodded, understanding what was going on now, “So, you decided to break into my house?”
“Oh, I can leave if you want me to.“
“That’s not what I said,” you rolled your eyes. Suddenly, there was a pause. Neither of you were saying anything and you felt unsure of how to continue.
“Shouldn’t we clean outside a bit already?” you asked Taehyung, trying to break the silence so you’d get out of this overwhelming situation.
Taehyung, on the other hand, seemed to be very relaxed, he almost felt at home on your sofa. He stood up, coming closer and closer to you, “It can wait until tomorrow.”
When he stopped, he was right in front of you, your feet were almost touching and if someone would push you at this moment, you surely would land on top of him, which actually sounded pretty nice to you. You nodded, trying to sneakily take a deep breath to calm down, you had no idea why you were so nervous. He’s by far not the first guy you kissed but he might be the one kiss you anticipated the most.
His hand slowly ran up your arm, then down again, giving you goosebumps all over your skin, his gentleness making you fall for him even more. His hand found yours and you looked into his eyes, wanting to drown in them as your stomach felt like it was tied in knots.
A small smile formed on Taehyung’s lips as you locked eyes, not able to have a single clear thought. By now you were sure that tonight would be the night you’d finally have him where you wanted him. All for yourself.
Coming nearer, you felt his upper body almost touching yours, his head was leaning in and you saw him slowly closing his eyes as his free hand found your hip, bringing you even closer to him.
The moment before the actual kiss was already breathtaking enough. The mixed smell of his cologne and the alcohol the two of you drank earlier was making you feel dense. The touch of his hand was already burning but as his nose brushed yours slightly, a rush of adrenaline was sent through your whole body, making your stomach turn and you suddenly felt hot in places you didn’t know he had an impact on until now. It was rather quiet, the only sound you could hear was the muffled music from outside, but you couldn’t figure out what song was playing, only feeling the bass of it. Your heart was beating so fast, you hoped he couldn’t hear it.
But all those little and unimportant things around you vanished as soon as you felt his soft lips, pressed onto yours with the perfect amount pressure. The kiss developed from something shy and soft into the projection of what both of you had been craving secretly for so long in no time. No one dared to break the kiss, not wanting it to be over.
His hand wandered all over your body, from your hip to your waist, to your arms, to your neck, right back down to your lower back until he held onto your thighs.
“Jump,” he mumbled hectic, his voice deeper than usual, between your kisses, not wanting to stop.
“Are you sure?” you asked him carefully.
He chuckled into your kiss, “Never been more sure.”
So you did as he told you and jumped up, your legs now crossed around his hips as he held you up like it was nothing, deepening the kiss once again, your tongue playing with his. Being with him like this was more exciting than you ever could’ve imagined.
Your hand found the nape of his neck, burying itself in his soft hair, as he was carrying you to the sofa he was sitting on just a few minutes ago.
So there you were, on top of Kim Taehyung, straddling his muscular thighs, feeling a heat in your core that you haven’t felt in such a long time but missed so much. The way his hands were exploring your body while his lips were busy kissing every single spot on your jaw and your neck was making you feel like you were going insane, leaving you wanting every single part of him.
A small, rather quiet groan came out of your mouth as he pulled you closer to him, not able to suppress what you were feeling any second longer. He chuckled once more, clearly satisfied with the feelings he was giving you, before giving his attention to your lips again.
His one hand was now on your neck, supporting every movement between the two of you, as his other hand was resting on your hip, slowly making you rock back and forth on him, the tension in both of your pants growing.
Slowly, his hand started to wander under your shirt, to a place where you needed him desperately. He was caressing the skin under your shirt carefully, teasing while taking his time. You wanted nothing more than for him to move them upwards towards your breasts, giving you more and more.
His lips were doing its magic on your neck again, kissing and nibbling on a soft spot under your ear as his hand slowly wandered up until his thumb finally found your nipple under your lace bra, the contact making you flinch a bit because of the intense feeling.
He let out a deep groan, sending shivers down your body and an undeniable friction in your underwear grew, making you rock your hips into him once more.
You started to wonder if you were prepared for what was about to happen, the two of you were just starting and you already felt like a mess, wanting him so much more. But he took his time, enjoying every single second of you on top of him.
His hand was now kneading your breast, the pressure just exactly right as he brushed your nipple every now and then, already knowing its effect on you. Every time he touched your bud lightly you couldn’t help but moan.
You let out a small whine as your breast lost contact with his hand, not wanting him to stop. But as you realized that he was only stopping to pull up your shirt you were more than willing to give him what he wanted. Within seconds you were not only shirtless but also braless, as Taehyung was throwing your bra away to the floor.
He studied what you looked like, wanting to never forget this moment. Leaning back on the couch you saw a satisfied smirk on his lips as his hand found your nipple again. He now was looking right into your eyes and you held eye contact with him, trying not to break it as you got wetter every time his thumb was caressing your nipple.
He enjoyed watching you trying to contain yourself for sure. The smirk on his lip was growing now and his glance was filled with a mixture of lust, adoration and mostly, anticipation of what was going to happen next.
You put your hand on his shoulder to support yourself as you started to dry-hump him, letting out a moan, a louder one this time, as you felt his erection under you.
“Shit,” he moaned, breaking eye contact and throwing his head back, his eyes closed as he bit his lip.
All of a sudden he stopped you from your actions, holding your hips down with both of his hand as he looked at you, frustration all over his face, “(Y/n), are you sure about this? I don’t think I’ll be able to stop once we started.”
Your heart skipped a beat, appreciating his question but you immediately gave him another kiss, this time a bit softer, kissing him deeply, before whispering into his ears. “Don’t you dare to stop now, Taehyung.”
You could hear his chuckle, his breath on your neck giving you goosebumps. “Thank god,” he said before lifting you up without warning you, making you scream a bit, afraid he’d let you fall.
“Be careful, you scared me to death,” you laughed as you were being carried towards your bedroom.
“You think I’d let you fall?” he said amused, shaking his head in disbelief.
“Wouldn’t be the first time,” you countered, making him laugh as he arrived in your bedroom, letting you down on top of your bed - now you were under him, lying down as he was still sitting on his knees, taking in the view of your naked upper body right in front of him, for him only.
You did the same - and what a beautiful view it was. He was hovering over you, your legs between his as he was pulling his top over his head, throwing it away before unbuckling his belt as you were running your hand over his toned chest.
Not long until both of you were only left in your underwear. Taehyung slowly removed your pants, before coming back up to you, supporting himself on his elbows as he gave you a deep kiss, adding tongue and caressing your cheek before looking at you. You couldn’t help but smile.
Taehyung gave you a small smile back, his eyes soft, “I love that smile.”
Before you could think about his compliment, one that he never gave you before, before you could get flustered or say anything back he suddenly changed the game completely, fastly pulling your underwear to the side and sliding one finger inside of you while his thumb was rubbing circles against your clit.
Taken aback by his sudden actions, you let out a loud moan, almost a scream, making Taehyungg smirk a bit before his lips wandered down to your neck once again, taking his time with you as he pumped his finger in and out in just the right rhythm. You moved your hip into his movements as his lips kissed down to your chest, his free hand holding your breast while his mouth teasingly played with your nipple, licking it and twirling his tongue around it, making you a moaning mess already.
Your hand was lightly stroking his dick through his boxers, leaving you wanting more. God, the things you wanted him to do with you were unholy.
The way he glanced at you as he was kissing his way down to your core looked like living art. Your whole body wanted him so bad, just the thought of where his mouth would travel to next or how it would feel when you’d finally feel him inside of you was making you go insane. Never before have you wanted something as much and at the same time hoped he’d take his time before.
Arriving at his destination he let out a moan, definitely being into all of this a bit too much too. He started to slowly kiss your inner thighs, holding your legs up a bit, teasing every part around where you wanted him the most.
“Stop teasing,” you whined, wanting him so much more than you currently had.
He chuckled against your core, the warm air making you flinch, “I thought that’s our thing,” before licking along your wet folds and then adding another finger, his tongue giving all its attention to your clit.
The pace in that he was going down on you was making your knees feel weak. He looked so handsome, his forehead in wrinkles as he was concentrating on pleasing you completely, moans vibrating against you.
It didn’t take long for the two of you until you were having sex, the two of you completely concentrating on the sensational feeling for the next moments.
After you finished you laid down on your stomach, not able to really move, as Taehyung let himself fall right next to you, giving your nose a small peck. He was not only out of breath but also still in trance of what had just happened, “I didn’t expect this,” he breathed, calming down from his orgasm.
You giggled a bit, “What? Us having sex?”
The smile he gave you made your heart race like crazy, his messy hair falling into his eyes, “I’m not complaining though.”
For a second you were lying there, letting Taehyung catch his breath and calming down. You felt your legs shaking from the intercourse you just had.
“Feel my legs,” you ordered chuckling, his hand on your thigh in a second as he felt how much you were shaking.
“Glad you liked it,” he laughed before getting up, “I’ll get you a towel, be right back.”
As you were waiting for him to come back you realized what had just happened. After all the flirting and teasing Taehyung and you actually ended up in your bed. The thought made you dizzy, but it could also be from the alcohol you drank. It seemed too good to be true.
Cleaning you up, you suddenly heard a laugh as he grabbed your ass, “I may or may not have left some marks. I’m sorry.”
You turned you head back, squinting your eyes at him, “You’re lucky no one else sees that part of me. The others would tease me to death about that.”
Slowly, he climbed back up to lay next to you, both of you on your stomach, his hand caressing your side, “Apparently they have a bet going on about when we’re going to end up together.”
“I’m not even surprised. Sounds like them,” you closed your eyes, enjoying Taehyung’s affection, “This feels nice.”
He hummed in agreement before giving you a small kiss, his forehead resting next to yours, “I could stay like this forever.”
“Then stay,” you offered, still not opening your eyes. Taehyung was getting a blanket, throwing it over both of you so you wouldn’t freeze, “Don’t leave. Stay here.”
“You want me to?” he asked, his hand now playing with your hair, “Alright, I’ll stay then. Sleep a bit, it’s late and you’re drunk.”
“I will, just give me one more kiss, okay?” you asked him, feeling yourself getting more tired by any passing second.
He chuckled as he came closer to your face once again, holding your face in his hands as he softly pressed his lips onto yours one more time, your naked bodies touching. “Good night, (y/n).”
Falling asleep, everything seemed too good to be true. Taehyung beside you, his scent in your nose as you slowly drifted to sleep in his arms.
As you woke up he was gone. First, you thought you had dreamed about yesterday's events but after a few seconds, you realized that it wasn’t a dream. You got drunk, you had sex, you fell asleep next to him. And now, he was gone.
Standing up, you wrapped your blanket around your naked body, looking for the man that you spend the night with but he was nowhere to be seen.
Well, maybe it was too good to be true.
Tumblr media
It’s been five days. Five days since you shared your bed with Taehyung. Five days and your goddamn sheets still smelled like him – or maybe you were hallucinating at this point, wanting just something that reminds you of him around you.
