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mistahkato · a month ago
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Jaskier is going through a rollercoaster of emotions in this lol
Amazing original post is by @yeraskier
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mochiwei · 11 months ago
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Part 1 of my Wizard Maze comic, an homage to @wizardsisananimal’s amazing quiz that you can try here.
Read part 2 here
I absolutely loved the maze. I did it 4 times and am still mentally trapped there even now. Thanks for reading!
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traumxrei-archive · 4 months ago
Can i request headcanons for leona, trey, idia and rook getting kabedoned by their small s/o? Thanks (>////<)💦 thank you hehe
【 romance trope aficionado 】
author's note: a kabedon- *trau.exe has stopped working* i cannottttt i love tropes like this sm ! i hope you don't mind me adding that they learned abt kabedon through romance animes sjfkdsk- i had a lotta fun just writing all of these, so i hope you like reading them !
characters: leona kingscholar, trey clover, idia shroud, rook hunt
gender neutral! short s/o, headcanons, request <3
Tumblr media
They had to admit, they were quite the, mm, aficionado of romance animes. Back in their old world and even now in Twisted Wonderland. So was it really a surprise that they wanted to try out one of the most tried-and-true heart-fluttering methods shown in those animes? And who better to try it out on then their boyfriend?
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
leona was walking down the hallway when suddenly the herbivore backed him up. at first he was annoyed until he realized...oh? what's this? his little herbivore was pining him to a wall?
"herbivore?" his tail whipped around, betraying his excitement as he smirked down at them. they were always shorter than him, and it really showed in the way their face tilted up to stare back at him. it didn't make them look that intimidating, but they sure looked irresistible.
their expression didn't betray anything, which had leona more and more enticed as he noted how steady their heart was beating. maybe his herbivore was growing bolder.
a hand was placed on the wall, near his head and he bent down slightly to meet their face. his eyes flick down to their lips before meeting their steady gaze. if he leaned down just a little more...
only they don't kiss him, and instead they smile, "did that make your heart race?"
leona fought the urge to lift a hand, to cup their face and pull them in just a few more centimeters for a kiss and- "why don't you give me a kiss and find out?"
they huffed and ah, finally he heard their fluster in the way their heart raced. "that's not the point, silly lion."
they try to pull away but they've already made a mistake being that close to him. he easily held on to their blazer, "hey, who're you calling silly." he leaned back against the wall, pulling them close, "why'd you do this if you weren't gonna kiss me?"
"it's nothing." "it's nothing my ass," leona leaned into their space even more. "c'mon, what games were you playing?"
there's a tug to his braid, "if i give you a kiss then will you leave it? i was just trying something out."
a laugh tries to escape leona's throat, "you're driving a hard bargain there, herbivore. does that mean this'll happen more often? cuz it sure as hell gives me a good reason to keep kissing you."
an embarrassed noise crawled its way out of the herbivore's mouth, "no way, never mind about that kiss-"
it's almost effortless the way he tossed them over his shoulder, "you can't run away from me that easily, y'know." they pinched at his hair and grumbled, but ultimately they didn't try to escape his grip.
well, that worked to his advantage. two can definitely play at this game. if they were allowed to pin him to a wall out of nowhere, then why shouldn't he? unless of course, they told him what this was all about, which was doubtful. he looked forward to seeing their surprised face when he would be the one to do it to them.
Tumblr media
Trey Clover
trey was baking. emphasis on was, because as soon as he placed his latest batch of sheet cakes into the oven, his cute little lover was pining him right against the fridge. their arms were braced on either side of him, head barely reaching his chin.
well this was new. he tried to move, but their arms wouldn't budge. all he had was the way they were looking at him.
they had this determined expression on their face which, to be very honest, trey found very cute. now to figure out what was happening, because he had frosting to go make...
"what's up, baby?" trey asked softly. that only earned him a noticeable pout so he tried again, "am i supposed to know what's happening?"
they lean closer to him, and he felt the butterflies kicking yet again, despite it being a while since they've dated. there's a tug at his tie and he's forced to lean down, breath hitching. he closed his eyes.
instead of lips against his, there's a whisper at his ears, "you look kinda cute when you're flustered like that."
and although trey was stoic most of the time, he felt that blush practically engulf him as they pulled away. his knees shook slightly as he looked at the mirth in their eyes.
he huffed out a laugh of disbelief, "are you teasing me?"
"what?" they ask, grinning triumphantly. "you do it all the time, how come i'm the one that's not allowed to do it?"
"i didn't say that," trey said, still very much wishing that he had closed the gap to kiss them. "still. that was unfair."
"your fault that you didn't know what was going on, sweetheart," they sing-songed, smoothing out the wrinkles in his tie and shirt. "we should watch anime more often together."
"you mean those shows you like?" trey tried to wrack his brain for anything significant before coming up empty. "what about them?"
"you to~tally just fell for one of the most common tropes in romance anime history," they explained, and ah, he didn't quite understand but he listened intently all the same. he was a very good listener.
