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doin-stuff · 5 months ago
hello my lovelies! we reached the end of this year (thank god) and i have a few things to say and a lot to thank for you guys.
(i promise that the rest of my writing is not in this font lol)
this year sucked. bigtime. everyone was all over 2020, how bad it was and all but lemme tell you, 2021 wasn't that much better either. first half of this year was spent with struggling trying to find a job while spiraling down into the rabbit hole of self-pity and depression. finally in may (after 8 months of searching), i got accepted to a place that wasn't (and isn't) any better than what I had left behind in 2020. still, it is somewhat better and i least i have a monthly income for now.
but i still very much like to move on to something else in 2022 so here is the first thing im hoping for next year: a good job with a good salary, something i enjoy doing. (huh good luck you dumb biatch lol)
so all in all, i hated this year but!! there are a few things that made is somewhat bareable and it is all thanks to you guys! (here comes the soppy part so buckle up)
i (re)discovered the world of fanfiction throughout the pedro fandom sometime in november, 2020. i have all that time in my hands since i didnt have a job and i got really into it. ever since then, i find it hard at nights to go to sleep without reading anything before it (kinda became a tradition of mine if you will) and during the winter, reading fanfics helped me tremendously. they helped me escape from my miserable, jobless, futureless and lonely af life and they helped me get through the day. they brought me joy, sometimes tears in a good way and i caught myself staying up til 2 or 3 just to read "one more" chapter of a certain fic.
i still cant believe you guys are doing this for free, for our entertainment (and yours) ! sharing your wonderful works with us and expecting nothing in return (except for the obviously well deserved likes & reblogs) is truly a wonder i never be able to comprehend!
tumblr is truly a hellsite, it gave me so much anxiety since i joined back in actively yet... tumblr is also that thing that gave me the most joy this year with y'all in it.
and now for the thank you notes:
⭐ yes of course im starting with my dearest, my love, my one braincell, @queenofthefaceless. ari, you were one of the first 'big' blogs that started following me after i started making gifs again and i was all over and back and that support still holds up til today. thank you for your neverending support and for always being there for me, no matter what. ilysm. 💜
⭐ although we dont speak much lately, @keethus-arts I ll never forget your support and nice words whenever i was feeling down. thank you keeth! 💜
⭐ when @ithinkhesgaybutwesavedmufasa started following me, i was just about to go to bed around 2 am, but when i saw the notification i got so excited that i couldnt sleep for another half an hour and then the next morning i checked in there again to see if i wasnt dreaming. for a while i was intimidated by Katryn for some stupid reason (you know big blog with amazing and popular fics and all) but honestly she's the absolute sweetest and I'm so glad I got to meet you! You have such amazing & wonderful stories! i also wanna thank you for your infinite support towards my maxie gifs and towards my other works too💜
⭐ the same happened with @qveenbvtch, i was (and am) so in love with her javi series, i never thought that such a big and amazing (and intimidating) writer would ever talk to me, let alone follow me but she is also one of the sweetest person i've ever met here and i hope she is doing alright and having a nice holidays wherever she is right now 💜
⭐ @mandocrasis birdie, you know this by now but i found you and your blog through your mind blowing fic interruption which is probably something i will never shut up about, but through that smutty one piece i got to meet a wonderful person with wonderful stories & i thank you for your never fading support towards me and my gifs 💜
⭐ @asta-lily lil beans, although you are not that active anymore on tumblr (which i hope will change one day), you were one of the first people i became mutuals with and i was lucky enough too meet the sweetest, loveliest person in you. and your AOJ story forever remains dear to my heart 💜
⭐ sweet, sweet @anaaaispunk ! the first thing i read from you was the first chapter of your crazy in love series (during my summer holiday, on a beach, with people all around me... ) i was instantly blown away and sweating (and not just from the hot wheater 🤭), I just knew I had to follow you for more haha. but this way I got to meet another sweet soul of tumblr with an amazing writing talent. thank you for all the love and support you have shown towards me and my gifs 💜
⭐ MEG! i feel like i am so lucky for finding your soft max lord series, it seriously changed my life, i fell in love with the story, with max, the whole thing.. and when you dedicated your latest chapter to me with that sweet note, i felt like i could cry, because honestly, one of the best thing that happened to me lately haha. you are an absolute angel and dont you forget that @perropascal !! 💜
⭐ and i also wanna mention and say thanks to @babydarkstar! Your ezra story had blown me the fuck away, seriously, its amazing, wonderful and beautiful.. just like you anya, thank you for support and your amazingness! 💜
Alrighty, i talk way too fucking much so im just gonna tag the rest of y'all to whom i say a massive thanks because without your amazing fics i dont think i would have survived this year ( i know with some of you we are not mutuals but that doesnt stop me from loving your works):
@absurdthirst, @toomanystoriessolittletime, @storiesofthefandomlovers, @honestly-shite, @littlemisspascal, @radiowallet, @queridopascal, @just-here-for-the-moment, @softpedropascal , @javier-pena, @f0rever15elf, @danidrabbles, @lellowberry, @pedro-pascal-love, @foli-vora, @krissology @frannyzooey, @starlightmornings, @wordsnwhiskey, @juletheghoul, @dincrypt, @mandosmistress, @yespolkadotkitty, @songsformonkeys, @the-ginger-hedge-witch, @astroboots, @brandyllyn, @charnelhouse , @ezrasbirdie , @novemberrain221, @oonajaeadira
And to every other lovely mutuals I am lucky enough to have: without your support I'd be nowhere. Love y'all tremendously 💋❤️❤️
@beskarboobs, @300mirrors, @over300books, @artsymaddie, @phantomviola, @djarsdin, @sirtadcooper , @lucrezia-thoughts, @wild-at-heart-kept-in-cage
Here's to another shitty AMAZING year with you guys on this hellsite!! 🥂🎉❤️❤️❤️❤️
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cottagehaunt · a year ago
again, unfollow me or block me if you voted for trump. this account is not for people who don't value the lives of people of color especially black + indigenous folks, members of the lgbtqia+ community, women, disabled people, the working class, undocumented immigrants, DREAMers, and anyone else whose life or livilihood is put in danger with trump as president. people who voted for trump are not welcome here.
