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#I have a stomach ache so I’m trying not to move much
the-fiction-witch · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
I laid in my bed, the darkness surrounding me. The sounds of cars rushing by on the road outside the house sometimes police sirens echoing across the city. I was cold, tired, and lonely. My head against my pillow my striped blue covers up to my waist fiddling with the cover on the pillow to my side, Her pillow. I missed her. I know I text her every day but it's not the same as her really being here. I stared up at the ceiling wishing I could be with her, then again what would I do if I was, sit blushing like an idiot watching her play videogames most likely. I've liked y/n since we met and I still haven't told her not like I don't want her to know, I'd love her to know but... I can never manage to tell her. I did my best to try and force her out of my mind as I felt my stomach stir and my hips shift, feeling my cock hardening against my shorts the stiffness rubbing against the fabric, it throbbing begging for my attention, Or more rightly for y/n's attention.
I slipped my hand down knowing I couldn't sleep unless I tried, gently gripping myself letting my mind flood with hormonal thoughts.
Of y/n laid on my bed in her little dresses, flashing her little lacy panties at me, the way she slowly puts on fresh lipstick, how the lace of her bra will often just pop over her dress, I bit my mouth thinking about her, about everything about her and everything I wanted to do to her.
"Uhh... Babydoll" I gasped trying to be as quiet as possible as to not wake my mum and gran up not wanting them to find out what I was doing even if my gran pretty much knows what I do on my own, and who I think about. "Ummm Ummm babydoll" I groaned getting faster and faster but I couldn't my shaft was getting sore, my arm aching, my wrist cramping up after doing this for almost forty minutes. Stupid thing! why can't I cum! still this isn't new I haven't been able to cum for a year now almost I don't know why? maybe I was doing it too much, I was doing it like twice a day at that point but I saw y/n every day so I had one in the shower every morning thinking about seeing her and then one in bed after I had seen her maybe I broke myself or something. I sighed turning over and trying my best to get some sleep.
I groaned feeling my stupid erection still hadn't gone down I sat up and fixed my bed having a stretch and a yawn as I walked across my room I threw a pair of jeans and clean boxers on my bed digging through my draws for a shirt
"Jake! Y/n's Here!" My mother yelled down downstairs
Crap! I quickly hid anything I didn't want her to see throwing my shirt in the hamper slipping the clean one on
"I'm sending her up" she called and I could hear the familiar steps of hers's so I quickly slipped my boxers off throwing them in the hamper and just getting the clean ones on as the door opened -
"Hey Jake" she smiled excitedly, in her little black combat boots, her purple and black striped thigh highs, her black skater skirt with straps that crossed over her back, her little Purple bralet with black straps all over it, and a see-through black lace top, her little bat choker around her neck, her hair in her usual way with her make up done perfectly her sweet purple lipstick against her skin she jumped over with her little batwing backpack fluttering as she did hugging my chest nuzzling her head on my shoulder, I hugged her back as close as I could, feeling her so soft and cozy in my arms, and I felt it. Ohh no. I'm pressing like right against her, she can feel that I would put money on that she can feel that "How's you?" she giggled moving away and looking down "Ohh, I didn't know it was hanging out in our underpants day Jake?" she giggled
"what?" I asked a little lost and then I remembered she can see my boxers "aahhh! you uhhhh your early is all I was getting dressed" I said covering myself best I could getting my jeans on
"No worries jake," she smiled going and grabbing her pillow from the bed sitting it on the floor as she usually did, I got my two pillows and sat them with her too as she set up the tv and console so we could play games together, even if it always boiled down to her playing and me watching not that I minded, I sat on my knees my two pillows to lean on and she sat on her own perching her cute butt, on the center of the pillow as she fiddles with the controller throwing her backpack on the floor beside her "Something going on over here jake?" she asked as she noticed I was staring
"Just, watching you set up y/n" I told her
"Perv" she giggled poking my arm
"How am I a perv?"
"Because I said so"
"That's not an answer"
"You're not an answer"
"... it's pointless arguing with you, you always win"
"I do," she giggled playing away, I watched her for a good while unable to take my eyes off her, ummm she's so beautiful. I'd give anything to just... just to kiss her, to hold her, but I can't. I did my best to ignore the throbbing in my jeans, I wanted to touch I know I do but I can't risk her seeing me, but I don't want to lock myself in the bathroom and do it I wanna be here to look at her.
and then I got an idea, I waited for a loud moment in the game and as It went off I unzipped my jeans she didn't even notice, I bit my mouth looking at her as she crossed her legs getting comfy flashing a little more leg where her thigh highs stopped and they hugged her close I waited for a moment I knew she had to concentrate and as she did I pulled my hard erection out my boxers and slipped it between the two pillows so she wouldn't see me, it felt nice, soft and silky around me my arms putting enough pressure on the pillows that I began to rub against them secretly and slightly just enough to feel little tickles of pleasure as I looked at her, looking at her cleavage, her thighs, her arse, her lips, Ummm I'd give my fucking soul to the devil himself just to get my hands on her with no restrictions, Ummm I'd do it twice if He let me see her naked. I began moving faster almost fucking the pillows still being as slight and gentle as I could so she wouldn't catch on to what I was doing, ummmmm look at her, I want her so badly, she's so cute, so sexy so beautiful, she's a goddess, I'd do anything for her, anything she asked of me, I'd do anything to have her I knew I was staring I knew I was going to fast I didn't care I was so close, all I wanted in the world was just to get my hands on her!
"Oh, excuse me jake, I must visit the little girl's room" she giggled putting her controller down and getting up to go to the bathroom
"sure see you in a sec" I smiled trying not to give away what I was doing I watched her as she stood and walked away and as she did the way I was sitting I could see up her skirt and see her little red lace panties, that was all I needed watching her walk away flashing that little red lace, I moved as fast and hard as I could putting pressure on the pillows as she left and the moment she did I hit the best orgasm of my fucking life! "Uuuuuuuuughhhh uhhhh babydoll!" I moaned as I finished unable to stop myself from collapsing against the pillow a little
"Jake? are you okay?" Y/n asked as she had just got back and was leant on my door as she closed it
"Uhhhhh yeah, yeah I uhh I'm fine" I blushed still gasping for breath
"who's your babydoll?" she giggled coming over sitting on her pillow staring at me
"..... you uhhh you heard that?"
"I was only in the bathroom jake,"
"ohhh, I'm sorry you heard it"
"Ummm that doesn't answer my question" she giggled moving closer leaning her hands on top of mine against my pillow "who's your baby doll jake?"
"Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" I stuttered having her an inch from my face bearing in mind I still had my dick between the pillows she now had her hands-on
I didn't know what to do, or what today even what to think, you know what. fuck it!
I moved forward the meer inch that laid between us and I kissed those beautiful lips, tasting her berry lipstick she kissed back seeming equally as excited she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and Pulled her close by her waist never wanting to let her go, till she pulled back and looked at me happy but confused
"You are. I... call you babydoll in my head. Like my little pet name for you" I explained blushing hard "It's stupid I know"
"I like it" she giggled
"You do?"
"Umm, you should call me that all the time" she smiled nuzzling with my neck
"I'd be happy to babydoll" I smiled giving her head "Have you uhh... known I liked you?"
"I'm not an idiot jake" she giggled "Of course I knew"
"I didn't do too well hiding it did I?" I asked
"No. No you did not." she smiled "I kinda hoped you'd have figured it out by now"
"Figured what out?"
"That I liked you too"
"That you- How long have you liked me!"
"since school jake"
".... Ohhh babydoll!" I smiled pulling her back to kissing me "Ummmm I love you, I love you, I love you!"
"whoa jake, calm down a little" she giggled pushing me away
"But I do!"
"I know, I love you too" she giggled "No need to go all crazy about it"
"Okay. sorry."
"what were you yelling about then?"
"Ohhhh uhhh.... nothing" I blushed
"jake, tell your girlfriend the truth"
"Girlfriend!" I smiled excitedly
"Tell me the truth, or no more kisses" she warns
"I was uhh... well" I blushed moving back and pulling my still hard cock out the pillows she blushed seeing me so I quickly did my pants up, she looked confused and moved the top pillow revealing the mess I had made of them,
"I see" she smiled "How long have you been doing that?"
"Pretty much since we've been sat here" I nodded
"What tipped it over then? Because I left?" she giggled
"No... when you got up I uhhh"
"I uhh saw your panties. and uhh yeah"
"That was enough?" she asked and I shamefully nodded "what these panties?" she asked moving her skirt flashing me her bright red lace panties
"Ummm humm" I nodded putting both my hands on the floor between my legs trying hard not to focus as my erection throbbed again just looking at her this way "Ummm babydoll" I gasped forcing her to put her skirt down
"what's wrong?"
".... you have no idea, How hard that makes me" I told her
"what just seeing my panties?"
"Yeah, I've liked you so long and we've never done anything, seriously you could flash some boob and I'd fucking cum"
"did you want me too?" she giggled going to move her bralet straps
"No!" I yelped stopping her "I can't.... you really will make me cum"
"Awww but I just wanna help" she whines
"I know you do, your sweet. but I can only do it so much" I told her giving her a little kiss and holding her hand
"well what about me" she whines
"wha- what do you mean?" I asked her and she giggled blushing a little moving some hair from her face and she flipped the pillow she had been sat on most of the day over, revealing a little... wet patch where she had been sitting she must have flipped it over when she left without me even noticing, she nuzzled with my neck pawing at my chest as I looked at the pillow "how... how have you been doing that?" I asked her she giggled grabbing the controller and starting the game again putting it in my hand and I noticed the controller vibrates, a lot. enough to make her... "Ohhhh my fucking god babydoll!" I moaned grabbing her and kissing her grabbing her arse under her dress grabbing at anything I could till she pushed me back
"excitable aren't you" she giggled
"How can I fucking not be!" I told her "do you uhh do you do that every time you come over?" I asked and she nods "and it uhhh it finishes you?"
"Most days"
"so you've been sat cumming on that pillow for as long as you've been coming over?"
"Pretty much"
".... I sleep with that pillow"
"yeah, you also sleep with those," she says looking at the mess I made of my own
"I know I know but y/n. Babydoll that's your pillow..." I told her "do you have any idea what I do to it when you're not around?" I whispered
"I can guess" she giggled looking again at my own pillows "Go on then what do you do with my pillow when I'm not around"
"well, I tuck it into bed and I cuddle with it, and kiss it, and... I like to pretend it's you" I told her
"Ummm... I think I have a better game than this" she smirked turning the console off, I was confused but she got up and put the chair in front of my door and I got excited, she stepped back overslipping her lace top of throwing it on my bed she sat down and flipped my pillow over to a clean side and she giggled pulling me to kiss her, I happily kissed her back and pulled her closer feeling her skin against me till she pulled back but stayed close to me undoing my jeans for me before I could say a word she laid on the pillow and tugged my hand so I laid over her and she tugged her skirt up revealing those red lace panties
"Fuck babydoll... you uhh you really want to?"
"I do" she giggled
"Okay" I nodded excitedly kissing her as passionately as I could holding her close and pushing off my jeans and boxers...
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icarialex · 2 days ago
Who: Zoey Katz and Kassandra West
When: March 3rd
Where: Zoey’s apartment 
What: Kassandra shows up after taking a beating from Robin. 
Triggers: Mentions of Violence and blood.
It was nearly three in the morning as Kassandra made her way down the road. Everything in her body ached. Every muscle and bone screamed at her once she’d come to on the pavement. Flashes of what happened scattered through her mind but the more she thought about it, the more sick to her stomach she’d felt. She’d never felt that powerless in her damn life. Luckily for her, or maybe unluckily, no one had been out to witness the incident. Kassandra didn’t have to look at herself in a mirror to know how bad she looked. The bruising, the swelling, the blood. She didn’t know what’s worse… That she had believed the woman’s need for someone to walk her home or that she had eventually allowed herself to be beaten to a bloody pulp. 
Either way here she was, finally standing outside of Zoey’s front door. The brunette winced as she raised the hand that wasn’t holding her ribs, ignoring the pain that shot through her knuckles as they registered against the wood. When she didn’t hear any sound, Kassandra’s voice broke through the cool night air. “Zoey...” She whimpered out, knocking on the door again with more force, ignoring the pain. “Please wake up.” Kass sagged against the door frame, fear sinking in that Zoey was too deep in slumber to hear her. And then the door opened. Normally she’d go damn near cross-eyed at seeing Zoey in that little of clothing but the pain was too much. Blood trickled out of the corner of her mouth as she coughed weakly, looking up at her friend. “Hey you.”
Since their date, Zoey and Kassandra had hung out a few times. Running into one another more was almost impossible to avoid with her working at the Inn, but she far from minded. The tension between them kept growing, but nothing had progressed which didn’t annoy the blonde. She wanted more than anything for Kass to be ready before they started down a path towards being more than what they were. That was more important than whatever frustrating feelings she was feeling more and more whenever they were together. 
Fortunately, she was a light sleeper which was why she was roused from her sleep by knocking. Not bothering to worry about the fact that she was essentially in a thong and tank top, she hurried to see who in the world could be trying to see her so late. A gasp escaped her when she saw how badly Kassandra was hurt, and she moved to help the woman into her house. “Gods, darling, what the hell happened,” she said as she moved her towards the couch. She gently placed her down as she moved around towards the kitchen to fill a bowl with water and grab a clean washcloth. While she had zero experience in nursing, she moved off of instinct. Then she got an ice pack from the freezer and slowly carried it all back to where the woman was. 
Slowly, she moved to kneel down in between Kass’ legs and wet the washcloth in the warm water. “Do I need to take you to the hospital,” she asked softly as she gently began wiping dried blood off of the woman’s face. She bit her bottom as she concentrated on making sure to not make anything hurt worse than necessary. “I’m happy to take care of you, but there is only so much I can do if things are serious.” Zoey’s skills were great when it came to any artistic area, but that was about it. Well, she was also an exceptional cuddler if she said so herself. “Thanks for coming here too,” she continued as she rinsed the cloth in the water before going back to cleaning wounds.
Another weak cough left her as Zoey immediately went to caregiver mode. “You should see the other guy.” She offered up, chuckling despite herself. As Kass sat down on the couch, she felt incredibly self conscious. “I… I don’t want to get your couch bloody. Just–Grab a towel and I can sit on the…. On the floor.” No matter what she said though, she knew Zoey wouldn’t let her do that so she resigned herself to leaning back against the couch, wincing as she did so. “We’re basically Gods. I’ll heal faster than your average human. I hope…” Kass gave a small smile, the movement causing her lip to split even more. Her face turned down into a grimace, letting out a shallow breath. “So no, I don’t think I need the hospital. But uh… Can I make a request?” She really didn’t think that now was the time for her to be talking about this but Zoey was practically wearing no clothing and it was slowly killing her.
“You’re kind of not wearing any clothes and uh…” Kassandra allowed green eyes to travel down Zoey’s form, realizing far too suddenly that she most definitely wasn’t wearing a bra. Oh. “It’s making it incredibly hard to not stay conscious. You can…” A small cough. “You can take that as a compliment because it is one. I just… Would like to not pass out again.” Kassandra gripped the couch, remembering with brutal vivid flashes of what had happened earlier in her night. “Think once is enough for me tonight.” Kassandra grabbed at the blonde’s wrist, stopping the motions she was doing of trying to clean her up. 
“Zo… Please. I’m not in a good mental state right now and you–” The brunette sighed, squeezing the hand that she’d now moved to hold. “You looking like this?” She swallowed thickly before continuing. “Makes me want you more than I already do.” Oh fuck, no, fix that. “And I kind of am not in peak physical condition here to do anything about it.” Sure that totally made up for the charged comment she’d just made. What kind of absolute idiot was she? The kind that let her shit get kicked in, that’s who. But at least making a joke was easier than telling Zoey how much she’d hate herself for finally showing up at her house and not doing what she’d said she would all those nights ago.
“Who exactly is the other guy,” she asked through clenched teeth. It wasn’t often that Zoey let anger consume her, but seeing someone she very much cared about bloodied on her couch fueled that emotion easily. “I don’t care about my couch more than I care about you. It can get cleaned or replaced.” Her furniture was the least of her worries with what was before her. “We’re very watered down versions of our parents,” she corrected with a sigh. “Sure, it’ll be faster, but not as quick as you think. When the Minotaur attack happened, a lot of us here got hurt. Many were injured for weeks, and broken bones took just as long to heal.” That had been sheer chaos. She’d never ran so quickly in her life to find her parents at the carnival and move them to safety. It was during parents’ week, and she knew parents who had died. They were just mortals after all. Funerals felt like they were never ending the week after. 
The blonde stayed quiet as the request was made. The rambling explanations that came for it after was endearing, but it also made her body run incredibly hot. She tilted her head back and mumbled to under her breath about how the woman in front of her was going to be the death of her before moving to stand up. “Turning me on while I’m going to take care of you is not very nice, Kassandra,” she teased lightly to try and shake off the effects of what had been said. Stopping the air from becoming thick with tension was her number one priority because they seriously couldn’t do anything about it. “I’ll be right back.” 
Once in her room, she just grabbed an old Icaria High School hoodie and threw on a pair of shorts. The whole process took her maybe thirty seconds, but she took an extra minute or two to compose herself from hearing that Kass’ essentially wanted her. That was — well, the most forward either of them had been. It was nice to not be dancing around in the grey area anymore, but Gods, it wasn’t easier to deal with physically. Once she was sure she wouldn’t replay the words in her head anymore, she walked back out with an extra t-shirt and stood in front of Kassandra. “I need to get your shirt off,” she started with. Yeah, that definitely wasn’t helpful. “I have to see how bad you’re injured, and I want to get you out of bloody clothes. Do you want a shower or bath? I can help set one up for you.” Blue eyes met green, and Zoey’s frustration towards whoever had done this only grew. Because of them she had to have more restraint than she would normally, and that wasn’t helpful when she was craving more than ever. “And yes, you’re staying here tonight before you even try and argue with me.”
Everything swam for a moment as Zoey said that one particular thing. Yeah, no, she definitely hadn't been trying to achieve that effect but here they are. The blonde left the room and that gave Kassandra enough time to fully assess the extent of what had led her here to this moment. How was she supposed to explain to Zoey that she'd allowed herself to be hurt halfway through, to feel all that pain as if it was her birthright for being some kind of fucked-up bad-egg of the family. Before she could allow herself to do any more self-loathing, the other woman was returning with a t-shirt in hand and--hold on--had she just said she needed her to take her shirt off? Fuck. She knew Zoey was in the right here but she wasn't necessarily ready to start stripping in front of her. Not that that would normally be a problem, Kassandra knew she was fit. Not that that was even a problem. The problem was it was Zoey and when she thought of getting undressed in front of the blonde, it involved reciprocation.
Sighing, Kassandra stood with a small whimper, staggering slightly before standing up as straight as she could manage. The thought of having to twist her arms to take off her shirt sounded absolutely horrendous so she just decided right then and there that she needed a better solution. "I'm sorry..." She mumbled before grabbing the front of her shirt, pulling in an effortless motion as it tore away from her body. Her bra-clad chest, toned stomach and arms were now on full display. And sadly, so were the deep purple and black bruises. Most likely a couple bruised ribs, maybe cracked at most. Definitely some cuts and scrapes. Not to mention bruised knuckles, a black eye, busted lip and probably a concussion. Overall, she felt like shit. "I'm not going to argue with you about staying the night. I knew that I'd be staying over the second that I decided to walk here."
Biting her lip out of nervous energy resulted in pain, making her wince once more. "I don't know who she was. She was just..." Kassandra closed her eyes, thinking back to what the other woman had done. "She said she needed someone to walk her home. And then she got mad at me and started throwing punches. But it felt more than that. Everything got so dark. Not just outside but in my head. And after a while of trying to defend myself..." The brunette trailed off, not sure if she should tell Zoey this next part. But once again her brain and mouth weren't communicating and it was all tumbling out before she could stop it. "I gave up. I let her do this to me. I couldn't stop it, its like all the darkness in my head and every... Every bad thought I've ever had was bombarding me at once. And it felt like I needed it all to just... Stop. All the pain and fear and hatred. For one glorious second... Right before I blacked out--it was gone. I felt... Peace." She couldn't look at her, knowing that this was probably the moment that Zoey turned around showed her the door. After all, what kind of fucked up person let this happen to themselves?
Blue eyes widened as the shirt was ripped from the woman’s body. Then, her eyes took a moment to gaze over all the skin that was suddenly before her. Without even realizing it, her hand reached out and with the most feather-like touch, the index finger of Zoey’s right hand lightly ran over the muscles on Kassandra’s stomach. When she felt the muscle shift beneath her touch, she snapped out of it and shifted her gaze’s intentions from appreciating towards inspecting. The bruises looked bad, but she didn’t think ribs were broken since Kassandra showed no difficulty breathing. Zoey was far from a professional, but she knew she had no chance of getting the woman to the hospital without using some serious pouting or guilting tactics. She’d use those if it appeared things got worse through the night. “Good. At least you know how things work with me already,” she teased. Zoey was far from dominant or commanding. She just liked to make sure those she cared for were taken care of, and since Kass was injured, she’d not be too keen on letting her out of her site unless necessary. 
The more Zoey heard about what happened that evening, the more she could feel her blood beginning to boil. The urge to shift and follow the scent that she was sure she could smell on Kassandra was stronger than she’d felt in a very long time. Her mind went through possible animals that could do the most harm or at least scare someone, but she closed her eyes and counted to ten. Violence wasn’t ever how she approached things. She did however want to go to the police. It wasn’t her place though, and she seriously doubted the injured woman would. All she could do was comfort and care. When she noticed that Kass’ gaze wasn’t on her, she gently cupped her cheeks and guided green eyes towards her blue. “Powers,” she said gently. “It sounds like it was the demigod’s ability. Even though a lot of us on the isle get along and use our abilities responsibly, there are bad people among us just like in the real world.” Zoey liked to think the best of everyone, but she’d learned young to be wary of demigods’ abilities unless she knew them well. Fortunately, she had a better instinct than most and did avoid anyone that screamed danger to her. “It wasn’t your fault. Someone just took your darkness and used it against you. We all have some.”
When she was done talking, she removed her hand just because restraint while keeping such an intimate position wasn’t something she had a lot of. “I think your ribs are bruised or fractured. Fortunately, all you can really do for that is rest. So, do you want me to take you to bed now and get you fixed up with some ice, or are you going to shower first?” She went through all the steps that would be needed for either action in her head, so she could get a head start on doing everything needed to make Kass more comfortable. Then, her mind suddenly stopped as she remembered a very adorable puppy. “Nugget. We need to get him. Do you want me to call Noreen and ask if she’d be willing to bring him over? I think she’s on schedule as the manager tonight if I’m remembering the schedule correctly.”
The second that Zoey's outstretched fingers touched her abdomen, Kassandra felt a gasp leave her throat. As they moved softly against her skin, she tensed. Not from pain but something that she really wasn't about to admit to the woman before her. The fingers remained on her skin for so long that all she could feel was the heat bubbling up in her stomach flushing her skin, knowing that if Zoey didn't remove her hand she'd feel the warmth. Luckily for her, or maybe unluckily, Zoey decided to touch her again, this time on her face so their eyes were locked in one of their now very famous staredowns. Fuck. "I let her do that to me. You know I've got strength. If I really wanted to get away.. To knock her out.. I could have. But I didn't. Powers or not, I wanted to let myself feel all that hurt and that pain." With a deep breath, she sighed, hands coming up to cover over Zoey's just in time for the blonde to pull them away from her face.
Hearing how concerned Zoey was for her made her chest ache that much more, and then of course she immediately thought of Nugget. How was this woman actually real? She didn't know if she believed in angels but if she did, Zoey definitely had to be one. At the mention of Noreen, Kassandra flinched visibly. "No! I mean, that's okay. I can just give you my.. My key. Just please don't be gone too long. Or you can call one of my neighbors. The lady across from me is pretty nice and she likes Nugget. Maybe she'd be fine with... With watching him." Kassandra winced as she gave the other woman options, her body throbbing with pain as some of the shock began to wear off. "Zoey... I'm sorry you have to see me like this. But thank you for taking care of me when you didn't have to." With little effort the brunette brought up one of the hands that she was holding, kissing the palm of her hand gently.
"I can.. I can try to shower while you're gone." Kassandra gave a halfhearted smile as she slowly dropped Zoey's hands to let her own fall by her sides. "I'll--I know where the bathroom is." With a staggering step, she turned around and began to hobble towards the shower, placing her key down on the couch as she walked past it towards the bathroom. As she turned, her back was now visible to Zoey, more bruises and cuts now on display. As well as a long and jagged scar that ran down her right shoulder-blade, barely visible through the long brunette curls that bobbed gently against her back. Kassandra didn't even bother shutting the door as she turned on the shower, back to the open doorway as she began the painstakingly long and painful process of unbuttoning her jeans.
“Then, instead of beating yourself up like you like to do,” she started teasingly to ensure Kass knew she didn’t judge her. She couldn’t do that. Everyone had their own troubles, their own trials. All she could do is try to understand, and then try to help make things better. “Look at the bright side. You wanted to face it and feel that pain,” she said softly. “While I’m not happy with your methods or coping mechanism, because I prefer to see you not get hurt, you at least confronted them. Now, you can decide how best you want to deal with them since they are fresh in your mind, and hopefully, heal not just physically, but emotionally too.” Zoey didn’t know who had caused Kassandra so much pain in her life, but Gods, did she want to have a few choice words with them if she could. The woman before her was good. Genuinely, and so sweetly good. She just didn’t show that to everyone. 
Zoey giggled lightly because she just couldn’t help it. “It’s cute how you think you need to give me a key when I’m currently running the Inn until Marci gets back.” Getting to nugget wouldn’t be a problem for her at all. It was getting over the fact that she didn’t want to leave Kass that would be, but it would be fine. The woman was an adult. A hard headed one, but an adult nonetheless. There wasn’t much more trouble she could get herself into. “I’ll go grab the baby,” she reassured gently. They’d both feel much better with him prancing around the house anyway. The kiss to her palm made her visibly soften and let out a soft sigh. “I’ll always take you as you are, Kass,” she promised with a shrug of her shoulders in an attempt to take the weight off of the statement. “You’re accepted with me. Just, don’t go giving me anymore heart attacks, okay? I hate seeing you hurt.” 
As she watched Kassandra barely be able to make it to the bathroom, Zoey sent up a silent prayer and followed the woman a few seconds later. When she leaned against the doorway, she saw how it was taking the injured woman much longer than necessary to unbutton a pair of jeans. Slowly, she walked forward and replaced the brunette’s hands with her own. “Just — don’t think about it,” she said in reference to how much tension was constantly growing between them. Then, she unbuttoned the jeans herself and then knelt down slowly to push them down the woman’s legs. She didn’t dare look up from her position as she told Kass, “hand on the counter to keep your balance,” before helping her step out of them. As soon as that was done, she stood up and took three steps back to the doorway. “I’m going to go get Nugget now, but I’ll be right back. You can use the towel hanging right next to the shower. I just did laundry today. And you should find an extra toothbrush in the medicine cabinet if you want to brush before we settle in.” Blue eyes barely managed to stay locked with green as she spoke, and when she felt them dipping, she turned on her heel and headed towards her purse.
Purposefully not looking at the blonde, Kass let her gaze tear upwards to the ceiling as hands took work of what she'd been trying to do. She didn't even register how easily her body just followed Zoey's instructions without even thinking about it. Bees. Mayonnaise. People that chewed when they talked. Anything and everything that would make her not at all feel as turned on as she was. Slowly her libido evened out, nodding as Zoey instructed her about where everything was. Once she left the bathroom, Kass waited until the front door shut with a click, letting out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding. Hands made slow work of her underwear, before she stepped into the shower. Warm water hit her skin and Kassandra let out a pained cry. Steadying herself against the wall for a moment, she stared down at her feet as the water sinking down into the drain turned crimson.
It hurt but she managed as she rinsed her body off to the best of her ability. Shampooing her hair was the most difficult part and by the end of it, Kass was holding back tears. Her mind replayed over and over the events of what happened, followed by Zoey's words. Did she know how to heal? And even beyond that, could she heal? Kassandra didn't know how that was even possible. This was who she had been since she was sixteen. Broken. If Zoey had even know half of the chaos that had filled inside of her own head.... Would she be able to say what she'd said earlier? Would she still care? Or would she finally realize that she wasn't worth it. Swallowing thickly, she just focused on the wall ahead, letting her mind cloud with memories of her mother. Of Aurora. Of this woman who had brought it all to the surface. Green eyes brimmed with tears and then her knees gave out, collapsing in on herself as she sat on the floor of the shower. Knees pressed together as she pulled them up to her chest, holding on for dear life as she shook, sobs taking over.
Eventually they died off and yet Kassandra still stayed in that position; holding onto her knees as she stared almost lifelessly in front of her. She didn't hear the front door open. Didn't hear her puppy bark excitedly before jumping up on the couch. Hell, she didn't even realize that the water had run cold. All she could do was stare at the floor, head swaying gently as she lost herself to the demons in her own head. What would her father say if he know how weak she really was? He wouldn't have a use for her anymore. And if he didn't then Zeus sure as hell wouldn't. Well. If Kratos had actually been keeping his part of the bargain. The deal with the devil she'd made. It was funny, or at least, she'd find it funny if she could process humor.. Her father had made a deal with the devil to reward himself. And now.. Now Kass was essentially following in his footsteps. What a fucking pair they made.
