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#I have asks! and I'm answering them!

Mwahaha I was hoping I’d get a book ask, thanks anon-friend! My top favorite of all time is The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison, I reread that book multiple times every year. Hmm if I was going to list 4 others for top five books:

The Blue Castle - L. M. Montgomery

Cold Comfort Farm - Stella Gibbons

Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen

Madness, Rack, Honey - Mary Ruefle

Those are all books I make a point of rereading at least once a year. Thanks again!

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First, thank you for this kind message and for reading my story! I’m glad you enjoyed that universe!! Second, thank you for solving a small mystery of mine! My daily ao3 kudos email this morning showed a noticeable increase in people reading the Edge of One of Many Circles and I was very confused by the sudden influx of readers =D

I am very far removed from the world of TikTok, so I’ll just put this out into the universe, but I feel very honored and grateful to the kind TikTokker for recommending my fic (Thank you, kind person, if you’re out there and reading this =D)

Thank you again, anon-friend!!

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I’m… currently withholding and reevaluating my opinion on the subject. I have to be very careful and clear in how I word this, so it’s going to be a long response, sorry.

Previously, I’ve stated that my opinion on factkin was that it was a term and identity created and perpetuated by trolls, and that while I wasn’t willing to say no one legitimately identified that way, I had never met one, so I was relatively certain it was purely a troll thing - and that even if someone legitimately identifying that way existed, I didn’t feel it should be labeled with something ending in -kin.

Much of that is still true. It is a term that was created and has been largely perpetuated by trolls, and I’m still not sure I agree with labeling it as -kin, though I’m currently in the process of taking in new information and reevaluating my opinion on that part.

One important piece has changed: I actually did meet an individual who legitimately identifies as factkin and was generous enough to be very honest and forthright about why they do and their beliefs on the subject. Those of you who were at Othercon may or may not remember the individual; I won’t name them here at their request, but if you’re still in the Othercon discord server (not Otherconnect, but Othercon) you should be able to search “factkin” and find the discussion we and a number of other people had on the subject during that weekend.

It was a fascinating discussion, and one that made me take a step back and reevaluate some things. A lot of what was said about the individual’s experiences sounded a lot like how many fictionkin and otherkin describe their experiences - particularly the experiences predating knowing the “source.” I did get permission from them at the time to quote them anonymously in the future, so I’ll do that:

(Me:)  If I may be so nosy, and feel free to tell me I may not: why say that it’s that person, and not just another life unique to you? Given that unless it’s someone you know personally, you can’t have the same insight into their thoughts and feelings as you would with a fictional character, and that with such a huge population of human beings it’s very likely some of them will be very similar without being the same person?

(Them:)  My timeline is quite different from the one on this earth, but there are several key details and experiences that lead me to believe that rather than an entirely different individual, it is an alternate version of said person. (I mean, there’s the obvious things such as sharing the same name, occupation, and having a very similar physical appearance). I’ve been having sparse memories as young as five years old, but my experiences have grown stronger in the more recent years.  I can share a few specific memories, both ones that more or less occurred for this universe’s one and not, and probably will over the next few days.

And, later, in DMs:

For those of us who are factkin, there are typically two different “types”. Those who identify as someone in this universe who has already died, this is very similar and ties in with reincarnation, which is a belief accepted even by quite a few non kin. Then, there are the ones like me. Identifying as someone still living. Please put down the pitchforks. I like to explain this identity to other people as very similar to fictionkin. The only difference is that rather than the “original” source being from another universe, it’s this one instead! Many of our timelines/canons differ quite a bit from the observable lives of those on this earth. Again, we do not claim to be this planet’s version of those currently living people, that is almost universally discouraged among us.

I still don’t know how I feel about using the word “factkin” for this, nor am I sure if I personally believe in it - but even if I don’t believe someone’s right about their explanation for their experiences, I don’t feel it’s within my rights to tell them they’re wrong about themself, for the same reason I don’t feel it’s right for people to tell me I’m not “really” a dragon. I’d also like to think we can judge people based on their behavior, not their identity. If someone is acting in a way that hurts other people, that’s one thing, but if they’re being polite and generally decent while happening to hold an identity you don’t happen to believe in, that’s another ball game entirely.

So, I’m currently withholding judgement and keeping tabs on the new @ama-factkin blog that’s recently shown up. I’m rather strongly of the opinion that  anyone who calls themself “serious ‘kin” has to also be willing to take in new information from someone who’s clearly being serious and honest about their experiences and revise their opinions based on that. Taking in new information and evaluating & modifying your views, beliefs, and opinions based on that is a hugely important part of life and generally being a decent person.

As for why I reblogged their post, I reblogged it largely because I know a lot of the people who follow me are probably pretty strongly anti-factkin, and I’m curious to see both the arguments against it and how ama-factkin responds to those arguments.