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elychee · 2 months ago
ship your moots with a genshin character but based on who would they need in their life like someone rich, calm, kind, etc.
hi hi!! literally sorry for doing this late, i kept forgetting to do this— it's also like 5am and i just ate so im just, deprived—
@manjiroro — childe. bestie is already attracted to red flags, so just give another red flag at this point 😒 /j but we know that childe is someone who would take care of those who he loves well. so it's that emotional stability and that he's financially stable too.
@softshiin — i would ship vany with childe but i feel like ayato is good too. its the financial stability, but remembering how he'd do anything to keep his family safe and happy, he would do the same to vany. though, vany may or may not be a food victim alongside thoma—
@nxtsnw — i don't want to say it bc im gatekeeping but thoma /j chia has a type. literally mitsuya? malewife. what about thoma? he's also a malewife. literally the greenest flag there is.
@mrssunasimpowo — if we're realistically speaking, childe. it's again with being loved by him and he wouldn't dare to hurt those he love, as well as just being rich. like really rich besties.
@nomicskeleton — yoru deserves to be loved albedo. i know he lowkey is kinda a red flag but hear me out. albedo is a perspective person so he'd know whenever yoru is down and while he isn't the best at comforting, he'll try to.
@urcatbf — kazuha. i believe kazuha will serenade him every night which is cute. but again, kazuha is quite perspective so he'll comfort ash and probably slyly hold him in his arms as comfort.
@eenie-teenieweenie — AETHER. listen. there could be some other potential genshin men, BUT AETHER IS BEST FOR CIANNA. its the fact that he'll help her when she's at her lowest and they'll do the same thing with him. literally would be the really sweet couple on the street that you want to choke for </3
@kazu-topia — CONGRATULATIONS u bitch 😒😒 you get your first love diluc. i feel like diluc would be pretty distant at the start since he lowkey doesn't want to loose another person that he loves, but he began to be more open about his feelings to ein. healthy relationship, deffo.
@astrxealis — aster would deserve diluc. diluc is again someone who'll take his time with his feelings but aster would help him during that process. plus mans got cash. healthy relationship + rich moments.
@versadies — i am not sure if dan is ready to spend a lethal amount of money trying to care for zhongli but i'll look away at that for now. i feel like for zhongli it's that figure where dan could find incredible comfort to and literally zhongli could sit there all day and listen to dan talk about her interests while patting her head.
@rion-s — fox literally deserves anyone because she is amazing but if i were to specify, it would be xiao. liTSEN. protector from afar vibes and i feel like she wouldn't try to push a conversation but show through her acts like making him almond tofu or just reminding him that she loves him. xiao would probably reciprocate his feelings by bringing you gifts from any time he has to go out and do his job.
@polluxminor — a minor so my consciousness would tell me to like, ship pollux with another minor. in terms of need, its probably xiangling. would deffo cook for pollux and while sometimes she would make them eat some of her weirder food, it would be her way of showing her love.
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taylorisapuppy · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Happy 31st Birthday, Taylor York! (December 17th, 1989)
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bbjimin-dududu · 12 months ago
Who are your favorite mutuals and why?
how caN I PICK A FAVOURITE??? @cosmictaemin @naviwings @yoonaminn @mxnyoongi @mikrokosmology @hoseoksrightnostril @fabulousbangtan @marethetic @userjiminie @bangtan7enthusiast @vantemania @strawberrynamjoonmain @cosyserendipity @kosmickissxs @jungwon-luv-bot-pt3 @megmargaretmarch @marvelousbangtan @stayjimin @hobeah @pjmsdior @taegiseok @belleejieun @vantezza @aestaeticbts @intokook @gyukai @taehkims @affectionaterainoflove @jiminho-s @jimidol @sunnysidejoon @cherry-riki @vantaengelic @daech-witless @bluejaem @simpforjaem @angelicbox @calicooky @ughdangs @forget-me-notforever @yoonglet @joonswolf @sugacutie @stray-kiss @hobipaint @psycho-mocha @jimindelune
Let me answer part 2 of the question. Why are my mutuals my lovely angels?
Life's a rollercoaster, quite literally. Irl sometimes people don't understand me or my feelings and this blog is like my safe space. I've never felt so loved before, I didn't have the slightest idea that a simple interest in music could get me so many lovely angels in my life. I'm grateful to every single mutual of mine; no matter when I followed you or how active you are; I cherish you all to bits. Thank you so so much for firstly, following me and secondly, consistently making me feel visible because that's not a feeling that people can easily experience irl nowadays. Anytime, I'll be there if anyone of you wants to talk, okay? One day at a time, you all got this<3
Please have a good day/night, take care and I love you.💓💓💓
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sumeragi-hokuto · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Set 4 of chapter 3, volume 4 of the Tokyo Babylon manga. 9th chapter overall.
Cleaning/typesetting done by me, official Dark Horse translation used.
Select/open the images to view in higher quality.
Previous, Next
#tb manga#tokyo babylon#looking at the omnibus i am reminded that seishirou's name is spelled seishiro. wiithout the u#but i like the u. and I've been using the u forever. So with the u he shall stay#clamplove#hey look i actually posted two in a month. wow. how long has it been#i am so close to being done to volume 4!!!! didn't realize it at first but i am!#so. december 2020 finish date for volume 4 it is!#i sincerely hope!#volume 4#if there are any typos I missed please let me know bc I am tired but wanted to get this out tonight for you all#ALSO!!#can i just say that subaru's line about arrogance and suffering#the ones where evil cult lady calls kuniko-chan's suffering trivial bc she didn't experience it#that always resonated with me. what might seem small to you might not seem small to others#what you think can be easily shoved off because you either never experienced it. or experienced something similar but still different#can't always be pushed aside so easily. some people are teased a little. it frustrates them. but it's not bad because it's just a little.#other people are downright tormented. you can't have a moment for yourself. you can never really escape. you're in the same spaces#even if you try to make your own space and not bother anyone. like kuniko-chan and her painting. the bullies will come#you can try all you want to avoid confrontation but sometimes it's not your choice. and then you're pushed to the breaking point#because the people who tormented you for so long and watched as you didn't react or just got a little mad figured that was it#maybe they thought it was funny when you were quiet. that nothing really bad would come from it. fun for them. eh for you#but eventually it becomes too much and you break down completely. poor kuniko-chan...#...can you tell i was bullied as a kid...and into highschool....damn you mark y. i just wanted to be left alone#but we shared a few classes and he sat behind me and you would think ppl would be more mature but no. he couldn't.#and then he got his friends in on it...like the head girl here...one to lead torment the rest to support#well thankfully there was no stabbing in my situation! And I graduated from high school a few years ago. But mark man...#go kuniko-chan. and clamp for including a story like this bc that's the point of tokyo babylon isn't it?#terrible things happen to regular people every day. sometimes things work out. sometimes they don't.#sometimes we get help. sometimes it's too late. i might not have had a subaru but it's nice to see kuniko-chan did yknow?
