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if you had to rank your fav naruto characters how would it go? love your blog btw!!
Hmmm... Complicated ask, anon.😂
[My personal life would be splashed here and there. Please bear with me]
Before 5 months, if you asked me about Naruto, my response would be ‘What the fuck is that?’. I absolutely had no idea such a treasure existed. For me, it started out like a blockbuster movie for the sheer variety of fights and the resulting emotions it brought within me. 
However, there was a point I stopped and thought, ‘Wait a fucking second. This resembles my family dynamics. This person is speaking the exact same lines I spoke to my parents few years ago. This person’s situation resembles mine. Did this creator a time traveler?’. Naruto is the only piece of media that gave me such feel. Am not even exaggerating, believe me. 
I really liked so many characters very much but am going to try my best to list just 10. 
The only characters I hate in this series are Danzo, Sakura and Hinata in no particular order. Meaning, I absolutely cannot see any positives in them. They are crassy, cringey and completely detestable.
10. Killer Bee
Tumblr media
HaHaHa :-) Just seeing this character makes me smile and light-hearted.
It’s a pity that he is the only character who don’t belong to Konoha in my Top 10 rankings who was developed well apart from Gaara.
I loved him from Frame 1 onwards and I sincerely wished Team Taka should be packed up with their ass beaten up mercilessly. And that’s what happened.
Despite being a Jinchurikki, he never bothered to mind his surroundings and filled his heart with love from his over protective Brother alone was nice to watch.
He makes a great Tag Partner with Naruto next to Sasuke. No doubt.
The way Killer Bee treated Team Taka like some annoying flies and his cool and don’t care attitude was top notch. It’s not just with Sasuke, Bee treated Naruto with the same IDGAF attitude at first.
Best Moments:
Lariat punch to Sasuke (TBH, Sasuke deserved it. LOL)
Blasted off every member of Team Taka like a doll
His entire conversation and fight sequence with Kisame (Their banters and exchanges are way too hilarious)
His dynamics with his Elder Brother (God!!!! Whenever Raikage gives him an Iron Claw.... What a hilarious duo!!!!)
9. Hatake Kakashi
Tumblr media
Kakashi was my most favourite character when I started the series for simply being ultra-cool with the way he conducted the Bell-Test and taught a valuable lesson for those bratty kids in Team 7 called ‘Team Work’. 
Best Moments:
Kakashi vs Obito Hand-to-Hand Combat (the best in the series)
Kakashi in the Gaara retrieval arc (His fight with Itachi & Deidara gave a good start to the shippuden series. His Mangekyou reveal was surprising).
Kakashi & Guy teaming up with Naruto to reveal Obito in a twisty and tragic way. (Kakashi couldn’t handle the truth at all and neither did I)
Kakashi vs Zabuza (That’s when I realized that the series was getting real serious)
8. Jiraiya
Tumblr media
Jiraiya was my next favourite to Kakashi during my Part 1 days. His open perversion and his entire dynamics with Naruto was one of the best things during the Chunin Exams arc. Taught Naruto about Chakra Control and about the way of a shinobi by just enduring. Naruto follows this even today.
Best Moments: 
Kuchiyose No Jutsu training (Man, I never expected him to push Naruto off the cliff)
Rasengan Training (One of the best arcs in part 1 and it was soo satisfying to see Naruto punching his first Rasengan on Kabuto, He also acted like a quasi parent to Naruto... heartwarming)
Jiraiya Vs Six paths of Pain ( 6 vs 1 was always doomed but still he had the guts of a shinobi and plunged ahead)
7. Uchiha Madara
Tumblr media
Geez. What is there to not like him?? 
Everything he did was absolutely wrong ever since he broke up with Hashirama in a romantic way much similar to how couples break up in my country.
I am an Uchiha. You are a Senju. I wish it had been different.
This roughly translates to how 75% of lovers break up and marry someone else from their own clan in my state. (Duh!!!)
I am from XXX clan, you are from XXX clan. So we can’t love each other and my parents won’t accept this relationship. So let’s break up.
Alright, my first shipping couple in this series is HashiMada for this exact reason. (I started shipping SNS only after episode 478). 
Just like Hashirama, Madara had an extensive build up right from episode 1 where Kurama compares Sasuke with Madara. And flashbacks from Itachi and Tobi spiked my curiosity and I wanted to see his face so badly ever since.
But the moment he landed gracefully like a diva in episode 321.... Woaahhhh!!!! He literally danced in the battlefield and ate up 100′s of guys with just a fucking Sharingan. 
Best Moments:
Going Shirtless before 1000′s of people with Hashirama’s face, no less (Well, I literally went heart-eyed for 5 minutes. Sorry Sasuke, your ancester was way much sexier than you in the Orochimaru hideout and beats you by a million points).
Screaming Hashirama’s name like a cockatoo for 300 times even till the very end (Sorry Naruto, your obsession towards Sasuke for about 6 arcs is pale in comparison to Madara’s obsession which was established in just 6 or 7 episodes.)
I have 25 clones now. Do you want me to put Susanoo or not? You can’t answer. The answer is yes. (Man, his I don’t give a fuck attitude is just an alien level thing)
Openly admitting Only Hashirama Can Beat Me (Say what you will about Sasuke, Madara has no qualms about accepting his inferiority in terms of power. An absolute Straight Forward diva-queen)
Awakening Sharingan for breaking up with his ‘friend’ rather than for his 3 dead brothers. (Geez, Poor Soul. He is the forefather of a Romantic Uchiha. That romantic blood still flows in Sasuke)
6. Senju Hashirama
Tumblr media
Man, I would have placed him somewhere in top 5 if only he was introduced early or had more scenes. I started watching Naruto only because of this very name. There is a local podcaster in my state who goes under the alias of Senju Hashirama and in his podcasts, he hinted about this character and how he was inspired by his ideals. I just googled and saw that this character belonged to Naruto series and I considered watching it. Here I am, making analysis on that very series.
There was this excellent build up for him right when we got introduced to Captain Yamato. He was constantly referred in flashbacks from Itachi and Tobi especially.
But the moment he was reanimated again..... Geez..... It was an hilarious ride all throughout. Out of all the flashbacks we got from this series, Founders Era flashback was my absolute favourite.
From where I come from, we are still under the stupid influence of Clan infrastructure and are not growing up in many aspects like people in western countries do. For me, I hope, one day, someone like Senju Hashirama appears in our state and change our lives for better by uniting all clans as one and treats everyone equally without the shitty favouritism for their own children, friends, parents, siblings.
That’s why this dialogue struck a thunder in my heart
“Be they a friend.... Be they a sibling.... Be it even my own child. I will not forgive anyone who threatens the village.”
Because the clan leaders in our place are absolutely selfish, trash bastards who serves their own needs with no regards for other people from other clans. For a person like me, Hashirama is not just a fictional hero, he is someone who many aspires to become. No wonder that podcaster chose this name as his alias.
He rightfully deserved the title ‘God of Shinobi’. And no one can surpass him, not even Naruto.
Best Moments:
Wood Style vs Eternal Mangekyou sharingan + Kurama powered Madara (He just beats Madara’s ass by a wide margin. This shows he was a whole fucking different level than Naruto + Sasuke combined. In terms of strength, nobody surpassed him YET. Sorry Naruto and Sasuke, you guys are no match even now with your Rinnegan and Kurama lost forever).
His entire banters with Madara (ROFLLLL. Without him, it would have been just another lifeless arc.)
5. Senju Tobirama
Tumblr media
Hmmm, let me tell you something about him.
First off, he is not a racist or fascist as many hardcore Sasuke fanatics claims. He is one of the best hokages according to me. He is abso-fucking-lutely practical, rational, logical and holds no grudge. And Sasuke resembles Tobirama with all these characteristics as compared to soft and naive Naruto. If only he had more screen time, he would be easily in my top 3. 
Just because he didn’t lick the boots of Uchiha (many people’s favorite clan or may I say the only clan that was given any shit about in this series), it doesn’t make him a racist or fascist.
No, he never persecuted the Uchihas. Danzo, the crass bastard, driven off the Uchihas only after the Kyuubi incident. It was explicitly mentioned in the databook and was clearly explained in the series. 
He literally gave the highest position in the village for the entire clan. That is, a military power inside a military village. ‘Shinobi who can cause crimes can only be stopped by shinobi who are even better’. In my state, if a powerful clan decided to persecute another clan, they simply start by cutting off basic amenities like Water and Electricity. Compared to what I’ve seen, Tobirama did nothing but given the Uchihas, the highest position in their village. 
Orochimaru only said giving such a power made them conceited (arrogant). Tobirama had a trusted subordinate called Kagami, an Uchiha in his team. He suggested Kabuto to help Sasuke and even teleported him on his request. He even spited Madara for killing Sasuke, an Uchiha. He openly claimed Uchiha clan exceeds Senju in terms of Love. He openly appreciated Itachi and Kagami as someone who sees beyond their clan. In what world, would a racist or fascist do all this for a clan he hates??? 
Yes, he was cautious of Sasuke at first because he saw him with Orochimaru and even went full-on battle mode because of Sasuke’s carefree threat to destroy the village. But once he decided to go to the battlefield to fight Madara, he simply forgot everything that happened before and started to work with him as a comrade, and even helped him twice. In which world, a racist or fascist behave this way?
Believe me, a person like me who was grown with these clan politics surely can say who is a fascist. He was not. He was just cautious of them because of their ability to attain superpowers with just emotions alone. Let me ask you all this, ‘Would you be okay with people getting crazy powers whenever they are depressed?’. Being cautious is not racism. It really disrespects people who faced real oppression under fascism.
What Madara and Danzo did was a classical example of fascism. 
And No, Izuna didn’t die only because of Tobirama. He died because Madara was too arrogant to instigate war with Senju clan. And this was way before forming Konoha. If Tobirama killed Izuna after the alliance between Uchiha and Senju, I would agree that he was a racist. Izuna lost his life just like any other Uchiha and Senju soldiers in that battlefield. 
Just because he shitted your beloved ‘Sasuke-Kun’ doesn’t mean he is a racist too. Tobirama saw Sasuke along with that scoundrel Orochimaru who once used this very two hokages to destroy the very village they strived hard to create and protect. What will you do, if you were in his place?? Please don’t lie and say ‘I wouldn’t be judgemental’. 
And Imagine you are Tobirama, Sasuke is threatening to commit genocide against the entire village who had no idea about this coup detat instead of going against those old hags. Will you sit quiet as a Hokage?? 
He was the first person to suggest his brother, Itama, that Revenge against Uchihas are futile. All we need is an agreement to make truce. That gave the idea for Hashirama to pursue his dream. And Tobirama was happy to follow that dream and very supportive. 
It’s because of all these reasons I placed him above Senju Hashirama.
Best Moments:
Amazing power display against Sasuke & Co with just an index finger (It was a pleasure to see everyone’s face trembling with mild sweat including Sasuke).
Acted as a decoy to save his young subordinates. (The way he sacrificed his life saying young wills of fire must be protected is just Woow!! I wish his subordinates listened to his words and passed the mantle to the younger ones rather than playing game at such an old age and screwed up many lives. Pfft!!!)
Any time he says ‘Shut Up’ to Hashirama (ROFL)
His absolute ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude to Naruto, Sasuke, Hashirama, Minato and Madara (He trolled them all mercilessly and I love it)
4. Senju Tsunade
Tumblr media
It hurts me to say that Tsunade is the only female character in my list because every other female characters were written in a much more piss poorly way. Only Konan came close to Tsunade but her role was very short. 
Despite her character’s purpose revolved around another male character (Dan) and a blatant objectification of her breasts, I liked everything about her other than those mentioned above. 
She is the Second Best Hokage who took Konoha right after the destruction made by Orochimaru, excellently handled the aftermath by making friendly relations with Suna (Sand village), provided her best medical support to Konoha in the Pain Arc and successfully handled the fourth Shinobi world war. 
She is such a badass who developed her own original jutsu called Byakugou no Jutsu, which can heal herself. 
She is just way too amazing and it’s a pity that we got very less scenes in Shippuden.
Best Moments:
Took 25+ stabs from Madara’s Susanoo like a piece of cake (Man, I simply couldn’t describe that scene. All the other Kages were shocked and even Madara too)
Lifted her advisors like a cabbage sack (Those fucking old hags deserved it. Those shits should’ve died)
Her index finger flick assault on Naruto (Aww, Naruto was definitely bratty in his first meeting and Tsunade didn’t hold back at all)
Played Orochimaru like a basketball (In that same arc, she fought Orochimaru mercilessly like a devil left and right. Someone who claimed to have surpassed Tsunade never even dared to fight Orochimaru’s student and crying for his attention after just receiving one stab from Madara. Just saying)
3. Uzumaki Naruto
Tumblr media
Naruto is the titular character and your emotions evolve along with him. He surely deserves a spot in Top 3. The only reason I didn’t place Naruto even more higher is because he didn’t experience something very important which many characters in this list faced. That is, Losing a loved one before his eyes. Every villain in this series became what they are because they lost someone important before their eyes like Nagato, Obito. (Nope, I don’t count Neji as his loved one). I think this tests the mettle of any character and Naruto failed to experience this. The only person he ever lost was Jiraiya and that too from off-screen. That’s why I felt his journey to his dreams seemed little easier compared to the rest of the characters.
His best block of episodes will always be the part 1 Episode 1, 2, 3. Episode 1 is the character defining episode for Naruto and what he learned there will be applied everywhere till the very end of the series. He learned 3 things
Forgiveness, Empathy and Acceptance
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu
From then on, this boy wins many friends to his side, not only from Konoha but from other villages too and even made them to acknowledge his strength only through his sheer hard work. 
However, there is this person, whose acknowledgement he wants the most.  That person is his most important bond along with Iruka Sensei. He is none other than Sasuke. One day, Sasuke left him alone for some unavoidable reason at the end of part 1 which left a huge scar in him and he vows to bring him back to the place where he belongs. That becomes his ultimate goal rather than becoming an Hokage.
The way he goes to any extent to protect the people he cares about is just simply entertaining to watch.
Every time he makes an heroic entry to save the day was never boring, not once. 
Best Moments:
Sobbing from his heart after hearing Iruka Sensei acknowledging him (It just makes me feel heavy for no reason. The anime team did an awesome job to capture his emotions convincingly)
Awakening Kyuubi Mode for the first time after seeing Sasuke die in his arms (Man, out of all the collective hatred he got from the villagers, this moment affected him a lot speaks volumes)
Punching Neji from the underground to win the Chunin exams (God, I honestly believed Naruto lost but he just surprised us heavily from nowhere. And that failure speech was just pure bliss to watch even today)
Pain Vs Naruto (One of the best arc for Naruto. Because unlike other arcs, where Naruto fought with a team, this arc he was all alone fighting a person with Rinnegan. Be it the exuberant landing from the frogs with a dramatic kabuki music, creating multi-step attacks, coming up with novel solution in that difficult situation, finally ending the conflict without killing the enemy, becoming an hero. Superb journey. The only thing I didn’t like in that arc is some shitty selfish proposal. PUKE!!)
Bearing the burdens of his most important person and die along with him (This boy always shouts he will never die until he becomes an Hokage. But for Sasuke, he was ready to die along with him in order to not leave him alone proves how much he loves him. This shows his emotional maturity rather than shouting at Sasuke like he always did before which never reached his ears. This time it did)
Final Good Bye to Minato (Honestly, I was bawling just like Naruto in that scene no matter how many times I watch it. It started out slow but as he speaks more and more, he simply couldn’t hold back and wept a sea of tears 😭😭😭)
2. Uchiha Sasuke
Tumblr media
One of the well written characters in this series, with all the flaws and positive stuffs which makes him more of an Anti-Hero. He always subverts my preformed opinions and never ceased to surprise me.
Despite being aloof and cold, his warmer side will always be exposed towards Naruto. This is evident by many things he had done for Naruto which he don’t have to or no reason to. Starting right from roasting Sakura, offering lunch, asking for tips, enquiring about breakfast, protecting him many times and dying for Naruto. 