So, take what you like, leave what you don’t from that, I suppose.

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Thank you so much lovely. I really appreciate it (and everything you do. You are such a delightful, sweet presence to see on my dashboard both with your posts and all your positive messages to others.)

I know today is going to be rough because I’m feeling very disheartened and defeated by the whole thing, but tomorrow will hopefully be better and I’ll get through it, and messages like this one are definitely one of the things that helps. 💙 So, thanks for reaching out.

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Adfgjdfg yeah I see!!! And I understand why too, they all stayed for a very long time, plus there were the Sims games we did and everything

Oh but I loved having Eri as an f/o tho, we stan the fish here

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📌 how did you find your hyperfixation?

Tumblr. Someone I originally followed for… Sailor Moon I think? posted an edit with the SC in flower crowns. Shortly after there was a promo post of sorts (you know those “omg watch this and here’s why” lists). It looked hilarious, and I watched the first two episodes on a whim. I knew I would love it within five minutes.

✨ what draws you towards your hyperfixation? what is interesting about it?

I fell in love with the humor. Aside from that, I love how the the monsters and their complexes or problems that lead to them being turned into monsters set a theme for the episode, and the DC’s idle talks are always around the same subject. And especially in s1 all the loveless felt so real! Comically exaggerated of course, but deep down they dealt with realistic issues. I saw myself in many. And I love how, at the end of the day, the most important form of love that Boueibu promotes is self love! Some of Yumoto’s speeches seem to contradict each other, and they do, because the show acknowledges that there is no catch-all answer to the question of happiness and self-fulfillment! Everyone has different needs! It’s neat!! Man, do I have a lot of thoughts about s1 loveless.

🎶 if your hyperfixation has songs/an ost, what is your favorite song from it?

Full of bangers and bops, here’s a non-comprehensive list: I refuse to rank the op-ed’s. Never Know and Why So Cool feed my emo soul. Narukoryu-kabu de Moukeru Houteishiki (god I hope I got that right) has swing. Brother Lover Rapper is RAP. IT’S BOUEIBU AND IT’S RAP. WHAT MORE COULD I WISH FOR? LITERALLY?? IT COMBINES TWO OF MY PASSIONS. Sync a Think is an ioryuu anthem. Does your ship have an official anthem?? I could make my brother listen to Idols no Shinjitsu and he would like it blissfully unaware that it’s from an anime OST (has anyone figured out what the lyrics are yet..?)

💕 tell us about one of your favorite characters and why you like them!

I’ve rambled about Ibushi enough tolast for a life time but who cares! Who am I if not THE Ibushi stan? You enabled this.

I still don’t know WHY I fell for him so bad but doesn’t matter. First anime character I called my husband. Unfailingly loyal, polite and patient but not without snark, passive-aggressive at times, knows when to pull punches and when not to, great backstory for his molluscophobia, deep velvety voice, tall dark and handsome, best oneliners, observant (contrary to what a popular fandom meme would have you believe). Criminally underused. You know there’s something amiss when a character SHINES in the side canons but could be completely removed from the main canon with minimal consequences to the story.

🏳‍🌈 do you have any headcanons (lgbt, race, neuro, etc) that are important to you?

At this point I can’t NOT see Yumoto as autistic. He has a “unique way of thinking”, he has special interests (animals), the cuddling is a sensory thing (he needs some kind of physical contact a lot), he stims (remember when ioryuu were giving each other the silent treatement and Yumoto, to quote Atsushi, “resorted to repetitive movement” and was so engrossed in it he didn’t even notice right away that Wombat was removed from his arms), he has routines (again, a certain number of cuddles), he minmaxes at school (zeroes in Japanese due to the aforementioned “unique thinking” but can allegedly tell the area of a shape by looking, so clearly he excels at geometry), he has trouble catching some social cues and conventions. That boy is autistic, y’all.

I have my sexuality and gender headcanons as well, but nothing so “important” I wouldn’t be able to adjust different interpretations for fics or whatever. Like my Ryuu is always 100% bisexual babeyyyy but if someone prefers him as gay that’s right-o, I’ve talked about ace Ryuu before, and I can even deal with him being honestly straight (bonus points if Io is still in love with him. One-sided pining train here we GOOOOO). I generally headcanon Io as demisexual, but have written him as gay as well. Is En gay or pan? Why can’t we have both? I’m flexible. But Yumoto is autistic, amen.

💎 are there any fun facts or trivia that you would like to share?