Walking to grab Nugget had been a rather uneventful adventure. She’d gotten to the Inn, checked in with everyone to make sure all was well since she was there, and then let herself in the room to grab the puppy. He was always so excited to see her, and she made sure to grab his things as well. Zoey knew that she had more than enough clothes that would work, but she made sure to grab some pants for Kass since their height difference was quite stark. Once everything was thrown into her oversized purse, she scooped the puppy into her arms and headed back to her house.
The walk gave her time to sort through her thoughts. Everything with Kass was turning out to be nothing like she expected. The woman definitely brought a liveliness to her life, and she couldn’t deny their chemistry if she tried. Still, she worried that past demons would lead to her getting hurt, but it wasn’t enough to make her step away. If she didn’t show that it was worth it, Zoey was afraid Kassandra would continue thinking she wasn’t. The artist wasn’t sticking around because she felt it was her job to correct that thinking. She just — wanted to. Sometimes it really was that simple.
When she got back in the house, she called for Kassandra after taking off her shoes but heard no response. That worried her, so she left Nugget to get comfortable and quickly moved towards the bathroom. The sight broke her heart, and she couldn’t help but curse herself for not moving faster to get back home. Zoey grabbed the towel off the rack, turned off the water, and then moved to kneel in the tub. “Kass, honey,” she said as she wrapped the towel around her shoulders. She leaned forward and kissed the other woman’s forehead. “Hey, I’m home. I’m here. Let’s get you out of this tub.”
The only thing that broke her out of her stupor was a kiss being placed against her forehead, Kass delirious as she looked up to see Zoey's face swim into view. "I'm... When did I sit down?" She blinked in confusion, looking around at her surroundings. When had a towel gotten wrapped around her and when did Zoey get back? Everything felt out of place, off. And as she stood up, her vision blurred for a moment. Sucking in a deep breath, Kass moved the towel so it was wrapped around her body. Not like Zoey had definitely not gotten an eye-full as she stood but still, for the first time in her life she was feeling self-conscious about another woman seeing her naked. Okay, second time. No matter. "Did you grab some... Some sweats for me? I don't know if I can get back into those jeans comfortably."
Kassandra moved back out of the bathroom and saw Nugget. The puppy immediately heard his owner and jumped off the couch, sprinting at full speed for his owner. As he jumped up to her, the brunette hissed in pain but pet him anyway. She couldn't fault him for being excited. Even if she was pretty battered right now, it was nice being reminded that there was someone out there that loved her unconditionally no matter what. She continued to pet him, just standing there wrapped in the towel. After about three minutes of this, Nugget barked happily before leaving to go sit back down on the couch. At the bark, Kassandra blinked as if coming out of a stupor. "Wh... When did I get here?" Her brow furrowed in confusion as she looked around before shivering, her attention now focusing on the fact that she was still very much naked and this towel barely left anything to the imagination. Oh.
I don’t know, darling, but let’s get you out,” she said gently as she helped Kass maneuver herself as much as she could. Zoey could tell something still wasn’t quite right, but she didn’t want to do something that could make it worse. The artist mostly focused on being respectful with her gaze. Since Kassandra obviously wasn’t okay, it was much easier. Physical and emotional turmoil was just too much to try and make light of. “I did. I picked up some clothes for you. You can stay with me until you can move without wincing if you want.” While she wasn’t happy about Kass living in the Inn, she wasn’t going to offer for her to move in given the development of her emotions. That was just too much too quickly. 
When the brunette moved out of the bathroom towards the living room, Zoey just leaned against a nearby wall and watched. A smile formed on her face as she saw the duo interact. They were incredibly cute together. It was when she heard Kass’ voice change to something closer to normal that she moved. “I got home to see you sitting down in the tub. You looked like you’d been crying, and you were hardly answering me. I got you out like five minutes ago, and the little man is who you headed towards.” That was about all she could do in terms of filling in the blanks since she’d walked during the tail end of things. “Let’s get you dressed,” she suggested as Zoey put her hand on the small of the woman’s back and led Kass to her room. 
When they got into her bedroom, Zoey told her to sit on the bed while she went to go get the clothes she’d gotten from the inn. She was back in the room quickly and unpacking what she’d brought. “I got underwear too because I figured having your own is a comfort every girl should have.” Once everything was laid out to give Kassandra choices, Zoey went to her closet and pulled out one of her hoodies. It was another from high school when she was in the art club. She hoped that it would bring the brunette comfort if she wanted to wear it. “Also, I’m not ignoring the bathroom. I’m just — not pushing it. If you want to tell me, I’ll always be here and willing to listen. That’s up to you. I just want to make you feel better as much as I can.”
Kassandra's body moved on auto pilot as she listened to the other woman speaking to her, hands loosening their grip on the towel. It was as if her brain wasn't registering shame anymore after her breakdown in the shower, the brunette not caring as the towel fell to the floor exposing her naked and toned form. Numbly reaching for the underwear she put them on and then moved to put on the pair of sweatpants. Her knees were weak and they almost gave out, Kass sitting on the corner of the bed as she took in a shaky breath. Her hands went to hoodie next, letting out a small yelp as what sounded like faint pops happened as she put the article of clothing on her. Finally it was finished and she was dressed, hair still wet from her shower as she let her head lull to the side, green eyes finally finding blue. She scooted backwards onto the bed and laid down on it, a grimace on her face as her body got adjusted to the new position before she relaxed. Her hand reached over to where Zoey was standing at the edge of the bed, stretching until she made purchase with her fingers.
Tugging on the hand in her own, Kassandra pulled Zoey towards her, hoping she would lay down next to her as well. When they were both comfortable, Kassandra stared back up at the ceiling, losing herself in her own head for five or so minutes until she began to speak. "My dad cursed me." Her voice came out softer than Zoey had probably ever heard it and to add to that, it sounded so distant... Like she was a million miles away. "Before I was born. I don't really know when. All I know is that in exchange for him growing stronger, his firstborn would be given a curse. The curse of foresight." Her hands weren't doing their normal thing that they usually did when she was anxious, the expression on her face blank. Emotionless. "Its not what anyone would think it is... It's not a full-fledged vision. Its just... Flashes. Flashes of my future. Flashes of other people as long as I'm a part of their lives. I saw my mom kicking me out before it even happened. I saw something bad happening before I knew that my mother had been..." Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes for a moment as if collecting herself. A few more moments passed and it almost seemed as if she'd fallen asleep until she spoke again.
"I had flashes of you. Or... Well... I thought they were of you. And I got so scared. That I'd hurt you." Still she didn't look at Zoey as her eyes opened once more, focusing on the ceiling above her instead. "I'm poison, Zoey. Everyone I get near, I destroy. My mother. Aurora. My friends from high school. All of them knew me and knowing me was enough to send them all fleeing. Something inside of me is not good. I know that now." One of her hands moved to lay over her heart, fingers curling slightly against the fabric of the hoodie. "But then there's you. For the first time since I was sixteen... There was a spark. Someone that made me want to pretend that I'm not this messed up person that pushes other people away because she'd been hurt so many damned times. I couldn't stop myself from getting to know you. And it was so easy. Like breathing. But then I had flashes. Of me and a woman with blonde hair having... And I thought that... That I could change my fate. But it was never you in those flashes, I know that now."
Everything was coming out in slow and even tone, Kassandra still just staring at the ceiling. She'd never been this calm while talking about her feelings but this whole disassociating with a concussion seemed to have loosened her tongue and her worry. "That woman tonight reminded me how broken I really am. I've been pretending since I was eighteen that I'm not. That I'll be fine. That everything is just one big fucked up mess and it's just how its meant to be." She bit her lip, not even wincing this time as she was too lost in her own head before she turned on her side to face Zoey. Green eyes found blue but it was as if she was looking through the blonde. "I look at you and I want to be selfish. I want to be okay. I want to kiss you until we both can't breathe. I want a lot of things. Things I can't have." Her eyes seemed to focus on Zoey's for a moment, lids heavy with sleep. When her face had gotten closer to Zoey's, she had no idea. "Things I don't deserve." Kass whispered, head moving forward against the pillow until her lips were mere millimetres from Zoey's, her breath puffing against them. Eyelids slid closed fully this time as the almost faintest brushing of lips occurred. And then? Nothing. Kass didn't close the microscopic distance, didn't pull back. She just stayed there until finally it was clear what had happened; her hand clutching to the front of Zoey's sweatshirt, the brunette fast asleep.
Everything that had been said to Zoey was a lot to take in, and she was partially thankful that Kass had fallen asleep. There was no way she’d be able to articulate the response that Kass deserved right away. So, the illustrator stayed awake. She made sure to wake Kass up every forty minutes to ensure she didn’t fall into a coma due to her concussion, and then just thought out everything that had been laid before her. Their upbringing, their lives couldn’t be more different if they tried. Zoey’s father and step mother had done everything to protect her growing up. This left the artist wondering just what words she could offer to provide comfort. 
Fortunately, staying up late or even all night wasn’t something that bothered Zoey much. She’d spent many nights up until morning before a deadline to make sure everything was perfect. So, she was happy to keep nudging Kass awake and letting Nugget up on the bed to lay at their feet. After nudging Kass into semi consciousness at seven in the morning, the blonde called her dad and asked if he could open up the shop for her. The friendly man was happy to help even before hearing the reason why, and Zoey was thankful. She promised that she’d get in eventually, but he told her not to worry. Between the Inn, the comic shop, and her work as an illustrator, he was worried about her running herself a little ragged. With that taken care of, and Noreen being more than capable to handle things at the Inn, Zoey started on a light breakfast. She made them toast, two fruit bowls, and poured some OJ. When it was all set she placed Kass’s food on her side of the bed on the nightstand, and did the same with her own on her side. She’d already placed some aspirin beside the brunette too because she was positive she’d need it.
Zoey carefully crawled back into bed and placed a kiss on the brunette’s cheek. She’d been tempted since their brush of lips last night to finally kiss Kass, but she held back. They obviously had things to talk about, and she was happy that the other woman would be more conscious and alert to take in everything she had to say. When green eyes fluttered open, the artist smiled. “Good morning beautiful,” she said sweetly. “Take it easy getting up, okay? I’m pretty sure you’re going to feel like one big bruise.” The blonde did her best to help the woman maneuver into a comfortable position. It didn’t take long for Nugget to waddle his way between his owner’s legs and settle back down to sleep. Zoey smiled at the adorable dog. “Before I say anything, how much do you remember telling me last night? You didn’t embarrass yourself or ruin anything before you panic. I just need to know how much I need to fill you in on before I respond. You passed out on me before I could.”
Drifting in and out of sleep all night was honestly a terrible experience. Kassandra wanted to be grumpy but it was all her own fault. Luckily though, this pattern of barely any sleep made it so she wouldn't dream which was a blessing. Soon the morning light and Zoey stirring her woke her up again. Her body felt like it had a concrete mold poured atop it, the woman groaning as she struggled to move her limbs. A kiss was placed against her cheek and finally did she allow herself to open her eyes. One of them looked definitely worse for the wear and it would have been slightly comical if not for the reason she'd actually gotten her shiner. "Good morning, babe." Wincing as she sat up, Kassandra leaned against the headboard just in time for Nugget to excitedly meet her. Reaching forward, the brunette began to pet him just as Zoey started talking once more. And suddenly, just like that, she was wide awake.
Everything about last night was a hazy blur. Except for the fight, that is. Trying to remember everything after that came slowly, like waves lapping at the shore as the tide rolled in. "I..." Placing a hand against her face, Kassandra closed her eyes as she tried to remember it. She'd gone to Zoey's.... Taken a shower... And then she'd talked on the bed with h--The color drained from her face, her hand falling into her lap as she looked at Zoey directly. "Oh. I told you about... Me." Swallowing thickly, she immediately brought her hands together as she started to pull and pinch at her fingers, anxiety very apparent on her features. "So now you know, I guess. Uh... Surprise? I've never actually... Told anyone about those. So if you could just keep it between us.." She trailed off, mind racing as more bits and pieces of last night began to flutter in and out of her memory. One particular memory swam into view and Kassandra felt her stomach drop like a rock. Was that just a fantasy or had that actually almost happened? Should she even ask? Fuck. "Did I... I tried to kiss you. Was that... Did that actually happen?"
Zoey patiently waited for everything to come to Kassandra. She took a bite of her toast and took a sip of her juice. When everything did come, she set the cup back down. Thankfully, she finished swallowing her sip because she was sure she would have accidentally spit it out by the last question. For some reason, she hadn’t expected it, and she didn’t let her mind settle on what had almost happened because she’d crave it even more. After clearing her throat she answered, “You brushed your lips against mine.” Blue eyes sought out green so the woman beside her could see how she wasn’t at all mad. “I didn’t lean the rest of the way in because I didn’t want to hurt you, and I want you a little more conscious when we have our first kiss.” The artist needed Kass to know she still was interested. Reaffirming that throughout the conversation was her biggest priority. 
“I’m not going to tell anyone about anything you told me. That’s — it’s not my story or information to tell. You never have to worry about me betraying your confidence.” Gossiping was never something that the blonde liked taking part in. The most she’d share with her siblings, Jack, and Dex was how much she liked Kass and what she liked about her. Everything else, that just wasn’t necessary for anyone else to know. “I’m not going to say sorry because I don’t pity you or think that anything about you is so sad that you need an apology. They, from my experience, apologies never really do much. People say them so often, they’ve lost their meaning and morphed into something less genuine.” That didn’t mean that Zoey didn’t apologize when she needed to, but she reserved them for when she truly hurt someone. “You said so much, and I spent the night wondering what was the best way to tell you how I feel about it all, but I still just don’t know where to start. So, if I make a jumbled mess of this, please just ask me to clarify something.”
Zoey moved on the bed so she turned her whole body towards Kass. She bit her bottom lip nervously for a second before letting out a sigh. “All I care about are two things. Firstly, will you ever hurt me intentionally? Secondly, will you always try to talk to me? If the answer to the first is no and the second yes, then nothing else matters in my eyes. I don’t see you as this living, breathing, walking bundle of destruction. Relationships come with hurt. My parents have the best marriage I’ve ever seen, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen them hurt one another. Either through stupid words, forgetfulness, or just moments of complacency it’s happened. So, I wouldn’t walk into anything with you expecting not to get hurt. That’s just — it’s an unrealistic expectation that will just lead to disappointment. You can’t have that expectation either. All that matters is your intent.” Intent meant everything to Zoey. It was the difference between forgiveness or not in her eyes. While she was incredibly caring, she wasn’t stupid. If anyone hurt her purposely, then she no longer kept them in her circle. Cutting them out completely wasn’t possible due to the size of the island, but the relationship she had with the person would never be the same.
“Lastly, when it comes to the idea of deserving me, you — I can’t have you looking at it that way,” she said softly to ensure she didn’t come off as angry at the phrasing or idea. She just believed it wasn’t healthy for either of them. “If I want to be here, you need to trust my judgement about what I think I can handle, and what I see in you. You keeping yourself away from me or stopping something from happening because you think it would be selfish due to an idea of you destroying me would mean that you don’t think I can make my own decisions. You’ve laid everything on the table for me, and I took none of it lightly. I sat with it in between waking you up throughout the night. The conclusion I came to is that I want to show you how special you are to me. I can’t predict the future and say it will end well, but I can say that even if I knew it wouldn’t, I’d still say the same because the journey would be worth it no matter the ending.” With that, Zoey let out a breath she hadn’t even realized she’d been holding. She thought over everything she’d said, and she was happy with it. All that she wanted to get across, she thought she had. That was what she cared about most.
When. The word repeated itself on a loop in her brain for what felt like eons. It began to jumble in with everything else that Zoey started to say and when the illustrator began to speak up on how she felt, panic settled in her belly. But it wasn't panic, not really. It was nerves. Butterflies, more like. Something that she hadn't felt in so long. It washed over her like a tidal wave and honestly she was probably having the wrong reaction to everything that Zoey had just said to her. Was continuing to say to her. It all felt surreal and also right on the nose to how the blonde's nature was. From the moment she'd met her, Kass had known that Zoey wasn't the type of person to beat around the bush when it came to stuff that needed to be said. The only thing that hadn't been so blatantly obvious to her was the whole feelings avenue but that's because of her own emotional constipation. She waited and waited, the butterflies consuming her stomach, making every nerve-ending feel like it was on fire. For the first time in over a decade, she felt... Relieved? It was strange, not having any secrets. Well... Mostly. She didn't know if she was ready for that discussion. Hell, she didn't even know how she truly felt about that whole situation anymore. It's not like she was getting anywhere with it. Maybe she didn't have to continue down that path... Maybe it was finally time to let all of her demons lie.
Without even processing what she was doing, Kassandra once again had her body moving of it's own accord. Her body was stiff from what had happened the night before but she couldn't stop it even if she tried. There was a small smile on her face as she moved out from under the covers and towards Zoey who was still sitting there on the bed, no clue as to what was about to happen. The brunette now had moved so that either leg was straddling Zoey's lap, sitting down as gingerly as possible while also putting most of the weight on her knees. Her right hand cupped Zoey's jaw, thumb tenderly caressing her cheek. "No." She answered honestly, swiftly realizing that she hadn't specified what that was for. A laugh bubbled out of her throat as she quickly tried to clarify. "No, I won't hurt you with intent. And yes, I will always try to talk to you. Whatever I feel for you... I'm going to be honest, I'm not fully prepared for it. Honestly I'm kind of scared because I'm used to being hurt. But I... I trust you. I want to try." Another giggle came this time before she turned serious, green eyes finding blue. "May I kiss you?"
Normally she wouldn't have asked. You see, Kassandra West had always taken what she wanted. Women weren't playthings, sure, but she did have fun with the ones that consented to just sex and only ever just sex. This was different. This was wanting the strings. This was desire before the kiss. This was excitement and joy and fear all wrapped into one big ball of tension. This was what her heart had forgotten it could feel. And sure, it might not end well. Hell, it might not even truly start. She honestly didn't know what would happen. But she wanted to try. Not just for Zoey but... Selfishly? For herself. She wanted. Right then and there, Kassandra catalogued in her mind to do some research into seeing someone that could help her with these mental hurdles that had been thrust at her from other people and then by herself. Whatever damage she had, she couldn't just continue to slam it onto Zoey. Not all the time. But for now? For now she waited with baited breath. And with the knowledge that her puppy was intently watching this whole thing going down with a lazy happy look on his face.
When Kass began moving, Zoey had no idea what to expect. However, she could safely say that she didn’t expect to have the brunette straddling her lap. It wasn’t a development she would complain about though. Her hands moved on their own to slide from the woman’s hips to the small of her back under the hoodie she was wearing. “I’m not going to go anywhere,” she said easily in response to Kass’ not being ready. “Whatever you are ready for, just let me know, and we’ll go from there.” 
The question caught her by surprise, but a small smile formed on her lips. Slowly, she arched her body up to brush her lips against Kass’ in the manner the woman had last night. “After teasing me with this last night,” she replied with a smirk. “Yes,” she finished as she tugged on the woman on top of her to get even closer somehow. A part of Zoey was worried about hurting Kassandra’s lip, but if the brunette didn’t seem to mind, then she wouldn’t either.
Hands slid under the hoodie she was wearing, causing her back to arch up into the touch. Not from pain, from something else entirely. A blush settled on her cheeks as she fully realized the complicated positioning she'd put them in. How it must look to have the taller of the two on top. Probably a good thing they weren't at the Inn where her mirror was... Nevermind. Not the right time to think about this. Nodding at what the other woman had to say, Kassandra leaned down, her hand sliding from the girl's jaw to the base of her skull as fingers slid through golden hair. Just as she was about to kiss her, she winced and pulled back once more. "Okay I just need to make one thing abundantly clear." She murmured before pulling back to lock their gazes again, almost feeling bad for the dark pools that were staring back at her.
"I want to be good for me, not just you." Kass's voice was firm, resolute. And then it all crumbled when she realized how awful she'd worded that. "Wait, no... That's not what--That came out wrong. I just mean..." She trailed off, her other hand moving up to grip at Zoey's shoulder as she tipped her head back and sighed. "You deserve the best things, Zo. I think anyone that comes into your orbit knows that. And for a long time.. I didn't think I deserved that same regard. But I do." Kass nodded, as if reaffirming that to herself before smiling shyly at Zoey. "Now that I got that out of the way... Are you sure you're okay with me kissing you? Because if you want me to go even slower, I can. I'm also straddling you. Which normally..." And thus began the rambling.
Zoey’s eyes were about to close when she heard Kass start talking again. Her eyebrow arched in silent question of what else the brunette wanted to talk about. It was somewhat torture. The artist was positive she’d never been more turned on in her life, and they hadn’t even done anything yet. Although, their build up had been going on for weeks. Her limited experience didn’t tell her if this was customary or not. However, when she heard Kass speak, she couldn’t help but giggle. “I like the way you said it,” she answered honestly. “I want you to do your healing for yourself. I want to be a bonus to what you do and who supports you. I don’t want to be your reason.” That was far too much pressure, and that could cripple a relationship if done too early. 
Relationship. Was that what she wanted? She’d been so focused on trying to see if Kass could feel the pull between them too that she hadn’t thought about it. However, the word didn’t give her worry or anxiety. Instead, she thought of more dates, sleepovers, and days with Nugget. All of it was pleasant and warm. They’d cross that bridge when they got to it though.
When Kass started rambling again, Zoey smiled as she brought one hand up, fisted the front of the hoodie the brunette was wearing, and gently pulled her down so their lips connected. The blonde tilted her head for a better angle and couldn’t help but sigh into the kiss. After a few seconds, she pulled back slightly and noticed that her breathing was heavier. That reaction from just a kiss? An amazing, butterfly inducing kiss, but still, the simplest of contacts? ‘Gods,’ she thought to herself. How she was going to resist the woman on top of her was a mystery. “Sorry, you were taking too long,” she said bashfully. “You rambling is seriously cute though.”
Lips pressed to her own in a gentle manner and Kassandra felt herself melt. Fingers tightened against the base of Zoey's scalp, scratching gently. It wasn't anything more than a pressing of lips and she was already out of breath. Zoey pulled back sooner than she would have liked but maybe it was okay because she needed oxygen, her lungs feeling as if they were on fire. When she apologized for kissing her because Kass had taken too long, the woman in question smiled widely as her nose crinkled. "You're lucky I like you, Katz. I don't let just anyone call me cute." Licking her lips, she took stock of their position and came to the conclusion that this simply wouldn't do. Gently pressing a finger to Zoey's shoulder, Kass pushed her down onto the bed as her arms went on either side of the other woman's head. Nugget jumped off the bed, deciding that this was getting a little too cramped for him and began running circles around the couch. 
Kassandra brought her hand to trail her knuckles down Zoey's cheek, turning her wrist slightly to run her thumb along Zoey's lower lip. Cheeks were rosy and her curls were messy but she didn't care, not giving it a second thought as she leaned down. The second their lips touched, Kassandra felt butterflies fill her stomach once more. She couldn't tell if that was her who moaned but at this point she didn't care as her lips slid over Zoey's in what she hoped would one day become a practiced motion. Normally her hands would be trailing across skin, undoing buttons and tearing off bras. Not this time. Not with her. Her hands remained on either side of Zoey's head, being as respectful as she could. She hadn't even allowed herself to deepen the kiss, giving the blonde full control. After all, they had time.
When she heard what Kass said, she couldn’t help but smirk. Zoey leaned forward and placed a kiss on the woman’s cheek. “What about adorable,” she asked before moving to place another kiss on the woman’s jaw. “My favorite is nerd though,” she added lastly as she moved down to place a kiss on Kassandra’s neck. Barely managing to show some restraint, she pulled back slightly, but when she did she just kept going until her back hit the mattress. Blue eyes looked up at Kass and felt her body temperature rise gradually.
Between the feeling of the pressure of the other woman’s body and the kiss, Zoey knew she moaned and couldn’t care less. The kiss lasted longer than the last, and when she broke it, she went right back in for another one. She wouldn’t allow herself to deepen it though. Gods, she wanted to. But, she could feel the cut on Kass’ lip and worried about it splitting open again if she lost control. So, in between another series of kisses, she mumbled, “considering how badly I want to bite your bottom lip, I think we stop before I make you bleed.” Zoey’s hand had traveled further up the brunette’s back as they kissed, and she felt it resting between slender shoulders. She couldn’t help but be thankful that she hadn’t dug her nails down. That would have caused more pain than pleasure with the bruises she’d seen last night. In an attempt to keep her body from reacting, Zoey just kept talking. “In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve never felt this much before,” she said as she lightly tugged on Kass to let her weight fall a bit. It wasn’t like the other woman would squish her. “Sex wasn’t something I even thought a lot of. I found it as a necessary act sometimes in relationships, but I never wanted it. Then, well, I feel, no I know I want you. I just, when it happens, know I won’t know much of what I’m doing.”
Restraint was definitely not her best friend but she could manage. She wasn't a complete and utter horn-dog. At least, not all the time. There was just something about finally kissing Zoey that had her wanting to not stop. Not until they both couldn't breathe. Not until they were both...... Okay, nevermind. Maybe it was a good thing that the blonde was telling her they should cool off. Kassandra couldn't stop the pout though, lower lip slightly jutting out as she sighed. The pout faded away as the woman underneath admitted something that she hadn't even thought to question. "You've never... Felt this much?" Her head cocked to the side adorably, choosing now to get off of Zoey. If she stayed on top of her, then Kassandra might keep kissing her and eventually this position would make her ribs ache more than they already did.
Moving backwards, Kass moved to lay down next to the blonde. Her body rolled so it was flush against Zoey's, entangling their legs as she reached down with a hand to interlace their fingers together. Bringing Zoey's hand up to her lips, she kissed the other woman's knuckles softly, her eyes fluttering shut as she did so. "Have you ever been... Have you ever had sex with another woman before? Also uh... Just so you know its not one sided. I want you. More than I ever thought I possibly could. But I won't ever put you into a position that you don't want to be. When and if you ever feel ready..." Her gaze was soft, green eyes finding blue before she placed a gentle kiss to Zoey's temple. "I haven't... It's just been sex to me. A way to get off. To let off steam. I don't want that with you. One day, if you you're okay with it, I want to..." Kassandra's gaze drifted down to Zoey's lips as she pulled away to look at her. "I don't want to rush, I want to spend the time to commit every inch of you to memory. If that's alright, I mean." The brunette whispered, suddenly feeling very self conscious.
When Kass moved to lay beside her, Zoey easily turned on her side to face the woman as well. The blonde still couldn’t believe how anyone could see the brunette as anything but a giant softy, but she wasn’t about to complain. “I’ve never felt this much physical attraction to someone before. It’s never been hard for me to be restrained in these things, but I seriously struggle around you and love teasing you. I seriously think I sometimes do it without realizing,” she said with a chuckle. It was just so natural to do. Half of the things she did around Kass she did without thought or much effort.
“I’ve never had sex with a woman before, no,” she said with a shrug. “The only person I have had sex with is Theo. I’ve kissed girls before, and I know I’m attracted to women. I just — I guess I’m more complicated in seeking relationships than most people.” Zoey never rushed getting into one, and she was very comfortable being in her own company. The artist loved those around her so much that she never felt lonely or rushed to find that sort of connection. As Kass continued to talk, Zoey closed her eyes and counted to ten slowly. They were laying on her bed talking about something that would not cure the burning she suddenly felt in her lower abdomen. “Trust me, wanting to or being ready to isn’t the problem,” she said with a smile once she opened her yes again. “It’s more that this between us is something, and I want to make sure we do it right. You’ve been hurt before, and I want you to feel safe and ready before you get into something again. I can wait. I’m not going anywhere.”
The knowledge of Zoey never having sex with a woman before was only slightly terrifying. She'd had encounters with women before that she'd been their first time and yeah, she'd bragged about how good she'd make it for them. And sure, on some level she probably did. But that was hard and fast. There were no pleasantries. Barely any kindness. Just booze and getting fucked until you passed out from exhaustion. Kass had only ever done it slow with one person and the thought of going slow, of letting herself strip down? She wasn't quite sure if she was going to be able to handle it. Come to think of it... She couldn't remember the last time she actually fully removed all of her clothes while being with another person. Maybe that was okay, maybe it was better that way. To not remember her when she was laying next to someone who she was desperately trying so hard to trust.
Biting her lip, Kassandra nodded in response to everything Zoey told her. She wanted to respond, to give her some kind of reassurance that without a shadow of a doubt, she was with her. That she wasn't going anywhere. Could she give that to her? Could she give the one thing that terrified her? "Thank you... For caring. And I wish I could just tell you I'm ready right now. Because... Hell, I want you. I want you more than I've wanted anyone in a long time. But you're right..." Kass sucked in a deep breath, eyes closing for a moment before exhaling and opening them. "I have been hurt before." Green eyes looked down at their joined fingers, playing with Zoey's. "I can tell you about her.. If you want. T-Them. I can tell you about my ghosts."
Some people might be disappointed at the answer they got, but Zoey honestly wasn’t. She was happy that Kassandra was honest. It was healthier that way. Jumping head first into something that terrified you would only lead to problems, and that wasn’t what she wanted for them. “I don’t wish that,” she said sweetly as she pushed down the urge to flip Kass on her back and straddle her hips. Those ideas were getting distracting. “I want what’s best for you. I really do care about you which means being selfish with you isn’t something I can let myself do. I promise that if I ever get really upset or sad that I’ll talk to you because pushing what I want to the side all the time isn’t healthy either, but I’m really okay with waiting. Finding you is already such a bright spot that I didn’t expect to happen when it did. I can be patient for anything else.” Being around Kass without escalating things would be hard, but Zoey figured she could find some buffers. Brining Kass around her friends would happen eventually anyway, and that was a sure fire way to keep things cooler between them when they hung out.