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orionangeline · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I guess I shouldn't have left them to dry on my windowsill lol
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faeryglade · a year ago
Spies are forever! (Yes maybe I’m asking this because I want to be cast in it so what?)
curt - @imaketheladiesmcswoon i just feel like you have the vibes.
owen - @thekingwiththerustythrone you’re really cool, and i just feel like you could play him really well.
tatiana - @theinsanelylogical again, you’re both really cool! honestly, i feel like you would be really good playing a lot of mkw roles.
barb - @iamnotdoinganythingillegal this may be wrong, but i feel like you have the sweetness and slight chaos to play her.
dma - @yiihonk i can see you singing torture tango.
cynthia - @muddledhorror not really your personality (or what i’ve seen of it), but for some reason i get the feeling you’d do well playing this role.
the informant - @intergalxtic an icon. maybe not the same personality-wise, but both inspirations to us all.
mama mega - @starkidding-around your profile picture says it all. (i also feel like you could play barb; you just give off the vibes of a sweet, very enthusiastic person.)
sergio - @starship-ranger-bug i don’t know if we’re mutuals (i’d like to be, though) and i don’t think you’re exactly the same as sergio, but i can see you selling b*mbs but caring more about you and your wife’s anniversary.
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stilydinski · 2 years ago
Anime Pretty Boys™️: A List
So basically no one asked but all of a sudden I felt the need to make a top 10 ranking list of some Pretty Boys in animes I could think of so why not share with the weebs.
To clarify: When I say Pretty Boys I mean pretty and not hot in general ! There are so so many more attractive characters out there but this is a list of guys that just look so incredibly beautiful it makes me want to bawl my eyes out. While I ofc would sell my organs for tons of anime boys, these are just the ones that make me go "mmhhhmm pretti" before thinking they're hot or whatever. I hope this makes sense aha ha.
10. Chisaki (My Hero Academia)
Tumblr media
Those of you who haven’t seen the show might be asking yourselves what’s up with that mask but let’s just ignore it (masks are a thing everywhere now anyways right? man’s just staying safe ssjsj). Basically when I first saw this man I was speechless because wow his face is so ?? intense and pretty at the same time. The hair is casually messy, the eyes boring into your soul and the ear piercings are just hot. Also his style??? hot damn?? i mean the jacket he always wears looks so mf expensive and the suits like Yes Sir fuck me UP but at the same time he is so intimidatingly pretty that I wouldn’t mind joining the bad guys here. However because of the high hotness factor he’s lower in the list might be the dangerous aura who knows
9. Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)
Tumblr media
Basically this man has more elegance than anyone could ever obtain. The way he always wears this fur thing on his shoulders just as a statement and never gets it dirty or loses it? an icon. Everything from the hair to let’s call it the “make up” to the outfit is just on point and you won’t ever catch the man slipping. This is the only character ever that could make me disregard the fact that he’s technically a dog demon and over 500 years old and just let him step on me.
8. Daisuke (Fugou Keiji: Balance:UNLIMITED)
Tumblr media
I don’t think I need to say much here. First time I saw this man I was legit already on my knees without knowing a single thing about him. Some of you might say he’s more hot than straight up pretty but I beg to disagree because he is genuinely one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. Now I do agree that in comparison he certainly can be considered more hot which is why he’s a little lower on the list however you can’t tell me that his face wasn’t shaped by God personally.
7. Usui (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!)
Tumblr media
ON GOD if this man asked me to marry him I would not hesitate for a single second. Effortlessly pretty, the flavor is immaculate, never tasted anything like this before. Not only is he the perfect man but his face is so insanely pretty. Now Usui’s more of a casual beautiful because his face doesn’t necessarily have something outstandingly special but as a whole there is just not a single flaw.
6. Victor (Yuri!!! On Ice)
Tumblr media
Now, you can’t tell me the hair doesn’t hit different. The man literally looks like a Greek God like that’s just a FACT we all know that, he knows that, Yuri knows that, the other Yuri knows that. Man's literally chosen to do the most elegant sport looking LIKE THAT as if he wouldn’t completely change figure skating forever. His face is so pleasing to look at because he just has this angelic aura around him that makes you think he came down from heaven personally to raise the bar for us all.
5. Yato (Noragami)
Tumblr media
Let me just say what we are all thinking: EYES. I can’t think of anyone with prettier eyes and that’s for a good reason. Yato’s not a God for nothing, the godly looks are very evident even if he’s a little bruised up in the gif. His face is perfect, the hair looks elegant and yeah the eyes are just mesmerizing. Homeboy might be spotting a track suit at all times but damn he can wear it while living his Immortal Pretty Boy Life.
4. Guren (Owari no Seraph)
Tumblr media
This one’s a funny one because let me tell you I know absolutely nothing about this man. I have not seen the anime and I barely know his name but I saw this man a few weeks ago and when I tell you I almost started crying I mean it. It’s hilarious how this man could be the biggest asshole who murdered my family and I’d still think he’s insanely beautiful. Now I sadly can’t get into this as deep as with this others because I have zero knowledge about him but the fact that he was the third person I thought of when making this list even if I don’t know him should say enough for now. Face is 10/10, he’s living that pretty boy lifestyle doing whatever it is that he does but god does he look graceful while doing it.
3. Shoto (My Hero Academia)
Tumblr media
Now THIS. This is interesting because can you BELIEVE that this incredibly handsome boy does not even KNOW how pretty he is? Looking like that he would be allowed to have such a huge ego but he isn’t aware of the facts??? The two colored hair and eyes are both iconic and groundbreaking. His face just screams pretty boy in every possible way and on god i would do anything for him to realize that. Everyone in Class 1A knows how beautiful he is except him?? I could write you a three pages essay on how beautiful he is and that would just be the outer appearance without getting into his great personality. I would be ready to declare my love for him on 10 pages in four different languages but let’s not get into that now.
