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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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I’m Watching Merlin don’t @ me

  • No one in the castle ever closes their door
  • Merlin should still knock probably
  • Merlin: “it’s my first day in the big city and I’ve immediately become mortal enemies with the first person I’ve seen being slightly rude.”
  • *is totally physically and mentally unaffected by spending a day in the stocks*
  • costumes by Homemade Renfaire Inc.
  • The Last Dragon In The Land Is Locked Away In A Hidden Cave Deep Beneath The Castle That Merlin Found By Going Down Three Flights Of Stairs
  • *creates a Fantasyland™ with incredible otherworldly magic* lmao magic is illegal
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The thing is this whole thing with the SCs started several months ago when they, completely unprovoked, said rude stuff about Iris and her journalism being not nearly as “useful” or “important” to Crisis as Lena, the scientist, would be. There was absolutely no reason for them to single out Iris in order to advocate for Lena to be in the crossover. Never mind that Iris has been sidelined and disrespected in every single crossover, despite being the leading lady of The Flash. Of course the SCs had to single out a Black woman in order to “advocate” for their white fave. It’s the same pattern with every Arrowverse fandom that stans a white woman first and foremost and stans a white ship, as well. Since then, they’ve provoked Westallen fans for no reason, and today, they yet again showed their blatant anti-Blackness (which, by the way, they have a history of… look no further than their treatment of James) when one of them claimed that neither Iris nor Westallen are good representation. This is blatant misogynoir. They then turn around and are like, “We love Candice! We love Iris!” But do you, though? Do you?

And literally this most recent drama, if you will, only started because SCs started shit when the whole Shantel article came out, by claiming that WAs were siding with AJK, which is so unbelievably ugly and offensive of them to say. If you don’t know the history of The Flash set and the behind the scenes politics, please shut up. WA fans were calling AJK out long before anyone else, and we’ve known that that man is trash since the very beginning, because we’ve seen him mistreat Candice, most vividly in season 2. WA fans calling out a white woman on her entitlement, entitlement which was, mind you, enabled by AJK as he tried to sideline and replace Candice, does not negate the fact that we know AJK is a disgusting human being. In fact, it reinforces the fact, because her entitlement was enabled by AJK. SCs then brought up WA fans for no reason today, but this was literally how this whole thing most recently began.

They think WA fans are bothered about them paralleling their ship to WA, but nobody would care if they hadn’t been racist towards Iris and claimed WA was “not good representation” and “just another straight ship.” 

Anyways, I don’t want to get into this whole thing about SCs, but I think it’s pretty evident that there’s a very clear parallel in the behavior of OFs, SBs, SCs, Kara/Mon-El shippers (back when that was a thing, don’t think I’ve forgotten what a lot of those shippers said about WA… The North Remembers) towards Iris and WA, and it’s misogynoir. Unlike the others, the SCs often will say that they love Iris and WA (or otherwise have no issue with WA) and that this all was started by the WAs, but it never was. 

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i’ll admit something to y’all… I never even finished boo… but I own every single book. i have also never read toa or magus (mcga???? LMAO idk the acronym i’m so far behind) but I own every single book

but getting on for the first time in ages is making me want to for the first time in ages

and bc it seems nico is pretty active??? in those series and he’s been my fave forever

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I literally cannot put into words the amount of joy this little spore creature has brought me ever since I made it… I called it Beanie and the other day I gave him a wizard hat and I actually physically cried

just,, no thoughts, head empty…. little playdough dragon with no thoughts…
(also I really like the lineart I did)

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“Losers being attracted to angels because of their vessel or the title but you know what’s really sexy about high celestials?
The capacity to turn into brainless puppets, the burning holy fire you can see behind the pupils that try their best to mimic humans, their need of validation, of being of use that is craved in their core.
I just find so hot the immense destructive power that they hold in one hand that, if you are lucky, will caress your throat in the most delicate way and just like that they could snap your entire existence so fast that your scream wouldn’t even make it out your open mouth.

Don’t talk to me abour being finding celestials attractive if you haven’t tasted real divinity.”

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Balmorra. I always have to roll my eyes at this conversation where the Jedi Knight tells Viri that she’s not calm…as she’s standing there very calmly letting the Jedi speak and listening to her. 

And then of course the standard conversion attempt, which invokes another eye roll. 

Jedi Knight: I have purity of purpose. I seek neither thrills nor satisfaction. Unlike you, I am calm. 
Jedi Knight: Save yourself. Surrender. and the Jedi Council will give you every opportunity to discover redemption. 

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          Yoko seems to have believed, from early in 1968 onwards, that John without the Beatles (and with her firmly at his side) was better than John the Beatle, and she is a very persuasive person, as time has proven; Linda found herself with a Beatle who was one no longer, and whose sense of his own worth, in the aftermath of that very high ride, was going down the tubes. She had to convince him, and did, that, with her help, he could do it alone, and this new team, Linda saw at once, required a very solid front. There were many aspects of Paul’s life after the Beatles that Linda was allowed to define, but when it came to John, it was all up to Paul. She knew this both logically and intuitively; if she ever had any doubts, her father and brother were there to reinforce Paul’s primacy in that area. 

           If John said something snide about Paul’s solo albums (which he did with unprofessional frequency), then John/Yoko went on the Paul/Linda shit-list. If John’s lawyers caved in to Paul’s on any of the many disputed items they were always at war about, then John came off the list. If Paul sold more records and tickets than John, he went on the John/Yoko shit-list (or at least he went on to John’s, and off; it’s hard to believe that the McCartneys were not generally viewed by Yoko with suspicion and distaste, and vice versa). 

           This is confusing, I know. It’s confused me plenty over the years. If it can be summed up, let me try it this way: Paul and John loved each other always - they could be envious, hostile, bitter and disappointed, but they always loved each other.

Linda McCartney: A Portrait by Danny Fields

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Living life in color, yet monochrome grey.

Wasting away in the shell of a body I never really felt at home in.

Death is the cycle of life, I know. But I have long since died and yet here I remain.

Tethered to the one shred of light that binds me to the grave of my still beating heart.

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Sort of following on from the last thing I reblogged, and also sort of due to a message I got from someone:

If you’re in an environment where people, if they don’t actively want you dead at the very least would be very happy if people like you didn’t exist, then just bear in mind that survival in itself is an act of resistance.

I’m thinking specifically of growing up not-straight in a pretty homophobic environment (at school and in the community, not at home), but I think it probably applies to other situations too.

Sometimes, it isn’t easy or possible or sensible to stick your head above the parapet every time. Sometimes you need to lie just to get through the day. Sometimes, you don’t have the option of lying, but it’s still easier to bite your tongue and keep your head down, and sometimes that’s what you need to do- particularly when you’re young, particularly when you’re powerless. Sometimes, it’s just about doing your best to get through the day and hoping it doesn’t fuck you up too badly.

You are precious and worth something, and if you keep on going, there will come a point where you can make a difference. But you have to live long enough to get there.

I think, in terms of homophobia, things have got a lot better in just 10-15 years. Things are a long way from perfect, but the school I teach in is unrecognisable in that sense from the school I went to- despite the fact that in many ways they are very similar. And sometimes I wonder who I’d be if I’d grown up in an environment like we have now, rather than the one I did grow up in. But I survived, and that’s worth something, when not everyone did.

If you’re witnessing oppression, and you’re not part of the oppressed class, and doubly if you’re in a position where it’s easy for you to speak out, you should. But if you are the oppressed, then it’s not always easy or possible to speak up, and sometimes that’s ok. Sometimes surviving is enough.

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