“You don’t have to open all of your deepest wounds for me right now, darling,” she promised as she leaned forward ever so slightly and pecked the woman’s lips. It had been a solid ten minutes since they last kissed, and that was just bothering the artist apparently. “It’s not some exchange that you have to give me to validate you needing time or anything. I think you need to come to terms with them first before you can share them with me. Otherwise, it could just bring up a lot of nasty, mean memories that you aren’t ready to face again. I’m already going to have a hard time sleeping when worrying about you joining Fight Clubs late at night. If I add worries about you having nightmares, you’ll never leave this bed.”
On some level, Kassandra didn't believe that she deserved this. Not the kindness or the patience or the caring. But here Zoey was, doing all of those things and making her want to kiss her until her lungs felt like they were on fire. So when Zoey pecked her on the lips, for one mind-numbing minute Kassandra almost let herself indulge. Almost being the operative word. "I'll talk about them when I'm ready, promise. Having one be dead and the other a million miles away from me--I guess it makes it easier to finally move on. I never think I really realized how much I was holding onto while I was in Portland." For a moment she got lost in yester-year but just as quickly snapped out of it. 
A grin did settle over her face at the idea of never leaving this bed with Zoey, the idea ramping up the temptation she already felt. "If you keep teasing me about staying in this bed, then I'll eventually have to do your bidding." Kass' grin turned into a smirk as she took the opportunity to roll onto Zoey, straddling her once more as she pinned the blonde's hands above her head in a fluid but gently motion. Leaning down, she moved her mouth next to the other woman's ear to whisper sweetly into it. "Is that what you'd want, Zoey?" Kassandra pressed a heated kiss to the blonde's neck, chuckling lowly. "No one's ever made me beg before." The brunette pulled back enough to lock their gazes, eyebrow arched as she looked directly to Zoey's lips. "Maybe that's about to change."
The blonde was about to respond to the more serious conversation at hand when she suddenly found herself back on her back with a weight once again against her. Her hands being pinned up above her head added another element of arousal she wasn’t ready for which caused her to subconsciously roll her hips upwards as a light moan left her lips. The words, the kiss, and sensations were enough to make even Zoey say screw it all to hell and give into everything stewing between them. Was it the opposite of what she’d said literally minutes ago? Yes, but she couldn’t find an ounce of care in her body right then. It was all being drowned out by need instead.
When green eyes met her own, she knew her gaze most likely reflected the arousal she felt coursing through her. “I do have the perfect headboard to keep you chained here, Kass,” she teased back without even thinking much about the words she was saying. Her voice was lower than she was used to hearing it, but her attention was completely on the all too satisfied woman above her. “Although, being the one to finally make you want to beg is enticing. Tell me, Kass, is knowing how much I want you driving you crazy? I bet me adding that waiting isn’t my problem didn’t help either, huh?” Acting innocent while being downright flirty was apparently Zoey’s game, and she wasn’t about to pivot away from it.
The smirk would have dropped off her face at the mention of being chained to the headboard if she hadn't remembered that they wouldn't be able to contain her. "You're adorable if you think that's going to be able to stop me. I'm kinda strong, remember?" She wanted to keep teasing but then Zoey started doing just that, her voice low and husky to a point that Kass felt her whole body heat up. A growl tore through her throat at that comment, one of her legs moving to slip between Zoey's own. "You drive me crazy. And I think I do the exact same thing right back." Green eyes were surely dark with lust by this point and as she moved her body forward to bring their lips together, she tried to ignore the way her thigh moved of its own accord.
One hand held down Zoey's wrists after bringing them together while the other trailed down her body to bring a hand under her shirt to lightly graze against her stomach. Pulling back slowly, she kept their mouths close together, each word that she spoke causing lips to trace over the others in a tempting motion. "Say the word and I'll play nice, Zoey." She pressed a kiss underneath the blonde's jaw, sucking softly for a moment before looking back at her with yet another smirk. "Because if you're fine with it, I'm fine with acting like a horny teenager and making out with you for the better part of the afternoon. Or we can just relax and watch a documentary?" Kassandra offered, moving her thigh upward in a complete acknowledgement of what she was doing. "Tell me what you want and I'll do it. Your wish is my command." If Zoey could do the whole innocent move, Kassandra would definitely be a little demon.
“If you’re going to break my bed, I don’t want it to be with you getting out of restraints.” Zoey was partially surprised at how easily the flirtations came from her. It wasn’t like it was a banter she partook in regularly. Yet, it was surprisingly instinctual. When a leg slipped between her own, Zoey let out a gasp. Her back arched slightly as she moved her hands to grasp at Kass’ hips. She nearly gripped tightly but was still sound enough to remember the bruises that could still be there. “You know we do,” she said with a breathy chuckle. “We’ve been teasing each other for weeks.” The words were barely out before they were kissing again.
“A documentary,” she asked back with a smile. “First off, I’d start showing you anime, but we both know we wouldn’t watch it. We’d wind up just like this or something like it, but on the couch.” Her eyes closed as she thought about whether she’d be able to restrain herself. Considering how much her hips wanted to grind down on the thigh pressed against her, she didn’t think restraint would be her strong suit. “I want you right here. I took the day off. My dad is covering the shop. Let’s not waste it.”
Zoey was going to be the death of her, she was sure of it. Between her gasps and the way her body moved perfectly against her own, Kassandra was in utter fucking bliss. "I wasn't trying to, if I'm being honest I was kind of nervous when it came to doing anything too forward with you. You made me nervous but in a good way. Don't worry about that." Kassandra blushed, kissing her once more with vigor, all tongue and teeth nipping on lips as she pulled away before Zoey spoke again.
'I want you right here'. The words Zoey uttered made her mouth go dry and her stomach do flips. Just as she was about to lean down and kiss the blonde again, that all too familiar feeling washed over her. Her vision blurred before her expression went blank as three flashes repeated behind her eyes. A suitcase being loaded into a car. A small scar on a cheek. Waves crashing onto the shore. To anyone that was watching her, all they'd see is Kassandra go completely still while her eyes moved rapidly back and forth. Her breathing had halted as the images assaulted her vision until they disappeared, leaving her trying to get her bearings on top of her--well, she didn't know exactly what Zoey was to her. But that was an interesting choice of direction her brain had almost led her to. "I... Sorry, sorry about that."
The kiss took Zoey’s breath away and made it difficult for her to actually focus on them wanting to go slow. She reciprocated with as much urgency as she received and was definitely breathing harder when Kass pulled back. She was about to lift her head up to trail kisses along the woman’s neck when she noticed the change in Kassandra’s demeanor. Everything seemed to freeze for the woman on top of her, and even when she lightly called her name, she got no response. Not quite knowing what to do, Zoey just patiently waited to see if there was any sign of her coming out of whatever was happening. 
When Kass spoke again, Zoey moved one of her hands to cup the woman’s cheek. “Hey, sweetheart,” she said with an easy smile. “Either, I’m affecting you way more than I realize, or that was an example of those visions of yours that you told me about. It was kind of like That’s So Raven,” she said teasingly. She wanted to joke to show that she really wasn’t upset about it happening when it did. It wasn’t like the woman could control when they happened. “You okay? Do you really need that documentary?”
Nodding slowly, Kass sighed and chose this moment to lay down onto Zoey, nuzzling into her neck. "If I'm hurting you by laying on you, just let me know. I don't wanna smoosh you." Kassandra breathed out against her skin, knowing full well that their height difference of doing this was comical at best. "Would you hate me if I told you that I never watched that show. I was more of Phil of the Future kind of girl. Aly Milchalka can get it." Biting her lip, Kass brought her head up enough to look at Zoey before giving her a small peck on the mouth. "I'm okay," She said gently before nuzzling back into Zoey's neck. "But yeah that's what happens... I don't really know what it means. Maybe I'll figure it out later. Remind me to write it down later okay?"
Kassandra hummed into Zoey's neck contently, allowing her eyes to close once more as she felt the heavy weight of sleep hitting her once more. All thoughts of the food that Zoey had brought her faded from her mind as she snuggled into the woman beneath her. "I'm gonna take a little bit of a nap on you which means prime cuddling with Kassandra time. Push me off if I get too heavy. Okay babe?" The words were mumbled sleepily as she let out a small yawn, her breathing evening out in seconds as, true to her word, she drifted off to sleep.
The blonde giggled lightly as she started rubbing up and down the brunette’s back absentmindedly. “You’re not heavy, Kass,” she promised as she felt her eyes begin to droop. Not getting any sleep was going to catch up to her quickly with them staying in bed, but she wasn’t against some nap time. Especially when it was with such a gorgeous woman. 
“Mm, okay,” she mumbled back as sleep began to claim her too. 
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onslaughtsqueen · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Technoblade x pregnant! Reader
I shiver and hold my hand close to my chest and cup my swollen belly as I approached the cabin. I open the door and see the fire is lit but no sign of my beloved husband. I shut the door and set my stuff down. I groan at my aching pain in my knees and feet. I change and grab one of his blankets. I rub my belly and can’t help but smile. We didn’t necessarily plan to have a baby but after one night of not being so careful, I find out a month later about our little bundle of joy, I was excited but techno eyes only showed fear. I knew this be hard for him but over time he became more protective. I was forbidden to even just walk out alone but tonight I got lucky and visited Philza. He’s father was beyond excited about the baby arrival. He’s agreed to come stay when I hit nine months so tonight, I went to get some clothes he had made for our baby, the gender wont be known until the birth and it make this so much more exciting honestly. As I sit in my thoughts I start to fall asleep.
Techno pov
I walk up to the house, I see the lights are on and I smile. I walk in and set my stuff down. I’m about to call out but then I see her on the couch asleep. I smile big and stand there. The light reflects her sleeping form. I smile seeing her belly. I walk over slowly and move my hand over it and close my eyes, resting my forehead on her hand over her belly and smile. Since I heard the news of our baby, I couldn’t help but feel so scared. I want to protect them both from everything. I kiss her stomach and then I feel my hair move. I look up and she’s running her fingers through my hair and smiling.She’s so beautiful. The months just fly by going on nine months. I laying next to her rubbing and speaking to her whom in hopes my child could hear my voice. I look up seeing her eyes with joy to see me act this way. She looks up speaking softly “my love they cannot hear you” i smile “how do you know that”she shrugs and the baby kicks her. she winces at the kick and i looks up at her worried and leans forward and looks her in the eyes and she bite her lip and rubs the spot where the baby kicked. “my love are you okay” she nods and keeps rubbing the spot as I kiss the spot and whispers to my child ”please be kind to your mother “the baby moves to where his voice is and she looks up in surprise and back at her stomach. I smiles.”so they can’t hear me my love” she playfully rolls her eyes and the baby kicks again and the queen groans.”please my dear stop kicking me please” I lift her slowly and get her to bed she lays to her side.I crawls over and wraps my arms around her and smile and kiss her head and close my eyes.they both fall fast asleep.
Y/n pov
In the middle of the night I wake up feeling wave of pain comes over me. I whimper and feels a warm liquid move between my legs. I move over to turn the light on and see the blood. i looks at techno nudging him and another wave of pain comes over me. I scream and whimper. I holds my stomach. Techno jolts up and looks at me with panic in his eyes the blood and he jumps up. I grabs his wrist and tries to catch my breath and whimper and tears fill my eyes. “ me”He nod and calls out to his father in the other room. I screams leaning back and start to cry more. “t...t...the baby’s is coming “ i scream as Techno starts to work fast moving the covers and opens my legs taking my underwear of my ankles. He moves up to holds her hand. He looks at me and puts one hand in between my legs just in case the baby comes. “my love you can do this breath my love breath “I...i...I’m trying aarrrgghhh” He holds my hand and kisses it. “come on my love” i try to breath and another wave of pain comes over me as I scream again.
Techno pov
My dad rushes in with towels and water. Philza has her change positions where she lays her chest on my arms and she arches her back so he can get the baby. she cries. she holds her stomach and then looks down at her swollen belly and groans. I kiss the top of her head and rub her lower back. “ you got this my love. Your doing so good “ then another wave of pain comes over her and her breathing becomes faster hours past before philza finally says she can see the head of the baby. She starts to push and push she screams and grips onto my arms. I hold her hand and try my best to encourage her. I look down and see the baby head pushing through and finally one last push and they come rushing out i smiles. Philza holds him, wiping the baby. I look up “ the gender “ Philza smiles “ it’s a boy “ I smile big. He starts crying and she collapses in my arms. she tries to catch her breath turning on her back. I kiss her softly. Philza cleans him up and then has me take y/n to the tub. I pick her up gently holding a towel between her legs so the blood doesn’t drip. I set her into the tub and help her. she whimpers a little and philza walks in with my son handing him to her.
Y/n pov
I smile kissing the top of his head tears of joy run down my face, I move my fingers gently over his light pink hair and little piglet ears. I kiss the top of his head hearing a low whimper and smiling , he’s a mini version of techno. I look up at techno seeing tears in his eyes. “ this is our baby” he is smiling uncontrollably at the sight of his child in my arms. Philza smiles and puts his hand on his son shoulder. Techno smiles and looks at him. He picks up the baby. Techno helps me out, dressing me. Carries me bridal style and before he able to put me in bed, I fall asleep in his arms curled up into his chest and before I fully asleep I hear techno. “thank you my love for the gift you have given me I will protect and love you both forever sleep well my love “ philza brings the baby in and techno lays on his back with the boy on his chest with his hand resting gently on his sons back. Philza smiles “ goodnight you too “ techno kisses the top of my head and holds me in his arms before he is fast asleep, I can’t help but smile as i fall asleep.
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itstheoneshot · 6 days ago
Best Friends Forever
Summary: After yet another unsuccessful date, you’re back at your best friend’s house, hoping he can mend your aching heart, the way he always does.
Word Count: 1.7k
Pairing: Onew x Reader
Warnings: 18+, NSFW, Smut, Fluff.
Tumblr media
You step out of the taxi, shivering in the cold breeze as you jog up to the front door of your best friend’s house. You knock on the hardwood, and wait only a moment for the door to open. You’re met with his beautiful smile, and wide open arms that you step into for a hug.
“Another bad date?” Jinki asks you, ushering you in out of the cold.
After shutting the door, he takes your jacket from you, and you kick off your shoes before following him into the living room. On the coffee table are two steaming hot cups of tea, and you reach out to take one, grateful for how much Jinki cares about you.
“Always,” You sigh, blowing gently into your mug before taking a sip.
Jinki sits beside you, taking his own drink before he responds to what you just said.
“You always pick the wrong men.” He observes, eyeing you as you raise a brow at him.
He isn’t wrong though, this has become a ritual for you. Finding someone on a dating app, going out for a first date, the date being a failure, and then you turn up at your best friend’s house to vent out your frustrations, every single time. Jinki is always there, waiting for you with tea, an ear to listen, and a shoulder to cry on when it is all too much.
“I’m never going to find love, Jinki.” You say, exasperated.
You promised yourself that you wouldn’t cry tonight, but of course you failed at that. The kind man sitting across from you reaches out to cup your cheek, brushing away your tears.
“Sometimes exactly what you need is right in front of you.” He says.
You cock your head to the side, resting further into his palm, as you try to understand what he just said to you.
“What?” You ask.
Jinki places his cup back down on the coffee table, and takes his hand to your other cheek. His hand is warm, and you nuzzle into it, feeling comfort as it radiates from him.
“Surely you feel it, too.” He says.
You see a blush run to his cheeks, as he averts your gaze. He smiles, and you can tell that he wishes to hide, but he doesn’t move his hands away from you as he patiently waits for your reply.
You ponder his words, and you slowly come to the realisation that he is right. Your beautiful, handsome, kind best friend, is always there for you, always catching you when you fall, patiently waiting, for you to fall for him too.
“I love you.” He says.
Your words catch in your throat at his sudden confession, completely taken aback. Sure, you’ve said those three words to each other a thousand times, but you know that this time he means a different kind of love.
“Jinki, I—“ You start.
“May I kiss you?” He interrupts.
You giggle at this, as butterflies begin to flutter in your stomach. This is the feeling you had been looking for, on all of your failed dates, Jinki was right, what you were looking for was right in front of you all along.
“You may.” You reply.
Jinki leans forward, pulling you closer at the same time to kiss you, for the first time in the many years you have been friends, he kisses you. With a passion and force that indicates to you just how long he has waited to do this, patiently standing on the sidelines, waiting for you to come home to him, waiting for you to realise that you feel the same way about him as he does about you.
“You’re so beautiful.” He sighs, as he breaks apart from your embrace.
It feels empty without him, you whine in discontent, which makes him chuckle, and lean back in to kiss you again. This time your kiss lasts longer, this time with tongue, your hands move to the back of his neck, begging him closer to you, wanting to make up for lost time.
“Don’t stop.” You whisper.
Jinki hums in response, moving a hand from your cheek to your waist, holding you tight, with each passing second your embrace grows hotter, desperation begins to seep through to your bones. You can’t remember the last time you got laid, or the last time you even wanted to, but with Jinki’s hands exploring your body, you are wanting, you are wanting so bad.
You trace your fingernails down Jinki’s back, finding purchase at the hem of his shirt. He gasps in surprise as you tug at it, though he lifts his arms so that you can pull his shirt over his head. You’ve seen him shirtless before, too, but this is different, you see him in a whole new light. Defined muscle, the man is so active, you find yourself staring in awe at him, before he distracts you with yet another kiss.
Your kisses deepen, Jinki’s hands move to explore your legs, exposed in the short dress you’re wearing, goosebumps raise on your skin as he touches you. You can feel that he is trying to resist, worried that he is moving too fast, but that’s not true for you at all, it’s not fast enough, you want him now, you need him now.
You take the lead, knowing that Jinki is only hesitating because he is afraid, your hands race to the waistband of his sweats. You hook your fingers around the elastic and Jinki lifts himself up so that you can pull the material down over his perfect legs.
“Are you okay?” You ask, moving to straddle his legs.
You can feel Jinki’s hardness, the man is desperate for you, but still trying to resist.
“I just... are you sure this isn’t too fast?” He asks.
You sigh, though of course you think it is sweet that he is apprehensive, but the longer this takes, the less nervous you are, and the more frustrated you are instead.
“Lee Jinki, I promise this isn’t too fast. Please, I want this, I want you.” You assure him.
Jinki kisses you again, he moves his hands from your waist to your ass, pulling you closer to him, sighing in content as he squeezes your plump flesh through the material of the dress you are wearing.
“Can I take this off?” He asks, indicating towards the fabric clinging to your body.
“Stop asking, just do.” You whine.
You rest up on your knees, as Jinki tugs the dress up and over your hips, and you raise your arms up for him to pull the material further, up and over your head, leaving you in only your bra and panties. A matching set, always in hope that your date would have been a success, but it was not, and it turns out that this is even better.
“You’re so fucking beautiful.” Jinki says.
His hands are on your back, unclasping your bra and pulling the lace from your skin. You lean further into him, your bodies connected fully, apart from the fabric keeping your core and his hardon apart. You grind your hips down into him, he moans into your mouth between kisses, slowly coming to accept that you too, want him in the way that he does you.
“Can I— wait...” Jinki stutters, remembering your words from only minutes ago, ‘stop asking, just do’, he stands from the sofa, and bends down to grab you under your thighs.
You wrap your legs around him as he stands, and kiss him, all over his face, his neck, breathing deeply into his ear as you nibble on his earlobe, while he steps you through the doorway into his bedroom. He carefully places you down on the mattress, and you stifle a gasp as he steps back to pull your panties down your legs.
“Fuck, you have no fucking idea how long I have wanted this.” Jinki says.
He removes his own underwear, freeing his too-hard cock from the fabric, you can tell how needy he is, red, leaking pre-cum as he positions himself between your legs.
“Umm... how do you... how do you like it?” He asks nervously.
“You’re so fucking cute, Jinki, just fuck me, I just want you to fuck me.” You whine.
Jinki spits into his hand, taking it to his cock to slick himself up, then hurriedly lining himself up with you, though he waits until you nod before he pushes through past your entrance, tight, not ready, but fucking needy, worth the pain to have your best friend, and now admitted lover, deep inside of you.
Jinki’s moans mix a perfect harmony with yours, as you’re both lost in the moment, the sex is soft, sensual, as your gentle best friend makes love to you, kissing you, wanting to learn all the things about you that he doesn’t already know. He traces your curves, dips, memorising every blemish, stretch mark, all of the things that you would refer to as imperfections, though to him, they are the opposite, perfect, all of you to him is perfect.
“Jagi-ya...” He starts, gripping tight to your hips, forcing himself deeper into you with each thrust, you see stars, you’re already so close to release.
“Yes?” You ask him, staring up with wide eyes as he moves a hand to your clit, teasing you with his thumb.
Jinki kisses you again, loving the way you twitch under the pressure he puts on you, loving the way that you begin to unravel. You know that this is what he wants from you, and you know that surely he is close, too, so you let go, you don’t hold back. You clench involuntarily around his cock, your moans become whines as your body is rocked by him.
“I love you, Jinki.” You say.
This tips the man over the edge, his movements stutter as he clumsily thrusts, splattering your insides with his hot filthy seed, he kisses you over and over until he has no more to give, then he stops to pull out of you, staring deep into your eyes.
“I love you, too.” He replies.
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dadzawa-adopt-dabi · 7 days ago
Discord prompt pain lvl 7
There’s noise near the entrance and Dabi doesn't even tense, he can’t. Can’t do anything more than wait for whatever fucked up person wants to use him while he’s like this. He knows there some people into some fucked up shit, things that no matter how broke he got he never gave into. He opens his eyes as fresh lemon and eye watering clear minty spruce fills his nostrils. He begs, Keigo uselessy not to hurt him. Still muffled and crying as he tries to pull himself away while in labor. His arms collapse and he sobs, apologizing as Keigo freezes, concern heavyily present in his scent as he slowly comes up to the edge of the nest. Dabi flinches and immediately screams in pain. Grabbing his wrists Keigo starts up a grumble, as close to a purr as he can get and sticks his face in Dabi’s neck, licking the scent gland. Dabi’s jaw loosens against his will, Keigo tugging his hands away from his mouth. “Oh baby. Dabi where were you? Me and the League and Rumi have been worried,” he rumbles against Dabi. Against all odds it lessons the pain, bringing Dabi from screaming to whimpering lowly. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I ran. I tried, I really really did.” Dabi babbled to him. “Don’t be mad. Please don’t be mad at me.” He turned his head into Keigo’s chest. Looking for comfort wherever he could find it. Even if it blew up in his face, he just needed this right now. Just to get through the next few minutes, he’d worry about consequences later. His back bowed, arching himself off Hawks as he pushed Keigo rubbing soothing with his other hand as he did.
“I’m not mad, I’m scared. Scared to be a dad, that you won’t want them. That creating our baby was a fluke and you just wanted to fuck the number 2 for a fun time, which is fair. I didn’t, didn’t ask you what you wanted out of that night did I?” he holds Dabi against him when he can finally relax again. Dabi lets out a broken chuckle, out of breath and heaving against Keigo. “No. Keigo. I- I don’t think I managed to carry our baby full term. I haven’t. Keigo, they’re dead. So just fucking leave already. Or hurt me, don’t fuck around because I’ve been through it all already.” He bared his teeth, letting out a tiny snap in between slipping whines. “I- why would I leave you to deal with this yourself, Dabi? I don’t understand,” Keigo asks and Dabi lets out a low scream as he pushes the head out, it hurts and nothing is helping now. His legs kick uselessly and he burrows his head in Hawks shoulder, biting down when Keigo moves his head out of the way and presses his jaw close. It locks, because of course it does, his jaw is locked on the alpha that knocked him up as he labors through a late miscarriage. He’s broken, he can’t even cry over this anymore, feeling scrapped out as he closes his eyes and lets his body deal with his mistakes.
“You're gonna be okay Dabi, I’m here. You're gonna be okay.” Dabi’s hips tremble with pain, desperate to get the baby out and Keigo stops rubbing his stomach to reach down and catch the head. “Just let your body do what it has to, don’t fight it.” Keigo touches it as Dabi’s jaw tightens to the point it clicks, aching and sobbing he widens his legs. Letting Keigo see what a ruined mess he’s made of himself and the baby’s head comes fully out. Crying fills the air and Dabi can’t do anything, can’t speak past Keigo’s shoulder. Only whine long and loud several times. He feels Keigo gasp and Keigo’s other hand lets go of his own to catch the baby. Dabi’s tired but he anxiously bears down again, whimpering through the pain and trying to think of how long it’s been. How long has he been in labor? Is this safe? He didn’t do any research, convinced the baby wouldn’t make it this far. Much less him. “They’re alive Dabi, baby, baby I want you to breathe, okay? Just, you can do this.” Hawks’ voice is tight as he helps Dabi, slightly pulling as Dabi pushes. The pain lessened tremendously as soon as the head was out, Keigo catches the baby and Dabi cries. Unable to unlock his jaw and his legs keep moving, spasming in pain from his spine, but he raises his arms up to hold them anyways.
Jingling the cuffs to prove he’s safe, he can hold their baby. He begs shamelessly in whines, he can’t barter like this but maybe Hawks is willing to work with him. Take a deal for later, he swallows hard and forces his own thigh between Keigo’s with clear intent, looking up at him with held out arms through his eyelashes. He throws a lower shorter whine out for extra measure, laying it on a little too thick.
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michipeachiii · 8 days ago
*sigh* So.... I’ve been working. We spent like the last 4 days (Friday - Monday) helping SO’s parents with stuff around their house and yard, and honestly it kinda caused me to burn out? I physically find it impossible to have 4 full days of chores and non-stop activity. My legs were burning and aching by the end of the day because I’m normally not doing that much. Actually bonkers. 
Friday I had a doctors appointment to discuss my stomach issues and ongoing nerve pain. Not too much going on, other than my doctor doesn’t want to give me pain medication because of the issues I’m having so idk what to do for pain management lmao. I’m also having to try this new medication for my issues. So far it’s helped I think? 
But basically when we were done with stuff early Monday afternoon, I took the whole day to myself. Not a single chore lol. I was too drained to do anything but fuck around and play video games. Tuesday was almost the same, except I felt productive very late in the evening. 
I’m still doing class, we’ve moved on to the second part which is us meeting in smaller group and brainstorming together and giving each other product feedback. And then we get individual coaching sessions and I’ll be having my first one later on today. 
Also I went to another vendor/art fair! And omg everyone was super nice and friendly and talented. I actually got to connect with some people and get more ideas on how I’d like to set up my table eventually. I also liked the setup of this one a lot more even though it’s outside. But because it’s outside I wouldn’t consider signing up for it until after August (hottest month in Texas). Hopefully that gives me enough time to save up money to buy all the supplies I need. I’m still really sad that I probably won’t be able to do the fair in May that they’re hosting downtown but maybe my luck somehow changes between now and early May that would put me in a position to do it. 
I’ve got a few other things to try to do shop wise, but hopefully I’m able to tackle things in the timeline I’ve laid out for myself this week because if I do, I’ll actually start working on new pieces and do another shop update this month. 
After the insanity of the past week I’ve finally had time to buckle down again and get myself organized, not only for the rest of the shop stuff I have to take care of but also all the other things in the house that we’ve had to do that have slipped through the cracks. 
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writing-wh0re · 9 days ago
42. “I don’t care, just hold me”
43. “Why didn’t you tell me you were hurt?”
With Peter Parker :)
All writing will be #writing-wh0re-requests. 
Peter Parker x Fem!Avengers!Reader. 
Word Count: 556
Warnings: Implied Smut, Hurt Reader, Nakedness (?), Kissing, Language. 
A/n: Thank you for being so patient with this request! I wasn’t sure if you wanted smut or not so just went with this. I hope its still enjoyable though! 
ALSO WE HIT 800 FOLLOWERS OVER NIGHT!  I am so overjoyed, thank you so so so much everyone, you all mean so much to me and I’m so glad you enjoy what I write. Love you all x
| | | 
“Great work today.” I smile up at Steve holding my left side, knowing a bruise is forming under my suit. 
“Thanks Cap.” 
“Go have an ice bath, it typically does the trick.” 
“Awsome.” I walk through the compound, my muscles aching from the mission. I make my way to the kitchen, grabbing two champagne ice buckets, filling them with ice and walking to the bathroom. 
“I swear to god Steve, if this doesn’t help.” I mumble to myself before turning the cold water on, the bath beginning to fill as I slip out of my suit. The tugging of the material caused me to bite my lip to muffle my winces. I put my hand in the cool water, tipping the two buckets of ice into the bath and retesting the temperature. 
“God that’s fucking cold.” Shivers run over my body as my feet dip into the water. A shivering breath leaves my chest, my body almost full submerged under the ice. I close my eyes, resting my head against the back of the bath, trying to warm myself up by thinking of other things.
“Baby?” My eyes shoot open, my arms moving to cover my body as Peter squats beside the bath. “Why did you tell me you were hurt?” Peter’s eyes fall to the ice water, seeing the bruises on my skin. 
“I didn’t want you to worry and was hoping I’d feel better after this.” My hands gesture to the bath, the water splashing around me. 
“Who told you to do this?” 
“Steve, apparently it helps the muscles or bruises, I didn’t really ask.” 
Peter chuckles, before resting his back against the bath, his head turned to me slightly. 
“How was the mission?”
“Would of been better if you were with me.” Peter chuckles at my answer, a smile on his face. 
“Why’s that baby?” 
“You would have caught me when I fell.” I wiggle in the bath to get more comfortable, the water splashing up the sides slightly as my body shivers. 
“I’m so cold.” 
“Want me to join you?” 
I nod quickly as Peter stands, tugging his clothes off. 
“Do you want me to sit this end or you move to here.” 
“I don’t care, just hold me.” 
