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apollos-boyfriend · a day ago
i think i’ve figured out the reason i don’t like sbi fanworks that much. asides from the stuff i’ve stated before about it being pushed into canon despite ccs continuously stating it isn’t. and this doesn’t go for all fanworks, ofc, but it’s just a trend i’ve noticed. typically in like sbi foster or superhero or whatever aus, phil, techno, and wilbur don’t really have agency outside of their relation to tommy. their characters solely center around taking care of/looking after tommy, with little to no characterization beyond their ties to him. and i get it, most of these works are tommy-centric, but there’s something very narratively bland about only focusing on characters in how they interact with the protagonist and not giving them any development or meaning outside of that. or maybe i’m just an asshole idk
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kitkatpancakestack · a day ago
Tumblr media
Am I late, has it already been done
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hadesisqueer · a day ago
We were discussing this on discord the other day and what if Weiss finds Crescent Rose in Trauma Island and carries it around, but she doesn't really know how it works. So she opens it or closes or rotates it the wrong way and she ends up cutting her braid accidentally.
Bonus if she screams horrified when she realizes and that's how the others find out she's there too.
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irrelevant-ramblings · a day ago
honestly shoutout to Marisha Ray for being unapologetically herself no matter how many people gave her shit for it. when i first got into dnd i was looking around to see what campaigns i could watch to try and learn and honestly seeing mainly men at the table made me feel like i didn’t even belong there. and then seeing Marisha who is similar to me, all long limbs and talking with her hands and just being herself, not letting anyone else get her down and her friends gently teasing but never actually making fun of her— that’s when i really got drawn into the world of critical role.
which, by the way, has been super helpful for this complete beginner. i learnt how to play dnd by watching critical role and then googling terms i didn’t understand. it was so much easier for me to see how everything plays out than try and figure it all out from the book.
anyway. my first dnd character is a half elf druid. thanks for the inspo, Marisha.
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donotpercieveme123 · a day ago
I'm just curious, can anyone name a single aromantic character in media (who isn't also ace), who isn't demonised in some way? And who isn't 'redeemed' by having them 'learn to love', by pairing them off with either one of their friends, or some irrelevant rando, for no fucking reason?!! Like why tf is everyone so obsessed with romance?! That's true for the lgbt community too, maybe more so. It's so frustrating and isolating, and it actually makes me really sad.
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thealienrumi · 2 days ago
Tumblr and pop culture at this moment:
Tumblr media
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finduilasclln · 7 hours ago
Thinking about Buck and Taylor having a pregnancy scare. And Taylor being over the moon relieved when it turns out she's not pregnant because she's not sure if she ever wants kids. But Buck realizing that all he's feeling is relief as well.
"I thought you wanted kids?" Eddie asks carefully, looking over to where Buck is sitting next to him on the couch.
"I did. I do, I - " Buck stammers, hunched over with his elbows resting on his knees and his fingers pressed into his closed eyes.
His mind wanders to Christopher instantly, a soft ache spreading in his chest.
"You make a good father," Eddie's voice is warm and reassuring, and Buck can't quite tell if he said 'you make' or 'you'd make'. Wishful thinking on Buck's part, he's sure. "You have so much love to give."
Buck snorts humourlessly. "Yeah," he says with a shake of his head, "All I have is love to give and - "
"And what?" Eddie asks.
Buck sighs. "And no one who wants it."
"That's bullshit," Eddie says instantly, and a little more vehemently than Buck was expecting, which causes Buck to finally look up.
"Taylor, she - " Buck sighs again, "It was like she was annoyed with me, or blamed me or something, when she thought she was..." He trails off. Somewhere deep down Buck has always known that he and Taylor had an expiration date, and he thinks they've reached it. "Because she thought it was what I wanted, and I do, it's just - "
"Not with her," Eddie finishes for him. It doesn't even sound like a question, and Buck can't deny it either.
There are tears prickling in Buck's eyes, and he's pretty sure they aren't about Taylor per se.
"I'm never gonna - " Buck shakes his head, his face scrunching up in a grimace. "I'm just gonna be alone all my life, aren't I?"
