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#I get hes tired but he decided to take these hours today:
holychoirs · a month ago
i cannot have a good day w/o him coming home in a bad mood. Like. Okay ^_^
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absentcaryatid · 5 hours ago
Very Moist
Chapter Three of the Juicy Cock Saga, an ATEEZ Fan Fic  by AbsentCaryatid
Fluff and innuendo only, all talk and no action but still completely NSFW, 4.5K words
You may wish to read the Prologue first: She Came on a Red Motorbike Previous Chapter: Makes Your Mouth Water and Fills You Up
Last delivery of the night. It was always a pleasure to end your shift with a takeout delivery to the ATEEZ dorm. Guaranteed friendly reception and always a little time for conversation with some of the guys. Mingi greeted you today and called back into their home, “Yeosang, your true love is here!”
“We aren't doing that anymore, remember? He was worried it would make me uncomfortable. I'm truly fine with the joke though so let's just see if he forgot about his request.”
Mingi took the heavy bags from you cheering, “Everyone gets Juicy Cock tonight!” He then commented on your rain spotted appearance. “Come on in and dry off a little, okay?”
“Thanks, I will. The break would do me good, today has been a lot.”
He reached for your shoulder comfortingly but withdrew immediately at your uncharacteristic flinch from his touch.
Once inside you were greeted warmly by what appeared to be almost the whole team with the exception of Yunho. Even reclusive Hongjoong was just coming out of his studio which made a nice change. Chatting briefly you decided to cut the visit shorter than any of you would like. “Well, I best be off before the rain ramps up.”
Surprised he even noticed now that there was chicken to hold his attention, Yeosang notified you that it was already storming wildly out there and it had come up quick. Looking at the the other members for approval he asked, “Could we offer her the couch tonight so she does not have to be out there in that storm? I think it is even thundering now.” Yunho was not back from a late dance practice yet but Yeosang was sure he would be okay with hosting their guest. Looking to the others for agreement he got nods from Wooyoung, San, Mingi, and Seonghwa.
Mindful of the residency conditions the members had agreed to, Jongho was a holdout for an overnight visitor. Hongjoong had to reluctantly agree. “I really wish we could take you in you tonight but for anybody other than our own mothers the answer has to be no.”
“I think that is fair and I do not want to get anybody in trouble. Your offer was very thoughtful, Yeosang, even though I can't take you up on it. I'll be heading out now but if anybody has a raincoat to loan it would be very appreciated.” It was late and you were tired. It showed in your fallen face but soon rebounded with an offer that might gain his agreement. “Hongjoong, would it change your mind if I text CEO Kim for permission to stay the night on the dorm's couch?”
“Well that would do it for sure.”
Jongho nodded his assent too while Seonghwa and San exchanged suspicious glances.
“Alright then.” Taking out your phone a message was speedily typed out.
In no time at all the brief reply came, “OK. Don't keep them up late. Music video shoot tomorrow.”
With a broad smile you showed the message to them and everybody grinned. Mingi asked, “Popcorn and movie night?” This was agreed to and the ATEEZ members set off to get things ready and wolf down some fried chicken. Grabbing a plate to go, Hongjoong bowed out of the evening's activity and returned to his studio. If tonight was like any other night he expected to be in there for hours. Bidding you goodnight he thanked you for making it a special occasion for the rest of his group.
Chronically underslept Hongjoong may have had no suspicions about how the chicken delivery girl would have the private cell phone number of the CEO of KQ Entertainment, a number the leader himself did not even have, but Seonghwa and San pulled you aside for a little talk.
“I'm guessing you changed the contact name of a friend who went with it and played along.” Thinking it through San continued, “that was smart giving us plausible deniability like that.”
Seonghwa noted it was a thin excuse, “you are asking us to look very gullible though. I believed you thought more of us than that.”
Felling ashamed from his pointed and wise words you unexpectedly offered some assurance that you were not lying. “You saw he mentioned your work tomorrow, would many people outside the company know about that?”  
“Got a point there,” Seonghwa admitted. “Still seems sketchy though but I am choosing to trust you. Please don't disappoint me.”
“Maybe Juicy Cock is catering tomorrow so somebody knows about the music video work, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt too,” San agreed.  
While those two got to work giving the living room a quick tidy the remaining present residents conversed with you as they ate dinner from the delivery boxes you had brought.
“Please tell your grandmother this is one of the best batches ever, crunchy outside and very moist inside,” Yeosang complimented.
“She will be pleased to hear it, she really likes making you happy.”
Waving a partially consumed wing as he shared his thoughts Wooyoung also commented on the strangeness of your phone communication. “It is kinda weird for our boss to know you that well, you know? Must be frequent deliveries.”
“Good thing we know you aren't a plant to spy on us,” Mingi trustingly commented. “I am surprised CEO Kim said yes to your stay, you would think he would be more cautious of our reputation when we have so recently debuted.”
“I come and go so often for work anyway that I don't think my visit will be scandal material even if noticed.”
As a precaution Jongho offered to wheel your motorbike into the apartment building's garage for the night to reduce attention. At your assent he enveloped himself in a giant rain poncho and headed out.
Leaning toward you Yeosang inhaled deeply, wrinkling his nose. He made the blunt but accurate observation, “While I love the scent of chicken I would prefer your greasy old work clothes were not on our couch tonight. Angling his nose up he added, “your hair is full of Juicy Cock too. Is it rude to ask you to have a quick wash up before the movie?”
Wooyoung barely attempted to suppress his laughter. “Ooh, showering at his place already. Didn't know you two were so intimate.”  
You stuck your tongue out at him playfully letting them both know the teasing was fine with you. “That would be great actually, I will be much more comfortable cleaned up from work and if anybody has a large t shirt to loan out and pants too,” you fished. In Yunho's absence it was decided for him that he would be your clothing benefactor so Mingi went to get you some comfy items from Yunho's closet along with a fresh washcloth and bath towel.
“Thanks, guys. Sheltering me from the storm is generous of you. Can I thank you by making breakfast before you have to go to work?” Your plan was greeted with hasty assurances that you did not owe them anything for hosting you but they agreed readily to the rare treat.
Still full from the meal you'd had on break at the restaurant between deliveries you excused yourself to clean up just as San and Seonghwa joined everyone in the kitchen. “We handled the living room but this place needs some work,” Seonghwa noted as he looked around. “I overheard the plan but if you are expecting our guest to treat you to a homemade breakfast you better have this area spotless for her to work in.”
Finished eating, Yeosang and Wooyoung began setting things to rights. Mingi put some music on and the cleaning cum dance party commenced while Jongho, Seonghwa and San feasted on chicken leaving some in reserve for Yunho's late return. He would be ravenous after the extra time spent perfecting his performance for the music video tomorrow.
Returning home without fanfare, Yunho headed straight to his room and stripped off his clothes. Soaked with both sweat and rain they squelched wetly onto the floor of his bathroom. About to step into the shower he recalled needing to replace the conditioner his bleached and color treated hair required. Tomorrow he would need to remember to buy more but for tonight he knew where to find some. Pulling a towel around his waist he walked over to Yeosang’s bedroom where he heard the shower running. As the guys freely did with each other he pushed into the bathroom past the closed door.
Sliding the curtain aside, momentum carried his hand into the shower reaching for the conditioner while asking to borrow it already knowing Yeosang's answer would be yes. Before his mind could catch up with his mouth he changed the question to “Why do these look like my clothes on the counter?” He then noticed a second set on the floor. Your clothes. The split attention led him to not register that the opaque curtain had earlier obscured a single body both shorter and wider than Yeosang’s. The yelp of surprise he heard quickly pulled his attention around to the revelation of your naked body before him.
In the kitchen the dance party continued blissfully unaware of what was going on behind the adjoining wall. Jongho asked if anybody heard some noise over the music. “Do you think she’s okay or needs something from us?”
Seonghwa reassured him, “I’m sure she’s fine. I’m not gonna go in there to ask. Unless I hear a body slip and fall I’m not risking it.”
Inside the shower you’d been pumping hard for a while, tiring of the vigorous activity. You thought to yourself, “come on, come on, come on, just give me a little something,” then thrilled when you finally got an amount of fluid out. Coming into your hands with a forceful splurt, your palm is now laden with a long, viscous streak and you felt powerful at the conquest.
It really wasn’t that big a deal but it felt like one to you. The salon sized shampoo bottle had seemed almost empty but you had hoped to find enough to get the chicken grease smell out of your hair without having to unscrew the pump top and shake water around the bottle. The nozzle had probably been caked up with solidified shampoo causing you to put forth so much effort. Distracted by your victory you had not clearly grasped the situation when Yunho flung the bathroom door open and began his question.
Seeing a large hand intrude into the shower accompanied by his distinct voice, you thrust your own hands out in a hands out, ‘stop’ gesture and a yell of surprise. Time froze and so did your bodies as you stared at each other trying to comprehend what was going on.
Yunho watched the clearish, whitish streak on one palm ooze casually down toward your wrist. Shaking the stupor off, but without the judgment that this conversation could happen at a better time, he asked, “What are you doing here?” Arriving at a seemingly reasonable conclusion he confidently offered with a knowing look, “Oh! Is Yeosang in there with you?” Yunho began to tilt his head into the shower looking for your expected companion.
Coming to the the realization that he was playing around like you were just one of the guys he blanched. “That’s absolutely none of my business, I’ll leave you two alone.” With a clearer mind he would have figured out this was the point to tactfully make an exit. Instead, shaking his head at how inappropriately he had behaved, he remain fixed to the spot and began to apologize profusely to both people he thought were present.
“Hold on. Thank you, but don’t worry, I am in here alone.” As his eyes remained on your streaked hand questioningly you reassured him that there was no way he could’ve known you were going to be there due to the storm. Offering the coated palm you encouraged him to sniff the material in your hand. Warily, still expecting an altogether different scent, you could see it dawn on him that the creamy line was merely the coconut shampoo Yeosang favored.
This steamy conversation was occurring with you casually standing there naked, the curtain half drawn and warm water still hitting your back. Despite the situation you were completely at ease having recently grown fond of hiking trips to hot springs with other friends that culminated in all-gender nude soaks and that’s what you told him. “So you see, my outstretched hands were a quick reaction hoping to spare you embarrassment from the situation.”
You resume pounding away on the bottle plunger and eke out a little more shampoo. Sudsing your hair the conversation continues with him requesting the conditioner until Yunho notices you wincing from a shoulder movement.
“I must have overdid it fighting the bottle with my good arm. I’d already been body-slammed today on an earlier delivery and the jarring of the motorbike didn’t help my shoulder any either. Somebody must’ve been really late for something. I am lucky it was leaving the delivery address instead of with my hands full when I went down.”
With a sympathetic look, Yunho offers assistance, leaning in and getting slightly wet. This close he can see you do have a large bruise coming on at the shoulder. Probably your knees too but his eyes remain firmly at head level.
“Honestly, I would appreciate help a lot. It’s been a long day.”
He retreats back from getting splashed. “You know what? This water from the shower head is going to run straight down me to soak my towel and the tiles. I might as well just get in there too so I don’t flood Yeosang’s floor. I was already on the way into a shower, I only needed the conditioner from this bathroom. If you don’t mind,” he asked while gesturing to the towel, “I will just jump in with you. As a friend. Like at the hot springs.” he added quickly.
“I would be completely fine with that and the help would be really welcomed”.
Removing the towel from his waist he put it on the counter beside the borrowed clothes then stepped into the shower.
You were genuinely touched by his offer and the trust contained within it. Turning to face the water again and leaving him some privacy at your back he began to work his fingers into your soapy hair. Yunho’s gentle touch relaxed you so much that you emitted a long, slow groan of pleasure. “I can do your back too, if you want,” he prompted.
“You are doing what to her where?” San poked his head in the door surprised by the deep voice he had heard and two silhouettes behind the curtain. “We got worried how long she was taking and nobody else was brave enough to check. Looks like you were already being taken care of. I’ll leave you two to it then.”
“It is just nudity between friends like at the hot springs or a sauna,” Yunho called, “not what it looks like.”
“Or what it sounded like?” San countered with a snicker.
“Her shoulder is hurt and I was just helping.”
San’s concern was evident in his change of tone. “I can bring you a pain pill for muscle ache if that would help. It is just over the counter stuff from the pharmacy.”
“Yes, please. I’ll be out in a moment once I rinse off.”
You finished quickly after mutually beneficial back scrubs using your unimpaired arm. You made sure to voice your gratitude for all his help. “Thank you, kind sir.”
“Oh really, Sir is it now? You can call me that.” Then eyes wide open he suddenly became serious. “I overstepped with the joking, didn’t I?”
You stood there naked as the water splashed your back. “You are good with me. I thought it was funny. Playful words are fine. It is joking touching that I am not up for. That would be weird to me. Our hugs are great but please, nothing like a kiss or surprise breast grab to watch me startle. A good guideline is not to touch me anywhere you would not touch your members.”
“You have seen us play Twister, right? But yes, I understand what you mean and agree those are good boundaries for both of us.” Looking down at himself he sheepishly added, “I can't believe we are having this conversation nude. At first I thought it was an ace thing on your part but I guess everybody is capable of non-sexual nakedness. In our business I forget skin isn't just for enticement. Then again, we manage to change costumes in front of each other all the time without batting an eye so I should already know it is possible.”  
Yunho helped pat you dry and dress in the loaned clothes with careful attention to your shoulder injury. Emerging from Yeosang’s bathroom you gratefully discovered the non-prescription medication and glass of water left on the dresser. As Yunho dashed out only in a towel to change in his own room you wondered how much San had reported back to the others in the dorm. As innocent as it was, being naked with a member alone is not the reputation you wanted among these friends.
San came into the kitchen delighted to bring the news. “They might be a while.”
“They?” multiple people questioned.
Mingi was the first to understand. “Like new pronouns, they? I knew our delivery girl, er, person now is agender but went by she and her but that must have changed.”
“New pronoun drop!” Wooyoung enthused. “We can roll with it.”
“Oh yeah, good to be reminded about the agender thing but no, that is not why. No pronoun change that I know of.” San delightedly delivered the vital piece of information, “I say ‘they’ because Yunho is home and he is in the shower with her.”
Now everybody present asked, “What?”
“They, the two of them, say it is all innocent like at the hot springs and I have chosen to believe them. Now that I am done starting rumors in my own home I should add that she got a nasty bruise on her shoulder today and he was helping her wash her hair. I left some medicine for her to take but be gentle and lay off the hugging tonight.”
With nods of assent they returned to chores. The promised home cooked breakfast was a motivating thing and soon Seonghwa approved the kitchen and dining area to be actually tidy versus the first 'just hide things in cupboards' attempt on Yeosang's part. He would have had a better chance of getting away with that speedier approach if the members had not been sitting right there watching in amusement.
Wooyoung used the kitchen regularly for his Korean cooking hobby so he knew were most things belonged and had made full use of Mingi for some of the things that belonged in higher places. There was some good-natured taunting from the taller boy as he touched things to the ceiling in mockery of Wooyoung's much shorter reach. Job complete, the boys settled in around the living room voting among movie and drama options while awaiting your reappearance.
“Let's get back to the Netflix show about the king who lives in a parallel universe but comes to our Earth and has fried chicken for the first time and falls in love.” This excited suggestion came from the most likely suspect to desire fried chicken as a plot point.  
“Oh yeah, King: The Eternal Monarch. He falls for the policewoman Kim Go Eun, not the chicken. That one is good,” Wooyoung affirmed.
“He fell for both!” Yeosang’s tone turned solemn. “Better to live in this world with fried chicken than be monarch of a parallel universe Kingdom of Corea with no fried chicken.”
“I wish my grandmother had done that fried chicken product placement. I love that show. Imagine getting an idol to advertise our chicken.”
San looked at you and laughed. “Well it’s not like you don’t know any.”
Unsurprisingly one member of ATEEZ gleefully volunteered, “Like I said before, I would do it for free chicken!”
“If KQ cleared it,” Seonghwa cautioned.
“Hmmm.”  Your mind enjoyed considering the possibilities.
“The chicken storyline is not familiar, but is that the one with Lee Min Ho as the King and Court Lady Kim Young Ok?” Jongho queried. “I loved seeing them together again after Boys Over Flowers.”
“Yes, that’s him, he was perm boy back then,” San confirmed. This show has royalty, history, fantasy, and time travel. I think we have found tonight's entertainment with something to amuse all of us.”
Sitting in the space left for you on the couch you gratefully plunked down between Mingi and Yeosang. “I love this one and I will be happy to see it again, you get more out of the story on a rewatch. And, Woo Do Hwan is so good as the king's bodyguard best friend. For the longest time I did not even recognize he was playing two roles because he plays them so differently.”  
