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#I have to act so tough around everyone
cringeavoider · a month ago
Currently listening to Ranboo talk on his alt about how much lore he had planned and how it all just hasn’t worked out or hasn’t had a chance to come to light yet and it’s just!! So frustrating!!!! Like I think it’s clear that it’s not only frustrating for us the fans, it’s also frustrating for him bc he’d worked so hard on all this story and it hasn’t played out the way he wanted.
The thing is, it’s also particularly frustrating because the reason lore isn’t progressing isn’t really anything to get angry at, the way you might get mad at say a network for canceling your favourite show. Because why hasn’t lore been progressing? Because all the streamers are working on other projects rn, and are generally a bit too busy to do it at the same pace they used to. Or alternatively, they are having personal struggles that obviously take priority over Minecraft roleplay. And it’s good! It’s good that they’re doing these things, working on their own things and taking care of themselves, and I personally would like them to continue doing that. But the fact that it’s only good reasons actually makes it harder bc now not only is it frustrating to have an unfinished story with no clear idea when or if it will resolve, but also there’s not even anyone or anything to be frustrated with.
Like, say the reason lore wasn’t progressing was because twitch had some random ToS rule that was stopping them. Easy, we are frustrated with Twitch, but solutions can be found. Or maybe, say lore wasn’t happening because the server had such bad technical issues that they had to pause everything to fix it for a while, idk. In that scenario, it’s easy to direct the frustration at Minecraft the game or at the technical issues because that is a problem to be solved. But what’s actually happening is, the reason that lore isn’t progressing isn’t a problem to be solved, it’s a good thing. There isn’t any “solutions” to no lore, because there is no problem to be solved. The creators are happy because they are pursuing their passions, or they are working on taking care of themselves. Those are both good things, not things to be solved, which means there’s nowhere to direct all this frustration.
And trust me, it makes perfect sense that everyone is frustrated at no lore. Narratively, there is a LOT of suspense and tension and promises of narrative payouts that any audience would expect, and to have all of that just sort of left hanging with no clear answer on how any of it is going to resolve or tie together is FRUSTRATING for anyone watching. Especially because we don’t even know when any particular plot line is going to get new content. If this were a tv show or movie or book, there are set release dates announced well in advance. This? This is a completely new form of media where release dates are extremely rare and not necessarily reliable anyways. We have no idea if something is planned to happen soon because it’s entirely dependent on when the creators have time for it. So with multiple narrative threads left in the air and no way of knowing if they will ever be continued, and thousands of people watching, it makes sense that people are frustrated. It just also particularly sucks because there’s nothing to direct that frustration at, therefore only adding on to the frustration.
And let me add, if you are actually legit mad at the creators rn for not doing lore then this is not your post, all of the reasons they have given are perfectly valid, and it’s not our place to demand they roleplay for our entertainment. But I do understand that it’s super frustrating to become super involved in all these storylines, only to have them become seemingly abandoned, and not have a good direction to express that frustration. It just…. It all sucks, I’m very happy that the creators are doing what they want or that they’re taking care of other priorities right now, and I would absolutely not want to pull them away from that for Minecraft roleplay, but it sucks that the storylines are still so completely up in the air and we have no way of knowing what’ll happen. I think it would be nice if lore became more regular or frequent, but I would never ask for the creators to prioritize it over what they need/want to do, because that’s FAR from my place or anyone’s place. It’s all……..idk, it’s frustrating, it’s just all frustrating.
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adoringhaikyuu · 7 months ago
they see you wearing a men’s sized sweater and think you’re cheating on them
Tumblr media
characters: atsumu, bokuto, kenma, ushijima, (gn!reader)
summary: what happens when they see you wearing a men’s sized sweater and wrongfully assume you’re cheating on them.
warnings: nothing, just a hint of angst, some suggestive things and some dumb boys–
notes: this actually isn't that angsty! everyone is aged up and living together but it doesn’t really matter lmao (u can request others if you’d like! i kinda wanna do kageyama and oikawa)
part one | part two
Tumblr media
this dumbass sees you all cozy in this extremely over sized sweater––like his size sweater
you’re on the couch, mindlessly scrolling through your phone, your head leaning on a sweater paw 
and at first he gets distracted cause you look so cute and his face softens
but then he realizes that he doesn’t recognize it, and it sure as hell isn’t yours
and !! he knows !! it’s not his !!
and he immediately thinks it’s another mans, i mean what possible other explanation could there be–
his brows furrow and he just speaks without thinking, masking his hurt with anger
“so who is it?” he crosses his arms and stares down at you, practically barking, his voice breaking the silence around you. 
you pause immediately and look up at him confused, noticing how he’s doing the same stance he does when he’s trying to act tough. “what?”
he tuts and rolls his eyes, sighing in annoyance. were you really going to deny it? he narrows his eyes. “who. is. it.” the look of confusion on your face only deepens and he can feel his blood start to boil. his voice is dead cold and it sends a shiver up your spine. “who have you been fucking?”
you blink, once, then twice. “ what’s going on here––”
“don’t play dumb with me, y/n.” 
you looked around the room for a few seconds then back to him. “ it daddy? is that the answer––”
“y/n.” he growls impatiently.
“i don’t know what’s going on!” 
he breaks and steps closer to you, yelling almost in your face. “you’re cheating on me!” 
“what?!” you practically shriek. “why would you think that??” 
he scoffs, “are you kidding me?? the evidence is right there in front of my freakin’ face!” he points at you and you start to get aggravated as well, not knowing where these absurd allegations came from. 
“what the fuck are you talking about tsumu?” you set your phone down and stand up, a few inches away from him. 
“that fuckin’ ugly ass sweater you’re wearin’! you really think you’d be able to hide that from me, i’m not a dumbass!”
you look at him bewildered and down to your sweater, pulling at the hem. “you think it’s ugly? i bought it yesterday i thought it was cute–”
“i don’t give a shit! how could you do this to me i thought––” he cuts himself off and blinks a few times, the redness in his cheeks and on his neck slowly fading away. “wait what?”
you looked back up at him. “i said i bought it yesterday...? what does that have to do with––”
“so it’s not some other guy’s sweater...”
the both of you stood there for a few seconds just staring at each other, you in disbelief, him with a guilty and sheepish smile on his face. without warning, you slapped his arm and he shrieked. 
“ow?! that hurt!” 
“i don’t care! you really thought i would cheat on you?!” you tried to shove past him but he stopped you, eyes wide as he held you by the waist. 
“baby i’m sorry––”
you looked up at him, eyes watery. “what the hell, ‘tsumu?”
he felt his eyes start to water up too, a dull ache in the back of his throat as he pulled you into his arms and held you tight. “i’m so sorry babylove, i––i wasn’t thinking and i just––i saw you all cozy in that sweater and the thought of you wearing someone else’s clothes, being with someone else...” you wrapped your arms around him, hearing the pain he was trying to hide, in his voice. 
his voice was small as he mumbled, his cheek smushed against your head. “i thought you had some side piece hiding around somewhere.”
you shook your head and nestled your head into his chest. “don’t be ridiculous ‘tsumu, if anything you’d be the side piece.” 
“hey!” he pulls away to look at you and smiles when he sees your lips curved upwards cheekily. his thumbs came up to wipe the remnants of your tears that hadn’t soaked into his sweater. “can we go cuddle now?” 
you pretended to think, “hm i don’t know...i don’t think you deserve those right now.”
he pouted. “please? i’ll do anything––i’ll cook all our meals for the whole week!”
you cringed, “last time you cooked, you almost burnt the kitchen down.”
his shoulders drooped as he tried to think of another offer. “oh!” he perked up, eyes bright. “i’ll get ‘samu to cook for us? he owes me a favor anyway–”
you smiled, leaning up to kiss him softly. “deal.” 
Tumblr media
this absolute angel would be so sad :(((
at first he’d be like :D they’re so cute
and he’d be staring at you, all entranced and in love
then he realizes he doesn’t recognize the sweater cause he’s never seen you wear it before (he knows all of your outfits, he compliments all of them) and then he also realizes how big it is on you ://
immediately gets in a bad mood, more sad then angry
baby boy is just hurt tbh
was he not good enough?
he doesn’t even say anything, he just sulks and hopes you’ll come to him and let him down easy or come to your senses and leave the other guy
he’d forgive you, he loves you too much
bokuto walked into the bedroom where you were and paused for a bit before lying down next to you and staring up at the ceiling. you could feel his energy shift as he walked in, as if there were a cloud above him. 
“kou?” you asked, looking away from your phone to your pouting boyfriend. he simply hummed in response, not even glancing at you. “what’s wrong?”
he bit his lip, blinking a few times before responding. “mm, nothing.” 
your brows furrowed, wondering what could have possibly put him in a bad mood. “oh i know, did akaashi beat you at cup pong on that imessage game again?”
he frowned, “no––i mean yes, but––” he finally turned to look at you, eyes wide, filled with unshed tears and you sat up, alarmed. “are you happy?”
you tilted your head in confusion. “happy?”
“yes,” he nodded. “with me.” he was looking at you hopefully, the usual light in his eyes now dim. 
now it was your turn to frown. “of course i am, baby. i’m happiest when i’m with you. why are you asking me that?”
he seemed to perk up a bit at that, but he still wasn’t fully himself. he looked away, “nothing, no reason.”
“nuh uh,” you scooted closer to him and gently cradled his face, turning him to face you. “why are you asking me this? something’s obviously up.” 
his hand came up to hold yours on his cheek. “i just...” he looked down to your sweater. “you look really pretty in that sweater, you know? i think that’s what hurts the most, you still look like mine, my baby...even though you’re not wearing my sweater.”
“that’s what this is about? bo, you had me worried! if you want me to wear your sweaters i will, you know i love wearing them.” 
he looked up into your eyes, “but what about this one? what about the other–”
“i only bought this cause it was on sale, it’s not like i’m attached to it or anything. honestly, i like yours a lot better.” you smiled at him and you could see all the tension leaving his body, the hurt leaving his face as he smiled wide.
“you––you bought it!” 
this boy confused you more and more every day. “yes, i bought it. what’s up with you?” 
he shook his head vigorously like a little puppy, eyes wide as he hastily wiped his tears. “no–nothing!” he pulled you into his arms and you fell into him with a gasp, your legs on either side of him as he held you tight. “i love you so much, my precious angel.”
you raised a brow, giving into his embrace. “o–kay? i love you too, baby.” you let your head fall onto his shoulder, your boy was always so dramatic...
Tumblr media
kenma would be gaming at his desk, cat headphones on
and you’d sneak in, bored of doing whatever it is you were doing before, to sit on his lap as you always do
he’d barely look away from the screen as you squeeze into the chair with him, lifting and opening his arms to let you in
you’d snuggle against him and as he plays, he unconsciously kisses your forehead and lean his head onto yours 
he’d honestly play for a good while before he takes a break or a loading screen pops up before the next mission and he’d finally take a good look at you all cozied up on top of him
he’d bring a hand to your waist, just to let you know that he’s there and appreciates your company 
he’d notice how peaceful you look, your eyes closed as you held onto his sweatshirt
but then he’d notice your sweatshirt and his brows would furrow 
you felt kenma stiffen underneath you, and at first you thought it was because his game was getting intense––but you couldn’t hear any noise coming from the monitor or from the keyboard (and trust me you would hear when he was typing––his fingers going at fifty miles per hour). 
you opened your eyes to see him staring off to the side, not even paying attention to his game resuming, a worrying crease between his brows. you took the hand that was fisting his collar and brought it up to hold his cheek and though he softened at the touch at first, as he always did, you could tell something was off. 
“baby?” you mumbled. “what’s wrong? did something happen in your game?”
he barely even heard you at first, too caught up in his own troublesome thoughts. was it someone else’s? another guy’s? you wouldn’t––right? 
“baby?” again, no response. 
you sat up and his hands fell to the arm rests, or more like he put them there, as though he wanted you to get off. this was immediately a bad sign––he never wanted you to get off, even when you had to pee, he would grumble and hold you tighter, continuing to play his game as though you weren’t about to literally piss your pants. 
you turned his head towards you but he still wouldn’t look at you, instead choosing to look down. “ken what’s wrong? you’re worrying me.” he finally looked into your eyes and you felt a chill run through your body at the fierce look in them, an indescribable emotion swimming in his irises. 
he stared at you first for a few moments silently before speaking up. “when did––” he paused, unsure of how to go about this, his voice small and hesitant. “when did you get this sweater?”
you looked down at the fabric you were practically melting in and back up at him, a confused pout on your face. “a few months ago, why?” 
“a few months?” he frowned and tilted his head back down. it’s been that long? 
“yeah, i got it at that thrift store, you know the one by the café? why do you ask?”
at that, his eyes widened and his lips parted, but he quickly snapped out of it and wrapped his arms around you. “n–nothing. no reason.”
“what? but–”
“doesn’t matter.” he pulled you close so that you were leaning on him again, his arms tight, not letting you up. 
you snuggled back against him hesitantly, your hand sliding up to play with the loose bundles of hair that fell out of his bun at the nape of his neck. you smiled as he purred at your touch, his hands going back to the keyboard. 
you felt yourself sink back into his embrace, your fatigue quickly washing over you again. you’d definitely ask him what that was about after you woke up.
Tumblr media
poor baby sees the sweater and tries to remember if he’s ever seen you wear it, since he already knows it’s not his
he comes to the conclusion that it’s most likely another man’s since it’s so big on you and immediately assumes it’s his fault ://
he just stands and stares at you for a while, brows furrowed in thought
but he does that all the time, so you don’t think anything of it and just go about your business cutting up your apple slices in the kitchen
he notices how the fabric is swallowing you up, but it’s still not as big as his, and that at least gives him a teeny bit of satisfaction that whoever this man is, he’s bigger than him
after a few minutes of contemplation, he stands next to you and speaks up
“do i not satisfy you enough, y/n?”
you paused and the sound of your knife slicing fruit came to a halt as you looked up at your boyfriend to see if he was joking. he wasn’t. you almost laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation but looking at the seriousness in ushijima’s expression, you decided against it. given the way your eyes would fill with tears, the way your thighs would tremble as you clung to him after every night you spent together in bed, he should have known the answer to that question. but maybe he meant it another way––
“in what way?” he frowned and you went on. “if you meant sex wise...then yes, you more than satisfy me. if it’s in terms of love and affection, then the answer is also yes. short answer is yes, always.”
this only seemed to trouble him further, somehow. “then what is it?”
you tilted your head in confusion, “what is what?”
“what made you go elsewhere?”
you blink and put the knife down. “ushi, i have no idea what you’re talking about, i’ve been here all day.”
“what made you go and find someone else to take care of you?” he said bluntly.
“what? i didn’t...” you turned fully to face him, piecing together what he was saying so cryptically yet plainly at the same time. looking at his features carefully, you could see the anger, frustration and most of all, the hurt he was trying to hide, on his face. your voice shrunk in size. “wait, you think i’m cheating on you?” he nodded silently and you felt a twitch in your stomach. “why would you think that?”
he reached down, “this” he tugged at the sleeve of your sweater with two fingers, as if it disgusted him. “is not mine. and it is far too large to be yours.” he crossed his arms and looked at you, waiting for an explanation.
you paused for a few seconds before you burst out laughing and he only stood there, watching you, offended and utterly confused. why was this funny? “i’m sorry baby i just––” you placed one hand on the counter and tried to hold yourself up and not fall down to your knees. you waited until your laugh died down to a giggle before looking up at your adorable, dumb boyfriend with a smile on your face.
“this isn’t your sweater, you’re right. but it is mine. i bought it the other day, it’s just oversized.”
his arms slowly dropped to his sides. “––oh.”
“yeah, ‘oh’.” you shook your head slightly. “you really thought i would cheat on you?”
“i didn’t want to believe it. i wasn’t sure, so i asked.”
you pursed your lips, more amused than anything. “more like you accused me, ushi.”
he looked down in shame. “i’m sorry.”
you placed a hand on his chest as he hesitantly wrapped his arms around your waist. “i would never hurt you like that. i’m yours.” you leaned up on your tiptoes and he bent down, eager to give you the kiss you wanted. he pressed his lips against yours, his hands holding you tight.
when you pulled away, he rested his forehead against yours, his eyes still closed. “i really am sorry.”
you placed a hand on his cheek and pulled back to look into his eyes, smiling at the way he nuzzled into your touch. “it’s okay baby. how about i just wear your sweaters instead of buying my own, hm?” though you were slightly teasing, he nodded, more serious than ever.
“i would like that.”
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bakhoe · 9 months ago
longish headcanons on how the boys cuddle
includes: armin, eren, jean, levi, and reiner
Tumblr media
Imagine: Armin is resting against the wall of his bed, books scattered across his bed and a little notebook on his lap, taking notes of every single detail he finds interesting. The candle he has in his room keeps flickering because his window is wide open since he doesn’t like being in complete silence. It’s super late because the only time he is able to enjoy his hobbies is super late at night. 
That’s when you come in, all groggy and rubbing your eyes, ready to have your routine nightly chats and cuddle session. 
He quickly puts his books away as soon as he hears the door open, knowing you’re coming in and leaves the notebook in bed to recount everything he found while reading, even more excited because he left little book margins about things YOU would love!
He’s more on the serious side about his cuddles, he just loves and cherishes every moment he can get with you. His favorite cuddling position is your head pressed against his chest and legs intertwined the way this boy gets major butterflies like it’s his first time ever doing this. 
He loves trailing his fingers against your back, or if you’re ticklish there, he’ll just trace your arms while blabbering. 
He loves that you let him talk your ear off, and share that same kind of excitement about things even if you don’t understand them. Though, he loves when you drift to sleep even if he is in mid-conversation, just lets him know that you feel safe in his arms! <3
Tumblr media
Don’t even argue with me on this, this boy is 100% an attention seeker with his significant other, no doubt ABOUT it. He gets pouty/jealous when you give people more attention, gets upset when you won’t offer him any attention, and for sure gets fed up when you willingly ignore him when he upsets you which he probably deserves lol.
So, his cuddles definitely show that needy trait, but you don’t mind. 
He doesn’t necessarily have a favorite cuddling position but he does prefer for you to be touching and appreciating him, like running your fingers through his hair or rubbing your thumb against his cheek. Blushy boy!!
He isn’t always craving to be the center of attention in the relationship, he loves taking care of you and taking charge but when it comes to innocent touches, love, and adoration, he’s like putty in your hands. 
So, to initiate some kind of affection from you, he just rubs his head against you, wherever you guys are. He always avoids doing it in front of people he knows or knows of, but other than that, you could be shopping at the small market and he’ll just start rubbing his head against your shoulder or cheek. 
This means! Cuddle time!! ASAP!!! He just loves being as close to you as possible, continuously snuggling and rubbing up to you, almost like he’s trying to merge with you.
Tumblr media
Out of everyone, he is probably the silliest one and just takes it less seriously. It’s mostly a give and take dynamic, and just super healthy?? Like he understands that couples sometimes need time for themselves and respects how independent you are? Icon.
Because he is the silliest out of everyone, he takes the chance to tickle you and do anything to make you laugh. He probably lifts up your shirt and just blows a raspberry against your stomach, knowing how much you hate it. (Or love it, I don’t judge lol.)
He has a ton of different cuddling positions, like weird ones: resting separately but grabbing on to one foot, a ying and yang formation going on with you facing his feet and vice versa, his head on your bum!
But when ya’ll get to fall asleep together, he tends to love making you straddle him and just have you lay on him on his chest. He wraps his arms around you and just hums or tells you a story about his mom.
But when you guys do fall asleep and eventually separate, he always makes sure he’s still touching you. For example, you guys could be facing away from each other and if he wakes up, he’ll scoot his butt against yours.
Most of these more serious encounters would be in undies, and no, it’s not because he’s planning to corrupt this innocent event. He just loves both of your bodies pressed against each other like that, it relaxes him because of the heat both of you radiate. 
Tumblr media
This man has trauma and will avoid telling you, even after being in the relationship for more than a few years. Even though he never really wants to burden anyone with his baggage, it’s still on the table and it’s not only emotional for him, but for you too. 
It’s hard for him to open up, even to you. It’s morbid but he’s afraid of opening up and then losing you, or vice versa. He’ll definitely hear out your emotional baggage, but he’ll be afraid to connect with you in that level.
But!! But! There is a way to get him to talk to you after a stressful day, and maybe you haven’t figured out a way to get him to use you as a therapist about his past but you definitely figured out a way for the present. 
You have to find him reading, definitely alone and with no sign of people coming back or coming in because he hates PDA.
Then you just sit and as if your thighs were a magnet to his head, in less than two seconds, he’s resting on you. He’s always fighting and acting tough that he loves to feel reassured that someone is there and taking care of him.