Why I placed him above Naruto is because of his unavoidable decision to tread in a complicated dark path primarily due to the trauma he carried and was stirred up again by collective factors such as Orochimaru’s cursed seal, Itachi’s arrival and Naruto’s growth. Compared to Sasuke, Naruto had an easier path because he never saw anyone die before his eyes and hence he don’t carry any trauma which can divert his path.
Even after watching his entire clan and family members murdered before his eyes at an age 8, he managed to pull himself and never snapped out like many other good characters does. But the moment when he found out that Itachi was good all along, he simply couldn’t tolerate the truth and gave himself to Vengeance. Because, he loved his brother more than he hated him all these years. This shows he loved his brother more than his parents. His resolve to destroy Konoha was perfectly understandable. But is it good? Nope. He can kill Danzo and those old hags but killing other people was never justifiable.
But still, his resolve to have his vengeance was diverted by Naruto and weakened by Itachi, at some point. So, he decided to know the truth and when he heard it, he understood the Hokages also sacrificed many precious things to protect this village just like his Brother Itachi. He understood the mistakes of his clan and decided to protect the village which he swore to destroy. [Many Sasuke fanatics think that he succumbed to the Government and Kishi wrote Sasuke to bootlick them. Their idea was to tackle genocide with another genocide. What a stupid idea!!!!]
And No, I don’t consider him trying to kill Sakura, Karin and Kakashi as his bad moments (though I feel bad for Karin). For the simple reason being, he became a monster by losing himself in the darkness who lost the rationality to differentiate friends from foes. Much similar to how Naruto lost himself to Kyuubi’s hatred against Orochimaru and in Pain Arc. It’s so hypocritical to ignore Naruto and accuse Sasuke here. Plus, Sakura had no business to be there otherwise Sasuke would not have tried to kill her. 
But does it mean Sasuke did nothing wrong???
He definitely shouldn’t have joined Akatsuki and hunted Killer Bee like an animal. Because, he knew that Tobi was the one who helped Itachi massacre the clan. When fighting Itachi he specifically vowed to kill Madara (Tobi). On top of that, Itachi passed on Amaterasu in his eyes specifically to stay away from Tobi. Why did he ally with him? Plus, Sasuke was one of the few characters who was exposed to the name ‘Akatsuki’ in part 1 itself. He clearly knew that this organization targets Naruto, his closest bond. Why did he join there? This is where the stupid part of Sasuke came out. I was grunting... ‘Oii Where did that clever Sasuke, who faced 1000 soldiers without killing any of them, went??’. 
And his plan for Revolution???? I thought it would be reasonable. But his vision was eerily similar to Danzo’s vision. Grrr..... Danzo also wanted to create his ideal village by destroying the current Hokage. He wanted to unite the Five Village and put himself on top of everyone as evident from the Kage Summit arc. 
I appreciate him that he finally adopted the Will of Fire, by wanting to protect the village at all costs just like Itachi and Hashirama did. But his methods are not very democratic. Plus, he wanted to do it alone. I was screaming at him... ‘Grrr, Sasuke, did you listen to Itachi at all???. He failed because he did everything alone. Why can’t you understand????’ This is also another instance, Sasuke’s stupidity glanced out.
I am happy Naruto knocked some sense into him by telling him not to do it alone but together.
Many fanatics also ask, ‘What did Sasuke do wrong to atone for his sins at the end?’.
I was like ‘Reallly????’
He joined Akatsuki, an organization which terrorized all the 5 villages and he hunted someone like an international criminal.
He spoiled the Kage Summit and attacked Raikage who lost his arm because of him. I know what happened over there is not Sasuke’s fault. But these are the kages who was loved by many people in their own villages. How can the world forget it and simply let him go?
It’s exactly because of all those lovely stuffs he did in Part 1 and all these mistakes he did in Part 2 but willing to correct his mistakes by sharing the burdens of his other half in the end made him more interesting, complicated and exciting and that’s why I love this character.
I also have a personal bias to love this character sooo much because of the character on top of my list.
Best Moments:
Defending Naruto before Sakura (Awww!!! Such a good boy he was. Eventhough I thought he was a typical arrogant K-Drama hero, he just subverted my opinion in that one scene. I always have a thing for people who stands up for someone even though they don’t have to. This is where I started to like Sasuke)
My body moved on its own. (Is there anything that trumps this scene in terms of emotions and love in this series?. This moment is where I understood the depth of Sasuke’s emotions towards Naruto).
What is a Clan? What is a Village? What is a Shinobi? (I was really hoping for Sasuke to question himself something similar to this. Because he was so self-absorbed in his hatred and failed to look outside him ever since he left the village. It was so gratifying that he did that)
Killing Orochimaru (I always thought Sasuke will kill him only after he tries to take over the body. Never imagined that he will strike the snake first)
Killing Danzo (Man, what an amazing battle!!!. It was so gratifying to see such a crass bastard die many times over and over).
His dramatic confession through his monologue (After the mystery of Who is this Tobi, Sasuke’s obsession towards Naruto remained a mystery for me. Why did he listen to Naruto under the bridge? Why did he protected Naruto in the War? I got the answer only after this confession. It was so heartwarming to see this mellow side of Sasuke)
1. Uchiha Itachi
Tumblr media
I could write pages about him. The foremost reason I like Itachi and earns the top spot in my rankings is because he shockingly resembled me in many ways. As I already said, I come from a place where clan politics plays a major role and when I see Sasuke’s flashback in part 1, I was simply dumbstruck by such a detailed similarities.
Elder child of the family - ✅
Have an adorable younger sister who loves me more than my parents - ✅
Same age gap (5 years) with my sister as Itachi and Sasuke - ✅
Parents paying total attention on me while ignoring my sister completely - ✅
Parents constantly comparing my achievements with my sister - ✅
A sister who bear hugged me every time I entered the home after returning from my school - ✅
Despite my mom being a teacher, my sister always prefers me to teach her stuffs as she considers me to be way too better than my mom -  ✅
Love my sister more than my parents - ✅
Clan-Obsessed parents - ✅
Used me as a tool for the benefit of the clan - ✅
Sending another person from my clan to spy on me - ✅
Strained relationship with my parents - ✅
Disgusted with my clan - ✅
Most importantly, this dialogue from part 1 episode 129,
Clan? Clan?
Obsessed with the organization, Obsessed with the clan, Obsessed with the name, that’s merely the detestable action that restrict yourself.
I have given up all hope in this worthless clan
Because, people obsess themselves to their clan, a thing so petty, they lose sight of the things that are truly important.
A real change cannot occur under restraints and controls
I confronted my parents with the exact same dialogue (almost 98% similar) in my own native language some years ago. 
I didn’t even know the existence of Naruto series at that time. I was simply shell-shocked by all these similarities with this character. 
And Yes, The moment I heard these dialogues, I knew Itachi, was a good guy, who had a very strong reason for his actions and I instantly knew Sasuke’s revenge will not bear him any happiness. 
It is exactly because of all these striking similarities of myself with Itachi, and my lil’l sister with Sasuke, my family dynamics with the Uchiha family.... I could understand the magnitude of Sasuke’s love towards Itachi. 
And precisely because of that, I could understand Sasuke’s love towards Naruto is not fucking ‘brotherly’ one but something that leans towards Attraction. 
No wonder, Itachi left Sasuke in Naruto’s care. 
Anyways to speak objectively, 
Itachi is an extremely self-sacrificial person whose life is full of pain and miseries but never blames it on the world unlike other Uchiha members like Madara, Obito and Sasuke to an extent.
He did things considering the bigger picture which never benefitted himself in anyway and was willing to go to any extent even at the expense of his own family and his brother’s happiness. That is, Uchiha Clan Massacre and Joining Akatsuki. None of this benefitted him in anyways but he did it anyway, for the village of Konoha. 
His ideals are shockingly similar to Hashirama, Which Sasuke pointed this out and Hashirama acknowledged that Itachi was a better shinobi than he was. ❤️❤️❤️
Now, does this means I support Uchiha clan massacre?
No way. Even Itachi didn’t.
This massacre happened because of the huge clusterfuck from Hiruzen’s incompetence, Danzo’s paranoid arrogance, Uchiha clan’s devious plan to over throw the government by force rather than approaching it in a peaceful way, say, a peace talk or a protest. 
All these people acted on their own self-interest. Itachi and Shisui caught in their whirlpool, bear their burdens and paid for it with their life. Sasuke suffered for it.
But, it’s not the only reason I love this character. It’s because, the moment he decided to massacre everyone, he marked his own death by the hands of his beloved brother. I love people who owns up their mistakes and face the consequences rather than making excuses (even though it’s not entirely his mistake).
Itachi is also the only character in this series who realized his failures on his own without anyone’s interference or Naruto’s Talk-No-Jutsu. 
And he apologized for everything he did to Sasuke.
Again, some hardcore Sasuke fanatics criticize/hate him for torturing their poor ‘Sasuke-Kun’ with his Tsukuyomi. I was like ‘Hmmm...What?’. 
First off, Itachi apologized to Sasuke for not thinking out from his point of view and also for not telling him the truth earlier.
Second off, Sasuke never even blamed Itachi for anything (even he didn’t hold him for killing their parents). If Sasuke himself, forgiven Itachi... Why are his fans being so rabid?
Third off, for all of his supposed ‘crimes’, he paid for it by dying as a disgraceful Madman rather than a Hero who really saved the village. He is someone who should be celebrated like Naruto but instead died proudly as a Traitor of Konoha.
All in all, One of the wonderfully written character I have ever seen in the media. 
Best Moments:
Itachi vs Sasuke (That battle was a pure brilliance and highly emotional especially after knowing the truth. When Sasuke released his Kirin, Itachi showed off his ultimate armour Susanoo like a badass. Seeing Susanoo for the first time gave me chills. No, Sasuke didn’t kill him. Itachi died on his own)
Itachi vs Orochimaru (Man, Itachi may look mellow but when it comes to Orochimaru he is a pure Sass. He screwed that snake up both the times by a wide margin. It seems Uchiha brothers like to fuck up Orochimaru, LOL)
Talk-No-Jutsu’ing Naruto (Geez, Naruto was being completely bratty and was full of saviour complex like he was going to bear everyone’s hatred by himself. I was almost annoyed. Thanks to Itachi, he realised. Probably he is the only character to shut Naruto using his own jutsu)
Izanami’ing Kabuto (Other than Naruto, he is the only character to go out of his way to empathize with a villain and put extreme effort to change him. I think this is why Sasuke loves Naruto, for seeing these similarities??? ).
Goodbye to Sasuke (The first time when he said ‘Forgive me, Sasuke. This is the last’ by poking his forehead and finally closing the distance by butting with Sasuke’s head softly saying ‘I will love you always’.... It always evokes uncontrollable tears in me, no matter how many times I watch it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭)
Uchiha Obito
Tumblr media
God, Am such a sucker for Uchiha guys individually, though collectively as a clan they fucked up big time. I simply couldn’t find the place for him in the top 10. He is a classic example of What Naruto will be like if he becomes a villain?
However, all those horrible stuffs he did just for a girl whom he had a crush on which was never reciprocated seems childish. That’s why I couldn’t put him in Top 10.
And his understandable but weird obsession on Naruto was always enjoyable to watch. 
One cute thing I liked about him was, whatever criminal stuffs he may have done, he was never a cheapskate though. He had every chance to take back Kakashi’s Sharingan to activate his own Susanoo. But he never even thought of such an idea. He was a bad guy. But a good friend, no matter what. 
Pure Baby!!! But lost his way!!!
Best Moments:
Importance of Team Work (’In the ninja world, Those who break the rules are  scum. But those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum’. This very legacy he left to Kakashi came to defeat him later. And Naruto follows this motto even today)
Sacrificing his Sharingan (’I am giving you my Sharingan. No matter what the villagers say, you are a great Jonin. Please take it’. Awww!!! Obito. He left his Sharingan which helped Kakashi to complete a jutsu called ‘Chidori’, which is a go-to jutsu of Sasuke)
Thanks for the ask, anon. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this. ❤️
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eggyukhei · a year ago
tag games!!!
once again a MASS post of tag games. proceed with caution :) also i tag @rebelhan​ @4-sun​ @dreamystuffers​ @dropofgoldensun​ and the people mentioned below who tagged me in these if you’d like to do any of the other tag games i did here!
Tumblr media
thank you for the tag, @luvdsc​ !! cat kween supremacy!
Tumblr media
10 songs, 10 people
rules: you can tell a lot about a person from the type of music they listen to. put your favorite playlist on shuffle and list the first ten songs. then tag ten people. no skipping!
playlist: cool jams fam
lullaby for a cat by epik high
digital lover by crush
bawling by primary + ohhyuk
don’t come back (acoustic ver.) by heize
butterfly by crush
homeless door (feat. rad museum) by offonoff
return by dynamic duo + thama
still (feat. crush) by dawn
fairy by dvwn
club 33 by kirin + sumin
Tumblr media
fic writers ask game
which new trope would you like to try writing?
probably enemies/rivals to lovers or something in the fantasy or thriller genre like spy au, hero/powers au, etc.
which trope do you want to write again?
even though i’m not the biggest reader of royalty au, i’ve always loved writing them! i also like roommates au because of domestic scenes potential and i also had one (1) short workplace au blurb which i also like a lot! also fwb au is fun because pain and pining :)
which draft are you most excited to post?
i have too many drafts that are barely worked on ahhh kjfhadjfhf maybe the soulmate hyuck request from like 2019 lmfao but i have a limbo au with renjun that i’ve been thinking of since like. forever ago so if i ever get around to that one!!!!!
is there any genre you want to explore?
i wanna try branching out into different genres/aus like action, thriller, or fantasy. i feel like i always lean towards the same shallow fluff so i can never write something long or with more depth for a concrete story. not that i hate that because i get lazy when it comes to writing, but i think it’d be cool to produce something that has fleshed out characters one day!
do you have a favorite line in any of your drafts up to now?
i only have 1 big draft and i am TOO fucking lazy to sift through 5k+ words so here is an obscure “worldbuilding” line from the first scene of the soulmate hyuck fic
“Alright, you have got to stop watching Soulmate Sins at 2am. It’s not healthy.” Jeno pats your shoulder.
have you decided on any creative goals for 2021?
yes!!! be less lazy and actually make some time to write!!!!! i have a bunch of ideas i wish i could just sit down and finish qwq
describe your journey on this blog last year in 3 words! and three more words for what you hope for 2021!
2020: quiet, refreshing, friendship
2021: effort, challenge, chill
Tumblr media
aesthetic challenge
rules: to make your own moodboard go to pinterest and search:
favorite color + aesthetic
favorite color + outfit + aesthetic
favorite color + shoes (choose ones that go with your style)
favorite color + an accessory that you like
type a word that identifies you + quote (choose one that goes with you)
favorite celebrity + favorite color (if you don’t find anything then search favorite cartoon)
type your favorite hobby
favorite color + aesthetic again
favorite color + favorite word + aesthetic
oops this was hard and i was too lazy to find super super good matching pics HAHA so some of these straight up don’t match exactly what i intended or are like. blueish LOOL (also not @ how i did this shoddy moodboard edit because tumblr won’t let me stack em side by side smh)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the next tag game is from @shawtythatsyou​ hehe thanks joy!!!