“He and Lee Min Ho are so handsome in this,” Seonghwa observed.
“Very much so,” you enthused.
“I thought you were asexual.” Yeosang commented.
“Being ace doesn’t stop me from recognizing when someone’s pretty to look at. All this time did you think I have not noticed that about every one of you?”
“You think I’m good looking?” Mingi asked in surprise.
“Don’t put her on the spot,” Seonghwa chided.
You felt comfortable enough to reply, “I’m okay. Uh, yes you are all devastatingly handsome. Really. Even bare faced like now.” Seeing grins break out you warned, “but, don’t let my appreciation go to your heads. My take on beauty tends to cast a wider net than I think people who experience sexual attraction tend to. For example, my current Korean media crush is Kim Young Chul and I understand that is not a typical choice.”
Mingi looked surprised and reflected, “He’s like in his sixties but I am sure he was handsome in his day. You must watch a lot of old movies.”
“Er, the other one. The comedian on Knowing Brothers.”
Everyone laughed at you good-naturedly and you joined them.  
Yeosang pointed out they might be asked on that show someday so he could pass along your interest.
“He’s over twice my age and I would die of embarrassment. Thank you for your helpful offer but no. I will love seeing ATEEZ on the show though. I hope it does happen. Imagine if you could sing with Heechul and Min Kyung Hoon or something like that.”
“Well, I am relieved to know my looks rank up there with Knowing Brothers’ Kim Young Chul,” Jongho deadpanned. “Can we get this started then?”  
As the theme music began you snuggled your good shoulder into Mingi. He was glad some touch was still okay for your tender body. He started to put his arm around your shoulder and caught himself for fear of harming you. Your good arm gently took his hand and lowered it to your waist instead. He would later recall very little of the show beyond that point.
Passing around the giant bowl of popcorn the roommates enjoyed the episode wishing there was time for several more. There was indeed something for everybody, especially Yeosang when another fried chicken scene came on.
Once the show was over the members retreated to their shared rooms leaving you to bunk on the couch for the night. To the man, they each offered their bed in trade but you truly were comfortable as a couch sleeper even with a now medication eased injury. You would also never live it down as a fan if any one of your favorite idols had to sleep on a couch the day before shooting a music video. For the good of ATINY was an answer they could accept and they left you for their beds.
Ten minutes later San padded over to you in the living room lit only by a night light. “Still awake?” he whispered.
“Yes, just settling in.”
“I don’t sleep well in a new place and I wondered if you would like a friend to cuddle with.”
“Thank you San but that’s really not what I am looking for.”
“You sure?” At this he drew Shiber from behind his back and by your grin he knew the offer of his Shiba Inu plushie for the night was well received.
“If this sleepover had been planned I would have brought one of my own stuffed animals. I truly will sleep better with Shiber at my side. Thank you, San.”
Pleased with himself, San slipped back to his room and you soon were sound asleep. It felt like only minutes later when you noticed someone pulling up the comforting weight of the blanket that had crept off you in the night. “You are my hero whoever you are. Thank you.”
Making sure to tuck Shiber in too, Seonghwa tells you to go back to sleep and that he would cook breakfast to spare your injury. He offered to bring you another dose of the pain medication and some water but you reassured him that you are feeling much better.
By the time he got out of his long shower the breakfast preparation was already well underway. Rummaging in the cupboards you had managed to pull together a simple egg laden Dutch baby pancake which was beginning to puff up in the hot oven with a cookie sheet of bacon sizzling beneath it. With about 10 minutes left on the timer you put out powdered sugar, maple syrup, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and cinnamon as topping options and started cutting up fruit to go alongside. Seonghwa made the rounds of the four bedrooms waking the others who caught the mouthwatering scents in the air.
After a delicious feast and pleas to stay over again, even if you did not cook for the members, you dressed in your work clothes and headed home with plenty of time to prepare for the day’s deliveries. Waiting in the garage one of the managers observed your early morning exit as he sat in the van. Soon afterward the boys tumbled out of the elevator buzzing with nervous excitement and the two vehicles took off for the first day of shooting the video of another hoped for hit, “Say My Name.”
Chapter Four: He Came Inside coming up soon! Look forward to reading “Just fuck me up with Juicy Cock.“
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fuzzyfestcat · 6 hours ago
IcyHot Love
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Description: What happens when All Might’s daughter and Endeavors’ son fall for each other. Will it be a match made in heaven or will her past come back and ruin everything.
Todoroki X reader, Deku x Reader
Chapter 5
( I was pretty tired and wrote this but I hope you all enjoy it)
It was a few days later, (y/n) was excited because it was the day that she was going to go out with Shoto. She went to her restroom, freshened up and got ready. She decided that because it was a hot day, she was going to wear a dress. As she finished getting ready, she headed downstairs where her father was getting ready to head out to Might Tower.
“Good morning, little kit. Where are you headed?” asked All Might as he looked over to his daughter while drinking tea.
“Don’t you remember that I was going to hang out with Todoroki? I called you about it.” She said as she was putting her shoes on.
After talking a bit more, she headed out and made her way to the train station to head over but then she saw Todoroki. Seems like he had just arrived and might be trying to contact her. She walked over to him and tried to catch his attention.
“Hello Shoto. Its nice to see you. I thought I was going to head over to you.” She said, while her ears were twitching with confusion.
“Oh yeah. Sorry about that. My father was getting annoying and decided to come here instead. So, are you ready? I thought we could just go to this café I heard about.” Said the dual haired boy as they started walking towards the café.
As they made their way over, they just talked about school and what they thought of a few pro heroes. That is when suddenly, a boy about Shoto’s age decided to cat call (y/N) and walks up to her.
“Hey sweetie. You are too cute to be seen with this boy. How about you ditch him and come with me. We can go have some real fun.” Said the guy as he tried taking (y/n)’s hand in his.
At that moment, Shoto pulled her close to him and hugged her protectively. The girl was a bit shocked but also a bit scared, thinking the stranger would hurt them if she did not listen.
“Excuse me but that is no way to treat a lady. Now if you do not mind, she is my responsibility. If you have a problem, then you will have to take it up with the staff of U.A. and her guardian.” Said Shoto in a calm but threatening tone.
The stranger, not liking how this was going, decided to walk away. Shoto stayed alert, just in case that guy came back to cause more problems.
“Thank you, Shoto. I really do not like it when that happens. How about we continue this little date of ours.” She said as they walked away towards the café.
--------------------------A few Hours later-----------------------
Shoto and her had gone their separate ways after he walked her home. He wanted to make sure that she made it home safely.
“Thank you, Shoto. I had a wonderful time. Maybe we can go out again sometime. Maybe the big festival that is coming up?” asked (y/n) shyly.
Shoto was partially caught off guard by her question. He then noticed the light blush on her face and right away knew his answer.
“Of course. That sounds great. Well, I should head home. Good Night (y/n)” he said bowing. He then turned and walked away.
That night, (y/n) was the happiest girl in the world, not knowing that the next day will be a nightmare.
-------------------------------- Next Day-----------------------------------
Today, at school, class 1-A was getting ready to head to the USJ. As they were walking over to the bus, her and Izuku were talking about her date with Shoto. She sat next to him in the bus and they were all talking about who had the strongest quirks. As they continued talking, Bakugo started yelling.
“Hey, loudmouth! Keep it down. Its bad enough that you yell in class.” Said (y/n), as she pinched the bridge of her nose.
“What did you say, fox freak? I will destroy you!!!” he yelled back.
“That is enough. We have arrived.” Said Aizawa looking ever so tired, like always.
As they all walked in and listened to 13 and Aizawa explain, (y/n) couldn’t shake this feeling that something bad was going to happen. That is when she and the others noticed a smoke looking cloud appearing by the fountain.
“Stay back!! Those are real villains!! 13, get them out of here.” Yelled Aizawa as he headed to fight the villains.
In a span of a few minutes, everyone was separated. (y/n) was sent to the water fountain area where Aizawa was fighting the villains.
“(y/n), you need to get out of here...... on second thought, they won’t give you the chance. Use what we have all taught you and help me!” ordered Aizawa.
Both fought off the small-time villains, but at that moment, (y/n) and Aizawa did not notice the giant bird villain running towards them. (y/n) had no time to react as the creature grabs her and slams her on the floor, creating a small human sized crater and turns his attention to Aizawa. That is when the villain in charge, Tomura Shigaraki, walks over to the girl and crouches down.
“So, this is where you have been this whole time, huh? How about we show everyone what a monster you really are. I will have so much watching destroy your own friends.” He said in a twisted tone as he reached his hand and used his quirk to disintegrate her collar.
(y/n) was in so much pain that she could not stop him, and as soon as the collar became dust, she could all the anger take over. Aizawa tried making his way over to her but it was too late. Her eyes were completely blacked out and flames surrounded her as she let out a scream full of pain and sadness. All he could do is watch as his niece is surrounded in flames as she transforms into a 10 ft black and red fox. She snarled and lunged at the Nomu as the Nomu ran towards her. Aizawa was worried because he knew that in this form, she cannot tell between and foe. Aizawa pulled out the collar from his pocket and tried to make a strategy to get to her and put the collar on. Suddenly, another Nomu attacks him and destroys the collar. As the fight continues, Izuku, Tsu, and Mineta are watching in shock as they watch their classmate as a huge fox and their own teacher being tortured by the second Nomu.
After the second Nomu lost interest in Aizawa, he joins the first Nomu in the fight against the fox. The students decide to get Aizawa to safety while Izuku stayed behind. He was then joined by Bakugo, Kirishima, and Shoto.
“Midoriya, where is (y/n)? I haven’t seen her, and I am worried.” He said as he looked over to the green haired boy.
“Shoto, I don’t know to explain but that giant fox fighting the Nomu is (y/n). That is what she becomes when.......” Izuku was explaining when they were interrupted by Shigaraki as he charged at them ready to attack.
That is when a giant explosion came from the front of the facility. From the cloud of dust, All Might emerged, angry that his students were in danger. As he looked, he was in shock when he saw his daughter in her fox form fighting the second Nomu after defeating the first one. He headed towards the area where she was and flung the Nomu away from his daughter. At that moment, (y/n) lunged at her father, unable to control herself. All Might knew he had no choice but fight back. The four students watching and decided to try and help.
“Leave, all of you. She will attack you!!!” All Might yelled at the students, but they did not listen. Todoroki used his ice and froze of her body and the other three decided to try and hold her head still as All Might put the collar around her neck. Smoke surrounded them and All Might used his yellow blazer to cover his daughter. After a few more hours, the rest of the heroes arrived and handled the rest. They all had the sudden realization that their lives will not be the same again.
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sunamayo · 10 hours ago
tie | suna rintarou
Tumblr media
pairing: suna rintarou x fem!reader (prns: she/her)
genre: fluff with some tension, idk if this can count as suggestive bc they don't even kiss?? NDNSN
warning(s): suna being a tease but otherwise none if you don't count the sexual tension
wc: 2.3k
summary: the students of Inarizaki had made a rule or some sorts, that of two students were dating the boyfriends must lend lend their girlfriends their ties. Suna refuses to give you his tie and you decide to take matters into your own hands.
a/n: i didnt proofread this seriously please excuse the grammar mistakes that i possibly made janssn feedback, constructive criticism and reblogs are always appreciated, and happy reading!
Tumblr media
“Rin, please?” 
The whine falls out of your mouth for the umpteenth time today, yet you still fail to harbor a different response from Suna. He provides you with yet again another hum, identical to the ones he has been giving you throughout the day, likewise with your continuous whines. His eyes never left the papers of homework in front of him, dominant hand not once stopped scribbling on it.
You were situated in the chair located in front of his desk, although sitting backwards on it so you were face to face with him. Or so you thought, because even though you were facing each other’s direction, his eyes have yet to meet yours once so you wonder how this is any different if you had just sat normally. The classroom was devoid of any other students other than you two because Suna, as usual, liked to stay after school hours to do his homework. 
“Lend me your tie?” You wonder if the question now sounds more like you’re begging him to with how many times you had said it, but you can't seem to find it in yourself to care. 
Not when you know you have the rights to show off and walk proudly when you finally acquire his tie. 
The students of Inarizaki high school had made a rule among them or some sorts; that female students are allowed to wear ties, specifically their boyfriend’s ties, instead of the usual bow, to give an indication to other students that they were taken. 
At first the concept didn’t really intrigue you, but as you watch more and more of your friends and classmates have ties adorning the collar of their blouse instead of the usual bow, envy (along with the need to show off your beautiful boyfriend) fills you. 
Now the problem lies within your boyfriend. Suna seemed to care less about some ‘dumb superstition’ and he had said once that “relationships mean more than just exchanging ties” with a joking tone and that you didnt need to do it. 
To say you were stubborn would be a massive understatement, proven by how you had bugged him to give you his tie for the past week. And at this point you get the feeling that he’s doing it just to tease you. 
“Rin.” You fold your hands on top of each other on his desk, and lay your head down on them to try and catch his eyes, all the while jutting your bottom lip out in a pout. 
When he doesn't move an inch and his eyes keep scanning the papers on his table, you breathe out a tired exhale, one of your hands reaching out to hold his that was busy writing. 
The sound you make along with the physical contact finally manages to make Suna halt his movements, and he lifts his head up to look into your eyes at long last. Despite letting out a sigh of his own, he still drops the pen he’s holding to interlock his fingers with yours, caressing his thumb softly on the back of your hand. 
“Why are you so persistent in asking for my tie?”
“I don't know, why are you so persistent on not giving me your tie?”
“Touché.” He ends his words with a scoff that is vacant of any ill intent, and leans his cheek, against the palm of his free hand, elbow acting as a leverage on the table while still keeping his gaze on yours as he gives your hand a reassuring squeeze. 
A few minutes of him keeping his fox-like orbs on you passes by, and not once did his tie leave your mind, but you know he was just as determined in teasing you as you are in asking for his tie, so you decided to just pack up your things and walk home with him. 
But not before trying one last time. 
Blessed with a sudden scheme, you free hand moves to grab at his hand that was supporting his head, grazing your fingers with feathering touches on his cheek momentarily, moving further down while keeping the same coordinated teasing movements all the way down to his chest, taking his tie in your grasp. 
As he raises his brow in question at your antics, you stand up to your feet and lean your body forward and down. You pull his body up forcefully courtesy of his tie, until your head is positioned side to side with his and tilted slightly so your mouth hovers above his ear. 
“Please, Rin?” you mutter into his ear, breath hitting the spot just behind his ear. 
You couldn’t see his face in the position you were in, but you were completely sure he was taken aback, notably so by the way his body suddenly tenses, his breath that was smearing on the back of your neck stops and the way his hand that was clasped in yours suddenly tightening its grip. 
You give him no time to process nor react, and instead pull your body away from his, letting go of his tie and hand, straightening your posture back up, dusting your skirt like you didn't just pull a dangerous move.
“Nevermind, let’s just go home.” you couldn’t care less if he can track any trace of satisfaction on your face or not, but damn. Pulling a risky move was totally worth the deer in the headlights expression etched on his usually nonchalant face. 
A small huff of content breaks out of your mouth, and your lips follow, reactively curving up into mischief. 
“Do you want my tie that bad?” you barely caught on to his almost-inaudible murmur, giving him a small hum of query as an indication of your unawareness.
Nothing prepares you for what he does next. 
Rather than getting a clearer repetition of his words, you are greeted by his hand on your wrist, grasping tightly but not enough for it to hurt and a yelp of surprise exudes you. 
The only thing you recall was the squeaking of the tables against the floor, and when you came to, you had found yourself, safe to say, trapped. 
Suna had pushed the table in front of him to the side, making enough space for him to forcefully pull your body towards his. Without you noticing, he slides a hand around your waist to your lower back and the pressure he puts there knocks your feet off the ground and shoves you forward, which ends up with you positioned on his lap, legs dangling on either side of his body. 
Your smile had long faded when your hands reflexively grabs his shoulders in purchase as a surprised gasp sounds out from your lips. His hand, that wasn't currently pressing into your waist, hooks itself to the spot under your knees to reposition you to a more comfortable position. You flinch a little when said hand skims up your thigh teasingly and when it had done its job, hiking up your skirt just the slightest. 
His calm demeanor was an alarmingly huge contrast to your dumbfounded expression, but you know better than to trust that calm facade he put on, especially when his eyes reflected a predatory gaze that made you feel like a prey that had just walked into his trap. Powerless. 