Peter chuckles at me as I sit forward, allowing for him to slide down behind me, his legs falling past my sides as he pulls me against his chest.
“Holy, this is cold.” Peter winces his hands wrapping around my stomach just below my boobs.
“This is love, I hope you know that.” 
“I appreciate this.” I smile up at him, his lips brushing mine in a soft kiss. 
“If you weren’t hurt, I’d be finding a way to warm us up.” 
Blush fills my cheeks, a smirk dancing across my lips as I look up at my boyfriend. I grab his hand, moving it to cup my heat, before anything more can happen, Friday’s voice flows over the intercom. 
“Mr Stark has requested a meeting in conference room one.” 
“He always finds a way to interrupt us, doesn’t he?” 
Peter chuckles, nodding in response as I sigh pulling my body out of the water. Peter does the same, grabbing two robes and handing me one. We both make it to our rooms, changing into our clothing before walking to conference room one.
| | | 
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bounward · 11 days ago
Knuckles… Her accusation draws a scowl in her direction from O’Malley, and he looks like he has so much to say, but things move along so quickly that his words never have the opportunity to come out. Holly quickly draws his attention, and his eyes widen a little at her as he listens. When she looks at him, O’Malley looks right back at her with surprising levelheadedness. When Smee speaks, O’Malley watches them with a look of understanding almost bordering on hope...but then when they get to the part about himself, he flinches. Then after a second or two he finally gives a remark, low and a little tremulous. “Whatever I said that made you feel that way... I'm sorry.” And then Fievel. When he just...comes out with it, O’Malley’s stomach drops. His jaw hangs open. And his heart wrenches at the sight of the boy’s oh so uncharacteristic frown. And then… Dawson… None of the facts O’Malley hears shock him at all, just the fact that he's hearing them spoken out loud. When Dawson reaches for his hand, he grabs it, but he only looks down at the table nearly in tears. He squeezes Dawson's hand, but doesn't look over at him once. He doesn't move again until he sees Berlioz hover her hand over the voting display, to which, in a jerking reaction that nearly sends him to his feet if he wasn't holding Dawson's hand, he sits up straight, eyes wide. “[Berlioz,] don't!” His heart's pounding in his chest, his breathing grows a little quicker before Pan gives her response. He grits his teeth and squeezes his eyes shut. A couple of painful tears force their way out past his eyelids regardless. “So, for once… put yourself in my shoes.” He did. Or at least...he thought he did. That was why he wasn't pulling a Starscream and using his “acting” to shoulder the blame. That was why he wasn't pulling a Spades and sending the lot of them down a dead end. He had put himself into her position. How would he feel if Dawson, who, for the first time, made him feel utterly accepted, was violently taken away from him and people he had grown to care for, and his only kindred spirit here, trampled all over his feelings and gleefully lied…? He couldn't. He wouldn't. Do it. But… “What did you expect me to do, Pan…? Tell you that Dola sharpened five axes and gave one to each of us, and that my love’s is the only one unaccounted for? To say that Fievel, a boy with a good heart and beloved crewmate, is the only one who c-could’ve… To swear that it must have been an accident, but offer you up the who, the how, and the why so that everyone else c-could swoop in like vultures and k-kill them…? I best…” For you. And...his best wasn't good enough. His heart aches. Some more tears push their way past as he squeezes Dawson's hand. He opens his watery eyes halfway and sniffs. “I kn-knew the instant I saw the rafthouse that it was you two, and that it was an accident. But I… s-so… angry…” Finally, he looks over to Dawson next to him, furious but wibbling. “Why didn't you tell me? Anything?! Wh-Why d-did you both...k-keep this from me.” He sniffles and stoops over slightly, rubbing his eyes with the back of his free hand. “Th-That isn't what… Dola had us all agree to… What is it with you...and Chuck… putting me in these impossible fucking positions?” He leans back and looks vaguely upwards. Thankfully he still hasn't spotted the horrible secret hidden in that chasm in place of a ceiling, but… “[Chuck]... I know you're probably there. And I know you're probably complaining about what Dawson said about the sheets and the beds more than anything else. But it's not your room anymore. You're never going to sleep in that bed again. I don't touch your things, like I said. That's reasonable, and that's the end of it. So put a sock in it.” And then a shoe flies, and Tanya locks in a vote for Dawson. O’Malley lets out a cry of protest in Tanya’s direction, almost lurching to his feet again. And Knuckles again… She may have been trying to not set a fire, but whatever had flared up within O’Malley earlier rears it's head again. He sends her a tearful glare. “You know what, Knuckles? No. It's natural to protect yourself or someone you love, but this incident and what you and [Chuck] did are nothing alike! This was a fucked up accident! No one went in with the intention to kill! But you… regardless of how things went pear-shaped, you and him went right for the fucking kill! And then you lied to my face, shamelessly, multiple times! You wanna talk about acting? Maybe I could fool all of you if I needed to. Maybe I would've if it wasn't for Pan. But I didn't. I haven't lied once this entire day. All the times I cried in front of you, I was being genuine. I thought you knew that. And I thought you'd be able to tell the difference.” He narrows his eyes slightly and takes note of her vote. “At least you can pat yourself on the back knowing you aren't going to murder any more Clubs.” He takes a moment to calm down then, but then Berlioz… “I refu--” The words blurt out almost instantly, but seeing the other votes come in, panic sets in. He exchanges a long look with Berlioz, and then, more tears pouring out, he sets in a vote.
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diorpieck · 11 days ago
꒰ fly little bird ; akaashi keiji ꒱
Tumblr media
꠴ pairing. akaashi keiji x figure skater!reader.
꠴ synopsis. as competitions are approaching, you’re trying to perfect a certain move. all the while, your friend is trying to find just the way to confess his feelings for you.
꠴ word count. 9.1k words.
꠴ fic contents. friends to lovers!au, ice skating!au, fluff, mutual pining, insecure reader that constantly beats herself up, bird references bro, reader’s personality: figure skating, reader may be referred to as ‘birdie’ or ‘little bird.’
꠴ a word from the author. this fic for the babes, @cafemiya, and this is my final repost of my old fics. im sorry yall :((
Tumblr media
In school they teach about basic life cycles, typically starting out with a butterfly. It’s supposed to teach children the process of life and how it works, explaining the maturity in animals rather than humans because that’s a discussion to talk about when they’re more mature and older. Whatever way you take it, it all boils down to how life goes in a circle. Where life is given, death is soon to follow.
You’ve always been compared to a little bird. You can’t quite understand why, but the nickname ‘Birdie’ tends to follow you wherever you go.
The life cycle of a bird is simple. Doesn’t matter what type because it all starts with an egg being laid by the mother and then being nurtured in healthy conditions in order to hatch. And when those little birds do hatch, they’re taken care of and being nursed before they can face the sky. Despite the wings they’ve been blessed with at birth, they’re taught to fly through reinforcement driven by the mother. 
Watching the chicks closely, the ugly animals are nudged from their spots of safety to their imposing fall. The mother bird forces their children to take this risk and have them make the decision to either fall and let gravity take over or learn how to spread and flap their wings. 
At first, you thought this was a cruel way to teach these poor animals. However, how else would they learn? The same way a baby learns, they must tumble and learn from their mistakes as they keep pushing themselves. That's the only way to keep going.
Tumblr media
You got this. Your eyes narrow as you glide on the ice. You got this, you repeat once more before preparing yourself. With eyes on you, this part never gets easy as your coach is watching you with high expectations. How could he not when you’ve been working on this for a month now. Execute a triple axel jump, that’s what you promised yourself when time crept upon the team as competitions grew near. It wasn’t an easy task, seeing how few people have been able to showcase such a complex and difficult move, but it wasn’t impossible. 
“You’re stalling!” You can hear your coach shouting. “Come on, ___. Just go for it!”
And you do. In a haste, you don’t think about the correct stance, not the force or the acceleration in order to perfectly pull it off. You weren’t even a pinch close to even perform a single axel jump before you’re belly on the ice and in pain. “Agh!” you cry out, body making contact with the ice and skin scraping the ice. 
You can hear your coach cursing in the distance as he hurries to you and the girls and boys in pursuit. So embarrassed, you brush off the pain and push them back, letting them know that you’re okay despite your body aching. “I’m fine,” you grunt. “I’m fine.”
“Miraki, Izura,” the coach calls. “Help ___ up and get her to the benches. Joy, get the nurse.”
“I said I’m fine,” you argue, regretting it immediately with the daggering glare that your coach shoots you. You’re bruised up and your stomach and knee aches from your hard fall. You might think you’re okay, but they heard your fall and you look better than you actually should.
With reluctance, you accept the two hands of your teammates, pushing yourself up to stand and immediately groan at the pain shooting into your stomach. You want to scream out in agony, but you refuse to let your team know how much pain you’re in. The way your body tenses up, however, gives it all away.
“Wanna know why you failed so miserably?” No. No, you don’t because you already know why. You don’t need to be told, but you don’t say a thing as you’re being led off the ice. “You were being too hasty. You weren’t thinking! First, you stall, then you jump without a second of thought!”
“I was only doing what you said,” you mumble, not expecting for your voice to be heard. 
“I never said to be a brainless chicken!” your coach screams, and everyone flinches at the coarseness of his voice, not expecting such a harsh tone from him. Realizing this, he calms down and takes a second. He only wanted best for his team, not wanting to lead them into a path of self-destruction and failure. He knew how you got when you’re pushing yourself and second-guessing your own abilities. He wanted you to grow confident, not break your body. “You’re not ready for the triple axel, ___. I don’t know why I gave into your suggestion. It’s not too late to change that one part--”
“Yes, it is!” you exclaim. Today makes it two weeks until competitions and you’ve worked so hard to create this routine. “Winter Wonderland begins in two weeks!”
“I shouldn’t even let you be joining the competition with the fall you’ve just taken!” That’s enough to silence you altogether. Winning this battle, the coach nods curtly as you finally take a seat on the bench. “If the nurse says you’re fine, I’ll let you keep practicing the triple axel, but if it’s worse than it is, we’re scratching it out. Do you hear me?” 
Nodding, you keep your head down. Coach then breaks down into his farewell meeting, advising the others what they did right and anything that they need to progress in. He didn’t say anything else to you, letting the nurse tend to your needs and announce that you just need to put some ice on your wounds and get some rest. It seems like you haven’t been getting enough of that either. 
“With that being said,” Coach claps. “Everyone go get your stuff. Have a good night!”
Forcing yourself to stand, you grunt as you’re prepared to head to the locker room, but behind you, Akaashi stands, catching you by surprise. You had forgotten all about his promise to walk you home today. In his hands, he has your belongings.
“One of your teammates got them,” he explained. “I’ll carry them. Are you good?”
“Yeah,” you nod. “It feels a bit better.”
Pushing open the double doors, you don’t know which is colder, outside or the ice skating rink. Zipping up your hoodie, you and Akaashi walk side-by-side. It’s silent and you’re just replaying practice in your mind over and over again as you subconsciously walk in the direction towards your house. You’re inwardly chastising yourself as you know that coach was right. There was no need to recklessly fling yourself in the air. You know your mistake -- mistakes, for that matter.
The sky is getting darker and the crickets start to chirp. The streetlamps flicker on and the headlights provided by cars give you and Akaashi a lightened path home. You’re so consumed in your own mind that you don’t even feel the lingering stare of your friend right on you.
“Your coach is right,” he speaks. He watched everything unfold and while he isn’t as knowledgeable on figure skating and the art of it all, he knows enough just from a few of your practices and your occasional rants. 
You scoff, not wanting to be lectured by your friend about your faults. “Since when were you so well-versed on ice skating, Keiji?” you ask, sarcastically. Rolling his eyes at your bitterness, he doesn’t give into it, only continuing. 
“You’re pushing yourself, but you’re also anxious,” he says. “It was written all over your face.”
“I don’t want to hear it, Akaashi,” you snap. “I know where I went wrong. I know how I feel. I’m aware of my own feelings.”
“Hey, I’m just trying to help you, ___,” Akaashi sighs. “You fell pretty hard, and it’s not as bad now, but what happens when it is?”
“You don’t need to worry about me.” Your tone doesn’t get any softer, only growing angrier as you ball up your fists and clench your jaw. You know he’s only concerned for your well being, but you can’t afford to not learn the triple axel. Yes, you didn’t need to include it. Hell, you could do a single itself and excel, but you want to impress the judges. You want to showcase your skills and you know that you can exceed higher. "I'll be fine."
If Akaashi was asked what he liked best about you, he'd say it was how you were so determined to master everything. It's how he came to meet you, in fact. 
The playground in elementary school, where the boys in the class were holding competitions on who could do a handstand for the longest. You were from a different class, but shared the same recess time as Akaashi's class when you came approaching. You were small and seemed so timid and fragile, but your eyes peaked interest as you watched the group of boys challenge each other. 
“What are you guys doing?” A girl with only a few friends, always being pushed to the sidelines, you were alone today. Not wanting to partake in any of the activities your classmates were partaking in. From a distance, you watched as each kid tried to do handstands, counting until they could no longer hold that stance. It seemed fun enough.
“We’re seeing who can do a handstand the longest!” A young Bokuto responds eagerly, despite the disgust-filled face of a girl being in their presence. One of the boys nudged Bokuto to tell him to stop. However, he either ignored him or didn’t hear him when he blurted, “wanna try?”
“Bokuto, stop!” the same boy shouts. “She’s a girl. I bet she can’t even last a second!”
Akaashi recalls the memory as if it was yesterday itself, chuckling in the cool air. So determined and hell-bent on proving those stupid boys wrong, you tried and failed multiple times until you were able to master the simple task of a handstand and last for over a minute, beating all of the boys. You left with pride and an intrigued Bokuto and Akaashi following after. 
You were always someone so ambitious, brightening his curiosity and therefore, captivating the young boy at the time. As you guys became close friends and while going towards things more toward your passions, in some ways, you stayed the same. Only your ambition heightened and sometimes sparked a bitter anger inside you. 
“Yeah, whatever,” Akaashi concludes as the two of you approach your house. Climbing the steps, Akaashi stops at the second as you go to unlock the door. “Just don’t fall as bad as you did today, okay?”
“I’ll try not to,” you smile. “Good night, Keiji.”
“Good night,” he smiles back. And another thing he likes about you is how your smile always seems to brighten his day, and that twinkle in your eyes he always seems to catch. Or, maybe that’s a figment of his imagination.  
Tumblr media
What makes a bird a bird are its wings. If something were to happen to those precious wings, it’ll take away the animal’s ability to fly, making it immobile and hard for that bird to live regularly like it once was able to (disregarding penguins and dodo birds). Compared to a human, sometimes the fractures we sustain compared to a small animal isn’t the end of the world, but taking away a bird’s wings is the equivalent of taking away its life. Sure, it can survive without, but the chances are low. 
You feel like a bird clipped off its wings, ruining your body in order to do this extremely difficult move. All for what? A high scoring? Can it even guarantee that? There are plenty of smaller factors that play in tact to your performance, not just your ability to do it. However, that seems to be something you’ve forgotten as your mom’s eyes are glued on you, watching you fail over and over again. She agreed to take you here in order to get you out of your room, but it seemed that all you’re focused on recently is either your school work or figure skating. The latter being your top priority at the moment. 
Everytime you fall, pieces of your mother’s heart shatter as she calls out in concern for you to only ignore your injuries and push yourself still. Why am I allowing her to keep doing this? Your mother asks herself as she watches you push yourself back up to your feet. I guess she knows what she’s doing and what she can handle. You don’t seem like you’re in that much pain after all. 
"Such a strong young woman she is," your mother breathes out. Sighing, despite it all, she loves the sight of you on the ice. So elegantly and graciously you move, you leap in the air without a second thought, trying to find the momentum you need in order to fulfill your goals. Once her little bird, she doesn't know if she should be calling you that anymore. Yet, it's a nickname she'll never depart from so easily. 
"___! Birdie!" She calls out, seeing your puffed up face look up in embarrassment at the long time nickname that's being addressed right to her. Looking at the time, an hour and a half has passed and you've made plans to meet up with Bokuto and Akaashi at the movies. Anything to get you off the ice, she made sure to remember that piece of information for sure. 
"Yes, mom," you huff, obviously exhausted. "What time is it?"
"Time for you to go catch that movie with Akaashi and Bokuto," your mom says, motioning for you to get off the ice. 
“Oh!” Eyes lighting up, you remember your plans and eagerly hurry off for once, kicking off your white skates that were getting slightly worn out. Stepping on the cold ground, your feet were sore and it felt nice to not be so elevated on thick metal that could cut like knives. “Oh, gosh. I’m late!”
In a way to get your focus off skating, Akaashi had planned a day to go to the movies to help alleviate the stress you’re experiencing. It was also just an excuse to be with you, even if Bokuto’s tagging along. Checking his phone, Akaashi had sent you a text asking you where you were, seeing as you were running late. Tapping his feet, it was obvious how anxious he was getting. 
The door to the movie theater had swung open as Bokuto held up a slushie, chugging it down. Seeing Akaashi so nervous was something new to him and if he were to admit, was a nice experience to encounter. “Dude, you need to stop worrying,” Bokuto says, frightening the young man. “She’s just running a little late. Didn’t she say she’d be somewhere else before coming down?”
It’s funny hearing Bokuto tell him to calm down, but it’s what he needed to hear. There was no need to work himself up when you weren’t the type of person to drop out of plans at the very last second, but you weren’t normally late. 
“She’s not usually late, though,” Akaashi sighs. The movie hadn’t started yet, going through the clips of trailers. If Akaashi timed it properly, it wouldn’t be starting for another ten minutes. He’s hoping you’ll be here in time.
With another two minutes, Akaashi and Bokuto hear the sound of a car pulling up and the door opening. Looking up, it’s you jumping out the front seat and running towards them as you’re apologizing profusely. “I’m so sorry for running late! I got caught up with something.”
“Where were you?” Bokuto asks as you finally catch up to where they were. “You should’ve seen Akaashi. He was-- agh! Hey!”
Nudging Bokuto in the stomach, it’s enough to silence him. “We bought your ticket,” he says. “We need to hurry before the movie starts. Go ahead of me, I’ll buy the snacks.”
“No,” you argue. “You already bought my ticket for me, I’ll get the snacks.”
“It’s fine,” Akaashi says. “I’ll get them. You don’t have to worry.”
“I’ll get the snacks!” Bokuto blurts to end the two of you bickering about who got to spend money on who. It was quick to silence the two of you, equally coming to an agreement to let him pay. It brings Bokuto to a point how you two don’t come to argue over him.
“So you’ll let me spend my money, but you don’t want each other to spend your own?” He ends up buying you two more than you each wanted.
You, Bokuto, and Akaashi sit in the back row. The movie is just starting and your hands are deep in the popcorn bowl that you and Akaashi are sharing. The rest of the food is setting in your lap as your eyes are already glued to the screen. It’s nice to finally sit down and relax, and not have to worry about any school work or figure skating. 
Watching you attentively, Akaashi nudges your shoulder to catch your attention. Leaning over, he whispers into your ears, “Where were you? You’re never late.”
You can’t understand why the close proximity of Akaashi makes you shutter. Looking at him, his eyes are on the screen before he looks over at you, waiting for a response. You don't know what about the lighting, but he looks really good today. 
“I was at the skating rink practicing,” you shrug. Despite it being dark, you can see the change in his expression. Sighing, you can already hear the words coming out of his mouth before he says it.
“___,” he starts, but you don’t let him finish.
“Stop worrying about me and watch the movie,” you silence him, putting all of your attention to the movie. His eyes linger on you, just taking you all in before the sound of a crash draws his attention in. After that, you’re all so warped into the movie. However, Bokuto fell asleep after fifteen minutes, which Akaashi had gotten his fair share of pictures to blackmail him in the future. 
Overall, the time is filled with nothing but silence as the two of you engrossed in the movie, sharing the popcorn and trading the extra food that you had. Somewhere in the middle of the movie, you find yourself leaning against Akaashi and intertwine your fingers with his. At the feeling of your touch, he tenses up and you pull away. “Oh, I’m sorry.”
“No, it’s fine,” he awkwardly says. “You can lean on me.”
“Okay,” you sigh, leaning in once more and taking his hand. Enjoying each other’s embrace, neither one of you realized that Bokuto had woken up just in time to witness this precious moment. Taking a picture with his heart, he feels like he’s intruding on the two of you. It’s a shame that he missed out on most of the movie, but he thinks this is an even better one that he gets to see in real life. Tearing up, he knows he must not let Akaashi live this down. Ever. This is the perfect time for him to let you know how he feels about you.
When the movie’s over, Bokuto is first to get up and leave. He doesn’t even come up with a good excuse as to why, only saying that he forgot he had ‘something’ to do and that he must get going. Akaashi knows of his devious plan when he later receives a text from Bokuto that simply states: It’s time for you to shoot your shot. Thankfully, you don’t detect anything unusual.
Standing up, you’re unsteady on your feet as you tumble back. Akaashi catches you, putting you back on your feet. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, just tired,” you yawn. “The movie was… good.”
Akaashi snorts. “Yeah, right. It was horrible. No wonder Bokuto fell asleep during it.”
“It was okay.” You giggle. The movie was horrible, but you never liked saying it outfront. “Could’ve been better.”
Walking down the steps, there’s silence that swallows the air and Akaashi feels like he should say more. Maybe Bokuto was right. Maybe it is time for him to grow some balls and admit his feelings for you. However, before he can open his mouth to say anything, you beat him to it.
“Hey, you wanna go out for something to eat?” you ask. “I know we had that food, but I’m still a bit hungry. I know this restaurant where we can pick something up from.”
“Sure, that sounds nice,” Akaashi agrees with a smile. 
You and Akaashi have been friends since elementary school. You guys have talked about anything and everything, but in this moment, he can’t find anything to say to you. What is he to say?
He’s so lost in thought, looking down at the sidewalk that he doesn’t even realize that your gaze is upon him, watching him intently. You’re wondering just what he’s thinking about in that pretty head of his. You guys have been walking for a while and you realize that you don’t even know where he’s bringing you. “Akaashi,” you start, “where are we even going?”
“Hm?” Brought back to reality, he remembers that he said that he was taking you somewhere so the two of you can eat in silence. “Oh, yeah. Come on.”
He’s making a pathway towards the trees, pointing in that direction. And for a moment, you’re questioning your trust in him. However, at the sight of the oh-so familiar playground you two played at as children, it’s all memories that make you smile. “Oh my gosh! Keiji! I remember this place.”
You can’t quite remember the last time you’ve been here, but you don’t remember it being so runned down and in so much need of some tender love and care. All of the times you guys had spent here all races back to you and it only makes you happier. 
The two of you are now perched up on the swings. Your feet dangle as you’re devouring the burger that you had ordered and that Akaashi had secretly paid for when you thought you had given the cashier your debit card.
He can’t bring himself to confess quite yet. It doesn’t feel right, but when does it feel right? He knows he’s stalling, but he can’t help it. He just can’t do it. So, instead he watches you. He watches as you’re trying to fit as much as you can in your mouth, the mixture of mustard and ketchup dripping down on your chin. He snorts. “You have sauce all over your face.”
With your mouth full, you reach to wipe it away with your hand, but he stops you, grabbing a napkin from the paper bag. Reaching over to you, he wipes away the spot for you. Realizing how close he is to you, he pulls away and hands you the used napkin. “There,” he coughs. 
“Thank you,” you blush. Finishing the rest of your burger, you dust your hands off as you down your drink. “By the way, I’m paying you back for what you spent.”
“Huh?” He feels like a deer caught in headlights when he sees your devious smile. You had seen him pay for your food when you ran to the restroom. He thought he had gotten away with it, but didn’t. This was typical of Akaashi. Always offering to pay for your things despite your constant denies. At first, you had taken it without question, but you’re starting to believe that you’re taking him advantage. So, you’re putting in effort to pay him back.
“I saw you pay for my food,” you smirk. “I’m paying you back. You always pay for my stuff, and I should pay you back for once. And you can’t stop me, too. I won’t let you.”
“Okay,” Akaashi chuckles. “Fine.”
But what you don’t know is that you already are. You’re paying him back by just being in his presence.
Tumblr media
The most common way for birds to find their mates is by singing. The songs they sing vary depending on the bird’s maturity and intelligence. Another way is through its appearance, its flamboyancy trying to strike the perfect mate. It’s a way to showcase the bird’s health. They also dance, predominantly the male birds, to show off their moves and reel in the lucky honey. If the male makes a mistake, the mating process is over and that’s their version of a rejection. 
In birds, finding their partner is much simpler. Sometimes, you wish you were a bird instead of a human. Emotions would be simpler and the male species will be trying to woe you and you wouldn’t have to put in so much effort. 
When you think back to your childhood, your happiest moments are when you’re with Akaashi and Bokuto. Your two closest friends in the world. From meeting in the playground in elementary to going to the same high school, you’ve put it upon yourself to keep this friendship growing strong. However, if you’re to be honest with yourself, out of the two boys your heart keened over the messy head brunette who often looked over the gray-haired fool the most. You can’t quite describe the emotions that you feel towards Akaashi, but your heart flutters whenever you see him. You put on a facade to only say that you’re only friends, hoping that your crush on him isn’t obvious. 
Considering that you’ve kept your emotions in hiding for thirteen years, you think you’re doing a great job at it. However, sometimes it seems like it’s getting harder than usual. Perched up on your bed, you and Akaashi are supposed to be studying for your math class. You guys have a test coming up, and you’re not sure if you’re prepared at all. 
“I don’t understand any of this,” you whine, face planting into the study guide that Akaashi had prepared for the both of you. “How do you find the vertices and the focus when the hyperbola isn’t at the origin?”
Akaashi sits comfortably at the head of your bed. He seems to be getting fine with his portion of the work just fine while you’re sitting on the verge of tears. He doesn’t even look up at you before answering. “It depends on the transverse axis. Is it vertical or horizontal?”
Looking down on your paper, you read through the problem you’re currently on. “Horizontal, I think? It’s horizontal when x is first, right?”
“Yeah,” he responds, setting his pencil down, his undivided attention is now on you. “Show me the problem you’re on.”
He runs down how to find the vertices and focus, explaining it in a way that you’re able to understand it. However, while you should be paying attention, your mind wanders to place else as you feel the heat radiating off of Akaashi’s body. Your hand reaches up to hold onto his shoulder as you try to comprehend. He pauses to look back at you, yet never says anything about it before he continues on. 
His voice vibrates against you and you’ve always thought his voice was good to do ASMR. These are the moments when you can’t quite think straight and it’s completely unexplainable. These are the moments where you slip up and your emotions are written all over your face. His actions, so mundane, but you're acting like a complete fool. You're waiting, counting down the days, for him to confront you, but he never does.
“___, did you hear me?” Bringing you back to reality, concern adorns Akaashi’s pretty face as you look completely dumbfounded. Shaking your head, you apologize. 
“I understood none of what you said,” you chuckle, hoping it’s enough to pass for you zoning out. “I’m sorry. We’ve been studying for a long while. We should take a break.”
Akaashi comes to agree with you. “Yeah, you’re right. I’m tired.”
“Great!” you exclaim, jumping up from your bed to stretch. You can hear the crack and stretch of your muscles, and it’s relaxing. You’ve been working your body for too much and your muscles are tightening. “Ugh, I need a massage.”
Watching you, Akaashi notices some new scars and scabs littered on you. It’s evident of the extra work you’ve been putting in, not taking his forewarnings and obviously ignoring your coach’s desires for you to take it easier. He decides that for once, he won’t say anything, though he really wants to. 
“Keiji,” you call for his attention. “Do you think I’ll do fine for the competitions?”
“You’ve really worked yourself up for this, huh?” Your heavy sigh is your response towards Akaashi. Taking a stand, Akaashi rests his hands on your shoulder, rubbing circles into them. You’re staring at the calendar that you’ve used to mark off the days. In five more days, Winter Wonderland will be here. Akaashi’s seen you on ice and you always wear such a dazzling smile, but recently that smile has been contorted into a frown. He knows how bothering and stressful this is for you, but you always tend to beat yourself up and sell yourself short. 
With Akaashi providing you just the relief you need, the kinks in your back loosens. You rest your head against his shoulder and take in his scent. God, Akaashi could live in this moment forever. “You’ll do more than just fine, ___.”
Tumblr media
You remember looking up jealousy in birds just for fun, and when you did, you mostly got results for parrots. Parrots are birds, so it interests you nonetheless. 
When a parrot feels jealous, they tend to get violent. If they feel like someone else or an animal is taking too much attention from their mate, they could scream at them, chase them, or lung at them. All things that seem appealing right now considering the sight you’re seeing. However, how are you jealous over someone that’s not even yours in the first place?
Standing outside, Akaashi’s joining you to your ice skating practice when you see him walk out with a girl that you recognize from your team. You don’t think much of it first, but her intentions grow obvious the moment she places a gentle on his chest and pushes a strand of her aside as she bats her lashes. Your eyes widen as you can’t help that bitter feeling in your chest as you scrutinize that girl in that very moment. However, you grow self-conscious the moment you realize what you’re doing. 
Are you really jealous because another girl likes him? You scoff at yourself. He’s not your boyfriend. You should be happy for him. Continuing to beat yourself up, you don’t even realize that the girl has already left and Akaashi’s standing in front of you. “Ready to go?”
“Oh!” you exclaim. “Yeah. Let’s go.” 
The walk to the skating rink isn’t too far, but you and Akaashi take your leisure time to get there. It’s silent, just like it typically is before curiosity got the best from you. “Hey, what did Joy want from you? Did she ask you out?”
Raising your eyebrows, you’re hoping your acting skills are up to parr, so that Akaashi doesn’t detect a thing. You’re expecting a boisterous smile or a confident smirk, but none of the above as he simply shrugs his shoulders. “Yeah, she did, but I said no.”