"so you're telling me, usually the protagonist does this 'kabedon' to his love interest, and it usually makes the love interest feel all fluttery?" trey summarized after listening to their ten-minute speech.
"yup," they popped the 'p' before finally moving their arms. "you're free to go now, head chef."
"well...it worked on me," trey said, pressing a kiss to their forehead before fluffing up their hair. "i'm certain that i was very flustered if you couldn't already tell- ack-! the cake-!"
well, at least you learn new things everyday, at the cost of one of the sheet cakes. it's okay, it wasn't that burnt, he reassured them as he salvaged what he could to turn into cake pops.
and besides, he learned a new trick. maybe that little lover of his would like to be "kabedon-ed" one day. next time he was feeling particularly mischievous, he would have to try it out.
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud
see, this was exactly the reason why idia didn't go out in p-public irl! so that random events can't surprise him when he isn't ready!
at least this random event seems to be of the otome game type, but wait...he was weak to romance! did they find out his achilles heel?
there they were, his beautiful p-partner, walking down the hallway. what does he do? does he go say hi? that was standard procedure in otome games, but would that be awkward?
but wait...they're not walking down the hallway, they're walking straight at him. that was not part of the strategy??
idia scrambled backward until his back hits a wall. all the breath left him in two seconds when their hands slam against the wall with a bang.
was this...the legendary kabedon???? he was being kabedon-ed by his wonderful, beautiful, and very-much-not-a-vr-simulation partner??
idia swore he blacked out for a second before his eyes opened again. even though he was taller than his lover, he felt like he was the smaller one, as he shrank more into himself.
oh great seven, he could almost smell a whiff of their scent, his knees felt weak, and he was going to go into cardiac arrest in a second.
his back slid lower on the wall as they leaned closer, making it so that he was practically sprawled out on the ground under them. was it too late to start hiding in his hood?
and oh no, why were they leaning even closer? but if they did that, then their lips would be—!
"NII-SAN! your vitals are all over the place! are you okay?"
—and there was sweet, kind little ortho, steering around the corner and barreling straight toward them.
"n-n-nothing's wrong, ortho," idia managed to wrangle the words out of his mouth, resigning himself to lying on the ground in a puddle of fluster and confusion.
as his partner finally stood up. he couldn't even hear whatever they said to ortho, still too focused on trying to calm himself down.
"so. how was it? was it like the kabedon of your dreams?" he blinked bewildered as he was helped up. his knees still shook badly but at least he regulated his heart enough that ortho wasn't hovering around to see him embarrass himself.
"w-w-what? so you m-meant to kabedon me?" at their nod, idia could only frown. "t-that's unfair! y-you ambushed me when i had no ammo, resources, or preparation."
"c'mon, you of all people know that kabedons are supposed to be surprises," they teased, holding onto his hand. "i can't just announce i'm kabedon-ing you."
"but your s-surprise caused o-ortho's sirens to trigger!" he attempted to scold them but he really couldn't deny how he really felt about it. "....okay but i have to admit, it w-was really cool. to experience-"
cue him having an extensive conversation about kabedons with his partner. were they both late for class? yes. did they care? no, because this was for the kabedon! it was worth it!
maybe he could make it a project to learn how to do the perfect kabedon? although it felt pog to be the love interest, he wanted to play the protagonist too! (and secretly he wanted to see if they would get as flustered as he did.)
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Rook Hunt
rook actually approached them first. how could he just walk by when this picture of beauté was right in front of him? there was his very own petit mignon sitting underneath a tree, dozing peacefully. oh! how he could spend hours waxing poetic— about how the sun's rays caressed their skin, how the soft breeze tousled their hair, and how-
they grabbed him, flipping them both so that he was the one lying on the ground, with his darling pining him down.
comme c'est palpitant! this was certainly new. usually he would be the one towering over them, only because his darling was shorter and smaller than him. (a fact that rook absolutely loved.)
there was a curious look on their face that told him they were waiting for him— for his reactions, actions, or something else. très bien! he would give them what they are looking for.
he flipped them over once again so that their back was pressed against the warmth of the grass before peppering their face with kisses.
a few giggles escape them which were music to rook's ears. how he loved it when his darling laughed.
"now do tell, what is this about, ma cherè?" rook asked after pulling away.
there was a slight pout as they talked, "you kinda ruined it. but i guess i can't expect anything less from you."
"would you like tower over me again?" rook teased, pinching at their cheek. "you only need to ask."
"it's no fun if i have to ask." "ah, so this was more like a game? how do we win?" rook was everything if not someone who liked the taste of competition. and one with his petit mignon? it sounded like a game he could die for.
there was slight hesitation before they steeled their resolve, "well. if you fluster the other person, then you win a point. whoever has the most points wins."