He loves the feelings of your fingers running through his hair, he loves the feeling of your stomach rising and falling after each breath against his cheek, and he loves reading whatever he was reading out loud to you. 
Then after a few minutes of asking and silence, he’ll finally talk to you about his feelings and thoughts from these past few days.
Tumblr media
We can all agree that this man is SWOLE. Big boy, big beefy boy, yum. Because of this, he loves delicate and soft things. Soft blankets, delicate flowers, plush pillows? Yes.
Everything you offer? Soft. Plump. And delicate. To him everyone just seems softer, especially when they’re smaller than him. It’s like that phenomenon where people can have a clean appearance or a musty one, even if they are clean? Like Eren.
He loves holding you on his lap, just squeezing you in a hug while talking. The feeling against your soft skin against his rough one just let’s him know he is living and fighting for someone. That someone out in the world will always be waiting for his return. 
Favorite cuddling position is for sure, classic spooning. He’d love to have you wrapped up in his arms and know that you are safe in his bed, in his arms, against his chest. 
The man would go feral for any meaty spot on you, it doesn’t matter if you are on the thinner or thicker side, this man will squeeze the fuck out of your thighs, bum, arms, stomach, anything. He’d love to scratch your head or trace his fingers against your body, just an overall touchy man.
He would also like to have blankets all around ya’ll, like pillows and blankets all around to just have that extra feeling of comfort. 
thank you for reading \(^.^)/ if you see this, you are extraordinary! the song recommendation of today is duvet by boa.
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bratz-kitten · 2 months ago
— neptune edition because i have some things to say about this godforsaken planet
neptune in the 1st house natives have a lot of difficulty with understanding themselves to the point where they often just accept what other people, especially their friends, believe about them. they’re the type to read something about themselves in astrology or mbti types, be like “oh this is me”, their friends are like “no actually you’re nothing like that” and they go like “oh yeah, i’m nothing like that.” their opinion about themselves is constantly fluctuating and they need to be careful with just going along with what other people think of them— question everything that you’re told.
neptune in the 2nd house natives have very distinctive eyes, their eyes don’t even have to be big to be their most known feature, quite the contrary— even when they’re small they tend to have very deep-set and heavy upper eyelids that kind of gives them a sultry look. their perception of themselves can be very confusing and it constantly fluctuates, in the earlier years especially they tend to be afraid of showing skin due to insecurities. like, the type to avoid going to the beach because they’re terrified of other people criticising their body since their sense of self-worth is very frail in their childhood. people tend to feel kind of... offended? threatened? by their appearance, i’m thinking of this girl who got constantly bullied for her appearance by her siblings and friends even though she was very conventionally attractive.
also, neptune in the 2nd house natives are the type to constantly be giving out money and goods to others even when they barely have anything themselves? which, like.... being charitable is a good thing but not when it’s to your own detriment lmfao. these are the people who could be drowning in debt but would still offer to give their clothing to charity. what the hell, help yourself first please.
also, also. PLEASE be careful before following business/financial advice given to you by someone with their neptune in the 2nd house, their ideas surely are fun and creative but they can be so unrealistic and set up for failure that it physically pains me. i’m thinking specifically of this girl in my life who knows nothing about the career i’m pursuing yet tries to give me advice 24/7. like... yall have good intentions and i respect that but think twice before advising others because your advice can be really out of touch with reality and other people’s circumstances sometimes.
neptune in the 3rd house natives and their connection to music... they live and breathe it. they create playlists everyday. they don’t leave the house without their headphones on. also. they know so many rare words— they’re the type to have their pinterest feed filled with beautiful words and pieces of poetry. good luck asking them about their childhood tho they’ve repressed half their memories lmfao. neptune in the 3rd house protection squad unite
also. neptune in the 3rd house natives love to act so tough. “i don’t need anyone” [proceeds to talk lovingly about the random stranger you met in the grocery store] you’re a big softie. these people romanticise the most mundane aspects of their life, sharing a grape with someone else is an act of humanity’s good nature for them.
neptune in the 4th house natives... i am suspicious of you. you’re so nice to everyone around you; especially strangers, you go out of your way to make people feel special and to randomly text me that you appreciate me even though you barely know me. it weirds me out especially because most of yall have been through so much pain— how do you witness how cruel people can be but still smile at strangers in the street in an attempt to better their day? how do you still greet everyone with open arms when you know damn well that they can take advantage of you? i swear it’s beyond me lmfao
the people with neptune in the 5th house that i’ve met who are lowkey addicted to gambling.... like what. i can’t even ignore it at this point. they don’t even realize it, they’re just like “oh i just do online bets on sports games, but it’s nothing much” but then they do it every week??? also. these people are SO talented at video games. they’re so passionate about it too, not only because of their competitive streak but because they love fully immersing themselves in another reality. they LOVE strategy games where they get to use their smart braincells. also, if you don’t have a good style, they probably won’t even look in your direction. i’ve met a few who put so much dedication into their personal style, that they’re kinda judgy of other people who don’t.
neptune in the 6th house natives often fear that their lives are too chaotic and that they’re a “hot mess”, it’s very hard for them to feel stable on the daily. they fear getting into relationships because they’re scared that they’re too much for other people to keep up with, that they won’t be able to fully give themselves to their partner because they can barely look after themselves— which just. let me stop you right there. you’re perfectly capable even if you don’t see yourself that way, and sometimes you expect so much of yourself that you don’t see that you already do so much for others.
neptune in the 7th house natives can feel so discouraged and hurt from the toxic relationships that they witnessed in their parents or other broken marriages in their earlier years that they find it hard to believe that they’re ever going to be able to fully trust someone with their heart. they often fall in love with emotionally unavailable people or become like that themselves, creating a barrier between them and their partner so that they don’t have to fully trust others. i’ve often seem this being manifested in them getting into chaotic and unstable relationships that they know are bad for them but they stay in it anyways because they... kind of want to control the pain that they’re in? they’re like— “well, if i’m going to be disappointed in love might as well be by someone who i already know and can predict so that i can control how they hurt me.” this is so toxic bro. it’s like they can’t even fathom the possibility of being in a romantic relationship that doesn’t end up in them being hurt.
also. people with neptune in the 7th house, pay attention your co-workers because i swear it’s always the ones closest to you who try to bring your business down.
neptune in the 8th house natives can have an extremely difficult perception of their connections with other people. they go from “i love them so much i feel like our souls touch each other when we’re together” to “i will never be able to emotionally connect to another human being” really quick. it seems like their opinions always teeter on the verge of extremes, and they’re constantly fluctuating – going from “the universe is always sending me signals and i feel protected by it” to “the universe is out to get me i swear it hates me”. yall have insanely good manifestation skills and you should be using them to your advantage, because you can sometimes fall under a very self-sabotaging, “i deserve nothing” mindset which really blocks you from seeking out great opportunities.
neptune in the 9th house natives can have the most chaotic and turbulent relationships with their distant family. like, there’s always an aunt causing them great distress or a cousin who’s batshit crazy. they also tend to get discouraged very easily, one thing goes wrong in their life and suddenly they’re retreating into their emotional shell and being terrified of coming out of it and into the real world again because they don’t want to be disappointed by life’s realism, its cruelty, by the circumstances that don’t match up to their great ideals.
also. i find it interesting how a friend of mine has her neptune in the 9th house, which deals with higher studies, and is currently studying art in college. her college life has been very chaotic and confusing as well, she didn’t get accepted into the course she wanted due to covid and our government minimising the number of applications through course in my country, so she spent an entire year in a course she didn’t care for, and has now finally been accepted into the one she wanted. neptune in the 9th house is often associated with having a difficult and confusing time at college, with changing courses or stopping for years before attending again.
neptune in the 10th house natives tend to be raised by a single parent, one of the parent figures can be very emotionally/physically absent and be too focused on their own issues to be able to take care of their kid. the native tends to feel like one of the parents is drowning in their own sorrow or like they can’t connect with them. they can see one of the parents as someone who puts rose-colored glasses in their romantic life, who always fall for emotionally unavailable partners.
also, those with neptune in the 10th house and the way they feel like whatever career that they end up choosing has to be one that allows them to help those in need... literally they feel like it’s their purpose to help others and sometimes they can take it so far that the way they expect to be there for everyone 24/7 becomes a burden at some point. breathe, and realize that your personal needs are just as important as the ones of others. you can’t help others if you don’t also help yourself
neptune in the 11th house natives fear that they’ll never know what makes them truly happy. there can be a lot of confusion surrounding their dreams and ambitions; it’s hard for them to feel satisfied in their current situations so they can work on their goals just to find out that that’s not what they truly want, or that they need much more of it to be happy. they can feel constantly disappointed and frustrated by their current circumstances. they fear never finding out their life purpose since their ambitions are constantly fluctuating through endless possibilities.
also, neptune in the 11th house natives can be very unreliable friends. they constantly disappear out of everyone’s life and their friends never know what they’re up to, they’re the type to have friends who tell them “i know nothing about you” because of the aura of mystery surrounding them. they struggle a lot with this because on one hand they want to be there for their friends always but on the other hand they can be very distant, plus their past experiences with being taken advantage of in friendships/getting into co-dependent connections with friends and partners can make them very guarded when it comes to making friendships.
neptune in the 12th house natives are the type to engage in spiritual practices in their daily life, to make spirituality a constant practice. for example, they can be walking around through the city and suddenly feel the urge to practice astral projection. they’re the type to suddenly start writing out their dreams to find symbolism behind them. the type of friends who just text you “i’m going to try to see you in my dreams tonight” lmfao. their day-to-day life gets constantly interrupted by the spiritual callings they get, for example they go out to the city to do a certain thing but then feel called to explore a store that they just saw, or felt a spiritual entity near them and diverted all their attention to it.
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void-potter · 9 months ago
what i honestly think it would be like to date loki
btw to those who have sent me requests...i see you! i promise. i’ve just been a bit unmotivated at the moment. so here’s this for now i guess LMAO
Tumblr media
lemme just say right now...actually getting to the point of dating loki would take a long time
the enemies (but not rlly enemies) to allies to friends w tension to yearning / crushing on each other to lovers type thing
i mean have u seen how loki grew up??? he has major trust issues and doesn’t get close to people
i think it’d take a few years of extreme slowburn, arguing, and yearning w one another until feelings actually start to show
loki wouldn’t be afraid of staring - or eye contact, tbh
you’d just be sitting at one of tony’s famous parties, feeling slightly out of place while standing amidst a group of people avidly telling their own stories (let’s be’s mainly tony talking)
and for just a quick second you let out a small comment that earns a couple grins and chuckles from the people around you
the conversation moves on, but you can’t help but feel loki’s intense gaze on you
and he doesn’t look away for a good ten seconds
or maybe you’ll just be eating dinner and loki will carefully watch you with soft eyes from across the table
he analyzes everything about you...
the way you raise a quizzical eyebrow, the way you avert your gaze away from him when his flirty comments make you nervous
the way you flip the pages of your book gently
the way your body just naturally leans into his touch
he notices everything.
loki most definitely is not a PDA person in my opinion . like at all
but the one thing he ALWAYS does. like ALWAYS, is have one hand placed gently on the small of your back
as a way to always somehow be touching you, and letting you know he’s there
(and ofc letting everyone else know)
but when alone, i honestly do think that touch is one of loki’s main love languages
he’s always touching your mf NECK
you don’t know why, and neither does he
but he’ll just come behind you and gently brush any hair to the side, and run his chilly fingers down your neck
or he’ll place a gentle kiss on your neck’s sweet spot after anything (after a heated make out session, after saying good morning, after dinner, ANYTHING)
he’s a neck guy ok i’ve decided
i also feel like loki is the type to act all macho and tough but he’ll be like
“actually, my dove, i guess you could paint my nails. i guess we could match. only green, though”
he puts his powers to good use if ya know what i mean
seriously though, he worships you. WORSHIPS YOU. not only your body, but your mind, heart, and soul as well
anything intimate he goes into with pure passion because he believes it intertwines your souls together even more
ALSO i literally believe that loki, in the late hours of the night, while you two are sleepy in each other’s arms under the dim moonlight, will braid your hair gently
he’s quite good with his fingers
in more ways than one
after kissing you, loki likes poking you gently with his nose, then completely leaning into you, and pulling you into a tight embrace
i don’t see him as a huge cuddler while sleeping, but he ALWAYS is either holding your hand or having his arm/hand on you SOMEWHERE at least
always touching u!
now i know this is kind of depressing, but there would definitely be fights occasionally between you and loki
sometimes loki cant watch his tongue, and you end up storming out of the room in tears
or even if it’s something about him going out on missions and doing reckless shit and you’re TIRED OF IT
and he gets too defensive and you both end up stressed out and w raised voices, so you just storm out
but he never. EVER goes to sleep mad at you. he did it once and woke up feeling terrible and vowed to never let you two go to bed angry
by the end of the night, he’s kissed you wherever you’ve got tears falling, and whispers “im sorry, my dove” “forgive me, please”
you guys kiss a lot
like a lot
loki loves going on walks with you. it’s just something you’ve both normalized in your day to day routine together
you like to call loki “shakespeare” bc mf can be so dramatic sometimes and recite goddamn poems to you out of nowhere
but you honestly love it
LMAO sometimes i feel like during a make out session loki will just softly bite your ear for no reason
the first time u were like??? but you’re into it
you and loki out in public literally look exactly like that one picture of natalia dyer and charlie heaton
ya know...the one of them walking hand in hand on the streets, resting bitch faces, dressed all in black, big ass sunglasses, sharing earbuds
you guys truly are that couple
i feel like “mirrors” by justin timberlake just fits the relationship vibe. do u know what i mean?
BATHS TOGETHER. ALL THE MF TIME. he just loves skin on skin
loki loves you so much
like loki iS SO reserved around people (other than you) but if someone asks about you he will literally spill his heart out, talking about how you are truly an angel sent from heaven for him
he only has eyes for you. forever and always
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blu-joons · 10 days ago
When You Reunite At The End Of The Game ~ Squid Game Reaction
As soon as he walked into the house and saw you sat on the sofa, without the television on, Gihun raced across to you. He didn’t say much, instead he just wrapped his arms tightly around your frame, muttering several apologies into your ear over and over again that he’d ever gotten himself into so much trouble in the first place.
“I’m going to put things right,” was the first thing he told you once he eventually let you go, taking your hand and leading you back across to the sofa once again.
It was going to take some time for Gihun to gain your trust back after how many lies that he had spun to try and protect you about his money problems, but he hoped more than anything else that at least repaying back all of the money that he owed would be a good step to move past it, making the game well worth it for you both in the end.
“It’s the start of a new chapter for us Y/N, I promise.”
Tumblr media
The moment that Sangwoo finished speaking, you couldn’t help but slap your hand in frustration against his chest at how stupid he had been. Despite trying his best to assure you that he had done the right thing, you couldn’t believe how willing he had been to put himself in so much danger, when all he had to do was ask for help.
“I was doing it for us, to get us out of this hole,” he protested as you continued to shake your head, unable to believe the risks that Sangwoo had taken for your family.
He had too much pride, you knew that, but even you couldn’t believe quite how prideful he was to risk his life. He understood your frustrations and your concern for him, but Sangwoo was adamant that you never needed to worry, he wasn’t going to let anyone get in his way when it meant being able to come home and back to you again.
“I’m home now, that’s all that you need to worry about.”
Tumblr media
There was nothing more that she felt than relief when she walked down to the park to find you and Cheol playing together. It took some time for her to find the words to tell you what had happened and where she had been, preserving some of the truth in front of her brother, not wanting for him to hear about it all.
“I won, we can go and get everyone from home,” was all Saebyeok said as she passed you just a handful of the notes that she had left the game with in her pocket.
She couldn’t quite explain to you what had gone on, and you could tell that it was going to take some time for Saebyeok to talk to you about it too. But you were just relieved to have her back too, having been sick with worry as to what was going on with her, knowing some of the situations that she had managed to get herself into before.
“This is the start of the end of all of our troubles.”
Tumblr media
When you challenged Deoksu where he’d been when he came home, he was a very tough wall to breakdown. You could tell that something had happened, even if he wanted to act strong around you and assure you that there wasn’t anything for you to worry about, assuring you that he had it all under his control.
“You don’t need to worry about what happened to me,” Deoksu warned you as you tried to tidy up some of the cuts and bruises that you spotted on his face.
Each time you tried to touch him, Deoksu flinched away, not wanting to admit what he had been involved in. You were always aware that Deoksu enjoyed playing games and getting himself into a bit of a mess, but even this game felt like it was going to be too extreme to describe to you, or for you to even try and get your head around either.
“Just let me do my thing and trust me Y/N.”
Tumblr media
You couldn’t believe it when Ali came home, with a large rucksack on his back and a proud smile on his face. It was the first time you had seen him happy in months, and as he showed you the contents of the bag too, you couldn’t believe that at last all of your problems seemed to be solved, all because of one incredible game.
“I did this for us,” was all that he could say as he handed several notes across to you, watching as your eyes lit up with every note that was passed to you.
The only thing that he could think about was solving all of your problems so that he could give his family a second chance. Once everything was resolved Ali knew that the two of you could move on, and with plenty of cash left over, he could make up for all of the times that you’d missed out on with a new life that you could never expect to live.
“This is my thanks for always sticking by me Y/N.”
Tumblr media
Her smile immediately reappeared on her face as soon as she saw you sat at home, glad more than anything else that she wasn’t returning home from the game without anyone waiting for her. As soon as she saw you, she held onto you tight, making sure that you were really there and that she wasn’t only dreaming.
“I thought I’d come home to nothing,” she immediately confided in you as you gave her a tight hug, thankful that you had Jiyeon in front of you in one piece.
She was glad that she went through it, glad that she had got out and had the money in her back pocket, and most of all glad that she could get out of her debts and give the two of you the chance to live comfortably. Although she closed off from telling you about much of it, you were just glad to have her back at home where she belonged.
“You’ve got all the time in the world to tell me about it.”
Tumblr media
The two of you barely had time to talk once Junho got home, the only thing he was worried about was making sure that as many people knew about the game as possible, starting with you. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to get word out without your assistance, showing you all the evidence that he had collected.
“Inho was behind it all, anything could have happened,” Junho told you as he began to charge his phone, knowing the mention of his name would be enough to worry you.
Straight away you sat down with Junho and listened as he told you about all of the things that he had found, unable to quite believe what went on in there. He was his brother, but he couldn’t stand back and let things go unnoticed, knowing that he had to take it all to work and tell them about what he had found to put a stop to it all.
“Inho will kill me, but people are dying, I can’t ignore that.”
Tumblr media
You could hear the relief in Inho’s sigh as he returned home, finally taking his mask off and throwing it down on the table. His heart settled once he saw you, reminding him that he was home again, and that another game had managed to be completed without too much trouble to go with it, and one very happy person on their way home.
“It feels nice to just be Inho again,” he spoke as he sat down beside you, reaching across to take a tight hold of your hand and give himself a moment to relax.
Whilst you weren’t always supportive of everything that Inho did, and certainly didn’t want to know all of the details of what went down either, it was still always a relief for you to see Inho come home at the end of a game and know that he had managed to get through another game without endangering himself in it all.
“There was a lot of pressure, but we got it done.”
Tumblr media
The Salesman:
With one final drop of the cards, you knew that he had enough players to fill the game, with his job done for another year. Now, all he needed to do was relax and watch the games unfold, relieved to be able to enjoy it in your company, whilst making sure that he kept you protected from quite how dangerous it all was too.
“My game is done, now let’s see how the rest of it goes,” he grinned, placing his briefcase down beside him too, finally relaxing knowing he had handed out all his cards.
You stretched across as he made himself comfortable, loosening the knot of his tie, unfastening the top button of his shirt too. It was the first time in weeks that you got to see a smile on his face, being able to throw all of his research away and spend the night with you rather than locating the next target to involve in the game.
“Let’s see how the game unfolds, sit back, and relax.”
Tumblr media
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mrpenguinpants · 8 months ago
Xiao: Fainting HCS
Tumblr media
Hey anon! So sorry it took me forever to finish writing this but good luck if you’re planning on pulling Xiao. I really wanted to finish writing this fic as an offering to the gacha gods that c1 xiao wants to bless me (even tho that’s not gonna happen). But good luck to everyone rolling today^^.
Disclaimer: I have not watch anything about Xiao because my hype can only take so much. This was written before 1.3. So if I get anything wrong or I’m missing something. That’s why.
Can I just say how far Xiao has come in my writing since the first part of the semi series? Sniff, feel like we’re making character development for a character that’s not even out yet. I can’t wait for mihoyo to take my HCS and rip them apart.