“Oh.” You’re relieved, but you’re trying to play it cool. “That sucks. She’s cute.”
“I don’t know,” Akaashi grimaces. “Not my type.”
You don’t question what his ideal type is. And he’s sad that you didn’t seem opposed to the idea of him having a girlfriend.
Practice doesn’t get any easier. Actually, it was harder and you’re on the verge of tears as your coach is yelling at you. “Are you kidding me, ___? You’ve made no progress whatsoever, and you’re still trying to make that stupid move? Competitions are only three days away and you’re fantasizing over one impossible jump? Do I need to remove you from the competitions altogether?”
It’s embarrassing standing in the middle of the ice with your teammates all crowded around you while your coach is standing in your face and yelling. Maybe you’ve aimed for too big and that you should quit it altogether. Maybe he is right. For the past week and a half, you’ve been pushing yourself to perfect this one move that not even a lot of pros have managed to execute. Yet, here you are, a seventeen year old trying to aspire for something that is unattainable at your age. 
You do nothing to conceal your face away, letting everyone witness your puffy and bloodshot eyes as you’re trying your best not to make eye contact with the coach. “Look at me!” he screams, however, forcing you to do just as he commands. He feels no remorse whatsoever as he points at you. “You have two more days. Stop the bullshit, ___!”
When you go to pack up your stuff, everyone’s silent. Or, just avoiding you at all costs as they whisper about how you had your head so far up your ass and got too ahead of yourself. And maybe they’re right. You’ve taken on more than you can handle and at this point, you want to give up.
Akaashi doesn’t say a word to you, knowing that you could either burst into tears or rip his throat out if he did so. So, he just walked you home and wished you a good night. Later that night, he sent you a text telling you not to give up. It was just what you needed.
Tumblr media
If a baby bird is to learn how to fly, they can’t give up. They can’t give after one try, they have to keep going unless there’s something physically wrong that’s preventing them from learning. 
After your horrible confrontation with the coach and the simple yet encouraging words from Akaashi, you decided to keep your original plan set in stone. However, you can’t let the coach know about it. You’ve pushed yourself past your limits, practicing alone to get down the triple axel and with each trial and error, you’re slowly getting better. You’re starting to land on your feet, but tumble. 
With only a day into competition, you’re on a time crunch and you know that if you can’t perfect the move today, you’d have to stick with the single axel jump. You started off small, realizing where you were going wrong, and trying to fix your mistakes from there. 
You had checked out of school early, your last class being your study hall. Paying for admission at the skating rink, you had extra to use one of their vacant ones and go overtime. You spent your hours practicing and practicing and making sure that you took breaks when needed. School was long over and you know that in half an hour, the coach will arrive and your secret practice will come to an end. 
You’ve been beating yourself up so hard and stressing over about the move that you found ice skating to be a chore instead of an art, instead of the hobby that you’ve spent years loving. You believe that was what was missing or maybe your body is just ready to do the jump. Either way, a smile is on your face while you skate. The smile is also still there when you stumble. 
You had planned to get off the ice fifteen minutes prior to the coach’s arrival, but the booming of the double door frightens you and the old man’s voice causes you to fall. “___, do you want to be kicked off the team?”
“Coach!” You get back to your feet. “It’s not what it looks like--” Stopping, you can’t even bring yourself to lie. “Actually it is, but I got it down! Please, listen to me.”
You don’t give him room to argue with you, your puppy dog eyes piercing right through his soul as he decides not to yell at you anymore than he already has. He knows how much hard work you’ve put into this sport, knowing your passion is ten times stronger than any other of the girls and boys on this team. If you say that you can actually do it, he wants to see you try and prove yourself. With a sigh, he motions you to the ice. “Let me see for myself then.”
“Yes!” You squeal, skating backwards.
“But, ___--”
“I know, Coach!” You shout before he has the chance to finish. Chuckling from behind the glass, he watches you perform your full routine. He can’t help but to admit to feeling anxious, too. He’s rooting for you to stick the landing. Slowly, people are gathering and as they all reel in, they’ve come to watch to see if you either make it or break it. Most, expecting for you to break it, while others bet on you finally sticking the land. They’ve seen your little routine and know it by heart by now.
The double doors are pushed open and people glance back to see Akaashi and Bokuto come in, both clad in their clothes from volleyball practice. Used to the sight of Akaashi, they don’t question his appearance as they all go back to watch you. Akaashi and Bokuto both follow in pursuit, heading towards the glass. “Hey-- ow!” Bokuto exclaims as Akaashi is quick to silence him.
Right now, everyone’s on the edge of their seats as your feet pick up from off the floor and you’re spinning like the toy tops before you land gracefully on your feet. Everyone comes to cheer for you. Akaashi smiles brightly at you finally succeeding. Beside him, Bokuto cheers you on as you’re wrapping it all up. When you look back at everyone, you’re beaming. You skate over to everyone and jump in excitement.
“I did it!” You cheered. “I finally did it!”
“Oh-ho-ho-ho,” the coach laughs. “I’m glad you decided to defy me. If you didn’t nail the landing, I was really considering taking you off the team. Ha ha!”
Laughing, you feel so accomplished of yourself. Spotting Akaashi and Bokuto, you try your best to run up to them, still clad in your skates. “I did it!” You pull them into an embrace. “No more stressing.”
“I knew you could,” Akaashi smiles. Returning it, you pull him into a tight hug, tearing up a bit. 
“Thank you so much, Keiji,” you whisper into his chest. Arms wrapped around you, he rubs your back as he doesn’t say anything else. He just enjoys your embrace. Again, Bokuto watches from the sidelines. 
The coach calls for you, making you pull away from Akaashi. Watching you leave, Akaashi stands still with his arms crossed, smiling widely. Bokuto leans over towards Akaashi. “I’m guessing you haven’t told her yet. What are you waiting for?”
“It’s not the right time,”Akaashi shakes his head. “Not now.”
Drawing out a long groan, Boktuo’s annoyed with his best friend. “Right now is the perfect time. When even is the perfect time? It’s not like she’s sad or angry. You’re just chickening out right now.”
“Look at her,” Akaashi motions towards you. “She’s happy and for me to just confess to her would be wrong. Plus, her competitions start tomorrow and I want her to focus on that first.”
“Whatever you say, dude,” Bokuto puffs. “Just hurry up and do it soon. I might just ask her out just to get under your skin.”
Akaashi’s eyes narrow at Bokuto. “You wouldn’t dare.”
“I would,” Bokuto answers smugly, receiving a smack in his head as response.
Tumblr media
The one thing you hated about science is the ideas of evolution. If humans supposedly originated from evolved chimpanzees, why don’t they continue to evolve? Surely, there had to be some other form that humans could evolve to. However, something that did intrigue you was the phrase, “survival of the fittest,” that originated from the Darwinian evolution theory. The phrase is easily comprehensible. It means exactly what it states.
Life is a competition. Everything humans do is a way and means to survive. If you’re not the strongest, then this tough world was not made for you. Slowly, the world will pick away the weak and choose the strong. Everyone’s the predator and you’re just the prey. You especially feel like that in a time like right now as you and your team stands inside a stadium twice the size of the rink where you usually practice. It’s completely packed as you and the team have to physically push yourself past everyone. 
Your heart’s racing as you once again bump into someone, apologizing every time you do so. “Over here!” Your coach points, but you can’t quite see where he’s directing to, but you try to make your way through. 
You feel so suffocated as you're making your way towards your spot, but when you do, it's all in a more open and spacious area much to your relief. However, there's no time to sit and relax when the coach hurries you all to get change, pointing at the women's and men’s locker room. In the locker room, you quickly strip and put on the gray dress that every girl on your team has had altered in order to fit them individually. 
You’re the first person to leave, taking a vacant spot that gave you a clear view of the rink before everyone would get situated. Knowing your schedule, you guys have enough time before your turns are here. Every figure skater from opposing teams looks so intimidating and stronger than you are, and slowly you’re trying not to make yourself spiral out of control and in another stress-eating bonanza. Taking out your phone, you haven’t received a text from Akaashi, and you’re wondering if he’s already here. 
[To Akaashi]: are you on your way?
Putting away your phone, you’re not expecting such a quick response. He’s telling you to look up and when you do, you see three pairs of hands waving at you. Together, your mother, Bokuto, and Akaashi are all smiling and giving you thumbs up to wish you their best regards. Smiling from ear-to-ear, it’s enough to put you in better spirits.
The rest of the team finally make their way to the benches, chatting up a storm before the lights are dimming down and a voice over the intercom booms and announces that Winter Wonderland is about to start. Everyone starts cheering as a show has been put on in order to liven up everyone’s spirits before the competition begins. 
You turn all your attention to it in hopes of taking your mind off things, not wanting your nerves to consume and get the best of you. Christmas music plays as professional figure skaters perform so fluidly. You can’t wait to get to their level. Unlike last year, this time is more festive as confetti is blasted into the crowds, small gifts and prizes being thrown your way as the team tries their best to catch them. When t-shirts are being aimed your way, you make sure to catch it, resulting in your team getting mad at you. 
When it’s finally concluded, the same preppy voice makes his way to the middle of the skating rink. “Welcome everybody to another Winter Wonderland! I hope everyone’s having a lovely time.”
The crowd cheers in response. “I’m happy,” the host chuckles. “I hope you guys are ready to watch these beautiful figure skaters in the making show us what they got because the competition is about to begin.”
Doing a rundown of what the day is going to look like, you let out a shaky breath. Everyone’s demeanor has changed as they now all share the same nervous jitters as you do, voicing just how nervous and scared that they are. The coach had already given his motivational speech, trying to get the team going out strong and relieve them of their nerves, but he supposes another few words won’t hurt.
“There is no reason to be nervous, guys,” he says. “You all have been practicing before the announcement of Winter Wonderland. You all have your routines down to the T. You guys won’t mess up.”
It’s easy for him to say that, but after today, some people will be advancing to Nationals while the rest won’t. You guys go as a team now, but will soon be split up. You all represent one school, but you’re also competing against your teammates. 
Shortly, the first school to go up is Date Tech, an amazing school that seems to be filled with exceptionally talented girls and boys as they all execute their routines without a single flaw. You’ve decided to occupy yourself by chewing on your nails and gnawing at the inner sides of your cheek. Time seems to be going faster than you expected because after Inarizaki, Fukurodani is right up next.
You’re all led to the floor, where the last of Inarizaki finishes up their routine smoothly. Other schools are staring your team down, scoping out their competition and aren’t quite impressed. Their chides and smirks plastered on their face and you use that as your ignition to get heated up and your competitive spirit sparking up to life as instead of being scared, you’re begging to get on the ice. 
“Next up, we have Fukurodani Academy!” the host announces. “Everyone give them a warm welcome as we greet Miss Ito Izura with a performance of the song, Overcome by Tricky.”
Izura stands up, waving a short goodbye before she’s led out. On the board, you make note that you’re third. You look up to the crowd and wave at your mother and friends for a little boost of energy as Izura goes on. She’s doing really well as you hope that she makes it high in the ranks. Joy is up next as she herself was great until towards the end, where she stumbled right at her finish. Gnawing on your lip, you know that points will be marked off for it. When she comes off, you stand up and try to motivate her, but she shrugs you off.
Your name is announced as you swear you can hear the distinctive shouts of your mom and Bokuto from the crowd, you grin as Stand by You by Rachel Platten plays as you’re queued to begin. When you’re on the ice, you let your body take over, like a machine, it’s in control as your mind is blank and taken over by your surroundings. It’s like you’re being taken control of by the power of figure skating. And, just like a bird you can fly. 
You can hear the crowd around you, you can see your surroundings, but you’re just feeling everything. You don’t think, you can’t think. And when that left knee pushes you off the ground and you’re in the air, spinning, you can hear the uproar. You’ve done it. You made it through.
As your dance comes to an end, your smile is even brighter and happier than it was before. You’re out of breath by the time you’re leaving and the host gives you his praises. The rest of your team congratulates you, wishing you to move on in the competition and you happily take their wishful remarks as you wish them just the same. 
When your school is finally complete, you’re led elsewhere for the next school to come. Coach comes out to give his best regards to everyone for doing their best, and the thick air has thinned as everyone celebrates for just being able to get through it. Calling you over privately, he speaks to you in the corner. 
“You did very well out there!” he laughs, pulling you into a tight hug. “I’ll be honest and say that I had my doubts that you’d be able to do the jump, but you did. I’m so proud of you, and I know you’ll be advancing forward.”
“Really?” It’s nice to hear those words coming from your coach as you feel even happier from before. Giving you a curt nod, he pats your back. 
“Yes,” he says. “Now, go sit back down.”
“My mom is here.” You think he knows where you’re going with this. “Can I go see her?”
“Knock yourself out,” he says. “But be back before scores are announced.”
“I will!” Running off, you grab your stuff and manage to change out of your dress, putting on much more comfortable attire. As you’re making your way up, strangers are congratulating you and telling you that they were amazed by your performance. Giving them your thanks, you try your best to hurry on up to your mom.
“Mom!” you exclaim once you see her and she immediately jumps up to pull you in for a hug. Taking in her warm embrace, you pull away when you see Akaashi and Bokuto standing up as well. 
“My little bird!” she pulls away, cupping your face. “You did so amazing out there! You flew!”
“I did!” you squeal, jumping in place. You could never feel happier. Looking over at Bokuto and Akaashi, you pull them into a tight hug. “You guys made it! Ah!”
“Of course we did!” Bokuto exclaims. “I wanted to see you shred it on some ice!”
“You nailed landing again.” Akaashi smiles, pulling you into another hug. 
“All thanks to you.” You smile, noticing the red color coming up to his cheeks. For the rest of the time that you could, you stayed with your mom and friends as you watched the rest of the competition. Everyone else did so well, minus the few mistakes and mishaps that happened. One girl had broken out in tears when she fell, not bothering to pick herself up and finish her routine after that. You felt bad, but couldn;t do anything about it. 
When it was announced that results would be given shortly, you had to leave and hurry back to your team before they were given. Out of breath by the time that you got to the team, you all locked arms and kept your heads down. 
“Person to come in third place is,” the host pauses, “Nakamura Akito from Johzenji high!”
Everyone lets out a shaky breath, grips tightening around your hand as they still are hopeful for second and first place. Akito comes running up to accept his third place medal. However, you could care least about that. 
“Second place goes to,” the host starts. Everyone’s on the edge of their seats as they’re waiting for the host to stop stalling. Your breath is cut short as you’re waiting expectantly. “___ ___ from Fukurodani Academy!”
You burst into tears as you let out a sudden scream. Your team all cheer for you, pulling you into a group hug as you try your best to get rid of your tears. You were hoping for first place, but second place is something you’ll take as you get to advance nonetheless. Wiping away your tears, you gladly accept the silver medal as you’re led to the podium. Spotting your mom and friends, you wave to them happily as they make their way down. 
There’s a slight uproar in the crowd as some are saying that you deserved first place, but you’re grateful for even winning this award. You don’t remember hearing the name for first place, but it’s a small girl that you remembered did really well. Congratulating the first and third place winner, you hurry up and embrace your mom in a huge hug once more. 
“You got second place!” she cries. To the side, Bokuto and Akaashi chatter on how you deserve first place.
“It doesn’t matter guys,” you tell them. “I’m going to Nationals!”
“All I’m saying is that you did that impossible move and nailed it!” Bokuto shouts. “You deserve that first place medal.”
“I’ll get first place at Nationals to make up for it, don’t worry!” you promise him, which seems to satisfy him. He picks you up, spinning around, putting you into a fit of giggles and laughter before you’re called to fill out a few forms for Nationals and asked a few questions by other schools on how you were able to accomplish such a hard move. It gives Bokuto enough time to push Akaashi towards you.
“You need to tell her now,” he states, fighting against the stubborn boy. Fighting from Bokuto’s strong hold, he doesn’t need to be told that. “I know, I know.”
Finally freeing himself from the owl-head, Akaashi sighs as a blush graces his features. “I was gonna ask her today anyway.”
“Well now is the perfect chance because she’s coming your way!” Bokuto chides before pushing Akaashi once more, resulting in him bumping into you. You nearly fall, but Akaashi grabs you before you can.
“I’m sorry,” he apologizes. “Bokuto pushed me.”
“It’s alright,” you giggle. “You caught me.”
There’s silence between the two of you as Akaashi grows nervous as he’s too apprehensive on how he should even ask you. You don’t even know what to say, so you’re trying to head towards the other direction. “I should go and give these to my mom,” you mumble, but before you can go in the opposite direction, Akaashi grabs your wrist.
“Wait!” he blurts. “I have something to ask you.”
“Yeah?” Your eyes sparkle as you look up at Akaashi expectantly. 
Akaashi’s rubbing the nape of his neck nervously as he refuses to make eye contact with you. “I was wondering… since you won, we should go out and celebrate. Just the two of us?”
“The two of us?” you ask. “If we’re celebrating, then maybe we should have--”
“No,” Akaashi stops you before you could even finish. “As in a date… Me and you. Only if you want to, though! If you don’t, I understand.”
You’re taken aback, a gasp leaving your lips. Akaashi was asking you out, it dawned upon you. Your childhood crush was really asking you out. You couldn’t be more than happy. It feels like it’s your day of victory. At your silence, Akaashi starts to regret it all. “I-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked. It was wrong of me--”
“No, no!” you exclaim. “I’d love to go out on a date with you, Keiji. Maybe not tonight because I know my mom wants to do something, but maybe tomorrow?”
Akaashi smiles brightly. “Tomorrow works.”
“We’ll celebrate together,” you grin. Maybe you don’t want to be a bird after all.
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biblioklepte · 12 days ago
I Will Never Leave You- Ben Solo/ Kylo Ren x Reader
Glazing around in a frenzy, I watch as my surroundings start to collapse. The heat from the fire envelopes me as I feel my heartbeat start to speed up. Using the force to avoid the falling roof, I make it out of the cabin, keeping a firm grasp on my pale blue lightsaber.
I sprint to Ben’s cabin, he was the only person I had left, he couldn’t die. As I run there, I see so many bodies. Bodies of friends, bodies of people I’ve spared with, bodies of people I’ve laughed with. 
“Ben!” I yell, desperately trying to locate him. He can’t be dead, who the fuck is doing this. “Ben!”
Hearing somebody wheeze, I turn around and notice a fellow Padawan’s body. “Tifa, Tifa, are you alright?” I ask, unsheathing my lightsaber and trying to help her up.
“It’s no use,” she heaved out, her voice thick as her breathing was slow. I notice that her hand is on her stomach, moving her hands a fraction I notice a lightsaber wound. 
Looking her in the eyes, I quickly ask, “Who did this to you? Who did this?” 
“B-Ben,” she slowly says, the light in her eyes moving out slowly. 
Her words shoot me like a thousand blasters to my body. “Ben would never do this,” I whisper to myself before I focus my attention back on Tifa. “Tifa, it’s going to be okay, we’re going to get out of this. You’re going to survive,” I say as I smile at her.
“May the force be with you,” she chokes out as the hum of a lightsaber sounds out behind me. 
I turn around and stifle a sob as I see who it is, “What have you done?”
“Luke, he tried to kill me,” Ben says, his lightsaber ignited, his brown eyes flecked with red.
My chest starts to ache as Ben starts to approach me, “No, that’s not right,” I gasp out igniting my lightsaber. “Master Skywalker would never do that Ben, there has to be something else to it, he’s- he’s the epitome of the light side.”
“Do you believe me?” Ben articulates, as he stares me down, his usually warm brown eyes- the brown eyes that had looked at me with so much love, now filled with such rage.
“It can’t be. There has to be something else.”
“You don’t love me anymore?” he asks me, his voice cracking at the end, his hand grabbing his lightsaber harder.
I quickly deny it, “I’ll always love you.”
“Are you with me then?” 
I close my eyes, trying to get the force to guide me, the force doesn’t help. “We’re Jedi, Ben. We can’t kill defenseless people, we can’t kill one of our own.”
“If you’re not with me, you’re against me,” he raises his lightsaber, as I quickly move mine to deflect him.
Kylo moves his lightsaber into a long hit, as I duck and move the direction of the fight. “Ben, please we don’t have to do this.”
Our lightsabers move together in two quick movements, his movements fuelled in anger. I was never better than Ben in sparring, I only started here three years ago for god's sake, but the dark side fuelled him, making him even more powerful.
As our lightsabers meet, we are stuck in a standstill as he pushes my lightsaber closer to my face. Our blue lightsabers edged together as sweat dripped down my face. 
“I love you, don’t do this, Ben,” I look into his eyes as I say this.
He stares back into my eyes, a situation we had been in so many times, “I’m sorry,” he mutters, before I feel a piercing pain in my stomach. 
I fall to the ground as I feel warmth rush around my body. I feel him walk away, his force signature move away from me. I direct a memory to him in desperation, desperate for him to come back to the light, desperate for him to come back to me.
I lean my head on his shoulder as we stare into the multicoloured sky. The beautiful sunset swirled around with pink and purple clouds. I look at Ben to find him looking at me. 
“Can’t believe Tai finally just learned to do a cartwheel,” I laugh as Ben doesn’t say anything in response. “I mean it’s imperative to the Jedi to do acrobatics.” Noticing Ben’s lack of responses I furrow my eyebrows. “Are you alright?”
“I’m great,” he says, giving me his famous Solo smile, but I still sense that there’s something off about him.
“If you don’t tell me what’s wrong I’ll read your mind,” I say stubbornly, taking my head off his shoulder. Ben laughs at my statement like it’s a joke causing me to slap him on the arm, “Why’re you being so cruel to me?” I jokingly say grasping my chest.
Ben still doesn’t respond to me causing a frown to blossom on my face, “Seriously, what’s wrong, Ben.”
“I love you,” he says to me a light smile crossing onto his face, as a small blush crosses his cheeks. 
I hesitate, attachment is forbidden, we weren’t supposed to love anyone. But what I felt for Ben, it was enveloping, it was a waterfall that had me under its pressure. 
“I love you too, Ben,” I say, looking at him as his face washes in relief.
Before I could say anything Ben blurts out, “Promise me you’ll never leave me, never. I don’t think I can ever be without you.”
“That’s kind of unrealistic, we’re Jedi, we are going to be in constant danger.”
“I don’t care,” he says exasperated.
I looked at him, an optimistic expression on his face, as the pink light of the horizon reflected onto his face, he looked ethereal, he looked like the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. 
“I promise, I’ll never leave you Ben, death won’t even be able to part us.”
I swiftly press my lips onto his, trying to pull away feeling doubt, before Ben pulls me close to him, his warmth and love spreading into me, our forces entwined together.
The harsh night falls on my body, the wound in my stomach burning. I let out a wince as I try to move, looking for Ben I notice he’s gone. I just hope he could’ve seen my memory, seen the love that we once had for each other.
Lying down I accept my fate. The only person I’ve ever loved left me to die- killed me, and I’m going to die, no one is going to save me. 
Feeling the life leaving my body, I feel a tear stream down my face. My eyes close and I feel darkness. I push a picture of Ben into my mind, at least he would be my last thought.
“You’re going to be okay, you’re going to survive this,” I hear before I fall out of consciousness.
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 The next chapter is here. I have been a bit off my schedule so I’m giving you this a day early! Please enjoy.
As always I do not own the Linked universe, that belongs to @jojo56830 check them out. 
Trigger warnings: Blood, minor mentions of self-harm
To be honest I’m not sure if these are accurate tags, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Please take care! I don’t want anyone to get upset so please take heed.
Start Here:
A rumble rocked the tree Wild slept under and he startled awake. He blinked slightly dazed and confused, unsure of where he was or for how long he had slept. He looked up at the oddly purple black leaves above him and watched as they shook along with the rumbling beneath him. After another few moments the shaking subsided and everything returned to the eerie stillness from before. Wild looked around a while longer before he decided it was finally time to get ready for the day. He stretched and marveled at the stiffness in his back. He hadn’t fallen asleep in the most comfortable place. 
After seeing Twilight in the puddle the night before and feeling utterly exhausted both mentally and physically, he had wondered about for a few minutes looking for a place to rest. He had considered a few trees at first but feeling his flagging energy he had simply found a bunch of bushes and had just fallen into them. He had fallen asleep not too long after that, expecting only to sleep for a few hours. However judging by the placement of the oddly bright black sun above him it seemed he had been asleep for a good portion of the day. That thought jarred him slightly, he looked around furtively trying to spot any movement in the trees around him. Sky had to be out on the lookout by now and he didn’t want to be surprised. 
Seeing nothing moving around him Wild took a moment to take stock of his current predicament. He had made a fair amount of poor choices to be sure. His arm ached at the memory of the melted Four, and his body felt sore from his mad dash through the trees. Not only that but he had allowed himself to become separated from Sky, and that bothered him. Now he could be anywhere, and the chances of being caught unawares made his nerves buzz with tension. He tried his best to shake it off as he stood and stretched his legs out. 
He didn’t really have a plan, which again, wasn’t great but he counted that he had woken up alone as a victory, even if it was a small one. And because he hadn’t been found in the night only served to prove that they didn’t know exactly where he was, yet another small victory. His stomach growled angrily and he grimaced. He really should eat something but he didn’t want to break into his lacking food stores just yet. He wanted to make it last as long as possible. He had been through worse, he could make due with a few missed meals. He picked a direction that looked promising and began to walk aimlessly. He still hadn’t thought of a plan but he hoped that maybe the lack of a plan would correct itself once he got his blood moving again. 
Wild picked at some leaves that were tangled in his hair and stared blankly ahead, his feet moving to automatically step over thick roots and hidden stones. The memory of seeing Twilight in the water bubbled to the surface of his thoughts and he chewed at his lip. He didn’t know if that had been wishful thinking or not. Though another memory worked itself to the surface. He remembered when he and Sky had first dropped into this other world. Sky had told him to run and he had been on his way out of the spring when he had caught a fleeting glimpse of the others in the water below. He had just thought it was a trick of the light or stress that caused him to see the others, and it wasn’t as though  he had  much time to dedicate to investigating the oddity then, but now. He slowed to a stop eyebrows furrowing as he thought.
If he had truly seen the others in the water, then maybe seeing Twilight the previous night hadn’t been a figment of his overtaxed mind. He tapped absently at his slate. How would he even begin to test that? Did the others have to be in the same place as him? Did the type of water count? Or would just any kind of water be enough? He grabbed his slate and pulled out a bottle of clear water and eyed it. He could see the warped trees reflecting in the water but no other faces appeared. Maybe he had to be thinking of the others? Had he been thinking of seeing Twilight? Feeling silly he looked around to make sure he was truly alone before he looked back at the water once more and concentrated his thoughts on seeing a familiar face. 
He huffed in irritation. So maybe just thinking of the others didn’t make the trick work, if it was even an actual thing that could happen. He put the bottle away for now, not really knowing how else to go about testing anything. Though he supposed finding water would be a good place to start. 
He continued his aimless wandering. He didn’t know where he was so trying to find a natural source of water seemed a bit of a larger task than he felt ready for just then. And anyways what if the others had to be at the same place in order for it to work? How likely would it be that they just so happened to meet up in the same place as him. He had been on the run for the better part of a day after all. He was likely miles away from the group and knowing his luck last night had been just a fluke. He kicked at a hidden stone beneath the leaves and watched as it skittered away in the underbrush just ahead of him. 
He kept walking but the thoughts didn’t leave him. They nagged away at him and commanded his attention long after he decided he was done thinking about it. Sighing in annoyance again he stopped and turned his face to the sky. He had to do something, he had to think of something. But as hard as he tried he could get his thoughts away from Twilight’s tired eyes that looked up at him from the puddle. 
He took stock again of what he knew, which was once again very little. Sky and Dark could be anywhere, and while that made him nervous there wasn’t much to be done about it. He could begin backtracking, searching for the missing Sky and keeping an eye out for Dark but at the same time they would be on the lookout for him as well. Which if that were the case why even look at all? He could just climb a tree and keep lookout, which seemed far easier than wearing himself out walking around the forest floor. His curiosity about the water burned through his mind and he knew just hiding in a tree to wait would only serve to drive him mad. Wild shrugged, the idea of waiting for his own personal search party to come to him sounded far easier, yes, but he wasn’t about to make it easy for them. He let a small smile play across his lips. 
“Might as well look for some water then while I wait.” He whispered quietly to himself and with a tiny chuckle he began to trot off into the trees on the hunt for some water. 
It was dark, and cold and the ground below his cheek felt distinctly different than the feel of leaves on a forest floor. Sky groaned and pressed his hands flat against the ground and tried to lever himself up into a seated position. His chest ached from laying on the ground for so long, and his wrists felt raw and stiff. After a moment of awkward struggling he managed to sit and rested his head in his hands. He shivered in the cold and drew his sail’s cloth around his shoulders in a vain attempt to stave off the chill. 
He wasn’t sure how long he sat in the dark, wasn’t even sure what time it was, but slowly he came to realize he wasn’t outside anymore. The air here felt musty and oddly chilled and when he ran his fingers on the ground he felt the distinct feeling of a cobble stone floor. He still couldn’t see anything, the room was too dark and his eyes couldn’t pick out any light. Carefully he stood and felt his legs wobble for a moment. Tentatively he stretched his arms out and walked forward searching for walls. He had only taken a few steps when his knee collided with something hard. He let out a curse and doubled over rubbing at his knee as it throbbed. It had felt like a bench of some sort and he reached out and felt along it’s contours. It was wooden and rough and just long enough to lay down on. He felt chains connecting it to the wall and from there he hugged close to the cold stone and walked around the perimeter of the room. It wasn’t a large room by any means and after a few minutes of awkward shuffling he came back to the bench. He hadn’t felt a door, or even any bars or windows. It was like he was in some sort of closet, or…
‘An oubliette,’ A tiny voice chirped in his mind, as it supplied the word Sky really didn’t want to hear. 