The two of you talked to each other casually when you met on the farm. You said hello and talked about the weather. Shared awkward smiles. And that was about it. It’s not like he was cold to you or anything, he seemed to feel just as helpless and awkward about your drunk night together as you. As much as you loved the night and what happened, you definitely hated the aftermath.
Talking to Yoongi about it didn’t help, sadly. While you appreciate that he always listens to you and is ready to give you advice at any given time, you still had hoped that he’d suggest something else than to give him a bit of time.
The current tension between you was even worse than the sexual tension between you before. You didn’t care if you and Taehyung wouldn’t end up as a couple, of course, you’d like that very much and still hoped that things were going into that direction, but the two of you developed too much to just destroy the nice friendship you built because of feelings getting in the way.
So you decided to visit him that afternoon, feeling anxious as you were walking up the front porch of your neighbors. You barely remember how their house looked like from the inside since it’s been so long since you been inside. The front door stood open and you knocked against it, not wanting to be rude.
“Mrs. Kim?” you called for her as you slowly stepped inside, looking if you could find her but there was no sign of her being home.
Walking up the stairs, you tried to remember which room belonged to Taehyung until you were distracted by something odd and unexpected – suddenly your ears were filled with a beautiful but rather sad piano melody coming from the room on the back of the corridor.
Curious, your feet walked towards the source of the sound, your heart suddenly felt heavy, the sad melody immediately managed to impact your mood, making you feel blue. A part of you wanted to turn around and leave Taehyung alone, just like he probably wanted you to – if you figured out one thing about him over the last few months than it was the fact that this man was a complicated person, hard to read and even harder to talk to, but you decided to accept that. There were only two options: Either you’d work it out with him or you wouldn’t.
You stood in the open door, looking at the back of the man your heart wanted so bad, sitting in front of a big, wooden piano – for a second you couldn’t even believe that he was able to play such a heart touching piece of art, sitting in his room all alone. What a waste it was for him to play all alone, with no one around to hear. It made your heart sting for a second, at this point you liked him too much to go back. Just looking at him being at peace was making you crave to be the woman beside him. After all, he was Kim Taehyung, the one man that managed to surprise you over and over again.
As quiet as possible you walked into the tidy and light room, not wanting to give him a heart attack by creeping up on him but also not wanting him to stop playing. It was a beautiful sight, the way his hands were gliding on the big instrument so smooth and without thinking. You couldn’t see his face yet but you were already swooning over how beautiful he looked.
He looked over his shoulders as you cleared your throat, continuing to play even without paying attention to the keys, giving you an unreadable smile. You sat down on his bed that was placed right beside the piano as he stopped playing.
“Didn’t expect you to come visit me if I am honest,“ Taehyung admitted, almost sounding shy. He seemed to be a bit uncomfortable, knowing exactly that he finally had to face the night you shared a few days ago.
“Well, I didn’t expect you to be able to play the piano so skillfully but yet, here you are, doing exactly that,“ you countered in a soft tone, not wanting him to feel like you were mad at him, “That sounded beautiful.”
He chuckled and you were happy to see him relax a bit, “You think so? It was rather depressing, wasn't it?”
“Matching your mood?” you dared to ask him carefully, trying to address the whole situation somehow.
He stood up from his chair and walked over to you, sitting down next to you on his bed, “It’s my dad’s birthday today. He taught me the song I just played.”
His voice was full of love while talking about his father but you could hear the hidden sadness behind it. You didn’t know about that and suddenly, you felt guilt rushing over you. While you were wondering why he didn't try to solve the obvious problem between you and him he had something way harder to deal with. Looking up at you, he forced a small smile, “Mum and Olli are visiting his grave but I didn’t feel like going.”
Trying to give him any kind of comfort you nodded, pressing your lips into a thin line. You were surprised that he was opening up to you but as sad as the situation was, it was relieving you that he finally talked to someone about it. According to Jimin and Yoongi he tried to avoid this topic as much as he could.
“Why did you stay here?” you asked him, trying to keep the conversation going and show him your support. What you didn’t want was overwhelm him with questions, so you slowly started to see how comfortable he was around you.
He shrugged, looking up at the ceiling, “It’s such a sad place. I feel like we shouldn’t be sad on his birthday, if that makes sense. We should eat his favorite food and drink a beer and stay up too long, playing guitar on the porch. Mum and Dad always sneaked out at night on his birthday, taking drunk walks. They thought I didn’t notice but they were always coming back, laughing loudly. I miss celebrating his birthdays. But it’s hard to be happy on his birthday without him here.”
He laid down on his bed, his head right next to where you were currently sitting. You studied his face, his eyes still glued to the ceiling, not daring to look at you, the woman he hurt by leaving her after having sex with her. The sun outside was setting, leaving Taehyung’s whole room in a golden light, his tan skin was glowing and his light-brown hair shimmering.
While he seemed to be sad on the outside you could see that talking about the memories he made with his father was making him feel lighter. It was nice seeing him talking about his dad - they always have been very close, you still could recall that.
“I still remember him so vividly. He always gifted me self-made jam before I left the city and no other jam, literally not a single one at home was comparable to his,“ you shared your memory with Taehyung, looking out of the big window in his room, admiring the sun, “He has a beautiful soul.”  
When you came over you wouldn't have expected to talk to Taehyung about his father but you knew that everything else, every problem and unsolved question, between the two of you could wait for now.
“I wish I was more like him,“ his voice was nothing more than a mumble, almost inaudible. The sudden craving to hold him came over you, to comfort him in your arms, to kiss him until he felt better. But you held back, as long as you didn’t talk about the obvious.
“What do you mean?” you asked him, daring to lay down beside him – luckily, he didn’t seem to mind. The two of you didn’t touch or cuddled, you just were lying there, on his bed, having a serious and meaningful conversation.
“He was so kind and positive. He told my mother different reasons why he loved her every night. Even after a long day of work he still took his time and practiced the piano with me every night and then brought Olli to bed, reading him a good night story or playing him songs on the guitar until he fell asleep. He taught me so much but still, I could never be so full of love like he used to be.”
“You think too low of yourself, Tae,“ you said determined, meaning it, “I don’t think you see how much your mother appreciates everything you do for her. She knows that you didn’t plan out your life like this but you’re staying here for her. And Olli looks up to you so much, you could do nothing to let him down.”
He shrugged, looking at you for a second, “I don’t feel like that’s enough.”
Feeling heartbroken about hearing him talk so bad about himself, your hand found his in between the two of you, linking it with yours, now it was you who didn't dare to look into his eyes, “Look at us then.”
“What do you mean?” he asked you, confused.
“Since I moved here you gave me so much joy and helped me everywhere you could. You have no idea how much I appreciate all the things you’ve done for me since I came here, complicated tensions between us or not,“ you meant every word.
He scoffed lightly, “I attacked you on your first day, made you churn butter and let you fall into the lake in the middle of the night on your birthday.”
You couldn’t help but laugh a bit at his words, “Well, yes. And I could still kill you for all of those things. But,“ you started, turning your body towards him to look into his eyes, “You also helped me calm the cows during the storm. You gave me the most meaningful birthday present I could’ve thought of. You brought me a basket full of my favorite fruits even though you still deny that you did-”
He let out a soft chuckle before interrupting you, “That wasn’t me,“ he insisted once again with a grin on his face.
“Sure, Kim,“ you rolled your eyes at him picking up this discussion again, “You might think you’re being cold but you’re not at all.”
Now he turned to face you too, both of you lying on the side, looking in each other’s eyes. His brows narrowed as he tried to say something to you, the expression in his eyes seemed to be hurt, maybe even guilty.
A heavy sigh came from his lips before he closed his eyes, “I just left you. That morning. I just got up and left.”
Those words made you freeze. After all, you came here to talk about exactly that but it seemed so wrong right now, “We don’t have to talk abou-”
“I just left,“ he repeated, seeming disappointed with himself, “I never just left someone after having sex with them. There were people that meant way less to me and I still stayed the morning after. I am being a complete asshole to you all the time and still, you don’t hate me. You’re here, trying to make sure I’m okay.”
Keeping quiet was the only thing you could do at that moment. Taehyungs words seemed harsh but the tone in his voice sounded guilty. Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t say anything – you had no idea what Taehyung was trying to say.
“Tae,“ you finally started after a few seconds, his full attention on you, “This day is hard enough for you already. We don’t have to talk about that right now. I’m not mad at you.”
“You should be though. I know, I am pretty amazing but not even such a godlike man like me shouldn’t treat you like this,“ he joked but both of you knew it was his way of comprehending because he didn’t know how to handle the conversation you were about to have since he always struggled to talk about his feelings, especially sober.
“Why did you leave then?” you asked him the one question you asked yourself over and over again. There could have been millions of options in your mind. Maybe, he regretted it and it was just a drunk mistake. Maybe, the feelings you thought he had for you were just sexually. Maybe, he simply had to go and do something early in the morning. So many maybes that have gone through your head without any idea if any of those maybe’s were right.
“I don’t know. I wish I didn’t,“ he bit his lip nervously, not looking into your eyes anymore, afraid to see your reaction, “Maybe I’m afraid.”
“Afraid of what?” you asked, not sure if you actually wanted to know the answer. You felt many emotions when it came to him. You felt happiness, joy, hope, possibly love. On other days you felt powerless, insecure and confused. What you never felt was being afraid. Pretty sure, you actually felt safe around him.
“I’m not as flawless and strong as I constantly try to convince you I am,“ he sighed, pressing his lips into a straight line, “I couldn’t stand to hurt you because of my own problems. But I still did.”
Slowly you nodded as your heart was sinking deeper and deeper in your stomach, “You’ve got to talk to me. What are you thinking about?”
Taehyung hated this probably even more than you did. He was good in so many things – he was a good friend, a better brother and the best son. He was an amazing cook and apparently, an amazing piano player. He could flirt like no tomorrow and crack jokes around his friends that would make everyone laugh. He could drink a lot and he could make your heart beat faster.
There were countless things he was able to be and to do without any problem. But when it came to talking about his feelings and showing his vulnerable side he failed. You knew that just as good as everyone else but if he wouldn’t talk, you couldn’t continue to work on your relationship.
“I–“ he started but stopped, looking at you sternly while clenching his jaw a bit. His eyebrows furrowed and his expression looked almost pained, trying to find the right words, “I think that I loved the night with you. I did, really. But maybe, it was a bit thoughtless of us.”
“So, what you’re trying to say is that you regret it,“ you stated, trying to just get this conversation over with, hoping he couldn’t see or hear that you felt like he just put a knife in your stomach.
„God, no,“ his answer bursted out of him like a bullet before he started mumbling to himself, „I am truly terrible at this.“
You gave him a few seconds to gather his thoughts even though the silence was deafening. This wasn't how you expected to spend your first time in Taehyung's bed at all.
„I like you, (y/n),“ he then spoke, determined, „Obviously I do. And I think you like me too, or at least I hope you do. But we were drunk and desperate when we had sex and I wanted it to be special.“
You couldn't help but pout at his helpless confession, adoring him even more than before. Within seconds all of your doubts vanished – as long as Taehyung liked you too you would find a way to work everything out. Trying not to let your overflowing happiness show, you gave him a small smirk, „You thought about us having sex?“
Luckily, his body relaxed too, an annoyed smile appearing on his handsome face, „All the time,“ he scrunched his nose, his arm wrapping itself around your waist.