Xiao Semi Series
[ Friendship ] [ Falling in Love ] [ Cuddles ] [ Protective ] [ Affection ] [ Jealously ] [ Opposites Attract ] [ String Of Fate (Soulmate) ]
[taglist]  <- if you want to be added, please read this first.
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Tumblr media
Xiao: Fainting HCS
Instant panic mode engaged. If you’ve ever doubted his adepti power of swiftness you’re about to be mistaken. He’s noticed that you seem a bit out of it but brushed it off as you being tired from your recent journey. If there was anything bothering you, you would tell him. But as he turned around to greet you back, it seems like time is slowing down for him. He sees how your eyes glazed over and become unfocused. The muscles in your body snap and you drop to the ground. He can feel his blood run cold as past memories that have been waiting to jump at him suddenly claw at him but he doesn’t even register them. He’s already running towards you.
He’s already caught you in his arms before you can even meet the wooden floor. His brain is racing as he quickly checks your pulse to make sure you didn’t suffer from a heart attack or a curse. He makes a quick search over your body to check for any injuries, he can already feel the red hot iron of anger fill his system at the thought of someone trying to take advantage of you or threaten you. He’s usually logical in these types of situations, even the death of Rex Lapis didn’t shock him this much, but he’s been battling his conflicting feelings ever since he met you. But now that he’s finally accepted you and himself, he wouldn’t know what to do if anything happened to you. His mind flashes to Guizhong before he shakes away the thought.
It doesn’t occur to him that you might be sick as he tries to shake you awake. Whatever teachings Guizhong and Morax have taught him fly out the window as he holds you so close to his chest, he’s pretty sure his grip on you is bruising. He knew mortal souls weren’t as strong as adepti and staying around one might cause sickness or even worse- death. Was this his fault? He can feel the drop in his stomach as he tries to reign in his emotions and powers, not here.
Verr almost screams when Xiao breaks the wooden ceilings and lands in front of her. She’s scared that there was a monster outbreak or something was wrong with Xiao before she notices your passed out form in his arms. As much as she likes to joke around and thinks your relationship with Xiao is cute, she knows that if anything came to seriously harm you she wouldn’t able to calm Xiao before he goes on a rampage. You mean so much to him and he hasn’t opened his heart to anyone except you.
She can tell he’s nearly past his breaking point as he looks at her with dilated eyes as he asks, no commands, her to help you. It’s such whiplash to her. Xiao’s always been polite and reserved that she almost forgets he used to be a demon slaying Yaksha, but this isn’t the time for her to worry about that. She quickly leads him to the backroom since there’s no way Xiao wouldn’t bite any hand that comes near you. Bless Verr’s heart since this isn’t the first time she’s had to handle Xiao’s outbreaks that she manages to save face and contact a doctor that was staying at the inn to look at you. She does feel a bit bad for the doctor who looks like he’s about to piss himself in fear as Xiao growls and watches the doctors every move with piercing yellow eyes.
Xiao is still wary when the doctor and Verr try to calm him down and examine you more closely, always flinching back whenever their hands get too close to you, letting out a dangerous hiss whenever there’s the slightest twitch of discomfort in your face when the doctor feels your heated forehead. As soon as the doctor concludes that you’ve been sick for the past few days and your body just needs to heal itself and recharge, the tension on Xiao’s shoulder loosens and the suffocating aura that’s been filling the room slowly filters out. Verr can’t help but sigh in relief but can’t bring herself to scold Xiao for breaking the inns roof as she watches him look over your form with worried eyes as he softly nudges your cheek. He’s still holding you but his grip has loosen slightly as he rests his forehead against yours. He breathes a sigh of relief as he rubs small circles in your hand. Xiao’s never been the most affectionate or shown to be the most caring but you’ve seriously scared him. She quietly leaves him be and closes the door as she begins to prepare to fix the damages.
Xiao never leaves your side as he waits for you to wake up. He can’t help but berate himself for not confronting you. The doctor said you would be fine but he can’t but imagine your body falling in a more violent scene. He quickly shakes those thoughts away as he paces around the room, sits besides you, then goes back to pacing. Usually he would go on a walk or beat his aggression out but he doesn’t want to leave you alone should you awake early.
Xiao doesn’t ramble about his day while you’re asleep, instead he just observes your features and the small movements you make to remind him that you’re okay. How your chest moves up and down as you breath or how your eyes sometimes scrunch in sleep. You’ve made him almost trip when you did it the first time since he thought you were waking up. He can’t help but think back to his fellow Yaksha’s and what they would say if they saw the way he was acting now.
Since his panic attack has mostly subsided he’s found himself growing more curious. He’s still worried about you but he’s managed to reason with himself that you’re okay, just sick which he’s going to scold you a bit for when you awake, so he softly brushes his fingers across your face. Before snatching his hand away in embarrassment. What the hell is he doing? Guizhong would slap him sideways if she saw him now. He huffs at himself as he deflates a little and rests his head on the bed beside your head. He’s patient. He will wait when your ready to wake up.
When you suddenly gain consciousness, it feels as if the entire world is weighing you down. You slowly blink open your eyes to see a worried Xiao hovering over you, his hands awkwardly in the air since he’s not sure if it’s okay to touch you.
“How are you feeling?” Xiao asks as his eyes dart all over the place before resting on your face. You’re still a bit out of it but you can tell he must have been really worried. You try to give him a small smile but with how scuffy you feel you can bet it’s not a pretty picture.
“Like I got slammed with one of Zhongli’s meteors,” you tried to laughed before coughing as Xiao quickly pressed a cup of water to your lips. Slowly letting you drink and calm down. 
“If you have time to make jokes then you’re alright” Xiao sighs before his features change slightly. His eyes glaze over in concern as a small frown appears. He really does look like a kicked kitten as he slumps over as the stress finally lifts as he feels your hand softly run through his hair.
“Sorry,” you say, he must have been so stressed out while you were passed out for him to look so exhausted. He simply nudges into your hand before turning his face to kiss your palm,
“There’s no need for apologies. I’m...just glad you’re okay,” Xiao mumbles before he’s back to pressing his head into your stomach. You can’t help but smile delicately as you reach over and bring Xiao up with you until he’s lying over you as you hug him gently. There’s a bit of shuffling before you’re able to spoon him as he let’s himself relax after the two day panic attack he just went through.
When you’ve fully recovered Xiao seems to hover around you a bit more. Well not a bit, a lot more, but no one has the heart to tell him that. It’s actually kind of adorable seeing the aloof and reserved adepti seem to follow you around like a loss duckling. Making sure you’re okay and you’re not overworking yourself. He still keeps his tough demeanor but you seriously gave him a big scare.
When Zhongli and Childe come over for their weekly visits of tea, they were aware that Xiao had locked himself in a room to watch over you and anyone that even stepped near the door would be skewered with a spear - and Verr would make them pay for the damages (Zhongli) and whatever consequences Xiao saw fit (Childe) - but they are happy to see you’re okay. You all fall back into your usual rhythm of conversation or Childe trying to get a rise out of Xiao while you and Zhongli talk about how lovely the weather’s been.
Zhongli let’s you in on some details that Xiao or Verr never mentioned while Childe and Xiao are fighting about who knows what. How Xiao wouldn’t leave your side or that he resembled a kicked kitten as he nudged your hand when he thought no one was looking. He offers you some medicine herbs to help with exhaustion and to take care of yourself. Likewise, to give Xiao some pain medication on his behalf. You’re one of the few good things in Xiao’s life and he doesn’t want anything bad happening to you.
Hmm. I didn’t mean to but I totally believe in the dad zhongli train and I think Zhongli basically just gave you his blessing? Maybe I’m thinking too hard on this haha.
Maybe this is better? Trying to figure out writing styles are hard. Either way, I’m never gonna end up kicking my paragraph HCS habit haha. If you couldn’t tell, I really like feral protective but lowkey vulnerable types (coughrazorcough). Xiao is so OOC at this point I don’t even know how to fix it. Please come home Xiao. 
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sinfulcries · a month ago
Idk if you're taking requests, but I would love to see top male reader X manjiro sano write by you. Like, everyone is afraid of manjiro but he actually loves to be degraded and breed, maybe some watersports??. I really love your writing!! ❤
Tumblr media
authors note. I HAD TO WRITE FOR DRAKEN TOO DNJBF,,,, consider it a bonus TT. also im gonna pee myself i had a strawberry guy moment while writing this. stream intermission la maw
tw. breeding kink, size kink, manhandling, watersports, degradation, pet play
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mikey’s the tough and strong leader of touman but behind closed doors, he’s an absolute whore
Despite how tough he might seem, he loves to be degraded and berated like a whore
God, he could get off to the sound of your deep voice calling him such nasty names while you pound and breed him from behind
It’s one of his major turn-ons, seeing how effortlessly you could get him to submit.
He especially loves it when you call him a filthy mutt, have him bark for you and act like a dumb little puppy while he’s sucking you off.
If Mikey's especially too fucked out to think coherently, he starts pissing himself in overstimulation.
Since he’s so much smaller than you, the little boy loves your size difference
Seeing you tower over him, making his belly bulge, fucking him like a fleshlight,
He just loves being overpowered by you in bed
And although he wouldn’t be able to walk for days, the cum painting his insides white was always worth it
“F-Fuck! Y/n please- i'm’ gonna cum..! Can’t hold it in anymore!” Mikey sobbed pathetically, trying to squirm away exhaustedly only to be held back in place, your grip on his arms tightening as you slammed into him once more. The shrill cry that the blonde let out was beautiful, and you were determined to make your puppy cum again, your pace going impossibly faster as you tore another orgasm out of the poor man’s body.
“Mmm puppy, Yer still clenching around me like a slut. I know you can take more.” You taunted, large hands moving downwards to grip at his bruised waist, lifting him up with ease before you started fucking into him like a fleshlight. The high pitched squeal that left the leader’s throat made your cock twitch inside of him, bucking into him desperately.
Mikey could feel his mind going numb; And barely on the verge of consciousness, the smaller male cried out as he started to piss all over himself, the warm liquid spurting out of his cock messily staining your sheets whilst he whimpered in embarrassment.
“Such a messy little mutt... I’m not finished with you, Manjiro.”
Tumblr media
It’s no surprise that Ken also loves being degraded and treated like a useless cocksleeve
Baby’s such an eager boy to please you, he wants to do all the work, make you feel good since you’re his master.
Whenever you’re mean to him, especially while you’re breeding him, he loves it.
The words go straight to his cock, and he’ll only be able to whimper and whine while rutting against the sheets in humiliation.
Draken doesn’t squirt as often as mikey does however,
He fucking loves it when you force him down on his knees and start using his throat as your urinal
He’ll swallow every drop like the good boy he is.
Draken’s also so used to being the tallest that when you tower over him during sex, he’s absolutely hooked on the feeling of being overpowered by someone stronger.
MANHANDLE HIM!! Show him just how small he is compared to you and he’ll be shooting blanks
Ken’s just so eager to get bred! And what kind of boyfriend would you be if you didn’t fill him up and gave him what he so desperately wants?
“Baby open up.” You cooed, your heavy cock in your hand as you swiped the thick head across Draken’s bottom lip, letting him lap eagerly at the tip before letting him part his lips wide open obediently. You could certainly get used to Toman’s second strongest on his knees, opening his mouth like a good little boy so willingly for you.
“Good boy. I promise I’ll breed your cunt after, doll. Let me use you first yeah?”
The blonde instantly nodded at your words, and you couldn’t help but notice the way his cock twitched at the mention of you breeding him. A smirk made it’s way onto your lips as you held your cock in place, using your free hand to hold onto his hair before you started pissing down his throat.
Draken moaned at the feeling of your piss filling his mouth, his cheeks flaring up in embarrassment and arousal as you emptied the last of your fluids inside of him, grinning once you saw the pathetic expression on his pretty face.
“You look good like this doll, Now swallow.” You commanded, and so he did, swallowing every last drop before opening his mouth to show that it was indeed empty. “Bend over for me now, I promised to breed you didn’t I?”
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c-deftone · 18 days ago
Seong Gi-hun (456) x reader headcanons
Tumblr media
Author's Note: Forget about those, please. There's nothing serious. I just got way too invested in this tv show and Seong Gi-hun and got carried away.
- His hugs are the best if you can get one. There is no in-between, his embraces are either incredibly rare or quite often, between the games. When the pressure is too much, he either appears reserved and closed off or he'll simply come to you for hugs with no other explanations. He'll get embarrassed like a teenager if someone points out that physical gesture between the two of you.
- It is already known that he is cautious with everyone, reasonable or dangerous. Expect to be approached by him during the first few rounds when he thinks that having a team is an efficient idea. Once he learns that you're a sensible and kind person deep down, he'll promptly invite you to his team for your safety.
- Honestly has no idea of what he's doing strategy-wise during the games so he'll be willing to listen if you'll come up with ideas (we've seen this happen before with Sang-woo).
- He sure acts like an extrovert but there is so much overthinking behind all of that. Also, there is a slight indecisiveness in his morals. That kind of gets you closer to him faster though!
- There was this one time you tried to warn him about Sang-woo but his illusion of that friendship only made Gi-hun doubt you. You'll even try to warn him before the honeycomb game and make him choose an easier shape but you'll only discover how stubborn and devoted he is to the ones he cares about.
- If he starts falling for you, expect to find him glancing at you a lot. You'll have to snap him out of it (which is very cute). After a tough round, your recovery will certainly come from seeing him relieved that you survived. This thing goes the other way around as well. He can't remember when was the last time someone was so enthusiastic to see him, besides his daughter.
- He's not going to open up so fast despite his warm and sympathetic way of being but stress slowly cracks him. He will ask himself if telling you more about him is a good idea before doing it hesitantly.
- Close to the last rounds when he starts overthinking hard, Gi-hun will even start thinking about how your presence in his life before the game would have changed everything in good.
- He is pretty motivated to stay alive and be a good father for his daughter. These motivations for the future seem to include you as well lately. He wants you to be happier, he wants you to stay alive as well. Gi-hun will fantasize about both of you getting out of that hell, even if he knows it's egotistical.
- After the glass bridge game, you offer to clean his cuts. Even if Gi-hun is extremely tense and only looks at Sang-woo, one of his hands will grip your free hand tightly. You can feel all of his anger and deception. Please calm him down and take care of him.
- He openly wishes you good luck before each game even if you get closer to each other romantically or not.
- During one lunch, out of instinct, you moved one of his curly strands of hair out of the way and he froze. Ali asked him something and Gi-hun started stuttering nonsense. (just wait until you see his smile and you’ll be the stuttering mess)
- Because of the exhaustion, he might get cozy in your bed by accident when the light shuts down one night. Don't wake him up though. He's a warm guy naturally, you'll be having the best sleep ever during this stressful period, ironically. Gi-hun will pull you closer in his sleep by instinct. His face will be unforgettable in the morning when he understands what happened.
- Oh and after the honeycomb game, you could not make straight eye contact with him. That technique and position were the things that slowed you down a little when you noticed. Let's be honest.
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dreamwvrld · 7 months ago
protective techno headcannons? *fuck boy face*
. ˚₊ 🪀 ꒱ i GOT you anon— amen protective techno!
Tumblr media
‧₊◜ # ‘protective c!techno’ hc’s !
━━━ . ˚₊ ꒱ by DREAMWVRLD
okay so first of all: you’re techno’s first partner.
like... piglin boy has never really had interest in love so when you come along, he wants to get everything right first try.
(even though he’ll never admit that out loud).
he tries to be his usual chill self, monotone and not really caring about those around him.
but one day you guys are out in the greater dream smp and he loses track of you for a minute to see you with... quackity...?
he does not like this.
rephrase: he HATES it.
he’s got some newfound type of anger that he’s never felt before, kind of stomping over and towering behind you like a bodyguard.
you ignore your boyfriend’s sudden arrival and continue your convo with quackity like normal.
but big q has fought techno once— he doesn’t want that again.
beanie boy is literally scurrying down that path, manically laughing like he often does.
techno’s very proud of himself.
he constantly needs praise when he fends off ‘enemies’ from you.
“i’m proud of you.” “you did so well.”
it makes his ears tint pink, blending in with his hair which you like to tease him about.
he still doesn’t understand why he feels this way about you with other people (poor emotionless boy...)
you have to explain to him what jealousy is, which he denies almost immediately.
you cheer him up with cuddling, which he also denies that he likes, despite how his arms have got an iron grip around you whenever you both have a moment of privacy.
he also has you learn how to defend yourself, just in case.
phil helps teach defence 101 with him to both you and ranboo (who’s been told to ‘keep his eyes off you’ very menacingly by your boyfriend).
he likes to carry around at least one weapon at all times he’s with you, like i said, just in case.
he usually brings the axe of peace, claiming it’s ‘peaceful’ when you tell him you hate the idea of weapons.
it’s a very opposites attract in this case LMAO.
he likes to have his hand on your back every time you’re together.
he claims it’s for ‘comfort’ but you know he wants an easy access to your body in case he needs to pull you away from something (or someone).
it’s a BIG no to you participating in any type of war.
like... there’s no point in even arguing on it.
he always assures you he can handle it himself, even if he brings phil and ranboo with him for backup.
he tells you it’s ‘emotional support’.
okay piglin boy.
sometimes you like to head down to the syndicate room when you feel lonely and he’s in a meeting.
lot’s of mafia boss energy from him.
he pulls up a chair for you to sit beside him, usually gives you some paper to draw on.
if in a good mood, he’ll let you play with his fingers to pass the time.
it gives him satisfaction that you feel safer beside him then back at his home.
i also feel like he’d let you wear his robes?
like the red draped around your shoulders signals to everyone around you that you’re with techno, that you’re under his protection.
and OMG if you fall asleep with it on? this man is literally swearing to protect you for eternity.
voices are soft around you, but they do constantly remind him to protect you.
even around small things: like climbing ladders, cutting bread, sometimes even walking (there’s twigs and stones you could fall on, okay?!).
he doesn’t like to bring up how protective he’s become of you, but you LOVE to.
you always tease him for it, telling him he doesn’t need to act so tough.
definitely the kind of person to throw you over his shoulder if you refuse to listen to him and leave whatever dangerous thing you’re doing.
doesn’t like hand holding, but will definitely grab it if he needs to steer you away from trouble or something.
you’re the first person he really lets his guard down to, but he builds it back up around you both instead.
techno = protective piglin.
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radiant-reid · a month ago
Tumblr media
A/n: This is my entry to @boldlyvoid ‘s 2K Writing Challenge (Big congrats !!) with the prompt “Are they fighting again?” “Worse, they’re kissing.” I actually really like writing this, it was pretty much my first time writing with a prompt
Pairing: Spencer Reid x BAU!Reader
Genre: Angst w fluff ending
WC: 2.3k
CW: Swearing | typical CM violence | kissing 
"Damn it, Reid, could you reign in your stupid, god complex for 10 seconds!" Y/n yelled as she shut the door to the interrogation room.
The pressure was getting to everyone. They were 39 hours into the 48 they had to formally charge their suspect. It had been a week of restless nights, and now, their profile had led them to a man they believed to have murdered 9 women.
The unfortunate thing was the profile also concluded he would be extremely organized. Each crime scene was pristine, with no DNA evidence. All the victims appeared to leave the bar on their own accord, meaning they couldn't charge him off of that.
So, they were in between a rock and a hard place. Left with no other choice but to try and get a confession out of him.
It was a seemingly impossible task, breaking an organized narcissist who thought he'd gotten away with murder.
And Spencer Reid wasn't making it any easier for Y/n. They didn't have the same close relationship Y/n or Spencer had with the other team members. It wasn't hatred, but they weren't friendly.
Usually, they were able to keep it civil for everyone else's sake. Snarky comments, Spencer fact-checking anything wrong that came out of Y/n's mouth, and Y/n's sarcastic remarks that flew over Spencer's head.
The rest of the team was actually surprised they didn't see it. For two intelligent people, they should have seen they'd make a powerful couple.
Maybe that was why Hotch sent them to interrogate the unsub together.
He quickly realized that was a bad idea when they had only been in there 10 minutes, and Reid was already undermining Y/n. Not in accordance with the tough persona that Hotch had told her to keep.
The team had agreed the best strategy was to send in a dominant female and submissive male team to aggravate the unsub into telling them something.
"Both of you, out here now." Hotch sternly told them. They could tell by his eerily calm tone that he was furious.
Guiltily, Y/n and Spencer followed him. He marched all the way across the small town precinct to the room they had all the case information in.
Hotch nodded at the seats around the round table, gesturing for Spencer and Y/n to take a seat. "We have 8 and a half hours to get a confession out of that man, who we believe murdered 9 women. The two of you can't be acting like children!" He exclaimed angrily. Getting told off by the unit chief was worse than getting told off by a school principal. Y/n wasn't afraid of many people, but Hotch was at the top of the list. "We are a team, and there is no room for the two of you to have childish arguments. We've all put up with the bickering for long enough, but now there's a chance it will ruin this case."