In s2 ep1 the DC talk about hourglasses. Ryuu seems to think saunas often have them, to which Io mentions he has a friend with a Finnish sauna in their home. First of all, this indicates Io has friends outside the Defense Club, which I still cannot believe after four years. Pics or it didn’t happen, Io. Secondly, and this is where I’m actually going with this, Finnish saunas do not have hourglasses in them. Why the hell would they? Not saying you CAN’T or SHOULDN’T but why WOULD you have an hourglass in a sauna?? I’m Finnish. Pretty much every Finnish home has a sauna. So does each swimming hall, usually more than one on both men’s and women’s sides of the showers. My family are sauna enthusiasts even by Finnish standards. I do consider myself an authority on this. I’ve been to, who knows, dozens of saunas in the 24 years I’ve lived on this Earth. Never seen an hourglass in my life. I’ve asked around, neither has anyone else I know. This unimportant throwaway line BOTHERS ME. Sauna is an integral part of Finnish culture. If you had to sum up the entirety of Finland in one word or one concept it would be sauna. You can’t just go around making lies. Sure there are saunas in many other countries and cultures as well and naturally they vary, but what the hell. What the shit and fuck. Look me in the eyes. I’m not joking.

media hyperfixation asks I promise to chill if you send in any more

#anon, #asks, #about me, #'lots of thoughts about s1 loveless' and lots of gripes about s2 loveless lmao, #they were much more... idk mundane? trivial?? superficial??? what's a good word, #maybe it speaks about the villains as well. the beppu brothers are kind of uuh simple, #not stupid definitely but they've got this one-track mind, #('and the sc didn't?' ok ok ok yes they did. but i like them more lmao), #but honestly. 'i'm insignificant.' 'my self-worth is tied to other people.' 'i'm excessively self-conscious.'i have no control over my life, #vs 'i want to get christmas off', #i know i know i'm oversimplifying, #it's not just about having to work on holidays or not getting chocolate on valentine's day or not getting into art school, #all of these do cause or stem from deeper issues, #but they feel so much more situational than deep-rooted, #it's a different perspective and not inherently better or worse. this is a personal preference. but i practically worship s1 loveless, #what was the deal with happy kiss... i haven't thought about it as much. i've only seen it once, #one dude didn't want summer vacation to end... another one's dad was a compulsive treasure hunter... one was the world's worst small talker, #i think i've answered this meme before but whatever. never too much boueibu. and opinions change and wordings change, #also i hate to admit it but in the anime ibushi is practically irrelevant, #akoya and kinshiro are the characters and he's just there because two antagonists is not enough, #and the sauna thing... i know it's not that deep. i know. it's a throwaway line with no significance to anyone else but me, #but to me? boy does it have significance, #finland mentioned but at what cost..., #you can't just say whatever, #i am about to start an international conflict. i am dialing japanese prime minister's number as we speak, #edit: fixed the 'yesss' i couldn't make it look the way i wanted on desktop, #the fuck's up with that
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wow, this really is a question that my brain needs to now think about. Do you know how little brain cells I have left? and like these men own over half of the ones I have left, and now I have to think about their muscles. I might as well just give them the rest of my brain cells and drop out of college *sigh* I cannot stop thinking about these muscles now. wow. these muscles.

I just need a moment.

okay so to address the question. yes, you’re right. Eddie would fit better into Buck’s clothes, but like why do you think all of Buck’s shirts fit him so tightly?

bc they’re Eddie’s and he keeps stealing them. I mean that pink sweater didn’t fit that man, but he was out here wearing it anyways. This is why half his clothes look like they don’t fit like yeah wow.

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I might actually genuinely quit my job within the first month. 

this is truly the shittiest year

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I’m… Gonna have a conniption here


“how pretty is my girl”

“I’m going to pretend it wasn’t me who uploaded this story”


FYI for all of you uninformed about not USA woso, lemme introduce you to Deyna and Leicy. Amazing players and great at GIVING ME GAY CRISES EVERYTIME THEY POST SOMETHING.

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17. Who says I love you first?

I…don’t know yet. My gut feeling is Diego, but since I haven’t written it yet, that might change.

29. one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart

God, there’s a lot about them that breaks my heart tbh, so choosing just one thing is, and picking something that isn’t really going to be a Light Fingers spoiler is a challenge…

He saw forever with her. 

She didn’t think she was worth it. (His constant pushing for her to change and do things his way was part of why.)

30. one headcanon about this OTP that mends it

Someday, they decide to foster/adopt kids. The first one they take in is this angst-ridden, super troubled, on his last straw teenager. 

The happiest day of Diego’s life is the first time he calls him “Dad.”

Elena secretly took a video of him crying happy tears over it and watches it whenever she’s worried about him because he’s off being a superhero because it reminds her that he has something to come home for, and he’s not going to let a little thing like death or an apocalypse stop him from doing just that. 

OTP Questions for Elena and Diego (Light Fingers)

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