„So, what you're saying is that you ignored me for days because you didn't like the way it happened?“ you asked him, coming back to the actual topic.
Frowning, he sighed, „When you put it like this it sounds stupid.“
„Because it is,“ you insisted, squinting your eyes at him, „I thought you avoided me because you hated me or something like that.“
„I'm so sorry,“ he apologized again, his face coming closer to yours, „Apparently, I'm very bad at this.“
„So, what are we doing now?“ you asked him, feeling a bit anxious even though Taehyung just told you that he liked you too, so you had nothing to worry about.
„First, I want to kiss you if you're fine with that,“ his fingers were drawing little patterns on your waist, „and then I'd like us to become something serious.“
Nodding, you did as he asked and gave him a kiss, his soft lips feeling just as good, if not better, as you remembered them. You felt something like butterflies in your stomach and you thought that Taehyung would probably make fun of you if he knew how jolly he made you feel.
Breaking from the kiss, the most handsome man you've ever seen stared you down for a second, not saying anything.
„We should celebrate,“ he suddenly suggested.
„What do you have in mind?“ you asked him curiously, not once escaping his gaze.
„Let me take you out to dinner,“ his voice was sweet as honey and you were sure you never heard him talk in such a soft tone – it might be the rest of guilt he still felt towards you or the fact that now you officially knew about each other's feelings but you could get used to it. You wanted to get used to it.
„Right now?“ you asked him, wondering if it would be okay considering it was his father's birthday.
„I don't wanna wait a second longer,“ he smirked at his own cheesiness, getting out of his bed to get ready to go.
You joined him, „Stop being so loving. God, where did my cynical Taehyung go?“
Rolling his eyes, he chuckled as he wrapped his arm around your waist, walking down the hallway with you. „This changes nothing,“ he gestured between the two of you, „You're still terribly annoying even if we're together now.“
„I could get used to the sound of that,“ you scrunched your nose as your eyes met before you repeated his words, „We're together now.“
Even though he tried to hide it, he was just as excited about the label as you were. You could feel it in the way he touched you and the sparkle in his eyes gave him away.
A few minutes later you were sitting outside of the restaurant in the heart of your city, the marketplace was pretty quiet as it slowly got dark outside, a candle lit on your table.
The owner of the restaurant greeted you, raising his eyebrow and smirking as he saw the two of you together. „Oh, what a nice sight to see the two of you here together. Is this a date by any chance?“
You let Taehyung answer, not knowing if he was okay with telling people yet.
„It's still a secret so you have to keep quiet, please,“ he answered with a proud smile on his lips and you could swear his chest was sticking out a bit.
„What a pretty couple,“ he sang as he went back inside, giving you a bit of time to read the menu and decide on what to eat.
Even though it was almost autumn it was still warm outside – you loved those kind of late summer evenings. Without even having a single sip of alcohol you felt almost tipsy, the man opposite of you making you feel all light and smitten.
„This is the downside of living in such a small town,“ Taehyung started, his skin glowing in the candlelight, „We have zero privacy.“
„I don't mind,“ you shrugged, „They're going to find out sooner or later. It's the charm of towns like ours.“
„I just would like to take you out on a date every now and then without one of the guys crashing it because they see us,“ he explained, „But you're right, it's not as bad here as I make it out to be.“
He took your hand that was resting on the table, caressing it with his thumb. Every touch you two shared make you shiver in anticipation for more. Even though you already knew you were head over heels for him you felt yourself falling deeper every time you touched.
Time went by way too fast for your liking and before you knew it you two had your dinner, your dessert and even some drinks afterwards. The atmosphere was light, both of you enjoying each other's company after not talking for some days.
„I don't want this night to end just yet,“ you pouted. Before you dared to take his hands you glanced around to see if Jimin was anywhere to be seen, not wanting him to disturb your peace.
Your new boyfriend, still a weird thought to call him that, nodded, „I can stay if you want to.“
Before you could say anything he fastly added, „I don't have to though. It's your decision. I can leave too.“
You gave him a weird glance, „You're acting like this would be a first for us.“
Not saying anything he almost froze in front of you, fidgeting with his hands, staring at your door. For a few seconds you mustered him, waiting if he'd say something but nothing came out of his mouth, which was pretty unusual for him.
„Oh god, you're nervous!“ your grin was a mile wide and you clapped your hands amused, „Kim Taehyung is nervous because of me. I can't wait to tell my diary about this.“
Frustration was written all over his face as he closed his eyes as if he couldn't believe himself. „Your diary must be full of my name,“ he mumbled under his breath before looking at you again, the satisfied smile on your face provoking him, „Stop making fun of me.“
As you were searching for your keys in your back he hugged you from behind, pressing a kiss against your hair, “Let’s drink some beer and watch a movie.”
Nodding, you stole a quick kiss from his lips and opened the door, letting the both of you in.
“I’m going to get a blanket,” you informed him, “Get some beers, I’ll meet you in the couch in a minute.
„What do you wanna watch?“ he asked you a few moments later, one leg bent while the other one was spread out on your sofa, his arm spread on the back of it, just waiting for you to join him.
The sight of him comfortably sitting on your sofa gave you the most domestic feeling you've felt in a long time – he seemed to look even better than before somehow.
„Let's watch an animal documentation,“ you responded, sitting down next to him. The blanket you brought from your bedroom spread over the two of you, you dared to cuddle yourself up to him and he seemed to enjoy it as much as you, giving your head a quick kiss, your face resting on his chest.
„You're weird,“ he muttered, „Let's watch a horror movie instead.“
Giving him an unimpressed glance, you sighed, „How cliche.“
You could feel his chuckle going through his chest, „At least it would give me a reason to stay for the night.“
Rolling your eyes, you looked up at him, his glance already on you, „Why? Because you're too afraid of horror movies? Because I am certainly not.“
„I have such a brave girlfriend,“ he acknowledged in a sarcastic tone while opening two beers, handing you one, „Here's to us, babe.“
Clinking your bottles, you took a sip of your beer, „So, you're a babe kind of guy? Wouldn't have thought that.“
„I can call you asshole if you prefer that,“ he said seriously before starting to laugh at his own joke once again.
And with that, the rest of the evening was just as perfect as the first part. It was just you, Taehyung, some beers and Netflix. Every now and then you shared kisses, sometimes those kisses were a bit more passionate and longer, turning into full make-out sessions before Taehyung started to whine because he missed the plot of the movie you were watching.
“God, I’m so happy,” he told you softly as you were slowly falling asleep in his arms, relaxing completely under his touch, “I wanted this for so long.”
Tumblr media
You and Taehyung managed to keep your relationship a secret for about two weeks. It took you only two short weeks to decide that it didn’t make any sense to keep it from them. Not only were both of you pretty sure that the relationship between you was serious but also, like always, none of your friends stopped their teasing, making it difficult to stay hidden because their eyes were always on you.
“We have to tell them,” your boyfriend looked at you, “It’s a miracle they didn’t find out yet.”
You chuckled, wrapping your legs around his, “I guess you’re right. But they are going to be so nosey about it. I hate it already.”
It was a late summer Saturday evening, probably one of the lasts warm days for this year and Yoongi decided to gather your friends and your family together for one last barbecue.
Walking outside, you linked your arm with Taehyung’s, something you’ve never done before in front of other people. A part of you almost felt nervous to let the rest know.
“You’re ready?” he asked you, giving you a small wink as you walked towards the big table next to the barbecue grill. Your families were already sitting down on the big table while Yoongi and Hoseok were struggling to get the barbecue grill to work. It was a beautiful evening, the sun was still high but was about to sink, the warm summer breeze felt refreshing and the big table in the garden was full of drinks and food, from meat to salads to bread to vegetables. Yoongi’s parents were there too, currently mixing some cocktails.
Jimin was the first to spot the two of you walking out of your cottage, giving you a confused glance, his eyebrows narrowed. He stopped telling the other a story he was in the middle of, wondering about the sudden skinship. Immediately, everyone turned their heads to where he was looking, wondering what made Jimin speechless.
As you arrived you said nothing, waiting for anyone to say something.
Yoongi looked at you with a big grin on his face. “What is that supposed to mean?” he asked, pointing onto your linked arms.
“You are fucking with us, aren’t you?”, your cousin asked suspiciously, “Ha Ha. Very funny.”
“No, for once I’m serious,” you replied, amused because he didn’t believe you, “Are you really surprised?”
Mrs. Kim and your uncle looked at each other, a smile on their faces.
“Taehyung, are you serious? You can’t trick your old mother like this, don’t make me excited for something that isn’t true.”
Taehyung chuckled at his mother, nodding, “Don’t worry, mum. I’d never lie to you.”
Jimin still didn’t seem to believe you, “If you’re not kidding you gotta kiss,” he insisted with a sly smirk, thinking that he exposed you now.
You looked at Tae, giving him a questioning glance, not knowing if he’d be comfortable kissing you in front of everyone. But he didn’t seem to care and just shook his head amused before he came closer to give you a short, but still very adorable, kiss on your lips, his arm now around your waist, before turning to Jimin, who looked like he was about to faint.
“Who do you think you are just dating my cousin without asking me for permission?” he yelled angrily, getting ready to fight Taehyung.
You, Yoongi and Hoseok started to laugh out loud as Jimin started to chase after Taehyung.
Sitting down on the table right next to Yoongi’s seat he pinched your cheeks lightly, “Congratulations, finally trapped him, huh?”
You nodded, “Was about time. I was slowly going insane.”
“In a more peaceful minute, you need to tell me all about how it happened, alright?” your best friend said with a satisfied smile on his lips, “And don’t forget me now that you’re in love.”
“How could I ever?” you promised, laughing as Taehyung came back to the table, out of breath from running away from Jimin.
“Your cousin is crazy, (y/n),” he breathed heavily, shaking his head, “Maybe I have to reconsider becoming part of your family.”
“Well, too late now,“ you shrugged as Jimin  joined the table again too, a goofy smile on his face as he turned to you.
“So, I assume I can’t try to set you up with Jungkook anymore, right?” he joked, sitting back down on his chair and opening two cans of beer, one for himself and the other one for you.
„You better watch your mouth,“ your boyfriend warned Jimin, giving him a warning glance.
A few hours later, the sky was pitch-black by now and the stars sparkling, you noticed that Taehyung was gone for quite some time now and decided to go check up on him - you saw him going to the barn earlier.
As you walked over to Taehyung he already noticed you but didn’t look at you yet. Instead, you only saw his back as he was busy giving Bertha some kisses.
“Oh no, don’t worry, Bertha,“ he talked to her, “You’re still my favorite cow, just don’t tell (y/n).”
You rolled your eyes, scoffing, “You’re trying to make me jealous?”
He turned around, acting as if he didn’t realize you coming on, “Oh no, (y/n),“ his voice was mocking, “You shouldn’t have seen this, I can explain, I promise.”