Y/n wanted to tell him it was Spencer's fault. The interrogation was going well until he ruined the power she had established over the unsub. But she didn't. She just glared at Spencer, hoping he'd spontaneously combust.
"It's imperative that we all do our jobs properly." Hotch drilled into them. "Normally, I would take the two of you off the case. But we have a limited amount of time to get a confession." He sounded as if he were weighing his options, getting ready to dish out punishment.
If Y/n and Spencer didn't know he was a whole different man at home, they would have felt terrible for Jack.
"So, you are both going to stay in here together and get a headstart on our paperwork and hope the rest of the team can get a confession because if we're not able to, you'll be facing more disciplinary action." Hotch sternly informed them before swiftly leaving.
Y/n let out a sigh she didn't know she was holding in when Hotch closed the door.
"Do you really hate me so much you want to get me fired?" Y/n asked Spencer, still glaring at him.
Spencer surprisingly shook his head. "No." He simply replied.
Y/n could feel the anger coursing through her veins. "So what the fuck is your issue with me then?" She flippantly demanded.
"I don't have an issue with you." Spencer quietly replied, walking across the room to pick up some files to get started on.
Y/n let out an intentional loud sigh, going to find some files of her own to start. She couldn't concentrate when she felt Spencer's eyes on her from across the table.
"What, Reid?" She asked as she looked up at him.
She couldn't read how he was feeling, but it wasn't angry.
"I'm sorry," Spencer stated, his eyes softening.
Y/n almost couldn't believe it. Somehow he'd said the only thing she didn't expect him to say. Something, now that she was thinking about it, she hadn't ever heard him say.
She wasn't sure what to say. "Uh, thanks, I'm sorry too." Maybe one of those things was right to say. She tried to let it go, nestling back into her paperwork. "Can I just ask why?"
Spencer lifted his head up again, meeting her eyes. "Why what?"
Y/n rolled her eyes at him. "Don't make me insult your intelligence by pointing out the obvious, Reid." She answered half-jokingly.
"Why I weakened your position in there?" Spencer rhetorically asked. "I don't know. I knew what the plan was." He told her as if he were trying to figure it out in his own head. "I just felt like he wanted to hurt you, and I don't know... I guess, uh, I kind of felt..." He paused for a second, a blush heating his cheeks. "Possessive." He let the word slip quietly out of his mouth.
Y/n's eyes widened, her mouth gaping open as she realized what was going on. "You, Spencer Reid, have a crush on me." She declared, slowly but determinedly.
Spencer rolled his eyes, groaning as he leaned his head back, blushing bright red. "Do not." He insisted.
Y/n couldn't drop it in. She got up and walked over to Spencer, sitting on the desk next to his paperwork. "Yeah, you do, Reid." She bent forwards to take his face in her hands. "Look at the blush on your cheeks." She remarked, feeling proud of herself.
Spencer tried to wiggle his face out of her grasp. "Can you just drop it?" He quietly requested.
Y/n adamantly shook her head. "Absolutely not, pretty boy. You know, you're like the little boy in the playground who pulls the pigtails of the girl he likes." She continued a self-satisfying smirk on her face. She felt like she had won the lottery. Not many people got to defeat Spencer Reid.
He stood up, clearly wanting to feel superior to her by having a height advantage. Y/n did the same thing, not that it made her taller than him by any means.
"Drop it, Y/l/n." Spencer firmly stated with false confidence
Y/n was quick to call his bluff, not missing a beat. "Make me, Reid."
They were so close she could almost taste him. His cologne completely overwhelming her senses. It was all Spencer, a mix of old books, mahogany, expresso, and butterscotch.
The minute her eyes were locked on his, he knew he was ruined. There was no way, with those dangerously flirtatious eyes looking up into his, that he would be the same.
So, he made her drop it. Two hands anchored on her face, leaning in with so much force it pushed her head back. As soon as Y/n felt his lips on hers, she kissed him back, hands going up to hold his arms. And she kissed him with everything she had, all the passion from those stupid arguments.
Spencer pulled back eventually, smirking down at her. "I made you." He proudly boasted, moving his hands down to her waist.
"Make me again." Y/n requested quietly, wrapping her arms around his neck.
Spencer didn't have a problem with that statement, quickly placing his lips back on hers.
Both of them were so caught up in it that they didn't notice Morgan opening the door to look for them, peering in enough to catch them kissing before shutting the door, ending up back in the hallway.
"Wow." He let out, completely shocked by what he'd seen. It was definitely not what he expected when Hotch told him to go and find a file.
Emily, in the hallway, let out a groan. “Are they fighting again?” She asked Morgan with a frown on her face.
“Worse, they’re kissing,” Morgan replied, still stunned. He was even surprised he was able to form sentences.
"They're what?" Emily immediately asked, her attention far more drawn to the door.
"Kissing," Morgan answered, opening the door widely so Emily could inspect. He knew the only way she would ever believe it was if she saw it for herself. There was no way he would have believed it.
She had no problem walking in and clearing her throat, making her presence known. Y/n and Spencer pulled away from each other, looking guiltier than they had earlier. Morgan followed her in, a smirk on his face.
"We leave you two alone for 15 minutes, and this is what happens?" Emily jokingly asked. Spencer just shrugged while Y/n's face heated up. Both of them felt like they were being interrogated.
Morgan couldn't stop sniggering. "You've got game, Reid. I got to hand it to you." He playfully shot Spencer, his eyes shifting between them.
"You're lucky it wasn't Hotch that came in here," Emily remarked, laughing at the mental image.
Spencer shrugged again. "Doesn't matter if you tell him. He won't believe you." Somehow, kissing a girl he liked had made him 100% more confident.
"Oh, he'll know." Emily disagreed with a giggle. Spencer's frown prompted her to continue. She gestured to Y/n. "Her lipstick is all over your lips."
Y/n nervously stared at the wall behind Emily and Morgan, trying to make them disappear. Spencer rolled his eyes at him, wiping the back of his hands over his lips. It still didn't reduce his slightly swollen lips.
"Oh." Spencer let out in realization. "Oh. That makes sense. It's actually genius, not as genius as me but genius nonetheless." He continued.
Everyone looked at him with frowns, no one understanding what Spencer was rambling about.
"The unsub." Spencer attempted to explain. Still, no one got it. "Y/n, what do you keep in your handbag?" He asked, turning to look at her.
Y/n looked at him with a weird look, but he didn't further explain. "Uh, my wallet, phone, keys, hair ties, mints." She started listing. "A pen, maybe a snack, lipstick."
"Lipstick!" Spencer declared, cutting her off and turning to look at Emily. "What about you?" He asked.
Emily caught on to what he was asking. "Yeah, probably lipstick as well, but what does that have to do with anything?" She asked in reply.
"Okay, stick with me. What did all the victim's bodies have with them?" Spencer asked, almost jumping up and down with how excited he was for unintentionally figuring it out. 
"Their handbags, go on, Reid." Morgan prompted, understanding he might have cracked the case.
Spencer nodded quickly. "Exactly, they all had their handbags, and I saw the contents." He continued. "Not a single one had lipstick."
Emily frowned at him again. "How do you know they didn't just not have lipstick?" She questioned.
"You both told me," Spencer mentioned, looking between the girls. "If you wear lipstick, then you keep one in your bag. More than half of them had lipstick residue on, but they didn't have it with them." He explained.
Y/n nodded as she caught on to what he was saying. "So, the unsub took them." She figured.
Spencer nodded back at her. "Exactly, it was his trophy! No one would suspect it because they would just look like his wife's." He continued to explain his theory. 
“We could easily put him away on that.” Morgan figured. “Let’s go tell Hotch, then we’ll search the wife’s things.” He established, turning back around to walk out the door. 
“Wait,” Y/n announced. “We’ll be there in a second.” She decided quietly, avoiding looking into her colleagues' eyes. 
Morgan shook his head, chuckling as he walked out of the room. Emily was quick to follow him, leaving the pair alone. 
Y/n didn’t waste a second tugging on Spencer’s tie and pressing her lips to his, roughly kissing him. Spencer indulged her in the kiss, despite the smirk on his face. 
He cupped her face as he pulled back. “That’s an odd thing to want to make out over.” He teased, unable to stop smirking at her. It was the first time he felt he had the upper hand. 
Y/n groaned at him, blushing as she rolled her eyes. “Shut up.” She requested. Spencer chuckled at her, and she glared at him. 
“Tell me if I’m wrong, but you’re attracted to my intellect.” Spencer correctly tried to profile. 
Despite his smirking, Y/n felt the need to continue boosting his ego. “And everything else about you.” Spencer’s face changed to a genuine smile, and she knew it was time to make him squirm. “Now, let’s go out there and put this guy away for murder so we can do more than kiss.” 
Spencer’s eyes widened, slowly grinning at her. “Who knew you could talk about a murderer so seductively?” He flirted back. 
Y/n rolled her eyes at him, pushing him towards the door. “Let’s go.” She instructed, purposefully not warning him that her lipstick was all over his lips. Hotch was going to find out anyway, so now that Spencer had cracked the case, she figured it was a good time. 
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athletixkat · 7 months ago
2021 Fan Fiction Reads
I have a previous post about Harry Potter fan fiction I’ve read back in 2020, and I have read a multitude of other stories that deserve recognition because they are so good. If you are looking for amazing Dramione plots, angst, smut, fluff, or one-shots this is the list for you. Here is my list of stories I have read so far this year:
The Fallout by everythursday
Okay lets talk about this story real quick. This is the second story I read in the Dramione fandom, and to be honest it was a lot. I didn’t understand the hype about it, and I thought the story wasn’t all that. I recently read it again, and let me tell you, the story IS ALL THAT. This war fic now lives in a special place in my heart because it has everything. The character development of both Draco and Hermione is astounding. The action, the plot, the smut (THE SMUT) is so so good. I think if you have read it and didn’t particularly like it, I think you should have another go and really understand the story and who the characters are. 10/10 story in my opinion. 
Measure Of A Man by @inadaze22
I don’t usually read WIP, but this story is mind blowing. A story about a very bad ass Hermione and a very closed off Draco, and the best part (in my opinion) is little Scorpius. Make sure you have a box of tissues while reading this one because not only is it heartbreaking in some parts, but you will really feel for all the characters. The relationship between Hermione and Scorp just warms my heart, but breaks it at the same time. The writing of this story is some of the best I have read, and it captures you in the life of Hermione in every chapter. Updated bi-weekly, and it reminds me of waiting for TV show episode. I get so excited when a new update comes around. 
Sweetly Broken by @ladykenz347 
I read this fic in one sitting because I could not put it down. A first person point of view through Draco and his struggles after the war, dealing with loss, drug addiction, and PTSD. I cried reading this, not even going to lie. The way the writing is structured made me feel like I was Draco experiencing his trauma. Hermione and Draco in this are very cute and have past trauma that they are both dealing with, and eventually Draco is the man that Hermione deserves to be with. The relationship that Draco has with the Weasley’s is my favorite thing in this story. This story is pure angst, so if you’re feeling up to reading that sort of thing this story is perfect. 
Wait and Hope by @mightbewriting 
A fan favorite in the Dramione fandom, and well deserved. I had a tough time reading this one because the plot is devastating. I actually stopped reading it in the middle of it, but I had a dream about the story and how it was going to end, so I knew I had to finish it, and thank God I did. Hermione loses her memory while she is married to Draco, and Draco tries everything to have her fall in love with him. But he is Draco Malfoy, so of course she falls in love with him all over again (any sane woman would). The writing is beautifully done through Hermione’s perspective, and the characters in this are beautiful, as well. Definitely a story to read. 
Beginning and End by @mightbewriting 
The prequel to Wait and Hope, and a beautiful one at that. We get to see how Hermione and Draco fall in love before their marriage, and it is so real it hurts. The perfect amount of angst, fluff, and smut (and a little time alteration never hurt). We get to see insight on how messed up Draco’s family is, and how Draco is one loyal man to his woman. This story just makes Wait and Hope even worse to read because we get to see how much they love each other and how far they are both willing to go. I love both of these stories because it is a realistic kind of love that they both deserve. 
A Thing With(out) Feathers by @senlinyu 
I swear Senlinyu makes the best Hermione ever. This Hermione is so smart, yet so stupid, and Draco is just a mess. This story is very cute, very funny, and has a very happy ending for both of them. Hermione has wings! But how? Draco is a Veela, duh, and Hermione is his soulmate, but it takes a minute for her to actually figure that part out. I’m a sucker for Creature fics, and this one takes the cake for best short story Veela Draco. 
The Gloriana Set by @thebemoon 
8th year fic, with a little bit of everything. Runes, sexual tension, vampires, fairies, and P.O.R.N and S.M.U.T.. The banter and snark of both Draco and Hermione is so funny and very entertaining. Another story I could not put down. Draco’s Slytherin side really shows in this story, and I love it. The side characters in this story are gold and really put everything together. Also, the Squeaky Mice are my everything. 
Notes of Melancholy by DarkoftheMoon
This is a story of healing, with my favorite aspect: music. Hermione has a mysterious neighbor that plays beautiful melodies on the piano, and all she wants to do is thank them for helping her heal from the war. Low and behold Draco is the mysterious musician neighbor, and they get together through music, apologies, and healing. It is truly a great story, and one of my favorites. 
Don’t Look Back by @onyx-and-elm 
This story is currently on hiatus because some of y’all don’t know how to act, but it’s okay because this story is still so good. 6th year Dramione with Draco as a werewolf, and Hermione as his other half trying to make it easier. Draco is of course, a stubborn bastard, but Hermione is a bad ass who helps him, hurts him, and heals him. I couldn’t stop reading because the angst hurts so good, and protective/confusing Draco is my favorite.
Traditions by @raven-m-3
this is the first story I read in 2021, and it was a perfect start to the year. After the war, Hermione and Draco visit Hermione’s parents without their knowledge of magic, and the visit is a sweet affair. This story includes flashbacks from the war, and how Draco and Hermione fell in love through it all. Hermione’s parents are the cutest and very supportive of their relationship even with the memory loss. The dialogue is very sweet, especially with Hermione’s dad and Draco. Also the smut. *fans self*
The Best of Me by @mrsren 
If you are looking for a fic with Hermione, Draco, and Scorpius, this story is perfect. Hermione is no where to be found after the war, and everyone believes she is dead, except for Draco. He does find her, but her memory is gone, and he also finds a little boy with light blonde hair with a name of a constellation. Draco sticks around, and he and Hermione fall in love all over again. A great fic with a great family relationship. I’m a sucker for Scorpius in every fic, and his and Draco’s relationship is precious in this. A memory loss fic, with a little bit of mystery, and a happy family in the end.  
The Binding by @curlykay 
I love a good soulmate story. This story takes place from the beginning of Hogwarts to the end, and the Dramione is absolutely fabulous. A story full of fluff, love, angst, and a happy Draco (finally). The love Draco and Hermione have for each other is unstoppable, and I love that Draco’s family is supportive of their relationship, even if it takes while. A great story to read if you are looking for something light-hearted and fluffy (and smutty). 
The Dragons Bride by @andgladly 
A story that I could not put down for the life of me. Draco has a hard life (boohoo) and Hermione is trying, oh and they’re married by tattoos. They love each other, but of course neither wants to admit it, but the tattoos give it away. This story has action, angst, and great developing relationship between Hermione and Draco.
Every Part of Me by @potionchemist 
If you are looking for an Omegaverse fic, this is it. This story has a sweet Draco and Hermione that are protective and love each other with every part of their being. Their relationship starts off in 6th year and extends after the war with their Alpha-Omega bond. Fluffy, smutty, and a lot of Ron bashing (because he really is an asshole). A great story to read if you’re looking for a great Omegaverse trope.
Apple Pies and Other Amends by @thudsonwrites 
Baking equals forgiveness because Hermione is that good of a baker. A very cute story with Draco and Hermione full of friendship, romance, and of course desserts. Loved reading this one because it shows how affected each person is after war, and Draco and Hermione’s relationship is the cutest.
Lose Control by mayghaen17 
This story is a BDSM centric story, and the best one I’ve read. Keeping that in mind, it also has romance and a sex club that Draco and Hermione need after the war. I loved reading this one because it shows the struggle of both Hermione and Draco, and how they handle their trauma through sex. The smut is insane, but the story also expands upon that. They know they both want and need each other, but the evil little devil of miscommunication gets in the way. A great story to read it you want PWP. 
Sex and Occlumency by @graendoll 
First and foremost, look at the tags. Another BDSM story with Hermione struggling how to cope with the loss from the war. I really enjoyed reading this story, but it might be sensitive to other readers, so again, look at the tags. Draco and Hermione’s relationship grow with sex and of course occlumency. Draco is a dick but also a sweetheart, and Hermione is trying not relieve what she survived through the war with Draco’s help. A cute ending with a great smut. 
A Year in Australia by @bourbonrain 
When I finished this fic, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. A dark look on how Hermione tries to restore her parents memories after the war. Draco finds Hermione in Australia trying everything she can to restore their memories, and Draco ends up falling in love with her. There are very cute moments, and moments where you think the best is yet to come, but alas, it does not come. I am a huge Hermione stan, and in this fic she is BAMF, but you can’t help feel for Draco throughout the story. I have a love/hate relationship with this story, and the ending is bittersweet, and you learn that forgiveness is sometimes hard to come by. 
The Cell by WrathOfMacy
Draco and Hermione are both imprisoned after Hermione’s torture from Bellatrix. While in the cell, they learn from each other, confide in one another, and depend on each other for survival. A story with a secrets, virtue, and love coming from both characters and how they show it. We, along with Draco, learn that he will take care of Hermione through sickness and in health, which is why I love this story. This story has a different ending than the canon series of the war, but Draco and Hermione’s love reigns all. 
Blackmailed by MistressLynn
What will Hermione do when Draco steals the very secrets on how to end war from her? Everything, of course, she’s Hermione damn Granger. 7th year Dramione where Hermione does not go Horcrux hunting with Harry and Ron. This fic reminds me of a sexier, less plot induced Isolation. The smut is amazing, Hermione and Draco learn a lot about each other, and Hermione learns she is not the only one who can change the tides of the war. 
They All Taste the Same by MistressLynn
Vampire! fic, and this one is so fun. I’ve never read a vampire fic, but the story of this one is so interesting, and both Draco and Hermione take the bad ass level to level 100. Hermione gets captured during the war and is taken to vampire Draco, but they already have history together, so what will happen? The good thing about this fic is that if you don’t like the first ending, there’s another one! There are two endings for this story, and both are complex and satisfying (one more than the other). This story was a fun one to read. 
Fairy Stone by @colubrina 
A lovely story with a lovely Dramione. After the war, Draco gets sent to Azkaban, and Hermione helps him keep his sanity in tact both during and after. I love the way colubrina writes her stories because they are so sweet and so detailed, and she perfectly captures how Draco and Hermione would act. A great short story with a cute plot and a great relationship. 
Okay now for the one-shots that I couldn’t get out my head...
Les Pelerins by @pacific-rimbaud 
The writing in this story is beautiful and I have read it again and again. What better place to ask for forgiveness, reconnect, and love each other than in Paris? Stunning dialogue, beautiful scenes, and a perfect ending. Loved this one. 
Room Serviced by pir8fancier 
This story is set during war, and Hermione and Draco both get away from the war to fool around with each other, but they realize it becomes more than that. This is another story which I could not stop thinking about. It left me wanting more and wondering what was going to happen with their relationship. A perfect bittersweet ending to this story. 
Snow Fall by @senlinyu 
What’s a better a Christmas than being snowed in with the love of your life? This was a super cute and sweet story between Hermione and Draco, and you can tell they understand each other better than anyone else. I really enjoyed reading it.
Essence of Dittany by @dirty-mudblood 
I love a good scar fic. Draco and Hermione bond over their scars, and it’s really cute and sweet and smutty, and one that I just love reading. 
Draco Malfoy Runs a Marathon by @purplesugarquills 
I liked this fic because it reminds me of my mom... just not as angsty and less trauma and no blonde hair. Draco decides to run and run and run, and he gets invested in something along with Hermione’s help. Draco gets immersed in muggle culture, and watching him trying to figure it out is hilarious. Also, runner Draco is very attractive to me.
The Art of Seating Etiquette by @inadaze22 
Inadaze22 does it again with the fabulous writing. Sexual tension galore with these two I mean oh my God. Trivia night with Hermione and Draco is just what I needed. I loved this one... just read it. 