Tumblr media
get to know the blogger tag game
rule: answer some questions and tag some blogs you are contractually obligated to know better!
name/nickname: tk. aka t-kween. aka tiddy killa. aka too kewl
gender: im gorl
star sign: pisces and it’s true i cry every other second
height: 5′1.5″ since i last measured a long time ago but my mom says i grew!!!!!!!!!!!!! let’s fucking go!!!!!!!!!
birthday: literally a day before kween cat’s bday so in like 16 days huehueheuheueh
fav bands: in terms of non-kpop bands: tennis, honne (do they count???), akmu (duo???? it counts????), old maroon 5 (songs about jane + it won’t be soon before long >>>), fall out boy (up to folie a deux), hyukoh, beirut, ok go, and i just got into se so neon and i am in LOVE
fav solo artists: CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, rex orange county, heize, dean, lady gaga (THE FAME ALBUM SUPREMACY), dvwn, and many more!!!!!!
song stuck in my head: wings by so yoon and phum viphurit; how deep is your love by the beegees (stacey ryan cover on youtube!!)
last movie: what we do in the shadows with my best bro :)
last show: boku no hero academia, somewhere in s4!
when i created this blog: october 2018!!!!! holy shit!!!!! i didn’t even do anything for my 2 year anniversary LMFAO
last thing i googled: “reddit cant put images side by side in tumblr” JKHFKJDFHA
other blogs: main @/hyoseobie, fic recs @/eggrecs, ..... also many saved urls. i’m a hoarder and i’m ashamed
do i get asks: mm not really except for joy and i love receiving her messages uwu
following: 555 :OOOO
why i chose this url: i love eggs + yukhei and also because jenn im’s brand is called “eggie” and i thought that was adorable, hence EGGYukhei and why i was like. “omg u can call me eggy uwuwwuwu ahahaahahishdfkjfhsfj!!!” when i first started this blog LMFAO
average hours of sleep: 6-8!!!!!! i used to be able to run on like 5 hours of sleep for years what happened!!!!!
lucky numbers: i suppose 2? but i don’t really think about it
instruments: bass clarinet, MINIMAL piano skills. i am also good at making weird car noises and my ad libs rival even mark’s
what i’m wearing: it’s like 70 degrees in my house and yet i am wearing leggings under navy sweats, and a turtleneck under my college sweatshirt. mistakes have been made
dream trip: cross-country train/road trip either in the u.s. or europe!!! also asia
favorite food: i like. everything. those 7 deadly sins thing?????? i am definitely gluttony BY FAR. i think go tos are breads, pizza, SOUPS (pho + bun rieu + chao >>), ICE CREAM, chocolate, MEXICAN FOOD, THAI FOOD
top 3 fictional universes i’d like to live in: pjo universe hello!!!!! mmm... HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE??? if he didn’t have sophie like. I’D BE RIGHT THERE READY FOR THE TAKING YOU KNOW??????? AAKHDAKDJAHDHADA andddddd maybe boku no hero academia?????? superpowers ftw!!!
favorite song: HOW TO CHOOSE !!!! well since this is an nct blog, my favorite nct song is no longer from regular-irregular (also my fav nct album!!!!) but mmm... i love with you by crush, the stacey ryan cover from above, sycamore girl by rex orange county, and i’ll haunt you by tennis!
Tumblr media
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uwua3 · a year ago
Hello! I'm a new follower and I just love your writing so far!! You're really good at depicting The Whole Scene™ so you made me love my favs even more 😳 It's like my heart melts when I get to the extra soft parts 💖 If it's alright, may I request some fluffy hcs of Banri and/or Juza with a soft/baby-ish s/o who likes cute things? Or in general an s/o who's kind of opposite to either of them 👉🏻👈🏻 Thank you! 💞
hi!!! welcome to my writing blog~ :D i’m so happy you said that 🥺 (i appreciate the trademark no Suing in this household) i’m so glad when it gets soft it makes your heart go 💕💞💓💗💖💘💝 always feel like that!!! i’d be more than honored to baby the two tough boys of autumn~ they are secretly Baby no i do not take criticism but you’re welcome!!!
summary: this is the one time major misunderstandings work out for the best
warnings: swearing
author’s note: hello, everyone~ it’s been 4 days since i last posted a fic TT i’m so sorry!!! i hope this makes up for the absence~ it’s a bit long! please love banri and juza with all your heart ♡ fair warning, i design both readers to have dresses on but everything else is gender–neutral :D
word count: 6,482 (total) — 3,532 (banri), 2,950 (juza)
music: liar liar – oh my girl (banri), just right – got7 (juza)
sugar, spice, and everything nice!
🍁🥇 settsu banri
banri was thrifting and saw the most god–awful, terrible piece of clothing he had ever had the misfortune of seeing in his life
it was a bublegum pink sailor uniform esque shirt, embellished with the most pastel ribbons and lacy accessories ever, and was decorated to put harajuku to shame
“who the hell would want to buy this shit?” banri muttered to himself, holding it up to grimance at the girly details that hang from the ugliest shirt he had ever came across. before he could put it back to hide amongst the clothing rack, a gentle, barely noticeable tap on his shoulder made banri turn his head with a glare
“what—” banri’s eyes widened, his jaw slightly dropping. oh my god, if there was a human embodiment of the fucking shirt he was holding, you would literally be it
you were nervously smiling at him, clad in a pastel pink lolita–styled dress, with even more bows at the corset bodice and ruffles at your poofy skirt. you had the largest singular lace bonnet in your curled hair and adorned the biggest, widest circular glasses (they had to be fake). you clasped your hands together with a high–pitched laugh, banri wanted to disappear and never come back to the store again
how could people like you just exist? you walked around like a doll everyday and for what? banri looked down at his clothing for a second, all black again. maybe, he shouldn’t be talking if he was like death everyday...
“sorry~ but are you interested in that shirt?” you asked cutely, batting your eyelashes as you looked up at banri. he blinked, not realizing he was still holding the fashion industry’s worst abonimation as he quickly tossed it towards you, not bothering to check if you even caught it
“no, bye.” banri forced out, moving from the aisle to leave the godforsaken pastels and bright colors. it was all giving him a headache, there was no way this color spectrum ever existed to someone and they liked it. everybody move over because banri was gonna puke
banri flipped through more clothes, pushing through the racks with ease, trying to push the mental image of pink out of his mind until something landed on his head
quickly pulling it off with a scowl, banri deadpanned at the shirt. pink, sailor uniform, ugly ribbons and bows, check. it was that shirt again... what the—
you stood next to him, with the most angelic smile possible despite the passive aggressive look in your eyes. banri noticed your hair was slightly messed up, that he must’ve done something. he never thought he’d fight a pastel lolita in the middle of one of his favorite thrift stores, but here he was, glaring down at you like it was a big deal
“what do you want?!” banri cursed, about to throw the shirt back to you before you forced it in his hands, surprising him with the amount of force your short self managed to produce. you smiled even bigger, and banri suddenly knew he couldn’t cause a scene because no one believe him if you started a fight
“let me pick your clothes!” you offered, yet there was no room for disagreement. oh god, this was revenge for screwing up your look, wasn’t it? banri blanked again, about to tell you to fuck off before he called security (yeah, security on the most non–threatening person here), before you shoved another outfit into his arms
“go change! i want to see you in it!” you insisted, banri’s eye twitched as he took in the colors. all various shades of pink... you did know there were other colors right?
maybe it was because he knew you would start a scene if he didn’t try, but banri mumbled something about annoying people and their loud fashion sense before slipping into a dressing room. you clapped when banri begrudgingly agreed to it, pissing him off even more
(you didn’t know why you were forcing this stranger to be pastel for once. one look at his all–black attire and you felt a part of your soul die for a second)
when you heard the most dragged–out, emphasized swear behind the door, you knew you had to see it
“are you okay in there~?” you asked, waiting patiently outside with a devious smile. revenge was sweet, you almost forgot about how that shirt had messed up your hairstyle for the day
(banri suddenly regretted ever messing with you, you were the devil in pink)
“i know we just met, but fuck you.” banri deadpanned, stepping out from behind the curtain with the resignation of a quitter. you threw your hands over your mouth, stifling your snickers as you observed him top to bottom, wondering how you even fathomed such a creation
banri stood before you in the same sailor shirt, ribbons and bows alike, that somehow fit him. you had given him basic pink shorts that clased with his giant black boots (he made a stomping sound whenever he walked)
“i hate this, i am never wearing this again.” banri admitted without difficulty, expecting you to go away so he could shop in peace but you giggled, nodding in satisfaction at your mistake. he couldn’t believe it, he was embarrassing himself and sacrificing his dignity just because some moral conscious was aware he probably ruined part of your fit
“i’ll buy it for you!” you said and banri pinched the bridge of his nose, sighing with so much exhaustion even though it was the afternoon. is this how sakyo felt dealing with three kids all day? banri was this close to calling him up just to apologize for all the batshit crazy things he’s done
“no.” banri stated, not offering an explanation before turning around, about to head back into the dressing room before you stopped him, pouting your lips with a stubborn look
“come on! why not? i’ll do anything!” you pleaded, giving him your biggest puppy dog eyes as you kept repeating “please~” loudly. banri was about to tell you off before he noticed the store customers glancing at the odd duo, groaning before he rubbed his face
“anything?” banri asked, realizing his mischevious smirk was back on his face as you narrowed your eyes at him, wondering what the hell he was planning
when you hesitantly nodded, banri wolfishly grinned as he leaned against the door frame, crossing his arms and looking down at you (you would’ve burst into laughter at how banri tried to look intimidating in pink if you weren’t too plagued by your surprise at his sudden attitude change)
“okay, let me pick your next outfit.” banri said and you winced at the memory of his previous outfit, considering your options before shaking his hand, knowing whatever was about to happen would be one for your social media
it only took about two hours before you actually agreed to try anything on banri picked. it was all animal print, mismatched neon colors, and flannel. you refused every single time he held anything up, bruising banri’s ego even further
“jesus, you have no taste.” banri complained, just wanting to see the most pastel person he’s seen wear something normal for once. you two bickered easily, fighting like there was no tomorrow and warranting nervous glances from the store employees (who nearly alerted security when they saw you almost knock over a whole display chasing after banri)
finally, banri chose something you wouldn’t be caught dead in. it was close to what he had before, a black turtleneck with a silver–zip bomber jacket. he was nice enough to choose a black pleated skirt for you to wear with black oxford that had 3d white daisies
you actually liked it, believe it or not
in return, you adjusted your pick for him (much to banri’s relief when he muttered “thank god” as you put the pink sailor shirt back). you adjusted the theme to be a mixture of black & pink, picking a pink sweater with a black stitched heart surrounded by lace that read “i’ll kill you” and a pink button down underneath. you let him wear basic black pants (just so he wouldn’t have actually killed you) and found the cutest pink sneakers with black shoelaces!
by the time both of you finished, banri didn’t seem as mad and actually nodded at your choices
“not bad, punk.” banri joked as you swatted at his arm, ignoring the way he rolled his eyes at your antics. you two made your way into opposite changing rooms and went out at the same time, staring at each other wide–eyed for about three seconds before banri pushed his finger in the center of your forehead with a smirk
“see! you don’t look as bad now.” banri winked as you nearly kicked him, rubbing your forehead with a frown. you two fought all the way to the cash register, paying for each other’s new outfits as you wore them out the door, holding your originals in a bag
“happy now? gotta go or else my friends are gonna kill me.” banri rolled his eyes, shoving his hands into his pant pockets as he was about to go the opposite way. you grabbed his sleeve, impatiently shoving your phone in his face as he adjusted to seeing his own pissed off expression stare back at him
“you have to take a picture with me!” you insisted, your bubbly demeanor really not fitting your “goth” approach (courtesy of banri, of course)
banri glared, knowing this wasn’t apart of the deal before you feigned sadness, wrapping your arms around yourself as you looked around like it was really unfortunate
“oh... are you not photogenic? that’s too bad...” you mocked him, pretending to not notice banri’s fists clench as he furrowed his eyebrows. of course he was good at taking photos! he’d show you, alright
“give me your phone.” banri demanded, taking it without a warning and holding it at a distance with an effortlessly cool pose, doing his usual smirk with a casual peace sign
“say ‘worst day ever’.” banri snapped the picture when you got into frame, putting your chin on his shoulder due to your height difference as you smiled cutely, contrasting his entire vibe
when you actually went through the selfies, they were perfect. damn it! of course he was good at everything, including somehow making black look good on you and be the ultimate photographer
“let me tag you, these are actually...” you were about to say something else until you noticed he was walking away, not bothering to say goodbye as you called his name
“yo, banri! what’s your instagram handle?” you yelled, holding your phone up. banri didn’t even look behind him, just throwing up a single middle finger towards you as he turned the corner. what a typical teenage boy
it was so like him, you didn’t even bother chasing after banri as you posted the set of photos you took with him with the caption “worst day ever with this emo punk, someone find him for me”
when banri made it the dorms, he took out his phone for the first time in forever and felt the vibrations. he never got this many notifications, itaru was probably telling him to get online or he’d beat his ass—oh
oh, you didn’t
kazunari (of course it was him) had tagged him in a familiar picture, with too many emoticons and exclamation points to begin with. banri scrolled through the comments, all complimenting his cool face despite being in pink (banri already knew that) and... wait... shipping you two?!
you two were completely different! if you two stood next to each other, you’d be two opposite ends of any spectrum possible. yet, banri couldn’t help but read all the comments on your post, saying how you two looked good together
banri zoomed in on the photo and moved to your face and huh... maybe they were onto something...
banri clicked on your profile and as expected, it was all soft like sanrio personally made it. you were an angel in each of your pictures, posing with stuffed animals, pastel café sweets, and anything that looked like it came out of a kid’s show. banri was scrolling mindlessly, screenshotting some as he slouched on the sofa, exhaling sharply through his nose at some childish pun you had in your captions
when banri was near the beginning of your feed, it had happened. he accidentally tapped too fast (blame it on his gamer hands), liking your picture from years ago
banri paused. after a minute, banri slowly unliked your picture, shut the app, and threw his phone across the room. it landed on the other couch with a thump as banri slid down the seat with the loudest groan ever, covering his face as he refrained from screaming
that’s what he got for stalking your entire fashion page despite hating your style
the damage had been done. you followed him and instantly dm–ed him with the full, unedited selfies of you two
(banri didn’t follow back until like, a month later for no reason other than he was petty)
banri became your immediate go–to fashion guru, believe it or not. moving past his horrific sense of animal print, he actually wasn’t that bad at picking clothes (banri said it was something about growing up with an older sister)
whenever you needed advice on an outfit, you sent him a text and got a response within minutes (the more he hated it, the more you wore it). any time you went to another up and coming clothing store, he was by your side (unwillingly holding your bags with multiple threats). banri even took your pics for your page, pretending like it was a huge nuisance whenever you asked anyone to take a photo (they always came out awful and he claimed he was tired of hearing you whine 24/7)
you and banri’s interest in fashion was the foundation of a competitive and sarcastic friendship that formed between you two. you exaggerated your pink clothes by making sure to be as pastel as possible whenever you hung out with him, and banri made a point to be all–black and dark down to his silver earrings despite the weather
you posted him more and more on your socials despite his style clashing with your feed. your followers seemed to love him, hyping up his coolness even if you two bullied each other in the comments like an old married couple. it was becoming expected to see banri’s account tagged every time you gave him credit for the post (he always used it against you just to make you mad)
over time, when banri went to see you, he didn’t insult your style anymore even if he tried to (his insults were even half–assed). he took your bags on his own accord and acted like they didn’t weigh a thing. he started taking more photos of you on his own phone, like it wasn’t a big deal he had shocks of pastel throughout his rather dark camera roll
banri didn’t know when it happened, but the moment he looked at the pink sweater you bought him the first time he met you and didn’t react, he knew
oh shit, he didn’t hate pink (or you) anymore. he might have even... liked it
(he might have even liked you)
it was nearly closing time, the employee about to close up shop before banri was seen sprinting towards them, barely out of breath as he skidded to a stop near the concerned worker (understandably so, since it was dark and a whole teenager nearly trampled them)
“oh? banri? what are you doing so late?” the employee recognized the regular customer and banri almost threw up at what he was about to request. he took a moment to compose himself before banri sighed, gesturing towards inside the store
“you remember that really ugly pink sailor shirt that is probably a fashion crime?” banri asked and it didn’t take long before the worker nodded, even grimancing at the memory of such a loud shirt
“yes, no one is really willing to buy it—” the employee was interrupted by a wad of money from inside banri’s wallet as he went through it, wincing at his own purchase that he clearly didn’t want
“i’ll take it. keep the change.” banri went home that day with the same pink shirt he swore he would never wear again
the next day, banri was dressed and the whole dorm went silent. no one dared breathe a word, and banri rolled his eyes, crossing his arms
“what’s wrong? never seen a man wear pink before?” banri raised his eyebrows, casually getting ready to go see you with his backpack strapped. once again, everyone was staring at him (when he left the dorms, the room burst into hysterical laughter)
when you saw banri in that shirt, you suddenly knew. it was as if his behavior made sense, this is way of telling you he didn’t hate you as much as he acted to
as he came up to you pretending like he was still cool in the most pastel pink shirt ever, you couldn’t help but grab him by the sailor collar and give him something long overdue
(the whole mankai company spammed your page with fairy cyberbully comments and likes when you posted a picture of banri in the sailor shirt with the caption: “best boyfriend ever”)
(you ended up keeping the sailor shirt, banri claimed it suited you a lot more than it did for him) (damn, not even one insult about how ugly it was when you expressed how much you loved it)
ever since, your feed became more of punk pastel than anything. anything you wore, banri most likely had in black. you two even shared jewelery and banri often mixed up your earrings with his own (you loved his piercings and often bought the most intricate ear cuffs just to see them on him)
despite your opposite styles, you guys actually shared many of your items together like clothes, accessories like bucket hats and backpacks, even make up! (it took quite some time before banri accepted you painting his nails though, at first it was black, now he allows the occassional pink middle finger if you ask)
(banri liked it the most when you two had matching nails, it was just satisfying to see when holding hands)
you guys were also that gamer couple. you know what i’m talking about, if you guys had a gaming room together, half the room would be pastel pink and his set up was a basic all black
(you two had matching cat headphone sets, yours obviously the pink ones and banri pretended to hate his own pair of ears)
(they really weren’t that bad, he even began wearing it around his boys despite the jokes)
(“shut up, bastard! my partner likes them!”)