"Hey," Eddie says, a warm hand coming to rest on Buck's back, tracing lazy circles, "You're not. You're just not looking in the right place."
"Yeah?" Buck asks, daring a sideways glance at Eddie.
"All that love you have to give," Eddie says, his voice a mere whisper, "There are two people in this house that want nothing more than that..."
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pictures-of-dogs · 2 days ago
'to help them find mates'
dog smelling another bear on a tree: hm. kind of a milf tbh
that's pretty much how it works, though it's typically the males marking the trees so that the females can find them. So it would be more "kind of a dilf tbh"
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volatile-shorty · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
theres concept art where hes BLUE and it drove me a little crazy
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channydraws · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I don't..... remember the context of this, or what it was in response to.
And the title is no help
Tumblr media
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gayeggyolk · a day ago
I believe Ranboo’s death in Hitting on 16 was only his second death.
Meaning, he later awoke back into the world with a start, his body having been returned to his bed. Tubbo was there waiting for him, of course. He had been crying.
Ranboo would realize where he was just as Tubbo reaches out to him and holds him in a tight embrace. He would realize his husband was crying and wouldn’t waste a moment to hug him back.
There would be a silence, besides Tubbo’s soft heaving. Eventually, Ranboo would pull away, cup Tubbo’s cheek and whisper:
“You were right, about Wilbur. I’m sorry.”
Tubbo would tear up even more. He would simply respond:
“You’re alive.”
Ranboo would smile softly, weakly, and bring Tubbo into another embrace. He would kiss his husband’s forehead and rub his back for comfort.
It was okay, now. They were okay.
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warehouseorphandanvers · 16 hours ago
TUSK LOVE TUSK LOVE look listen look I’m just easily fucked up and can’t handle the smallest things related to M9
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flowersforvax · 9 hours ago
okay ALSO? Scanlan's dinner outfit? the bisexual colored glowing cod piece? the choker? the purple eyeshadow? he ate that look
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stellaluna33 · a day ago
I love your tag about how people think rory’s all dainty but she’s more complex than that!! it’s so true like the fandom (some people more than others) seems to have this idea that she’s some cutesy, innocent, giggly, pure girl when in reality she’s really not? she’s definitely cute but not “cutesy” (citing her hating the word “froyo” and her saying she doesn’t “do cutesy symbols as specific evidence I can think of atm). she’s only “innocent” in the sense that she starts off at 16 at the beginning of the show, and she really isn’t all giggly the way season seven had her be!! she’s got an edge that I feel a lot of people just ignore or forget about which is sad because it’s a really great part of her!!
Yes! Like, she's not a "party girl" and she's not in a huge rush as a teen to "get rid of her v-card" or whatever, and she likes reading/studying, so too many people just dismiss her as a "goody-two-shoes." But she's NOT! She references "Rosemary's Baby" in the pilot episode, she's sarcastic with a razor-sharp wit, her musical tastes tend towards alternative/hard rock (which she likes to play LOUD), and "Howl" (which she recommends to Jess, not knowing if he's read it, as "great") is not exactly "Sunday School approved" reading material...
I mean, there's a reason why Jess was, according to the writers, the boyfriend who shared the most common interests with her and "really got her!" Yes! The so-called "Bad Boy!" They are NOT a case of "opposites attract." But people insist on mischaracterizing them that way, and end up pigeonholing BOTH of them into stereotypical categories (Good Girl/Bad Boy) they don't really fit into, and the show writers didn't intend them to.
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ignotussomnium · 17 hours ago
Oh god. The feast scene, Vax sneaking into the Briarwoods’ room, and No Mercy Percy were literally everything I wanted them to be. This show rules. 
If we get the “Take off the mask, darling,” moment I might just die.
(One question, though: how did Percy have the mask hidden in his coat pockets the whole time he was at the feast. WHY.)