Laughing at his own joke, he came over to you and put his arm around your shoulder, pulling you closer to him. Trying to give you a kiss, you freed yourself from his grip, giving him the cold shoulder.
“No, go and kiss Bertha, if you love her so much,“ you huffed and held your chin up high, trying to stay serious but Taehyung wasn’t having it. Within seconds his arms were wrapped around you once again, now tighter than before so you couldn’t escape if you wanted.
Pulling you into a hug, he locked his eyes with you, a joyful smile on his still so beautiful lips, “You’re so annoying.”
Scoffing, you avoided his eyes, still playing hard to get, „I thought we're over the whole 'you're annoying me' phase.“
„Actually, each time I told you that you're annoying I fell in love with you a bit more,“ your boyfriend confessed, still hugging you tightly before smirking, „But you still were a pain in the ass.“  
You gave him a quick and small kiss before resting your forehead against his, “I want to spend the rest of my life annoying you.”
He let out a small laugh, his eyes closed. “Oh, that’s good,“ suddenly he picked you up, giving you no other chance as to hold onto him, your legs around his waist as he was holding you up, his arms tightly around your waist, “Because I want to spend the rest of my annoying life with you.”
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btsarmy9593 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Make Me A Match
pairing: hoseok x reader
genre: arranged marriage, dystopian/utopian au, smut
rating: M
word count: 4k
blurb: It had 100% accuracy on matching couples. You and Jung Hoseok might be the first to ruin the perfect percentage.
warnings: smut in the form of unprotected sex, first time sex, fingering, some language, hoseok just being hoseok, 
This is a commission from the ever talented and ever lovely @xjoonchildx for the ARMY for AAPI fundraiser! Click here for information on donating for such a worthy cause. 
her prompt:  Wordcount: 3k Pairing: hoseok x reader Summary: arranged marriage AU. NSFW. no limitations, but i have a particular weakness for angst and/or awkward misunderstandings  
a/n: i hope i did your prompt justice, ana. thanks to @hobi-gif for beta-ing. 
The Stream is like the internet and CCTV etc, all together
EternaMate is a matchmaking machine
anti-Streamer is someone who lives off the grid
The first time you’re alone with Jung Hoseok, it’s evening and you’re in the bedroom. He plops himself down on the edge of the bed, eyes blearily looking at you.
You don’t think he even registers who you are.
“I’m too tired to fuck,” he says before gesturing to his crotch as he falls back on the bed. “Just get on.”
You wonder if this is truly who EternaMate had chosen for you. You know your parents spared no expense, and surely neither did his. 
The machine had no flaw, every match was guaranteed. Humans make mistakes, but not the machines.
You are trying to remember that currently. Your husband (!) looks up from his supine position, confusion marring his features. “No?”
This is exactly why you told your parents that marriage was no longer necessary. They’d insisted that the partnership is worth it. No one should be alone. 
He sits up when you don’t respond, rubbing the back of his neck. It’s a complete shift from his previous manner, almost like he’s uneasy. 
You are still wearing your superfluous dress from the ceremony. It’s purple, for your family’s history and trade. He’s in an orange suit, for the Jung name and their history of work in media. 
Orange and Purple. You believe EternaMate could very much be wrong. 
You open your overnight bag and pull out a sealed container. You walk to where he still sits on the edge of the bed. 
“Uh, what’s this?” 
Under other circumstances, you might be attracted to him. He’s certainly handsome, and his voice vibrant. Orange works very much for him. 
He also has dimples which you wonder how EternaMate knows is a slight weakness of yours. 
“For your sperm.”
“My what?” His voice is a lot higher than just a few seconds ago. You wonder which is normal for him. 
“It’s the 22nd century, Mr. Jung. There is no need for the messiness and well, disgusting vulnerability of actual intercourse. We must produce a child, perhaps two according to the law. I will use this when next I visit my doctor. Pregnancy is 95.3% guaranteed in clinical insemination.”
“You want me to just…” He looks at the container you still hold then back at his crotch. What had been up is now down. 
“Fill the cup. You’re not yet thirty. You should have plenty.” You take his hand, the second time you actually touch (the first being that traditional kiss for an archaic ceremony–you refuse to think about/of it) and set the container in it. He is very warm.
He stands up so quickly you back up on instinct. He’s taller than you, even before you ditched the high shoes. 
“I don’t think I can just…” He makes a hand gesture and you roll your eyes. 
“I can easily have a sex android ordered to your liking. They have receptacles to gather your emission. Would that be helpful?” You move to pull out your mobile communicator to send such a request. “Blonde? Brunette?”
He says your name and you stop, surprised at the tenor of his voice. He seems distraught. 
“Is there a problem?” Since when did someone not want perfection?
“I wanted--” He swallows. “I wanted to be with you. You’re my wife.”
You will never get used to that moniker. 
“I am a stranger.”
His face turns a lovely shade of pink. “Yes, but I mean, I’ve heard, I mean, real intercourse is great. You should try it.”
How like a man.
“I have.”
“You have?” his voice, previously low has jumped in tone, almost squeaking. He is at least not boring. 
You don’t realize how greatly that pleases you. 
“Yes. And it was not great by any means. For men, it is very easy to be pleasured, I’ve heard.”
“It is? I mean, of course.” 
You slip your communicator back in your bag. “Mr. Jung. Did you expect us to have a regular schedule of copulation? Like centuries before?”
He shrugged. “I’d hoped so.”
You ponder this. Was he one of those that wished for the old days? Who believed that technology had stripped humans of their humanity?
Ironic as his family was a driving force in production of The Stream points.
“Perhaps this is what we get for not meeting prior to the wedding day.”
“My parents–”
You nod, trying to ease his concern. “They are very superstitious. I understand.” You glance at the time embedded on the nightstand. 
“They aren’t.”
You look back at him as he sits again on the edge of the bed. “Excuse me?”
“They’re not superstitious. That was just something they said.” 
You stare at your husband, the man who minutes ago reminded you of every son of the wealthy elite you’d ever encountered, is now a man who looks less assured. Less confident.
He looks vulnerable.
You’re a simple person. This intrigues you.
“I see.”He looks up from his hands, still holding the sperm cup, to your gaze. He shrugs with a little laugh, but it’s more uncomfortable than happy or mocking. 
“I think they’d thought you’d cancel if you met me.”
“What?” you repeat your thoughts and take a few steps closer. “You’re a Jung.”
“I’m also Hoseok. I don’t really fit in.” He watches as you take a seat next to him, leaving a lot of space (the bed is huge) between the two of you. “I’m sure you figured that out.”
“I looked for anything on you in The Stream. Nothing but your birth, graduation… basic things.”
The pink returns to his cheeks. “You looked me up? I guess you would.”
“Didn’t you look for me?”
“The basics. But I guess I wanted to come into this with no prejudices. Clean slate.” He offers you a smile, and again it’s not fully joyful, but a little sad. “So, what did you think when you couldn’t find me?”
“I thought that you must have more money than I thought to keep that much of yourself out of The Stream. Even those without scandal in their lives have more than you do.” 
“That would make sense. Smart. You’re smart.” He sets the cup down on the bed between you before rubbing his hands on his pants, like they’re sweaty. “I kind of wish you were right.”
Thoughts of leaving to catch up on work float out of your head. This is your husband and he is not what you expected, nor wanted. But you are… interested.
“So, no scandals with sex androids, or the embezzlement of charitable funds?”
He laughs again, and this time it’s a lot happier. “That’s what you thought?”
You shrug and try to tamp down the smile on your lips. You don’t mind his laugh. It doesn’t reek of flippancy. 
“Nothing like that.” He stands up and tucks his hands into his suit pockets, walking away from you. He pauses then turns to face you. “I mean, we’re married, right? You won’t tell anyone.”
“I have no one to tell,” you state calmly. “You’re my husband. Your reputation is mine and vice versa.” Another reason you think this whole thing is archaic. You’ve earned your place in this world. As much as one can with the last name you bear.
Bore. It’s no longer your surname (you hate that tradition). 
He nods. “I wasn’t here. I mean, I traveled.” He swallows. “To scout out locations to set up The Stream receivers.” 
“That’s not very concerning. Why would that be hidden?”
He pressed his lips together, face flushing deeper. It reminds you of your first look at him. He’d arrived at the celebration hall with minutes to spare, dressed in the bright orange he’s still wearing. His hair was a mess, eyes wide with fear, and face red like he’d run the whole way there. 
“I… “ You see him ball up his fists in his pockets as he answers you. “I fudged the reports.”
He lets out a huge breath as though that’s a secret he’s been keeping in for years. You, however, are not following. Fudging reports isn’t a good thing for any business, unless a lack of integrity is the goal, which you are not party to at all. But it wasn’t a capital offense. 
“I see.” You really don’t.
“I gave them impossible locations to set up The Stream points.” He stares at you desperately, as though you can know his thoughts just through his eyes.
His very pretty brown eyes. 
He rakes a hand through his hair, ruining its elegant style, becoming ruffled and haphazard. 
You think he wears both looks well. 
“They’re happy there. The places without The Stream. I would ask them questions, you know, things that everyone here knows; common information. Completely oblivious. I’d try to explain the importance of the recent passing of whoever and it just depressed me.” He takes several steps toward you. “The longer I was away from here, the more I didn’t want to know. I liked living without the knowledge. Without The Stream.”
Bold words for a man whose family was one of the major contributors for The Stream development. Without The Stream, the EternaMate would never have existed either. So many things wouldn’t be here.
“So, you fudged the reports?”
“I didn’t want to ruin these people’s lives. They’re happy. They didn’t seem interested in having more.” He collapses back on the bed. “My parents don’t know. They just think I’m a little strange for staying away for so long.”
“You didn’t want to come back.”
“I didn’t.”
But he had. Because he had to marry you. 
“I’m sorry.”
He blinks at you a few times, as though he doesn’t understand the language you speak. “Why?”
“You left where you were happy to come marry a stranger.” You have been focused on your own displeasure at being joined against your interest, you haven’t thought he might be as bothered. 
Mostly because the way he looks at you doesn’t seem bothered. More… fascinated. 
“No. I mean, I didn’t want to, but I don’t mind.” His smile is soft. “You’re wicked smart and gorgeous. And you probably didn’t want to marry some anti-Streamer.”
“You are?” The term makes you jump. The rumors of those who live by choice away from the connectedness. You’ve thought they’d be lonely and by all accounts, inhuman. 
“I think so.” He waits for you to say something. “I shouldn’t have told you.”
“Well, that might be a little foolhardy of you. You don’t know me.”
“But I do. I mean, I didn’t look up much, but you graduated top of your classes. You have been working for your parents since you were sixteen. And when you were twenty-three, you started your own branch of legal consultation for those less able to afford it.” 
You look away at this. You didn’t advertise your work in The Stream. Those who needed the help most likely didn’t have constant access to The Stream, so you’d marketed in ways that they could find you. Mostly word of mouth, a few digital screens in places your parents would hate to know you visited. 
The only reason they didn’t pester you about the branch was that they’d thought you’d stop once you married. 