He runs his tongue over his lips briefly at your wide blown eyes and agape mouth, your gaze flitting down to follow the movement. Whether your heart was beating in fear or excitement, you don’t know, but you are aware that he knows of the power he has over you right now, and it makes you frustrated. Frustrated because you admittedly couldn’t bring yourself to fight him. 
“R-Rin,” the way the word breaks out of you is breathless, further accentuating your vulnerability. 
He ignores your call of his name, and instead moves the hand that is placed on your thigh, all the way up to his collar, where his tie was placed. 
Your eyes inevitably follow every motion he produces, watching with bated breath as his hands unbutton the very top button of his white shirt. His pointer finger latches itself onto the top of his tie, pulling it down painfully slowly to loosen it. Fixating on the way his shirt, now having nothing to close it neatly, reveals just a little bit of his collarbones. 
A shaky exhale eludes out of your mouth when he moves his hand back to your one side of your hip, tracing alluring circles into it and the gesture is enough to momentarily steal the air from your lungs. 
His hand on your waist tightens, then pushes your body towards his closer, close enough for you to be afraid of him feeling your heart pounding intensely in your chest. 
His head lowers down, towards your chest, all the while keeping eye contact with you and you feel yourself die a little inside when he takes one of the ends of the bow that was latched on your collar in between his teeth, tugging it down in an excruciating speed until it unfastens, leaving a string of fabric on each side of your neck. A shudder runs down your spine when his breathing hits the junction between your collarbones.
“Please.” You don’t even know what you’re asking for, the words coming out mindlessly. 
Suna can barely hold a smirk that's creeping up rapidly to his face, and you so badly want to scowl at him for enjoying this, but you're frozen solid. 
“Close your eyes.” With that, your vision is abruptly obscured, following his command almost naturally. 
The deprivation of your sight only suffices on making the sensation stronger, his touches sparking up like electricity on your skin and has you flinching with every contact. Adrenaline, excitement and a hint of want clouds your mind, and there is nothing you can do than to accept them. 
You stiffen when something tickles the back of your neck, but the rub of his fingers against the small of your back relaxes you again, and you realize that his hands are only working to remove the bow from your collar, albeit really slowly. 
The next exhale that fans on your face makes you tremble with anticipation, the smell of his cologne blinding your senses up and your eyes squeezed tighter, white spots dancing in the darkness of your eyelids. 
He had taken one hand off from you, and with the next few seconds of silence, you thought that your suffering was finally over. 
Until his hand grazes your nape ever so slightly. It had your body lurching forward a little in startle, your hand on his shoulders gripping tighter, almost digging your nails into it and undoubtedly wrinkling the fabric of his shirt worse. He releases a breath of amusement, and heat crawls up to your face at rapid speed. 
“Rin,” at this point, you had thrown away your pride and you don’t even care about how whiny your voice sounds. 
He doesn’t respond, seemingly focused on fiddling your shirt’s collar, before moving on to the spot just above the first button of your uniform, doing the same. When he finishes his task, his hand goes back up to cradle your cheek in his hand, rubbing his thumb on the supple skin softly and returning your tense body back to a normal relaxed state.
“You can open your eyes now.” 
You open your eyes too quickly, the orange lights of late noon surging into your vision immediately and blinds you in a fleet moment, prompting you to blink repeatedly in an attempt to gain back your sight.
The amount of time that you spent without your vision was not long at all, but you’re still shell shocked when the first thing you see is Suna, the watercolors of the sky illuminating his skin in a magnificent glow. His eyes sparkle in the glow of the near sunset as it bores into yours and you think it’s utterly unfair for someone to look this beautiful. 
“I think I can get used to this.” his velvety voice snaps you out of your daze, taking a few seconds too long to process his words. 
“To what?” Your voice still sounds breathless even in your ears, a lightheadedness accompanying it. 
You almost want to chase back his touch when he removes the hand that is cupping your cheek, feeling the warmth disappear, but you stay quiet and just observe as he brings his hand down towards the middle of your chest and taking the tie that was adorned on your collar and dangling down your chest.
It takes you a ridiculous amount of time to notice that the usual bow you wore was gone and replaced by a tie. His tie, not to mention. 
“Rin, what–” 
“This is what you wanted, right?” he retorts before you could even ask your question, raising a brow at you in retaliation. His arm that was curled around your waist slides itself back to place his hands on your hips. 
Your eyebrows curve down in a scowl, flitting your gaze back and forth from his face to the tie, a sound resembling a sigh coming out from between your lips. Maybe you had put your expectations way too high after all. 
“Well, yeah. It’s just kind of weird,” You pause taking a hand off of his shoulder to massage at your temples in thought. “I don’t feel any satisfaction at all, instead it felt like I lost.” 
“Why is that?” He feigns cluelessness in the way he talks, bringing the thin fabric in his fingers up to his lips and pressing his lips on it, smirk all too obvious when it paints his lips. “Is it because you were expecting more?”
“You’re insufferable,” Your eyes roll in disbelief when the devilish look in his eyes return, feeling yourself teetering on the edge of losing control. But then you decide to fuck all of the inhibitions that was still stored within you and grasp the collar of his shirt, pulling him towards you until you feel his breath smearing on your face.
“Just kiss me already, you jerk.”
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Request You’re not fat, you’re pregnant, and even if you were fat, I don’t care. I love you.” with Brock Boeser
"what makes you beautiful is..." - Brock Boeser.
Summary: Your pregnancy has been quite bearable, but is what you see in the mirror what hurts you the most, and when someone makes a mean comment about you, it doesn't make it better, but as always, Brock is right there to take care of you and your heart.
Word count: 2.7 k
Tumblr media
“Are you sure you don’t want to go?” – Brock, your boyfriend, asked while sitting beside you on his childhood bed where you were laying with a pillow underneath your almost eight month’s belly, with another pillow between your legs and another one between your arms. Sleeping or just lying in bed was something you enjoyed until you were probably six months pregnant, but after that, you had to figure out how to be able to rest or at least try.
“Yes, baby, I’m sure, my back is killing me and my feet and ankles are so swollen. The last thing I want is to ruin your time with your dad by complaining every five minutes. I’m going to be ok, don’t worry about me” - you said giving him a reassuring smile.
“I can tell him we can go tomorrow, I don’t feel comfortable leaving you right now” – he said while taking one of your feet and massaging it, which made you moan.
“If you keep doing that I’m personally going to force you to stay”
He laughed before getting up. Carefully, he leaned on top of you to give you a kiss, then he went down to your belly, where he softly whispered something among the lines of “behave” and “don’t hurt mommy” to your baby.
“Don’t hesitate to call me if something happens”
“I will, now go”
“I love my girls so much” – he murmured kissing you one last time before heading out to spend the day fishing with his dad.
“We love you too, daddy” – you murmured smiling on his lips.
You spent a few more hours sleeping, or trying to, until you got tired of being there and got up. After taking a hot shower and dressing presentably, you went downstairs to spend time with the only person left in the house; Laurie, Brock’s mom.
“Hey, honey. Good morning” – her sight abandoned the TV show she was watching as soon as she heard you enter the living room.
“Good morning” – you said back sitting beside her in the big couch.
“How’s my baby behaving today?” – the proud grandma asked with both of her hands on top of your belly.
“She behaves really good most of the times, especially when Brock isn’t around”
“Oh my God, what?” – she asked laughing.
“He says that she hates him, but my bet is the opposite. I think she already loves him so much and she just gets excited when she hears and feel him”
“She’s already daddy’s girl then” – she said with a huge smile, looking so proud of her son, of the person he choose to live his life with and so excited for that dancing and kicking baby’s arrival.
“I think she is” – you said faking a pout – “I’ll show it to you when they arrive. It’s like she understands when he’s away longer, because that’s when she gets crazier”
“How were you when you were a baby?” – she asked, and there you told her what your parents had told you since you were little and the few stories they related to you after finding out about your pregnancy.
The morning became the afternoon and with it dinner was getting closer. You were scrolling in your Pinterest and beside all the baby room décor ideas, you found a recipe for a dinner that looked amazing, Laurie thought the same and you two decided to try it out for that night. After checking the pantry and noticing you had to buy a few things, you two headed to the supermarket.
You left the house wearing the same outfit you wore for months because it was the only thing that fitted and made you feel comfortable; a set of matching hoodie and sweatpants paired with some really fancy Adidas slides with socks. Being way too many months pregnant made you stop even trying, besides, nothing fitted anymore and you were the most comfortable like that, that’s why your closet was now full with all kinds of sweaters and sweatpants from tons of different brands.
Already in the supermarket, while picking a few of the ingredients, someone called Laurie’s name, which made you two turn around, finding her old neighbor standing close to you.
"She's my daughter in law, Y/n" - Laurie said before greeting the woman. You weren't actually her daughter in law, since Brock and you were not married or engaged, but she was used to call you like that. She said one that a marriage and a commitment didn't consist only of a few signed papers.
"We've met before; I think it was Christmas or New Year’s Eve. It's nice to see you again, Mrs. Robin" - you said in a soft, sweet voice, shaking the hand she offered you.
"Oh, you're totally right, darling, I'm sorry. That night was crazy, my whole family was in town and it feels like I was in robot mode because I don't even remember what I made for dinner" - she said laughing. It was one of those laughs that seemed fake from miles away.
"Don't worry its ok. It's was just a brief moment anyway" - it wasn't a big deal that she didn’t remember you, she was just the neighbor of Brock’s parents and she spent like five minutes with all of you that night a few years back, you just had a good memory - "I'm going to pick some stuffs while you two catch up. It was really nice seeing you. I hope you have a lovely night"
"You too, sweetheart. Say hi to Brock for me" – she said again with that fake tone.
"Of course" - you said with a smile before taking the cart and murmuring to Brock's mom that you'll see her at another aisle or at the cashier if you were done picking everything when she finished talking with her friend.
When you were turning around to go to the next aisle you heard the woman say to Laurie - "Oh my God, Lau, I do remember her, I just didn't recognize her. She has gained some weight, hasn’t she? I thought she was someone else and honestly, I preferred not to say anything, in case it was another girl. You know how these boys are. Anyway, my daughter is in town, why don’t we do something at my place so the kids can see each other?" - you wish you didn't heard that, because it got stuck in your mind the rest of the night.
"Are you ok, honey?" - Brock mom found you two aisles away and asked you when she noticed your red eyes.
"Yes, I'm ok. I think it was the smell over there that gave me some kind of allergy" - you pointed at the freezers behind you, where the seafood was displayed.
"It was probably that, I used to get so sick eating seafood when I was pregnant with Brock and when..." - she kept telling you stories about her pregnancies, and you wanted to pay attention to her, because you genuinely enjoyed so much spending time with her, but at the same time you just wanted to cry while being under the covers, so no one could see you. Since you heard the comment from that lady you could feel everyone staring at you and murmuring about the way you looked.
"It's ok if I go lay for a minute? My feet are killing me" - you asked Laurie as soon as you step a foot inside her house.
"Yes honey, of course" – she took the bags from your hands so you could go straight to Brock’s old room.
"I'll be there to help you with dinner in just a few minutes" – you just wanted to cry for a few minutes, recompose yourself and make that really delicious looking like dish you planned for dinner.
"Don't worry, go relax and put your feet up. Yell if you or my baby needs anything"
As soon as you got in Brock’s old bed you covered yourself with the thick blanket and let out the tears you were holding back for too long now.
You didn't notice when Brock came in, but you did notice him when he sat beside you, rubbing your back.
"Baby, what's wrong? Something hurts? It's the baby ok? What happened?" - you didn't need to see his face to notice how worried he was.
"The baby's fine" - you answered without pulling the blanket down.
"Then what's wrong?" - he tried to pull down the fabric between you and him but you made force so he couldn't.
"Nothing" – you murmured between sobs.
"Baby, you're crying. What happened?"
"It's stupid" – you knew pretty well that you couldn’t let someone’s comment affect the way you feel or see yourself, especially if she didn’t know you were pregnant, because no one, beside your family and really close friends knew. That was one of the reasons you wore bigger clothes. Brock and you decided when you found out you were expecting that you didn’t want people you didn’t know commenting on your life, talking about your baby, your relationship or whatever else mean people could say, especially online, at least until the baby was there on your arms. You knew you couldn’t let such a mean opinion take a toll on you like that, but you couldn’t help it but let it hurt you, because you had a mirror there and one back home. You could see how round your face got, you could see the red stretch marks on your belly and thighs and you could also see how clothes stopped fitting at some point, including underwear. You knew you didn’t look like you anymore, but you fought with that thought because you knew you could get back in the shape you felt comfortable at whenever you decided to, but hearing it from a stranger hurt even more, especially when she implied that Brock and her daughter should see each other. You understood that as if she was prettier than you.
"If you're crying because of something, then it isn't stupid. It's important, and I want to do something to help, please let me" – he continued begging for you to explain what was going on, because you aren't one to sit and cry for no reason, so he knew something really hurt you.
"I look ugly" – you murmured.
"She said she didn't recognize me because I'm so fat now" – you hated hearing that, you felt stupid, but it was exactly what you were feeling.
"Who said that? Mom?" – he was so confused at that point.
"No" - you let out quickly. There was no way in the world that lovely woman could say something mean about you - "Her friend, the woman who used to live in the house next door"
"Mrs. Robin?"
"Yes" – you murmured after uncovering your face, and letting the blanket fall on your shoulders.
"Where did you see her?" – that wasn’t important, but he just didn’t understand anything.
"At the supermarket. I left them to talk and I heard her saying to your mom that she did remember me, after she acted like she didn't while I was there, but she remembered me being less overweight. She even thought I was someone else but act like that because she didn't want to say she knew me in case I was another girl. Oh, and she said something about wanting you and her daughter to see each other"
"Why is a 60 something years old criticizing a young woman?" - he asked to no one looking so disgusted - "Baby, you’re not fat, you're pregnant, she just didn’t knew that, but you do. You're creating a life as we speak. You're carrying the most beautiful gift life could have ever give us. You're carrying our baby, and you're making her healthy, and smart, and happy. What if you gain some weight? That's supposed to happen, that's healthy!"
"But I look ugly and you deserve someone prettier" – the tears that fell down from your face broke Brock’s heart.
"Weight doesn't mean pretty or ugly. Yes, you don't look the same way you did months ago, but that's the point of bringing a baby into this world. We will change. Our lives will change and our bodies will too, especially yours. And that makes you so strong and more beautiful. And don’t pay attention to that comment about her daughter. I never liked her, she’s spoiled, mean and she isn’t the brightest star in the sky, just like her mom"
"I want my old body back" – admitting that out loud made you feel horrible, because that would mean not having your baby inside of you anymore, or not having her at all, and that wasn't what you wanted.
"If you had the body of an Instagram model, or keep the baby weight forever, it wouldn't matter, because what makes you beautiful is how loving, caring and smart you are. It's the way your eyes shine when we get to see our baby's ultrasound. It's the way you smile when you see me after winning a game. It's the way you cheer me up when I lose a game. It's the way you fit so perfectly with my family and friends. It’s the way you love everyone around you and the effort you make to try to help everyone in need. That is what makes you the sexiest woman in the world" – he was trying so hard to make you see yourself just as he sees you.
You just sat making the blanket fall on top of your legs while cleaning your tears and playing with your fingers. Brock took the opportunity to lift your hoodie and reveal your belly.
"I love your body. I love how strong it is. I love what is doing to keep our baby safe in there" - he said that while caressing your belly. Your baby felt his daddy and kick when he moved his hand around her not too tiny temporary home - "See? Even baby agrees with me, and she hasn't seen you yet, but she has felt your heart, and she knows it better than anyone, so you should trust her"
"Ok, I believe you both, but could you remove your hand? Because she's kicking like crazy and dancing on top of my bladder" - he laughed and placed a ton of kisses on your growing belly - "Ugh, I have to pee. Help me get up" – you said rolling your eyes but with a smile on your face.
While laughing he handed you his hands and helped you get up. From there you went on your own to the bathroom while he waited for you outside. When you were done you opened the door and started cleaning your face, the one that was covered with melted makeup.
When your face was makeup free, Brock hugged you from behind and lifted your oversized hoodie. He placed his hands on your belly and rubbed it while looking at you through the mirror in front of you - "I'm so in love with you, with her and with the life we have"
"I love you too" - you murmured placing your hands of top of his.
"And I would choose you on top of anyone" – there was no need for him to say that, because you knew to heart that his words where meaningful, and you believe him every time he says that he loves you, and he knows that, he just needs you to believe too that you are the most beautiful woman to him.
You just smiled leaning against him. There was no other place in the world where you felt more beautiful, happy and safe than in his embrace, carrying the result of your immense love.