The Routine by TwilightToMidnight
Hermione’s schedule is very important to her. It is also very important that she must not miss her dick appointment with Draco Malfoy. Seriously just smut, but lovely BDSM smut at that. 
Well Said, Hermione by @mightbewriting 
I never knew I needed Shakespeare quotes to come out of Draco Malfoy’s mouth, but let’s say I am very glad I read this. Hermione doesn’t think it’s half bad either (no seriously, she is me in this story). 
The Bestiary by @senlinyu 
A bunch of creature one-shots which include Hermione with cat ears (adorable), Draco as a demon (hot as fuck), and Hermione biting Draco’s butt with her Vampire teeth. 
And that’s it! I have to thank all these writers for creating these stories and working so hard to give us Dramione galore. Your work does not go unappreciated or unnoticed, so thank you! 
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itsapeterthing · 6 months ago
Three’s a Crowd || Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x fem!reader
summary: when you come down to visit your boyfriend, bucky barnes, at the wilson residence and see his interaction with sam’s nephews firsthand- you can’t help but entertain the idea of having a family of your own with the super soldier.
a/n: here’s some short and sweet fluff prior to the season finale! reblogs and/or replies are super appreciated!!
word count: 2k
warnings: mentions of starting a family? it’s pure fluff
masterlist || request || taglist
“Hey sleepyhead.” You hummed, running your fingers through your boyfriend’s hair.
At the sound of your voice and the gentle touch of your fingers slipping through his hair and brushing against his skin ever so slightly, Bucky opened his eyes to bet met with your figure sitting at his side, staring down at him. 
No matter how many times he woke up to see you first thing in the morning with the sunlight highlighting your features, he would swear he was in heaven- utterly consumed with the feeling of pure bliss.
“Hi, doll.” He smiled, his voice still raspy.
At the feeling of his hands moving to lay on either side of your waist you smiled. “Hi.”
“What are you doing here?” He asked, realizing that you had come all the way down to the Wilson’s home when the last place Bucky had left you before going on his mission with Sam was at your shared apartment in New York.
“I missed you.” You shrugged. 
“I told you I was coming home today, Y/n.”
“I know, Buck.” You said, now laying your palm against his cheek. “But I heard about everything that happened and I couldn’t wait another day to see you.”
Looking up at you and leaning into your palm that was cupping his cheek, Bucky couldn’t believe how he ever got so lucky as to have you.
Breaking him out of his moment spent admiring you, he heard the sound of Sam’s nephews running into the room, and turned his head only to see them playing with the famous vibranium shield in their hands.
“Hey!” He exclaimed.
Immediately upon being caught by the super soldier, the boys dropped the shield onto the ground, scurrying out of the room, no doubt scared about getting caught with their uncle’s prized possession.
“Look at you babysitting.” You laughed, playfully swatting at your boyfriend’s chest.
Bucky caught your hand midair and scoffed. “I’m not babysitting... it’s just... dangerous... you know?”
“Sure,” You smiled. “Whatever you say, tough guy.”
Grasping the dog tags that were lying on his chest, you gently tugged on the chain and brought his face inches away from yours. Seeing his sleepy, smiling face- you brought your lips to meet his for a soft kiss before pulling away.
“One more?” He asked, quirking his eyebrows.
“Go brush your teeth first.” You laughed, watching as he threw you a fake pout. “Then I’ll see what I can do.”
Although the two of you spent the remainder of the day apart- Bucky training with Sam and you helping Sarah with things she needed done around the property- you came together again on the docks that evening while the Sun began to set over the horizon.
Carrying a crate in your hands that you had assured Sarah wasn’t too heavy for you, you made your way near the boat again, laying your eyes on your super soldier boyfriend for the first time since that morning.
You swear your heart could’ve burst right in your chest, taking in the sight in front of you.
Bucky was stood at the end of the dock, one hand on his knee while he chatted with Sam and his sister beside him. His other arm- his vibranium one- was stretched out and you couldn’t help the smile that crept onto your face as you witnessed Sam’s nephews and other children you hadn’t seen before hanging off of it, laughing to one another in awe about how “cool” his arm was. 
With the golden hue of the sunset setting over your boyfriend’s features, you wished you had a camera on you so you could never forget the moment. You could’ve sworn you would’ve stood there for eternity staring if it weren’t for Bucky catching your eye, waving back at you smiling.
Although you couldn’t hear him, you watched as he said something to the kids, gently shaking them off of his arm, before striding over to you.
“Here, let me take that.” He offered, taking the crate from your arms and setting it down on the dock.
Watching as he did so, your mind was still utterly consumed with the image you had just seen in front of you.
“So kids really seem to like you, huh?” You asked.
“What?” He asked, before remembering what he had just been up to. “Oh that?” Bucky asked gesturing back towards where the kids were playing at the end of the dock. “No... they just like the arm, you know?”
As much as you loved your boyfriend, you knew that he was completely naive when it came to the positive effects he had on people.
“Buck...” You cooed, reaching for his hands and pulling his body closer to yours. “When are you going to realize that people like you for you? They think you’re cool! Sure, the metal arm helps, but just admit it babe- kids like you.”
Resting his hands on your waist, you watched as a teasing smirk formed on his face.
“Why are you so obsessed with how kids act around me today?”
As soon as he asked, you began to feel flustered by him not only noticing, but calling you out on it. You hadn't realized you were being so obvious, but you could barely help yourself. Seeing your boyfriend, Bucky Barnes, surrounded by kids? You couldn’t help but think of him surrounded by children of your own. All you could think about all day when not engaged in an active conversation with those around you was entertaining the idea of starting a family with your favorite 106 year-old man.
“I’m not!” You exclaimed, playfully swatting at his chest. “Why are you so obsessed with me being obsessed about you with kids? Hmm? Wanna answer that old man?”
Watching as you laughed while teasing him, Bucky couldn’t help but get lost in the moment.
“Buck-” You began.
“You know you look so beautiful right now?” He cut you off.
You bit your bottom lip to try to hide the large smile that was creeping over your face at his compliment. No matter how long the two of you had been together, or how many times he complimented you, he always knew how to make you feel the same butterflies you did the first time you met him.
“Especially with the sunset? You look beautiful all the time, doll, but... wow.” He said.
“Bucky, stop flattering me.” You insisted, running your hands up his chest before wrapping your arms around the back of his neck.
“I mean it, Y/n.” He said. “You’re the best looking thing on this damn planet.”
Utterly consumed in the moment, you couldn’t help but smile.
“Me?” You asked. “Have you ever seen yourself? I swear I want our kids to look just like you.”
As soon as the sentence slipped out of your mouth, you regretted it. It came out so naturally you hadn’t even had time to think about it before you essentially just confessed to your boyfriend that you wanted to have children with him.
Although you and him had no doubt in your minds that you would spend the rest of your lives together, you understood that now might not have been the best time to bring up such a big life change with both of you only being thrown back into existence half a year ago and him being consumed in his work not only in saving the world, but in saving himself.
Embarrassed, you tried to weasel your way out of his grasp, but he only gripped his hands tighter on your waist pulling you towards him.
“What did you say?” He asked.
“I’m so sorry! Forget I said anything-” You pleaded.
“No, Y/n, stop. Stop apologizing.” He said. “Were you... were you talking about kids all day because you were thinking about... were you thinking about me being a dad?”
As you looked into his eyes, you could see how serious he was and you knew you couldn’t lie to him.
The two of you stood staring at each other in silence for a few moments and just as you were beginning to grow afraid that you might have ruined everything, you watched as your boyfriend began to chuckle, a light smile playing on his lips.
“What?” You asked. “What is it?”
“Thank God.”
Quirking your eyebrows you pressed again. “What do you mean?”
“What do I mean?” He asked playfully, pulling on your waist to tug you closer towards him. “Do you think I haven’t been thinking the same thing all day?”
“Y/n.” He said seriously, the smile leaving his face. “You’ve been taking care of Sam’s nephews all day. Do you think the thought hasn’t crossed my mind? I know... I know I’ve been through a lot... we’ve been through a lot... but I want this with you.”
You could feel your heart swell in your chest, listening to your boyfriend’s words.
“What are you saying, Buck?” You asked.
“You’re going to make me say it, aren’t you?” He asked, smiling once again. “Okay. Today when I couldn’t tie the kid’s shoelaces because of my hand and you stepped in and did it for me I thought about how good of a mom you would be. You’d be such a good mom, Y/n. I’m a piece of work- I know that- but God you would be so good at it and if I have... you know... mini me’s running around I wouldn’t want anyone else because I know that they would be the most loved and cared for kids in the damn world having you as their mom.”
You once again couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face as you listened to your boyfriend’s praise. It wasn’t uncommon for bucky to worship the ground you walked on, but for him to give such a compliment regarding a future family of your own, you couldn’t help but feel as though you had been personally escorted to paradise.
Unable to find the words to describe the joy and excitement you were feeling, you spoke the only words you could find it in yourself to say to him.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.” He said.
“I want it all with you too, Buck.” You said, moving your hand to cup his cheeks, “And for the record- you would be a great dad. I know you put on the tough guy look for everyone else, but as the luckiest woman on the planet- I’ve seen the love you have in your heart. You would spoil those kids rotten with love.”
You watched as the very rare instance of blush coated Bucky’s cheeks. Still smiling- so much so it almost began to hurt- you pulled your boyfriend’s face towards yours, allowing your lips to meet his. Just as you were about to deepen the kiss however, you heard a loud whistle, sounding from behind Bucky.
Peeking behind Bucky, you saw Sam standing a few feet away, sleeves rolled up and hands on his hips.
“Hey!” Sam teased. “There’s kids here!”
“Thanks for ruining the moment, Sam.” Your boyfriend grumbled beside you, and you couldn’t help but chuckle.
You watched as Sam, laughing, took a swig of the beer in his hand, the sun setting behind him.
“I’m just messing with you, man.” He said. “Are you two staying tonight?”
The two of you glanced at one another, wordlessly communicating while smiling- both knowing what the other was thinking.
“I think...” You began. “I think we’re gonna start a family.”
When the words slipped out of your mouth, you and Bucky couldn't help but gaze at each other in awe of the situation. You were really going to do this. You were going to start a family with one another. You could hardly believe it, but you also couldn’t be happier than you were in that moment.
In front of the two of you, however, still stood Sam who spit out his beer at the sound of your words.
“Not on my sister’s couch you’re not!”
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nightwanders · 6 months ago
AHH! i read all your stories in a night, A NIGHT, you’re my favourite writer AHHH!!! idea!! what if levi was friends with y/n’s father, a captain himself but died on a mission where he made levi promise he’d protect y/n since she would be joining the scouts soon. years and years of protecting and watching her from the sidelines he realises he isnt just protecting her for her father’s sake, but because he loves her.. aaaaand a little smut on the end because we’re all thirsty for levi THANKS ! xx
Tumblr media
Part Two
Pairing: Levi x Reader
Themes: 18+, Smut, Fluff, Angst
Word Count: 6.5k
Warnings: nsfw, Mentions of Death
“Are you sure you want to do this, Y/N?” Your mother’s soft voice came from behind you as she opened the door to your bedroom. It was hard to hear the sadness in her tone, especially since she had been so strong for you since losing your Father. Today was the day you started your training to join the Corps, something that you had always dreamed off and since your Father’s passing had obsessed over it, wanting to honour him; to avenge. You were just a child, of course, blinded from fear by your own desires, jumping head first into a world you hardly understood. Anyone who met you would describe you as a ray of sunshine, a cheery and excitable teenager, hence why it hurt your Mother so much to let you go. Turning to her and shooting her a hopeful smile, cocking your head to the side as you throw the small bag of your belongings you’ve packed up and over your shoulder, “Of course I am, this is all I’ve ever wanted!” She steps towards you and you fall into her arms, “All I want is for you to be safe,” she whispers and you hide your face as tears brim your eyes, leaving your Mother alone still hurt you despite your excitement to join. “I will be, I promise,” You whisper and she nods, aware that it isn’t your promise to make but swallowing the dread she feels, looking down at you and shooting a smile. A knock at the door interrupts the two of you and your Mother breaks away, kissing your forehead as she starts towards it, “Captain Levi will be escorting you today, he’s going to watch out for you.” Curious, you raise an eyebrow at her and pout, “I don’t need someone to watch out for me.” Captain Levi, you remembered the stories your Father would tell you of the small, brave men who held the title as humanity’s strongest. Countless times had he told the tale of the unruly thug taken from the underground, the thug who grew to be his best friend, his idol somewhat. All the stories he had told you about the man, his exquisite fighting skills, dull but witty attitude and most of all, the sheer courage and endurability the man held despite his hardships. Your Mother opens the door and the dark haired man steps in, arms crossed as he nods and greets her before turning to you, trying his hardest to give you his warmest smile, which just makes him look quite amusing and you stifle a giggle. After everyone your Father had said to you about him, his demeanour didn’t strike you as intimidating, he made you laugh and you liked him already.“Captain, my name is Y/N L/N.” You yell, crumpling your left hand into a fist over your heart and placing the other hand behind your back. He squints a little, shaking his head, “I already know who you are, I swore to protect you.” Levi’s takes a step closer, expression blank as his fake smile drops, “Wrong hand, Brat. Your Father would turn in his grave.” He states sarcastically, pointing towards your chest as you blush profusely, swapping your hands shakily. Your Mother visibly flinched at the bluntness of the man, she rarely spoke about her husband these days, nevermind in such a manner. It doesn’t bother you much, if anything it’s relieving to hear someone talk about him, what’s more concerning is that you had just messed this up before it began. “Sorry, Captain!” Levi pats your head, a slight smirk tainting the corners of his lips as his action contradicts his prior harshness, tough love. “You can call me Levi, but don’t tell the other Cadet’s, okay?”
It’s been six years since you had joined the Corps, maturing into a courageous and kind young woman, a skilled fighter and also Levi’s right hand. The first couple of years had consisted of Levi training you, teaching you the agility and skilfulness that you would need to protect yourself, as he promised your Father he would. Eventually though, you mastered it all and exceeded his expectations, working your way into his squad and then becoming his most trusted and talented member, despite himself of course. Levi had fulfilled his promise to your Father, but he was still just as protective and caring towards you, Levi put it down to the oath and nothing more.
“Follow my lead, Y/N. I don’t want you screwing this up,” Levi remarks, the two of you leading the formation into the forest on your horses. He’s looking over at you, a teasing but serious tone to his voice as you shoot him a wide smile, cocking your head to the side, “Oh Levi, it’ll be you following mine.” With that you stand briskly on your horse, agile in your movements. Levi’s expression furrows with concern, jumping to his feet also and giving you a worried look, “Y/N...” He warns, ducking from a nearby tree branch and shaking his head.
“Told you!” You gesture to him standing beside you, giggling as you pull out your blades hastily, glancing them over, admiring the shine and glimmer of them in the broken sunlight. “Follow my lead, Captain.”
He opens his mouth to scold you but you’re whirring towards a nearby tree before he can speak, twirling as you anchor to another and fly into the distance as your horse disperses to the open field behind you all. “Tsk, stupid Brat.” He mutters to himself, turning to his soldiers with a firm nod, gesturing to begin before shooting towards you, effortlessly making his way through the trees. The slight head start you took left Levi far behind and he had begun to lose sight of you, catching glimpses of your wires in the leaves ahead until they too had disappeared. He couldn’t fight the feeling of dread that overcame him, as it always did when he felt you were at risk, which was all the fucking time. Levi admired your courage, determination and skill, he really did, but that didn’t mean it didn’t rile him when you’d show off like this. He turns with a grunt, facing the rest of scouts that are with him as a few Titans close in around them. With untold speed, Levi is whirring towards them, ducking and dodging the branches as he strikes a blow on the largest Titan as he passes. All the while he was cursing you, turning over his shoulder to see if you had come back into view and clicking his tongue in dismay every single time.
In the distance there was a thud, loud and bellowing through the trees, and another one, and another. Levi’s eyes were wide, perching on a nearby branch as he looks in the direction of the noises, you was not alone. He was the Captain, he couldn’t leave his soldiers to protect you, not when you had flew off on your own accord, so recklessly. His mind was elsewhere whilst he slain the remaining Titan’s, unleashing his anger in his blows as he usually did, grunting and growling as he felt his blades slice the napes. Levi knew you could look after yourself, of course you could, he had trained you; but that didn’t mean he didn’t worry, every single moment he was away from you.
The last of the Titan’s fell and everyone dropped to the ground, standing in front of the Captain and putting away their blades, catching their breaths as Levi’s continues to become more and more erratic. He was furious, turning from the group to behind him every few seconds as they start to load their horses. “Levi, she’ll be fine,” Hange is beside him, placing a hand on his shoulder tenderly and nodding towards the smaller man, “She always is.” Levi acknowledges her words but doesn’t respond, turning away and cupping his hands around his mouth, shouting so loud that even the Scouts jumped a little. “Y/N, if you don’t get back here soon I’m going to fucking kill you!” There’s silence for a few moments, everyone has turned to stare into forest, peering into the thick greenery. They spare glances towards the Captain, seething and frozen in place, searching with those icy orbs. The silence is broken when you shoot into view, the entire group sighing with relief as you flip and land on your feet infront of Levi. He stares at you for a minute, speechless as you beam at him, saluting dramatically, “Captain!”
Levi turns on his feet, not uttering a word as he starts towards his horse and the rest of the scouts disperse to theirs, making their way back.
“You know Levi, you’re lucky to have me,” You begin, pulling yourself up onto your horse and moving beside his as you set off. He still hasn’t uttered a word to you, his gaze set infront of him and his expression painfully blank. “You should have seen the amount of Titans up ahead, I took them out before they could get to you of course. Oh Levi, there was this one especially big ugly one and it was so fast, I-“ Your words are cut off as you watch him turn his horse abruptly, not even shooting you a glance as he makes his way towards the back of the group, away from you. “Levi?” You call, confused and worried to why he was acting this way towards you, had something happened whilst you were away? Everyone seemed fine, there was no major injuries or casualties that you had noticed, so what was it?
Later that evening you had decided enough was enough, he had ignored you the whole way back, in the mess hall and just before you had retired to his chambers when you had called him. After sitting on your bed, pondering the situation for an hour or so you jumped up, throwing your shoes on and making your way to his quarters. As a result of his attitude towards you today, you find it best fit to knock rather than entering without permission, something you usually forgot about.
“Name and business? Make it quick, it’s late.” His low tone rings out from behind the door and you inhale slowly, biting your lip as you feel your heart quicken and reach for the handle. “It’s me, Y/N.”
“I don’t want to speak to you.” His reply is quick, spat back out with such nonchalance that it hurts. Regardless, you know him too well to not feel threatened by him and you turn the handle, stepping inside as he jumps to his feet from behind his desk, kicking the chair up from beneath him. “I said, I don’t want to speak with you.” It’s more of a growl than a yell, shaking his head in utter disbelief as you close the door behind you.
“That’s a shame Levi, because I want to speak with you.” You take a few steps forward, taking a deep breath as you look up at him, his eyes are burning and his jaw is tense. “I don’t know why you’re acting like this, but I think I deserve-“
“You’re selfish!” Levi spits, cheeks reddening slightly as he looms over you, not necessarily with his stature, but the ferocity of his words and tone is enough to leave you cowering. “Insolent, annoying, stupid, I could go on and on, Brat!” You’re speechless, squeezing your eyes shut as the raven haired man scolds you, speaking to you as he never has before, so coke and ferocious, distant to the Captain you’d spent so many years with. “You can’t just disappear. I’m the Captain, you do exactly as I say, when I say, how I say and you don’t fucking take the mission into your own hands. Are you a complete idiot, Y/N? You could’ve died!” He’s rambling, words spilling over each other as he seethes.
“Enough Levi! I don’t need you to protect me, not now,” Your words are shaky, opening your eyes to look up at him, he’s trembling and his hair has fallen into his face, messed by his frustrated fingers running through it repeatedly. “I know you think you need to because of what you promised my Father, but I don’t need you anymore.”
It feels as if someone has punched Levi in the gut, setting his back against the wooden desk and sighing deeply. He knew that the pain he felt from hearing you say you don’t need him didn’t stem just from the oath to your Father, it was personal, you and him. Levi needed you to need him, he had become accustomed to it and loved the way you admired him. The uncomfortable nausea repulses him, grimacing as he shakes his head, looking away and ignoring your comment, “I have soldiers who depend of me, Y/N. I cannot protect them, while I’m worrying about you.”
“Then stop worrying about me!” You yell, taking a step closer to him as you throw your hands in the air, rolling your eyes in frustration.