as expected, you two got stares every time you went out in public. while you were bright and happy from the anime sparkles around you to your adorable, enthusiatic energy, banri was always by you looming over everyone with a sharp glare and even more aggressive tongue
but this was unexpected: you had banri whipped. wrapped around your finger, even if he would never admit it
(he could go one moment cursing someone out, threatening a fight before he talked to you with a quieter, more relaxed tone. of course he could start shit with you, but for some reason, his voice and demeanor automatically became nicer when he saw you)
(this meant he could never stay mad at you for too long)
an example of banri being absolutely soft for you would be the time you were about to dye your hair and he wanted in
while he was helping you equally do the style and making sure it fit your liking, you giggled at the sight of your boyfriend in the mirror, focusing intently on your hair and the two seperate dyes
“ri, have you ever thought of black hair?” you asked nonchalantly as banri brushed the dye on your hair, giving him a moment to think as he shrugged
“eh, i already dye my hair. never thought about that color.” banri responded, already too busy making sure your hair was completely covered (he was a good hair stylist even if he had never done it before)
“what do you think about matching hairstyles?”
it felt like deja vu. when banri walked into the dorms again, everyone was staring at him. except this time, it wasn’t his sweater (he was back to all–black this time), but his head
oh my god, his hair. his vibrant, half–pink and half–black hair now
“you like that person so much! you dyed your hair that shade of pink?!” practically everyone in mankai was aware banri was whipped for his one and only angel, even if it looked like he came out of hell himself just to be with you
whenever banri saw pink now, he didn’t hate it anymore, and he especially didn’t hate you
🍁🍰 hyodo juza
when juza saw you, he felt like he was on a sugar rush from how cute you were
it was another day helping the director with her grocery shopping and an extra amount of time allowed the two to visit the new bakery that opened downtown
while izumi was making small talk with the server, juza awkwardly hung behind her as he tried to not make it obvious he just wanted to eat every single dessert in the family business
as he was counting the tiles on the floor (how did they design them to look like it was made out of candy?!), a swish of a puffy skirt moved past his line of sight as juza glanced up, feeling like he had downed a whole box of those valentine’s candy hearts at once
you were a waitress, happily bringing customer orders to their tables with the cutest smile ever. you wore a mint green & brown uniform with a big bow at your dress shirt collar, floating around like a fairy with a trey at your hand and gracefully taking requests in the other. if “you are what you eat” was true, you would’ve only ate sweet foods because you were that adorable
then, juza noticed you had some really nice hair clips and thought they were super cute
when you looked up from writing something on your notepad (he noticed it was really elegant cursive), you caught his eye and it was like love at first sight for juza
for you, not so much
you had made eye contact with the most intimidating, tallest boy in the entire bakery. you nervously smiled, waving before hurrying into the kitchen, feeling his stare on your back as you hid in the break room with a sigh of relief
just your luck! you had met some guy who probably didn’t even like sweets, he looked like he wanted to fight you or something! why was he staring at you like that? you anxiously peeked your head from the door frame and went back immediately when you noticed he was looking for you
oh no, was some thug trying to fight you? in a bakery?
when izumi finished up her conversation and bought a speciality cake to go, juza obediently followed her outside as he glanced back behind the counter, trying to spot your unique hair accessories again
as the bell above his head rung, he knew he had to come back to see you and find out where you bought those dessert–themed clips
at first, it began with casual visits, pretending to survey the area after explaining his association with mankai in the most bare minimum way possible. you didn’t struggle convincing someone else to cover your shift quickly when you noticed the scary tall guy up front. then, it became ordering random things to go and hoping he’d at least see you to ask a simple question. you did everything to hide behind tables, hoping you wouldn’t have to confront the gangster
(“he’s back again?! how many more desserts can he order?” you whined, poking your eyes over the front desk to see his frame entering past the window)
for some reason, juza couldn’t stop thinking of your hair clips. they were sweets, for goodness sake! nothing had made him happier, they were so tiny and adorable, they brought him instant serotonin even if he had some tough image
(maybe you were also super cute too, and he just needed an excuse to see you)
after weeks or so of failed attempts to catch you working, juza began sitting down and eating in the bakery, much to your misfortune
“how can i avoid him now if he spends a hour here every afternoon?!” you panicked even though juza’s back was turned to you. he happily ate his food, getting distracted by the quality of the sweets to notice you were basically staring at him
“are you sure he wants something from you? he comes here every day, he seems like a nice boy.” the owner vouched in his favor after talking to the offstandish teen at the register. sure, he was a bit rough around the edges, but he was much more respectful than any of the rotten kids who came in the shop!
ugh! the baker didn’t get it, there was no way someone like that didn’t want to start something with you!
out in the dining area, it took all the sugar in his body to actually make juza ask for a very specific server in detail. when someone had brought him his strawberry milk, juza cleared his throat with an awkward attempt at a smile (it looked more like a grimance than anything)
“uh... do you know if, a server with candy hair pins is here?” juza murmured, looking down at the table with an embarrassed blush as the waiter didn’t think anything of it, calling your name without another warning. you squeaked, dropping behind the counter as juza tilted his head in confusion
(why were you hiding? was there something wrong? what happened? juza thought, unaware he was actually the problem)
when you heard a series of footsteps stop near you, you hesitantly looked up from your crouching position and saw juza staring down at you with a concerned expression. his eyebrows were furrowed and he had his hand out
you took his hand and closed your eyes, fearing for your life. was he gonna yank you to your feet? push you over? trip you so you’d fall for real? you weren’t ready for a fight!
yet, none of that happened. juza gently lifted you up and made sure you were fine by observing your outfit to see if anything was wrinkled, muttering something about being careful and staying safe
you blinked, trying to process how incredibly wrong you were. juza was perhaps the nicest customer you had met in your entire career as a server, even taking the time to actually confirm you were okay with no ill intentions whatsoever
(suddenly, you remembered all the times you actively avoided juza and felt the guilt as he nodded at you, unintentionally lowering his height so he’d seem more approachable)
“sorry to bother you, but uh...” juza trailed off, trying to figure out how to phrase his next sentence. before you could respond, his hand landed on your hair and a beat of silence passed between you two
“cute.” juza forced out, and wanted to slap himself. cute?! no, say cute hair clips, ask where you got them! juza was internally panicking and you were doing the same as you looked up at him with wide eyes
it was so awkward and humiliating, juza couldn’t pull his hand away because his whole body was on shutdown. oh god, what could he do now? this was possibly the worst first impression in human history
“i’m cute?” you warily asked, staring at him with a slightly amused expression as juza blanked. you felt his hand subtly shake as it was your turn to be concerned over how red his face was
“no—i mean, yes, but, not like that! i mean...” juza finally lifted his fingers to poke at your hair decorations and you let out a sound of understanding, pointing at your own clips
“oh? you mean these?” you asked and juza nodded, like he was extremely thankful you understood him. he pushed his hands behind his back, nervously leaning back and forth on his feet as he looked away like the cupcake display was the most interesting thing in the world (it probably was)
“where did you, uh, get them?” juza quietly questioned and you giggled, patting them proudly as you stood a little bit taller from the unintentional praise
“i made them! thank you for asking!” you smiled, about to move away before juza accidentally held onto your arm, releasing his hold when he saw your shock. he definitely needed to learn how to be more socially acceptable one of these days or else he was gonna get in big trouble
“can i commission you?” juza muttered and there began your friendship with the big tough delinquent juza who really adored small, cute things (like yourself!)
any time juza was particularly fascinated with a dessert on display, you would show him a sketch sample of accessories you could make based on his favorites. surprisingly, juza was very comfortable with expressing his love for sugar because you felt the same way!
every day when juza came to visit the bakery, he’d always have something new to say about your homemade accessories and seemed fascinated by your adorable fashion sense
(he had been particularly obsessed with these dangly earrings you made that looked like little dango sticks. it was like a child had been playing with your ears the entire time)
it was about a month later when you made the final designs of the hair clips juza ordered and you knew they were your best work yet
you had multiple favorite desserts and fruits of his molded in clay or shaped in resin on a various sizes of clips and pins. you decorated them with the sole goal in mind to see how pretty they would look against juza’s dark purple hair
this would be the first time you two met out of the bakery, so when juza came and saw you didn’t look any different (hair accessories and all), he thought you were so sweet
juza’s entire face practically lit up when you presented him the clips. foods like ice creams, lollipops, and popsicles were all accessible for him as he struggled to find the words to show his appreciation for your work
you two sat on a bench in the park as juza gently took the clips, turning them carefully (you looked down and almost laughed at how tiny they looked in his hands)
when you asked for a model picture for your business page, juza’s shaky hands were clearly untrained in the art of hair clips as he put one in an awkward position and tried to look up to see what it looked like
“uh... i’m not very good at this.” juza admitted, embarrassed as he stared at his feet. it didn’t take you long to take over, moving closer to giddily pin juza’s hair back
(it was soft, you were almost jealous of how everything about him was the embodiment of “gentle giant”)
“it’s okay! here, let me.” you insisted and juza gratefully passed you your work, staring at everything but you as his cheeks became even redder. you were so close and leaning over him, trying to put them in cute positions as your fingers ran through his hair
(juza felt like the first time he saw you; like he was on a sugar rush as he noticed how nimble your fingers were on him)
when you were done and leaned back with admiration, juza looked at you with a small smile as he reached up to touch the designs you put in his hair, feeling the handmade pins against his calloused fingers
“cute~” you lifted your phone up, about to take a picture. juza didn’t know why, but he covered the camera with his palm as he lowered it, looking at you with the same focus he had everytime he saw you
“you’re cute.” juza froze. oh gosh, did he actually just confess that?! you were surprised, feeling his hand over yours. yet, you didn’t want to pull away. in fact, you wish your phone was out of the way so you could completely hold his hand
“you’re cute, too.” you responded, using your other hand to brush the loose strands of hair back from his face as you smiled
when juza came back to the dorms with the cutest, most pastel, childish hair clips, no one had time to say a word as he ran to his room and threw himself onto his bed. juza rolled onto his back, placing both his hands on his hair and putting them in front of his face as if he couldn’t believe it
he just held your hand! he was your boyfriend now! you liked him even if he was the complete opposite of you! juza silently shoved his pillow over his face, kicking the air uselessly
as your boyfriend, you and juza had much more in common than you thought. juza loved your cute sense of style, always trying his best to compliment your aesthetic by wearing more of your hair accessories and modeling for your page (apparently, he had the perfect hair color for it)
(he even let you put his hair down for certain posts, his usually slicked–back hair laying flat against his forehead as he didn’t look at you, his head turned as he blushed. “it’s not that bad, right?” he’d ask and you always complimented him no matter what)
although juza kept his rather grunge neutral look, he admired the way you were so bright and liked calling you dessert–related endearments just because you were the embodiment of sweets. he 100% thought you were the most adorable thing in his life and had to be made of pure sugar
in order to support your style, juza liked coordinating his clips with yours. he’d text you the night prior just to gain insight on what type of look you were going for and come to your bakery with something similar (even if your coworkers liked poking fun at his serious, stoic face that only changed around you)
he also came in with a new phonecase and you nearly fainted from how cute he was. he had a case that had those little squishes on them, he admitted he liked feeling them whenever he got a little anxious (it was such a cute habit, you had bought him a whole stock and it was like a little kid on christmas morning)
(you also made earrings out of a pair, he would not stop touching them)
whenever he noticed kids staring, juza never failed to advertise your business like his life depended on it. yes, your customer base actually did grow, somehow thanks to your most unlikely model yet
however, juza wasn’t the only one who had adjusted his style, you did too!
you two actually had had matching letterman jackets, yours in pink & white with a “j” in large letters and his black & grey with your first name initial as well. sometimes, you guys even switched just for the fun of it
you even got to wear his usual “10” purple jacket every now and then, even though he never said anything about liking you in his clothes. he’d just casually leave it around your place, acting like you wouldn’t notice the dark outerlayer in your mass of pastels
as you two were dating, juza wanted to be the best boyfriend possible for you as he wondered what to get you for your anniversary coming up. as juza subconsciously rubbed his clips with a thoughtful look, he suddenly had a lightbulb moment
that’s it! he should make you something in return
when you began seeing juza less and less around the bakery, you were nervous as what he was up to. juza barely hid anything from you since he was such a poor liar, so it was clear when he avoided talking about what he did after school now
in reality, juza was becoming frustrated with how big his hands were. every time he tried to make something, he was too forceful and caused the line to snap. the amount of beads he had lost at this point was laughable as juza tried to not knock over the bracelet–making kit on the table
(it took yuki coming by and taking pity on his crouched over form for him to go somewhere, muttering to himself about how he needed this to be perfect or else he’d die)
(juza always had a strong respect for jewelery makers, but it increased much more once he realized how clumsy and small his attenton span was)
just when you thought juza had forgotten your anniversary coming up, he randomly texted you out of no where asking if you were free. you looked at your shift and agreed, knowing you needed a break and not questioning a thing
when you walked out of the bakery, juza was already there with a small bag, his foot tapping against the sidewalk. before you could even ask how he’d been, he shoved it into your hand with an embarrassed blush (he was so nervous, he swore his heart skipped a beat)
“happy anniversary.” juza mumbled when you opened the small mesh, drawstring bag with a gasp. you slowly pulled out the beaded bracelet with a shocked look, seeing multiple silver dessert–themed pieces hang. there were mainly purple and black beads with four white blocks spelling out “juza”
juza showed you his wrist and he was wearing a beaded bracelet in a similar style, except his was your aesthetic with various pastel shades and your name on his string ending with a cute heart
you teared up and juza winced, rubbing the back of his neck as awkwardly looked away
“that bad, huh?” before juza could die of embarrassment, you shook your head and pulled him into a hug, surprising him when you stood on your tippy–toes to give him a kiss on the cheek
“i love it, this is the sweetest gift ever.”
“only for you.”
when juza slipped the bracelet onto your wrist, you knew you were never gonna take it off
who knew the scary, intimidating boy from the bakery was the sweetest person alive?
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pomegranates-and-blood · a year ago
Could I ask for the directors commentary on the flashback in “until spring comes” where valdís asks the reader if her kids will be raised Greek or Viking? it’s one my fav scenes in all of nostalgia. did valdís actually suspect ivar and the reader had some kind of deal or did she just figure the reader would have to choose one world or another? was that one of the first moments the reader knew deep down without acknowledging it that she’d pick ivar over Greece? i would love to hear your thoughts, great scene from a great chapter!
Hi love! Ooooh, I love this question! And I’m so happy to hear that scene is a favorite of yours!
I went a tad overboard with my answer, so I’ll reply under the cut :)
Come ask me some insight about my works!