Exactly two weeks later, almost three weeks too early, your daughter decided to come into the world.
There, with the way Brock looked at you and your sleeping tiny baby, you felt the most beautiful, strong and amazing woman in the whole wide world. He definitely was the glue that kept everything together, including your sensitive heart, and you knew that neither you nor your daughter would ever need anything with him protecting his little family.
Tumblr media
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The Journey by Josiah Williams
Before  As I play basketball with Sarah, Jason, and Kayla I wonder am I good enough? Am I going to make my parents proud of their son, Dylan. "Dylan, Dylan!" Sarah shouts at me. " You okay " she says. I say " yea i'm fine." We continue playing but I start to hear a loud bang from a distance. Me and my friends speed walk to their bang in curiosity. When we arrive, I see two cars in a accident,\. But I realize one of the cars, " THATS MY....
DADS CAR! " I rush to my dads car when I look inside I see my dad in between the two front seats. I check to see if he's breathing, " HE"S NOT BREATHING!" I say emotionally. "Let me see, my mom is a doctor and she taught me a thing or two." Kayla says. She tries pushing down on his chest but no results. Ambulance arrived and they took my dad to the hospital. Me and my friends went back to the basketball court sad, we all went home. 
I'm home laying down thinking about my father, my mother comes bursting in my room and she say's " Your father passed away!" I  started crying. After an hour of crying I start thinking to myself, what am I going to do now I know I have my mom but it won't be the same without dad. You know what I'm not going to give up, just because my dad passed away doesn't mean I quit my dream of becoming a future NBA star. I'm still upset but, this is just going to make me motivated to work harder. Before I go to bed I say to myself, first thing in the morning I'm going to wake up at 8:00 A.M and go to the basketball court. I set my alarm for 8:00 and go to bed.
My alarm goes off and I turn it off. I get out of bed brush my teeth, and go take a shower. When I go to the living room I see my mom preparing our plates for breakfast, she made pancakes, eggs, and bacon. " Your up early, where you heading to," My mom says. "I'm going to go to the basketball court after I finishing eating this delicious looking meal." I say. " What, it's Saturday isn't it your sleep in day." She says. " I know but ever since dad died I decided to use it as motivation and not to give up." I say. "Okay proud of you" she says. I finish eating breakfast and say "love you mom, see you when I get back." As I walk out the door. I get to the basketball court and Jason, Sarah, and Kayla are there. Sarah says " Sorry about what happened yesterday, you okay? "I'm fine." I say. Jason say's " Want to hang out?" I say " Nahh I'm going to stay here and shoot around for a while, I'm kinda motivated to work harder." Sarah says " Okay catch you later, bye" "Bye" I say. I say in my head This is why I love my friends, they respect every decision I make.
Don't treat me different
My alarm goes off at 7:00 I turn it off. I'm really tired because  was up late thinking about my dad and my future. I realize today is Friday so that means I have school, I'm already in a bad mood. i get out of my bed and take shower, when I finish my shower I get dress, I put on my blue hoodie, jeans, and my blue Jordan's. When I walk out of my room I see my mom and say "good morning mom, I'm about to leave for school. She says " Okay have a great day, love you" I say "love you to" as a grab a pop tart and walk out the door. When i get to school my friends " Hey guys!" They all say "Wassup!" As the 3 first periods go by it's time for lunch, me and my friends sit down and start eating. While me and my friends are talking some random boy showed up and said "here Dylan, you can have my bag of chips." "why?" I say. He says "because I heard your father passed away so I wanted to give you them." I say "okay thank you." 20 minutes later I ended up with a bunch of snacks in my hand because of my father passing. All the snacks are nice but I don't like how people are giving me things just because my father passed away. Most of the people who gave me snacks,I didn't even know! I was really upset, as the last 2 periods go by I go straight home and take a nap.
This is for you
I wake up on a Saturday morning and I know today is the day, today is the day where I go skydiving for my dad. I am kind of nervous though. I get out of my bed, shower, brush my teeth, and get dressed. When I walk out my room I see my mom making breakfast, she made waffles sausages and eggs. "Good morning mom" I say. "Good morning honey, I'm gonna get dress when I finish making breakfast." She says. " Okay" I say. Mom finishes making breakfast and I destroy it. As my mom walks out of her room dressed I say "This breakfast was amazing!" She says "Thank you honey, but we have to get on the road were gonna be late." I grab my phone and we leave the house. As were on the road I'm nervously playing a game on my phone. When we get there I'm nervously walking, at one point i think about backing out, but I don't. We get on the plane and I realize your suppose to jump with a professional, so I gets it's not that bad. My mom jumps out so that means I'm next. The guy I'm jumping with says "3,2,1 jump!" As I'm going down I say "This is for you dad!!!!
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wednesdayadams228 · 2 days ago
Imagine - Steve Rogers
warnings - none
Wrote this while listening to I Love You by Billie
First time writing for Steve lol
Steve was supposed to return from his mission today. It had been 2 agonizing months since Steve had left for his mission with Tony, Bruce, Peter, and Bucky. The only thing you were told from any of them was that Hydra was up to something and they to take care of it. There had been no phone calls, no text messages, no updates about anything. You didn't even get to know where he was in the world or if he was even okay. For all you know he could be hurt or worse dead.
You eventually get tired of the thoughts swirling in your head and decide to go get some food. On your way to the kitchen, you walk around Wanda and Vision binge-watching another sitcom on the couch. You pass Nat who is sitting at the kitchen table looking out the window.
"Hi." she says in a calm voice still staring out at the rainy city.
"Hey." You quietly say back. You wish you could be at peace like she at least seemed to be right now.
"How do you do it?" You ask.
"Do what?" she replies.
"Be okay with Bucky being gone. I try to not worry every time Steve leaves but I can't. It's impossible. I just know how much you love Bucky and you guys are always apart so much on missions. I guess I just want to know how to be okay with Steve being gone all the time."
"Well to be honest I don't know." She replies "We have always been apart so much that it's normal now. I still wonder if he's okay every now and then but I try to avoid the topic and distract myself. It's too painful to worry about the worst possible situations."
You go and sit next to Nat and look out the window with her. You guys stay like that for the next couple of hours waiting for your lovers to return home. You hear the doors slide open from the elevator and see Bucky, Bruce, Tony, and Peter but no Steve. Nat goes to give Bucky a hug and you look around and wait a few minutes for Steve to come through the door... but he doesn't.
"Where is he?" You ask quietly
"Hydra has him" Bruce says.
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laito---sakamaki · 2 days ago
Laito i feel like shit. Im so sorry for coming to your account to rant and if you don't reply to this i totally understand but i just need to get it out.
My mom brought me to a party today and there were a few people my age but most of them were older. She brought me because she was assuming it would make men back off since her daughter was there. Most of the time i was with the people my age and i made a few friends.
I assume my mom talked to some of the adults about my music experience and then throughout the remainder of the day people praised me or asked me to sing for them. Someone asked me what kind of flowers i liked because they wanted to buy me some.
In my mind if someone buys me something I am then obligated to do something for that person. I also worry about them having ulterior motives, what of they want me in their debt for something? Im not used to compliments and frankly they make me a bit uncomfortable because they make me worry about the motives behind the compliment as well.
There were many points in the day that people made references or jokes that made me extremely uncomfortable. (NSFW warning) One man was talking about he was going to fuck all the (adult) women at the party. There were multiple times that people started twerking on each other or slapping each others asses with various objects. Two of the men suggested smacking MY ass with a belt and I refused to stand up because, just no! (They brought this up while my mom wasn't present) (NSFW over)
Keep in mind there were minors at this party including myself.
Other than that things went fairly smoothly, other than some jackass putting an expensive microphone i brought over into a fire and throwing it into the pool. The microphone is now completely broken.
I have a kitten at home that im fostering and my mom decided we should stay the night. I can't drive and my mom is too tired and too drunk to drive so i cant feed the kitten. I dont know when her next meal will be but she hasnt eaten in six hours.
It's around 1 am and I can't sleep because im overthinking and my anxiety is piling up.
Again, im really sorry about sending this in and you dont have to respond if you dont think youre able to handle it.
First of all, anon, what you are going thorough is insane. Yes, it is. For me, it feels like that.
I am sorry but why does your mother do that? Was she unaware of the people’s nature where she was taking you? That doesn’t seem to happen because you said she took you as “shield”
Does it happen often or just this once? If it has happened multiple times, please do talk about it with your other family members. And if it is just this once, talk to your mother openly about the things which happened in her absence there.
I am extremely sorry that I can not do much for you but only reciting some words of relief to you. No one should be treated that way. No one. 
Even so, if you ever want to talk about anything with me, my dms are always open. 
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beingdreeyore · 3 days ago
Stuff & Things...
It’s 2.5 months until I have to go work somewhere I don’t want to go. An old friend from up north has this complicated business where he collects and sources cars for other people. Mostly rare imports. He never has any less than 5 cars at any one time. I mentioned to him that I’d really need to buy a car again before I go, but then I don’t want to get a good car given my apartment doesn’t have a carspace, and I really should get a car but do I want one long term given where I live.... Head going round in circles. So he’s just going to loan me a car. Just like that. No cost. He’s loaning me a car for six months. His reasons were simple, “Yeah, I’ve been there. You’re going to need to get out of there as much as you can. Safely.”
I had a chat to one of the girls at work who just got back from where they’re sending me. She also has two friends currently working there. Each of them flew/fly back here at least every fortnight, more commonly its every week. I was shocked. I’d been under the impression that the rostered overtime was too brutal, but she said that it’s only one weekend a month. Most people do an overtime shift through the week and that pretty much covers the flight back here for the weekend because they’re so short-staffed that the shifts are long. If you’re doing the weekend shifts, it’s courtesy to cover the Friday evening so that everyone else can fly home as soon as work is done. She’s on a slightly higher pay band than me as she’s a more experienced registrar, but not that much higher. But she’s adamant that if you’re prepared to do the overtime (which we are automatically rostered onto anyway and have zero say in) it’s very doable to get back here at least once a fortnight. There are no words for how much joy I got from that conversation. I’m not sure why though. They are all in long-term relationships and she has a kid; they had reasons to return every week. I don’t have the same reasons as them, or any reasons to return that often really, but I can see that I will be the person who, if finances allow, will blow through their money just to sleep in my own bed and be in my own space for a few nights each week. I already have less dread about going after that talk. However much overtime it takes through the week, if it gets me home on weekends I’m happy...
That said, I’m still taking a pay cut when I switch from the desk job to being full-time at the hospital job. But it’s just good to know that none of it is as bleak as I’d been led to believe. (Also, apologies for talking money.  It’s crass and I hate it, but it was kind of necessary to explain the situation)
I had the worst sleep last night, but I can’t tell you why. My brain was doing that thing it does where it dangles something just out of view, something that won’t let it shut down, and I toss and turn for hours. I woke up with a sore back (again! Probably from the weight gain over the last three months. Sigh) so it’s anyone’s guess what I was actually doing when I was asleep...
I don’t want to go to dance today. I know. I don’t get it either. I’m tired. My body feels old. But otherwise I have no excuse. I certainly don’t have any big exciting plans. No idea what that is about...
There is a ridiculous amount of food in my fridge. I got up early yesterday morning (yep, insomnia. As always) and bought more groceries than a girl living alone needs, and did so much cooking. Healthy comfort food. Why? I don’t even know. But I’m guessing that my freezer will be stocked with pre-made meals for awhile...
I’ve been texting him too much. I know. But I’m sick of the pseudo breakup silence and pain, so I’m just not doing the silence anymore. That probably makes me weak and a bad person, but I’m sick of suffering because I’m fighting for someone else’s relationship when they aren’t fighting for it themselves. If he decides to fight for his relationship, fine, I will go back to the silence and I will disappear, but that’s his call. I’m done trying to convince him to fight for a relationship that I don’t think he should be in and that he clearly isn’t that attached to. I will respect that he is in a relationship and act accordingly, but that’s it from me. No more of my previous efforts of trying to get him to respect her and what they have...
And that’s my stuff and things...
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When Jin as your boyfriend is overworking:
Lately your boyfriend seems stressed. Even though you know that he tries to hide it you still see his tired eyes while he smiles. Currently it's 2am and you sit on the couch, looking through your phone. You hear the apartment door open and look right into Jin's eyes. He's still sweaty from a late practice. "Hey Babe." "Hi, why are you still awake?" You kiss each other shortly. "I actually fell asleep in the afternoon so I'm more than awake. But you must be tired." "It's alright. Actually I promised you we would watch a movie together today. So let me shower and I'll be right back." Before you can say anything he's on his way to the bathroom. You remember that he probably hasn't eaten anything so you decide to warm up food for him. After some minutes he calls you from the living room. When he sees you with food, he immediately smiles. "Thank you Babe." As an answer you just peck his cheek. Then he eats while you choose a movie together. You want to bring the dishes to the kitchen but he pulls you right back on him. Then he whispers in your ear. "Stay here with me please." His arms are tightly wrapped around your waist. As your head is on his chest you hear his relaxing heartbeat. Your hand slowly strokes over his belly and then you look up to him and you can't ignore the the dark circles under his eyes. "What's up? Why are you looking at me like that?" "Nothing, just....are you okay? You know I worry about you. And lately we haven't had a real conversation with each other." He sighs. "It's fine y/n." "You can't just say that every single time. It's not like I wanna pressure you, but I don't want you to hold everything in." His hug becomes even tighter. And you see him closing his eyes "I know. Sometimes I just don't wanna think about all the stress. At least not in the few hours that I'm at home with you." "I get that... Turn around for a second." You get off him and he turns on his belly. "Take that off". You carefully pull off his shirt. Then you get the massage oil and rub it between your hands. Moving your hands up and down his back, he relaxes more and more. "That's for real so good. Thank you Babe." After some time his breathing changes and you hear little snores from him. You immediately smile to yourself. You get off him and get ready for bed. Then you come back to the living room and put a blanket over him. You give your best to lay down on the tiny space that's left on the couch and cuddle up next to him.
Tumblr media
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frostandmoonlight · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
After the day I've had I'm fully planning on just having a bath and reading this book, and then having an early night. I don't give a fuck that I'm being boring on a Saturday night 🤣🤣
I slept badly last night but because I was worrying about the house. We are so close to the house sale completing but I was worrying about how much more stuff there is to do. So I just got to the house as soon as I was ready this morning and cleared out the laundry room, airing cupboard and everything left in the kitchen cupboards and dumped it on the kitchen floor. My ex met me an hour later to sign some forms with me and to help clear out the attic, which tbh was mainly his stuff anyway as I done all mine months ago. The kitchen was just full of shit and it was so hard to know where to start 😂
But he filled up his car and I filled up my car of the last of my stuff and stuff I need to take to the dump. The rest at the house is his stuff he didn't have room for in his car and stuff that needs going to the dump. I'm a little nervous about going, because I've never gone before and with covid going anywhere new worries me because there's all these fucking rules you have to follow and it stresses me out 😂
I also put a TV stand up for free on marketplace and typically someone fucking messaged me about it 10 minutes after I left 🙄🤣
My ex and I had a bit of a heart to heart too before we left. I dunno if it made him feel any better but it did for me 😂 He's definitely still hurting but I told him I'll always be his friend if he ever needs me, though I understand if he needs time or if he never actually wants to be my friend, its totally okay. I mean today we were chatting as we were sorting out and it was nice and easy, the thing is I still didn't feel anything other than platonic love for him. I'm always gonna care about him because of how long we were together. But I just don't feel anything for him anymore or want to be with him. So I feel like I got a lot of closure. I get vulnerable moments every so often where I wished I'd never broken up with him but when I really think about it, it's not being with him I miss. Its the security and safety I felt in the house we had. 99% of the time his absence doesn't really affect me which says everything.
Anyway when I got home I was so fucking exhausted. I am just really tired in general at the moment. There's been quite a few times this week I've been trying not to fall asleep when I'm driving 😬
I slept for a couple of hours when I got home and woke up more exhausted and actually felt a bit nauseous so I decided to cancel on my plans with my friend, who was so lovely and understanding and called the restaurant to rearrange for next week so I feel grateful for that 😊💕
So yeah bath, book and early night tonight. I finally got my swimming membership sorted and now I'm gonna be one of those people whos up and going for a swim at 9am on a Sunday morning 😂
Then I'm going back to the house for the guy to pick up the TV stand and I thought I'd fill more of my car up. I want to give the house a really good clean also, I noticed how dusty the skirting boards were as obviously the house has been empty since December. I just can't wait for the house sale to be over so this won't be taking up so much mental space anymore.