2. Akaashi (Haikyuu)
Tumblr media
I honestly don’t even know how to start this. Akaashi is one of a kind. I lie awake at night thinking about the fact that he is so insanely beautiful and I wonder what the creators were thinking. Imagine you wanna create a volleyball anime and while drawing someone who is not even on the main team you come up with this? What kind of process goes through your head?? How could you publish a character like this knowing no other character you ever draw will ever live up to his pretty face? I wouldn’t know how to act. Looking at Akaashi is the most pleasing thing and the fact that he is not only crazy pretty but also has the best personality just sends me over the edge. No one’s doing it like him. This man can have my credit card, my house, my family and my liver, he can take it all and I would still worship him like the God he is, thank you.
1. Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle)
Tumblr media
Ladies and gentlemen, may I announce the prettiest Pretty Boy of all time. This wouldn’t be a list of Pretty Boys without Howl. The man literally invented being pretty and god is he dramatic about it. Most of us probably count him to our childhood crushes. Remember when he said “I don’t see a point in living if I’m not beautiful” because he accidently dyed his hair black? I have never seen anyone this dramatic but of course his ego is big with a face like that I mean if I looked like THAT I would act up too. I would drop everything for this man and that’s on Sophie leaving behind her life to live in his castle yeah i know she didn’t do it for him back then but lbr i would. Anyways Howl literally said I support the ugly community but it ain’t me and it’s true, if you look up Pretty in a dictionary his picture will show up. I honestly don’t know what else to tell you because Howl leaves me speechless on a regular but that’s fine.
This marks the end of my list, please let me know if I forgot someone. If you made it this far with reading this mess thank you for keeping up with my amazed ass, i’ll go cry over how beautiful everyone on this list is now. I will probably regret the rankings in a week from now so don't mind them too much
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deepwoundsandfadedscars · a year ago
#me this morning and through out the day: i'm gonna make time to write and plays Hades and text my cousin cause i keep putting all that off#anyone want to hazard a guess how many of those i accomplished today?#i'll give you a hint#it's less than one#it is not 1 AM and I didn't do a goddamn thing today#ok tbf i did dishes this morning#and i did finally do research to refresh my memory on some terms i'll need for school#still anxious as fuck cause flipping through my binder from the last course i did#I remember exactly none of it#like it might as well be another language cause i don't remember shit#and i already barely passed that year#my bil keeps claiming that the first three years are nearly identical and it's just a repeat of first year#but like??? It's been 9 years since i did first year. i barely passed back then and now I get to do it with memory problems#like even the terms i was looking up tonight i read the same sentence like six times and it still didn't stick#i'm gonna need a huge ass binder just for notes and diagrams of all the shit that doesn't stick in my brain#and hope to hell that maybe by the time we get to doing tests that SOMETHING has stuck#also comparing my first year binder to the binder i received for this year is both somewhat reassuring and also terrifying#cause like my bil said it is fairly similar to first year#there's some minor differences in the modules where maybe a page or two is missing which i assume is cause they've revised the course#but there are also whole modules missing i.e. the math stuff#but i know they're still going to test on math stuff. i'm terrible at math stuff.#and if they test on something they're not actually going to teach on this year i'm fucked#i guess i grab my first year math modules and try to make sense of it??? i have no confidence in myself though#i'm so frustrated at my brain#and it's coming up so soon#like exactly a week from now i'll be in dorm and going to the shop class in the morning#its so soon#i'm freaking out yo
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shaquedamour · a year ago
You can lowkey tell how many years someone has been on Tumblr based on what they tag as a "Long Post"
Ppl new to Tumblr will tag anything longer than a tweet. But those of us who lived through the neverending rainbow scroll post? Whosoever made the mistake of trying to make headway on their dash on a Tuesday?
Like I don't think I even tag YoureFinallyAwake or ColoursOfTheSky posts as "Long". If it takes fewer than 10 swipes on mobile? That is nothing to me.
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losingmymindtonight · 2 years ago
Ok, but speaking of The West Wing, that scene when Pres. Bartlett is being rolled into emergency surgery on a freaking gurney after being SHOT and is just like "If I don't speak to my daughter in the next minute I'm gonna start throwing punches" cause Zoey was throwing up... Have you ever seen something more Irondad than that?
I’ve been wanting to write this since I saw that episode and since one of my favorite authors brought it up, I must fulfill. And THEN I hear that it was your birthday, so now it’s MANDATORY that I offer you writing as a ceremonial gift. It’s not nearly as much as you deserve, but I hope it’s something!
WARNINGS: gun violence, hospitals, surgeries, mentions of vomit, mentions of shock
Tony had been in a lot of firefights in his time, but he never got used to them.
He didn’t really know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. If it showed that he’d retained some of his humanity, or if it proved that he had always been ill-suited to the superhero job.
Then again, when the popping of gunfire went off and the world exploded into shattered glass and screaming, none of that philosophical pondering really mattered anymore.
Someone shoved him to the ground within a second of the first shot. The breath whooshed out of his lungs, sidewalk digging into his palms. There was shouting in his ears, the scrabble of shoes right next to his face, and then he was being hauled up. Shielded. Pushed up, down, forward. His knees his concrete, grass, asphalt. He scrabbled to call the suit, but then he remembered that he didn’t have it. He didn’t have it.
Screw Ross and his laws. Screw the Accords. Just… Just screw it all.
More gunfire. To his left, someone screamed.
A car door swung open right in front of his face, and someone shoved him inside.
Tires squealed. The car jerked as it hit a curb.
He gasped in air. Someone was talking to his right. The same someone that had pushed him down, had been shouting.
In the adrenaline drop of after, he realized that it was Rhodey. Because of course it was Rhodey. Of course.
The Colonel (which was a title that would never sit right in Tony’s gut, because the man would always just be his best friend, would always be the nerdy 18 year old who scooped him up at MIT and never let him go) was sitting beside him in the backseat, hand resting heavy on his shoulder. He looked easy and calm, especially for a man who had just been shot at. That’s probably what the military did for you, he supposed. Maybe he should’ve enlisted after all, just like Howard had wanted.