“I can’t, that’s the fucking problem Brat!” His voice cracks slightly on the last word, keeping his face fixed on the window as he tries to steady his breathing, jaw tensing as you notice his glossy eyes glimmer in the moonlight. Levi was right, not only were you endangering your own life, you was endangering everyone else’s too. “I’m sorry,” You mumble, rubbing at your eye as you feel tears building, swallowing them back with a harsh breath. His dark eyes shift to yours and soften when he sees your expression, his resolve melting as he steps forward and takes you in his arms, letting you sob into his chest as he rubs your hair, “I know.” Levi couldn’t help it, despite his anger prior, the way you looked right now broke his cold heart and shattered his stubborn nature, setting his chin on your head gently.
“Levi,” your voice is quiet, breathy as he nods softly, rubbing the small of your back softly. Levi wasn’t an affectionate man, usually being too overcome by his own awkwardness to show a tenderness to anyone, but he wanted to comfort you, to hold you close and feel you pressed up again his chest. “Hmm?” He replies softly, bringing his hands to move a piece of hair that’s sticking to your face amidst the tears. “I lied, I do need you.” Your voice breaks a little, choking back another sob as you wipe the remaining tears from your face. Levi all but chuckles, hiding his relief with arrogance as he shakes his head, his voice remaining soft in your ear, “I know, stupid.”
The way he’s holding you, stroking your hair, and mostly the way his gentle, low tone coos in your ear, quickly registers in your head and the tears halt, breath too as the Captain embraces you so intimately. You’re thinking of the way things have changed between the two of you, the man had held such a huge part in your life for so long now, but the nature of your own feelings had changed. As he held you, his breath fanning over your ear, nuzzling his face into your hair and sighing, you felt a deep, craving longing for him, your admiration turning to pure and undeniable love. “Do you need me?” It’s quiet, a thought spoken out loud but Levi hears it, his body tensing against you and his hand stilling. A stupid question with an obvious answer, yet he couldn’t find it in himself to admit something so raw, something that made him so vulnerable. “Y/N, things haven’t quite gone to plan.”
Pulling away from him slightly and taking a deep in take of breath, holding back the tears once again, you nod, accepting the rejection from the only man you had ever loved. One tear dropped from your eye, then another, and another. Levi was quick to notice, clicking his tongue and rolling his eyes at you, “I’ve not finished, Brat.” He takes a deep breath, pulling your head back to this chest as he whispers in your ear, his slender fingers drawing circles on your arm, “The plan I’m referring to is the promise I made to your Father.”
“Levi,” You state calmly, your voice steadying finally as the tears dry on your cheeks, bringing an arm to snake around his waist, finally returning the embrace. “You’ve kept your promise, stop that.”
“No,” His reply is quick, shaking his head as his tone gets a little louder, grasping the material of your shirt a little tighter and closing his eyes, “I wasn’t supposed to feel like this, Y/N. I wasn’t supposed to need you.” Your silence is deafening, eating away at his nerves as he finally opens his eyes, slightly glossy as he continues, “I promised your Father, my friend, to protect you for him, to be there when he wasn’t, to guide you when he couldn’t. I didn’t ever imagine, or anticipate that I would,” He gulps, “Fall for you.” Your breath hitches, room spinning slightly as the words fall from his mouth so shakily. Relief flooded you as he admitted to his feelings finally, a blush painting your cheeks pink as your hands on his shirt tighten. You hear him inhale sharply, groaning as he pulls his nose from your hair, “Shit, if he was here now he would-“
You bring a finger to Levi’s mouth, pulling away from him slightly so you can look up into his eyes after so long of having your face buried in his shirt. The man you see looks torn, icy orbs laced with longing and guilt as his jaw tenses, staring down at you as his eyes dart to your finger on his lips, shivering at your touch. “But he isn’t.” Your voice is soft but your tone is assertive, serious and it stirs the longing in Levi’s chest even more. “Levi, you’re all I have. All I’ve had for so long, I mean you practically raised me-“
“Is that supposed to make me feel any better?” He groans, pulling away from you entirely and running his hands over his face in anguish, “That’s my fucking point, Y/N.” Again, you close in on him, placing your hand on his chest and looking up at him with a smile, failing to hold back a giggle as he peeks at you through his fingers angrily. “My point is, we’ve known each other for so long now, and things have changed, we’ve changed,” You pause, pulling his hand away from his face and setting in on your waist softly, watching his expression anxiously as his eyes flash from your eyes to his arm on your curves. The soft smile is wiped from your features as the two of you stare each other longingly, “I’ve changed.”
His eyes darken momentarily, his features tensing and orbs roaming over you infront of him, halting as they make back up to your lips, gazing as if he was enchanted, hypnotised by your very being. “Wrong,” He mutters, feeling himself sucked in by you as his face lowers closer to yours, eyes still set on your plump, soft lips. “This is wrong,” It seems as if he’s trying to persuade himself, eyes glazed with want as his grip on your waist tightens, knuckles turning white as his resolve crumbles beneath him.
“Is it?” You ask timidly, snaking your hand up and around the back of his neck into his hair, tugging softly as your nose touches his, both of your breaths on each others lips as the sounds of your heavy breaths fill the room. “Does this feel wrong?” You whisper, lips brushing against his as he shivers, a quiet groan erupting from his throat as he finally averts his gaze from your lips, looking at you with so much want that your knees begin to buckle beneath you. He’s so close to you, every inch of him is pressed up against your body and you can feel how fast his heart is beating against your chest, mirroring yours. “No,” He mumbles, tracing his tongue over his lower lip as his eyes flutter shut, sighing in both defeat and relief, “No it feels so fucking right.”
Levi’s lips are on yours, eagerly prying your mouth open with his and sucking on your lower lip softly. Your tongue snakes over his, earning a hiss from the man as he pushes you to the wall cautiously, arm gripping you tightly as he slowly walks you backwards, deepening the kiss as his other hand comes to cup your face to his. Once your back is up against the cool, hard wall, Levi pulled you closer and wrapped his arms around your body with more assurance, knowing he wasn’t going to regret or make you regret this. He was kissing you hungrily, nibbling on your lips and tasting your tongue with each peck, before darting his tongue to your throat to latch on, sucking and licking softly. “You’re driving me crazy,” Levi somewhat moans into your neck, smoothing his hand over the curves of your waist as his tongue draws circles over when he’s nibbled at the skin. Another hand comes to pinch at your breast and you whine quietly, earning a grin from him into your neck, “Fuck, you sound so good.”
Any sign of his prior defiance to the two of yours relationship had disappeared entirely, pulling away from your neck to watch your expression as he tweaked at your nipple through your shirt, his other hand still grasping at your shirt around the waist. His eyes were laced with lust, mouth half open as his lips shine with both your spit and his, dark hair messy over his forehead, framing those captivating orbs of his. He was certainly a sight to behold, the pure desire emitting from him stirred the yearning ache you felt, the two of you staring at each other, exploring each other’s bodies with your fingers and gazes for the first time. “Y/N,” Levi breathes, leaning in to kiss your lower lip gently, a sincere look in his eyes momentarily while he moves his hands to hold your face to his, looking for your consent before he gives you the best night of your life. “Do you want to spend the night, with me?”
“Please,” you answer comes out embarrassingly fast, replying within a moment as a blush floods your cheek. Levi smiles down at you, a glimmer in his eye as he pecks the tip of your nose, “Good.” He states calmly, picking you up into his arms bridal style and holding you tightly to his chest, setting a kiss on your forehead. He carries you to his bedroom attached to his office, kicking open the door and he croons his neck to peck your lips tenderly, making his way to the bed and setting you down beneath him slowly. Levi stands at the end of the bed, watching your eyes as he unbuttons his shirt, shrugging it off effortlessly as it falls in a pile at his feet. Every inch of him, every indentation, every crevice, every muscle, he was perfect; his abs meeting the v line that framed his lower abdomen and stopped at his trousers, in which were now incredibly tight in a certain area. He was godly, an embodiment of strength and perfection, stood over you watching you with those eyes, those fucking eyes.
Levi’s hands move to the buttons of his trousers, truly giving you a display as he unfastens them and drops them to his feet also, stood in nothing but his briefs in front of you. Your mouth stood agape, fixated on the shape of his thighs, the strip of dark hair connecting his navel to his crotch, the image of his mostly nudge body infront of you but mostly at the huge tent in his underwear.
“Levi,” You can’t help but breathe his name, causing the bulge to twitch and his eyes to roll a little. He was trying to make you feel as comfortable as possible, undressing before you, but he hadn’t expected you to literally moan at the sight of him, it stirred is arousal even more.
You pulled your shirt over your head slowly, shivering a little as your hair falls back around your shoulders. You’re wearing nothing underneath and Levi can’t take his eyes off you, the two of you watching each other undress only a foot apart, it felt so different, so intimate. His brows pulled up in the centre as you began tugging at the waist of your trousers, leaving you in nothing but your panties and he sighed hungrily at the very image of you infront of him. Levi’s eyes fixate on your thighs, bent up over your crotch as a blush hints at your cheeks, a half smile playing on your lips as Levi looks up to your face, shooting you a warm and adoring smile back. Neither of you are quite sure of how long you spend like that, becoming familiar with each other’s forms, falling deeper into one another with every second that passes.
Finally, Levi snaps out of it, closing his eyes and rubbing his face with his hand. “I love you,” You whisper, intoxicated by him and his gaze as you sit up, scooting to the edge of the bed and sitting infront of him. His hands come to cradle your head against his stomach, “I love you.”
Your eyes wander up his body, past his muscular but lean chest, over his sharp jawline and linger slightly on those soft lips. Slowly shifting to his eyes, you trace a finger up his thigh and upto the waistband of his briefs, smiling as his eyes widen and his mouth opens slightly. Levi’s hips buck a little as your arm brushes against is crotch, lids fluttering at the sensation as the hands that were softly cradling your head begin to grasp at your hair. You pull at his underwear and his avert your attention to his cock infront of you, licking your lower lip before closing in on him. Levi watched closely, biting at his lower lip and stifling a groan as you take the base of his cock in your soft hands. Your eyes mirror his, glazed with lust as you licked at the tip, causing him to rut against you a little, throbbing in your hand while your fingers stroke the base lightly. He couldn’t take his eyes off you, burning the image of you so lewd and pretty into his mind to savour. Flicking your tongue along the head, you giggle as your mouth makes it’s way along the side of his shaft, planting wet kisses alongside as you hum softly into him, earning a grunt and hearing his breathing quicken, “Shit.” He could barely contain himself, the urge he felt to buck his hips relentlessly into your throat was heavy on his mind but he held back, savouring the way your mouth felt on him, so timid and soft, it was almost too much. “Y/N,” He grunts, closing his eyes and setting his arm against the bed frame for support, “Please baby.” Desperate to feel your mouth around him, to feel your throat contract around his length.
The way he’s moaning for you sends a wave of heat down your spine and stomach, shooting between your legs as your rub your thighs together. You didn’t anticipate how much a simple pet name could turn you on so much, but hearing your Captain calling - no whining to you ‘baby’ had your heartbeat quickening and goosebumps forming all over your body.
Parting your lips and holding the base of him in your palm, you took his length in your mouth slowly, flattening your tongue against the shaft as his breathing switched to small, breathy moans laced with your name. It was odd, seeing the Captain so needy, so flustered and lewd but you were already addicted to the way he felt, sounded, tasted. Levi felt a heat forming in his core as you began to suck him, hollowing your cheeks and bobbing your head on his dick as your hand pumped at what you couldn’t fit. “So good, so fucking good.” His voice had gone up an octave from his usual tone, rutting his hips into your throat for a few seconds before pulling you off and biting his lip at the string of saliva connecting him to you. “Too fucking good.” He chuckles, shaking his head as he steadies his breathing, trying to ignore the dangerously close orgasm that was tore away as he pulled away from you. “I still need to make you feel good.” Levi smiles a little as he crouches between your legs, one of his arms pushing your chest down so your back is against the covers. The other parts your thighs, his lips pecking up along the inside of your thigh and up near your crotch. He sighs at the wet patch at your panties, looking up at you with a deviant look in his eyes as he pulls your underwear to the side, closing in and rubbing a long, slow lick along your core. You writhe beneath his grasp, your back arching as he watches your every movement, beginning to twirl his tongue around your clit and savouring the taste of you, the feel of your wetness against his tongue. The feeling overwhelms your being and you throw your hand over your mouth to muffle to whimpers that are about to follow, Levi’s hand pinches lightly at your thighs, shaking his head at you as he eats you out, causing you to writhe once more. “I want to hear you,” He commands into your core, voice muffled but assertive as he brings a finger up to enter you, “Shit Y/N, you’re tight.” His mind wanders to what will come after this, the sight and feeling of you taking him, if you hugged his fingers like this, he couldn’t begin to imagine what it would be like with-
“Levi!” A loud, high pitched moan leaves your lips and Levi’s brain melts at the sound of you whining his name like that, the way it falls from your lips causing his dick to twitch between his legs and he pushes another finger into you, groaning at the way you contract around him. His lips continue on your clit, nibbling gently and sucking, planting soft kisses as his fingers pump into you steadily, brushing against your sweet spot. You feel your core tighten, moving your hands to pull at his dark locks and throwing your head back, overcome with the way he’s making you feel and the way he’s practically moaning into you, “Levi, I’m gonna-“ He grins into you, “I know baby, cum for me.”
He shifts his mouth to your entrance as you feel your orgasm hit you, lapping up your juices while his hands massage your thighs.
Levi’s lips run up and along your body, tasting and savouring every inch of you as your orgasm faded and your breathing finally evens out, still hitching at the feel of his mouth. He’s switching his gaze from your eyes to your form, biting his lip as he reaches your breasts, “So pretty,” His voice is low, full of admiration as he swirls his tongue around your bud, nibbling softly and pulling off with a pop. “So pretty for me.”
You arch your back, shivering after your prior orgasm and the way he was making you feel. His hands were gripping at your waist as he slowly lowers himself onto you, dropping soft kisses to your neck and jaw. You feel his length against your core, heavy against you as Levi lips press against your cheek. “Ready?” He asks, propping himself up on an elbow and looking down at you, using his other hand to stroke your cheek tenderly. “Ready.” You nod, leaning up to peck his lips before lying back, grasping the sheets as his he positions himself at your entrance, taking in a shaky but sharp intake of breath as he feels your warmth against his tip. Levi slowly enters you, marvelling at the way your eyebrows pull up in pleasure and you bite at your lip so hard. Your core is hugging him, tight, the feeling possessing his thoughts as he eases into you slowly, feeling more and more of him engulfed in your tightness and halting when he hears you whimper, stifling a groan, “Do you...Want me to?”
“No, please, no,” You whine, pushing your hips up into his and taking more of inside you, making his eyes roll and mouth fall open, “Please Levi, it feels so good.” Your words are torturing him, as if the feeling of you wasn’t enough to push him over the edge, the way cooed his name and begged for him was more than he could handle. He began thrusting into you, slowly and steady, bringing himself down to taste your lips and kiss you tenderly as he fucks into you, the sound of skin on skin and the two of your moans filling the small room. The way his hips moved, his hands caressed and stroked every inch of you, how his lips moved so softly against yours despite the lewd noises emitting from the act; Levi was making love to you, in every sense of the phrase, growing delirious with his carnal need to savour every second of this moment with you. Harsh callous hands groped desperately at every curve of your body, pinching at the skin and rubbing at the softness of your form. “Shit, look at you.” The words fall from his lips laced with so much lust and zeal that it sends you over the edge, clenching your thighs around his as your arch into him, feeling an orgasm coming, hard and fast as his strong hand pushes you down, “No, I want to watch.”
That’s it for you, you’re done for, it hits you so powerfully that you see white, jerking and twisting beneath him as he watches you darkly, his lips parted into an ‘o’ shape as he observes every inch of you unravelling beneath him. You’re twitching and pulsating around his length and something within him snaps as your name falls from your lips filthily, corrupting his resolve to make this special for you.
Before you’re even done, Levi’s hand is around your throat, applying enough pressure that you can breathe comfortably but the warning itself is there. Your eyes flutter open to meet his chilling and sinful gaze, shooting him a small smile in your bliss, he chuckles, “Such a good girl,” he praises darkly, before bottoming out into you completely and grunting in ecstasy as he begins rutting into you, over and over, fierce and wild. The grip on your throat tightens slightly as he moves to sit up, bringing a hand to the small of your back so you arch into him, driving into you from an angle that makes you squirm and cry out in pleasure and pain. Levi was no longer making love to you, he was fucking you, dumb. It was almost too much, he was pounding into you wish such force that you could hardly think, pulling at the sheets beneath you. “So close,” He growls, biting his lip as you look up at the gorgeous man above you. His cheeks were flushed pink, his hair falling into his face and becoming more messy with every thrust, a layer of sweat glistened his chest, shining against the lines of his abs as he continued to buck into you relentlessly. “Baby, fuck, where should I?” His words are choked as signs of his old, sane self rush back due to his impending orgasm and the longing it yearns within him for you, slowing his thrusts and rolling his eyes, biting his lip. As if to reply, you push your hips up into him, grinding his cock against your core and into his thrusts, causing him to fall on top of you with a whine and fuck you just like that, grinding up against you while you rut your hips against him. The two of you are watching each other with so much intensity that neither of you can look away despite the pleasure. With a few more sloppy movements, Levi erupts inside of you, watching you with a face contorted with such pleasure than you wanted the image to remain engraved in your brain forever. “Shit, shit, shit.” He’s almost whimpering as his brows furrow in absolute delight, dropping his face to yours and kissing you fiercely as he finishes.
Levi lies on top of you, holding most of his own weight on his arm as he steadies his breathing, stroking your waist softly, silent for a few minutes before speaking, “Are you okay?” His tone is genuinely concerned, worried as he turns his head to you, shifting himself to lie beside you.
“Of course I am,” You breathe, smiling lazily as your eyes fail to keep themselves open. You nuzzle into the sheets, sighing in utter bliss as sleep begin to envelop your being, “‘was so good,” you mumble quietly and Levi chuckles, “It was, wasn’t it?” He shifts around on the bed and to his dresser, you whine at the loss of contact, much to his content, he loved the way you needed him now, as much as he needed you. The bed falls in beside you again as he nestles there, bringing a cloth and cleaning you up, caressing and caring for you before bringing the covers up over your naked body, kissing the side of your head. You were exhausted, barely awake when you felt him slip into bed beside you, scooting closer and wrapping his arms around you, pulling you against him and resting his head in your hair.
“Are you asleep?” He asks softly, kissing the top of your head and running his finger along the curve of your face. “Yes,” You mumble dumbly, far too sleepy to hold a conversation, almost completely flat out at this point. Levi laughs quietly beside you, nodding as he joins you in closing his eyes, falling into a peaceful sleep for the first time in a while. “I’ll tell you tomorrow then.”
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plutosunshine · 2 months ago
The 7th house and your relationship
Maybe I've seen vintage gifs in someone's post and have copied that habit, I don't remember! If so, I'm sorry I just love vintage films so much!
The 7th house is in Aries
All you need in a relationship is action. You hate stagnation and boredom. You want your connection to be exciting, energetic, interesting, fiery, active, and fast. You don’t like when the relationship is developing slowly. You want all and now. Sometimes you enter the relationship too fast. You like when you can discuss everything straightforwardly and honestly. Maybe you even like to initiate a quarrel to renew feelings.
Tumblr media
The 7th house is in Taurus
You hate too active and fiery relationships. You want them to be calm, slow, sensual, and grounded. You don’t rush and let your relationship develop slowly, step by step. You hate when things get overly emotional or overwhelming. You like to enjoy simple things together – food, napping, cuddling, good wine, etc.
Tumblr media
The 7th house is in Gemini
Yes, communication is the key. You want your relationship to be active, chatty, funny, interesting, unusual, and even restless. You want to talk, talk, talk. No lies, it is the most important part. Also, you constantly want renewal. You are dying when things don’t move. You hate routine and stagnation so you try to renew your relationships and add something interesting and unusual. Also, you like to mutually say compliments to each other.
Tumblr media
The 7th house is in Cancer
You want a relationship that will let you feel at home. You need your partner to accept all your insecurities and vulnerabilities. You want the relationship to be emotional, compassionate, gentle, kind, and understanding. When you enter the relationship, it is not easy for you to let go of it afterwards. You want not to be afraid of being vulnerable and even weak around your person.
Tumblr media
The 7th house is in Leo
You want to be proud of your relationship and you do everything possible to improve it. You need the connection to be compassionate, honest, playful, bright, funny, and active. Sometimes you think that you want others to be jealous of your love life haha. Jokes, relaxation, and honesty – the most important parts of your ideal relationship.