So, Valdís did not actually know that the Reader and Ivar had any sort of deal going on, the only two people that are aware are Ubbe (Ivar told him closely after they made that deal, cause he needed his big brother lol) and Freydis (because the Reader trusts her implicitly, which...big mistake, but still). But Valdís knows the Reader by now, and she notices that something stops her then, something makes her falter the moment she brings up children. For a moment Valdís might consider it is because Ivar actually cannot father children like the rumors say, and she is rubbing the poor Reader’s face on the fact that she will never have Ivar’s children, but she knows that is not it because it isn’t the possibility of children that makes the Reader’s fight or flight instinct kick in, it is the mention of a future. So, she knows the Reader is still very much tied to Greece, and in that moment realizes that maybe it isn’t far in the realm of possibility that she one day packs up and leaves. She doesn’t necessarily knows they have made a deal (Ivar willingly agreeing to letting his wife leave him is outlandish in a way lol) but she knows the Reader is pulled between two choices/places/roles. Still, her question was never meant to be more than what is literally being asked. It hurts, and it means a lot, because the Reader is in a very precarious position with the choice thing and all that, but it was a conversation that on Valdís’ part didn’t have that deep of a meaning.
As to what that moment meant for the Reader. She is unmade by that question alone, because (and oh, boy, here I go) to her the tale ends with the choice. She never got an answer as to what Persephone chose/would have chosen, because she didn’t have a choice or the stories never told of Persephone’s choice; right? So her own story doesn’t matter past her choice, to her, in a twisted, not rational or aware way. Same goes for Ivar but I will go into that later. Consider this: from the beginning of the story to Chapter 21 all the Priestess wans (or admits to wanting) is to be able to make a choice, to be able to freely choose where she goes/to leave Kattegat; but she grows to care for Ivar (of course) and since then all she wants to do is stall the making of that choice; even says it multiple times, that she can try to make borrowed time last a lifetime. Because to her there isn’t a tale they could tell where Persephone willingly accepts death, there isn’t a world, a Hiereia, that can choose a Varangian over her own people. So, as long as she doesn’t have to make a choice, she can live freely, she can be. Little tangent here: same goes for Ivar, but in a different way; because to him, her being able to make a choice means, unequivocally, that she will leave him (in chapter 38 for example, he says thathe can pretend that she won’t have to make a choice and so she will stay, he doesn’t say that she will choose to stay with him, because in his his head it isn’t a possibility).
So, the point I’m trying to get to is that the Reader, if she looked back at it, would know that she had made her choice, and that she could realize she would choose Ivar over Greece, around Chapter 33, when she has to stop herself from telling Ivar not to kill Stithulf, so she can avoid making a choice.
I’m getting to this: the element of choice is very important throughout the story, and the Reader is both haunted and being given hope by that inevitable choice; but she never quite thinks of a future past that choice. She never imagines going back to Greece after having loved Ivar, and she never imagines (never lets herself imagine) staying in Kattegat with her back turned to Greece. What Valdís’ question does is avoiding the whole confronting her with a choice of any other interaction that she might have relating her future, and instead just offers her one. Valdís offers her a future with that quesiton, simple as it is, she offers her a world where she can stay, and she can have children that are as Greek as they are Viking, and she can raise them as her own with Ivar as their father; and it breaks at something within the Reader, I think. That mad little smile at the end of the flashback is that moment, that impossible, painful and dangerous hope that Valdís gives her, that image of a future that she hadn’t dared imagine.
Going back to that chapter/flashback to answer your question got me thinking, and while I never actually gave it a specific time, that flashback to me always took place between Ch34 (after Freydis and the Reader ‘make up’) and Ch37 (before she tells Ivar); but now I am calling it: the reason for the Reader’s little slip in Chapter 36 where she tells Ivar ‘we can have children’ is 100% a result of this conversation. Valdís put that thought in her head, and whether she wanted to or not she found herself imagining it, she found herself hoping for it.
I hope this answer was alright! And I hope I didn’t take away from what made this scene one of your favorites (still not over that btw, I’m so amazed you liked it so much!)
Thank you so much for such an interesting question, sweetheart! Sending you my love!
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cole-saberhagen · 2 years ago
Finished The Pre-Sequel with Timothy the Doppelganger
And I have a lot of thoughts about it. Sooo major Pre-Sequel spoilers ahead obviously and me talking about Timothy, a lot. I only played half the game at launch then I took a long 4 year break from everything Borderlands. So it was great to finally get around to finishing it.
Tumblr media
Found the Star Wars side quest! The lightsaber laser gun reward can rip those vault Guardian enemies to pieces if used right, helped a lot. 
Tumblr media
Chose to disobey Jack and got one of my fav Timothy lines. You GO Tim! 
Tumblr media
The Tycho’s Ribs map is trippy enough as it is, but then I found the secret Super Mario level. 
Tumblr media
This being one of the final things Tim says is what worries me. Did he eventually get out?? I’m still hoping he’s doing alright as some big film star. Seems to suggest that from those doppelman movie posters on Promethea in BL3. 
Tumblr media
Final boss looooot for days. Got a legendary class mod to take into TVHM.
Tumblr media
This escalated quickly. Also where the hell did Lilith come from?
I like how most of the game credits are people thanking family and friends, but then then there’s these guys
Tumblr media
I also love the artwork in the credits that shows how Jack bribed the player characters after the game into becoming the future bosses we know from Borderlands 2. Except Athena who says no to that literal blood money, why tf is there blood on your money, Jack?
Tumblr media
Then there’s this masterful villain cutscene. God I always get shivers when I watch this but it was nice to see it in context.
Tumblr media
I love the foreshadowing in this game. Damn, Timothy! careful what you wish for.
Tumblr media
Yeah Mr. Tassiter was a complete jerk but if you play Tim he almost helped get him get out of there and stop Jack. Though honestly with all of Jack’s power I doubt that was ever going to happen anyway.
Tumblr media
Also holy hell all those side quests you do on Helios helping Jack, like the one where you set up firing bots to the moon surface? That ends up inconveniencing you so much in Borderlands 2 when you actually have to fight them. The PreSequel messes with your head so much because you aid in such evil.
Tumblr media
Back in Jack’s office after all those wild cut scenes to hand in the quest. He’s done a lot of office remodeling and shoved posters of himself everywhere. Jack is already building the Opportunity city from Borderlands 2 at this stage. His note says “Reasons I’m better than everyone. - More handsome - Richer - Smarter -Funnier”. Okay lmao. Love all the little details they add to the games. 
Tumblr media
TVHM unlocked. Jack standing there looking uncomfy af in his silly new mask, GOOD, YOU BINCH.
Uhm. Time to finish the final side quests and start the Claptrap DLC which is apparently amazing. 
If I get time I’ll do my TVHM playthrough before Borderlands 3 is out, but right now I’m realllly eager to play Tales from the Borderlands first. The 2nd Borderlands game I’ve been saving since 2014 for the right time.
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spideyspoods · 2 years ago
illusions (ffh spoilers)
Pairing: Peter Parker X F!Stark!Reader A/N: tumblr needs to get their act together because this is the SECOND (2nd) time i’ve posted this. i edited the tags and everything on it DISAPPEARED. anyways i hope you like this despite my obvious anguish bc this is one of my favs so far.
Warnings: Mentions of death, manipulation, angst if you look close, and depictions of action sequences.
Word Count: 3k
Y/N Stark was on a plane to Venice all because of her boyfriend, Peter Parker. She thoroughly convinced herself on not going for the main reason being that she wasn’t sure if she would enjoy it because of everything that came before, including her Father’s death. Peter knew that, but he also knew that she deserved a break. After using the infamous Parker Puppy eyes, she packed a suitcase and chose a window seat next to him. “How was your Spider-Man appearance last night?” she teased with a knowing smile. His Aunt May hosted a charity event and in efforts to gain more awareness, and invited Spider-Man over to say a few words. Peter bit his tongue, remembering how awful it was. “I only said four words but I think I nailed it!” Sadly, Y/N could see through his lies. “It could’ve gone much worse! Oh that reminds me, apparently Nick Fury tried to call me-”
“Wait really? What’d he say?” She shifted in her seat, using Peter’s jacket as a blanket. “I don’t know I didn’t answer it.”
“You’re joking. Peter he’s going to tear up the city looking for you now!”
“I just wanted a relaxing vacation for once!”
“That’s out the window now that you ghosted him are you kidding me?” Y/N knew from personal experience that leaving Fury hanging was the quickest way to death. Peter had a point, but she knew that this was inescapable. Peter frowned, not realizing how much of a big deal it was. “He’s probably going to call me instead. Don’t be shocked if he’s one of the flight attendants, Parker. I warned you.”
After eight hours, the group had finally landed in Venice. After setting their bags down in their ‘charming’ hotel, the class had an hour to kill on sightseeing. On the plane, Peter had been memorizing certain Italian phrases to help conversation flow smoothly, but for the most part it made things worse. As they were ordering gelato, he stumbled over his words. Y/N tried to stifle a laugh over his poor pronunciation, before speaking for him. Peter was shocked as Y/N continued taking in the sights.  “You didn’t tell me you speak Italian.”
“I can’t reveal all of my secrets at once,” she winked. Peter looked down, chuckling before shooting his head back up and looking to her. “What? Is it the ‘Peter Tingle’?” Usually he’d make a deal out of it, but this time he just simply nodded and ran towards the canals, Y/N following closely behind.
Water gushed up, raining down as it soaked everyone. “What the hell is that?” Y/N stood up analyzing the scene. “It’s some sort of hydro man? Get everyone out!” she pointed her finger towards safety, leading everyone away from the danger. Ned was one of the last ones to flee, but she stopped him. “Make sure nobody sees me and Peter, got it?” He nodded, “Has anyone ever told you that you’re the definition of power couple?” She rolled her eyes and smirked at the comment before seeing Peter crashing into the bridge. Y/N ran to him, pulling him to his feet. Ready to fight, they saw a trail of green smoke contain the monster.
Left and right, buildings crumbled. Peter was at the bell tower, webbing everything up to minimize the damage while Y/N stood low, scanning for any openings. With one final green blast, the water erupted one more time before disappearing. All of them finally had time to catch their breath. The mysterious man hovered closer to them and spoke, “Thanks for your help. I think we’ll see each other soon.”
Once they had dried off, Peter & Y/N took a seat on the stairs of the hotel lobby. On the small TV in the corner, Italian reporters displayed footage of what had happened moments ago. “They’re calling him Mysterio, man of mystery or something.” MJ remarked.
“I’m just trying to wonder why he has a fishbowl on his head and a cape. That’s poor costume design right there,” Ned said making everyone laugh. With a look of disinterest, Flash crossed his arms. “Yeah but he’s no Spider-Man.” Y/N gave a look to Peter who stayed silent, “You’re right. Spider-Man is much cooler.” Flash’s eyes lit up with excitement, as if he were a child again. “You’ve met Spider-Man?!”
“I thought that was a given. The Avengers are practically my family.” she spoke softly, trying not to let her emotions get the best of her.
“No way! What’s he like?”
“He’s great and super funny. Not to mention he’s kind of cute.” Peter coughed, trying to cover the fact he was blushing. Flash on the other hand didn’t buy it, “He can’t be that cute. You’re dating Peter out of all people.” Y/N simply glared, sending a chill down his spine.
Ned & Peter resigned to their shared hotel room. Just as they entered, Peter’s best friend was shot down by a tranquilizer dart, crashing to the floor. He jumped, turning to see Nick Fury sitting on the small couch. “You’re a hard man to track, Spider-Man.” Shit. Y/N was right. Then again, when was she not?
After a few disruptions he was taken to an underground base to discuss the threats in private. Y/N stood next to the same man they saw earlier, whose actual name was Quentin Beck. “I told you that he’d find you.” Y/N muttered. Beck continued to explain his dilemma. “I come from earth, just not your earth.” “Are you saying that there’s a multiverse because that’d be insane! Actually impossible, that would change the way we think of time and space as we know it!” Peter continued to ramble, before being met with a bored glare from Agent Hill. Quentin looked at the boy with empathy, “Hey. Don’t apologize for being the smartest one in the room.” Y/N knew that it was true, hell the kid was a brainiac, but something felt off about the man. He had taken an interest to both of them and seemed very enthralled. Despite his backstory, it felt as if it was too coincidental to be true. Essentially the mission was to stop the most powerful Elemental in Prague, but it meant ditching their class. Y/N had her fair share of missions already and insisted on going while Peter was reluctant. Fury stayed silent for the rest of the meeting, handing Peter a glasses case before dismissing both of them.
The next morning, Mr. Harrington gathered all of the students for an announcement. “I know the itinerary says that we’re going to Paris, but the travel agency called and offered us a deal to go to Prague instead!” The class cheered while Peter’s face looked pale. Y/N stood next to him, taking his hand into hers. “We need to get some more rest on the bus, we have a fire monster to kill.”
Hours later, Y/N & Peter were in position. They sported their new suits, that were essentially the same thing they were used to but just black to stay incognito. Y/N perched on a tile roof opposite of Peter. There were small crowds of people, mingling amongst the square. Seeping through a metal grate, molten began to pour out. “It’s showtime.” As the lava monster began to form, everyone sprung into action. “Make sure that it doesn’t touch any metal, that’s how it grows!” Y/N eyes darted to the ferris wheel where she spotted Ned & Betty stuck at the top. She stuck her hand out, moving the entire ferris wheel away from the fire elemental. Y/N had telekinesis as a result of a mission gone wrong, and only used it in emergencies.
The monster roared, chasing Peter up the wall as he flipped away. He webbed up a metal pole and jumped, yanking it away from its reach. Quentin took a hit at the monster, only making it even more furious. The battle seemed to have reached a dead end, as it inched closer and closer to the ferris wheel; leaving everything ablaze. “Kid, hold it back!” Y/N put all of her strength into pushing away the elemental, but it was just too strong. She yelled in pain, giving it her all. “That’s it, I’m going in.”
“Beck, what are you doing?” Peter screamed.
“What I should’ve done before!” He ran into the creature, engulfed in flames. The monster tore apart and shattered apart, turning into ashes. Y/N collapsed on the ground at the sudden loss as Peter ran to her, making sure she wasn’t hurt. “Hey hey hey, we did it. Are you alright?” She slowly got to her feet, panting. “I think so? Where’d he go?”
Quentin stirred, before standing back up. “I think I need a drink. Come on, let’s go.” Y/N and Peter looked to each other, “We’re underage.” “What about it?” He continued to walk away, taking his helmet off. Y/N took notice of his face before placing a hand on her boyfriend’s shoulder, “You should go with him, I think I’ll sit this one out, make sure that everyone knows we’re okay.” He squeezed her hand before following after.
Y/N peeled off her suit and freshened up. Her legs were covered with cuts and she spent a while recovering. There was a knock at her door to reveal MJ & Ned. She beckoned them in, locking the door. MJ raised a brow to the suit. Y/N never told her, but she trusted her friend enough to see it. “Something just doesn’t add up. I feel like I’ve seen him before.” She tapped her watch to display a hologram. “SID, do we have any files on a Quentin Beck?” SID, or ‘Stark Industries’ Database’ was her father’s final gift to her.
From a young age, Y/N always had an interest in technology and innovation, something she inherited from her father. Even if it were past her bedtime, Tony would sneak her into the lab; projecting constellations onto the ceiling. He would point out each one and tell stories about what they meant. As little Y/N began to nod off to sleep, he would whisper “I love you more than the sun and stars, pumpkin.” Despite being tired, she always had the energy to respond. “But the sun is a star.” As she grew up, it became their inside joke. Smart kid but a smarter mouth, Pepper would say. When her father passed away, he left a note and the watch. On the band, ‘I love you more than the sun and stars’ was engraved in silver letters. Y/N struggled sometimes, but felt at ease once she knew he was always with her.
SID continued to sift through as Ned marveled at the technology. “Y/N that’s why I came here. I found this at the battle. Looks like some piece of a robot, maybe a drone?” MJ handed her the sleek white machine part. Turning it over in her hands, it whirred to life and projected a scene identical to what happened at the battle. “What the hell,” she whispered.