Your parents were smart, but not that smart. 
“I guess when I found out about that, I thought maybe we’d get along okay.”
You look back at him, knowing your face is warm and it’s not the temperature of this lavish hotel room. 
“You wanted to marry me?”
He shrugs almost helplessly. “All we can do is hope, right? That some machine might get it right.”
“It has 100% accuracy,” you say automatically. You press your lips together, annoyed at how much you repeat what you’ve been taught. 
“Yeah, well, I tend not to trust things like that, but I still want to hope it got us right.” He reaches out a hand to you, open. You stare at it for a few seconds, but take it.
He is so warm. 
He grins. 
You let go and stand up, and even without seeing his face, you know that smile drops. 
“I just… this is a lot to process, Hoseok.”
“That’s the first time you’ve called me by my name.”
You turn and see the sperm cup still on the bed. “I was serious about no copulation. It’s horribly unpleasant, and if you just told me all this to–”
“What? No!” He jumps up, horrified. “You think I would make that up? My parents… god, the government could lock me away for forever.”
You know he’s speaking the truth, but you still are wary. “Yes. I’m sorry.”
“We can wait for however long.” He laughs behind you. “It’s not like I know what I’m missing.”
You spin round as he covers his mouth with his hand, his eyes wide. 
“Explain,” you all but demand. 
He lowers his hand and head, staring at his polished shoes as though they’ll answer for him. 
“I’ve never had sex, okay?” He looks up now, face red. “I wasn’t in any place to get laid when I was traveling and the longer it didn’t happen, the bigger a deal it got and now it’s just like this huge thing that our society says is pointless, but men I know say it’s like touching heaven–”
“But earlier you… Well, you were very casual about me sitting on your penis.”
He winces. “I’m sorry. I talked to a friend of mine about you know… this being our wedding night. He said that I should just pretend I have, and like, be really cool about it.” 
“You projected that well.”
He glances away. “I know. I’m sorry. I thought you would prefer someone who knew what they were doing. Instead, you prefer not at all.” He offers you a smile that is laced with apology and hope.
He seems very much the embodiment of hope. 
“We should start over.” You walk to him, offering your hand. “Hello, Jung Hoseok. I’m your wife. It’s nice to meet you.”
He giggles. “Nice to meet you. I hope I’m a good husband.”
“You already surpass my original expectations.”
He is still holding your hand and puts the other over yours. His brown eyes are bright. “Good.”
It’s a month later, in the house that you both picked out (much to both sets of parents’ chagrin at not choosing the mansion they’d picked out), that you broach the subject again. 
He’s pouring over an old map and comparing it to the one on the screenpad next to him. He’s been looking into other ways of helping those without access to The Stream have the option to seek knowledge but keep the bombardment to personal preference. He hasn’t cracked it yet, but it’s been consuming his focus. Not so much that he doesn’t make you breakfast before you go to work, or have dinner when you get home (sometimes he just asks the one house android you both consent to having to make something, but usually he prefers to do it on his own). Sometimes he goes to work with you, jumping in to help wherever needed.
You toss something onto the table he’s set up at. He jumps (he’s so easily spooked) before looking at the container.
It’s the sperm cup.
He turns to look at you, eyebrows up in question. Then he sees what you’re wearing. 
It took you a special order to get the right shade of orange for the undergarments you’re wearing. 
You won’t ever be tired of seeing his eyes widen when you surprise him. 
“You look…” 
You are embarrassed, but it’s his first time and you want to make it good for him, even if it’s less than for you. 
“Stunning,” he finishes. 
“I thought you might like it. I’m not a sex android, so perfection is off the table but–”
“You are perfect,” he says as he gets up and walks toward you, almost tripping over the chair. You laugh when he rights himself. “I mean, look at you.”
You reach out to take the hem of his shirt (you like his casual clothes so much more than that orange suit) and you see your hands are shaking. He covers them with his own. 
“Are you sure?” His voice drops, but it’s not the tone from the man you didn’t know a month ago. It’s sweeter and full of care. Jung Hoseok, your husband, is a man who cares a lot. Sometimes too much, but it balances you out and you are so grateful EternaMate has 100% accuracy. 
You nod and lift his shirt. You’ve seen him a few times like this, but it’s never enough. The man might not be a sex android, but you see no flaws on the honeyed skin of his. He’s admitted to you that he didn’t always eat when he was gone, so you’ve made sure to fill out that lithe body of his. In fact, he might be in danger of a soft stomach and you think it’ll be adorable.
He reaches out for you once his shirt is gone. You take his hand and lead him to the bed which is a lot smaller than the hotel’s. You thought you’d need more space, but you enjoy having waking up with your legs tangled with his, his leg hair tickling. 
You’d thought a lot of things before marrying him. 
You reach out to undo his pants. His breathing has sped up. 
“I don’t know what I’m doing,” he says.
“I barely know,” you answer, the memories of your one time more faded than sharp. “So we’ll muddle through together, okay?”
He leans across and kisses you. You’ve done this a few times. A lot more in the past week. Sometimes he’ll drop a kiss to your cheek, grinning like a mischievous boy caught red-handed. Sometimes he’ll kiss you so softly, his lips are like butterfly wings. 
Only once has he kissed you like he’s kissing you now. Like he’s starving. 
You’re sure your brain shuts off when he’s like this. The first time was two days ago. You had stayed home, feeling a little under the weather. He’d made you something called chicken noodle soup and it was heavenly. He also wrapped you in blankets when you’d shivered and stayed next to you any time you were awake. When you woke at midnight, feeling much better, you found him next to you on the bed. You’d kissed his nose which had woken him. His eyes opened to see you smiling at him. You leaned in to kiss his lips to say thank you, but his tongue had met yours and the kiss turned to kisses and bodies entangled. 
Had you not sneezed, it might have continued. 
Right now, you are very healthy and so is he if the hardness pressing against you is any indication. It makes you a bit nervous, bad memories, but his tongue dancing with yours is so intoxicating that you press back. He moans into your mouth. 
“I want you so much,” he whispers. 
“I want you, too,” you reassure him, breaking the kiss to pull him on the bed. He undoes his pants and sheds his underwear. He gasps when you take him in hand. 
“Shit, shit. You can’t just do that.”
“I can’t?” you tease. “You’re my husband though.”
“But I won’t… I’m not going to last long.” He removes your hand, hands on either side of you, bracing himself. He is staring at where you’re covered. You undo the bra for him. He licks his lips and you laugh. He pouts. 
“You look hungry.”
“I’m starving.”
You lift up to kiss him again and he lowers himself on top of you. You love his warmth, how he never seems cold in temperature or temperament. He is so giving, so kind. So Hoseok. 
“You should take them off,” you whisper in his ear. He shudders at the touch of your mouth on his skin. “Please?”
You feel his index finger hook into the top of the fabric, but his eyes are on your face. He brushes his nose to yours as he tugs down your underwear. Only then, when he works to get them off your feet, does he look. 
You laugh again, embarrassed. “A lot of people have them, Hoseok.”
“Yes, but this is yours.” He glances back up at you. “And I’m yours.”
“And I’m yours.” 
All his kisses have made his initial push in much easier than your previous time. You wince despite that he’s tentative. His eyes close like he’s in pain. 
“You okay?”
“I’m a little too excited. I think I’m gonna disappoint you.”
“You won’t. And even if you do, we can try again.”
His eyes open and he pushes all the way in. You bite your lower lip at the stretch. He notices and kisses you. 
“I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay,” you reply, your hands finding that perfectly curved ass of his and grabbing him for balance. 
“You feel amazing.”
“You have no one to compare it to.”
“Still feels amazing.”
It’s awkward. He looks completely gobsmacked and you are trying to breathe through the hint of pain. 
“You can move, you know.” He’s been looking down, where you two are connected, but his head shoots up at your words. 
“You sure?”
You bite your lip and tongue to hold back the words you feel like saying (three words that you can’t say after only a month of knowing him). You nod instead.
He pulls back carefully, then in just as carefully. He’s panting, and you notice that something is tightening in you as well. 
“I want to go faster,” he admits.
You brush his sweaty fringe off his forehead. “So go faster.” 
He kisses you, but it’s hurried and all of a sudden your grip on his ass is the only thing keeping you from being shoved against the headboard entirely. You clench instinctively at his groan and you both look at each other in surprise.
“Wow.” It’s you this time. 
He nods, thrusts no longer as uniform. In fact, you try it again, the tightening around him and he lets out the sexiest sound you’ve ever heard before collapsing on top of you. He’s heavy, sticky with sweat and you feel what would have filled the cup that wedding night. 
But it’s inside you. He’s inside you and you wouldn’t want him anywhere else.
“You okay?” he mumbles a few minutes later. 
“I’m okay. You?” You stroke his hair.
He raises up just so he can see you. “Who needs heaven?”
You smile. He kisses all over your face, making you giggle. 
“It’s your turn,” he says after another minute.
“Your turn.”
“I’m fine–” He pulls out of you and rests back on his knees. He’s looking at your cunt. He touches along the slit, making you shiver. He looks up and smirks.
“Let me, wife.” His tone is commanding, but playful. He slides past what he’s left in you to find a place no one has ever touched (except yourself on a few nights of too much to drink). You arch up at the brush of his finger. “Ohhh, so right there?” 
He’s chuckling, adding another finger, watching you as though he at study. When you make a breathy sound, he does that same thing again. He’s relentless, and you are squirming with a need to do something. Your body needs to do something. 
It doesn’t take much longer. Your body feels like it shatters, then floats, then falls to the earth as though on the softest cloud imaginable. You are hardly aware of your husband having removed his fingers and is now laying next to you, kissing your shoulder and neck. 
You aren’t sure you can speak. 
He sees your gaze on him and gives a knowing smile.
“We should probably write a thank you letter to EternaMate, huh?” 
crossposted to AO3
© 2020-21 btsarmy9593: BTS belongs to BigHit and they are just inspiration. I am fully aware that my stories are not them, in any way. They are far better than any thing I could write. The rest is from my little brain. Please do not steal. Why would you do that?
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violettelueur · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳ featuring : basically everyone at this point from jujutsu kaisen
↳ warnings : EXTREME grammar issues
↳ form : story
↳ published : 22 march
↳ pronouns : she/her
↳ word count : 3.6k
↳ synopsis : within the jujutsu world, there were three famous clans to be aware of, the Kamo clan, Zenin clan and the Gojo clan. However, unknown to many sorcerers there was one last family that was known to be apart of the three, only for them to disappear after the golden era leading some to speculate that they had died in battle after the sealing of ryomen sukuna, but....
↳ previous episode : kyoto sister school exchange event - group battle 0
↳ next episode : kyoto sister school exchange event - group battle 2
↳ barista’s notes : let me admit...i can’t wait for my school term to finish...i am so done with education at this point ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ but other than that, i will continue my best to study for my last four exams (ugh) and get the best grades that i can  ╲ʕ·ᴥ· ╲ʔ i hope you enjoyed this episode and let’s be excited for your coffee orders (requests) to be given at the 31st of March or 1st April ʕ≧ᴥ≦ʔ
Tumblr media
1. the whole story belongs to Gege Akutami and the credits go to them and them only.