‘A little place of forgetting, a place for madness to grow, how fitting, seeing you’re well on your way to losing your mind,’ a dark whisper drifted through his thoughts and Sky felt himself shudder. The voice drifted away with another soft laugh leaving him alone in the dark and silence. 
He rubbed absently at his knee and sat on the bench. He felt it groan dangerously under his weight but it held. The darkness was suffocating, and the longer he sat the more tense he felt. His wrists itched, his knee still throbbed and he felt distinctly alone. He noted how everything was scarily silent too. The silence beat down on his ear drums and he could hear his own heart pumping blood through his veins. 
“Well, I hate this,” Sky declared quietly if only to fill the air. To somehow lift the oppressive silence. He began to hum to himself, and before long he felt himself curling in a tight ball, pressing his hands over his ears and squeezing his eyes shut. Small bursts of light flashed behind his eyes and he nearly cried in relief. It was something, even if the lights only lasted a few seconds. His humming became strained and warbled, seeming frantic and uneven to his suddenly ringing ears. He started to pick at the healing wounds on his wrists but even the thrum of dulled pain wasn’t enough to fill the darkness. Warmth coated his fingertips. He continued to pick. 
“I see you’re finally awake sky child,” A warm voice suddenly cut through the darkness and Sky felt his head jerk up in shock. His hands stilled their incessant picking, the warmth that covered his fingertips began to cool quickly. He could feel his chest was heaving in great gasps of air and he stood. He felt like he was already going insane and just having something filling the air around him made his whole body quake.   
“What is this? What’s happening?” Sky called into the darkness, his mouth felt dry and no matter how wide he opened his eyes he still couldn’t see a damn thing.
“I thought you needed some alone time.” Dark’s voice floated out into the room once again and Sky whipped his head around trying to figure out where it was coming from. His fingers twitched and he felt warmth drip off of his fingertips. 
“You’re looking a little wild in the eyes there kid, how are you holding up?” His voice chuckled and Sky grit is his teeth, refusing to answer.. 
“Is it the dark that’s got you all whipped up?” Dark’s voice mused, and Sky looked to his left sure that was where the voice came from.
“Maybe it’s the silence? I mean I find it peaceful but that’s just me,” There was a hum and he felt a pressure on his wrists. Sky gasped at the sensation and pulled his wrists away, taking a few steps back to gain some space between him and Dark. The voice tsked and he heard the small bench groan as weight settled down on it. Sky grabbed at his wrist, holding it so tightly  that it ached. He could hear his heart beating in his ears as the silence returned but he knew he wasn’t alone. 
“What do you want?” He hissed out into the black room, his whole body was starting to shake with barely contained anger and fear. His heart was beating like a small frantic bird that had been trapped in a cage and he didn’t know how to make it slow. It was so loud he was sure Dark could hear it from where he sat.
“I just wanted to check in, see how my little buddy was doing. By the looks of it, not well. Poor dear,” Dark sighed and somehow Sky could tell he was giving him a little pout. He sneered back, his hand tightening on his wrist even more and he could feel blood welling out from between his fingers. The fingertips on his other hand were starting to go numb and he tried to relax his grip.
“You know I envy you guys, you all have a purpose you know?” Dark said, suddenly changing the subject and Sky felt his eyes narrow in suspicion. He shook his head clamping his mouth shut tight. He didn’t know what to say to that so he just waited. He wondered where Dark was going with this odd line of thinking. He didn’t trust it. 
“I remember when I first came into being, just a shadow, no thoughts, just there,” Dark said wistfully, Sky heard him shift on the bench again and he imagined Dark leaning back, as if deep in thought. 
“I can still hear the first words I ever knew, ‘conquer yourself’,” the weight of the room grew and Sky found himself holding his breath despite himself. HIs curiosity beat out the careful weariness that had been there not moments before and he felt himself leaning in slightly. 
“I saw the hero of Time standing before me and I thought those words were for me, little did I know they were meant for him,” Dark sighed, the weight shifted again. 
“I was so curious, was that what I looked liked then? A weedy man holding a sword and shield with a bobbing fairy at my side? It was strange and I tried my best to fight him, to follow the only command I knew but I failed.” Dark’s voice sounded like it was miles away, the words drifted like a breeze through his mind.
Sky felt like he was drifting, images floating through his mind that  wasn’t his own. He could see a young Time, face unmarred by his strange markings with a hard look in his eyes. He could feel determination burning in his own soul, a need to win. To conquer his foe. He felt his soul sink as Time swung the final blow, and then he felt nothing at all, just empty. He felt himself sway as the visions left him and he stumbled before catching himself. His hand drifted up to his forehead and he blinked a few times, trying to come back to the room he was standing in. 
“I drifted a while after that, watching the great Kingdom of Hyrule as it grew and prospered. I even watched it fall. The timelines split into pieces and formed back together. I was everywhere and nowhere. I fought the other heroes when I was summoned. I lost every time. A failure, nothing but a tool, or a lesson.” Dark said his voice devoid of emotion. Sky felt as if the room itself held its breath, enraptured at his words. 
 “Tell me, was I only a tool? Wouldn’t you want to be something?” Dark asked but Sky suspected he didn’t want an answer. The bench creaked and groaned as he stood. 
“I need to go now, things are changing as we speak, and I wager you need some more time to think,” Dark said and Sky felt a thrill of anxiety at his words. He didn’t want to be alone with the darkness and the silence again. He heard boot heels clicking against the floor and soft hands grabbed at his arms and this time he didn’t move to pull away. His mind was buzzing too much to fight as a soft grip wrapped around his sore and bleeding wrists. 
“I will have to do something with these wrists of yours, I don’t need you being unable to function,” Dark muttered and Sky felt a blazing heat fair up painfully around abused wrists, followed by the smell of burned skin in the air as the wounds cauterized. Dark’s hands left him and he let his arms fall to his side. 
“Don’t go picking at them again or else I’ll just cut off your hands and use one of your other friends,” Sky felt his breaths coming in short gasps at the threat and nodded slowly. The sound of boots walked away from him and he felt a pop in the air. He was alone in the dark once again and he slowly shuffled over to the bench. It creaked loudly as he sat on it and curled up against the wall. Dark’s story battered at the insides of his mind, and he let it. The visions he had seen filled his permanently darkened room and no matter how hard he tried to blink them away they remained. His fingers twitched but he resisted the urge to touch his wrists. The only sound that filled the room was the noise of his heart racing and his own broken humming. 
The sun made it’s slow way across the sky and Wild felt no where close to finding any natural bodies of water. He felt distinctly frustrated at this turn of events and he threw himself down next to a large tree to rest. Sweat beaded on his brow and he wiped it away with a tired sigh. It appeared he was more lost than he had realized and that made his stomach twist. He pulled out one of his bottles of water again and uncorked it, letting himself take small sips of the cool liquid. He was mindful not to drink too deeply, still wanting to conserve some water just in case. Dark had said that with some purification the water here could be drinkable but he wasn’t too sure if he wanted to risk it or not.
The earth rumbled below him again and he put a hand to the ground when he felt a subtle crack below him. He wondered if the earth itself was telling him something. He corked the bottle quickly and stowed it away suddenly uneasy. He didn’t like whatever was coming but he wasn’t sure if there was anything to really be done about it. He stood quickly as he felt another crack reverberate through the ground, deciding it would be better to stay on the move. He picked a direction and continued walking, eyeing the trees with distrust as he went and keeping an ear out for the sound of water.
The ground gave another shudder under his feet and Wild stumbled. There was no doubt that things were happening. It was like the world he found himself was in the process of shattering and now he couldn’t ignore his growing concern any longer. He knew very little about the world he found himself in and it showed in every blind guess and newly formed crack in the earth. He worked his way through the forest with renewed caution, keeping eye out for any shift in the geography of the world around him. 
After a few more minutes of careful hiking he finally came to a break in the trees. It was a naturally formed rock wall that seemed to surround a small clearing. A large tree grew from the ground not ten feet away and Wild made his way over to it and eyed one of the limbs that grew close to the wall. It wasn’t too close but he could reach it, and after more careful consideration he leaned out and snagged the branch. He leapt off the wall and hauled himself up onto the limb and crawled towards the trunk. When he got to the center he found something odd. It looked like a dilapidated roof or sorts.
 Holes were scattered across the tilted surface of the moss covered roof and it looked like the tree was slowly breaking it down. He stepped out onto the roof and made his way over to one of the holes to look in. He noted the ominous creaking as he went and thought light thoughts as he went, taking careful steps in an attempt to avoid falling through the rotting roof.         
It was dark inside and Wild had to squint in order to make out some of the details but he thought he could make out what looked like old dusty and broken down furniture of what must have been a quaint little home. There were even windows, but they were either broken or covered in thick layers of strange black ivy. He felt a little pang of sadness as he looked around the space below him and he wondered what it would have looked like before it fell into ruin. He shook his head and moved away from the hole and picked his way back to the edge of the roof. He swung himself down into the small porch before making his way down the rotting ladder avoiding the broken rungs as he went. 
When his feet touched ground he faced the small overgrown clearing. There were the remains of training dummies almost hidden in the grass, a place where someone must have hitched a horse and even a small trough filled with fetid black water. He sidled over to it and looked into it half hoping to see a familiar face but only seeing his own haggard face looking back at him. He scoffed, he should have guessed it wouldn’t be that easy. He straightened and looked around again, trees grew tall and a thick underbrush was slowly encroaching on what was left of the small clearing. He made his way through the overgrowth, looking for a path or something that would lead a way out of the small clearing when he finally came across an opening. The pathway had tall rock walls on either side of it and a thrill of recognition flooded him. It looked like the small road the others and himself had taken when they made their way to the spring. A satisfied huff left him and he made his way down the path in search of the spring. 
He had to skirt around fallen rocks in the road and the occasional rumble left him wobbling a few times but he managed, and soon he had heard the unmistakable sound of falling water and he rushed into the spring. It was looking a little worse for wear. The rock walls that had surrounded it were well and truly crumbling now. Newly fallen trees disrupted the water’s edge in some places, and large rocks dotted the water where they had fallen into the spring, disrupting parts of the small waterfall. 
There was a thin crack along the edge of the water and he could see sand trickling into it. It was clear then that the earth itself was indeed tearing itself apart. Though he supposed it was possible that this was just an odd passing of time showing what would become of Twilight’s version of Hyrule, but the more he looked around the less likely it seemed. He walked over to one of the fallen trees and examined the roots that stretched up towards the sky. They looked rotted and black with red lines weaving their way across the surface, spreading like veins of an odd fungus. The leaves also looked spotted and ragged and casting his eyes to the remaining trees left standing he could make out the same spots dotting their leaves as well. It was only a matter of time until they too fell. The whole world around him seemed to be dying and he was amazed it took him this long to notice. 
Another rumble rocked the ground below him and a deafening crack split the air as another tree crashed into the spring. The wood groaning long after it had settled into its new watery grave. It was clear that seeking higher ground was not an option anymore. It would be too dangerous, he drummed his fingers against his leg as he thought about what to do. He could always hide amongst the fallen limbs of the trees, their diseased leaves still offered adequate cover still but it still made him slightly nervous. Seeking cover in the fallen trees was a double edged sword, his cover while masking where he was hiding, could also block his view of anyone who could be sneaking up on him. 
A rippling reflection out of the corner of his eye caught his attention and Wild stepped closer to the water’s edge and gasped. He could see Hyrule as he walked into the water with a bucket in hand, and he had just enough time to spot Legend just beside him before the ripples obscured his vision. He felt his mouth drop open in astonishment, so it hadn’t been a hallucination after all. 
He quickly looked around the spring, his eyes falling onto the waterfalls ahead of him and there he could see the two others clearly. He watched as Legend’s eyes fell on him, saw how the other’s mouth fell open and his eyes widen before he said something that Wild couldn’t hear. Legend began to run into the water and Wild found himself running into the water as well. He couldn’t believe it. He didn’t even know how to explain how happy he was to see their faces, he could have wept with joy. As it was he imagined his mouth was hanging so wide open that a passing bird (if there had been any in this place) could have used it as a nest. Legend and Hyrule looked surprised as well and Wild smiled widely and began waving madly at them, joy fluttering in his heart, only to have it crash not a moment later when a soft amused voice came from behind him. He whipped around, already feeling the warm fuzzy feelings turn to ice in his heart. 
“I see you finally figured it out,” Dark said lazily and Wild looked back at the waterfall only to find the water empty. He turned to face Dark, his arm burned at the sight of him and Wild felt fury building in his soul. 
“How’s the arm? I hope it’s doing well,” Dark said as he made his way over to the water and eyed the cracks in the ground. He seemed completely at ease and unconcerned and that only made Wild feel even angrier. 
“So you could see us through water, I’ll admit that is clever,” Wild spat as his fingers drifted towards his slate. His mind was filled with thoughts of water, puddles, rivers, oceans. All a portal for Dark to keep an eye on them and delight at their confusion and misery. He ached to summon a blade, to run this thing through again and again even if it left him stranded. Dark eyed him for a moment and took a step closer, the tips of his boots darkening with the water. 
“It is rather clever isn’t it? Though I must admit it is a bit limited as you might have noticed. Sound doesn’t really travel through water all that well,” Dark said coolly as he gestured to the rippling water at his feet. 
“Sky was such a useful tool, I could see and hear everything! So much drama, so much indecision and worry. It was positively amusing,” Dark said as a grin played across his face. 
“It’s almost a shame that I had to show my hand so quickly, but alas, that is the game we play,” He said, the same smile turning rueful as he kicked absently at a rock. 
At that Wild took an angry step forward, his fingers tapping at the slate on his hip and summoned a wicked looking symitar and pointed it at Dark. 
“This will be a game you lose, mark my words,” Wild hissed as his hand shook with barely contained rage. He scoffed and rolled his eyes and Wild vowed once again to make sure Dark suffered, suffered the way he had made them all suffer. 
“Come now, this is no time to fight. Surely you’ve noticed the changes?” Dark asked as he gestured to the decaying woods around them. The world gave another harsh rumble almost to illustrate his point and Wild dared look around at the shaking leaves and rippling water. A thrill of panic chorused through his heart and his grip tightened further on the pommel. 
“What is happening? Where is Sky?” Wild barked, the sword dropping slightly as he worked to keep himself steady. 
“The sky child is fine for now, though I find it amusing it took you this long to remember him. Maybe your memory is getting worse.” Dark said as he looked at the ground and took a step back from the widening crack in the earth. WIld almost felt woozy at the thought, he couldn’t believe that he hadn’t even considered Sky in all of this. Was he okay? Was Dark just lying? Guilt wrapped around him like a vice and he struggled to breathe. The sword dropped lower and Dark grinned again. 
“Don’t worry, your friend is safe. I fear for you though, things are about to get interesting around here,” Dark said as yet another earth rattling quake made Wild stumble. Dark didn’t even shift his position, made no move to even suggest the world was splitting itself apart at the seams. 
“Hylia is playing with portals again it would seem, how quaint,” Dark said, avoiding a tree as it fell onto the ground next to him. A slightly irritated look crossed his face and he plucked a rotting leaf off a branch and flicked it away. 
“What do you mean Hylia is playing with portals?” Wild asked the sword now hanging forgotten at his side. Dark tilted his head as he considered his response. 
“This world, this place in between, it’s not very stable as you might have guessed. As portals are created, the world around us will shift and change to match the new one that has been summoned.” Dark said throwing his arms wide as he gestured to the very forest itself. 
“Shouldn’t be long now,” He said idly as he eyed the still growing crack between them.  
Wild thought this over for a moment, the gravity of the situation making itself painfully clear. He didn’t know what world was going to manifest. More importantly, he didn’t know what ground would be safe, if any depending on the world. Would he find himself in the middle of an ocean? What if he fell into a volcano or was stuck in the middle of a dessert. No matter what way he looked at it, here wasn’t much he could do besides roll with the punches and hope for the best. He really hoped the Goddess didn’t choose Wind’s Hyrule, the idea of being stranded in the middle of an ocean with no help in sight was really not something he wanted. 
“I see the gears turning in your brain Wild, I could help you, you know. I could bring you to Sky and it would be a grand little reunion, ” Dark said kindly and Wild glared at him. Hatred made a home for itself in his heart and he couldn’t stop the fire from growing.  
“Though judging by the look on your face I would guess that your answer is no. Poor Sky, he could really use a friend right about now,” Dark pouted before tapping a finger against his chin to think. Wild felt his hands beginning to shake. 
“I could always grab someone else there are plenty of you heroes to choose from still,” Dark said as he looked down at the water at Wild’s feet and smiled. 
“Well would you look at that! Looks like I have a volunteer!” Dark laughed giddily as he rubbed his hands together in glee. Wild looked down and his heart stopped. Instead of his own reflection he saw Hyrule standing where he was now except facing the opposite direction. His hands were fists at his sides, eyes hard and angry and Wild wondered what he was seeing that made him so angry. Wild’s head snapped up to look at Dark. His eyes were glowing a bright red and he raised his hand. Wild looked back down and could see tendrils of water spooling up from the water just behind Hyrule. 
“What a fool that Vet is, leaving someone behind like that, and the healer no less! How delightful, Sky could really use the help after all,” Dark laughed and he snapped his hand closed. Wild watched in horror as the tendril shot out and wrapped themselves around Hyrule’s arms and legs. He watched as Hyrule let out a cry that he couldn’t hear and began to struggle in the water’s grip. Another tendril wrapped around Hyrule’s throat and snaked up to cover his mouth and his struggling became more panicked. 
“NO!” Wild roared and shot forward towards Dark sword raised as he ran. Dark’s glowing eyes widened in glee and let Wild run at him. Dark pulled his hand towards himself and Wild could see the water around him ripple and jump around him as tendrils shot out from the spring. He ducked and dodged them easily and when he was close enough he swung his blade at Dark’s chest. 
The sword passed through him like smoke and Dark disappeared. Wild felt a presence behind him and he snarled and ducked low avoiding Dark’s sword as it passed over his head. He switched weapons quickly and summoned one of his elemental rods. He turned on his heel and raised the weapon, swinging it in a tight figure eight, firing out a quick succession of icy orbs. Dark took a couple of hasty steps back trying to avoid them, and Wild took advantage darting forward as he changed weapons again as he did so. One of the orbs hit Dark’s hand and he hissed as a ball of ice froze solid around it. He clutched his frozen fist close to his chest and continued to back up and away from Wild’s crazed swings of his royal claymore. 
Wild had him off balance and he pressed his advantage changing weapons once again to a short sword and moved in close. Dark widened his stance and drew out his sword stopping Wild’s blade just inches away from his throat. The sound of screeching metal filled the air as they locked blades, one aiming to kill while the other worked to hold the other blade at bay. Wild slid his foot forward to gain more power behind his sword. Dark laughed and let him before he shifted his weight to the side causing Wild to stumble as their blades screeched and fell away from each other. Dark threw his frozen hand out to the side, the ice shattering off in sharp shards before he swung it in a scooping motion. Wild moved with the momentum of his stumble and rolled as pillars of water shot out from the water below in sharp spears. Before he realized it he was a few yards away from Dark and staring down the length of an arrow. Dark smiled and let the bolt fly. Wild made to move but found his foot caught in a watery grip. Time slowed as he watched the arrow fly his way, and he knew he couldn’t get away in time. Making a snap choice he twisted headless of the pain in his ankle and instead of getting an arrow to the gut it stuck firmly in his side instead. The grip on his leg vanished and he crashed into the water, clutching at his side for a moment before he got to his feet once again. 
“That was a cheap shot,” Wild growled as he took his sword and brought it down on the shaft of the arrow. It  cut away cleanly,  allowing him the freedom of motion once again without the arrow getting in the way. Dark shrugged and sent him a devilish grin his way. Wild could feel blood and water soaking his side but he ignored it and raised his sword once again ready to continue the fight when the earth made a shrieking sound as rock and soil cracked, split and began to lift away from the ground. 
“Looks like it’s time Champion! You better hold on to something,” Dark called out to him as he disappeared in a puff of smoke leaving Wild to stumble and crash back down to the water. He heard the split in continue to grow as the spring became its own island that started to rise into the sky. Water spilled over the edges and Wild felt a part of the ground fall away at his back forcing him to scramble closer to the center of the spring. Rocks sprouted out from the ground like flowers and water shot into the air as it was displaced. The stillness of the water that was once the spring was quickly turning into a rushing river and Wild had to fight against the pull lest he was washed over the edge of the floating island. He felt as well as heard the sound of rocks slam into the edges of the island even as other parts fell away, changing the entire layout of the earth around him with dizzying speed. Water rushed over his head and he felt his grip slip for a moment causing him to nearly fly off the edge of the island.  
In a moment of sheer panic he only just managed to hold on to the edge of the waterfall and with strength born of desperation he pulled himself up and over the edge, powering his way against the raging water and back onto solid ground. He coughed and hacked as he clung onto the rocks below for dear life. Turning his face to the side as more water rushed over his head and worked to pull himself along the solid rocks of the river bed. His side burned, and his arms shook as he struggled through the water towards the edge. It felt like it took hours to get to the side of the river but he never gave up his single minded determination to get out of the water. Once he got close enough he pulled himself on to the bank of the river and flopped himself over the rocks that lined the newly formed water way and just breathed, too spent to do more than that.
He didn’t know how long he laid there in a daze of exhaustion and relief, but he knew it was a fairly long time. He noted slowly that if he were to pass out right then there would be a good chance that he would bleed out thanks to the water. He could feel his boots drifting in the current behind him and he felt the sharp sting of the arrow lodged in his side. The sound of rocks and cracking earth began to slow, and Wild sincerely hoped that meant the worst of the shift was over and that it was safe to move. 
He groaned and dragged himself the rest of the way out the water. The air felt thin, and he wasn’t sure if it was due to the ordeal he just managed to survive or if the air was actually thin. Either way he had things to do, he had to move. The most pressing issue he had to focus on was the arrow lodged in his side so he decided to start with that. He gave a shaky sigh and hauled himself up to a seated position before slowly getting to his feet. He staggered when he felt his ankle throb, and his legs felt wobbly and sore already. He clutched at his side with weak hands and looked around for a moment before spotting a tree to sit against to work. 
When he finally shuffled his way over to it he practically collapsed into the trunk and slid down to the ground. His hands shook as he tenderly felt along the edges of the wound on his side, assessing the damage with a practiced eye. A small piece of the arrow stuck out from the wound marking where it had landed and he touched it tenderly, letting out a pained gasp when it sent a shock wave of pain through his side. He laid his head back against the tree and breathed heavily through his nose. When the pain ebbed down to a manageable level he gingerly pulled the hole in his warm doublet open further and took a closer look. Blood and water ran down his side and the skin was bruising nicely already. Blood leaked around the small piece of arrow sticking out and he wiped it away with shaky fingers. Every time he breathed in he could feel the head of the arrow shift slightly and he hoped it wasn’t causing too much more damage. He pulled out his slate and fumbled through the different screens selecting an old ratty shirt, a dagger and one of his bottles of clean water. A thought hit him suddenly and before he put the slate away he grabbed two baked apples as well. He could tell he would need them after he was done. 
He set the apples aside for now and began to cut the shirt into small strips, wincing as the motion caused pain to flair in his side. Once that was done he grabbed the bottle of water and took a drink before sloshing some of the water onto the wound to clear away some more blood. Deciding he put it off long enough he put the bottle down, grabbed a piece of shirt and in one swift motion and before he could talk himself out of it grabbed the remaining shaft of the arrow and ripped it out. 
His legs kicked out involuntarily and he bit back a cry of pain as the arrow finally came loose with a wet squelching sound. He tossed it to the side, head spinning and clumsily pressed the soft fabric to the wound left behind and applied pressure. His fingers felt wet with warm blood and he grabbed at another scrap of shirt and added it to the other piece. He sat there for a little bit and waited until he felt relatively sure that the bleeding had slowed. He lifted the edge of the makeshift bandage, eyeing the hole left behind and grimaced. It would need stitches that was sure but given that he didn’t have anything to do the job he would have to make do with what he had to hand. He removed the soiled pieces of shirt and grabbed a clean piece, and gently packed the wound before lifting the hem of his doublet and tied a strip of fabric around himself to keep pressure on the wound. 
He let the hem of the shirt drop and slumped against the tree again and panted heavily feeling his body shake and judder harshly from the task. Dark spots floated in his vision and he grabbed clumsily at one of the apples and began to eat slowly to avoid making himself sick. When he was done he turned to face the tree and laid down, lifting his legs and planting his feet on the trunk so his legs were elevated.  He hoped this would stop him from slipping into shock. The world was spinning around him, black spots continued to burst in his vision and he closed his eyes until the feeling passed. He grabbed for the bottle of water and carefully took slow sips. When the bottle of water was empty he set it down and picked up the other apple and ate. It was soft and sweet and the more he ate the better he felt. He laid still for a few minutes longer before he grabbed his slate and changed into his snowquill outfit. The warm clothing heated his cold skin and he hadn't realized how cold he had been until he felt his joints loosen up. Finally he let his legs drop and he sat himself back up carefully and looked around at his new surroundings. 
He could see odd black clouds drifting lazily by and the light of the black sun almost made the place glow. Still there was no wind, the only sound that of the river rushing over the edge of the island. In the distance he could see a large tent and what looked like a small village. He could see a smattering of small islands floating in the clouds, and bridges that seemed to connect the large piece of island to other smaller sections. It clicked then, he was in Sky’s Hyrule. They had been here before but they had all been on the ground below, they had never made it up to the islands in the clouds. He remembered Sky describing where he had grown up, but he wasn’t expecting… This. 
He felt an odd sense of disappointment, he always wanted to see this but not without Sky or the others. He felt a tear slide down his face at the thought, he hoped that Sky was safe and he prayed the others were as well. The vision of Hyrule being attacked in the spring bloomed in his mind like a hideous flower and worry mixed with fear at the thought. He desperately hoped he was okay, that Hyrule was able to break free or that his mad attack on Dark had saved him. His eyes slid across the ground to the small remains of Dark’s arrow, eyes landing on the black, barbed arrowhead with his blood drying on it. A sudden wave of anger had him standing and he scooped up the offending object and hurled it over the edge of the island. The action made his side hurt and he clutched at it until the pain subsided. 
“Bastard,” Wild spat as he fought the urge to throw other things off the edge. Oh he was angry. So terribly angry and frustrated and all he wanted to do was break things and rage at the gentle clouds that drifted by. 
He breathed heavily as he thought it through, how It would be a waste of his precious energy, but the thoughts stuck in his brain like a rot. He found himself continuing to stoke his rage, building the flagging flame into an inferno until he couldn’t stand still any longer. He stalked off toward the small buildings determined to use the destructive energy he had managed to build up to help himself survive, rather than to rage uselessly at the open air. All the while he plotted his next moves and day dreamed of all the ways he wanted to make Dark hurt.
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bellakitse · 15 days ago
I'll hold you close, wipe away your tears
He feels their talk downstairs went well, but he can still see how Carlos’ shoulders are bunched up, and the smile he gives TK back comes out more like a frown.
Missing scene for episode 2.04. After they make up, Carlos still needs reassurance TK won’t leave him.
Written for @911lonestarangstweek - Day 3: Coda / fix-it fic
TK walks out of the bathroom and into the bedroom freshly showered to find that Carlos has dressed down to his boxers and is sitting cross-legged on the bed. He gives him a small smile hoping it will relieve the lingering tension between them. He feels their talk downstairs went well, but he can still see how Carlos’ shoulders are bunched up, and the smile he gives TK back comes out more like a frown.
He swallows a sigh as he drops his towel in the hamper and walks over to him. Sitting down on his side of the bed, he brings his feet up, turning towards Carlos. He opens his mouth, ready to ask him if he’s okay when Carlos takes his face between his hands, his mouth covering TK’s in a hard kiss. He lets out a muffled sound of surprise, his hands reaching up to grab Carlos’ forearms as he kisses him back.
Carlos starts to push him back on the bed, hovering over TK as he moves to have him underneath him, and TK moans as Carlos presses him into the mattress with his hard body. He kisses him deeply, his tongue touching the soft palate of TK’s mouth as his hands run all over his skin, making TK dizzy – he shivers as Carlos’ fingertips light him up from the inside out.
TK is enjoying the feel of Carlos’ body on him so much that it takes him a moment to start noticing something is wrong. He breaks the kiss to take a breath, but Carlos keeps going, leaving frenzied kisses across his cheek and down his jaw to his neck. He places a hand between Carlos’ shoulder blades to hang on as Carlos sucks on his collarbone, and he finds himself frowning when he feels Carlos shaking.
“Babe?” he questions softly, his frown deepening when Carlos just shakes his head and continues to kiss his way down his chest.
“Carlos,” he tries again when he feels Carlos’ grip on him stiffen up. “Hey, stop for a second,” he says in a soft but firm voice and finds himself blinking in surprise when one second Carlos is on top of him and the next he’s that the edge of the bed with his back to him.
TK sits up slowly, confused and worried as he takes in Carlos’ body language. His spine curved as he curls into himself, his shoulders so high they almost reach his ears.
“I’m sorry,” Carlos mumbles, causing TK’s stomach to drop at the misery he hears in his voice.
Taking a breath, TK reaches out to touch Carlos’ shoulder, his heart squeezing when he flinches.
“Baby, will you please look at me and tell me what’s wrong,” he whispers, anxiety crawling up his chest when it looks like Carlos is debating doing as he asks.