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jaesqueso · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
pairing: toxic boyfriend!hendery x fem!reader
summary: You finally decide it’s time to say goodbye and on the way you reminisce about how it all started. And how it ended.
word count: 2,074
warnings: angst, strong language, cheating, domestic violence, death
a/n: I originally thought of this for a music video but since I’m just a simple girl living a simple life I turned it into an actual story. do remember this a fanfiction, I’m not saying Hendery is this type of person! do give me some feedback please! ❤︎
☽ ・・・・・ ☾
You wake up as the sun shines in your face through the window. You get up and go to the bathroom to take a shower. You don’t even bother checking the time, there’s really only one thing you need to do today. You get dressed in the darkest clothes you own that contrast with the bright day outside. You look in the mirror and take a deep breath. Today is the day you let go.
You grab your purse and as you open the door you notice the umbrella standing against the wall. You look at the window and there isn’t a single cloud in the sky. But you still take it with you. You walk down the street, sunglasses hiding your tired eyes. Your steps are not too fast, you know that you have to finally do this but you want to take your time. You know you’re not going to back down, as you’ve been doing for the last two weeks. Today it ends.
As you pass the park you remember when you first meet him.
Three years and two months ago
“Hey! Watch were you’re going-” You started scolding however bumped into you but stopped when you saw his startled expression.
“I’m so sorry!” He apologised as he removed his headphones. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine.” You look down and check your camera to see if you at least got the shot you’ve been trying to get for the last twenty minutes.
“Wow, those look amazing!” He glanced at the little screen in your hands checking your work.
“Oh, thanks.” You awkwardly smiled at the nosy stranger.
“Are you a photographer?” He curiously asked.
“Not yet, I’m still finishing my degree. These are actually for a school project.” You explained as he was showing interest in your favourite subject in the world. You could talk about photography for hours.
“Nice! I bet you’ll the best in class with those pictures.” He genuinely smiled and you suddenly felt shy. “Are they going to be displayed anywhere?”
“Well, by the end of the semester there will be an exhibition on campus. You should drop by.” You gulped as maybe you’re being too straight forward with this person you’ve never met before.
“I would love to.” He smiled and extended his hand. “I’m Hendery.”
“Y/N.” You shook his hand returning the smile.
And he did came to the exhibition like he said he would. Until then you had exchanged texts, calls and even went on a few dates. At the time you were amazed by him, everything you learned about him just made you fall more and more.
Three years ago
“You made it!” You smiled and walked to Hendery giving him a warm hug.
“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He hugged you tightly before letting go. “This is for you.”
“For me?” You gasped as he extended a single red rose your way.
“I wasn’t sure if you’d like to receive a bouquet so I thought just one would spare me some embarrassment.” He scratched the back of his neck looking down with a shy smile.
“That is so thoughtful, thank you Hendery.” You took the rose as you felt your cheeks burning up.
You showed him around the gallery until you were in front of that photograph you were trying to take the day you met. He pampered you with compliments on your work the whole time and you felt like your heart could burst at any minute. Unfortunately a couple of hours later he had to leave so you accompanied him outside.
“Thank you so much for coming, it means a lot to me.” You bit your lip. “And for the rose of course.”
“My pleasure.” He flashed you a nervous smile.
“What?” You asked curiously.
“I have something I want to ask you but I’m afraid your answer will break my heart.” He mutters as he looks down at his shoes.
“Hendery,” you took his hand and squeezed lightly, “I would never break your heart.”
“Will you be my girlfriend then?” You gasped at his words. “I’m sorry, it’s ok if don’t like me back-”
“Yes!” You wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him closer to give him the first of many kisses you would share along the years.
You smile at the memory of what was one of the best days in your life. You always choose to remember the happy moments you spent with him. The dates, the smiles, the laughs, the I love you’s and the promises, even though they were bound to be broken.
In your relationship you loved and you hurt each other, but you would always find a away to make up and get back into each others arms. He proved to be more than you could handle but you couldn’t let him go because you weren’t perfect and also made a lot of mistakes. But you always forgave each other and promised to be better. Unfortunately some things never change.
You kept walking to your destination but stop as you pass by your favourite bakery. As much as you’d like, the memories you try so hard to forget always find their way back.
Two weeks ago
“I’ll take the pink one please.” You ordered a small cake in his favourite colour for your third anniversary together.
As the lady behind the counter carefully puts it in a box wrapping it with a silk ribbon you sigh. Yet again he forgot an important date in your relationship. You had been taken things easy on him as you’d been fighting a lot lately because he’s always working and never has time for you, so you just decided to surprise him with a nice gesture and maybe you could forget everything and have a nice evening with him.
You walked back to your shared apartment, cake in your hands and a smile on your face. It was a beautiful day as the last rays of sunshine lit up the streets. He wasn’t picking up your calls or replying to your texts but you wouldn’t let that affect you today, he was probably glued to the couch playing video games with his friends, lost in the virtual world.
You opened the door and was surprised when you didn’t see him in the living room so you tried the bedroom. As you walked through the corridor you heard muffled sounds but ignore them as you admire the pictures on the wall that decorate the hallway along with that one you took on your first encounter.
“Hendery-” You gasp as you open the bedroom door, dropping the cake on the floor.
You look up at the sky as clouds gather above you in all different shades of grey. You open up the umbrella you brought and open it over your head as the first drops of rain fall from the sky.
And in the blink of an eye a beautiful sunny day turned into a gloomy rainy disaster. Just like in that day.
“Y/N!“ He pushed the girl on top of him on the bed as he looked at you. “It’s not what it looks like, I can explain-”
“Fuck you, Hendery!” You walked out and headed towards the living room.
“Babe wait!” You heard him shout as he tumbled on his feet to put some sweatpants and a t-shirt on and go after you.
“Don’t fucking call me babe now!” You gathered your things and walked to the door.
“Please, let me explain!” He stepped in front of the door to block your exit.
“What is there to explain? I’m pretty sure I know what I saw!” You screamed. “In our fucking bed, Hendery! At least have the decency to take your whores somewhere else!”
“Like you do?” He defied you.
“Oh so I’m the bad guy now?” You walked back into the living room not wanting to look him the face.
“You are!” You shot him a death glare as he continued excusing himself. “You’re acting like you are so perfect but you fuck up too! You hooked up with my best friend of all people!”
“It was a fucking game Hendery! Don’t act like your seven minutes in heaven with that random girl where all that innocent!” You yelled.
“That was a year ago!” He walked in your direction.
“Oh you want something more recent? How about that fucking slut in our bedroom right now?” You pointed to the hallway.
“She means nothing, she’s just a co-worker-” He shrugged his shoulders which made even more mad.
“A co-worker?” You interrupted him, tired of his excuses. “So she’s the reason why you always stay late at work now? Shit, I should’ve know.”
“And who are you to talk about co-workers when you keep texting that fucking guy?” He raised his voice again.
“He’s my assistant! We need to talk about work!” You widened your eyes in disbelief.
“Your assistant, right. I bet he assists you in everything you need-” He stoped as you slapped his face. He took his hand to his cheek and looked you dead in the eye. He grabbed you by the neck and pushed you into a wall. “How do you fucking dare hit me?”
“You can hurt me whenever you want but I can’t give you a slap when you’re talking shit?” You muttered struggling as he restrained your breathing. A few seconds later he let you go off his grip and you dropped your hands to your knees taking in as much air as you could. “Why do we do this to each other?” You asked as you get back up.
“I don’t know.” He sat in the couch with his hands on his head.
“Why did you have to do this in our anniversary of all days?” You shook your head, as if him cheating on you another day would make a difference.
“Our anniversary?” He looked at you in surprise.
“Just another one you forgot. And to think I was willing to forgive you-“ You stopped as you saw the girl from before peeking through your bedroom door. “But I’m done Hendery, I don’t need this, I don’t need you.”
“You don’t need me?” He got up again, eyes filled with anger and fists clenched. “You have someone else to go to now? A fucking bitch like you will never find someone better than me.”
You were about to slap him again but he quickly held your wrist while his other fist landed in your cheek.
“Shit, I didn’t mean to do that-” He let go off your wrist and took a step back widening his eyes.
“Fuck you, Hendery! I never want to see you again! I wish you were dead!” And with that you stormed out of the apartment.
“Y/N, wait!” You heard him yelling as he came after you.
When you got outside it was raining hard which made your vision even blurrier as tears were already forming in your eyes. You ran, not really knowing where you were going but you knew he was right behind you as you heard your name being called over and over again.
You crossed a street not even checking for any cars but as you reached the other side you stopped your steps as you heard a car braking and hitting something.
No, it couldn’t be…
You stop walking and take a deep breath. This is it the place you’ve been avoiding but it’s time. It’s time to let go, it’s time to set yourself free. It was not your fault.
You enter the cemetery and search for his grave.
“Hi, Hendery.” You whisper as if you don’t want anyone to hear it, only him, wherever he is. Your eyes start watering as a single tear rolls down your cheek. “I’m sorry.”
You squat down and lay a red rose next to his gave stone.
“We were never good together, and we knew it. I’m sorry that we let things get this far. I’m sorry that I didn’t let go sooner and maybe you’d still be here.” You take a deep breath. “But it’s time to finally let you go. I forgive you for hurting me. And I forgive me for loving you.”
You lower your umbrella as the rain stops and the sun shines again through the clouds.
“Goodbye, Hendery.”
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page150 · 4 days ago
Day Trips With Peter 🚗 Peter Parker x Reader
Request: None
Pronouns: None stated :)
Word Count: 742
Warnings: None :)
When Peter got his license the first thing he wanted to do was take you on a trip
MJ had to talk him into skipping school on Friday so he could pick you up early
“Come on, it’s just one day.”
“What if Aunt May finds out! What if there’s an emergency in Queens where they need Spiderman! Plus I have a lab on Friday! We can leave after school.”
“No, don’t be lame. Just go!”
So, on a sunny Friday morning at 10am he drove to your apartment in his weird black sedan
He would talk to your parents as you finish packing and carry everything for you
“I didn’t know a boy like that could carry so much!”
“Mom, please. “ You groaned.
You would get drinks and snacks from the Bodega and breakfast at McDonalds
“Y/N do you think I can fit in the slide?”
“No, Peter! You’re going to scare the little kids.”
While riding you switch between your playlist and Peter’s, happily singing along to whatever you felt like
* “I Want You Back” by The Jackson 5 starts playing*
“What do you know about this?” You joke.
“I met a guy who had this really cool playlist. He was from Earth.”
“Um, why wouldn’t he be from Earth?”
“No reason! Hey look, a garage sale!”
He would stop at garage sales or flower stands. Whatever looked interesting and buy you things. At one small store he bought you a geode that he helped you crack on the side of the road. Inside was tons of gorgeous blue crystals. At a flower stand he tried to negotiate a lower price for tulips but accidentally bought you a plush tulip instead.
“At least it won’t die now!”
What would’ve taken about an hour trip to the museum took 2 hours due to constant stops and the car breaking down.
Finally you arrive at the museum and spend hours exploring. Usually you and him would go look at the same exhibits but occasionally you separated. Going off on your own adventure before meeting back up with him at a new place.
Considering it was still early there weren't a lot of people inside. The exhibits were clean and you were able to see everything without pushing or shoving.
By the time you left it was 4:00pm. The sun was still high in the sky, warming your skin, but your feet were tired.
Since Peter chose the museum you decided that the two of you should go to the park for a while. Peter found an open picnic table while you bought some food by a nearby food truck. Sitting in the shade you and him ate and listened to a man on the guitar.
You felt so safe and warm. The weather was nice, the music was soft. School was completely off your mind and you just wanted to relax with Peter. He had already decided that afterwards he wanted to go to a bookstore. You added that after that dinner would be nice. With a plan set the two of you got up. Peter tipped the man $10.00 and he offered to take a photo of you and Peter. Now in your phone it was a cute photo of you on top of Peter’s back.
Driving to the bookstore. Peter happily went in. Getting lost in between the large bookshelves. You sat at a small table at the front of the door. Choosing a place to eat and responding to your parent’s calls.
An hour later Peter came back with 3 books about interdimensional beings.
“Any reason for the books?” You asked.
“Uh, I’m just interested in them.”
The two of you went to a cute restaurant and talked about the day. You repeatedly thanked Peter for all of the gifts he had bought you and offered reimbursement but he kept saying that it was no problem.
After eating you went back into his car and he began to drive.
The happy, energetic music turned quiet and slow. The sun was beginning to set and you watched as the places you had went to were left behind. Noticing that Peter was a great driver you allowed your eyes to close. Falling asleep in his soft seats.
Peter made sure to drive slow on turns to make sure you didn’t wake up. When he stopped for gas he pulled out his phone and sent Aunt May the picture of you and him captioned “Today was a good day”.
Author's Note: Two posts in one week, crazy I know!! With school about to end I've been wanting to slack off lol but at least I have time to write. I might write some more this weekend and then just save them so I don't post once a month. Thank you for all the love on the Jamal post! I don't think it was that good but I really wanted Jamal to keep the same energy he has in the show. Enough rambling ! Anyway please like if you enjoyed and follow <3 Have a wonderful day ~c'k
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sugawarassoulmate · 5 days ago
drinking cause we're bored
Tumblr media
“i’m sorry,” your words slur together as he sits you on the bed. akaashi can smell the liquor on your breath. “you’re always taking care of me.”
it’s true — very rarely are the roles ever reversed between you two. it’s always akaashi who gets worried when you’re out of his sight, who pampers you, who’s physically incapable of getting a night’s rest if you’re not beside him. but he’s never complained. it makes him feel wanted, needed.
akaashi kisses your tears away, cradling your face in his hands. you get so sensitive, constantly worried that he’ll get tired of you. as if that’ll ever happen. “love, don’t apologize. i love taking care of you,” he whispers in your hair. “and i plan on doing it for a long time.” akaashi lifts your left hand, showing off the diamond ring on your fourth finger. a reminder to you that he made a promise to you forever.
“let me make it up to you?” akaashi can tell you’re still a little upset so he nods. he doesn’t expect you to drop to your knees in front of him, a huge smile on your beautiful face.
words: 2.4k
cw: fem!reader, mentions of alcohol, oral (m receiving), face fucking, unprotected sex, crying, slight dumbification, pet names, minors dni
Tumblr media
“She’s fine, just blasted,” Kuroo says over the phone. Akaashi can hear you and Bokuto laughing in the background. “Your fiancée is such a lightweight, bro.”
Akaashi sighs. Bokuto, Kuroo, and Kenma invited you two for drinks after work but, exhausted from his projects, Akaashi declined. You offered to skip out on the bar too and spend the night at home but he could tell you wanted to go out with your friends. “Have fun,” he said.
Now he’s wishing he went too. Akaashi trusts you. And he trusts his friends to watch over you when he’s not around but he still gets anxious when it’s late and you’re still not home, especially when you’ve been drinking. You didn’t know your limits sometimes, getting into drinking games with Bokuto who had a much higher tolerance. Kuroo had to keep Akaashi updated on how you were doing since you stopped answering your phone.
“I should go get her,” Akaashi decides, looking around the room for his car keys.
“My last drink was hours ago, I can take her home,” Kuroo says. He mutters to someone, Kenma most likely, to wrangle you and Bokuto.
Akaashi appreciates the thought but knows he won’t be at ease until he sees you. “It’s fine. You’re gonna have a lot on your plate with Bokuto.” Kuroo laughs before he’s cut off by something. Akaashi can hear a soft voice, it’s you.
“The missus wants to talk to you.”
There are a few seconds of shuffling as the phone is being passed but Akaashi finally hears the voice he’s been missing all night. “Babyyyyyy,” He can picture you perfectly, doe-eyed and rosy cheeks from the alcohol. Probably leaning against a sober Kenma who wishes he was home right now too. “Why aren’t you in bed?”
“Because I don’t like sleeping without you, button.” Akaashi’s smile is instant, he’s missed you so much this week and all he wants is to be in bed with you. “I’m coming to get you, okay?”
“You were so tired today,” you whined. Even when you’re piss drunk, you’re still worried about his well-being. He’s so whipped for you sometimes. “Kuroo can take me home.”
He knew there was no point in arguing with you right now, but Akaashi grabbed his jacket and headed out the door anyway. You two exchange quick “I love you”s before the phone is passed back to Kuroo. “Keep her busy, I’ll be there in a few,”
“You’re gonna have a very annoyed drunk girl on your hands, dude,” Kuroo warns but Akaashi’s no stranger to dealing with you like this, thinking back to all the college parties where you and Bokuto would take countless tequila shots. You were never a sloppy drunk, just overly affectionate, giggling at anything and everything, but you don’t drink as often anymore. It’s only days like this, celebrating the end of a long work week with your closest friends.