2. the spell curses used belong to Tite Kubo due to them being the ‘Kidos’ being used on the manga and anime ‘Bleach’ - but none is mentioned in this chapter.
2.5. for the ‘cursed spells’/kidos (bleach) i will link this video here and tell you the time stamp to check out what i am intending to show - remember i add a few twist here and there by adding the katana to link with Y/N’s cursed technique
no cursed spells used this episode..
3. if you are confused on anything, please don’t hesitate to message me since i know this whole thing is so confusing.
Tumblr media
“We’re starting in one minute”
“Now, let’s hear a few words of well-appreciated encouragement from Iori Utahime-sensei,” Gojo suddenly declared, leading the mentioned teacher to look at her colleague in complete shock before quickly beginning to sprout out whatever came into her head.
“U-Uh...Um, some degree of injury will be unavoidable, but, and then, help each other out..or something…” Utahime stuttered out causing you and everyone else from the Tyoko team to look up at the speakers in both confusion as well as fed-up expressions since all of you knew that it was one of Gojo’s teasing antics again.
“Times up,” Gojo quickly stated in a playful tone leading you to look off to the side as you began to look around the area since you were wondering how the principals, teachers and possibly other jujutsu sorcerers were observing you since there were no cameras located to which caused you to suddenly come in eye contact with a pair of piercing pure onyx eyes that were staring down at the group you were with now making you come to the conclusion that someone was using a technique that allowed them to share sights with crows or have their sense being shared with them...either way, it was like having someone watching you 24/7.
‘’s like they’re sensing my death’
“Hey! Gojo, you little…” Utahime yelled out, irritated that she was interrupted out of her little encouragement speech - well, it wasn’t like she had a lot to say to you all anyways.
“Now, let the sister school exchange event...begin!” Gojo enthusiastically yelled out like it was a sports match, encouraging everyone in your team to start running forward in order to gain a head start on whatever the plan was.
“Respect your seniors!” the Kyoto teacher exclaimed loudly through the speakers after since it seemed like she wanted to remind your adoptive father that she was older than him, which can to a surprise for you since she looked much younger than you thought she was - could say Gojo was a bit of the worst end when you found out his age, he seemed completely younger than he had mentioned to you when he took you out to a dessert place after a mission he set for you.
“Ichiro?!” Itadori questioned as he turned back to look at the speakers as if he was going to get the answer he wanted while Fushiguro looked at him with a non-chantant look on his face.
“So stupid,” Kugisaki commented as she gave off a disappointed look as she continued to run.
“Where do you think the cursed spirit boss is?” Itadori asked both Panda and Maki as he came toe to toe with them as he ran since he was truly determined to win this event as soon as possible.
“It was probably unleashed halfway between both schools, but it’s not just going to sit still, we just need Gojo to get there first to exorcise it since she isn’t allowed to fight anyone,” Panda answered, as you managed to catch up to your first-year classmate leading him to question how fast you could actually run since you didn’t show any athletic signs back when you and him were students at Sugisawa Municipal Highschool.
“At the time we agreed upon, we’ll split up into the Megumi squad and the Panda squad for scouting, we’ll be counting on you after that, Yuji,” Maki stated while turning her head slightly to look at the younger student leading Itadori to give her an encouraging salute and smile informing her that he knew what he had to do.
As you all continued to run, the black demon dog was running in front of all of you while barking to indicate where he was going leading you to quicken your speed to make sure you didn’t lose track of it since you now had the role to exorcise any curses that were around with the help of Maki, no matter what grade they were.
“Where are you going?” a spider curse questioned as it began to hang down by a string of its web, trying to seem intimidating when in reality it really wasn’t.
“That's a small fry,” Panda commented, leading you to unhook your katana that was behind your back from its position as you prepared to exorcise the thing by sliding it with the wooden stealth one since it was an extremely weak curse anyway. However, before you could even push yourself forward to cover the remaining distance that was between you and the disgusting spider curse, the demon dog that was in front of you turned it’s head to the side as if it had sensed something else from a distance.
“Gojo, stop!” Fushiguro shouted at you causing you to turn back to him before pressing your front foot to the ground to help slow down and halt your movement causing the demon dog to stand proactively in front of you as a sudden eruption of broken tree trunks as well as a huge cloud of debris covering the remaining path that everyone was running in leading them to pause around you.
Rapidly, as fast as the destruction came was as fast as the instructor appeared from the mist as Todo struck everyone was a confident grin since he was joyful that he had found everyone from the Tokyo team right in front of him - it was as if he had struck gold.
“Great! You’re all here! Come at me altogether! I want a re-match, Gojo!” Todo declared ambitiously as he pointed at you, leading everyone to go into a fighting stance since they didn’t want the possibility of losing you even when you knew that they knew that you could defend yourself, just not attack your opponent back at all.
As expected, Itadori took the first step as he ran towards the large student before suddenly jumping up to reach and grab onto Todo’s face as he proceeded to slam it against his knee, causing you to slightly cringe since you didn’t want to know how much pain his nose might be going thought at the very moment in time.
“Gojo! Don’t worry, I got Todo in check!” Itadori informed you, leading you to smile and nod at him as a way to thank him, causing Maki to shout out the command that everyone needed to do right now.
“Scatter!” Maki yelled out causing everyone to run off in two different directions with Kugisaki, Panda and Inumaki going to the left side of the forest, while you, Fushiguro and Maki took the right side, as you all needed to go in different directions to cover up a large amount of area you all had to cover in order to find the grade two cursed that was released for the players to exorcise to win the event for today.
“Todo was alone, it seemed like he really wanted to fight Gojo though,” Fushiguro commented as he turned back to look at you and Maki, while still running since there was a possibility that the grade-one sorcerer would come looking for you.
“We were right to swap Gojo with Yuji into that role,” Maki stated as she turned to you with a confident smile on her face leading you to give her one back before shifting your eyes to the dark blue metal pole that was dangling on the side of your hip, where you held it in place with a black belt that Kugisaki had gifted you one day during one of your random shopping trips.
‘I’ll thank her again later when all of this is done’
“Todo will absolutely be out to crush us straight away, Mai might follow behind him to come after me, too,” Maki mentioned to everyone, as she held her chin in a thinking posture as you sat next to her with your arms placed behind you to help support your upper body.
“Todo’s a monster, the worst possible outcome would be that we all face him and get wiped out,” Maki explained before turning to look at you before letting out a sigh of disappointment since she needed to change the current plan due to the fact there was a few new little rules being placed upon you to make the game fair. “So our plan was to leave just one person, that’s why we wanted Gojo to take him on since she is the most capable of keeping him at bay or more like knock him out to give us some time but rules are rules. Itadori, we’ll leave that role to you,” your senior classmate declared as she took in yours and Fushiguro’s suggestion from before leading to the mentioned sorcerer to point at himself with a little uncertainty.
“We’d rather not lose anyone who can scout out our enemies, you don’t have to beat him, just hold out as long as possible and buy is time,” Maki said with a smile as she lifted a thumbs-up to somewhat cheer up your classmate since she wasn’t completely sure on how well this plan would work, but she had a gut feeling that it was going to go well due to yours and Fushiguro’s previous statements.
“But you can be daring against him! To be blunt, we weren’t counting on your abilities anyway, so it won’t affect us too much if you have to quit,” Panda teasingly commented while giving him another thumbs-up, leading Itadori to inform his upperclassmen on how ‘mean’ his comment was in a whining tone.
“Sorry, Y/N. You wanted to face Todo, didn’t you?” Panda asked as he leaned his body forward to get a quick look at you.
“I’m good either way, it’s such a complete drag to fight him again anyways,” you answered before leaning your head back to face the ceiling as it seemed like a wave of unnecessary tension has been lifted from your shoulders - even though you knew you were more than capable of beating Todo, you weren’t too keen on fighting the close-ranged sorcerer since he was just plain annoying in your mind.
“But Senpai, if I’m gonna do this, then I’m gonna win,” Itadori declared with determination laced in not only his tone but his posture as well, leading you to look back down at him before gifting him an assured smile that quickly displayed itself of your face as you then gave him the final thumbs-up of approval that he needed.
‘Yeah, he’s got this’
While you, Fushiguro and Maki continued to run in whatever direction you three were going in, you were more focused on locating the second-grade curse you needed to exorcise to get this event done and over with since today you weren’t really in the mood to get into many first - you didn’t even have a single drop of orange juice today, and that already made you irritated.
However, as you continued sensing for the cursed spirited that you required to know the location of, your mind couldn’t help but get distracted by the amount of cursed energy that was looming around the area Itadori and Todo were located before at least four people from the ground and one person from above started to unexpectedly move away from leading you to become perplexed but slowly beginning to understand what was happening as you looked up to the sky to find a familiar blonde-haired sorcerer as she rode a broom across the sky.
“Fushiguro, use Nue right now,” you commanded, leading your classmate to look at you before looking up at the direction you were staring at to finally understand what you meant, which caused him to quickly summon the owl-like shikigami right in front of you.
“Take her down,” Fushiguro demanded his shikigami leading to the bird to unexpectedly appear behind the flying sorcerer with purple electricity enveloping his wings before flapping them down to transfer the high voltage lighting bolts to the third-year student leading to her falling from the sky into the maltitude of trees below to break her falling or possibly help her land somewhere that was not the ground to have a lighter impact than it should really.
“That’s strange,” Fushiguro suddenly commented, as you and Maki halted on your sprint since you all knew you couldn’t discuss the matter in hand while running to god knows where you three were planning to head to.
“All the Kyoto students are moving together, they’re all going to the same location,” you mentioned as you continued to survey where they were heading off to with your sense still enhanced.
“You mean that’s where the target is?” Maki asked you since she didn’t have the ability to see cursed energy at all, unlike you and Fushiguro, while the divine dog decided to nudge his snout against the back of your hand leading you to rub its head causing it to emit a rubble/purr as it begins to lavish on the affection it was receiving from you.
‘Not really the best time, but why not…’
“No, unless the second-grade is especially cunning, my demon dog would have noticed it,” Fushiguro said in a stern tone causing the dog to bark once in response before returning back to the attention you were giving it. “They’re trying to kill Itadori, aren’t they?” Fushiguro rhetorically questioned, leading a sigh to come out of your mouth before you turned your head towards the predicted location where you could sense the Kyoto’s students' cursed energies.
“It’s possible,” Maki replied as her gaze moved downwards, trying to understand why they would attempt an assassination during the Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event, especially since the act of killing was prohibited as one of the main rules.
“I don’t sense that much hostility from them, but due to Itadori’s surprise survival, it is possible that Principal Gakuganji ordered then to that but to be honest, that was quite stupid of him since they don’t have the strength to even fully commit the assassination,” you quickly mentioned to your teammates leading them to look up at you with confusion on their faces.