He lets out a sound when Carlos finally turns around to look at him, his eyes red-rimmed. The realization that Carlos has been crying silently hits TK hard.
“Baby, please,” he pleads, trying to swallow around the cloying taste in his mouth at Carlos’ distress. “What’s wrong?”
Carlos looks at him, his eyes shining with fresh unshed tears, and TK bites down on his lip so hard he almost tastes blood when they break free. “I don’t want to lose you,” he whispers, his voice cracking, finally making a noise as a sob breaks free.
TK doesn’t know if it’s what Carlos needs or not at the moment, but he can’t help but reach out, pulling him hard to his chest. He lets out a breath when Carlos comes easily, clinging to him as TK cradles him in his lap, his arms tight around him as he murmurs nonsense in the hopes it will calm him down. He lets Carlos work through the moment, letting him cry it out as he runs a hand up and down his back. He feels his heart ache as Carlos’ body shudders from the strength of his crying. He’d thought his reassurance earlier that he was okay with his boyfriend’s parents not knowing about him yet had been enough to settle the issue, but as he holds Carlos, he realizes it hadn’t been anywhere near enough.
He’d known Carlos felt unsafe all his life and still hadn’t grasped the depth of those feelings. He shakes his head at himself, angry for not realizing sooner.
He keeps holding Carlos as the tears slowly start to die down. When it’s down to a sniffle, he pulls back far enough to cup Carlos’ tearstained face between his hands, raising it to meet his eyes.
“I’m sorry,” Carlos whispers again, and TK can see the embarrassment in his eyes.
He shakes his head once more, a gentle smile on his face as he looks at Carlos. “Don’t be sorry,” he says softly.
“I just fell apart all over you, TK,” Carlos argues back weakly.
“It seems like you needed to,” he points out with tenderness in his voice. He brushes his thumbs over Carlos’ cheeks, wiping away the remnants of his tears. “Now about what you said.”
“I’m sorry – “ Carlos starts again, but this time TK covers his mouth gently.
“No more apologizing, babe,” he says, leaving no room for argument. “Never apologize for your feelings. You’re scared I’m going to leave.”
Carlos casts his eyes down to his lap. “I know you said you would wait until I’m comfortable enough to tell my parents about us, but realistically how long can you really wait?”
“Forever if I have to,” TK answers without hesitation, feeling it in his bones. “Is it a perfect situation? No. Do I want to scream at the top of my lungs how much I love you for the whole world to know? Absolutely.”
Carlos gives him a small smile at that, giving TK hope. He needs Carlos to believe him.
“But I know you’re not ready for the whole world to include your parents, and that’s okay,” he promises.
“Is it?” Carlos questions nervously.
“The only other solution is not being in your life anymore,” TK answers, his voice cracking at the thought. “And I just can’t, Carlos. Now that I know you – love you, and know what it’s like to be loved by you,” he pauses, letting out a shaky breath. “I can’t live without it. I can’t live without your love.”
Carlos’ eyes fill with tears again, but this time they don’t worry TK as they match his own. Their tears are tears of wonder at finding the one they’re meant to be with.
“You’re not going to lose me, Carlos,” he swears, pulling his boyfriend back into a tight hug as those tears spill once more. “I’m always going to be by your side.”
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Emergency! Part 6
Tumblr media
Part 6 – One and One make Three?
Summary: The reader has been getting sick lately. She recognizes her symptoms and gets a pregnancy test. Dean and Cas head to rescue some hikers trapped in a cave. Due to the instability of the cave’s entrances and exits, both entrances are caved in. Can they find the exits before they cave in?
Warnings: Really smutty start must be 18+ please (Explicit! P in V, unprotected sex (wrap it up boys), pegging, girl on guy, use of toys/dildos/vibrators, p-spot stimulation, male overstimulation (if that’s a thing), coming dry, breeding kink—kind of, after care), puking, morning sickness, semi-scary situations, 90’s movie reference (I love Daylight! I highly recommend if any of you are Sylvester Stallone fans like I was growing up), Major, Major fluffy ending, Implied future smut.
Word Count: 4,629
Series Masterlist
Main Masterlist
A/N: Enjoy this final part! I hope you like it!
“Fuck…” Dean groaned. His voice rough and hoarse.
Y/N and Dean were wanting to try something Dean was curious with. She managed to get her hands on a strap on dildo. Long enough to reach all of his pleasure spots with little effort.
Her thrusts were slow and calculated, giving him a slow burn.
“Look at you all fucked out and ready to pop.” She says lowly, fucking into him slow and steady.
“More babe, please.” Dean begged. He began to reach for his aching cock, red and hard, he was ready to pop. She swatted his hand away. He groaned moving his hand away back over his head.
“Now, now babe, no touchy, I want to see if we can get you coming without touching it.”
“God, I can’t…”
“Yes you can babe, I can tell you’re close.”
With a few thrusts, she leaned in close, kissing softly on his neck by his pulse point. Her hips thrusting in and out slowly.
His breathing began to pick up, her kisses marking him up.
His back arched, and his cock twitched spilling out on to his stomach as he came groaning her name. His eyes rolling in the back of his head.
She slowed her thrusts, stilling inside him until he calmed down. She then slowly pulled out, causing him to sigh out at the loss of feeling her inside him.
“You good babe?” she asked, lying beside him.
“So good.” He says, wrapping an arm around her.
“Think you’ll be up for our next thing we wanted to do?”
“Oh I’m sure babe, I’m gonna fuck you up so good you’ll feel it for weeks.” He growled. Rolling her on her back, kissing her neck.
“Unless you got more in you for one more round?”
“No more pegging for me, I just want this. You, me, cuddling.”
“I can live with that.”
After a very uneventful day the next day, the couple was even more horny than they were the night before.
They didn’t waste time in working each other up.
She grabbed the p-spot vibrator, lubing it up for him as he found a hard time taking his lips off of her neck and shoulder. Making her giggle.
“If this works like last night with me pegging you, you’ll be coming hard.” She hums.
“Then I’ll be filling you up so full, you’ll be having kids for days.”
“Not how it works but I am ovulating, and we’ve been trying lately.”
“You think it’ll work though?”
“Not sure, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.” She says. Turning to him holding up the vibrator.
“I trust you.” He says.
“Bed.” She says with a sexy smirk.
Dean walks over to the bed, bending over giving her access to his rear.
Teasing his hole with the tip of the vibrator, earning a moan out of him.
With as much lube as she put on it, it slipped in with little resistance. And she turned it on.
His hips buck at the sensation.
“Oh, fucking, fuck that…” he says, with a moan.
She places a loving kiss by his jawline, peppering kisses up to his lips.
She could see his fan fiction green eyes darken with lust when her eyes met his.
She began crawling up backwards on the bed, her head meeting the pillow.
His eyes hungry when she opened her legs up to him.
“Fuck me baby, fill me up so full people can see it for days.”
“Oh I’ll fill you up alright.” He growls.
He crawls up the bed, his hips line up with hers. He runs his tip between her folds, teasing her, her hips grind up against his cock.
And he begins to enter her slowly stretching her to his girth. The vibration changing up a pattern, causing his hips to buck into her unexpectedly.
A soft groan escaped his throat.
“Think you can last babe?” she says, cocking an eyebrow at him.
Silently, he looks up at her the hungry look still in his eyes. He pulls out almost all the way and thrusts back in, his hip slamming against hers.
But instead of jumping into a rough and fast rhythm, he gives her the same treatment she gave him the other night. Slow burn. Slow and steady thrusts.
“Oh, I hear you.” She groans.
“Think you can last sweetheart?” he asks with a smirk.
“Not fair.” She groans as her hips grind against his trying to find a rhythm.
He holds a firm grip against her hips, holding her still. Earning a hungry growl from her.
“Oh, my girl is so impatient, don’t worry. You’ll get what you want when it comes.” He says.
His hips begin to shudder as the vibration slowly messages his prostate, causing his breath to hitch in the back of his throat.
“You gonna come big boy?”
His climax his him like a ton of bricks, nearly collapsing on top of her.
“Yep.” He grunts. And begins a slow rhythm again once his climax calmed.
“You’re going to slow for me…” she says, pushing him down to his back. He landed with a grunt.
“Oh come on, I was having fun.”
“You’ll get more soon babe.”
She begins riding him at a fast enough pace she could keep up as best as she could. His hips met with her thrust, building her up in no time.
“De,” she pants, a burning  hot coil build in intensity in her abdomen.
“You got it babe,” he says, his hips slammed into her as the vibrations worked him up again.
Her walls slammed around him with no warning as her climax hit her hard. Her hips spasm out of control.
He kept a firm grip on her hips, helping her up and down his length. Giving him a few thrusts before he came hard, spilling thick ropes of come coating her walls. His hips stilled against her with his back arched, making his toes curl.
“Fuck!” he groans.
“Oh, that was hot babe.” She pants.
“You’re hot too babe.”
She giggles.
“Got more in you?”
“Oh yeah babe, I bet you’ll be coming dry by the time I’m done with you.”
He pulls her off of him, laying her down next to him. She grabs a pillow to lay on, making herself comfortable.
“Go rough babe, let loose.” She encouraged.
He slammed back into her without resistance and began a rough and fast pace.
Taking periods of slow thrusts and speeding up with reckless intent, her legs shake and quiver as he hits all of the right spots.
The vibrations picked up once again.
“Ah! Fuck,” He growled. Pounding into her faster, to meet up with the vibrations.
“Oh god, Dean, faster, faster.”
He manages to meet her demands, all while meeting his needs. Reaching his end as it slams him hard. Earning a yell out of Dean, as his hips shudder against her. Her walls clamping around him at the same moment, milking him of every last drop.
They laid like that for a solid moment as they calmed down, panting hard.
“You okay there Dean? Never heard you scream or yell during sex before.”
“So good.” He pants.
His hips begin to slowly grind against her.
“Dude, you got the stamina of a teenager.”
“Lets just see what my limit is huh? I don’t want this to end just yet.” He says.
“Then lets spoon a little bit babe, let you relax.”
His arms wrap around her, as he laid further down onto her, kissing her neck with his hips just grinding against her. The two humming contently.
With his grinding still going on, he began moaning and whining against her.
“Dean, don’t push yourself,” she pants.
“I’m gonna,” he grunts as his hips studder to a stop after just ten minutes of grinding, the vibrator still working on his prostate.
She could feel his cock twitch inside her, but not feeling anymore of his release.
His grip around her tightened as his climax continued.
His head was buried in the crook of her neck. She could hear a small whine escape his lips.
“I can’t…”
“Dean, pull out, I’ll get the vibrator out now.”
He slowly pulled out, his hips jerking as the vibrator continued its assault. She managed to crawl out from under him, reaching around him to pull out the vibrator, turning it off quickly.
Dean maneuvered over to lay on his back, panting hard. His face covered with sweat.
“Dean, you okay, really?”
“Okay, that was too much.” He chuckles.
She quickly got up, immediately feeling his release escape down her thigh.
She got to the freezer, grabbing a Ziplock bag from the pantry filling it with ice. Then grabbing a hand towel wrapping the ice bag in the towel and returning to Dean. Placing the ice pack on his member under the blanket.
He let out a relieved sigh.
She laid next to him, holding close to him giving him a loving kiss on his cheek.
“Sorry babe, I didn’t mean to push you.”
“You didn’t push me, I pushed me, and sure it hurts now but damn it felt good. I don’t think I’ve come that many times back to back like that.”
“Think you’ll use that thing again if we do this again?”
“Fuck yeah, but I’ll listen to my body next time and not push it.”
“Yeah, I’ll say.” She chuckles.
 Two months later…
She’d come out of the hospital bathroom with a groan.
That’s the third time this week she’s thrown up. She’s even thrown up a few times the week before but they all had a pattern.
“Whoa, kid you okay?” Bobby asks when he saw her return to the nurses station.
“Just, not feeling the best at the moment.” She says, not wanting to say for sure. Even if her training tells her she knows what’s wrong.
“Hey girl---friend, what is wrong with you today, you look awful?” Meg asks.
“Meg, can you get me Rowena, I need someone to perform a pregnancy test for me?”
“You think you might be…”
“Yes I might be, can you please…” she begged.
“Sure thing, just sit tight, I’ll be right back.”
 Moments later, after peeing in a cup, Rowena had come back with the results.
“Congrats, someone is expecting!”
“Seriously!” Meg and Y/N asked in excitement.
“You and Dean are wanting kids right?” Bobby asked.
“Yeah, I know we’re not married an all but, I’m in no hurry for a wedding. And I’m ready for kids. Dean’s been having kid fever lately.”
“Shouldn’t it be the girls that have the kid fever?” Meg asked.
“Oh, believe me, I hit kid fever. And it has not let up. I just wonder how Tremor will be for when I do have kids and bring them home?”
“Just got to keep them on a leash, but Bassets are really good with kids.” Rowena says.
An alarm in the nurses station goes off.
“What’s that?” Y/N asks.
“Well ever since that earthquake, we had another radio in the station, something from the USGS. It warns us if there’s been an earthquake. And it looks like a small one just outside of here. Nothing major.” Bobby explained.
“So, Bobby, your last day is tomorrow, what are you gonna do once you retire?” Meg asked.
“Just relax at home with the wife.”
“How is Ellen by the way?” Rowena asked.
“She’s doing good. She’s still working hard at the school. She loves being the principal there. Jo hates it as usual.”
“Yeah, I bet the bullying is rough on her as well.” Y/N says.
“Not really, there were these boys that were picking on her. So, Ellen put them all in detention. Jo for fighting, and the boys for bullying.”
“Nice.” Meg comments.
Moments later an ambulances siren cuts the staff out of their conversation and back to work.
The victims on the stretchers had some serious injuries but their equipment stuck out.
“Wait, where are they from?”
“They were out hiking, a small quake hit.” Said the EMT.
“We were exploring this cool cave, used to be an old gold mine. Then it started to cave in on us.” One of the hikers said in the stretcher.
“Were there more people?” Y/N asked.
“Yes, we had a whole party going through.” The victim said.
“Another squad responded shortly after that small quake, and they went in to rescue some.” Said another EMT.
Her heart dropped at the information.
“What squad?” she dared to ask.
“Squad 51.”
The color drained from her face.
 “Dean, we’re trapped.” Cas says, holding the bleeding on one of the hikers.
“I see that Cas, but this used to be an old Mine, there has to be another entrance or exit somewhere.”
“There’s an couple of exits according to this old map of the mine.” A hiker said, pointing at a map at an intersection in the mine.
Dean went to investigate.
“Closest one is not far from here. I’ll scout ahead to see if it’s safe. If it’s not, we’ll try our hand with these two.” Dean explains.
He goes down one of the paths, turning to the left walking right into a wall of rocks.
“Well, that answers that.” He mutters.
Shit. We’re really trapped down here. He thought.
He heads back to the others.
“Caved in?” Cas asked.
“Caved in.”
“Dean, he’s gonna bleed out if we don’t get him help.”
“You don’t think I know that!”
“Guys!” one of the hikers broke them up.
They heard drilling on the other side.
“They’re gonna try to get us out this way?” the other hiker asked.
The room only had three hikers, one bleeding out, Cas was doing his best to slow the bleeding. The other two hikers were just dirty with a few cuts that Dean managed to clean up and bandage them.
There was a light rumble, some rocks falling from the cave ceiling.
“Oh fuck, this won’t work.” Dean says.
“Why not?” one hiker asked.
“Well, assuming the exits are closed up, whether their caved in or doors of some kind that are shut. And this being the only entrance is sealed shut. Pressure builds up inside of here. They release all that pressure…”
Dean nods.
“Either that or this whole mine will collapse. Which ever happens first.”
“Do they know that?”
“I don’t think so.”
 Y/N managed to convince Bobby that she could be of assistance at the mine the hikers were trapped in.
She parked her car near the engine, John couldn’t help but roll her eyes but deep down knew she was just as worried as he was.
“Any word yet on Dean?”
“Nothing yet.”
“I’m pregnant.”
He gasped. “You’re, how far along?”
“I don’t know, a few months.”
A soft smile spread across his face.
“I’m gonna be a granddad.” He says.
She smiled, tearing up.
“Lets get Dean home.”
“We’re working on it.”
“Wait, are they drilling them out?”
“Yeah, why?”
“John, have you heard of the movie Daylight?”
“Think of this as that situation.”
He thought for a moment.
“Oxygen in still a gas, so’s carbon dioxide. A build up of that, and a sudden release…”
“Stop drilling right now!” John ordered.
“What do you mean Winchester?”
“You can cause a whole collapse of the mine, you’re gonna release all the pressure building up in there.”
“What pressure?”
Y/N pressed past John.
“O2 and C02 is still a gas. You’ll be releasing all that gas build up assuming all entrances and exits are sealed shut.”
“Stop drilling!” the captain of the man operating the drill ordered.
The drill pulling away from the rock wall and shutting off.
“Do you have a map of the mine?” Y/N asked.
“One here, why?”
“They’re going to have to find their way out. Hopefully none of the other exits are caved in.”
“John, do you have a radio?”
“Y/N the further in the mine they go…”
“I know John but as long as their on this level I can reach him.”
 “Dean, if your suggesting us moving, how can I move all while keeping pressure on the injury?” Cas asked.
Dean shrugged giving the injury a look to see what Cas could do.
“Dean?” He heard a familiar voice on the radio.
“Y/N? What are you doing here?”
“Helping.” He could hear her smug smile. He couldn’t help but chuckle.
“Babe, do you have a plan?” Y/N asked.
“I want us to see about the other exits but we have a victim bleeding, an artery has been severed.”
“Where at?”
“Right side of his abdomen.”
“Do you have anything to sanitize your hands?”
“Yeah, what do you have in mind?”
“Someone has to clench the artery shut as best as they can, and it is not gonna be pretty.”
“Wait, is she suggesting I stick my hand in the wound?” Cas asked.
“I think so.” Dean says.
“I’ll do it, he’s my brother.” A hiker said.
“Okay, here, use this sanitizer.” Dean says, handing it to him.
“Wash really well.” He adds.
“We’re working on it.”
“Okay.” The hiker says.
“Okay we’re ready.” Dean says.
“Okay, now, it’s gonna cause him or her a lot of pain, give him or her something to bite on.”
Dean hands him a leather strap. Cas helping him put it in his mouth.
“Think like your pinching a hole shut, find the hole and pinch lightly. Don’t pinch to hard, we just want to stop him from bleeding out.” She instructed.
The hiker did as he was asked.
“What’s your name?” Dean asked him.
“And your brother?”
“Okay, Kaden, you’re gonna be alright. Ben’s just gonna plug the hole.”
Kaden, though wincing and writhing in pain as his brother slowly pushed his fingers into his side, nodded. He let out a strangled yell as his brother continued.
“I think…”
“Trust me it’ll feel different, it’s not like other veins, it’s harder.” Y/N explained.
“Found it!” he says.
“Okay, we got it.” Dean says.
“Okay, you or Cas who ever has him, and do you have someone else in there with you?” Y/N asked.
“There’s two other hikers, they’re fine. The victim and the one hiker are blood relatives. A hiker has his hand in his brother’s side.” Dean communicates to her.
“Okay, then you or the other hiker need to help Cas carry him.”
“She’s a keeper Dean.” Cas comments.
Dean smirks. His girl just loves showing off her skills.
“Okay, what exits are good, do you know yet?”
“There’s one to my left that’s caved in.”
 “Okay, its most like that one.” Y/N says pointing to it on the blueprinted map.
“The one that goes straight ahead goes down, up and around in the mine. The exit looks like Shallow Lake.” Said one of the captains.
“Okay, what about that one?”
“Looks like that path…goes down a ways but splits off into two different parts of the mine. One that caused it to shut down, that vein of the mine is too unstable. And the other path…they look like they never finished. Must have stopped shortly after it shut down.”
“Okay,” she goes. “Dean, go straight and tell me if it’s caved in or not.”
“Okay, going straight ahead.”
 They begin walking down the path, seeing it continuing for a while.
“Looks clear.” Dean begins.
A strangled noise could be heard.
“He’s seizing!” Cas warns.
“He must be going into shock, get his legs up, lets lay him down.” Dean orders.
“Kaden, hang on bro please, hang on!” his brother pleaded.
“He’s turning blue, starting CPR.” Dean says. “Keep your hand in there.”
He grabs his radio.
“Y/N, victim seized due to shock, and is not breathing, starting CPR.”
Dean began doing chest compressions.
 “Why would he be seizing now? Unless he’s lost a lot of blood earlier on?” Y/N wondered.
“Dean, be sure to still apply pressure to the wound.”
“Dean says he knows, and has Cas doing it.” she heard a voice on the radio say. Didn’t belong to Dean or Cas.
 “Shit, Dean, the cut went through, I’m just now seeing it.” Cas says, seeing a cut that was on his back.
“Fuck, that’s why he’s in shock so quickly, lets patch that up, keep pressure.” Dean says as he continues chest compressions before moving on to mouth to mouth.
Cas began working on the wound as best as he could.
“My hand is cramping really bad.”
“I know it is kid, just got to hang in there. It will be the only thing keeping him alive.” Dean says, going back to chest compressions.
Dean checks for breathing after completing a number of chest compressions and mouth to mouth.
“He’s breathing.” Dean sighs. Everyone taking a sigh of relieve.
“Okay, got the wound closed up.”
“Keep pressure, lets keep moving.” Dean says.
“Here you go.” Said the hiker.”
“Thanks kid, what’s your name.”
“Thanks Jesse.” Dean says.
“Y/N, we got him back.”
 Everyone at the truck surrounding the map sighed with relief.
“That’s my man.” She sighs.
“Way to go Dean, keep going what do you see?”
“A path leading down, and I see a drop off.”
“Okay, find where their at, a drop off, what?” Y/N says.
“Here, pockets of water, it’s normal. Just tell him to be careful, we want them to avoid hypothermia.”
“Dean, just be careful, could be a pocket of water.”
 They continued down, seeing the drop off. Jesse taking the plunge.
“It’s about a 3 foot drop, it’s not bad.” He says.
Dean jumps down next.
“Okay, hang on, we can’t risk losing Kaden again. Cas, you and Ben sit up there with Kaden, Jesse and I will continue up.”
“Gotchya, be careful Dean.”
“I will.” He says. “Come on Jesse let’s go.”
He grabs his radio to check.
“Y/N, do you copy?”
Nothing but static. He could hear Y/N trying to come through the noise but not very audible.
“Shit, I guess we’re too far down…hang on.” Dean says, running back. Climbing back up.
“What are you doing?” Cas asks.
“Y/N do you copy?”
“I do now, Dean, what’s your plan now?”
“Radio silence, Cas is staying back with the victim. Me and the other hiker are continuing forward.”
“Okay, what’s the status of the victim before you leave.”
Cas grabs the radio.
“He’s stable now, we had found another deep cut, possibly an exit wound like he was impaled by something.”
“Okay, keep pressure and keep his legs up. Do what you can okay?”
“10-4 Y/N.”
“Is she a nurse or something?” Ben asks.
“Yeah, an RN at Rampart Emergency.”
Dean takes the radio.
“Babe, I’ll see you on the other side.”
“Okay, and babe, to add further drive, I’m pregnant.”
Dean almost drops the radio.
“Wh-what, Really?”
“Yes, really, your gonna be a dad. Now please be sure you make it out of there in one piece.”
“I promise babe, I’ll be okay. I love you.”
“Love you too, now lets get these hikers out of there.”
“10-4, out.”
 Y/N sat there, waiting anxiously. It didn’t take long for her to begin pacing.
“Y/N, please, settle down, he’s gonna be okay.”
“It’s been too long John; he has to be out about now.”
“Where’d you say that exit leads too?” Gabe asks. not taking it anymore.
“Down by Shallow Lake why?”
“There’s not an exit there, but an old shut down entrance. Could it be by another lake that’s farther out?”
“I’m sure it says Shallow lake.”
“I’m gonna scout up there, Michael, come with me.” Gabe says.
“Stay safe, take a walkie.” John ordered, tossing them one. Gabe catching it gracefully. Gabe and Michael jogging over the mountain path to the lake to see if they can find their friend.
Y/N stood by her car, her toe tapping against the damp forest ground.
Come on Dean. She prayed.
“Y/N.” She heard on the radio.
Dean’s voice causing her to jump, she nearly dropped the radio.
“Dean, where are you?”
“Look behind you.”
She turned around seeing Dean with a boy in his late teens walking beside him.
“Gabe, Michael come back, he’s here.” Y/N communicated on the radio.
“Damn that was fast.” Gabe says. Y/N rolling her eyes, but blinking the tears away. She starts her way to Dean.
Despite him being dirty, and looking fine, no cuts of any kind anywhere, she jumped up into his arms. Crying against him, hiding her face in the crook of his neck.
“Shh, I’m here baby, I’m here.”
“I’m so happy you’re okay.” She cries.
He plants a kiss on her cheek, as he continues to console her.
“Shh, I’m okay, everything’s okay.”
She says nothing further, but holds him close as the other firefighters and EMT’s follow his path to head in the mines and rescue Kaden and Ben.
 Four months later…
Y/N got off from her shift at the hospital to find Dean at home working on the Impala.
“Dean? What are you doing home?”
“Oh, you didn’t hear I transferred.”
“You…You don’t work at Station 51 anymore?”
“Nope, see you being pregnant had me thinking. I want this kid to grow up with a dad. I don’t him or her worrying if daddy’s coming home, or is daddy safe, whatever it may be.”
She had a big grin on her face when he assumed the baby’s gender.
“So, I transferred, to Rampart hospital. I’m gonna be one of your EMT’s.”
“Oh my god, that’s awesome honey!”
“Yeah, you get to see me as much as you want, and I don’t have to run into fires all the time.”
She laughs. “That’s awesome honey, I’m so happy for you.”
“I knew you would.”
“Also honey, it’s both.”
“You said, him or her, it’s actually both.”
“Both…what do you mean both?”
Her grin growing wider.
“Wait, you had your appointment today didn’t you?”
She gave him a nod.
“Are, are you saying…we’re having twins?”
“That is exactly what I’m saying. A boy. And a girl. Twins.”
He mimicked the same grin as he picked her up in his arms.
“I knew it would work.”
“Dean, I have six sets of twins in my family.”
“Or Genetics was on my side.” He adds.
Y/N cackling in laughter.
“I also have something for you, it’s in our room, so if you could just follow me.” He says, taking off into the house ahead of her.
“Dean, your pregnant girlfriend can only move so fast!”
She tries to hurry to follow him only to find him in their room on one knee.
Her heart beating hard against her chest.
“I want to spend forever with you, grow the most amazing and beautiful family with you as their mother and as my wife. Y/N Y/L/N, I love you so much, and I see us growing old together. Y/N will you marry me?”
“Dean Winchester, that has got to be the best proposal I have ever heard in my life!” she says, holding back tears.
She walks up to him, holding her hand out. “Yes, I will marry you.”
He slips on the ring on her finger, getting up to meet her with a loving kiss.
“I can’t wait for those kids to come; I want to have so many kids with you.”
“Okay, slow down Winchester, we’re having two as are first set of kids.”
“I know, but I wonder how many more twins I can knock you up with.” He says kissing her neck.
“You goofy, horny man!” she giggles.
“I’m your goofy horny man.” He says, nipping at her ear.
“That you are.” She says. Meeting his lips in a loving kiss.
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laentiel · 16 days ago
TW! Just in case, idk if it is necessary but I want to be safe!
1 Day,
It has been 1 day since the incident. It has been 1 day since I left. It has been 1 day since I saw her.
My stomach is eating me from the inside out. The farther away I go, the more terrorizing the pain becomes. But, how could I go back? I caused so much pain for the ones I loved. I gave HER so much pain. I can’t forgive myself, not for what I did. I just need to keep going, further and further away from here. Soon, I will become a distant and blurry memory in their minds, a nightmare long forgotten. She will forget me.
2 Days,
It has been 2 days since the incident. It has been 2 days since I left. It has been 2 days since I saw her.
Her. Her. HER.
I can’t stop thinking about her. My body may be running away, but my mind won’t leave the thought of her in the past. My heart… my heart burns. It aches, but I cannot hear what it is trying to tell me. If I stop, the pain will catch up to me. If I stop, HER pain will continue. I can’t go back, my burden would be too much for them. My memory must be erased from all of their minds. From HER mind.
3 Days,
It has been 3 days since the incident. It has been 3 days since I left. It has been 3 days since I saw her.
I’m weak. I stopped.
My guilt, my pain, It overcame me. Why can’t I go further? Why won’t it let me? The city has me on a string, and I am tugging on the end. Why won’t it break?! My questions are thrown into the void as I have nobody to answer them. I’m alone. I don’t have her by my side, and I never will again.
Her smile, the glow in her eyes. I will never see them again.
Her laugh, her voice. I will never hear it again.
Why’d I have to do it?! I could be there to hold her hand again if I weren’t an idiot I’m stupid! I gave up my chance to spend my life with her. The one I cherish. The one I love. I would do anything to go back to when I was with her. When I didn’t have to worry about hurting anyone. Please, anyone. Let me see her again. Let me hold her again. It may be greedy, but the hope that someone will grant my wish is all that I am holding onto anymore. Please.
4 days,
It has been 4 days since the incident. It has been 4 days since I left. It is today that I finally see her again.
I see her. The glow in her eyes, the shock in her face, I see it all. Why? Why did she come after me? She is standing on the other side of the road. I can see the bandages covering her skin, she hasn’t healed.
She ends our silent stare with a scream. She says my name. I am knocked out of my trance to feel the tears rushing down my face. Her shaking legs begin to move forward running across the road.