It took less than twenty minutes for Akaashi to drive to the bar. He spots you right away, you and Bokuto are laughing at some joke he wasn’t around to hear. But the second your eyes glance over at him, a pout is forming on your face. Still, you race over to him. Smothering him in kisses the second you get close.
“Keijiiii,” He knows you’re upset, you didn’t want him coming all this way to get you. Akaashi runs his fingers through your hair, happy to have you in his arms again. He grabs your jacket and purse from Kuroo, with one hand because you refused to let go of his other one, and says goodbye to his friends before helping you into the passenger seat.
During the drive home, Akaashi notices how quiet you are. Usually, you can’t stop talking when you’ve had a few drinks. He squeezes your thigh, feeling your hand on top of his. You’re probably just tired, it’s been a long night.
He pulls up to the house and helps you inside, pulling off your shoes and walking you to your shared bedroom. Akaashi attempts to help you out of your work clothes but you stop him. Your lip is quivering and your eyes are starting to water. “What’s wrong, button?”
“I’m sorry,” your words slur together as he sits you on the bed. Akaashi can smell the liquor on your breath. “You’re always taking care of me.”
It’s true — very rarely are the roles ever reversed between you two. It’s always Akaashi who gets worried when you’re out of his sight, who pampers you, who’s physically incapable of getting a night’s rest if you’re not beside him. But he’s never complained. It makes him feel wanted, needed.
Akaashi kisses your tears away, cradling your face in his hands. You get so sensitive, constantly worried that he’ll get tired of you. As if that’ll ever happen. “Love, don’t apologize. I love taking care of you,” he whispers in your hair. “And I plan on doing it for a long time.” Akaashi lifts your left hand, showing off the diamond ring on your fourth finger. A reminder that he made a promise to you forever.
“Let me make it up to you?” Akaashi can tell you’re still a little upset so he nods. He doesn’t expect you to drop to your knees in front of him, a huge smile on your beautiful face.
“Oh, button, you don’t have to do that,” he says but you’re unbuttoning your blouse, revealing the lacy white bra underneath. It’s Akaashi’s favorite. His body is betraying him before he even realizes it.
Despite your drunken haze, you can tell how receptive he is to your touch. Feeling his cock twitch as you palm him through his sweatpants. “I wanna take care of you, Keiji.”
And this is another thing Akaashi remembers. How desperate and whiny you get for him after you’ve had a few. When reminiscing about college earlier, his brain left out how you couldn’t keep your hands off of him. You’d whisper in his ear, begging him to fuck you in whatever empty room he could find. Flicking your innocent eyes at him and asking in your sweetest voice if he could fuck your mouth.
Akaashi knows he should push you away. He should be putting you to bed, making sure you’ve drunk enough water beforehand so you’re not hungover in the morning. But when he sees you kneeling in front of him all rationale goes out the window. All he can think at this point is how fast he can shove his cock in you.
“God, you’re so pretty,” Akaashi runs a hand through your hair, feeling your fingers trace along his abdomen, finally tugging down on his sweats.
There were so many things you loved about Akaashi but at the most shallow, primal level, you loved his cock more than anything. It’s so pretty, just like the rest of him, long and thick and he uses it so well, fucking you until he’s all you can think about. But what you loved most was sucking him off, feeling the weight of him in your mouth, having him come undone all because of you.
Akaashi doesn’t let you explore this side often, he gets off on your pleasure so when it’s the other way around it always leaves him feeling guilty. You’re his pretty little button, you shouldn’t have to worry about making him cum. He grunts when you take him into your mouth, he didn’t like admitting that you were good at this. It felt too degrading to praise you for something so filthy. But the way your lips wrap around his cock feels heavenly.
You start moving, slurping and licking along his length. It’s messy, drool dripping from the corners of your mouth. Akaashi’s mind goes hazy when you take him in deeper, nearly gagging when you reach the base. When you pull away, he releases a breath he didn’t know he was holding, chest heaving at the sight of your red, swollen lips.
“Love your cock so much, Keiji,” you slur, twirling his precum on your tongue. You return to your movements, stroking him as your head bobs along his length.
Akaashi grips the sheets, gasping at the warmth of your mouth, desperately trying not cum. “Button—” he groans, knuckles turning white. Without stopping your rhythm, you reach for Akaashi’s hand and guide it to your hair. Silently begging him to set the pace.
Hair pulling wasn’t his favorite thing, he didn’t like hurting you but you were always begging for it. Tugging on your soft strands and cupping your cheek with his free hand, Akaashi thrust into your mouth. Tentatively at first, afraid of going too far, but you're gripping his thighs asking for more. It’s not long before Akaashi’s fucking your mouth, praises spilling from his lips.
“Treating me so well, princess. Your mouth is so fucking good,” he grunts, hearing you gag as his cock forces its way down your throat. His moans get higher, more breathy as he grows closer to his release. “Shit, I’m gonna cum, baby. Can I cum on your face? So good–fuck! S’good for me.”
This is so unlike him, Akaashi has never asked for that — would never ask for that. But you’ve been so desperate for him all night. Crying and drooling for his cock, he just wants to mark you. Make you a mess all for him.
He pulls you off his length, looking for permission. You stare up at him, tongue lolling out and thighs pressed together in anticipation. The eagerness in your eyes sends Akaashi over the edge, his cockhead pressed to your lips when he releases.
Hot, thick ropes of cum hit your tear-stained face. Covering your cheeks, tongue, and chin. You’re panting below him, never breaking eye contact, waiting for your lover to come to. When he does, Akaashi sees the mess he made and thinks you’ve never looked prettier. He reaches over and gathers his spunk from your cheeks to feed into your mouth.
“Swallow,” is all he says. Of course, you oblige. Sticking out for tongue to show him that you did. Akaashi pulls you into his lap, kissing you and not caring that he can taste himself. “I love you so much, button. Will you let me take care of you now? I can practically feel how wet you are on my thigh.”
You whine when Akaashi reaches under your pencil skirt, feeling how soaked your panties were. The similarities between you and Akaashi were funny sometimes. Here he was worried about your pleasure, meanwhile, you’re getting off just by sucking his dick. A perfect match if you ask him.
“Answer me, darling,” You’re too swept up in the way his hand is moving to think. Pushing your panties aside, spreading your cunt to feel its wetness drip down his fingers. “Do you want me to fill you up with my cock? Stretch out this pretty cunt?”
You rattle around in your brain for an answer, only thinking about how Akaashi’s fingers feel inside you. “Please, Keiji!” you whine, grabbing his shoulders. “want your cock, please please please,”
And in all the years you two have been together, Akaashi rarely ever refuses you. He presses you to the mattress, stripping you of your remaining clothing, doing the same to himself. He sucks in a breath when his cock rubs against your cunt, still sensitive from the last time he came. “Gonna reward my precious girl,” he mumbles, finally sinking into you, love confessions falling from his lips.
Akaashi was sweet when he fucked you. Singing your praises with slow, deep thrusts. Spoiling you with orgasm after orgasm until you were crying beneath him. When he finally reached the hilt, he stared into your glazed-over eyes, setting a steady pace as he pumped into you. Feeling a bit unhinged after cumming down your throat, his messy hair sticking in every direction.
He can sense you’re a bit sensitive too, mind still a bit foggy from all the alcohol in your system. You’re pulling him close to you, whispering sweet nothings in his ear between moans.
“Such a good girl for me, darling. God, I can’t wait to marry you,” he groans, thumbing at your puffy clit. “Wanna make you my wife so bad, would you like that? Being my cute little wife, hm? Mine forever?” He starts moving faster, pressing your knees to your chest and changing up the angle.
Akaashi continues his relentless pace. You don’t know how you managed to answer him, words and sobs spilling from your mouth. “Yes! Wanna be your wife, Keiji! Make me yours, I’m yours!” You’re dragging your nails down his back when his cock kisses your cervix, walls clamping down around him.
“I know you’re close, beloved. Can you hold it?” he asks, pressing his lips against yours. “Wanna cum together, just a little more.”
But you’re not sure if you can do it. It’s been a long time since Akaashi was like this — fucking you this roughly. It reminds you of when you two were younger, still nervous around each other. So eager to please the other person, fumbling limbs and quickies in your bedroom when your parents were gone.
It wasn’t until college when you two could finally be alone and take the time to learn each other’s bodies. And Akaashi was a quick learner, making note of everything you liked and all those sensitive spots. Your pleasure has always been a top priority and he’s delivering it to you quicker than you’re expecting.
“Keiji!” you cry, unable to hold your impending release. Akaashi bites down on your neck, signaling that it’s okay. As the coil in your stomach finally snaps, Akaashi cums as well. He presses his forehead against yours, grunting as he spills his load deep within your cunt.
He holds you for a while, both of you catching your breaths from the intensity of your orgasms. He stares at your cunt when he pulls out, obsessing over his cum dribbling out of you. After he’s out of his trance, Akaashi makes quick work of cleaning you up.
“Sleepy,” you mumble, trying to pull him into your arms.
“I know, my love, but I need to clean you up,” he says, picking you up. “After your bath, we’ll go to sleep, okay?”
You whine but comply, begging him to join you, which he does obviously. It’s a quick bath, Akaashi washes your hair and gives you a soapy massage. Afterward, he also gives you a glass of water and makes sure you finish it as he dresses you in your pajamas.
Finally, you two are cuddled up in bed. It doesn’t take long for you to knock out, exhausted from the night out and lovemaking. Akaashi stares down at your sleeping form, drinking in the sight.
Just a few more weeks, he thinks to himself of your impending nuptials.
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It was you all along (Agatha HarknessxFemale reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: This is a sweet self-insert love story between Agatha and a Westview citizen. Everything that happens follows the original events of "Wandavision" and MCU, like a parallel.
Chapter: 05/10
Word count: 1.450k
The phone rang and I was pretty sure who it would be before I even picked it up.
"So, when you say early, you really mean it, don’t you?", I said, with my eyes still closed.
"Well, I assumed you’d be up already", Agnes replied and I knew she was smiling just by the tone in her voice.
"You don’t know me at all", I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling. "So, what's up?"
"I also assume you don’t have any plans for today, so I’m inviting you to some trick or treating."
I got the calendar right next to my bed. October 31st.
"Oh, I see. Agnes, dear. I’m so freakin tired these days."
"Well, I think you need to live a little", I heard a door closing on her side of the line.
"I don’t even have a costume, and I’m not sure if there’s time to buy one..."
"Well, then he’s late."
"Who's late?", I asked when my doorbell rang. "Agnes, who’s at my door?"
She giggled.
"See you at eight. Don’t you dare keep me waiting."
Dennis, the mailman, was right at my doorstep.
"Do you guys always work that early?", I yawned while signing the paper he gave me.
"Well, don’t shoot me!", he raised his hands - "I’m just…"
"The messenger. Yeah, I’m familiar with that quote."
He handed me a package before running back to the van.
It was a big silver box with a purple bow on it. I opened it and found the most beautiful dress inside. It was all white, and I could see some tiny crystals attached to it. When I turned it in front of the light, they twinkled in so many different ways. It ended right above my knees, and I had the perfect heels for that. When I was about to go upstairs and try it on, I realized that there was one more thing inside the box.
Wings. Translucent and… magical. So it was a fairy costume. I took them out and boy, they were big. That’s why the box was almost double the dress size. How on earth had Agnes found that on such short notice? Or maybe… she kept that for a while? And was waiting to give it to me?
Just like that the fatigue was gone.
It took me hours to get ready, but it totally paid off. My hair was all curly and I had some glitter in my eyes. My makeup was all white and silver, except for my red lips. I was deciding either to take a purse or not when someone honked in front of my house. The wings were already attached to my dress (which took me forever to do it on my own), and they kinda flapped around me in a lovely way.
Agnes was inside her car, in a full witch costume, with a hat and a wig. Her mouth dropped a little bit when she saw me.
"You look amazing!!", she said, while I closed the door behind me.
"You too", I said, opening the car’s door. I struggled a little bit to get inside with those wings, but I refused to take them off. "So, do you really think people are gonna give us candy? I mean, I don’t think we’re young enough for this."
She grabbed a bag full of sweets from inside the glove compartment and gave it to me.
"I’ve got the treats!", she started the car.
"Which takes us to the tricking", I replied, biting a tiny piece of chocolate. "So, where you’re taking me?"
"I thought that maybe we could escape this town for a while. What do you think?"
She actually waited for me to answer.
"Drive!",  I said, getting my seatbelt on. She did.
I couldn’t help looking at her while she drove. The way she’d look at one side and then to another, before going through the next street corner, squinting her eyes and biting her lower lip…
"So, how long do you live here?", she asked me, still looking ahead.
"Well, since I can remember", I replied, looking at her.
"No family, then?"
"No one close...", I said, sighing.
"Don’t you have any friends? Anyone?"
"I’ve been alone for a very long time", I suddenly felt really sad.  And I had no idea of why my eyes were tearing up.
"You’re a lovely girl", she looked at me while saying that. "I’m pretty sure you could make lots of friends if you try."
"I don’t feel like trying."
She stopped the car right after we passed through Ellis Avenue.
"Why did we stop?", I looked around, but there was nothing to see. The lights were out in every single house.
"Why did you keep looking for me from your window?", she said, turning her whole body to look at me.
She was, again, expecting an answer. But I didn’t have one.
"I wanted to be friends with you", I said, my eyes unable to reach hers.
"But why? You don’t even know me."
She seemed to be accusing me of something.
"What are you trying to say?", I took my seatbelt off, so I could also turn to face her. My patience was all gone. "Tell me what’s wrong! One minute you treat me just fine, and then…"
Agnes gently touched my face. I stopped talking.
"What makes you so different?", she whispered, more to herself than for me.
She moved her hand from my cheek to the back of my neck. I shivered with her touch and closed my eyes for a second. Enough time for her to let me go.
"I need to... think!", she said, getting out of her car. Something between screaming and shushing. "Please, stay inside. Ok? Stay in. I’ll be right back."
Agnes took off her witch hat and tossed it on the ground. She seemed mad and confused. Nothing about her even resembled that lovely neighbor I once knew.
I opened the door and stepped out. No way in hell I'd watch her freak out like that and do nothing. I was on my way to her when something else got my attention. It was like a glitch right in the middle of the sky. I looked again, to be sure. Without even realizing it, I kept walking towards that strange thing that reminded me of a TV with a bad signal. The closer I got, the more I could see. The details were… so weird. Like a bubble. But with some kind of energy around it. It made me wanna touch it, so I lifted one of my fingers and, feeling kinda foolish, pressed against whatever it was. I felt a little shock, but it didn't hurt.
What if I tried to cross it?
My whole body went cold. I tried to turn my head but I couldn’t move a muscle. My finger still in the air, my eyes locked on that energy field right in front of me. If I could speak, I’d have shouted. But my voice was trapped inside my throat.
Her hands burned my waist when she touched me from behind. I knew it was Agnes because there was no one else in there.
"Trust me", she whispered again, right into my ears.
She held me tighter while my body just collapsed on top of hers. We both fell to the ground. My voice was back, but I was speechless. She pulled me away from where we fell, just trying to get me as far as she could from the glitch. Then we heard it before it actually happened. A blast. The barrier got bigger, swallowing houses, cars, and people. Agnes held me, and I kept my head down on her shoulder, with my eyes closed. There was so much wind, I could feel her hair whipping my body while she kept both of her arms around me. Protecting me from whatever was happening. It ended as suddenly as it started. We stood there for a few more seconds before she made me look at her. I didn’t want to.
"Hey. HEY!", she insisted when I tried to look away. "We need to get out of here."
She got up, taking me with her to the car. I had glitter all over my face, and her hair was all tangled.
"You don’t need to be afraid", she said when we got inside. "I’m not gonna hurt you."
"Agnes… ", I tried to tell her that I wasn’t afraid, but I simply asked, "Where are you taking me?"
"It's time to set you free", she replied, speeding up.
That made no sense to me, but I buckled up.
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mssaihara · 7 days ago
- facade
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
¦ Summary - Your Standard Coffee shop AU, except i re wrote my old AU and now its either better or worse.
¦ Pairing - Azula x Fem!Reader, Zukka
¦ Genre - fluff, Coffee shop AU turned dogsitting?
¦ Warning - I know nothing of tea, this is a re write of a earlier version of this where I referenced wind resistance
¦ Authors note - Re write took me way to long to do, anyway im still surprised the actual thing took me two hours 💀
Tumblr media
Coffee shops were nice, Azula always had a preference for Tea, but nobody needed to know that.