‘I have to thank Gojo for this information later as well’
“Zenin Mai: grade three, Miwa Kasumi: grade three, Nishimiya Momo: semi-grade two, Muta Kokichi: semi-grade one, Kamo Noritoshi: semi-grade one and Todo Aoi: grade one,” you listed as you adding in their grades to make sure Fushiguro and Maki got an idea on what you were about to explain to them. “Out of all of them right now, Todo is the only one that has the capability to fight Sukuna, so Principal Gakuganji was willing to sacrifice his other students really quickly for the execution of Itadori since the rest of them wouldn’t survive,” you informed your schoolmates causing them to shudder at the fact on how informed you already were about the other students without them even ever mentioning about them to you.
“We’re turning back, guys,” Maki stated, causing you to turn to look at her before giving a nod to indicate to her that you understood what she wanted.
“Sorry,” Fushiguro unexpectedly apologised, while Maki just turned away and started to walk back in the opposite direction where everyone was running from.
“What are you apologising for, dummy? There’s no point in winning or losing the exchange event if your friend dies,” Maki said in a disappointed tone, leading to both you and Fushiguro to look at each other before starting to slowly follow her from behind leading you three to go back into the wooded area in search for the other Kyoto students, who were technically on the run now since they seemed to have failed to execute Itadori from what you could sense in the back of your mind.
‘Team Panda is probably doing the same right now since I can faintly sense Panda and Kugisaki going into the forest again, where is Inumaki though?’
“They’re up ahead,” you informed both Fushiguro and Maki since you could feel a stronger presence of cursed energy that was in front of you, leading you to realise that there were at least two Kyoto students since the rest of them seemed to split off somewhere.
Maki turned back to you and gave you a nod before fastening her pace as she suddenly noticed a shine of blue hair coming into her view leading the weapons specialist to prepare her red spare before quickly appearing out from your guys hiding spot to attack Miwa, who quickly managed to notice your upperclassmen as she pulled out her katana from her sheath to deflect Maki’s surprise as well as incoming attacks.
“Gojo, go ahead and find the curse, I’ll take care of Kamo-san,” Fushiguro informed you to which you replied to him with a nod.
During that second, Fushiguro came out from the side and headed towards Kamo leading you to take the small time that you were given to go on ahead and search for the grade-two curse that you needed to exorcise, only to suddenly feel a presence coming from behind leading you to rapidly turn around while raising your katana at the same time, only to discover Kamo standing right in front of you with his bow making direct contact with your weapon, leading you to become confused on why the semi-grade one sorcerer would even try to sneak attack you from behind.
“You didn’t even unsheathe your weapon, that’s strange,” Kamo commented, leading you to give him a deadpan look since you didn’t want him to notice or sense your confusion right now.
“Didn’t your little principal inform you to not fight with me or are you just getting a little too confident? That attitude of yours is going to be a drag,” you stated back in a nonchalant tone.
“Kamo-san, are you guys planning to kill Itadori?” Fushiguro asked from behind causing the mentioned sorcerer to turn his head back to view the erratic-haired sorcerer, leading you to smirk before you switch your hand that was holding the katana as you swiftly pulled it back to thrust the tip of your katana into Kamo’s stomach causing him to widen his eyes in shock as an immense pain started to engulf him as his body was pushed back with vast pressure causing Fushiguro to move out of the way to avoid his body colliding with Kamo’s.
‘Don’t get distracted next time, you drag’
Holding onto his stomach, Kamo slowly looked up at you and Fushiguro before coughing out in pain since your attack was more than what he had expected.
“And if I said we were?” Kamo answered, causing you to look at him with massive suspicion in your eyes.
“You failed, then. Itadori wouldn’t go down in such a short time,” Fushiguro declared with a small praise for his friend as he raised his tonfa in a defensive pose while you just straightened yourself up since you had no worries about being attacked again.
“We have no reason to kill him,” Kamo stated with a smirk on his face causing you to turn your head to the side and scoff at him since it was hilarious that he was acting so confident after just barely managing to withstand a simple physical attack from you before you turned back to face him again.
‘What a drag~’
“Yes, you do. The higher-ups and the three major clans have plenty,” you mentioned before resting your katana over your shoulder to relax for a second since you could sense that this fight was either going to be easy or too easy for your liking.
‘It’s surprising that he is attempting to fight me though, I wonder if Gojo-sensei forgot to inform them about this little extra rule but I still need to find out about that mole...’
“Ah~ I thought I told you to tell your students to not attempt to fight Y/N? they’re only going to get hospitalised in the process,” Gojo playfully asked, as he turned to look behind his seat to be eye to eye with the Kyoto Principal, who was in charge of informing his students about this new rule that he and Principal Yaga implemented.
“Well, she attacked Kamo, so she’s breaking the rule isn’t she?” Utahime asked as she took a sip from her cup leading Gojo to turn to look at her with a slight frown on his face.
“Well, your student did attack her first, she can’t help but retaliate since that was her normal strength right there. If it was any other student, they would have been eliminated real quick,” Gojo informed his colleague causing her eyes to widen before turning back to the screen to only discover your eyes were directly looking at her since you were directly looking at the crow that was inspecting you right now.
“She’s quite an interesting girl,” a sorcerer from behind commented as she proceeded to open her eyes. “Not only did she notice my crows looking at her since the start of the event, but she’s also quite strong, no wonder you took her in,” she mentioned as she faced forward to notice Gojo looking at her.
“She’s a tough cookie, isn’t she Mei-san?” Gojo said with a proud smile on his face before he processed to face the screens again with the smile now straightening.
‘I don’t know what he’s trying to do, but I know Y/N won’t fall for it naively, she’s more the type to manipulate his plan...besides, it’s as if she’s giving him a death glare right now’
This thought of his caused him to giggle lightly, creeping out Utahime as she stared at him in pure confusion.
‘I know she can do it’
Tumblr media
© violettelueur 2021 : written and published by violettelueur - do not steal or repost
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darksuna · 11 months ago
🤍 hc: giving inarizaki boys blow jobs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairings: suna, atsumu, kita, osamu, ojiro x fem!reader
summary: reader giving pretty inarizaki boys head and how they feel about it!
warnings: daddy kink, degradation, praising kink, mean!dom, throat fucking, violence (bruh it’s not violence he slapped her once), pet names
a/n: this is inspired by none other than miss afton aka @seita ! I just love her writings so much honestly they comfort me sm and therefore I just wanna give her credit 👩🏾‍🦯🤍
Tumblr media
- 🤍Suna:
• Suna loves anything that’s easy, simple and doesn’t cost him too much energy
• so, good head from his sweet little princess sounds just about right
• when he’s not violating your throat because he’s had a bad match and needs some stress relief,
• he definitely loves to sit on the bed and just have your cute lips pouting around his hard cock
• praising that good work of yours 🥺
,,Just a little bit more princess. Do it for me”, he speaks softly, his hand fisting your hair as he slightly pushes your head down on his length. You grasp for air, bucking your hips as you choke around his cock.
Sliding your tongue out to massage his shaft with the tip of your tongue, you moan, sending vibrations through his body.
Suna throws his head back, releasing a deep groan of satisfaction as he feels his thick tip hitting the back of your throat.
,,My good little girl swallowing me so well”, Suna cooes. His lazy hazel eyes hungrily staring down at you, as you innocently watch him through your thick lashes.
,,I’m almost there princess, just a little more.”
Tumblr media
• Atsumu loves head whenever. wherever.
• he loves to face fuck you and honestly: he doesn’t care If you have struggles taking him
• not just because he loves to see you choke around him
• more so because he likes how wet and warm your throat feels.
• like - he‘s addicted to fucking your throat
• mans has a lot of stamina too😔✋🏾
,,Open wide”, his faked cheerful voice encourages, as his large hands hold your head in place.
,,P-please, no more ‘tsumu. It hurts”, you mewl against the thick tip of his cock, your throat sore from his length relentlessly shoving down your throat.
His cold eyes pierce through your teary ones, a cool shiver runs down your spine. ,,I said open fucking wide.” His voice is so distanced, new tears well up in your orbs.
,,I-I jus-“ A harsh slap interrupts you mid sentence. The skin of your cheek burning, saliva smeared all over your face.
,,When I tell you to open that fucking mouth of yours, I’m not asking to hear you bitch, slut.”
Tumblr media
- 🤍Kita:
• Kita is so cute fr! he loves those moments with you
• He literally loves how you try to take him whole
• lots of praises
• this man is seriously just so sweet, supporting you whenever you choke and cough
• as he gives you the time you need to work with his cock
Kita joyfully smiles down at you, slightly twisting his chair from left to right, as his large hand strokes over your hair.
,,Look at my pretty princess. How eagerly she tries to take all of me at once”, he cooes, his thumb stroking over you puffy cheek as you look up to him.
You suck in your cheeks, elicting a deep groan out of him. Pure euphoria washes over you, as you watch how his eyes flutter and his lips part slightly. The view so beautiful, it makes you greedy to see more of his reaction to your effort, desperate to hear more of those beautiful sounds.
Hungrily gliding your head down his shaft, you start choking and coughing nervously.
,,Shh, not so greedy, my dear. Don’t rush, my cock ain’t going no where”, he chuckles as he teases you, making you blush.
,,Jus’ wanna make daddy feel good”, you pout, with glistening eyes.
,,And you’re doing it so well, little girl. Just take your time.”
Tumblr media
- 🤍Osamu:
• tbh I think he‘s not ,,crazily“ into bj‘s like the other boys
• but it’s a nice way to degrade you
• sometimes he can be kinda mean about it
• he intentionally says hurtful things about your skills, basically degrading you
• just loves to see you on the verge of tears
• he‘s more a giver than taker tho🤷‍♀️
Bobbing your head up and down his cock, you try your best to satisfy the gray-haired man, who‘s lazily following your motions with his eyes. You don’t even dare to look up, afraid of his mimic, since you barely hear him make any sounds.
,,If that’s all you have to offer, I could’ve used my hands instead“, he says slightly annoyed, as if you’re wasting his time.
You press you thighs together, trying to tame the throbbing between your legs, as his mean words cause your slick to drench you panties.
,,I‘m trying for you, ‘Sumu..“, you whisper hopeful, ss you’re desperately searching for empathy in his eyes.
He groans, rolling his eyes as he leans deeper into the chair. ,,Clearly not hard enough.“
His obvious antipathy towards your capabilities make tears well up to your eyes. Quickly you blink away the tears, letting your head sink as you stare at you palms in embarrassment.
,,‘m sorry.“ You hear him sigh, as his cold fingers slide under your chin, lifting your head.
,,You can show me you‘re sorry, by sucking that dick properly.“
Tumblr media
- 🤍Ojiro:
• this man knows he has the ultimate shlong
• like HE KNOWS
• and purposely teases you whenever you struggle to even fit him inside of your mouth!
• acts like you’re incapable and makes you feel bad about it😭
• it just makes him feel more powerful, yk?
• but he’s aware of his limits when it comes to degrading you✋🏾
,,Naw, pretty lil‘ bitch not even able to fit the tip“, he mocks joyful. A bright smile covers his face as he watches you taking his cock in and out of your mouth, unable to find a comfortable position for your mouth.
,,‘s too big, Aran“, you complain frustrated.