"mon amour, you've already won yourself a point!" rook cheered. "your beauty and skills have certainly surprised this rook hunt!" there was a snort before they were rolling their eyes at him fondly.
well, rook didn't do losing. he would take every chance he had to fluster his darling! it was only right if he gave them chances of their own. and with their beauty and intellect, he was sure that they would be able to nab a few points off him too.
tiny rook dictionary: (correct me if i'm wrong, i appreciate it !) beauté - beauty || petit mignon - little cutie || comme c'est palpitant! - how thrilling! || trés bien - very well || ma cherè - my dear
Tumblr media
want a request ? check out the request menu for details ! wanna read more ? check the masterlist for more works !
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yyuppys · a year ago
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brainrot o clock baby
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fourphoenixfeathers · 2 months ago
Submas doodles I did in church!
For my mirror au:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ingo: *gets his pearl clan uniform*
Emmet: why do i feel the urgent need to get a hoodie...?
For @littleblueberryartist ! Poor Ingo is very not ok.
Tumblr media
And last but not least! Twin Spirits AU by @mass-piplup-outbreak !
Tumblr media
Some of it's a bit scrungy, pens are punishing.
Also, if you are a submas fan, i highly suggest joining @mass-piplup-outbreak 's discord server. It's beautiful and the people are verrry nice.
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kindregard · 2 months ago
Ok but picture this:
He Tian finds a way to make Mo smile (mini fanfic):
HT: Why are you so uptight?
Mo: No idea what you’re fucking talking about
HT: You never smile!
Mo: Then give me something to smile about
HT: Hmm… like a joke?
Mo: I don’t care
HT: Why did the chicken cross the ro-
Mo: Corny
HT: But I can’t think of anything good
Mo: Not my problem
HT: Hmm
<silence ensues>
HT: I have a better idea
Mo: What is i-
{He Tian reaches for Mo’s waist and begins tickling him}
<He Tian watches closely for a smile. Mo’s tough facade quickly washed away at the skittish contact. His lips parted lightly at first, barring a smile barely noticeable and a light giggle. Oh was it music to He Tian’s ears. If he had been recording, he would’ve set the melody as his ringtone. Eventually, Mo could no longer restrain his smile. It was angelic. His pearly white teeth and feline fangs were clearly displayed. His eyes were closed and he leaned his head back. His full laugh was as beautiful as his smile. It was kind. It was loving. It was ethereal. It was light. He Tian was left in a daze and lost focus. It was all so hypnotizing. Mo kicked his feet playfully and reached down to He Tians hands, to remove them from his stomach. He grasped tightly and lifted Tian’s hands up, then pressed them against the raven-hair’s chest. He sat back up properly, trying to regain his composure, and wiped his watering eyes from laughing so hard.
Mo: Never… ever do that again
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rottenesttocore · a month ago
In my headcanon, Metroman is always having these shows, but nobody besides Megamind, Minion and Roxanne (she is obligated by her boyfriend) shows up, cause nobody knows who the hell is Musicman. And of course, Metroman loves it.
Tumblr media
I blame my nephew, who I obligated to watch this movie yesterday (He's 2). I don't regret anything, this movie is a masterpiece.
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shipverse · a month ago
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Spent a day sketching Matt ♥️
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spookylilbimbo · 4 months ago
Just took a very cute video of me fucking mouth until I'm gagging and teary 🥰
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havenothingtodowithme · 5 months ago
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Finally....... all the scrunklies
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le-sansnom · 6 months ago
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good evening lecter
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koryanika · a year ago
Tumblr media
In the Void
Me: *doing a random warm-up drawing* Me: *showing it to a friend* Friend: Wow! It looks just like the Void from Dishonored! And this figure is the Outsider! Me: No! Me to me: Although...
And that’s how I ended up with a fanart of the Outsider, chilling with some whales, probably waiting for our protagonists to show up. Just your regular day in the Void.
[ID: A drawing of the Outsider (character from Dishonored game series) - a man dressed in all black, standing on a fragment of a building, floating somewhere in the Void (that is represented by a strange violet-ish background with white strokes). Pieces of a building hover around him, and to his left is the dark silhouette of a whale swimming behind a ruined arch.]
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b-s-paint · a year ago
Paint study of the galaxy's highest rated babysitter. Tried to replicate the end credit splash art feel.
Tumblr media
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linda-likes-to-draw · 2 months ago
Two friends spending their time having fun <3 @99corentine I love the friendship they have so much hehehe
Tumblr media
This has been laying around my files for a while so i finally decided to finish it! Also Chry's clothing design is made by @metallic-scaled-scarf in this post!
bonus (+my lil headcannon):
Tumblr media
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arethabee · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
kali bought drinks for the two but zEst decided to drink both. okay...
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dandelionsocks · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
ezra furman @ august hall in sf 05.21.22
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rill-is-thinking · 3 months ago
decide to draw skins cause i don’t have a lot of (doable) ideas. So here is….
Tumblr media
the cactus man :D (I know he only has one hand I’m sorry I rlly tried T-T)
I really wanted to try drawing this skin cause it’s definitely in my top three slyfai hbg skins :D
skin credits for the skin go to the one and only @slyfai !! Ty for the skins they’re very cool and nice to draw.
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