“One match to Quentin Beck, former Stark Industries employee.” SID chimed. It didn’t take long for her to realize what was happening. “We need to get Peter.” Y/N rushed to the door, before hearing her window slide open. Her boyfriend took off his mask, freezing at the sight of MJ. “It’s fine, she knows. Listen, babe, I need to use EDITH real quick.” His mouth hung open as he tried to find the words, “It’s with Quentin.”
“Why the hell does he have it?”
“I gave it to him!”
“Peter Benjamin Parker, you’re going to be the end of me! That was his plan all along!” Y/N rubbed her temples. “What’s going on?” Ned gestured to SID and the drone piece when Peter realized he messed up big time. Y/N slipped into her suit, turning away from anyone. “Wait, where are you going?” Peter held her arms, worried. “I need to tell Fury, he’s in Berlin and we don’t have any time to waste.”
“I’m going with you!”
“You can’t. If he worked with Stark Industries then I’m the one he’s after.”
“That makes no sense, he’ll hurt you,” he frowned as tears started to form in his eyes. He couldn’t lose her too, especially if he knew that it was his fault. Y/N cupped his cheek in her hand, pressing a lingering kiss to his lips. “No. He won’t. MJ and Ned, tell Mr. Harrington I had family matters to attend. Peter, Happy will pick you up to keep you updated.” They all nodded and Y/N grabbed her mask before opening the window. “I love you,” Peter said.
“I love you too.” Just like that, she was out and after Quentin.
A few hours later, Y/N arrived to the sleek building where Fury was supposed to be. She was still dressed in her suit, but wasn’t phased. There were bigger problems to face. A black car eased towards her as she stopped in her tracks. The tinted windows rolled down, showing Fury in the driver’s seat. She slipped in as he drove off, beckoning her to stay quiet before she started talking.
As soon as they made it into a conference room, the worried girl started talking at lightning speed catching him up to date along with Maria. “So you’re saying that Mr. Beck isn’t who he says he is? I’ll admit, I had my doubts about him.”
“He’s a total fraud after power and lies. Here I have this as proof!” She slid the drone piece in their direction. “We have to act fast. Let me go after him, I’m the one he wants anyways.” Nick kept his stone cold glare and before either of them speak, their surroundings flickered and disappeared. “He’s here.” A drone threw an explosion in their direction, as Y/N dived to protect him. She seemed to phase through the ground, landing on her back in a concrete warehouse. “Wow, Y/N. Just when I thought we were finally bonding. I knew Fury had to die, but now you’re convincing me that you need to go too.” Y/N spun around, drones appearing out of thin air surrounding her. “Stop hiding, you coward!”
Her surroundings shifted into a pitch black room, Mysterio inching towards her. “You know, you’re just like your Father. That arrogant son of a bitch only did what he thought would help himself.” Y/N threw a punch at him, only to realize that it was a solid concrete pillar. She winced, seeing Morgan standing at the top of Stark Tower, confused. “Y/N what’s happening?” Her head pounded and she couldn’t see straight. “Stop it!” Beck stood behind her little sister, the ground disappearing as they fell. It seemed endless and she couldn’t wrap her head around it until she crumpled on top of a car. Drones whirled over her head, taking her into another vision. She stretched out her arms, desperate to move them away but they only grew closer.
“You hide behind your Father’s lies, thinking that you Starks are so high and mighty. I’m here to show the truth!” Y/N stood upon stone, a statue of Mysterio looming over her. “Mysterio is the truth!” The weathered stone crumbled, suffocating her. Y/N gasped, face covered in dust and blood. “You’re the reason why your father died, don’t deny it.” His voice echoed into a hollow room. In front of her was his tombstone. Her breath hitched in her throat, before a decaying Iron Man suit took her into a chokehold. She had tears in her eyes, but remembered that it wasn’t real. It shifted once more, this time Tony laying against a rock. The light in his eyes were long forgotten. “You failed me. You’ll,” he stammered “never be enough.”
“Dad!” she reached for him, and closed her eyes. “This isn’t real.”
“Oh, but isn’t it?” Y/N stood on a fire escape 100 floors high as Peter gripped to the edge. “Y/N please,” he pleaded. His eyes were bruised and nose bleeding. “Peter!” The floor creaked and her heart thumped. “Y/N help me!” She grunted, pulling him up. “You’re okay,” she whispered pressing her forehead to his. His eyes turned red, “I never needed you.” Peter pushed her back as the illusion dissolved, and into a speeding train.
She tried to yell, but couldn’t bring herself to breathe. Barely clinging on, she had split vision. Slipping through the train door, Y/N slipped into unconsciousness and away from everything.
Peter wasn’t able to focus at all the entire day Y/N was gone. Ned tried his best to distract him with Star Wars anecdotes, but even that didn’t work. During lunch, he saw Happy talking to his teachers before motioning him to follow. Peter got into the jet, Happy not taking a single second to waste. “What happened? Where’s Y/N? Is she okay?”
“She’s in Broek op Langedijk-”
“What? Where is that? How close are we?”
“Netherlands. We’re an hour out, but she’s alive don’t worry-” Peter scoffed, pacing in the jet. “How am I not supposed to worry? I love her and she can be on the verge of dying right now-”
“I knew I should have gone with her-”
“Peter! I’m going as fast as I can, but I need to concentrate. I care about her too, okay? We just need to try to calm down, can you do that for me?”
As soon as they touched down in a field of tulips, Peter jumped out. Y/N’s eyes were bloodshot and her arms scratched. There was a red stain on her neon orange shirt that she definitely wasn’t wearing when he last saw her. “Y/N thank god you’re okay-” he took her into a hug, only to be pushed away. “Stop it! Get away from me!” He raised his hands up defensively, and felt sharp pain seep through his heart. He had fought villains and had been on the verge of dying, but even that didn’t hurt as much as this.
“Y/N, please.” She was taken back to the moment Quentin messed with her mind. His voice was exactly the same, making the battle in her mind even more difficult to fight.
“No, no. You’re not real!” He stepped closer to her, reaching for her hands. In his grasp, she made fists; trying to hit him. Y/N’s voice trembled, “Let me go! Come on, Beck! Tell me how I failed everyone I know!” She looked him dead in the eye. This wasn’t the Y/N he knew. Now, she looked so weak; something she had never been before. “I’m not Beck, Y/N I swear. I’m here for you and I want to help you.” His eyes were glossy, the girl he loved didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. “Promise me that you’re not some sort of illusion!”
“Y/N I promise!”
“What’s something only Peter & I would know?” He immediately thought back to their first date a year ago. “Okay on our first date I got you flowers, but I didn’t know you were allergic.” Y/N seemed to ease up as he continued. “After you recovered, we went to the fire escape. I told you I love you, even if it might have seemed to early but I told the truth,” Truth, Quentin’s voice echoed in her mind.  “We kissed and May saw us! Remember, she dropped the snack platter?”
Y/N ran into his arms, sobbing. He kissed her and wiped the tears away. Peter took her face into his hands. He whispered words into her ear, stroking her back. “You’re real. You’re here.” He pressed another kiss to her forehead. 
“Yeah, I’m here. I always will be.”
Thank you for reading! Feedback is appreciated, but not required! My requests and taglist are open! :)
Taglist (sorry for the notif AGAIN): @parkeret @savedbystark @harrysbbby @cutiepiemimi13 @leelee--thebaek @softrdj @happylittlesuns @lovertony @anolddayslover @astromilku @ninja-boss-barbie
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bumblbytrash · 3 years ago
My Just Right™️ Theory
So I know I’m not the only one who thinks Blake is Baby Bear. Or at least I hope I’m not alone.
I mean then again I literally never really see anyone else posting about it other than people reblogging my posts so fucking maybe.
But I’m really latched onto this head canon and y’all better buckle up cause I’ve got new thoughts to add to this crackpot theory.
Tumblr media
Now, I’ve made a semi lengthy post about this already, which can be found here, and y’all should really go read that first bc I’m gonna gloss over what over already talked about and y’all will be confused. Now that post really only talks about Blake’s introduction as Baby Bear. But now I’ve got for y’all all the reasons how Blake fills the role of Baby Bear/ being Just Right™️ for Yang.
The first thing I wanna to clarify with y’all is the basics of Goldilocks and the three bears. Just cause I’m obv gonna talk about symbolism that I’m pulling from quite a lot and I want us all on the same page. So,
Goldilocks vs Papa Bear: porridge is too hot, bed is too stiff. Angry and mean, or passionate and protective.
Mama Bear: porridge is too cold, bed is too soft. Distant and bracing, or level headed and receptive.
But then Baby Bear’s stuff is Just Right™️. Y’all starting to get why I’ve also latched on to “Just Right™️”?
Second thing I’m gonna come right out and clarify is that yes. I am aware that Junior’s name means Baby Bear. Actually his name means Black Bear, the nickname Junior is what makes it Baby Black Bear. But I’m imagining the titles being a little flexible and applicable to multiple characters.
So cool, Yang fought two Ursai, one was “hot headed” and aggressive, attacked her up front. The other was a more “cool headed” passive one that watched at first, and the poof, Blake.
Tumblr media
Baby Bear. But I wanna take it a step further. So let’s look at team RWBY
Papa Bear = Ruby. Yes I know, the Yang is far more hot headed and fiery than ruby but hear me out. In the scene immediately following Blake’s introductionas Baby Bear, we see Ruby rum into a situation without much thought. She makes a hot headed move to attack without double checking her surroundings and fucks up Weiss’ shot. Then, in the ensuing argument, Ruby loses her temper and cuts down a tree. That’s some pretty hot porridge right there.
Mama Bear = Weiss. I means come on, she’s literally called the ice queen. In the scene after Blake’s introduction as Baby Bear, Weiss is shown being ice cold and honestly a total bitch. She’s literally standing there surrounded by beowolves, slowly going down a check list. I’m not here to say that proper form isn’t important but woman. Don’t wait for the second ice age. Then after Ruby beats her to the punch she starts an argument and she’s really cold. Saying to Ruby that no, she’s not perfect but she’s leagues better than her. That porridge is FROZEN.
Baby Bear = Blake. Y’all. Do I even have to say it? They’re literally perfect for each other. Blake is Just Right™️ in so many ways. Blake’s the person that Yang has the deepest connection with. Blake’s the one who laughs/smiles the most at Yang’s stupid jokes or really even just at Yang because she’s there. Yang strives for Blake’s approval, she immediately tears up and visibly breaks down the second it seems like Blake doesn’t trust/believe her. And when Blake asks Yang to promise to her specifically, in return for Blake’s trust, Yang doesn’t even hesitate for a second. Makes eye contact and promises. Blake’s also like, the only person to show worry or concern over Yang in a fight. Then, after being separated from each other for around a year, they just fall back into sync as it nothing ever kept them apart. Sure, they had a bump of two I’m looking at you apathy barn but they were just that bumps that’s they got over in a snap.
I mean shit, even the color scheme lines up for team RWBY.
Next we get to look at our in-world family of bears: The Belladonna’s
Tumblr media
Kali Belladonna. Y’all look at this sweet bean and tell me she isn’t the softest Mama Bear to ever soft.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kali Belladonna isn’t ice cold in the way that Weiss is, she’s more cool and soft. She does silly things, teases her daughter about the boy that followed her home and doesn’t hesitate for a second to wrap her daughter up in a bear hug.
And damn if Ghira Belladonna isn’t intimidating as all shit
Tumblr media
Ghira Belladonna is a damned force to be reckoned with. This man is the very definition of a hot headed, protective Papa Bear. Y’all cannot convince me other wise if you tried.
The Belladonna’s are admittedly a fav and I’m really just including them cause I can and it fits sooooooooo. Moving on:
So the last thing I wanna talk to y’all about is Yang’s abandonment issues. How we’ve seen it played out in the show and how it fits into my Baby Bear!Blake theory. And yes, I know this is reaching. Like shit, my spine popped, I was reaching so far up to this shelf but hear me out.
Yang has canonically been abandoned 3 times.
The first time was her birth mother, Raven Branwen.
Tumblr media
Now we can only speculate on why Raven really left. Yang also, has no idea why Raven left, a fact that hit us over the head in V2. So for Yang’s entire life (tho she got some closure in V5) Yang has just built up bitterness and anger toward her mother. “How dare she leave, how could she just go, abandon her family like that.”
The second time was Summer Rose. But Summer didn’t chose to leave.
Tumblr media
I mean yes she chose to leave for the mission, but she fully planned on returning. She was killed. The was a fight, a slip up, an accident, and Summer couldn’t make it back home. Yang more than likely spent her years wishing that maybe she or Tai or Qrow or anyone would have just gone with her, made sure that Summer was alright. Summer didn’t leave, she was taken away inexplicably and Yang would have felt sad. Lost and cold without her mother’s guidance.
The third time was Blake. And yes, our baby girl fucked up when she left, I’m not here to deny that.
Tumblr media
So during the fall of beacon, Yang finds Blake on the ground under Adam who has just stabbed her. Keep in mind, Yang has spent the majority of her life wishing she or literally any one could have been there to save Summer. Wishing that someone could have prevented her loved one from being ripped away from her. And now, Blake is about to be killed in front of Yang’s very eyes.
Y’all damn know she flipped her shit. She is CRYING as she launches herself at Adam, so blinded by her need to make to Blake, to be there in time, to save her life. Y’all also know that she failed, pretty miserably in fact. But Blake didn’t care. She only cared that Yang had come at all, and was upset with herself for having brought Yang into her world of trauma. So she left. She left because she thought that that would protect Yang.
What’s different about Blake leaving is that she’s the only person who actually chose Yang. Sure the message didn’t come across to Yang right away, but that’s what happened. Blake chose Yang’s safety over her own safety, well being, and happiness.
And I know, I know, that what t probably hurt Yang more than anything was that Blake chose to leave her behind, like Raven had. Yang ultimately made her peace with Summer because that was out of anyone’s control. But Blake? We see in volume 5 we see that Yang is very VERY upset that Blake left. When Ruby tells Yang she wishes Blake was with them, Yang lashes out. Ruby pushed farther, prying, trying to force Yang into wanting Blake there and Yang snaps, of only for a moment.
Her eyes burn red and she is LIVID. Yang eventually gets up and sulks in her room while carressing Blake’s image in a group photo. And then, enter Weiss. Weiss says nothing as she enters the room. Just sits and lets Yang rant. Once Yang’s down Weiss speaks. Talks about her own traumas and her own family issues. And finally talks to Yang and convinces her to try and see things from Blake’s perspective.
I mean shit. The poor girl did her absolute best to remain distant, to keep her secrets, to keep her past away from the rest of them. But she opened up to Yang, they became very close friends and at some point (I’m looking at you Burning the Candle) it became a little more flirtatious and romantic. Then with all this going on, Adam appears of literally nowhere and maimes the one person in all of Beacon that Blake has truly opened up to. And like let’s not fucking forget that Blake is also the only person we see Yang open up to. I mean we see her open up to Weiss, but she’s literally opening up about her pain from Blake leaving soooooooo.
The last thing that sets Blake apart in this cycle of the three bears, and the reason why she gets to be Baby Bear/ Just Right™️ is because BLAKE CAME BACK.
This girl, who is notorious for running from her problems, to the point that her semblance which is an extension of her own soul, is literally a mechanism to run away, SHE CAME BACK.
Blake came back to Yang. And she’s promised she’s never going anywhere again. And Yang believes her, Yang trusts her, and y’all can damn well believe Yang LOVES her.
Tumblr media
So yea. Blake’s Baby Bear. She’s Just Right™️ for Yang. Try and change my mind. You can’t.
This post has gotten really long, and I do have more thoughts, but maybe in another post cause again, this is already a fucking full length essay.
For y’all who wanted to be tagged:
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Marvel fic rec - Loki x OC, Bucky x OC (1)
You guys I have such good ones for this rec.
Tumblr media
After Class, by Team Damon (68k)
She's a clumsy but intelligent student who's a little late getting her degree, and he's a young but grumpy professor with a past he's doing his best to move on from. Neither of them expected college to be quite this interesting, but nothing ever goes exactly according to plan.