,,If you cannot fit it, I‘ll be very disappointed with you. Aren’t you supposed to be my little girl? Don’t you want to satisfy daddy?“, he sighs with a disappointed look in his eyes.
Your heart aches, as you hear him talk like that. You want to cry, but you want to make him proud even more! Avidly pushing your head as far down on his cock as you could, you’re almost sobbing in exasperation.
,,Hey there cute one, what are you crying for?“, he asked softspoken, lifting your head off of his length.
,,Jus‘ wanna be good for you, daddy.“, you wail, rubbing your eyes.
,,Aw, my sweet girl. Of course you’re good - no - perfect for me. Don’t worry about silly stuff like this, beautiful,“ he says cheerfully, his big rough hands rubbing you soft cheek.
,,Wanna try again!“, you sniff.
,,What a good girl“, he chuckles.
Tumblr media
© all rights belong to darksuna. do not copy or modify.
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ivyyreid · 7 months ago
pain: gone, gone
description: reader escapes from abductor.
category: fluff
warnings: mention of wounds, blood, and sexual assault
Tumblr media
the cold breeze blows your already tangled hair. your vision blurs at the edges, and your long t-shirt provides little warmth.
you have been running for what feels like years. you know you lost him, but you have to keep going.
you have no idea where you are. the only visual recognition you have of the small, quiet town is a starbucks. but it’s closed, like everything else. and even if it was open, you wouldn’t be allowed to go in looking the way you do.
you wear nothing but your underclothes and a long t-shirt. your hair is a knotted mess, and your eyes are wild and large. cuts and bruises decorate you’re body, and blood covers any exposed skin. the only place where the blood isn’t present are your cheeks, where tears pushed the blood away.
you have no idea what time it is, only the understanding that it’s late. the sky’s dark, and everything’s closed. if you’re vision and head would stop spinning, you would have been able to guess that it was about 3am, based on the position of the moon in the sky.
your breath is ragged as you search for an open shop, anywhere to get help.
the night and fog seems to swallow you. you don’t have time to wait around for morning. you are about to give up, curl into a ball and wish for death because you should have died weeks ago, but then you see a red beacon of hope.
a telephone booth.
seven weeks and seven hours earlier.
the moonlight casts an eerie glow on the corn maze. you hold your gun out in front of you, your flashlight under it. 
your breath creates small clouds, and the stalks of corn rustle as you prowl through them.
the unsub abducts women in their twenties, sexually abuses them, and tortures them in a variety of ways, all over a span of one to two weeks. and you and the team have tracked him to this small farmhouse. it’s not where he performs the murders, but it’s where he resides.
you lost spencer a few minutes when he took a different turn, but you’re confident in your ability to take down the unsub alone.
a rustling in the distance catches your attention. your body tenses, and you slowly and silently follow the sound. you hold your flashlight out, keeping your hand steady as you turn a corner, two fingers on the trigger of the gun.
but in the next few seconds, your gun will do you no good.
because as you turn the corner, your head collides with cold metal. and you collapse.
present day.
your shakily dial the number etched into your brain. it takes a few tries, because your hands are wobbly and stiff, but the phone eventually begins to ring.
and it rings.
and rings.
and then stops.
“hello, this is penelope garcia, technical analyst for the behavioral analysis unit of the fbi, how can i assist you?”
and the familiar voice clogs your throat. a tear spills from your eyes.
“hello, how can i assist you”
and for the first time in weeks your lips part and almost form a smile.
“hello, is anyone there?”
and you try and control your breathing, try and talk.
“p-p-penel...penelope.” you breathe, your voice hoarse and scratchy from the weeks of silence, and little water.
“oh my god! oh my god! y/n!” she gasps, and you can hear her voice break. but you know she’s happy.
“penel- penelope....please” you choke out, collapsing against the wall of the booth due to exhaustion.
“hold on y/n, i’m locating you.” you hear frantic typing, and penelope speaks again. “we were so worried, we thought you were... we’ve been trying to find you, i can’t believe it’s you!”
they thought i was dead. and the funny thing is, you think you were too. you felt dead. after weeks of laying in a small cell, being repeatedly violated and tortured, you started to feel dead.
“ok y/n, i have your location. we’ll be there as soon as we can. i’m going to hang up now, please be safe”
two-thousand, five-hundred eighty-five miles away.
the team, minus you, sits in the briefing room. sloppy outfits, eye bags, and a hopeless expression is one thing they all share. the common denominator.
everyone has dressed in dark tones, even garcia, like you’re already dead, and they’re attending one big, long funeral.
at first, garcia tried to keep up her usual quirky, colorful outfits, but after two weeks, it started to become hard.
in the past seven weeks, most of the teams time has been spent in the briefing room, looking over files and trying to find leads. the case was closed after a month of silence from the unsub, but the team is still desperately trying to find you.
emily is about to share an idea about where you could be (that is rather far-fetched) but garcia swiftly enters the room.
everyone knows what the wide smile on her face means.
back to y/n.
you’ve been on the phone with garcia for an hour. she says the team is coming. she says you’re in gabbs, nevada.
now she says they’ll be within 200 yards of you in 5 minutes.
the breath leaves your body.
seven weeks. seven weeks with seeing no one but your abuser.
and now your team is coming. your friends are coming to save you.
a few tears slip out of your eyes, and you look at the sky as a joyful sob leaves your body.
“you’re going to be ok, y/n” penelope says.
the sound of speeding vehicles fills your ears. the quiet that you’ve grown accustomed to is gone, replaced with the sounds of your saviors.
you drop the phone, leaving it dangling from the cord, and rush out of the telephone booth into the street. about two-hundred yards away, you see a black suv pull over, and a group of people get out.
your friends.
“i’m!” you try to yell, but it comes out hoarsely, and quiet.
they don’t see you.
but then, someone turns.
a tall, skinny figure. with a mess of brown hair.
and he stands there, shocked.
you run toward him, limping slightly.
“spencer,” you cry, and he runs toward you.
you crash into him, and he pulls you into a hug, kissing your forehead. he’s calling the team on his radio, and he’s crying, and he’s blaming himself, and your tears are mixing, but you don’t feel dead anymore. you’re going to be ok.
you and spencer are silent. just embracing each other, and crying.
the rest of the team comes, followed by an ambulance. emily’s and jj’s and derek’s and hotch’s and rossi’s voices all mix, but the only voice you notice is spencer.
“i thought i lost you,” he says, resting his head on mine. i shake my head feebly, my tears blurring my vision.
“i love you,” he whispers into my head, and i feel my heart stop.
he loves me. and i love him.
“i love you too.”
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boba-beom · a month ago
we did that too |
pairing: taehyun x gn!reader (ft hueningkai) genre: angst | drabble warning(s): mentions of jealousy, mentions of trust issues word count: 953 note: unintentional sequel to this taehyun socmed. this has been in my drafts for quite a whilee
Tumblr media
It’s been months since you last saw him, but it’s been weeks since things ended between you.
You didn’t think you’d be in this position so soon, hoping your relationship would have lasted longer if it wasn’t for the gossip and the immense pressure of trying to be the perfect couple. But it was difficult trying to please his band mates, constantly feeling like you had to go out of your way to impress them in order to accept you for being a superstar’s partner.
Though your thoughts were swallowing you whole, you almost forgot Hueningkai was sitting beside you in his music studio, casually scrolling through his instagram feed. You peered over his shoulder, watching him quickly scroll past a certain post which he thought it went unnoticed by you, but clearly he was wrong.
“Wait, wait. Go back up, what was that?” You had no intention to scare the poor boy beside you, but your voice managed to make him flinch ever so slightly followed by an audible gulp. “Sorry, but what was that post that you just skipped?”
“Are you sure you wanna see it?” He was hesitant, it was evident, and you were mentally asking yourself the same question. Were you ready?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hueningkai swiped up to find the post that he didn’t want you to see, afraid of your reaction since he was very aware that you were still sensitive about your recent breakup. A small part of you questioned how Hueningkai was capable of having his two friends date, break up and still, he chose you over Taehyun. You scoff, eyes observing the photo as you see Taehyun being affectionate with what seems to be his new girl, out in the open, at one of your favourite balcony cafes that you always went to.
Your jaw clenched slightly, feeling a sharp pang in your chest from the way his smile was genuine, and you could see that. You remembered the way he used to always take you to that café a few times after you introduced him to the place, though that time you had to cover up and be discreet; careful not to attract the public’s attention.
It was the memories of him intoxicating your mind like it was just yesterday when he told you he loved you, his smile showing his teeth, displaying his prominent dimple that you grew to love. But it wasn’t you anymore. There was nothing but envy built up inside of you, feeling a grey cloud constantly hovering above your head as the first couple of tears stained your cheeks.
“Y/n, we can stop looking at that now. It’s irrelevant now.” Hueningkai gently rubbed your back, regretting even opening his social media while you were around.
“It’s okay Hyuka,” you force a chuckle, simultaneously pulling the weakest smile which was of no use. “At least he’s happy now, I guess. He doesn’t even have to hide her either!” Letting out a heartless laugh. You weren’t about to go on a rant about the differences between the way he treated you compared to his new flower, and if it wasn’t for Hueningkai comforting you he probably wouldn’t hear the end of it.
The room fell silent, apart from your irregular sniffles in one corner, you heard Hueningkai’s phone ring but he was quick to decline. Not even a second later his phone rang once more, and yet again you watched him decline it, flipping it over screen side down.
“Why aren’t you answering it?” You looked at him, and by his reluctant expression, you were able to figure out who exactly was calling. And there it was again, but this time he answered it before you would ask again.
It was him. You knew it was him. You could hear his faint voice through the phone, and though it was muffled, you hated how it immediately brought you some sense of comfort that you missed but what else could you do? His voice was soft, with a distinctive, joyful tone that he had nothing to hold back anymore, nothing to hide.
“I’m sorry about that, I’m gonna go in a little-”
“You’re gonna meet Taehyun aren’t you.” It was less of a question but more of a statement, and if Hueningkai was really someone you could trust he wouldn’t hide anything from you. Please, you were tired of people hiding things from you — of hiding you.
“Yeah, him and the boys have some new things to release soon enough and they want me to be there to... to celebrate.” There was that instant sinking of your heart. The heaving in your chest was an attempt to control your breathing. You knew how hard he had been working on this album and you were there supporting him through it, ready to celebrate with him once it’s all done, but all these thoughts in your head were becoming useless. Those promises were empty.
You shut your eyes momentarily, clenching your jaws and finding a stable breathing pattern. There was no use. Who were you to refrain Hueningkai to go see them? You had to understand that they were good friends and you met through Taehyun. It was inevitable that these things would happen and you just had to be the bigger person.
“It’s fine, enjoy. I’ll see you later.”
“I’m sorry. I’ll call you when I’m home- actually, call me if you need anything, okay?” His voice was gentle but with a hint of concern, and it would be wrong of you to be mad at him.
Your head hung low, you weren’t able to say anything else just from the thought of him leaving you to go to your ex. Resorting to a small nod of your head, you felt him rub your back in circles for the last time before exiting through the door.
Looks like everything always goes back to him.
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