Then again, Tony had always been terrible at taking orders.
“Easy, Tony. You’re alright.”
He shook his head, tried to get a grip back on reality. His ears were still ringing, he could still hear the popping of bullets in his skull. “What-What the he-”
“Tony,” Rhodey said, firm and commanding, “breathe.”
“I am breathing,” he snapped. 
He felt like he’d lost something. Like he needed to-
He snapped back into himself like whiplash. It hurt, to hit reality at full speed, but the pain was drowned out by the terror.
He scrabbled for Rhodey’s sleeve, fingernails tearing into his suit jacket. “Peter, Peter, Rhodey-”
He didn’t have to say anything else. Rhodey lunged forward, grabbed a walkie-talkie out of the front of the car, reaching past a driver that Tony didn’t even know the name of to do it, and started talking into it so fast that Tony’s shock-addled brain could barely keep up.
“This is Colonel Rhodes. I have Tony in the car. Is Peter secure? Does anyone have Peter Parker?”
Crackle of static. Then,
“Affirmative. I have Parker.”
Tony could’ve fainted with relief. His head swum, vision blurring at little at the edges. His chest ached, too. Probably from hitting the pavement so hard. Or, heck, maybe it was just from worry. Peter was bound to be the death of him someday.
He jerked the walkie-talkie out of Rhodey’s hands. “Get him on the line. I want to talk to him.”
“Sorry, Sir,” the voice said, and Tony didn’t recognize it, which made his heart skip, because the last time he’d seen Peter, the kid had been with Happy, going ahead to the car while Tony stopped to shake hands with the crowds gathered outside the gala. “He can’t talk right now.”
The color leeched out of the world. If Peter had been hit… if… if Peter had been hit…
Rhodey leaned forward, not pulling the walkie-talkie out of Tony’s iron-tight grasp, but slipping his hand over Tony’s so he could use it. “Is he hit?”
“No, Sir, he’s not hit.”
The reassurance only settled some of Tony’s fear. “Then why can’t he talk?”
“He’s… He’s vomiting in the car, Sir.”
“What the he-”
Rhodey gripped his shoulder again, shaking him a little to catch his attention. “Easy, Tony, this happens sometimes.”
What an absurd thing to say. How could anyone be so calm about his child vomiting in a car. There was nothing normal about his child vomiting in a car. 
Had he mentioned that his child was vomiting in a car?
He grit his teeth until his jaw ached. “What do you mean this happens sometimes?”
“I mean that it happens,” Rhodey snapped. “He might’ve gotten an elbow in the stomach, but it’s probably just shock.”
Just shock. Shock. They’d just been shot at, almost certainly because of Tony, and now his kid was in shock.
He regretted everything. He didn’t even know what everything encompassed, but he knew that he regretted it all the same.
“Is Happy with him?”
There was more static. The empty crackling was driving Tony mad.
“Hogan put him in the car.”
His stomach flipped. “But he’s not with him?”
“No, Sir. But he’s got two security guards with him, Sir, as well as me.”
Rhodey’s brow furrowed. “Why isn’t Happy in the car?”
“Hogan put the kid in the car then stayed behind for the ID agent. He thinks he saw something, something that might be-”
They hit a pothole. Pain, sharp and hot, lanced up his side. He gasped, reaching up to grab the spot with a wince. He kept his eyes trained desperately on the walkie-talkie, as if he could stare through the plastic and see Peter on the other side.
He heard Rhodey take a sharp breath, and then his chin was being gripped, gaze jerked away from the only line he had to Peter, to his kid-
“Tony?” Rhodey’s eyes searched his face. There was something wet on his lips. “Tony, did you get hit?”
He blinked at him. What? Did he get hit? Peter was vomiting in the backseat of a car, doors and steel and roads away from him, and Rhodey was asking stupid questions like did you get hit?
Hands dragged up his side, came away wet, and suddenly, Rhodey didn’t look very calm anymore.
“Turn around!” He shouted to the driver. “We’ve got a GSW.” Rhodey was grabbing his face again, forcing their eyes together. “Tony, breathe. Don’t pass out.”
He glared. “I’m not gonna pass out.”
The car jerked in a 180, tires squealing against the damp pavement. Rhodey steadied him as they tilted.
“Where’s Peter going?” He gasped, vision still swimming from the sudden change of inertia. “Where are they taking Peter?”
“To the Tower.”
“Where are you taking me?”
“To the hospital.”
“No, no. Take Peter… he needs to get looked at, too. And I wanna see him.”
I have to see him.
For a second, it looked like Rhodey was going to argue. Then, he just nodded, acquiescent, and used the hand not pressed against Tony’s abdomen to grab the walkie-talkie again.
“Bring Peter to the hospital. We’re taking Tony there now.”
Static. Then, the same voice as before.
“Affirmative. The kid wants to know why.”
Tony jerked a hand up, wrapped bloody fingers around Rhodey’s wrist. “Rhodey, don’t tell him.”
“He’ll find out when he gets to the hospital anyway, Tony,” he hissed, then spoke his next words into the walkie-talkie. “It’s a minor gunshot wound. Tell the kid that he’s conscious, talking, and still being a pain in my ass.”
He grinned.
Yeah, that’d make the kid feel better.
There was a stretcher and a medical team waiting for him as soon as they arrived.
Apparently, being a high-profile superhero billionaire won you some pretty good emergency medical care. Who knew.
It did not, however, win you any breaks in the pain department. Moving him onto the gurney still absolutely sucked. He’d been shot before, which probably wasn’t something a lot of people in the world could say, but he always seemed to forget just how much it hurt.
Rhodey was talking rapidly to one of the nurses as they wheeled him into the hospital and down a hallway.
“He’s got a GSW in his abdomen. Entry and exit wounds.”
The nurse nodded. “BP is 134 over 78. Pulse is 108. What’s his pulse ox?”
“98,” someone else shouted, just out of Tony’s view.
A man in a white coat was jogging beside the gurney. He was the first person to actually address him, smiling thinly. “Mister Stark, I’m Doctor Keller. I’m the trauma surgeon on duty. Considering the circumstances, everything is looking pretty steady. The exit wound is a good sign when it comes to any possible internal damage and we’re really liking your vitals.”