We’re starting with the good stuff, people, the real good stuff. You know how many shitty Student x Teacher fanfictions there are out there in the vasteness of the internet? A lot. I have seen things I wish I could unsee. But this one is not one of those. This one is the best, the single most beautifully written piece of fanfiction with this trope. I cannot stress this enough, I am in LOVE with this story. It’s just long enough to be in-depth and have flesh, but it’s short enough to read in one sitting. It’s my go-to sotry that I read whenever I feel down, when I’m sick and bed-ridden, when I’m stressed out because of my exams and can’t sleep. It heals my soul to read such work of art.
Team Damon is an absolute sweetheart too, a true wordsmith, and there are more of her stories that will make it into this fic rec.
Tumblr media
Blasphemy, by SheWritesThings (76k)
For Sam and Steve, finding Bucky was the easy part. But now two distinct personalities reside within him: Bucky Barnes and the Winter Soldier. Sam decides to call in an old friend: Sgt. Fox, a young war veteran and amputee, having suffered PTSD herself. Dodging SHIELD and Hydra agents alike, the trio struggles to bring Bucky back and eliminate the Soldier before time runs out.
Another masterpiece, not the last one of this list. It’s the first installment of a series (ongoing sequel is here) but I honestly don’t think it needs a sequel, it can be read on its own. It has a prologue-y feel to it, but I love it. It’s the first fanfiction I read that deals so seriously and thoroughly with Bucky’s PTSD, and it doesn’t shove a romantic relationship in our face. The author must have sent HOURS researching about PTSD to write this, I cannot fathom how much work it represents.
It’s so good, so raw, it really stirs something in you. Also if ableism is an issue you take to heart, this story is a goode example on how to write disabled characters, it’s just perfect.
Tumblr media
Fate's Children, by theatrewraith (109k)
The Norns, fates of the Nine Realms, long ago chose a protector for each realm bound to keep order in their universe. Roska is the latest guardian of Asgard. When Odin asks her to bring Loki back from Midgard at any cost, she is set on a path of even greater importance. To assure Asgard's stable future, she must set the Jotun Prince on its throne.
One of those stories where you wonder how the hell this isn’t a published work. I can barely imagine the amount of research that went into the writing of this fanfiction, the world-building and attention to details is amazing. I have no idea just how much of what I read is inspired by true mythology and folklore, but it’s impressive still. More plot-driven than character driven. To my absolute sadness, it’s not very centred on the pairing HOWEVER it is one of the best Loki characterization I’ve even seen with my own two eyeballs (honestly Taika Waititi should take example).
Tumblr media
Friends to Lovers to Complete and Utter Idiots, by Team Damon (39k)
They're just friends. The best of friends, really. But when she's secretly head over heels in love with him and he gets the bright idea to take their friendship to an entirely new and unexpected level, she knows she's playing with fire. She's already burning, though, so why not make it count?. Modern AU 
Listen, I’ve rarely come so close to ripping out all of my hair, and I love my hair. The pairng drove me crazy. Team Damon just knows how to play with my feelings like nobody’s business. The title really says it all, but if you think it’s just another of the usual fwb story, you, my friend, are gravely mistaken. Because it’s more than that, it’s a jewel among jewels. It’s a diamond, alright? Read it, I swear to god, read it.
Tumblr media
Stray, by MissMorwen (32k)
“Why did you come here?” “I needed to hide, needed to think.” There was a slight furrow in his brow again. “Think about what?” She tilted her head, trying to catch his eyes. He looked in her direction, but with an unfocused gaze. “The man, he – he knew me. And I knew him.” The knuckles on his right hand were turning white.
******** You know how the story goes: Fucked-up former assassin meets girl. Girl is a cliché vet with a tendency to help birds with broken wings.
I think the author says it all in the synopsis honestly. It’s just a fun, light-hearted Bucky fanfic. It’s a nice change from the more serious stuff, and it’s not too long so it’s a quick read, and it’s worth your time.
Tumblr media
Illusion, by likeatumbleweed (155k)
Sigyn has an overprotective brother, an overbearing mother, and an overarching duty to Queen Frigga as her handmaiden. She begins a relationship with Loki, Prince of Asgard and second in line to the throne. It seems easy, but fate has so much more in store for them than they planned. AU. Pre-Thor through Post-Avengers. 
Listen, this is the one of the best fanfictions I’ve even had the pleasure to read. All fandoms mixed together, it’s a fav. I will defend this fanfiction to the death, I’ve scarcely seen anything so beautiful. The prose is amazing, the pace is perfect, there is a balance between plot relevant scenes and self-indulgent fluff, the characterization is on point (Tony Stark, however short his appearance in the story is, has one of the best characterization ever).
It’s 155k long but I find it too short still. There is nothing I disliked about this story, I could write a eulogy about how much I adore it, I could write poems and songs about it, I- well you get my drift. AND because the author knows how much her readership loved the story, we got a bunch of additional oneshots to quench our insatiable thirst. I’m not going to review each of them individually but they are all great, and you will cry actual salty tears, trust me.
Chapter "10.5" of Illusion - Loki spends the night with Sigyn at her apartment, and things get a bit uncomfortable for her brother Edmund.
Sigyn has had a stressful day; when she threatens to never return to the palace library again, Loki uses his considerable skills to change her mind.
Loki arranges for a private celebration of Sigyn's birthday.
The Better Part of Valor:
One morning not long after beginning her relationship with Loki, Sigyn is late reporting for her duties with the queen. When Loki (who has everything to do with her tardiness) shows up to take advantage of her embarrassment, Sigyn is less than cooperative.
Best Laid Plans:
Loki and Sigyn attempt to celebrate their anniversary, only to be hindered at every turn by extenuating circumstances (especially their precocious six-year-old daughter, Unna, who has a terrible grasp of the appropriate time to show off newly acquired magic skills).
Threnody for a Sparrow:
It's a lesson Loki has never wanted to learn...there are some broken things that cannot be fixed, no matter how badly you wish otherwise.
Tumblr media
Monster, by IndigoUmbrella (70k)
“Have you ever asked yourself, do monsters make war, or does war make monsters?” -Laini Taylor 
Probably the vaguest, least helpful synopsis in the history of synopsis, but hey, I’m here to tell you that it’s fucking fabulous, and you won’t regret reading this fanfiction. It’s not you usual girl meets boy story at all - this time the meeting is not accidental at all, all of their interractions have one sole purpose: help Bucky become himself again. And it gives a lot of weight to their interractions, the story is very serious, but not so much as to give you a headache either. I love it because it’s different, and it takes things slowly, there’s a lot of attention to details too.
Hell Bound (Sequel to Monster) (82k)
Start by pulling him out of the fire and hoping that he will forget the smell. He was supposed to be an angel but they took him from that light and turned him into something hungry, something that forgets what his hands are for when they aren't shaking. When is a monster not a monster? Oh, when you love it. 
Second vaguest synopsis of all time, but trust me when I say that the sequel is even better than the first installement of this trilogy. I can’t really say anything about the sequel without revealing what happens in the first part, so just read it for heaven’s sake. I’m telling you, it’s good.
From Darkness (Third and last part of Monster) - Ongoing
When did we lose our way? Consumed by the shadows Swallowed whole by the darkness Does this darkness have a name? Is it your name?
And last but not least, the third part. Equally vague synopsis. We officially have a top three guys. Haven’t read this one yet, but I wanted to post all three parts together. 
Tumblr media
Light & Sweet, by LooneyLockhart (182k)
Bucky didn't understand the concept of a coffee house giving away free coffee. From what he remembered, hardly anything in Brooklyn was given away for free when he lived there. And why wasn't the coffee house girl frightened by him when he struck fear in some of the most competent SHIELD agents? Learning to be Bucky Barnes again, he wasn't prepared for the curious coffee girl.
How the hell am I going to sell you this story?
It’s... a coffee shop AU. Except it’s not really an AU. It’s entirely set in the MCU as we know it, superheroes are totally a thing, everything is like the canon, but Bucky and the OC still meet in a coffee shop. It’s serious, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously either. It’s well written, like really. The OC is endearing, the pace is perfect for the story, the characters have a lot of depth, even the secondary ones get a bit of characterization. It’s a beautiful work all in all.
Tumblr media
Honesty, by thearrowsoflegolas (91k)
The Winter Soldier has a new mission. Erin Jefferson is a young SHIELD biochemist who has just synthesised a serum that can make anyone tell the truth, and HYDRA wants it. The Winter Soldier is expecting it to be an easy job, and Erin is expecting to die there. What she's not expecting is to meet a man with light eyes and a dark past who needs her help.
This is the funniest Bucky fanfic I’ve read, and it’s awesome. I’ve never seen such balance between light-hearted moments and serious, down-to-business ones. It doesn’t take anything away from Bucky’s gravitas, but it rather offers a stark contrast with the OC’s bubbly personality, it’s refreshing and beautiful. And it’s fucking funny, you guys, it’s hilarious. Additionally it’s one of the only fanfictions I’ve read as the chapters got published, instead of waiting until it was completed.
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flabbergabst · 4 years ago
Hii so i love avalance a l o t but captain canary will always own my soul so i was wondering if you could maybe rewrite some parts of 3x15 with captain canary instead (ive been thinking about this for a few hours and boy it hurts) anyways thank you v much either way and in other news youre litterally my fav fic writer ever bye
Author’s Note: Ihaven’t watched an episode of Season 3, only clips from YouTube, but I’m up forthis prompt. I have to apologize if I failed to thread the story completelybased from the episode. Also, this is an homage to @firesoulstuff ’s comment on a post aboutLeonard accepting that Sara is damaged, after everything she’s been through—andhe gets that. There is nothing there is to fix because that’s what Sara is. Thanksfor the prompt. And thanks most especially to @ranger-of-estel for looking over this for me! 
Death and Devotion
She’s walking in the halls of the Waverider, the softhumming of the ship filled her ears. She was wondering where the team is andupon looking for them, she felt motion behind her. It was a little girl inyellow, running to get to the galley. The kid eventually stopped and turned toher. The little girl spoke, her voice unfamiliar but still sent a chill downher spine. “You thought I forgot about you?”
Sara gasped, catching the air that she felt left her lungs.Before she could bolt out the bed, Leonard’s hand covered her own, keeping themclose to her chest. Her heart was beating fast and it distracted her so muchthat she didn’t notice him move closer to her. “Nightmare again?”
She nodded, settling down again on his chest, with his leftarm wrapping her and his right settled comfortable on Sara’s waist. Leonardnoticed Sara trying to even out her breathing, obviously trying to sleep again.
“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked, raising his lefthand to soothe her arm.
Sara knows she can always say she’s fine and that it’snothing and he won’t force her to reveal what happened.. But the two of themhave been through a lot together that she knows she could trust him withwhatever it was. So she told him about her dream nightmare. About thelittle girl. About who she thinks the kid was. About how she hurt the kid. Lenjust listened. Slightly pulling her closer to him if her voice starts crackinga little. After her tale, she faced him. “I killed her father. Murder in cold blood.And she saw that. Len, she wasn’t supposed to see something like that.”
“I know,” Leonard interrupted, “but you’ve paid for that. That’snot you anymore, remember?”
Sara sighed, wanting to believe him but can’t. So Len spokeagain. “Hey. You are a strong, brave woman and I know you can fight your owndemons. You have been doing so for the longest time. But I’m more than willingto help kick some of those demons’ asses.”
Sara chuckled, digging her head on his armpit, making himlaugh himself. It took another minute before Sara raised her head and kissedhim softly, teasing him a little by softly biting his lower lip. “Thank you,”she said once they broke away from the kiss.
Len smirked and replied. “As long as you’re not dreaming ofsomebody else.”
Sara bit her lower lips, earning a confused look from theman beside her. “Well,” she started, “there was this one time…”
He groaned and pulled away from her but Sara pulled him backin. “I’m kidding!” Sara teased, only to be responded by a raised eyebrow fromSnart. She then continued, “It happened twice.”
“Great,” he groaned.
“They were just people with no faces,” Sara defendedherself. “And that happened before I had a boyfriend,” she continued, using herhand to take Len’s jaw so he could face her.
Len raised his head and with a smirk, he asked, “You callingme your boyfriend now?”
They’ve been without labels for a long time. Not that theyneeded one. They know how much the other means to them and labels seemedunnecessary. But, well, it wouldn’t hurt to have one, right?
“Maybe?” Sara answered. “I mean, why not? There’s no reasonnot to.”
The man’s eyes carried the smile. “And what will the peoplein your dreams say?”
Sara sat up a little, her blue eyes bright and wide awakenow. “Well, what can they say? They’re no Leonard Snart, robber of ATMs!”
She then pulled her blanket overthem as she straddles him, kissing his neck to his chest. And Leonard was aboutto reciprocate when the ship’s trusted AI chimed in.
“Sorry to interrupt, Captain, butwe need you in the bridge.”
Sara groaned aloud, obviouslyirritated. Leonard just chuckled. “Let’s go, Captain. Time to save history. Ormess it up. Either way, get dressed.”
When they got to the bridge, Sara’smood sort of dropped from the light in her eyes when they were in their room.
She proceeded to the control panelsof the ship, letting the rest of the team including Gideon, discuss theanachronisms or the time cracks all over history.
“What happens if we don’t repairhistory?” Wally asked, face frowning at all the complications his teammatesdiscussed.
Ray and Nate answered with delight,making Len and Sara look at each other and roll their eyes.
Their psychic connection, as Jaxused to call it, was interrupted by a question from their newest teammate. “So,worse than flashpoint?”
“Allen did turn a baby girl into ababy boy,” Leonard replied, “but yes. Worse.”
With a sigh, Sara pushed herselfoff of the control panels to proceed to the center console, pairing the team upand giving them tasks to accomplish with the goals of lessening the time cracksthat frustratingly keeps on popping up like daisies.
While Sara was being a Captain, Lenwas still leaning at the back of one jumpseat, looking at her intently. Therewas a certain weight in her eyes, and he was then reminded of how they woke upearlier. Her nightmares lessened when they got together, but since Mallus cameto the scene, it kept coming back and by now it’s hard to pretend that he’s notworried. He is familiar with nightmares himself and how much energy and powerit takes off of a person. No matter how strong they are.
“And Len and I will be picking upEinstein from the Ice Age,” Sara ordered.
The team agreed and paired upimmediately, but their eyes were still on her. Remembering their talk of hersend-offs a few days ago, she rolled her eyes and dropped her head. “Alright,that’s it. No snazzy send-off. Mama’s got a headache.”
The team was more understandingthan usual, nodding and walking away one by one.
“Even when you don’t try, you stillgot it,” Nate said, patting their Captain’s back.
Zari walked by Leonard, nudging theman. “You know what to do, dad.”
Snart smirked at Zari and noddedbefore walking towards Sara. Once everybody was away, Len pulled her for aside-hug, kissing her temples. “Want to sit this one down?”
The blonde shook her head. “I’m notsending you off without back-up,” she said. “It’s alright.
Things weren’t alright.
Sara was seduced by the DeathTotem. It engulfed her, resulting to her hurting the team. They knew it wasn’ther but they continued to plead with her, hoping to get the real Sara back. ButSnart knew better. He saw the damage it brought to the crew and no matter howbadly he wants to just talk to her and tell her to stop. But he knows it willfall on deaf ears. With Zari’s suggestion of using the jumpship, Len heeded forConstantine’s help to bring Sara back. The demonologist managed to help Saradeal with the presence of Mallus three weeks ago and he hoped that the Britcould help again. Constantine indeed helped him, and agreed to come to theWaverider. Once on the ship, they found Sara, half out of herself. It was hard,seeing Mallus use Sara as a vessel for a younger girl asking John to sacrificeSara to bring the said kid back—a life for a life. And John Constantine foundit hard to say no to that.
All that chaos led up to thismoment. With Sara lying on the floor of her very own ship. Pale and still as acorpse. Her crew present as witnesses. Leonard leaned down beside her and tookoff the Death totem from her neck. He held her hand, squeezing it and hestarted talking to her.
“Come on, assassin,” Leonard said,holding her hand. “You’re still there, I know you are.”