Azula never went into the Coffee shop in her Area if she had to, she practically loathed it, It had her Stupid Brother and his Stupid funny Boyfriend, it had its Stupid Knock off tea. ( a lie )
But she especially Loaths The Barista that works there, and her mediocre coffee.
This Barista was you. and you had to admit you made some damn good Coffee and Tea. You were a professional you could say. One of the Reasons The Couple who owned the Cafe kept you around.
Today was like any other, with you working behind the counter and tapping it in the beat of some song or another to try and see if your job would go faster.
Today was a bit Slower than you usual so you were expecting one hot-headed customer to walk inside.
And that she did. Azula was quite the girl. Trying to persuade everyone that she Hated the Cafe. But every chance she got she would make her way inside and order the same thing.
“Please for the Love of God tell me you can make a good-”
“Strawberry lemon matcha tea, Yes I know Your highness” You had heard her say this one too many times that it had become almost second nature to just get it ready.
At first, Azula genuinely disliked the Tea. so much so that she had taken the liberty of teaching you how to make it first hand.
It was a very Specific order and couldn’t be classified as actual Tea let alone Coffee. And you didn't like the Drink at all, seeing as she never added Sugar. She had no sweet tooth.
“I quite like that...Your highness” She flipped her Long black hair behind her shirt as she put her hands on her hips.
You chuckled to yourself as you started getting your items to make her, as you called it ty tea. Seeing as it reminded you of the bubbly gymnast.
As you made it you could feel eyes boring, into your soul. You looked up to see your Boss's not very Discreetly Staring at you and Azula who now seemed to be in a heated discussion with Mai on the phone. You weren't sure if they were agreeing or Dissagreing but you decided to not focus on that.
“Here you go” You handed the girl the Plastic cup and watched as she slowly sipped and put on a neutral face. She always seemed to act as if it was the first time you were making it.
“Thank you Y/N, I’ll be on my way now” She had made for the door when her Brother, who previously was hiding under the table, popped up and startled her
" Sokka and I are going to a party later and we need someone to take care of our dog, Y/N offered but we were hoping you both could do it together" Zuko stared at said Female behind the counter, who had never recalled offering dog sitting for her boss, but nonetheless would have accepted. " It would be much more productive that way"
Azula had reluctantly accepted after her brother Reluctance to let her leave without a response that wasn't a yes.
There was no party. Zuko was merely lucky he got away with that, he was never good at lying. He Sighed next to Sokka as they both observed your and Azula's interactions. Azula had decided to stay behind to wait for you, so you both could go together. You two didn't speak, but it was a comfortable silence. However very uncomfortable to the two Men observing you.
They were tired of having to watch you make her damned creation every day and watch as you Stumble when her hands brush up against yours as she’s paying and the way she’ll giggle over something you said that wasn't even remotely funny.
Him being in a relationship himself he knew the best approach would be leaving you two together, and while Katara Sighed at his poor excuse of a lie, she couldn't help applaud at Zuko's convincing performance.
“I assume you are ready to depart?” Azula Whispered to you as you rang up one of your last customers.
“Yes, You?” You sighed to yourself. You weren't against the dog sitting, but you weren't the biggest fan of spending your afternoon this way.
Azula just sighed and nodded as she swung her legs from the counter onto the floor, gathering her small assortment of items.
“Do you ever feel like people are watching you?” you asked Azula as you took of your apron and set it aside.
“Well all the time, I’m a princess, of course, I’m bound to be watched” she simply said as she fiddled with her fingers.
“No i just mean.. never mind” You cut yourself off, not knowing how to word it. Nor how she would take it.
“Why do you keep doing that same beat?” She looked down at the Tapping of your fingers on the marble counter.
You had clocked out and gotten your items ready
" I'll explain on the way, you ready?
“You're aware it's a Placebo effect correct?” Azula giggled silently as you told her of the reason you would tap the same beat. Hoping that you would get lost in the beat and lose track of time.
“well yes but- why are you laughing?” You told her as she stared at the sky outside, her body close to yours near the balcony you both had settled on. Zuko and Sokka's dog sleeping soundly inside.
She started at you fondly " Why do you believe it if you know it's fake? seems counterproductive"
“A sense of hope I'm guessing, I don't know. ” The conversation dwelling on the song had died down and now you both were in comfortable silence, something you both were used to.
You leaned back on the Beaten old Swing that lay in the boy's Balcony.
“How long do you think until they come? ” Azula Swung forward.
“I'm not sure,” You told her. You were genuinely enjoying yourself. Azula was always a bit more open with you. although making a lot of Narcissistic jokes about herself and small degrading jokes about others she was still a sweet girl, behind the Facade,
“Well let's hope your time with me was spent wisely.” she took a breath at her own words. As she let it out and opened her eyes she made a small frame for the Moon with her hands.
“You can’t bend right?” She ventured slowly.
You shook your head as you lied your head back and felt the breeze the air was bringing.
“that's good, I think” She muttered to nobody in particular. As she checked the time on her phone and looked at your face.
She noticed that it was much different compared to hers. You had soft skin. A calmer tone to it. Not stressed at all it seemed.
She Liked you for that, that you were so calm, never stressed, never rampant. Just Calm, Like the Still waters in the ocean.
She also liked you because, alongside your calm composure, you were confident, not in yourself, but her. Sticking by her side regardless of the facade she puts on about how she Disliked you, or your Ty tea.
As you opened your eyes to check on the dog you could feel something reach your cheek, a softness. Azula's Lips.
The girl in question had got up quickly and Bid Goodbye, saying she had Princess Business to attend to, or something along those lines, Telling her that the couple who owned the apartment were on their way and silently leaving.
Leaving Y/n all by herself to giggle. To laugh, to Blush. To grasp her cheek in a manner that would make someone would believe it was the Elixer of life or the Secrets of the world.
Tumblr media
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buckys2thicc · 7 days ago
Keep you eyes open
Chapter 3/?
Bucky x female reader
Warnings: none
Summary: Your mission is to keep an eye on Bucky in Bucharest and keep him safe, what will happen when he finds out?
Authors note: sorry this is like really short, but I’m already writing chapter 3!
Tag: @thatfangirl42 @stolenxkissess @stucky-on-spiderman @abitgryffindorky
Tumblr media
It’s been 3 days since you got here, you followed James around every day watching him, nothing had happened so far but you didn’t know what was happening inside of his apartment.
Fury told you to put cameras and mics in his house, you tried to argue and tell him that this was invading his personal space but Fury didn’t care.
So when James left his house you went in, his door was locked but that wasn’t a problem, you knew how to pick locks but you couldn’t get caught or someone would call the cops on you.
You picked the lock quickly and went in. It was a mess, blankets on the floor the kitchen was trashed with bags all over the place. The living room had books and journals covered the coffee table. Pieces of ripped and crumbled paper on the floor.
You set a cameras up in the living room and kitchen, the mics in the same place. Now you just had to get out it was later so people were everywhere, your best bet was to go out the window. You slowly opened the window and stepped out. It was pretty high but if you went from window to window it wouldn’t be that hard.
When you got down you walked to the market to find Bucky, at this time of day he would be at the plum stand but he was nowhere to be seen.
You walked to the park looking for him, still he wasn’t there, you sat down on a bench and started to worry about him, what if HYDRA got him, it couldn’t have been HYDRA you found no threats every time you followed him, where could he be?
You decided to go back to the Johnsons house, you could look at the cameras make sure they work and see if he’s home.
You sat on the bed and opened your computer, the cameras worked, and he was home, safe. Why did he come home so early?
You had to update Fury, tell him you got the cameras up but something was off.
“I got the cameras up, but somethings wrong, he came home too early today, do you think he knows something?” You asked.
“No your just panicking, calm down take the day off,” Fury hung up.
You were stunned by what he just did, but you needed a break, you had a chance to look around the market instead of keeping your eyes on James the whole time.
The market was a pretty place filled with people, little tents filled with fruits and vegetables, everyone looked happy.
You stoped my a tent with apples, “how much for a bag?” You asked.
“5 dollars,” A old woman told you.
“Here,” you handed her the money and took the apples.
“Hey I got some apples from the market,” you told Bella.
“You can put them in the fruit bowl, you take today off or something?” Bella asked.
“Something like that, what about you?”
“Took the day off for ma, she doesn’t feel to good,” she said sadly.
“Is she alright?”
“Yea I think she’ll be fine, I just wanna take care of her ya know,”
“Yea I get it,”
You and Bella ended up talking for hours, talking about what happened while you were gone.
“I’m a bit tired so I’m going to head to bed, good night,” Bella said going upstairs.
“Night,” you stayed up watching movies still stressing out about why James had went home so soon. Did he know you were in his home?
To be continued…
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littlechaeii · 7 days ago
2 AM (Suna Rintaro X Reader)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warning: angst! Toxic relationship mentions of drinking
Part 2
Arguments were always inevitable in relationships, but too much of it is pretty unhealthy
And that is what exactly is going on between you and Suna, you've been in each other's throat for a couple of weeks now and it doesn't look like it's about to end soon
You don't even know how it started- well yes you do know, it all started when the outside hitter from the female national team, Mira wanted to practice with him, which resorted to him coming home late and tired for weeks and taking out his fatigue on you, now all you know is you wake up to an empty bed, eat breakfast alone, leave for university, go home, cook dinner for yourself because you know he will not be joining you since he comes home so late and if he does come home early you argue over random things that doesn't even make sense, that usually results to you sleeping with backs facing each other
But today you decided that you were going to fix your relationship, it was a friday and you only had one class in the morning, after class you went to the grocery store to get yourself some ingredients for dinner and you even brought a cake from his favorite bakery
You took your phone out and texted Suna a quick "hey, can you come home early today, I'm cooking steak" you even put a shiny heart emoji at the end
You ate your lunch first and watched a few series before getting started on dinner
You were feeling good, you had music on, hips swaying side to side as you hum to the song playing on your speaker
By 7 PM everything was ready, the table was set in a fancy way, the steak was cooked to perfection with some stir fried vegetables and mashed potatoes, wine on the side, the cake was on the fridge and you even had candles to help with the atmosphere
Suna usually went home by 8 during Saturdays and it was already 7:30, waiting for half an hour wasn't so bad so you took off your apron, had a quick shower and changed your clothes into something nice, you even put on a little bit of perfume and make up
The clock struck to 8:00 and you still haven't heard the opening of the front door, thinking that something must've came up you decided to wait it out a little longer
9:00 no Suna was heard, but you were persistent, you waited patiently until you just dozed off in the couch
You woke up feeling an ache in your neck maybe due to the uncomfortable position you had in your couch, you looked at the time and it was already 2AM
And still, no Suna
A sting hit your eyes and before you know it you were already crying
'dammit' you repeat over and over again while agressively wiping your tears
You made your way to the kitchen and heated the food up and plated your own food
You went to the table and ate in silence, 15 minutes into eating that you heard the familiar click of the doorbell, it revealed a dishivelled Suna
He was taken aback seeing you aggressively stabbing the meat
"hey" he greets
You just looked at him and nodded, not having the energy to even speak
He seats at the chair in front of you, he finds it actually surprising to see you up so late, were you waiting for him? He saw your text 11 hours late and wasn't able to tell you the team was going out for drinks
"Can you not sit there?" you said finally having enough of his staring
He looks at you with a "huh?"
"I'm trying to enjoy my steak, I can't enjoy it when you're sitting right there, your food is at the kitchen, you can heat it up and eat after I'm done" you said with the most monotone voice and emptiest eyes
He was petrified, you were not screaming at him, questioning him or even starting an argument with him, you were merely asking him a favor yet it was far worst
He cleared his throat and got up, went to the kitchen and heated his food, he was so darn hungry carrying Bokuto and Atsumu to their apartments was no easy task
By the time he finished heating his food up, you were already done with yours, you didn't bother to look at him when you made your way to the sink and wash your dishes
Only then was he able to see that you were wearing the dress you wore on your first date
Suna's stomach churn in guilt, he knew he was in the wrong here and he wanted to apologize but how could he when you won't even spare him a glance
He ate quickly hoping that he get the chance to talk to you before going to bed
You took off your make-up and had a warm half-bath, slipping on your silk pajamas and brushing your hair
By the time you were done with your skincare, Suna was also finished with his shower, he waited for you to finish scrolling up and down his phone
You approached the bed and he was expecting you to lay down but you didn't, instead you took a pillow and opened the cabinet and got yourself a blanket
Suna's eyes widen
"where are you going?" he asks trying to mask the panic in his voice
"I'm sleeping in the guest room"
"what? why?"
You scoffed at his ridiculous question
"I just don't want to sleep beside you tonight" you weren't planning on hiding your hatred towards him
"wait-c-can we t-talk it out?"
"I'm tired Suna lets talk about it in the morning before I leave"
"I'm going home to Miyagi, I want to take a break"
"But you haven't talked to me about this!"
You scoffed again at the Audacity
"I'm tired Suna, I'm sick of this, I feel so alone and neglected, I feel like you aren't there anymore, I don't want to end this but I need some time and think" for the first time tonight your voice hinted emotions
Suna sat there, his knuckles clenched it was turning white
He knew fully well why you're like this and he hated it because he knew it was because of him
There was a long defeaning silence between the two of you
Before the twisting of the knob interrupted followed by "there's cake in the fridge by the way, my birthday cake"
So I'm planning on making a part 2 of this and I'm accepting requests now, you can send me one with an ask, I write just about anything except for SMUT
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opalesense · 7 days ago
Hello! I love your writing! I know you have a lot of requests and that you don't answer all of them but please consider a drabble or headcanons for Tartaglia with a bratty sub s/o that has a breeder kink? I never see breeder Tartaglia fics but he's my fav... 🥺
we’ve only just begun
Tumblr media
childe x gn(f?)!reader (NSFW)
610 words • ~4 min. read
warnings: breeding kink, slight degradation
notes: hiii thank you so much for requesting and for waiting!! i’m actually kind of in the mood to write more hcs/shorts rather than full length fics so you’re in luck today! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so imagine this: childe’s had a long day – his underlings were being quite rambunctious and annoying. he had to set them straight so many times that he had to hold himself back from outright strangling them, so naturally he’s come home exhausted and irritated, just hoping for a night where he can wind down with you and finally take a breather.
but for some reason, you just felt like pushing his buttons tonight. maybe it was the way he looked so annoyed that tempted you to get a reaction out of him by teasing and poking fun at him.
at first he played along. after all, he didn’t want to come off as angry at you and he always tried to separate home from work problems. but after a few hours of you constantly teasing him, he decided he had enough.
he grabbed your wrist as you were about to tickle him for the millionth time of the night and locked eyes with you. in a firm tone, he muttered, “[Y/N]. bedroom. now.”
“what’s all this about?” you chuckled nervously, hoping to get the same lightheartedness back but instead he let go of your wrist and looked up and down at you expectedly, refusing to repeat himself. so you decided to oblige, nervousness curling up inside of you as you walked to the bedroom, listening to his footsteps trail behind you.
childe pounds the life out of you, his hands gripping your hips firmly while you dig your face into the bedsheets gasping and moaning incoherently, craving for more of his attention, absolutely loving how rough he was being. he obviously had a lot of pent up frustration and he always loved taking it out on your holes.
there came a certain point where you couldn’t handle the pleasure anymore – it was just too overwhelming. the man had insane stamina despite having such a seemingly tiring day and ignored your pleas for him to slow down after your orgasms, deciding that it was time you learned your place: underneath him, being held down as he used you for his satisfaction.
“i hope this teaches you not to fucking mess with me when i’ve had a long day... do you understand?” he punctuated his words with the slam of his hips into yours, not even breaking a sweat.
“y-yes!! just p-please, please cum in me already...!”
“yeah? you want me to use you as my little cum dump don’t you? you’re going to have to beg harder, sweetie...”
“p-please!! cum...!”
oh, he’s made you nearly incoherent, hasn’t he? of course he did, he knew no matter how much you played around with him you always ended up like this, completely weak to his touch and begging into the sheets.
his hands travelled up to your waist, pinning your stomach down as he leaned forward, his lips barely grazing against your ear as he never stopped his rhythm. “you want me to cum deep inside you? fill you up with my seed until it leaks out, even when my cock is plugging your hole so nicely?”
he hummed in satisfaction with a dubious smirk, “you want me to breed you, don’t you?”
childe couldn’t help but moan at this thought, surprised that it had even slipped out of his mouth. he’s always been very family oriented, and even if you could or couldn’t have children with him, he had to admit the thought of using your hole for breeding turned him on even more.