He felt like snarling. None of this was what he wanted. He didn’t care about the hole in his stomach. He cared that somewhere, his kid was vomiting all alone in the back of a car. 
“I swear to all that is holy,” he spat, “if I don’t speak to my kid in the next five minutes, I’m gonna attack someone.”
“He’s on his way, Tony,” Rhodey reassured.
“He’d better be.”
They rolled him into a trauma room, stopping in the middle and not wasting another second before swarming him. He heard the click of the stretcher’s breaks, the chatter of voices saying bits and pieces of things he understood and things he didn’t. Pairs and pairs and pairs of unfamiliar hands were touching him, poking and prodding and attaching monitors. There was a sting in the crook of his elbow as one of the nurses started an IV.
“Okay, Sir,” Doctor Keller said, patting his shoulder, “we’re just gonna get you stabilized. Do you have any medical conditions?”
“Well,” he drawled, “I’ve been shot. Does that count?”
Rhodey snorted.
He reached out and grabbed a nurse’s wrist as she reached for his IV, then re-found Doctor Keller’s face. “I want you to wait until I’ve seen my kid before you give me the anesthesia. Do you understand?”
Thankfully, the surgeon seemed to understand who was in charge in this situation, and it certainly wasn’t him or his staff.
“Of course.”
He let of the rest of the minutes blur by, nodding along with whatever Doctor Keller and his nurses said and trusting Rhodey to actually be paying attention.
Then the doors swung open, and a receptionist pushed Peter through.
Despite the pain still burning up his side, he could breathe again.
The kid was pale, shaking. His wide eyes blew even wider when he took in the scene in front of him: nurses and blood and all. 
“I’m okay,” he called gently, pain getting shoved in the backseat, everything getting shoved in the backseat in favor of this kid, his kid.
“Tony?!” Peter repeated, more frantic this time despite Tony’s attempt to comfort him, and he rushed forward, slipping past the nurses and Rhodey and bumping into the gurney’s guard rail in his haste to get close.
“They didn’t hit anything,” he soothed, reaching up to brush some of Peter’s hair out of his face. “They’re just gonna look around and make sure.”
Peter’s eyes darted down to the bloodstain on his shirt and up to his face. “Are you… Are you in a lot of pain?”
“No. No, of course not.”
“Are you lying?”
“Of course he is,” Rhodey snarked, stepping up to grip Peter’s arm. “He wants you to tell all your friends how brave he was.”
“Duh. Plus, I want all these guys,” he gestured to the nurses, “to feed the reporters a story of how I was up-beat and joking around.”
“You are brave,” Peter said, looking close to tears.
“Peter, I’m fine,” he murmured, heart aching at how distressed the kid seemed. “I’m just so happy to see you, buddy.”
A nurse tentatively tapped his arm. “Sir? We really need to begin.”
“Right, right.” He glanced up at Rhodey. “Make him,” he jerked his chin towards Peter, “get checked out. Don’t let him talk you out of it.”
Peter was shaking his head, frantic. “No, no. I wanna stay.”
He smiled to cover up just how much the plea pierced him. “Won’t be able to fall asleep if you’re here, bud. You’re just too exciting to have around. Go on with Rhodey. I’ll see you when I wake up.”
“Nuh-uh. No ifs, ands, or buts. I’m the adult here. Plus,” he reached out and poked Peter’s side, “I have a hole in my stomach, so I think I get the veto card right about now.”
“That’s not funny,” the kid whispered, weakly letting Rhodey pull him back, away from Tony, towards the doors.
“I thought it was pretty funny.”
“It wasn’t.”
“Well, I’ll work on my jokes.” He waved as Peter paused in the doorway. “See you later, squirt. Be good for Rhodey.”
“Don’t die,” Peter called back, voice hitching dangerously.
He nearly laughed at the absurdity of the request. “It’ll take a lot more than this to kill me, kid. Trust me on that.”
The doors slid shut, obscuring the kid’s face from view. And with Peter gone, with Peter safe, there was nothing left to cling to.
He gave the nearest nurse and thumbs up and let the drugs wash him down.
When he surfaced again, Pepper was there.
She smiled when she sensed his eyes on her, reaching forward to intertwine their fingers. “Hey, honey.”
He swallowed past the stinging in his throat. “Peter?”
“May’s got him in the waiting room,” she murmured, as if she’d been expecting the question. “They wouldn’t let him in until you were awake.”
He nodded, trying to kick his brain into gear despite the pain meds slogging through his system. “Is everyone okay?”
“There weren’t any fatalities. A few injuries, but nothing serious. Happy hit his head, but it’s only a minor concussion. They treated Peter for shock while you were in surgery, but he’s just fine now.”
The information absorbed slowly, but Pepper waited patiently. Always waiting, always patient.
“Did they catch them?”
“The gunmen?” It wasn’t an actual question, not really, but he nodded anyway as Pepper continued. “Yes. One’s dead, but the other’s been taken in for questioning.”
“Did they say why they did it?”
Something dark fell over Pepper’s face. “Yes.”
She brushed a hand through his hair, biting worriedly at her lip. “You have to promise to stay calm.”
Foreboding was brewing in his stomach. Pepper never danced around an issue like this. She was always straightforward, bit between her teeth. 
“Please just tell me,” he whispered.
“You weren’t the target.”
He blinked, trying to process what the hell that meant.
“Then who was?”
“It was… It was Peter, sweetheart. They were trying to get Peter.”
Everything froze. There wasn’t enough oxygen in the room, wasn’t enough gravity to stop them all from peeling away from the ground. That… That couldn’t be. Peter wasn’t a target, wasn’t something that was meant to be viewed through a pair of crosshairs. Peter was a child.
“Why would they-”
Pepper was already talking, voice low. “Tony, these people are crazy-”
“But they tried to… they tried to k-”
“Yes, Tony, but we caught them, so they aren’t going to be able to try it again-”
“That’s not enough,” he hissed, bringing a hand up to cradle his tender side. “That’s… That’s not enough.”
“Oh, honey…”
“I want to see him.” He gripped the thin hospital sheets in his fist. “Please, Pep. I need to see him.”
“Alright,” she said softly, pushing to her feet, “I’ll go get him, but then you need to rest.”