The woman is still unresponsive.Len felt his heart jump to his throat. “You are the strongest person I know.You’ve changed this team. You’ve changed us all. You’ve changed me. For thebetter. That’s on you. Hang on to that, Sara. Remember that.”
Still, nothing. He can hear Amaya’sshallow breaths, but chose not to look at her. Because if he saw her crying, hemight lose it, too.
“I thought we’re not dying on eachother again,” Leonard continued talking to her, holding her hand to his lips.“You promised me, remember? In the fortress of our room, with our sheets as ourwitness. Right? Come on. We need you, assassin. I need you.”
He started shaking Sara, gently atfirst. But her lack of response frustrated him. Leonard then glared atConstantine who’s been standing beside Mick. “Do something!” he yelled at him.“Why aren’t you doing anything!”
He was too exhausted aftereverything. None of these were supposed to happen. He never let go of her. Lenbrought her close to him, her head close to his chest. His lips on her temples,whispering pleas. “Come back to me. Come back to me; come on, please. Sara,please.”
Leonard heard a faint gasp and whenhe pulled away, Sara’s eyes were wide open, and when Len lets go of her, shelevitated, then swiftly snapped back. Her eyes back to blue, her hair turnedback to gold.
She dropped foot-first to theground, shook her head and upon seeing Leonard, threw herself over him, hugginghim tight. “Don’t ever tell me again you’re not a hero.”
Leonard was already sitting on thebed of their room when Sara entered. She gave him a small smile and sat besidehim. “I have to tell you what happened.”
Leonard nodded and faced Sara. “Iheard the totem call me,” she began. “I didn’t know how that happened. It wasunlike the Spear of Destiny. This one was…drawing me in. I opened the box and Isaw…”
“Sara, you don’t need to…” Lenstarted. But Sara shook her head. “You need to know.”
So she continued. “I saw myself. Inthe Canary suit. What I was when I died. She asked me, how come you’re aliveand Laurel’s still dead. She told me I could bring her back to me.”
Leonard looked down, knowing thatthat’s something Sara would find difficult to say no to. His mind was away butit was brought back by her hands on his.
“Leonard, listen,” she said, voiceslightly shaking. “It’s in me. I am death, Leonard, and I want to say that thatpart of me left me but I’d be lying. It’s always there. It never left.” Tearswere already threatening to spill from her eyes and it took so much strength totear her body away from Leonard.
He ignored the lack of contact andresponded to her instead. “I know, Sara. People like you and me will alwayshave this darkness in us that we can’t just forget or set aside.” He held herhand again, and he felt her tense. Len lightened his hold on her but keptspeaking. “You shouldn’t feel like that’s your fault. This isn’t your fault.i’ve embraced everything that you were, and everything that you are. Nothing’sgoing to change that.”
Sara is crying and he can’t takeit. She squeezed his hand once before standing up, taking a few steps away fromthe bed. “I know that, Len. And you are incredible. You have made me so, sohappy. More than I deserve. Len, this?” she said, motioning between them, “Idon’t deserve this. I don’t deserve you.”
Leonard scoffed and stood up too.“Bullshit,” he said. “Bullshit! I know what you’re trying to do, Sara. And I’mnot accepting it. If you tell me you don’t want me anymore, that’s a differentstory. I’d walk away and respect that. But you’re not getting rid of me justbecause you think happiness isn’t for you. I’m stubborn, Sara. You of allpeople know that. I’m a stubborn asshole and I’m not leaving.”
Sara brought her hand to his jaw.“You deserve so much better.”
He laid his own hand on top ofhers. “With all the shit the universe gave me, well, damn right I do. That’swhy I deserve you. That’s why I’m still here. Who cares about what we deserve?We lived our whole lives trying to survive. Why can’t we live our lives nowchasing what makes us happy? And you, Sara, make me so damn happy.”
Sara looked at him, seeing the acceptance. The sincerity.And the love. It’s there, blatant and obvious without him needing to say thewords. So much love in his eyes that it makes her cry.
She places both her hands on both sides of his face andtiptoed to kiss him, softly. Afraid to cause him another pain.
The kiss ended but Leonard kept their foreheads together.“We’re in this together, alright?”
She nodded. She loves him; that she knows for sure. Tellinghim that would be her next personal mission. But it’s been a long day andthey’re both tired, so when Leonard lifted her up and laid her to the bed, shedidn’t complain and just rested. Here’s to hoping that tomorrow would be abetter day.
I don’t know how this fares.
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r-o-se · 5 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
EXACTLY 101 comments over P101 S2E4 wow how did I manage that don’t ask me also sorry for the shit screencaps lmao NOTHING THAT CUTE OR COOL HAPPENED IT WAS JUST SAD
Yo those eps are getting subbed faster than they used to idk whats going on but I’m definitely not complaining lol lets get riiiiiiiiiight into the neeeeeeeeews
1.      Flashback scenes to Jisung and Jinwoo’s teams losing are not appreciated at all stop the MMO abuse
2.      ‘3000 votes is too many’ I AGREE the Be Mine team is training everywhere and all the time poor fucking kids
3.      Who edited this and thought that ‘wow a piano rendition of out song would be a great and dramatic choice’ newsflash it’s not I’m already done with this song lmao
5.      Pink team Ren and Yuehua chinaliners vs green team Sanggyun ��and MMO Jaehan and Taewoong
6.      The pink cutesy Ren team is…. Too aegyo-ish  I’m older than 80% of them yet I feel like a pedophile watching this SAVE ME SOMEONE
7.      Sanggyun and Justin are the centers and both fucking wreck their roles in the best way possible
8.      Justin is so overacting and cheesy I’m rotting lmao love my kid tho
9.      Lee Gunhee aka the (RBW?) kid whose intro vid was him singing while getting hit by shit to show how stabile he is keeps getting out of tune I’m sad and worried
10.   The vocals trainers in this show I stg their method is just singing the high notes and then looking at the trainee like ‘what u cant do this lol? Try harder’
11.   Ren is comforting the kid whos dying of self doubt u g h
13.   U get the most flowerboyish pretty boy that has ever lived (Ren) and u give him the ugliest haircut u can think of pretty sure this counts as a crime
15.   Zhu Zheng did a frontflip of course he did lmao also Jihoon is probs pissing his pants because everyone around keep winking lmao
16.   Team 1 is playing around and being cute w the camera but team 2 look a bit troubled also ugh they are too hardcore for this fucking god Zhu Zheng kiddo I love you but you put them into such a shitty position aaaaa
17.   Here we gooooooooooooo green team lookin cuter than I expected holy damn Sanggyun is SINGING and it’s SO GOOD FOR A RAPPER
19.   Their performance is really good? A Lot cuter than I predicted and the vocals are so goooood
20.   Why do all other trainees look so sour did u want them to fail or some shit just let the kids live they were forced into such an uncomfortable concept aaaaaaa I WANNA VOTEEEE
21.   Time for pain and results team 1 won with ~70 votes im SAD Sanggyun was the only one who took the position points win aaaahhhhhh  ngl I was rooting for #2 eventho #1 had Ren and Yuehua kiddos also 3000 votes is TOO FUCKING MUCHH I HATE P101
22.   Now its Mansae aka power vocals vs the leftovers rip
23.   Woodam is one of my fav vocals overall this season all of the shit he’s done his intro clip his evaluation and reeevaluation clips are all so golden I love that dude and obvs he’s SLAYING THIS SONG TOO AGH
24.   Team 1 Yoonsung left due to health problems this is what happens when u don’t give kids food and make them get stage ready within a week and rearrange within 2 days
25.   It stressed Woodam the fuck OUT and he messed up a looot during rehearsals, missing notes and whatnot
26.   Their rapper reminds me of cube Soyeon last season with his kinda small and cutesy looks yet super charismatic stage presence
28.   Ok now the leftover group I really hope they will do alright they make me really sad ugh I really really really hope they’re okay u g h
29.   Theres this kid Hadon who is really salty about being in that team and leaves in the middle of practice and then won’t cooperate during trainers thing aahhh kid please
30.   Neverminddd they got nothing to show shit this is gonna be bad I am Very Worried
31.   Kahi is so nice I love her so much she’s so friendly and sweet and good truly the queen of this show without her it would be so much worse
32.   Hadon got his confidence back and their teamwork is so much better now and literally all of this got started by Kahi I LOVE KAHI SO MUCH BEST GIRL
33.   Their energy is a lot better than I expected I’m so glad they went through with their training and everything
34.   The Kim Youngjin kid has absolutely acceptable vocals I’m so glad they didn’t make any mistakes and just agh this team makes me sad
35.   Team 1 wins with overpowering 500 votes they got 500 votes MORE than team 2 it’s just so fucking sad dude 600+ vs 150
38.   I’ve waited for this stage for sooooooo long they got all of my fav kids in Minhyuns team and then Ha Minho and Seonho and Namhyung in the other team aaaaaaahhh I’ll call them red and black since that’s their suits Minho ‘s team is red and Minhyun’s is black. They all look so good truly nothing wrong with a nice suit
39.   Minho and Namhyung want to insert a self written rap since they’re both rappers and Sorry Sorry has no rapping parts
40.   Minho really really wants to rap but Seokhoon (the vocal coach) doesn’t want to let him and also is mad at him because he wants to rap instead of singing like wow what? A rapper wants to rap instead of singing?? Wow unbelievable
41.   CHEETAH CAME IN AND SAID HE WANTS TO HEAR THE RAP THANK U THANK U THANK U Minho kiddo looked like he’s gonna tear up when he saw her
42.   Seunho was chose to jump on other’s backs since hes so handsome and APPARENTLY ALSO A PIANO GENIUS WOW WHAT ON EARTH DID HE JUST PLAY
43.   I really hope this group will do good since their opponents are sooo strong
44.   Aaahahahha fuck their choreo is so good and the harmonizations I might be biased but the Sorry Sorry stages are literally The Best of this show so far
45.   Seunho is like what 16 yrs old who let him look so good go away his body build makes him look so much older
46.   DANCE BREAK IS SO GOOD DUDE WHAT AND SEUNHOS JUMP WAS SO GOOD HIS EXPRESSION AFTER THAT WAS SOO IMPACTFUL AAHAHAH FUCK DUDE some dude in the audience screamed like someone bit his leg off honestly same
47.   I’ve watched maybe 3 original SuJu sorry sorry versions yet I can sing almost the entire thing that’s what an impactful song means lmao
49.   JR is taking care of Hyunbin this is like Sejeong and Sohye last season honestly SO CUTE I LOVE JR SO MUCH THAT KID IS THE SOFTEST LEADER I LOVE HIM SO MUCH
50.   Their vocal coach tried to drag JR’s leadership uhh maybe kindly fuck off that kid doesn’t need your picking to hate himself when will he stop BLAMING HIMSELF
51.   Hyunbin is making mistakes and their dance coach keeps bullying JR like fuck no other leaders got this much shit even when their teammates couldn’t get it done right
52.   He takes all his time to take care of the others like help Hyunbin and Jaehwan with their dance and sleepy/sick Daniel
53.   JR finally broke when Hyunbin isn’t taking it seriously enough
54.   Sorry Sorry black team laughing together in deliriously sick sleep deprivation and choking stress is still probably the most beautiful ray of hope and sunshine in this ugly show I LOVE THIS TEAM SO MUCH
55.   There we go the best stage of this cursed show is here Seungwoos expressions are SO ON POINT ITS SO GOOD JUST DEBUT THEM NOW
56.   They all look so good I’m shook Daniel with a middle part was something I didn’t know I needed before I had it
57.   Lmao Jisung jokingly doing the moves along when Daniel appeared
59.   I’m so biasaed towards this team if u decide to bring my follower count into single digits for this it’s understandable
60.   But I still really love team 1 too please don’t misunderstand Ha Minho is my lil kid with enough balls to speak his mind even if he gets fucked by rude coaches for it
61.   ‘Result is important but other team did well so I told them that too’ I love JR ok friendship is magic
63.   Everyone in team 2 besides Seunho got really low votes I’m so sad…… bruh…. They’re so so so so SO talented but they went against the popular kids…
64.   Showing individual votes is so cruel and 3000 EXTRA VOTES IS TOO MUCH IM E M O THIS IS SO UNFAIR FUCK THIS SHOW!!! Team 1 looks so wrecked I’m so sad they have almost a 300 vote gap
66.   The crutch boy is Dongmyeong and he’s in team 1 as well as Sunghyuk with thick lips and looks a bit like Shownu
67.   Team 1 has a loooot of problems distributing parts and practicing in general while team 2 was almost ready
68.   Sunghyuk is sadddddddd and crying bc he feels like they’re gonna lose but in the end the practice went better tho thank god
69.   They look great Dongmyeong’s hair looks like vanilla ice cream with strawberry swirls and he’s sitting in a chair and singing doing the choreo with his hands SO CUTEEE
70.   The second team is very vocally gifted and has AMAZING HARMONIES WOOOO their main vocal Jinhyung is AMAZING
71.   Dongsoo from S.How I think got forced into a rap position and has a leg injury but he’s covering it up from teachers
74.   Team 2 won by like 100 votes, all of the team 1 members are very hopeless, esp Sunghyuk,  Team 2 Park Heeseok only got 5 votes holy shitt POOR BABY THIS MUST FEEL SO BAD HE LITERALLY TAUGHT THEM THE DANCE
76.   Hwiseung already did his military service holy shit he looks so young
77.   I don’t even know who I am rooting for both those teams are great team 1 has great vocals and teamwork+FNC Hwiseung the power vocal. Team 2 has great dance, more popularity + the little Woojin, Takada Kenta, BNM alpaca Youngmin and oldie Sungwoo
78.   Team 1 has an injured ankle too, Yehyun, but he’s still dancing  without crutches or anything
80.   They changed Sungyeol’s ‘Can you hear me?’ into ‘Pick me pick me’ im ded
81.   Kahi is the best teacher I love her so so so much she’s the best thing in this entire show
83.   I’m so glad they’re doing Infinite honestly I love Infinite can we do B.A.P or Teen Top or VIXX next
84.   Team 2 wins almost exactly by one hundred and the votes are veeeeery equal and Youngmin barely got anything why are the dancers not appreaciated
85.   AVENGERS VS BAEKHOS TEAM YOOOOOOOO Baekho has also Sangbin and Guanlin and RBW Lee
87.   They can’t really sing, the avengers, damn. They lay it all on Daehwi but like cmon hes 17 and just tryna survive with the popular kids lol
88.   AAahahahahah they’re just little kids this is so funny to watch I’m sorry all Avengers fans but like shit when they break into the chest pounding part I just start to laugh their voices are so high don’t get me wrong I looooooove Samuel and Sungwoon but fuck this is funny
89.   They should’ve gone with Seventeen or SHINee something with a morer fitting image
90.   The Real Fuckbois team is now up fuck I love this team so much aahahahah like no shit they will lose to all of those popular kids but still
91.   Oh nooooo Baekho pointed out that the Avengers were cheating and using a third vocal for thhe high note without telling anyone WHAT AN EVIL MAN anyways Baekho produces music and does vocal coaching he knows what he’s talking about lmao lmao
92.   THEY LOOK LIKE SUCH DIRTY FUCKBOIS HOLY SHITTTT THIS IS BEAUTIFULthis stage is SO LIT dude I love it they just carried Guanlin as if he was on a throne now both Cube kids get to sit/step on other trainees lmao
94.   Team 2: are fuckbois
Entire dressing room: stands up and claps
It’s true I was there, clapping
95.   Guanlin trumped Samuel, Baekho trumped Sungwoon, all other wins go to team 1
96.   Am I salty? Yes I am Team 1 won with abt 200 votes. They have more views and likes on YouTube though.
97.   Mansae first team got the most votes out of all teams and gets to go to MCountdown IM SO GLAD ALL OF THOSE KIDS WHO AREN’T ON SUCH HIGH RANKS GOT SAVED I’M SO GGLADD
99.   Lbr for a moment this show really isn’t about talent it’s about popularity and visuals
YOOOOOOOOO Sorry for the screencaps again also pls message or talk to me I am... So Emotional over this show I love everyone i will cry when this is over and I won’t see like 40 of my kidws ever again
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