“i’m going to dump all my cum into you until i’m shooting blanks... you don’t want me to stop when we’ve only just begun, do you?”
Tumblr media
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jimidol · 8 days ago
on the way | bts
Tumblr media
⏤ summary: seven little drabbles about you (fem reader) announcing the boys that they’re going to be fathers
⏤ genre: pregnancy au, fluff, and a bit of angst
⏤ warnings: pregnancy, mentions of insecurity, some teasing, allusions to sex, but it’s generaly just pure softness
⏤ words: 4k
⏤ note: so, i’ve been thinking about doing this for the past weeks but never got the time to really do it. since yesterday i didn’t work on anything, i decided to just go for this at the end of the day. i hope you’ll like it, let me know what you think of it & if you’d like to read more things like this, let me know ✨ love you all 💜
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Five months ago, you married the love of your life. Kim Seokjin. That day was more than magical, being for sure the best day of your life. But the two of you agreed to wait a bit before starting a family of your own. The two of you wanted to enjoy the first months of the life of newlyweds before bringing a third life to it. So far, this life together feels like heaven.
But for the past few days, you’ve been feeling unwell, almost like the flu. After an afternoon with your mother, she convinced you to take a pregnancy test as she suspected you to be carrying your first child. Of course, she was thrilled because lately, she’s been running around you a lot, always asking for a grandchild.
You take a deep breath before looking down at the test that rested on the counter for the past couple of minutes. Jin is watching tv in the living room, completely unaware of what you’re doing at the moment. With shaking hands, you turn the test before noticing two lines on it.
You’re pregnant.
A small life is growing inside you at the moment, and you can’t help but be happy. It wasn’t on your plans but both of you never minded if a child would come earlier than expected. Plus, this will save you months and months of trying to conceive life. All you did so far was enjoying good sex together.
“JIN!” You scream as you open the bathroom door.
In a hurry, he stands up, imagining the worse as he runs to you. His heart starts beating faster on his chest, wondering what horrible thing he will hear. But as he sees your smile, his heart melts completely.
“I’m pregnant.” You tell him as you show him the pregnancy test.
His eyes go from your face to the item in your hands before going to your face again.
“Babe, I don’t understand what that test is saying.” He says with a big smile spreading across his face, making him look like a happy baby.
“It says that I’m pregnant.” You repeat. “Our baby is growing inside me.” You touch your flat stomach, a gesture that doesn’t go unnoticed by your husband. That gesture is what makes him understand what is happening. Now, he fully realizes that in a couple of months, a tiny human is going to join the two of you, turning you into parents.
He’s going to be a father.
“We’re going to be parents!” He screams before he holds you tight in his embrace, tears of joy running down both your faces.
Tumblr media
You place your hand on your heart before closing your eyes. Never in your life, did you imagine that you’d be so stressed to see your longtime boyfriend, Yoongi. Your heart is pounding at a fast pace as you put your other hand on the doorknob.
As usual, your boyfriend is in the studio, working on new music with the boys. A couple of hours ago, you asked him to let you know when he’ll be alone. He always stays longer than any other member since he’s completely in charge of the music. Most of the time, he just sits in his chair, listening on repeat to what was recorded throughout the day, and he arranges the song here and there to improve it.
When he gets tired of being at the studio, he just goes back home earlier to spend the afternoon with you, working while you’re cooking or while you’re watching tv. Those randoms moments always end up inspiring him and that’s when he creates the best songs the group has ever made. Well, the best songs according to him.
Today, he’s just chilling at the studio since he took a small nap after the lunch break. He was really exhausted, preparing for the comeback has been tiring him a lot, and last night, you’ve been throwing up almost the entire night which didn’t help him to rest. He stayed by your side, holding your head and hair while you were throwing up. Seeing you unwell always breaks his heart because he feels powerless. A feeling that he deeply hates, especially when it comes to you.
When you open the door of his studio, you see him in his chair with his headphones, taping with his feet on the floor. When he does it, it means that he’s enjoying what he’s listening to. Without any hesitation, you’d say that he’s proud of what they did with the song playing in his headphones.
Yoongi is so absorbed by the music that he doesn’t notice you. Using that to your advantage, you just glance lovingly at him. No matter how stressed you are about the news you’re going to give him, your heart only burns for him.
You love him so much.
But that’s also what scares you the most. Even if you don’t doubt the love he has for you, you’re just scared that he’ll turn you down. A life without him is something that you don’t envision because nothing would have sense anymore.    
As you take a step in his direction, he notices you, a smile spreading across his cute face but it instantly fades away when his eyes meet yours. Worry eradiates from them, and his heart clenches at the sight. He taps his lap to invite you to sit on it which you do, wanting to be in the comfort of his arms.
“Are you okay, honey?” He asks as you press your head against his chest, his lips pressing a kiss on the top of your head.
Your heart beats faster but you know that you have to tell him. You simply can’t run away from this. “I’m pregnant.”
For a brief moment, he doesn’t say anything, making you grow worrier and worrier. This is pure torture for your poor soul. But you understand that he needs some time to process the information he just received. Your arms hold him tighter, wanting to feel him closer to you.  
“Are you sure?” He asks but not once do you hear hesitation or scariness in his voice.
You glance up at him, needing to see his facial expression right now. To your surprise, his eyes are sparkling as a bright smile is stretching on his face. Yoongi is glowing more than ever. As you see his expression, your heart melts instantly.
“Yes, I am.”
His lips press against yours, kissing you passionately.
“Fuck, we’re going to be parents.” He whispers on your lips as he fully realizes what’s waiting for him. “Can’t believe it!”  
Tumblr media
Hobi, your sunshine is just coming back from his intensive rehearsal. You have a life-changing announcement to do, and you literally can’t wait to do it. From this day on, it won’t just be you and him. It’ll be you, him, and your baby. A baby more than desired.
A little over a year ago, you both started the whole conversation of getting married and starting your little family. The conversation was brought up after the wedding of your sister, your parents asking when you and Hoseok would follow in the footsteps of your sister.
Unfortunately, you’ve seen with your own eyes how hard it has been for your sister to get pregnant. She desperately wants to give a child to her husband but for the past year, it hasn’t been easy. And that has been scaring you a lot. You don’t want to commit to a life with Hobi without knowing if you’d be able to give him a family.
Since he really wants to become your husband, he took appointments with the best doctors in the country to check if the two of you could conceive life. After they confirm that none of you would have any issues procreating, he asked for your hand in marriage. That was six months ago.
Your marriage will take place in a couple of days. To say that you’re excited is an understatement. Nothing in the world would ever make you happier than becoming Mrs. Jung but what makes you the happiest is to spend the rest of your days with the man that taught you what love truly is.  
“Hello, sunshine.” You say as he steps inside and walks towards you. He kisses you gently before taking a step back to look at you.
“What’s going on?” He asks as he tries to read you. His eyes roam your face, trying to understand what you’re feeling but besides the constant happiness that is always displaying on your face, he sees nothing more.
“Hold out your hands.” You tell him.
Before doing it, he puts his bag on the floor while his eyes look at you with confusion. Something is going on, he can sense it but he doesn’t know what. All he can think about is that it might be related to the wedding.  
When he holds out his hands, you grab what you put in your vest pocket before placing it in his hands. You glance up at him to analyze his face while he brings the test closer to his face to read what’s written on the small screen. The world completely stops moving when he reads the word.
For a surprise, that’s a really good one! In a couple of days, he’s going to become your husband, and knowing that this adventure will start with a little bean growing inside you makes him even happier.
Hoseok holds your face in his hands before covering you with tons of kisses. You giggle as he does it. His reaction just confirms that he’s the man that you want to marry and spend the rest of your life with.
“A little Jung is on the way!” He says with so much euphoria.
Now, his lips only press kisses on yours, and you kiss him back. This is for sure one of the best days of your life.
“I want to make love to you all night long.” He says against your lips.
“God, no.” You instantly reply. “You’re all sweaty and you stink so much.”
His hands slowly go down to grab yours, guiding you both to the bathroom.  
Tumblr media
Namjoon has always desired to become a father, that’s a fact. A fact he never hid from you. Since day one, you knew that he was looking for a serious relationship where eventually, one day you’d conceive a tiny human being.  
That could have scared you but when you met Namjoon, you were having kind of a baby fever. But beyond that, you fell completely in love with him. Even if you weren’t looking for anything serious, you would have changed your mind for him because Namjoon is precious.  
But you never imagined that you’d be carrying a baby after two years of relationship. The ‘you’ before Namjoon would have just said that you’re crazy and rushing things but the ‘you’ of today just feels like it’s the perfect timing. Your relationship keeps blooming constantly, and having a baby right now is part of the blooming process.
Your hand holds tighter Namjoon’s hand while you walk in the park. Today is a very sunny day, and you both decided to go out for a walk to enjoy the good weather. Nothing feels better than feeling the sun kissing your exposed skin while you’re with your boyfriend.
But this little walk is extra special because you’re going to announce to him that he’s going to be a father in the next upcoming months. The news was only announced to you this morning over the phone. A couple of days ago you did a blood test to check up on your health and it came out that a little human is growing inside you. Thank god your boyfriend wasn’t home at that moment because you cried tears of happiness.
“Joonie.” You say to have his full attention.
“Mmm.” He says as his eyes land on your figure.
“How would you react if I told you that I’m pregnant?”
Saying “I’m pregnant” seems pretty boring for you, you just want to announce it a bit differently although you know that no matter how you’ll tell him the good news, you know that he’ll never forget this day.  
“You’d make me the happiest and most fulfilled man in the world.” He replies without even blinking.
Slowly, you push his hand to your stomach, resting on it as you look up at him.  
“A mini us is growing just here.” You say while your eyes never leave his sweet face.
His hand caresses your still small stomach while he imagines a small human being inside you. The day he has waited for his entire life is finally happening, and the explosion of emotions inside him is even more magical than he pictured it. A small human is going to make their way on earth thanks to the love he has for their mother.
“Two hearts are beating inside the woman I love the most.” A proud smile grows on both your faces, more than grateful to start this new adventure together.
Tumblr media
For the first time ever, you’re working with your boyfriend, Jimin. You’re not particularly nervous or stressed because you already know how he is but entering his professional environment for the first time is weird. You’ve rarely met the idol side of him, only knowing his true self. So it always feels weird when you’re around the idol and not your Jimin.
The boys are going to make a comeback in a couple of days, and they’re doing photoshoots to release teasers. Jimin requested to have you as his make-up artist.
Simply because he just loves what you do. Since the first day you’re together, you love to use him as a model to experience new make-up styles. He has always adored the time you spend together when you do it, and he always gives his honest opinion about it, even giving you his advice on what to change when something seems weird. Jimin knows how talented you are when it comes to make-up.
After some thinking and discussions, you accepted to do it because you saw this as an opportunity to spend more time with him. His job keeps him away from you most of the time, and even after five years, it’s still hard. But this is really a unique opportunity to be with him and to create unforgettable memories.
“Jimin, stop caressing my leg.” You tap his hand to make him stop since he’s preventing you from focusing.
“I can’t keep my hands to myself when you’re around, princess.” He teases you with a wink.
“I’ll quit if you keep doing this!”
Sometimes, you just wonder why you accepted this job. Jimin is always a tease when you do his make-up, he can’t keep his hands to himself and he always tries to kiss you when your face is close to his.
“We both know you won’t.” He answers.
You take a deep breath, closing your eyes. You perfectly know that the way he’s acting is getting a bit on your nerves because you found out minutes before that you’re pregnant. You still have to tell him but you just don’t want to do it here and now. But with his attitude, you just feel like you’ll end up announcing it right here.
“Don’t tempt me, Jimin.”
His eyes wander in your face, trying to understand why you’re not teasing him back as you always do. Obviously, he can sense that you’re a bit more tense than usual but only this morning, you were just alright.
“Babe, you don’t have to be nervous, you’re doing an amazing job.” His hand caresses your leg again but this time, he’s trying to comfort you, something you appreciate. “You always do an amazing job when it comes to make-up that’s why I chose you.”
Quickly glancing around yourself, you take a sit on his lap. You need to tell him. Jimin is always extremely adorable when he reassures and comforts you but you don’t want him to think that this is making you nervous because it isn’t.
This bold move surprises him since he knows you too well and you’d have never done this in front of the boys and staff. Your finger cleans the eye shadow that fell under his eyes as you gather all the courage inside you to finally tell him what’s in your heart.
“I’m not nervous because of the job.” You admit, your voice barely over a whisper. “We created a baby that is cooking right now inside my stomach.” You feel like it’s a terrible way to announce to him that you’re pregnant. “I found it out only minutes ago.”
“A baby?” His brows furrow. “Like our baby?”
“I’m expecting our first child, Jimin.”
For a moment he closes his eyes, trying to hold back the tears because he doesn’t want to ruin the make-up you just did. He rests his forehead against your chest before screaming: “I’m going to be a dad!”
Tumblr media
Today, Taehyung is working from home. He hasn’t been feeling very well, and after discussing with his team, they all accepted that for today, he’ll just work on his song from home. At least, he’ll have some peace and will be able to rest at the same time.
On your side, today is a day you took off to go buy new items for your house. A little over three months ago, you two got married and moved to a new house. Taehyung gifted you your dream house at your wedding, he truly wanted to give you something really special for the occasion although you considered that marrying him was already more than a present.
Since then, you’ve been decorating it based on your tastes to make it the perfect home for you and him. Despite his busy schedule, he has been doing all he can to help you out because this is both your home.
For the past few days, you’ve been doubting that you’re pregnant. All the symptoms are there but your husband seems to not have noticed it just yet. So, you bought some pregnancy tests that you just did. There are five of them. It’s a lot but you really want to be sure. You don’t want a test to give you false hopes because you know it’ll just break your heart.
Your eyes look at all the tests. The result is the same for all of them.
No false hopes can be built here. Five tests, five positives. You look at yourself in the mirror, lifting your shirt up. It’s truly unbelievable that someone is inside you right now. A life that was created by you and Taehyung is right now growing inside your stomach. A new Kim will join the earth side in a couple of months and will change your life forever. That baby Kim will turn you into a mother. A parent.
In the background, you can hear your husband singing what is on his mind. As always the song is beautiful even if it’s just in the production stage. His voice always makes you fall in love with him over and over again.  
Grabbing the five tests, you walk to his creative room before taking a seat next to him. A smile appears on his face when he sees you, his eyes glancing at the items you’re holding in your hands.
“What is it?” He asks, raising an eyebrow.
“Pregnancy tests.” You answer as you place them in front of him. “All of them are positives.”
His eyes widen as he still looks at you. Glancing down at the five tests, he takes them to confirm your words. Without any surprise, they’re all positives, confirming that a small baby is growing inside your pretty belly.
Taehyung kisses you passionately. He’s going to start a little family with you, only a couple of months ago it was just a conversation, and today, it’s happening. You’re going to be parents.
“I need to write a song for our baby.” He says on your lips. “A lullaby that I’ll sing every night.” 
Tumblr media
“Look at me, honey,” Jungkook says with the camera in his hands.
Just seconds ago, you called him because you have an announcement to do. So, he took his camera to record every second of your announcement. When he’ll be eighty, he wants to look back at this video with a big smile on his face as he remembers this precise moment.
With a bright smile on your face, you turn around, holding tightly in your hand the result of the blood test you did some days ago.
Every year, you do some blood tests to make sure you’re healthy but this year, a small surprise appeared on the results. It was mentioned that you’re pregnant, and for a minute, your brain completely stopped working.
For some months, you and Jungkook have been trying to conceive a baby but all the pregnancy tests were negatives, breaking your heart each time. As time passed, it made you feel like a failure. A woman unable to create a life. But thankfully, Jungkook has always comforted you, telling you that you’ll both manage to do it. Together.
You show the results to your boyfriend, the smile staying on your face as he reads what is written on the sheet of paper. He almost drops the camera when he reads the little word he has been dying to hear for the past few months.
A human that shares his DNA is growing inside you, protected from the outside world. This definitely feels unreal. You’re carrying his child. Your child. A baby that will call him ‘dad’, and you ‘mom’.  
“We made it, babe!” He says as he lifts his head to look at you. “We made it.” He repeats with so much more happiness.
Jungkook places the camera on the table before hugging you tightly in his arms. He has never felt this happy, causing tears to run down his face.
“Yes, we did it.” You answer as you also cry in his arms.
After all this trying, you succeed. You’re going to be a mother. The mother of Jungkook’s child. This is without any doubt the best day of your life.
Tumblr media
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