“Wait. Pepper,” he called, stalling her in the doorway. “Does he know?”
Does he know who those bullets were meant for? Does he know that he wasn’t meant to make it into that car alive?
“No,” she said, voice grave.
“Let’s… Let’s keep it that way, yeah?”
She jerked her head in response. “I’m on it.”
It looked like Peter’s whole body went dizzy with relief when Pepper pushed him into the room. It seemed to be contagious, too, because the sight of the kid’s eyes, wide and hopeful, made his chest go fuzzy.
“See?” He grinned, gesturing at himself with his IV free arm. “Even old men can got shot and survive nowadays. Modern medicine is just that good.”
“You’re okay,” Peter breathed, and he sounded so airy and out-of-body that Tony was genuinely worried that he might just faint.
He kept up his smile, beckoning gently, trying to get the kid close enough that he could catch him if he did. “Sure am.”
“You’re okay.”
There was something manic filling up Peter’s gaze. Something that made Tony even more desperate to comfort, to protect. “Uh-huh,” he said, and the softness in his voice surprised even himself. “Everything’s alright now, buddy.”
The kid pressed himself up against the hospital bed’s barrier. “That was, uh, that was… scary.”
Peter sounded so small, and Tony was suddenly assaulted by the image of what the kid must’ve looked like while he was in surgery: frightened, alone, in shock.
He hadn’t forgotten how the kid’s uncle had died. And from the expression on Peter’s face, neither had he.
“Are you okay?” He asked, and he didn’t know entirely what he was looking for in an answer. Of course Peter wasn’t okay. At least, he wasn’t okay like that. Maybe he was asking for a different kind of okay. A superficial kind.
“Yeah. Yeah, I’m okay.”
He smirked a little, reaching out to lightly poke Peter’s stomach. “No more puking?”
A blush flushed through the kid’s face, and the embarrassment was a nice change from the fear. “Shut up. At least I didn’t get myself shot.”
The words hit a little hard, considering the conversation he and Pepper had just had, but he forced himself to hide it. “To be fair, that wasn’t actually in my plan.”
“But it still happened,” Peter whispered.
“Wow,” he said, cracking a smile, trying desperately to coax the dejected look off of the kid’s face, “it’s almost like you’re starting to understand how I feel every time you go out on patrol and come home with a stab wound in your gut.”
“But that happens when I’m Spider-Man,” Peter said, voice tight and stricken.
And Tony understood. He understood the hidden meaning in the words.
“It’s not supposed to happen when we’re outside of the suits,” he murmured, finishing the kid’s unspoken thought with a gentle voice.
“Yeah.” The kid gave a jerky nod, as if solidifying something in his head. “Yeah, it’s not.”
He didn’t know what to say to that. There was… There was nothing to say. Peter was right. Why should any kid ever have to reconcile himself with the fact that people were going to shoot at them?
“I’m sorry I scared you,” he whispered, because that was all he had. It was the only truth left that wouldn’t hurt.
The corner of Peter’s mouth quirked up, and it was the first sign of a positive emotion that the kid had given him since entering the room. “Yeah, well, it was obviously your fault.”
He smiled. “Obviously.”
They’d figure it out, he supposed. His wound would heal, he’d quietly exert whatever authority he could to destroy whatever organization had targeted Peter in the first place, and the terror still lingering in the kid’s eyes would fade and flicker and die. They’d gone through worse things and survived. Peter certainly had, as much as that fact pained him.
They’d figure it out, because they didn’t have any other choice. Because they had to.
And, of course, because they always did.
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lepetitcomte · a year ago
If somebody ghosts you, respect the dead and never disturb them again. Im sorry your jail friend did that to you.
Oh, thank you for your concern anon, but it's really not that serious!! 💕 I know tone doesn't carry well over the internet and I swear a lot especially when talking about my boys but I'm not actually pissed or hurt just mildly miffed!! And I can pretty much promise you this wasn't a case of him intentionally or maliciously ghosting me!!! He's 100% not the kind of guy who would go out of his way to text everyone in his life or even make a formal social media announcement about something like this, it's really completely on brand for him to just post an innocuous Snapstory of him jamming in his car with a Baby Yoda doll in his lap!... I just don't check Snapchat often so the fact that I saw it at all was very uncommonly serendipitous, so the idea that I might have missed it is... Phew. But I've been texting his girl so I know he's actually just. At Walmart right now and I'm really insanely happy about it because he's out!! Can't wait to call him a fucking bastard directly, get his "I'm sorry Ma'am 🥺" tail-between-his-legs-apology, and then exchange our first "love you"s since February 🤗 💕
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knifebucket · a year ago
seriously nothing lets me down, makes me question everything I know, or hurts me more than when I talk to my dad and all of the sudden he's an asshole
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askthekirbysquad · 2 years ago
Hey, Kirby! Have you been seeing other friends of yours lately? Like... Fluff, for example! I wonder how they're doing.
Tumblr media
Kirby: Gooey and my animal friends all live in Dream Land, so I get to see them a lot. And Taranza sometimes visits from Floralia!
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just-like-playing-tag · 2 years ago
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onemoore · 2 years ago
I want to hug you FYI
Oh my gosh! I needed this!
Have a blushing skull!!
Tumblr media
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mythvoiced · 2 years ago
@intergalacticxmisfits​ - 💬 (SPILL THE TEA!) — send 💬 and my muse will say what they really think about yours.
Saeyoung > Mariah
“What?! It’s no secret what I really think about my wife, my beloved, the love of my life, the brightest star in my night-sky, my spaceship spouse and companion, my adored and beautiful pig wrestler.”
Apple red curls continue to bounce as he joins his hands in front of himself, continuing his dramatic delivery of monikers and titles, one after the other, that he truly believes in, even if his exaggerated relaying might make it seem otherwise. But then he stops, the energy fading from his shoulders as they slump, a sigh slipping past the lips that had been showcasing a dorky grin, moments prior. His hands sink.
“I love her. She’s, she’s so ridiculously smart. And strong. And she’s the bravest person I know, maybe even the bravest in the entire world. She never looks scared, even when she is. And she won’t ever give up on anyone. She didn’t even give up on me, even though I gave her no reason to keep fighting for me. For us. Hell, God knows I gave her plenty of reasons to walk away, but she never did. She saw through me, and all my bullshit, and stuck around despite it. At first, I thought she was just stubborn.”