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spearxwind · 8 hours ago
When the eel bites your face, in the sea’s darkest place, that’s a moray
Tumblr media
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pearlscape · 19 hours ago
random jjk headcanons why not
- yuji’s phone passcode is 1234
- gojo is a big nerd (canon actually) makes references to movies you never heard of, music taste questionable but diverse, up to date with space technology etc oh and good at physics duh
- megumi puts milk before cereal (as he should)
- it’s not easy to get geto to laugh laugh but once u do he can’t stop laughing and is terrible at holding it back
- gojo got points off on math tests not because he did them wrong but because he never showed his work quick maths
- inumaki is a weeb and would twitch stream in complete silence
- nanami watches cooking shows in his spare time
- nobara would be that kid who makes conversation with every teacher she has wanted or unwanted; would be the one who speaks up for everyone else
- megumi likes weezer hahahahahaha
- utahime gambled on sports/racing before
- so did shoko
- shoko won
- utahime never gambled again
- geto can be really really loud sometimes with gojo exclusively ; like when dogs get fucking zoomies/just random energy outbursts when they’re doing something super stupid
- utahime secretly likes astrology
- gojo can play the violin actually
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axeylotl · a day ago
This is the only thing I've been able to draw in weeks girl help
Tumblr media
(Tbh I don't remember what month the movie takes place in I just know it's cold and not quite christmas yet)
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lille-scribbles · a day ago
Tumblr media
He's her poor little meow meow
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witchersgoldenbard · 2 days ago
season 2 ruined geraskier for me.
now, that's a pretty loaded statement, i know, but i just realised how i can explain that weird heavy feeling that's been weighing on my chest every time i think about geralt and jaskier since watching season 2. don't get me wrong, i still love my boys to death and i will continue to write stories with them, i still have so many ideas. but before that can happen, i need to ramble and vent a little bit.
during and after season 1, geraskier was my comfort ship. the grumpy one and the sunshine one, one with heavy trauma and the other with enough blank space to serve wonderfully as a projection screen. there was so much between them in little glances and touches and smiles, and also of course in the witcher source material. there was endless room for fluff and angst and hurt/comfort, and it was always so natural. the mountain break-up scene as classic fix-it point, cakes upon cakes only served to revolve around that. there was so much room for everything that could possibly come afterwards, it was beautiful. there was no doubt at all that geraskier would be a lasting ship, a big one, one of the biggest of tumblr.
and then? then season 2 happened. and i only just figured out what bothered me. there was no closure. for anyone. all that pain and trauma i mentioned, situations where both got hurt, and nobody got the chance to properly apologise, or demand an apology. they never, not once, got to talk it out. not even with glances and a fond but exasperated smile that would tell us everything could be okay. nothing. instead, what we got was geralt apologising to jaskier while sitting on a horse, not even properly looking at him, not even on eye level. that is horrible grounds for an apology. and jaskier? he brought back the most traumatising moniker of geralt's and made it famous again, called him "butcher" because he had a broken heart. all of that could possibly be excused but-- oh wait. there was none. no apology, nothing real on either part.
we were left like them: just hanging in the air, somehow, wrongfooted, hooked but unsatisfied. we were given scraps and pieces while they weren't given time to talk and heal.
and you know what that means? it means that it's us, the fanfic writers, who have to fix this all. we cannot possibly write post-season 2 fluff without going through the emotionally heavy and draining parts of reasoning and apologising and talking first. we cannot really write an au without first having to fix whatever the fuck season 2 did. it means that i, as a person who first and foremost used to write geraskier, now find yennskier more appealing simply because it isn't so draining. it means that i get weirdly sad and heavy every time i so much as think about geraskier, because, as a friend said: i hate that i have to write geraskier fluff either in modern au or during season 1.
it's no coincidence that most of the post-s2 geraskier tag is hundreds of versions of geralt apologising, or jaskier apologising (though the first one is far more prominent, and that's another thing i am very very tired of, because it's not just geralt who needs to apologise!). there's just so much trauma in these two that there'll be 200 fics set immediately after that final battle, and all of them will be different and have different angles, because there's still so much left for them to process, it almost makes me angry.
but i'm not angry. i'm just sad and exhausted and i miss my boys. and maybe that's just me, maybe other people don't have problems writing geraskier right now, but i am very drained that in order to make them happy, i have to make them heal first. because the professional writers who were supposed to do that, didn't. and now i can't have my comfort ship anymore, because everything is too heavy.
and that is how season two ruined geraskier for me.
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