Tumblr media
The 7th house is in Virgo
Of course, you want everything to be perfect. You work hard on relationships. You want them to be full of acts of service, helpful, and caring. Also, you may like going on a diet together or doing sports. Maybe you are a couple-counselor. Everyone asks for advice from your couple. Even if your relationship is going through a tough period, you want to struggle for it.
Tumblr media
The 7th house is in Libra
You want your relationship to be romantic, beautiful, harmonious, and balanced. You don’t like to argue or make things overly emotional. You dream about ideal relationships. Equal give and take, compliments, romantic, etc. When you form a relationship, you want it to be committed. You want to be able to discuss all the challenges and misunderstandings in your connection. Also, you like when your couple is socially active.
Tumblr media
The 7th house is in Scorpio
The most important thing in relationships for you is intimacy. You want to be as close to your partner as possible. Meaning that you desire the connection to be intimate, emotionally bonding, and very deep. You need a loyal, committed, trustworthy, and special relationship. You don’t want just a fling or something careless, you can’t form easily that kind of relationship even if you think you want.
Tumblr media
The 7th house is in Sagittarius
You want your relationship to be open-minded, active, funny, honest, free, and energetic. You need a connection where you can feel independent and free. You hate pressure and routine so it is important to have a partner who understands your personal space and accepts you, not trying to change. You need the relationship to move forward constantly because you are dying when you feel stuck.
Tumblr media
The 7th house is in Capricorn
You need your relationship to have a certain plan. Meaning that you hate to move forward without purpose. If you date someone, you need to know what the future options for this connection are. Also, you want a connection to be loyal, serious, dependable, stable, and trustworthy. You need a partner you can rely on (mutually tbh). You only need a relationship where you can trust and work on improving your lives together.
The 7th house is in Aquarius
You need personal space and the ability to be authentic yourself in a relationship. You can’t handle any pressure on yourself and also you hate stagnation. In addition, you need a partner you can explore the world with. Being unpredictable and even weird together. A funny, free, unusual, and unpredictable connection is for you. You want to discuss all the strange topics and joke about everything with your partner.
The 7th house is in Pisces
You want a connection with a special emotional bond, even telepathy. You need to feel the emotions of your partner and understand what they feel. You dream about a fairy-tale-like story with a romantic and interesting scenario. The most important for you is true love. You desire to experience unconditional love in a relationship. Also, you tend to sacrifice for love. Mutual understanding, help, and compassion are the most important things for you.
Tumblr media
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asmo-ds · 9 months ago
Ok so you made a list on they guys toxic traits. How would they react if the MC just snaped one day and broke out into sob because of what they did and say to them and the MC calls them out on it pointed put how Diavolo doesn't do or say the shit they do and hes full blood demon unlike them all in a croaked voice from crying so hard
Tumblr media
React to MC Calling Them Out on Their Toxicity
Obey Me Brothers x MC angst HCs
Warnings: Yelling, toxic relationships, breakdowns, violence, Mammon being the guardian he was assigned to be :)
Summary: When MC finally breaks down and calls them out on their toxic behavior towards the human the boys finally realize just how different human emotions are from the creatures in hell they’ve grown so accustomed to.
I’m putting the contents of the original post this ask referred to under each of the characters to make it clearer for those who have not seen it
Tumblr media
i know Lucifer is hot sexy big sex dominant professional daddy master man BUT please remember he shows his love via punishment and cruelty towards his family
- Lucifer was in the middle of hanging a crying Mammon upside down when it happened.
- “He’s in pain Lucifer, you should let him down! There are better ways to handle this,” MC had suggested only to be met with a low growl followed by:
- “Stay out of this, human, you are here to attend RAD and nothing else. Do not butt into our personal business.”
- He could practically feel MC’s upset expression as he continued to tie the knots around Mammon’s body
- “I’m a human, correct,” MC starts and he’s startled by their cold voice, “but what makes me human is my inability to stand by while someone I know is in so much pain!”
- Lucifer is a bit taken back by their boldness and is in his demon form holding them up by the throat in seconds.
- “Who the Hell do you think you are?!” He snarled, tightening his grip and pushing their struggling body against the wall harshly, causing their head to bounce off the wall with a loud thump, blood slowly beginning to trickle from the sight of the impact 
- He could barely hear Mammon’s frantic cries for him to let go of the human as his adrenaline rushed, unable to believe that the human had actually spoken to him like that,
- He was suddenly ripped away from MC, thrown across the room and he looked up to see Diavolo had come
- “I had some paperwork I wanted to give you but instead walked in on you taking advantage of your strength over someone smaller than you, you’re pathetic,” Diavolo snarled, disgusted by Lucifer’s actions
- MC wailed and threw themselves against Diavolo, him tightly embracing them and trying to soothe them
- “Y-y-you’re the Lord of Demons and yet,” they sniffled and hiccupped into Diavolo’s chest as he continued to glare at Lucifer, who could only watch on in despair as he realized what he had done, “and yet you a-are so mu-uch kinder than them, th-thank you Diavolo!”
- “Wait, MC! I’m sorry!” Lucifer began to stand before realizing Mammon had managed to escape and was now holding him down, preventing him form moving toward the trembling human.
- “Lucifer... I don’t want to see you ever again!” MC had cried as Diavolo and them left the house.
- After MC was brought to the demon lord’s castle he received word from Barbatos that he had been suspended from his duties until further notice per the request of Diavolo.
- Barbatos also collected MC’s stuff, moving it to the Demon Lord’s castle where they would spend the rest of the year
- Lucifer couldn’t bring himself to leave his room, afraid of his brothers’ judgmental looks, he refused to see how much he had hurt the family and the relationship with the human he’d done so much to care for in just a matter of thirty seconds.
- Lucifer never forgives himself for hurting MC, but he acts like he was in the right for the sake of his ego.
- But he really missed MC and was angry with himself for letting them go so easily and for not just accepting that maybe they were right and he could change for them
- Everyone notices a decrease in the cruelty he showed towards his brothers
- how did a human manage to stir up these feelings within him?
Tumblr media
I know Mammon is an adorable tsundere with a chaotic streak BUT please remember he also insults MC in order to keep up his own self image of being a “tough demon” even if he loves MC underneath the mask
- Mammon had been on his way back from getting scolded for stealing from Lucifer’s wallet once again, when he ran into MC
- “Mammon! What’s wrong? Are you Okay?!” He hastily wiped the tears from his face, MC really cares about me... a blush rises to his cheeks at that thought
- “Nothin’ is wrong, mind yer business,” he shoves past them
- “but you’re clearly hurting, Mammon let me help!”
- “I don’t need help from a stupid human,” he says, not turning to look at them due to his still red cheeks as he continued to be flustered by their concern for him 
- “Stupid human....” he heard MC say quietly back to themselves, his heart sinking as he realized he said it so harshly 
- “Hold on-MC- I didn-” he starts but is frozen in shock as he sees the human glaring at the floor with tears streaming down their cheeks, biting their lips to keep sobs trapped inside themselves. “MC, hey liste-” He reaches out to touch their shoulder but they jerk away turning from him.
- “Not even the demon who is meant to be the cruelest of them all calls me names for wanting to help him,” their voice trembled and his heart broke, “I just wanted to help... why do you insist on insulting me?” 
- MC ran away from him, leaving the house, passing Asmo and Satan as they left.
- Satan chased after MC as Asmodeus walked up to Mammon, slapping him across the face harshly, “why can’t you just be honest with them for once?! Don’t you realize how badly you’ve been hurting them because you refuse to be nice to stroke your own ‘bad boy’ ego?!”
- Mammon stared at the floor, tears rolling down his cheeks silently, “I-I didn’t mean to hurt them,”
- “But you did. Not to mention you never even apologize for it,” Asmodeus walks away, leaving Mammon to stand alone, shamefully hanging his head as he fell to his knees.
- The one person who ever cared about him and he did nothing but insult them and yet still expected them to love him? What a douchebag he was...
- Guess he was nothing but a greedy scumbag
Tumblr media
i know Levi is a cute blushy otaku recluse that we all want to top BUT he also gets jealous very easily which leads to him often getting violent or guilt tripping MC by insulting himself until they feel guilty and stay with him to make him feel better despite their own wishes
- Leviathan had jus ordered a new game titled “I just landed in Hell, seven hot demon lords are my roommates and I’m trying really hard not to fuck them”
- He rushed towards MC’s room, desperate for them to play with him 
- He walked in without knocking and saw MC cuddled up with Mammon and Beel, watching some movie that none of them seemed to actually pay attention to as they just horsed around.
- “Hey, MC! I just got a new game, come on let’s go play it!” he tried not to let his jealousy show. 
- “Ah, maybe later Levi, I’m hanging out with Beel and Mammon right now!” MC smiles kindly, to which he grows a bit sad
- “I get it... who would want to hangout with a yucky otaku like me anyway...” he lowers his head pouting
- “Levi, just give me a few minutes to finish the movie!” MC says, still trying to be kind and patient
- “No you don’t have to... I’m just going to go play alone like the loser I am...”
- “DON’T” MC stands up, Beel and Mammon watching as MC walks up to Levi, thinking that the human was going to go with him and play
- Levi smiles thinking the same thing and gets ready to leave, but instead MC comes to him and glares at him, making his heart sink
- “You do NOT get to guilt trip me like that,” MC growls, “I told you I need a minute, I never said any of that stuff and I KNOW you were saying that stuff just to get me to come with you instead of staying here,” Levi blushes as MC calls him out, his heart beating rapidly with nerves as he realizes just how mad MC was at him
- MC pushes him out of their room, slamming the door and he hears them mumbling some angry stuff to the other two brothers behind the door
- Ashamed of himself he goes back to his room and locks himself there for a few weeks, kind of waiting for MC to come check on him and apologize, but then he realizes that is exactly why they are mad at him, so he decides to try and get his shit together
- But his anxiety gets in the way and he decides MC would be better off without him and he tries to avoid them no matter how much he craves their attention
Tumblr media
i know Satan is an intelligent man who is trying his best to keep his anger in check at all times BUT if you are in a relationship where someone is getting mad at you constantly despite their efforts pls look out for yourself and let yourself be selfish and avoid the person no matter how bad it may hurt them because your own happiness should come first
- After a fight with Lucifer, Satan had gone to his room to blow off some steam
- He was storming around and throwing things and throwing a temper tantrum
- MC came to check on him and they knocked politely, calling his name and asking if they could come in
- Despite using their manners and being as respectful as possible; their interruption of his tantrum pissed him the hell off
- He swung the door open and pushed them down, eyeing them like a normal demon would; nothing but an innocent soul to munch on
- MC tried to escape but he caught their ankle, and dangled them like a rag doll as his claws sunk into the limb he held
- He could see their mouth moving and tears streaming down their face but he couldn’t process the words they were wailing
- He only stopped when Mammon punched him harshly, causing him to drop the human and go flying through the nearest wall, which happened to be Asmodeus’s, who was infuriated by the destruction of his room, but his focus immediately turned to Mammon and the trembling human he held
- Satan could barely hear or see much of anything anymore as Mammon’s punch had knocked him nearly out-cold
- Later when his senses came back he went to MC to apologize
- When he walked in they screamed and cowered in the corner.
- “MC, I won’t hurt you I promise-”
- “You always say that! You promised to never hurt me, Satan! All I wanted was to see if you wanted anything to help you calm down but you decided that was reason enough to try and eat my soul. For fuck’s sake, Diavolo is the Demon Lord and he isn’t half as cruel and manipulative as you are!” He watched the human tremble and cry their response out
- The loud noises had once again caught the attention of the humans guardian for their time in the Devildom
- Mammon walked in and grabbed Satan by the collar, dragging him out the door and slamming it behind him
- Satan sat against the wall and could hear how much pain MC was in as they cried to Mammon and he wanted nothing more than to run in there and take his place but he knew he had royally fucked up
- Scared of his own anger, he decided to not leave his room unless he was attending RAD, family meals, or the Library, because he was so afraid of making the human he had loved afraid and he didn’t want them to feel so much pain just by seeing him
Tumblr media
i know Asmodeus is a cute feminine boy with a love for self care and pampering and fashion BUT he always be littles others for not being as good or pretty as him and is super gossipy
- MC had come to school after a sleepover with Asmo, where things got deep and emotional and MC’s most shameful secret was revealed to him
- and he said he wouldn’t tell anybody. he really wasn’t going to but...
- MC noticed the weird stares followed by giggles of the succubi at RAD, clearly whispering about MC which made their stomach feel sick
- MC wasn’t sure what the deal was today until a succubus came up to them at lunch,
- “hey human, i heard that *insert your most humiliating memory*” she snickers with her friends, watching mc turn pale
- Unable to form words MC bolted out of there
- Unluckily for Asmodeus, MC just do happened to run into him
- “Ah! MC, dear, be careful or you and I will both ends up bruised-“ he’s cut off by a slapping sound
- he’s in so much shock he doesn’t even realize MC had slapped him for a few seconds
- “I should’ve known better than to trust you with my secrets.” MC growled, turning around to storm off, “Guess I forgot you were a demon. No, demons are like Diavolo, they at least have some itty bit of kindness in their hearts. You. You’re a monster.”
- Asmo watched them storm off and felt tears come to his eyes
- They were right, for once he had someone who loved him for more than power, looks, and sex, and what did he do? He hurt them and destroyed their reputation.
- He eventually fell off of his skincare routine and stopped coming home every night, instead, he was too busy partying and passing out in strangers’ beds and being glad the demons and succubi who dances with him and slept with him didn’t care for his personality
- cuz he knew his personality was the one part of him that was ugly as hell and he hated it 
Tumblr media
i know Beelzebub is a gentle giant who cares for his entire family BUT he also throws tantrums that hurt people when he gets hungry and isn’t given food asap
- After his sports practice, he was starving and on edge
- He hungrily eyed a strangers’ meal as he and MC walked home from the campus
- “Beel, don’t even think about stealing that poor demon’s food,” MC scolded him, unknowingly lighting a fuse inside of him
- He shifted to his demon form and grabbed MC by the shoulders harshly
- “Well what else am I supposed to eat?! Do you want me to eat you?!” He shook them, making them whimper out in pain as his claws dug into their flesh
- “B-Beel, you’re hurting me!” MC cried out, but he was too hungry to care and leaned in, about to take a bite out of the poor human before he felt himself get pulled away and pin against the ground
- “Beelzebub, just what in the Devildom do you think you’re doing?” Lucifer’s chilling voice snarled at his younger brother, a crowd forming to watch the two demon lords fight
- “I’m HUNGRY!” Beelzebub went to strike Lucifer, but instead, MC being MC, grabbed his arm to try and stop him, causing him to fling them against the wall, them hitting it with a loud cracking sound, blood pouring out from the back of their head as they rubbed it
- Seeing them bleed made him more hungry but then he saw the look of despair and disappointment that he had seen on his younger sister so many years ago and he snapped out of it
- “MC!” Lucifer rushed to the human’s side, picking them up gently and giving Beel one last cold look before flying off quickly to the Demon Lord’s castle, where Barbatos would be able to heal MC
- Beelzebub felt his hunger dissipate, instead, the guilt eating away at him as the sight of MC’s despair filled eyes flashed through his head 
- When MC returned later that night he went to apologize when he heard them in the kitchen
- “MC,” they flinched and whipped around, immediately using one hand to grip their head as dizziness struck them for a moment, the other hand out in front of them in a defensive manner
- Beel’s heart broke and he felt tears starting to form as he started to approach them, intending to hug them comfortingly
- “STAY RIGHT THERE!” MC yelled, their pact forcing his feet to stay planted where they were
- “Y-you don’t have to apologize okay? I should have known better than to scold a monster,” he winced at the word but let them continue, “But that said it isn’t entirely my fault. Every other demon in that plaza could smell me and didn’t pounce me, they had better control than that. Even when I go out alone nobody attacks me! Hell, even the Demon Lord himself isn’t cruel enough to attack me I-I just, please, stay away from me Beel,” and when they looked up he had tears streaming down his face and he was biting his lips to keep from crying
- As badly as they wanted to comfort the crying boy, they knew that they would be putting their own safety at risk if they were to forgive him and make him think he would be so easily forgiven
- Beelzebub suddenly started to stop feeling hungry as every time his stomach growled all he could see was the image of himself about to bite into MC and he would start to feel sick to his stomach
- He doesn’t forgive himself and gets really depressed because he thinks MC’s pain is his fault just like Lilith’s death
Tumblr media
i know Belphegor is a sleepy baby with a love for pranks and mischief BUT he literally killed MC but as soon as he found out they were a descendant of his little sister he suddenly just flipped a switch and didn’t even really apologize
- MC was sleeping in the attic next to Belphegor, tossing and turning as a nightmare filled their head
- They could practically feel his claws wrapped around their frail neck snapping it and laughing as they faded from their body
- MC sat up panting and screaming, Belphegor waking up and rubbing his eyes sleepily as he wrapped his arms around MC
- “NO NO NO GET OFF OF ME STOP IT” they continued to scream, flailing around in his embrace, he refused to let go though, convinced they just needed a hug to comfort them from whatever had scared them so bad
- They began to sob hysterically, their voice screaming out for Mammon
- Panicking he continued to hold them in place, afraid if he let go they’d sprint off
- and he was right, they bit his arm and he pulled away as they stood up and sprinted down the hall
- “MC WAIT” he chased after them, worried they’d get hurt
- As they saw the door of their guardian (Mammon), they called out his name
- Belphegor placed a hand over their mouth, worried about the others waking up, but it was too late as Mammon and Satan had both been woken by the cries of the human
- “HELP ME MAMMON PLEASE” MC sobbed, Belphegor sending a panicked and hurt look to his brothers
- Mammon pushed Belphie away as he took MC back into his room to calm them down
- After a mini-argument with Satan that ended up getting shut down by Lucifer, he went back to bed 
- The next morning he saw MC was sitting at the breakfast table and he smiled at them, only to watch them shoot a look to Mammon, who then pulled their chair closer to his own protectively
- They all ate in silence, the awkward and tense atmosphere keeping anybody from starting a conversation
- After everyone else left he went up to MC and cornered them, covering their mouth to keep them quiet so he could say what he needed to
- “I already apologized for everything so why do you still need to freak out whenever you see me?!” he asked, annoyed that despite his apology for killing MC, they still felt uncomfortable around him
- They slapped his hand away, “You didn’t really apologize. You only apologized because I’m a descendant of your dead sister, you didn’t apologize to me, MC, you apologized to Lilith,” MC shoves him and starts to walk away from the stunned demon
- “Its kind of funny that despite all the problems I’ve caused for his program, Diavolo has never tried to kill me.” MC says before finally making their exit
- Belphegor gets lost in his own thoughts after that, as he finally realized that he had been seeing them as a replacement Lilith rather than themselves
- even if he wanted to try apologizing again, he was unable to as Mammon became more and more protective of them, shooing Belphie away with dirty looks anytime they were in the same room
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oi-loverboy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Levi thinks you’re too clingy and tells you in a heated argument.
TW: language, angst, fluffy ending
The scouts could agree that it had been a tough week for everyone, some keeping their stress to themselves and others voicing their inner conflicts. You were optimistic knowing that the long week was over, the problems had been resolved and you acknowledged that the high levels of stress were part of the job. To you, your boyfriend eased your stress every time you laid beside him in your shared bed and every morning you woke up to the sound of his heart beat pressed against your ear. You knew he was stressed out but he didn’t share much, he acknowledged his stress but wouldn’t speak about it. You had a small smile on your face as you thought about you boyfriend, you were walking to his office with a small tray in your hand holding two cups full of warm tea. You walked into his office without knocking, gently shutting the door behind you with your foot.
“Do you not know how to knock Y/N?” You heard Levi say, turning to see him glaring at you.
“Oh, I’m sorry Levi I didn’t think it would bother you,” you replied back, you weren’t upset about his small outburst you understood he was a bit grumpy today. “I brought you tea.”
He hums in response, ignoring your presence as he continued looking at the paperwork in front of him. You quietly placed the tray on his desk before pulling up the chair you would always sit in, placing it in front of his desk.
“Do you need any help darling?” You ask sweetly, looking at him even though strands of hairs slightly covered his face.
“No,” he mumbled, continuing to scribble his signature on the paper.
“Are you sure? It looks like a lot and you’ve been here for so-“ you were cut off by Levi glaring at you.
“I already said no Y/N,” he replies, annoyance laced in his voice.
“Oh, ok. Well you should drink your tea before it gets cold, maybe even take a break,” you reply quietly not wanting to upset him anymore. You were trying to keep your temper under control, sympathizing with him.
“Holy shit, you’re so fucking clingy. I can’t do shit without you being so far up my ass. You’re so annoying, I can’t even have my own damn space. When I asked you to date me it wasn’t an invitation to be so attached to me, you cling to me like a lost puppy and I can’t stand it anymore. You’re always around me, always touching me, always fucking talking,” he speaks quickly, glaring at you as if he was burning a hole through your head. If looks could kill you would already be buried 6 feet under.