He shrugs, a fond smile playing at his lips now. “But now I know. She is stubborn. And the best human in the world.”
Others below the cut.
Hyeongjong > Minjae
Tumblr media
“He’s my best friend, obviously.” The statement is delivered like an affirmation one would be a fool to even think of second-guessing. He doesn’t even look up as he says it, as if it is a truth so deeply ingrained in the very reality of the universe that neither eye contact nor intensity is needed to bring the point across. Soulmates, platonic ones included, are pre-written by whoever wrote the stars into the sky.
Why would you second-guess something like that?
He looks up to smile, instead, from corner to corner, bright and delighted. “He’s a genius. A prodigy maybe, even, although I wouldn’t know because I didn’t know him as a child. But he’s so incredibly smart. Smarter than anybody else I know. His knowledge about the universe is almost like the universe itself, never-ending! But that’s not all!”
He lifts a finger, as if to maintain attention. “It’s not even the half of it, and I could be talking about his brain for hours, but there’s another very important thing I need to mention: his heart. Not the thinker organ, but Minjae’s is as well developed as the one in his skull. He’s there for others, almost unconditionally. Not really unconditionally, but if he thinks you’re a good person, he’ll probably try to take the moon from the sky for you. And you know what’s craziest? He’s probably gonna succeed at it too. All in all, he’s incredible, he’s our generation’s Einstein! And as kind as Mother Theresa. Imagine that.”
Fenris > Theo
Tumblr media
“I don’t like to share my thoughts, let alone those I withhold of other people.” It’s a charmingly kind way to put it, tilted head, gentle tone, look in his eyes resembling that of an uncle or perhaps the father he’ll never be, trying to explain why he might relent today, but definitely won’t the next time he’ll be asked to play this game.
It’s the kind of giving in that happens with little to no malice, a resignation that is only a bit of play pretend, the ‘alright, you can have the cookie, but just this once’. It’s a great contrast to the beast he used to be. And he does, in part, believe, it is also thanks to people like Theo, living the example he has unknowingly lived by.
“Besides, I find it rude to speak of her in her absence. So I shall only say this: history is written by those who fired the gun, not by those left crippled by the bullet in their leg. Theodora walks with a metaphorical limp through life, given to her by I’m assuming a difficult past I have no further information on. She’s intent to continue using that very leg to deliver her blows, digging around in that bullet wound, believing to be deserving of punishment for deeds I’m, once again, assuming where caused by life simply... making her believe it is all she was made to do. Yet she continues to rise, continues to learn how to accept people holding her elbow or clutches offered to her. She is strength and she is resilience, and every time she feels she falls, she’s taken another step towards victory.”
He blinks. “Quite admirable, don’t you think?”
Hoon > Kailee
Tumblr media
“There’s nothing much to say here, I believe.” Ever the reserved, Hoon only ever seems to roll up his sleeves to wash his hands before surgery, and never to reveal the strongly beating heart so stubbornly refusing to rest on his palm.
Even for those, or rather the one, who’d managed to make his heart beat hard enough that he’d failed to continue to neglect he possesses one in the first place, buried deep beneath the layer of ice he himself had covered it with, almost like a soft blanket of refusal, of pushes being made to avoid being pushed first.
In Kang Hoon’s eyes, his heart doesn’t belong anywhere but in the dark and cold hole, he’d shoved it back into, where it was safe. Or rather, where he was safe from it. “I don’t... I guess there’s a lot I don’t know about her. A lot of... There’s a lot. No matter how much I know, there’s always more. More I’d like to know. More I don’t want to know. More I’m afraid to know. But no matter what it is, as long as it’s hers, I don’t think I’ll be able to turn my back on it.”
Yoshino > Minjae
Tumblr media
“He’s the best space guy I know!” She throws her hands in the air, as if trying to grab the sun from the sky and gift it to the one she thinks would deserve it most. For her, Minjae is perhaps the closest thing to the sun itself that she might be able to find in a single person.
Warm and welcoming and there even when you can’t see it, blinding in its brightness, always providing, always ready to help, somehow within her he... “He’s also kind of like summer,” she puts her finger to her chin, pensive. “He’s warm and super fun, he reminds me of fireflies when he looks at the stars, because I look at fireflies like he looks at stars... I wonder if he’ll agree to catch some with me. And the sky is always brightest in summer which obviously reminds me of him, because the sky is basically space and space is basically Minjae! It’s like, his friendliness and his heart, are as large as the universe itself! Which is pretty large, he’s told me so.”
She folds her hands behind her back. “I’m glad we’re friends. I really am. He’s always got my back. And I always want to have his! I think anyone who’s his friend should consider themselves lucky to be. He’s the greatest friend to have.”
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perhiistoria · 2 years ago
what are your favourite ships for your muses?
Tumblr media
       ♊       okay, here is the list, nonnie!! with my most common rp partners tagged uwu and i assumed you meant romantic because there are too many platonic ones to mention too asdf
Joanna of Portugal - Joanna x Richard III ( featuring @malignedking ).
Bessie Blount - Bessie x Henry VIII, Bessie x her husband because she deserved happiness.
Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha - Albert x Victoria of Kent.
Ernest of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha - Ernest x Harriet Howard ( featuring @ahopefulbunch ).
Alice Burgh - Alice x Richard III ( featuring @malignedking ).
Anne Neville - Anne x Richard III, Anne x Edward of Westminster ( when he’s not portrayed as a creepy abuser ).
Edward of Middleham - Edward x a life in the country in Scotland where he’s happy.
Elizabeth Woodville - Elizabeth x Edward IV ( featuring @splendoursun ).
Katherine St Leger - Kate x Richard III ( featuring @malignedking​ ), Kate x James.
Mary of York - Mary x Kiran, Mary x Kiara ( featuring @apurekindness ), Mary x Cenred, Mary x Cenra ( featuring @kingcenred ), Mary x Caspian, Mary x Dwight ( featuring @hearkenedsouls​ ), Mary x Daniel ( featuring @daniellecountessofderby​ ), Mary x Niki ( featuring @first-child-and-heir ).
Feodora of Leiningen - Feodora x Ernst.
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