The time slows. Her arms are open wide, her face shares the same tears. The sound of a honking vehicle invades my ears. I see the car approach, brakes squealing trying to stop. Time speeds up, and it happens. My legs, which used to be frozen now run to her body. I grab her and hold her close. I can still feel her warmth, though her breathing has stopped. I push my head next to her ear, and whisper the words that have been wanting to leave my mouth.
“Thank you for letting me see you again.”
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honeypirate · 17 days ago
Just In Case
Part two
Pro hero Bakugou x fem pro hero reader
in my world Recovery Girl lives forever and trains another who can replace her when she retires who she passes the hero title of recovery girl too.
Anyway on to the story that’s probably not as good as I want but oh well.
Warning- angst. Death. Blood. Ya know the works.
Inspiration- Murder In the City // The Avett Brothers
You write a letter every day. A new one so it stays relevant. Every morning you took ten minutes to quickly write out a letter just in case anything bad happens while you’re at work.
You see, being a hero isnt all rainbows and butterflies and ranks. Sometimes it’s boring. But other times, it’s scary and horrifying. Those days where you barely make it out on top because the villains were crafty.
After one hard therapy session filled with worries and tears, your therapist suggested letters. At least one. To your husband. Just in case.
This morning wasn’t different than your last, you can hear your husband in his office across the hall, humming a song you listened to at dinner the previous night. He made your heart happy with everything he did, minus the way he left his used teeth floss sticks on the counter or the way he could be a little loud.
Every morning you write this letter, periodically meeting his eye through your open doors and he’d wink, making you laugh and stick your tongue out.
Today you watched as he moved, methodical, he’s done this every morning and it shows but he still takes care with every movement.
“Are you ready?” He says as he crosses the hallway “we’re needed in half an hour so we should go soon” you smile at him and somethjng settles in your stomach. Something heavy and uncomfortable. Something wrong.
“Yeah I’m almost done” you say and he watches as you fold your letter and place it in an envelope, writing his name followed by ‘just in case’ then sticking it in your top drawer.
The letters he’s been told about. The letters he supports. He’s actually been writing his own to you as well but you both agreed that you can’t read then unless it’s actually happening.
You try to not focus on the hard substance in your stomach or the way it seems to ache. It’s a bad feeling but sometimes your anxiety could cause them for no reason so you tried not to pay too much attention to it.
“Ready” you say softly, pulling down your hero mask to press your lips to his for a moment. He helps you readjust your mask with a pink flush in his cheeks. You’ve been married for years but making him blush is as easy as it was day one.
(Skippy skip)
The villains were smart, drawing all the heroes to different locations. You were climbing the stairs of an abandoned building, going to see if the intel about a bomb on the third floor was true, which unfortunately, it was.
Your hands hovered over the bomb, using your electric quirk to cancel out the wires and stop the timer. A scuffing sound catches your attention and you’re dodging a metal rod that was thrown at you to only be stabbed by one from a different direction.
The villain could control metal with his quirk, throwing the rod at you from one direction when he was coming from a different side. “Huh” you say softly as you look down at the rod through your stomach, the pain not even registering yet. “Poor unfortunate hero.” He lifts you by the metal rod and you scream, white hot pain shooting through you as it tears your abdomen as he slams you into the ground, pushing the rod further through you until it connects to the concrete floor.
“I’m sorry I can’t stay long. I have a hot date later” he says as he restarts the bomb, placing it farther from you so you couldn’t reach it with your powers, then he’s hopping from the third story window and waving at you with a smirk.
Your hand flies to your ear piece “There’s a bomb! Third floor tallest abandoned building in the-“ and that’s all you can get out before the bomb goes off and the building is collapsing.
The area was covered in dust and smoke, ash falling from the sky. You ripped your mask off trying to get more air into your lungs but it didn’t help that a giant piece of concrete was crushing your right arm and part of your ribs and chest, not to mention you’re still attached to the rod.
“Bakugou” you say through your headpiece, coughing up blood and ash “where are you?” He shouts back “the bomb” you muttered back and it sounded wheezy, you could hear the fluid in your lungs. You heard more explosions before he was appearing right beside you.
“Hey there hot stuff” you say and chuckle softly as he brushes the dust out of your hair “I’ll get you out of here. You’ll be okay” he’s saying but his eyes are filling with tears and his brows are knit. “It’ll be okay” you say but he does not look in your eyes. He’s still fretting, trying to think of how to save you.
“Bakugou.” You say in a commanding voice and he looks at you “you’ll be okay” you whisper, your blood covered lips smiling gently. You reach up with your left hand and cup his cheek, brushing away the hot tears that have started to fall. “You’ll be okay” you say again, your voice sounding weaker “no” he whispers “no. I’ll save you. You’ll be fine. I’ll get you help” kirishima is in your headpiece, telling you how he’s sent first responders your way but you can’t hear him.
Your voice is quiet, your hand going limp and falling from his cheek “You are the best part of me”
He doesn’t know where he’s going. He left the police station and was just walking. He couldn’t go home. Not when it was your home too. Not when he knows he’ll just be reminded of you and how you smiled at him this morning. How he woke up to you kissing his neck. How that will never happen again.
Walking into the office he didn’t bother with any of the lights. He puts in his alarm code and numbly makes his way to your office.
If you’re reading this. That means I’ve died.
Oh god I’ve always hated these letters. It’s so dramatic. I’m going to be okay. I have to be.
But just in case, since were up against major villains every day, I’ll write this letter. The 54th I’ve written so far.
Anyway I would regret not saying anything if it was my last day alive. I know I’m going to go home tonight and hold you, kiss you, and spend it like it was my last. This won’t be different than the last 53 letters I’ve shredded.
But. Life is short. It’s short and before you know it it can be snuffed out like a candle in the wind. So here we go.
If I get murdered in the city tomorrow, don’t go revenging in my name. A person dead from such is plenty, no need to go get locked away. I know you’ll blame yourself and get mad and swear revenge. Bakugou I love you. Let go of the hate and the rage. All I want is you to be happy and you to be okay.
But there’s no need to get over alarmed, I’m coming home I know it.
(His tears start to hit the paper, hot big tears blotting the ink and making it hard to see. )
So if tomorrow is my last day. Ill leave this letter in my desk.
Don’t bother with my belongings. Things never really mattered to me, you know that. Donate them. Burn then. Whatever you want.
Tell my sister that I love her. That I’m sorry if she ever doubted that.
I wonder what my parents will say. Probably that they were proud of me. Please let them know how much I loved them. How much I loved my childhood.
Now for you, my love, my sweetheart. The love of my life I’m sure of it. There was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name. The love that let me share your name for these few years.
Thank you. For loving me. For supporting me. For choosing me every day. I’ve never doubted it once. I’ll always be with you, even if you can’t see me.
I'm watching you in your office right now, youre humming that song that played at the restaurant last night.
If I had never seen your face this world would have been such a very different place for me. It would be quieter and colorless. You have truly given me so much in this life that I can never hope to repay you.
You can never know which way your heart will go, but you are the compass leading mine. It will always point to you.
You’ve made me feel alive made me want to live so I could experience all my dreams coming true with you by my side.
I don’t know what else to add
Please, if you know anything, let it be that you were my greatest happiness in life.
I’ll always come home to you
I love you
His hand is shaking as he finishes the letter.
He takes a sharp inhale and his knees give out, falling to the floor beside your desk with a soft gasp that turned into a sob as he broke down.
“You. You promised” he whispered between sobs, not even bothering to wipe away the tears as he hugs his arms around himself, hunching forward as his tears make soft patting sounds as the hit the hard wood floor.
He doesn’t know how Kirishima found him but when he runs through the office and sighs with relief when he finds him, he doesn’t move. He stays, broken on the floor, sobbing. Kiri doesn’t freeze, he’s there in a second, wrapping his arms around his best friend. Trying to give him a little comfort.
Kirishima's phone rings and Bakugou growls, taking it from his hand as kiri goes to silence it, pressing answer without looking to see who it is “what” he yells out, his nose stuffy and throat constricted showing how much he’s been sobbing.
Recovery Girls voice is stern through the receiver “You need to get down here right away. She’s alive.”
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athenasbloodyspear · 17 days ago
The Viper: Chapter 5
Bucky Barnes x Female Reader
Find this fic on Ao3.
This fic is 18+ for violence and eventual sexual content. Please read at your own risk.
Master list
You woke up in the middle of the woods frozen to the bone. From the position of the moon you assumed it was somewhere around three in the morning. 
Your whole body ached. You felt like you’d been hit by a truck. 
I guess the force of an explosion will do that to a person. 
Groaning, you pushed yourself up to a sitting position. Well, it’s time to assess. You could tell you didn’t have any broken bones. That was a miracle. 
You were genuinely shocked that no agents had ventured into the woods and found you. You must have taken down more of them than you thought. 
Nice. The fuckers deserve it. 
You strained your ears, and you could make out faint voices in the distance. You pushed yourself over onto all fours and crawled slowly and silently in the direction that the voices came from. 
As you got closer you recognized the voices to be two top agents that had not been stationed at this location. They’d likely been dispatched to clean up your mess, and see if anyone had been left behind. You smiled a little bit to yourself. Idiots hadn’t even thought to check the woods. You were a loose end that they could have tied up so easily while you were unconscious. 
Not today, bastards. 
You crawled into a thicket of bushes and leaned your back against the trunk to listen to their continued conversation and catch your breath. 
Your ears perked up when they began to speak of the hostages, and their locations. A bolt of fear, a rare emotion for you, struck you when they spoke of a particular hostage and a particular location. 
You had planned on laying low, nursing your wounds and letting the Avengers do their work, but this information was too important to not act on immediately. 
You waited for the two agents to leave the area before rolling to your stomach, pushing through your aching bones to your feet. Speaking aloud to yourself once you caught your breath.
“I’m sorry Soldat, but I can’t wait for you any more.” 
 Bucky felt hollow. It wasn’t a rare feeling for him, it had just been a long time since that ache had run so deep. At the same time, he felt ridiculous. He had seen his fair share of death and sacrifices on the field. Had sacrificed his safety time and time again for a greater cause. He didn’t understand why this particular moment had impacted him so much. 
It felt personal. That he had left you behind. Why did it feel like this wasn’t the first time he had made a decision that had this same outcome? 
Natasha had been up for thirty-six hours straight trying to decrypt the flash drive that you had handed to them in the scuffle. They’d flown back to the compound rather than the tower so they could all have a little peace. She hadn’t moved from her super computer since they’d returned, except to use the restroom. Bucky had made sure her coffee mugs were full and that every few hours food was placed in front of her. She still barely looked up. 
Bucky still sat in the lounge chair behind her. He had brought a novel along with him, something he had swiped off Steve’s bookshelf a few weeks ago in a fit of boredom. He only managed to read a few paragraphs at a time before he realized his eyes were only glossing over words without reading them. Then he’d stare at what Natasha was doing on screen, but the strings of ones and zeros and various windows of code didn’t make any more sense to him. 
He felt restless. Helpless. 
A soft intake of breath from Nat knocked him from his self pity spiral.
“What?” he muttered. His voice crackling with disuse.
“I’m in.” Nat breathed. “Well, halfway in. Friday, get everyone down here.” 
Nat glanced over her shoulder at Bucky. “I got half the file decrypted. The rest I’m going to have to have Friday continue to work on while we look at this stuff. It’s even more intensely protected than this section. Whatever it is that our girl found, they really didn’t want anyone to know. I assume this was what she had knowledge of that they wanted her dead for.” 
“What did you find?” Bucky huffed impatiently. 
“Bad shit.” 
Just then Steve burst through the door, with Sam hot on his heels. “What is it? Friday said it was important.” 
“I’m in.” Nat sighed. She chugged the last of her cold coffee and Bucky handed her his long since cold cup. She sucked that one down too. 
“Friday, can you put everything on screen?” Tony quipped as he strolled into the room. His hands were full of carriers of fresh coffees which he plopped on the table. “Figured you could use a warm up. Had an extra suit run to that diner down the road that bionic man haunts when he’s feeling moody.” 
Bucky grumbled a thank you to Steve as he grabbed the cup with his name on it. The waitresses did always know exactly how he liked his coffee. They were also no stranger to an empty Iron man suit showing up for takeout.  
“So what are we looking at?” Steve piped up. 
Tony was quickly using his fingers to swipe windows side to side along the walls, expanding certain windows and flipping away others. His eyes were scanning quickly through information. Nat was next to him, reading over his shoulder. Steve, Sam and Bucky waited behind them, knowing it wouldn’t do them any good to try to read all the complicated language on screen. 
“Friday, translate this file for me.” Tony muttered. Swiping a file that looked like a bunch of scans of handwritten notes. They appeared to be in Russian. Bucky squinted at the screen. The handwriting looked like it belonged to a child. 
“What the hell is this stuff Tony?” Sam piped up from where he was leaning against the desk. His eyes were scanning across the various documents as the foreign languages quickly shuffled letters into English as Friday translated. 
“They’re…” Tony trailed off as he stared at the screen. His eyes widened and his jaw hanging open. 
Nat suddenly dropped into the chair behind her, as if her knees had given out on her. Steve lurched forward and placed a hand on her shoulder. 
“Nat are you-” 
“They’re combining the Winter Soldier Project with the Red Room.” Nat choked out, her hand covering her mouth. “They’re working together. Hydra and the matrons at the Red Room they…” Nat was sucking in deep breaths. 
“It looks like our little snake friend was a test subject. Their first attempt at taking a Red Room agent and wiping them like the Winter Soldier.” Tony muttered out. 
“They didn’t just take her. The matrons sold her to them. That’s what that Polaroid of her in the Red Room was. They created profiles for all their viable subjects and Hydra offered them compensation for taking the agents they wanted.” Nat choked out. 
“It looks like they’ve been experimenting with some genetic modification.” Tony continued. “They bought five agents from the Red Room and Viper was the only one to survive their training.” 
“Where did they train them?” Bucky had to ask. He needed to know if what he suspected was possibly true. 
Nat turned slowly to look at him. “Siberia.” 
Bucky felt his lungs contract as every ounce of air left him. It was his turn to fall into the chair behind him. Then he must have known you. He must have trained with you at some point. 
“It looks like they were going to try to use the Red Room agents to fill in missing holes while they finished the Winter Soldier new recruits. They were to be trained exactly the same, just without the serum, only some genetic strength modification. To help them withstand the brainwashing.” Tony continued. “It looks like the Red Room placed a limit on how many agents they would sell to them. Hydra must have gotten greedy as they killed test subject after test subject.”
“So what are they doing now?” Steve piped up. His hand remained on Nat’s shoulder, but his concerned gaze was on Bucky. Sam took a step closer and put his hand on Bucky’s shoulder as a mirror image to Steve and Nat. Bucky shook the hand off and stood to pace. He felt like he was going to burst out of his skin. He could remember bits and pieces of the new recruits with serum. Why couldn’t he remember a single thing about you? 
“The timeline cuts off here. The rest of the information is still encrypted.” Nat said. “My guess is that they are kidnapping people across eastern Europe to continue this experimentation. The question is why and who?”     
There was a long moment of silence as everyone processed that information. 
“Well we know what they’re doing over there.” Tony finally started. “I guess we just work on decrypting the rest to figure out what we’re gonna do about it. Romanov you will not continue this. I am demanding you get eight hours before continuing. Friday can work on it while you rest.” 
“Says the man who stays up for days at a time building suits…” Natasha muttered. 
“Yes. Which is why I now have a nanny suit that will come up here and drag you back to your room and keep you in there if you don’t go willingly.”
“Mr. Stark. There’s been a breach at the south property line. Two heat signatures.” Friday suddenly cut in. 
All at once, everyone bolted. Tony pressed a button on his watch and his travel suit took off from the basement to travel his direction. Everyone took a quick pit stop in the armory to grab whatever weapons they could quickly strap on before they all went hurtling out the back door of the compound. 
Tony and Sam took to the skies while Steve, Nat and Bucky followed them in formation on the ground. As the tree line became visible, two forms came into view. One was carrying the other. 
“It’s her.” Tony yelled through the coms. Bucky almost burst into tears. He had to swallow the lump that instantly formed in his throat, relief coursing through his veins at high speed. 
“Who’s she carrying?” Steve asked as they continued to run toward you. 
“Don’t know.” 
As they hurtled in your direction, Bucky watched you stumble over your feet and collapse to your knees. Careful not to jostle the person in your arms, even though it caused you to take the weight of both of you right in your knee caps. 
As they approached, he noticed you were both covered in dust and blood. It was unclear whose blood. The adrenaline in him allowed him to pull away from the group. Again determined to be the first to reach you. An instinct he didn’t understand but he was following blindly.  
When he reached you, you had fallen sideways, the other person curled up against your chest. 
The child, he corrected. For you held a young girl no more than eight to your torn bloody chest. Tears streaming tracks down your face, leaving clean lines of skin between the blood. 
“Are you okay?” He whispered, his voice shaking. He wished he knew your name. Your real name. He refused to refer to you as the Viper now. 
“Please help her.” You choked out through tears. The rest of the team crowded around you then. Sam and Tony lowering slowly from the sky to flank behind you. “Please you have to help her. She needs medical attention.” You continued to sob. 
Steve bent down slowly and carefully lifted the young girl out of your arms. Your hands followed her slight body as Steve gently removed her from your arms until he had pulled her too far from your grip. “Please.” You choked again. 
“I’ve got her.” Steve said softly. “Sam go tell Banner we need him.” 
“Got it.” Sam took off toward the compound as Steve turned and started to run as fast as he could while still holding his tiny bundle carefully. 
Bucky never tore his eyes from you. 
You coughed and sobbed again and he watched as more blood bubbled up and dribbled down from the corner of your lips to your chin. 
“Fuck.” Bucky whispered under his breath, snagging you into his arms and turning to follow in Steve’s footsteps toward the compound. When he heard you chuckle softly he turned his gaze back down to you. “What?” 
“Just like old times.” You muttered before he watched your eyes roll back in your head and you lost consciousness. 
His heart dropped into his toes. 
 Bucky sat just outside the room that Tony decided to hold you in. It was an upgrade from the glass box they’d locked you in at the tower, but not by much. It was a fully bullet proof glass room that they had quickly turned into a hospital room. You were on a hospital gurney but, just like the cage they’d put you in before, you were strapped down. Even though they all knew it was mostly a ruse at this point. Even after Bucky had cussed out Tony for an hour. Tony had told him it was non negotiable. Until they could speak to you, you would stay locked up. 
So Bucky sat just outside the room, staring through the glass window watching you sleep. His eyes scanning your face and watching your chest rise and fall, willing his memory to come up with something. He had been so sure that he remembered everything from those years in Siberia, but you spoke as if you’d known each other more than a little. Your comment as he carried you into the compound was ringing in his ears. What did you mean, just like old times?
He was silently reliving every horrific memory he had from Siberia. The brutal and bloody training sessions. The torture he’d inflicted and those that had been inflicted on him. He scanned every memory, trying to find your face. He even jumped as far back as the ill fated mission that started the resurgence of the Winter Soldier project. 
“Stop torturing yourself and wait for her to wake up.” Nat said as she sauntered into the hallway that Bucky had parked himself in. 
“I just don’t understand why I can’t remember her when she clearly knows me. Normally I at least see faces or vague things. I have nothing.” Bucky whispered. 
“I’m assuming there’s a reason for that, Buck.” Nat sighed as she sat in the office chair next to him. “Don’t push it.” 
Bucky put his head in his hands. He felt the same as he had before going to Wakanda, like his mind was not entirely his own, and it was making him feel sick to his stomach. 
“Hey.” This came from Sam as he walked into the room, tossing a questioning look at Nat seeing the state that Bucky was in. “Um, if you’re feeling okay, Banner asked us all to come to his lab. Said it was important.” 
Bucky only grunted in response. 
 Once everyone had finally arrived at Banners lab, Tony snapped. 
“Alright buddy, what’s up? I have some very important decryption to get back to.”
“I was running blood tests on the little girl to see if I could figure out where she’s from or how Viper got her hands on her.” Banner started. 
Bucky snarled at the way Banner phrased the statement. You had clearly not been kidnapping the child, but saving her. He hated that even with all the evidence of your good will, they continued to frame you as an enemy.
“You’re never going to believe it but…” Banner trailed off. 
“Spit it out big guy.” From Tony. 
Banner turned toward the screen and pulled up what appeared to be a scan of an old photo from a disposable camera. The photo showed a girl around the age of six, sitting on a ratty couch, cradling an infant in her arms. The little girl's face was elated, a huge smile with a missing front tooth on display. 
“That little girl is Vipers sister.”
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cookiefics · 21 days ago
Hi~ I came to say I love your blog and your HC QwQ if you’re still taking requests. Can I ask for a HC of how some of the SNK guys (specially Reiner) behave when their s/o is on their period? Because this is the times when I feel the most body pain T-T
hi hi!! omg thank you so much, this makes me really happy 🥺😭 i'm so happy to read you like my blog 🤩 and yep i'm taking requests! and wow that one is nice, we on pain (T ^ T). i hope you like it!
❁ shingeki characters!
❁ reiner, eren, armin, jean, connie, porco, levi.
- he’s so worried.
- literally he’s trembling because your body hurts to the point you need to cry
- “sweetie are you okay? do you want something?”
- you’re literally dying inside but managed to smile at him.
- “i’m fine, i need just a little bit of heat on my back, please”
- you were asking for a hot towel or something, but reiner put both of his hands on your back, rubbing it.
- his hands are always so hot.
- “does this help?” you nod.
- his hands rubbing your lower back felt so good you just wanted to stay like that forever.
- he always goes to the shop and buys pads for you, but you have to be really specific with the name cause reiner is afraid to fail and buy you some that are uncomfortable for you.
- “this ones? the girl of the market told me there is a new model but i thought maybe you don’t like it or something so i bought what you’ve asked for.”
- he usually helps with the domestic tasks everyday, but when you’re on your period, he doesn’t want you to move.
- “what do you want to eat?”
- “but i can cook...”
- “just stay there, maybe if you stand for a long time it will hurt more”
- he doesn’t know what’s going on the 90% of the time, but he tries his best to help you.
- he buys you pads but he got the wrong ones most of the times.
- he calls you while being in front of the menstrual pad shelf in the supermarket.
- “honey there are at least a hundred types of pads, what am i supposed to buy?”
- "just take normal ones with wings"
- he ended buying four different types for you to decide wich one you're using and giving the rest to your friends.
- "just choose the one that feels better and give the rest to mikasa or historia"
- he's so bad at care but you still appreciate his effort
- "should i prepare you a bath?"
- "please"
- he washes your hair while you're bathing and helps you to not die of cold.
- and he puts his hand on your breast while you sleep because he knows it hurts, and that way hurts less, being warm and held.
- he also lets you sleep half of the day without waking you up.
- he reads about every symptom you have.
- back pain? uterine contractions
- stomach ache? abdominal cramps
- desire to cry? hormonal imbalance
- he knows what happens to your body and knows how to take care of it.
- “i read that you should do some yoga positions to ease the pain.”
- you didn’t want to because it really hurts, but once he helped you, you felt better.
- he makes you eat healthy things because he knows chocolate will only make you feel worst.
- “i know you want to have pizza, but you need things with iron to avoid anemia”
- your periods were more bearable since you two started dating.
- cuddles cuddles cuddles
- he knows is physical pain, but he also wants to comfort you mentally because he knows that your period is also mental pain.
- “babe, i prepared you a cinnamon infusion, i’ve read that they help a lot.”
- right after giving you the infusion, he will wrap you in blankets and hug you a lot.
- “do you want to sleep? watch a film? go for a walk? just tell me.”
- he talks to you a lot to distract you from pain.
- he also hugs you every time you start crying from pain, massaging your belly, trying to make it hurt less.
- you cling to him while he kisses your hair.
- “i want to rip my uterus”
- “please wait until we have a baby”
- he likes to kiss you a lot, like even more than on normal days, to remember you that you have him by your side.
- and you’re really thankful for him.
- “if i could exchange myself for you, i would suffer them”
- that’s so sweet of him but he will probably die of pain.
- he tries to make you laugh but laughing feels like niagara falls down there.
- it's so uncomfortable you tell him to please stop.
- "sorry, sorry, i thought laugh would help you."
- he sits with you and watches your favorite series, even when he doesn't like them.
- he keeps kidding in any way, because is the only way he masters to make you feel better.
- "should i call sasha? she also has her period so you two maybe know what to do"
- you shake your head because you want to spend your clingy quality time with him.
- "wow i read on google that girls period syncronizates when two girls live togheter, like icloud sync?"
- "connie please my belly hurts if i laugh"
- "it was a serious ask!"
- he's sad because you're off that week.
- he wants to treasure you and hug you a lot.
- he's also soft on your period days.
- he treats you like a princess those days.
- and well, the rest of them too
- he also says that if you have high sexual desire he has 0 problem with doing it
- but in anyway he cares a lot for you.
- and he is always asking you what do you need.
- "a glass of water? a yogurt? ice cream? hot chocolate? cuddles? kisses? need me to leave?"
- "if you sit with me it would be nice"
- he's your personal desire maker, he does everything you want him to do.
- he also waits awake until you're able to sleep, and then he checks on you everytime you move or make a sound.
- "are you awake?" he usually whispers. when he has no answer, he continues sleeping.
- he wakes you up with a lot of kisses.
- he doesn’t care to wash your dirty clothes.
- he also prepares you hot drinks
- he pats your head everytim you tell him you're feeling worse
- he brushes your hair because he knows you love it.
- "your hair is so beautiful..."
- he prepares you bubble baths and gives you massages with lavender oil.
- he insists in buying pads together so if he needs to buy them alone, he will know which ones buy
- and he's the one that has control of your period to help you when it starts.
- he really worries when you got bad periods, when your head hurts and you can't eat.
- he rubs your stomach every time you ask him to.
- "is this cool? less pressure?"
- "no, it's on point..."
- he sleeps being the big spoon when you two usually sleep face to face, but his warm body against your back helps you with the pain.
- his arms are also heating up your belly.
- "are you feeling better?" he asks silently, but he only answer he gets is your quite breath back.
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seiyasabi · 23 days ago
(This is a Yandere Gang Orca x Pregnant Female Reader short story ;)) 
TW: !Noncon!, Past Noncon!!!, Pregnancy sex!, Breeding kink!, Size kink!, Lactation kink!, etc.. 
Please proceed with caution!) 
Large hands squeeze your tender breasts, allowing squirts of warm milk to paint your captor’s slippery, black and white skin. 
“Look at how much they’ve grown! You’ve done so well for me, My Love, our Pod is sure to be healthy!” His deep voice holds a proud tone, and you can feel his large cock becoming hard underneath your ass. 
The scary hero, after kidnapping you, pumped you full with two huge babies. It honestly feels like you were hit by a truck; they’re so heavy, making your back hurt. Plus, your morning sickness is no joke. 
“Just the sight of you so beautifully bred does things to me. Would you be willing to help your Daddy?” You shift uncomfortably, left arm bent back, palm pressed against your aching spine in an attempt to alleviate your childrens’ weight. 
“Daddy, I don’t feel good. Can I please go to bed?” Tears of pain well in your eyes, as you feel your babies move inside of you. 
He caresses your face, cooing at your pain filled face, “Let me help you, Darling. Daddy will make you feel so good, that you’ll forget how much pain you’re in!” He shifts on the mattress, allowing him to lay you on your back, pillow supporting your aching spine. It helps alleviate some of the pressure, but you still aren’t in the mood to fuck his huge cock. 
“Daddy, please let me rest! I don’t wanna-” He shushes you, removing the rest of your frock from around your waist, exposing your naked pussy. 
“It’s okay, you know I’ll treat you well,” Pushing your legs apart, he slots himself in between them. Leaning down, he licks at your puffy clit, making your hips buck at the sensation. Suckling on the bud, he eases a clipped, thick finger inside of you, immediately brushing against your g-spot. Keening softly, he continues his assault, until he’s three fingers deep. 
Once content with how stretched your pregnant cunny is, he removes his phalanges from inside of you, “I love how sloppy your pretty pussy is. Being pregnant has made you a lot more beautiful than before. After our calves are born, we should have as many as we can!” 
You try to resist, but the sound of his belt and trousers being discarded silences you. He wouldn’t listen to you anyway. 
Slotting himself against your dripping cunny, he pushes himself in at a snail’s pace. He rests his hand on your tummy, grunting at the feeling of your slick, gummy walls. 
“You feel so good, My Love. I’m so glad that you’re mine!” Once fully seated inside of you, he starts a brutal pace. His tip bumps into your cervix, effectively moving your entire form up and down with his massive cock. 
You say nothing, but moan pathetically at the feeling of his thumb rubbing your clit. His length pushes against where your children lay, causing them to restlessly move inside of you. Attaching his mouth to your right nipple, he sucks your delicious milk down his throat. 
Continuing his assault, he feels himself growing closer and closer to his release, causing him to strengthen the pressure on your little nub, “Daddy! Daddy, I’m so close! Please let me cum!” 
He chuckles at your pleas, rubbing even faster in time with his thrusts, “Of course, My Love, cum for Daddy.”
A full body orgasm follows his words, dragging him to releasing inside of your drooling pussy. You can feel his cum inflating your insides, filling you to the brim. 
“Good girl, you did so well for me,” Pulling out, he rolls onto his back besides you, pulling you into the crook of his arm. Your pregnant tummy rests against his muscled abdomen, and your head lays on his shoulder. His opposite hand rests against the swell of your stomach, as he nuzzles into your warm form, “Rest now, a happy, healthy Mommy makes for the best calves. That’s what my Father always said, anyways.” 
Nodding, your close your eyes, trying to sleep through the pain and discomfort you still feel. 
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