You stared at him in shock, eyes slightly widened as your mouth opened and closed. The words were stuck in your throat but you slowly nodded, standing up and walking out of his office to your shared room. You didn’t know he felt that way, you just tried to love and care for him and he seemed to enjoy it every time. Maybe he was just acting to not upset you. You laid in bed, facing away from his side of the bed as you tried to collect your thoughts. You let out a sigh, you can’t be upset with him for wanting space even though he could have asked for it in a mixed way but you understood that he could have been feeling overwhelmed. You slowly fell asleep as you tried to ignore the thoughts flooding your brain. That night Levi came to bed later than usual, sighing as he removed his clothes and climbed into bed with you. He pressed a kiss to your shoulder, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you towards him until your back was pressed against his chest.
Levi had noticed a change in you, you were still the same person he fell in love with, the only difference was that he rarely saw you throughout the day anymore. He would see you in the mornings when you would get out of bed and before he knew it you were already out the door to start your day.
When it was time to eat he noticed that you wouldn’t sit as close to him as you used to but you would still bring him his tea which he would quietly thank you for. You would talk to Hange most of the time, which wasn’t anything rare but he noticed that your hand wasn’t resting on his thigh and that you wouldn’t lean your head on his shoulder. Other times you would sit with the cadets and even though you were across the room he couldn’t stop looking at you, at how you would laugh at their jokes and play fight with them. You would get your food with him but when you reached the mess hall you would quickly announce that you were going to sit with the cadets and leave him walking to the table you would normally sit at.
He rarely ever saw you come into his office anymore unless it was work related or to bring him his nightly tea. He was shocked when you didn’t barge in like you normally would but he knows it’s his fault after he yelled at you about it. He would hear a soft knock on his door to which he would respond with “state your name and business.” He would remind you that you didn’t have to knock, looking at you sweetly as you placed the cup in front of him. He had noticed that you would only bring his cup and before he could blink you were already out the door.
Once he was done with his work he would go into your shared room to find you asleep with your back facing him or awake reading a book. If you were awake you would nod your head at him and greet him with a small smile before focusing your attention back on the book. He missed the way you would cling to him, pressing kisses on his skin and quickly bringing him to bed once he was done with his night routine. You still asked him about his day which he would respond to you with small details of his day and you would nod or hum in response. He would lay beside you but you still wouldn’t take your attention off of the book so he took it as a chance to stare at you and take in your features, the face of the person he loved and yet he saw less and less of you every day.
If you ever did stay in his office to help him with the stack of paperwork on his desk, he noticed that you were so silent he could hear the scribbling of the pen against the paper. Normally you would be humming a tune, most likely from a lullaby you remembered or a tune you heard when walking through the town or hearing the other cadets sing. He enjoyed the quiet sounds that would leave your throat, he would feel his muscles relax whenever he would hear your quiet hums. Other times you would mindlessly talk to him and he would listen, a small smile on his lips as he heard you talking about the smallest event that happened to your day but it filled you with pure happiness. He missed hearing you but you were so quiet, so still. Your eyebrows were furrowed as you looked through the papers, a bored expression of your face but you still continued until you were done with the work.
When you were touchy or more talkative he would try to take in every single one of your words or keep a hold on you as if you would disappear in any minute. When he would feel you interlacing your fingers through his as you walked through a crowded place so that you wouldn’t lose him he would hold onto your hand tightly, loving how small and warm your hand felt in his hand. When you would wipe crumbs from his face, he would lean into your touch before you pulled away, a small frown playing on his lips. He missed you, even if you were around he missed the way you touched him. You were present in his life but you weren’t physically there with him, you weren’t there to caress his skin or press random kisses throughout the day.
He was currently in his office, seated in his chair as a heavy sigh left his lips. He heard a small knock on his door, muttering out a small “come in” knowing it was you. You walked in, quietly closing the door behind you. He looked up from the paper he was currently reading through, his eyes focusing in on your face. He noticed that you had already showered due to your semi wet hair, you were wearing your silk set of pajamas, the light pink camisole and shorts making your skin look so soft.
“Hey, I just came in to check in on you before I go to bed. Do you need any help?” You ask, not moving from your place in front of the door.
He nods, “if you don’t mind, I have a few more to go through and I just want to be done for the night.”
You made your way towards his desk, pulling up the chair you always sat on and placing it in front of his desk. You grabbed the pen you had left of his desk last time you helped him, grabbing the small stack he was handing you.
Levi couldn’t concentrate, you were too quiet for his liking. “Um, do you think you could hum? It’s really quiet and I don’t like it,” he asks sweetly, looking at you with a light blush on his cheeks.
You look at him, your eyes slightly wide in surprise but you slowly nod, looking back down at the papers in front of you as you quietly hum his favorite tune.
He lets out a sigh of relief, visibly relaxing more in his seat with a small smile on his lips as he continues reading and signing the papers. When the both of you finished, he wrapped an arm around your waist as he walked you out of his office and into your room. You had patiently waited for him to finish cleaning himself up, your back still facing him. He laid in bed, staring at your back for a minute.
“Can you face me, please? I want to hold you,” Levi whispers, placing his hand on your forearm.
You slowly turn around, looking at him before you feel him pulling you into his chest.
He sighs, holding onto you tightly,”I’m so sorry sweetheart. I didn’t mean anything that I said to you that night, I let my anger get the best of me and I took it out on you. I’m really fucking sorry but I can’t deal with it anymore. I miss everything about you, I miss hearing your voice, I miss feeling your skin and your lips on mine, I miss your small touches, your laugh, your smile, I just miss you.” He pressed soft kisses against your cheek before pressing his forehead against yours. “I was such a piece of shit for saying those things to you pretty girl, I learned that I need you, you’re the reason that I wake up every morning and the reason I have a reason to live and yet I’ve taken advantage of your kindness and you love and I hope you forgive me. I miss having you seated beside me at every minute of the day so I ask you to please come back to me, love me like you did before I even said anything to you.” He pleaded, his eyes boring into yours as he looked at you desperately.
You let out a sigh, pressing a small kiss to his lips, “I understand that you must have felt overwhelmed by my presence and I don’t mind giving you space, you just need to ask me and I don’t want you to feel that way again.”
“No, no I wasn’t overwhelmed by you love, I was overwhelmed from the stress and I took it out in you. I love the attention you give me, I love you and everything you are.” He responds, gently cupping your face in his hands.
You smile at him, leaning into his touch as you trailed your hand up his arm until your hand landed on the back of his head, playing with the strands on his hair. “I love you too and I promise I’ll be around more often, just promise me that you will tell me if you ever need space,” you respond.
“I promise, not that I will ever need to ask you brat,” he chuckles, pulling you closer to his body as you laid your head on his chest, humming in contentment.
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lonely-lost-soul · 6 months ago
1,000 Follower Special
Tumblr media
Members of the DreamSMP simping for you:
Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, Technoblade, Phil, Wilbur, and Fundy
~No minor members obviously~
When the both of you started dating he knew he couldn’t let anyone know about you.
The only two people who he trusted to know about you were George and Sapnap, solely because they knew who you were before the both of you dated.
Dream met you during Wilbur’s revolt against the SMP, you were a member of one of the villages he frequented.
Dream would constantly trade with your grandparents for ender pearls. They happened to sell the cheapest ones.
One day instead of them you were standing in their place.
The both of you clicked instantly, you laughed at his jokes, and were filled with a certain spark and fire, that had him hooked.
It was safe to say he was addicted.
He adored you, when the time came for him to cut off all the things he loved he couldn’t leave you behind.
Therefore you were the only person he’d allowed himself to have when he had to get rid of all personal attachments. 
To him you were a goddess who could do no wrong, he’d kill for you.
If anyone hurt you all their lives would be gone in an instant. 
He still remembered the first kiss the both of you shared, he had just gotten back from a rough battle. 
Dream was practically bleeding out on your floor, you were screaming at him calling him an idiot. 
You were fretting over him like a mother hen, he just felt so warm and cared for, he took off his mask to give you a crooked smile before falling into your arms. 
He couldn’t help but think you looked gorgeous in your grey sweatpants, hair all messy, eyes glassy from sleep.
Another string of curses fell from your mouth as he leaned forward and captured his lips with yours. 
He felt fireworks pop against his lips and you for sure tasted the blood staining in his teeth. 
He then promptly passed out in your arms.
Dream woke up wrapped in your arms and on a cushy bed. 
He knew you tended to his injuries he also knew when you woke up you’d beat his ass.
At the moment, he felt nurtured and tended to, Dream buried his face in your chest and smiled to himself. 
You were his good girl.
Waking up in the woods to a girl standing over him was certainly not how he envisioned the next stage of his life going. 
She glared down at him and he hesitantly adjusted the glasses on his face, he greeted her meekly and she huffed. 
She introduced herself to him and called him a pretty boy in such a condescending manner that it made his stomach wrap up in knots. 
Oh no she was mean and hot. 
You apparently lived very far from the SMP and had no idea how he got to where he was, maybe he slept walk or something. 
You knelt beside him and grabbed his cheeks between your fingers eyeing him like you were trying to see into his soul.
He passed whatever test you had because you helped him to his feet and offered up your home to him. 
Having no other options he agreed to go with you.
As months went by he realized you weren’t all that bad. You could cook, and let him sleep all he wanted. 
(Mostly to try and get his energy back, but still)
He learned you knew a lot about nature and loved animals probably more than anyone else he knew. 
You really were soft under that tough exterior and George loved that it was him who could make you like that.
As much as he enjoyed himself he couldn’t help but miss Sapnap and Dream.
Were they even looking for him? Dream had to care at least...right?
He felt guilty for being happy here, for being happy with you.
It took another month for George to recognize his feelings for you and as soon as he did Sapnap and Dream found him. 
They both seemed to like you after he clarified that, no you didn’t kidnap him. You were a kind soul who opened your home up to him.
Dream and Sapnap looked at one other with a smirk and George’s face turned red. 
The two of them left the house to let the both of you say goodbye to one another. 
George wrapped you in a hug and pressed a soft kiss against your lips, much to his surprise you kissed him back. 
It was hesitant and he could feel the nerves radiating off you. 
He pulled away and rested his head on your forehead, he loved the flush on your face. 
“Don’t be a stranger, pretty boy.”
“I won’t my savior.” 
At first, his flirting was just good fun, after all, he flirted with everyone. 
What he wasn’t expecting was for you to flirt back just as hard and confident as he did.
It was Karl who pointed out that he’d get a faraway look in his eyes whenever he talked about you. 
Sapnap didn’t get his point and Karl glared at his denseness. 
“You like her Sappy Nappy.”
“What no I- Oh shit.” 
That’s how Sapnap knew he was fucked, cause now all he could ever do was think about his crush on you. 
Sapnap at first tried to avoid you and Karl had to knock some sense into him, saying that, that was not the way he would win you over. 
Ironically, you pinned him to a tree and confronted the fire demon about his behavior.
Out of pure panic, he pressed his lips to yours, when you kissed back he was so flustered his hair caught on fire. 
You had to help him put it out with water because he couldn’t calm down enough to stop the flames from shooting out of his head. 
He was so flustered when you said you’d never let him live this down, but got over it the moment he felt your lips on his cheek (His hair almost went up in flames again).
From that moment on the both of you started dating.
You never minded his constant flirting with other people, he was glad too that was like some weird form of a love language to him. 
When Dream betrayed George and him you were there to comfort him. 
You assured him that you’d never leave his side no matter what happened. 
You would kiss him all over his face and whisper sweet nothings to him whenever he looked too lost in thought. 
He loved it. He loved being spoiled rotten.
When Karl and he moved to the Konoko Kingdom you were right by his side, you helped build your shared home from the ground up. 
You were his little Firecracker. 
You were Phil’s little helper.
For as long as Technoblade knew his old friend you were by his side, you were quiet and tended mostly to the angel’s flock of crows. 
At first, The Blade thought nothing of you just the girl who always followed Phil around. 
Until he saw you stab through the chest of one of the Butcher’s army soldiers like they were butter. 
The blood that splattered your face and the unbothered look shook him to his very core. 
Oh no, you were hot. 
Technoblade was shaken out of his stupor by you handing him one of the weapons he had lost in the fight. 
You softly asked if he was alright to which he responded with a soft nod, his face was red and you raised an eyebrow.
He noticed a cut across your shoulder blade and reached out to touch the wound. 
You flinched at the touch and cradled the wounded shoulder with your hand, with a soft grumble he offered to patch up your shoulder. 
In the bathroom of his house he stitched up your shoulder, you let out of whines of pain.
The voices liked that way more than they should’ve and it made his face turn beat red. 
You looked up with him through your long lashes and he melted, the voices assuring him that he was ‘down bad.’
Phil came home and caught the both of you staring into one another’s eyes and he gave Technoblade a knowing smirk.
 The glare he sent his old friend was piercing. 
As days rolled into months his feelings for you never faded, especially since the both of you had grown closer. 
Eventually, Phil had forced Technoblade to at least ask you on a date, you dropped the birdseed at your feet and flushed up to the tips of your ears. 
You agreed eagerly and Technoblade was relieved. 
He had kissed you that night under the stars, it was a spur of the moment thing, the moonlight illuminated your best features. 
The voices couldn’t help themselves and he just listened impulsively 
Technoblade was relieved when you kissed him back, he’d protect you from all the horrors of government. 
You were his Princess. 
He’s lived for decades, seen those he loved grow old and pass away. 
That’s why he liked Technoblade, he lived as long as he had, had the same experiences as the angel of death. 
Phil swore he’d never love again, then he met you.
You lived next to him when he was living in New L’manburg and thought you were very pretty as well as very friendly. 
He didn’t know much about you only that:
You were fond of Ghostbur and he seemed to be fond of you.
It made Phil happy that someone else was looking after his dead son when he couldn’t.
Ghostbur had officially introduced the two of you a few weeks before Technoblade’s execution. 
After that moment, you both were practically inseparable.
You bonded over your love for building and all things shiny, he broke his own rule. 
He fell in love with you. 
When he caught wind of what the butcher army was planning on doing to Technoblade he frantically sent a crow to his companion. 
He was promptly placed under house arrest. 
You snuck in through his window once everyone departed for Technoblade’s retirement home and helped Phil disable his ankle bracelet. 
Phil pleaded for you to join him when he went to check up on Technoblade and you agreed wholeheartedly. 
The both of you flew towards Techno’s but it was already too late, they had him. 
You and Phil didn’t intervene. 
After the execution, he introduced you to Technoblade and he seemed satisfied with you sticking around.
Anyone who helped Phil out was a friend of his
You both acted like an old married couple.
Technoblade was dumbstruck to find out the both of you hadn’t had a first kiss yet let alone started dating. 
Phil hit him upside the head for that comment but it urged the old man forward to make his move on you. 
He set up a lovely dinner date, a homecooked meal by the fire was just what the both of you needed. 
You kissed him at the end of the night. 
It was soft and sweet just like you were, his hands tangled in your hair as he pressed close to you. 
You were his angel
After Sally, he was sure he’d never love again.
That mantra lasted years, but after he won freedom for L’manburg, he had met you. 
You were a crew member of Captain Puffy’s ship and he always did love watching the boats come and go from the ocean. 
You had arrived in L’manburg alongside Puffy and he fell for you hard and fast.
He was a blushing, stuttering mess as you smirked over at him. 
You were strong and tough and he wanted nothing more than for you to pin him against a wall. 
After talking with Puffy you decided to stay in L’manburg and get a feel for the country, Wilbur was ecstatic. 
He showed you around all proud of what he created, you interlocked your hands with his and he felt faint. 
The two of you were an item not soon after.
Fundy approved, happy his father was finally moving on plus he loved your take no shit attitude. 
They both loved when you sang the best. 
You always had a wide assortment of sea shanties to share, and a plethora of stories to tell. 
You had taught a few of them to Wilbur so he could play them on his guitar, another great bonding moment he remembered fondly. 
When you sang it was the only time he ever considered you soft. 
Before Wilbur announced the results of the election you had done the very thing he hoped you would do when he first met you.
Grab him by the hair, pin him against a wall and give him a heated kiss that made his knees weak.
“Go get them, Wilby.” 
“Yes ma’am.”
Losing was not something either of you foresaw. You ran away with him and Tommy to join Pogtopia. 
You were by his side in his slow descent into his eventual madness and stayed by his side up until his inevitable death. 
As he slowly died in you and Phil’s arms you sung to him one final time.
He told you he loved you on his last breath.
You were his muse.
Being left at the altar was one of the most horrifying experiences Fundy had ever had the displeasure of going through.
You’d been there when Dream left with George, you had threatened to stab out the man’s eyes. 
You stayed beside him the entire night, you refused to take no for an answer. 
Fundy had never been more vulnerable than he was with you that night.
He was embarrassed at first but you shushed him and assured him it was alright.
Fundy flushed and felt guilty for doing so, he shouldn’t feel that way around you. 
Your hand reached up to pet his ears and he began to purr loudly in your arms. 
Eventually, Fundy realized he had feelings for you.
Much like Sapnap, he went to immediate Panic Mode.
He didn’t want for this to end up like Dream again, not that you were anything like him, but at the same time, he didn’t want to ruin your friendship. 
However, much to his surprise it was you who confessed to him. 
Fundy said he felt the same before you even finished your confession. 
His tail was wagging rapidly and he had to physically hold it down to stop it from wagging 
Which was something you laughed at but he felt embarrassed about, you had to assure him that you thought it was the cutest thing in the entire world.
He whined at that but you kissed all over his cheeks so he had to immediately forgive you. 
Fundy introduced you to Wilbur who grilled you about your love for Fundy, he wanted to kill his dad. 
You assured him that you loved Fundy, and would never want to hurt him. 
Wilbur seemed satisfied with your response and wished both of you well. 
After Wilbur left, Fundy kissed your lips softly, his tail once again wagging rapidly.
As he pulled away you leaned back in and kissed him back, your hand gently stroked his ears and he purred again. 
He knew for sure he was going to marry you, and it wouldn’t end up like Dream and his wedding.
However, that was still a long way away.
For now, he just had to settle for you being his dream girl.
Hey guys! Thank you so much for 1,000 followers??? I am honored and shocked thank you all so much! Thank you to everyone who send me supportive messages and my amazing anon’s who member fail to cheer me up. Many more stories and projects are in the works but I wanted to do something special and different for the big 1,000. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy 😊
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thechekhov · 3 months ago
What's your most hated cliche in comics/shows/games?
Tumblr media
That's a tough one... I think I might get flack for this but... It's the
'broody teen hero who hates school and authority, and it's presented as justified for them to be acting like an asshole because everyone at the school just somehow magically acts like a dick to them'.
As in, this loner kid who is presented as a relatable character constantly disses the concept of school, all the teachers act like dicks towards them, all the bullies target them, etc
I understand not everyone might LIKE school. I get that kids want to just talk to their friends, hang out, and be kids. I GET that.
But personally I've seen this trope SO much, it's basically an automatic 'urgh, again?!' button for me, because it makes it seem like it's NORMAL to dislike school. It sets a precedent.
Tumblr media
I will admit, I also LOVED school as a kid. It was my getaway from my home life, which, especially in high school, was kinda shit. I wasn't a brainiac or anything, but I did the minimum and sorta listened in class, did homework, and raised my hand sometimes. And because I did the bare minimum and reacted to my teachers, and didn't roll my eyes at their REALLY FUCKING TOUGH JOB, they respected me in turn and let me have time to myself and doodle. It was wonderful. I got to learn new shit, and even when the teachers sucked, I could just quietly read or draw and it wasn't that bad.
But all of the kids I knew who 'hated' school were usually the kind who spoke to their friends LOUDLY during class - obviously interrupting the teacher who was already exhausted, underpaid, and discouraged from all the restrictions put upon them by the curriculum - swore at the teacher, at each other, didn't care about the subject matter taught, and blatantly laughed at the teachers for trying to get them involved.
I work at a school and I KNOW there are some HORRID teachers out there. I know there's an issue with bullying, and I know that it's easy for kids to feel isolated in school. My classroom policy was always that as long as they're respecting the fact that the classroom is a shared space (you're not alone in here, your actions have consequences and can be annoying to those around you), I try to respect my students as human beings who have off days, who may want to just ignore me, etc.
Tumblr media
And the fact that EVERY. SINGLE. PROTAG. in EVERY. SINGLE. TEEN MOVIE. 'hates' school (unless they're a nerd archetype) for typically NO other reason than because their teachers were all made out to be assholes through forced characterization is kinda... EHHH...... to me at this point.
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